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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Heroes with first name starting with K

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Kanoe Anakalea - (Book: 10 Days in Paradise)
Keith - (Book: 13 Little Blue Envelopes)
Kyle Rhodes - (Book: About that Night)
Karl von Lohenberg - (Book: Accidental Prince, The)
Keegan Flaherty - (Book: Accidental Werewolf, The)
Kelly Robak - (Book: After Hours (ebook))
Kane Lombard - (Book: After Midnight)
Kane Lombard - (Book: After Midnight (reissue))
Kyle - (Book: Alaskan Exposure (ebook))
Knox Callaghan - (Book: All Chained Up)
Kyle - (Book: Allied Operations)
Kirk Long - (Book: Alpine Meadows Nurse)
Kyle Reeves,
- (Book: Always a Hero)
Kevin Daniels - (Book: Amazing Gracie)
Kyle - (Book: Amber and Amethyst)
King Culhane - (Book: Amelia)
King Culhane - (Book: Amelia (reissue))
King Culhane - (Book: Amelia (reissue))
Kieran Callaghan - (Book: And Then He Kissed Me)
Kaldak - (Book: And Then You Die)
Kieren Somerfield
Earl of Stanford
- (Book: Angel for the Earl, An)
Kid Collins - (Book: Angel Heart)
Keenan - (Book: Angel of Darkness)
Keenan - (Book: Angel of Darkness (reprint))
Kirk Devon - (Book: Angel of Smoky Hollow)
Kasabian - (Book: Angel Seduced)
Kurt Bonner - (Book: Angel Unaware)
Kit - (Book: Anglophile, The)
Kevin Callahan - (Book: Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor)
Kyle Prescott - (Book: Apache Nights)
Kayto - (Book: Apache Warrior)
Kurt Mulldoon - (Book: April in Bloom )
Kage Archer - (Book: Archer)
Kelric - (Book: Ascendant Sun)
Kerrick - (Book: Ascension)
Kyle Lockhart - (Book: Ask Her at Christmas (ebook))
Kit Atkins - (Book: Assignment: Bodyguard)
Kristian Koumantaros - (Book: At the Greek Boss's Bidding)
Kristian Koumantaros - (Book: At the Greek Boss's Bidding (UK))
Kenelm Raiher - (Book: Aurora)
Kazimir Vasilov
- (Book: Awaiting the Night)
Kurt Lang - (Book: Baby Bequest, The)
Kyle MacNeill - (Book: Baby for Rebecca, A)
Kendall Armstrong - (Book: Baby, Come Home)
Kevin Vaccaro - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours)
Kayan the Barbarian - (Book: Barbarian, The)
Kelly John Beach - (Book: Beach Alibi, The)
Karrick Logan - (Book: Beast Of Dreams)
Kieran Holt - (Book: Beast Within, The)
Kevin Grove - (Book: Beauty and the Badge)
Kevin Grove - (Book: Beauty and the Badge (Large Print))
Kit Whitelaw - (Book: Beauty and the Spy)
Koldo - (Book: Beauty Awakened)
Kyle O'Brien - (Book: Becoming a Cavanaugh)
Kane Marshall - (Book: Bedded By the Boss)
Keir McQuade - (Book: Bedding the Enemy)
Keith Hampton - (Book: Behind the Mask)
Kane - (Book: Beholder, The)
Kit Wilde
Earl of Bourne
- (Book: Beleaguered Lord Bourne, The)
Kit Stanhope - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Korl Com'nder - (Book: Beneath the Thirteen Moons (paperback))
Keiran Devers - (Book: Besieged)
Kurt Striker - (Book: Best-Kept Lies: The McCaffertys - Randi)
Kieron O'Brian - (Book: Betting the Rainbow)
Kipp Halstead - (Book: Beware, My Love)
Kane - (Book: Beyond the Edge)
Kelson - (Book: Bishop's Heir)
Kieran McKendrick - (Book: Bite Of Magick, A)
Kane Marshall - (Book: Bittersweet Love)
Kalen Black - (Book: Black Moon)
Keir MacNeil - (Book: Black Raven's Lady)
Katie Benedict - (Book: Blindside)
Keegan - (Book: Blood of the Demon)
Kasper Pennington - (Book: Blue By You (ebook))
Kasper Pennington - (Book: Blue By You (paperback))
Ken Radnor - (Book: Blue Chip Bride)
Kiptyn Llowell - (Book: Blue Forever)
Kyle Ackland - (Book: Blue Moon (ebook-novella))
Kyle Gordon - (Book: Blue Sky Guy)
Kevin Whattling - (Book: Bluestocking on His Knee, The)
KD - (Book: Born Again Virgin (ebook))
Keith Nielson - (Book: Born in the Valley)
Kyle Ramsey - (Book: Born of Passion)
Kere - (Book: Born of Silence (hardcover))
Kurt McLaughlin - (Book: Boss, The Baby and Me, The)
Karn - (Book: Bound by Desire)
Kaden - (Book: Bound to Trust)
Kane Hawthorne - (Book: Bounty Hunter)
Kit Braddock - (Book: Brazen)
Karl - (Book: Breath of Fire)
Kane McClellan - (Book: Bridal Price, The)
Kiel Brown - (Book: Bride Came C.O.D, The)
Kyle Merrick - (Book: Bride Until Midnight, A)
Kit - (Book: Bride Unveiled, A)
Kevin Quintano - (Book: Bride Wore Blue Jeans, The)
Kane Lennox - (Book: Bridesmaid And The Billionaire, The)
Kent Rigby - (Book: Bridesmaid Says, "I Do!")
