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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with M

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Mack McAfee - (Book: 1022 Evergreen Place)
Merin - (Book: 22 Nights)
Matt Harbison - (Book: 24/7)
Matt Ransom - (Book: 7 Days and 7 Nights)
Max McKee - (Book: A Is for Always)
Michael Montgomery - (Book: A McClendon Thanksgiving)
Mychale - (Book: Abby and the Playboy Prince)
Mychale - (Book: Abby and the Playboy Prince (large print))
Mychale - (Book: Abby and the Playboy Prince (UK))
Marvin Taylor - (Book: Abiding Hope)
Mirren Kincaid - (Book: Absolution)
Miles Kingsley - (Book: Accepting the Boss's Proposal)
Maximo Rossi - (Book: Accidental Birthright, An)
McAllister Malone - (Book: Accidental Dragon, The)
Mel VanDyne - (Book: Accidental Florist, The)
Matt MacKenzie - (Book: Accidental Mrs. MacKenzie, The)
Michael Thorpe, Lieutenant - (Book: Accidental Princess, The)
Max McKinley - (Book: Accidental Scot, The)
Max - (Book: Accidental Seduction (UK))
Max - (Book: Accidental Seduction (UK-Large Print))
Max Calder - (Book: Accidentally Yours)
Maax - (Book: Accidentally. . .Over?)
Marco - (Book: Acts of Violets)
Mark Wallace - (Book: Adding To The Family)
Michael Lord - (Book: Adopt a Dad)
Murad - (Book: Adora (reissue))
Michael Montand - (Book: Affair, The)
Mitch Malvaso - (Book: After the Fire)
Michael HawthorneEarl of Montraine - (Book: After the Kiss)
Mitchell Forbes - (Book: After the Kiss (ebook))
Matt - (Book: After the Rice)
Morgan Deveroux - (Book: After You)
Major Jack Bentley - (Book: Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion (ebook))
Mark Fielder - (Book: Agent, The)
Maxim Prakenskii - (Book: Air Bound)
Mark Garrett - (Book: All But Love)
Morgan Kane - (Book: All Consuming Passion, An)
Mitch Kowalski - (Book: All He Ever Needed)
Mike Donovan - (Book: All He Wants For Christmas (ebook))
Maxfield Sinclair - (Book: All I Ever Wanted (ebook))
Mael MacRaigl - (Book: All I Want)
Max Monroe - (Book: All I Want for Christmas)
Maxwell Collier - (Book: All I've Ever Wanted)
Maxwell Collier - (Book: All I've Ever Wanted (reissue))
Michael Pennington - (Book: All in a Name)
Mercer Rowley - (Book: All or Nothing (ebook))
Mac Harrison - (Book: All Over You)
Mateo Torres - (Book: All Played Out)
Merrick - (Book: All That Bleeds)
Mark Moretti - (Book: All That You Are)
Max - (Book: All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue)
Miles McAlister - (Book: All They Ever Wanted)
Master Sergeant John Cooper - (Book: Allah's Fire)
Major Tyler O'Donnell - (Book: Allegiance)
Max Conroy - (Book: Almost Forever)
Max Conroy - (Book: Almost Forever (reissue))
Matthew Fox - (Book: Almost Naked, Inc.)
Michael Thorne - (Book: Always)
Matt Eilers - (Book: Always Dakota)
Matt Kincaid - (Book: Always In My Heart)
Mark Callahan - (Book: Always Look Twice)
MacKinley Powers - (Book: Always Loving You)
Michael Hart - (Book: Always You (ebook))
Matt Grayson, Privateer - (Book: Amanda Rose)
Matt Forester - (Book: Amanda's Child)
Max Ridell - (Book: Amazing Grace)
Mac Coleman - (Book: Amazon Strain, The)
Morgan Devereaux - (Book: Amber Moment)
Major Drayton Rambert, commander of Yankee - (Book: Ambrosia)
Marquis of Wycherly - (Book: American Cousin, The)
Max Templeton - (Book: American Temp and the British Inspector, The)
Max Adams - (Book: American Werewolf in Hoboken, An (ebook))
Matthew Zook - (Book: Amish Clockmaker, The)
Max Laurent - (Book: Amorous Liaisons)
Mitch Hayward - (Book: An After-Hours Affair)
Mark Schaeffer - (Book: Analise)
Max Chaneau - (Book: And Mistress Makes Three)
Matt - (Book: And Mommy Makes Three)
Monroe - (Book: And One Last Thing)
Massimo Androletti - (Book: Androletti's Mistress)
Massimo Androletti - (Book: Androletti's Mistress (UK))
Matthew Curtis - (Book: Angel For Dry Creek, An)
Matthew Curtis - (Book: Angel for Dry Creek, An (reissue))
Michael - (Book: Angel For Emily, An)
Michael Justice - (Book: Angel for Hire)
Mike Sloan - (Book: Annabelle Lee)
Matt Breen - (Book: Annie in the Morning)
Matt Powell - (Book: Annie Says I Do)
Marcus Cartwright - (Book: Another Man's Child)
Mac McLachlan - (Book: Another Time, Another Place)
Marc Sterling - (Book: Anything You Want)
Major Jack "Cobra" Korba - (Book: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime)
Mitchell Garret - (Book: Apache Flame)
Matt Colton - (Book: Apache Promise)
Matt Colton - (Book: Apache Temptation)
Mordi - (Book: Aphrodite's Flame)
Max Stoddart - (Book: Apocalipstick)
Michael Masters - (Book: Apple Blossom Bride)
Marshall Henderson - (Book: April Bride, An (ebook novella))
Mr. Beaumarais - (Book: Arabella (new edition))
Mayor James Sutherland - (Book: Arm Charm)
Mitch Redinger - (Book: Army of Two)
Max Brigstock - (Book: Arrogant Interloper)
Michael Gannon - (Book: Arsonist, The)
Micah - (Book: Art of Lainey, The)
Matthew Donaldson - (Book: Artful Heir, The)
Michael Kirk - (Book: Artist's Granddaughter, The (ebook))
Mason Walker - (Book: As Hot As It Gets)
Marek Redding - (Book: As Long As There Is Love)
Matt Buchanan - (Book: Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead)
Marcus Ashford - (Book: Ask For It)
Marcus Ashford - (Book: Ask For It (reprint))
Michael Ashton - (Book: Ask Mariah)
Matt Holborn - (Book: Ask Me No Questions)
Misha - (Book: Assassins in Love)
Mark Dolan - (Book: At First Sight)
Mike Fields - (Book: At Her Beck And Call)
Mitch Margolin - (Book: At His Fingertips)
Matt Bowers - (Book: At Last)
Marcus Davis - (Book: At Last)
Marc - (Book: Attraction Factor, The)
Max Davenham - (Book: Autumn Bride, The)
Morgan Caine - (Book: Autumn Star)
Merlyn - (Book: Avalon's Price)
Manuel - (Book: Avenging Angel)
Mitchell Caine - (Book: Babies On The Doorstep)
Matt McIntyre - (Book: Baby 2000)
Matteo Soarez - (Book: Baby Bootcamp)
Michael Shaylen - (Book: Baby Deal, The)
Mike Aaron - (Book: Baby Dilemma, The)
Matthew Cameron - (Book: Baby Doctors, The)
Micah Drake - (Book: Baby For Mommy, A)
Mike Ryan - (Book: Baby for the Boss, A)
Matteo di Falco - (Book: Baby Gambit, The)
Mitch McCord - (Book: Baby in a Basket)
Mitch Robbins - (Book: Baby in the Boardroom)
Marc Cordero - (Book: Baby It's You)
Mac Wheeler - (Book: Baby Made at Christmas, The)
Max Riley - (Book: Baby on Board)
Max Riley - (Book: Baby On Board (UK))
Max Beasley - (Book: Baby Under the Christmas Tree)
Max Beasley - (Book: Baby Under the Christmas Tree (large print))
Marc Truesdale - (Book: Baby vs. the Bar)
Mark Anderson - (Book: Baby Who Stole the Doctor's Heart, The)
Mark Anderson - (Book: Baby Who Stole the Doctor's Heart, The (UK))
Murphy Jones - (Book: Baby You're Mine)
Michael Stone - (Book: Baby's First Christmas)
Michael Cameron, M.D. - (Book: Baby, Baby)
Marcus Armstrong - (Book: Baby, Don't Go)
Michael Harrington - (Book: Baby, It's You!)
