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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with J

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Jarred McCoy - (Book: $4.98 Daddy, The)
Josh Wagner - (Book: (Once) Again (ebook))
Joshua Luck - (Book: 13 Days of Luck)
Jake McCall
- (Book: 2000 Kisses)
James Paden - (Book: 22 Indigo Place )
Jack Sanders - (Book: 24/7)
Jack Brown - (Book: 32AA)
Jack Kortland - (Book: 5 Minutes to Marriage)
Joe Hammond - (Book: 5th Avenue Christmas, A)
John Leaf, Reverend - (Book: Abbie's Outlaw)
Jared - (Book: Abducted)
Jakob Balston - (Book: Abducted Heiress, The)
John Grayling
- (Book: Abduction of Miss Jenny Chandler, The (ebook))
Justin Bricker - (Book: About a Vampire)
Jonathon Tyler - (Book: Above Suspicion)
James Atherton - (Book: Absent Wife, The)
Julien Langlois - (Book: Absolute Trouble)
Jervis Blain
Marquess of Wroxton
- (Book: Accessible Aunt, The)
Jerome DeLacey - (Book: Accessory to Love)
James Thicke - (Book: Accidental Affair, An (hardcover))
James Thicke - (Book: Accidental Affair, An (paperback))
Jack Everett - (Book: Accidental Boyfriend, The)
Julian Swift - (Book: Accidental Countess, The)
James MacNeill - (Book: Accidental Highland Hero, The)
Jonah Alexander - (Book: Accidental Wife)
Jack Quintana - (Book: Accused)
Jarrett Chandler - (Book: Across a Starlit Sea)
Jason Wingards - (Book: Act of Betrayal)
Joe (?) - (Book: Acts of Honor)
Joshua Malone - (Book: Added Delight)
Jake Brand, Thomas Ward - (Book: Addicted)
Jake Robinson - (Book: Admiral's Bride, The)
Jeremiah - (Book: Adopted Son)
Julian Brentwood
Earl of Woodham
- (Book: Adventuress, The)
James Riley - (Book: Affair of Deceit, An)
Jay Hamilton - (Book: Affair Of The Heart)
Jared Trent - (Book: Aflame (ebook))
Johnny Mack Cahill - (Book: After Dark)
Johnny Mack Cahill - (Book: After Dark (reissue))
Jaron Darke - (Book: After Darke)
Jaron Darke - (Book: After Darke (reissue))
Jason - (Book: After Sundown:Illumination)
Jake Landers - (Book: After Tex)
Jake Landers - (Book: After Tex (reissue))
Johnny Henry - (Book: After the Parade)
Jack Winston - (Book: After the Rain)
Joel Agar - (Book: After the Roses)
John Tomasetti - (Book: After the Storm)
Jared Murdock - (Book: After the Storm)
Jackson Rutledge - (Book: Afterburn (ebook))
Jackson Rutledge - (Book: Afterburn / Aftershock (trade))
John McKenna - (Book: Again The Magic)
Jake Donnelly - (Book: Against His Will)
Jack Daniels - (Book: Against the Cage (ebook))
Johnnie Riggs - (Book: Against the Night)
Jake Cantrell - (Book: Against the Sun)
Jack Mercier - (Book: Against the Wall)
Jake Lodge - (Book: Against the Wall (ebook))
Jackson Raines - (Book: Against the Wind)
Jake Murphy - (Book: Against the Wind)
Jordan - (Book: Against The Wind)
Jordan Saber - (Book: Against the Wind)
Jordan - (Book: Against the Wind (reprint))
Jack McNary - (Book: Ageless Love)
Jake Cantrell - (Book: Agent's Secret Child, The)
Julian Stewart - (Book: Agreeable Arrangement, An)
Jake - (Book: Ain't Misbehaving)
Javier Vargas - (Book: Airship Seduction)
Julian of Wimborne Minster - (Book: Alchemist's Potion)
Joe Lawrence - (Book: Alegra's Homecoming)
Joshua Striker - (Book: Alexandra's Legacy)
Jarek Denko - (Book: All a Man Can Do)
Jack Applegate - (Book: All About Seduction)
Jake Royal - (Book: All Else Confusion)
Jake Royle - (Book: All Else Confusion (reissue))
Jake Royal - (Book: All Else Confusion (UK))
Jake Royal - (Book: All Else Confusion (UK-reissue))
Josh Kowalski - (Book: All He Ever Dreamed)
Jack Carrera - (Book: All I Ask)
Jack Carter, Detective - (Book: All I Want for Christmas)
JD - (Book: All I Want is You)
Jack DuVall - (Book: All I Want is You)
Jed Cotts - (Book: All in the Family)
Jack Mitchell - (Book: All Jacked Up)
Jack Benton - (Book: All Keyed Up)
Joe Garcia - (Book: All Knight Long)
Justin Barclay - (Book: All Men Are Rogues)
Jess Brannigan - (Book: All My Tomorrows)
Jack Foster - (Book: All Night Video:
For Research Purposes Only)
Jo Sha Ta Rem - (Book: All of Our Tomorrows (ebook))
Joe Reynolds - (Book: All or Nothing)
Jeff Conley - (Book: All or Nothing)
J.D. Carver - (Book: All Shook Up)
J.D. Carver - (Book: All Shook Up (Large Print))
Count Etranger
- (Book: All Smiles)
Jason - (Book: All That)
John Moretti - (Book: All That Matters)
Justin Larkin - (Book: All The Man I Need)
John Baldwin - (Book: All the Pretty Girls)
John Medina - (Book: All The Queen's Men)
John Devlin - (Book: All the Right Moves)
Judd Matthiessen - (Book: All Things Considered)
Jeremiah Vaughan - (Book: All Things Hidden)
Jules Cassidy - (Book: All Through the Night)
Jack Seward, Colonel - (Book: All Through the Night)
Jack West - (Book: All U Can Eat)
Jack West, Chief - (Book: All U Can Eat (reissue))
Jay - (Book: All Work and No Play (UK))
Jefferson Hicks - (Book: Allie's Moon)
John Robicheaux - (Book: Alligator Moon)
James Esh - (Book: Allison's Journey (reissue))
Jahvet Kahveci - (Book: Allude to Murder)
Jack Mackinnon
Lord Letham
- (Book: Alluring Lady, An)
Jack Fortescu - (Book: Almost a Bride)
Jason Elliot - (Book: Almost a Family)
Jake Lennox - (Book: Almost a Goddess)
James Oscar Henry Northram
Earl of Traynern
- (Book: Almost an Angel)
Joshua Norris - (Book: Almost an Angel)
Jake Hinson - (Book: Almost Famous)
Jeff Roarke - (Book: Almost Paradise)
Jared McCloud - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Jake Meredith - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Jake Meredith - (Book: Almost Perfect (reissue))
Jason Rutherford - (Book: Almost Wonderful)
Jonas Abel - (Book: Along Came a Husband)
John Maitland
Earl of Montmorcy
- (Book: Althea's Grand Tour)
Jared Sentell - (Book: Always)
Joel Barker - (Book: Always Amy)
Jamal Johnson - (Book: Always and Forever)
Jackson Carter - (Book: Always and Forever Love)
Josh - (Book: Always Annie)
Jonathan Wescott - (Book: Always Daddy)
Jonathon Westcott - (Book: Always Daddy (reissue))
Jonathan Ramsey - (Book: Always Faithful)
Jackson Blake - (Book: Always Forever)
Jack Harper - (Book: Always on My Mind)
Jackson Drake - (Book: Always the Baker, Never the Bride)
Jared Shaw - (Book: Always The Bridesmaid)
J. R. Hunt - (Book: Always the Designer, Never the Bride)
Jack Chessman - (Book: Alyssa Again)
James Parker - (Book: Amazon Quest, The)
Jake Mallory - (Book: Amber Beach)
Jesse Lawton - (Book: Amelia and the Outlaw)
Jack Price - (Book: American Diva)
Jamie Kelly - (Book: American Pie)
Jarrod - (Book: Amethyst Moon)
Jake Miller - (Book: Amish Blacksmith, The)
Jude Lyons - (Book: Amish Bride of Ice Mountain, The)
Joseph King - (Book: Amish Man of Ice Mountain, An)
Joshua - (Book: Among the Gods)
Jed Kelley - (Book: Amorous Heiress, The)
Jon Costas - (Book: Amy)
Jonathon Prince Patterson - (Book: An Heiress on His Doorstep)
Jason Mallory - (Book: And Babies Makes Four)
Jeremy McCauley - (Book: And One Rode West)
Justin Connelly - (Book: And The Winner Gets...Married!)
Jeff - (Book: And Then Came You)
James Glossup - (Book: And Then She Fell)
J.T. Cutter - (Book: Angel and the Outlaw, The)
Jean-Paul Delahaye - (Book: Angel at Risk)
Jordan Carpenter - (Book: Angel Face)
Jake Nash - (Book: Angel Meets the Badman)
Jeff Hawkins - (Book: Angel of Mercy)
Josh Lyman - (Book: Angel of the Lake)
James Faring
Marquis of Abbonley
- (Book: Angel's Devil)
Jamie McKenna - (Book: Angelfire)
Jamie McKenna - (Book: Angelfire (reissue))
Jamie McKenna - (Book: Angelfire (reissue))
Jeffrey Hamilton - (Book: Angels Landing)
Jean de Bourbon-Dampierre - (Book: Angels on Crusade (ebook))
Jack Clancy - (Book: Angels Wings)
Jeb Sanders - (Book: Anna Finch and the Hired Gun)
James, Lord Westland - (Book: Anne's Wish)
Jefferson Merrick - (Book: Annie Lash)
Joe Brady - (Book: Annie on the Lam: A Christmas Caper)
Joe - (Book: Anonymous (ebook))
Jake Ruttenberg - (Book: Another Spring)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Any Given Doomsday)
Jack - (Book: Anything for Love)
Jeremiah Hamilton - (Book: Anything He Wants)
Josh Donovan - (Book: Anything's Possible)
Jack Masefield - (Book: Anything, Any time, Any Place)
Jake McKenna - (Book: Anytime Darlin' (ebook))
Jack Delaney - (Book: Anywhere You Are)
Jed Mallory - (Book: Apache Springs)
Jamie Slater - (Book: Apache Summer)
Jason Murphy - (Book: Aphrodite's Secret)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Apocalypse Happens)
Jonathan McGavock - (Book: Apple of My Eye)
Justin Roman - (Book: April of Enchantment)
Justin Roman - (Book: April of Enchantment (ebook))
Jaspar al-Husayn - (Book: Arabian Marriage, An)
Jaspar Al Hasayn - (Book: Arabian Marriage, An [reissue])
Janvier - (Book: Archangel's Shadows)
Jason - (Book: Archangel's Storm)
Jason Briley - (Book: Ardent Vows)
Juan Allistair - (Book: Argentine Lover, The)
Juan-Varo de Montalvo - (Book: Argentinian in the Outback)
Juan-Varo de Montalvo - (Book: Argentinian in the Outback (large print))
Jonathon Chadwick - (Book: Arrangement, The)
Jackson Bluewell - (Book: Arrow in the Snow)
Jesse White Feather - (Book: Arrow of the Heart (ebook))
Jeremy Keane - (Book: Art of Sinning, The)
Jacob Butler, Sheriff - (Book: As Good As Dead (reissue))
Jackson Ramsey - (Book: As Hot As It Gets (ebook))
Jonathan Luck - (Book: As Luck Would Have It)
Johnny - (Book: As Time Goes By)
Jonathan Bastion - (Book: As You Wish)
Jacob Sanders - (Book: Ashley's Allegiance)
Josh Nicholson - (Book: Assignment: Single Man)
Josh Nicholson - (Book: Assignment: Single Man (UK-Large Print))
Jake Lonergan - (Book: Assumed Identity)
Jeremy Marsh - (Book: At First Sight)
Jake Hopkins - (Book: At his Command)
Jake Mondragon - (Book: At His Majesty's Convenience)
Jace Sheridan - (Book: At His Mercy (ebook))
Jack McCall - (Book: At Home in Stone Creek)
Jack McCall - (Book: At Home in Stone Creek (reissue))
Joe McCoy - (Book: At Long Last, a Bride)
Jared Yates - (Book: At Midnight)
Jack Rafferty - (Book: At Risk)
Jason Bowers - (Book: At the River's Edge)
Juan Felipe Mansanto - (Book: At the Spanish Duke's Command)
Jameson Bryant - (Book: At Twilight)
J.W. Walford - (Book: At Twilight)
Jack Carlisle - (Book: At Your Service, Jack)
Julian McCaid - (Book: Audrey and the Maverick)
Jefferson Drumm - (Book: Aunt Connie's Wedding)
Josh Hart - (Book: Australia's Maverick Millioniare)
John Sterling - (Book: Australian, The)
John Sterling - (Book: Australian, The (reissue))
John Sterling - (Book: Australian, The (reissue))
John Medwin - (Book: Author's Choice)
Earl of Devbridge
- (Book: Autumn Countess, The)
James Farraday - (Book: Awaken the Curse (ebook))
Jackson Santorini - (Book: Awaken To Pleasure)
Jenner McKee - (Book: B Is for Baby)
Jack Remington - (Book: Babies By The Busload)
Jace Brimley - (Book: Baby Be Mine)
Jace Brimley - (Book: Baby Be Mine (reissue))
Jordan Larabee - (Book: Baby Blessed )
Jackson Champion - (Book: Baby Bling)
Jedidiah Kleyn - (Book: Baby Breakout)
Jedidiah Kleyn - (Book: Baby Breakout (large print))
Jake McCain - (Book: Baby by Christmas, A)
Joe Marzinski - (Book: Baby Christmas)
Jared Steele - (Book: Baby Due Date)
Jack Ryder - (Book: Baby For the Doctor, A)
James - (Book: Baby from Nowhere, The (UK))
Josh Morris - (Book: Baby Gift,The)
Josh McKinley - (Book: Baby in Her Arms)
Jack Towers - (Book: Baby Makes Nine)
Jake Spencer - (Book: Baby Notion, The)
Jordan - (Book: Baby on the Way)
Jake Manning - (Book: Baby Plan)
Jack Henderson - (Book: Baby Quest, The)
Justin Sloan - (Book: Baby Quilt, The)
Jeffrey Kendall - (Book: Baby To Love, A)
Joe - (Book: Baby Wait, The)
Jason Drake - (Book: Baby Who Saved Dr. Cynical, The)
Jake Castro - (Book: Baby Wore a Badge, The)
Jack Starling - (Book: Baby's Bodyguard, The)
Jack Thorpe - (Book: Baby, Baby)
Jake Fletcher - (Book: Baby, Oh Baby!)
Jake - (Book: Baby, oh Baby!)
Jake Hawkins - (Book: Baby, Our Baby!)
Jonathon - (Book: Babyface)
Josh Kincaid - (Book: Bachelor and the Baby Wish, The)
James Belfont - (Book: Bachelor Duke)
Jeger Urquart - (Book: Bachelor in Need )
Jared Perry - (Book: Bachelor No More)
Jason Lister - (Book: Bachelor's Wedding, The)
Jason Lister - (Book: Bachelor's Wedding, The (reissue))
Jason Lister - (Book: Bachelor's Wedding, The (reissue))
Jason Lister - (Book: Bachelor's Wedding, The (UK))
Jason Lister - (Book: Bachelor's Wedding, The (UK-reissue))
Jameson Cartwright - (Book: Back in Service)
Jesse Fortune - (Book: Back of Beyond)
Jason Mitchell - (Book: Back-Up Plan, The (ebook))
J.D. Steele - (Book: Bad Attitude)
Jamie Donovan - (Book: Bad Boys Do)
Jake Allard - (Book: Bad Enemy, A)
Jake - (Book: Bad Girl by Night)
Justin Silverton - (Book: Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines)
JD Damascus - (Book: Bad Moon Rising)
Jack Monaghan - (Book: Bad News Cowboy)
Jack Brandt - (Book: Bad Nights)
Joel Wolfsley - (Book: Badge and the Baby, The)
Judd Coltrain - (Book: Badlands Bride, The)
Jack Macintyre - (Book: Baiting the Boss (ebook))
Jack O'Dair - (Book: Ballad of Jack O'Dair, The)
John Bandera - (Book: Bandera's Bride)
Jackson Culpepper,
- (Book: Bandit Lawman, Texas Bride)
Jackson - (Book: Bands of Gold)
Jack Savage - (Book: Bare Nerve)
John Brown - (Book: Barefoot by the Sea)
Jermyn Edmondson
Marquess of Northcliff
- (Book: Barefoot Princess, The)
Earl of Gracechurch
- (Book: Barely a Lady)
Jack Prescott - (Book: Bargaining For Baby)
James Kincaid - (Book: Bargaining with the Boss)
Julius, Baron Atwater - (Book: Baron and the Bluestocking, The)
Jourdian Amberville - (Book: Basket of Wishes)
James Williford
Viscount Atwater
- (Book: Bath Bramble)
Jackson Maynard - (Book: Battle for Cymmera)
Jefferson Davis Villare - (Book: Bayou Forever)
Jared Hamilton - (Book: Be My Neat-Heart)
Jase Winstead - (Book: Be With Me)
Jack Williams - (Book: Bear Claw Bodyguard)
Jack Williams - (Book: Bear Claw Bodyguard (large print))
Jag - (Book: Beast Within, The)
James Trevenen - (Book: Beau Crusoe)
Joe Crawford - (Book: Beauty & the Beastly Rancher)
Jamieson Denham
Earl of Hastings
- (Book: Beauty and the Beastie)
Jack MacGrath - (Book: Beauty and the Werewolf)
John, Marquess of Gillingham - (Book: Beauty In Black)
Julius Chadwick - (Book: Beauty in Breeches)
John MacPherson - (Book: Beauty of the Mist, The)
Justin Hale - (Book: Because I Can)
Jacob Denisov - (Book: Because I'm Watching (hardcover))
Jordan Wainwright - (Book: Because of You)
Judd Prescott - (Book: Bed of Grass)
Jack Cooke - (Book: Bed of Roses)
Jordan Bennett - (Book: Bedazzled)
Julian Wainright - (Book: Bedded Bliss)
Jake Rendel - (Book: Bedded by Arrangement (UK))
Justin Maddox - (Book: Bedding The Heiress)
Jake Simmon - (Book: Bedmates)
Jay Christopher - (Book: Bedroom Assignment, The)
Jake McBride - (Book: Bedroom Business, The)
James Garrity - (Book: Bedspell)
Jeremiah Cortez - (Book: Before Sunrise)
Jeremiah Cortez - (Book: Before Sunrise (reissue))
Jeremiah Cortez - (Book: Before Sunrise (Hardcover))
Jeremiah Cortez - (Book: Before Sunrise (UK))
Jake Walthers - (Book: Before Thanksgiving Comes)
Julian Deveraux - (Book: Before the Storm)
Jeff Lee - (Book: Beg Me)
Jackson Abbott - (Book: Beginning With Baby)
Jim Barton - (Book: Beginning With You (reissue))
Jim Barton - (Book: Beginnings)
Joe O'Reilly - (Book: Beguiled Again)
Jo'naz - (Book: Behind The Enchanted Door)
Jasper Coale - (Book: Behind the Rake's Wicked Wager)
Joel McAlister - (Book: Bejewelled Bride, The)
Jericho - (Book: Believe in Me (ebook))
Jack Douglass - (Book: Believe In The Magic)
Jake Abrams - (Book: Believing Again)
Jared Delaney - (Book: Belligerent Miss Boynton, The)
Jared Larabie - (Book: Beloved Brother)
John Defacroix
Earl of Bradford
- (Book: Beloved Enemy)
Josh Winslow - (Book: Beloved Enemy, The)
Jeremy Corbett - (Book: Beloved Pirate)
Jamie Maxwell - (Book: Beloved Rogue)
Jordan Draken
Duke of Cambaron
- (Book: Beloved Scoundral, The (reissue))
James Mallory - (Book: Beloved Scoundrel)
Jordan Draken
Duke of Cambaron
- (Book: Beloved Scoundrel, The)
Jason de Sanges - (Book: Bending the Rules)
Jackson Roarke - (Book: Beneath a Blazing Sun)
Jefferson McCloud - (Book: Beneath A Silver Moon)
Jace Riley - (Book: Beneath a Texas Sky)
Jackson Ward - (Book: Beneath the Silk)
Josh Weston - (Book: Beneath The Texas Sky)
Josh Weston - (Book: Beneath the Texas Sky (reprint))
Jesse Ward - (Book: Beneath This Man)
Julian Leyton, Sir - (Book: Beringer Heiress, The)
Justin - (Book: Best Christmas Ever, The)
Jamal Harris - (Book: Best For Last, The)
J.C. Brown - (Book: Best Man in Texas, The)
Jake McBride - (Book: Best Man in Texas, The)
Justin Dale - (Book: Best Man in Texas, The (reissue))
James Carlton - (Book: Best Man to Wed)
John Trelawny - (Book: Best Wishes Always)
Jake Collins - (Book: Best-Kept Secrets)
Justin Harcourt - (Book: Best-Laid Plans)
Jake Titus - (Book: Bet, The)
Jared Sloan - (Book: Betrayals)
Jacob Cade - (Book: Betrayed by Love)
Joshua Pyne - (Book: Betrayed by Love)
Jacob Cade - (Book: Betrayed by Love (reissue))
Jacob Cade - (Book: Betrayed by Love (reissue))
Jacob Cade - (Book: Betrayed by Love (UK))
Jordan Kincade - (Book: Better Man, A)
Jack LaRoux - (Book: Better Than Chocolate)
Johnny Scottsdale - (Book: Better than Perfect)
J. D. Frost - (Book: Better Watch Out)
Jesse Langtry - (Book: Betting on Texas)
Jonah Sharp - (Book: Between a Rake and a Hard Place)
Jack Dodger - (Book: Between the Devil and Desire)
Jake Mason - (Book: Between The Lines)
Jack Eastwood - (Book: Beware of Virtuous Women)
Jalen - (Book: Bewitched)
Jordan Walker - (Book: Beyond Control)
Jeff Brooks - (Book: Beyond Daring)
Justin Brandt - (Book: Beyond His Control)
Jacques - (Book: Beyond Paradise)
Jack Ryder - (Book: Beyond Sunrise)
James McPherson - (Book: Beyond This Moment)
Jake Bryan - (Book: Beyond Tuesday Morning)
Jack MacChesney - (Book: Big Cherry Holler)
Jeff Forsythe - (Book: Big Sky Baby)
Jeff Forsythe - (Book: Big Sky Baby)
Jackson Stone - (Book: Big Sky Christmas)
Jack MacChesney - (Book: Big Stone Gap)
Joe Casey - (Book: Big Trouble)
Jack Hartman - (Book: Big-Bucks Bachelor)
Jax Morrow - (Book: Billion Dollar Bachelor, The (ebook))
Jason Pollack - (Book: Billionaire Boss's Forbidden Mistress, The)
Jackson - (Book: Billionaire Is Back, The)
Jack Osland - (Book: Billionaire Who Bought Christmas, The)
James Langford - (Book: Billionaire's Baby Chase, The)
James Langford - (Book: Billionaire's Baby Chase, The (reissue))
Joc Arnaud - (Book: Billionaire's Baby Negotiation, The)
James Logan - (Book: Billionaire's Bride of Innocence, The (Large Print))
JT Lundy - (Book: Billionaire's Bride, The)
Jake Garnier - (Book: Billionaire's Unexpected Heir, The)
James Logan - (Book: Billioniare's Bride of Innocence, The)
Joseph - (Book: Binding Ties)
James Forrester - (Book: Birds of Passage)
Jake - (Book: Birthright)
John - (Book: Bite Me, I'm Yours (ebook))
Jacob Eddington - (Book: Biting the Bride)
Jake McAllister
- (Book: Bits and Pieces)
Jake McAllister
- (Book: Bits and Pieces (reissue))
Jeremy Devlin - (Book: Bitterleaf)
Jason Hillhouse - (Book: Bittersweet Surrender (ebook))
Julian Bencroft
Duke of Morland
- (Book: Black Diamond, The)
Jed Corey - (Book: Black Horse Island)
Jack - (Book: Black Jack (ebook))
Jackson Slater - (Book: Black Magic)
Jude Black - (Book: Black Moon Awakening)
Jack Carstares
Earl of Wyncham
- (Book: Black Moth, The)
Jack Carstares - (Book: Black Moth, The (new edition))
Jett Whitaker - (Book: Black Sheep's Bride, The)
Joel Greenham - (Book: Black Swan, The)
Jake - (Book: Black Tie Seduction)
Jeremy Bridges - (Book: Black Ties and Lullabies)
Jake Tanner - (Book: Blackbird Lake)
Jordan Grant - (Book: Blackhawk's Affair)
Jonas Shades - (Book: Blackmailed Bride)
Javier Montero - (Book: Blackmailed Bride, The)
Jake Wise - (Book: Blackout)
Jack Martingale
Marquess of Blackthorne
- (Book: Blackthorne's Bride)
Jesse Blackwolf - (Book: Blackwolf's Redemption)
J.T. Blackwood - (Book: Blackwood's Woman)
Jess Sheridan - (Book: Blame It on Babies)
Jake Johnson - (Book: Blame It on Cowboys)
Jack - (Book: Blame It On Cupid)
Jackson Crawford - (Book: Blazing Sun, Burning Hearts (ebook))
Jake McCall - (Book: Blessed Vows)
Jason Wilding - (Book: Blessing, The)
Joshua Darling - (Book: Blessings)
Joe Quinn - (Book: Blind Alley (Paperback))
Joe Rossi - (Book: Blind Date)
James Carter - (Book: Blind Trust)
Jake - (Book: Blind-Date Marriage)
Jake - (Book: Blind-Date Marriage (UK edition))
J.M. - (Book: Bliss)
Jasper Danes - (Book: Blonde With A Wand)
Jack Vermillion - (Book: Blood Bayou)
Jasper - (Book: Blood Lust)
Jason Schuyler - (Book: Blood Noir)
Julius Garnier - (Book: Blood of Lycaon: Dream Lover (ebook))
Josef Darecky - (Book: Blood Son)
Jack Bush - (Book: Blood Ties in Chef Voleur)
Julian - (Book: Blood Will Tell (ebook))
Jacken Brun - (Book: Bloodline War, The )
Jason Freeman - (Book: Bloodlust: Vampire Beach)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Bloody Bones)
Jack Callahan - (Book: Blue Bayou)
Jake Rawlins - (Book: Blue Flame)
Jonah McBride - (Book: Blue Moon)
Jude Villars - (Book: Blue Notes)
James Colton, Captain - (Book: Blue Skies)
Justin Duval - (Book: Blues from Down Deep)
Jonathan Stirling
Viscount Pembroke
- (Book: Bluestocking's Beau, The)
Jack Garrett - (Book: Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks!)
Jack Vance - (Book: Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir)
Joe Donelli - (Book: Body and Soul)
JaJuan "Night" Simmons - (Book: Body By Night)
Jack Connor - (Book: Body Contact)
Jake Devlin - (Book: Body Guard)
Jake Lowell - (Book: Body Heat)
Jesse Blue - (Book: Body Heat)
Jake Lowell - (Book: Body Heat (reissue))
Jack Terry, Cooper Craft - (Book: Body Movers)
Joe Quinn - (Book: Body of Lies)
Jackson Beaumont - (Book: Body to Die For, A)
Jeffrey Beck - (Book: Body to Die For, A)
Jonce Striker - (Book: Bodyguard and the Show Dog, The)
Jordan Beck - (Book: Bodyguard For Christmas, A)
Jesse Longbridge - (Book: Bodyguard Under the Mistletoe)
Jesse Longbridge - (Book: Bodyguard Under the Mistletoe (Large Print))
Joshua West - (Book: Bodyguard's Return, The)
J.T. McKennan - (Book: Bodyguard, The)
Jack - (Book: Bodyguard/Husband)
Jay Tolliver - (Book: Bold and Brave-Hearted)
Justin Warre, Sir - (Book: Bold Pursuit)
Jason Blue - (Book: Bon Bon Voyage)
Jean-Marie St. Just - (Book: Bond of Fire)
Jake McCallister - (Book: Bonds of Trust (ebook))
Jack Winter - (Book: Bone Gods)
Jake Riley - (Book: Boneyard)
Jonas Fielding - (Book: Bookends)
Jackson Gray Wolf - (Book: Boots and Chaps (ebook))
Jackson Anderson - (Book: Boots and Wishes (ebook))
Jemmy Kirallen - (Book: Border Bride, The)
Justin Galloway - (Book: Born for This Love)
Jameson Bryant - (Book: Born in Twilight)
Joe Tally - (Book: Born Innocent)
Jean-Pierre - (Book: Born of Ashes)
Joel Wilde - (Book: Born To Be Wilde)
Justin Kilgore - (Book: Born Under the Lone Star)
Judd Seavers - (Book: Borrowed Bride, The)
Jake Nash - (Book: Boss and His Secretary, The)
Jake Nash - (Book: Boss and His Secretary, The)
Jake Nash - (Book: Boss and His Secretary, The [Large Print])
Jack Marin - (Book: Boss's Baby Mistake, The)
James Maverick - (Book: Boss's Christmas Baby, The)
Josh Anderson - (Book: Boss's Urgent Proposal, The)
Jason Reagert - (Book: Bossman's Baby Scandal)
Judhael de Brionne - (Book: Bought Bride, The)
Jason Royce - (Book: Bought Woman)
Joe Carson - (Book: Bound)
Jake Taverner - (Book: Bound by Blackmail)
Jake Lowell - (Book: Bound by Light)
Jared St. Andrew Bellington - (Book: Bound By Love)
Jaykun - (Book: Bound by Sin)
Johnathan Masters - (Book: Bound By Temptation)
Jacob - (Book: Bound by the Vampire Queen)
Jared - (Book: Bound Hearts - Sacrifice)
Jesse Wyman - (Book: Bound Hearts - Seduction)
James Wyman - (Book: Bound Hearts - Submission)
Javier - (Book: Bound to Be a Bride (ebook))
Jude Cavanaugh - (Book: Bound to be Taken (ebook))
J.C. Tyler - (Book: Bounty Bride)
J. D. Raven - (Book: Bounty Hunter and the Heiress, The)
Jared Porter - (Book: Bowen Bride, The)
Jeff Paul Logan - (Book: Boy Next Door, The)
JT McNulty - (Book: Boyfriend's Back, The)
Jake Wilder - (Book: Boys That Bite)
Jake Donally - (Book: Braless in the Buick)
Jake Weston - (Book: Brand of Possession)
Jake Weston - (Book: Brand of Possession (UK))
Jake Thornton - (Book: Branded)
Jake Crenshaw - (Book: Branded)
Jon Harte-Mathias - (Book: Brass Ring)
Jonas Bravo - (Book: Bravo Billionaire, The)
Jonas Bravo - (Book: Bravo Billionaire, The (reissue))
Justin Camden,
- (Book: Breach of Honor)
J. R. Damien - (Book: Break the Night)
Jason - (Book: Breakaway)
Jerome Kimbrough - (Book: Breaking all My Rules)
Jon Ryan - (Book: Breaking Danger)
Jake Sawyer - (Book: Breaking His Rules (ebook))
John Tomasetti - (Book: Breaking Silence)
Jael - (Book: Breakout)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Breath of Snow and Ashes, A)
Jax Stone - (Book: Breathe)
Jared McKenna - (Book: Breathless on the Beach)
J.P. Ryker - (Book: Bridal Falls Ranch Ransom)
J.P. Ryker - (Book: Bridal Falls Ranch Ransom (large print))
Justin Powell - (Book: Bridal Favors)
Josh O'Malley - (Book: Bridal Swap, The)
James Beauclaire - (Book: Bride Behind the Curtain, The (ebook))
Jed Lord - (Book: Bride By Blackmail)
Jamie Macpherson - (Book: Bride For a Knight)
James Simpson - (Book: Bride for All Seasons, A)
Jackson Powers - (Book: Bride for Jackson Powers, A)
John Taylor - (Book: Bride for John, A)
Jake Prince - (Book: Bride for the Taking, A)
Joe Denton - (Book: Bride in the Bargain, A)
James Boleigh - (Book: Bride Insists, The)
Justin Leroux - (Book: Bride of a Stranger)
Justin Leroux - (Book: Bride Of A Stranger (ebook))
Jason Fortune - (Book: Bride of Fortune)
Johnny McAllister - (Book: Bride of Johnny McAllister, The)
Jordan Waverly - (Book: Bride of Sea Crest Hall, The)
Jed - (Book: Bride of Shadow Canyon)
Jason Manning - (Book: Bride on the Loose)
Jackson McGill - (Book: Bride on the Run)
Jace Edwards - (Book: Bride Plan, The)
Jake Remington - (Book: Bride Said, )
John Cappel - (Book: Bride To Be...Or Not To Be?, The)
Jack Rathert - (Book: Bride's Best Man, The)
Jake McCall - (Book: Bride's Bodyguard, The)
J. Randolph Abbott, III - (Book: Bride's Revenge, The)
J.T. Baxley - (Book: Bride's Secrets, The)
Josh Gates - (Book: Bridge of Dreams)
Jared Conway - (Book: Bridge, The)
Joe Robinson - (Book: Bridget)
Jack Chabrol - (Book: Bright River)
Jonah Whitewolf, Colonel - (Book: Bring On the Night)
Jake Luitingh van Thien - (Book: Britannia All at Sea)
Jake Luitingh van Thien - (Book: Britannia All at Sea (reissue))
Jake Luitingh van Thien - (Book: Britannia All at Sea (UK))
Jake Luitingh van Thien - (Book: Britannia All at Sea (UK-reissue))
Jacques - (Book: Briton, The)
Joe - (Book: Broken)
James Cavanaugh - (Book: Broken)
Joe - (Book: Broken (reissue))
Jack Williamson - (Book: Broken Resolutions (ebook))
Joseph - (Book: Broken Silence (ebook))
Jack Callahan - (Book: Broken Things)
Janus Mikani - (Book: Bronze Gods)
Jace Granger - (Book: Brother's Honor, A)
Jake McClain - (Book: Brother's Wife, The)
Joe Travis - (Book: Brown-Eyed Girl (hardcover))
Jack Montgomery - (Book: Brushing Off the Boss (ebook))
Jake Ormont - (Book: Bryarly)
Jesse Baker - (Book: Built for Love (ebook))
Judah Callahan - (Book: Bull Rider's Twins, The )
Jack Brannigan - (Book: Bullets over Boise)
J. D. Langley - (Book: Bulls Island)
Jacob Powell - (Book: Bullseye)
Jared - (Book: Bully (ebook))
Jackson Stroud - (Book: Bundle of Joy)
Jamie - (Book: Bundle of Joy)
Joe Palmero - (Book: Bundle of Joy)
Jackson Stroud - (Book: Bundle of Joy (large print))
Joe Palmero - (Book: Bundle of Joy (reissue))
James "Jamie" Keegan
- (Book: Buring Touch, A)
Justin Garret - (Book: Burn)
Josh Michaels - (Book: Burn Baby Burn)
John Cooper - (Book: Burnin' Up Memphis (ebook))
Jack Spencer - (Book: Burning Love)
Jordan - (Book: Burning Obsession)
Jordan - (Book: Burning Obsession (UK))
Jason Parker - (Book: Burning Obsession, A)
Jack Donovan - (Book: Burning Up)
Jake Bannaconni - (Book: Burning Wild)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Burnt Offerings)
Jesse Welles - (Book: Burying Water)
Jake Tarrance - (Book: Business of Strangers, The)
Jackson Knight - (Book: Busted)
Jay Kedrick - (Book: Butterflies in the Sun)
Justin Roberts - (Book: By Break of Day)
Jake Talbot - (Book: By Candlelight)
John Rathburn
- (Book: By Honor Bound)
Jared Golden - (Book: By Private Invitation)
Jake Kirby, Deputy US Marshal - (Book: Byte Me)
Jack Galway - (Book: Cabin)
Joe Tedesco - (Book: Cabin Fever)
Jack Galway - (Book: Cabin, The (reissue))
Jason Anderly - (Book: Cabinetmaker's Daughter, The)
Jim Slade - (Book: Cactus Flower)
Julian Grant - (Book: CaddyGirls (ebook))
Judd Calhoun - (Book: Caitlyn's Prize)
Julian Bouchard - (Book: Cajun Summer)
Jake Westin - (Book: Caleb's Christmas Wish)
Jared Calhoun - (Book: Calhoun and Kid)
Jake Hargrove - (Book: Calico Christmas at Dry Creek)
James Carstairs
Earl of Berrington
- (Book: Calico Countess, The)
Jake Walters - (Book: California Christmas Dreams)
Jake Cavender - (Book: Call It Destiny)
Jake Cavender - (Book: Call It Destiny (reissue))
Jake Finley - (Book: Call Me Mrs. Miracle (hardcover))
Jake Finley - (Book: Call Me Mrs. Miracle (paperback))
Justin Mueller - (Book: Call Me, Maybe (ebook))
Jason - (Book: Call Of The Moon)
Jake McBride - (Book: Call of the West)
John Wolf - (Book: Call of the White Wolf)
Jack Brown - (Book: Call Waiting)
Jonas Callahan - (Book: Callahan Wedding, A)
Jack Crown - (Book: Calling the Shots)
Jason Fate
John Bedford
Viscount Neiland
- (Book: Camilla's Fate)
Javier - (Book: Camp Payback)
Johnathan Davis - (Book: Campaign for Seduction)
Jack Harper - (Book: Can You Keep A Secret?)
