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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with L

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Lincoln Fox - (Book: 'Til Death)
Lucas Kincaid - (Book: 1-800-Hero)
Luke - (Book: 7 Clues to Winning You)
Lucas Montfort - (Book: Abandoned Rake, The)
Luke - (Book: Abduction Of Emma, The)
Lucas Montgomery - (Book: About the Baby)
Lucas Montgomery - (Book: About the Baby (large print))
Latham Scott - (Book: Above The Clouds)
Lawrence Taylor - (Book: Academy of Love (ebook))
Lucas Strathdene
Lord Johnsberry
- (Book: Acceptable Arrangement, An)
Lucas Broderick - (Book: Accidental Bodyguard)
Lamont London - (Book: Accidental Family, An)
Lamont London - (Book: Accidental Family, An (large print))
Logan Jeffries - (Book: Accidental Lover, The)
Luc Lejardin - (Book: Accidental Princess )
Lance Carrington - (Book: Acquiring Mr. Right)
Linc Faulkner - (Book: Acting on Impulse)
Lindsay Markham - (Book: Addicted)
Liam - (Book: Addicted)
Luke Duncan - (Book: Adopt-A-Dad)
Logan Winthrop - (Book: Affair Downstairs, An)
Lord Hugh Mordare - (Book: After Dark with a Scoundrel)
Loukas Christakis - (Book: After the Greek Affair)
Lord Marcus Wharton, Captain - (Book: After the Kiss)
Leslie Sheridan - (Book: Aftershock)
Luke Tripper - (Book: Agent Daddy)
Luke Jordan - (Book: Alien Wife)
Lachlan McTavish - (Book: All a Woman Wants)
Logan Quint - (Book: All Fall Down)
Luke Potter - (Book: All I Want for Christmas)
Luke Danner - (Book: All Night Long)
Lysander - (Book: All That Falls)
Lance Saxton - (Book: All That I Need)
Lucas Harrington - (Book: All Their Days)
Leo Redding - (Book: All Tied Up)
Landon Kincaid - (Book: Almost a Christmas Bride)
Lucien Hollier - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Leandros - (Book: Along Came Twins... (large print))
Logan Quinn - (Book: Alpha One)
Logan Quinn - (Book: Alpha One (large print))
Langford Hutchinson - (Book: Already Home (ebook novella))
Luke Berringer - (Book: Always a Bridesmaid)
Lord Bramwell Johns - (Book: Always a Scondrel)
Link Morgan - (Book: Always In Her Heart)
Lucas Trent - (Book: Amaryllis)
Luke Dawson - (Book: Amazing Love)
Lije Stuart - (Book: American Destiny (reprint))
Loukas Andreou - (Book: Andreou Marriage Arrangement, The (US edition))
Lachlan Sinclare - (Book: Angel and the Highlander, The)
Lucas Cochran - (Book: Angel Creek)
Lucas Cochran - (Book: Angel Creek (reissue))
Luke Packard - (Book: Angel Eyes)
Liam Campbell - (Book: Angel Falls)
Lucas Angelo - (Book: Angel in Armani)
Luciano de Valenza - (Book: Angel of Darkness)
Luke Bowen - (Book: Angel's Den)
Luca de Salvatore - (Book: Annie and the Red-Hot Italian)
Levi Miller - (Book: Annie's Recipe)
Luke Davis - (Book: Anonymous Bride, The)
Luke Monroe - (Book: Anything But Love)
Luke Morgan - (Book: Anything for Danny)
Luke Morgan - (Book: Anything For Danny (reissue))
Latigo - (Book: Apache Fire)
Lieutenant Jamie Slater - (Book: Apache Summer (reissue))
Lord Giles cardross - (Book: April Lady (reissue))
Leo Wetheral - (Book: Ardent Friendship, An)
Lord Verwood - (Book: Ardent Lady Amelia, The)
Leon Aristides - (Book: Aristides' Convenient Wife)
Leon Aristides - (Book: Aristides' Convenient Wife (UK))
Lance Garrett - (Book: Arizona Angel)
Lincoln Ivy - (Book: Armed and Famous)
Lord Stranham - (Book: Arrogant Aristocrat, The)
Lucas Barton
Earl of Stonehurst
- (Book: Art of Love, The)
Lee Wheeler - (Book: As Lost as I Get (ebook))
Leo Mitchell - (Book: Assassin)
Lucien - (Book: Assassin's Gambit)
Lysander Condellarie - (Book: Assassin's Heart)
Lou Franconi, Inspector - (Book: At Cross Purposes)
Logan Grimm - (Book: At Her Service)
Leo Perconti - (Book: At His Service)
Logan Wolfe - (Book: At Odds with the Heiress)
Lucio Masterton - (Book: At The Spaniard's Convenience)
Lucio Masterton - (Book: At the Spaniard's Convenience (UK))
Lee Richardson - (Book: Australian's Housekeeper Bride, The)
Lee Richardson - (Book: Australian's Housekeeper Bride, The (UK))
Luke Young - (Book: Automatic Proposal)
Levi Yoder - (Book: Autumn Grace)
Lord Gregor of Nordan - (Book: Autumn Pleasures: The Union)
Lucien de Clare - (Book: Autumn Rain)
Lucas Whitney,
Earl of Canford
- (Book: Autumn Vows)
Lone Wolf - (Book: Autumn's Fury)
Luc Henri - (Book: Avoiding Mr. Right)
Lawrence Cambridge
Earl of Lindworth
- (Book: Awkward Arrangement, An)
LJ Logan - (Book: Baby Bargain, The)
Logan Bradford - (Book: Baby Battle, The)
Lucien Kincaid - (Book: Baby Bombshell, The)
Lucky - (Book: Baby Bonanza, The)
Lord Barrett Montgomery - (Book: Baby Exchange, The)
Luke Brand - (Book: Baby for Christmas, A)
Liam McAllister
Lord Roderick
- (Book: Baby for Lord Roderick, A)
Lonnie Corteen - (Book: Baby on the Ranch, A)
Lincoln Campbell - (Book: Baby, It's Cold Outside)
Luke Corelli - (Book: Back To Luke)
Linden - (Book: Bad Baron's Daughter, The)
Lash Monroe - (Book: Baddest Virgin In Texas, The)
Logan Deveraux - (Book: Ballard of Emma O'Toole, The)
Liam Flynn - (Book: Ballroom to Bride and Groom)
Liam Flynn - (Book: Ballroom to Bride and Groom (large print))
Leo Forrester - (Book: Bandit's Stolen Heart, A (ebook))
Lon - (Book: Banishing the Dark)
Luke Sutherland - (Book: Baptism in Fire)
Lord GlenRoss - (Book: Barbarous Scot, The)
Luke Rutledge - (Book: Barely Mistaken)
Lord Harrow - (Book: Bartered Bridegroom, The)
Luca Barbarigo - (Book: Bartering Her Innocence)
Luca Barbarigo - (Book: Bartering Her Innocence (large print))
Lord St. Ives - (Book: Bath Intrigue)
Lucien Villere - (Book: Bayou Bride)
Lucien Villere - (Book: Bayou Bride (ebook))
Lucien - (Book: Bayou Bride (ebook))
Luc Trahan - (Book: Bayou Corruption)
Luc Trahan - (Book: Bayou Justice)
LD Carmouche - (Book: Bayou Treasure (ebook))
Lars Toleffson - (Book: Be My Baby)
Larry Mackenzie - (Book: Be My Baby)
Luke Warner - (Book: Beach Bags and Burglaries (hardcover))
Lou Crushek - (Book: Bear Meets Girl)
Lt. Gabriel Lowe - (Book: Beautiful Beast)
Lieutenant Gabriel Lowe - (Book: Beautiful Beast)
Lucien Black - (Book: Beautifully Forgotten)
Lucas Oliver - (Book: Beauty and the Bachelor)
Lucius Daventry - (Book: Beauty and the Baron)
Laurent - (Book: Beauty's Kingdom (hardcover))
Lenny Paxton - (Book: Because of Jane)
Logan Scott - (Book: Because You're Mine)
Lucas Allenby
Earl of Roth
- (Book: Becca's Independence)
Luke Boone - (Book: Becoming Rain)
Luke De Rossi - (Book: Bed of Lies)
Leo Byron - (Book: Bedding Proposal, The)
Luke Bontrager - (Book: Bee in Her Bonnet, A)
Logan Woods - (Book: Beguiled)
Luke McKenzie - (Book: Behind the Film Star's Smile)
Luke Tanner - (Book: Beholden)
Lucien Deveraux - (Book: Belated Bride, A)
Lord Hawk - (Book: Believe In Me)
Lord Devlin - (Book: Belle of Portman Square)
Lord Adam Ashdon - (Book: Belle's Beau)
Lord Alresford - (Book: Belles Dames Club, The)
Logan Edgington - (Book: Belong to Me)
Logan Edgington - (Book: Belong to Me (reprint))
Lucian Thorne - (Book: Beloved Avenger)
Lucien Blythe - (Book: Beloved Captain)
Lord Charles de Montforte - (Book: Beloved One, The (ebook reissue))
Lachlan Maclean - (Book: Beloved Stranger)
Lord Mason - (Book: Beloved Vampire)
Leo Fischer - (Book: Bending Over Backwards)
Logan St. John - (Book: Beneath the Surface)
Luke - (Book: Best Friend...Future Wife)
Levi Andrews - (Book: Best Kind of Broken)
Lord Weyland - (Book: Best Laid Plans, The)
Levi Cooper - (Book: Best Man, The)
Logan Prince - (Book: Betrayal in the Badlands)
Lord Blake Chesterfield - (Book: Betrothal, The)
Logan Strong - (Book: Between Honor and Duty)
Lance White Eagle Steele - (Book: Between Strangers)
Luca Bianchi - (Book: Between the Italian's Sheets (UK))
Lachlan Ross
- (Book: Beware a Scot's Revenge)
Lord Winterton - (Book: Bewitching Lord Winterton)
Luke Hale - (Book: Bewitching the Bachelor)
Linc - (Book: Beyond Summer)
Luke Collier - (Book: Beyond Valor)
Logan Montgomery - (Book: Big Girl Panties (hardcover))
Luke Dakota - (Book: Big Luke, Little Luke)
Lucas O'Reilly - (Book: Big Sky Rancher)
Landry Sutton - (Book: Big Sky Secrets)
Leo Cavallo - (Book: Billionaire for Christmas, A)
Luc Cavallo - (Book: Billionaire's Borrowed Baby, The)
Lewis Goode - (Book: Billionaire's Favorite Fantasy)
Lucas Demarco - (Book: Billioniare Baby Dilemma)
Lon Butler - (Book: Binding the Shadows)
Lucian Argeneau - (Book: Bite Me If You Can)
Luke Rathby - (Book: Bitter Betrayal)
Luke Rathby - (Book: Bitter Betrayal (UK))
Lothos Freemont - (Book: Bitter Change (ebook))
Laz - (Book: Bitter Encore)
Lucien - (Book: Black Opal, The)
Lucien Charbonneau - (Book: Black Rose, The)
Lord Swansborough - (Book: Black Silk)
Lucas Blackhawk - (Book: Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge)
Lord Blackhurst - (Book: Blackhurst Rubies, The)
Lorenzo Valente - (Book: Blackmail Baby, The)
Luc Severino - (Book: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire (ebook))
Luc Hudson - (Book: Blackmailed into a Fake Engagement)
Lewis McCabe - (Book: Blame It On Texas)
Lewis McCabe - (Book: Blame It On Texas (reissue))
Logan McCord - (Book: Blame it on the Cowboy)
Luke Ransom - (Book: Blaze)
Leo - (Book: Blind Date Rivals)
Leo - (Book: Blind Date Rivals (large print))
Logan Black - (Book: Blind Date with the Boss)
Langdon Stone - (Book: Blind Spot)
Logan Dupree - (Book: Blindsided)
Lord Holden - (Book: Bliss)
Luca Ambrus - (Book: Blood Born)
Logan Drake - (Book: Blood Feud)
Lord Rhyzkahl - (Book: Blood of the Demon)
Lexarius Maxim - (Book: Blood Passion (ebook))
Lucien Mondragon - (Book: Bloodright)
Lord Sylvester - (Book: Blossom Time)
Logan Kitridge - (Book: Blue Dahlia)
Lou Malone - (Book: Blue Twilight)
Lou Malone - (Book: Blue Twilight (reissue))
Logan Marshall - (Book: Bluest Eyes In Texas, The)
Leon Archer - (Book: Boardroom Seduction)
Lokan Krayl - (Book: Body of Sin)
Lokan Krayl - (Book: Body of Sin)
Lieutenant Kit Ralston - (Book: Bold Destiny)
Lachlan Kerr
- (Book: Border Lord, The)
Logan Kennedy - (Book: Born Out Of Love)
Lord Brentmore - (Book: Born to Scandal)
Lyon Pennington - (Book: Borrowed Dreams)
Lord Montgomery Fairfax - (Book: Borrowed Scot, A)
Lucas Taylor - (Book: Boss's Baby Bargain, The)
Lucas Ryecart - (Book: Boss's Secret Mistress, The)
Luke Garnier - (Book: Bossman Billionaire)
Lord Powell - (Book: Both Sides of the Coin)
Luca Fierezza - (Book: Bought by the Billionaire Prince)
Luke Devetzi - (Book: Bought By The Greek Tycoon)
Lucas Blackstone - (Book: Bought For Revenge (ebook))
Lord Kasim - (Book: Bought for the Harem)
Luke Ferguson - (Book: Bought With His Name)
Luke Harrison - (Book: Bought: Damsel in Distress)
Luke Harrison - (Book: Bought: Damsel in Distress (Large Print))
Larem - (Book: Bound by Darkness)
Lucian Conover - (Book: Bound Hearts - Wicked Intent)
Logan - (Book: Bound to Please (ebook novella))
Linc McCoy - (Book: Boy on the Porch, The)
Luke Bravo - (Book: Bravo's Honor, A)
Luis Vasconcelos - (Book: Brazilian Enchantment)
Landon Lucas Maxfield - (Book: Breakable)
Lucian Patras - (Book: Breaking Out (ebook))
Lucian Patras - (Book: Breaking Out (paperback))
Lord Julian Thornton - (Book: Breath of Scandal, A)
Lorenzo (Ren) Gage - (Book: Breathing Room)
Lucien de Malheur - (Book: Breathless)
Lord Gareth Hawke - (Book: Briar Rose)
Lionel Redmayne
- (Book: Briar Rose)
Logan McNally - (Book: Bridal Bargain, The)
Luke Becker - (Book: Bridal Veil, The)
Linc Masterman - (Book: Bride at Briar's Ridge)
Linc Mastermann - (Book: Bride at Briar's Ridge)
Lorenzo Martelli - (Book: Bride By Choice)
Luke Ripton - (Book: Bride by Mistake)
Lord Ian Sutcombe - (Book: Bride for His Convenience, A)
Luke Taylor - (Book: Bride for Luke, A)
Lucky Deveraux - (Book: Bride Gone Bad)
Lord Whitney - (Book: Bride of Danger)
Lord Benedict Ainsworth, baron of Brackenmoore - (Book: Bride Of Spring, The (Series: Ainsworth's Brides - Book 2))
Luke Carrigan - (Book: Bride Said, "Surprise!", The)
Lord James Harkness - (Book: Bride Sale, The)
Lucas Hawkins - (Book: Bride's Protector, The)
Lord Deverell - (Book: Bridegroom's Bargain, The)
Lord Deverell - (Book: Bridegroom's Bargain, The (UK))
Lord Rathbone - (Book: Brighton Beauty)
Lionel, Duke of Littlefield - (Book: Bringing Out Betsy)
Linc Reece - (Book: Broken)
Liam - (Book: Broken Shine)
Luke Garrett - (Book: Broken Silence)
Lance and Stefan Duquesne - (Book: Brothers of the Night)
Luke Stanley - (Book: Bundle of Trouble)
Lucas - (Book: Burning Up)
Lucky Lamont - (Book: Bushwhacked Groom)
Luke - (Book: By Starlight)
Luke Lawson - (Book: By the Book)
Leto Garnis - (Book: Caged Warrior)
Logan Echohawk - (Book: Calder Pride)
Logan Echohawk - (Book: Calder Pride (Reissue))
Lochlainn Roche - (Book: Call Home the Heart)
Locke - (Book: Call Sign Karma)
Lyonel Ashton
Earl of Saint Leven
- (Book: Calypso Magic)
Lyonel Ashton
Earl of Saint Leven
- (Book: Calypso Magic (reissue))
Lancelot - (Book: Camelot's Destiny)
Luc Baker - (Book: Can't Buy Me Love)
Luke McKenna - (Book: Candle in the Window, A)
Logan O'Donnell - (Book: Candlelight Christmas (hardcover))
Logan O'Donnell - (Book: Candlelight Christmas (paperback))
Lesley Earnshaw,
Captain Rakehell
- (Book: Captain Rakehell)
Lance Edwards, Captain - (Book: Captain's Vixen, The)
Lionel Morgan, Earl of Denbigh - (Book: Captive)
Lord Noah Kincade - (Book: Captive Pride (reprint))
Lucas Quade
Lieutenant Colonel
- (Book: Captive's Return, The)
Luther Malone - (Book: Capturing Cleo)
Luke Fletcher - (Book: Carolina Man)
Logan Strummel - (Book: Case of the Accidental Heiress,The)
Logan Deverell - (Book: Case of the Missing Secretary, The)
Logan Deverell - (Book: Case of the Missing Secretary, The (reissue))
Leon Brodie - (Book: Casey's Flyboy)
Leon Brodie - (Book: Casey's Flyboy (reissue))
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Casting Spells)
Logan Hardington - (Book: Catch of a Lifetime)
Lord Meredith - (Book: Catherine's Wish)
Liam - (Book: Cattleman, the Baby and Me, The)
Liam Trulane - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Logan Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh's Surrender)
Liam Thayer - (Book: Celebration's Family)
Lord Kendal
Christopher Valliant
- (Book: Celia's Grand Passion
Lucy In Disguise)
Lucius - (Book: Celtic Fire)
Lucian - (Book: Chains of Darkness)
Leo Vincent - (Book: Chalk Line, The)
Leo Vincent - (Book: Chalk Line, The (UK-reissue))
Leandro Volpi - (Book: Challenge)
Logan Chance - (Book: Chance Adventure)
Lord Ashorne - (Book: Change of Heart)
Luca Vero - (Book: Changeling (hardcover))
Liam Connery - (Book: Charlotte Moore)
Levi Travers - (Book: Charming Jo)
Louis McNally - (Book: Chase Me)
Lars Brewer - (Book: Chasing Dreams)
Logan - (Book: Cherish the Boss)
Lucas McAdams - (Book: Cherish Tomorrow)
Leon Devereux - (Book: Cherished)
Lucas Starwind - (Book: Cherokee Marriage Dare)
Luke Chance - (Book: Cherry On Top)
Lone Wolf - (Book: Cheyenne Dreams)
Luke Turner - (Book: Child of Grace)
Logan Kincaid - (Book: Child to Care For, A (UK))
Laird Burchell - (Book: Children's Doctor and the Single Mom, The)
Luke Webber - (Book: Chill)
Luc Winston - (Book: Chill at Midnight, A (ebook))
Luc Leroi - (Book: Chocolate Heart, The)
Louie - (Book: Chocolate On a Stick)
Lord Richard Malinder - (Book: Chosen For the Marriage Bed (US edition))
Lyfe Alton - (Book: Christmas Affair)
Leander Knollis
Earl of Charrington
- (Book: Christmas Angel)
Leander Knollis - (Book: Christmas Angel)
Leander Knollis - (Book: Christmas Angel (reissue))
Leander Knollis
Earl of Charington
- (Book: Christmas Angel (reissue))
Luke Hillier - (Book: Christmas at Candlebark Farm)
Lex - (Book: Christmas at Timberwoods)
Liam - (Book: Christmas Baby's Gift, The)
Luke Adams - (Book: Christmas Blessing, A)
Lucas Chandler
Earl of Lyons
- (Book: Christmas Blessing, A)
Luke Carrigan - (Book: Christmas Clash)
Logan Carmichael - (Book: Christmas Conspiracy)
Logan Carmichael - (Book: Christmas Conspiracy (large print))
Liam Murphy - (Book: Christmas Cowboy Duet)
Lewis Noble - (Book: Christmas Delights)
Lance Estes - (Book: Christmas Feast, The (reissue))
Luke Harrison - (Book: Christmas Inn, The)
Luke Harrison - (Book: Christmas Inn, The (large print))
Lucian Payne
Viscount Northrop
- (Book: Christmas Wish, A)
Lord Chance - (Book: Christmas Wish, The)
Lucas Rawlings - (Book: Cinda's Surprise)
Linc Blaise - (Book: Cinderella Deal, The)
Linc Blaise - (Book: Cinderella Deal, The (reissue))
Linc Blaise - (Book: Cinderella Deal, The (reprint))
Luke Kilcannon - (Book: Cinderella Hour, The)
Leith Ballantyne - (Book: Cinderella of Harley Street)
Leith Ballantyne - (Book: Cinderella of Harley Street (large print))
Lord Deering/Major Harcourt - (Book: Cinderella's Stepmother)
Lucas Tennent - (Book: City Cinderella)
Lucas Black - (Book: Claimed by the Laird)
Luke - (Book: Claiming His Family)
Luc - (Book: Claiming His Runaway Bride)
Luke Evans - (Book: Clara's Promise)
Lord Lynburn - (Book: Clarissa)
Levi Stark - (Book: Classified)
Levi Stark - (Book: Classified (large print))
Lone Eagle - (Book: Climb the Highest Mountain)
Landon Palazzo - (Book: Close to Me)
Lucky Boucher - (Book: Close to the Edge)
Lyle McCaleb - (Book: Colby Law)
Lyle McCaleb - (Book: Colby Law (large print))
Lyle McCaleb - (Book: Colby Roundup)
Leland "Rocky" Rockford - (Book: Colby Velocity)
Lucas Barrow - (Book: Colorado Bride)
Lucas Barrow - (Book: Colorado Bride (re-issue))
Luke O'Malley - (Book: Colorado Cowboy)
Levi Colton - (Book: Colton by Blood)
Luke McCloud - (Book: Comanche Temptation)
Long Quiet - (Book: Comanche Woman)
Logan Chambliss - (Book: Come As You Are)
Luke Williams - (Book: Come Away with Me)
Linc Tanner - (Book: Come Gentle the Dawn)
Lance Reeves - (Book: Come Home, Nurse Jenny)
Lucien Delamere - (Book: Come the Night)
Lucas Cortez - (Book: Comeback Cowboy)
Lucian Patras - (Book: Coming Home (ebook))
Lucian Patras - (Book: Coming Home (paperback))
Logan Reed - (Book: Command Control)
Earl of Venmore
- (Book: Compromised Miss (UK))
Lucas MacCanna - (Book: Compromises)
Lord Rothe - (Book: Compromising Situation, A)
Lord Blakeney - (Book: Confessions from an Arranged Marriage)
Lord Larken - (Book: Confessions of a Little Black Gown)
Logan Bartholomew - (Book: Confidential: Expecting!)