Morgan Westlake - (Book: Babycakes)
Matthew Harding - (Book: Bachelor At The Wedding, A)
Max Ensor - (Book: Bachelor List, The)
Morgan Chatam - (Book: Bachelor Meets His Match, The)
Marc Garrett - (Book: Bachelor's Bait (ebook))
Mark Dole - (Book: Bachelor's Dare, The)
Mitchell Reid - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Max Winston - (Book: Bachelorette Blues (reprint))
Max Fortune - (Book: Back In Fortune's Bed)
Marc Guerriri - (Book: Back To Life)
Magnus - (Book: Bad Blood)
Miguel de los Reyes - (Book: Badge of Honor)
Mason Donnelly - (Book: Badlands Bride)
Michael McCord - (Book: Bandit's Brazen Kiss)
Michael, Lord Stamford - (Book: Bargain With Fate, A)
Max Hudson - (Book: Bargained Into Her Boss's Bed)
Mathiaz de Marigny - (Book: Baron and the Bodyguard, The)
Marquis of Rotherham - (Book: Bath Tangle (new edition))
Mack Franklin - (Book: Beach Lane)
Matt Blackthorn - (Book: Bear Claw Conspiracy)
Max - (Book: Beast of Darkness)
Matthew Beaumont - (Book: Beaumont Christmas Wedding, A)
Max Stella - (Book: Beautiful Beloved (ebook))
Marc Archer - (Book: Beautiful Scars)
Max Stella - (Book: Beautiful Stranger)
Malik Madden - (Book: Beautiful Surrender)
Matt Hollis - (Book: Beauty and the Best Man (ebook))
Matt Parrish - (Book: Beauty Queen)
Max Rickman - (Book: Because Of Our Child)
Matt Caldwell - (Book: Because of the Baby)
Monroe Latimer - (Book: Bedded by a Bad Boy)
Monroe Latimer - (Book: Bedded by a Playboy)
Max DeLuca - (Book: Bedded By The Billioniare)
Mitch Ramsey - (Book: Bedded Then Wed)
Mitchell Dane - (Book: Bedroom Eyes)
Mitch Kaminsky - (Book: Before The Fall)
Mitchell - (Book: Beggarman, Thief (ebook))
Matt Jenkins - (Book: Beginning With Their Baby)
Matt Gardner - (Book: Beginnings)
Marshall Grainger - (Book: Beguiling the Boss)
Mark Stephens - (Book: Bel Air)
Maxwell Longford
Earl of Merimont
- (Book: Beleaguered Earl, The)
Miles Grayson - (Book: Bella and the Beast)
Mercy Huntingdon - (Book: Belle Gone Bad (ebook))
Marcus Westhaven - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Marcus Colford - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Marco Bellini - (Book: Bellini Bride, The)
Matt Richardson - (Book: Belonging)
Marcus Alexander Britainus - (Book: Beloved (reissue))
Mick Harding - (Book: Beloved Heart)
Michel Faurer - (Book: Beloved Knight)
Marcus Storm - (Book: Below the Surface (ebook))
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Berkely Square Affair, The)
Martin le Werre - (Book: Besieging His Lady (ebook))
Mark Carruthers - (Book: Best Gift of All, The)
Miles Prescott
Earl of Strickland
- (Book: Best Intentions, The)
Matt Reed - (Book: Best Man, The)
Morgan Lucas - (Book: Best Of Buddies)
Matthew Gray - (Book: Bethany's Song)
Matthew Ryan - (Book: Betrayed)
Michael Elliot
- (Book: Betrayed)
Michael DeNiro - (Book: Betting on Love)
Max Duval - (Book: Between The Sheets)
Michael Vane
Earl of Sherrington
- (Book: Bewitched)
Marquis of Penderleight - (Book: Bewitching Minx)
Marcus Hickson - (Book: Beyond Desire)
Morgan Hastings - (Book: Beyond Love)
Morgan Steele - (Book: Beyond Temptation)
Masterman - (Book: Beyond The Blue Mountain)
Mitchell Kincaid - (Book: Beyond the Night)
Duke of Belcourt
- (Book: Bid for Independence, A)
Mackenzie James - (Book: Big Bad Dad)
Max Goodwin - (Book: Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride, The)
Max Goodwin - (Book: Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride, The (UK))
Max Strong - (Book: Billionaire Drifter, The)
Matt Patterson - (Book: Billionaire's Baby SOS, The)
Mateo Celeca - (Book: Billionaire's Bedside Manner, The)
Matt Ballard - (Book: Billionaire's Bridal Bed, The)
Mike Templeton - (Book: Billionaire's Fair Lady, The)
Mike Templeton - (Book: Billionaire's Fair Lady, The (large print))
Maguire Cochran - (Book: Billionaire's Handler, The)
Mark Rawen - (Book: Bittersweet Bondage)
Marcus Gunter - (Book: Bittersweet Remembrance)
Mick McCane - (Book: Black Creek)
Mick McCane - (Book: Black Creek (large print))
Martin Dominguez - (Book: Black Pearl, The)
Mitch Carnegie - (Book: Black Rose)
Mano Ohana - (Book: Black Sands)
Miles Calverleigh - (Book: Black Sheep)
Miles - (Book: Black Sheep (new edition))
Martin Chancellor - (Book: Black Sheep's Bride, The)
Mark Lowe (Kong) - (Book: Black Smoke)
Marcus Canning - (Book: Blackmailing the Society Bride)
Marcus Sullivan - (Book: Blessing in Disguise)
Mitch Fowler - (Book: Blessings of the Heart)
Marc Bayard - (Book: Blind Instinct)
Max Decker - (Book: Blind-Date Bride)
Matthew Winter - (Book: Blood Doctor, The)
Matthew - (Book: Blood Fire)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Blood of My Blood)
Michael Boccelli - (Book: Blood on Skates)
Mark Davidson - (Book: Blood Red)
Mark Davidson - (Book: Blood Red (reissue))
Mitch Greer - (Book: Blood Red Dawn)
Malkolm - (Book: Blood Rights)
Michael Ziffkin - (Book: Blood Secrets)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Blood Ties)
Magnus - (Book: Blood Ties)
Mikhel Dumont - (Book: Bloodlust: Conquering Mikhel Dumont)
Maximillan Oosterwelde - (Book: Blow Hot, Blow Cold (UK))
Michael Beaudreaux - (Book: Blown Away)
Miguel Escudero - (Book: Blue Moon)
Mac MacCarthy - (Book: Bluegrass Christmas)
Mac MacCarthy - (Book: Bluegrass Christmas (reissue))
Michael Deavers - (Book: Body Language)
Max Dempsey - (Book: Body Master)
Mike Blackburne - (Book: Bodyguard and Ms. Jones, The)
Max Shannon - (Book: Bonds of Justice)
Matthew Hampton
- (Book: Bonds of Love)
Matthew Hampton
- (Book: Bonds of Love)
Marc Olsen - (Book: Boomerang Bride (ebook))
Mark and Luke Gray Wolf - (Book: Boots and Leather (ebook))
Malcolm Kerr
Laird of Kildalton Castle
- (Book: Border Bride)
Marco Corelli - (Book: Borgia Fever (ebook))
Murphy Muldoon - (Book: Born In Shame)
Max Wilde - (Book: Born to Be Wild)
Max Hunter - (Book: Boss in a Million, A)
Mitch Carver - (Book: Boss's Double Trouble Twins, The)
Mitch Carver - (Book: Boss's Double Trouble Twins, The (large print))
Max Forbes - (Book: Boss's Proposal, The)
Matt Allman - (Book: Boss's Special Delivery, The)
Michael Davidson - (Book: Bossy Bridegroom, The)
Marco Biliverti - (Book: Both Sides of the Easel)
Marc Marcello - (Book: Bought for the Marriage Bed)
Marc Marcello - (Book: Bought for the Marriage Bed (UK))
Micah Holt - (Book: Bound Beneath His Pain (ebook))
Max Savoie - (Book: Bound by Moonlight)
Michael - (Book: Bound By Sin)
Mario Marcolini - (Book: Bound By The Marcolini Diamonds)
Maxum - (Book: Bound in Darkness)
Mark St. Crow - (Book: Bound to Please)
Max - (Book: Boy Next Door, The)
Marcus Reid - (Book: Bravo Christmas Reunion, A)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Brazen)
Maureen Hawthorne - (Book: Brazen Temptress)
Marcus, Lord Russell - (Book: Breach of Promise, A (ebook))
Max Varo - (Book: Breakaway)
Max Bhagat - (Book: Breaking Point)
Max St. James - (Book: Breaking the Rules)
Michael Flint - (Book: Bridal Shower, The)
Max Woodard - (Book: Bride Fair, The)
Miles, Lord Beaumont - (Book: Bride for Lord Beaumont, A)
Mac McCallum - (Book: Bride for the Boss, A)
Martin Davis - (Book: Bride in Training)
Miguel Aldabe - (Book: Bride of My Heart)
Marmaduke Strongbow
- (Book: Bride of the Beast)
Morgan of Nels - (Book: Bride of the Dragon)
Morgan Blakely, Marquis of Clayton - (Book: Bride of the Unicorn)
Malachi Stone - (Book: Bride on the Run)
Matt Thomson - (Book: Bride Rode West, The)
Matt Walker - (Book: Bride Wore Spurs, The)
Michael Harding aka Etienne Dupres - (Book: Bride Worth Waiting For, A)
Marco Salvatore - (Book: Bridegroom on Approval)
Marshal Jared Trent - (Book: Brides of Durango: Tessa)
Mark Winchester - (Book: Bridesmaid's Best Man, The)
Mark Winchester - (Book: Bridesmaid's Best Man, The (Large Print))
Mason Callahan - (Book: Bridged)
Malcolm Bridger
- (Book: Bridger's Last Stand)
Max Hamilton - (Book: Brief Encounter, A)
Matt James - (Book: Bright Idea, A)
Major Garrett Knox - (Book: Brighter Dawn, A)
Mitch Fallon - (Book: Brightspun Destiny)
Michael Gibson - (Book: Bring on the Dusk)
Mitch Coburn - (Book: Bring On The Rain (ebook))
Max Seymour - (Book: British Billionaire Affair, The)
Max Seymour - (Book: British Billionaire Affair, The (UK))
Matt Rowan - (Book: Broken Bonds)
Mitch Williams - (Book: Broken Lullaby)
Miles Stephens,
Viscount Halifax
- (Book: Broken Promises)
Marc Bailey - (Book: Brooding Doc's Redemption, A)
Marc Bailey - (Book: Brooding Doc's Redemption, The)
Mason McKenzie, Vincent McKenzie - (Book: Brotherly Love)
Mick Thomas - (Book: Brush With Love, A)
Mustang Jackson - (Book: Bucked)
Mateo - (Book: Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club, The)
Max Taggart - (Book: Building Mr. Darcy)
Marcus North - (Book: Bulletproof Bodyguard)
Mason Sinclair - (Book: Bullseye)
Mason Sinclair - (Book: Bullseye (large print))
Michael Brody - (Book: Buried)
Max Daniels - (Book: Burn Down the Night (ebook))