Jack Brook - (Book: Can't Get Enough)
Jake Talford - (Book: Canyon Springs Courtship, A)
Jake Talford - (Book: Canyon Springs Courtship, A (large print))
Jon Phillips - (Book: Capable of Feeling)
Jonathan 'Jon' Phillips - (Book: Capable Of Feeling (UK))
Jonathon Hendon
Captain Jack
- (Book: Captain Jack's Woman)
John Brookes - (Book: Captain of Her Heart)
Joshua Fairbourne, Captain - (Book: Captain's Bride, The)
Jim Kelley - (Book: Captain's Call of Duty)
Jonathan Knox, Captain - (Book: Captain's Captive, The)
James Templeton,
- (Book: Captain's Lady, The)
James Drymore - (Book: Captain's Mysterious Lady, The)
John Black - (Book: Captivated)
James MacKenzie - (Book: Captive)
Jordan Kyle - (Book: Captive Destiny)
Jordan - (Book: Captive Destiny (UK))
Joseph Cardone - (Book: Captive Dove)
Jorge Del Toro - (Book: Captive Heart)
Jed Daniels - (Book: Captive Heart (UK))
Jay Keller - (Book: Captive Lover)
Jarek Al Asadi - (Book: Captive of the Desert King)
Jack Dakota - (Book: Captive Star)
Joel Damon - (Book: Capture the Rainbow)
Joel Damon - (Book: Capture the Rainbow (Reissue))
James Avery, Sir - (Book: Capturing Annie)
Jack Colby - (Book: Carbon Copy Cowboy)
Judd - (Book: Caressed by Ice)
Jamie Blakewell - (Book: Carnal Gift)
Jonathan Burke - (Book: Carol For Christmas, A)
Jack Rossi - (Book: Carolina Blues)
Jeffrey Wynn - (Book: Caroline's Journal)
Jed Davis - (Book: Case for Love, A)
Jake Hamilton - (Book: Case for Seduction)
Jordan Castillo - (Book: Castillo's Bride)
James Wyndham - (Book: Castle of Dreams)
James MacLeod - (Book: Castle of the Mist)
Jack Featherstone - (Book: Catch a Falling Heiress)
Justin Kyle - (Book: Catch a Rising Star)
Jeff Cumberland - (Book: Catch of Conard County, The)
Jimmy O'Malley - (Book: Catch Your Breath)
J. C. Fullerton - (Book: Catching Fireflies)
J.T. Sawyer - (Book: Catching Heat (ebook))
Jess Schroder - (Book: Catching Her Heart)
Jess Schroder - (Book: Catching Her Heart (large print))
James Langdon - (Book: Cattle King's Bride, The)
James Langdon - (Book: Cattle King's Bride, The (large print))
Jackson Rand - (Book: Cattleman's Heart)
Jordan Powell - (Book: Cattleman's Pride)
Jordan Hall - (Book: Caught)
Jared Crenshaw - (Book: Caught in the Crossfire)
JP Davenport - (Book: Caught on Camera)
Jack - (Book: Caught Up In The Rapture)
Jess Winter - (Book: Cautious Lover)
J.C. Laredo - (Book: Cavanaugh Code, The)
Josh Youngblood - (Book: Cavanaugh's Bodyguard)
Josef Kressin - (Book: Cedar Creek)
Joshua Cantrell - (Book: Celebrity Bachelor)
Jamie Lane - (Book: Celebrity, The)
James Valliant
Earl of Kendal
- (Book: Celia's Grand Passion)
Jackson Spey, Harrison Brock - (Book: Cemetary Dancer)
Jay - (Book: Cents and Sensibility)
Johnny Long - (Book: Certified Cowboy)
Johnny Long - (Book: Certified Cowboy (large print))
Jean-Claude - (Book: Cerulean Sins)
John Powell - (Book: Chains of Ice)
Jaxson Navarre - (Book: Champagne Rules)
Jake Reed - (Book: Chance At Love, A)
Jerval de Vernon - (Book: Chandra)
Jack Raeburn
Marquess of Pemerton
- (Book: Change of Heart, A)
Jake Austin - (Book: Change of Plans)
Josh Talarkoteen - (Book: Changeling Dawn)
James MacLeod - (Book: Changeling Dream)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Chaos Bites)
Jack - (Book: Charley's Web (Hardcover))
Jonathan Stone - (Book: Chase the Dawn)
Jake Wolf - (Book: Chase the Lightning)
Jake Baretta - (Book: Chase the Moon)
Justin Tanner - (Book: Chase the Past)
Justin Tanner - (Book: Chase the Past (reissue))
Jacques Decernay - (Book: Chase, The)
Justin Boyd - (Book: Chasing A Dream)
Josh Golden - (Book: Chasing Perfect)
Jason Mitchell - (Book: Chasing Stanley)
Jake Winters - (Book: Chasing the Dream)
Jack Wilkins - (Book: Chasing the Sun)
Jack Wilkins - (Book: Chasing the Sun (reprint))
Jack Diamond - (Book: Chasing Trouble)
Jonathon Stoneworth - (Book: Chastity Morrow)
Jake Ingram - (Book: Checkmate)
J. J. DeCourcy - (Book: Cheri on Top)
James Dalton - (Book: Cherokee Stranger)
Jeffrey Halston
Lord Cardiff
- (Book: Chester Charade, The)
Johnny Ace - (Book: Cheyenne Caress)
Judd Lassiter - (Book: Cheyenne Moon)
Jimmy Roice - (Book: Chickadee)
John Campbell - (Book: Child of Awe)
John Campbell - (Book: Child of Awe)
Justin Weber - (Book: Child of Her Heart)
Justin Weber - (Book: Child of Her Heart (reissue))
Jack Wilder - (Book: Child on the Way, A)
Jay Malone - (Book: Child's Play)
Jason Benton - (Book: Child's Play)
Johnny Owen - (Book: Child's Promise, A)
John Cole - (Book: Chin Up, Honey)
Jack Hamilton - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, The )
Jack Hamilton - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, The (UK))
Jason Blue - (Book: Chocolate Quake)
Jason Granville
Viscount Tarrant
- (Book: Choice Deceptions)
Jake Deakins - (Book: Choices)
Jack Dillon - (Book: Chosen Woman)
Justin Stockton - (Book: Christmas Affair, A)
Jack Frazer - (Book: Christmas Belle, A)
John - (Book: Christmas Bliss (ebook))
Jackson Parker - (Book: Christmas Carol (ebook))
Jack Grant - (Book: Christmas Confessions)
Jordan Grey - (Book: Christmas Cover-Up)
Jordan Hart - (Book: Christmas Eve Delivery)
Jack Princeton - (Book: Christmas Gift, The)
Jordan Taylor - (Book: Christmas Guardian)
Jake Edwards - (Book: Christmas He Loved Her, The)
Jeremy Hamilton - (Book: Christmas Homecoming)
Jeremy Hamilton - (Book: Christmas Homecoming (reissue))
Jax Lancaster - (Book: Christmas in Eternity Springs)
Jack Flaherty - (Book: Christmas in July)
Jaxon Locke - (Book: Christmas in Mustang Creek)
James Holborn, Major - (Book: Christmas Keepsake, A)
Joey Tio - (Book: Christmas Kiss, A)
Jon Sinclair - (Book: Christmas Kisses For A Dollar)
Jake Brisco - (Book: Christmas Lamp, The (Hardcover))
Jed Cole - (Book: Christmas Night Miracle, The)
Joe Dixon - (Book: Christmas on Bellevue Lane (ebook novella))
James Drayton - (Book: Christmas Pie)
Jack Ransom - (Book: Christmas Ransom)
Jake McCall - (Book: Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge)
Jake McCall - (Book: Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge (large print))
Jason - (Book: Christmas Secret, The)
Jubal Jamison - (Book: Christmas She Always Wanted, The)
Jason Carmichael - (Book: Christmas to Remember)
Jack Stanton - (Book: Christmas Wedding Wager, A)
Jesse Rainwater - (Book: Christmas Wedding, A)
Jon - (Book: Cicada)
Justin Sloan - (Book: Cider Brook)
Jack Clayton - (Book: Cinderella and the Cowboy)
Jean-Daniel Girard - (Book: Cinderella and the Ghost)
Jonathan Steele - (Book: Cinderella for a Night)
Jake Hammond - (Book: Cinderella List, The)
Jake - (Book: Cinderella Screwed Me Over)
John Hale Hitchcock - (Book: Cinderella's Midnight Kiss)
Jamie Knox - (Book: Circle Of Fate)
Jon Barnett - (Book: Circle of Fire)
Jon Barnett - (Book: Circle of Fire (reissue))
Jack Foley - (Book: Circle of Friends)
Jason Stone - (Book: Circumstantial Marriage)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Circus of the Damned)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Circus of the Damned (reissue))
Jace - (Book: City of Ashes (hardcover))
Jace - (Book: City of Ashes (paperback))
Jace - (Book: City of Bones (hardcover))
Jace - (Book: City of Bones (paperback))
Jace - (Book: City of Fallen Angels, The (paperback))
Jace - (Book: City of Glass (hardcover))
Jace - (Book: City of Glass (paperback))
Jace - (Book: City of Lost Souls (paperback))
Jace - (Book: City of Lost Souls, The (hardcover))
Jude Messenger - (Book: Claim the Night)
Jason Kane - (Book: Claimed by the Captain)
Jack Chance - (Book: Claimed!)
Jared Dangerfield - (Book: Claiming His Wedding Night)
Jared Dangerfield - (Book: Claiming His Wedding Night (UK))
Justice King - (Book: Claiming King's Baby)
Josh Collins - (Book: Claiming the Rancher's Heart)
Jacob Knightley - (Book: Claire)
Earl of Ridgeway
- (Book: Clandestine Courtship, A)
Jude Ryder - (Book: Clash)
Jim Norton,
- (Book: Close Enough to Kill)
Jim Norton - (Book: Close Enough to Kill (reprint))
Justin Hart - (Book: Close to Heart)
Jace Scholte - (Book: Close to Home)
Jace Scholte - (Book: Close to Home (Large Print))
Jack Miller - (Book: Close Up)
Jake Williams - (Book: Closer Than She Thinks)
Jase Hollister - (Book: Closer You Come, The)
Jonathan Renfield - (Book: Clouds)
Jesse Hernandez - (Book: Club de Sade)
Jake Hanson - (Book: Clueless Cowboy)
Jack McGill - (Book: Coast Road)
Joe Greco - (Book: Code of Honor)
Jeremy Latham - (Book: Code of Justice)
Jacob Constantine - (Book: Code of the Wolf)
John Cody - (Book: Cody's Last Stand)
Jett Rutledge - (Book: Cold Case Affair)
Justin Thorpe - (Book: Cold Case at Carlton's Canyon)
Jay de Rojas - (Book: Cold Fire)
John Baldwin - (Book: Cold Room, The)
Joshua Kendall - (Book: Colder Than Ice)
Johnny Dellasandro - (Book: Collide)
Jackson Locke - (Book: Collide (ebook))
John Ancroft, Colonel - (Book: Colonel Ancroft's Love)
James Brandon - (Book: Colonel Brandon's Diary)
Jamison Steele - (Book: Colonel's Daughter, The)
Jamison Steele - (Book: Colonel's Daughter, The (large print))
Jonathan Steele - (Book: Color of Trouble, The)
J.D. Burke - (Book: Colorado Abduction)
Jake Reece - (Book: Colorado Heart)
Jeb Coltrain, MD - (Book: Coltrain's Proposal)
Jeb Coltrain, MD - (Book: Coltrain's Proposal (UK-Hardcover))
Jack Dillon - (Book: Combustion)
John Monroe - (Book: Come Away, My Love)
Jebediah Stark - (Book: Come Home For Christmas)
Jeremy Slade - (Book: Come Morning)
Jack McCall - (Book: Come Summer)
Jared Holt - (Book: Come to Me Quietly)
Jared Holt - (Book: Come to Me Softly)
Jared Ransom - (Book: Comeback Mom, The)
Jeb Delaney - (Book: Coming Home)
Jason Welborn - (Book: Coming Home to the Cattleman)
Jason Welborn - (Book: Coming Home to the Cattleman (reissue))
Jamie McAdams - (Book: Coming In Last)
Jared - (Book: Coming Undone)
Jonathan “Hunt” Huntington - (Book: Coming Undone)
Jake Randolph - (Book: Commando)
Jake Randolph - (Book: Commando [reissue])
John Clayton - (Book: Complete Abandon)
Josh - (Book: Compliments of the Groom)
J. D. - (Book: Conceal, Protect)
J. D. - (Book: Conceal, Protect (large print))
Jake Randall - (Book: Confession, The (ebook))
Josh Hollis - (Book: Confessions)
Jack Logan - (Book: Confessions of A Wicked Woman)
Jonathan Dane - (Book: Confessions of an Improper Bride)
Jim Mulvaney - (Book: Confidential Sources)
Jared Dillard - (Book: Confiscated Conception)
Jake Sloane, Judge - (Book: Conflict of Interest, A)
Jake Sloane, Judge - (Book: Conflict of Interest, A (Large Print))
Jesse King - (Book: Conquering King's Heart)
Jack Norton - (Book: Conspiracy Game)
Justin - (Book: Constant Heart, The)
Joel Mortimer - (Book: Consultant's New-Found Family, The (UK))
James Bishop - (Book: Consumed by Fire)
John Mitchell - (Book: Contract with Consequences)
John Mitchell - (Book: Contract with Consequences (UK))
Jasper "Main' Chance - (Book: Convenient Husband)
Jarvis Lane - (Book: Convenient Wedding, A)
Jonah Andrus - (Book: Convict and the Cattleman, The)
Jamey O'Shea - (Book: Convincing Jamey)
Jack Kerrigan - (Book: Cooking Up Love)
J. D. Cooper - (Book: Cooper Vengeance)
Jake Flannery - (Book: Cop and Mother-to-Be, The)
Jake Donovan
- (Book: Cop and the Single Mum, The (UK))
Jeremy Hill - (Book: Copy That)
Jeremy Hill - (Book: Copy That (large print))
Jed Glaze - (Book: Coral Kiss, A)
Jed Glaze - (Book: Coral Kiss, A (reissue))
Jeff Corbin - (Book: Corbin's Fancy)
Jeff Corbin - (Book: Corbin's Fancy (reissue))
Jonas Storm, Captain - (Book: Cornered Tigress)
Johnny Random - (Book: Corrupted)
Jack - (Book: Cosmic Chemistry)
Jake Freedman - (Book: Costarella Conquest, The)
Jake Freedman - (Book: Costarella Conquest, The (large print))
Jim Cunningham - (Book: Cougar, The)
Jeremy Kane - (Book: Could It Be Magic)
Jean-Luc Toussaint - (Book: Count Toussaint's Baby)
Joe Donnally
- (Book: Countdown)
Jeremy Barnett,
- (Book: Counterfeit Betrothal, The)
Jordan McSwain - (Book: Counterfeit Bride)
Jesse Baker - (Book: Counterfeit Cowboy)
Jack Denning,
- (Book: Counterfeit Earl)
James Pembroke
Earl of Allendale
- (Book: Counterfeit Marriage, The)
Earl of Devbridge
- (Book: Countess, The)
John Harris
Viscount Cressing
- (Book: Country Gentleman, The)
John Harris,
Viscount Cressing
- (Book: Country Gentleman, The (UK))
James Bartlett - (Book: Country Midwife, Christmas Bride (UK))
Jack Morgan - (Book: Country Practice, A)
Jake Logan - (Book: Couple Most Likely To, The)
Jason Randal/Anthony Richards - (Book: Courage To Love, The)
Jackson Slade - (Book: Courted By A Cowboy)
Jack Carrington, Captain - (Book: Courtesan, The)
Jake Williams - (Book: Courting Cassidy)
Jack Lightfoot - (Book: Courting His Favorite Nurse)
Joel Townsend - (Book: Courting Miss Amsel)
James Quinlan - (Book: Cove, The)
Jake Kenyon - (Book: Covenant, The)
Jake Pierson - (Book: Covert Agent's Virgin Affair)
Jared McNally - (Book: Covert Lessons)
Jason Bodwell - (Book: Covert Pursuit (large print))
Jason Bodwell - (Book: Covet Pursuit)
Lord St. Williams
- (Book: Covington Inheritance, The)
J.T. McCall - (Book: Cowboy Accomplice)
Joe Garrison - (Book: Cowboy Alibi )
Jake Montgomery - (Book: Cowboy and the Bride, The (reissue))
Josh McKinley - (Book: Cowboy and the Caddy, The)
Jared King - (Book: Cowboy And The Cradle, The)
Jackson White Eagle - (Book: Cowboy and the Lady, The)
Jace Whitehall - (Book: Cowboy and the Lady, The)
Jace Whitehall - (Book: Cowboy and the Lady, The (reissue))
Jace Whitehall - (Book: Cowboy and the Lady, The (reissue))
Joe Watley - (Book: Cowboy Code, The)
Jake Rollins - (Book: Cowboy Come Home)
Johnny Jameson - (Book: Cowboy Comes Home, A)
Johnny Jameson - (Book: Cowboy Comes Home, A (large print))
Jake Masters - (Book: Cowboy Daddy)
J. T. Watson - (Book: Cowboy in a Tux)
Jake Monroe - (Book: Cowboy in Her Stocking, A (ebook))
Jamie Westland - (Book: Cowboy in the Making)
Jake Canfield - (Book: Cowboy Meets His Match, The)
Jay Blackhorse - (Book: Cowboy Next Door, The)
Johnny Cash - (Book: Cowboy Next Door, The)
Josh Thalberg - (Book: Cowboy of Valentine Valley, The)
Justin Chisholm - (Book: Cowboy on Her Trail, The)
Jake Randall - (Book: Cowboy Surrender)
Joe Daniels - (Book: Cowboy Takes a Bride, The)
Judd Kirk - (Book: Cowboy Tutor, The)
Jake Ramsay - (Book: Cowboy Unwrapped)
Joe Brewer - (Book: Cowboy's Bride, The)
Jake Larson - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Proposal, The)
Jake Larson - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Proposal, The [Large Print])
Jason Bradshaw - (Book: Cowboy's Courtship, The)
Jesse Alvarez Cooper - (Book: Cowboy's Healing Ways, The)
Jesse Alvarez Cooper - (Book: Cowboy's Healing Ways, The (large print))
Johnny Bronco - (Book: Cowboy's Hidden Agenda, The)
Jackson Cooper - (Book: Cowboy's Holiday Blessing, The)
Jackson Cooper - (Book: Cowboy's Holiday Blessing, The (large print))
Jeremy Hightree - (Book: Cowboy's Homecoming, The)
Jeremy Hightree - (Book: Cowboy's Homecoming, The (large print))
Jackson Heller - (Book: Cowboy's Kiss)
Josh Garrett - (Book: Cowboy's Lady, The)
Jake Braddock - (Book: Cowboy's Lullaby, The)
Jared Colton - (Book: Cowboy's Pregnant Bride, The)
Jace Tucker - (Book: Cowboy's Pursuit, A)
Jason Ross - (Book: Cowboy's Redemption, A)
Jeb Stuart - (Book: Cowboy's Secret Child)
Jared Whitewolf - (Book: Cowboy's Seductive Proposal, The)
Jake Reiner - (Book: Cowboy's Special Woman)
Jake Connelly - (Book: Cowboy's Texas Rescue)
Jake Johnson - (Book: Cowboy's Triplet Trouble)
Josh Barton - (Book: Cozy Christmas)
Jude Ryder - (Book: Crash)
Justin Mitchell - (Book: Crashing the Congressman's Wedding)
Jack Valentine - (Book: Crazy About the Boss)
Jake Turner - (Book: Crazy In Love)
Justin Henry Boucher - (Book: Crescent Moon)
Jason Blue - (Book: Crime Brûlée)
Joe Saldana - (Book: Criminal Deception)
Jonas Saven - (Book: Criminal Instinct (ebook))
Justin Phillips - (Book: Crimson Rapture)
James - (Book: Cross Stitch (aka Outlander))
Jonathan Murray, Captain - (Book: Crossed Hearts)
Josh Walker - (Book: Crossfire)
Jhordan - (Book: Crossing Jhordan's River (Hardcover))
Justin Cales - (Book: Crossing Nevada)
Justin Cales - (Book: Crossing Nevada (large print))
Jude Ryder - (Book: Crush)
Jackson Holt - (Book: Crux)
Jackson Durant - (Book: Cry at Midnight, A)
Jack Lodoun - (Book: Cry for Passion)
Jack Boudreaux - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Jason Black - (Book: Crystal Cove)
Jared - (Book: Crystal Prophecy, The)
Jarrod - (Book: Cupid)
Judd Foster - (Book: Cupid and the Cowboy)
Judd Foster - (Book: Cupid and the Cowboy (reissue))
James Collingwood, Sir - (Book: Cupid's Challenge)
Joe Avery - (Book: Cupid's Corner)
Julian DuCharme - (Book: Cynful)
Jonathan Trelauney - (Book: Dad for Her Twins, A)
Joe Delacamp - (Book: Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow)
Jacj Crenshaw - (Book: Daddy Audition, The)
JD Gonzalez - (Book: Daddy By Choice)
JD Gonzalez - (Book: Daddy By Choice (reissue))
Jarrett McKane - (Book: Daddy By Christmas)
Jack Treadwell - (Book: Daddy By Surprise)
Joe - (Book: Daddy Claus)
Justin Dillon - (Book: Daddy for Jacoby, A)
Jake McClure - (Book: Daddy in the Making)
Joe McCann - (Book: Daddy Lessons)
John Crewes - (Book: Daddy on Demand)
Jack Roark - (Book: Daddy to the Rescue)
Josiah - (Book: Dagger-Star)
Jackson Lamott Parrish - (Book: Daisy's Back in Town)
Jared Dalton - (Book: Dakota Daddy)
Jeb McKenna - (Book: Dakota Home)
Jack Dalton - (Book: Dalton's Dilemma)
Julius - (Book: Damsel in Green)
Julius - (Book: Damsel in Green (reissue))
Julius - (Book: Damsel in Green (reissue))
Julius - (Book: Damsel in Green (UK))
Julius - (Book: Damsel in Green (UK-reissue))
J. Soldier McKennitt - (Book: Damsel in This Dress, The (ebook))
Jairan Rivington
Prince of Surapay
- (Book: Dance of Submission)
Jamie McLeod - (Book: Dance Through Time, A)
Jon Lindsay - (Book: Dancehall Diaries: Lynette (ebook))
Johnny Graham - (Book: Dancing Hill)
John Smith - (Book: Dancing in the Dark)
Jake Dalton - (Book: Dancing in the Moonlight)
Jean-Baptiste St. Michel - (Book: Dancing on Thorns)
John Dancler - (Book: Dancler's Woman)
Jack Calhoun - (Book: Danger at Her Door)
Jase Crenshaw - (Book: Danger Becomes You)
Jim Boland - (Book: Danger Close (ebook))
Josh Kincaid - (Book: Dangerous Affairs)
Jack Anderson - (Book: Dangerous Allies)
Jonah Armstrong - (Book: Dangerous Assignment (UK))
James Tremaine - (Book: Dangerous Deception)
Lord Dering
- (Book: Dangerous Deceptions)
Jake Alexander - (Book: Dangerous Desire (ebook))
Jared Cavanaugh - (Book: Dangerous Disguise)
Jared Cavanaugh - (Book: Dangerous Disguise (reissue))
Julian St. Martin - (Book: Dangerous Games)
Jess Harper - (Book: Dangerous Ground)
Justin St. Cyr - (Book: Dangerous Illusions)
Jacob Wilde - (Book: Dangerous Jacob Wilde, The)
Jacob Wilde - (Book: Dangerous Jacob Wilde, The (large print))
Jacob Wilde - (Book: Dangerous Jacob Wilde, The (UK))
Jack Prescott - (Book: Dangerous Lover)
Jack Ryder - (Book: Dangerous Mr. Ryder, The)
Jake Wolfe - (Book: Dangerous Temptation)
Josh Travers - (Book: Dangerous Territory (ebook))
John Grayson
Earl of Kendal
- (Book: Dangerous to Kiss)
Julian Raynor - (Book: Dangerous to Love)
Jamie Stewart-Greer - (Book: Dangerously Broken)
Jack Forbes - (Book: Dangers of Dating Your Boss, The)
Jess Alone - (Book: Daniel's Daddy)
Jess Malone - (Book: Daniel's Daddy (reissue))
John Murphy - (Book: Danzig Passage)
Justin Whitelaw - (Book: Dara's Desire)
Jason, Earl of Wynhaven - (Book: Daring Deception, A)
John Cornwall
Earl of Brandon
- (Book: Daring Masquerade, A)
Jordan Richards - (Book: Daring Moves)
Josh Templeton - (Book: Daring To Dream)
Jake - (Book: Dark Angel)
Jonas Hunter - (Book: Dark Castle)
Julian Savage - (Book: Dark Challenge)
Jack Winter - (Book: Dark Days)
Jacques - (Book: Dark Desire)
Jared Chayse - (Book: Dark Enchantment)
Jack Marstone - (Book: Dark Enchantment)
Jason Wilde - (Book: Dark Enemy)
James - (Book: Dark Fancy (ebook))
Jack Hallihan - (Book: Dark Gate, The)
Jack - (Book: Dark Horse, The)
Jace Jericho - (Book: Dark Lies)
John Fontana - (Book: Dark Light)
Jake Macgregor - (Book: Dark Magic)
James Bentley - (Book: Dark Mosaic)
Jake Mahoney - (Book: Dark of the Night)
J.D. Rafferty - (Book: Dark Paradise)
Jack Wolfe - (Book: Dark Plain, The)
Jared Danemount
Duke of Morland
- (Book: Dark Rider)
Jay Lorence - (Book: Dark Side Of Desire)
Jefferson Harmon - (Book: Dark Side of the Moon)
Jimmy Yamashida - (Book: Dark Side of the Sun)
Jude Marrock - (Book: Dark Summer)
Jason Wyndham - (Book: Dark Surrender)
Jason - (Book: Dark Warrior)
Julian Darke - (Book: Darke London)
Jack Savage - (Book: Darkest Heart, The)
Jesse - (Book: Darkest Hour)
James Rushford - (Book: Darkest Sin, The)
Jericho Barrons - (Book: Darkfever (Hardcover))
Jocelyn - (Book: Darkness Therein)
Jarvis Donahue - (Book: Darkness Unknown)
Jagr - (Book: Darkness Unleashed)
Jordan - (Book: Darla's Valentine)
Jake Garrett - (Book: Darling Cat)
Jack Hazard - (Book: Darling Jack)
Jemmie Leslie, fifth earl of Glenkirk - (Book: Darling Jasmine)
Jake Warren - (Book: Darling, The)
Julian LeFevre,
Duke of Claridge
- (Book: Dastardly Duke, The)
Joel Brannon - (Book: Date Next Door, The)
Jake Murdoch - (Book: Date on Cloud Nine, A)
Jake - (Book: Dating Detox, The )
Jack - (Book: Dating Game)
Jordan Halifax - (Book: Dating Resolution)
Jason Parker - (Book: Daughter He Never Knew, The)
Jourdan Ibn Ahmed - (Book: Daughter of Hassan)
Jourdan Ibn Ahmed, Sheikh - (Book: Daughter Of Hassan (UK))
Jonathan Foster - (Book: Daughter of Highland Hall, The )
Jean-Marc des Ombres - (Book: Daughter Of The Blood)
Jean-Marc - (Book: Daughter Of The Flames)
James Galbraith - (Book: Daughter of the Manor, The)
James Galbraith - (Book: Daughter of the Manor, The (reissue))
James Galbraith - (Book: Daughter of the Manor, The (UK))
Jason Andover - (Book: Daughter's Legacy, A)
Jake Halsey - (Book: Daughter's Return, The)
Julian Abbotsley
Earl of Beresford
- (Book: Daughters Four)
Janus Chilcote - (Book: Dawn)
Jerome Moncourt - (Book: Dawn Song)
Jake Slaughter - (Book: Daydreams)
Jagger Kennedy - (Book: Dazed (ebook))
Judd Morgan - (Book: Dead Aim (Paperback))
Judah Finnegan, Detective - (Book: Dead Calm)
Jacob Warwick - (Book: Dead Ringer)
Jacob Warwick - (Book: Dead Ringer (reprint))
Jake McCann - (Book: Dead Sexy)
Joaquin Santiago - (Book: Dead Sexy (reissue))
John Tomasetti - (Book: Dead Will Tell, The)
Jeff Stuart - (Book: Deadly Breed, A)
James Reynolds - (Book: Deadly Contact)
Jack Townsend - (Book: Deadly Game, A)
Jeremy Flynn - (Book: Deadly Harvest)
Jake Cavanaugh - (Book: Deadly Holiday Reunion)
John Ryan - (Book: Deadly Intent)
Jack Thorne - (Book: Deadly Memories)
Jack Parker - (Book: Deadly Pursuit)
Jonathan Decker - (Book: Deadly Pursuit)
Jacob Foster - (Book: Deadly Strain (ebook))
John Brodie - (Book: Deadly Web)
Jack Graham - (Book: Dear Cordelia )
Jason Bridges - (Book: Dear Deborah)
John Tyree - (Book: Dear John)
John Tyree - (Book: Dear John)
Joe Malone - (Book: Dear Mr. Right)
Jack Lambert - (Book: Dear Prince Charming)
James Trevillion - (Book: Dearest Rogue)
Jason Blue - (Book: Death À L’Orange)
Jared Kovach - (Book: Death and the Girl Next Door)
Joe Connolly - (Book: Death Dealer, The)
Jared Kovach - (Book: Death, Doom and Detention)
Julian - (Book: DeButy & the Beast)
Jesse McCall - (Book: Decadent)
Jesse McCall - (Book: Decadent (reissue))
John Russell - (Book: Decadent Duke, The)
Jared Ryder - (Book: Deception)
Jared Ryder
Viscount of Chillhurst (The Guard)
- (Book: Deception (First edition))
Jack Drummond - (Book: Deception Lake)
Justin Belforte - (Book: Dedicated Scoundrel, A)
Jett - (Book: Deep in Crimson)
John Thomas Knight - (Book: Deep in the Heart)
John Thomas Knight - (Book: Deep in the Heart (reissue))
Jared Thornton - (Book: Deep Is The Night: Night Watch)
Jared Caldwell - (Book: Deep Rising)
Jagger - (Book: Deep Sea Dead)
Jack Drummond - (Book: Deeper the Passion..., The)
Jimmy Gage - (Book: Defender)
Jude Sinclair - (Book: Defender's Duty, The)
Joe Gannon - (Book: Defender, The)
Jared St. John - (Book: Defiant)
Jamie Lost - (Book: Defiant)
Jason Fletcher - (Book: Defiant Embrace)
Jayce Storm - (Book: Defiant Hearts)
John Nilsson - (Book: Defiant Hero, The)
Josh Tremont - (Book: Defiant Mistress, Ruthless Millionaire)
Jamal Ari Yassir - (Book: Delaney's Desert Sheikh)
Jordan Tanner - (Book: Deliberate Father, A)
Jordan Tanner - (Book: Deliberate Father, A (large print))
Justin Mayhew
Earl of Stonegate
- (Book: Delicate Deception, A)
Jeff Coldwell - (Book: Delinquent Desire)
Jake Sheppard - (Book: Delivering Love)
Jake Hawkins - (Book: Demon Bound)
Jack Winter - (Book: Demon Bound)
Jared - (Book: Demon Does It Better)
Joshua - (Book: Departed, The)
Jordan Sinclair - (Book: Desert Dreams)
Julian Tausrat, Prince of the Badari - (Book: Desert Prince)
Justin Lealand,
- (Book: Desert Rose, English Moon)
Jared Malone - (Book: Deserted Island, Dreamy Ex.)
Jude Marshall - (Book: Deserving Mistress, The)
Jim Ryman - (Book: Designed for Passion)
Jason Stuart, Captain - (Book: Desire and Deception)
Joshua Howard - (Book: Desire For Revenge)
Joshua 'Joss' Howard - (Book: Desire for Revenge (UK))
Justin - (Book: Desire in Disguise)
Joss San Pietro - (Book: Desire in the Sun)
Joss San Pietro - (Book: Desire in the Sun (mass market))
Joss San Pietro - (Book: Desire in the Sun (reissue))
Justin Reynell - (Book: Desire Me Only)
Jake Lancing - (Book: Desire's Child)
Jake Brackston - (Book: Desire's Glory)
Jake Brackston - (Book: Desire's Rebel)
Jake Macmillan - (Book: Desired)
Jackson Cady - (Book: Desperado's Gold)
Jack Newcomer - (Book: Desperate Deception)
Jace Rankin - (Book: Desperate Hearts)
Jackson Tyler - (Book: Desperately Seeking Daddy)
Jeb Stone - (Book: Desperately Seeking Fireman (novella ebook))
Jeremy Quinn - (Book: Destined to Feel)
Jeremy Quinn - (Book: Destined to Fly)
Jeremy Quinn - (Book: Destined to Play)
Joseph Macguire - (Book: Destiny Awaits)
Jeremeah Baldwin - (Book: Destiny's Captive)
Jeb Jackson - (Book: Destiny's Child)
Joe Calhoun - (Book: Destiny's Woman)
Jack - (Book: Devil in Texas (ebook))
Jack Bellingham - (Book: Devil May Dare (UK))
Jeffrey, Earl of Merryton - (Book: Devil Takes a Bride, The)
Julian Colter - (Book: Devil To Pay, The)
Jamie Sinclair - (Book: Devil Wears Plaid, The)
Jack Winter - (Book: Devil's Business)
Jed Caine - (Book: Devil's Daughter, The)
Jack Langdon - (Book: Devil's Delilah, The)
Justin Trevelyan
Duke of Marlow
- (Book: Devil's Honor)
James Sherbourne - (Book: Devil's Kiss)
Japhrimel - (Book: Devil's Right Hand, The)
James Purnell - (Book: Devil's Web, The)
Jared Moreland
Viscount Carisle
- (Book: Devilish Husband, A)
Joe Devlin - (Book: Devlin and the Deep Blue Sea)
Jesse Eagle - (Book: Diamond)
John Callister - (Book: Diamond in the Rough)
John Callister - (Book: Diamond in the Rough (reissue))
John Callister - (Book: Diamond In The Rough (UK))
Jason Garrett - (Book: Diamond in the Sky)
Jason Starke - (Book: Diamond on Ice)
Jason Donovan - (Book: Diamond Spur)
Jason Donavan - (Book: Diamond Spur)
Jason Donavan - (Book: Diamond Spur (reprint))
Jay - (Book: Diamond Valley)
John Tiger - (Book: Diamond Willow)
Jackson Cooper - (Book: Different Kind of Man, A)
Judd Dillon - (Book: Dillon's Reckoning)
Jake "The Rake" Sims - (Book: Dinner First, Me Later?)
Jack Mason - (Book: Diplomat's Pregnant Bride, The)
Jinx - (Book: Dire Desires)
Jules der Huizma - (Book: Discovering Daisy)
Jules der Huizma - (Book: Discovering Daisy (reissue))
Jules der Huizma - (Book: Discovering Daisy (UK))
Jules der Huizma - (Book: Discovering Daisy (UK-reissue))
Jack Navarre - (Book: Discovery, The)
Jack Clifton - (Book: Disgrace and Desire (UK))
Jake Ramirez - (Book: Disobedient Virgin, The)
James Baldwin - (Book: Distant Dreams)
Jesse Spotted Horse - (Book: Distant Echoes)
Jonathan Stuart - (Book: Distant Music, A)
Jack Shore - (Book: Distant Shores)
Jerrel - (Book: Distant Star, A)
Jake Blessing - (Book: Divinity Brown)
Jason Dodd - (Book: Divorced, Desperate and Dating)
Joe Sinclair - (Book: Do Not Disturb)
Jake Harkner - (Book: Do Not Forsake Me)
Jake Wyndham - (Book: Do You Believe in Santa?)
Jimi Malik - (Book: Do You Come Here Often)
Josh Gardner - (Book: Do You Hear What I Hear?)
Josh Alden - (Book: Doctor in the House, A)
Jonathon Turner - (Book: Doctor's Family, The)
Jonathon Turner - (Book: Doctor's Family, The (large print))
Justin McCall - (Book: Doctor's Little Miracle, The)
Jack Kenner - (Book: Doctor's Lost-and-Found Heart, The)
Joel Dennes - (Book: Doctor's Not-So-Little Secret, The)
James Stanley - (Book: Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell, The)
Jake Cameron - (Book: Doctor's Proposal, The)
Jacob Hawke - (Book: Doctor's Rebel Knight,The)
Jesse Steele - (Book: Doctor's Secret, A)
Jamie MacDowell - (Book: Doctor, Soldier, Daddy)
Jason D'Alessandro - (Book: Doctors in the Wedding)
Joe Brennan - (Book: Dodging Cupid's Arrow)
Jared Dean - (Book: Doing it Right)
Jack Montgomery, FBI Agent - (Book: Don't Close Your Eyes)
J.D. Cass - (Book: Don't Cry)
Joe Brigham - (Book: Don't Forget to Smile)
Jameson King - (Book: Don't Look Back)
J.T. Wilder - (Book: Don't Look Down)
Jared Colburn - (Book: Don't Say Good-bye)
Jason Guthrie - (Book: Don't Tempt Me)
Judge Harris Hargrove - (Book: Done to Perfection)
Jack Donovan - (Book: Donovan's Bed)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Doomsday Can Wait)
Jagger - (Book: Dose of Murder, A)
Jesse Martinez - (Book: Double Dare)
Jade Castle - (Book: Double Dealings)
Jeff Hubbard - (Book: Double Dog Dare)
Jamieson Merrick - (Book: Double Fantasy)
Jett Murphy - (Book: Double Heart Diner, The)
Jude Crenshaw - (Book: Double Identity)
Jon Ross - (Book: Double Images)
Jack McQuinn - (Book: Double Play)
J. C. Ransom - (Book: Double Take)
James Coxwell - (Book: Double Trouble)
JT Wyatt - (Book: Double Vision)
Jared Stratton - (Book: Doubletree, The)
Joshua Carter - (Book: Dove, The (Hardcover))
Jethro Newsome - (Book: Dowager's Dilemma, The)
Jason Hawkes - (Book: Down and Dirty (Anthology))
Jim Post - (Book: Down By the River)
Jake Ramsey - (Book: Down Range)
Jeremiah McKinley - (Book: Down the Hidden Path)
Joe Corda - (Book: Down to the Wire)
Jake Danziger - (Book: Downright Dangerous)
Jacob Pitney - (Book: Dowry Of Miss Lydia Clark, The)
Jake Chandler - (Book: Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty)
Jonas Tate - (Book: Dr. Daddy)
Jed Devlin - (Book: Dr. Dark and Far Too Delicious)
Jared Finch - (Book: Dr. Tall, Dark .. and Dangerous?)
Jestin Draig - (Book: Dragon and Dungeons)
Jacob Cato - (Book: Dragon Earl, The)
Jorion de Brae,
Earl of Radwyn
- (Book: Dragon's Fire, The)
Jake Trask - (Book: Dragon's Heart)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Dragonfly In Amber)
Jonah Goodwin - (Book: Drawn to Jonah)
Jonah Warner - (Book: Drawn Together)
Jared Austin, MD - (Book: Dream Baby)
James Tucker - (Book: Dream Country)
Judson Coppersmith - (Book: Dream Eyes (hardcover))
Judson Coppersmith - (Book: Dream Eyes (paperback))
Jackson Collier - (Book: Dream House)
Jared Slater - (Book: Dream Maker)
James Forester - (Book: Dream of Desire, A)
Jack Cordell - (Book: Dream Weaver)
Johnny Grand - (Book: Dream Weaver)
Jimmy Scott - (Book: Dream Wedding)
Jack Brennan - (Book: Dream, The)
Jason Ravensworth - (Book: Dream, The (ebook))
Jack Brennan - (Book: Dream, The (reprint))
Joe Diaz - (Book: Dreaming of Home)
Jake Silver - (Book: Dreaming of the Wolf)
Jake Sperling - (Book: Dreams of Hannah Williams, The)
Jean-Marc Dansant - (Book: Dreamveil)
Jackson Underhill - (Book: Drifter, The)
Jackson Underhill - (Book: Drifter, The (reissue))
Justin Whitehead - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Jayden Michaels - (Book: Driven by Desire)
Josh Montgomery - (Book: Driven Snowe, The)
Jamie Randall - (Book: Druid Disdained)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Drums of Autumn)
John Bates - (Book: Dubious Miss Dalrymple, The)
Jack Seaborne - (Book: Duchess Hunt, The)
Justin, Duke of Vidal - (Book: Duchess of Vidal, The)
Jude - (Book: Duelling Fire)
Julian Fortescue - (Book: Duke of Dark Desires, The)
Julian Sinclair - (Book: Duke of Shadows)
Justin, Duke of Westmore - (Book: Duke's Mistress, The)
Jason Thomas
Duke of Torquay
- (Book: Duke's Wager, The)
Jesse Redford
U.S. Deputy Marshal
- (Book: Dulcimer)
Jeremy Lawrence - (Book: Dust Up with the Detective)
James Wolfe - (Book: Duty at What Cost?)