Kent Rigby - (Book: Bridesmaid Says, "I Do!" (large print))
Kenneth "Casey" Casswell - (Book: Build Me a Dream)
Keeton West - (Book: Bull Rider's Baby, The)
Keeton West - (Book: Bull Rider's Baby, The)
Keeton West - (Book: Bull Rider's Baby, The (large print))
Kiril - (Book: Burning Desire)
Kell Bevan - (Book: Bush Doctor's Challenge, The)
Keane Marshall - (Book: By My Heart Betrayed)
Kix Branaman, Sheriff - (Book: Cady's Cowboy)
Kean Toland - (Book: Calabi Chronicles: Bloodstone)
Kirk Callaghan - (Book: Callaghan's Way)
Kane - (Book: Can I Keep You (ebook))
Kendrick Thompson - (Book: Can't Stop Loving You)
Kendrick Thompson - (Book: Can't Stop Loving You)
Kent Berger - (Book: Candle For Nick, A)
Khair Bey - (Book: Captive)
Kit Saber
- (Book: Capture the Wind)
Kristo Stanrakis - (Book: Captured and Crown)
Keelan Hunter - (Book: Caring For His Babies)
Keith Curtis - (Book: Castles in the Air)
Kevin Dunbar - (Book: Catch of the Day (ebook))
Kahn - (Book: Challenge, The)
King Arthur / Sir Lancelot - (Book: Child of the Holy Grail)
Kyle Renbourne
Viscount Maxwell
- (Book: China Bride, The)
Kristoffer - (Book: Chocolate Seduction, The)
Kirby Derwent
Lord Falkner
- (Book: Christina)
Kade McKendrick - (Book: Christmas Child, The (reissue))
Kevin Ganlin - (Book: Christmas Curveball (ebook))
Kynan Trent - (Book: Cinnamon Sky)
Kynan Trent - (Book: Cinnamon Sky [Large Print])
Kenrick - (Book: Claimed By the Wolf)
Kane Covington - (Book: Cloudcastle)
Kane Covington - (Book: Cloudcastle (reissue))
Kenneth Tristan - (Book: Cobra and the Concubine, The)
Kayden - (Book: Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, The (ebook))
Kash - (Book: Cold, Hard Kash (ebook))
Kell Frayne - (Book: Collison Course)
Kit Sparhawk, Captain - (Book: Columbine)
Keith O'Connell - (Book: Coming Home for Christmas)
Kevin Harmon, U.S. Marshal - (Book: Completely Smitten)
Kevin Harmon - (Book: Completely Smitten (reissue))
Kit Dysart - (Book: Consider the Lily)
Kit Brodie - (Book: Conspiracy of Hearts (UK))
K...o - (Book: Contact)
Kyson Dekker - (Book: Controversy)
Khalil Franklin - (Book: Corporate Seduction)
Kurt Lansing - (Book: Count on Me)
Kade Danning - (Book: Cowboy Comes Back)
Kip Cosgrove - (Book: Cowboy Daddy)
Kent Cutler - (Book: Cowboys Are for Loving)
Kiowa - (Book: Coyote Breeds - Soul Deep)
Kit Fitzroy - (Book: Craving the Forbidden)
Kit Fitzroy - (Book: Craving the Forbidden (large print))
Kid Chronopolous - (Book: Crazy Kisses)
Kristoff - (Book: Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang)
Shadow Prince
- (Book: Crown of Destiny)
Kaliq - (Book: Crown of Destiny (reprint))
Kenneth - (Book: Cruel Legacy (UK))
Keith Winston - (Book: Cry Sanctuary (ebook))
Kenley Chase
Viscount Winstoke
- (Book: Cupboard Kisses (reissue))
Kenneth Hathaway, Lieutenant - (Book: Cupid's Darts)
Kyle McDermott - (Book: Dad by Choice)
Ken Forrest - (Book: Daddy Due Date, The)
Kirk Hardaker - (Book: Daddy to the Rescue)
Kell Hamilton - (Book: Daddy Was a Cowboy)
Kell Hamilton - (Book: Daddy Was a Cowboy (reissue))
Kieran Chatam - (Book: Dance With a Prince, To)
Kirtn - (Book: Dancer's Luck)
Kilraven - (Book: Dangerous (Hardcover))
Kilraven - (Book: Dangerous (paperback))
Kirk Maxwell - (Book: Dangerous Dilemmas)
Keir Harding - (Book: Dangerous Season)
Kel Stuart - (Book: Dangerous Stranger)
Kane Epps - (Book: Dangerously Yours)
Kent Hart - (Book: Dante's Daughter)
Karrel Dante - (Book: Dante's Girl)
Kerr Vik - (Book: Dark Crusade)
Kaderil - (Book: Dark Deceiver)
Kieran - (Book: Dark Enchantment)
Kurt Saxon - (Book: Dark Knight)
Ken Kincaid - (Book: Dark Love, A)
Keegan - (Book: Dark Sapphire (ebook))
Kellan - (Book: Darkest Flame)
Khalis Tannous - (Book: Darkest of Secrets, The)
Khalis Tannous - (Book: Darkest of Secrets, The (large print))
Khalis Tannous - (Book: Darkest of Secrets, The (UK))
Kaziel - (Book: Darkness Within)
Kamerone Cree - (Book: Darkwind (ebook))
Kellian York - (Book: Darling Annie)
Kingston Devereaux - (Book: Darling Enemy)
Kingston Devereaux - (Book: Darling Enemy (reissue))
Kjell Bjorklund - (Book: Dawn's Prelude)
Kenneth Link
Marquess of Broadmoor
- (Book: Day-Dreaming Lady, The (Hardcover))
Kennedy Archer - (Book: Dead Silence )
Ken Norton - (Book: Deadly Game)
Kellan Burke - (Book: Deadly Intent)
Kevin Dancer - (Book: Deadly Recall)
Kerick Riley - (Book: Death Row: The Avenger)
Kerick Riley - (Book: Death Row: The Fugitive)
Kerick Riley - (Book: Death Row: The Hunter)
Kerick Riley - (Book: Death Row: The Trilogy (Anthology))
Kirk Thorburn - (Book: Debt of Honour)
Kash - (Book: Deceiving Lies)
Kier - (Book: Deception)
Kayden - (Book: Demand)
Kelson - (Book: Deryni Rising, The)
Kane Chambers - (Book: Desert Dreams)
Khalid Beg - (Book: Desert Eden)
Kaliq Al-Zahir A'Zam - (Book: Desert King's Bejewelled Bride, The)
Kaliq Al-Zahir A'zam - (Book: Desert King's Bejewelled Bride, The (UK))
King Zakari - (Book: Desert King's Housekeeper Bride, The)
Khalid Bin Shareef,
- (Book: Desert King's Pregnant Bride, The)
Khalid Bin Shareef,
- (Book: Desert King's Pregnant Bride, The (UK))
- (Book: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress)
- (Book: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress (UK))
Kamal Aal Masood - (Book: Desert King, The)
Keith Martin - (Book: Desert Rain)
Kane Stoddard - (Book: Devil and Miss Goody Two-Shoes, The)
King Talin - (Book: Devil's Concubine, The (ebook))
Kamal, the Bey of Oran - (Book: Devil's Daughter)
Kamal, the Bey of Oran - (Book: Devil's Daughter (reissue))
Kyden - (Book: Devil's Kiss, The)
Kell Sabin - (Book: Diamond Bay)
Kelly Riordan - (Book: Dirty Deeds)
Kaia Ohana - (Book: Distant Echoes)
Kyle Cameron - (Book: Do Me Right)
Kent Larson - (Book: Doctor For Keeps, A)
Kyle Martin - (Book: Doctor's Defender, The)
Kyle Martin - (Book: Doctor's Defender, The (large print))
Kent McCloy - (Book: Doctor's Vow, A)
Kyle Hadley - (Book: Double Exposure)
Kenzie Jacobs - (Book: Double Take)
Kiran - (Book: Dowery Bride, The)
Kyle Sherman - (Book: Down Home Dixie)
Kostya - (Book: Dragon Fall)
Kye - (Book: Dragon's Warrior, The)
Kiril - (Book: Dragonborn)
Klaus von Bruner - (Book: Dream Lover)
Kurt Foster - (Book: Dream Machine)
Kirby Mitchell - (Book: Dream Spinner)
Keenan Eagle - (Book: Dreams of An Eagle)
Keith Garrison - (Book: Dreams of Glass)
Kent Nelson - (Book: Driving Her Crazy)
Kevin Stone - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous (reissue))
Kevin Stone - (Book: Drop Dead, Gorgeous!)