Lang Sterling - (Book: Conflict Of Interest)
Logan Wilde - (Book: Conquest)
Logan Miller - (Book: Consenting Adults)
Lord Christopher Brody - (Book: Conspiracy of Hearts [Large Print])
Lytham, Earl of - (Book: Constant Heart, A)
Logan Brewster - (Book: Contractually His)
Lord Lyall - (Book: Contrary Lovers)
Liam Stone - (Book: Control (ebook))
Lorenzo Wolfe
Lord Moorsea
- (Book: Convenient Arrangement, The)
Lord Ashford - (Book: Convenient Bride, A)
Lee Furtuno - (Book: Convicted of Love)
Lionel Summers
- (Book: Corinna's Cause)
Lionel Summers
- (Book: Corinna's Cause (UK))
Logan Fortune - (Book: Corporate Daddy)
Logan Chisholm - (Book: Corralled)
Logan Chisholm - (Book: Corralled (large print))
Linclon Ripley - (Book: Cosmic Rendezvous)
Lucas Teague - (Book: Cottage by the Sea, A)
Lucien Maxime,
- (Book: Count Maxime's Virgin)
Luke Calloway - (Book: Count Your Blessings)
Luke Garrison - (Book: Countdown to Death)
Luis Alvarado de Montalba - (Book: Counterfeit Bride)
Lord Ashcroft - (Book: Counterfeit Count, The)
Luke Marlow - (Book: Countering His Claim)
Luke Rivers - (Book: Country Bride)
Luke Rivers - (Book: Country Bride (reissue))
Lord Pendleton - (Book: Country Miss in Hanover Square, A)
Lord Cranleigh - (Book: Courtesan's Wager, The)
Lee Cutler, Sheriff - (Book: Courtin' Patience)
Luke Lambright - (Book: Courting Emily)
Lucius White - (Book: Courting Midnight)
Lord Gyles - (Book: Courtly Love)
Luc Jardin - (Book: Cowboy - Cowboy & the Captive)
Liam Magee - (Book: Cowboy After Dark)
Logan James - (Book: Cowboy and the Chauffeur, The)
Linc Parker - (Book: Cowboy At Heart, A)
Leander Knight - (Book: Cowboy Christmas, A)
Linc McCoy - (Book: Cowboy Comes Home, The)
Lane Hart - (Book: Cowboy Fling)
Lang Thompson - (Book: Cowboy for Hire)
Luke Dawson - (Book: Cowboy Take Me Away)
Lex Saddler - (Book: Cowboy to the Rescue)
Luke Rawlins - (Book: Cowboy Trouble)
Luke McClain - (Book: Cowboy Who Came Calling, The)
Lucas Allen - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Baby, The)
Lee Bannister - (Book: Cowboy's Homecoming, A)
Lincoln Heller - (Book: Cowboy's Kin)
Landon Cartwright - (Book: Cowboy's Second Chance, The)
Logan Younger - (Book: Cowboy, The)
Logan Carswell - (Book: Cowboys Like Us)
Luke Montgomery - (Book: Cowgirl's Secret, A)
Logan Kincaid - (Book: Crazy For Her)
Lucas Gallagher - (Book: Crazy Kind of Love, A)
Lincoln Creed - (Book: Creed Country Christmas, A)
Lt. Trey Fortier - (Book: Crime of Passion)
Lawton Caine - (Book: Crimson Code, The)
Lucas Lovat - (Book: Crimson Crown, The)
Logan Caldwell - (Book: Critical Care)
Lyon Lipps - (Book: Cruisin' On Desperation)
Lucas Fletcher - (Book: Crush)
Lobo - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Lucas Sebastian - (Book: Crystal Gardens (hardcover))
Lucas Sebastian - (Book: Crystal Gardens (paperback))
Lord Randal - (Book: Crystal Rapture)
Larus - (Book: Cupid's Revenge (ebook))
Lewis Marsh - (Book: Cure For Love, A)
Luke Oliver - (Book: Cursed, The)
Lord St. Cleve - (Book: Cut From the Same Cloth)
Luca da Silva - (Book: Da Silva's Mistress)
Luca da Silva - (Book: Da Silva's Mistress (UK))
Lucas Rydall - (Book: Dad For Life)
Laramie Jones - (Book: Daddy for Dillon, A)
Logan Wakefield - (Book: Daddy in the House)
Luke Simon - (Book: Daddy Lessons)
Luke Wynter - (Book: Daddy On Call)
Luke Dole - (Book: Daddy's Promise, The)
Luke Devlin - (Book: Daddy, Unexpectedly)
Lord Anthony Rastmoor - (Book: Damsel in Disguise)
Lord Talvas of Boulogne - (Book: Damsel's Defiance, The)
Lionel, Marquis of Ashton - (Book: Damsels from Derbyshire, The (Hardcover))
Luke - (Book: Dance of Seduction)
Lord John Blackwood - (Book: Dancing at Midnight)
Lucien Fairchild
Earl of Strathmore
- (Book: Dancing on the Wind)
Lucien Marvaine - (Book: Danger in Tempting an Earl, The)
Luke Hanchart - (Book: Dangerous)
Lucas Paretti - (Book: Dangerous)
Lander Gable - (Book: Dangerous Alliance)
Lord Dayton - (Book: Dangerous Arrangement, A)
Luc St. Aubyn
Duke of Helston
- (Book: Dangerous Beauty, A)
Luc St. Aubyn, Duke of Helston - (Book: Dangerous Beauty, A)
Logan Townsend - (Book: Dangerous Boy)
Lucas Sinclair - (Book: Dangerous Game, A)
Lake McGregor - (Book: Dangerous Games)
Lucan MacLeod - (Book: Dangerous Highlander)
Lord Anthony Neale - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Leo Branford,
- (Book: Dangerous Masquerade, A (UK)
White Horses)
Levi Cooper - (Book: Dangerous Memories)
Levi Cooper - (Book: Dangerous Memories (large print))
Lucas Carvalho - (Book: Dangers of Dating Dr. Carvalho)
Luke Sheridan - (Book: Daniel's Gift)
Lazzaro Dante - (Book: Dante's Contract Marriage)
Lazzaro Dante - (Book: Dante's Contract Marriage)
Luc Dante - (Book: Dante's Ultimate Gamble)
Leo Dunne - (Book: Dare to Believe)
Lucas Donahue - (Book: Dare to Run)
Luca Angello - (Book: Dare, The)
Luciano de Valenza - (Book: Dark Angel)
Earl of Granville
- (Book: Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex & Subterfuge, The (ebook))
Logan Quinn - (Book: Dark Frost)
Luke Brand - (Book: Dark Harvest)
Luke Brand - (Book: Dark Harvest)
Logan Blackstone - (Book: Dark Knight)
Lucan - (Book: Dark Need)
Landry Prince - (Book: Dark Paradise)
Landry Prince - (Book: Dark Redemption)
Lane Montgomery - (Book: Dark Room)
Lane Montgomery - (Book: Dark Room (reissue))
Landry Prince - (Book: Dark Sacrifice)
Lewis James - (Book: Dark Secret)
Leon Maranz - (Book: Dark Side of Desire, The)
Leon Maranz - (Book: Dark Side of Desire, The (large print))
Lukas Scott - (Book: Darker Days (ebook))
Lukas Scott - (Book: Darker Past, A (ebook))
Lucien - (Book: Darkest Kiss, The)
Lucien - (Book: Darkest Kiss, The (reissue))
Lachlan McLeod - (Book: Darkness Becomes Her)
Logan Taylor - (Book: Darling Jenny)
Lewis Gallagher - (Book: Date with the Ice Princess, A)
Leonardo da Vinci - (Book: Dating da Vinci)
Logan Byrne - (Book: Dating the Undead)
Lord Rosslyn - (Book: Daughters Of England)
Luke Adams - (Book: Dawn Comes Early)
Lord Skylar - (Book: Dawn In My Heart)
Levi - (Book: Dawn of Christmas, The)
Lian Firebird - (Book: Day of Fire)
Liam McMahon - (Book: Dead Handsome)
Luke Dante - (Book: Deadly Fear)
Lawson Mills - (Book: Deadly Homecoming)
Liam - (Book: Deadly Redemption)
Logan Callahan - (Book: Deadly Sins)
Logan Beck - (Book: Deadly Temptation)
Leon Marcose - (Book: Deceit of a Pagan)
Leon Marcose - (Book: Deceit of a Pagan (UK))
Lord Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe - (Book: Deception of The Emerald Ring, The)
Lander Gable - (Book: Deceptive Innocence)
Lachlan Tavish - (Book: Deep Is The Night: Dark Fire)
Logan Chandler - (Book: Deeper Than Roses)
Linua Murati - (Book: Defending the Duchess)
Linua Murati - (Book: Defending the Duchess (large print))
Lord Hawkesworth - (Book: Defiant Captive)
Leif Egilsson - (Book: Defiant in the Viking's Bed)
Lord Andrew de Montforte - (Book: Defiant One, The (ebook reissue))
Liam Flynn - (Book: Definitely Naughty)
Luke Evans - (Book: Defying Convention (ebook))
Luc Traverson - (Book: Delicious)
Luc Traverson - (Book: Delicious (reprint))
Luke MacGregor - (Book: Delilah's Weakness)
Logan - (Book: Deliver Me from Temptation)
Levi Spencer - (Book: Demon and the Succubus, The)
Levi - (Book: Demon Envy)
Leo Bailey - (Book: Demon's Bride)
Lucius Wlhelm - (Book: Demon's Kiss, A (ebook))
Lucius - (Book: Demonkeepers)
Lincoln McKenzie - (Book: Desert Rain)
Logan Powell - (Book: Deserving of Luke)
Lucian Tremayne
Earl of Wycliff
- (Book: Desire)
Luis Aragon - (Book: Desire)
Luc Fontaine - (Book: Desire After Dark)
Lucien Joslyn - (Book: Desire Becomes Her)
Lucien Joslyn - (Book: Desire Becomes Her (reprint))
Lucas Tyler - (Book: Desire Never Dies)
Lyon - (Book: Desire Untamed)
Luke Cannon - (Book: Destination Wedding)
Logan Wilde - (Book: Destination: Love)
Lloyd Vance - (Book: Destined To Meet)
Logan Yates - (Book: Destiny's Embrace)
Lee Calloway - (Book: Detection Mission)
Lee Calloway - (Book: Detection Mission (large print))
Lord William Randall - (Book: Devil in Disguise, The)
Loki - (Book: Devil King Of The Sixth Heaven (ebook))
Lord Devlin - (Book: Devil Wind)
Lord Lucian - (Book: Devil's Angel)
Lord Alex Trevegne - (Book: Devil's Desire (reissue))
Liam Blake - (Book: Devil's Game)
Lord Deveril - (Book: Devil's Lady)
Linc O'Neil - (Book: Devil's Own, The )
Luke - (Book: Devoured)
Lucas Wolfe - (Book: Devoured)
Leesil - (Book: Dhampir)
Lyo - (Book: Diamina)
Lance Bingham - (Book: Diamond, Deception and the Debutante)
Linwood - (Book: Dicing with the Dangerous Lord)
L.M. Spencer - (Book: Dirty Deeds)
Lior Ben Yehuda - (Book: Dirty Harriet Rides Again)
Lucas - (Book: Disgraced Playboy, The)
Lucas - (Book: Disgraced Playboy, The (large print))
Leone Andracchi - (Book: Disobedient Mistress, The)
Lucas Ruiz - (Book: Do Not Disturb)
Logan Wright - (Book: Do Unto Others)
Levi Wyatt - (Book: Do You Take This Maverick?)
Luke Van Dam - (Book: Doctor Daddy)
Luke Williams - (Book: Doctor, A Nurse: A Little Miracle, A)
Lucas Wingate - (Book: Doctoring the Single Dad)
Luc Tagliano - (Book: Domesticating Luc)
Luke Brasco - (Book: Domino Effect, The)
Luke Brasco - (Book: Domino Effect, The (UK))
Lorcan the Loner - (Book: Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire.)