James Wolfe - (Book: Duty at What Cost? (large print))
Jake Thompson - (Book: Duty Bound (ebook))
Jake Kincaid - (Book: Duty to Protect)
Jake Kincaid - (Book: Duty to Protect (large print))
Judd Walker - (Book: Dying Game, The)
Jake Boone - (Book: Dying To Marry)
Jake Blackwood - (Book: Dying to Tell)
Jared Donovan - (Book: Each Precious Hour)
Jesse McCallum - (Book: Eagle and the Dove, The)
Earl of Wrenthe
- (Book: Earl and the Heiress, The)
John Fairfax - (Book: Earl I Adore, The)
James - (Book: Earl's Complete Surrender, The)
James Hargrave, Earl of Arden - (Book: Earl's Dilemma, The)
Earl of Portbury
- (Book: Earl's Mistletoe Bride, The)
Earl of Tallant
- (Book: Earl's Prize, The)
Jon Kenton,
Earl of Wynton
- (Book: Earl,The)
Josh - (Book: Early to Death, Early to Rise)
Jeb Nubey - (Book: Earthly Vows)
James Leigh - (Book: East of the Moon)
Jack Lincoln - (Book: Easy Conquest)
Jesse de Vallerin - (Book: Easy Lovin' )
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Echo in the Bone, An)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Echo in the Bone, An (Hardcover))
James Callahan - (Book: Echo of Thunder)
Jackson Kinkaid - (Book: Echo of Violence, The)
Julien Gerrard - (Book: Echoes in the Dark)
Jikata - (Book: Echoes In The Dark)
John Roper - (Book: Eden)
Jow Alessio - (Book: Edge of Forever, The)
Jasper James Hedges - (Book: Edge of Impropiety, The)
Jasper James Hedges - (Book: Edge of Impropriety, The (mass market))
John - (Book: Edge of Moonlight)
Jack Thornton - (Book: Edge of the Moon)
Jake Flynn - (Book: Education of Jake Flynn, The)
Justin Collins - (Book: Eleanor & Justin)
Marquis of Trouvaine
- (Book: Eleanor and the Marquis)
Marquis of Trouvaine
- (Book: Eleanor and the Marquis (UK))
Jasper - (Book: Electric Blue (Hardcover))
Jack Devlin - (Book: Eleventh Hour, The)
Josh Hawke - (Book: Elusive Lover)
Josh Hawke - (Book: Elusive Lover (UK))
Jack Cameron - (Book: Elusive Lovers)
Jason - (Book: Elusive Wife, The (ebook))
Jean Lafitte - (Book: Elysian Fields)
Jax - (Book: Embraced)
Jason Chase
Marquess of Cainewood
- (Book: Emerald)
James Raeburn - (Book: Emerald Hazard)
Joe Donatelli - (Book: Emergency: Parents Needed)
Jamie MacLaughlin - (Book: Emily and the Scot)
Jacob Winters
Earl of Hawthorne
- (Book: Emily's Beau)
Jared Hunter - (Book: Emily's Captain)
Joseph Cortez - (Book: Emily's House)
Joseph Cortez - (Book: Emily's House )
Jeremiah Daniels - (Book: Emily's Place)
Jerome - (Book: Emma Blooms at Last)
Jed Thomas - (Book: Emma's Folly (Hardcover))
Jordan Nash - (Book: Empire of the Heart)
Jason de Cordova - (Book: Enchanted Island (UK))
Julian Ramsden - (Book: Enchanted Time)
Jack Montgomery - (Book: Enchantment)
Jorund Borgerson - (Book: Enchantment, The)
Jake Grogan - (Book: Endless Night)
Jarrod Stone - (Book: Engaged to Jarrod Stone)
Jarrod Stone - (Book: Engaged to Jarrod Stone (UK))
James Covington - (Book: Engagement of Convenience)
Jameson Broward - (Book: Engaging Brooke)
Jonathan Trescott - (Book: English Bride, The)
Jeremy Barnes - (Book: English Detective And The Rookie Agent, The)
Jared Maddox - (Book: Enigma)
Joshua Sherbourne Faringdon,
- (Book: Enigmatic Rake, The)
Joshua Sherbourne Faringdon,
- (Book: Enigmatic Rake, The (UK))
John Atlantis - (Book: Entangled)
Jonas Deveson - (Book: Enticing Debt to Pay, An)
Jack Frazier - (Book: Equestrian Charm)
Jack Latham - (Book: Erotic Invitation)
Justin Ferrington
Lord Lonsdale
- (Book: Errant Bridegroom, The)
Joshua Lawson - (Book: Escapade)
Jay Culhane
U.S. Deputy Marshal
- (Book: Escape Not My Love)
Johann & Lucius - (Book: Eternal Embrace)
Jude Donovan - (Book: Eternal Hunger)
Jude Donovan - (Book: Eternal Hunter)
Jude Donovan - (Book: Eternal Hunter (reissue))
Johnny Logan - (Book: Eternal Outlaw)
Joshua Greene - (Book: Eternity)
Jake Redfield - (Book: Eve's Wedding Knight)
James, Sir - (Book: Evensong)
Justin Baker - (Book: Ever After)
James Taggert - (Book: Ever After (hardcover))
James Harris - (Book: Everlasting Love)
John Quaid - (Book: Every Little Thing)
Joe Salazar - (Book: Everybody's Hero)
Jason Doyle - (Book: Everybody's Hero)
Jared Thornwell - (Book: Ex Factor, The (ebook))
Jordan Smith - (Book: Ex Who Hired Her, The)
James - (Book: Excellent Wife?, An)
Jim Mulvaney - (Book: Exclusive: Reporters in Love...and War)
Joe Kowalski - (Book: Exclusively Yours)
Justin Winters - (Book: Executive Bodyguard)
Jordan Jefferies - (Book: Executive's Surprise Baby, The)
Jack Lewis - (Book: Executive: Expecting Tiny twins)
Jack Randall - (Book: Expectant Bride-to-Be)
Jake Devlin - (Book: Expecting Miracle Twins)
Jake Griffin - (Book: Expecting the Cowboy's Baby)
Jackson Worth - (Book: Explosive Secrets)
Jackson Worth - (Book: Explosive Secrets (large print))
J. L. Trask - (Book: Eye Of The Beholder)
Jagger Bateman - (Book: Eyes Turned Skyward (ebook))
Jack Dawson - (Book: Fabulous Wife, A)
John Logan - (Book: Face of Deception, The)
Josh Gelston - (Book: Face Time (reissue))
Jake Brannigan - (Book: Faces of Dawn, The)
John St. George, Cutter Reid - (Book: Facets [reissue])
Josiah King - (Book: Facing Fire)
Joshua Radcliffe - (Book: Failed Marriage, The)
Joshua Radcliffe - (Book: Failed Marriage, The (UK))
John Mackenzie - (Book: Fair Game)
Jamie McKie - (Book: Fair is the Rose)
Jacob Sentell, Sheriff - (Book: Fair Warning)
Jacob Sentell, Sheriff - (Book: Fair Warning (Large Print))
Jonathan, Lord Ault - (Book: Fairfax Brew, The)
Jess McFall - (Book: Fairy Tale Blues)
Jake Kassidy - (Book: Fairy Tale Girl, The)
Jeremy Nivens - (Book: Faithfully Yours (reissue))
Jesse Savage - (Book: Faithless Angel)
Joe Riley - (Book: Fake Fiancee, The)
Joe Riley - (Book: Fake Fiancée, The)
Jake Flynn - (Book: Fake It (ebook))
Jack Prentiss - (Book: Faking Grace)
Jabari bin Tarik Hassid, Sheik of Kahmsin - (Book: Falcon and the Dove, The)
John Markley
Duke of Canby
- (Book: Falcon's Mistress)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Fall From Grace)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Fall From Grace (reissue))
Julien Blackworth - (Book: Fallen)
Julian Blackworth - (Book: Fallen)
John Murray - (Book: Fallen)
Jason Tarrant - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Jake Banner - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Jason Verney
Viscount Deveryn
- (Book: Fallen Angel)
Jason Tarrant - (Book: Fallen Angel (UK))
James Rutledge - (Book: Fallen Woman, A)
Jaxon Trent - (Book: Falling Away)
Jack Kinsella - (Book: Falling for an Older Man)
Jack Barrett - (Book: Falling For Grace)
Jamie Turner - (Book: Falling for Her)
Jackson King - (Book: Falling For King's Fortune)
Jude Marlowe - (Book: Falling For Mr. Mysterious)
Jude Marlowe - (Book: Falling For Mr. Mysterious (large print))
Jordan Ryan - (Book: Falling for the Backup (ebook))
Jeff Parker - (Book: Falling For The Heiress)
JP McKenzie - (Book: Falling for the Lawyer (ebook))
Josh Kern - (Book: Falling In Love)
John Barron - (Book: Falling In Love Again)
Joscelin Kidd
Marquess of Severne
- (Book: False Angel)
Jax McClure - (Book: Familiar Double)
Jake Johnson - (Book: Familiar Fire)
Johnny Kreel - (Book: Familiar Showdown)
Jonah/David Wilson - (Book: Familiar Stranger)
James Tenet - (Book: Familiar Tale)
Jarrod Mossison - (Book: Family At Last)
Jeremiah Trover - (Book: Family Blessings)
J.C. Mueller - (Book: Family by Design)
J.C. Mueller - (Book: Family by Design (large print))
Jake Donovan
- (Book: Family First)
James Stonewall Carson - (Book: Family First)
Joshua White - (Book: Family For Daniel, A)
Jared Hornby - (Book: Family For Summer, A)
Jared Hornby - (Book: Family For Summer, A (large print))
Joe Roberts - (Book: Family for the Sheriff, A)
J.D. - (Book: Family Kind of Gal, A)
Jackson Kirk - (Book: Family Matters)
Joe Kincaid - (Book: Family Next Door, The)
Joe Kincaid - (Book: Family Next Door, The (Large Print))
Joe Knoll - (Book: Family Resemblance, A)
Jeffrey DeWilde - (Book: Family Secrets)
Jamison Mallory - (Book: Family They Chose, The)
Jake Shannon - (Book: Family to Cherish, A)
Josh Walker - (Book: Family Way, The)
Julian Carrothers,
Earl of Neville
- (Book: Famous Miss Feversham)
James - (Book: Fancy Free)
Jake Davis - (Book: Fanning the Flames (ebook))
Jerrod Scollin - (Book: Fantasy Bar)
Jack Edwards - (Book: Fantasy Girl)
Julian of Macedon - (Book: Fantasy Lover)
Jon North - (Book: Far Gone (hardcover))
Jamie MacLaren - (Book: Faster Than the Rest)
Joshua Rayne - (Book: Fatal Inheritance)
Joshua Rayne - (Book: Fatal Inheritance (large print))
Jake Ryder - (Book: Fatal Pursuit)
Jed Kelby - (Book: Fatal Tide)
Jared Starke - (Book: Father Factor, The)
J.D Grayson - (Book: Father to Be)
Jason Whitaker - (Book: Father Unknown)
Jack Merrill - (Book: Father's Gift, A)
John Paladin - (Book: Father's Promise, A)
John Paladin - (Book: Father's Promise, A (reissue))
Jonas Galloway - (Book: Father's Quest, A)
Jameson O’Connell - (Book: Father's Sacrifice, A)
Jon Tucker - (Book: Father, Again, A)
Jeff Spencer - (Book: Father: Unknown)
Josh - (Book: Favorite Obsession (ebook))
John Sartain - (Book: Fear Of Falling)
Joe LeBlanc - (Book: Fearless Love (ebook))
James Hamilton - (Book: Feather, The)
Jack Taylor - (Book: Featured Attraction (UK))
Jonas Hinton - (Book: Feel The Fire)
Jack Kilroy - (Book: Feel the Heat)
Jimmy Corona - (Book: Feels Like Home)
Jace Warden - (Book: Feral Heat (Ebook))
James Cameron - (Book: Festival)
Jace Crestwell - (Book: Fever)
J. K. Starr - (Book: Fever Pitch)
Jackson Falcon - (Book: Fianl Falcon says I Do, The (large print))
Jamie Lowell - (Book: Fictitious Marquis, The)
Jared Dawson - (Book: Field of Pleasure)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Fiery Cross, The)
Jay Travers - (Book: Fight for Love)
James Woods - (Book: Figure of Speech)
Jack Matthews - (Book: Final Exposure)
Jackson Holstenar - (Book: Find Me (ebook))
Julian Danver Styles - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Joseph Rossi - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Joseph Ross - (Book: Finders Keepers (reissue))
Justin Flint - (Book: Finding a Family...and Forever?)
James Townsend - (Book: Finding Daddy)
Jonathan Brenner - (Book: Finding Her Dad)
Jonathan Brenner - (Book: Finding Her Dad (large print))
Jackson Hunt - (Book: Finding It)
Jay Garrett - (Book: Finding Justice)
Jay Garrett - (Book: Finding Justice (large print))
Jackson Ellington - (Book: Finding Lilies (ebook))
Jeremy Reece - (Book: Finding Love in Payton (Hardcover))
Jake McBride - (Book: Finding Promise)
Baron Warnefleet
- (Book: Fine Passion, A)
Jeb Welles - (Book: Fire Across Texas)
Jack MacAlister - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Jeff Cabrio - (Book: Fire and Rain)
Judd Bishop - (Book: Fire and Spice)
Jake McKenzie - (Book: Fire Angel)
John Timmons - (Book: Fire in Ember, The)
Jess Robbins - (Book: Fire in the Blood, A)
Jackson Tyler - (Book: Fire in the Dark)
Jack Bastian - (Book: Fire Kissed)
Jack Winters - (Book: Fired Up (hardcover))
Jack Winters - (Book: Fired Up (paperback))
Joe Connor - (Book: Firefly Beach)
Jacob Greene - (Book: Fireman Dad)
Jacob Greene - (Book: Fireman Dad (large print))
Johnny Marks - (Book: Fires of Brimstone, The)
Julian Palmer - (Book: Fires Within, The)
Jason McClain - (Book: Firestorm)
Jake Green - (Book: Firestorm)
Jax - (Book: Firewalkers - Dreamer)
Jason Trayhern - (Book: First Born)
J.B. Anglin - (Book: First Dance)
James Knightley - (Book: First Kiss, The)
Jorge - (Book: First Love: Just Once in a Lifetime: A Memoir)
Jack Donovan - (Book: First Mistake, The)
Jules Wakeford
Marquess of Thornhill
- (Book: First Season)
Jean-Charles Vernier - (Book: First Sight (hardcover))
J. D. Sumner - (Book: First-Time Valentine)
J. D. Sumner - (Book: First-Time Valentine (Large Print))
Jack "Sully" Sullivan - (Book: Five is Enough)
Jackson - (Book: Five Ways 'til Sunday)
Jackson Wainwright - (Book: Fixed Up With Mr Right?)
Johnny Amador - (Book: Fixer-Upper)
- (Book: Flame of Love)
Jasper Sloan - (Book: Flash (Hardcover))
Jasper Sloan - (Book: Flash (reissue))
Jack Callaghan - (Book: Flash Point)
Jack Thomas - (Book: Flashback)
Justin Cohen - (Book: Flashback)
Jake Underwood - (Book: Flashback)
Jake Underwood - (Book: Flashback (large print))
Jimmy Nash - (Book: Flashpoint)
Jake Meyer - (Book: Flawless)
Jim Micah - (Book: Flee The Night)
John Rudwell
Viscount Severn
- (Book: Fleeting Fancy)
Jonas Wilkes - (Book: Fletcher's Woman)
Jack - (Book: Flip Side, The)
Josh Parker - (Book: Flirting with Disaster)
Josh Parker - (Book: Flirting With Disaster (reissue))
Jason Strong - (Book: Flirting With Fireworks)
Jeff Eubanks - (Book: Flirting With Temptation)
Jack Kincaid - (Book: Flirting With Temptation)
Jake Collins - (Book: Flowers on Main)
Jason Cummings - (Book: Follow My Lead)
Jude Kingman - (Book: Follow Your Heart)
Julian Hamilton - (Book: Following Love)
John Flores - (Book: Fool for You, A )
Jack Ryerson - (Book: Fool Me Twice)
James Taylor - (Book: Foolish Notions)
Jack - (Book: Footloose)
Jordan Treveryan - (Book: For All of Her Life)
Joseph Muldoon - (Book: For All Time)
Joshua Martin - (Book: For All Time)
John Rycroft - (Book: For Desire Alone)
Jake McCoy - (Book: For Her Eyes Only)
Jason Stone - (Book: For His Pleasure)
Jackson Kincaid - (Book: For Keeps)
Jack Knight - (Book: For the Defense)
Jake Smith - (Book: For the Longest Time)
Jazz McNeil - (Book: For the Love of Jazz (reissue))
Joel Kingdom - (Book: For The Love Of Sara)
Jake McKenzie - (Book: For the Sake of His Child)
Jared Kierney - (Book: For The Twin's Sake)
J.T. West - (Book: Forbidden)
Josh Marchiano
- (Book: Forbidden)
James - (Book: Forbidden)
Josh Marchiano
- (Book: Forbidden (reissue))
Josh Marchiano
- (Book: Forbidden (UK))
Justin Murphy - (Book: Forbidden Attraction)
Jed Brodie - (Book: Forbidden Brother, The)
Jed Kane - (Book: Forbidden Claim, The)
Julian - (Book: Forbidden Game, The)
Jake and Trey - (Book: Forbidden Heat)
Jordan Willis
Earl of Blackmore
- (Book: Forbidden Lord, The)
Justin Brant
Earl of Weston
- (Book: Forbidden Love)
Justin Brant
Earl of Weston
- (Book: Forbidden Love (reissue))
Justin Brant - (Book: Forbidden Love (reissue))
John ‘Mac’ McCoy - (Book: Forbidden Pleasure)
John McCoy - (Book: Forbidden Pleasure (reissue))
Jude MacNamara - (Book: Forbidden Promises)
James - (Book: Forbidden to Love the Duke)
John Harlan - (Book: Forbidden Twin, The)
Jack Marchant - (Book: Forbidden Wife, The)
Jack Marchant - (Book: Forbidden Wife, The (large print))
Jack Christopher - (Book: Force of Nature)
Jake Jensen - (Book: Forecast of Love)
Jackson Waverly - (Book: Forever)
Josh Scott - (Book: Forever and a Day)
Jonpaul Van dir Birs - (Book: Forever and a Lifetime)
Jared Ryker - (Book: Forever Dream, The)
Joseph Lawrence - (Book: Forever Ecstasy)
Josh Towers - (Book: Forever His Bride)
Jake Bronson - (Book: Forever Jake)
Jonathon Ryson - (Book: Forever Love)
Jake Cordell - (Book: Forever Rose, The)
Lord Blackthorn
- (Book: Forever Yours)
Jagger Remington - (Book: Forever Yours)
J. D. McCall - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Joseph Rockwell - (Book: Forgetful Bride, The)
Jason Leer - (Book: Forgive Me)
Jackson Beauford - (Book: Forgiving Jackson)
James Cannon - (Book: Forgotten)
Justin Hallwood - (Book: Forgotten Fiancee)
Jonah Tavish - (Book: Forgotten Husband, The)
John Riddle - (Book: Forgotten Justice)
Jerrard Daniels - (Book: Forgotten Lover)
Justin Miller - (Book: Forgotten Sea)
Jasper Jackson - (Book: Formula for Passion)
Jasper Paldar - (Book: Fortune and Fate (Hardcover))
Jared Cain - (Book: Fortune's Lady)
John Malloy - (Book: Fortune, The )
Joe Reilly - (Book: Forward Pass)
Jacob Schrock - (Book: Found)
Jack - (Book: Found: One Husband)
Joe Morelli - (Book: Four to Score)
James Ryder - (Book: Foxfire)
Jem - (Book: Fragmented)
Jack Sloan - (Book: Frankie's Back In Town)
James Baptiste - (Book: Frankly, My Dear (reprint))
Jose James - (Book: Free Fall)
Jack Callahan - (Book: Free Fall)
Jared Porter - (Book: Free Verse)
Jonas Riley - (Book: Freedom Of The Soul)
Jesse Mitchell - (Book: Freezing Point)
Jesse Mitchell - (Book: Freezing Point (large print))
Jules Saint Pierre - (Book: French Affair, The)
Jason Blue - (Book: French Fried)
Johnny Patrick - (Book: French Kiss)
Johnny Patrick - (Book: French Kiss)
Jack Wade - (Book: French Quarter)
Jack Charbonnet - (Book: French Quarter)
Jack Wade - (Book: French Quarter (reprint))
Jacques Chenon - (Book: French Surgeon's Secret Child, The)
Julian Shaw - (Book: Freudian Slip)
Jack Trahern - (Book: Friend, Lover, Protector)
Jake - (Book: Friends - and Then Some)
John - (Book: Friends and Lovers)
John - (Book: Friends and Lovers (reissue))
John - (Book: Friends We Keep, The)
Jake - (Book: Friendship Barrier, The)
Jake Lorrimer - (Book: Friendship Barrier, The (UK))
Jeff Hubbard - (Book: Fright of the Iguana, The)
Jack Clancy - (Book: From the Flames)
Jack Tanner - (Book: From the Moment We Met)
Jason Rhodes - (Book: From This Day Forward (ebook))
Jakob Nilsson - (Book: From This Day On )
Jakob Nilsson - (Book: From This Day On (large print))
Jonathan Damon - (Book: From This Moment)
Jason Shriver - (Book: From This Moment On (ebook novella))
Jean-Luis D'Epier - (Book: Frontier Fire)
Jarrett Creed - (Book: Frontier Woman)
Justin Foster - (Book: Fruits of Betrayal (ebook))
Jesse Coulton - (Book: Fugitive Bride, The)
Jeremiah Sloane - (Book: Fugitive Heart, The)
Jacob Stone - (Book: Full Bloom)
Jacob Stone - (Book: Full Bloom (reissue))
Jay Billingsley - (Book: Full Contact)
Jay Billingsley - (Book: Full Contact (large print))
Josh Walker - (Book: Full Measures (ebook))
Jake Stewart - (Book: Full Moon (ebook))
Johnny Bradfordini - (Book: Full Moon Dreams)
Jovan Delonte - (Book: Full Moon Inheritance)
Jamie Swift - (Book: Full Speed)
Jonathan Hillcroft - (Book: Full Steam)
Jamie Swift - (Book: Full Tilt)
Jason Trace - (Book: Gabrielle)
Jean Bouclaire - (Book: Gabrielle)
Jesse Norwood - (Book: Gallant Heiress, The)
Jack Vernon - (Book: Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady)
Jack Vernon - (Book: Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady (UK))
Jack Carstairs - (Book: Gallant Waif)
Jaden Bond - (Book: Gamble on Love)
Jean-Luc Gavereau - (Book: Gambler's Heart, The)
John, Lord Kirkham - (Book: Gambler's Wedding)
Jordan Kyle - (Book: Gambler's Woman)
Jordan Kyle - (Book: Gambler's Woman)
Jared Quinn - (Book: Game for Marriage (ebook))
Jeff Martin - (Book: Game of Love, The )
Joel Cassidy - (Book: Gamemaster)
JD Marshall - (Book: Garden of Dreams)
Jake Archer - (Book: Geek Girl's Guide to Arsenic, A (ebook))
Jake Archer - (Book: Geek Girl's Guide to Justice, A (ebook))
Jake Archer - (Book: Geek Girl's Guide to Murder, A (ebook))
Joel Kramer - (Book: Gemini Man, The)
Jeff Parker - (Book: Gemstone)
Jonas Dobbs - (Book: Gentle as a Lamb)
Jamie MacKinnion - (Book: Gentle Feuding, A)
John Sexton - (Book: Gentle Hearts)
Jake Brannon - (Book: Gentle on My Mind)
Joe Harrison - (Book: Gentle Passion, A)
James Malory - (Book: Gentle Rogue)
James Malory - (Book: Gentle Rogue (ebook))
Jake - (Book: Gentle Torment)
James Warre - (Book: Gentleman 'Til Midnight, A)
Jeremy Carrigan - (Book: Gentleman Rancher, The)
Jeremy Carrigan - (Book: Gentleman Rancher, The (reissue))
Jonathan Everett Saxton
Marquis of Ashdowne
- (Book: Gentleman Thief, The)
John Whyte - (Book: Gentleman's Daughter, A)
Joel Kline - (Book: Gently Into Night)
Jack McCormick - (Book: Georgia Meets Her Groom)
Juan Delgado - (Book: Get Some Love)
Jacob Stein - (Book: Getting Lost with Boys)
Julian Aries - (Book: Ghost Of a Chance)
Julian Aries - (Book: Ghost of a Chance (reissue))
Jackson Granger - (Book: Ghost of a Promise)
Joaquin Murieta - (Book: Ghost of Sonora)
Jake Cox - (Book: Ghost Shrink, The (ebook))
Joshua Brandt - (Book: Ghost Walking (ebook))
Josh Sullivan - (Book: Gift of a Family)
Jonas Quarrel - (Book: Gift of Fire)
Jonas Quarrel - (Book: Gift of Fire (reissue))
Jonas Quarrel - (Book: Gift of Gold)
Jonas Quarrel - (Book: Gift of Gold (reissue))
Jamie Ryder - (Book: Gift Of The Heart)
Jonah Sheridan - (Book: Gift of Wonder)
Josh Dylan - (Book: Gilded Cage, The)
Jordan Houghton Windsor - (Book: Gilded Lily, The (Hardcover))
Jackson Carter - (Book: Gimme Some Sugar)
Viscount Amis
- (Book: Ginnie Come Lately)
Viscount Amis
- (Book: Ginnie Come Lately (UK))
Joel Harlow - (Book: Girl from Nowhere, The)
John Brigham - (Book: Girl in the Green Glass Mirror, The (paperback))
Jake Donner - (Book: Girl Less Ordinary, A)
Jake Donner - (Book: Girl Less Ordinary, A (UK))
Jackson Taggart - (Book: Girls Guide to Hunting and Kissing)
Jareth - (Book: Girls That Growl)
Jensen - (Book: Giving In)
Joshua Norton - (Book: Glorious Montana Sky)
Jackson - (Book: Glory)
Julian MacKenzie - (Book: Glory)
John Preshin - (Book: Glory Days)
Jake - (Book: Glory Seekers)
Jesse - (Book: Glory, Glory)
James Graham - (Book: God's Gift)
Jeremy Trescott, Earl of Kendall - (Book: Goddess of the Hunt)
Jack Montgomery - (Book: Goes Down Easy)
Jack Montgomery - (Book: Goes Down Easy (UK))
Jake Chandler - (Book: Going For Broke)
Jake Chandler - (Book: Going for Broke (Large Print))
Jess Hawkins - (Book: Going for It!)
John - (Book: Going Too Far)
Jonah Armstrong - (Book: Gold Dust)
John Lawton - (Book: Gold Dust)
Jase Garrett - (Book: Gold Fire)
Joshua Markham - (Book: Gold in the Fire)
Jack Snow - (Book: Gold Rush Groom)
Josh Huntington - (Book: Golden Boy (ebook))
J. L. Brett - (Book: Golden Dreams)
Justin Seward
Earl of Lyndon
- (Book: Golden Feather, The)
Jeremy Mayhew - (Book: Golden Fires)
John Hernandez - (Book: Golden Girl, The)
Jarret Blade - (Book: Golden Goddess)
Jared Barlow - (Book: Golden Gypsy)
Jais de la Roche - (Book: Golden Lure, The (UK))
Joseph Powers - (Book: Gone)
Jake Sutton - (Book: Gone (Hardcover))
Jeremy Barrington - (Book: Gone Courting)
Jefferson Clayton Smith IV - (Book: Gone Fishin')
John Tomasetti - (Book: Gone Missing)
John McCully - (Book: Gone with the West)
J. P. Byrne - (Book: Good Chase, The)
Jasper Fawley - (Book: Good Earl Gone Bad)
Josh Goodwin - (Book: Good Gracie (ebook))
Josh - (Book: Good Husband Material)
John Bond - (Book: Good Man, A)
Justin Sloane - (Book: Good Morning, Miss Greene)
Jake Hunter - (Book: Good With His Hands)
Jackson Stone - (Book: Good, the Bad, and the Sexy, The)
Jon - (Book: Goodbye Delaney)
James Craig - (Book: Gossamer)
Jack Hudson - (Book: Got A Hold On You)
Joe Capistrano - (Book: Got Your Number)
Jake Baldwin - (Book: Gotcha!)
Jamal Turner - (Book: Gotta Get Next to You)
Jamil al-Nazarri - (Book: Governess and the Sheikh, The (US edition))
Jason Steele, Viscount - (Book: Governess Wears Scarlet, The)
Jed Tyree - (Book: Grace Under Fire)
Jack Deverell - (Book: Grave Destination)
John Brittain (Britt) - (Book: Grave Illusions)
Jackson Locke - (Book: Gravity (ebook))
Jake McKenna - (Book: Great Kisser, A)
Jace Dimitriades - (Book: Greek Bridegroom, The)
Jack Coburn - (Book: Green Beret Bodyguard)
Jack Coburn - (Book: Green Beret Bodyguard (large print))
Julian Chase - (Book: Green Eyes)
Julian Chase - (Book: Green Eyes (reissue))
Jonas Concannon - (Book: Green Mountain Man)
Jordon Winters - (Book: Gretchen and the Big Bad Wolf)
Jackson Grant - (Book: Griffin's Secret, The (ebook))
Jackson Hart - (Book: Groom by Arrangement)
Jake Lure - (Book: Groom Wanted)
Jarrk - (Book: Gryffin Strain: His Female)
Jonathan Littledeer - (Book: Guarded Secrets)
Jason O'Leary - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Jake Colder - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Justin, Marquis of Theale - (Book: Guardian Devil)
Jasper Adams - (Book: Guardian Ranger)
Jasper Adams - (Book: Guardian Ranger (large print))
Josh Langley - (Book: Guardian Spirit)
Justin, Lord Harrington - (Book: Guardian's Angel, A)
Jake Maitland - (Book: Guarding Camille)
Jax Wilder - (Book: Guarding His Heart (ebook))
Julian Jameson - (Book: Guide to Trek Mi Q'an)
Jake Lombardi - (Book: Guilty)
Jake Lockhart - (Book: Guilty As Sin)
Jake - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Jonathon Reece - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Jeremy Taggert - (Book: Gunpowder Tea )
Jack Ringo - (Book: Gunslinger's Lady)
Juniper Barns - (Book: Gunslinger's Untamed Bride, The)
Joseph Varga - (Book: Gypsy Dancer)
Jake Cannon - (Book: Gypsy Fire)
Jason Savage - (Book: Gypsy Lady (reissue))
James Kelly - (Book: Gypsy Ribbon, The (ebook))
Jeremy Pickett - (Book: Haley's Cabin (ebook))
Justin Radner - (Book: Half Past Dead)
Jamie Calhoun - (Book: Halfway to Heaven)
Jack Dakota - (Book: Hallie's Hero)
Josh Walker - (Book: Hallowed Ground)
Josh Keegan - (Book: Halloween Honeymoon)
Justin Alderney - (Book: Halloween Husband, The)
Jamie McLachlan - (Book: Hand of an Angel, The)
Josh Phillips - (Book: Handful of Trouble, A)
Jake Devereaux - (Book: Handsome as Sin)
Joe Daugherty - (Book: Hannah's Baby)
Joe Daugherty - (Book: Hannah's Baby)
Joe Michaels - (Book: Happily Ever After)
Jack MacAuley - (Book: Happily Ever After)
Jamie - (Book: Happy Hour (ebook))
Jason Frazier - (Book: Harbor of Dreams)
J. B. McGrath - (Book: Harbor, The)
J. B. McGrath - (Book: Harbor, The (reissue))
Joe Morelli - (Book: Hard Eight)
Julian Darcangelo - (Book: Hard Evidence)
Jack O'Brien - (Book: Hard Evidence)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Hard Lovin' Man)
Jay - (Book: Hard Man, The)
Joe Sanchez - (Book: Hard to Forget)
Jax Shields - (Book: Hard to Forget (ebook))
Jordan Sinclair - (Book: Hard to Get)
Jake Hansen - (Book: Hard to Hold)
Jackson Traub - (Book: Hard-to-Get Cowboy, The)
Marquess of Shepherdston
- (Book: Hardly A Husband)
Jason Lisbourne
Earl of Rocksley
- (Book: Harem Bride, The)
Justin Lamont - (Book: Harlot's Daughter, The)
Joshua Templeman - (Book: Hating Game, The)
Jesse - (Book: Haunted)
Jay Ancheta - (Book: Haunted Sanctuary)
James II - (Book: Haunted Sisters, The)
Jamie Shard - (Book: Haunting Compulsion, A)
Jaime Shard - (Book: Haunting Compulsion, A)
Jamie Shard - (Book: Haunting Compulsion, A (UK))
Joshua - (Book: Haunting Melody (ebook))
Jordan Vine-Hall - (Book: Haunting Obsession, A)
Julian Marquez - (Book: Havana Sunrise)
Jake Tippins - (Book: Have Gown, Need Groom)
Jake Tippens - (Book: Have Gown, Need Groom)
Jake Donnelly - (Book: Have Me)
Jake Bishop - (Book: Having His Baby)
Justin - (Book: Having Justin's Baby)
Justin - (Book: Having Justin's Baby (Large Print))
Jael - (Book: Havoc)
J. C. Hawk - (Book: Hawk's Lair)
Jason Hawk - (Book: Hawk's Passion)
James 'Hawk' Hawkworth - (Book: Hawk's Prey)
Jared Broderick - (Book: Hazards of Hunting a Duke, The)
Jake Hatcher - (Book: Hazards of the Heart)
Jack McCutcheon - (Book: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not)
John Paolillo - (Book: He Said, She Said)
Jackson Moore - (Book: He's a Bad Boy)
Jake Conners - (Book: He's All That)
Josh Hightower - (Book: He's Got His Daddy's Eyes)
Jonah Gray Wolf - (Book: Healer, The)
Jake Langston - (Book: Healing a Heart)
Jack Alexander - (Book: Healing Dr. Alexander)
Jack Alexander - (Book: Healing Dr. Alexander (large print))
Jeremy Fortune - (Book: Healing Dr. Fortune)
Jay Harkness - (Book: Healing Love)
James Rowland - (Book: Healing the Soldier's Heart)
Jared Steele, MD - (Book: Healing Tides)
Jared Steele, MD - (Book: Healing Tides (Large Print))
Josh Corbett - (Book: Heard it Through the Grapevine)
Jace Bayrum - (Book: Heart Fortune)
John Esh - (Book: Heart in Hand)
John McIntyre Thorn - (Book: Heart Listens, The)
Jake Meyers - (Book: Heart of a Hero, The)
Jake Meyers - (Book: Heart of a Hero, The (large print))
Jake Barnes - (Book: Heart of a Husband)
Jared de Navarre - (Book: Heart of a Lion)
John Cutter - (Book: Heart of a Rancher)
John Cutter - (Book: Heart of a Rancher (large print))
Juan - (Book: Heart of a Stranger)
Jake Gannon - (Book: Heart of Dixie)
Jacques - (Book: Heart of Fire)
James McElroy - (Book: Heart of My Heart)
Jim Tremaine - (Book: Heart of the Eagle)
Jim Tremain - (Book: Heart of the Eagle (reissue))
Jim Tremaine - (Book: Heart of the Eagle (reissue))
Jim Tremain - (Book: Heart of the Eagle (reissue))
Jacob Hartman - (Book: Heart of the Family)
Jacob Hartman - (Book: Heart of the Family (Large Print))
Joshua Hawk - (Book: Heart of the Hawk)
Jeb Tanner - (Book: Heart of the Hunter)
Jared Snow - (Book: Heart of the Night)
Josh Kaplan - (Book: Heart on the Line)
Jack Reade - (Book: Heart Remembers, The)
Jake West - (Book: Heart Remembers, The)
Justin Warfield
Duke of Westover
- (Book: Heart So Innocent, A)
Jean-Luc Fournier - (Book: Heart Surgeon's Secret Child, The)
Jim Williams - (Book: Heart's Calling, The)
Jared Newman - (Book: Heart's Pursuit, The)
Jaxon Landon - (Book: Heart's Secret)
Jack Kittrick - (Book: Heartbeat)
Johnny Swift - (Book: Heartbreak Hotel)
Jed Sullivan - (Book: Heartbreak Ranch)
J.B. Hammock - (Book: Heartbreaker)
John Rafferty - (Book: Heartbreaker)
Jess Feldman - (Book: Heartbreaker)
John Rafferty - (Book: Heartbreaker (reissue))
J.B. Hammock - (Book: Heartbreaker (reissue))
James Lindford - (Book: Heartbreaker, The)
Jack Harvey - (Book: Heartburn)
Justin Ross - (Book: Heartless)
Jason - (Book: Heartless (Hardcover))
Jason - (Book: Heartless (paperback))
Justin Ross - (Book: Heartless (reprint))
Jake Brewster - (Book: Hearts)
Jacob Landsdowne - (Book: Hearts Afire)
Jeff Harris - (Book: Hearts Against the Wind)
Jeff Harris - (Book: Hearts Against the Wind (reissue))
John Davenport - (Book: Hearts Rekindled)
Jordan Kiley - (Book: Heartsong)
John Weber - (Book: Heartstopper)
Jericho Beaumont - (Book: Heartthrob)
Jacob Madden - (Book: Heat Is On, The)
Jacob Madden - (Book: Heat Is On, The (reissue))
Jason Gaspard - (Book: Heat of a Savage Moon)
John Garrett - (Book: Heat of the Moment (ebook))
Justin Drake - (Book: Heat of the Night)
John VIncent - (Book: Heat Seeker)
Jaxon Dunham - (Book: Heat Wave of Desire)
Jed West - (Book: Heaven and Earth)
Jackson Tremain - (Book: Heaven Can Wait)
Jakob Neubauer - (Book: Heaven Can Wait)
Joshua West - (Book: Heaven in West Texas)
John Corey - (Book: Heaven Knows)
James Ellington - (Book: Heaven Knows)
Jason Armstrong - (Book: Heaven On Earth)
J.T. Rafferty - (Book: Heaven's Gift)
Jared Reed
Sam Stone
- (Book: Heaven-Sent Husband)
John Andrew Yarbrough (Jay) - (Book: Heir To Secret Memories)
Justin Deverill
Earl of Strafford
- (Book: Heir, The)
Jack Endicott Sutton - (Book: Heiress Behind the Headlines)
Jack Endicott Sutton - (Book: Heiress Behind the Headlines (large print))
Jack Endicott Sutton - (Book: Heiress Behind the Headlines (UK edition))
Julian Devize - (Book: Heiress In His Bed, The)
Jack Granger - (Book: Heiress, The)
Jamie Montgomery - (Book: Heiress, The)
Josh Pierce - (Book: Hell On Wheels)
Jarret Manning - (Book: Hell Or High Water)
Jeremy Cavalon - (Book: Hell to Pay)
John Miller - (Book: Her Amish Man)
Jack Norton - (Book: Her Baby's Bodyguard)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Her Baby's Father)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Her Baby's Father (large print))
Jared Johnson - (Book: Her Baby's First Christmas)
Jason Kerrigan - (Book: Her Baby's Hero)
Joshua Salsbury - (Book: Her Boss's Marriage Agenda)
Jace Callahan - (Book: Her Callahan Family Man)
Jack Holt - (Book: Her Child's Father)
Jack Alden - (Book: Her Cinderella Season)
Jack Alden - (Book: Her Cinderella Season)
Jeb McCabe - (Book: Her Cowboy Daddy)
Joe - (Book: Her Enemy Protector)
Jude Bradley - (Book: Her Family Wish)
Jude Bradley - (Book: Her Family Wish (large print))
Jake Smith - (Book: Her Fifth Husband?)
Jack Fortune - (Book: Her Good Fortune)
Jack Thatcher - (Book: Her Great Expectations)
Jake - (Book: Her Hands-On Man)
Jeff Winston - (Book: Her Hero After Dark)
Joseph Randolph - (Book: Her Hesitant Heart)
Jake Tanner - (Book: Her Holiday Hero)
Jesse Calder - (Book: Her Kind of Cowboy)
John Tomasetti - (Book: Her Last Breath)
Jess Holden - (Book: Her Lone Star Cowboy)
Jess Holden - (Book: Her Lone Star Cowboy (large print))
Jeremy Fulton - (Book: Her Millionaire, His Miracle)
Jack Traynor - (Book: Her Miracle Man)
Jonas Black - (Book: Her Montana Man)
Jared Sanderson - (Book: Her Not-so-secret Diary)
Jim - (Book: Her Outback Knight)
Jonah Best - (Book: Her Perfect Game (ebook))
Jacob - (Book: Her Prince Charming)
Jack Shepard - (Book: Her Rancher Rescuer)
Jake Ronan - (Book: Her Royal Wedding Wish)
James Morgan
Duke of Girard
- (Book: Her Scandalous Intentions)
Jake Kimball - (Book: Her Scoundrel)
Justin Culver
Earl of Kern
- (Book: Her Secret Affair)
John Loughlin - (Book: Her Secret Agent (ebook novella))
Jim - (Book: Her Secret Agent Man)
Jake Stevens - (Book: Her Secret Fling)
John Harriman - (Book: Her Secret Stranger)
Jacob Bennett - (Book: Her Singapore Fling)
Joe Reed - (Book: Her Sister's Fiancé)
Jake Worthington - (Book: Her So-Called Fiance)
James Munro, Detective - (Book: Her Special Charm)
Jason Ward - (Book: Her Tender Touch)
Josh Brand - (Book: Her Torrid Temporary Marriage)
Jackson Whitman - (Book: Her Unexpected Hero)
Jon Turner - (Book: Her Valentine Hero)
Jon Turner - (Book: Her Valentine Hero (large print))
Jonas Lowell - (Book: Her Wedding Wish)
James Fraser - (Book: Here's Looking at You)
James Fraser - (Book: Here's Looking at You)
Jeff Bradford - (Book: Hero by Nature)
Jonathon Bradby - (Book: Hero for Christmas, A)
Justin Clay - (Book: Hero Next Door, The)
John Maitland - (Book: Hero to Hold, A)
J. D. Cade - (Book: Hero's Homecoming, A)
Joe Hero - (Book: Hero's Welcome, A)
Jarod Ellis - (Book: Heroes at Heart - A Hero's Kiss)
Josh Walker - (Book: Hers For The Weekend)
JakeHarrison - (Book: Hex in High Heels)
Jack Harper - (Book: Hidden)
Jackson Gray - (Book: Hidden Blessings)
Jackson Deveau - (Book: Hidden Currents)
Julian Salvatore - (Book: Hidden Fire)
Jamie Wilson - (Book: Hidden Gems)
John Savidge - (Book: Hidden in the Heart (Hardcover))
Jed Skimmerhorn - (Book: Hidden Riches)
Jed Skimmerhorn - (Book: Hidden Riches (paperback--reprint))
Jed Skimmerhorn - (Book: Hidden Riches (reprint))
Jed Willetz - (Book: Hidden Treasures)
Jake Cochran - (Book: Hidden Years)
Joe Donelli - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Jake Delancy - (Book: Hide in Plain Sight)
Joe Morelli - (Book: High Five)
Joel Hayden - (Book: High Noon)
Joel Hayden - (Book: High Noon (large print))
John Fairweather - (Book: High Stakes Seduction, A)
Jace Dennison - (Book: High-Caliber Christmas)
Jake Cameron - (Book: Highland Dream)
James MacIver
- (Book: Highland Fire)
Jamie MacDonald - (Book: Highland Heart)
Jamie MacDonald - (Book: Highland Heart (UK))
Jake Maxwell - (Book: Highland Lover)
Jamie Sinclair - (Book: Highland Rebel)
Jack Haines
Earl of Lambourne
- (Book: Highland Scandal)
Jamie Campbell - (Book: Highland Warrior)
Jeremy Mackenzie - (Book: Highland Whispers)
James Drummond - (Book: Highland Wolf)
Jack Cameron - (Book: Highlander Undone)
James McKenna - (Book: Highlander Who Loved Me, The)
Jesse Coryell - (Book: Highlander's Destiny, A)
James Graham
Earl of Monleigh
- (Book: Highlander, The (reissue))
Jack Hamilton - (Book: Highly Irregular Footman, A (UK))
Jack - (Book: Highwayman Came Riding, A)
John Francis Carleton - (Book: Highwayman's Daughter, The )
Jack Anderson - (Book: Hijacked Wife, The)
Jude Tucker - (Book: Hill Country Christmas)
Jake Culpepper - (Book: Hill Country Hero)
Joe Gaillard - (Book: Hill Towns)
Judd Brody - (Book: Hill, The)
John Wickenham-Thickenham-Fines, Earl of Chatwin - (Book: Hint of Seduction, A)
John Fines - (Book: Hint of Seduction, A (reissue))
Julian Atherton
Earl of Davenport
- (Book: Hired Hero, The)
Joshua Cole - (Book: Hired: Nanny Bride)
Jarrod Greene - (Book: His 1-800 Wife)
Jeff Hunter - (Book: His Baby)
James Elliott - (Book: His Bride By Design)
Jordan Chambers - (Book: His Brother's Fiancee (reissue))
Jamie Reynolds - (Book: His Californian Countess)
Jake McClendon - (Book: His Child)
Jonas Buchanan - (Book: His Christmas Virgin)
Jasper Challinor
Marquis of Lensborough
- (Book: His Cinderella Bride (UK))
James Dalgleish - (Book: His Convenient Mistress)
Jagger Castille - (Book: His Darkest Embrace)
Jaxon Castille - (Book: His Darkest Hunger)
Julian Castille - (Book: His Darkest Salvation)
Judd Anderson - (Book: His First Noelle)
John Coleman - (Book: His for the Taking)
Jack Aikenhead
- (Book: His Forbidden Liaison)
Jake Sullivan - (Book: His Forbidden Touch)
Jake Radovich - (Book: His Friend's Wife)
Jason Corey - (Book: His Heiress Wife)
Jake Lewis - (Book: His Honourable Surgeon)
Jase Pembrooke - (Book: His Inherited Wife)
John Paul - (Book: His Insignificant Other)
Jacob Banks - (Book: His Invisible Wife)
James Braedon - (Book: His Last Lover)
Jackson Garrett - (Book: His Long-Lost Family)
James St. Giles - (Book: His Magic Touch)
Johnny Chino - (Book: His Medicine Woman)
Jake Rendel - (Book: His Mistress By Arrangement)
Jon Lassiter - (Book: His Mysterious Ways)
Jack Dilhorne - (Book: His One Woman)
Jud Slaughter - (Book: His Only Defense)
Joe Kelly - (Book: His Real Father)
Jack Lassater - (Book: His Saving Grace)
Jackson Locke - (Book: His Style of Seduction)
Joaquin Munoz - (Book: His to Take)
Jake Radley-Smith - (Book: His Untamed Innocent)
Jack Logan - (Book: His Very Own Wife and Child)
Jack Logan - (Book: His Very Own Wife and Child (UK))
Jack Knight - (Book: His Wicked Kiss)
Jack McKibbon - (Book: His Wife for One Night)
Jason Franklin - (Book: His Winter Rose)
Jake Cooper - (Book: Hitched and Hunted)
Jack Winchester - (Book: Hitched!)