Mira - (Book: Burn the Night)
Mason Foley - (Book: Burning Desire)
Marcus Amargi - (Book: Burning Skies)
Mace Benedict - (Book: Bushranger's Mountain)
Morgan Browning - (Book: Busting Loose)
Michael Riley - (Book: But for Grace)
Morgan Drummond - (Book: Butler Did It, The)
Michael Warner - (Book: Butterfly Tattoo)
Morgan Webber - (Book: By Appointment Only)
Mac McQuade - (Book: By the Book)
Michael Curran - (Book: Bygones)
Matt Terrell - (Book: C.E.O. & the Secret Heiress, The)
Matthew Wilder - (Book: Cage Of Shadows)
McCready - (Book: Calico)
Miguel O'Brian - (Book: Call Back Our Yesterdays)
Mike Page - (Book: Call of Duty)
Mike Rose - (Book: Cameo, The)
Maxwell Bennett - (Book: Can't Get Next To You)
Marc Sizzo - (Book: Candlelight Conspiracy)
Miles Saunderton, Sir - (Book: Candlelight Wish, The)
Maco Durant - (Book: Canyon Shadows)
Morgan Roberts, aka Captain Sinister - (Book: Captain Sinister's Lady)
Michael Siran - (Book: Captain's Paradise)
Michael Siran - (Book: Captain's Paradise (reprint))
Matt Whittaker - (Book: Captivated By The Tycoon)
Marquis of Brandreth - (Book: Captivated Hearts)
Max - (Book: Captive)
Mylan - (Book: Captive Heart)
Malcolm Scott - (Book: Captive Heart, The)
Matthew Knight - (Book: Captive in His Bed)
Michael Denver - (Book: Captive in the Millionaire's Castle)
Michael Denver - (Book: Captive in the Millionaire's Castle (UK))
Matthew Sinclair - (Book: Captive Loving)
Matthew Sinclair - (Book: Captive Loving (UK))
Moor - (Book: Captive Stallion)
Michael - (Book: Capture the Dream)
Max Savoie - (Book: Captured by Moonlight)
Michael Hawkhurst - (Book: Captured for the Captain's Pleasure)
Morgan Hawk - (Book: Caribbean Heat (ebook))
Mark - (Book: Carlton Club, The)
Maxim Purcell - (Book: Carnival Of Love)
Maxim - (Book: Carnival of Love (UK))
Max Lewis - (Book: Carolina Heart (ebook novella))
Mark Dering - (Book: Carolina Heat)
Matt Fletcher - (Book: Carolina Home)
Earl of Cannock
- (Book: Caroline)
Michael Keddington - (Book: Carousel, The)
Matthew Templin - (Book: Carpenter's Inheritance, The)
Marcus Carrera - (Book: Carrera's Bride)
Marcus Carrera - (Book: Carrera's Bride (reissue))
Matt Landor - (Book: Carrie Goes Off the Map)
Malcolm Rutherford - (Book: Cassie's Rose)
Mark Reimer - (Book: Cast in Wax)
Mac Culhane - (Book: Castaway Cove)
Matthew Frobisher, Captain - (Book: Castaway Hearts)
MarcCastellano - (Book: Castellano's Mistress of Revenge)
Matthew Anderson - (Book: Cat's Claw)
Marc Copeland - (Book: Catalina's Caress)
Matthew Beauchamp - (Book: Catch a Killer, To)
Marco Salvare - (Book: Catch a Leaf, To)
Marcus Brody - (Book: Catch a Mate)
Marcus Brody - (Book: Catch a Mate (reissue))
Malone - (Book: Catch of the Day (reissue))
Milo Pappas - (Book: Catch The Moon)
Matt McCarlson - (Book: Cattleman and the Virgin Heiress, The)
Menace - (Book: Caught by Menace (ebook))
Mike Solo - (Book: Caught By You)
Mick Dawson - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Mason Scott - (Book: Caught In The Act)
Marcus Fallon - (Book: Caught in the Billionaire's Embrace)
Malloy Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh Cold Case)
Matt Abilene - (Book: Cavanaugh Rules)
Mack McFee - (Book: Cedar Cove Christmas, A)
Miles Mercer - (Book: Celebration's Bride)
Marljas - (Book: Celestial Passions: Sheala)
McCoy Sutton - (Book: Celluloid Memories)
McCoy Sutton - (Book: Celluloid Memories)
Marcus de Grant - (Book: Celtic Bride)
Mark Schultz - (Book: CEOs Don't Cry (Hardcover))
Maximiliano Ramos - (Book: Chance Encounter)
Mark Curien - (Book: Change)
Mark Curien - (Book: Change (reissue))
Max Baldwin - (Book: Change Had To Come, A)
Marcos Adrino - (Book: Charade of the Heart)
Marc Dupree - (Book: Charity House Courtship)
Matt Starr - (Book: Charming Lily)
Matthew McDowell - (Book: Charon's Crossing)
Micah Chase - (Book: Chase the Darkness)
Marc Chase - (Book: Chased)
Max Savoie - (Book: Chased by Moonlight)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Chasing the Shadows)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Chasing the Shadows (reprint))
Michael Elk - (Book: Cherokee Dad)
Micah Parish - (Book: Cherokee Thunder)
Mick O'Brien - (Book: Chesapeake Shores Christmas, A)
Mick O'Brien - (Book: Chesapeake Shores Christmas, A (paperback))
Mason Stephens - (Book: Child Changes Everything, A)
Matt Whitaker - (Book: Child Of Mine)
Mike Quinn - (Book: Child of Mine)
Mark Shepherd - (Book: Child's Wish, A)
Marcus Speer - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, Scandalous Lady)
Mark Denham - (Book: Chocolate Magic)
Mike Simone - (Book: Chocolate Secrets (Hardcover))
Monroe Hamilton - (Book: Choices (Hardcover))
Maximillian Prescott - (Book: Chosen By Desire)
Matt Bravo - (Book: Christmas at Bravo Ridge)
Marquess of Denbigh
- (Book: Christmas Beau)
Matt Christensen - (Book: Christmas Clue, The)
Mark Leland - (Book: Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Carrie, The (ebook))
Mac Titus - (Book: Christmas Countdown)
Michael Shaw - (Book: Christmas Crime In Colorado)
Mark Nolan - (Book: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (hardcover))
Mark Nolan - (Book: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (paperback))
Morgan Wright - (Book: Christmas Haven)
Morgan Wright - (Book: Christmas Haven (large print))
Marshall Stone - (Book: Christmas in Cowboy Country)
Malcolm Carter - (Book: Christmas in Cupid Falls)
Mark Kincaid - (Book: Christmas in Whitehorn)
Mitch Ryan - (Book: Christmas Lone-Star Style)
Maksim Rostov,
- (Book: Christmas Love-Child, The)
Maksim Rostov,
- (Book: Christmas Love-Child, The (UK))
Mike Burnette - (Book: Christmas Magic)
Mitchell Grey - (Book: Christmas Marriage Mission, The)
Max Tolliver - (Book: Christmas on Nutcracker Court (reprint))
Miles Griffin - (Book: Christmas Past (ebook))
Michael Bryant - (Book: Christmas Spirit)
Matthew Dunstone, Sir - (Book: Christmas Spirit, The)
Max Travis - (Book: Christmas Stalking )
Matthew Hawk - (Book: Christmas Stranger)
Matt Rankin - (Book: Christmas Stranger, The)
Morgan Carmichael - (Book: Cinderella Christmas )
Max Taylor - (Book: Cinderella Project, The (UK))
Matt Highland - (Book: Cinderella Trap, The)
Matthew Cazalet - (Book: City Doctor, Country Bride (UK))
Miles Vorkosigan - (Book: Civil Campaign, A)
Marc Durand - (Book: Claimed)
Michael MacKenzie - (Book: Claimed By the Demon)
Marco De Luca - (Book: Claimed for the Italian's Revenge)
Marco De Luca - (Book: Claimed for the Italian's Revenge (UK))
Maksim Volkov - (Book: Claiming His Own)
Mitch Prescott, Travis Dalton - (Book: Claiming His Own)
Matt Benedict - (Book: Clay (hardcover reissue))
Duke of Rutland
- (Book: Cloisonne Locket, The)
Mason McKinley, Sheriff - (Book: Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind)
Mitch Gilroy - (Book: Close Quarters (ebook))
Mick Dante - (Book: Close Range)
Max Preston - (Book: Code Name: Blondie)
Mack Jackson - (Book: Cold Hearts)
Mike Schaeffer - (Book: Cold Summer)
Marcus - (Book: Colliding Forces)
Marcus - (Book: Colliding Forces (reissue))
Miles Cavendish
Earl of Warrington
- (Book: Colonel's Campaign, The)
Matt McClanahan - (Book: Colorado Captive)
Max Wilder - (Book: Colters' Daughter)
Matt Chandler - (Book: Comanche Bride)
Maverick Durango - (Book: Comanche Cowboy)
Marcus Lang - (Book: Come Back To Me)
Mick O'Shaughnessy - (Book: Come Fly With Me)
Mark Channing - (Book: Come Fly With Me)
Matthew Martin - (Book: Come Home to Love)
Matthew Lawford - (Book: Come Running)
Mick Roberts - (Book: Coming Back)
Malcolm Channing - (Book: Coming Home)
Matt Winchester - (Book: Coming Home Quilt)
Mitchell Tucker - (Book: Coming Home to the Cowboy)
Mitch Carter - (Book: Coming On Strong)
Malory Templeton - (Book: Comparative Strangers)
Maximillian, Viscount Fontaine - (Book: Compromised)
Marquess of Thayne - (Book: Compromising Situations (ebook))
Michael Welch - (Book: Confection Connection, The)
Marcello Brunelli - (Book: Confessions of a Pregnant Princess)
Max Knight - (Book: Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader)
Matt Baker - (Book: Confessions of an Agony Aunt)
Max Gray - (Book: Conflict of Interest, A)
Mark Brandon - (Book: Contract for Marriage)
Michael Copeland - (Book: Controlling Interests)
Marcus Drelincourt, Earl of Rule - (Book: Convenient Marriage, The)
Marcus Dening - (Book: Convenient Pretense, A)
Mick Mizzoni - (Book: Convenient Proposal,A)
Mac McDonald - (Book: Convenient Proposition, A)
Mitch - (Book: Cop A Feel (ebook))
Matt Holloway - (Book: Cop and a Feel, A (ebook))
Marcus Scanlon - (Book: Cop and Calamity Jane, The)
Mitch Lansing - (Book: Cop of the Year)
Mac Riordan - (Book: Cop's Missing Child, The)
Mitchell Brewer - (Book: Copper Sunrise)
Max Edgerton - (Book: Corset Diaries, The)
Maximillian Donelli - (Book: Corsican Gambit, The)
Max Stanford - (Book: Cottage on the Corner, The)
Mason Foye - (Book: Cougar's Pawn, The (ebook))
Mac Gerard - (Book: Could It Be You?)