Lucien de Grey, Duke of Marchmont - (Book: Don't Tempt Me)
Luka Morovic - (Book: Don't Tempt Me)
Lady Jasmina Karlyle - (Book: Double Enchantment)
Lonato Ray - (Book: Down and Dirty)
Luke Mason - (Book: Down Home Carolina Christmas)
Li Tao - (Book: Dragon and the Pearl, The)
Luke Slade - (Book: Dragon Hour, The)
Loukianos Aeros - (Book: Dragon Stirs, The (ebook))
Lord Simon Warleigh of Avington - (Book: Dragon's Dower)
Lord Drake Van'hot - (Book: Dragon's Mistress)
Lachlan MacGregor - (Book: Drawn Into Darkness)
Luke - (Book: Dream Factory)
Lincoln Stewart - (Book: Dreams Don't Wait)
Luke Randall - (Book: Dreamsong)
Luke Stewart - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Loren ta Cedric - (Book: Duality)
Lord Justinian Strange - (Book: Duchess By Night)
Lord Drakesley - (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Lord Wolverton - (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Leopold Dautry, Duke of Villiers - (Book: Duke of Her Own, A)
Lance Malbois
Duc du Lac
- (Book: Duke's Baby, The)
Lori Kalner - (Book: Dunkirk Crescendo)
Liam Murphy - (Book: Dying to Have Her)
Lone Eagle -- Zeke Monroe - (Book: Eagle's Song)
Lord Morgandale - (Book: Earl to Enchant, An)
Earl of Pardo
- (Book: Earl's Comeuppance, The (Hardcover))
Earl of Pardo
- (Book: Earl's Comeuppance, The (Hardcover))
Earl of Pardo
- (Book: Earl's Comeuppance, The (reissue))
Lucas - (Book: Easy)
Laine Tanizaki - (Book: Ebony Eyes)
Lance Michelli - (Book: Echoes)
Logan Galloway - (Book: Echoes)
Lore - (Book: Ecstasy Unveiled)
Lance Raines - (Book: Ecstasy's Chains)
Logan - (Book: Eden)
Logan Andrews - (Book: Edge of Dawn)
Luca Cavalli - (Book: Edge of Night (ebook))
Lachlan - (Book: Elphame's Choice)
Lord Carlton - (Book: Elusive Bride, The)
Lord Rowan DeCourtenay - (Book: Elusive Bride, The)
Lucas Hall - (Book: Elusive Ecstacy (reissue))
Lochlyn of Clan Armstrong - (Book: Embrace the Sun)
Lone Eagle (Zeke Monroe) - (Book: Embrace the Wild Land)
Lord Wolfram - (Book: Emerald Knight (ebook))
Lorenz Landry - (Book: Emilie)
Lord Beaumont - (Book: Emily)
Lincoln - (Book: Empower (hardcover))
Liam Donovan - (Book: Enchanted)
Lord Rolfe de Viandin - (Book: Enchanted)
Lyon MacLyon - (Book: Enchanted By You)
Lancelot Du Lac - (Book: Enchanted Guardian)
Lathe Caldwell - (Book: Endless Seduction)
Lend - (Book: Endlessly (hardcover))
Logan Whitefeather - (Book: Ends Of The Earth)
Logan Martin - (Book: Enemies on Tap (ebook))
Lex Warden - (Book: Enforcer)
Leo Fortinari - (Book: Engagement of Convenience, An)
Lucius Adaire - (Book: Enslave Me Sweetly)
Lucius Ashford - (Book: Enter The Hero)
Lord Edward Laurence - (Book: Enterprising Lord Edward, The)
Logan Donovan - (Book: Escapade)
Lord Brett - (Book: Escapade)
Liam Stone - (Book: Escaping Reality)
Lucas Williams - (Book: Espresso in the Morning)
Lucas Williams - (Book: Espresso in the Morning (large print))
Lucian Roman - (Book: Eternal Captive)
Lord Khafra - (Book: Eternal Hearts)
Landon - (Book: Eventide)
Lee Ramon - (Book: Ever So Humble)
Lachlan Baird - (Book: Everlastin')
Luke Chisolm - (Book: Everlasting)
Luis D'Amil - (Book: Everlasting Bad Boys)
Luke Maxwell - (Book: Every Intimate Detail)
Luke Hamilton - (Book: Everything You've Got)
Luke Delaney - (Book: Ex Factor, The)
laian Gillecrist - (Book: Exiled Heart)
Levander Kolovsky - (Book: Expecting His Love-Child)
Levander Kolovsky - (Book: Expecting His Love-Child (UK))
Luke O'Rourke - (Book: Expert Teacher, An)
Luke O'Rourke - (Book: Expert Teacher, An (UK))
Logan Payne - (Book: Explosive Engagement)
Luc Duvalier - (Book: Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate)
Luke Sterling - (Book: Extremely Hot)
Lukas and Scott - (Book: Eye of Destiny)
Luke Madigan - (Book: Eye Witness (ebook))
Lord Ashington - (Book: Fabric of Love, The)
Logan Smith - (Book: Fake I.D. Wife)
Luke Maples - (Book: Falcon Moon)
Lucas Kendrick - (Book: Fall of Lucas Kendrick, The)
Lucas Kendrick - (Book: Fall of Lucas Kendrick, The (reprint))
Logan Gilvry - (Book: Falling for the Highland Rogue)
Liam McCree - (Book: Falling for the Lone Wolf)
Logan Buchanan - (Book: Falling for the Princess)
Leonid Falcon - (Book: Falling for the Rebel Falcon (large print))
Logan Jenkins - (Book: Falling Hard (ebook))
Lucian Patras - (Book: Falling In (ebook))
Lucian Patras - (Book: Falling In (paperback))
Lawrence Carruthers - (Book: False Impressions)
Lucas West - (Book: Familiar Vows)
Luke Harris - (Book: Family For Luke, A)
Luke Garrick - (Book: Family for Ronnie, A)
Luke Evans - (Book: Family for the Rugged Rancher, A)
Luke Evans - (Book: Family for the Rugged Rancher, A (large print))
Lakon Montgomery - (Book: Family Harmony (ebook))
Luke Gates - (Book: Family Kind of Wedding, A)
Luke Gilchrist - (Book: Family Man)
Luke Gilchrist - (Book: Family Man)
Luke Gilchrist - (Book: Family Man (reissue))
Luke Phillips, MD - (Book: Family Practice, A)
Luke Phillips, MD - (Book: Family Practice, A (Large Print))
Lucas Wheeler - (Book: Farther I Fall, The (ebook))
Leo - (Book: Fatal Image)
Luke Bertrand - (Book: Fatal Justice)
Lafayette "Fate" Ridgeway - (Book: Fate Takes a Holiday)
Leland Warrington
Duke of Ware
- (Book: Father Christmas)
Lucas Carver - (Book: Father's Vow, A)
Luke Monroe - (Book: Fearless)
Linc Stone - (Book: Feeling the Heat)
Luke Winston - (Book: Fever)
Logan - (Book: Fiance at her Fingertips)
Leo Zamos - (Book: Fiancee for One Night)
Leo Zamos - (Book: Fiancee for One Night (large print))
Luc - (Book: Fighting Faer)
Luca Gage - (Book: Final Resort)
Luca Gage - (Book: Final Resort (large print))
Luke Cassidy - (Book: Finally a Bride)
Lincoln Cameron - (Book: Finding His Way Home)
Luke Buchanan - (Book: Finding Julia)
Lincoln Cash - (Book: Finding Stefanie)
Laurent Cole - (Book: Fire and Rain)
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Fire And Rain)
Lord Kit Coleridge - (Book: Fire at Midnight)
Lord Damien Warwick - (Book: Fire in the Heart, A)
Logan Garrett - (Book: Fire of Spring, The)
Lord Roland St. Sebastian - (Book: Fire Song)
Liam McGregory - (Book: Firefighter Daddy, The)
Logan McCabe - (Book: Firestorm)
Luke Tanner - (Book: Firestorm)
Luke Vittorio - (Book: Flame of Desire, The)
Luke Vittorio - (Book: Flame Of Desire, The (UK))
Lucian Agrado - (Book: Flash of Hex, A)
Lorenzo - (Book: Flashfire)
Lev Orlov, Major - (Book: Flight from the Eagle)
Lang Frazer - (Book: Flight Into Yesterday)
Lord Benjamin Ramsey - (Book: Flight of Fancy)
Luke Bannister - (Book: Flight of Fancy)
Luke Almeida - (Book: Flirting with Fire)
Luke Sheridan - (Book: Flower Girl Bride)
Lorenz - (Book: Flower of Love)
Logan Donnelly - (Book: Fly Guy, The)
Lance Winslow - (Book: Flying Cavalier, The)
Landon - (Book: Fool Me Twice)
Luke Rawlins - (Book: Footprints In The Snow)
Lee Garvey - (Book: For His Daughter)
Luke Danton - (Book: For His Little Girl)
Lord Thomas Montclaire - (Book: For My Lady's Kiss)
Loukas Demakis - (Book: For Revenge . . Or Pleasure?)
Lord Harrison Stanford MacDonald - (Book: For the Roses)
London Brown - (Book: For You I Do)
Lewis James - (Book: Forbidden Desires)
Logan Kelly - (Book: Forbidden Embers)
Luis de Montejo - (Book: Forbidden Flame)
Luke Trenwith - (Book: Forbidden Love (Hardcover))
Liam Elliott - (Book: Forbidden Merger)
Luther Biggens - (Book: Forbidden Temptation)
Logan Holstock - (Book: Forever and Always)
Lincoln Aimes - (Book: Forever and Always)
Luc St. Just - (Book: Forever Claimed)
Lucas Griffin - (Book: Forever Summer, The)
Liam Niall - (Book: Forged of Shadows)
Logan Ryan - (Book: Forgiving Lies)
Lucian Morley, Viscount - (Book: Forgotten Marriage, The)
Leo Alvarez - (Book: Forsaken)
Luke Karalis - (Book: Fortress Of Love)
Leighton Somerset, Viscount - (Book: Fortune Hunter)
Lai Tsin - (Book: Fortune Is a Woman--reprint)
Luc LeBlanc - (Book: Found: His Perfect Wife)
Linc Wilder - (Book: Foxfire Light)
Luke Rafferty - (Book: Fragile)
Luke Rafferty - (Book: Fragile (reissue))
Lord Woodstone - (Book: Franklin's Folly)
Lord Alverstoke - (Book: Frederica (new edition))
Logan White - (Book: Free Fall)
Liam Bartlett - (Book: Freedom's Price)
Liam Bartlett - (Book: Freedom's Price (reissue))
Luc Tremont - (Book: French Twist)
Luc Vaillon - (Book: Frenchman's Captive Wife, The)
Logan Sullivan - (Book: Friction)
Luc Moretti - (Book: Frisk Me)
Logan Whittaker - (Book: From Single Mom to Secret Heiress)
Lincoln Cross - (Book: From The Ashes)
Luke Masterson - (Book: From This Day Forward )
Luke - (Book: From This Day Forward)
Logan Randal - (Book: Fugitive)
Logan Randal - (Book: Fugitive (large print))
Luke Sarkov - (Book: Fugitive Mom)
Logan - (Book: Fugitive Wife)
Logan Hunter - (Book: Fur Play)
Louis-Cesare - (Book: Fury's Kiss)
Luke Everett - (Book: Gabrielle's Gamble)
LeMaster Scott Gandy - (Book: Gamble, The)
Lord Edward - (Book: Gambler's Daughter)
Lord North - (Book: Game of Hearts, A)
Luke Templecombe - (Book: Game of Love)
Luke Templecombe - (Book: Game Of Love (UK))
Liam O'Neill - (Book: Game, The)
Liam O'Neill - (Book: Game, The (reissue))
Lord Ryderbourne - (Book: Games of Pleasure)
Lee Bradford - (Book: Garden of Eden)
Lorn - (Book: Gargoyle's Dominion (ebook))
Lord Lance Dellafield - (Book: Garland of Druids - Druid's Daughter (ebook))
Leto Distra - (Book: Gates of Rapture)
Leith Sheridan - (Book: Gentleman Butler)
Lucien Northcote - (Book: Gentleman Seduced, A)
Luke Travis - (Book: Gentleman's Homecoming, A)
Lord Darrow - (Book: Gentlemen's Agreement, A)
Link Robards - (Book: Georgia and the Tycoon)
Levi Horst - (Book: Georgia on His Mind)
Lucky O'Donlon - (Book: Get Lucky)
Lucky Monroe - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Lucky Rodriguez - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Lucas Hamilton - (Book: Getting Some of Her Own)
Lucas Hamilton - (Book: Getting Some of Her Own (reprint))
Liam O'Reilly - (Book: Ghost for Sale)
Levi St. John - (Book: Ghost Gifts)
Liam Beckett - (Book: Ghost Moon)
Leo Vargas - (Book: Gift for a Lion, A)
Luke Randall - (Book: Gift, The)
Luc - (Book: Gilded Cage)
Leo Jackson - (Book: Girl Nobody Wanted, The)
Leo Jackson - (Book: Girl Nobody Wanted, The (large print))
Leo Jackson - (Book: Girl Nobody Wanted, The (UK))
Lord Eben Dhion - (Book: Girl On The Run)
Luke - (Book: Give Him the Slip)
Luke Fulton - (Book: Give Me Liberty)
Luke Charmanti - (Book: Glass Slipper, The)
Logan McCallister - (Book: Glimpse of Paradise, A)
Liam Hale - (Book: Goddess)
Lucas Russell - (Book: Going All Out)
Lance Hamilton - (Book: Golden Boy)
Luke McKenna - (Book: Golden Dreams)
Leigh Benedict - (Book: Golden Thief, The)
Landis Jurrell - (Book: Golden Torment)
Lance Van Baaren - (Book: Golden Vampire)
Luke Maguire - (Book: Good Girls Do)
Luke Asher - (Book: Good Girls Don't)
Luke Stoltzfus - (Book: Goodbye to Yesterday)
Lucas Rain - (Book: Grave Secret)
Lucas Hall - (Book: Great Catch, A)
Lucien Saint-Clare - (Book: Great Lady Tony, The)
Luck August - (Book: Greatest Risk, The)
Leonidas Vassalio - (Book: Greek Escape, A)
Lysandros Demetriou - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel, The )
Lysandros Demetriou - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel, The (UK) )
Leonidas Pallis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, The)
Leonidas Pallis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, The (Large Print))
Lysander Metaxis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride, The)
Leiandros Kiriakis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum, The)
Leo Christakis - (Book: Greek's Forced Bride, The)
Lowe Magnusson - (Book: Grim Shadows)
Luke Starns - (Book: Groom for Greta, A)
Lord Niall Trevallyan - (Book: Ground She Walks Upon, The)
Liam Wyndham - (Book: Guarding His Heart (ebook))
Luke Crawford - (Book: Gun-Shy Bride)
Lance Michaels - (Book: Guy I Left Behind, The)
Lord Merryn - (Book: Gwendeline)
Lyon Falconer - (Book: Gypsy)
Luke Hanchart - (Book: Hanchart Land (revised--ebook))
Lord Darlington - (Book: Handful of Dreams, A)
Luke Branson - (Book: Handsome Devil)
Lucas Marston - (Book: Handsome Devil (ebook))
Lucas Johnson - (Book: Hard and Fast)
Logan Drake - (Book: Hard Choices)
Lance Knight - (Book: Hard Day's Knight, A(ebook))
Leland Hollis - (Book: Hard Target)
Logan Hart - (Book: Hard to Hold (ebook))
Lacey Graham - (Book: Hard To Resist)
Liam Christiansen - (Book: Hard Way)
Lance Jacobs - (Book: Harmony's Way)
Lief Holbrook - (Book: Harvest Moon)
Lief Holbrook - (Book: Harvest Moon (reprint))
Luke Hooley - (Book: Harvest of Blessings)
Luke Jones - (Book: Haunted Heart)
Louis Beekman - (Book: Haunting Love Alley)
Luke O'Dell - (Book: Have Honeymoon, Need Husband)
Logan Bradshaw - (Book: Having the Cowboy's Baby)
Luc Chartier - (Book: Having The Frenchman's Baby)
Lukas Klein - (Book: Hawaiian Holiday (ebook))
Logan Richards - (Book: He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not)
Logan Greeley
Earl of Roarke
- (Book: Headstrong Heart, The)
Logan Carmichael - (Book: Healed with a Kiss)
Lance Black - (Book: Healing Love)
Luke Morgan - (Book: Healing Luke)
Lark Collinson - (Book: Heart Duel)
Lord Russell
Duke of Carrington
- (Book: Heart of a Ruler, The)
Luke Moreno - (Book: Heart of a Thief)
Luke - (Book: Heart of Brass)
Logan Grand - (Book: Heart of Steel)
Lord Roderick
Saxon Hawk of Emory
- (Book: Heart of the Hawk)
Leo Manfred - (Book: Heart of the Lion (UK))
Lord Blakeney - (Book: Heart on His Sleeve, A)
Laev T'Hawthorn - (Book: Heart Search)
Lance Matthews - (Book: Heart's Victory, The)
Lance Matthews - (Book: Heart's Victory, The (reissue))
Lucian Reed - (Book: Heart's Wager, The)
Lucas Kendrick
Duke of Harndon
- (Book: Heartless)
Lincoln Buchannan - (Book: Hearts Afire)
Lt. Carlos Trueba - (Book: Hearts Ahoy)
Lord Randol - (Book: Hearts Betrayed)
Leif - (Book: Hearts of Shadow)
Langston Leed Monteith
aka Black Monteith
- (Book: Heat of the Knight)
Liam O'Rourke - (Book: Heat Of The Moment)
Linc Snow - (Book: Heaven In Texas)
Luke - (Book: Heaven On Earth)
Lucas Lawrence - (Book: Heaven's Kiss)
Leo - (Book: Heavenly Hijinks)
Louis DuLac - (Book: Heir's Scandalous Affair, The)
Luke Coleman - (Book: Hell On Heels)
Leo Anderson - (Book: Hell or High Water)
Lemurian Alton - (Book: Hellfire)
Lord Jarret Sharpe - (Book: Hellion in Her Bed, A)
Lex Duncan - (Book: Her 24-Hour Protector)
Lucas Jordan - (Book: Her Bodyguard)
Luke Garret - (Book: Her Bodyguard)
Lucas Delancey - (Book: Her Bodyguard)
Lewis Mansfield - (Book: Her Boss's Baby Plan)
Logan Malloy - (Book: Her Brother's Keeper)
Luke Campbell - (Book: Her Christmas Protector)
Lord Stefan de Monfort - (Book: Her Dark and Dangerous Lord)
Lon Mackey - (Book: Her Healing Ways)
Luigi Costanzo - (Book: Her Husband's Christmas Bargain)
Lucca - (Book: Her Italian Soldier)
Lucca - (Book: Her Italian Soldier (large print))
Luke Northrup - (Book: Her Kind of Hero)
Luke Northrup \ Kevin McIntyre - (Book: Her Kind Of Hero\Second Time Around)
Luc Boudreaux - (Book: Her Last Line Of Defense)
Lake Masters - (Book: Her Little Black Book)
Leo Friday - (Book: Her Man Friday)
Luke Power - (Book: Her Mother's Keeper)
Logan Dangerfield - (Book: Her Outback Man)
Luke Armstrong - (Book: Her Parenthood Assignment)
Liam Parrish - (Book: Her Perfect Cowboy)
Landon Donovan - (Book: Her Perfect Mate)
Liam Darcy - (Book: Her Protector in ER)
Luke Holden - (Book: Her Rodeo Cowboy)
Luke Holden - (Book: Her Rodeo Cowboy (large print))
Luca Francesco - (Book: Her Ruthless Italian Boss)
Luca Francesco - (Book: Her Ruthless Italian Boss (UK))
Lucas - (Book: Her Secret Longing)
Luke McGarrett - (Book: Her Secret Sons)
Luke Chancellor - (Book: Her Sexy Valentine)
Logan Matthews - (Book: Her Sister's Children)
Logan Murdoch - (Book: Her Soldier Protector)
Landon Derringer - (Book: Her Surprise Sister)
Landon Derringer - (Book: Her Surprise Sister (large print))
Lucas Tanner - (Book: Her Winning Formula (ebook))
Llewellyn Fawr
Prince of North Wales
- (Book: Here Be Dragons)
Llewellyn Fawr
Prince of North Wales
- (Book: Here Be Dragons (reissue))
Lucas Hastings - (Book: Hero on the Loose)
Lucas Mallory - (Book: Hers for a Night!)