Jim Latimer - (Book: Hitting the Brakes)
Jackson Grayson - (Book: Hold Me Until Midnight)
Jake Taylor - (Book: Hold on Tight (ebook))
Josh Windsor - (Book: Holding Out for Hero)
Josh - (Book: Holding the Cards)
Jonah Fraser - (Book: Holiday to Remember, A)
Jonah Fraser - (Book: Holiday to Remember, A (Large Print))
Jake - (Book: Holidays At Crescent Cove)
Jordan Haynes - (Book: Holly and Mistletoe)
Jonathan Knottmann - (Book: Hollywood After Dark - All Night Inn (ebook))
Jason Blue - (Book: Holy Guacamole!)
J.D. Ryder - (Book: Home at Last)
Jackson Grant - (Book: Home At Last)
John McRae - (Book: Home Field Advantage)
Jakob Hall - (Book: Home Fires)
Jeffrey Hamilton - (Book: Home For Christmas)
Jericho - (Book: Home for Good)
Jericho - (Book: Home for Good (large print))
Joel Merrick - (Book: Home For Hannah, A)
Joe Lawson - (Book: Home for the Holidays)
Joe Lawson - (Book: Home for the Holidays (Large Print))
Jack Roper - (Book: Home for the Hunter, A)
John Westerfield - (Book: Home Free)
Jake Mallory - (Book: Home in Time For Christmas (Hardcover))
Jake Trayner - (Book: Home Sweet Texas)
Jake Trayner - (Book: Home Sweet Texas (Large Print))
Jackson Sullivan - (Book: Home to You)
Jordan Trask - (Book: Home-Grown Husband)
Jack MacAlister - (Book: Homecoming)
Jack Barlow - (Book: Homecoming Queen Gets Her Man, The)
John Gallows - (Book: Homefront Hero)
Jack O' Halloran - (Book: Homeplace)
Jack O'Halloran - (Book: Homeplace (reissue))
John Tillman - (Book: Homespun Bride)
Jonas White - (Book: Homesteader's Sweetheart, The)
Jesse Enright - (Book: Hometown Girl)
Jesse Taylor - (Book: Homeward Bound)
Jesse Whitelaw - (Book: Honey and the Hired Hand)
Jeremy Gordon - (Book: Honeymoon Husband)
Jesse Travers - (Book: Honeysuckle DeVine)
Jesse - (Book: Honk If You Love Real Men)
Justin, Viscount St. Ryne - (Book: Honor's Players)
Julian Rutherford - (Book: Honorable Affair, An)
Jake Edwards - (Book: Hoodwinked)
Jake Edwards - (Book: Hoodwinked (reissue))
James Baldwin - (Book: Hope Beyond, A)
Joel Campbell - (Book: Hope Rising)
Josh Atkins - (Book: Hopechest Bride, The)
Junior - (Book: Hopeful)
Jason Zacharias - (Book: Hopscotch)
Jace Denby - (Book: Horseman's Bride, The)
Jake North - (Book: Hostile Inheritance)
John MacKinnon - (Book: Hot)
John Miglionni - (Book: Hot & Bothered)
John 'Rocket' Miglionni - (Book: Hot & Bothered (reissue))
Jared James - (Book: Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress)
Jared James - (Book: Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress (UK))
Justin O'Rourke - (Book: Hot for the Holidays (ebook novella))
Jake Blankenship - (Book: Hot From Scandal)
Johnny Bulluci - (Book: Hot Mama)
Jason Moore - (Book: Hot Nights With the Fireman)
John Roper - (Book: Hot Property)
Jake Calhoun - (Book: Hot Prospect)
Jake Calhoun - (Book: Hot Prospect (UK))
Jack Broussard - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Jake Dawson - (Book: Hot Rain)
Jake Dawson - (Book: Hot Rain)
Joe Morelli - (Book: Hot Six)
Jacob Caine - (Book: Hot Spell)
Jack Logan - (Book: Hot Spot)
Jack Logan - (Book: Hot Spot (UK))
Jack Ryder - (Book: Hot Summer Nights)
Jace Seymour - (Book: Hot Ticket)
John Stark - (Book: Hot Wheels and High Heels)
Jesse - (Book: Hot Whisper (ebook novella))
Jack Silver - (Book: Hotblooded)
Jack Farrar - (Book: Hotel Riviera, The)
Jake Bentley - (Book: Hotter Than Texas (ebook))
Joshua Donaldson - (Book: House Guest)
Joliffe - (Book: House Of A Thousand Lanterns, The)
Joe Lopez - (Book: House Of Secrets)
Jack McKinnon - (Book: House on Creek Road, The)
Jeff Parker - (Book: House, The)
Jackson Locke - (Book: Hover (ebook))
Jack Rhodes - (Book: How Forever Feels (ebook))
Julian Spenser - (Book: How the Marquess Was Won)
Jordan Sutherland
Viscount Reckford
- (Book: How the Rogue Stole Christmas)
Jack Kincaid - (Book: How to Abduct a Highland Lord)
Jack Kincaid - (Book: How to Abduct a Highland Lord (Hardcover))
Jin Seton - (Book: How to Be a Proper Lady)
Jay Buchanan - (Book: How to Knit a Wild Bikini)
James Sidwell, Marquis of Riverdale - (Book: How to Marry a Marquis)
James Lambert - (Book: How to Master Your Marquis)
Justin Wilde - (Book: How to Wed a Baron)
John Alistair, Captain - (Book: How to Woo A Spinster)
John Stevenson - (Book: How to Worship a Goddess)
Jonah Ries - (Book: Howling in the Darkness)
Jarvis Winters - (Book: Hunger)
John Staunton
Earl of Langley
- (Book: Hunger, The)
James LaChance - (Book: Hungry for More)
Julian Wilde - (Book: Hungry Heart, The)
James - (Book: Hunk for the Holidays)
Jerod Westlake - (Book: Hunted, The)
Jonas Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Jason Mcalister - (Book: Hunter's Prey)
Josh Kincaid - (Book: Hunter's Way)
Justin Delgado - (Book: Hunter, Healer)
Jud Corbett - (Book: Hunting Down the Horseman)
Julian Sawyer - (Book: Hunting Julian)
John - (Book: Husband Campaign, The)
James - (Book: Husband For Real)
Jack Cavanaugh - (Book: Husband from 9 to 5)
Jack Elliott - (Book: Husband Needed)
Josh Hill - (Book: Husband of Her Own)
Jake Craddock - (Book: Husband To Belong To, A)
Joe Whitedeer - (Book: Husband, The)
Jackson Cain - (Book: Husband: Optional)
Jake Longstreet - (Book: Husbands Don't Grow on Trees)
Jason - (Book: I Found You)
John DeMarco - (Book: I Got You, Babe)
Jarod McElroy - (Book: I Love this Bar)
Jake McCann - (Book: I Only Have Eyes for You)
Jordan Williams - (Book: I Promise)
Jude St. Laurent - (Book: I Spy a Wicked Sin)
Jimmy Delaney - (Book: I Thee Bed)
Jack Templeton - (Book: I Waxed My Legs For This?)
Jackson Burke - (Book: I Wish You Were Mine (ebook))
Johnny Pine - (Book: I'll Stand By You)
Joe Taylor - (Book: I'm Having Your Baby?!)
Jack Browning - (Book: I'm Your Girl)
Jack Browning - (Book: I'm Your Girl (reissue))
Jason Earle - (Book: Ice in His Veins)
Jason Earle - (Book: Ice In His Veins (UK))
Jake Montana - (Book: Ideal Man, The)
Jake Steele - (Book: Identity Withheld)
Jak - (Book: Idol of Bone)
Julian Kenwood
- (Book: If He's Wicked)
Jackson Fletcher - (Book: If I Fall)
Jackson - (Book: If I Tell)
Jared Kensington - (Book: If Only)
Jed Landry - (Book: If Only in My Dreams)
Jed Landry - (Book: If Only In My Dreams [reissue])
Justin Herne - (Book: If Wishes Were Horses)
Johnnie Bellah - (Book: If Wishes Were Horses)
Jackson Maxwell Covington III - (Book: If Wishes Were...Husbands)
Jack Chapman - (Book: If You Can't Stand the Heat...)
Jack Riley - (Book: If You Don't Know By Now)
Jack Riley - (Book: If You Don't Know by Now (reissue))
Jericho Taylor - (Book: Illicit Hunger (ebook))
Jericho Taylor - (Book: Illicit Hunger (ebook))
Jesse Wilder, Sheriff - (Book: Imminent Danger)
Jason Rourke - (Book: Immortal Sins)
Johann Herrmann - (Book: Impetuous Amazon, The (ebook))
Jake - (Book: Impetuous Bride, The)
Jake - (Book: Impetuous Bride, The (UK))
Jared Fraser - (Book: Impetuous Masquerade)
Justin, Viscount Cardew - (Book: Impetuous Pandora, The)
Jared Sullivan - (Book: Impossible Alliance, The)
Jacob Wolff - (Book: Impossible to Resist)
Joss Carmody - (Book: Imprisoned by a Vow)
Joss Carmody - (Book: Imprisoned by a Vow (large print))
Jonah - (Book: Improper Longings)
Jonathan Tremayne
Earl of Vale
- (Book: Improper Miss Prym, The)
Julio Mendoza - (Book: Impulse)
Jarod Bannock - (Book: In a Cowboy's Arms)
John Parker - (Book: In a Treacherous Court)
Jack Manning - (Book: In Bed With The Boss's Daughter)
Jack Howington III - (Book: In Bed With the Devil)
Jacob - (Book: In Black)
Jace - (Book: In Darkness)
Justin Guidry - (Book: In Dreams)
Jordan Jack - (Book: In Every Stranger's Face)
Jax - (Book: In Heat (ebook))
Johann - (Book: In Her Dreams)
Jordan Cooper - (Book: In His Brother's Place)
Jeff - (Book: In His Dreams)
Josh Anderson - (Book: In Love With Her Boss)
Jordan Trent - (Book: In Love With the Boss)
John Pickett - (Book: In Milady's Chamber)
Josh Maynard - (Book: In Over His Head)
Julian Delane,
Earl of Parkhurst
- (Book: In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady)
Jeremy Carling - (Book: In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster: A Cynster Novel)
Jack Beauchamp - (Book: In Separate Bedrooms (UK))
Jason Marlow - (Book: In Shelter Cove)
Jerry - (Book: In Stereo Where Available)
James Devlin - (Book: In the Barrister's Bed)
Jack Harding - (Book: In the Barrister's Chambers)
Jed Franklin - (Book: In the Blood (ebook))
John Drymore - (Book: In the Commodore's Hands)
Justin Seavers - (Book: In the Enemy's Arms)
Jericho Becton, MD - (Book: In The Light Of Love)
Jude Patterson - (Book: In the Mood (ebook))
John Jacob McKenna - (Book: In the Shadow of the Hills)
Jake - (Book: In Your Corner)
Jack Holland - (Book: In Your Dreams)
Jackson Alcott - (Book: Inadmissable Passion)
Jackson Alcott - (Book: Inadmissible Passion)
Jake Hunter - (Book: Incognito)
Jonathan Davis - (Book: Inconvenient Desire, An)
John Collingwood
Earl of Stanford
- (Book: Inconvenient Engagement, An)
Jace Carradigne - (Book: Inconveniently Engaged Prince, The)
Jonas - (Book: Inconveniently Wed!)
Jason Profitt - (Book: Incredible Hunk, The)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Incubus Dreams)
Marquess of Kenwood
- (Book: Incurable Matchmaker, The)
Jacques Ransan - (Book: Incurably Isabelle)
Jared Verney
Earl of Langley
- (Book: Indifferent Earl, The)
Jake Rand - (Book: Indigo Blue)
Jake Rand - (Book: Indigo Blue (reprint))
Jonathan Leighton - (Book: Indigo Sea)
James Barnwell - (Book: Indirect Lines)
Jake - (Book: Indiscretion (UK))
Jonah Westfall - (Book: Indivisible)
J. D. McClary - (Book: Indulge)
Jack Armstrong - (Book: Infamous Marriage, An (ebook))
James Hawkins - (Book: Infamous Rogue,The)
Jonas Balto - (Book: Inherit (ebook))
Jack Jensen - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Jake Peterson - (Book: Inherited: One Baby!)
Jack Mason - (Book: Inherited: One Child)
Jason Freeman - (Book: Initiation: Vampire Beach)
Joel - (Book: Injured Innocent)
Joel Hargreaves - (Book: Injured Innocent (UK))
Jaz - (Book: Ink Spots (ebook))
Jameson Flynn - (Book: Innocence and Impropriety)
Jameson Flynn - (Book: Innocence and Impropriety (UK))
Jason de Cordova - (Book: Innocent Invader, The (UK))
Jude Conroy - (Book: Innocent Mistress)
John - (Book: Innocent Pawn)
Jake - (Book: Insatiable Passion, An)
Jon Carlisle - (Book: Inside Bet)
Jonathan - (Book: Insiders, The)
Jake Lowell - (Book: Intimate)
Jonathan Blake - (Book: Intimate Secrets)
Jack Durand - (Book: Into Dust)
Julian Rexley - (Book: Into Temptation)
Joshua Benedict - (Book: Into Temptation)
Jared Edwards - (Book: Into The Deep)
J.D. Gamble - (Book: Into The Fire)
Justinius Corvus - (Book: Into the Mists)
Jax Jaxson - (Book: Into the Night)
Jonah Wilde - (Book: Into the Prairie)
Jonah Wilde - (Book: Into the Prarie (reissue))
Jeremiah Wilde - (Book: Into the Valley)
Julian Fordham, Major - (Book: Into Thin Air)
Viscount Stanton
- (Book: Intriguing Affair, An)
John Arlen - (Book: Introducing Sonika)
Viscount Whitehead
- (Book: Invincible Viscount, The)
Jared - (Book: Invisible Ring, The)
Jared - (Book: Invisible Touch)
Jake Harvey - (Book: Inward Storm, The (UK))
James Hamilton - (Book: Irish Duke (mass market reissue))
Jared Cameron - (Book: Iron Cowboy)
Joe Cardone - (Book: Iron Dove)
Jack Walker - (Book: Irresistible Bachelor, An)
Jack Walker - (Book: Irresistible Bachelor, An)
James Cannon - (Book: Irresistible Force)
James MacRae - (Book: Irresistible MacRae, The)
J.T. - (Book: Irresistible You)
Jonathan Hale - (Book: Island Flame)
Jonathan Hale - (Book: Island Flame (reissue))
Jonathan Hale - (Book: Island Flame (reissue))
Justin Dunne - (Book: Island Heat)
Justin Dunne - (Book: Island Heat (reissue))
Jarvis Dacre - (Book: Island of Dreams)
Jonathan Estevez - (Book: Issue Of Trust)
Joe Capelli - (Book: It Began with a Crush)
Jace Jacobsen - (Book: It Had to Be You)
Jake West - (Book: It Had To Be You)
Jordan West - (Book: It Had to be You)
James Donovan - (Book: It Happened In Florence)
James Maitland - (Book: It Happened One Bite)
Jonathon Redmond - (Book: It Happened One Midnight)
Josh Gordon - (Book: It Happened One Night)
Joe Shanahan - (Book: It Must Be Love)
John Tyler - (Book: It Started that Night)
Jack Stillman - (Book: It Takes A Rebel)
Jesse Sinclair - (Book: It's a Wonderful Wife)
Josh Thornton - (Book: It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life)
Jackson DeWitt - (Book: It's In His Kiss)
Jesse Lamont - (Book: Ivory Temptress)
Jace Johnson - (Book: Jace)
Jack McCullough
- (Book: Jack & Jilted)
Jack Harrington - (Book: Jack and Jill)
Jack Prescott - (Book: Jack And Jillian)
Jack Santini - (Book: Jack And The Princess)
Jack - (Book: Jack Chiltern's Wife (UK))
Jack Compton - (Book: Jack Compton's Luck)
Jack Murray
- (Book: Jack Murray, Sheriff)
Jack Endicott, Captain - (Book: Jack of Clubs)
Jack Beldon - (Book: Jack of Hearts)
Jack Henley - (Book: Jack on the Box)
Jack Riordan - (Book: Jack Riordan's Baby)
Jack Riordan - (Book: Jack Riordan's Baby (UK))
Jack Parker - (Book: Jack's Christmas Mission)
Jack - (Book: Jack's Dee-Light (ebook))
Jack Wolf - (Book: Jacks Are Wild)
Jackson Fontaine - (Book: Jackson's Girls)
Jackson Gray - (Book: Jackson's Trust (ebook))
Jackson Stennett - (Book: Jackson's Way)
Jackson Castle - (Book: Jackson's Woman)
Jericho Jackson - (Book: Jackson's Woman)
Jacob - (Book: Jacob)
Jacob Ryan - (Book: Jacob's Girls)
Jacob West - (Book: Jacob's Proposal)
Jason Harrington - (Book: Jade)
Jordan Sharpe - (Book: Jade Garden, The)
Jase Vaughn - (Book: Jaded)
Jaden - (Book: Jaden's Wicked Witch (ebook))
Jake Conway - (Book: Jake)
Jake Sheridan - (Book: Jake)
Jake Carrington - (Book: Jake)
Jake Marlowe - (Book: Jake)
Jake Maxwell - (Book: Jake)
Jake - (Book: Jake & Christy)
Jake Howard - (Book: Jake Howard's Wife)
Jake Howard - (Book: Jake Howard's Wife (UK))
Jake Coulter - (Book: Jake's Angel)
Jake Warren - (Book: Jake's Angel)
Jake McCandless - (Book: Jake's Angel)
Jake Donnelly - (Book: Jake's Child)
Jake Raglan - (Book: Jake's Christmas )
Jake Harris - (Book: Jake's Mountain)
Jake Winslow - (Book: Jake's Promise)
Jacob Donovan - (Book: Jake's Return)
Jake Hill - (Book: Jake's Touch)
Jake Kendall - (Book: Jake's Way)
Jamie Creed - (Book: Jamie)
Jamie - (Book: Jamie (reissue))
Jamie McKelvin - (Book: Jamie's Cherub)
Jared Johnson - (Book: Jared)
Jared Fraser - (Book: Jared)
Jared Westmoreland - (Book: Jared's Counterfeit Fiancée)
Jared Mason - (Book: Jared's Runaway Woman)
Jared Trager - (Book: Jared's Texas Homecoming)
Jason Schuyler - (Book: Jason )
Jack Buchanan - (Book: Jasper Mountain)
Jason Grant - (Book: Java Nights)
Jaxey - (Book: Jaxey's Master)
Jeb Hunter - (Book: Jeb Hunter's Bride)
Jed Rourke - (Book: Jed)
Jed Hunter - (Book: Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride)
Jed Hunter - (Book: Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride (Large Print))
Jed Hunter - (Book: Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride (UK))
Jed - (Book: Jed's Revenge)
Jedidiah Lapp - (Book: Jedidiah's Bride)
Jeremiah Hess - (Book: Jeremiah's Return)
Jericho Galloway - (Book: Jericho)
Jerred - (Book: Jerred's Price)
John Murphy - (Book: Jerusalem Interlude)
Jesse James Chisholm - (Book: Jesse)
Jesse Hawk - (Book: Jesse Hawk: Brave Father)
Jesse Randall - (Book: Jesse's Lady)
Jesse Randall - (Book: Jesse's Lady (reissue))
Jesse Danner - (Book: Jesse's Renegade)
Jesse Danner - (Book: Jesse's Renegade (ebook/reissue))
Jesse Cody - (Book: Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy)
Josh - (Book: Jewel of His Heart, The)
Jack London - (Book: Jewel Thief)
Josh - (Book: Jilted)
Josh - (Book: Jilted (ebook))
Jesse Logan - (Book: Jingle Bell Babies)
Jake Leeds - (Book: Jinxed)
Joe Townsend - (Book: Joe's Girl)
Joe Matthews - (Book: Joe's Miracle)
John Doe - (Book: John Doe on Her Doorstep)
John Riley - (Book: John Riley's Girl)
Johnny - (Book: Johnny)
Johnny Brubaker - (Book: Johnny's Pregnant Bride)
J.T. "Tag" Price, Senior Master Sergeant - (Book: Joint Forces)
Joker Vandergriff - (Book: Joker's Wild)
Jonas Berkeley - (Book: Jonas Berkeley's Defiant Wife)
Jonathan - (Book: Jonathan and Lori)
Jonathan Randall - (Book: Jonathan's Story)
Jordan Sommerville - (Book: Jordan)
Jordan - (Book: Jordan)
Jordan Sommerville - (Book: Jordan (reissue))
Josh MacKenzie - (Book: Josh)
Josh Ryland - (Book: Josh)
Josh Conway - (Book: Josh)
Joshua Ames - (Book: Joshua and the Cowgirl)
Joshua Ames - (Book: Joshua and the Cowgirl (reissue))
Joshua - (Book: Joshua's Mistake (ebook))
Jake Logan - (Book: Journey of the Heart)
Jason Lancaster - (Book: Journey to Desire)
Jude Outlaw - (Book: Jude Outlaw)
Jude Roland - (Book: Jude's Choice)
Jude Jamison - (Book: Jude's Law)
Joshua Pierce - (Book: Judging Joshua)
Jaz Claybourn - (Book: Juicy)
Joshua Mad Calf - (Book: Juliet's Law)
Jeffrey Huntingsley - (Book: June Bride, A)
Jake Madigan - (Book: Just a Little Bit Dangerous)
Josh Sullivan - (Book: Just a Summer Fling)
Jace Rogan - (Book: Just A Whisper Away)
James Carmichael - (Book: Just Another Miracle! )
Jack - (Book: Just Between Us)
Jackson Delacroix - (Book: Just Desserts)
Justin Tremont - (Book: Just Desserts)
Justin Tremont - (Book: Just Desserts (large print))
Jed - (Book: Just Ella)
Joaquin Ryder - (Book: Just for Christmas Night)
Jason - (Book: Just for the Night)
Jason Kincaid - (Book: Just Give In...)
Jason Gregorian - (Book: Just His Taste (ebook))
Josh Colby - (Book: Just In Time)
Jack Meredith - (Book: Just Like Jack)
Joe Dillon - (Book: Just My Joe)
Jason Gordon - (Book: Just My Type)
Justice Garrett - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Jack Coffey - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Joe Decker - (Book: Just One Look)
Josh Standring - (Book: Just Say Yes)
John Ashton Underwood - (Book: Just The Man She Needs)
Jason Andrews - (Book: Just the Sexiest Man Alive)
Jake Dupree - (Book: Just the Thought of You)
Jake MacDonald - (Book: Just This Night)
Jared Skye - (Book: Just Try Me . . .)
Jordan Cardwell - (Book: Justice at Cardwell Ranch)
Jordan Cardwell - (Book: Justice at Cardwell Ranch (large print))
Jordan Cardwell - (Book: Justice at Cardwell Ranch / Crime Scene at Caldwell Ranch)
Justin Ballenger - (Book: Justin)
Justin - (Book: Justin & Nicole)
Justin Ballenger - (Book: Justin (Hardcover))
Justin Kincaid - (Book: Justin's Bride)
Jake Morgan - (Book: Kansas Kiss)
Jeff Colebrook - (Book: Katheryn's Secret)
Julian Porter - (Book: Keep Holding On)
John Parker - (Book: Keeper of the King's Secrets)
Jackson Oak Martin - (Book: Keeper, The)
Jagger DeFarge - (Book: Keepers, The)
Jacob Owens - (Book: Keeping Christmas)
Joseph Rickard - (Book: Keeping Faith)
Jordan - (Book: Keeping Kennedy (ebook))
Jonas Beck - (Book: Keeping Watch)
Jack Tolliver - (Book: Kept Woman, The)
Jordan Hawke - (Book: Key of Knowledge)
Jake Kearney - (Book: Kid Calhoun)
Jack - (Book: Kids Included!)
John Sterling - (Book: Kids is a 4-Letter Word)
John Murphy - (Book: Kids on the Doorstep)
Jackson Stern - (Book: Kill Zone)
Jonah Young - (Book: Killer Heat)
Jake Madison - (Book: Killer's Prey)
Joe Quinn - (Book: Killing Game, The)
Jake McCoy - (Book: Killing Room)
Jack Caldwell - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Jack Caldwell - (Book: Kindred Spirits (reissue))
Justin O’Niall - (Book: King of the Castle)
Jeremy King - (Book: King's Pleasure)
Jake McKenna - (Book: Kira's Best Friend)
Jared Martin - (Book: Kiss (ebook))
Jake Dolan - (Book: Kiss and Tell)
Jesse Sheppard - (Book: Kiss in the Snow, A (ebook novella))
Josh Travers - (Book: Kiss on Crimson Ranch, A)
James Marbury, Earl of Denham - (Book: Kiss The Bride)
Jack Skull - (Book: Kiss to Die For, A)
James - (Book: Kiss To Remember, A)
Joe Worth - (Book: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye)
Joe Carpenter - (Book: Kiss, a Kid and a Mistletoe Bride, A)
Jack Sullivan - (Book: Kissing Under the Mistletoe)
Jarod Banning - (Book: Kit and the Cowboy)
Jack Northcote - (Book: Kitty Quinn)
Jacob Calloway - (Book: Klondike Medicine Woman)
Jonathan - (Book: Knight of My Dreams (reprint))
Jasper Fitz Hugh - (Book: Knight of Rosecliffe, The)
James Markham, Earl of Bolton - (Book: Knight's Vow, A)
Jake Rappaport - (Book: Labor Relations (hardcover))
Jack Logan - (Book: Lady & the Texan, The)
Jake Hillary - (Book: Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half)
Jack Ryan - (Book: Lady and the Champ, The)
John Connwood,
- (Book: Lady Barbara)
John Grayston, seventh Viscount Rochdale - (Book: Lady Be Bad)
Julian, Duke of Stanford - (Book: Lady Cecilia's Charade)
Jeremy Fairhill, Sir - (Book: Lady Deariling's Masquarade)
Jack Melville - (Book: Lady Diana's Daring Deed)
John Hendricks - (Book: Lady Drusilla's Road to Ruin)
Jack Devreux
- (Book: Lady Emma's Dilemma)
Justin Devereux
Duke of Ainsley
- (Book: Lady Faith)
Jeremy Danbridge - (Book: Lady From Spain, The)
Jocelyn Northbridge - (Book: Lady Gwendolen Investigates )
James Wincannon - (Book: Lady Hilary's Halloween)
Jack Howard
Viscount St. Albans
- (Book: Lady in Disguise)
Jake Brandon - (Book: Lady in Red)
Jackson Trent - (Book: Lady In Red)
John Danville - (Book: Lady in the Briars (Hardcover))
John Danville - (Book: Lady in the Briars (reissue))
Jeremy Hughes - (Book: Lady Katherne's Wild Ride)
Jaz Ballantine - (Book: Lady Killer)
Jonathan Westford - (Book: Lady Liberty)
Justin Wells - (Book: Lady Like Sarah, A)
Joseph Carrington - (Book: Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight)
Jack - (Book: Lady Luck's Map of Vegas)
Justin, Earl of Argyle - (Book: Lady Megan's Masquerade)
Jackson Pinter - (Book: Lady Never Surrenders, A)
Jack Lester - (Book: Lady of Expectations, A (reissue))
Jeremy Hanbridge
Marquess of Whitestone
- (Book: Lady of Letters, A)
John Neville, Sir - (Book: Lady of the Roses)
Jake Roper - (Book: Lady of the West, A)
Jake Roper - (Book: Lady of the West, A (reissue))
Justin Tolbert
Earl of Wynfield
- (Book: Lady Sarah's Son)
Jedidiah 'Jed' McBride - (Book: Lady Thorn (Series: Nobles - Books 1))
Joseph Fox - (Book: Lady's Disgrace, The (ebook))
Jared Kannard - (Book: Lady's Fancy, The)
James Lindsay - (Book: Laird of the Wind)
Jared Worth - (Book: Lake Magic)
John Kipling - (Book: Lake News)
John Kipling - (Book: Lake News (reissue))
JD Harris - (Book: Lakeside Cottage)
JD Harris - (Book: Lakeside Cottage (reprint))
Joe Lonewolf - (Book: Lakota Baby)
John Savitch - (Book: Landlord Takes A Bride, The)
Joshua Grant - (Book: Lasso The Moon)
Joe Turner - (Book: Last Bachelor, The)
Jon Sandell - (Book: Last Bridge Home)
Jon Sandell - (Book: Last Bridge Home (reissue))
Jack Donovan - (Book: Last Bullet, The)
Jason Tarkenton - (Book: Last Cavalier, The)
Jason Tarkenton - (Book: Last Cavalier, The)
Jason Tarkenton - (Book: Last Cavalier, The (reissue))
Jacob Covington - (Book: Last Chance at Love)
Jacob Stone - (Book: Last Chance Bride)
Jackson North - (Book: Last Cowboy, The)
Jack Crabtree - (Book: Last Dance At Jitterbug Lounge)
John Blayne
Earl of Wayneathe
- (Book: Last Leprechaun, The)
Jericho King - (Book: Last Lone Wolf, The)
Jonas Hunter - (Book: Last Man She'd Marry, The)
Joe Green - (Book: Last Man Standing)
Jesse Breen - (Book: Last of the Good Guys)
Josh Malone - (Book: Last of the Joeville Lovers)
Jason Traub - (Book: Last Single Maverick, The)
Johnnie Irish - (Book: Last Summer)
Jack Sergeant - (Book: Last Target, The)
Jack Sergeant - (Book: Last Target, The (large print))
Jack O'Connor - (Book: Last Two Bachelors, The)
Joe Youngblood - (Book: Last Warrior, The)
Jeremy Burns - (Book: Last Wolf Hunting)
Jake Hartman - (Book: Lasting Proposal, A)
Jeffrey Sinclair - (Book: Late Lord Latimer, The)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Laughing Corpse, The)
Joe Buck - (Book: Laurel & the Lawman)
Jovian Cathness
Duke of Chavanage
- (Book: Lavender Blue)
Julian Westfield - (Book: Lavender Lies)
Jackson - (Book: Law and Disorder - Moving Violations)
James Cameron - (Book: Lawful Possession)
Judd Dunn - (Book: Lawless)
Jace Madison - (Book: Lawless, Texas)
Jack Hollister - (Book: Lawman's Redemption, The)
Jared Evans - (Book: Lawman, The)
Josh Madison - (Book: Laws Of Attraction, The)
Jimmy - (Book: Lead)
Jace Gage - (Book: Leah and the Bounty Hunter)
Joe Wisniewski - (Book: Learning Curve )
Jason Freeman - (Book: Legacy)
Jackson Hawke - (Book: Legacy of Croft Castle, The)
Jay Prescott - (Book: Legacy of Desire)
Jackson Treme - (Book: Legacy of Love)
Jago Smith - (Book: Legally His)
Jackson Walker - (Book: Legend)
James MacCurrie - (Book: Legend, The)
Jared MacNeil - (Book: Legends and Lies)
Jared MacNeil - (Book: Legends And Lies)
Earl of Baybary
- (Book: Lessons From a Courtesan)
Jonathon Effington,
Marquess of Helmsley
- (Book: Let It Be Love)
Jack McPhee - (Book: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie)
Justin - (Book: Let Them Eat Cake)
Jamie Duncan - (Book: Let's Meet on Platform 8)
Jeremy Reins - (Book: Lethally Blonde)
Josh McCain - (Book: Letter Perfect)
Jack Caldwell, Air Force Major - (Book: Letters from a Stranger)
Jagger - (Book: Letting Go)
Jack - (Book: Libby's Story)
John Turner - (Book: Lie and the Lady, The)
Jack Payton - (Book: Lie to Me)
Jack Palmer - (Book: Lies That Bind)
Jack Palmer - (Book: Lies That Bind (UK))
Jack Marks, Reverend - (Book: Life Of Reilly, The)
Jackson - (Book: Life of Riley, The)
Jackson - (Book: Life of Riley, The (large print))
Jack DeRosa - (Book: Life Of Riley, The/Naked In New England)
Jason Somerville - (Book: Light and Shadow)
Jake Chastaine - (Book: Light for My Love, A)
Jack Shea - (Book: Light Me Up)
Jesse Morgan - (Book: Lightkeeper, The)
Jesse Morgan - (Book: Lightkeeper, The (reissue))
Jake Colby - (Book: Lightning Season)
Jess Trujillo - (Book: Lights of Home, The)
Jack Field - (Book: Like a Dog With a Bone)
Jerry Kilroy - (Book: Like a Lover)
Jack Campbell - (Book: Like Dandelion Dust)
Joe Fraser - (Book: Like Father, Like Son)
Joe Fraser - (Book: Like Father, Like Son (Large Print))
Jack Montgomery, Captain - (Book: Lila's Vow)
Jake Stone - (Book: Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek)
Jake Stone - (Book: Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek (large print))
Joel Miller - (Book: Lilies on Daybreak Pond (ebook))
John Henry Lovell - (Book: Lilies on the Lake)
Jacob - (Book: Lilly's Wedding Quilt)
Julian Winslow
Lord Ashton
- (Book: Lily and the Lion)
Jesse - (Book: Lily's White Lace (Hardcover))
Jason McAdams - (Book: Line of Fire (ebook))
Jake Russell - (Book: Line of Scrimmage)
Joe Ryan - (Book: Lion Heart)
Jake Pennlyon - (Book: Lion Triumphant, The)
Jonas Wyatt - (Book: Lion's Heat)
Jordan - (Book: Lioness Tamer, The)
Jeff - (Book: Lionhearted Cowboy's Return, The)
Jake Keller - (Book: Listen to Me)
Jake Brady - (Book: Little Bit of Charm, A)
Jackson Ramsey - (Book: Little Bit of Hot, A (ebook novella))
Justin Rodale - (Book: Little Bit Sinful, A (ebook))
Jude Bertrand - (Book: Little Bit Wild, A)
Jeroen van der Giessen - (Book: Little Dragon, The)
Jeroen van der Giessen - (Book: Little Dragon, The (reissue))
Jeroen van der Giessen - (Book: Little Dragon, The (UK))
Jeroen van der Giessen - (Book: Little Dragon, The (UK-reissue))
Jack McCabe - (Book: Little Girl Found)
Jaxon - (Book: Little Hurt Ain't Never Hurt Nobody, A)
Jason Harmon - (Book: Little Inconvenience, A)
Jonathan Riley - (Book: Little Lady, Big Apple)
James Collington - (Book: Little Night Mischief, A)
James Collington - (Book: Little Night Mischief, A)
JD Foster - (Book: Little White Lie, A (ebook-novella))
John Gallagher
- (Book: Littlest Witness, The)
Jake Wheeler - (Book: Live a Little)
Jordan Malone - (Book: Live Wire)
Jonathon Macklin - (Book: Live-In Mom)
John Detweiler - (Book: Living in Harmony)
John Truman - (Book: Lodge on Holly Road, The)
Jaspar Vernham, Sir - (Book: London Flirtation, A)
Jonathon Westruther - (Book: London's Last True Scoundrel)
Jonas Sampson - (Book: Lone Defender)
Jonas Sampson - (Book: Lone Defender (large print))
Jace Calder - (Book: Lone Rider)
James Webster - (Book: Lone Star Bride)
Jonas Redman - (Book: Lone Star Daddy)
John Levi - (Book: Lone Star Holiday)
Joel McAllen - (Book: Lone Star Legacy)
Joel McAllen - (Book: Lone Star Legacy (Large Print))
Jake Malone - (Book: Lone Star Lover)
Jacob Wolfe - (Book: Lone Wolfe, The)
Jacob Wolfe - (Book: Lone Wolfe, The (large print))
Joe Slaighter - (Book: Lonely Knight)
Josh Simpson - (Book: Lonely One, The (Hardcover))
Jess Flint - (Book: Loner's Lady)
Jack McCord - (Book: Loner's Thanksgiving Wish, The)
Jack McCord - (Book: Loner's Thanksgiving Wish, The (large print))
Jed Peters - (Book: Lonesome Bride)
Johnny Bernard - (Book: Long Hot Summer, The)
Jeff Bradford - (Book: Long Time Coming)
Jethro Vallance - (Book: Long Way From Home)
Jordan Ellis - (Book: Long, Hot Nights)
Jackson Bailey - (Book: Long, Hot Texas Summer)
Justin McCabe - (Book: Long, Hot Texas Summer, The)
Jake Harrington - (Book: Longest Night, The)
John Newton - (Book: Longing Season, The)
Joe Dana - (Book: Look What the Stork Brought!)