K.C. - (Book: Echoes)
Kell Lasseter - (Book: Ecstasy)
Kellan Archer - (Book: Edge of Dawn (hardcover))
Kellan Archer - (Book: Edge of Dawn (paperback))
Khaemhat, Priest of Osiris - (Book: Egyptian Days (ebook))
Khaemhat - (Book: Egyptian Nights (ebook))
Keith Mactavish - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Kanen Benedict, Major - (Book: Enchanted Ecstasy)
Karl Lindstrom - (Book: Endearment, The)
Keelen Brooks - (Book: Endless Enchantment)
Kane Pendleton - (Book: Enemy Mine)
King Kil Q'an Tal - (Book: Enslaved)
Ken Barker - (Book: Escape, The (ebook))
King Amony - (Book: Etched in Stone)
Kieran - (Book: Eternally)
Kaine Cloudwalker - (Book: Eye of the Dream)
Keegan Taber - (Book: Eye of the Tiger)
Keegan Taber - (Book: Eye of the Tiger (reissue))
Kieran O'Roarke - (Book: Eyewitness)
Kieran O'Roarke - (Book: Eyewitness (large print))
Kev Larsen - (Book: Fade to Midnight (Hardcover))
Kev Larsen - (Book: Fade to Midnight (paperback))
Kyle Perry - (Book: Fair Game)
Kyle Mitchell - (Book: Family Homecoming, A)
Kenny - (Book: Family Wedding, The)
Kyle McRaney - (Book: Family: The Secret Ingredient)
King Arthur - (Book: Fate of Camelot)
Kaldar Mar - (Book: Fate's Edge)
Kane Hunter - (Book: Father Found)
Kyle Haynes - (Book: Father in Training)
Kyle - (Book: Father Takes a Wife)
Kedric - (Book: Fearless)
Kedric - (Book: Fearless)
Kieran MacAuley - (Book: Fearless)
Kane - (Book: Feline Breeds - Kiss of Heat)
Karrel - (Book: Feodar's World (ebook))
Keegan - (Book: Fey Born)
Kane Rafferty - (Book: Fiery Virginia Jewel)
Kale Conner - (Book: Find Me)
Keith Morgan - (Book: Find My Way Home)
Kevin Reece - (Book: Finding True Love (Hardcover))
Kenneth Maxwell Jr. - (Book: Fire Beneath The Ice)
Kirtn - (Book: Fire Dancer)
Kane the Warrior - (Book: Fire Hawk)
Karr - (Book: Fire King, The)
Karr - (Book: Fire King, The (mass market))
Ken - (Book: Fire Me)
Kyden - (Book: First and Last)
Kingston Roper - (Book: Fit for a King)
Kingston Roper - (Book: Fit for a King (reissue))
Kellen Alexander - (Book: Five Star Desire)
Koranen - (Book: Flame, The)
Koranen - (Book: Flame, The (mass market))
Kam Nextor - (Book: Flames of Arousal)
Kyle Scanlon - (Book: Flashback)
Kai - (Book: Flirting With Forty)
Kell Montrose - (Book: For Her Son's Sake)
Kirk Chandler - (Book: For The Children)
King Loucan - (Book: For the Taking)
Killian - (Book: Forbidden)
Kellen Sinclair, Major - (Book: Forbidden Flame)
Keino Mazrui - (Book: Foreign Affair, A)
Keith Washington - (Book: Forever Love)
Kane Taggart - (Book: Forever Yours)
Kane Taggart - (Book: Forever Yours)
Keaton Fortune Whitfield - (Book: Fortune in Waiting, A)
Kirk Ridgeway - (Book: Fourth Child, The)
Kevin Riley - (Book: Full Exposure)
Kane Jackson - (Book: Full Throttle)
Kerr Wallace - (Book: Gallant Match)
Kyle Armstrong - (Book: Games, The)
Kalen - (Book: Gateway)
Kole - (Book: Genesis (ebook))
Kal - (Book: Genie Knows Best)
Keanan Milroy - (Book: Gentleman At Heart, A)
Kane McNabb - (Book: Get Blondie)
Kyle Denison - (Book: Ghost Redeemed)
Kyle Chambers - (Book: Give and Take)
Kaeden Strong - (Book: Give Me Fever)
Kyle Chase - (Book: Giving Chase)
Kane Doyle - (Book: Glimpse of the Dream, A)
Kyle Harris - (Book: Grave Silence (ebook))
Kane Kaproulias - (Book: Greek's Bridal Bargain, The )
Kaiden - (Book: Guardian Redeemed)
Kol Hildr - (Book: Guardian's Keep)
Kyle Carlson - (Book: Guarding Sophie)
King Arthur / Sir Lancelot - (Book: Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country)
Khalid - (Book: Guilty Pleasure)
Kevin O' Brien - (Book: Harbor Lights)
Knox - (Book: Hard As a Rock)
Kent Hogarth - (Book: Hat Box, The)
Karoly - (Book: Haunting Karoly (ebook))
King Charles - (Book: Health Unto His Majesty, A)
Kurt Bolan - (Book: Heart At Risk)
Kyle Richardson - (Book: Heart Divided, A)
Kirk Jacobs - (Book: Heart Healed, A)
Kees - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Kenrick of Clairmont - (Book: Heart of the Flame)
Karl Wilhelm, Prince - (Book: Heart of the Raven)
Kit Howland - (Book: Heart's Haven, The)
Kel Jellic - (Book: Heartbreak Hero)
Kieran Black - (Book: Hearts At Stake)
Kahron Strong - (Book: Heated)
Kaden Marks - (Book: Heatseeker)
Kincade MacKay - (Book: Heaven on Earth)
Kade Stewart - (Book: Hellion and the Highlander)
Keenan James - (Book: Hello, Doggy!)
Kenyon Blake - (Book: Her Kind of Man)
Kane Healey - (Book: Her One and Only Valentine)
Kieran Rossburn - (Book: Her Scottish Groom)
Keaton Phillips - (Book: Her Second Chance)
Kyle Radcliff - (Book: Her Secret, His Child)
Kieran O Bannon - (Book: Her Warrior Slave)
Kent Sorensen - (Book: Here Comes the Groom)
Kramer Adams - (Book: Here Comes Trouble)
King Charles II - (Book: Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord)
Keshon Gray - (Book: Hero at Large)
Kell Kreiger - (Book: Hidden Agendas)
Keith Devers - (Book: Hidden Heir, The)
Keith Devers - (Book: Hidden Heir, The (UK))
Kyle Wright - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Kelson - (Book: High Deryni)
Kent Grasso - (Book: High Gear)
Kyle Prescott - (Book: High Society Sabotage)
Kyle Prescott - (Book: High Society Sabotage [Large Print])
Kieran O'Mara - (Book: Highland Fire)
Kieran O'Mara - (Book: Highland Fire (UK))
Knox Mackenzie - (Book: Highlander Mine)
Kade Mackenzie - (Book: Highlander Taken)
Kevin Burke - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Keir Alexander - (Book: Hired Husband, The)
Kyle Munroe - (Book: Hired: Sassy Assistant)
Kyle Munroe - (Book: Hired: Sassy Assistant (Large Print))
Kevin O'Brien - (Book: His Best Mistake)
Kaiden Thorne - (Book: His Dark Embrace)
Kyle Nelson - (Book: His Reason to Stay (ebook))
Kieran Broderick - (Book: His Rebel Bride)
Kirk Deverill - (Book: His Ring, Her Baby)
Kipling Gilmore - (Book: Hold Me)
Kane Madigan, Detective - (Book: Holding Out for a Hero)