Luke Chandler - (Book: Hidden in a Heartbeat)
Luke McIntyre - (Book: Hidden in Shadows)
Luis Salvador - (Book: High Valley, The)
Logan - (Book: Highest Bid (ebook novella))
Liam Cameron - (Book: Highland Champion)
Lucais MacFarlane - (Book: Highland Folly, A)
Logan McAllister - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Laird of the Forbes - (Book: Highland Jewel)
Laird Connal MacInness - (Book: Highland Mist (ebook))
Lachlan (The Wily) Maclean - (Book: Highland Princess)
Lord Murray
Earl of Abermaise
- (Book: Highland Rivalry)
Laird Lachland MacKenzie
Duke of Ross
- (Book: Highland Rogue)
Lucas Murray, Sir - (Book: Highland Savage)
Luke Pascal - (Book: Highlander Christmas, A)
Liam Lockhart, Captain - (Book: Highlander Unbound)
Lachlan Maclean - (Book: Highlander Unchained)
Liam MacBride - (Book: Highlander's Choice, The (ebook))
Lachann MacMillan - (Book: Highlander's Desire, The)
Liam MacKenzie - (Book: Highlander, The)
Lucas Mawgan - (Book: Highwayman Husband)
Logan Taylor - (Book: Hired)
Leo - (Book: Hired for the Boss's Bedroom)
Lucas Strathmoor - (Book: Hired Hand)
Luca Fiori - (Book: Hired: The Italian's Bride)
Luke Montgomery - (Book: His 7-day Fiancee)
Lord Vere - (Book: His At Night)
Lucas Finlay - (Book: His Brown-Eyed Girl)
Levi Westland - (Book: His Chosen Bride)
Lawrence Bishop - (Book: His Daddy's Eyes)
Lord Craven - (Book: His Dark Kiss)
Leo Valente - (Book: His Final Bargain)
Leo Valente - (Book: His Final Bargain (large print))
Luke - (Book: His Forbidden Fiancée)
Lucas Gower
Duke of Conovar
- (Book: His Grace Endures)
Leo Aleksandrov - (Book: His Last Chance at Redemption)
Leo Aleksandrov - (Book: His Last Chance at Redemption (UK))
Luke Jackson - (Book: His Lover to Protect)
Luke Kingsley - (Book: His Makeshift Wife)
Logan Rafferty - (Book: His Miracle Baby)
Lucas Stanton - (Book: His Mistletoe Bride)
Luke Phillips - (Book: His Moment to Steal)
Lucian Beaumont - (Book: His Mountain Miss)
Luc Patrick - (Book: His Pregnancy Bargain)
Liam Ryder - (Book: His Pregnant Princess (ebook))
Leo Aikenhead
- (Book: His Reluctant Mistress)
Luca de Santis - (Book: His Royal Love Child (ebook))
Lucius Keene
Duke of Traherne
- (Book: His Scandalous Duchess)
Viscount Hastings
- (Book: His Spurned Viscountess)
Liam Donovan - (Book: His Texas Baby)
Lucas Vasco - (Book: Hold Me (ebook))
Luke Jackson - (Book: Hold Me Close)
Leonidas Delacroix - (Book: Hold Me Down (ebook))
Leah Williams - (Book: Holding the Baby)
Lucas Bennett - (Book: Holiday Illusion (reissue))
Lucas Hunter - (Book: Home at Last)
Lucas Roman - (Book: Home for a Hero)
Larkin McBride - (Book: Home Of Eternal Rest (ebook))
Lewis Hardin - (Book: Home of His Own, A)
Lieutenant Seth Keller - (Book: Homecoming Day)
Luke Kendrick - (Book: Homecoming Ranch)
Luke Brand - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Lance Cortez - (Book: Hometown Cowboy)
Luke McCade - (Book: Hometown Hero Returns, The)
Luke Rheems - (Book: Hometown Honey)
Lukas Frye - (Book: Hometown Promise)
Luke Callahan - (Book: Honest Illusions)
Luke Callahan - (Book: Honest Illusions (paperback--reissue))
Luke Callahan - (Book: Honest Illusions (reprint--paperback))
Logan McNeil - (Book: Honey Trap, The)
Luc Olivier - (Book: Honeymoon in Paris)
Lucas - (Book: Honeysuckle Song)
Linc Bannon - (Book: Honor (hardcover))
Linc Bannon - (Book: Honor (paperback))
Lucas Greywolf - (Book: Honor Bound)
Luke McKinley - (Book: Honorable Man, An)
Luke Carpenter - (Book: Hooked)
Lachlan - (Book: Hope Everlastin')
Luke McCormack - (Book: Hope Flames)
Logan McCormack - (Book: Hope Ignites)
Luke McGee - (Book: Hope Undaunted, A)
Lyon Teague - (Book: Hope's Child)
Luke - (Book: Horse Passages)
Luther Brinkman - (Book: Hostage (hardcover))
Luther Brinkman - (Book: Hostage (paperback))
Liam Wolfrik - (Book: Hostage Of My Heart (ebook))
Liam - (Book: Hot Blood)
Laith - (Book: Hot Blooded)
Lucas Alexander - (Book: Hot Buttered Yum)
Leandro Mandalor - (Book: Hot For Him)
Luke Winter - (Book: Hot Target)
Liam Rafferty - (Book: Hot Whispers of an Irishman)
Luke DeVries - (Book: Hot Zone)
Luke Carnes - (Book: Hotshot)
Lucas Dalton - (Book: How to Dance With a Duke)
Leland Grant
Viscount Haye
- (Book: How to Seduce a Bride)
Leo - (Book: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days)
Lucas Paine
Marquess of Basingstoke
- (Book: How To Tame A Lady)
Lachlain MacRieve - (Book: Hunger Like No Other, A)
Logan Hunter - (Book: Hungry Like a Wolf)
Lucky O'Neill - (Book: Hunk of the Month)
Lee Goram - (Book: Hunter by Night)
Luke Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Bride)
Lucas Jordan - (Book: Hunting Fear)
Luke - (Book: Husband and Wife Reunion)
Luke Redstone - (Book: Husband for Keeps)
Lucian Glass - (Book: Hypnotist, The)
Lucien Westfall - (Book: I Married the Duke)
Logan Reed - (Book: I'll Be Home for Christmas)
Lazarus Jones - (Book: Ice Queen, The)
Lawrence Collins - (Book: Ideal Wife, The)
Lord Ashton Radmoor - (Book: If He's Sinful)
Lucas Brent - (Book: If The Prospect Pleases)
Law Reilly - (Book: If You Know Her)
Lord Andru - (Book: Illegitimate Claim, The (ebook))
Lord Dante Muir - (Book: Illusions of Love, The)
Lucian Payne
Viscount Northrop
- (Book: Impertinent Miss Bancroft, The)
Lachlan Brant - (Book: Impossibly Pregnant)
Liam Kane - (Book: Imprisoned Heart)
Lord Curan Ramsden - (Book: Improper Seduction)
Lord Thorwynn - (Book: Improper Suitor (Hardcover))
Lucien Devereaux - (Book: Impulsive Governess, The)
Logan Webster - (Book: In a Class by Itself)
Luca Ranieri - (Book: In a Storm of Scandal)
Luke Foxbourne - (Book: In All Deep Places)
Lance Brown - (Book: In Bed with the Bodyguard)
Lucian Langdon
Earl of Claybourne
- (Book: In Bed With the Devil)
Larry McManus - (Book: In Every Flower)
Logan Swan - (Book: In Fugitive Arms)
Lukas Graywolf - (Book: In Graywolf's Hands)
Luke Montgomery - (Book: In Her Sights)
Lewis Cole - (Book: In His Loving Care)
Luke Calder - (Book: In His Wife's Name)
Linc Garcia - (Book: In Hot Pursuit)
Ludo Petrakis - (Book: In Petrakis's Power)
Ludo Petrakis - (Book: In Petrakis's Power (large print))
Lord Gregory - (Book: In pursuit of the Green Lion)
Lucas Henderson - (Book: In the Bride's Defense)
Levi Hardy - (Book: In the Cards)
Luther Lindstrom - (Book: In The Dark)
Lance Cooper - (Book: In the Groove)
Luke Bryant - (Book: In the Heat of the Spotlight)
Luke Bryant - (Book: In the Heat of the Spotlight (large print))
Luke Jordan - (Book: In the Line of Duty)
Luke Santana - (Book: In The Tycoon's Bed)
Luca Barbaro - (Book: In The Venetian's Bed)
Luca Barbaro - (Book: In the Venetian's Bed [Large Print])
Louis Jumeau - (Book: In Want of a Wife?)
Lennox Cameron - (Book: In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams)
Luca Castellioni - (Book: Inconvenient Love, An)
Lucian Payne
Viscount Northrop
- (Book: Incorrigible Sophia, The)
Lord Lockwood - (Book: Indiscretions)
Lucas Cortez - (Book: Industrial Magic)
Liam Stone - (Book: Infinite Possibilities)
Lucian Agrado - (Book: Inhuman Resources)
Lord Max Coleridge - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An (UK edition))
Logan Sutherland - (Book: Innocent in Paradise, An)
Lord Dunstan - (Book: Innocent Proposal, An)
Lord Dunstan - (Book: Innocent Proposal, An (UK))
Luca D'Amato - (Book: Innocent Secretary...Accidentally Pregnant)
Linc Dawson - (Book: Innocent, The (ebook))
Lucien Antonescu - (Book: Insatiable)
Lachlan MacAlpin - (Book: Inscription, The)
Leo Coscarelli - (Book: Inside Out (Hardcover))
Leo Coscarelli - (Book: Inside Out (reissue))
Lucas Sloan - (Book: Instinct)
Lucas Wainwright - (Book: Intent To Seduce)
Leon Grimes - (Book: Interuption of Everything, The)
Lucas Haines - (Book: Into the Corner)
Luke Brodie - (Book: Into the Firestorm)
Luca Corretti - (Book: Invitation to Sin, An)
Luca Corretti - (Book: Invitation to Sin, An (large print))
Lord Abercorn - (Book: Irish Duke, The)
Lord Rande - (Book: Irish Heiress, The)
Lothair - (Book: Iron Princess, The (ebook))
Leon FitzWarren (Caer Llion) - (Book: Ironheart)
Leslie Petersborough
Marquis of Hastings
- (Book: Irredeemable Miss Renfield, the)
Lucas Kane - (Book: Irresistible Tycoon, The)
Luke Minteer - (Book: Irresistible You)
Luc MacAllister - (Book: Island of Secrets)
Luc MacAllister - (Book: Island of Secrets (large print))
Leon - (Book: Island Of The Dawn)
Lachlan MacGregor
Lord of Druidhean
- (Book: Isle of Skye)
Luke Hanover - (Book: It Had to Be You)
Luke Walker - (Book: It Takes A Family)
Luke Savage - (Book: It Was Only a Kiss)
Lang Camden - (Book: It's a Boy!)
Lazzaro Ranaldi - (Book: Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge )
Lorenzo Duce di Montesavro - (Book: Italian Duke's Wife, The)
Luca Di Rossi - (Book: Italian Playboy's Proposition, The (UK))
Luchino Montichelli - (Book: Italian Single Dad, The)
Luchino Montichelli - (Book: Italian Single Dad, The (Large Print))
Luca Montese - (Book: Italian's Baby, The)
Luca Cardelli - (Book: Italian's Love-Child, The)
Luca Santanno - (Book: Italian's Marriage Bargain, The)
Lucio Ventressi - (Book: Italian's Mistress, The)
Luca Di Rossi - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Marriage Bargain, The)
Luca O'Hagan - (Book: Italian's Secretary Bride, The)
Leonardo Marciano Fortino - (Book: Italian's Virgin Princess, The)
Lord Stanhope - (Book: Ivory Dragon, The)
Lucien - (Book: Jacaranda Tree, The)
Lucas Ridgeway - (Book: Jaded)
Luke Slayton - (Book: Jennie In A Bottle)
Levi Shanahan - (Book: Jessie's Father)
Lt. Jake Cameron - (Book: Jewels of Time)
Lord Inchmann - (Book: Joanna)
Lee Street - (Book: Jonathan's Wife)
Luke Donovan - (Book: Josie Day Is Coming Home)
Lester Childers - (Book: Joy in the Morning)
Lex Gibson - (Book: Juggling Briefcase & Baby)
Lord Alysford - (Book: Julia's Portion)
Liam O'Leary - (Book: Just a Taste)
Luke Bennett - (Book: Just Hold on Tight!)
Luke Morgan - (Book: Just One Night)
Luca Broussard - (Book: Just One Taste . . .)
Luke Tanner - (Book: Justice for Sara (hardcover))
Lucas Valentine - (Book: Kat)
Luke Richmond - (Book: Keeping Luke's Secret (UK))
Lucas - (Book: Keeping Secret)
Lochiel Montgomery - (Book: Kenlaren)
Luke Papadopoulos - (Book: Kill For Me)
Logan Sinclair - (Book: Killer Charms)
Logan Quinn - (Book: Killer Frost)
Luke Cane - (Book: Killing Edge, The (Hardcover))
Luke Kane - (Book: Killing Edge, The (mass market))
Luke Denton - (Book: Killing Game, The)
Lachlan MacLeod - (Book: King of the Isle)
Lord Tristan Knight
Earl of Ellington
- (Book: Kiss in the Dark, A)
Lucas Swain - (Book: Kiss Me While I Sleep)
Liam Moor - (Book: Kiss Of Fire)
Lord Bart - (Book: Kiss of Fire)
Logan Quinn - (Book: Kiss of Frost)
Lucan Thorne - (Book: Kiss of Midnight)
Luc Le Daun - (Book: Kiss of the Betrayer)
Lance Sterling - (Book: Kiss to Remember, A)
Luke Ansfield - (Book: Kissed by a Stranger)
Luke Ansfield - (Book: Kissed by a Stranger (UK))
Lionel Ashton - (Book: Kissed by Shadows)
Lionell Westfall - (Book: Kissing Gate, The)
Luke Elliott - (Book: Kissing Her Crush)
Luke Watters - (Book: Kissing the Maid of Honor (ebook))
Luke Hunter - (Book: Klondike Wedding)
Lord Julian Brandon - (Book: Knaves' Wager)
Lorgin ta'al Krue - (Book: Knight of a Trillion Stars)
Lord Reynard de Fauconer - (Book: Knight of Passion, A (ebook))
Lussac de Belbigny - (Book: Knight's Fugitive Lady, The)
Lord Raven, Lord Peter - (Book: Knight's Passion, A)
Logan Farrell - (Book: Knights Bridge Christmas, A (hardcover))
Lancelot du Lac, Sir - (Book: Knights of the Round Table: Lancelot)
Lock - (Book: Knights of the Ruby Order: Lock)
Liam McGarrity - (Book: Knock Off)
Liam McGarrity - (Book: Knock'em Dead)
Leon Kyriakis - (Book: Kyriakis Baby, The)
Lewis Dashford - (Book: La Comtesse)
Lord Sheldrake - (Book: Labor of Love)
Logan Steer - (Book: Lace and Satin)
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Laced With Magic)
Lachlan MacRath - (Book: Lachlan's Bride)
Lord Nigel Wallenford, Earl of Claradon - (Book: Lady and the Libertine, The)
Lord Kurt Marden - (Book: Lady Brandy)
Luke Majors - (Book: Lady Deception)
Lucien Chambertin - (Book: Lady Emily's Exotic Journey)
Lucas Denning - (Book: Lady Eve's Indiscretion)
Lord Wesmont - (Book: Lady Fiasco)
Lord Hugo Wanstead - (Book: Lady Flees Her Lord)
Lincoln Cade - (Book: Lady For Lincoln Cade, A)
Lord Alexis de Granville, Marquess of Richfield - (Book: Lady Hellfire)
Lord Grayden - (Book: Lady Hilary's Halloween)
Lord Gardiner - (Book: Lady in Green)
Leowulf - (Book: Lady in the Lion's Den)
Lord Beldon - (Book: Lady is Mine, The)
Lewis Ardenley - (Book: Lady Jane's Ribbons)
Lord Menwin - (Book: Lady John)
Lionel Eden
Viscount Benning
- (Book: Lady Lochinvar)
Luke Kilbride - (Book: Lady Love)
Lord Dorset - (Book: Lady Luck)
Lord Giles, Earl of Warborough - (Book: Lady Merry's Dashing Champion)
Lord Wainwright - (Book: Lady Runaway)
Lord Kerry - (Book: Lady Sorceress)
Lord Lowell - (Book: Lady Sparrow)
Luke Forest - (Book: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke)
Lord Bryn - (Book: Lady's Point of View, A)
Leif Johnston - (Book: Lair's Moon)
Lachlan Sinclair - (Book: Lana and the Laird)
Lije - (Book: Land of Enchantment)
Landon Ryland - (Book: Landon)
Luke St. John - (Book: Laney's Kiss)
Laredo Jefferson - (Book: Laredo's Sassy Sweetheart (ebook))
Liam Fortune - (Book: Lassoed by Fortune)
Luke Tyrell - (Book: Last American Hero (ebook))
Lane Cassidy - (Book: Last Chance)
Lucas Kane - (Book: Last Chance)
Lincoln McAllister - (Book: Last Dance, The)
Luke Callahan - (Book: Last Kiss of Summer)
Lord Everly - (Book: Last Laugh, The)
Lucas Garrett - (Book: Last Man in Town, The)
Lucky Masado - (Book: Last Man Standing)
Luke Marchetti - (Book: Last Marchetti Bachelor, The)
Luke McBride - (Book: Last Promise)
Luc Cain - (Book: Last Rite)
Viscount Westmore
- (Book: Last Rogue, The)
Lance Lott - (Book: Last Virgin in Vegas (ebook))
Last Jefferson - (Book: Last's Temptation)
Last Jefferson - (Book: Last's Temptation (reissue))
Last Jefferson - (Book: Last's Temptation (ebook))
Lucio Cruz - (Book: Latin Lover's Secret Child, The)
Lucas Darien - (Book: Latin Passion, A)
Luke Miller - (Book: Laugh Lines)
Logan Mitchell - (Book: Lawman Claims His Bride, The)
Luke Campbell - (Book: Lawman's Holiday Wish, The)
Luke Torretti - (Book: Lawman-in-Charge)
Lazaro Herrera - (Book: Lazaro's Revenge)
Lazaro Herrera - (Book: Lazaro's Revenge (UK))
Lije Stuart - (Book: Legacies)
Lucien Tremaine - (Book: Legacy of the Rose)
Lyall Harding - (Book: Legally Binding )
Lyon Redmond - (Book: Legend of Lyon Redmond, The)
Logan McKinney - (Book: Lessons from a Scandalous Bride)
Lukas Krupke - (Book: Lessons In Lust Major)
Lee Coburn - (Book: Lethal (Hardcover))
Landon Miller - (Book: Lethal Consequences)
Levi McPherson - (Book: Letters From Home)
Liam Doyle - (Book: Liam (ebook))
Liam Kavanaugh - (Book: Liam's Perfect Woman)
Liam O'Reilly - (Book: Liam's Secret Son)
Liam O'Reilly - (Book: Liam's Secret Son (UK))
Lennox Taskill - (Book: Libertine, The)
Lord Tristan - (Book: Lie Down in Roses)
Lachlan Frost - (Book: Lightning's Lady)
Lily - (Book: Lily and the Sword, The)
Logan Brody - (Book: Linger)
Logan Scott - (Book: Lingerie Shop, The (ebook novella))
Lord Lamont - (Book: Lingering Laughter)
Leon de Villeneuve - (Book: Lion of Languedoc)
Lucais Sutherland - (Book: Lion of the North)
Lord Ware - (Book: Lion's Bride)
Lord Lyon of Normandy - (Book: Lion's Bride, The)
Lionel Templeton - (Book: Lion's Folly)
Lion Sutherland - (Book: Lion's Lady)
Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood - (Book: Lion's Lady, The)
Lionheart - (Book: Lionheart)
Leo Hart - (Book: Lionhearted)
Leo Prentice - (Book: Little Bit Naughty, A (ebook))
Logan Ward - (Book: Little Christmas Magic, A)
Luke Carter - (Book: Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action, A)
Lucien North - (Book: Living in Shadow)
Lucas Ramsay - (Book: Living on the Edge)
Leon Masters - (Book: Living Together)
Llewellyn - (Book: Llewellyn's Song)
Logan Whitaker - (Book: Logan's Bride)
Logan Maxwell - (Book: Logan's Child)
Logan Mi'an Tar - (Book: Logan's Fall)
Logan Bradford - (Book: Logan's Lady)
Logan Reed - (Book: Logan's Lady)
Logan Bradford - (Book: Logan's Lady (reissue--ebook))
Logan Taggert - (Book: Logan's Outlaw)
Lori Kalner - (Book: London Refrain)
Lord Barlow - (Book: London Tangle)
Lone Arrow - (Book: Lone Arrow's Pride)
Lone Eagle - (Book: Lone Eagle)
Luke Driscoll - (Book: Lone Star Diary)
Luke Phelan - (Book: Lone Warrior, The)
Luke Blackman - (Book: Lone Wolf's Craving, The)
Luke McClendon - (Book: Lone Wolf's Lady)
Laredo Smith - (Book: Lonesome Cowboy)
Lucas Hightower - (Book: Lonesome Cowboy)
Luke Reardon - (Book: Long Road Home)
Leith MacDougall - (Book: Long Shot)
Law Kincaid - (Book: Long Time Coming)
Luke Bresciano - (Book: Long-Lost Son: Brand-New Family)
Lord Ravenswood - (Book: Lord and Master)
Lord Darlington - (Book: Lord Darlington's Darling)