Mark Trevor - (Book: Countdown)
Marcus Sheridan
Duke of Arlington
- (Book: Country Cotillion, A)
Monteith - (Book: Country Flirt)
Marquess of Kenrick - (Book: Country Miss, A)
Michael Hunter - (Book: Courage to Dream, The)
Marc van Borsale - (Book: Course of True Love, The)
Marc van Borsale - (Book: Course of True Love, The (reissue))
Marc van Borsale - (Book: Course of True Love, The (UK))
Marc van Borsale - (Book: Course of True Love, The (UK-reissue))
Mase LeBow - (Book: Courting Callie)
Mallory Claeg - (Book: Courting the Countess)
Mason Hyde - (Book: Courtney's Baby Plan)
Matt Stone - (Book: Courtney's Cowboy)
Mick Spencer - (Book: Courtship of the Cake)
Matthew Parker - (Book: Covert Wolf, The)
Miguel Chavez - (Book: Cowboy and the Debutante, The)
Miles McGregor - (Book: Cowboy Cop)
Miles McGregor - (Book: Cowboy Cop (large print))
Mack Boyd - (Book: Cowboy Crazy)
Max McLane - (Book: Cowboy Fling, The)
Marcus Abbot - (Book: Cowboy to the Core)
Mack Boyd - (Book: Cowboy Tough)
Matt McDermot - (Book: Cowboy's Gift-Wrapped Bride)
Mac McAllister - (Book: Cowboy's Heart, A)
Matt Cartwright - (Book: Cowboy's Promise, A)
Mitch Ryder - (Book: Cowboy's Return, The)
Mark Peterson - (Book: Cowboy's Secret Son, The)
Mitch Smith - (Book: Cowboy, The)
Mr. Fitzgerald Crosbie - (Book: Cranberry Point)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Crave (anthology))
Matt Mecate - (Book: Crave the Moon)
Max Sullivan - (Book: Crazy For Love)
Mitch Rafferty - (Book: Crazy For Lovin' You)
Mitch Rafferty - (Book: Crazy for Lovin' You (reissue))
Michael Abruzzo - (Book: Crazy Little Thing Called Death, A)
Malcon - (Book: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (ebook))
Mike Tucker - (Book: Crème Brûlée Upset)
Marc Stevens - (Book: Creole Temptress)
Miguel Acevado - (Book: Criminally Handsome)
Morgan Hunter - (Book: Crimson)
Marius - (Book: Crimson & Steam)
Morgan Elliott - (Book: Crimson Lace)
Michael Temple - (Book: Critical Affair)
Michael Temple - (Book: Critical Affair (reissue))
Mitch Adamson - (Book: Critical Moves)
Michael Stone - (Book: Cross My Heart)
Michael Abruzzo - (Book: Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die)
Mitch Flannery - (Book: Crosscurrents)
Mitch Jackson - (Book: Crossroads)
Mike Heyer - (Book: Crosstown Crush)
Matt - (Book: Crown Affair, The)
Myles Farringdon - (Book: Crown of Dreams)
Monte DeAngelis - (Book: Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride)
Marc Lewis - (Book: Cruise Control )
Marc de Valery - (Book: Crusader's Lady)
Manolo Santos - (Book: Crush, The (ebook))
Michael St. Claire - (Book: Crushed (ebook))
Maxwell Morris - (Book: Crystal Clear)
Marcus - (Book: Cupcake Queen, The)
Marcus Browne
Earl of Granville
- (Book: Cupid and the Vicar)
Malak - (Book: Cupid's Favor (ebook))
Max Jobman - (Book: Cursed (ebook))
Max Hunter - (Book: Cursed to Death)
Max - (Book: Cut Above, A)
Michael D'Angelo - (Book: D'Angelo Like No Other, A)
Matt Hale - (Book: Daddy Christmas)
Matthew Lyndon - (Book: Daddy Surprise, The)
Mitch Harris - (Book: Daddy's Little Helper)
Mitch Grainger - (Book: Dakota Man, The)
Marquis of Dale - (Book: Damask Rose, The)
Miles Harcourt - (Book: Dame Fortune's Fancy)
Marquis of Lytham - (Book: Damnable Rogue, A)
Marco Taresque - (Book: Damsel and the Daggerman, The (ebook novella))
Morgan Pryce - (Book: Dance of Seduction)
Magnus Thorvald - (Book: Dance of the Butterfly)
Michael Slane - (Book: Dance With Me)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Dancing with the Devil)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Dancing with the Devil (reissue))
Mack O’Shea - (Book: Danger in His Arms)
Michael Vance - (Book: Danger Within, The )
Matthew Morgan - (Book: Dangerous)
Michael Quinn - (Book: Dangerous Attraction)
Max Carpenter - (Book: Dangerous Curves)
Michael Edwards - (Book: Dangerous Curves Ahead)
Maxwell Brooke, Duke of Lyle - (Book: Dangerous Duke, The)
Manuel Cortez - (Book: Dangerous Enchantment)
Magnus Scott - (Book: Dangerous Encounter)
Miles Cavanagh - (Book: Dangerous Joy)
Miles Cavanagh - (Book: Dangerous Joy (reprint))
Master Zane - (Book: Dangerous Master)
Michael Courtland - (Book: Dangerous Passions)
Marcus Cordell
- (Book: Dangerous Passions)
Morgan Pendaris - (Book: Dangerous Seduction)
Marcus Lytton
Earl of Wrotham
- (Book: Dangerous to Hold)
Mercer - (Book: Dangerous to Know)
Marc Cruz - (Book: Dangerous to Touch)
Mick Reid - (Book: Dangerously Bound)
Mikhail Day - (Book: Dangerously Charming)
Marco Dante - (Book: Dante's Stolen Wife)
Merrick Vaughn - (Book: Dare Me )
Mace Garrett
- (Book: Dare to Remember)
Max Savage - (Book: Dare to Seduce)
Matt Pearson - (Book: Daredevil's Run)
Michael Vallaincourt - (Book: Dark and Dangerous)
Mark Morelli - (Book: Dark Angel)
Michael Gregory - (Book: Dark Lord, The)
Matt - (Book: Dark Of The Moon)
Matt Lincoln - (Book: Dark Paradise)
Manolito De La Cruz - (Book: Dark Possession (Hardcover))
Mikhail Dubrinsky - (Book: Dark Prince)
Mikhail Dubrinsky - (Book: Dark Prince (author's cut edition))
Mikhail Dubrinsky - (Book: Dark Prince (reissue))
Monro Ritchie - (Book: Dark Pursuit)
Malcolm of Dunroch - (Book: Dark Seduction)
Mitch Perovski - (Book: Dark Side of Night, The)
Matthias - (Book: Dark Stranger)
Mace Seeger - (Book: Dark Touch)
Mace Ridfort - (Book: Dark Truth)
Matt Sykes - (Book: Darker Shade of Dead, A)
Michael "River" Corbett - (Book: Darker Than Midnight)
Malek Alexandre - (Book: Darkest Desire)
Maddox - (Book: Darkest Night, The)
Maddox - (Book: Darkest Night, The (reissue))
Mike Shafer - (Book: Darkness at Dawn)
Maddox - (Book: Darkness Descending)
Mobius - (Book: Darkness Rising)
Mike Angellini - (Book: Date with Destiny, A)
Michael Fortune - (Book: Date With Fortune, A)
Marquis Fabien de Vendome - (Book: Daughter of Silk)
Marc Maddox - (Book: Daughter of the Bride)
Maugin - (Book: Daughter of the Fox (ebook))
Matthew Cheever - (Book: Daughter of the Loom)
Mar - (Book: Daughter of the Red Deer)
Mark Sabatini - (Book: Day and Night)
Mac Draper - (Book: Day He Kissed Her, The)
Moses Wyman - (Book: Daylight Comes)
Mesor Thayes - (Book: Dayspring Dawning)
Mike Birkett - (Book: Dead By Midnight)
Michael Abruzzo - (Book: Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds)
Matt Blake - (Book: Dead Man's Noose)
Mitch Elliot - (Book: Dead Wrong)
Mitch Elliot - (Book: Dead Wrong (large print))
Matt Spencer - (Book: Deadline)
Mike Morgan - (Book: Deadly Design)
Max Ridgeway - (Book: Deadly Lies)
Mitch Morgan - (Book: Deadly Pursuit)
Max - (Book: Deadly Rivals)
Max Duncan - (Book: Deadly Seduction)
Matt Sinclaire - (Book: Deadly Silence)
Matt Sinclaire - (Book: Deadly Silence)
Mark Taylor - (Book: Deadly Ties)
Michael Cameron - (Book: Dear Cupid)
Matthew Falconer
Viscount Radley
- (Book: Dear Lady Disdain)
Max Strake - (Book: Dearest Max)
MacKenzie Durand - (Book: Death Echo (hardcover))
MacKenzie Durand - (Book: Death Echo (mass market paperback))
Mikhail Korolev - (Book: Death Spiral)
Major Tyverne - (Book: Debt to Delia, A)
Micah Walker - (Book: Debutante's Second Chance, The)
Miles Fortune - (Book: Debutante, The)
Miles Fortune - (Book: Debutante, The)
Makik Anthony - (Book: Decadent Dreams)
Marc Harrison - (Book: Deceive Me, Darling)
Morgan Slade - (Book: Deceive Not My Heart)
Marcus, Earl of Stockhaven - (Book: Deceived)
Marius - (Book: Deceived)
Marquess of Damon - (Book: Deceptive Bequest, A)
Miles Tabard - (Book: Deceptive Passion (UK))
Marcus - (Book: Deep Magic)
Matthew Garrett - (Book: Deep Secrets)
Matteo - (Book: Defying the Prince)
Matteo - (Book: Defying the Prince (UK))
Maxwell Harrison - (Book: Delaney's Shadow)
Mitchelle Gilette - (Book: Delicate Finish, A)
Mathieu Demetrios - (Book: Demetrios Bridal Bargain, The)
Mathieu Demetrios - (Book: Demetrios Bridal Bargain, The (Large Print))
Maksim Kostova - (Book: Demon Can't Help It)
Malkom Slaine - (Book: Demon From the Dark)
Mac Flannery - (Book: Demon's Curse)
Matthias Ambrose - (Book: Demons Like It Hot)
Max Grant - (Book: Desert Fire)
Malik, Sheikh of Kharastan - (Book: Desert King's Virgin Bride, The)
Michael DeWinter - (Book: Desert Song)
Matt Brison - (Book: Desire by Design (ebook))
Mac - (Book: Desire in the Dark (ebook))
Maxwell Barrett - (Book: Desire Me)
Mitch Brady - (Book: Desparate Hearts)
Michael Drayton - (Book: Desperado)
Manuel Sanchez - (Book: Desperado Dad)
Mace Holloway - (Book: Desperate Hearts)
Mitch Donovan - (Book: Desperately Seeking Dad)
Matthew Brady - (Book: Destiny's Embrace)
Matthias Kincaid - (Book: Destiny's Game)
Matt - (Book: Devil May Care)
Macrath Sinclair - (Book: Devil of Clan Sinclair)
Marquess of Devellyn - (Book: Devil to Pay, The)
Marshall Ross - (Book: Devil Wears Tartan, The)
Marc Hamilton - (Book: Devil's Bargain)
Marquis of Capel - (Book: Devil's Daughter, The)
Marcos Navarre - (Book: Devil's Heart, The (US edition))
Morgan de Lacy - (Book: Devil's Lady)
Michael Ingram
Marquis of Darfield.