Kyle Jarreau - (Book: Holiday Romance, A)
Kerrigan McPherson - (Book: Home for a Wild Heart)
Kyle Lancaster - (Book: Homecoming at Hickory Ridge)
Kevin Halloran - (Book: Honor)
Kit Montgomery
Lord St John
- (Book: Honor's Bride)
Kane - (Book: Honor's Price)
Kenonnas the Scythian - (Book: Horse Goddess, The)
Khalil - (Book: Hostage of the Hawk)
Kade Strong - (Book: Hot Like Fire)
Kaleb Strong - (Book: Hot Spot, The)
Kallen McBride - (Book: Hot Stuff)
Kyle Winthrop - (Book: How I Changed My Life)
Kirk, Lord - (Book: How to Entice an Enchantress)
Kane Durant - (Book: How to Seduce a Cavanaugh)
Kyle Straker - (Book: Human.4 (Hardcover))
Kougar - (Book: Hunger Untamed)
Karsten Nicholae, Count - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Kane Winter - (Book: Hunting The Hunter)
Knight Dennison
Viscount Rutleigh
- (Book: Husband Hunt, The)
Kyle Murdock - (Book: Husband in Her Stocking, A)
Keenan McGregor - (Book: Husband List, The)
Kim Lyons - (Book: I'll Be Watching You)
Kenneth Maxwell Jr. - (Book: Ice Under Fire)
Kyle Montgomery - (Book: If Looks Could Kill)
Kyle Lawson - (Book: If There Be Pain)
Kevin - (Book: If We Kiss)
Kalen - (Book: Immortals: The Awakening)
Kitt Covington - (Book: Importance of Almack's, The)
Kane - (Book: Impulsive)
Kit Fitzroy - (Book: In Bed With a Stranger)
Kit Fitzroy - (Book: In Bed With a Stranger (large print))
Kelsey Jamison - (Book: In God's Own Time)
Kyle Peters - (Book: In Her Corner)
Kazim al Saraq - (Book: In The Arms Of The Sheikh)
Kenneth Vance - (Book: In the Enemy's Sights)
Kearnan Gray - (Book: In The Heat Of The Night)
Kasey McGrath - (Book: Irish Mist (ebook))
Keith Henson - (Book: Island, The)
Kipling Stanton - (Book: Isn't It Romantic (ebook))
Kyle - (Book: It Had to Be You)
Kiervan des Marceaux - (Book: It Happened One Night)
Kane Roemer - (Book: Jade)
Kyle Donovan - (Book: Jade Island)
Kyle Everson - (Book: Jane's Gift)
Kyle Everson - (Book: Jane's Gift (large print))
Kit Ashford - (Book: Jenny)
Kyle Cordell - (Book: Jenny's Legacy)
Kody Douglas - (Book: Journey Home, The)
Kenneth Fontayne - (Book: Joy Forever, A)
Kit Hatton - (Book: Julia and the Master of Morancourt (trade))
Kevin Campbell - (Book: Just a Kiss)
Kade Ryland - (Book: Kade)
Kade Dennon - (Book: Kade's Turn)
Kade Owen - (Book: Kade: Armed and Dangerous)
Kane - (Book: Kane's Bounty (ebook))
Kane Smith - (Book: Kane's Way)
Keir O'Connell - (Book: Keir O'Connell's Mistress)
Kellan Quinn - (Book: Kellan)
Kane Devlin - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Kevin - (Book: Kevin)
Kieran the Black - (Book: Kieran the Black)
Kev Parker - (Book: Kill the Messenger)
Killian Shawnessy - (Book: Killian's Passion)
Keith Henderson - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Kelson - (Book: King Kelson's Bride)
Kelson - (Book: King's Justice, The)
King McCandless - (Book: King's Ransom)
King McCandless - (Book: King's Ransom (reissue))
King Henry VIII - (Book: King, Queen, and the Mistress)
Kingsley Edge - (Book: King, The)
Kevin Lawrence - (Book: Kiss Away, A)
Kain, Earl of Falconwood - (Book: Kissed By Magic)
Kris Kringle - (Book: Kissing Mrs Kringle (ebook))
Kade - (Book: Kissing Sin)
Kevin Watts - (Book: Kissing Vanessa)
King Arthur / Sir Lancelot - (Book: Knight of the Sacred Lake, The)
Kevin Lawson - (Book: Knockin' Boots [reissue])
Koishi - (Book: Koishi (ebook))
Kommandant Georg Richwalder - (Book: Kommandant's Girl, The)
Ken Harper - (Book: L.A. Confidential)
Keith Donovan - (Book: Lady and the Lion, The)
Kenny Traveler - (Book: Lady Be Good)
Kenny Traveler - (Book: Lady Be Good (reissue))
Kane Warrick - (Book: Lady Fortune)
Kane Sedgewick - (Book: Lady of the Night)
Kolby of Apelstadt - (Book: Lady of Winter)
Keith Devon - (Book: Lady on Top)
Kameron Ballan - (Book: Laird of Ballanclaire)
Kavan Donavon - (Book: Lambert's Pride)
Kevin McCabe - (Book: Laramie, Texas Christmas, A)
Kevin McCabe - (Book: Laramie, Texas Christmas, A (reissue))
Kelric - (Book: Last Hawk, The)
Kellen Coltrane - (Book: Last Renegade, The)
K.C. Houston - (Book: Last True Cowboy, The)
Kevin Rogan, Sergeant - (Book: Last Virgin in California)
Kit Alstone, Earl of Carnwood - (Book: Less Than Perfect Lady, A)
Kurt Majors - (Book: Let's Have a Baby!)
Kyle Becker - (Book: Letter for Annie, A)
Kyle Foster - (Book: Licensed to Marry)
Kieran Sutherland - (Book: Lion's Legacy)
Kai Aiona - (Book: Little Harmless Addiction, A)
Kevin Decker - (Book: Littlest Matchmaker, The)
Kahu Winter - (Book: Living in Sin)
Ken Johnson - (Book: Living the Fantasy)
Kit Kahana - (Book: Lokelani Nights (ebook))
Kit Marlin - (Book: London: Kit & Robin)
Kabe Folker - (Book: Lone Wolf One (ebook))
Kieron - (Book: Long Ago and Far Away)
Kevin Wincouser - (Book: Long Ride Home, The)
Kyle Stuart - (Book: Long Southern Nights)
Kyle Grayson - (Book: Longing, The)
Earl of Mountjoy
- (Book: Lord Montjoy's Country Inn)
Kurt Tanner - (Book: Love and Honor)
King - (Book: Love Like Hallelujah)
Kentir - (Book: Love Once & Forever)
Kaegan Langford - (Book: Love Starts with Z)
Kerrin mac Torrin - (Book: Love Within, The)
Kenneth Gilroy - (Book: Love's Tender Promise)
Keith Marsh
Marquess of Saville
- (Book: Lover's Knot)
Kells - (Book: Lovesong)
Kincaid - (Book: Loving Defiance, A)
Killian - (Book: Loving Him Off the Field (ebook))
Kit - (Book: Loving Lord Ash)
Kyle McKendrick - (Book: Loving the Enemy)
Kyle McKendrick - (Book: Loving the Enemy (Large Print))
Ken Ransom - (Book: Loving Voices)
Ken Dewitt - (Book: Loving Ways)
Kade Mitchell - (Book: Lucky Break (ebook))
Kevin Rawlings - (Book: Lurid Lady Lockport, The)
Keeshan - (Book: Lust Eternal (ebook))
Kai Faulkes - (Book: Lynx Destiny)
Kieran Burke - (Book: Lyric's Cop)
Kingsley Major - (Book: Mad About the Major)
Kade Kavanaugh - (Book: Magic Possessed)
Kurtis Goodwin - (Book: Magical Affair, A)