Lord Dedringham - (Book: Lord Dedringham's Divorce)
Lord Deverill - (Book: Lord Deverill's Secret)
Lucas Fox - (Book: Lord Fox's Pleasure)
Lucas Fox - (Book: Lord Fox's Pleasure (UK))
Viscount Hartleigh
- (Book: Lord Heartless)
Lord Kir, Ruler of Emerald City - (Book: Lord Kir Of Oz)
Lord Kir - (Book: Lord Kir of Oz)
Lord Langley - (Book: Lord Langley is Back in Town)
Lord Hartwood - (Book: Lord Lightning)
Lord Margrave - (Book: Lord Margrave's Deception)
Luke Mumford - (Book: Lord Mumford's Minx)
Lord Rydah - (Book: Lord of Avalon)
Lucien Knight - (Book: Lord of Fire)
Lord Merrik Haraldsson - (Book: Lord Of Raven's Peak)
Leith - (Book: Lord of Solemn Woods (ebook))
Lord of the Deep - (Book: Lord of the Deep)
Lord Rhys - (Book: Lord of the Desert)
Lord Henry Rathbone - (Book: Lord Rathbone's Flirt)
Lord Ryburn - (Book: Lord Ryburn's Apprentice)
Leon Duvanne - (Book: Lord Savage)
Lord Shandal - (Book: Lord Scandal's Lady)
Lord Ian Sinclair - (Book: Lord Sin (Series: Nobles - Books 2))
Lord Stanhope - (Book: Lord Stanhope's Proposal)
Lord Wildfire - (Book: Lord Wildfire)
Lord Will - (Book: Lord Will and Her Grace)
Lorenzo Forli - (Book: Lorenzo's Reward)
Linc Wagstaff - (Book: Lost in His Love)
Liam Monroe - (Book: Lost in You)
Lugh MacKeir
Laird of Tunvegan
- (Book: Lost Touch of Paradise, A)
Lord Roan Aston - (Book: Lost Wolf Warrior, The (ebook))
Lucas Kenyon - (Book: Lost Wolf's Destiny, The)
Lothaire - (Book: Lothaire)
LukeTrenwith - (Book: Love and War (Hardcover))
Luke Trenwith - (Book: Love and War (paperback))
Logan Montague - (Book: Love By Design)
Luke Cabrio - (Book: Love in the First Degree)
Lord St. Albans - (Book: Love is in the Heir)
Luke Carson - (Book: Love Me)
Lachlan MacGregor - (Book: Love Me Forever)
Lachlan MacGregor - (Book: Love Me Forever (ebook))
Lincoln Donovan - (Book: Love Me Like No Other)
Lee MacNair - (Book: Love of Our Own, A)
Law Beaumont - (Book: Love on Mimosa Lane)
Luke Palmer - (Book: Love on the Line (Hardcover))
Luke Palmer - (Book: Love on the Line (Trade))
Lucien LeDeux - (Book: Love Potion, The)
Lucien LeDeux - (Book: Love Potion, The (reissue))
Landon Cutter - (Book: Love Reunited)
Landon Cutter - (Book: Love Reunited (large print))
Lord William Remington - (Book: Love so Splendid, A)
Luke Spencer - (Book: Love With a Perfect Cowboy)
Lefteris Markakis - (Book: Love's Labyrinth)
Leopold Savage - (Book: Love's Lady Lost)
Laine Ransom - (Book: Love's Miracle)
Logan Carrington - (Book: Love's Only Deception)
Lief - (Book: Love's Second Sight (ebook))
Logan Crawford - (Book: Love, Lies and a Double Shot of Deception)
Luc Duval - (Book: Lover's Moon)
Lance Tremaine - (Book: Loves Golden Caress (ebook))
Lucas Thorndike - (Book: Loving Deceiver)
Lucas Tate - (Book: Loving Jenny)
Lucas Brannigan - (Book: Loving Kate)
Luc Brissac - (Book: Luc's Revenge)
Luca O'Hagan - (Book: Luca's Secretary Bride (UK))
Lucan Rourke - (Book: Lucan)
Lucas Caldwell - (Book: Lucas: the Loner)
Lucavarious - (Book: Lucavarious)
Logan Doyle - (Book: Luck Be a Lady)
Liam Croft - (Book: Luck of the Irish)
Lucky Donatelli - (Book: Lucky Devil)
Logan Thibault - (Book: Lucky One, The )
Lucky Doucet - (Book: Lucky's Lady)
Lucky Santana - (Book: Lucky's Woman)
Luke Attmore - (Book: Luke)
Luke Walker - (Book: Luke)
Luke Benedict - (Book: Luke (hardcover reissue))
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Luke (reissue))
Luke Skylord - (Book: Luke and Jezebel)
Luke Ashcroft - (Book: Luke Ashcroft's Woman)
Luke Montgomery - (Book: Luke's Child)
Luke MacLaren - (Book: Luke's Lady)
Luke West - (Book: Luke's Promise)
Luke McCloud - (Book: Luke's Proposal)
Luke McCloud - (Book: Luke's Proposal (reissue))
Luke McCloud - (Book: Luke's Proposal (UK))
Luke McLintock - (Book: Luke's Runaway Bride)
Luke Denver - (Book: Luke: Armed and Dangerous)
Luke Randell - (Book: Luke: The Cowboy Heir )
Luis Delgado Aguilar - (Book: Lure Of Eagles)
Lux Sariel - (Book: Lux in Shadows)
Lycan Mason - (Book: Lycan Unleashed (ebook))
Leo Santori - (Book: Lying in Your Arms)
Lyon Cantrell - (Book: Lyon's Cub)
Lyon - (Book: Lyon: The Lords of Satyr)
Lysander Derwent - (Book: Lysander's Lady)
Logan Severance - (Book: M.D. She HAD to Marry, The)
Logan Severance - (Book: M.D. She Had to Marry, The (reissue))
Lincoln MacAllister - (Book: Macallister's Crossing)
Langston Downs - (Book: Mad About You)
Logan Chase - (Book: Mad Enough To Marry)
Lord Henry Pelham - (Book: Mad Marquis, The)
Lachlan MacTier - (Book: Mad, Bad and Dangerous in Plaid)
Lee Madaris - (Book: Madaris Bride for Christmas, A)
Lucan Montwood - (Book: Maddening Lord Montwood, The)
Lake Hunter - (Book: Madeline's Song)
Luke - (Book: Magical Dawn (ebook))
Lucas Connelly - (Book: Magician, The)
Luke Boudreau - (Book: Magnolia Sky)
Lucas Campbell - (Book: Mai Tai'd Up)
Lord Nicholas de Laci - (Book: Maiden Bride)
Lord Nicholas Bayard - (Book: Maiden Bride, The)
Lucky Lawrence - (Book: Mail Order Groom, The)
Leon Paradise - (Book: Mail-Order Brood)
Lobo - (Book: Make-Believe Lover)
Luke Clarendon - (Book: Make-Believe Wife)
Lucius McConneghy - (Book: Makeover Mission, The)
Luc Richard - (Book: Making a Play)
Loka - (Book: Man from Forever, The)
Luke Pritchard - (Book: Man from Texas, The)
Lawton Kane - (Book: Man In Black)
Luke Everett - (Book: Man in the Green Coat, The (Hardcover))
Lucas Hunter - (Book: Man to Believe In, A)
Lorenzo Sebastiani - (Book: Man Who Would Be King, The)
Lord Devenish - (Book: Man With a Falcon)
Lachlan - (Book: Mane Squeeze, The)
Lachlan MacRyrie - (Book: Mane Squeeze, The (reissue))
Lucky - (Book: Marine's Baby, The)
Lucky - (Book: Marine's Baby, The (Large Print))
Lucien - (Book: Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla, The)
Lucas Karadines - (Book: Marriage at His Convenience)
Luke Kilgore - (Book: Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand)
Leon Malatesta - (Book: Marriage Made in Italy, A (ebook))
Leon Malatesta - (Book: Marriage Made in Italy, A (large print))
Lord Oxenby - (Book: Marriage Masquerade, The )
Lord Cheselden - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Lucas, Lord Ashcombe - (Book: Marriage Scheme, The)
Lucas Wheeler - (Book: Marriage With Benefits)
Leo Hathaway - (Book: Married by Morning)
Logan McKendrick - (Book: Marrying the Northbridge Nanny)
Lucas Alastair - (Book: Mary and the Marquis (ebook))
Lord Severn - (Book: Mary, Sweet Mary)
Lord Worthing - (Book: Masquer, The)
Luke and Jay - (Book: Masquerade)
Lord Waremont - (Book: Masquerade Waltz)
Laurent - (Book: Master of Darkness)
Logan MacRoy - (Book: Master of Fire)
Leo Wolfe - (Book: Master of Her Virtue)
Leo Wolfe - (Book: Master of Her Virtue (large print))
Llyr Aleyn Galatyn - (Book: Master of the Moon)
Logan - (Book: Master of Uluru)
Luke Harper - (Book: Match Play)
Leo Reynolds - (Book: Matched to a Billionaire)
Lord Neville Hawke - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Lord Vincent Carlton - (Book: Matter of Honor, A)
Logan Spurwood - (Book: Maverick Takes a Wife, The)
Luke Maverick - (Book: Maverick, The)
Lincoln - (Book: Measure of a Man)
Lincoln Carver - (Book: Measure of a Man (reprint))
Lucas Grady - (Book: Medic's Homecoming, The)
Lysander Rosakis - (Book: Mediterranean Millionaire's Mistress, The)
Lone Eagle - (Book: Meet the New Dawn)
Lord Taliesan of Westbourne
- (Book: Memories of the Heart)
Lorenzo Martinez - (Book: Mended Wheels)
Lucas Walker - (Book: Mercy)
Lord Stephen St. Leger - (Book: Mesmerized)
Linc Holmes - (Book: Message for Julia, A)
Luke Dubois - (Book: Midnight Alias)
Luke Stokehurst - (Book: Midnight Angel)
Lord Blakely Savage - (Book: Midnight Bride)
Lord Fallon - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Lord Alesandro de Avallone - (Book: Midnight Embrace)
Duke of Montrose
- (Book: Midnight Heat)
Logan MacPherson - (Book: Midnight Hour)
Lord Deverell, Captain - (Book: Midnight Masque)
Lord Darkridge - (Book: Midnight Raider)
Lord Gage Dumont - (Book: Midnight Warrior)
Luke Black - (Book: Midnight Wishes)
Louis-Cesare - (Book: Midnight's Daughter)
Logan Hamilton - (Book: Midnight's Master)
Lord Ransome Falconer,
Duke of Damerell
- (Book: Midsummer Moon (reissue))
Liam Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Liam)
Logan Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Logan)
Luc Santoro - (Book: Million-Dollar Love-Child (UK))
Landon Downey - (Book: Millionaire Affair, The)
Lucas Antonetti - (Book: Millionaire's Marriage Revenge, The)
Lucas Antonetti - (Book: Millionaire's Marriage Revenge, The (UK))
Luke Griffin - (Book: Millionaire's Pregnant Wife, The)
Luke Griffin - (Book: Millionaire's Pregnant Wife, The (UK))
Luke Carter - (Book: Millionaire's Private Affair, The (UK))
Luke McCall - (Book: Millionaire's Revenge, The)
Logan Steel - (Book: Mine for All Time)
Lawrence deWulff,
Viscount Seybourne
- (Book: Minx of Mayfair, The)
Lane Monday - (Book: Miracle Man, The)
Lucas Blade - (Book: Miracle on 5th Avenue)
Lucca Romano - (Book: Miracle Road)
Landry Kildare - (Book: Miranda)
Lucian Hammond
Viscount Kettering
- (Book: Miscalculations)
Viscount Delagarde
- (Book: Misfit Maid)
Lord Hardwick - (Book: Miss Blum's Dilemma)
Lucius Calfield - (Book: Miss Frazer's Adventure)
Lord Dysart - (Book: Miss Spencer's Dilemma)
Luke Maitland - (Book: Missing Maitland, The)
Lucas Montieth
Earl of Kelsey
- (Book: Missing Matchmaker, The)
Luke Kirby - (Book: Missing You)
Luke Brown - (Book: Mission: Soldier to Daddy)
Luke Brown - (Book: Mission: Soldier to Daddy (large print))
Lincoln Crusoe - (Book: Mistake She Made, The)
Lang Forsyth - (Book: Mistaken Mistress)
Lord Ravensmede - (Book: Mistaken Mistress)
Liam Gallagher - (Book: Mistletoe Cottage)
Lucas Clairmont - (Book: Mistletoe Magic)
Luke Hastings - (Book: Mistletoe on Main Street)
Liam Hargreaves - (Book: Mistress At a Price)
Lord Dashford - (Book: Mistress By Mistake)
Lord Rafe Beaudene - (Book: Mistress of Her Fate)
Lasairian - (Book: Mistress of the Waters)
Leo Ballantyne - (Book: Mistress on Trial)
Leon Stapinopolous - (Book: Mistress Purchase, The)
Lucca Saracino - (Book: Mistress Wife, The)
Luiz - (Book: Mistress: Pregnant by the Spanish Billionaire)
Luke Everett - (Book: Moment of Letting Go, The)
Lorne de Marigny - (Book: Monarch's Son, The)
Luke McCutcheon - (Book: Montan Dawn)
Luke McKaslin - (Book: Montana Cowboy)
Luke McKaslin - (Book: Montana Cowboy (large print))
Logan Creed - (Book: Montana Creeds: Logan)
Liam Knightly - (Book: Montana Homecoming)
Liam Grant - (Book: Moon Cursed)
Lucas Bonner - (Book: Moonfire)
Lord Haverstone - (Book: Moonlight and Mischief)
Logan - (Book: Moonlight on Nightingale Way)
Logan Van Dell - (Book: Moonlighting)
Lord Lucien
Duke of Camareigh
- (Book: Moonstruck Madness)
Lucien - (Book: Moonstruck Madness (reprint))
Lute Hanson - (Book: More Than A Memory)
Leif Brevik - (Book: More than a Touch)
Lucius Devlin - (Book: More Than Perfect)
Lucas Kincaid - (Book: More Than You Wished)
Lazarus Kane - (Book: Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine, The)
Lucas Strathmere
Earl of Somerleigh
- (Book: Most Reckless Lady, A)
Lord Alnstrop - (Book: Most Unusual Lady, A)
Lucas Holbrook
Duke of Wakefield
- (Book: Mostly Married)
Luca - (Book: Mother For His Daughter, A)
Lawson Dunlop - (Book: Mother for Matilda, A)
Luca d'Azzaro - (Book: Mother for the Italian's Twins, A (US release))
Luke Ryan - (Book: Mother of His Son, The)
Lee Gabriel - (Book: Mother of the Groom)
Leo Forester - (Book: Motherhood Mix-Up, The)
Logan Dane - (Book: Mr. Dangerously Sexy)
Luke Trelawney - (Book: Mr. Trelawney's Proposal)
Luke Carter - (Book: Mr. Unforgettable)
Lucius Felton - (Book: Much Ado About You)
Luten - (Book: Murder and Misdeeds)
Logan Bradley - (Book: Murder at Granite Falls)
Luten - (Book: Murder Comes to Mind)
Luten - (Book: Murder While I Smile)
Luten - (Book: Murder Will Speak)
Leighton Atwood - (Book: My Beautiful Enemy)
Lord of Harlington - (Book: My Darling Coquette)
Lucas Davin - (Book: My Fair Lord)
Logan MacQuaid - (Book: My Heavenly Heart)
Lord Robin de Burgh - (Book: My Lady de Burgh)
Louis de Lavarac - (Book: My Lady Madness)
Lord Quinn de Sayerne - (Book: My Lady's Champion)
Lord Beau
Earl of Beaulieu
- (Book: My Lady's Trust)
Lucien Valin - (Book: My Lord Eternity)
Lord Treyford - (Book: My Lord Highwayman)
Lionel Cramer
Earl of Blaize
- (Book: My Lord Lion)
Lord Campton - (Book: My Lucky Lady)
Liam - (Book: My Secret Life)
Lord Ranleigh - (Book: My Sweet Valentine)
Lucas Pendelton - (Book: My True Love)
Lucas Pendelton - (Book: My True Love (reissue))
Lord Charles Stirling - (Book: My Wicked Earl)
Liam Clare - (Book: My Wild Irish Rogue)
Lord Ingram, Captain - (Book: Mysterious Miss, A)
Lord Chance - (Book: Nabob's Daughter, The)
Liam Douglas - (Book: Naked Flame (ebook))
Logan - (Book: Naked Flame, A)
Luis Aldivista - (Book: Nanny and the Boss's Twins, The )
Luis Aldivista - (Book: Nanny and the Boss's Twins, The (large print))
Logan Kincaid - (Book: Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher, The)
Luke Walker - (Book: Nanny for the Cowboy, A)
Liam Hawke - (Book: Nanny Proposition, The)
Lee Youngson - (Book: Native Season)
Logan Scott - (Book: Naughty Bits (paperback))
Lucian Kendall - (Book: Naughty Or Nice)
Luca Nakai - (Book: Navajo Courage)
Lucas Sloan - (Book: Need You Now)
Lex Manchester - (Book: Nerds Like It Hot)
Leofric - (Book: Nettleflower)
Logan McKittrick - (Book: Nevada Silver)
Lord Maximilan Chartwell - (Book: Never a Lady)
Lucas Simone - (Book: Never Cry Wolf)
Lucas Simone - (Book: Never Cry Wolf)
Lincoln Snow - (Book: Never Doubt My Love )
Lord Storrington - (Book: Never Resist Temptation)
Lucas Winter, Major - (Book: Never Seduce a Scoundrel)
Levi - (Book: Never Stay Past Midnight)
Levi - (Book: Never Stay Past Midnight (UK edition))
Luke Granger - (Book: Never Tease a Wolf)
Lucas van der Weijnen - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows)
Lucas van der Weijnen - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (reissue))
Lucas van de Weijnen - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (reissue))
Lucas van der Weijnen - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (UK))
Lucas van der Weijnen - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (UK-reissue))
Logan Marshall - (Book: New Moon)
Logan McGrath - (Book: Newborn Conspiracy)
Liam - (Book: Next Floor Naughty)
Lucas Hunter - (Book: Night Before Baby, The)
Lucian Agrado - (Book: Night Child)
Lance St. Leger - (Book: Night Drifter, The)
Lee Velasquez - (Book: Night Flower)
Lincoln 'Link' Korda - (Book: Night Heat)
Lawren mac Galloway - (Book: Night Lace)
Lee Condor - (Book: Night Moves)
Liam Anderson - (Book: Night Moves)
Lucas Jackson - (Book: Night of No Return, A)
Lucas Jackson - (Book: Night of No Return, A (large print))
Lucien Hawk - (Book: Night Of The Magician)
Lucas Fox - (Book: Night Secrets)
Lucio "Lucky" Montevez - (Book: Night She Got Lucky, The)
Lucas Hawthorne - (Book: Nightingale's Gate)
Lucas Boyd - (Book: Nine-Month Bride, The)
Lucas Boyd - (Book: Nine-Month Bride, The (reissue))
Lord Gabriel Delessan - (Book: No Greater Pleasure)
Lake Garrison - (Book: No Lies Between Us)
Luke Hardman - (Book: No Mistaking Love)
Lance Montgomery - (Book: No More Playas)
Lance Montgomery - (Book: No More Playas)
Lucas, Lord Foxhaven - (Book: No Regrets)
Laurence Bretton - (Book: No Role for a Gentleman)
Luke Nathan - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Luc Bradshaw - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Liam Reynolds - (Book: North of Heartbreak (ebook))
Lucas Grainger - (Book: Northern Devil, The)
Logan Jeffries - (Book: Northern Fascination)
Lars Reinhardt - (Book: Northern Rebel / Daring in the Dark)
Liam Reinhardt - (Book: Northern Renegade)
Lucas Vieira - (Book: Not For Sale)
Leo Marsden - (Book: Not Quite a Husband)
Leo Fitzmanning - (Book: Not So Respectable Gentleman, A)
Luc - (Book: Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale)
Liam Kavanagh - (Book: Not-So-Innocent Seduction, A)
Landon Gibson - (Book: Nothing Less)
Landon Gibson - (Book: Nothing More)
Leo Spencer - (Book: Nothing Personal (ebook))
Lord Jason Batson - (Book: Notorious)
Lord Londringham - (Book: Notorious Bridegroom, The)
Lord Edmund White - (Book: Notorious Rake, The)
Lord Carrington - (Book: Novel Affair, A)
Leo Maxwell - (Book: Nuts)
Lord Darius
Ruler of Gothman
- (Book: Nuworld)
Leo Barrons - (Book: Of Silk and Steam)
Lukas - (Book: Off The Deep End)
Liam O'Donnell - (Book: Off the Hook (ebook))
Leo Franco - (Book: Officer Daddy)
Lucas Boyce - (Book: Old Flame, New Sparks)
Lucas Boyce - (Book: Old Flame, New Sparks)
Lucien Ashford
Viscount Calverton
- (Book: On A Wicked Dawn)
Linc Cutler - (Book: On Her Watch)
Lucas Chaffee - (Book: On Lavender Lane)
Logan Wolf Track - (Book: Once a Father)
Luke Fitzpatrick - (Book: Once a Hero)
Luke Andrews - (Book: Once a Hero...)