Jesse Dane
Texas Ranger
- (Book: Look, But Don't Touch)
Jim Fitzgerald - (Book: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places)
Julian Cavenaugh, Detective - (Book: Looking For Sophie)
Julian Cavenaugh, Detective - (Book: Looking For Sophie (Large Print))
Jeremy - (Book: Loom of Love)
Johnny Ramos - (Book: Loose and Easy)
Julian Trentham, Viscount Braybrook - (Book: Lord Braybrook's Penniless Bride)
Jason, Lord Clayborne - (Book: Lord Clayborne's Fancy)
Justin, Lord Deverill - (Book: Lord Deverill's Heir)
Julian, Lord Endicott - (Book: Lord Endicott's Appetite)
Jem January - (Book: Lord Glenraven's Return)
Jonathan Forsythe
Lord Worth
- (Book: Lord Harlequin)
Jason Cavander
Marquess of Oberlon
- (Book: Lord Harry)
Jason Cavender
Marquis of Oberlon
- (Book: Lord Harry's Folly)
John Grey
- (Book: Lord John and the Private Matter)
John Stokes
- (Book: Lord John's Lady)
James Mayland
Earl of Langdon
- (Book: Lord Langdon's Kiss)
Jonathan Longe - (Book: Lord Longshanks)
Julian Donberry - (Book: Lord Merlyn's Magic)
Jonathan Cavendish - (Book: Lord of Lightning)
Jago Kellaway - (Book: Lord Of The Far Island)
Jaime Mortimer - (Book: Lord Of The Night)
Jaime Mortimer - (Book: Lord of the Night (reissue))
James Hamilton - (Book: Lord Rakehell)
John Champernoun - (Book: Lord Richard's Daughter)
Earl of Rotham
- (Book: Lord Rotham's Wager)
Julian Temple
Lord Sandhurst
- (Book: Lord Sandhurst's Surprise)
Justin St. Claire - (Book: Lord St. Claire's Angel)
Jason, Earl of Thornbury - (Book: Lord Ware's Widow)
Jared Morgan - (Book: Lost)
Jacob Nolan - (Book: Lost (ebook))
Jake O'Malley - (Book: Lost But Not Forgotten)
Juan Tenorio - (Book: Lost Diary of Don Juan, The)
Jack Audley - (Book: Lost Duke of Wyndham, The)
Jordan Hathaway - (Book: Lost Lady of Hathaway Manor, The)
Jackson Maynard - (Book: Lost Princess)
Julian Liswood - (Book: Lost Recipe for Happiness, The)
Jason Halloran - (Book: Love)
Jonas Lockwood - (Book: Love 'n' Marriage)
Jeff Blair - (Book: Love Abounds )
Jackson Daley - (Book: Love After All)
Jesse Titus - (Book: Love Ahoy)
Jay - (Book: Love and Rockets)
Jack Adams - (Book: Love at First Sight)
Jack Adams - (Book: Love at First Sight)
Jason Manning - (Book: Love Beyond Reason)
Jim Lovell - (Book: Love Beyond, A)
Jeff Cruz - (Book: Love Bites (ebook))
James Tait-Bouverie - (Book: Love Can Wait)
James Tait-Bouverie - (Book: Love Can Wait (reissue))
James Tait-Bouverie - (Book: Love Can Wait (UK))
James Tait-Bouverie - (Book: Love Can Wait (UK-Large Print))
Josh Taylor - (Book: Love Comes Home)
Jake Sutton - (Book: Love Finds A Home)
Jack Devlin - (Book: Love for All Seasons, A)
John Hawke, Captain - (Book: Love for All Time, A)
Jane - (Book: Love for Safekeeping, A)
Jeff - (Book: Love Happens)
Jake McDonald - (Book: Love in Play)
John Rollin Parker - (Book: Love Is (Hardcover))
Julian Wallace - (Book: Love is a Battlefield)
Jerod Chandler - (Book: Love is a Stranger)
Jack Martin - (Book: Love Just in Time)
James Stevens - (Book: Love Lessons)
Jordan Montgomery - (Book: Love Like Romeo and Juliet, A)
Jesse Lambert - (Book: Love Me 'Til Dawn)
Justin Corvis - (Book: Love Me Forever)
Jace Morgan - (Book: Love Me Tender)
Judson Phillips - (Book: Love Me Tonight)
Joey Fasano - (Book: Love Me True)
Jess Wilder - (Book: Love Me With Fury)
John Thomas Bradshaw - (Book: Love Of A Lawman, The)
Julian Ritchie - (Book: Love of My Life)
Julian Ritchie - (Book: Love of My Life)
Jet Stevens - (Book: Love On Hold)
Jeremy Bell - (Book: Love on the High Seas)
Jason McBain - (Book: Love On The Ropes)
Jonathan Hird - (Book: Love Only Once)
Judan Ringa - (Book: Love Partner)
Jay Beaumont - (Book: Love Potion # 9)
Jake Powers - (Book: Love Power)
Jake Malone - (Book: Love the One You're With (ebook))
Jack Trehan - (Book: Love to Love You)
Jason - (Book: Love With A Stranger)
Justin, Earl of Linton - (Book: Love's Charade)
Justin - (Book: Love's Charade (reprint))
Joaquin - (Book: Love's Elusive Flame)
Jonathan Markham - (Book: Love's Masquerade)
Justin West - (Book: Love's Nine Lives )
Jess McMaster - (Book: Love's Own Reward)
Jordan Hamilton - (Book: Love's Paradise)
Jack Gamble - (Book: Love's Way)
Jud Whitmore - (Book: Love, Honor and a Pregnant Bride)
Justin Sinclair - (Book: Love, Honor and Obey (ebook))
Joel Eisler - (Book: Love, Lattes and Angel )
Joel Eisler - (Book: Love, Lattes and Danger (ebook))
Jonathan Garrettt - (Book: Lover and Deceiver)
Jack Wilde - (Book: Lover Be Mine)
John Harlan, Detective - (Book: Lover in the Shadows)
John Harlan
- (Book: Lover in the Shadows (reissue))
John Matthew - (Book: Lover Mine (Hardcover))
John Matthew - (Book: Lover Mine (paperback))
Joel Shepherd - (Book: Lover or Deceiver)
Jack Heart - (Book: Lover's Bite)
Jack Cantrell
Earl of Avenleigh
- (Book: Lover's Charm, The)
Jack Draper - (Book: Lover's Gift, A)
Jake Montgomery - (Book: Lover's Lane)
Jake Montgomery - (Book: Lover's Lane (reprint))
Jack - (Book: Lovers and Liars (reissue))
Jack Shannon - (Book: Lovers and Strangers)
Jess Wycliffe - (Book: Lovers Touch)
Jess Wycliffe - (Book: Lovers Touch (Collector's Edition))
Jess Wycliffe - (Book: Lovers Touch (UK))
Jansen McKnight - (Book: Lovin' Blue)
Jay Fraser - (Book: Loving)
Jay Fraser - (Book: Loving (UK))
Josh King - (Book: Loving Cara)
Johnny Love - (Book: Loving Glory)
John Bennett - (Book: Loving Leah)
Joel McCaleb - (Book: Loving Lies)
Jordan Stone - (Book: Loving Rescue)
Jeremy Malory - (Book: Loving Scoundrel, A)
Jack - (Book: Loving Spoonful)
Jay McCallum - (Book: Luaralee)
Jeff MacPhearson - (Book: Luck and a Prayer)
Jason Corwin - (Book: Lucky Break)
Jason Winslow
Earl of Longworth
- (Book: Lucky Lady, A)
Joe Morgan - (Book: Luke's Wish)
Jack Reid - (Book: Lure of the Moonflower, The)
Jordan Ellis - (Book: Lynda's Lace (ebook))
Jason Sherbrooke - (Book: Lyon's Gate)
Joe - (Book: Lyrics of Love)
James Quintano - (Book: M.D. Meets His Match, The)
Joe Armstrong - (Book: Mac's Angels:
Midnight Fantasy)
Justin/Caine - (Book: MacGregors: Serena - Caine)
Joe Mackenzie - (Book: Mackenzie's Mission)
Joe Mackenzie - (Book: Mackenzie's Mission (reissue))
Jess MacLaren - (Book: MacLaren's Memory)
Jack Murdock - (Book: Mad About Jack)
Janes Tremont,
Duke of Parkerton
- (Book: Mad About the Duke)
Jacques Ledan - (Book: Mad About The Man)
John Haverfield
Marquess of Vare
- (Book: Mad Masquerade)
Jason Hollenbeck
- (Book: Mad, The Bad and the Dangerous, The)
Jordan Lyndhurst
Earl of Calverton
- (Book: Madam Charlie)
Johnny Drayton - (Book: Madcap Johnny)
Jacob Mallory - (Book: Made for Each Other)
Jack - (Book: Made to be Broken)
Justain Delveaux - (Book: Madeline's Protector)
Jarrett McKay - (Book: Maggie's Baby)
James Wyatt - (Book: Maggie's Miscellany)
Jared Durant - (Book: Magic Nights)
John-Simon Black - (Book: Magic Serenade, A)
Jesse Wainscott - (Book: Magical Christmas, A)
Jon Radcliff - (Book: Magical Christmas, A (reprint))
Jared Stone - (Book: Magnate's Manifesto, The)
John Hawthorne - (Book: Magnolia)
John Hawthorn - (Book: Magnolia (reissue))
Jack Maddox - (Book: Magnum Force Man)
Jack Maddox - (Book: Magnum Force Man (Large Print))
Jeb Worthington - (Book: Maid in Montana)
John Black - (Book: Maid of Killarney)
John Wesley Hawkins - (Book: Maiden of Ireland, The)
Justin Delacourt - (Book: Major's Guarded Heart, The)
Julian Grosvenor
Marquess of Sterling
- (Book: Major's Mistake, The)
JT Richmond - (Book: Make Believe Engagement)
Jace Jennings - (Book: Make Me Lose Control)
Jason Cooper - (Book: Make Me Melt)
Jack St. Lawrence - (Book: Make Me Yours)
Julius Jones - (Book: Make You Mine)
Jon Rider - (Book: Make-Believe Mom)
Jon Rider - (Book: Make-Believe Mom (Large Print))
Judd Shepard - (Book: Make-Believe Mother)
Jack Murphy - (Book: Making a Splash)
John Harper - (Book: Making Amends)
Jamal James - (Book: Making Him Want It)
Jake McAlister - (Book: Making Memories)
Julien Harcourt - (Book: Making of a Duchess, The)
Jack - (Book: Making Over Maris (ebook))
Johnny Griffin - (Book: Making the Surgeon Smile)
Justin - (Book: Making Waves)
John Colton - (Book: Man ... Mercenary ... Monarch)
Justin Grainger - (Book: Man Apart, A)
Jack MacAllister - (Book: Man Behind the Voice)
Jesse Amorado - (Book: Man Called Jesse, A)
Jordan Bandor - (Book: Man from Half Moon Bay)
Jake Good Thunder - (Book: Man from Oklahoma, A)
Jordan Crenshaw - (Book: Man From Stallion Country)
Jack Parker - (Book: Man From Texas, The)
Jack Parker - (Book: Man From Texas, The (Large Print))
Justin - (Book: Man Hungry (ebook))
John Sebastian - (Book: Man Most Worthy, A)
Jaime - (Book: Man of Iron)
James Carlson - (Book: Man of Privilege, A)
Jordan Sumner - (Book: Man of Shadows)
Jared Jones - (Book: Man of the Mountain)
Jarrett Corliss - (Book: Man of the Year)
Jarrett Corliss - (Book: Man of the Year)
James Jordon - (Book: Man Plan, The)
Joe Brody - (Book: Man with a Past )
Jonas Bishop - (Book: Man With a Past)
Jack - (Book: Man With the Money, The)
Jack - (Book: Man With the Money, The (large print))
Jack Stone - (Book: Man Without Mercy, A)
Jordan Wilcox - (Book: Man You'll Marry, The)
Jake Fielding - (Book: Man-Hater (UK))
Jonah Fairfax - (Book: Manhunt in the Wild West)
Jake Templeton - (Book: Manhunting)
Jake Templeton - (Book: Manhunting (reissue))
Jake Templeton - (Book: Manhunting (reissue))
Justin Brooks - (Book: Manhunting in Memphis)
Joe Marcelli - (Book: Marcelli Bride, The)
John Murdock - (Book: Marine Next Door, The)
John Murdock - (Book: Marine Next Door, The (large print))
Jace Monroe, Captain - (Book: Marine's Babies, The)
Jake Craig - (Book: Marine's Last Defense, The)
Jacob - (Book: Mark of the Vampire Queen, The)
Julian Barlow - (Book: Marked by the Moon)
Jay Collings, Marquis of Thanet - (Book: Marquis, The)
John Slater - (Book: Marriage Assignment, The)
John Hammond - (Book: Marriage Bed, The)
J. T. Flannery - (Book: Marriage By Chance, A)
Jago Marrick - (Book: Marriage Deal, The)
Jared - (Book: Marriage for Baby)
Jared - (Book: Marriage For Baby)
Jake Martin - (Book: Marriage for Her Baby (large print))
Josh Quincy - (Book: Marriage In Jeopardy)
James Wright-Gordon - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A (ebook))
Joseph Lambert - (Book: Marriage of the Hear, A)
Justin Wainwright - (Book: Marriage Profile, The)
John Slater - (Book: Marriage Project, The)
Jared Vincent - (Book: Marriage Quest, The)
Jack Millard - (Book: Marriage Shy)
Jack Millard - (Book: Marriage Shy (Collector's Edition))
Jack Millard - (Book: Marriage Shy (UK))
Jack Langdon
Lord Frayne
- (Book: Marriage Spell, The)
Jack Langdon - (Book: Marriage Spell, The (Hardcover))
Jack Rigg
Earl of Raleigh
- (Book: Marriage Trap, The)
Jordan Dawes - (Book: Marriage: Classified)
Jonathan Kirby - (Book: Married for a Month )
Justin Strand - (Book: Married Past Redemption)
Justice Wilder - (Book: Married to a Marine)
John Bexley - (Book: Married to a Perfect Stranger)
Jonathan McBride - (Book: Married To the Enemy)
Jake Sullivan - (Book: Marry Me)
Jonny Blaze - (Book: Marry Me at Christmas (hardcover))
Jack Keaton - (Book: Marry Me, Baby)
Jessee Wagner - (Book: Marrying An Older Man)
Jonathan Davis - (Book: Marrying Kind, The)
Joe O'Malley - (Book: Marrying Maddy)
Justin Tremayne - (Book: Marrying Miss Hemingford )
J. Monroe Farley - (Book: Marrying Stone)
Jax Maroney - (Book: Marrying the Enemy)
Jeff Brand - (Book: Marrying the Lone Star Maverick)
Jason Garrett - (Book: Marrying the Virgin Nanny)
Joshua Turner
U.S. Marshal
- (Book: Marshal's Destiny, The)
Jake Marshall - (Book: Marshall's Guard (ebook))
James Bradford - (Book: Mask of White Satin)
Jared Braxton - (Book: Masque of Enchantment)
Julian Leaumont - (Book: Masquerade)
Jamie Morgan - (Book: Masquerade)
Jared Fraser - (Book: Masquerade (UK))
James Trenton
Marquess of Angelford
- (Book: Masquerading the Marquess)
Justin FitzAilwin, Sir - (Book: Masques of Gold)
Justin - (Book: Masques of Gold (reprint))
Jack Baldwin - (Book: Master of the Chase)
Jim London - (Book: Master of Wolves)
Jace Foster - (Book: Match Made By Cupid, A)
Viscount Lynton
- (Book: Match Made in Heaven, A)
Joe Bascombe - (Book: Match Made in Hell, A)
Jason Kingsley - (Book: Matchmaker Bride, The)
Jason Kingsley - (Book: Matchmaker Bride, The (large print))
James Richmond, Sir - (Book: Matchmaker's Marriage, The)
James Richmond, Sir - (Book: Matchmaker's Marriage, The (UK))
John Boxmiller Beech - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Jordan Long - (Book: Matchmakers, The)
John Richard Worthington - (Book: Matchmaking Machine )
Joss Dunstable
Earl of Kirkswood
- (Book: Matchmaking Miss, A)
Jake Manning - (Book: Material Girl (reissue))
Jayce Kazan - (Book: Mating Instinct)
Joshua Crawford - (Book: Matter of Character, A)
Josh Malone - (Book: Matter of Time, A)
Jared King - (Book: Matter of Trust, A (ebook))
John Cahill - (Book: Matters of Seduction)
Josh - (Book: Maverick Christmas)
Jordan King - (Book: Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart, The (ebook))
Jed Cullen - (Book: Maverick's Bride, The)
Justin Dupree - (Book: Maverick's Virgin Mistress, The)
Julian Ripley - (Book: Maybe Baby)
Jack Shepard - (Book: Maybe Baby)
Joe Cannon - (Book: Maybe This Time (reissue))
James McAlistair - (Book: McAlistair's Fortune)
Jack McCavett - (Book: McCavett's Bride)
Jonathan Wright - (Book: McGillus V. Wright)
Jesse McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Luck)
Jesse McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Luck (reissue))
Jeff Charbonneau - (Book: Mean Streak (hardcover))
Jarod Kendall - (Book: Meant-To-Be Marriage)
Jarod Kendall - (Book: Meant-To-Be Marriage (UK Edition))
James Dillon - (Book: Meant-To-Be Mother)
James Garrett - (Book: Medicine Woman (UK))
Jake Scatalone - (Book: Medusa Project, The)
Jake Scatalone - (Book: Medusa Project, The (UK))
Jeff Steiger, Captain - (Book: Medusa's Master)
John Rock - (Book: Meeting Point)
Javier Melendez - (Book: Melendez Forgotten Marriage, The)
Jace Austin - (Book: Melt Into You)
Josh O'Connell - (Book: Memoirs Are Made of This (Little Black Dress))
Jack Brannigan - (Book: Memories)
Jeff Gage - (Book: Memory of Murder)
Jeff Gage - (Book: Memory of Murder (large print))
James Whitcox - (Book: Men And Women's Club, The)
Jeryl - (Book: Men in Chains (ebook))
Jack Decker - (Book: Men Like This (ebook))
Joe and Sean - (Book: Ménage)
Jeff Brennan - (Book: Mended Hearts)
Jeff Brennan - (Book: Mended Hearts (large print))
Joe Mendez - (Book: Mendez's Mistress )
Jack Stahl - (Book: Mending Fences)
Jack Stahl - (Book: Mending Fences (Large Print))
Javier Mendoza - (Book: Mendoza's Miracle)
Jeff Hubbard - (Book: Meow is for Murder)
Jack Wentworth - (Book: Mercenary and the New Mom, The)
Jack Amherly - (Book: Mercenary Major, The)
Jeb Carson - (Book: Mercenary's Kiss, The)
Jon Blackhawk - (Book: Merciless (hardcover))
Jon Blackhawk - (Book: Merciless (paperback))
Jax Mercury - (Book: Mercury Striking)
Jarrett Holt - (Book: Mercy)
JT Stone - (Book: Merger by Marriage)
Jonah - (Book: Mermaid's Kiss (reprint))
Jonah - (Book: Mermaid's Kiss, A)
Jason Price - (Book: Mermaid's Touch, The)
Joe Bennett - (Book: Merry Christmas, Babies)
Jake Travis - (Book: Merry Christmas, Baby)
Jud Dawson - (Book: Merry Cowboy Christmas)
Jonny Blaze - (Book: Merry Me at Christmas (paperback))
Jesse McPherson - (Book: Message for Jesse)
Jeremiah Jones - (Book: Messenger, The)
Jude Walker - (Book: Mia: Missing in Atlanta)
Jack Donovan - (Book: Middle Sin, The)
Jim Morgan - (Book: Midnight Action)
Jerome Parnell, Duke of Westleigh - (Book: Midnight Bride)
Jace Colton - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Jace Lane - (Book: Midnight Craving (ebook))
Jules du Moutier - (Book: Midnight Dance, A)
Jasyn Dydarren - (Book: Midnight Falls)
Jack Delvaux - (Book: Midnight Fire (ebook))
Justin Skaggs - (Book: Midnight Heat)
Jack Hammersmith - (Book: Midnight Madness)
John Huntington - (Book: Midnight Man)
James Swindler - (Book: Midnight Pleasures With A Scoundrel)
Jack Merriman - (Book: Midnight Promises)
John Brighton - (Book: Midnight Rain)
Jaden Harrison - (Book: Midnight Reckoning)
Joshua Stone - (Book: Midnight Remembered)
Jed Ryder - (Book: Midnight Rider Takes A Bride, The)
Jack LaCroix - (Book: Midnight Run)
Joe Harris - (Book: Midnight Secrets (ebook))
Jonathan Mokane - (Book: Midnight Skies)
Jake van Germert - (Book: Midnight Sun's Magic)
Jake van Germert - (Book: Midnight Sun's Magic (reissue))
Jake van Germert - (Book: Midnight Sun's Magic (UK))
Jake van Germert - (Book: Midnight Sun's Magic (UK-reissue))
Julien Declouet - (Book: Midnight Waltz (ebook))
Julien Declouet - (Book: Midnight Waltz (reissue))
Jack Armour - (Book: Midnight Wedding)
Julian - (Book: Midnight's Kiss)
Jake Blackwell - (Book: Midwife's Christmas Miracle, The)
Jack Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Jack)
Jake Wethers - (Book: Mighty Storm, The)
Jack Dolman - (Book: Miles Apart)
Jack MacChesney - (Book: Milk Glass Moon)
J.T. Hunt - (Book: Millionaire and the Glass Slipper, The)
J.T. Hunt - (Book: Millionaire and the Glass Slipper, The (Large Print))
Jack Stockwell - (Book: Millionaire and The Mom, The)
Joe Caruthers - (Book: Millionaire Dad)
Jed Louis - (Book: Millionaire Horseman,The)
Justin Langdon - (Book: Millionaire Husband)
Jackson Bradshaw - (Book: Millionaire Takes a Bride, The )
Jay Carter - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Wife, The)
Jay Carter - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Wife, The (UK))
Jack Logan - (Book: Millionaire's Runaway Bride, The)
Jack Logan - (Book: Millionaire's Runaway Bride, The (UK))
Justin Bouvier - (Book: Mimosa Grove)
Jericho St. James - (Book: Mine to Entice)
Jonas Berringer - (Book: Mine Until Morning)
James Marquez - (Book: Miranda's Revenge)
Jack Harmon - (Book: Mirror, Mirror)
Jack Irving - (Book: Mirror, Mirror)
Jack Harmon - (Book: Mirror, Mirror [Large Print])
Julian Aynsworth
Earl of Wendsleydale
- (Book: Mischievous Miss, A)
John, Viscount Rexford - (Book: Miss Chambers Takes Charge)
Jack Rayne
Baron Haverville
- (Book: Miss Gordon's Mistake)
James Gatewood - (Book: Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career)
Justin Fairfax,
Earl of Rochford
- (Book: Miss Haycroft's Suitors)
Jess Fitzroy - (Book: Miss Jesmond's Heir)
John Meddows, Sir - (Book: Miss Ryder's Memoirs)
Julian Deerwood - (Book: Miss Tibbles Investigates)
Jonathan Foley - (Book: Missing)
Jagger McKnight - (Book: Missing Colton, The)
Jake Carlisle - (Book: Mission: Make-Over)
Jake Lucas - (Book: Mission: Motherhood)
John Wesley Hawkins - (Book: Mist and the Magic, The)
J. Z. Prophet - (Book: Mistaken For The Mob)
Joshua Saxon - (Book: Mistaken Mistress)
Jordan Woolcott - (Book: Mistletoe Affair, A)
Jared Marton - (Book: Mistletoe and Magic (ebook novella))
Jonas Concannon - (Book: Mistletoe and Molly (reissue))
James Decker - (Book: Mistletoe Effect, The (ebook))
J.C. Carson - (Book: Mistletoe Kisses with the Billionaire)
J.C. Carson - (Book: Mistletoe Kisses with the Billionaire (large print))
Jarrod Hammond - (Book: Mistress & A Million Dollars)
Jay - (Book: Mistress In Private)
Jacques Verne - (Book: Mistress Masquerade)
Jeremy Clay, Captain - (Book: Mistress of Her Heart)
Jonathan Powell - (Book: Mistress of Redemption)
Juan - (Book: Mistress of the Morning Star)
Jeremy Radisson - (Book: Mistress's Master)
Justin Avery - (Book: Misunderstandings)
Josh Summers - (Book: Mixing Temptation (ebook))
Justin Elk - (Book: Mob Mistress)
Joe Richter - (Book: Model Man, The)
Justin Winters - (Book: Mom in the Making)
Justin Winters - (Book: Mom in the Making (large print))
Jake Cooper - (Book: Mom's the Word)
Josh Redmund - (Book: Moment of Truth, The)
Jordan Trent - (Book: Momentary Marriage)
Jared Ranklin - (Book: Moments Harsh, Moments Gentle)
Jack Dixon - (Book: Mommies Behaving Badly)
Jack - (Book: Mommy by Mistake)
Jack Mason - (Book: Mommy for a Minute)
James McEwan - (Book: Mommy For Christmas, A)
Josh Stanton - (Book: Montana Actually)
Jesse McCord - (Book: Montana Legacy)
Jonas Taggert, Sheriff - (Book: Montana Skies)
Jack Mercy - (Book: Montana Sky)
Jacob Blackhawk Chandler - (Book: Montana Wildfire)
Jay Red Elk - (Book: Montana Wrangler)
Jay Red Elk - (Book: Montana Wrangler (large print))
Jack Bullen - (Book: Monte Carlo Proposal, The)
Jack Keller - (Book: Moon Over Water)
Jonah Tremain, Major - (Book: Moon Racer)
James Riley - (Book: Moon That Night, The)
Jarrod Kyle - (Book: Moon Witch)
Jarred Kyle - (Book: Moon Witch (UK))
Jared Montgomery, Captain - (Book: Moonlight Masquerade)
Justin Melbrooke - (Book: Moonlight Mist)
Jace Randall - (Book: Moonlight on the Mill Pond)
Jason McKinley - (Book: Moonlight Rebel)
James McKinley - (Book: Moonrise)
Jack Devlin, Captain - (Book: Moonrise)
Justin, Lord de Harcourt - (Book: Moonshadow)
J.T. Douchett - (Book: Moonshell Beach)
Justin Spenser - (Book: Moonspell)
James Mitchell - (Book: Moonstone Obsession)
Judah Slaughter - (Book: Moontide Embrace)
Jake Norris - (Book: More Than A Hero)
Jacob Smiley - (Book: More than a Marriage (ebook))
Jocelyn Dudley
Duke of Tresham
- (Book: More than a Mistress)
Jack Temple - (Book: More Than Gold)
Jason Moreland - (Book: Moreland Legacy, The)
Jim Woodward - (Book: Morgan's Wife)
Jed Sawyer - (Book: Most Eligible Doctor, The)
John Smith
Justin, Viscount Roxborough
- (Book: Most Exceptional Quest, A)
John Smith
Justin, Viscount Roxborough
- (Book: Most Exceptional Quest, A (reissue))
John Smith
Justin, Viscount Roxborough
- (Book: Most Exceptional Quest, A (UK))
James Scott-Turlow - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The)
James Scott-Thurlow - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (reissue))
James Scott-Turlow - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (UK))
James Scott-Turlow - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (UK-Hardcover))
James Scott-Turlow - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (UK-reissue))
Jonah Armstrong - (Book: Most to Lose, The)
Jesse Montalvo - (Book: Most Wanted)
Jack Doyle - (Book: Mother and the Millionaire, The)
Jake Steele - (Book: Mother at Heart, A)
Jasper Edwards - (Book: Mother For His Twins, A)
Justin Hilliard - (Book: Mother For the Tycoon's Child, A (UK))
Justin Hilliard - (Book: Mother for the Tycoon's Child, A [Large Print])
Jack Davey - (Book: Mother in the Making, A)
Jack Davey - (Book: Mother in the Making, A (Large Print))
Jack Lever - (Book: Mother In Training)
Joe Scalotta - (Book: Mother of the Year)
Jeremy Tate
Viscount Inglesby
- (Book: Mother's Choice)
Jake Mathison - (Book: Mother's Love, A)
Jeff Rowan - (Book: Mother's Vow, A)
John Winslow, Lord - (Book: Mountain Bride)
Jim Rider - (Book: Mountain Ecstasy)
John Smith - (Book: Mountain Lovesong)
Jonathan Clay - (Book: Mountain Magic)
Jack Denton - (Book: Mountain Peril)
Jack Carter - (Book: Mounting Desire)
Jake Isaacs - (Book: Moving Target)
Jonas McLean - (Book: Moving The Mountain)
Jason Blue - (Book: Mozzarella Most Murderous)
Jack Cahill - (Book: Mr. and Mrs. Wrong)
Jordan Logan - (Book: Mr. Hall Takes A Bride)
Jordan King - (Book: Mr. Irresistible)
Jordan King - (Book: Mr. Irresistible [Large Print])
Jamey McLachlan - (Book: Mr. Miracle)
Josh Marshall - (Book: Mr. November)
Jake Kosevo - (Book: Mr. Right Now)
James Montgomery - (Book: Much Ado About Jack)
Jordan Everette - (Book: Much More Than a Mistress)
John Fitzwilliam
Earl of Claremont
- (Book: Much Obliged)
John Fitzwilliam - (Book: Much Obliged (reissue))
Jed Swan - (Book: Mum on the Run)
Jack Beaufort - (Book: Mummer's Play, A (ebook novella))
John Murphy - (Book: Munich Signature)
Joe Files - (Book: Murder Under A Mystic Moon)
Jack Murphy
- (Book: Murphy's Law)
Jonathan Cantrell - (Book: Murphy's Rainbow )
James Elliott - (Book: Museum Piece)
Joshua Russell - (Book: Must Love Fangs)
Joseph Jebeau - (Book: My Beloved Son)
Jeremy Thomas - (Book: My Best Friend's Girlfriend)
John, the Earl of Upton - (Book: My Dashing Earl)
Jude Durant - (Book: My Fair Temptress)
John Blackmore - (Book: My Favorite Countess)
Jarred Riddell - (Book: My Favorite Cowboy)
Jared Jasper - (Book: My Favorite Earthling)
Jason Pickering Goddard - (Book: My Favorite Witch)
Jamie Scott - (Book: My First Duchess)
Jordan Lennox - (Book: My Irresistible Earl)
Jordan le Courtenay - (Book: My Lady Knight)
Julian Stapleford
Marquis of Wroxham
- (Book: My Lady Royal)
Josce FitzBaldwin - (Book: My Lady's Temptation)
Justin St Arnaud - (Book: My Lady, My Love)
Jase Garrett - (Book: My Life Next Door)
Jared Faverill - (Book: My Lord Ghost)
Jack Campbell - (Book: My Lord Jack)
Jack Campbell - (Book: My Lord Jack (reissue))
Jared Giles
Earl of Dovercourt
- (Book: My Runaway Heart)
Jamie MacQuaid - (Book: My Seaswept Heart)
Justin Reed - (Book: My Secret Valentine)
Jensen Adler - (Book: My Sister is a Werewolf)
Jensen Adler - (Book: My Sister Is a Werewolf)
Jonah - (Book: My Soul To Keep)
Jamie Cassidy - (Book: My Spy)
Joshua Lazlo - (Book: My Spy)
Jack VanAllen - (Book: My Sunny Vampire (ebook))
Jake Taggart - (Book: Mysterious Mountain Man)
Jarret Wilkenson - (Book: Mysterious Stranger, The)
Jason Walker - (Book: Mysterious Vows)
Joshua Gage - (Book: Mystery Woman (hardcover))
Joshua Gage - (Book: Mystery Woman (paperback))
Justin - (Book: Mystic and Rider)
Jay - (Book: Nadia Knows Best)
Jay Tiernan - (Book: Nadia Knows Best (reissue))
J. D. Johnson - (Book: Naked Ambition)
Jesse Orosco - (Book: Naked Desire (ebook))
James, Duke of ALvord - (Book: Naked Duke, The)
James, Duke of Alford - (Book: Naked Duke, The (mass market paperback))
John Parker-Roth - (Book: Naked Gentleman, The)
Jack - (Book: Naked Truth)
James Donovan - (Book: Name of the Game, The)
Jake Turk - (Book: Nanny Jake)
Jake Molloy - (Book: Nanny Solution, The)
Jake Malloy - (Book: Nanny Solution, The)
Jess Donnelly - (Book: Nanny Under the Mistletoe, A)
Josh Tanner - (Book: Nanny's Christmas Wish, The)
Josh Fitzgerald - (Book: Nanny, The)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Narcissus in Chains)
Jess Clark - (Book: Nashville Blues)
Jordan Adams - (Book: Natural Born Daddy)
Justin Adams - (Book: Natural Born Lawman)
James - (Book: Natural Selection)
Jack Winfield - (Book: Naturally Naughty)
Jason - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - The Cake Babe)
James “Dawg” Mackey - (Book: Nauti Nights)
James Mackey - (Book: Nauti Nights (mass market))
John Pinto - (Book: Navajo Echoes)
Joe Ornelas - (Book: Navajo's Woman)
Jeb Nubey - (Book: Nazareth's Song)
Justin St. James
Earl of Rathmore
- (Book: Necessary Bride, A)
John Wilkes Booth - (Book: Necessary End, A (ebook))
Jon Cahill - (Book: Necessary Secrets)
Jonah Baudouin - (Book: Need You for Keeps)
Jason Merrick - (Book: Neptune's Bride)
Jason Merrick - (Book: Neptune's Bride (reissue))
Jack Farley - (Book: Nerd in Shining Armor)
Joshua Daniels - (Book: Never a Bride)
Jayce Fierro - (Book: Never Dare a Dragon)
Jase Bridges - (Book: Never Die Alone)
Justin Whitmore - (Book: Never Let Go)
Justin Whitmore - (Book: Never Let Go (reissue))
Jed - (Book: Never Let You Go)
Julian Griffin - (Book: Never Love a Lord)
James - (Book: Never Love A Stranger (ebook))
John Fitzhugh Barrett - (Book: Never Resist a Rake)
Jon Stuart - (Book: Never Sleep With Strangers)
Jon Stuart - (Book: Never Sleep With Strangers)
Julius Van Tacx - (Book: Never the Time and the Place)
Julius Van Tacx - (Book: Never the Time and the Place (reissue))
Julius Van Tacx - (Book: Never the Time and the Place (UK))
Julius Van Tacx - (Book: Never the Time and the Place (UK-reissue))
Julius van Tacx - (Book: Never the Time or Place (reissue))
Jax - (Book: New Blood)
Joss - (Book: New Boss, New-Year Bride)
Jonah Gold - (Book: New Hope Cafe, The)
Jonah Gold - (Book: New Hope Cafe, The (large print))
Justin Murphy - (Book: New Year's Promise (ebook))
Jack McLintock - (Book: Next Man in Texas, The)
Joe Montgomery - (Book: Next To Die)
Jason White - (Book: Night After Night)
John Falconer - (Book: Night Angel, The)
Jonathan Cooper - (Book: Night Calls)
Jonathan Dream - (Book: Night Dreams)
James Forrester - (Book: Night Fires)
J.T. Trager - (Book: Night Fires)
James Forrester - (Book: Night Fires (UK))
Jack Laramie - (Book: Night Games)
Jack McClain
CIA agent
- (Book: Night Magic)
Jack McClain
CIA agent
- (Book: Night Magic (reissue))
Jack McClain
CIA agent
- (Book: Night Magic (reissue))
Jay Barnes - (Book: Night Mist)
Jay Barnes - (Book: Night Mist (reissue))
Jordan Cavendish - (Book: Night of Passion, A)
Jonathan Devoran St. George - (Book: Night of Sin)
Jason Monteigne - (Book: Night of the Candles)
Jason Monteigne - (Book: Night Of The Candles (ebook))
Jarod - (Book: Night of the Cotillion)
Jake MacKenzie - (Book: Night of the Jaguar)
Johnny Starhawk - (Book: Night of the Panther)
Jesse Brown Wolf - (Book: Night Remembers, The)
John Hollister - (Book: Night Rescuer)
Jonah Blackhawk - (Book: Night Shield)
Joshua Barton - (Book: Night to Remember , A)
Joe Scarletti - (Book: Night Watch)
Jared Thornton - (Book: Night Watch)
Jamys Durand - (Book: Nightbred)
Jack Davenport - (Book: Nightingale Way)
Jordan Chandler - (Book: Nightingale's Song, The)
Jaguar Strike - (Book: Nightkeepers)
Jeremiah Hawk - (Book: Nights of Passion)
Justin Drake - (Book: Nightwalker)
Jonathan Raven - (Book: Nightwing)
Jared Montgomery - (Book: Nine Months)
Jeff Wright - (Book: Nine Months' Notice)
Jay - (Book: No Angel (ebook))
Jeff Maxwell - (Book: No Apologies)
Jaguar - (Book: No Boundaries)
Josh Windom - (Book: No Bull (ebook))
Jace Atwell - (Book: No Exit)
Jek Q'an Ri - (Book: No Fear)
Jack - (Book: No Holding Back)
Jackson Thomas - (Book: No One But You)
Joe Miller - (Book: No Ordinary Joe)
Justin Richmond - (Book: No Provocation)
Johnny Clark - (Book: No Regrets)
Jack Burke - (Book: No Sanctuary)
Jack Fletcher - (Book: No Sin Too Great)
Jack Turner - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Jace Jennings - (Book: No Strings Attached (ebook))
Jed Stone - (Book: No Surrender)
Joshua Forrester - (Book: No Time for Christmas)
James Carter - (Book: No Trust)
Jake Strand - (Book: No Turning Back)
John Falconer - (Book: Noble Fugitive, The)
Jacob Kincaid - (Book: Nobody But You)
Jared Austin - (Book: Nobody Does it Better)
J.D. Kincaid
- (Book: Nobody's Child)
Josh Hunter - (Book: Nobody's Fool)
Jared Paige - (Book: Noelle)
Jared Paige - (Book: Noelle (reissue))
Jeff Ryan, Captain - (Book: Non-Commissioned Baby, The)
Jack Campbell - (Book: North Country Mom)
Joe Peterson - (Book: Northern Exposure)
Justin - (Book: Not Just a Wallflower)
Jack Rivera - (Book: Not One Clue)
James Kirkland - (Book: Not Quite a Wife)
Jack Morrison - (Book: Not Quite Dating)
Jake Porter - (Book: Not the Marrying Kind)
Jack Haden - (Book: Not Without Cause)
Jack Martin
Chief of Police
- (Book: Not Without Her Family)
Jonathan Cruz - (Book: Not Without Her Son)
Justin Harrison - (Book: Not Without Risk)
Jarred Bryant - (Book: Not Without You)
Jared Brickman - (Book: Not Your Average Joe)
Jean-Philippe Durand - (Book: Nothing but Deception)
Jason Sinclair - (Book: Nothing But Velvet)
Jason Sinclair - (Book: Nothing But Velvet (reissue))
Justice St. John - (Book: Nothing Short of Perfect)
Jonas Meyer - (Book: Nothing to Hide)
James Devlin - (Book: Notorious)
James FitzCharles - (Book: Notorious Gentleman, The)
John Caldwell - (Book: Notorious Lady, A)
John Montgomery
Earl of Norwich
- (Book: Notorious Widow, The)
Jens Harken - (Book: November of the Heart)
Jase Terrell - (Book: Now and Forever)
Jacob Quaide - (Book: Now and Forever)
Jase Terrell - (Book: Now and Forever (reissue))
Jack Culver - (Book: Now You Die)
Joe Gable - (Book: Now You See Him)
J.T. Delaney - (Book: Now You See Me)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Obsidian Butterfly)
J. D. Garrison - (Book: Odd Man Out)
Jacques Trenchard - (Book: Odds Against Tomorrow)
Jack Ryan - (Book: Of Dreams and Magic)
Jake Malone - (Book: Of Men and Angels)
James Kilter - (Book: Off Kilter)
Jack Gordon - (Book: Off Limits)
Joahnny Magee - (Book: Offer He Can't Refuse, An)
Jared Panetta - (Book: Offer She Couldn't Refuse, The)
Jeremy Phillips - (Book: Officer Breaks the Rules, The)
John - (Book: Old Lover's Ghost)
Jarrod - (Book: Old Magic)
Julius van der Beek - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An)
Julius van der Beek - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (reissue))
Julius van der Beek - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (UK))
Julius van der Beek - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (UK-Hardcover))
Julius van der Beek - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (UK-reissue))
John - (Book: Oldest Kind of Magic, The)
Jack Harris, First Sergeant - (Book: Oldest Living Married Virgin, The)
James Marbury - (Book: On a Long Ago Night)
Jesse McAllister - (Book: On a Snowy Christmas Night)
Justin Bigelow - (Book: On Common Ground)
Justin Bigelow - (Book: On Common Ground (large print))
Jake Campbell - (Book: On Deadly Ground)
Jake Campbell - (Book: On Deadly Ground (large print))
John Straker - (Book: On Fire)
John Straker - (Book: On Fire (reissue))
Jesse Morgan - (Book: On Her Own)
JD Cameron - (Book: On His Honor)
JD Cameron - (Book: On His Honor (large print))
Jason Spark - (Book: On His Watch)
Jackson Steele - (Book: On My Knees)
Josh Brimley - (Book: On Pins and Needles)
Josh Brimley,
- (Book: On Pins and Needles (reissue))
Joseph Kain - (Book: On the Couch)
Jace Ryan - (Book: On the First Night of Christmas...)
J. D. Vaughn - (Book: On the Line)
Josh McCrea - (Book: On the Loose)
Jake Kilmer - (Book: On the Run)
Jamie DiBarto - (Book: On the Way to Heaven)
Jake Gannon - (Book: Once a Gambler)
Jehan - (Book: Once a Princess)
Justin Connor - (Book: Once An Angel)
Jackson Brodie - (Book: Once An Angel)
Jordan Atherton - (Book: Once an Innocent)
Jason Fielding - (Book: Once and Always)
Judd Hensley
- (Book: Once and Future Wife, The)
Judd Hensley, Sheriff - (Book: Once and Future Wife, The (reissue))
James Thackery - (Book: Once for All Time)
James Thackery - (Book: Once for All Time (reissue))
James Thackery - (Book: Once for All Time (UK))
Jerrod McCain - (Book: Once Forbidden)
Jack Rafferty - (Book: Once In Every Life)
Jack Delacourt
heir / Duke of Arnsford
- (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Jared McCreedy - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Jared McCreedy - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas (large print))
Jack Delacourt - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas (reissue))
Joel McCreedy - (Book: Once Upon a Cowboy)
Joel McCreedy - (Book: Once Upon a Cowboy (large print))
Jack Alexander, Captain - (Book: Once Upon a Pirate)
Jace O'Donnell - (Book: Once Upon A Princess)
Jonathan Pierce Thatcher - (Book: Once Upon a Scandal)
Jack Devon - (Book: One Bachelor to Go)
Jubal Green - (Book: One Bright Morning)
Jimmy Joe Starr - (Book: One Christmas Knight)
Jackson Rutherford - (Book: One Cool Lawman)
Jack Gannon - (Book: One Day in Apple Grove)
Joe White - (Book: One Day, My Prince)
Jagger - (Book: One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest )
Jordan Riley - (Book: One Every Side)
Jack Maris - (Book: One Fiancee to Go Please)
Jason Bryant - (Book: One Fine Day)
Joe Morelli - (Book: One for the Money)
Joshua - (Book: One for the Road)
Jeff Davidson - (Book: One Good Man)
Jon Adamson - (Book: One Good Reason)
Jon Adamson - (Book: One Good Reason (large print))
Joe - (Book: One Hex of a Wedding)
Jake MacIntyre - (Book: One Hot Cowboy)
Jack Rivera - (Book: One Hot Mess)
JR Ellis - (Book: One Hot Target)
Jesse Greenwood - (Book: One Last Letter)
Jack McKenzie - (Book: One Less Lonely Cowboy)
John Watson - (Book: One Life Changing Moment)
Jake Colson - (Book: One Lucky Vampire)
John de Piaget - (Book: One Magic Moment)
Jay Michener - (Book: One More Kiss)
Jessup Pennistan - (Book: One More Kiss)
Jordan Garrison - (Book: One More Shot)
Joe - (Book: One More Sunrise)
James Sheridan Rafferty - (Book: One More Valentine)
Jed Fraser - (Book: One Night with a Sweet-Talking Man)
James Fielding - (Book: One Night With Prince Charming)
Jack Rutherford - (Book: One Night with the Laird)
Jake McAllister - (Book: One of the Boys)
Jason Evans - (Book: One of These Nights)
Jared Langston - (Book: One On One)
Joe - (Book: One Perfect Summer)
Jake Lantrell - (Book: One Reckless Night)
Jared West - (Book: One Small Miracle)
Johnny Harris - (Book: One Summer)
Judah Shield - (Book: One Taste of Scandal)
Jared Weston - (Book: One Texas Night...)