Keaton Grace - (Book: Magnolia Drive)
Khalid Rajhi - (Book: Man for Hire)
Kynan - (Book: Man from Atlantis, The)
Kiall Ballantine - (Book: Man from Bahl Bahla, The)
Kyle Chatham - (Book: Man of Fate)
Keegan Logan - (Book: Man to Hold On To, A)
Keir Durrell - (Book: Man Worth Waiting For, A)
Kollar Havapopulas - (Book: Marriage Game, The (reissue))
Kwabena Opoku - (Book: Marriage of Convenience, A)
Kieron Blake - (Book: Marriage Without Love)
Khalid al Harum - (Book: Marrying the Scarred Sheikh)
Kingston - (Book: Maryelle)
Keith Powell
- (Book: Masquerade)
Kytar - (Book: Mastering Marissa (reprint))
Ky - (Book: Matched)
Kane - (Book: Mate of the Pack Wolf)
Kleet Kryszan - (Book: Mating Flight (ebook))
Kane Montgomery - (Book: Maverick and the Lady, The)
Kellen - (Book: Maxie's Man (ebook))
Kevan Buchannan - (Book: Maybe This Time)
Kurt Striker - (Book: McCaffertys: Randi, The (reissue))
Kurt Striker - (Book: McCaffertys: Randi, The (Hardcover))
Keegan McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Heart)
Keegan McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Heart (reprint))
Keith Corbin - (Book: Memory's Embrace)
Keith Corbin - (Book: Memory's Embrace (reissue))
Keith Corbin - (Book: Memory's Embrace (reissue))
Kevin MacIntyre - (Book: Mended Hearts)
Kirk Mann - (Book: Mercenary, The)
Kerian - (Book: Merlin's Kiss)
Kel Bryan - (Book: Michael's Father)
King Duvallon - (Book: Midnight on Julia Street)
Kane Woodland - (Book: Midnight Rescue)
Kevin - (Book: Midori By Moonlight)
Kieran Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Kieran)
Kyle Fortune - (Book: Millionaire and the Cowgirl, The)
Keir Strachan - (Book: Millionaire Boss's Baby, The)
Kyle Landis - (Book: Millionaire in Command)
Kosta Vitale - (Book: Millionaire's Daughter, The)
Kyle Montgomery - (Book: Millionaire's Instant Baby)
Kyle Madison - (Book: Missing Max)
Kingsley Ward - (Book: Mistress by Agreement)
Kyle Brennan - (Book: Mom For Callie, A)
Kieran O'Brien - (Book: Mommy Makeover, The)
Karl Norwood - (Book: Montana Bride)
Kurt Ryder - (Book: Montana Hearts)
Kyle Anderson - (Book: Moonlight and Mistletoe)
Kane Cahhahan - (Book: Moonlight Enchantress)
Kenzie Gregor - (Book: Moonlight Warrior)
Kyle Ramsey, Captain - (Book: Moonwitch)
Kevin Cartwright - (Book: More Than Meets the Eye)
Keller Hunt - (Book: More Than Words)
Kian - (Book: Mortal Danger)
Kiryl Androvonov - (Book: Most Coveted Prize, The)
Kiryl Androvonov - (Book: Most Coveted Prize, The (large print))
Kurt Rogers - (Book: Mother's Love, A)
Kane Allen - (Book: Motorcycle Man)
Kirk Trammer - (Book: Movie, The)
Kiall Lancaster - (Book: Mowana Magic)
Kit - (Book: Mr. Insatiable (ebook))
Kavon "Big" Jackson - (Book: Mrs Big)
Kurt - (Book: Mutual Favor, A)
Kyle Warren - (Book: My Girl)
Kyle Duncan
- (Book: My Lord Footman)
Kit MacNeill - (Book: My Seduction)
Kit MacNeill - (Book: My Seduction (reissue))
Kellen - (Book: My Way to Hell)
Kit Wimborne - (Book: Myriah)
Kyle Stone - (Book: Mysterious Twin)
Killian Moore - (Book: Naked Truth)
Kade Vandergriff - (Book: Need You Tonight)
Kelly Cook - (Book: New Frontier (ebook))
Kirk MacKay - (Book: Night Child)
Kell Roberts - (Book: Night Moves)
Kiru - (Book: Night of Maya, The)
Kyrian Hunter - (Book: Night Pleasures)
Keith Roland - (Book: Night Prey)
Knight Winthrop
Viscount Castlerosse
- (Book: Night Shadow)
Knight Winthrop - (Book: Night Shadow (reissue))
Knight Winthrop
Viscount Castlerosse
- (Book: Night Shadow (reissue)
(Box Set))
Kyle Jagger - (Book: Night, Sea, and Stars)
Korvel - (Book: Nightborn)
Kells - (Book: Nightsong)
Kyle Enfield - (Book: No Alternative)
King Rem Q'an Tal - (Book: No Mercy)
Kit Banyon - (Book: Noelle)
Kyle Loness - (Book: North Country Hero)
Kyle Loness - (Book: North Country Hero (large print))
Kiall Sterling - (Book: North of Capricorn)
Kincade - (Book: Notorious)
Lord Mostyn
- (Book: Notorious Marriage, The )
Keir Southall - (Book: Now Until Forever)
Kon - (Book: Nutcracker Prince, The)
Kristopher Daniels - (Book: Oath Bound)
Kirk Moen, Officer - (Book: Ocean of Dreams)
Keith Page - (Book: Office Policy)
Kerr Devereaux - (Book: Old Enchantment, An)
Kade Decker - (Book: On Fire)
Kindred - (Book: On Vixen)
Keith Curtis - (Book: On Wings of Dreams)
Kyle Kalinsky - (Book: Once A Good Girl)
Kyle Karlinsky - (Book: Once a Good Girl....)
Kent Terlecki - (Book: Once a Hero)
Killian O'Brien - (Book: Once Pure (ebook))
Kit Rossington - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Autumn)
Kit Neville
Duke of Hamilton
- (Book: Once Upon a Rose)
Kane Brentwood - (Book: Once-A-Mistress Wife, The)
Kevin Delaney - (Book: One Big Happy Family)
Kirk Larsen - (Book: One Eager Bride to Go)
Kirk - (Book: One Fine Fireman (novella))
Kell Harding - (Book: One Good Man)
Kieran McDermott - (Book: One Lonely Night)
Kyle Murphy - (Book: One Man Rush)
Knox Briscoe - (Book: One More Taste)
Kyle Harris - (Book: One Night)
Kyle Gilchrist - (Book: One Night Rodeo)
Kent Fraser - (Book: One of a Kind)
Ken Hutchinson - (Book: One Step Away)
Kyle Rutledge - (Book: One Ticket to Texas)
Kane Ledger - (Book: One Track Mind)
Khalid Shaheen - (Book: Operation: Forbidden)
King Daken - (Book: Oracle)
Khalil - (Book: Oracle's Moon)
King Henry VIII - (Book: Other Boleyn Girl, The)
Ken “WildCard” Karmody - (Book: Out of Control)
Kip Moore - (Book: Out of Hiding)
Kane Wright - (Book: Out Of Sight)
Ken Holloway - (Book: Out of the Mist)
Kellan - (Book: Out of this World)
Keefe McGovern - (Book: Outback Bachelor)
Kane - (Book: Outlaw Heart)
Kit Angelis - (Book: P.I., The)
Kennard (Kasey) Cartland
Duke of Caswell
- (Book: Painted Lady, The)
Kalid Shah - (Book: Panther and the Pearl, The)
Kurt Frazier - (Book: Passion's Wild Delight)
Kit Barlow - (Book: Passionate Choice)
Kyle Whitney - (Book: Passionate Lover, The)