Leandro D'Agostino - (Book: Once and Future Prince, The)
Lucien Blakemore - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas Kiss)
Lucien Saffire - (Book: Once Upon a Midnight Moon)
Lucas Coulter
Marquess of Wortham
- (Book: Once Upon A Scandal)
Lorenzo Montorsoli - (Book: Once Upon a Time)
Lane Forester - (Book: Once Upon a Winter's Heart)
Lord Chatham - (Book: Ondine (reissue))
Leslie Baxter - (Book: One Day at a Time)
Lantry Corbett - (Book: One Hot Forty-Five)
Landon McCabe - (Book: One Kiss More)
Logan Heller - (Book: One Man Advantage (ebook))
Luke Taylor - (Book: One Man to Protect Them)
Luke Taylor - (Book: One Man to Protect Them (Large Print))
Lord Danvers - (Book: One Night of Passion)
Lancelot - (Book: One Perfect Knight (reissue))
Lance Reed - (Book: One Plus One Makes Marriage)
Logan Black - (Book: One That Got Away, The)
Lord Ruthveyn - (Book: One Touch of Scandal)
Luke Cooper - (Book: One Tough Marine)
Lord Taris Wellingham - (Book: One Unashamed Night )
Lucien Clayborne
Marquess of Daneridge
- (Book: One Wicked Night)
Luke Shardlow - (Book: One Wish)
Luke Parsons - (Book: One Wish)
Lasham, Duke of - (Book: One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild)
Liam Franklin - (Book: One-of-a-kind Family, A)
Logan McMillan - (Book: Only Child, The)
Leo Savas - (Book: Only You)
Luc Cain - (Book: Original Sin)
Latimer More - (Book: Orphan, The)
L.J. Saunders - (Book: Other People's Business)
Luke Daudet
Viscount Altea
- (Book: Our Wicked Mistake)
Lt. Mochetti - (Book: Our Yanks)
Lucas McCloud - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Luke Kelly - (Book: Out of the Dark)
Levi McDonall - (Book: Out of Time)
Luke Templeton - (Book: Out of Time)
Levi McDonall - (Book: Out of Time (large print))
Lionel Kendal - (Book: Out On A Limb)
Luke Branagan - (Book: Outback Fire)
Lynx - (Book: Outcast)
Lee Raven - (Book: Outlaw and the Lady, The)
Luke Morgan - (Book: Outlaw Hearts, The)
Logan Tanner - (Book: Outlaw's Embrace)
Lieutenant Lew Hatton - (Book: Outlaw's Kiss)
Luke Chandler - (Book: Outsider, The)
Lee Farrell - (Book: Over Easy)
Lucien Trier - (Book: Overcoming Abigail)
Larry Grosso - (Book: Overheated)
Lord Kirkheathe - (Book: Overlord's Bride, The)
Lucas Lambert
- (Book: Overnight Heiress)
Lee Wade - (Book: Overprotected (ebook))
Logan Weston - (Book: Overruled by Love)
Lucien de Gautier - (Book: Pagan Bride)
Logan Matthews - (Book: Paint Me Rainbows)
Lucien Delacorte - (Book: Painted Rose, The)
Landon Gage - (Book: Paper Marriage Proposition)
Luke Fleming - (Book: Paradise Island)
Lincoln Chapman - (Book: Paratrooper in a Pear Tree, A)
Lori Kalner - (Book: Paris Encore)
Luke Talbot - (Book: Part-Time Wife, The)
Luke Burgess - (Book: Partners in Love)
Leon Stephanades - (Book: Passion Becomes You)
Lloyd Harpster - (Book: Passion In The Wind)
Luke Steele - (Book: Passion's Betrayal)
Lucas Johns - (Book: Passion's Promise)
Lute - (Book: Passion's Song)
Logan Marshall - (Book: Passion's Sweet Revenge)
Logan Saber - (Book: Passionate Business, A)
Lorenzo Nesta - (Book: Passionate Chef, Ice Queen Boss (US edition))
Leandros Petronades - (Book: Passionate Marriage, A)
Lucas Hunt - (Book: Passionate Retribution)
Luc - (Book: Passionate Surrender, A)
Lawrence Paton - (Book: Passions of the Mind)
Luc Devereaux - (Book: Peachy's Proposal)
Logan McCrae - (Book: Pelican Point)
Levi - (Book: Perfect Betrayal)
Earl of Wandersee
- (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Lucas Vanderwyck - (Book: Perfect Darkness, A)
Liam Connolly - (Book: Perfect Father, The)
Liam Connolly - (Book: Perfect Father, The (UK))
Luke Trussell - (Book: Perfect Liar, The)
Lord Windlow - (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Logan Carr - (Book: Perfect Mom)
Luke - (Book: Perfect Proposal, A (hardcover))
Luke Crighton - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The)
Luke Crighton - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The (Large Print))
Luke Thompson - (Book: Perfect Stranger (ebook novella))
Lord Ramsay - (Book: Perilous Pleasures)
Luca - (Book: Permission to Love)
Lucas - (Book: Permission to Love)
Luca - (Book: Permission To Love (Collector's edition))
Lord Canmore - (Book: Perola)
Luc Cain - (Book: Personal Demons)
Luke O'Neil - (Book: Phantom Filly)
Luke - (Book: Phobia)
Lorenzo Zanelli - (Book: Picture of Innocence)
Luke Anderson - (Book: Picture Perfect Wedding (ebook))
Lucian Quinn - (Book: Pierced)
Lewis Winslow - (Book: Pilgrim Song,The)
Lt. Cmdr. Troy Knight - (Book: Pillow Chase)
Lionel Ridgely - (Book: Pink Phaeton, The)
Logan Hagarty - (Book: Pirate Bride)
Lazar di Fiori - (Book: Pirate Prince, The)
Lee Oliver - (Book: Place Like Home, A)
Luke Patterson - (Book: Place of Refuge, A)
Levi Burkholder - (Book: Plain Jayne)
Lance Montgomery - (Book: Playa's Handbook, The)
Luke Holloway - (Book: Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion)
Lucas Chandler - (Book: Playboy Takes A Wife, The)
Liam Manning - (Book: Played by the Billionaire)
Lincoln Stone - (Book: Player's Club: Lincoln, The)
Lucien Kenrick - (Book: Playful Lady Penelope, The)
Logan Burke - (Book: Playing Love's Odds)
Lord Gabriel Drake - (Book: Pleasuring the Pirate)
Lucan O'Shay - (Book: Police Protector)
Lucan O'Shay - (Book: Police Protector (Large Print))
Leo Sinclair - (Book: Portrait Of A Love)
Liam Stone - (Book: Possess (ebook))
Lukas Andreadis - (Book: Power of the Legendary Greek, The)
Lukas Andreadis - (Book: Power of the Legendary Greek, The (UK))
Luke Michelakis - (Book: Powerful Greek, Housekeeper Wife )
Leandro Demetrios - (Book: Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife)
Leandro Demetrios - (Book: Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife (UK))
Lorenzo Cavalleri - (Book: Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper)
Lorenzo Cavalleri - (Book: Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper (Large Print))
Lavon Chapman - (Book: Preacher's Passion, A)
Lucas Washington - (Book: Pregnesia)
Luke Hawkton - (Book: Price of a Wife, The)
Luke Creed - (Book: Price, The (Hardcover))
Luke Creed - (Book: Price, The [reissue])
Liam Morrisey - (Book: Pride Mates)
Liam Morrissey - (Book: Pride Mates (mass market))
Lauray Batisse - (Book: Primal Force)
Liam Armstrong - (Book: Primal Possession)
Lyon Ratiff - (Book: Prime Time)
Lucas Ross - (Book: Prince Charming)
Luc Gardner - (Book: Prince Incognito)
Lieutenant Joe Catalanofto - (Book: Prince Joe)
Prince of Montez
- (Book: Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress)
Leon, Prince of Montez - (Book: Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress (Large Print))
Prince of Montez
- (Book: Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress (UK))
Lyr Hern - (Book: Prince of Swords)
Luke Gévaudan - (Book: Prince of Wolves)
Lazhar Eban, Prince - (Book: Prince's Bride, The)
Leo Di Marco - (Book: Princess from the Past)
Leo Di Marco - (Book: Princess from the Past (large print))
Leopold Hunt - (Book: Princess in Love)
Levi Granaldo - (Book: Princess in Peril)
Levi Granaldo - (Book: Princess in Peril (large print))
Lucas Garcia - (Book: Princess in the Iron Mask)
Lucas Garcia - (Book: Princess in the Iron Mask (large print))
Lucas Messina - (Book: Princess McGee)
Luc Fitzgavin - (Book: Princess, The)
Lee Davis - (Book: Prior Engagement, A)
Lee Davis - (Book: Prior Engagement, A (large print))
Logan Moore - (Book: Private Confessions)
Liam McCright - (Book: Private Partners)
Lyon Haggerty - (Book: Private Passion, A)
Leith Campbell
Laird of Clan Campbell
- (Book: Prize, The)
Lance Morgan - (Book: Probable Cause)
Lucas Clayton - (Book: Prodigal's Christmas Reunion, The)
Lucas Clayton - (Book: Prodigal's Christmas Reunion, The (large print))
Luc - (Book: Project Daddy)
Leon Arregi - (Book: Promise Given, A)
Lawton Stone - (Book: Promise Me Moonlight)
Lord Lambeth - (Book: Promise Me Tomorrow)
Lord Lambeth - (Book: Promise Me Tomorrow (reissue))
Luke - (Book: Promise of Hope, A )
Lucas McCain - (Book: Promise of Roses, A)
Luke Hobart - (Book: Promises, Pumpkins and Prince Charming)
Liam Hale - (Book: Prophecy)
Lucien Ryder - (Book: Public Scandal, Private Mistress )
Luc Garnier - (Book: Pure Princess, Bartered Bride)
Lincoln Ross Burnett - (Book: Pursuit, The)
Luke Keegan - (Book: Puzzle Bark Tree, The)
Lord Harkness - (Book: Queen of Diamonds)
Lord Charles Laverstock - (Book: Queen of the May)
Lucas Callahan - (Book: Rachel's Rescuer)
Lucas McDowell - (Book: Rags To Riches Bride)
Laurence Dwyer - (Book: Rainborough Inheritance, The)
Luke Turner - (Book: Rainbow Season)
Lord Grayson - (Book: Rake and the Wallflower, The)
Lord Ramsdale - (Book: Rake's Mistake, The)
Lucas Kestrel - (Book: Rake's Mistress, The)
Lucas Kestrel - (Book: Rake's Mistress, The (UK))
Earl of Claibourne
- (Book: Rake's Ransom)
Lawrence Jamison
Earl of Hardcastle
- (Book: Rake's Redemption, A)
Lord Seton Rayne - (Book: Rake's Unconventional Mistress, The)
Lucian St Claire - (Book: Rake's Wicked Proposal, The)
Luc Cramer - (Book: Rancher Daddy)
Lincoln Blair - (Book: Rancher's Deadly Risk)
Luke Cassidy - (Book: Rancho Diablo)
Lukas McCoy - (Book: Random Acts of Fashion)
Logan Hawk - (Book: Ranger, The)
Lorenzo Santorini - (Book: Ransom Bride (reissue))
Lance Edwards, Captain - (Book: Rapture's Bounty)
Lekski Helios - (Book: Rapture's Etesian)
Lancelot - (Book: Raven Warrior, The)
Liam McCathal - (Book: Ravenous)
Liam McCathal - (Book: Ravenous (reprint))
Lord Sebastian Sommerhays - (Book: Ravishing in Red)
Logan St. John - (Book: Rawhide and Lace)
Luke Kennedy - (Book: Re-awakening His Shy Nurse)
Logan Mallory - (Book: Reach for the Stars)
Lucas King - (Book: Ready for King's Seduction)
Luke Maguire - (Book: Real Men Don't Quit (ebook))
Levi Brooks - (Book: Reaper's Fall)
Luke Hutton - (Book: Rebecca's Heart)
Logan Powers - (Book: Rebel and the Hero, The)
Lord Lachlan de Douglas - (Book: Rebel Lord, The)
Lorenzo Hall - (Book: Rebel With a Cause)
Lucas McBride - (Book: Rebel's Return, The)
Lord Marcus Northrop - (Book: Rebellious Bride, A)
Luke Calder - (Book: Reckless)
Lord Rockleigh - (Book: Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh)
Luke, Duke of Penry - (Book: Red Badge, The (ebook))
Leonidas - (Book: Red Mortal)
Lucien Balfour - (Book: Reforming a Rake)
Lucien Balfour - (Book: Reforming a Rake (reissue))
Locke Channing - (Book: Relentless Adversary)
Lucan St. Claire - (Book: Reluctant Duke, The)
Leon Gregoris - (Book: Reluctant Fiancée, The)
Luke Tanner - (Book: Reluctant Rancher, The (ebook))
Lord James - (Book: Reluctant Reformer, The)
Lord Gilcrest - (Book: Reluctant Rivals, The)
Logan Tyree - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Lucifer - (Book: Requiem for the Devil)
Linc Garrett, MD - (Book: Rescue of Jenna West, The)
Linc Slade - (Book: Rescued By A Rancher)
Lyle Garnett - (Book: Research Into Marriage)
Logan MacDougald - (Book: Restless Flames)
Logan Horn - (Book: Restless Wind)
Luke Baxter - (Book: Return)
Luke Baxter - (Book: Return (reprint))
Lucas - (Book: Return of Lord Conistone, The)
Luke McGuire - (Book: Return Of Luke McGuire, The)
Luke McMillan - (Book: Return of the Warrior)
Luke McMillan - (Book: Return of the Warrior [Large Print])
Linc Armstrong - (Book: Return to Grace (reprint))
Laramie Cardwell - (Book: Reunion at Cardwell Ranch)
LeMar Reed - (Book: Reunited)
Luniel - (Book: Revelation)
Lucas - (Book: Rewind)
Lucas Stratten - (Book: Rich Girl, Bad Boy)
Luke Decroix - (Book: Rich Man's Mistress, The)
Luke Decroix - (Book: Rich Man's Mistress, The (reissue))
Logan - (Book: Ride 'Em)
Lone Eagle (Zeke Monroe) - (Book: Ride the Free Wind)
Lynx - (Book: Ride the Night Wind )
Logan Mitchell - (Book: Riding Out the Storm (ebook))
Luca Valori - (Book: Right Choice, The)
Lorimer Kingan - (Book: Right Kind of Man, The)
Liam - (Book: Right Mr. Wrong, The)
Lord Knole - (Book: Right Suitor, The)
Luke - (Book: Ring Around My Heart)
Luke Sloan - (Book: Ring of Deception)
Leonidas Vaughn - (Book: Ripe for Pleasure)
Luke Bardell - (Book: Ritual Sins)
Lone Eagle (Zeke Monroe) - (Book: River of Love)
-Prince Allwyn
-Geoffrey de Chaunce
- (Book: Road to Camelot, The
Arthurian Trilogy)
Lord Simon de Burgh - (Book: Robber Bride)
Leo Nash - (Book: Rock With Me)
Liam MacKenzie - (Book: Rocky Mountain Manhunt)
Lark Anderson - (Book: Rodeo Daddy)
Lark Anderson - (Book: Rodeo Daddy (large print))
Lord Phillip - (Book: Rogue and the Rival, The)
Lionel St. James - (Book: Rogue for Christmas, A)
Luke St. Clair - (Book: Rogue's Honor)
Lord Anthony Grenville,
Lord Montrose
- (Book: Rogue's Pleasure, A (reissue))
Lord Anthony Grenville,
Viscount Montrose
- (Book: Rogue's Pleasure, A (reissue))
Lukas Hawkins - (Book: Rogue's Proposal, The)
Lord Elliot Fitzwalter - (Book: Rogue's Return, The)
Lord Gaventry - (Book: Rogue's Revenge, A)
Lucius Aurelius Fortis - (Book: Roman's Virgin Mistress, The)
Lionel Graves, Sir - (Book: Romany Summer)
Luis de los Santos - (Book: Rose and the Flame, The)
Ludwig - (Book: Rose Trelawney)
Leroy Johnson - (Book: Rose, Exposed)
Lucius (Luc) Massey - (Book: Roses and Champagne)
Lucius (Luc) Massey - (Book: Roses and Champagne (reissue))
Lucius (Luc) Massey - (Book: Roses and Champagne (UK))
Lucius (Luc) Massey - (Book: Roses and Champagne (UK-reissue))
Lord Stanwyck - (Book: Roxanne (UK))
Lord Devlyn - (Book: Royal Escapade, A)
Lance Grayson - (Book: Royal Mission, A)
Liam Whitcomb
Major Lord Seymour
- (Book: Ruby Necklace, The)
Lord Morley - (Book: Rules of Love, The)
Lord Jeoffrey - (Book: Ruling Passion)
Luke Armytage - (Book: Rumoured Engagement, A)
Luke Armytage - (Book: Rumoured Engagement, A (UK))
Logan Riske - (Book: Run the Risk)
Luther Briggs - (Book: Runabout)
Lane Madison - (Book: Runaway)
Luke Wyndham - (Book: Runaway Magic)
Luther Malone - (Book: Running Hot)
Luther Malone - (Book: Running Hot (reissue))
Lukas Bower, MD - (Book: Sacred Trust)
Lucas Carrington - (Book: Safe In The Tycoon's Arms)
Logan Powell - (Book: Safety of His Arms)
Logan Powell - (Book: Safety of His Arms (reissue))
Lord Emrys - (Book: Saint's Haven)
Luca Salvatore - (Book: Salvatore Marriage, The)
Lord Sheffield - (Book: Samantha)
Luke Danby - (Book: San Antonio)
Logan Reed - (Book: Sanctuary)
Lije Masters - (Book: Santa in a Stetson)
Lorenzo Santangeli - (Book: Santangeli Marriage, The)
Lorenzo Santangeli - (Book: Santangeli Marriage, The (UK))
Lang Rossiter - (Book: Sarina)
Logan Sinclair - (Book: Satin Sheets and Strawberries)
Lujan Galliard - (Book: Satisfaction)
Lokan - (Book: Savage Menage (ebook))
Lone Hawk - (Book: Savage Paradise)
Lone Hawk - (Book: Savage Paradise (reissue))
Lone Wolfe - (Book: Savage Splendor)
Lance Calder - (Book: Savage, The)
Lance Merrick
- (Book: Savannah Wedding (UK))
Lord Vernwood - (Book: Saving Lord Vernwood)
Luke Callahan - (Book: Say Yes to the Duke)
Luke Howling Wolf - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Lincoln - (Book: Scandalicious)
Lord Marchmont - (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Marquess of Charlmont
- (Book: Scandalous Widow, The)
Lord Miles Vickery - (Book: Scandals of an Innocent, The)
Loehiel Blackmoor
- (Book: Scarlet and Gold)
Landon Rourke - (Book: Scions: Insurrection)
Lucienne - (Book: Scorched Destiny)
Lord Jack Redgrave - (Book: Scoundrel in My Dreams)
Lord Neville Farrington - (Book: Scoundrel's Kiss, A)
Logan - (Book: Scraps of Evidence)
Luke Reynolds - (Book: Search, The)
Lucas Steele - (Book: Searching Hearts, The)
Lord Dalton - (Book: Season for Scandal, A)
Logan Dawes - (Book: Season of Second Chances (ebook))
Lord Brandon - (Book: Season of Surprises, A)
Luke Stevens - (Book: Seaview Inn)
Luke Stevens - (Book: Seaview Inn (reissue))
Logan Travers - (Book: Second Chance at Crimson Ranch, A)
Luc Carter - (Book: Second Chance, A)
Leo, Earl of Wrexham - (Book: Second Chances)
Lucien, Viscount Hastings - (Book: Second Seduction, The)
Lord Carismont - (Book: Second Thoughts)
Lucas - (Book: Second Thyme Around)
Luke Callahan - (Book: Second Time Lucky)
Luca - (Book: Second Wives Club, The)
Luke Provere - (Book: Second-Best Wife)
Lawrence Pickering - (Book: Secret Admirer)
Lang Patton - (Book: Secret Agent Man)
Luiz Casella - (Book: Secret Casella Baby, The)
Luiz Casella - (Book: Secret Casella Baby, The (large print))
Luke Hickson - (Book: Secret Desire)
Luke Hickson - (Book: Secret Desire (reprint))
Lord Quentin Forster - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
Lucian Kontos - (Book: Secret Paradise)
Litrik van Rijgen - (Book: Secret Pool, The)
Litrik van Rijgen - (Book: Secret Pool, The (reissue))
Litrik van Rijgen - (Book: Secret Pool, The (UK))
Litrik van Rijgen - (Book: Secret Pool, The (UK-reissue))
Luke - (Book: Secret Princess, The)