Jamie - (Book: One That Got Away, The)
Jesse Santiago - (Book: One to Love)
Josh Kellogg - (Book: One Tough Cowboy)
Josh Barnet - (Book: One Tough Hombre)
Josh Redlin - (Book: One True Love)
Jace Barnett - (Book: One True Thing)
Jake Bryan - (Book: One Tuesday Morning)
Joey Masado - (Book: One Way Out)
Jay - (Book: One Way Ticket)
Jonathan Bourne - (Book: One Whisper Away)
Jergan - (Book: One With the Darkness)
Jesse Cameron - (Book: One Wore Blue)
John McAllister - (Book: One Wrong Step)
Joshua Eastman III, P.I. - (Book: One-Night Man)
Joaquin Muriel - (Book: Only a Kiss Away)
Jed Quinn - (Book: Only A Woman)
Jared Walker - (Book: Only for Love)
Joel Falcone - (Book: Only Lover)
Jack Dillion - (Book: Only One, The)
Jeff Markum - (Book: Only Way Out, The)
Jeff Markum - (Book: Only Way Out, The (reissue))
Justin Vallerand - (Book: Only With Your Love)
Jacob Chandler - (Book: Opal)
Jack Russo - (Book: Open Season)
Justin Thornton - (Book: Open Your Heart)
Jared Coleman - (Book: Operation Baby Rescue)
Joe Mathison, Sergeant - (Book: Operation Homefront)
Jake Vanderpol - (Book: Operation:
Midnight Escape)
Jackson Lynx - (Book: Opposing Forces)
Jared Stewart - (Book: Oracle of Dating, The)
Jeremy Norland - (Book: Ordinary Girl, Society Groom)
Joshua Rivers - (Book: Oregon Bride)
Jonah Lanigan - (Book: Other Side of Paradise, The)
Jonah Lanigan - (Book: Other Side of Paradise, The (reissue))
Jake Brogan - (Book: Other Woman, The)
Jeff - (Book: Our House)
Jim Nicolosi - (Book: Out of Control)
Jack Riley - (Book: Out of Control)
Jack Reynolds - (Book: Out of Eden)
Jon Farrell - (Book: Out of His League)
Jon Farrell - (Book: Out of His League (large print))
Jonathan Madden - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Joe Gannon - (Book: Out of the Storm)
John-Michael McPhee - (Book: Out of Town Bride)
Jacob Stone - (Book: Out of Uniform)
Jack Wilson - (Book: Out of Warranty (hardcover))
Jed Parker - (Book: Out On A Limb)
Jake McCord - (Book: Outback Angel)
Jake Connors - (Book: Outback Baby Miracle)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Outlander)
Jesse - (Book: Outlaw And The City Slicker, The)
Jake Harkner - (Book: Outlaw Hearts)
Jake Harkner - (Book: Outlaw Hearts (reissue))
Jesse Gault - (Book: Outlaw in Paradise)
Jack Rafferty - (Book: Outlaw Moon)
Johnny McAllister - (Book: Outlaw's Bride)
J.T. Quinn - (Book: Outlaw's Return, The)
Jake McCord - (Book: Outlaw, The)
Jess Gentry - (Book: Outlaws: Jess, The)
Judd Saunders - (Book: Outrageous)
James Graham,
Marquess of Stormaston
- (Book: Outrageous Dowager, The)
James Graham,
Marquess of Stormaston
- (Book: Outrageous Dowager, The (UK))
John - (Book: Outsider, The)
Johnny Cain - (Book: Outsider, The (reprint))
Jake Trinity - (Book: Over the Edge)
Jason Wilson - (Book: Over the Line)
James Walker - (Book: Over the Line)
Joshua - (Book: Overlander's Bride, The (ebook))
Joel Faraday - (Book: Overnight Male)
Julian Laurence - (Book: Overseas (hardcover))
Jonah Briggs - (Book: Owned by Fate (ebook))
Jay Savage - (Book: P.I. Contest, The)
Joe Castellano - (Book: Pacific Heat)
Jack Stratford - (Book: Pagan's Paradise)
Judge Cameron Gallimore - (Book: Painted by the Sun)
John Dodge - (Book: Pajama Girls of Lambert Square, The)
Joe Connally - (Book: Pale Moon Rising)
Jason - (Book: Pale Orchid)
Jason Montefiore - (Book: Pale Orchid (UK))
James McGuane - (Book: Panic Snap)
Justin, Ty - (Book: Papaya Paradise (ebook))
Jonah Marriott - (Book: Paper Marriage, A)
Jonathan Reid - (Book: Paradise)
Joe Welch - (Book: Paradise County)
Jake - (Book: Paradise Fields)
Jason Koa - (Book: Paradise Rule (reprint))
Jason Koa - (Book: Paradise Rules)
Jared Burkett - (Book: Paradise Wild)
Jared Bennett - (Book: Parallel Attraction)
Jacques Querruel - (Book: Parisian Playboy, The)
James Coffrey - (Book: Part of Me, A)
Jess Barlowe - (Book: Part Of the Bargain)
Jess Barlowe - (Book: Part of the Bargain (reissue))
Jesse Lawson - (Book: Parting Gifts)
Jebel Haven - (Book: Partners)
Jason Killdere - (Book: Partners for Life)
Jack Stryker - (Book: Partners in Crime)
Jarod Nolan - (Book: Party Naked (ebook))
John Brady - (Book: Passion Denied, A)
Jonathan Mahn - (Book: Passion Flower)
Josiah Hastings - (Book: Passion Wears Pearls)
Julian St. John - (Book: Passion's Mistral)
Josh Rawlings - (Book: Passion's Prisoner)
Jet Stevens - (Book: Passion's Promise)
James Huntington - (Book: Passionate)
Jay Ravek - (Book: Passionate Affair, A)
Jay Ravek - (Book: Passionate Affair, A (UK))
Viscount Linton
- (Book: Passionate Performance, A)
Jaime des Hilvares - (Book: Passionate Relationship)
Jaime des Hilvares - (Book: Passionate Relationship (UK))
Judd Streeter - (Book: Passions of Chelsea Kane, The)
Jake Whitaker - (Book: Passions to Protect)
Jared - (Book: Past Secrets, Present Love)
Jeb Matthews - (Book: Pastor Takes a Wife, The)
Jay Longer, Sheriff - (Book: Patience)
James Warren - (Book: Payment Due)
James Warren - (Book: Payment Due (UK))
John Wise - (Book: Peek-A-Boo Protector)
Justin Parker - (Book: Pelangi Haven)
Jason Mitchell - (Book: Perchance to Dream)
Jael - (Book: Perdition)
Jacy "Moon" Madox - (Book: Perfect Assassin)
Jonathan Riordan - (Book: Perfect Beast, A)
Jonathon Stivers - (Book: Perfect Couple, The)
Jake Badoletti - (Book: Perfect Distraction, A)
Jake Badoletti - (Book: Perfect Distraction, A (large print))
Jared MacNeill - (Book: Perfect Gift, The)
Jason - (Book: Perfect Gift, The (ebook))
Justin Sterling - (Book: Perfect Groom, A)
Josh - (Book: Perfect Guy, The (ebook))
Jim Beckett - (Book: Perfect Husband, The)
Jeffrey Courtland - (Book: Perfect Love, A)
Jack Taggart - (Book: Perfect Match)
Jason Nesbit - (Book: Perfect Morning)
Jake Matthews - (Book: Perfect Partner)
Jake Matthews - (Book: Perfect Partner (UK))
Joel Blackstone - (Book: Perfect Partners)
Joel Blackstone - (Book: Perfect Partners (reissue))
Joel Brannon - (Book: Perfect Stranger, The)
J. Jackson Briggs - (Book: Perfect Stranger, The)
John D'Ambrosia, Detective - (Book: Perfect Stranger, The)
Jay Tyson - (Book: Perfect Strangers)
Jake Jarvis - (Book: Perfect Together)
Jay Vermillion - (Book: Perfect Touch (hardcover))
Jay Vermillion - (Book: Perfect Touch (paperback))
Jack Wilson - (Book: Perfect Weapon)
Jason Abernathy - (Book: Perfect Wedding, A)
Jared Winterset - (Book: Perfectly Imperfect Match, A)
Jordan Robards,
Baron Harcourt
- (Book: Perilous Engagement, A)
Julian de Raymond
Earl of Brinton
- (Book: Perilous Journey, A)
Jason Blue - (Book: Perils of Paella, The)
Joseph Dolce - (Book: Persecuted)
Jason Morgan - (Book: Persistent Flame, A)
Joe Hennessy - (Book: Person of Interest)
Jordan Prince - (Book: Persy and the Prince (hardcover))
Jonas Hunter - (Book: Petticoats and Pistols)
Jeremy Burbank - (Book: Phantasmic Fantasies)
Jackson Crow - (Book: Phantom Evil)
Jackson Crow - (Book: Phantom Evil (reprint))
Jacques LeFevre - (Book: Phantom in Time)
James - (Book: Phantom Marriage)
Jack Trayborne - (Book: Phantom of Black's Cove, The)
Jack Wood - (Book: Phantom Traces (ebook))
Jay Weatherford - (Book: Phoenix, The)
Jake Dilessio - (Book: Picture Me Dead)
Justin Hardy - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Jonah Miller - (Book: Pieces of Summer, The)
Jake Jensen - (Book: Pink Jinx)
Jeb Delacourt - (Book: Pint-Sized Secret, The )
Jonathan Ashford - (Book: Pirate Bride)
James Ardmore - (Book: Pirate Hunter's Lady, The (ebook))
James Ardmore - (Book: Pirate Hunter, The)
Jean-Marie St. Honore - (Book: Pirate Queen, The)
Julius Davies - (Book: Pirate's Price (ebook))
Justin Sylvester,
- (Book: Pirate's Willing Captive (UK))
J.P. Lazarus - (Book: Pirate, The)
Jared Hawthorne - (Book: Pirate, The)
Jared Hawthorne - (Book: Pirate, The (reissue))
Jack Ruttle - (Book: Place Called Here, A)
John Sawyer - (Book: Place for Family, A)
John Sawyer - (Book: Place for Family, A (large print))
Jace Carter - (Book: Place to Belong, A)
Jeremy Aquilon - (Book: Place To Call Home, A)
Jesse Rivers - (Book: Place to Land, A)
Josh Anderson - (Book: Plain Jane (anthology--ebook))
Jorge Mendoza - (Book: Plain Jane and the Playboy)
Jake Masters - (Book: Plain Jane gets her Man)
Jondolar - (Book: Plains of Passage)
Joe Knight - (Book: Plainsong)
Jonas Sutter - (Book: Planted With Hope)
John Lang - (Book: Planting Season, The)
Jake Devila - (Book: Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride, The)
Jason Windover - (Book: Playboy Meets His Match, The)
Joel Kendrick - (Book: Playboy's Proposal, The)
Jace Beaumont - (Book: Playboy's Proposition, The)
J.T. McIntyre
FBI Agent
- (Book: Played)
Julian Sherlay - (Book: Player Knight, The)
Jaden Beaumont - (Book: Player's Proposal, The)
Jamie Flanagan - (Book: Player, The)
Jack Marshall - (Book: Playing at Love (ebook))
Jake Carmichael - (Book: Playing By The Baby's Rules)
Jason Rawlings - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
James Sabine - (Book: Playing James)
JP Trudeau - (Book: Playing the Field)
Jonas Phoenix - (Book: Pleasure Bound)
Jonas Phoenix - (Book: Pleasure Bound (reprint))
Jay Cutler - (Book: Pleasure Control)
Jason Kitterage - (Book: Pleasure Garden, The)
Jared Westbrooke, Earl of Hawkesly - (Book: Pleasure of Her Kiss, The)
Jack Cassidy - (Book: Pleasured In The Billionaire's Bed)
Jack Cassidy - (Book: Pleasured in the Billionaire's Bed (UK))
James Vaughn, Earl of Montgomery - (Book: Pleasures of Sin, The)
Jonathan - (Book: Plenty More Love)
Jake Plummer - (Book: Plumber's Helper, The (ebook))
John Dryden - (Book: Poetic Justice)
Jared Van Buren - (Book: Poetry Man)
Jerome Towers - (Book: Point of No Return)
Joey - (Book: Poison Kissed)
Jack Deveaux - (Book: Poison Princess (hardcover))
Jerome Hansford - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Jonathan Taylor - (Book: Pop Goes the Question)
Jeremy, Duke of Rawlings - (Book: Portrait Of My Heart)
Jack Kingsley - (Book: Poseidon's Daughter)
Jim Heron - (Book: Possession (hardcover))
Jim Heron - (Book: Possession (paperback))
Jack McKenna - (Book: Possession, The)
Jack Holden - (Book: Potential Daddy (UK))
Jacob Tucker - (Book: Power of Two, The)
Jonah Betts - (Book: Power Play)
Jack Wiese - (Book: Power Plays)
John Lonigan - (Book: Practical Marriage, A)
Jason Hunter, Sir - (Book: Practical Mistress, A)
Jason Hunter, Sir - (Book: Practical Mistress, A (UK))
J.D. Jameson - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
Jorge Perez - (Book: Practice Makes Pregnant)
John Murphy - (Book: Prague Counterpoint)
James Cameron - (Book: Prairie Moon)
Jesse Shelby - (Book: Prairie Wife)
John Tomasetti - (Book: Pray for Silence)
Julian Coletun - (Book: Pray Love, Remember)
Jack Munroe - (Book: Precious Blessings)
Jake Cooper - (Book: Precious Gifts)
Jess Calhoun - (Book: Predatory Game)
Jackson Ford - (Book: Predicting Rain)
Joel Armstrong - (Book: Pregnancy Affair, The)
Joel Armstrong - (Book: Pregnancy Affair, The (UK))
Joel Armstrong - (Book: Pregnancy Affair, The [Large Print])
Jack Lindley - (Book: Pregnancy Bond, The)
Jake d'Amato - (Book: Pregnancy Of Revenge)
Jacob Weber - (Book: Pregnancy Project, The)
Jared North - (Book: Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Jack Fitzgerald - (Book: Pregnancy Secret, The)
Jack Fitzgerald - (Book: Pregnancy Secret, The (UK))
James Sutherland - (Book: Pregnancy Surprise, The)
Jed McCarron - (Book: Pregnant & Practically Married)
Jake McCoy - (Book: Pregnant Bride Wore White, The)
Jared of Warehaven - (Book: Pregnant by the Warrior)
Jeremy Foster - (Book: Pregnant Intern, The)
Joe Barrett - (Book: Pregnant With His Child)
Joe Barrett - (Book: Pregnant with His Child (UK))
Jacob "Sin" Sinclair - (Book: Pregnant With the Billionaire's Baby)
James Ryder - (Book: Present Danger)
James Ryder - (Book: Present Danger (reissue))
James Ryder - (Book: Present Danger (reprint))
Jared Talent
Earl of Burnleigh
- (Book: Pressing Engagement, A)
Jack Pleeseman - (Book: Pretty Bad)
Jordan Bank - (Book: Pretty Predicament)
Jack Silver - (Book: Pretty Woman)
Jess - (Book: Price of Freedom, The)
Jack PenMartyn - (Book: Price of Innocence, The)
Jasper Bond - (Book: Pride and Pleasure)
Jasper Bond - (Book: Pride and Pleasure (reissue))
Jasper Bond - (Book: Pride and Pleasure (reprint))
Jared MacKade - (Book: Pride Of Jared MacKade, The)
Joss - (Book: Pride Of The Peacock, The)
Jason Cage - (Book: Primal Desires)
Jaxon Law - (Book: Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel)
Joe Bleythin - (Book: Primal Needs)
Jake - (Book: Prime Time)
Josh Gelston - (Book: Prime Time (reissue))
Justin Cooley - (Book: Primed To Pounce)
John Paretti, Gunnery Sergeant - (Book: Prince Charming in Dress Blues)
Jack - (Book: Prince Needs A Princess)
Jeff Hardin - (Book: Prince of a Guy, A)
Joryn - (Book: Prince of Fire)
Julian Monroe - (Book: Prince of Ravenscar, The (paperback))
Jack Derry - (Book: Prince of Thieves)
Joe/ Prince Lucas Sebastiani - (Book: Prince's Wedding, The)
Justin Hunt - (Book: Princess and the Cowboy, The)
Justin Hunt - (Book: Princess and the Cowboy, The (Large Print))
Jesse Cawthorne - (Book: Princess and the Pauper, The)
Jase Clendon - (Book: Princess and the Playboy, The)
Jason Radley - (Book: Princess Charming)
Jake - (Book: Princess for Christmas, A)
Jack Lucas - (Book: Princess for Sale)
Jared McNeil - (Book: Princess in His Bed)
Jean-Paul Augustave,
Earl of Silvershire
- (Book: Princess is Pregnant!, The)
J. T. Montgomery - (Book: Princess, The)
J.T. Montgomery - (Book: Princess, The (reissue))
John Maxwell
Marquis of Ollenshaw
- (Book: Prior Engagement, A)
Jack Hunter - (Book: Prisoner's Wife, The )
Jonas Steele - (Book: Private Arrangements)
Jay - (Book: Private Dancer)
Josh January - (Book: Private Eye, The)
Jack Sloan - (Book: Private Eyes)
Jake Caesar - (Book: Private Garden, The)
Joe Pruitt - (Book: Private Investigations)
Jake Danvers - (Book: Private Lives)
Jake Danvers - (Book: Private Lives (UK))
Jake Sullivan - (Book: Private Maneuvers (ebook))
John Dawson - (Book: Private Security)
John Dawson - (Book: Private Security (large print))
Jacob Black Hawk - (Book: Private Treaty)
Jack Malloy - (Book: Prize, The)
Jake - (Book: Prodigal Husband, The)
Josiah Tuttle - (Book: Prodigal Patriot, The)
Jack Hanson - (Book: Prodigal Son)
Jack Hanson - (Book: Prodigal Son)
Jud Ritter - (Book: Prodigal Texan, The)
Joel Davenport - (Book: Professional Marriage, A)
Jeb Anderson - (Book: Professional, The)
James Stillman - (Book: Prognosis: Romance)
James Baldwin - (Book: Promise for Tomorrow, A)
James Sheffield - (Book: Promise Me Tonight)
Jack Dangerfield - (Book: Promise Of A Family)
Julian Cruise - (Book: Promises Of The Heart)
Joe Stonehouse - (Book: Promises to Keep)
John Mackenzie - (Book: Promising Man, A (and About Time Too))
James Redman - (Book: Promoted-To Wife!)
Jarrod Banning - (Book: Promoted: Secretary to Bride!)
John Devlin - (Book: Prophet, The)
Jason Westmoreland - (Book: Proposal, The)
Jason Westmoreland - (Book: Proposal, The/ Solid Soul (anthology))
Jake Montgomery - (Book: Protecting Holly)
Jonas Nash - (Book: Protecting the Quarterback)
Judge Nicholas Floyd - (Book: Protective Custody)
Jesse Hunt - (Book: Protector's Mission, The)
Jazz Zeringue - (Book: Protector, The)
Julius Rookham - (Book: Prudence)
Joe Bellacera - (Book: Public Displays of Affection)
Jack Kemp - (Book: Punishment of Nicollet)
Jack Tremaine - (Book: Pure Indulgence)
Jack Tremaine - (Book: Pure Indulgence (UK))
Jackson Graystoke - (Book: Pure Temptation)
James - (Book: Pursuit of Happiness, The)
Jesse Taylor - (Book: Pursuit of Jesse, The)
Jesse Taylor - (Book: Pursuit of Jesse, The (large print))
James Marlowe - (Book: Pursuit of Pleasure)
Jesse Bird - (Book: Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn, The)
Jake Sorensen - (Book: Put a Ring on It)
Jean-Benoit Savard - (Book: Queen of Swords)
Jean-Benoit Savard - (Book: Queen of Swords (reissue))
Joshua Wheaton - (Book: Questions Of Honor)
Jake van Belfeld - (Book: Quiet Professor, The)
Jake van Belfeld - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (reissue))
Jake van Belfeld - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (reissue))
Jake van Belfeld - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (UK))
Jake van Belfeld - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (UK-reissue))
Jackson Lang - (Book: Rabbit Heart)
J. D. Stanley - (Book: Rachel's Cowboy)
Jarred Zimmerman - (Book: Rachel's Dream)
Justin Steed - (Book: Racing Hearts (ebook))
Jaibriol - (Book: Radiant Seas, The)
Justin Keighley - (Book: Radical Arrangement ,A)
Justin Keighley - (Book: Radical Arrangement, A)
Jean Belaine - (Book: Rage to Love)
Jack Cartwright - (Book: Rags-To-Riches Wife, The)
James Banks - (Book: Rainbow Promise)
Jesse Stockton - (Book: Rainbow's End)
Jason - (Book: Rainy Day Dreams)
Jared Hunt - (Book: Raising the Stakes)
Jules, Lord St. Aubyn - (Book: Rake's Revenge, The)
Jack Ramsay - (Book: Rakehell's Reform, The)
Joe Lone Wolf - (Book: Ramona and the Renegade)
Jordan Drake - (Book: Ranch at River's End)
Jake Dawson - (Book: Ranch for Sara, A)
Jacob O'Donnell - (Book: Ranch Solution, The)
Jacob O'Donnell - (Book: Ranch Solution, The (large print))
Josh Colter - (Book: Ranch Stud, The)
Jack Baron - (Book: Ranch to Keep, A)
Jason Barton - (Book: Rancher And Protector)
Jeremiah Blake - (Book: Rancher and the Schoolteacher, The (reissue))
Jack Darby - (Book: Rancher Next Door, The)
John Richey - (Book: Rancher Takes A Family, The)
Jack McColton - (Book: Rancher Wants a Wife)
Jackson Roberts - (Book: Rancher's Choice)
Jack Collier - (Book: Rancher's Courtship, The)
Jess Logan - (Book: Rancher's Hand-Picked Bride, The)
James Ryan - (Book: Rancher's Heart, The)
Justin Granger - (Book: Rancher's Promise, The)
Joshua Cunningham - (Book: Rancher's Redemption, The)
John Randall - (Book: Randall Hero, A)
Jonathan Wilson - (Book: Randall Honor)
Jim Randall - (Book: Randall Renegade)
Jim Mitchell - (Book: Ranger and the Widow, The)
Jeff Thompson - (Book: Ranger Daddy)
Justin - (Book: Rapture in Moonlight)
Jag - (Book: Rapture Untamed)
James Westlake, Captain - (Book: Rapture's Tempest )
Jack MacKay - (Book: Rare Breed)
Jack Murphy - (Book: Rascal, The)
Jeremy - (Book: Rather Curious Engagement, A)
Jeremy - (Book: Rather Lovely Inheritance, A)
Josh Long - (Book: Raven On The Wing)
Josh Long - (Book: Raven on the Wing (reprint))
Jesse Colton - (Book: Raven's Assignment, The)
Judd Raven - (Book: Raven's Prey)
John Raven - (Book: Raven's Vow)
Jamie MacDonel - (Book: Ravished Bride, The)
Jasper - (Book: Ravishing of Lady May, The)
Jude Langston - (Book: Rawhide Man, The)
Jude Langston - (Book: Rawhide Man, The (reissue))
Jed Dancy - (Book: Reach Out to Cherish)
Joshua Watt - (Book: Ready)
Jason Grant - (Book: Ready, Aim...I Do!)
Jed Sawyer - (Book: Ready-Made Family)
Jake Robbin - (Book: Ready-Made Family, A)
Joel Kennedy - (Book: Real Allie Newman, The)
James Bradley - (Book: Real Cowboy, A)
Jeb Albright - (Book: Real Marriage Material)
Jeremy Blade - (Book: Real Vampires Don't Diet)
Jeremy Blade - (Book: Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans)
Jeremiah - (Book: Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs)
Jeremy Blade - (Book: Real Vampires Have Curves)
Jeremiah Campbell - (Book: Real Vampires Know Hips Happen)
Jeremiah Campbell - (Book: Real Vampires Know Size Matters)
Jack Rafferty - (Book: Reality Check)
Jake - (Book: Reason for Marriage, A)
Jake - (Book: Reason for Marriage, A (Collector's Edition))
Duke of Eversleigh
- (Book: Reasons For Marriage, The (reissue))
Jeff Jacobs - (Book: Rebecca's Little Secret)
Jake Dumont - (Book: Rebel and the Lady, The)
James Ward, Captain - (Book: Rebel and the Redcoat, The)
Julien St. Clair
Earl of March
- (Book: Rebel Bride, The)
Julien St. Clair
Earl of March
- (Book: Rebel Bride, The (reissue))
James Colby - (Book: Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride, The)
Justin Morant - (Book: Rebel Cowboy's Quadruplets, The)
Jason Montgomery - (Book: Rebel Heart)
Jake Silver - (Book: Rebel in Silk)
Jack Milburn - (Book: Rebel Lady, Convenient Wife)
James Sparhawk - (Book: Rebel Pirate, The)
Jared Knox, Captain - (Book: Rebel Wind)
Jered Marcus Benton
Duke of Bradford
- (Book: Rebellious Desire)
Jason Knight - (Book: Rebound Guy, The)
Jack Vaughn - (Book: Recipe for Satisfaction (ebook))
Joe Donelli, Detective - (Book: Reckless)
Jason Cain - (Book: Reckless Angel)
Jacques Challier - (Book: Reckless Flirtation)
Julian Carteret - (Book: Reckless Gambler, The)
Joe Cassidy - (Book: Reckless in Texas)
John Doe - (Book: Recreating John Doe)
Jack Gallagher - (Book: Red)
Julie Severin - (Book: Red Heat)
Jason Roberts - (Book: Red Hot Reunion)
Jarod Steele - (Book: Red Midnight)
Josiah Cutler - (Book: Red River Bride)
John Jarvis - (Book: Red-Hot Ranchman)
Jackson Savage - (Book: Red-Hot Santa)
John Hartman - (Book: Redeeming Grace)
John Hartman - (Book: Redeeming Grace (large print))
Jack Carter - (Book: Redeeming the Playboy)
Jake McPherson - (Book: Redemption)
Jack French - (Book: Redemption)
Japheth - (Book: Redemption)
Jake McPherson - (Book: Redemption (UK))
Jefferson Cade - (Book: Redemption of Jefferson Cade, The)
John Lee Brandon - (Book: Redhead and the Preacher, The)
Jack Hamilton - (Book: Redhead Plays Her Hand, The)
Jack Hamilton - (Book: Redhead Revealed, The)
Josh Redstone - (Book: Redstone Ever After)
John Staples - (Book: Reforming Lord Ragsdale)
Julian Montcrief
Marquess of Roth
- (Book: Reforming of Lord Roth, The)
Jimmy Griffin - (Book: Refuge, The)
Julian Audley
Earl of Worth
- (Book: Regency Buck)
Joseph Stratford - (Book: Regency Christmas Carol, A)
Justin, Lord Ravenshaw - (Book: Regency Row)
Jason Hughes
Viscount Mainwaring
- (Book: Regency Sting (reissue))
Johnny Griego - (Book: Reigning In The Rancher)
Josh Ryder - (Book: Reincarnationist, The)
Earl of Stonebridge
- (Book: Rejected Suitor, The)
Jeb Carter - (Book: Rekindled (ebook))
Jess Bennett - (Book: Rekindled Passion, A)
Jess Bennett - (Book: Rekindled Passion, A (UK))
Jax - (Book: Released)
Joseph Lafotaine - (Book: Reluctant Debutante, The)
Julian DeChambrelle - (Book: Reluctant Earl, The)
Jack Levine - (Book: Reluctant Housemates)
Julian Stapleford
Marquis of Wroxham
- (Book: Reluctant Marchioness, The (UK))
James Ramsay - (Book: Reluctant Paragon)
Jackson Maynard - (Book: Reluctant Prince)
Jake Marallis - (Book: Reluctant Princess, The)
Jake Marallis - (Book: Reluctant Princess, The (large print))
Jack Mitchell - (Book: Reluctant Witness)
Jack Williams - (Book: Remember Texas)
Jeremiah Wesley - (Book: Remember When)
Jack Brennan - (Book: Remembered)
Jake Blagetter - (Book: Remembering Jake)
Jesse de Silva - (Book: Remembrance)
Jared Troy - (Book: Renaissance Man)
Jeffrey Nelson - (Book: Rendezous)
Jace Taggart - (Book: Renegade)
Josiah - (Book: Renegade Flame)
Jake McLean - (Book: Renegade Lover)
Jonah Jones - (Book: Renegade Man)
James Dillon - (Book: Rent a Millionaire Groom)
John Rhysdale - (Book: Reputation for Notoriety, A)
Jordan Montgomery - (Book: Rescue Me)
Jake Porter - (Book: Rescued by the Magic Of Christmas)
J. D. Ryan
- (Book: Resist Me If You Can)
Jack Mission - (Book: Restless)
J. C. Dirk - (Book: Restless in Carolina)
Julian Challon
Black Dragon
- (Book: Restless Knight, A)
Joe Desalvo - (Book: Restore My Heart)
John Devlin - (Book: Restorer, The)
Jon Walker - (Book: Retreat)
Jess - (Book: Retribution (Hardcover))
Jess Brady - (Book: Retribution (paperback))
James (Tony) Everely - (Book: Return Engagement)
Jonah Gray - (Book: Return Of Jonah Gray, The)
Jonas Jones - (Book: Return of Mrs Jones, The)
John Brunson - (Book: Return of the Border Warrior)
Jake - (Book: Return Of The Gypsy, The)
Jax Monroe - (Book: Return of the Rebel, The)
Jordan St Claire - (Book: Return of the Renegade, The)
JT Hartley - (Book: Return of the Secret Heir)
Josh Halvorsen - (Book: Return To Emmett's Mill)
Josh Halvorsen - (Book: Return to Emmett's Mill (Large Print))
Jackson Logan - (Book: Return to Me)
Jackson Logan, Captain - (Book: Return to Me (Hardcover))
Jonah Sinclair - (Book: Return to Sender)
Jeff Riggs - (Book: Returning Home)
John Argall - (Book: Reunited with the Cowboy)
Joss Crawford - (Book: Reunited, The)
Jake Sommers - (Book: Rev it Up)
Jonah Miller - (Book: Revelation in Autumn, A)
Juan Diaz - (Book: Revelations)
Joaquin Delacruz - (Book: Rewarded (ebook))
Jimmy - (Book: Ribbons in the Wind)
Justin Lassiter - (Book: Rich Ga'ls Rented Groom, The)
Jack McKinnon - (Book: Rich Man's Virgin,The)
Jack Vespa - (Book: Riddle of the Alabaster Royal, The)
Jack Vespa - (Book: Riddle of the Lost Lover, The)
Josh Michaels - (Book: Riding in on a Burning Tire)
Jago Mershan - (Book: Riding the Thunder)
Jack Oliver - (Book: Right Kind of Wrong)
Joe Brockett - (Book: Right Man in Montana, The)
Jake - (Book: Right Man, The)
Jeff Haley - (Book: Right Mr Wrong, The)
Josh Corbett - (Book: Right Of Possession)
Justin Beckett - (Book: Right Wedding Gown, The)
Justin Avery
Viscount of Kenelm
- (Book: Righteous Rakehell, The)
Jon Riley - (Book: Riley in the Morning)
Jake MacNeill - (Book: Ring and a Promise, A)
Joel Gibbon - (Book: Riot)
Jake Jacobson - (Book: Riptide)
Jake Jacobson - (Book: Riptide (large print))
John Rodolfo - (Book: Rising Moon)
Justus Robinson - (Book: Risk)
Jarrett Ames - (Book: Risk Factor)
Jess Butler - (Book: Risk Worth Taking, A)
John 'Cash' Cashman - (Book: Risking It All)
Joaquin Delacruz - (Book: Risky (ebook novella))
Jake Saunders - (Book: Risky Assignment)
Jack Kellerman - (Book: Risky Business)
Joe Goodwin - (Book: Risky Business)
Jack Kellerman - (Book: Risky Business (UK))
Jonathan Butler - (Book: Risky Business Of Love)
Jake Donovan - (Book: Risky Games)
Jackson McGraw - (Book: Risky Reunion)
Jonas Payne - (Book: Rites of Love)
Jorlan Reynard - (Book: Ritual of Proof)
Jason Freeman - (Book: Ritual: Vampire Beach)
Jonathan Erland - (Book: Rivals of Fortune)
James McKendrick - (Book: River Bound)
Joe Jones - (Book: River Rising)
Jean Lafitte - (Book: River Road)
Jake Nelson - (Book: River to Cross, A)
Joel Hunter - (Book: Road to Forgiveness, The)
Lord Kilmore
- (Book: Road to Gretna, The)
James - (Book: Rock 'n' Roll Reunion)
Jet Trently - (Book: Rock Bottom)
Joseph Drake - (Book: Rocky Mountain Match)
Jake Westmoreland - (Book: Rocky Mountain Revenge)
Joshua Gable - (Book: Rocky Mountain Widow)
Johnny Crockett - (Book: Rodeo Dad)
Jack Shane - (Book: Rodeo Daddy)
Jack Barnett - (Book: Rodeo Rider)
Jake Landers - (Book: Rodeo!)
Julian Clay - (Book: Rogue's Game, A)
Jarret Sullivan - (Book: Rogue's Mistress)
Jerome Everard - (Book: Rogue's Reform, The)
Jason Beaumair
Earl of Perth
- (Book: Rogue's Seduction, The)
Jason Rivers - (Book: Rogue's Valley)
Jasper Carrington - (Book: Rolande)
Jonathan Lyons - (Book: Romancing the Billionaire)
Jared Clayton - (Book: Romancing the Cowboy)
Josiah Walker - (Book: Romancing the Running Back (ebook))
Jonathon Eagleton - (Book: Romancing the Seas)
John Robert Calhoun IV - (Book: Romancing the Tycoon)
Joe Romano - (Book: Romano's Revenge)
Julian Hampton - (Book: Romantic, The)
Jack Andrews - (Book: Rome Affair, The)
Julio Montague - (Book: Romiette and Julio)
Jack Casey - (Book: Roofer, The)
Jake - (Book: Rookie Cop)
Jose Fernandez - (Book: Rookie of the Year)
Josh Taylor - (Book: Rookie, The)
Jake Renner - (Book: Room ... But Not Bored!)