Kevin Farrell - (Book: Passionate Pretenders, The)
Kyle Bennett - (Book: Payment In Love)
Kyle Bennett - (Book: Payment in Love (UK))
Kenyon Ames - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, A)
Kurt Hancock - (Book: Performance Anxiety )
Kurt Morgan - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Kyle Burton - (Book: Pink Slip Party)
Kyle Sterling - (Book: Pirate's Gold)
Keegan McPherson - (Book: Place For Eagles, A)
King Henry VIII - (Book: Plain Jane)
Kade Saunders - (Book: Plain Promise)
Kurt Teague - (Book: Planet X)
Kale Alexander - (Book: Pleasure Prolonged)
Kane McDowell - (Book: Poisoned Secrets)
Kolya Volkov - (Book: Polly and the Prince (Hardcover))
Kit Meredith
Viscount Crittenden
- (Book: Poor Caroline)
Kingston "Mac" McRae - (Book: Possessing Morgan)
Kane Sebastian - (Book: Power Play)
Kenric of Blackstone - (Book: Powerful Magic)
King Arthur - (Book: Prelude to Camelot)
Kieran - (Book: Prince of Shadows)
Kingman Marshall - (Book: Princess Bride, The)
Kingman Marshall - (Book: Princess Bride, The (Hardcover))
Kiernan FitzAllen - (Book: Prisoner Bride, The)
Kyle Stevens - (Book: Private Fantasies)
Kyle Stevens - (Book: Private Fantasies (reissue))
Kyle Stevens - (Book: Private Fantasies (UK))
Keanu Bailey - (Book: Private Luau)
Karl Milek - (Book: Promise for the Baby, A)
Kip Webster - (Book: Promise of Christmas, The)
Kimo - (Book: Promise, The)
Kane Morgan - (Book: Promised Splendor)
Kevan Buchanan - (Book: Prophet's Lady, The)
Kirk Covington - (Book: Protecting the Princess)
Kirk Covington - (Book: Protecting the Princess (large print))
Kian - (Book: Public Enemies)
Kasim - (Book: Pursued by the Desert Prince)
Kimber Langford,
Earl of Chasen
- (Book: Queen of Dragons (paperback))
Kimber Langford - (Book: Queen of Dragons (hardcover))
Kiel Whellen - (Book: Queen of Hearts)
Kiel Whellen - (Book: Queen of Hearts (reprint))
Keenan Armstrong - (Book: Queen of His Heart)
King Louis XVI - (Book: Queen's Confession, The)
Kelson - (Book: Quest for Saint Camber, The)
Kenneth MacKinnon - (Book: Quest, The)
Kirek of Rystan - (Book: Quest, The)
Kevin Marlowe - (Book: Racing Hearts)
Keith Michaels - (Book: Rainbow's End)
Kit Stratton - (Book: Rake's Reward)
Kee Blackburn - (Book: Raven)
Kit Makinna - (Book: Raven in Amber)
Kaven Hunter - (Book: Ravenborne)
Krol - (Book: Ravished by Moonlight (ebook))
Kyle Rayburn - (Book: Ready To Take A Chance)
Kane Fielding - (Book: Ready-Made Bride)
Kyle Trapper - (Book: Reckless)
Kellan - (Book: Reckless)
Kenneth Sutherland - (Book: Recruit, The)
Kevin Ransom - (Book: Red Thunder Reckoning)
Kit DeChambelle - (Book: Redeeming the Rogue)
Kayden - (Book: Redemption of Callie and Kayden, The (ebook))
Ken McBain - (Book: Relentless)
Kirk Wilding - (Book: Remember Me, My Love)
Kyle Donovan - (Book: Remember the Dreams)
Keegan MacLeod - (Book: Renegade and the Rose, The)
Kiel Faulkner - (Book: Renegade Player)
Kane Jackson - (Book: Renegade Wife)
Kasimir Xendzov - (Book: Reputation for Revenge, A)
Kasimir Xendzov - (Book: Reputation for Revenge, A (large print))
Kyle Morgan - (Book: Rescue Me)
Kurt Marlowe - (Book: Rescued by Love)
Kit Swinton - (Book: Rescued Heart, The)
King Falconer - (Book: Return to Faraway)
Kain Gerard - (Book: Rich Man's Blackmailed Mistress, The)
Kyle Wolff - (Book: Ride of Her Life (ebook))
Keith Murphy - (Book: Riding the Storm)
Kieran - (Book: Riona)
Kyle Morgan - (Book: Risking It All (ebook))
Keats McCall - (Book: Risky Surrender (ebook))
Kye McGarren - (Book: Rival Forces)
Kenneth Wilding
Lord Kimball
- (Book: River of Fire)
Kane Walker - (Book: Road Home, The)
King Arthur - (Book: Road to Avalon, The)
Kyle Reeves - (Book: Road To Reunion, The)
Kingscote - (Book: Rogue Not Taken, The)
Kase - (Book: Rose)
King Richard III of England - (Book: Rose of York, The: Love and War)
Kurt Palmer - (Book: Roses Never Fade)
Kadir, Sheikh - (Book: Royal Bride At The Sheikh's Command, A)
King Charles II - (Book: Royal Escape (new edition))
Klaus - (Book: Royal Harlot)
King Alexander II - (Book: Royal Treatment, The)
Kier McAllister - (Book: Run Among Thorns)
Kell Ballard - (Book: Running Fire)
Kane Dougherty - (Book: Running Scared)
Kane Cannon - (Book: Ruthless Game)
Keith Russo - (Book: Saddle Up)
Ki Tul'Mar - (Book: Sailmaster's Woman, The)
Kieran McClintock - (Book: Saint, The)
Kyle Surprise - (Book: Sara's Surprise)
Kyall McQueen - (Book: Sarah's Baby)
Kristopher Chandler - (Book: Sass)
Kirill - (Book: Savage King, The (ebook))
Kanuga - (Book: Savage Promise)
Kohanah - (Book: Savage Whispers)
Kieran Kavanagh - (Book: Saving a Legend (ebook))
Kade Sharpe - (Book: Saving Destiny)
Kerrick - (Book: Scent of Magic)
Kyle McKenzie - (Book: Scream for Me)
Kol Thorleksson - (Book: Sea King, The)
Keenan Parker - (Book: SEAL's Secret Lover, The (ebook))
Kenneth Nash - (Book: SEAL's Special Mission, The)
Kyle Evans - (Book: Second Lie, The)
Kevin McIntyre - (Book: Second Time Around)
Kane Donnelly - (Book: Secret Agent Affair)
Kai Ellington - (Book: Secret Sorrow, A)
Kane Lindley - (Book: Secretary on Demand)
Kyle Bradwell - (Book: Secrets of Surrender)
Keefe Connellan - (Book: Secrets of the Outback)
Keith Weston - (Book: Secrets She Left Behind)
Kev Merripen - (Book: Seduce Me at Sunrise)
Kellan James - (Book: Seducing the Boss (ebook))
Keenan Oakes - (Book: Seductive Impostor, The)
Kent Berringer - (Book: Seeing is Believing)
Kyger Galliard - (Book: Sensation)
Kade - (Book: Shades of Midnight)
Kody Long - (Book: Shadow Force)
Kei - (Book: Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Kiss)
Ky Londen - (Book: Shadow of the Wolf)
Ky Londen - (Book: Shadow of the Wolf (reissue))
Shadow Prince
- (Book: Shadow Queen, The)
Kyol - (Book: Shadow Reader, The)
Kahu Williams - (Book: Shadow, The)
Kier Remington - (Book: Shadowing Shahna)