Lucas - (Book: Secret Santa (ebook novella))
Lucas Creed - (Book: Secret Surrogate)
Lucio Constello - (Book: Secret that Changed Everything, The)
Lucio Constello - (Book: Secret that Changed Everything, The (large print))
Lord Luke de Périgueux (Black Dragon) - (Book: Secret Thunder )
Luke Freeman - (Book: Secret Vengeance, A)
Luc Loughton - (Book: Secretary's Scandalous Secret, The (UK))
Lance Michelli - (Book: Secrets)
Leo Spencer - (Book: Secrets of a Ruthless Tycoon)
Lord Brand Malloren - (Book: Secrets Of The Night)
Leonardo Grant - (Book: Secrets of the Playboy's Bride)
Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Grady - (Book: Seduce and Rescue)
Lucien St Aubyn, Duke of Ravenwood - (Book: Seduced)
Lord Jack Byron - (Book: Seduced By His Touch)
Lachlan MacDonald - (Book: Seduced by the Highlander)
Luis Esteban - (Book: Seduced by the Operative)
Luc d'Aunay - (Book: Seduced by the Scoundrel)
Leidolf Wildhaven - (Book: Seduced by the Wolf)
Lord Dominic Lansdowne - (Book: Seducing Miss Lockwood)
Luke Van Buren - (Book: Seducing Mr. Right)
Lance Kersee - (Book: Seduction Bid, The)
Lord Aidan McBride - (Book: Seduction of an Unknown Lady, The)
Lord Vaughn - (Book: Seduction of the Crimson Rose, The)
Lore - (Book: Seeker, The)
Lachlan - (Book: Selkie Bride, The)
Lyle Thomas - (Book: Senator's Daughter, The)
Lucas McCoy - (Book: Sensual Winds)
Luke Trudeau - (Book: Sensuous Angel)
Langford Brothers,
- (Book: Sentimental Soldier, The)
Lord Wintersett - (Book: Serena)
Landon King - (Book: Serengeti Heat (ebook))
Luther Cross - (Book: Servant: The Acceptance)
Luther Cross, Detective - (Book: Servant: The Awakening)
Luther Cross - (Book: Servant: The Kindred)
Luke Meza - (Book: Set The Dark On Fire)
Logan Scott - (Book: Seven Year Witch, The)
Leo Monroe - (Book: Sex Was Great, But..., The)
Liam - (Book: Sex With a Stranger)
Luca Petrelli - (Book: Sex, Gossip and Rock & Roll)
Luis Rodriguez - (Book: Sexorcist, The )
Logan, Dean - (Book: Sexual Energy (ebook))
Leo Makarios - (Book: Shackled by Diamonds )
Liam McKenzie - (Book: Shades of Desire)
Lucien Thorpe - (Book: Shades of Midnight)
Lucien Thorpe - (Book: Shades of Scarlet)
Lucien Thorpe - (Book: Shades of Winter)
Liam Wolfe - (Book: Shadow Fall)
Lance Marshall - (Book: Shadow of the Moon)
Logan - (Book: Shadow Protector)
Lucas Tso - (Book: Shadow Surrender)
Leander - (Book: Shadow's Edge)
Luca Zeani - (Book: Shadowed Heart, The)
Luke Toland - (Book: Shadows of the Canyon)
Luc Warnecke - (Book: Shameless)
Liam Cochrane - (Book: Shattered)
Landon Grainger - (Book: Shattered)
Levi Lazaro - (Book: Shattered Duty)
Luke Holloway - (Book: She Can Scream)
Liam Masters - (Book: She's Got It Bad)
Les Wilkerson - (Book: Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek)
Lucas Blaylock - (Book: Sheriff Of Sage Bend, The)
Liam McKenna - (Book: Sheriff's Daughter, The)
Liam McKenna - (Book: Sheriff's Daughter, The (large print))
Logan McDonald - (Book: Sheriff's Proposal, The)
Logan MacDonald - (Book: Sheriff's Proposal, The (reissue))
Lucas Jamison - (Book: Sheriff's Secretary, The)
Laredo Smith - (Book: Shifting Calder Wind)
Lewen - (Book: Shining City, The )
Luke Cardasian - (Book: Shockingly Simple)
Luke McLain - (Book: Short Straw Bride)
Logan Brewer, Sheriff - (Book: Showdown With The Sheriff)
Lorenzo - (Book: Sicilian Amulet, The)
Luc Gambrelli - (Book: Sicilian's Innocent Mistress, The)
Luciano di Valerio - (Book: Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement, The)
Lukas Bower, MD - (Book: Silent Pledge)
Lucien Montaine
Marquess of Litchfield
- (Book: Silk and Steel)
Lucien Montaine - (Book: Silk and Steel (reprint))
Lord Terrell - (Book: Silver Shilling, The)
Lucas Kincaid - (Book: Silver Snare, The)
Lord Nicholas Ware - (Book: Silver Splendor)
Lord Blaize Minshom - (Book: Simply Insatiable)
Luke Taggert - (Book: Simply Love)
Logan Montgomery - (Book: Simply Scandalous)
Logan Montgomery - (Book: Simply Scandalous (reissue))
Logan Montgomery - (Book: Simply Scandalous (reissue))
Lord Valentin Sokorvsky - (Book: Simply Sexual)
Luke Turner - (Book: Simply Unforgettable)
Lucius Marshall,
Viscount Sinclair
- (Book: Simply Unforgettable)
Lance Morgan, Wellington Jones - (Book: Since Forever)
Lucian Sinclair - (Book: Sinclair's Surprise Baby)
Lucius Wainwright - (Book: Sinfully Ever After)
Logan MacNeil - (Book: Single Father, Wife Needed (UK))
Lawrence Haverille - (Book: Single Season, A)
Lucern Argeneau - (Book: Single White Vampire)
Leesil - (Book: Sister of the Dead)
Luc Jennings - (Book: Slashed (ebook))
Lucas Hunter - (Book: Slave to Sensation)
Lucas Pargetter - (Book: Slight Change of Plans, A)
Liam McGarrity - (Book: Slightly Irregular)
Luke McCall - (Book: Slow Hand Luke)
Logan Longcross - (Book: Snowbound Heart)
Logan Longcross - (Book: Snowbound Heart (ebook))
Logan Longcross - (Book: Snowbound Heart (Hardcover))
Logan Longcross
- (Book: Snowbound Heart
Captive Kisses)
Lawrence Daunton - (Book: Snowbound With the Notorious Rake)
Lorenzo Davies - (Book: Snowflake Bride)
Luke Marino - (Book: Soldier's Heart, A)
Luke Martinez - (Book: Soldier's Mission, The)
Lukas Bower, MD - (Book: Solemn Oath)
Luc Dumarais - (Book: Solitaire)
Lucas Dorsette - (Book: Something Beautiful)
Lee Kincaid - (Book: Something Borrowed)
Lucius Antonius
Senior Centurion
- (Book: Somewhere in Time)
Lucius Antonius
Senior Centurion
- (Book: Somewhere in Time (reissue))
Logan Bishop - (Book: Somewhere Past Forever)
Lucas Tremayne - (Book: Song in the Wilderness, A)
Lucas Donnigan - (Book: Sons of Solaris: Aries)
Lucius Nightwing - (Book: Soulfire (ebook))
Logan Hart - (Book: Southern Exposure)
Logan Herrington - (Book: Southern Hospitality)
Leandro Reyes - (Book: Spaniard's Marriage Demand, The)
Leandro Reyes - (Book: Spaniard's Marriage Demand, The (UK))
Leandro Marquez - (Book: Spanish Billioniare's Pregnant Wife, The (reissue))
Leandro Herrera - (Book: Spanish Doctor's Love-Child, The)
Leandro Herrera - (Book: Spanish Doctor's Love-Child, The (UK))
Luiz Vazquez - (Book: Spanish Husband, The)
Lucas Reyes, Prince - (Book: Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride, The)
Leo Wilson - (Book: Sparked by Love)
Luke McKeever - (Book: Special Effects)
Levi - (Book: Speed Demon)
Luke - (Book: Spells and Stitches)
Lucien Wendon
Marquess of Seabrook
- (Book: Spirited Bluestocking, A)
Logan Wilde - (Book: Split Images)
Lord Rannolf - (Book: Spring's Fury)
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Spun By Sorcery)
Lord Kirtland - (Book: Spy Wore Silk, The)
Luke Davenport - (Book: St Piran's: The Brooding Heart Surgeon)
Luke Davenport - (Book: St Piran's: The Brooding Heart Surgeon (US))
Lex - (Book: Stand By Your Hitman)
Lance - (Book: Star Crossed)
Lucan Hern - (Book: Star Witch, The)
Lonewolf - (Book: Stargazer)
Liam Bates - (Book: Starstruck)
Liam Jameson - (Book: Stay Through The Night)
Luke Krueger - (Book: Staying Alive)
Lord Ashindon - (Book: Step in Time)
Leo Caan - (Book: Stockings (ebook))
Lord Thorpe - (Book: Stolen Heart, A)
Lord Thorpe - (Book: Stolen Heart, A (reissue))
Lord Thorpe - (Book: Stolen Heart, A (UK))
Locke Harper - (Book: Stolen Kisses)
Leo - (Book: Stop Dragon My Heart Around (ebook))
Liam Gray - (Book: Storm Surge )
Lucas McLean - (Book: Storm Warning)
Luke Andretti - (Book: Stormy Possession)
Lucien Delatour - (Book: Stowaway Bride)
Liam O'Brien - (Book: Straight Up)
Logan Hawkings - (Book: Stranded with a Billionaire (ebook))
Logan Hawkings - (Book: Stranded with a Billionaire (paperback))
Langley Randolph - (Book: Stranger Next Door, The)
Lynford Penniston, Duke of Meryon - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Luke Everson - (Book: Street Smart)
Lucian Warre
Marquess of Thistlewood
- (Book: Stronger Than Magic)
Logan Stryker - (Book: Stryker's Bride)
Luke Duncan - (Book: Substitute Father)
Luke Quintain - (Book: Substitute Wife, The)
Luke Randell - (Book: Subtle Revenge)
Leo Casale - (Book: Suddenly Texan)
Lukas Travinor - (Book: Suitable Husband, A)
Lord Dake - (Book: Suitable Suitor, The)
Lucas Barabee - (Book: Sultry Whispers)
Luke Gallagher - (Book: Sultry With a Twist)
Lockhart Dixon - (Book: Summer Affair, A)
Logan Harrington - (Book: Summer Cottage, The (ebook))
Luke O'Brien - (Book: Summer Garden, The)
Logan - (Book: Summer I Became a Nerd, The)
Lloyd Rockwell - (Book: Summer In The City)
Logan Prescott - (Book: Summer Magic)
Lord Orgrave - (Book: Summer Masquerade)
Luc Black - (Book: Summer Moon)
Luke - (Book: Summer of No Regrets, The)
Lord Rue d'Ange - (Book: Summer Pleasures: The Captive)
Lon Butler - (Book: Summoning the Night)
Lucas Slade - (Book: Sunset Seduction)
Logan Slade - (Book: Sunset Surrender)
Lucas Drury - (Book: Sunshine and the Shadowmaster)
Luke Weston - (Book: Superheroes Next Door, The)
Lucien Wroth - (Book: Superlovin' (ebook))
Landon Donnigan - (Book: Sure Thing, A )
Luke Savage - (Book: Surgeon's Engagement Wish, The)
Luke McNeil, Sheriff - (Book: Surprise Inheritance)
Luke McNeil - (Book: Surprise Inheritance (reissue))
Lee Winter - (Book: Surrender)
Lucas Colebrook
Earl of Stonevale
- (Book: Surrender)
Lucas Colebrook
Earl of Stonevale
- (Book: Surrender (reissue))
Luke Heaton - (Book: Surrender the Dawn)
Lex Sanborn - (Book: Survivor, The)
Liam Raven - (Book: Suspect)
Levi Warner - (Book: Sway (ebook))
Luke Carpenter - (Book: Sweet Annie)
Linc Adams - (Book: Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice)
Larkin Ford and Andrew Wilder and Winston Valentine - (Book: Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel)
Luke Avery - (Book: Sweet Gone South)
Luke Kincaid - (Book: Sweet Hannah Rose)
Lucien Valentine,
- (Book: Sweet Pretender)
Laurence Harris - (Book: Sweet Surrender)
Luke Collins - (Book: Sweet Talkin' Cowboy (ebook))
Luke Winslow - (Book: Sweetheart Bagain, The)
Luke Borelle - (Book: Switched (ebook))
Lachlann MacKerron - (Book: Sword Maiden, The)
Luca DiAngelo - (Book: Sydney Harbor Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl)
Lord Tabor - (Book: Tabor's Trinket)
Lucian Pendar - (Book: Tainted by Temptation)
Landon James - (Book: Take No Prisoners)
Lazarus - (Book: Taking Eve (Ebook))
Liam O'Neil - (Book: Taking the Heat)
Lord Peter St. Johns - (Book: Talent For Sin, A)
Luke McNamara - (Book: Talking Dirty with the Boss)
Luke - (Book: Talking Dogs, Aliens and Purple People Eaters)
Lt. Col. Mark Bradley - (Book: Talons of the Falcon)
Lord Rory Mackillin - (Book: Tamed by the Barbarian )
Linc Ketchum - (Book: Taming a Dark Horse)
Linc Ketchum - (Book: Taming a Dark Horse (reissue))
Luke Stanton - (Book: Taming Luke (UK))
Lord Whitfield - (Book: Taming of Lord Whitfield, The)
Larkin Wolff - (Book: Taming the Lone Wolff)
Lance Brody - (Book: Taming The Texas Tycoon)
Lord Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex - (Book: Taming the Wolf)
Lucas Atraeus - (Book: Tangled Affair, A)
Lucas Santee - (Book: Tangled Memories)
Logan Stone - (Book: Tara's Child)
Lukas Sebastiani - (Book: Taste Me)
L. E. Alexander - (Book: Taste of Death, A)
Luke Madaris - (Book: Taste of Passion)
Lucian Trevane - (Book: Taste of Passion, A)
Liam - (Book: Tasting Fear (reprint))
Lance Hutton - (Book: Teach Me a Lesson)
Luke Striker - (Book: Teen Idol)
Luke Janssen - (Book: Tell-All (Hardcover))
Luke Sterling - (Book: Tempest)
Luc Santini - (Book: Tempestuous Reunion)
Lucas - (Book: Tempt Me)
Luke Riordan - (Book: Temptation Ridge)
Luke Riordan - (Book: Temptation Ridge (reprint))
Logan Jennsen - (Book: Tempted At Midnight)
Lord Southam - (Book: Tempted by Fire)
Lord Cade Byron - (Book: Tempted By His Kiss)
Lord Rockhurst - (Book: Tempted by the Night)
Lane Anderson - (Book: Tempted in the Tropics (ebook))
Lazarus - (Book: Tempting Eve (ebook))
Logan McCord - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Lewis Jackson - (Book: Tempting Nurse Scarlet)
Logan - (Book: Tempting the Fire)
Lucien St. Cyr - (Book: Temptress)
Lee Jeffreys - (Book: Tender Betrayal)
Lucas Tanner
- (Book: Tender Betrayal)
Luke Garrison, Captain - (Book: Tender Devil, The)
Lucas Holt - (Book: Tender Is the Storm)
Lucas Holt - (Book: Tender is the Storm (ebook))
Logan Phillips - (Book: Tender Loving Care)
Logan Phillips - (Book: Tender Loving Care (reissue))
Leif Haraldson - (Book: Tender Marauder)
Lucius Gray - (Book: Tender to His Touch)
Luke Hawkins - (Book: Tender Victory)
Luke Nobel - (Book: Texan's Little Secret, The)
Luke Callaghan - (Book: Texas --- Now and Forever)
Logan Barnes - (Book: Texas Billionaire's Baby, The)
Lewton Paterson - (Book: Texas Blue)
Luke Chisum - (Book: Texas Bluff (reissue))
Lexi Coyote - (Book: Texas Child, A)
Logan Cafferty - (Book: Texas Dawn)
Lance Barrett - (Book: Texas Splendor)
Logan Cathcart - (Book: Texas Trouble)
Lucky Tyler - (Book: Texas! Lucky)
Lucky Tyler - (Book: Texas! Lucky (reissue))
Lawson Williams - (Book: Texas-Made Match, A)
Liam - (Book: That Summer)
Leo North - (Book: That Touch of Magic)
Lucas Halliday - (Book: Their Miracle Baby)
Lucas Banning - (Book: Their Most Forbidden Fling)
Lucas Banning - (Book: Their Most Forbidden Fling (large print))
Luke - (Book: Their Unfinished Business)
Lord Crewe - (Book: Thief of Love)
Luke Lassiter - (Book: This Child of Mine)
Logan Buchanan - (Book: This Heart for Hire)
Leo Seymour - (Book: This Time Round)
Luke Baldwin - (Book: Thread of Suspicion)
Lord Thomas Cavendish, the Earl of Thornbury - (Book: Three Dog Knight)
Lucius van Someren - (Book: Three for a Wedding)
Lucius van Someren - (Book: Three for a Wedding (reissue))
Lucius van Someren - (Book: Three for a Wedding (UK))
Lucius van Someren - (Book: Three for a Wedding (UK-reissue))
Lucien DuFeron's - (Book: Three Nights)
Logan O'Brien - (Book: Through Jenna's Eyes)
Leo Storm - (Book: Throw-Away Bride, The)
Linc Taylor - (Book: Thrown for a Loss)
Laird Jaege - (Book: Thunder)
Link Rockwood - (Book: Thunder at Dawn)
Larry Newkirk - (Book: Thunder Bay)
Lucas Neuman - (Book: Tie that Binds, The)
Luke Chalmers - (Book: Time to Dream, A)
Luke Chalmers - (Book: Time to Dream, A (UK))
Lance Adams - (Book: Time Will Tell)
Lord Richard Harcourt - (Book: To Be Seduced)
Lord Dougal MacLean - (Book: To Catch a Highlander)
Linc Reese - (Book: To Hold an Eagle)
Leonardo - (Book: To Kiss A Gargoyle)
Lucas - (Book: To Love Again)
Logan McKenzie - (Book: To Marry McKenzie)
Logan Burke - (Book: To Protect a Princess)
Lucas Bingham, Earl of Hadley - (Book: To Sin with a Scoundrel)
Lord James Jacquehart Pierson - (Book: To Surrender to a Rogue)
Lord Steele - (Book: To Tame a Viking (ebook))
Logan Claiborne - (Book: To Tame Her Tycoon Lover)
Larado - (Book: To Tease A Texan)
Leo McKenzie - (Book: To The Rescue)
Logan Sutherland - (Book: To Trust A Wolf)
Luke Delaney - (Book: To Wed and Protect)
Levi Grant - (Book: To Win Her Heart)
Luc de Falcon - (Book: To Win His Heart)
Landry - (Book: Toast to the Good Times (ebook))
Luke Todmorden - (Book: Tongue-Tied)
Lord John
Viscount of Sexton
- (Book: Tonight or Never)
Lord Nelson - (Book: Too Great A Lady)
Lord Desmond Bannington - (Book: Too Hot For a Rake)
Logan Grant - (Book: Too Many Brothers)
Logan Grant - (Book: Too Many Brothers (reissue))
Lord Martin Kestrel - (Book: Too Wicked to Marry)
Luke Westmoreland - (Book: Too Wicked to Wed)
Lieutenant Greydon Quinn - (Book: Touch of a Thief)
Londo "Valiant" Rand - (Book: Touch of Danger)
Lucien Morgret - (Book: Touch of Night)
Lucaine Herrick - (Book: Touch Of The Wolf)
Lord Gorwan
Earl of Welshpool
- (Book: Touched by Magic)
Lucas McKay - (Book: Tough Guy, Savvy Lady)
Louis Benoit - (Book: Tough Man to Tame, A)
Logan - (Book: Training Session, The (ebook novella))
Leesil - (Book: Traitor to the Blood)
Lucas - (Book: Treasure Hunt)
Lord Rhys Langford - (Book: Treasure Keeper, The)
Lord Rhys Langford - (Book: Treasure Keeper, The (paperback))
Luc LeJeune - (Book: Trouble in Mudbug)
Luke Falcon - (Book: True Courage )
Lucas McAdams - (Book: Trust in Tomorrow (UK))
Luke Hubbard - (Book: Trusting a Stranger)
Luke Hubbard - (Book: Trusting a Stranger (Large Print))
Liam Taylor - (Book: Trusting Liam)
Leopold Ernst George Mortimer - (Book: Truth About Leo, The )
Landon Vista - (Book: Truth About Love, The)
Luke Webster - (Book: Truth or Dare)
Lucas Brooks - (Book: Trying to Score)
Luke Travers - (Book: Tug of War)
Leo Calvani - (Book: Tuscan Tycoon's Wife, The)
Leo Montgomery - (Book: Twelfth Night Proposal)
Liam O'Shea - (Book: Twice a Hero)
Logan - (Book: Twice Burned)
Luke Tucker - (Book: Twice Her Husband )
Lee Parker - (Book: Twilight, Texas)
Logan Napier - (Book: Twin Blessings )
Lee Westfield - (Book: Twin of Fire)
Luke O'Hara - (Book: Twin Wishes)
Logan Hunt - (Book: Two Times as Hot)
Liam Carlyle - (Book: Two's Company)
Lucien Tyrone - (Book: Tycoon Meets Texan!)