- (Book: Devil's Love, The)
Marquess of Rothgar - (Book: Devilish (reissue))
Marco Aguilar - (Book: Devilishly Dark Deal, The)
Michael Archer - (Book: Devilishly Sexy)
Max Devlin - (Book: Devlins Dynasty: Fall's Fury)
Marcus di Medici - (Book: di Medici Bride, The)
Matt Delano - (Book: Diagnosis: Attraction)
Michael DiPalma - (Book: Diagnosis: Danger)
Mike Marlowe - (Book: Diamond In The Rough)
Matthew Quinlan - Quinn - (Book: Diamond in the Rough)
Mitch Carey - (Book: Diamond Trap)
Mark Banning - (Book: Diamonds and Deceptions)
Matt Connors - (Book: Difficult Woman, A)
Madani Tarim - (Book: Dinner, a Date, a Desert Sheikh, A)
Matt - (Book: Dinosaur Lady, The)
Matt McCutcheon - (Book: Discovering Jenna (ebook))
Matthew Clairmont - (Book: Discovery of Witches (hardcover))
Matthew Clairmont - (Book: Discovery of Witches (paperback))
Marquis of Bessacarr - (Book: Disdainful Marquis, The)
Magnus Hauk - (Book: Distant Tomorrow, A)
Mace Harrison - (Book: Distinguished Service)
Mort Krisner - (Book: Ditchwalkers, The)
Mark Morgan - (Book: Do-Over)
Max Lester - (Book: Doctor of Downlands, The (Hardcover))
Matt Flynn - (Book: Doctor to Remember, A (eBook))
Mitch Wellington - (Book: Doctor's Devotion, The)
Mitch Wellington - (Book: Doctor's Devotion, The (large print))
Matt Palermo - (Book: Doctor's Guide to Dating in the Jungle)
Max - (Book: Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride)
Mark Clayborn - (Book: Doctor's Redemption, The (ebook))
Michael Poulos - (Book: Doctor's Unexpected Proposal, The)
Max - (Book: Dog Days)
Martin Fowler - (Book: Domino Effect, The (ebook))
Mark Santori - (Book: Don't Open 'Til Christmas (UK))
Mark Santori - (Book: Don't Open Till Christmas)
Max Hunter - (Book: Don't Tell)
Maximillian Donovan - (Book: Donovan's Chance)
Mac - (Book: Double Dare)
Mark Cheney,
Earl of Dartmouth
- (Book: Double Deception, A)
Mike Santori - (Book: Double Take)
Mark Lindsay - (Book: Double Take)
Marius Devron
Duke of Eversleigh
- (Book: Double Wager, The)
Miles O'Bruaidar - (Book: Double-Edged Blade, A)
Matthew Hawthorne - (Book: Dove's Way)
Mark LaCrosse - (Book: Down in New Orleans)
Mitch Braxton - (Book: Down River)
Makkai Worthy - (Book: Dr. Feelgood)
Mitchell Stewart - (Book: Dr. Forget-Me-Not)
Matt Tyler, M.D. - (Book: Dr. Wonderful)
Maelgwn - (Book: Dragon's Dream)
Maxis Drago - (Book: Dragonbane (hardcover))
Marco Barak - (Book: Dread Moon, The (ebook))
Matthew Redtree - (Book: Dream Apart, A)
Mac Dugan - (Book: Dream Bound)
Mike Gregson - (Book: Dream Doctor)
Matthew Redtree - (Book: Dream Embraced, A)
Matt Abbington - (Book: Dream Guy)
Max McKenzie - (Book: Dream Man)
Mason Brown - (Book: Dream of Danger)
Mark Gallagher - (Book: Dream Spinners)
Mark Campbell - (Book: Dream to Share, A)
Mark Campbell - (Book: Dream to Share, A (Large Print))
Mac Dugan - (Book: Dream Unchained)
Michael Sands - (Book: Dream Wedding, The)
Matthew - (Book: Dreamcatcher)
Matt Sherman - (Book: Dreaming of Castles)
McKinnon Quinn - (Book: Dreams are Forever)
Marty Steele - (Book: Dreams of Ecstacy)
Madoc ap Owain, Prince - (Book: Dreamstone, The)
Matthew Ryder - (Book: Driven by Fire)
Mason MacCoy - (Book: Driving Lessons)
Mitch McKee - (Book: Drop-Dead Gorgeous)
Maximus Batten - (Book: Duke of Midnight)
Duke of Arden
- (Book: Duke's Design, The)
Marco Calvetti - (Book: Duke's New Year's Resolution, The)
Miles Dunbar - (Book: Dunbar's Curse)
Marcus Langley
Earl of Rutherford
- (Book: Dutiful Rake, The)
Marcus Langley
Earl of Rutherford
- (Book: Dutiful Rake, The (UK))
Matthew Turnbull - (Book: Dwelling Place, The )
Mike Hastings - (Book: Dying Breath)
Muley Abul Hassan - (Book: Eagle and the Dove, The)
Marcus Brookstone - (Book: Earl's Mistaken Bride, The)
Mark, Earl of Bridgeport - (Book: Earl's Revenge, The)
Maxwell - (Book: Earls Just Want to Have Fun)
Matthew Coulter - (Book: Early Dawn)
Max Connors - (Book: East of Easy)
Max Connors - (Book: East of Easy (ebook))
Michael Flanagan - (Book: Echo of Hope, An)
Mac Brody - (Book: Echoes (ebook))
Mason Fenwick - (Book: Ecstacy)
McKell - (Book: Ecstasy in Darkness)
Mike Taylor - (Book: Eden's Spell)
Michael Quinn - (Book: Edge of Danger)
Matthew Callahan - (Book: Edge of Dawn)
Matt Lucas - (Book: Edge of Spring)
Mike Mason - (Book: Educating Gina)
Mike Hamilton - (Book: Eight Men and a Lady)
Michael Merrick - (Book: Elemental (ebook novella))
Mitch Davis - (Book: Ellora's Cavemen: Legendary Tails II)
Max Slater - (Book: Elusive Consultant, The)
Marquis of Shalford - (Book: Elusive Marriage, The)
Miles Christian
Marquess of Wynter
- (Book: Elusive Passion)
Morgan McCormack, Lt. Colonel - (Book: Embrace and Conquer)
Morgan McCormack, Lieutenant Col. - (Book: Embrace And Conquer (ebook))
Morgan Trenchard - (Book: Embrace the Flame)
Merek Kingston - (Book: Embrace the Night)
Matt Riordan - (Book: Embrace the Wind)
Maxwell Tremayne - (Book: Embracing Darkness)
Mason Sinclair - (Book: Embracing The Moonlight)
March Addison - (Book: Emerald Rain)
Michael Scanlon - (Book: Emerald's Hope)
Michael Morse - (Book: Emergency in Alaska)
Michael Morse - (Book: Emergency in Alaska (UK large print))
Michael Morse - (Book: Emergency in Alaska (UK))
Mark Wallace - (Book: Emergency: Christmas)
Mitch Hayden - (Book: Emily and the Stranger)
Mr. Knightley - (Book: Emma (reissue))
Michael Rowan - (Book: Enchanted Afternoon)
Michael Masters - (Book: Ends of the Earth, The)
Marcus Cross - (Book: Enemy Lover)
Mac Coulter - (Book: Enemy Mine)
Marcus Rosemanns - (Book: Engagement Game, The (ebook))
Marcus - (Book: Engaging the Earl)
Marcus Magnus - (Book: Enslaved)
Michael Lawrence - (Book: Enticing the Spymaster (ebook))
Marcus Hadley
Earl of Ellston
- (Book: Errant Earl, The)
Mack Pulaski - (Book: Escape Out of Darkness)
Michael Aberdeen - (Book: Escape to Love (ebook))
Mencheres - (Book: Eternal Kiss of Darkness)
Mark Vereker - (Book: Eternally Yours)
Marcus Hamilton - (Book: Everlasting Love)
Master Byrne - (Book: Evermore)
Miller Brannigan - (Book: Every Breath You Take)
Mitchell Wyatt - (Book: Every Breath You Take)
Matt Taggart - (Book: Every Kid Needs a Hero)
Mike - (Book: Every Move She Makes)
Matthew Harris, Earl of Blackburn - (Book: Every Time We Kiss)
Michael Kent - (Book: Every Time with a Highlander)
Mace North - (Book: Every Woman For Herself)
Mark O'Grady - (Book: Every Woman's Fantasy )
Matt Wilde - (Book: Everything But A Groom)
Michael Matheson - (Book: Everything But Love)
Mark Travers - (Book: Everything But The Baby)
Matthew Forrester
Earl of Southerton
- (Book: Everything I Ever Wanted)
Mike Morgan - (Book: Evil Elvis)
Marco - (Book: Evil in Carnations)
Mark Kavanaugh - (Book: Ex on the Beach)
Mason Hunt - (Book: Exit Strategy)
Michael Hawkins - (Book: Expecting the Boss's Baby)
Mitch Tenney - (Book: Expecting the Doctor's Baby)
Marcus Endicott - (Book: Exquisite Marriage, The (ebook))
Michael Raney - (Book: Extreme Bachelor)
Mark Sanders - (Book: Eye For An Eye, An )
Magnus fitz Julien - (Book: Eyes of Love)
Mason DuBroc - (Book: Face of Deceit, The)
Mike Bishop - (Book: Face of Deception)
Mike Lancer - (Book: Face To Face)
Mark Hunt - (Book: Faces of a Clown)
Michael Striker - (Book: Fade To Red)
McIntyre Callahan - (Book: Faer Fetched)
Michael Joyce - (Book: Fair Haven)
Michael Joyce - (Book: Fair Haven (reissue))
Macauley Cain - (Book: Fair is the Rose)