Kirk - (Book: Shadows of the Heart)
Kit Garfield - (Book: Shall We Dance? (reissue))
Kerrec - (Book: Shattered Dance)
Kyle Jensen - (Book: Shattered Mirror)
Kane Haley - (Book: She's Having My Baby)
Kardal Khan, Prince - (Book: Sheik & the Runaway Princess, The)
Kadir Al-Nuri - (Book: Sheik and I, The)
Karim Abdullah - (Book: Sheik Protector)
Khalil Khan, Prince - (Book: Sheik's Kidnapped Bride, The)
Khalil al Kalada, MD - (Book: Sheikh Surgeon)
Karim al Safir - (Book: Sheikh Without a Heart)
Karim al Safir - (Book: Sheikh Without a Heart (large print))
Kardahl Hourani - (Book: Sheikh's Reluctant Bride, The)
Sultan of Zangrar
- (Book: Sheikh's Virgin Princess, The)
Sultan of Zangrar
- (Book: Sheikh's Virgin Princess, The (UK))
Khalil al Hasim - (Book: Sheikh's Wayward Wife, The)
Kahlil - (Book: Sheikh's Wife, The)
Kenyen Sin Siin - (Book: Shifter, The)
Kodan Sin Siin - (Book: Shifting Plains)
Kodan Sin Siin - (Book: Shifting Plains (paperback))
Kent Bradford - (Book: Ship of Dreams)
Kick Jackson - (Book: Shoot to Thrill)
Kade McKettrick, Marshal - (Book: Shotgun Bride)
Kyle Spencer - (Book: Show Me the Way)
King Vandergiff - (Book: Showdown at Lizard Rock)
Killian Carpenter - (Book: Silke)
Kane Sanders - (Book: Silver Lining)
Kyle Harper - (Book: Silvery Moon, The)
Keaton Phillips - (Book: Simple Gifts)
Kane McDermott, Detective - (Book: Simply Sinful)
Kane McDermott - (Book: Simply Sinful (reissue))
Kane McDermott - (Book: Simply Sinful (reissue))
Kam Reardon - (Book: Since I Saw You)
Kerrick - (Book: Sinful Harvest)
Key DeMicca - (Book: Sinful Magic)
Kenneth - (Book: Siren's Call)
Kurj - (Book: Skyfall)
Kye - (Book: Slayer, The)
Kason Rhodes - (Book: Sliding Home)
Kit Stansell - (Book: Slightest Provocation, The)
Kit Gallatin - (Book: Snow in Summer)
Karl - (Book: Snow Job)
Kyle Campbell - (Book: Snowbound with Dr. Delectable)
Kevin Manning - (Book: Solitary Man)
Kevin Manning - (Book: Solitary Man)
Kevin - (Book: Someone in the House)
Kipp Rutland
Viscount Willoughby
- (Book: Someone to Love)
Kiernan Macpherson - (Book: Song of the Highlands)
Kerrec - (Book: Song of Unmaking)
Kam Caine - (Book: Sorry, The Bride Has Escaped)
Kane Wiley - (Book: SOS Marry Me!)
Kiowa - (Book: Soul Deep)
Kane Sullivan - (Book: Spice)
Kenzie Scott - (Book: Spiral Path, The)
Kent Stuart - (Book: Spirit of the Heart)
Kevin Payne - (Book: Stage Whispers)
Kevin Payne - (Book: Stage Whispers (reissue))
Kyle Hunter - (Book: Star of the West)
Kendrick de Paiget - (Book: Stardust of Yesterday)
Kamau Mazrui - (Book: Stay the Night)
Kolbein Booth - (Book: Steadfast Heart)
Kyle Radley - (Book: Stolen Kisses)
Kyle Dawson - (Book: Stop at Nothing)
Kurt Jellic - (Book: Stranded with a Stranger)
Kyle "Hawk" Hawkins - (Book: Struck by Spring Fever! )
Kurt Stryker - (Book: Stryker's Wife)
KT Masters - (Book: Stuck on You)
Kyle Hamilton - (Book: Styles of Seduction)
Kent Summerton - (Book: Summer Rose)
Kyle West - (Book: Summer Shadows)
Kit Butler
Viscount Ravensberg
- (Book: Summer to Remember, A (reissue))
Kinich - (Book: Sun God Seeks. . .Surrogate (paperback))
Kane - (Book: Sun Witch, The)
- (Book: Sunburst's Citadel)
Kale Hoaglin - (Book: Sunny Says)
Kyle Blackstone - (Book: Surprise Package)
Kameron Maldondo - (Book: Surrender)
Kayden Wilkens - (Book: Surrender (ebook))
Karim al-Hassan - (Book: Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh)
Kale Jarrett - (Book: Sweet Autumn Surrender)
Kent Chapman
- (Book: Sweet Charity)
Kahari Brown - (Book: Sweet Spot, The)
Kahari Brown - (Book: Sweet Spot, The (reissue))
Kalib Chaney - (Book: Sweet Texas Nights)
Kyle Ellison - (Book: Sweeter Temptation)
Kerrigan - (Book: Sword of Darkness)
Kevin Johnson - (Book: Table Manners)
Keaton Hamilton Donning III - (Book: Take Me, I'm Yours)
Kincaid Sinclair - (Book: Taking Chances)
Kane Falconer - (Book: Tamed By Her Husband)
Keating Blackwood - (Book: Taming an Impossible Rogue)
King Henri of Bavars - (Book: Taming the King)
Kruz Acosta - (Book: Taming the Last Acosta)
Kruz Acosta - (Book: Taming the Last Acosta (large print))
Kyle Reeves - (Book: Target Engaged)
Kerrick - (Book: Taste of Darkness)
Kellan Grant - (Book: Telling Tales)
Kendrew Macintosh - (Book: Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel)
Kirk Remington - (Book: Tender Deception)
Keefe Walker - (Book: Tessa's Child)
Kevin - (Book: Texan's Wedding Night Wager)
Khouri Ross - (Book: Texas Love Song)
Kenitay - (Book: Texas Renegade)
Konnor Chase - (Book: That Which Survives (ebook))
Kit Rodgers - (Book: Their Christmas Dream Come True (UK))
Kenneth Steele - (Book: Thicket, The)
Kristian Demetrious - (Book: Thing She Says, The)
Kevin Tucker - (Book: This Heart Of Mine)
Kellan Kyle - (Book: Thoughtful)
Keith Delacroix - (Book: Three-Way Miracle, The)
Kabeiros - (Book: Thrice Bound)
Kyle Parker - (Book: Thunder Island)
Ken Slattery - (Book: Thunder Rolls, The)
Kade McKay - (Book: Tied Up, Tied Down)
Kevin Sauder - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Khamsin - (Book: Tiger and the Tomb, The)
Kip Webster - (Book: Time for Grace)
Kane - (Book: Timeshadow Rider)
Kane - (Book: Timeshadow Rider (reissue))
Kyle Parsons - (Book: To Dream (Hardcover))
Keanu Kealoha - (Book: To Have a Wilde)
Kirkland Ballantyne - (Book: To Love a Ballantyne)
Kyle Austin - (Book: To Love a Knight)
Kingston Brannt - (Book: To Love and Cherish)
Kingston Brannt - (Book: To Love and Cherish (reissue))
Kit Jones - (Book: To Seduce an Angel)
Knox Alexander - (Book: To the Stars)
Kamal Hassan - (Book: To Wed a Sheik)
Kyle Stafford - (Book: Tommorrow's Vintage)
Ken Medlock - (Book: Too Hot To Sleep)
Kyle Henson - (Book: Too Wise to Wed)
Kyle Henson - (Book: Too Wise to Wed (Large Print))
Kale - (Book: Touch (ebook))
Kevin Brickman - (Book: Touch of Gold, A)
Kian Seymour - (Book: Touch of Passion)