Leo Jefferson - (Book: Tycoon's Virgin, The)
Leo Jefferson - (Book: Tycoon's Virgin, The (UK))
Lanzo do Cosmo - (Book: Ultimate Risk, The)
Lanzo do Cosmo - (Book: Ultimate Risk, The (large print))
Luis Rocha - (Book: Unbroken)
Lucas - (Book: Unbuttoned (ebook novella))
Lord Faelan Savigar - (Book: Uncertain Magic (reissue))
Luc Sabbatini - (Book: Unclaimed Baby, The)
Luke McCabe - (Book: Undaunted Faith, An)
Liam McAllister - (Book: Undefeated (ebook))
Luis - (Book: Undefended City, An)
Logan Prescott - (Book: Undeniable)
Logan Williams - (Book: Undeniable)
Landry Jones - (Book: Undeniable Proof)
Leif Nabboddrson - (Book: Under a Viking Moon)
Liam McCabe - (Book: Under Fire)
Leese Phelps - (Book: Under Pressure)
Lt. Col. Zach Dawson - (Book: Under Seige)
Luke Hathaway - (Book: Under the Gun)
Logan Garret - (Book: Undercover Affair)
Logan Quail - (Book: Undercover Cowboy)
Logan Quail - (Book: Undercover Cowboy (large print))
Luke Buchanan - (Book: Undercover Daddy)
Lex Rochester - (Book: Undercover in the CEO's Bed (ebook))
Luke Dekker - (Book: Undercover Pursuit)
Larenz de Luca - (Book: Undoing of De Luca, The (UK edition))
Larenz de Luca - (Book: Undoing of De Luca, The (US edition))
Logan James - (Book: Undressed)
Luke Berringer - (Book: Unexpected Temptation)
Lance Michelli - (Book: Unforgotten)
Liam Brant - (Book: Unguarded Moment)
Ludvig Rundstrom - (Book: Unleashing, The)
Lord Cole Mandeville - (Book: Unlikely Angel, The)
Lucas Templeton - (Book: Unlikely Groom, The)
Leo Mezzanotte - (Book: Unmasking Juliet)
Leif Dalton - (Book: Unrepentant Cowboy)
Luis Rocha - (Book: Unseen)
Logan Raintree - (Book: Unseen, The (hardcover))
Liam James - (Book: Unsung)
Luke Bennett - (Book: Untameable Rogue)
Lieutenant Morgan - (Book: Untamed )
Lloyd Fellows - (Book: Untamed Mackenzie, The (ebook))
Lord Crispin Ramsden - (Book: Untamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress)
Lucius Devon - (Book: Until Now (Ebook))
Luke Grayson - (Book: Until There Was You)
Logan Hepburn - (Book: Until You)
Lucien de Vaux
Marquess of Arden
- (Book: Unwilling Bride, An)
Lucien de Vaux - (Book: Unwilling Bride, An (reissue))
Lucien de Vaux - (Book: Unwilling Bride, An (reissue))
Lucas Dempsey - (Book: Up to the Challenge)
Lenox Whitworth - (Book: Use Me or Lose Me)
Li'eth - (Book: V'Dan, The)
Luca Valtieri - (Book: Valtieri Marriage Deal, The)
Layel - (Book: Vampire's Bride, The)
Link Morgam - (Book: Vanish in Plain Sight)
Linc Curtis - (Book: Vegas Pregnancy Surprise)
Lord Raynor Warwicke - (Book: Velvet Bond (Series: Velvet Clayburn - Book 1))
Lord Carleton - (Book: Velvet Ribbons)
Lord Damerel - (Book: Venetia (new edition))
Luke Harmon - (Book: Vengeance Is Mine)
Lorenzo Cicolla - (Book: Vengeful Seduction)
Luke Stanton - (Book: Venus Envy)
Lord William Manderville, the Earl of Bonnington - (Book: Very Comely Countess, The)
Liam Donovan - (Book: Very Crimson Christmas, A)
Liam Crowe - (Book: Very Exclusive Engagement, A)
Lukas Garrett - (Book: Very Special Delivery, A)
Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland - (Book: Vexing the Viscount)
Lord Thorpe - (Book: Vignette)
Lord Caedmon of Larkspur - (Book: Viking in Love)
Leif Ivar'sson - (Book: Viking Tempest)
Leo - (Book: Vindicate (ebook))
Luke Clinton - (Book: Vintage Of Surrender)
Lachlan MacRuairi - (Book: Viper, The)
Luke Chapman - (Book: Virgin Bought and Paid For)
Linus Harrison - (Book: Virgin Secretary's Impossible Boss, The)
Leo Parnassus - (Book: Virgin's Secret, The)
Lord Rand - (Book: Viscount Vagabond)
Luke Winterley - (Book: Viscount's Frozen Heart, The (ebook))
Lord Bromwell - (Book: Viscount's Kiss, The)
Logan Cutter - (Book: Vortex)
Luc Louvat - (Book: Vow, The)
Luke Devlin - (Book: Vows of Vengeance)
Luke McGraw - (Book: Wagon Train Cinderella)
Lex Vermeer - (Book: Waiting)
Logan MacGowan - (Book: Waiting For the One)
Lucas Campbell - (Book: Waiting on You)
Luke Granger - (Book: Waking Up Dead)
Logan Judd - (Book: Walk Through Fire)
Landon Carter - (Book: Walk to Remember, A)
Luca Lowrimore - (Book: Wanted: Wife)
Lyon Buchanan - (Book: War Of Love)
Leo - (Book: Warrior)
Lachlan MacGowan - (Book: Warrior Bride, The)
Lone Wolf - (Book: Warrior Moon)
Lori Ibsen - (Book: Warsaw Requiem)
Lord Paris Mulholland - (Book: Wastrel, The)
Lev Prakenskii - (Book: Water Bound )
Lt. Alex Rivera - (Book: Waves of Passion )
Luke - (Book: Wedding Arrangement, The)
Logan Warren - (Book: Wedding Cake Wishes)
Luke Bodene - (Book: Wedding Deal, The)
Luke Bodene - (Book: Wedding Deal, The (UK))
Lucian Barret - (Book: Wedding Knight, The)
Lord Jackson Rushford - (Book: Wedding Night, The)
Lucas Calder - (Book: Wedding Plan, The)
Lucas Calder - (Book: Wedding Plan, The (large print))
Luke Shaw - (Book: Wedding Secret, The)
Lord James Bennett - (Book: Wedding Story, A)
Laurence Russell
Marquess of Thornbury
- (Book: Wednesday's Child)
Lysander Kahani - (Book: Weight of the Crown)
Luke Dalton - (Book: Werewolf in Las Vegas)
Lincoln Adams - (Book: West Wing to Maternity Wing! (large print))
Luke Nicoletti - (Book: What A Girl Wants)
Lindenhurst, Viscount - (Book: What a Lady Demands (ebook))
Luke Bradley - (Book: What A Pirate Desires)
Luca Mastrangelo - (Book: What a Sicilian Husband Wants)
Liam Manley - (Book: What a Woman Gets)
Liam MacRaith
Lord Mountrath
- (Book: What Chloe Wants)
Luke Raven - (Book: What Happens After Dark)
Lord Marcus Roth - (Book: What Isabella Desires)
Luke Collier - (Book: What Might Have Been)
Levi Jonnson - (Book: What Once Was Lost)
Linc Garner - (Book: What The Heart Wants)
Lord Alaistair MacLeod - (Book: What the Scot Hears)
Lord Shermont - (Book: What Would Jane Austen Do?)
Lord Blackheath - (Book: When a Lady Misbehaves)
Lord Blackheath - (Book: When a Lady Misbehaves)
Leam Blackwood - (Book: When a Scot Loves a Lady)
Logan MacKenzie - (Book: When a Scot Ties the Knot)
Lucius Dragos - (Book: When Blood Calls)
Lucien - (Book: When Darkness Falls)
Lord Harry Traemore - (Book: When Harry Met Molly)
Lucien Sinclair - (Book: When His Kiss Is Wicked)
Lucien Lenault - (Book: When I'm With You)
Levi McCloud - (Book: When Summer Comes)
Lovingdon - (Book: When the Duke Was Wicked)
Lord Jamie - (Book: When We Touch)
Luke Varon - (Book: Where Evil Waits)
Logan Maguire - (Book: Which Twin?)
Logan Campbell - (Book: While He Was Sleeping)
Laird Montgomery - (Book: Whirlwind)
Lord Blake Ashford - (Book: Whisper Always)
Lucky Romo - (Book: Whisper Falls)
Luke - (Book: Whisper My Name)
Lyle Delany - (Book: Whispering Winds of Blackbriar Bay, The)
Logan - (Book: Whispers in the Stars)
Leo Branford,
- (Book: White Horses
A Dangerous Masquerade (UK))
Luke Winslow - (Book: White Knight, The)
Luc - (Book: Who's Holding the Baby?)
Lord Kelthorne - (Book: Wicked and Wonderful)
Luke Ainslowe - (Book: Wicked Baron, The)
Lander Cornelius - (Book: Wicked Beast)
Lucas Bardine - (Book: Wicked Cousin, The)
Liam Quinn - (Book: Wicked Heart)
Lazarus Huntington - (Book: Wicked Intentions)
Leo Harrow - (Book: Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady)
Lucien de Montforte - (Book: Wicked One, The)
Lucien de Montforte - (Book: Wicked One, The (ebook reissue))
Linc Williams - (Book: Wicked Pleasures)
Luke Sutter - (Book: Wicked Sexy Liar)
Langdon Bourne - (Book: Wicked Widow Meets Her Match, The)
Liam McClellan - (Book: Wickedly Dangerous)
Liam McClellan - (Book: Wickedly Ever After (ebook))
Luke Rivers - (Book: Widow and the Rodeo Man, The)
Luke Rivers - (Book: Widow and the Rodeo Man, The (reissue))
Liam O'Connor - (Book: Widow of Conard County, The)
Luke Anderson - (Book: Wife in Name Only)
Luke Walker - (Book: Wife In Name Only)
Leo Kerslake - (Book: Wife-To-Be)
Logan Mulvaney - (Book: Wild)
Luc du Pre - (Book: Wild and Sweet)
Lord Devlynn - (Book: Wild and Wicked)
Lord Devlynn - (Book: Wild and Wicked (ebook))
Luke Griffin - (Book: Wild at Heart)
Luke McKade - (Book: Wild Enough For Willa)
Logan Campbell - (Book: Wild Escapade)
Leo Roberts - (Book: Wild Heart)
Logan Cain - (Book: Wild Heat)
Lannes - (Book: Wild Road, The)
Lannes Hannelore - (Book: Wild Road, The (mass market))
Linc Scott - (Book: Wild Texas Promise)
Lucky Luke McCanles - (Book: Wildcat)
Luke Swain - (Book: Wilder Name, A)
Luke Fontaine - (Book: Wildest Dreams)
Luke Fontaine - (Book: Wildest Dreams (reissue))
Lucas Cord - (Book: Wildest Heart (reissue))
Lucas Cord - (Book: Wildest Heart (reprint))
Lucas Cord - (Book: Wildest Heart, The)
Logan Cord - (Book: Wildstar)
Lance - (Book: Will You Love Me In September)
Lord Arvelly - (Book: Willful Widow, A)
Lord Chase - (Book: Willful Wife, The (Hardcover))
Levi Cantrell - (Book: Willow Creek)
Logan Whitaker - (Book: Willow Springs)
Lionello Andreas - (Book: Wind Dancer, The)
Luke Tyler - (Book: Wind Song)
Lorian Nightwing - (Book: Windburn (ebook))
Lord Chesterfield - (Book: Windfall)
Lucas Daniels - (Book: Window in Time, A)
Logan Brisco - (Book: Winner Take All)
Lady Anice, Countess of Brecken - (Book: Winning the Highlander's Heart (ebook))
Lachlan Maclean - (Book: Winter Fire)
Logan Douglas - (Book: Winter Heat (ebook novella))
Logan Cordell,
Earl of Remington
- (Book: Winter Thaw (ebook))
Lord Tristan Ainsworth - (Book: Winter's Bride)
Lord Rannolf - (Book: Winter's Heat)
Lord Jaufre de Macy - (Book: Winterbourne)
Leigh Nash, Earl of Winterburn - (Book: Winterburn's Rose)
Lex Sanders - (Book: Wish List)
Logan Collier - (Book: Wish Upon a Christmas Star)
Logan Collier - (Book: Wish Upon a Christmas Star (large print))
Lucas Brand - (Book: Wish Upon a Star)
Lance Alexander - (Book: Wishing Moon)
Logan Harrison - (Book: Witch of Clan Sinclair, The)
Luc Garcia - (Book: Witch's Wedding, The)
Lyall Pentreath van Guisen - (Book: Witching Hour)
Luck McClure - (Book: With a Little Luck)
Luke Colter - (Book: With No Remorse)
Logan Carr - (Book: With Open Arms)
Luke Freeman - (Book: With The M.D...At the Altar?)
Leo Drake - (Book: With This Ring)
Linden - (Book: Wither)
Luke McCullough - (Book: Without a Past)
Luke Granger - (Book: Witness, The)
Lucas Greywolf, MD - (Book: Wolf and the Dove, The)
Luc Stone - (Book: Wolf Tales II)
Lord Brickendon - (Book: Wolfe Wager, The)
Lord Delacourt - (Book: Woman of Virtue, A)
Luke St. Clair - (Book: Woman to Remember, A)
Lucian Dorlingsley - (Book: Woo'd in Haste)
Lord Reath - (Book: Wooing Miss Whately)
Luke Beaumont - (Book: Words of Wisdom)
Logan McKay - (Book: Worlds Apart)
Marquess of Canfield
- (Book: Worthy Engagement, A)
Lamont - (Book: Worthy Love, A)
Logan McKenzie - (Book: Wrangler in Petticoats)
Lucien Trent - (Book: Wren of Paradise)
Levi Rush - (Book: Wrong for Me)
Logan Winters - (Book: Wrong Side of Hell (novella))
Luke Hayes - (Book: Wyoming Heir, The)
Lonny Ellison - (Book: Wyoming Kid, The)
Lance Harmon - (Book: Wyoming Wildflower)
Luke Vincente - (Book: Wyoming Woman)
Lynx de Warenne - (Book: Year and a Day, A)
Logan McGraw - (Book: Yesterday's Gold)
Luke Butler - (Book: You Can't Buy Love)
Lawrence Kendall - (Book: You Had Me at Goodbye)
Lucas Wilde - (Book: You Only Love Twice)
Logan Blaise - (Book: You're the One)
Lucian Southwood - (Book: Youngest Dowager, The)
Logan Park - (Book: Your B&B or Mine?)
Lane Donaldson - (Book: Your Ranch...or MIne?)
Logan Carleton - (Book: Yuletide Homecoming)
Lance Gordon - (Book: Yuletide Peril)
Linc Carey - (Book: Yuletide Stalker)
Linc Carey - (Book: Yuletide Stalker (reissue))


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