Martin Willesden
Earl of Merton
- (Book: Fair Juno)
Michael Dante - (Book: Fair Play)
Matthew Parker - (Book: Fair Trader, A (ebook))
Morgan Carmichael - (Book: Fairytale Christmas)
Magnus Monroe - (Book: Fairyville)
Marco D'Alessandro - (Book: Fall From India Place)
Michael Poole - (Book: Fall of a Saint, The)
Matthew Gallow - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Miles Carew - (Book: Fallen Hero)
Mack Whittaker
Deputy Sheriff
- (Book: Falling For The Deputy)
Michael - (Book: Falling Light)
Mel Haskin - (Book: Familiar Lullaby)
Matt Donovan - (Book: Family Affair)
Malik - (Book: Family Affair, An (hardcover))
Mitch Barnes - (Book: Family At Last, A)
Matthew McKnight - (Book: Family at Last, A)
Mac Edwards - (Book: Family At Stake)
Mitch Tucker - (Book: Family Found)
Mason Lafferty - (Book: Family Kind of Guy, A)
Mason Wright - (Book: Family Lessons)
Marc Wilde - (Book: Family Matters)
Matt Lawrence - (Book: Family Matters)
Michael Carlson - (Book: Family of Her Own, A)
Michael Harper - (Book: Family Practice)
Michael - (Book: Fantasies R Us)
Matthew Harrigan - (Book: Far Too Tempting (ebook))
Maximillian Ravenscar - (Book: Faro's Daughter)
Max Ravenscar - (Book: Faro's Daughter (new edition))
Marcus Ashland - (Book: Fashion Slaves)
Michael Melville - (Book: Fashionable Affair, A)
Mark Webber - (Book: Fatal Disclosure)
Mark Webber - (Book: Fatal Disclosure (large print))
Michael Craven - (Book: Fatal Embrace)
Mark Adams - (Book: Fatal Flaw)
Matt Strong - (Book: Fatal Harvest)
Max Wright - (Book: Fatal Heat (novella))
Miles - (Book: Fatal Strike)
Mac Struthers - (Book: Father For Jesse, A)
Max Stevenson - (Book: Father's Love, A)
Marsh Faulkner - (Book: Faulkner Possession, A)
Micah Westmoreland - (Book: Feeling the Heat)
Micah Westmoreland - (Book: Feeling the Heat / Night Heat (anthology))
Mark Waterson - (Book: Feet First)
Madison Randolph - (Book: Fern)
Mark Madison - (Book: Fiesta Moon)
Miles Strickland
Earl of Langley
- (Book: Fifth Kiss, The)
Mr. Gill - (Book: Fifth Proposal, The)
Mason Grant - (Book: Final Justice)
Michael Travis - (Book: Final Target)
Mitch Peyton - (Book: Final Truth (reissue))
Mitch Harmon - (Book: Final Warning)
Mac McEwan - (Book: Finally a Father)
Mark Shoffner - (Book: Finally a Mother)
Marco Da Palma - (Book: Finally Found)
Matt Granger - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Mitch Bradford - (Book: Finding Her Son)
Mitch Bradford - (Book: Finding Her Son (large print))
Mark Anderson - (Book: Finding Mary Blaine)
Mark Anderson - (Book: Finding Mary Blaine)
Mark Smart - (Book: Finding Noel: A Novel)
Michael Fury - (Book: Finding The Dream)
Maximilian Steel - (Book: Fine Madness, A)
Michael Williams - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Michael Sutton
Duke of St. Maur
- (Book: Fire and Innocence)
Mark Cameron - (Book: Fire Island Summer)
Morgan Trelane - (Book: Fire Raven)
Mitch Donovan - (Book: Firefighter Daddy)
Morgan Glenn - (Book: Firelands, The)
Mark Grady
- (Book: Fires Within, The)
Mick - (Book: Firewalker)
Matthew Vining - (Book: First Date: Honeymoon)
Mat Jorik - (Book: First Lady)
Miguel Lopez Garza - (Book: First Love)
Michael First - (Book: First Love, Second Chance)
Mac - (Book: First Mate)
Miles Brislenn - (Book: First Move, The)
Miles Brislenn - (Book: First Move, The (large print))
Matthew Benson - (Book: Fit To Be Tied)
Miguel D'Oro - (Book: Five Golden Rings (ebook novella))
Matt Hanover - (Book: Five Year Baby Secret, The (UK))
Matt Hanover - (Book: Five-Year Baby Secret, The)
Matt Jackson - (Book: Flame)
Marcus Stephens - (Book: Flashback)
Marcus Stephens - (Book: Flashback (reissue))
Matt Clarke - (Book: Flashpoint)
Miles Bancroft - (Book: Flawless)
Michael James - (Book: Flawless)
Michael McLowery
- (Book: Fleet Hospital)
Malcolm MacGregor - (Book: Fleeting Splendor)
Mason Winograd - (Book: Flight Lessons)
Marcus Blackerby - (Book: Flight of Fancy)
Martin "Rich" Richland - (Book: Flight of the Swan)
Matteo di Serrone - (Book: Flirting With Italian)
Matteo di Serrone - (Book: Flirting With Italian (large print))
Max Caine - (Book: Flirting with the Boss)
Michael Halloren - (Book: Fly Away Home)
Matt Cordell - (Book: Follow The Wind)
Morgan Fox - (Book: Follow Thy Desire)
Mike - (Book: Follow Your Heart: Your Best Friend's Boyfriend )
Mica Hawke - (Book: Fool's Gold (ebook))
Mitch McCade - (Book: For Love of Mitch)
Marcus Simons - (Book: For One Night)
Marsh - (Book: For Pete's Sake)
Markos Makarios - (Book: For Pleasure…or Marriage? )
Mac Sullivan - (Book: For Richer or Poorer)
Mark Sharpe - (Book: For the First Time)
Miles Kane - (Book: For the Love of a Child)
Maxwell Quartermain - (Book: For The Love Of Lilah)
Michael Flynn - (Book: For the Love of Mike!)
Michael Flynn - (Book: For the Love of Mike! (reissue))
Matt Malone - (Book: For The Love of The Family)
Malcolm Hightower - (Book: For the Love of You)
Matt Tyler - (Book: For the Sake of Warwick Mountain)
Maximus - (Book: Forbidden)
Michael McEvoy - (Book: Forbidden Garden (reprint))
Michael Devlin - (Book: Forbidden Pleasures)
Merrick Montgomery - (Book: Forbidden Princess, The)
McBride - (Book: Forbidden Territory)
Maddox Heller - (Book: Forbidden Touch)
Maddox Heller - (Book: Forbidden Touch (Large Print))
Marco Valante - (Book: Forced Marriage, The)
Matt Cutter - (Book: Forest Ranger's Husband, The)
Matt Cutter - (Book: Forest Ranger's Husband, The (large print))
Michael - (Book: Forever)
Mace Carson - (Book: Forever a Hero)
Matthew Joseph Milton - (Book: Forever a Lady)
Mason Boudreaux - (Book: Forever a Stallion)
Max Avery - (Book: Forever Man, A)
Micha - (Book: Forever of Ella and Micha, The)
Mason Mahaffey - (Book: Forever Victoria)
Mark Van Holden - (Book: Forever, My Love)
Marcus Simcosky - (Book: Forged in Ash)
Matthew Byler - (Book: Forgiven, The)
Max Cooper - (Book: Forgotten Honeymoon)
Mitchell Maitland, MD - (Book: Formula: Father)
Marcus Aurelius Thorne - (Book: Fortune's Fancy)
Matthew Forrest - (Book: Fortune's Fire)
Maxwell Darby - (Book: Fortune's Fools)
Marcos Mendoza - (Book: Fortune's Just Desserts)
Max Allen - (Book: Fortune's Perfect Match)
Matthew Walsingham - (Book: Fortune-Hunters, The)
Marc van der Kettener - (Book: Fortunes of Francesca, The)
Marc van der Kettner - (Book: Fortunes of Francesca, The (reissue))
Marc van der Kettener - (Book: Fortunes of Francesca, The (reissue))
Marc van der Kettener - (Book: Fortunes of Francesca, The (UK))
Morgan Foster - (Book: Foster Love)
Mitch Kane - (Book: Found Wanting)
Max Rotherbridge
Duke of Twyford
- (Book: Four in Hand)
Max Rotherbridge
Duke of Twyford
- (Book: Four In Hand (reissue))
Matthew Tanner - (Book: Foxfire Bride)
Maurizio Varelli - (Book: Fragile Beauty, A)
Marcus Carne - (Book: Francesca)
Marquis of Alverstoke - (Book: Frederica)
Marc Bannerman - (Book: French Doctor at Abbyfields, A (UK))
Michael Friday - (Book: Friday's Child)
Marc Duncannon - (Book: Friends To Forever)
Mitch MacAuley - (Book: Friends with Benefits)
Matthieu Sommer - (Book: From Daredevil to Devoted Daddy)
Matthieu Sommer - (Book: From Daredevil to Devoted Daddy (large print))
Marshall Hunter - (Book: From Duty to Daddy (large print))
Mike Brennan - (Book: From House Calls to Husband)
Markov Lakeland - (Book: From Kiss to Queen)
Matt Garrett - (Book: From Neighbors..to Newlyweds?)