Jacquie Stuart - (Book: Room for Love)
Jacob Hill - (Book: Room Service)
Jacob Hill - (Book: Room Service (reissue))
Jacob Hill - (Book: Room Service (UK))
Jake Waylon - (Book: Roping His Filly)
Jay Turner - (Book: Roping the Wind)
Jedediah Hardcastle - (Book: Rosamunda's Revenge)
Julian Livingston - (Book: Rose for Julian, A)
John Darlington - (Book: Rose Adagio (ebook))
Jim Richards - (Book: Rose Among Thorns, A)
Joe Burgett - (Book: Rose for Maggie, A)
Jack Jardine,
Lord of Redayre
- (Book: Rose of Redayre, The (UK))
Jagger Knight - (Book: Rough Justice)
Jerome Michel de Villiers - (Book: Roulette)
Jesse Nelson - (Book: Rowan's Ascension (ebook))
John Harington - (Book: Royal Inheritance)
John - (Book: Royal Marriage, A)
Jeffrey Rodinov - (Book: Royal Mess, The)
Jeffrey Rodinov - (Book: Royal Mess, The (mass market))
Jeremy "J.T." Wainwright - (Book: Royal Treatment, The)
Jason Selini - (Book: Royal Wedding Threat)
Jack Montford - (Book: Royally Seduced)
James Betterton - (Book: Ruby Ghost, The)
Justin de Souza - (Book: Ruby Parker Hits the Small Time)
Jacob Granger - (Book: Rugged and Relentless)
Jax - (Book: Ruined)
Joe Rivers - (Book: Rule Breaker)
Jackson Maris - (Book: Rules of Entanglement)
Jacob Forrester - (Book: Rules of Marriage)
Jacques Sauvage - (Book: Rules of Re-Engagement)
Jay Courtland - (Book: Rules of the Game)
Jake Coronnado - (Book: Rules of the Game)
Jackson Franklin - (Book: Rumor Has It)
Jack Brooks - (Book: Run From Fear)
Joe Watchman - (Book: Run to Me)
Janos Kovaks - (Book: Run to You)
Jarrett MacKenzie - (Book: Runaway)
Jim Bradford - (Book: Runaway Cowboy)
Jim Bradford - (Book: Runaway Cowboy (reissue))
Jack Hampton,
- (Book: Runaway Duchess, The)
James Burnett - (Book: Runaway McBride, The)
Jamie Cooper - (Book: Running Blind)
Jackson Sharo - (Book: Running For Cover)
Jake Vernelli - (Book: Running for Her Life)
Jake Vernelli - (Book: Running for Her Life (large print))
Jason Stratton - (Book: Running With Wolves)
Jasper Sullivan,
Earl of Blackwater
- (Book: Rushed to the Alter)
James Black - (Book: Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress)
James Black - (Book: Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress (Large Print))
James Black - (Book: Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress (UK))
Julian Dane - (Book: Ruthless Charmer, The)
Jared Steele - (Book: Ruthless Marriage Bid, The)
Jed Sabbides - (Book: Sabbides Secret Baby, The)
Justin Hart
Duke of Haverleigh
- (Book: Sabelle)
Jason O'Neill - (Book: Sabrina's Destiny)
Julian Gaston - (Book: Sacred Circle)
Jude Crosby - (Book: Sacred Evil)
Joe Mitchell - (Book: Sactuary Lost (ebook))
Jeremiah Davis - (Book: Saddle Up)
Jack Raine - (Book: Safe by His Side)
Jonas - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Joe Rossetti - (Book: Safe in His Arms)
Joe Rossetti - (Book: Safe in His Arms (large print))
Jake Wolfe - (Book: Safe in My Arms)
Josh Ryan - (Book: Safe With A Stranger)
Jim LaTour - (Book: Sage)
Joshua McBride - (Book: Saint Or Sinner)
Josh Kent - (Book: Saints of Midland, The (ebook))
Jay Eversole - (Book: Salt Maiden, The )
James Wilkens - (Book: Same Time, Next Year)
Julian Samms - (Book: Samms Agenda, The)
Joseph Harlan - (Book: San Francisco Earthquake, 1906)
Jax Taylor - (Book: Sand and Sin (ebook))
Jerod Prescott - (Book: Sand Castles)
James Hardison - (Book: Sans Regret)
Jonathan Cassidy - (Book: Sara's Story)
John Barrister - (Book: Sarah)
Jake Hogan - (Book: Sarah's Secret)
Jonathan Hardison - (Book: Sassy Cinderella)
Justin Rochefort,
Marquis of Saintjohn
- (Book: Satan's Mark )
Joel Brent - (Book: Satan's Master)
Jake Lonergan - (Book: Satisfying Lonergan's Honor)
Jarrod Hunt - (Book: Saturday's Child)
James Savin - (Book: Savage Heat (reissue))
Jared - (Book: Savage Innocence)
Jason - (Book: Savage Land)
Jean Patrick Malloy - (Book: Savage River)
Jason Royal - (Book: Savage Storm)
Jim Ayers - (Book: Savage Sunrise)
Jasper Gray - (Book: Savannah Sacrifice)
Jordon Kemmons - (Book: Save My Soul)
Jared - (Book: Save the Last Dance)
Jack Turner - (Book: Saved by the Rancher)
Joe Gibson - (Book: Saving Christmas)
Jordan Somerville-Smythe - (Book: Saving Grace)
Jacob Berkley - (Book: Saving Grace (ebook))
Jordan Somerville-Smythe - (Book: Saving Grace (UK))
Jake Peoples - (Book: Saving Gracie)
Jake Peoples - (Book: Saving Gracie (large print))
Joe Morgan - (Book: Saving Joe)
Jack Winter - (Book: Saving the CEO (ebook))
Jack Donovan - (Book: Saving the Girl Next Door)
John Bennet - (Book: Saving the Rifleman (ebook))
Jaxon - (Book: Savor Me Slowly)
Jackson Savor - (Book: Savor the Danger)
Jon Erikson - (Book: Say Goonight, Gracie)
Jackson Steele - (Book: Say My Name)
Joe Winston - (Book: Say No to Joe)
Jean-Paul Dubois
- (Book: Say You Love Me)
Jordan Williams - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Jordan Williams - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Julian, Earl of Wyndham - (Book: Scandal Becomes Her)
James Kerrington - (Book: Scandal of Lady Eleanor, The)
James Ryding - (Book: Scandal of the Year)
Jules Devereaux - (Book: Scandal's Child)
James Preston - (Book: Scandal's Daughter)
Justin Montgomery - (Book: Scandalous)
Justin Montgomery - (Book: Scandalous (reissue))
James Whitcox - (Book: Scandalous Lovers)
Lord Claredon
- (Book: Scandalous Marriage, A)
Jake Walker - (Book: Scandalous Return of Jake Walker, The)
James Averill - (Book: Scandalous Summer Nights)
Jack Ashecroft
Marquis of Foxhaven
- (Book: Scandalous Virtue)
Joel Ellington - (Book: Scarlet Cord, A)
Justin Alexander
Earl of Ravenstone
- (Book: Scarlet Lady)
Jamie MacKenzie - (Book: Scarlet Rebel)
Jenna Taylor - (Book: Scene of the Crime: Bridgewater, Texas)
Jasha Wilde - (Book: Scent of Darkness)
Jack Rafferty - (Book: Scent of Eden, A)
Jake Westfield - (Book: Scent of Lilacs)
Jake - (Book: Scent of Lilacs, The)
John Witton - (Book: Scholar's Daughter, The)
Jordan Blakley
Viscount DeVaux
- (Book: Scholarly Gentleman, A)
Jack Langton - (Book: School for Virgins)
Jachin Black - (Book: Scions: Resurrection)
Jefferson Lyon - (Book: Scorned by the Boss)
Jaime Knevett - (Book: Scorpion's Dance)
Jamie Knevett - (Book: Scorpions' Dance (UK))
James Garrow - (Book: Scot, The)
James Fairbrother - (Book: Scoundrel by Moonlight, A)
Julian St. Aubyn - (Book: Scoundrel's Bride, The)
Jack Temple - (Book: Scoundrel's Daughter)
John Montgomery - (Book: Scout, The)
Joe Rafferty - (Book: Scrumptious)
Jared Madeiras - (Book: Sea Escape)
Jonathan Hale - (Book: Sea Fire)
Jonathan Hale - (Book: Sea Fire (reissue))
Jonathan Hale - (Book: Sea Fire (reprint))
Jack Blackstone - (Book: Sea Fires)
Jared Parsons - (Book: Sea Gypsy)
Jared Blackstone, Captain - (Book: Sea of Desire)
Jason Hamilton - (Book: Sea Princess)
Jay Grainger - (Book: Sea Star, The)
John Roaker - (Book: SEAL at Heart, A)
Jack Powell - (Book: SEAL's Rebel Librarian, The (ebook))
Jax Graham - (Book: SEALed with a Kiss)
Jed Braden - (Book: Seance, The)
John Logan - (Book: Search, The)
Jake Sloan - (Book: Search, The)
Jake Sloan - (Book: Search, The)
Jake Savelle - (Book: Searching for Sarah)
Jeff Birmingham - (Book: Season Beyond A Kiss, A)
James - (Book: Season for Temptation)
Jacob King - (Book: Season for Tending, A)
James Edward Clinton - (Book: Season of Loving)
Jack Fulton - (Book: Season of Seduction, A)
Jackson Ledgeway Steele - (Book: Seasons of Gold)
Jericho Smith - (Book: Seaswept Abandon)
Jake - (Book: Second Chance)
John Sullivan - (Book: Second Chance Bride)
Justin Cade - (Book: Second Chance Christmas)
Josh McClaren - (Book: Second Chance Dad)
Josh McClaren - (Book: Second Chance Dad (large print))
John Amman - (Book: Second Chance Proposal)
Joe Madden - (Book: Second Chance with her Soldier (large print))
Jabarie Beaumont - (Book: Second Time Around, The)
Jon Swartz - (Book: Second Time's the Charm)
Jon Swartz - (Book: Second Time's the Charm (large print))
Jack Galloway - (Book: Second-Chance Family)
John Draven - (Book: Second-Chance Hero)
Jeff Aquilon - (Book: Second-Time Lucky)
Jeff Aquilon - (Book: Second-Time Lucky (UK))
Jeb McKettrick - (Book: Secondhand Bride)
Justin Garret - (Book: Secret)
Jacob Lomax - (Book: Secret Agent, Secret Father)
Jack Blade - (Book: Secret Alibi)
Jake Marriot - (Book: Secret Baby Bargain, The)
Joaquin Luis Sola - (Book: Secret Baby Revenge, The)
Jean-Pierre Reynaud - (Book: Secret Baby Scandal)
Josh Kingsley - (Book: Secret Baby, Surprise Parents)
Jesse McCall - (Book: Secret Bodyguard)
Jack West - (Book: Secret Child)
Jack Whitely - (Book: Secret Delivery)
Josh Lundgren - (Book: Secret Dreams of Emily Porter, The)
Jordan Prescott - (Book: Secret Fantasy)
Josh Hawthorne - (Book: Secret Groom, The)
Justin Slade - (Book: Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch, The)
Jackson Reiss - (Book: Secret Heir, The)
Jackson Reiss - (Book: Secret Heir, The (reissue))
John O’Rourke - (Book: Secret Hour, The)
James Slater - (Book: Secret in His Heart, The)
Jesse Cooper - (Book: Secret Intentions)
Jesse Cooper - (Book: Secret Intentions (large print))
Jake Redway - (Book: Secret Intimacy. A)
Jake Maderis - (Book: Secret Love)
John Landry - (Book: Secret of Cypriere Bayou, The)
James Ballentine - (Book: Secret Passion)
James Ballentine - (Book: Secret Passion (reissue))
Jace Remington - (Book: Secret Sister)
Jack - (Book: Secret Soldier)
Jack Shaw - (Book: Secret Son, The)
Justin Pierce - (Book: Secret Stirring, A)
James - (Book: Secret Vampire)
Jonathan McGuire - (Book: Secret Virgin, The)
Joel Mercer - (Book: Secret Wedding Dress, The)
John Breten Lawless - (Book: Secret, The (ebook))
Jack Fortune - (Book: Secretary and the Millionaire, The)
Joe Colter - (Book: Secretary Gets Her Man, The)
Jefferson Ames - (Book: Secrets)
Joe - (Book: Secrets)
Jordan La Cour - (Book: Secrets & Silence)
Jules Gerard - (Book: Secrets in the Shadows)
Jules Gerard - (Book: Secrets in the Shadows (reprint))
Jordan Holloway - (Book: Secrets of a Runaway Bride)
Joss Everett - (Book: Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress)
James Bancroft - (Book: Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage)
Jude Calhoun - (Book: Secrets of Bell River, The)
James Calloway - (Book: Secrets of My Heart)
James Paladin - (Book: Secrets of Paternity)
Jack Stone - (Book: Secrets of the Highlander)
Jake Malloy - (Book: Secrets Rising)
Jeff Rice - (Book: Secrets Within)
Jake Turner - (Book: Secrets: Volume 11)
Jack Knight - (Book: Seduce Me)
Joe Bogart - (Book: Seduced)
Justin Johannson - (Book: Seduced by Magic eBook)
Jasper Reeves - (Book: Seduced By Your Spell)
Jake Knight - (Book: Seducer, The)
Justin Stern - (Book: Seducing His Opposition)
Jake Sanders - (Book: Seducing Mr. Right)
Jean-Charles Laroque - (Book: Seducing the Mercenary)
Earl of Ravenwood
- (Book: Seduction)
Julian, Earl of Ravenwood - (Book: Seduction (reissue))
Jared Ryder - (Book: Seduction and the CEO)
Jago Marsh - (Book: Seduction Never Lies)
Joe Carlino - (Book: Seduction on the CEO's Terms)
Jackson Witt - (Book: Seductive Fantasy)
Jackson Witt - (Book: Seductive Fantasy (UK))
Josh Prentice - (Book: Seductive Revenge, A)
Josh Killane - (Book: Seductive Stranger)
Jane Killian - (Book: See Jane Die)
Joe Walker - (Book: Seeing Red)
Jacques LaRoche - (Book: Seeker of Shadows)
Jackson Hunt - (Book: Seeking Her (ebook novella))
Jack Harrison - (Book: Seeking Miss Scarlet)
Jace Holmes - (Book: Seeking Shelter)
Jace Holmes - (Book: Seeking Shelter (large print))
Jake Wythe - (Book: Sensible Arrangement, A)
Jared Rourke - (Book: Sensual Encounter)
Jay Wagner - (Book: Sensual Secrets)
Johnny Danza - (Book: Sentimental Journey)
Justin O'Neill - (Book: Serena's Magic)
Josh Bryan - (Book: Serenades (ebook))
Jake Cavanaugh - (Book: Serendipity)
Justin, Lord Darvey - (Book: Serious Pursuit, A)
Jefferson Lambert - (Book: Setup, The)
James Madison Randolph - (Book: Seven Brides: Fern (reissue))
Jonas Merrick - (Book: Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed)
James Archer - (Book: Seven Nights to Forever)
Joe Morelli - (Book: Seven Up)
Joe Lakota - (Book: Seventh Heaven)
Jake Faron - (Book: Sex and the Single Ghost)
Jake Faron - (Book: Sex and the Single Ghost (reissue))
Jeremy - (Book: Sex on the Beach (ebook))
Josh Toby - (Book: Sexiest Man Alive)
Jonah Stone - (Book: Sexy Silent Nights)
Jeremy Collins - (Book: Shades Of Desire)
Jake Logan - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Jase Tyler - (Book: Shades of Temptation)
Jared Bruin - (Book: Shadow Fox)
Jake Hammond - (Book: Shadow Guard, The)
JT Hawk - (Book: Shadow Hawk)
Jack Fairbanks - (Book: Shadow Lake)
Jace - (Book: Shadow Marked)
Jeremy Malone - (Book: Shadow of Doubt (ebook))
Jake Mitchell - (Book: Shadow of the Sun)
Jeff Zanicek - (Book: Shadow on the Sun)
Jonathan Armitage - (Book: Shadow's Bliss, A)
Jonathon Stuart - (Book: Shadow's Kiss)
Jonas Slowman - (Book: Shadow, The)
Jack Talent - (Book: Shadowdance)
Jesse - (Book: Shadowland)
James Forrester - (Book: Shadows of Yesterday (UK))
Justin Reynaud - (Book: Shadows on the Bayou)
Jag Masters - (Book: Shadows Present)
Jack Leeds - (Book: Shakespeare's Champion)
Jack Leeds - (Book: Shakespeare's Christmas)
Josiah Elliot - (Book: Shall We Dance?)
Jarek san Ranul - (Book: Shamara)
Jimmy Mission - (Book: Shameless)
Jonathan Kadisch - (Book: Shatter)
Jax Fontaine - (Book: Shattered)
Jack McKinley - (Book: Shattered)
James Carter - (Book: Shattered Trust)
Jay Crawford - (Book: She Ain't The One)
Jay Crawford - (Book: She Ain't the One (paperback))
Jack O'Malley - (Book: She Can Run)
Johnny Walker - (Book: She Drives Me Crazy)
Jack Evans - (Book: She Wanted Red Velvet)
Jack Evans - (Book: She Wanted Red Velvet (Hardcover))
Jack Townsend - (Book: She Went All the Way)
Jack Townsend - (Book: She Went All the Way)
Jake Edmond - (Book: She'll Never Tell)
Justin Hawthorn - (Book: Sheer Decadence)
Jack Davis - (Book: Sheer Dynamite)
John Spencer - (Book: Sheer Honesty)
Jefri, Prince - (Book: Sheik & the Princess Bride, The)
Jamal, Prince - (Book: Sheik's Arranged Marriage, The)
Jalal Aal Shalaan - (Book: Sheikh's Claim, The)
Josh Staring - (Book: Shelter from the Storm)
Jeff Ritter - (Book: Shelter in a Soldier's Arms)
Jeff Ritter - (Book: Shelter in a Soldier's Arms (reprint))
Jack McDermott - (Book: Shelter in His Arms)
John - (Book: Shelter Mountain)
John Middleton - (Book: Shelter Mountain (reissue))
Jeffrey O'Donnell - (Book: Shelter of Hope, A)
James Birchenall - (Book: Sheltered by Her Top-Notch Boss)
Jondalar - (Book: Shelters of Stone, The)
Jonathan Sherborne - (Book: Sherborne Sapphires, The)
James Sherbrooke - (Book: Sherbrooke Twins)
Jericho Yates - (Book: Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride, The)
J. J. Outlaw - (Book: Sheriff, The)
Josceline de Gael - (Book: Shields of Pride)
Josh - (Book: Shifter's Destiny)
Julian McDonald - (Book: Shifting Love)
Julian McDonald - (Book: Shifting Love (reissue))
JD Dover - (Book: Shiver At Twilight, A)
J.T. Drake - (Book: Shocking Behavior)
Jackson Quincy Graham Channing - (Book: Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding, The)
Josh Logan - (Book: Short, Tight & Sexy)
Jesse Harden - (Book: Shotgun Wedding)
Jess Hastings - (Book: Should Have Been Her Child)
Jake - (Book: Show Me)
Jack Lannett - (Book: Shower of Stars)
Jacob Flass - (Book: Shut Out (ebook))
Jack Stanwell
Viscount Maitland
- (Book: Siege of Hearts)
Jake Kelly - (Book: Sight Unseen)
Julian Rothwell
Duke of Chesterfield
- (Book: Sign Me, Speechless in Seattle)
John - (Book: Signal Boost (ebook))
Jake Westin - (Book: Silenced)
Jack Parker - (Book: Silent Confessions)
Joseph Santino - (Book: Silent Fury, A)
Jackson Perdue - (Book: Silent Killer)
Joe - (Book: Silent Night, Haunted Night)
Jonathan Stafford - (Book: Silent Rose, The)
Jonathon Stafford - (Book: Silent Rose, The)
John McShane - (Book: Silent Warrior)
Jeremy Warmouth - (Book: Silent Wishes)
Jim Cochran - (Book: Silent Witness)
Jon Wilson - (Book: Silk (ebook))
Jake Raincrow - (Book: Silk And Stone)
Jordan Hamilton - (Book: Silken Betrayal)
Jordan Hamilton - (Book: Silken Betrayal)
John -Johnny- Roulette - (Book: Silken Bondage)
Jacob Grey - (Book: Silken Promises)
Jake Fitton - (Book: Silver (UK edition))
Jake Rivard - (Book: Silver and Spice (ebook))
John Garmon - (Book: Silver Bullet Affair, The)
John Leopardo - (Book: Silver Lady)
Janus Mikani - (Book: Silver Mirrors)
Jesse McClintock - (Book: Silver Noose)
Jesse Wilder - (Book: Silver Rose)
Joel LeMaster - (Book: Silver Sea)
Jeb Sterling - (Book: Silver Thaw)
Jonah King - (Book: Simple Autumn, A)
James Lapp - (Book: Simple Hope, A)
Jesse Best - (Book: Simple Jess)
Jay Westvelt - (Book: Simple Wishes)
John Kowalsky - (Book: Simply Irresistible)
Marquess of Attingsborough
- (Book: Simply Perfect (Hardcover))
Jake Danforth - (Book: Sin City Wedding)
Jake - (Book: Sin's Gift)
Jonathan Albrighton - (Book: Sinful in Satin)
James Rutherford - (Book: Sinful Surrender)
Jake McCabe - (Book: Sinful Truths)
Jonathan Van Castle - (Book: Sing Me Home)
Julian Ivy - (Book: Sing to Me of Dreams)
Jeremy Lakewood - (Book: Singapore Fling)
Jordan Kane - (Book: Singing Stone, The)
Jordan Kane - (Book: Singing Stone, The (Hardcover))
Jace - (Book: Single Dad's Holiday Wedding)
Jace - (Book: Single Dad's Holiday Wedding (large print))
Joe Tanner - (Book: Single Father, Surprise Prince)
Jonah Hayes - (Book: Single, Sexy and Sold)
James Marlowe - (Book: Sinner Who Seduced Me, The)
Jack Lennox - (Book: Sinners Club, The)
James Cameron - (Book: Sins of a Highland Devil)
Jean-Philippe Durand - (Book: Sins of Omission)
James Douglas Mahoney III - (Book: Sins of the Father)
Jack Savoie, Sheriff - (Book: Sins Of The Storm )
Jerrold Drury
Sir Clive Aldington
- (Book: Sir Sham)
Jean Laffite - (Book: Siren)
John Erickson - (Book: Siren's Lure, A)
Judah Gallant, Captain - (Book: Siren's Song)
Julian - (Book: Sisters and Husbands)
Jeff Hubbard - (Book: Sit, Stay, Slay)
James Weston - (Book: Six Degrees of Scandal)
Jax Crockett - (Book: Six-Gun Showdown)
Jeremy Harper - (Book: Six-Month Mistress)
Jake Delaney - (Book: Sizzle All Day)
Joseph Gatewood
Viscount Sumner
- (Book: Skeptical Heart, The)
Jackson Bledsoe - (Book: Skin Deep)
Jax Gallagher - (Book: Skintight)
Jax Gallagher - (Book: Skintight (Large Print))
Jax Gallagher - (Book: Skintight (reissue-mass market))
Josh Crandall - (Book: Skirting the Issue)
Jake Vigil - (Book: Skye)
Jack Bishop - (Book: Slay Bells and Satchels)
John Gallagher - (Book: Sleeping Alone)
James Stoker - (Book: Sleeping Beauty (ebook))
Jason, Lord Winford - (Book: Sleeping Heiress, The)
Jordan Blair - (Book: Sleeping with the Devil)
Jay McManus - (Book: Sleeping with the Enemy)
Jackson Hawk - (Book: Sleeping With the Enemy)
Jackson Hawk - (Book: Sleeping with the Enemy (reissue))
Jake Romano - (Book: Sleepless in Manhattan)
Jason Davis - (Book: Sleepwalker (hardcover))
Jackson O'Neil - (Book: Sleigh Bells in the Snow)
Jack - (Book: Slightly Engaged)
Joshua Moore
Marquess of Hallmere
- (Book: Slightly Scandalous)
Jack Jacobs - (Book: Slow Heat)
James - (Book: Slow Surrender)
J.D. Bartholomew - (Book: Slumber Party, Inc.)
Jason Mourik van Nie - (Book: Small Slice of Summer (UK-reissue))
Jason Mourik van Nie - (Book: Small Slice of Summer, A)
Jason Mourik van Nie - (Book: Small Slice of Summer, A (reissue))
Jason Mourik van Nie - (Book: Small Slice of Summer, A (UK))
John Jameson Quinn - (Book: Small-Town Homecoming, A)
Jonathon Hanlon - (Book: Small-Town Midwife)
Jake Slayter - (Book: Smart Girls Think Twice)
James MacKinnon, Major - (Book: Smithfield Bargain, The)
Jake Rollins - (Book: Smoke Screen)
Jonah Granger - (Book: Smoky Mountain Home )
Jack Fagan - (Book: Smooth Operator (ebook))
Jeb Whitcomb - (Book: Smooth Sailing)
Jack Travis - (Book: Smooth Talking Stranger (Hardcover))
Julian Travers - (Book: Smuggler Wore Silk, The )
Jonah Macon - (Book: Snapped)
Justin Halliday,
Earl of Wetherby
- (Book: Snow Angel)
Justin LeBlanc - (Book: Snow on the Bayou)
John North - (Book: Snow-Kissed Bride, The)
John Snow - (Book: Snowbird)
Jake Morgan - (Book: Snowbound Reunion)
Jason Greene - (Book: Snowbound with the Soldier (large print))
Justin Silver - (Book: Snowed in with the Doctor)
Jake Eagle Feather - (Book: Snowfall (ebook))
Justin Magnasun - (Book: Snowfire)
Josh Castleton, Detective - (Book: So Wild My Heart)
Jack Hunter - (Book: Soaring Home)
John MacBride - (Book: Social Graces)
Joshua Marchmain - (Book: Society's Scandalous Rake)
Justin Delgado - (Book: Society, The (ebook))
Jake Porter - (Book: Sofie Metropolis)
Jack Fairfax - (Book: Soft Focus)
Jack Fairfax - (Book: Soft Focus (reissue))
Jonah - (Book: Soldier Caged)
J.D. Brettman - (Book: Soldier of Fortune)
J.D. Brettman - (Book: Soldier of Fortune (Hardcover))
J.D. Brettman - (Book: Soldier of Fortune (reissue))
Joel Montgomery - (Book: Soldier's Promise, A)
Joel Montgomery - (Book: Soldier's Promise, A (Large Print))
Josh Manning - (Book: Soldier's Promise, The)
James Barlow - (Book: Soldier's Return, A)
Jagger Holtz - (Book: Soldier's Secret Daughter, The)
Jeremiah Murphy - (Book: Soldier's Wife, The)
Joel Logan - (Book: Some Kind of Hero)
Jack Reilly - (Book: Some Kind Of Wonderful)
John McFarland - (Book: Some Kind of Wonderful)
John McFarland - (Book: Some Kind of Wonderful (reissue))
Judd Walker - (Book: Some Like It Sizzling)
Jake Theopolis - (Book: Some Like It Wild)
Jack O'Neill - (Book: Some Men's Dreams)
James Harley - (Book: Somebody Like You)
Jericho Chance - (Book: Somebody to Love)
James Cahill - (Book: Somebody to Love)
John Strickland - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
John Strickland - (Book: Somebody's Baby (Large Print))
Jason "Lucky Dawg" Burdett - (Book: Somebody's Hero)
Jake Kennedy - (Book: Somebody's Hero)
Jordan Case - (Book: Someone Knows)
Jake Buchanan - (Book: Someone Like Her)
Jace Montgomery - (Book: Someone to Love)
James Daniels - (Book: Someone To Love)
Jack Pallas - (Book: Something About You)
Jason - (Book: Something Borrowed)
Josh - (Book: Something Deadly This Way Comes (hardcover))
Jason - (Book: Something Like Fate (hardcover))
Jason - (Book: Something Like Fate (paperback))
Josh Henricks - (Book: Something So Right)
Jeremy Harper - (Book: Something Special)
Jesse Wilder - (Book: Something Sweeter)
Justin Cales - (Book: Something to Believe In)
Justin Cales - (Book: Something to Believe In (large print))
Jess Fargo - (Book: Something To Talk About)
Jax Hawthorne - (Book: Something to Talk About)
Jordan Townsende
Duke of Hawthorne
- (Book: Something Wonderful)
Jackson Kane - (Book: Sometimes When We Kiss)
J. W. Watson - (Book: Somewhere Down In Texas)
Jesse Black - (Book: Somewhere to Dream)
J. D. Kronos - (Book: Son Between Them, The)
Jake Ramero - (Book: Song of the Road)
Jake Tanner - (Book: Song Of The West)
Jake Tanner - (Book: Song of the West (reissue))
Jim Corbett - (Book: Sonora Sundown)
Jack Keller - (Book: Sooner, the Better, The)
Jacquar - (Book: Sorceress of Faith)
Jarik/Kurit - (Book: Sorrows of Adoration)
Jace Cutler - (Book: Soul Bound)
Jamal Houston - (Book: Soul Mates)
John Redcloud - (Book: Soul Mates)
Jesse Clawfoot - (Book: Soul of a Wildcat)
Joel Rockwell - (Book: Soul Ties)
Jack Winter - (Book: Soul Trade)
Jayson Odum - (Book: Soulful Strut)
Jonah - (Book: Sound of Sleigh Bells, The (hardcover))
Jack Conroy - (Book: Sound of Summer)
Jarl Ericson - (Book: South of the Sun)
Johnny Graney - (Book: Southern Belle)
Jock Malloy - (Book: Southern Nights)
Jake Wolf - (Book: Sovereign Sheriff)
Jake Wolf - (Book: Sovereign Sheriff (large print))
Jeremiah Sparhawk - (Book: Sparhawk's Lady)
Jordan Taylor - (Book: Sparks)
Jackson Miller - (Book: Sparks)
Jacob Grayson - (Book: Special Agent's Surrender)
Jack Watson - (Book: Special Delivery)
Jagger "Jag" Benney - (Book: Special Ops Affair)
Jed Merlin - (Book: Spellbound)
Jarad Naughton - (Book: Spellbound)
Julian Strasberg - (Book: Spellbound)
Julian of Tir - (Book: Spellbound-Legend)
Justin Russon - (Book: Spin Control)
Jonathan Sparhawk, Captain - (Book: Spindrift)
Jesse Yellow Thunder - (Book: Spirit's Song)
Jack Riley - (Book: Spontaneous Combustion)
John Forrester - (Book: Spontaneous Combustion)
Joseph Diggan - (Book: Spring Fancy (reissue))
Jeremy Johnson - (Book: Spring of My Love)
Jay Sawle - (Book: Spring Will Come)
Jack McLaughlin - (Book: Springwater Christmas, A)
J.T. Wainwright - (Book: Springwater Wedding)
Jase Campbell - (Book: Spy Hard)
Jase Campbell - (Book: Spy Hard)
Jase Campbell - (Book: Spy Hard (large print))
Jack - (Book: Spy to Die For, A)
James Meyer
Captain James Nathanson
- (Book: Spy's Bride, The)
Janto - (Book: Spy's Honor)
Julien Clermont - (Book: Spy's Kiss, The)
James Cunnington - (Book: Spy, The)
Justin St. John - (Book: Squire's Daughter, The)
Jareth - (Book: Stake That!)
Jake Kipling - (Book: Stake Your Claim (Hardcover))
Joe Quinn - (Book: Stalemate)
Jamal Estevez - (Book: Stand by Your Man (ebook))
Jake Nichols - (Book: Standoff at Christmas)
Justin Delamere - (Book: Stanforth Secrets, The)
Justin Delamere
Lord Stanforth
- (Book: Stanforth Secrets, The)
James Dunham
- (Book: Star Bright)
Jas - (Book: Star King, The)
Joe Harrington - (Book: Starstruck)
Jacob King - (Book: Starting Now (hardcover))
Jordan Shane - (Book: State of Emergency)
Jefferson Clay - (Book: Stay . . .)
Jake King - (Book: Stay Hungry)
John Beckett - (Book: Stay With Me)
Jackson James - (Book: Stay with Me)
Joe Gallahan - (Book: Staying at Joe's)
Joe Gallahan - (Book: Staying at Joe's (large print))
Jack Fletcher - (Book: Steamed)
Jake Carpenter - (Book: Stella, Get Your Man)
Jack - (Book: Step Into Darkness)
Jackson Tate - (Book: Still Close to Heaven)
Jordan - (Book: Still in Love)
Jake Reed - (Book: Still Waters)
Jerome - (Book: Still Waters Run Deep)
James - (Book: Stillwater Promise)
Jordan Tavistock - (Book: Stolen)
Joseph Lowery - (Book: Stolen Bride, The)
Jonathan Drake - (Book: Stolen Charms)
Jonathan Drake - (Book: Stolen Charms (reprint))
Jason Ryan - (Book: Stolen Identity)
Julian - (Book: Stolen Kiss From a Prince)
Jack Faraday
Marquis of Dansbury
- (Book: Stolen Kisses)
Jack Faraday,
Marquid of Dansbury
- (Book: Stolen Kisses (reissue))
Joe Donelli, Detective - (Book: Stolen Moments)
Jonathan Kenyon - (Book: Stolen Promises)
Jorlan en Sarr - (Book: Stone Prince, The)
Jack - (Book: Stork)
Jack Kellison - (Book: Storm Force)
Jay Delaney - (Book: Storm Force)
James Mannering - (Book: Storm In A Rain Barrel)
Jason Mauer - (Book: Storm Watch)
Jean Marc Andreas - (Book: Storm Winds)
Joss Braden - (Book: Stormbound Surgeon)
Jake Hollingsworth - (Book: Stormfire)
Juan Torres - (Book: Stormy Attraction)
Jarod Wolfe - (Book: Story Princess, The)
Jeff Wheeler - (Book: Storybook Finish, A)
James Chapman - (Book: Straight from the Heart)
Jace Cooper - (Book: Straight From the Heart)
Jace Cooper - (Book: Straight from the Heart (reissue))
Justin Caldwell - (Book: Stranded With The Groom)
Joe Wilder - (Book: Stranded with the Sergeant)
Jason Falco - (Book: Strange Neighbors)
Jonathan "Jack" Templeton - (Book: Strange Possession)
Justin Vidal - (Book: Stranger and I, The)
Jean Marsh - (Book: Stranger at Plantation Inn)
Jean Marsh - (Book: Stranger at Plantation Inn)
Jean Marsh - (Book: Stranger at Plantation Inn (ebook))
Jean Marsh - (Book: Stranger at Plantation Inn (reissue))
Jackson McMahon - (Book: Stranger At the Crossroads)
John Blake - (Book: Stranger in Cold Creek)
Jarrett Taylor - (Book: Stranger in the Mist)
Jarrett Taylor - (Book: Stranger in the Mist (reissue))
Joshua Duff - (Book: Stranger In The Night)
Jonah Campion - (Book: Stranger On The Mountain)
Jordan Cross - (Book: Stranger She Knew, The)
Jake Armstrong - (Book: Stranger's Baby, A)
John Hafner - (Book: Stranger's Gift, A)
Jonathon Harris - (Book: Stranger's Smile, A)
Jack Winter - (Book: Street Magic)
Javier Corbray - (Book: Striking Distance)
John Nailor - (Book: Strip Poker)
Jacob Faulkner - (Book: Striptease)
Jeffrey Lane - (Book: Stroke of Genius, A)
Jim Mitchell - (Book: Stroke of Midnight)
Joel Riker - (Book: Stroke of Midnight, The)
Jasper King - (Book: Strong Enough)
Jack Hawkins - (Book: Strong Silent Type, The)
Josh Banks - (Book: Strong, Silent Type, The)
Jason Davalos - (Book: Stronger by Far)
Jesse Bradford - (Book: Stronger than Sin)
James Allingham - (Book: Stronger Than Yearning (UK))
Jeff Hausen - (Book: Struck by the Texas Matchmakers)
Jonathan Belmont Parker - (Book: Stylish Marriage, A)
John - (Book: Submissive Passion)
Jack Kincaid - (Book: Sudden Death)
Jake Travers - (Book: Suddenly a Father)
Jesse Chapman - (Book: Suddenly Sexy )
Jack Delvin - (Book: Suddenly You)
Jack Devlin - (Book: Suddenly You (reissue))
Jack Travers - (Book: Sugar House, The)
Judd - (Book: Sugar Plums For Dry Creek)
Jace Nolan - (Book: Suicide Club, The)
Jack 'Sully' Sullivan - (Book: Sully's Kids)
Joseph Paxton - (Book: Summer Breeze)
Jack Beresford - (Book: Summer Campaign)
Jack Cumberland - (Book: Summer Heat)
Jefferson - (Book: Summer Lightning)
Jared McBride - (Book: Summer Lightning)
Jayce Kincaid - (Book: Summer of the Midnight Sun)
Joshua Collins - (Book: Summer on Lovers' Island)
Jake Quincannon - (Book: Summer to Come Home, A)
Jacob Jones - (Book: Summer Vows)
Jesse Lawton - (Book: Summer Wind)
Jamie Maclean - (Book: Summer's End)
Jack Wells - (Book: Summer's End)
Jordan Stone - (Book: Summer's Gift)
Jamie Cameron - (Book: Summer's Knight)
Joe Robertson - (Book: Sun Still Shines, The)
Jay - (Book: Sunnyside Blues (trade))
Jake O'Reilly - (Book: Sunrise Canyon)
John Baxter - (Book: Sunset)
Jay Quillian - (Book: Sunshine and Shadows)
Jim Trumbull - (Book: Sunshine Every Morning)
Jay Jennings - (Book: Sunward Journey)
Joe Franconi - (Book: Superstition)
Jack Colcannon, MD - (Book: Surgeon Worth Waiting For, A)
Jack Tremayne - (Book: Surgeon's Fatherhood Surprise, The)
James Crosby - (Book: Surgeon's Reputation, A (UK))
John Calloway - (Book: Surgeon, The)
Jake - (Book: Surprise Christmas Bride,The)
Jim Dyer - (Book: Surprise Delivery)
Jared Tarkett - (Book: Surprise Package)
Joshua Hunt - (Book: Surprised by Love)
Jack Valentine - (Book: Surprising Lord Jack)
Jerome McKenzie - (Book: Surrender)
Jack Greystone - (Book: Surrender)
Jason Sherman - (Book: Surrender)
Jerrett McCullough - (Book: Surrender the Dark)
Jason Carradine - (Book: Surrender the Heart)
Jamie Murdoch - (Book: Surrender to Darkness)
Julian Dylan - (Book: Surrender To Love)
Jake Morgan - (Book: Surrogate and Wife)
Joe Brammer - (Book: Surrogate, The)
Jake - (Book: Susannah's Garden)
Josh Sedovich - (Book: Suspect Witness)
Jesse Crane - (Book: Suspicious)
Jesse Crane - (Book: Suspicious (reprint))
Jake Becker - (Book: Sustained)
James McLeod - (Book: Swan Necklace)
J. Colby - (Book: Swear on This Life)
Josiah Miller - (Book: Sweet Annie's Pass)
Jordan Daniels - (Book: Sweet Anticipation)
James - (Book: Sweet as a Devil)
Jake Molloy - (Book: Sweet Charity)
Jake Magill - (Book: Sweet Deal)
Jackson St. Charles
- (Book: Sweet Decadence)
James Montfort - (Book: Sweet Deceit)
Jeff Greenfield - (Book: Sweet Harmony)
Jacques/Zack St Etienne - (Book: Sweet Home Carolina)
Jack O'Malley - (Book: Sweet Home Colorado)
Jackson Lange - (Book: Sweet Laurel Falls)
Jake Burnett - (Book: Sweet Lullaby)
Jake Coulter - (Book: Sweet Nothings)
Jacob Salt - (Book: Sweet Nothings )
Jake Hartman - (Book: Sweet On You)
Marquis of Roquefort
aka Black Eagle
- (Book: Sweet Piracy)
Jason, Lord Chesterton - (Book: Sweet Remembrance)
Jack Dalton - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Jared Livingston - (Book: Sweet Reward)
Jake, Lord Sothern - (Book: Sweet Sacrifice)
Jamie Cameron - (Book: Sweet Savage Eden)
John Hanlen
- (Book: Sweet Savage Surrender)
James Stewart - (Book: Sweet Seduction)
Joseph Cole-Wilson - (Book: Sweet Silver Bells)
James Lawless - (Book: Sweet Spot)
James Denny - (Book: Sweet Spot, The)
Jonathan Miller - (Book: Sweet Spring)
Jake Stanton - (Book: Sweet Tempest)
James Burke, Major - (Book: Sweet Treason)
Joshua White - (Book: Sweetbrook Family, A (reissue))
Jeff - (Book: Sweeter Than Sin)
Joshua Renoir - (Book: Sweeter Than Temptation)
James Stewart - (Book: Sweeter Than Wine)
Jackson Wilder - (Book: Sweetest Mistake)
Jude Fortune - (Book: Sweetheart for Jude Fortune, A)
Jared Townsend - (Book: Sweetheart Lost and Found)
Julien LeBlanc - (Book: Sweetheart Reunion)
Julien LeBlanc - (Book: Sweetheart Reunion (large print))
Jesse Calloway - (Book: Sweetheart's Knitting Club, The)
Jeremy William Radcliffe - (Book: Switch, The (reissue))
James Graham
First Marquis of Montrose
- (Book: Sword of the Highlands)
John Tomasetti - (Book: Sworn to Silence)
Jordan Bennett - (Book: Sycamore Hill)
Jake Matthews - (Book: T is For Temptation)
Jack Hanford - (Book: Table For Two)
Jude Davis - (Book: Tacked to Death)
Jay Barnes - (Book: Tactical Maneuver)
John Stephens - (Book: Tactical Pleasure)
Jack Mitchell - (Book: Tag, You're It!)
Jericho Tucker - (Book: Tailor-Made Bride, A)
Viscount Ravenswood
- (Book: Take Me)
Joshua Falcon - (Book: Take Me)
Jeremy Sheridan - (Book: Take Me All the Way)
Jack Kaufman - (Book: Take Me Down)
Jackson - (Book: Take Me If You Dare)
Jacques Bernard Dubois - (Book: Take Me There)
James - (Book: Take Me There (hardcover))
James - (Book: Take Me There (paperback))
Johnny Christiano - (Book: Take Me Tonight)
Johann Weir - (Book: Taken)
Jarronn - (Book: Taken By Passion)
Jase Moore - (Book: Taken by the Pirate Tycoon)
Jase Moore - (Book: Taken by the Pirate Tycoon (UK))
Joel Howard - (Book: Taken Over)
Joel Howard - (Book: Taken Over (Collector's Edition))
Jake Sutherland - (Book: Taking Chances)
Jonathan Hunter - (Book: Taking It All)
Jake Dawson - (Book: Taking it All Off)
Jake Stone - (Book: Talking Dirty)
Joseph Ashton - (Book: Talking Dirty with the CEO)
Jonah Devereaux - (Book: Tall Dark Defender)
Jonas Revell - (Book: Tall, Dark Alibi, The)
Justin Reece - (Book: Tall, Dark and Deadly)
Jase McGraw - (Book: Tall, Dark and True)
Jeb Tuhill - (Book: Tallie's Hero)
Jason Tenby - (Book: Taming Jason)
Lieutenant Lord Renwick
- (Book: Taming Lord Renwick)
Jackson Cade - (Book: Taming of Jackson Cade, The)
Joe - (Book: Taming Tara (ebook))
Jake Campbell - (Book: Taming the Boss)
Jack Connor - (Book: Taming the Brooding Cattleman)
Jack Connor - (Book: Taming the Brooding Cattleman (large print))
Joshua Parker - (Book: Taming the Tabloid Heiress)
Jack Reed - (Book: Taming the Takeover Tycoon)
Joe Tregema - (Book: Tangled Emotions (reissue))
Joe Tregenna - (Book: Tangled Emotions (UK))
Jonas Harte - (Book: Tangled Hearts)
Jonathan Lareau - (Book: Tangled Mesh)
Jason of Artane - (Book: Tapestry (Anthology))
Jack Stone - (Book: Targeted)
John Brandon - (Book: Tarnished Rose of Court)
Jeremy St. James
Earl of Marshfield
- (Book: Tart Shoppe, The)
Julian Silk - (Book: Taste Me)
Jake McKnight - (Book: Taste of Desire)
Jace McGraw - (Book: Taste of Sugar, A)
Jake Miller - (Book: Taste of Trouble, A (ebook))
Jack Tallis - (Book: Tastes of Love & Evil)
Jacob Ryan - (Book: Tears of a Class Clown)
Justin - (Book: Tease)
Jackson McCall - (Book: Tease Me)
Jacob MacArthur Catlin - (Book: Tell Me No Lies)
Jake Dominic - (Book: Tempest at Sea)
Joel Sutherland - (Book: Tempestuous Affair)
Julian Standford - (Book: Temple of Fire)
Jakob Andersen - (Book: Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress)
Jakob Andersen - (Book: Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress (Large Print))
Jed Hale - (Book: Temporary Dad)
Jake Hondo - (Book: Temporary Husband)
Jason Campbell - (Book: Temporary Wife, The (ebook))
John Taggert Steele - (Book: Tempt Me)
Joe Ramsey - (Book: Tempt Me Tonight)
Julian Southwood
Earl of Erith
- (Book: Tempt the Devil)
Jim Brady - (Book: Tempt the Night)
Jason Kane - (Book: Temptation)
Jefferson Blake - (Book: Temptation (paperback-reprint))
Jason Kane - (Book: Temptation (reissue))
Jonas Tallent - (Book: Temptation and Surrender)
Josh Bennett - (Book: Temptation's Kiss)
Jeremy Cleland - (Book: Temptations of a Wallflower)
James and Alex - (Book: Tempted)
James Sterling - (Book: Tempted at Every Turn)
Jackson Foss - (Book: Tempted by Blood)
Juan Morales - (Book: Tempted by Dr. Morales)
John Boehler
- (Book: Tempted in the Night)
Jack Hudson - (Book: Tempted Into the Tycoon's Trap)
Jared - (Book: Tempted, The)
Julian - (Book: Tempting A Lady)
Jackson Hill - (Book: Tempting Grace (ebook))
Jake Collins - (Book: Tempting Jake)
James Trevor
Earl of Stafford
- (Book: Tempting Juliana)
Justin Karallis - (Book: Tempting Taylor)
Jed Worth - (Book: Tempting the CEO (ebook))
Jonathan Crestwell - (Book: Tempting the Corporate Spy (ebook))
Jason Traherne,
Marquess of Sheldon
- (Book: Tempting the Marquess)
Jake Finlayson - (Book: Tempting the Negotiator)
Joe Morelli - (Book: Ten Big Ones)
John William MacGregan - (Book: Ten Thousand Charms)
Justin Cartwright - (Book: Tender Kisses)
Jordan Kent - (Book: Tender Trust)
Joel Benedict - (Book: Tender, Loving Cure)
Jason - (Book: Tessa Ever After)
Johnny Devlin - (Book: Test Drive)
Joseph Caldwell - (Book: Test of Love, The)
Jed - (Book: Tested by Fire)
John Gabriel - (Book: Tested By Fire)
Jesse Ludan - (Book: Testimony, The)
Jace Hyland - (Book: Testing the Limits)
James Brody - (Book: Texan for the Holidays)
Jonathan Catlin - (Book: Texan's Dream, The)
Jake Calhoun - (Book: Texan's Forbidden Fiancee, The)
Jacob Dalton - (Book: Texan's Reward, The)
Jase Calhoun - (Book: Texan's Secret Past, The)
Jacob Baron - (Book: Texan's Surprise Son, The)
Jim Schofield - (Book: Texan's Tiny Dilemma, The)
Jet Baron - (Book: Texan's Twins, The)
Jonathan Cleary
U.S. Marshal
- (Book: Texan, The)
Josh Logan - (Book: Texas Blonde)
Jacob Creed - (Book: Texas Bride)
Jack Bass
Texas Ranger
- (Book: Texas Destiny)
John Hawkins - (Book: Texas Embrace)
Josh McGraw - (Book: Texas Fever)
Jace Rule - (Book: Texas Glory)
Jake Stone - (Book: Texas Heat)
Jack Mansfield - (Book: Texas Heat)
Jack Carstairs - (Book: Texas Hero)
Jeremy Masterson - (Book: Texas Midnight)
John Hawkins - (Book: Texas Passions)
Jason Foley - (Book: Texas Tycoon's Christmas Baby, The)
Joshua (Josh) Cantrell - (Book: Texas Viscount)
Jack Sinclair - (Book: Texas Vixen)
Justin McCord - (Book: Texas Wildflower)
Justin McCord - (Book: Texas Wildflower (reprint))
Jake Benton - (Book: Texas-Sized Temptation)
Jack Richardson - (Book: Thankful for Love)
Jacob Carver - (Book: That Blackhawk Bride)
Josh Lord - (Book: That Carolina Summer)
Justin Wheeler - (Book: That Hathaway Woman)
Jesse James - (Book: That James Boy)
Jack Madden - (Book: That Maddening Man)
Jed Pulaski - (Book: That Malcolm Girl)
Jeremiah Burke - (Book: That Reckless Night)
Jonathan Cooper - (Book: That Savage Yankee Squire)
Jake Bradshaw - (Book: That Thing Called Love)
Jake Durham - (Book: That Weekend...)