Kieran Wolff - (Book: Touch of Persuasion, A)
Kerrick of Alga - (Book: Touch of Power)
Kellan Scott - (Book: Touch of Temptation)
Keifer Rogan - (Book: Tough Enough)
Kerric Vo Mos - (Book: Tower, The)
Kale - (Book: Toxic)
Kadar Ben Arnuad - (Book: Treasure, The)
Ky Silver - (Book: Treasures Lost, Treasures Found)
Ky Silver - (Book: Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (reissue))
Keirnan Fitzgerald - (Book: Treasures of Venice, The)
Kale - (Book: Tremble)
Kennedy Taft - (Book: Trial By Fire)
Kurt McCabe - (Book: Triplet's First Thanksgiving, The)
Keith Caldwell - (Book: Trouble In Tennessee)
Kellan Reed - (Book: Trouble With Cowboys, The)
Keir Traherne - (Book: Trouble With Love, The)
Keane Winters - (Book: Trouble with Mistletoe, The)
Kane Rainer - (Book: Trust Me)
Kai Armstrong - (Book: Truth or Dare)
Killian O'Brien - (Book: Truth or Demon)
Keane Trevalyan - (Book: Turquoise Sun, The)
Kendrick Boudreaux - (Book: Twelve Days of Pleasure)
Kurt Reynolds - (Book: Twice Shy)
Kit Sariel - (Book: Twilight Guardian)
Kane Taggert - (Book: Twin of Ice)
Kane Taggert & Lee Westfield - (Book: Twin of Ice
Twin of Fire)
Kane Webster - (Book: Twist of Fate, A)
Kane Webster - (Book: Twist of Fate, A (reissue))
Kurt Callahan - (Book: Tycoon's Proposal, The)
Keith Wallace - (Book: Unconditional Surrender (ebook))
Kevin Kowalski - (Book: Undeniably Yours)
Kevin Kowalski - (Book: Undeniably Yours)
Kai Ellis - (Book: Under Your Skin)
Kevin "Mack" MacCormack - (Book: Undercover Blessings)
Kyle Landenburg - (Book: Undercover Commitment)
Kyle Tremont - (Book: Undercover Virgin)
Kyle Goodluck - (Book: Undercover Warrior)
Kenley Fairfax - (Book: Unexpected Engagement, An)
Kane Dennison - (Book: Unexpected Millionaire, The)
Kenneth Woodfall - (Book: Unforgiven)
Kenneth Woodfall - (Book: Unforgiven (reprint))
Khalid Razeh - (Book: Unleashing the Tiger)
Krijn van der Brink-Schaaksma - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An)
Krijn van der Brink-Schaaksma - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An (reissue))
Krijn van der Brink-Schaaksma - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An (reissue))
Krijn van der Brink-Schaaksma - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An (UK))
Kelsey - (Book: Unmasking Kelsey)
Kelsey - (Book: Unmasking Kelsey (reprint))
Knox Lofgren - (Book: Unraveled (ebook))
Kenneth MacKenzie
- (Book: Until the Knight Comes)
Kale - (Book: Untouched (ebook))
Kullen Manetti - (Book: Unwrapping the Playboy)
Kyle Garwood - (Book: Valentine Kiss, A (Anthology))
Kale Emerson - (Book: Valentine's Arrangement, The (ebook))
Kale Emerson - (Book: Valentine's Arrangement, The (paperback))
Kaz - (Book: Vampire Hunter, The)
Kellen Falcon - (Book: Vampire's Quest, The)
Killian Bane - (Book: Vampires Never Cry Wolf)
Kalan - (Book: Vengeance Born)
Kael Gardener - (Book: Vengeance Due)
Kingsley Edge - (Book: Virgin, The)
Kol Moonring - (Book: Waking the Dragon)
Keir of the Cat - (Book: Warlord)
Khan - (Book: Warlord's Bounty (ebook))
King Draven Amaranth - (Book: Warlord's Gift, The)
Kenric of Montague - (Book: Warlord, The)
Kane Montague - (Book: Warrior Avenged)
Kennichi Ogawa - (Book: Warrior Spirit (Rogue Angel))
Kesco - (Book: Warrior's Prize)
Keir of the Cat - (Book: Warsworn)
Kade - (Book: Water Mark)
Keefe O'Fallon - (Book: Way U Look Tonight)
Kade - (Book: Way We Roll, The )
Kaytano - (Book: Wayward Lady)
Kane Steel - (Book: Web of Darkness)
Keith Callahan - (Book: Wedding Bells and Mistletoe)
Kellen Macready - (Book: Wedding Cake War, The)
Keene Davies - (Book: Wedding Duel, The)
Kirk Lawrence - (Book: Wedding Quilt, The)
Kevin Rossi - (Book: Wedding Secret, The (ebook))
Kit Winter - (Book: Wedding Trap, The)
Konrad Wolfensen - (Book: Werewolf Upstairs, The)
Kade Reid - (Book: What Love Sounds Like (ebook))
Kai Atlanta - (Book: What She Wants)
Kent Maxwell - (Book: What to Do About Baby?)
Kenneth Gerrard - (Book: When a Man Loves A Woman)
Kyle Herriot - (Book: When I Dream of You)
Killian - (Book: When Lightning Strikes)
Kulal - (Book: Whisper of Disgrace, A)
Kulal - (Book: Whisper of Disgrace, A (large print))
Kai Nakos - (Book: Whisper to Me (ebook))
Kane Webster - (Book: Whispers)
Kane Moran - (Book: Whispers (reprint))
Kurt Richards - (Book: Whispers Through Time)
Kendrick - (Book: White Tiger)
Kinnahauk - (Book: White Witch)
Kai Bergstrom - (Book: Who Do You Love?)
Keith Wages - (Book: Whole Lotta Trouble)
Kian McKitterage - (Book: Why Ask for the Moon?)
Kit - (Book: Wicked Lord Rasenby, The)
Kit - (Book: Wicked Lord Rasenby, The)
Keir - (Book: Wicked Magic)
Kellach Dunne - (Book: Wicked Ride (ebook))
Kit Frazier - (Book: Wicked Seduction)
Kyden - (Book: Wicked, The)
Kane Wilder - (Book: Wife in Time, A)
Kurt Noble
- (Book: Wife Most Wanted)
Kyril Taruskin - (Book: Wild)
Kevin Hennessey - (Book: Wild Irish Sea, The)
King Richard of Avalon - (Book: Wild Swans, The)
Keane Rawdon - (Book: Wildfire)
Kane Ransom - (Book: Wildfire)
King Brandish - (Book: Willful Widow, The)
Kyden - (Book: Willow, The)
Kain DeBolt - (Book: Wind of Promise)
Kells - (Book: Windsong)
Kestrel - (Book: Wings of Redemption (ebook))
Kyle Reardon - (Book: Winter Meeting)
Kingdom Trahan - (Book: With Extreme Pleasure)
Korlen - (Book: Wizard's Bridge)
Kane McGraw - (Book: Wolf Siren, The)
Kyle Stockbridge (Dragon) - (Book: Woman's Touch, A)
Kyle Stokbridge - (Book: Woman's Touch, A (reissue))
Kentaro Ikuta - (Book: Words of the Pitcher, The)
Kenyon Warrinder
Earl of Windham
- (Book: Worthy Wife, A)
Kole Kills Crow - (Book: You Never Can Tell)
Kevin Singleton - (Book: You're What?!)
Kumi Walker - (Book: Younger Man, A)
Kevin Gordon - (Book: Yuletide Protector)
Kevin and Aden - (Book: Zebra Wore Red Stocking, The (ebook))


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