Mitch McCray - (Book: From Out of the Blue)
Michael Lynsay - (Book: From the Dark)
Marcus Sullivan - (Book: From this Moment On)
Mitchel Banning - (Book: Frontier Father)
Mike Callahan - (Book: Frontier Temptress)
Manx - (Book: Fugitive)
Michael Tallent - (Book: Fugitive Heart)
Max - (Book: Full Blast)
Max Armstrong - (Book: Full Coverage)
Michael - (Book: Full of Grace)
Marcus Pelham
Earl of Stamford
- (Book: Further Than Passion)
Marcus Pelham
Earl of Stamford
- (Book: Further Than Passion (reissue))
Mac - (Book: Fury of Seduction)
Marco Fierezza - (Book: Future King's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Matt Whitewolf - (Book: Galahad in Blue Jeans)
Maximillian Stanford - (Book: Gallant Guardian, The)
Morgan Kane - (Book: Gambler in Love)
Michael Ryan - (Book: Game of Love, The)
Marax - (Book: Games of Desire (ebook))
Marshall Grant - (Book: Games of the Heart)
Micah Axelby - (Book: Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl, The)
Mac Conlon - (Book: Gentleman and a Soldier, A)
Mark Tarrington
Earl of Winslade
- (Book: Gentleman's Mistress, A)
Mr. Shannon - (Book: Georgina (reissue))
Matthew Gerrity - (Book: Gerrity's Bride)
Mark King - (Book: Get Lucky)
Max - (Book: Getaway Groom, The)
Marsh Granger - (Book: Getting Out: Emily)
Michael - (Book: Getting Rid of Rosie)
Murphy - (Book: Ghost Planet)
Michael Shipley - (Book: Ghostly Liaisons)
Mark Ellison - (Book: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past)
Mikhail Demertov - (Book: Gift Beyond Price, A)
Mitch Harper - (Book: Gift For Baby, A)
Mitchell Maitland - (Book: Gift of a Child, The)
Matt Flanagan - (Book: Gift of Love, A)
Marquess of Ransley - (Book: Gifted Lady, A)
Marius van Houben - (Book: Girl In a Million, A)
Marius van Houben - (Book: Girl in a Million, A)
Marius van Houben - (Book: Girl in a Million, A (reissue))
Marius van Houben - (Book: Girl In a Million, A (reissue))
Marius van Houben - (Book: Girl In a Million, A (UK))
Marius van Houben - (Book: Girl In a Million, A (UK-reissue))
Matthew Bryant - (Book: Girl in the Gatehouse, The)
Michael Grant - (Book: Girl Next Door, The )
Mike Strong - (Book: Girl Who Cried Murder, The)
Matthew Stryker - (Book: Givenchy Code)
Michael Dubrovnik - (Book: Glass Houses)
Michael Dubrovnik - (Book: Glass Houses (reissue))
Mike Danziger - (Book: Glimpse of Forever, A)
Michael Spencer - (Book: Gold and Glitter)
Meyer Randolph - (Book: Gold Digger)
Mark - (Book: Golden Desire)
Marquis Vincente - (Book: Golden Paradise)
Matt Holden - (Book: Golden Stairs, The)
Max Remington - (Book: Good Father, The)
Michael Waller - (Book: Good Liar, The)
Mick - (Book: Good Morning, Stranger)
Max Jensen - (Book: Good Vibrations)
Matt Montana - (Book: Goodbye, Desperado)
Marcus Danvers - (Book: Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It)
Mark Baynard - (Book: Goodnight Tweetheart)
Mike Kingston - (Book: Grace In Action)
Maximilian Grant - (Book: Gracious Lady)
Maximilian Grant - (Book: Gracious Lady (UK))
Marquess of Tregaron - (Book: Grand Design, A)
Marquis of Stefton - (Book: Grand Gesture, A)
Max Fortune - (Book: Grand Passion)
Matthew Lotherwood
Marquis of Bradbourne
- (Book: Grand Passion, The)
Michael - (Book: Grave Sins)
Matt Clark - (Book: Greatest Gift, The (UK))
Mike “The Dog” Dougherty - (Book: Grecian Holiday)
Manolis Stangos - (Book: Greek Doctor Claims His Bride, The)
Miklo Kyriakides - (Book: Greek Doctor's Proposal, The)
Mikos Christopoulos - (Book: Greek Millionaire's Mistress, The)
Mikos Christopoulos - (Book: Greek Millionaire's Mistress, The (UK))
Marcus Kouvaris - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Revenge, The)
Mark Varney - (Book: Greek Villa, The)
MAx Slade - (Book: Groom Who (Almost) Got Away, The)
Michael - (Book: Guardian Demon)
Max McKenny - (Book: Guardian in Disguise)
Michael - (Book: Guardian of the Amulets, The)
Mason LanVal - (Book: Guardian of the Night)
Marcus O'Malley - (Book: Guardian, The)
Mac O'Neill - (Book: Guarding Raine)
Mack - (Book: Guilty Little Secrets)
Marc Dureaux - (Book: Gulf Breezes)
Matthew Jensen - (Book: Half Moon Bay)
Marcus Whelan - (Book: Halls Of Power, The (ebook))
Mitch Johnson - (Book: Handyman)
Mac Stanford
- (Book: Hangar 13)
Mac Stanford
- (Book: Hangar 13 (reissue))
Mac Stanford
- (Book: Hangar 13 (reissue))
Marcus Claremont - (Book: Hanging On A String)
Michael Everett - (Book: Hannah's List)
Michael Devlin - (Book: Hannah's Song)
Michael Gretty - (Book: Hansell and Gretty)
Malcomb Kavanaugh - (Book: Happy Ever After)
Michael Robertson
Deputy Sheriff
- (Book: Hard Evidence)
Mac Manero - (Book: Hard Luck Lady)
Michael Davoli - (Book: Hard to Hold)
Michael Davidson - (Book: Harder They Fall, The)
Miklinn - (Book: Hardship)
Mark - (Book: Harvest Home)
Matt Stone - (Book: Haunted)
Marcus Fitzpane - (Book: Haunting of Henrietta, The)
Marc Westbrook - (Book: Haunting of Josie, The)
Marshall Turner - (Book: Have Mercy)
Michael Abruzzo - (Book: Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too)
Mike Madden - (Book: Havoc)
Marshall Hanley Bedford, Marquis of Waltham - (Book: He Said Yes)
Marcus Bradley - (Book: He's No Prince Charming)
Mark Jessup - (Book: Head On)
Matt Graham - (Book: Healing Autumn's Heart)
Matt Graham - (Book: Healing Autumn's Heart (large print))
Mark Williams - (Book: Healing Place, The (Large Print))
Morgan Smith - (Book: Healing Wounds (ebook))
Mike Finnegan - (Book: Healing, The)
Matt Monroe - (Book: Heard It Through the Grapevine)
Mitch Carlisle - (Book: Heart and Soul)
Malcolm Kirkpatrick - (Book: Heart and the Heather, The)
Mike Randall - (Book: Heart Club, The)
Mark Russo - (Book: Heart for the Dropped Stitches, A)
Mark Warne - (Book: Heart in Disguise, A)
Matt Hagen - (Book: Heart in Hiding)
Matt Talbot - (Book: Heart of the Tiger)
Matt Talbot - (Book: Heart of the Tiger)
Michael Keynes - (Book: Heart of the Tiger)
Michael Hartford - (Book: Heart Won't Lie, The)
Michael Culhane - (Book: Heart's Treasure, The)
Mac - (Book: Heartache Falls)
Michael O'Day - (Book: Heartbreaker)
Matthew J. Norman, III - (Book: Hearts Collide)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Hearts In Darkness)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Hearts in Darkness (reprint))
Matt Wilbourne - (Book: Heartsong)
Matt O'Connor - (Book: Heat is On (ebook))
MacAllister Booke - (Book: Heaven And Earth)
Matthew Sheridan - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Marc Huntington - (Book: Heir's Proposal, The)
Marc Huntington - (Book: Heir's Proposal, The (large print))
Mac Riggs - (Book: Heiress Beware)
Mitch - (Book: Heiress Takes a Husband, The)
Marius Drakon - (Book: Heiress to a Curse)
Matt Schaffer - (Book: Heiress's 2-Week Affair, The)
Mick Chivers - (Book: Hell-Raiser, The)
Mitch Sullivan - (Book: Hell-Raiser, The)
Marnix van Hessel - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle)
Marnix Van Hessel - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle (reissue))
Marnix van Hessel - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle (reissue))
Marnix van Hessel - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle (UK))
Morgan Tate - (Book: Her Best Friend's Baby)
Marco Flores - (Book: Her Body of Work (UK))
Matt Hawkins - (Book: Her Bodyguard)
Matthew Ritter - (Book: Her Captain's Heart)
Matthew Ritter - (Book: Her Captain's Heart (reissue))
Micah Scott - (Book: Her Convenient Millionaire)
Matt Alvarez - (Book: Her Cowboy Avenger)
Matt Alvarez - (Book: Her Cowboy Avenger (large print))
Marco Vieri - (Book: Her Forbidden Hero (ebook))
Marshall Windham - (Book: Her Good Thing)
Marcus - (Book: Her Highness and the Bodyguard)
Matthew Weston - (Book: Her Highness, My Wife)
Matt Strickland - (Book: Her Impossible Boss (UK))
Michael Brant - (Book: Her Knight in Black Leather)
Martin Tafft - (Book: Her Leading Man)
Marcus Keller - (Book: Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir)
Malcolm Braddock - (Book: Her Lover's Legacy)
Michael Devine - (Book: Her Miracle Twins (large print))
Max Cantrell - (Book: Her Montana Millionaire)
Max Cantrell - (Book: Her Montana Millionaire (reissue))
Mike Wright - (Book: Her Perfect Stranger)
Michael North - (Book: Her Pregnancy Secret)
Mark Stewart - (Book: Her Protector)
Marcus Sergius - (Book: Her Roman Protector)
Mason Blackfox - (Book: Her Secret Family)
Mason Blackfox - (Book: Her Secret Family (UK))
Mac Nightwalker - (Book: Her Tycoon Boss)
Morgan McDermott - (Book: Her Unforgettable Cowboy)
Morgan McDermott - (Book: Her Unforgettable Cowboy (large print))
Max Angeli - (Book: Her Valentine Blind Date)
Max Taylor - (Book: Here Comes Trouble)
Matthieu Bouchet - (Book: Here Is My Heart)
Mitch Brooker - (Book: Here Lies Love (ebook))
Miles Kent - (Book: Here to Stay)
Morgan De Witt - (Book: Here's Lookin' at You)
Monstuart - (Book: Hermit's Daughter, The)
Marcus Whitefeather - (Book: Hero in the Making, A)
Marcus Whitefeather - (Book: Hero in the Making, A (large print))
Michael Donahue - (Book: Hero's Sin, The)
Matt Sterling - (Book: Hidden Agenda)
Miles Trilby
Earl of Walmsley
- (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Miles O'Connor - (Book: Hidden Hearts (ebook))
Michael Hunt - (Book: Hidden in the Everglades)
Michael Hunt - (Book: Hidden in the Everglades (large print))
Malachi Cartwright - (Book: Hidden Moon)
Mac Salazar - (Book: Hidden Paradise)
Matthew - (Book: Hidden Things)
Maxim Cox - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Max Powell - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Max Powell - (Book: Hide and Seek (large print))
Martin Cole - (Book: Hideaway)
Martin Cole - (Book: Hideaway (reissue))
Marcus Landers - (Book: High Risk)
Matthew Briggs - (Book: High, Hard Land, A)
Mick James - (Book: High-Heeled Alibi)
Max Rolland - (Book: High-Society Secret Pregnancy)
Matt Camberlane - (Book: Highest Bidder, The)