Jake Durham - (Book: That Weekend... (large print))
Jacob Sauder - (Book: Thee I Love)
Justin Bane - (Book: Their Accidental Baby)
Jake Galeno - (Book: Their Baby Bond)
Jake Forrester - (Book: Their Christmas Family Miracle)
Jonas Mercer - (Book: Their Scandalous Affair)
Joe Davenport - (Book: Their Secret Son)
Jamis Quinn - (Book: Then Comes Baby)
Jasper Finlay - (Book: Then Comes Seduction)
Jacques Parini - (Book: Then He Kissed Me)
Jonathan Fortner - (Book: There and Now)
Jonathan Fortner - (Book: There and Now (reprint))
Joshua Hunter - (Book: There Is a Season)
Jet Blevins - (Book: There's Wild, Then There's You)
Justin Alastair
Duke of Avon
- (Book: These Old Shades)
Joseph Castillo - (Book: They're the One!)
John Brodie - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Jesse Falconer - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Jake Walker - (Book: Thief of Midnight)
Jacob Marin - (Book: Thief's Desire (ebook))
Jeremiah MacNaught - (Book: Thigh High)
Jack Harrington - (Book: Things We Cherished, The (hardcover))
Jamie - (Book: Thirty Postcards Away)
Jason Marsh - (Book: This Bittersweet Love)
Jules MacIntyre - (Book: This Laird of Mine)
Jesse Ward - (Book: This Man)
Jesse Ward - (Book: This Man Confessed)
John Patrick Romanowski - (Book: This Must Be Love)
Jack Tremont - (Book: This Rake of Mine)
Jon, Count Vadim - (Book: This Rough Magic)
Joseph Youngblood - (Book: This Wild Heart)
Jonas Thorne - (Book: Thorne's Way)
Jonas Thorne - (Book: Thorne's Wife)
Jack - (Book: Thoroughly Compromised Lady, A)
Jackson Caldwell - (Book: Those Matchmaking Babies)
Jack Bowman - (Book: Thread of Fear)
Jayce MacTavish - (Book: Threat of Darkness)
John Waltham - (Book: Threat of Darkness)
John Waltham - (Book: Threat of Darkness (large print))
Jackson Tate - (Book: Three Boys And A Baby)
John Dudley
James Elguard
Lord Fanshawe
- (Book: Three Graces, The)
Julien Chappelle - (Book: Three Little Miracles)
Julian Bellamy - (Book: Three Nights with a Scoundrel)
James Beauchamp - (Book: Three Schemes and a Scandal)
Jordan Banks - (Book: Three Times a Lady)
Joe Morelli - (Book: Three to Get Deadly)
Jeff Birmingham - (Book: Three Weddings and a Kiss (Anthology))
Jace Mills - (Book: Three Weeks with a Bull Rider)
Jonas Blake - (Book: Three Wishes)
John Weston
Lord Granville
- (Book: Three Wishes for Miss Winthrop)
Jason Blue - (Book: Three-Course Mystery )
Justin - (Book: Thrill)
John Russell, Sir - (Book: Thrill of the Knight)
Judd Mackie - (Book: Thrill of Victory, The)
Jackson Brent - (Book: Thunder Creek)
Jeff Havers - (Book: Ticket Home)
Joshua Raven, Captain - (Book: Tides of Passion)
John Grant - (Book: Tied to the Tracks)
John Grant - (Book: Tied to the Tracks)
Joe Donelli - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Jago Marsh - (Book: Tiger Man (UK))
James Kerrick - (Book: Tiger's Bride)
Jake Cameron - (Book: Tigers by Night)
Jed Prentiss - (Book: Till Death Do Us Part)
Justin Forbes - (Book: Till There Was You)
Jack Ramsey - (Book: Time and Again)
Joshua Kenley - (Book: Time for Us, A)
Jay Canady - (Book: Time of Her Life, The)
Jay Canady - (Book: Time of Her Life, The (large print))
Jacob Durand - (Book: Time of Hope, A)
Jake Tyler - (Book: Time Raiders: The Seeker)
John Reynolds - (Book: Time To Dance, A)
John Reynolds - (Book: Time to Embrace, A)
Jason Kenyon - (Book: Time to Keep: Kansas, A)
Jonah Martin - (Book: Time To Mend, A)
Josh Lawrence - (Book: Time to Say Good-bye)
John Cutler - (Book: Timeless)
Jacob Hornblower - (Book: Times Change)
Jake Blarney - (Book: Timeswept Bride)
Jake Weston - (Book: Tin Angel)
Jack MacAllister - (Book: To A Macallister Born)
Jordan Hunter - (Book: To Be a Bridegroom)
John Forster - (Book: To Be a Family)
John Forster - (Book: To Be a Family (large print))
Jonathan Hunter - (Book: To Be a Husband)
Jonas Noble - (Book: To Become a Bride)
James Sterling - (Book: To Catch a Pirate)
Jocelyn Deverell
Viscount Paignton
- (Book: To Distraction)
James Moses Crowe - (Book: To Hope (Hardcover))
Jason of Artane - (Book: To Kiss In the Shadows)
James Killoran - (Book: To Love a Dark Lord)
John Stallion - (Book: To Love a Stallion)
Jasper Mendenhall - (Book: To Love A Stranger)
Jack - (Book: To Love and To Cherish)
Jared Smith - (Book: To Love and To Cherish)
John Fauxley, the Earl of Manseth - (Book: To Love and To Cherish)
John Bradshaw - (Book: To Love Anew)
Julius Cavendish - (Book: To Make a Match)
Joseph Smith - (Book: To Marry A British Lord)
James Langdon, Duke of Wentworth - (Book: To Marry The Duke)
James McKinnon - (Book: To Please a Lady)
Josiah Witherspoon - (Book: To Save Her Child)
Jasper Renshaw
Viscount Vale
- (Book: To Seduce A Sinner)
James Armstrong
Duke of Kinross
- (Book: To Tame A Duke)
Joe Morelli - (Book: To The Nines)
Jack Brewer - (Book: To Trust (Hardcover))
James MacCarran - (Book: To Wed a Highland Bride)
Jarrett Hunter - (Book: To Woo a Wife)
John Staple, Captain - (Book: Toll-Gate, The)
John Staple - (Book: Toll-Gate, The (new edition))
Jake Braden - (Book: Tomorrow's Sun)
Jordan Taylor - (Book: Tonight And Always)
Justin Madaris - (Book: Tonight and Forever)
Jeffrey Bradshaw - (Book: Too Close for Comfort)
Jack Corelli - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Jordan Adamson - (Book: Too Close To Call)
Jeffri al-Kareem - (Book: Too Good to Refuse)
Jake Nolte - (Book: Too Hot For Comfort)
Jasper Ellis - (Book: Too Hot to Handle)
Jake Baldwin - (Book: Too Hot to Handle (ebook))
John Gallagher - (Book: Too Many Husbands)
Joe Murphy - (Book: Too Much of a Good Thing)
Jason Knight - (Book: Too Sexy for Marriage)
Jonas Chesney - (Book: Too Short a Blessing)
Jonas Chesney - (Book: Too Short a Blessing (UK))
John Ready - (Book: Too Wicked to Love)
John Ready - (Book: Too Wicked to Love)
Jared Rupp - (Book: Top Shelf (ebook))
Julian Rutherford
Earl of Thorpe
- (Book: Toplofty Lord Thorpe, The)
Julian Rutherford
Earl of Thorpe
- (Book: Toplofty Lord Thorpe, The)
Jovan Creel - (Book: Topping Tora (Ebook))
J.R. - (Book: Torn Apart)
Joe - (Book: Tortoise Tango)
Jack Hampton - (Book: Tory Widow, The)
Jaeden Jefferson - (Book: Total Bliss)
Jerrod - (Book: Total Eclipse of the Heart (ebook))
Jory Dean - (Book: Total Surrender)
Jared - (Book: Touch a Dark Wolf)
Jarvis Swain - (Book: Touch if you Dare)
James Hackett - (Book: Touch Me in The Morning)
Julian Morrow
Viscount Lynden
- (Book: Touch Me With Fire)
Julian Morrow
Viscount Lynden
- (Book: Touch Me With Fire (reissue))
Jacob Preston - (Book: Touch of a Rogue)
Jesse Barrett - (Book: Touch Of Love, A)
Jake McCain - (Book: Touch of Texas)
Jaret Walker - (Book: Touched by Love)
John Garrett - (Book: Touching Evil)
Jay Lomax - (Book: Touching Midnight)
Jake Crosby - (Book: Tougher Than Diamonds (ebook))
Jake Cameron - (Book: Town Social)
Jeremy McQueen - (Book: Toxic)
Joshua Flannigan - (Book: Toys and Wishes)
Jules d'Arcachon - (Book: Traces of Dreams)
John Franco - (Book: Trails of Angela, The)
Jess - (Book: Training Rain (ebook))
Jared - (Book: Training Tess (ebook))
James - (Book: Training to Pleasure)
Jonathan Everly
Captain Sir
- (Book: Traitor's Daughter, The)
James Lynchton - (Book: Traitor's Daughter, The)
James Drummond - (Book: Trap So Tender, A)
Jack Travis - (Book: Trauma Plan)
Jack Frost - (Book: Traveler)
Josh McFadden - (Book: Travelin' Man)
Jake Rodgers - (Book: Treasure Creek Dad)
James Warner - (Book: Treasure of the Heart, A)
James Warner - (Book: Treasure of the Heart, A (Large Print))
Jack Kensington - (Book: Treasured)
James Morrow - (Book: Treasured (ebook))
John Ryan, Senator - (Book: Treasures of the Heart)
Joe Ripani - (Book: Tremors)
Jake Courtenay - (Book: Trial Marriage, A)
Jake Courtenay - (Book: Trial Marriage, A (Collector's Edition))
Jared - (Book: Trial of Innocence)
Jared Morley - (Book: Trial of Innocence (UK))
John - (Book: Trial of True Love)
Jared Winchester - (Book: Trick Me, Treat Me)
Jason Sterling - (Book: Tricky Proposition, A)
John Montrain - (Book: Trifling Affair, A)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Triplets' Rodeo Man, The)
Joe Devlin - (Book: Trouble in Eden)
Jackson James - (Book: Trouble in High Heels)
Joe Clay Foster - (Book: Trouble in Paradise (Hardcover))
Jack Nicholson - (Book: Trouble With J. J., The)
J. J. Hennessy - (Book: Trouble With J.J.)
Jared Chavalier - (Book: Trouble With Jared, The)
Josh - (Book: Trouble With Josh, The)
Jehan - (Book: Trouble with Kings, The)
Jayce Bello - (Book: Trouble with Love, The)
Joshua Blackwell - (Book: Troublemaker Bride, The)
Jeremy Marsh - (Book: True Believer)
Julian Archer - (Book: True Colors)
John Logan - (Book: True Colors)
Marquis of Mullineaux
- (Book: True Colours)
Jacques Dragonet - (Book: True Highland Spirit)
Jess Murdock - (Book: True Love)
Jared Montgomery - (Book: True Love (hardcover))
Jared Montgomery - (Book: True Love (paperback))
Joe Tyler - (Book: True Love Ranch )
John McBride - (Book: True North)
Jake Matherly - (Book: True Seeing (ebook))
Jason Blue - (Book: Truffled Feathers)
Jake Wilder - (Book: Truly Sweet)
Jorund Ericsson - (Book: Truly, Madly Viking)
Jorund Ericsson - (Book: Truly, Madly Viking (reprint))
Judd Graham - (Book: Truly, Madly, Deeply)
Jarrett King - (Book: Trust in Summer Madness)
Julius Arkwright - (Book: Trust No One (hardcover))
Julius Arkwright - (Book: Trust No One (paperback))
Jack DiMarco - (Book: Truth About Tara, The)
Jack DiMarco - (Book: Truth About Tara, The (large print))
Jared Morgan - (Book: Truth or Dare)
J.W. Jarrett - (Book: Try)
Jake Farr - (Book: Trying Patience)
Jake Farr - (Book: Trying Patience (reprint))
James - (Book: Tug of Love)
James - (Book: Tug of Love (UK))
Jack - (Book: Turn Down Service (ebook))
Joe Iskerson - (Book: Turn Left At Sanity)
Justin Case - (Book: Turn Up the Heat)
Jess - (Book: Turn, My Beloved)
James Galt - (Book: Turnabout Twins, The)
Jamie O'Connor - (Book: Turnabout's Fair Play)
Jake Turner - (Book: Turner's Woman)
Jack Hampton - (Book: Turning of Anne Merrick, The)
Jack - (Book: Turning The Tide)
Jack Field - (Book: Twas The Bite Before Christmas)
Julius Forsythe - (Book: Twelfth Night Secrets)
Joaquin Alcolar - (Book: Twelve Month Mistress, The)
Justin Rourke - (Book: Twelve Wicked Nights)
Jehan - (Book: Twice a Prince)
Joe Wright - (Book: Twice in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Jake Henderson - (Book: Twice in a Lifetime)
Joshua - (Book: Twice In A Lifetime)
John Martin - (Book: Twice the Trouble)
Jesse - (Book: Twilight)
Jace McCannon - (Book: Twilight Hunter )
James Poe - (Book: Twilight Prophecy)
Jack Morgan, Captain - (Book: Twilight Secrets)
Jordan Whyte - (Book: Twilight Whispers)
Jonah Stewart - (Book: Twin Peril)
Jonah Stewart - (Book: Twin Peril (large print))
Jordan Ware - (Book: Twin Seduction)
John Sharpe - (Book: Twin Targets)
Jase Campbell - (Book: Twin Temptation)
Jase Nichols - (Book: Twisted in Tulips (ebook))
Justin - (Book: Twisted Up)
Jake Mitchell - (Book: Twisted Up)
Jake Landon - (Book: Two Brothers And A Bride )
Jake Garfield, Detective Inspector - (Book: Two Faced Woman)
Joe Morelli - (Book: Two for the Dough)
Jackson Graham - (Book: Two for the Road)
Jed Calhoun/Ethan Blair - (Book: Two Hot (UK))
Jed Calhoun - (Book: Two Hot!)
Joe - (Book: Two Much Alike)
Marquess of Barham
- (Book: Two of a Kind)
Joe Byron Foxglove - (Book: Two Of a Kind)
Jarett Miller - (Book: Two Sexy!)
John Mallory - (Book: Two Sisters)
Jake Alley - (Book: Two Weddings and a Bride)
John O'Donnell - (Book: Two Week Seduction (ebook))
Jake Wyllie-Lyon - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember)
Jake Wyllie-Lyon - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember)
Jake Wyllie-Lyon - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember (reissue))
Jake Wyllie-Lyon - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember (UK))
Jack - (Book: Two Wrongs Make a Marriage)
Jordan - (Book: Two-Way Street)
Jefferson Parish - (Book: Tycoon and the Townie, The)
Jonah Landis - (Book: Tycoon Takes a Wife, The)
Jonathon Bagdon - (Book: Tycoon's Temporary Baby, The)
James - (Book: Ugly Duchess, The)
Jake Claiborne - (Book: Ultimatum: Marriage)
Jack Fury - (Book: Unauthorized Passion)
Justin de Wolfe - (Book: Uncertain Destiny)
Julian - (Book: Unchained (ebook))
Jeremy Pickering, Lord - (Book: Uncivil Servant, An)
Jonathan Garnett,
Viscount Lowell
- (Book: Uncommon Bequest, An)
Jon-Tyler Holling - (Book: Unconditional)
Jared Dunham - (Book: Unconquered)
Jack - (Book: Uncontrolled Magic)
Julian Devlin - (Book: Uncross My Heart)
Jean-Luc - (Book: Undead Next Door, The)
Jaxson Anderson - (Book: Undeniable)
Julian Blake - (Book: Undeniable (ebook))
Jason Savage - (Book: Undeniable Pleasures)
Jason Randolph - (Book: Under A Rogue Moon (ebook))
Jackson McKay - (Book: Under Fire)
Jake Frasier - (Book: Under Fire (ebook))
John Cassidy - (Book: Under His Protection)
J.J. Cooper - (Book: Under His Spell)
Jimmy Ray - (Book: Under His Spell)
Jackson Steele - (Book: Under My Skin)
John Edmonds - (Book: Under Surveillance)
Jake Trevelyan - (Book: Under the Boss's Mistletoe)
Jake Trevelyan - (Book: Under the Boss's Mistletoe (Large Print))
Johnny Santini - (Book: Under The Influence)
Jones - (Book: Under the Summer Sky)
Jake Brennan - (Book: Under Wraps)
John Sullivan - (Book: Undercover Lover)
John Cinca - (Book: Undercover Memories)
John Cinca - (Book: Undercover Memories (large print))
John Logan - (Book: Undercover Wife)
Jack Miller - (Book: Undercover With the Mob)
Justin Starbuck - (Book: Undoing of Justin Starbuck, The)
John Campbell
Duke of Argyll
- (Book: Undone)
Jonathan Nottoway - (Book: Undone by the Duke)
Julian Chancellor - (Book: Undressing Mr. Darcy)
Josh Strachan - (Book: Unexpected Consequences of Love, The)
Jeremiah Stone - (Book: Unexpected Family)
Joe - (Book: Unexpected Family)
Jeremiah Stone - (Book: Unexpected Family (large print))
Jason Lawrence - (Book: Unexpected Father)
James Edward Devereux - (Book: Unexpected Pregnancy, The)
Jason Hayes - (Book: Unexpected Song, An)
Jason Hayes - (Book: Unexpected Song, An (reissue))
Josh Campbell - (Book: Unexpectedly Yours (ebook))
James Nealy - (Book: Unfinished Garden, The)
Jack Dalton - (Book: Unfogettable)
Jackson Hope - (Book: Unforgettable)
John Smith - (Book: Unforgettable Lady, An (mass market paperback))
Jack Hamilton - (Book: Unidentified Redhead, The)
Jared Clinton - (Book: Unknown Heir, The)
James McKerrigan - (Book: Unlacing the Lady in Waiting (ebook))
John Radwell - (Book: Unladylike Offer, An)
J.D. Porter - (Book: Unlawfully Wedded)
Janus Stanhope - (Book: Unlikely Cupid)
Jesse Justiss - (Book: Unlikely Lady, An)
Jack Hogan - (Book: Unlikely Match, An)
Jason McDeere - (Book: Unlikely Mommy, An)
Jack Rivera - (Book: Unmanned)
Jess Holey - (Book: Unmarried With Children)
Jackson Bailey - (Book: Unmasked)
Jack Beaufort - (Book: Unmasking Miss Lacey)
Jack Rivera
- (Book: Unplugged)
Joshua Angell - (Book: Untamed Angel)
Jim Talbot - (Book: Untamed Desire (reissue))
Jackson Wulf - (Book: Untamed One, The)
Jake Mosley - (Book: Until Jake (ebook))
Jordan Browning - (Book: Until There Was You)
Jerrod Barker - (Book: Until There Was You)
Jack McGarry - (Book: Until We Touch)
Jared - (Book: Until You (ebook))
Julian Norcliff, earl of Lockwood - (Book: Until You're Mine)
Justin Stafford
Earl of Roxham
- (Book: Unwavering Miss Winslow, The)
Justin Wright - (Book: Unwrapping Mr. Wright )
Jack Rivera - (Book: Unzipped)
Jesse Shaw - (Book: Up All Night)
Jake Forrest - (Book: Up Close and Personal)
James Black - (Book: Up to No Good)
John Mystic - (Book: Upon a Mystic Tide)
Jared Mandeville - (Book: Upon a Wicked Time)
Josh Yoder - (Book: Upon a Winter's Night)
Jeff Montgomery - (Book: Uptown and Down)
Jesse Stone - (Book: Utter Domination)
Jareth Darby - (Book: Utterly Devoted)
Jack Bow - (Book: Vagabond Duchess, The)
Jack Bow - (Book: Vagabond Duchess, The (UK))
James Wyndham - (Book: Valentine Legacy, The)
J. J. Beckett - (Book: Valentine's Child)
Jared Branden - (Book: Valentine's Day Ball, The)
Josh Langtree - (Book: Valentine's Day Disaster, The (ebook novella))
Jim Boland - (Book: Valkyrie )
Jack McGunn - (Book: Valkyrie's Guardian, The)
Jacob - (Book: Vampire Queen's Servant, The)
Julian Kane - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
J.T. Logan - (Book: Vanished)
Jake Baxter - (Book: Various States of Undress: Carolina)
Jack Darby - (Book: Vegas Two-Step)
Joe Rico - (Book: Veiled Intentions)
Jordan St. James - (Book: Velvet Promise)
Baron Damerel
- (Book: Venetia)
Jonah Savage - (Book: Vengeful Reunion, A)
Jacob Trasks - (Book: Vermont Valentine )
Jeremy Blackstone - (Book: Very Private Duty)
Jack Sinclair - (Book: Very Private Merger, A)
Jed Cannon - (Book: Very Private Revenge, A)
James, Earl of Alvescot - (Book: Very Proper Widow, A)
Jack Fairchild - (Book: Very Truly Yours)
Jimmy Scott - (Book: Veteran's Way (Hardcover))
Johnny - (Book: Vicious Circle)
Jason Broadrick - (Book: Victoria's Conquest)
John Murphy - (Book: Vienna Prelude)
John of Hawk's Lair - (Book: Viking Takes a Knight, The)
Jonas Woodbridge - (Book: Villain of the Piece)
Julian St. Simon - (Book: Violet)
Jefferson Randolph - (Book: Violet)
Jake Cunningham - (Book: Violet Dawn)
Jake Cunningham - (Book: Violet Midnight)
John Saint Germain
Duke of Avon
- (Book: Violets In the Snow)
James Nash - (Book: Virgin and the Vagabond, The )
Jay - (Book: Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking )
Jack Sheridan - (Book: Virgin River (reissue))
Joe Hart - (Book: Virgin's Secret Marriage, The)
Jake Romero - (Book: Virgin's Seduction, The)
Jared Steele - (Book: Virginia Embrace)
Jarron Bydelay - (Book: Virtue and Vice)
Jack Harrow - (Book: Viscount for Christmas, A)
Jonathan Leinster - (Book: Viscount's Unconventional Bride, The (US edition))
James Burnham - (Book: Viscountess of Vice)
Jason Stanley - (Book: Visibly Broken (ebook))
Joe Morelli - (Book: Vision of Sugar Plums)
John Mancini - (Book: Voices Carry)
Jonah Walker - (Book: Vowed in Shadows)
Joshua Kirkland - (Book: Vows)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Voyager)
Jake Bishop - (Book: Vulnerable)
Josh Logan - (Book: Wager, The)
Jake Titus - (Book: Wager, The)
John William Dalhart - (Book: Wager, The (Hardcover))
Joe Donelli - (Book: Wages of Sin)
Jack McCoy - (Book: Wagon Train Sisters)
John Wallace - (Book: Wait Until Dark)
Justin Reeve Netherwood - (Book: Waiting for an Earl Like You)
Jake Tucker - (Book: Waiting For Baby)
James Marlow, Sir - (Book: Waiting for Deborah)
James Marlow - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (reissue))
James Marlow, Sir - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (reissue))
James Marlow, Sir - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (UK))
James Marlow, Sir - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (UK-reissue))
Jake Farrell - (Book: Waiting For It)
Joshua Knight - (Book: Waiting for You)
Jack Coltrane - (Book: Waiting For You)
Jake Landry - (Book: Waiting For You)
Jude Allman - (Book: Waking Lazarus)
Jason Morrow - (Book: Waking Up (ebook))
Jack Greene - (Book: Walk on the Wild Side)
J P O'Neill - (Book: Walk on the Wild Side, A)
Jake Devlin - (Book: Wallflower, The)
Jack Morgan - (Book: Wallflower, The)
Judd Barnett - (Book: Wanderer, The)
Jake Durham - (Book: Want You Back)
Jonathan Lundy - (Book: Wanted)
Jesse Tanner - (Book: Wanted Woman)
Jacob Smith - (Book: Wanted: A Family)
Jase Cramer - (Book: Wanted: A Real Family)
John Gabriel - (Book: Wanted: Husband, Will Train)
Jack Gaines - (Book: Wanted: One Mommy)
Josh Grady - (Book: Wanted: The Texan)
Jordan Prentis - (Book: Wanted: Wife)
Jake Price - (Book: Wanton Slave)
Jarl Magnus - (Book: Warlord's Wife, The (ebook))
Jackson Wolfe - (Book: Warrior Heart)
Jack Chaney - (Book: Warrior Without a Cause)
John Talako - (Book: Warrior's Honor)
Jarrett - (Book: Warrior's Lady)
Jerval de Vernon - (Book: Warrior's Song)
James Daggert - (Book: Warrior's Way, A)
Jackson Firebird McLean - (Book: Warrior's Woman)
John Nightwalker - (Book: Warrior, The)
Jason Quick - (Book: Watch By Moonlight)
Jacob Wilde - (Book: Waterfall)
Justin Chandler
- (Book: Waves of Passion)
Jamison Hunter - (Book: Way Back, The)
Jamison Hunter - (Book: Way Back, The (large print))
James Parker - (Book: Way Home, The)
Jonah Byler - (Book: Way to a Man's Heart, The)
Jeff Kirby, M.D. - (Book: Way We Wed, The)
Justin Lawson - (Book: Way You Love Me, The)
James Branstoke, Sir - (Book: Waylaid Heart, The)
Jack Berenger - (Book: Ways of Grace, The)
James Bentley - (Book: Wayward Debutante, The)
Judd Wilson - (Book: Wayward Son, The)
Jowan Jermyn - (Book: We'll Meet Again)
Jackson Lange - (Book: We've Got Tonight)
Jim Conners - (Book: Wealth Beyond Riches, A)
Jake Forrest - (Book: Weaver Baby, A)
Jack Thorne - (Book: Wed To The Texan)
Jefferson King - (Book: Wedding at King's Convenience)
Jack Henderson - (Book: Wedding At Waverley Creek)
Jake Larson - (Book: Wedding at White Sands)
Josh - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Jasper Barrington - (Book: Wedding Deception, The)
Jack Kent - (Book: Wedding Escape, The)
Johnny Barnes - (Book: Wedding in Wyoming, A)
Jesse Randall, Captain - (Book: Wedding Journey, The)
James Halloran - (Book: Wedding Pact, The)
Jake Mason - (Book: Wedding Trap, The)
Jacob Lincoln - (Book: Wedding Wish, The)
Josh O'Hara - (Book: Wedding!, The)
Jeb Bedford - (Book: Wednesday's Child)
Jacob Tasker - (Book: Week till the Wedding, A)
Jason Danvers - (Book: Weekends Required)
John Jacobson - (Book: Welcome To Paradise)
Jack - (Book: Wellspring)
Jake Hunter - (Book: Werewolf in Alaska)
Jacob Barr - (Book: West Virginian, The)
Josh DeWet - (Book: Wet and Wilde)
Jake Wethers - (Book: Wethering the Storm)
Jude Anthony - (Book: What a Demon Wants)
Jackson Taylor - (Book: What a Texas Girl Wants)
John Roark - (Book: What a Wallflower Wants)
Jared Nolan - (Book: What a Woman)
J. D. Turner - (Book: What a Woman Should Know)
John Sparks - (Book: What a Woman Wants)
John Jordan - (Book: What Belongs to Her)
John Mitchell - (Book: What Dreams May Come)
Jonas - (Book: What Friends Are For (ebook))
James Montesano - (Book: What Happens Between Friends)
James Montesano - (Book: What Happens Between Friends (large print))
James MacKenzie - (Book: What Happens in Scotland)
J.D. Rivera - (Book: What Madeline Wants)
Jeff Fischer - (Book: What Phoebe Wants)
Jonathan Templar - (Book: What She Wants)
Joe - (Book: What She Wants for Christmas)
James Gresham - (Book: What the Duke Doesn't Know)
Jared Matthews - (Book: What The Heart Knows)
Jase Redlander - (Book: What the Heart Wants)
Jackson Hawk - (Book: What The Millionaire Wants...)
Joe Russo - (Book: What to do about Annie)
Josh Nelson - (Book: What We Did Last Summer)
Jackson Kade - (Book: Whatever It Takes (ebook))
Joe Morgan - (Book: When A Hero Comes Along)
Jeb Dennison - (Book: When Comes the Dawn)
Jack - (Book: When Destiny Calls)
Josh Phillips - (Book: When Dreams Come True)
Jared Donnelly - (Book: When Hearts Collide)
Jack - (Book: When in Rio)
Jay Andrews - (Book: When It Rains)
Jay Andrews - (Book: When It Rains (reprint))
Jack Sullivan - (Book: When Light Breaks)
Joe Mitchum - (Book: When Lightning Strikes Twice)
Jake Lannigan - (Book: When Love Comes My Way)
Jack Friday - (Book: When Marrying a Scoundrel)
Jared Padget - (Book: When One Night Isn't Enough)
Joe - (Book: When Opportunity Knocks)
Josh Brennan - (Book: When Passion Calls)
Jonas Porter - (Book: When She Wasn't Looking)
Jonas Porter - (Book: When She Wasn't Looking (large print))
Jack Forrester - (Book: When Somebody Needs You)
Jack Waterton - (Book: When the Lights Went Out)
Jason Fitzroy - (Book: When Two Paths Meet)
Jason Fitzroy - (Book: When Two Paths Meet (reissue))
Jason Fitzroy - (Book: When Two Paths Meet (UK))
Julius D’Abernon
Marquis of Darley
- (Book: When You Love Someone)
Jake - (Book: When You Speak Love)
Jamie McKie - (Book: Whence Came A Prince)
Julian Ascher - (Book: Where Demons Fear to Tread)
John Troyer - (Book: Where it May Lead)
John Troyer - (Book: Where it May Lead (large print))
Jake Slater - (Book: Where There's a Will)
Julian Lord - (Book: Where There's a Will)
Jim Carter - (Book: Where There's Smoke...)
Jackson Blade - (Book: While Others Sleep)
Jeff Cardoza - (Book: Whip Appeal)
Jake Ross - (Book: Whirlwind Baby)
Josh - (Book: Whirlwind Engagement, A)
Jericho Blue - (Book: Whirlwind Wedding)
Johnny - (Book: Whisper No Lies)
Jake Sheldon - (Book: Whisper of Darkness)
Jake Sheldon - (Book: Whisper Of Darkness (UK))
Jim Ayers - (Book: Whisper on the Water)
Jeb Nubley - (Book: Whisper Town)
Jacob Five-Wounds - (Book: Whisper upon the Water)
Jace Elliott - (Book: Whispered Kisses)
Jonathan Townsend - (Book: Whispers in the Wind)
Jayce Kincaid, Jacob Barringer - (Book: Whispers of Winter)
Jonallo - (Book: Whispers on the Wind)
Jeremy Jones - (Book: White Dove)
Jared Colton - (Book: White Dove's Promise)
Jeremiah Tabak - (Book: White Hot)
Jonathan and Tim Trelain - (Book: White Hot Holidays)
John Winslow - (Book: White Hunter, The)
Jake Salter, - (Book: White Lies (Hardcover))
Jake Salter - (Book: White Lies (reissue))
Jacob Andrews - (Book: White Lily, The)
Jack Dolan - (Book: White Mountain)
James Jones - (Book: White Nights)
John Whitefeather - (Book: Whitefeather's Woman)
Jonas Whitehorn - (Book: Whitehorn's Woman)
Johnny Whitehorse - (Book: Whitehorse)
Jack McCain - (Book: Who Do You Love?)
Joe Brownley - (Book: Who's the Boss?)
James Wolfe - (Book: Whose Bed Is it Anyway?)
Jared Harding - (Book: Whose Lie Is It Anyway?)
Duke of Berenford
- (Book: Wicked Groom, The)
Jake Darcy - (Book: Wicked Jake Darcy)
Jake Darcy - (Book: Wicked Jake Darcy (ebook))
Julian Reece Lambert, Captain
Earl of Blackmoor
- (Book: Wicked Lies)
Jazz Lancing - (Book: Wicked Lies)
Jack - (Book: Wicked Payback)
Jamie McCall - (Book: Wicked Secrets)
Jack Cole - (Book: Wicked Ties)
Jack Cole - (Book: Wicked Ties (reprint))
James Hartley - (Book: Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne, The)
John Fitzhugh Wyckerly - (Book: Wicked Wyckerly, The )
Jed Carrel - (Book: Widow and the Wastrel, The)
Jeremy Searle
Lord Doncastle
- (Book: Widow for Hire)
John Welbourne, Sir - (Book: Widow of Bath, The)
Justin Harte - (Book: Widow's Fire)
Jack Durrant
Major Lord St. Aubyn
- (Book: Widowed Miss Mordaunt, The)
Joel Castille - (Book: Wife Against Her Will)
Justin Dane - (Book: Wife and Mother Forever)
Joe Camden - (Book: Wife By Contract)
Jack Remington - (Book: Wife for a Day)
Joshua Weatherby - (Book: Wife for the Baby Doctor, A)
Jordan Powell - (Book: Wife in Public)
Jack Austen - (Book: Wife Most Unlikely)
Joe Dillon - (Book: Wife Wanted)
Joe Dancing Cloud - (Book: Wild Abandon)
Jackson Crow - (Book: Wild About a Texan)
Joe Aldonez - (Book: Wild Affair, A)
Jeremy Dunstan - (Book: Wild and Hexy)
Jesse Chandler - (Book: Wild and Wicked)
Jett Coulson - (Book: Wild and Wonderful)
Jett Kendrick - (Book: Wild Blood)
Jackson Davies - (Book: Wild Child)
Jake Pendragon - (Book: Wild Concerto)
Jake Pendragon - (Book: Wild Concerto (UK))
Jonathan Blair - (Book: Wild Desire)
Jared Royal - (Book: Wild Enchantress)
Jared Royal - (Book: Wild Enchantress (Collector's Edition))
Jake Tyler - (Book: Wild Fling Or a Wedding Ring?)
Jason Hawk - (Book: Wild Hawk)
Jason Blaine - (Book: Wild Heart Tamed)
Jared - (Book: Wild Heart, The (UK))
J.K. Cameron - (Book: Wild Honey)
Jared Brady - (Book: Wild Honey)
Joe Colbert - (Book: Wild Horse Canyon)
Jacob Blum - (Book: Wild Indigo)
John LeDeux - (Book: Wild Jinx)
Jason - (Book: Wild Melody)
Johnny Midnight - (Book: Wild Midnight)
Jedwin Sparrow - (Book: Wild Oats)
Julian Ramsey
Philip Neville, Captain
- (Book: Wild Rose)
Julian Dane
Earl of Hawkley
- (Book: Wild Rose, The)
Jackson Malone - (Book: Wild Stallion)
Julian Cuevas - (Book: Wild Ways (ebook))
Jesse Kincaid - (Book: Wild West Wife)
Jonas Winslow - (Book: Wild Western Fire)
Jake Drummond - (Book: Wild Wings, Wild Heart)
Josh Montague - (Book: Wild Witch)
Jess Lawless - (Book: Wildcard)
Jarrod Savage - (Book: Wildcat)
Jerden - (Book: Wildcat)
Jude Wilde - (Book: Wilde Nights in Paradise (ebook))
Jason Tiber - (Book: Wilderness)
Jake Broussard - (Book: Wildest Dreams (reissue))
Jake Reynolds - (Book: Wildfire)
Josh Bryant - (Book: Wildfire)
Jake Lassiter - (Book: Wildflower)
Jefferson William HAddon III - (Book: Will and a Wedding, A)
Justin St. Clair - (Book: Willful Widow, The)
Jordan Worth - (Book: Willful Wife, The)
James Killern - (Book: Willing to Wed)
Jasper Caulfield - (Book: Willingly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded)
Jules Asher - (Book: Willow)
James Langford - (Book: Wily Wastrel, The )
Jace Westfall - (Book: Win, Lose...Or Wed!)
Jock Faucon - (Book: Wind Across Kylarmi)
Jonathan Ramsay - (Book: Wind Along the River, The)
Jake - (Book: Windfall)
Jared Cradowg - (Book: Window on Today)
Jacob Proctor - (Book: Windswept)
Jake Chambers - (Book: Wine, Tarts, & Sex)
James (Mac) Mackenzie - (Book: Wings of Love)
Javier Perez - (Book: Winning Isabel)
Jason Alright - (Book: Winning Moves)
Jack Elder - (Book: Winning the Widow's Heart)
Jacob King - (Book: Winnowing Season, The)
James Etchison - (Book: Winter Blossom)
Jed Corbin - (Book: Winter Bride)
Jed Corbin - (Book: Winter Bride(ebook))
Joshua Graber - (Book: Winter's Awakening)
Jackson Reece - (Book: Winter's Rose, A)
Jaufre de Macy
"The Dark Knight"
- (Book: Winterbourne)
J.D. McCullough - (Book: Winterfire)
Jason Crickett - (Book: Wish Upon a Star (ebook))
Justin Teylingen - (Book: Wish With the Candles)
Justin Teylingen - (Book: Wish With the Candles (reissue))
Justin Teylingen - (Book: Wish With the Candles (UK))
Justin Teylingen - (Book: Wish With the Candles (UK-reissue))
Jack Thornfield - (Book: Wish You Were Here)
Jace Mongomery - (Book: Wishes)
Jack McAllister - (Book: Witch Fire)
Jack - (Book: Witch From the Sea, The)
James Sebastian, Viscount Brummel - (Book: Witch of Brummel)
Joarr Enge - (Book: Witch Thief, The)
Jed Trudeau - (Book: Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses, A)
Jake Seton - (Book: Witchstone)
J.B. Pendleton - (Book: Witchy Business (Anthology))
Joe Marchetti - (Book: With a Little T.L.C.)
Jeremy Jones - (Book: With All My Heart)
Joshua Kenyon - (Book: With All My Heart)
Julian Thorpe - (Book: With Eyes of Love)
Jackson Judge - (Book: With Eyes of Love)
Johnny Henry - (Book: With Heart)
Jack McGowan - (Book: With No Regrets)
Jericho Capriotti - (Book: With This Kiss)
Jake McMasters - (Book: Within Striking Distance)
James Wolfe - (Book: Without Trust)
James Wolfe - (Book: Without Trust (UK))
Jackson Cole - (Book: Without You)
Jake Walters - (Book: Witness on the Run)
Jack Wolf - (Book: Wolf and the Angel)
Jacque LaForge - (Book: Wolf at the Door (ebook))
Jacob - (Book: Wolf Breeds - Jacob's Faith)
Joel Kanturk - (Book: Wolf Girl (UK))
Jase Fortune - (Book: Wolf River)
Jake Forrester - (Book: Wolf, The)
Jacob & Johnathon O'Connail - (Book: Wolf-Bound: Beasts in the Labyrinth (ebook))
Jake Wolfe - (Book: Wolfe Waiting)
Jack Corbin - (Book: Woman Like Annie, A)
James Drake - (Book: Woman of Love, A (ebook))
Joe Sullivan - (Book: Women in Joe Sullivan's Life, The)
Jack McKay - (Book: Word of Honor)
Jared Winter - (Book: Words of Love)
Japhrimel/Gabe - (Book: Working For The Devil)
Jake Tregowan - (Book: Working Girl)
Jordan Finch - (Book: World According to Ali, The (ebook))
Jonah Closky - (Book: Worth Fighting For)
Jackson Worth - (Book: Worth the Risk)
Jackson St. James - (Book: Worth the Risk)
Jack - (Book: Would-Be Wife)
Jamie Fraser - (Book: Written in My Own Heart's Blood (hardcover))
Jack Rutherford - (Book: Written in the Stars)
Jake Brogan - (Book: Wrong Girl, The)
Joe Faroe - (Book: Wrong Hostage, The)
Jed Monroe - (Book: Wrong Man in Wyoming, The)
Julian Gage - (Book: Wrong Man, Right Kiss)
Jace Lantry - (Book: Wyoming Manhunt)
Jace Lantry - (Book: Wyoming Manhunt (Large Print))
Jason Beaumont - (Book: Yankee Earl)
John Mason - (Book: Yankee Lover)
Jeffrey Craig - (Book: Yesterday Comes Tomorrow)
Jared - (Book: Yesterday's Dreams, Tomorrow's Promises)
Jake Lucas - (Book: Yesterday's Echoes)
Jake Lucas - (Book: Yesterday's Echoes (Collector's Edition))
Jason Whitaker - (Book: Yesterday's Memories)
Justin Delacroix - (Book: Yesterday's Passion)
Jake Parrish - (Book: Yesterday's Roses)
Justin Lamontagne - (Book: Yesterday's Wedding)
John Tallman - (Book: Yesteryear)
Joshua Campbell - (Book: Yesteryear's Love)
James Ferrington - (Book: You and No Other)
J.D. Fitzpatrick - (Book: You Belong to Me)
Jay Danziger - (Book: You Can't Escape)
Jonathon Davidson - (Book: You Don't Know Jack)
Joe Bascombe - (Book: You're the One That I Haunt)
Jonas Eberhardt - (Book: You, And No Other)
Jake Burton - (Book: Your Bed or Mine?)
James Cordier - (Book: Your Scandalous Ways)


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