Morgan Grey
- (Book: Highland Heather)
Morgan Grey
- (Book: Highland Heather (UK))
Munro Forrest - (Book: Highland Lady)
Michael Mingary
Earl of Kintyre
- (Book: Highland Spirits)
Myles Campbell - (Book: Highland Surrender)
Merrick MacAndrew - (Book: Highland Sword)
Marcus MacPherson - (Book: Highland Vixen)
Malcolm MacKenzie - (Book: Highlander Avenged)
Magnus Darroch - (Book: Highlander's Dark Seduction, The (ebook))
Max Fitzroy - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Morgan Sinclair - (Book: Hillbilly Heart)
Mitch - (Book: Hills of Home, The)
Mitch Kincade - (Book: Hired Husband, The )
Mitch Kincade - (Book: Hired Husband, The (UK))
Mitch Hanover - (Book: Hired: The Boss's Bride)
Matt Parker - (Book: His Best Friend's Baby)
Matt James - (Book: His Best Friend's Girl (ebook))
Mason Winslow - (Book: His Brother's Wife)
Michael - (Book: His Brother's Wife)
Mason Winslow - (Book: His Brother's Wife (reissue))
Mason Winslow - (Book: His Brother's Wife (reissue))
Mick O’Callaghan - (Book: His Bundle Of Love)
Mason Blacksword - (Book: His Chosen Bride)
Mason Blacksword - (Book: His Chosen Bride (reissue))
Max Golding - (Book: His Cinderella Mistress)
Miles Hunter - (Book: His Convenient Marriage)
Mark Dellon - (Book: His Diamond Bride)
Marquis Warrick Barry - (Book: His for the Taking)
Morgan Braedon - (Book: His Heart's Delight)
Mark Hannaford - (Book: His Housekeeper Bride)
Earl Blakehurst
- (Book: His Lady Mistress)
Earl Blakehurst
- (Book: His Lady Mistress (UK))
Marcus, Lord Rokeby - (Book: His Lordship's Dilemma (UK))
Makin Al-Koury - (Book: His Majesty's Mistake)
Makin Al-Koury - (Book: His Majesty's Mistake (large print))
Mitch Deveraux - (Book: His Marriage Bonus)
Morgan - (Book: His Miracle Baby)
Michael Finn - (Book: His Most Exquiste Conquest)
Michael Finn - (Book: His Most Exquiste Conquest (large print))
Michael Dunnigan - (Book: His Pretend Fiancée)
Marcus, Lord Reresby - (Book: His Rebel Bride)
Marcus, Lord Reresby - (Book: His Rebel Bride (UK))
Markos - (Book: His Reputation Precedes Him)
Megan Stewart - (Book: His Secret Heir )
Marquess of Longhaven - (Book: His Sinful Secret)
Mace - (Book: His Slave)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: His Spanish Bride (ebook))
Matthew Pearce - (Book: His to Command)
Mark Hathaway - (Book: His Valentine Surprise)
Marcus Maitland - (Book: His Very Personal Assistant)
Marco De Luca - (Book: His Virgin Acquisition)
Mark Chambers - (Book: His, Unexpectedly)
Mark Abbott - (Book: Hocus Pocus (ebook))
Mike Templeton - (Book: Hold 'Em)
Matt Reiner - (Book: Hold Back the Night)
Marquis of Radford - (Book: Hold Fast to Love)
Marcus Barlow - (Book: Holiday by Design)
Mark Bristol - (Book: Holiday Reflections)
Mack Graves - (Book: Holiday to Remember, A)
Mark Rayburn - (Book: Holiday Triplets, The)
Mark Chandler - (Book: Home Again)
Mark Holden - (Book: Home Fires)
Marcus - (Book: Home for a Spell (paperback))
Mitch Baker - (Book: Home for the M.D., A)
Michael Zarkades - (Book: Home Front (reprint))
Matt D'Angelo - (Book: Home To Family)
Mark Andrews - (Book: Homecoming)
Marcus Cade - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Mike Montgomery - (Book: Homefront Holiday)
Matt Sawyer - (Book: Hometown Family)
Marc Kavanaugh - (Book: Hometown Hero Returns, The)
Matt Kendall - (Book: Homing Instinct, The )
Morgan McKenzie - (Book: Honey, I'm Home)
Mitch Cooper - (Book: Honeymoon Deal, The)
Mac McBride - (Book: Honeymoon With a Stranger)
Micah Wyatt - (Book: Honeytrap (ebook novella))
Matt Phillips - (Book: Honor Redeemed)
Monte - (Book: Honor's Pledge)
Montgomery Farrell (Monte) - (Book: Honor's Prize)
Max - (Book: Honorable Maverick, The)
Matt Cutter - (Book: Hood, The)
Matthew Gage - (Book: Hooked)
Mitch Stewart - (Book: Hopeful Heart, A)
Mr. Latimer - (Book: Horatia)
Major Andrew Garrett - (Book: Horse Soldier, The)
Matt Kincaid - (Book: Hostage Heart)
Maddox Thunder Horse - (Book: Hostage to Thunder Horse)
Matt Calloway - (Book: Hot August Nights)
Michael O'Hara - (Book: Hot Money)
Mike Grundel - (Book: Hot Off The Press)
Michael O'Hara - (Book: Hot Property)
Matt Seton - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Matt Girard - (Book: Hot Pursuit (trade))
Max Gannon - (Book: Hot Rocks)
Michael O'Hara - (Book: Hot Schemes)
Michael O'Hara - (Book: Hot Secret)
Matt Webber - (Book: Hot Shot)
Marco Solis - (Book: Hot Shot (ebook))
Michael Burke - (Book: Hour of the Rose)
Michael Wells - (Book: House at Briar Lake, The)
Mark Simons - (Book: House Divided, A)
Mark Ryker - (Book: House Full of Hope, A)
Mark Ryker - (Book: House Full of Hope, A (large print))
Malik Cutler - (Book: House Guest)
Matt Parker - (Book: House on the Beach, The)
Magnus Lane - (Book: House on the Strand, The)
Mark Wilder - (Book: Housekeeper's Happy-Ever-After)
Michael Fraser - (Book: Houseparty, The)
Maxwell Carter - (Book: How to Catch a Prince)
Merrick - (Book: How to Disgrace a Lady)
Mason Harper - (Book: How to Marry a Cowboy)
Michael Abruzzo - (Book: How To Murder A Millionaire)
Max Maitland - (Book: How to Resist a Heartbreaker)
Matt Roenick - (Book: How to Rope a Real Man)
Moses Zimmerman - (Book: Huckleberry Hill)
Mike McCullough - (Book: Hunted)
Malnefoley - (Book: Hunted Warrior)
Morgead - (Book: Huntress)
Mark - (Book: Hurt So Good)
Matthew Quartermain - (Book: Husband 101)
Michael O'Brien - (Book: Husband in Red)
Mark Walker - (Book: Husband to Hold, A)
Murphy Pendleton - (Book: Husband: Some Assembly Required)
Mason Blackstone - (Book: I Do! I Do!)
Mitchell Cates - (Book: I Do!, I Do!)
Mitchell Cates - (Book: I Do!, I Do! (Large Print))
Mitch Cudahy - (Book: I Do, I Do...For Now)
Matt Ewing - (Book: I Dream of Genies)
Marsh North - (Book: I Promise)
Malcolm Williams - (Book: I Promise)
Marsh North - (Book: I Promise (reissue))
Michael Ross - (Book: I Spy A Dark Obsession)
Marcus Cage - (Book: I Thirst For You)
Mallory St. Martin - (Book: I'll Be Yours (ebook))
Mark Buckle - (Book: I'm a Believer (revised))
Magnus Tavish - (Book: I've Got Your Number (hardcover))
Michael Anstruther-Wetherby - (Book: Ideal Bride, The)
Murdock Parnell - (Book: Ideal Dad)
Marco - (Book: Ideal Father,The)
Max Daniels - (Book: Ideal Man (hardcover))
Max Daniels - (Book: Ideal Man (paperback))
Lord Massingham
- (Book: Ideal Match, An)
Miles Ripley
Earl of Severn
- (Book: Ideal Wife, The)
Miles Ripley
Earl of Severn
- (Book: Ideal Wife, The (reissue))
Max Chambers - (Book: Identity: Undercover)
Mitchell Shaw - (Book: Identity: Unknown)
Michael Cyprien - (Book: If Angels Burn)
Marc Lafayette - (Book: If Looks Could Chill)
Michael Winter - (Book: If She Should Die)
Mike Whitten - (Book: If Wishes Were Horses)
Michael Amante - (Book: If Wishing Made It So)
Mad Dog Stone - (Book: If You Believe )
Michael Landry - (Book: If You Could Read My Mind . . .)
Morgan - (Book: Immortal Sea)
Matthew Fairchild - (Book: Immortality)
Mannannan mac Lir - (Book: Immortals: The Crossing)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Imperial Scandal)
Matthew Meredith
Earl of Settle
- (Book: Impetuous Twin, The)
Merrick Welbourne - (Book: Impostor's Kiss, The)
Marquess of Warne - (Book: Improper Widow, An)
Marcus - (Book: Impulse)
Mitch Elliot - (Book: In a Heartbeat)
Michael Durant - (Book: In Bed With the Duke)
Michael Snow, Judge - (Book: In Defense of Love)
Matt Cavanaugh - (Book: In From The Cold)
Mitch Winton - (Book: In Harm's Way)
Mick MacGilvary - (Book: In Her Defense)
Mac MacDougal - (Book: In Her Defense)
Matthew Harper - (Book: In Love with a Younger Man)
Matt Clayton - (Book: In Love With the Bronc Rider)
Marc, Viscount Steyne - (Book: In My Lady's Chamber)
Michael Eagan - (Book: In Name Only (Large Print))
Michael Eagan - (Book: In Name Only?)
Matt Ridge - (Book: In Plain Sight)
Max Caldwell - (Book: In Protective Custody)
Max Caldwell - (Book: In Protective Custody (UK))
Michael Rome - (Book: In Search of the Dove)
Myles King - (Book: In Seconds)
Mace Stephens - (Book: In the Air Tonight)
Morgan Bodine - (Book: In the Arms of the Law)
Mackenzie Hoyle - (Book: In the Arms of the Law (ebook))
Mac Taylor - (Book: In The Blink Of An Eye)
Mikhael - (Book: In the Company of Witches)
Mac Jensen - (Book: In The Dark)
Matthew Halkett - (Book: In the Heat of the Bite)
Matt Bowden - (Book: In the Line of Duty (large print))
Marc Delaroche - (Book: In the Millionaire's Possession)
Marc Delaroche - (Book: In the Millionaire's Possession)
Mason Striker - (Book: In the Shelter of His Arms)
Michael Wright - (Book: In Too Deep)
Morgan Longstreet - (Book: In Want of a Wife)
Marcus - (Book: Incomparable Countess, The)
Viscount Breckonridge
- (Book: Incomparable Miss Compton, The)
Marcus Radwell, Duke of Haughleigh - (Book: Inconvenient Duchess, The)
Mitchell Holcomb, Major - (Book: Inconvenient Heir, An)
Meical Grabian - (Book: Incubus)
Matt Garrison - (Book: Indecent Exposure)
Matthew Riverton
Lord Calder
- (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Earl of Hawkbridge
- (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Earl of Hawkbridge
- (Book: Independent Lady, An (Large print))
Maximillian Broderick - (Book: Indigo Blade, The)
Marcus Finch - (Book: Indigo Spell (hardcover))
Michael Benson - (Book: Indiscretion)
Marc Strauss - (Book: Indiscretions)
Mitch Braden - (Book: Indy Man, The)
Max Jobman - (Book: Infamous (ebook))
Matthew Winter - (Book: Infernal)
Mathias - (Book: Infinite Betrayal)
Mike Cavanaugh - (Book: Informed Risk)
Mike Cavanaugh - (Book: Informed Risk (reissue))
Matthew Seaton, Captain - (Book: Innocence Undone)
Mathew Seaton - (Book: Innocence Undone (reissue))
Max Sherrington - (Book: Innocent 'Til Proven Otherwise)
Max Sherrington - (Book: Innocent 'Til Proven Otherwise (UK edition))
Max Coleridge - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An)
Max Harding - (Book: Innocent Virgin, The (UK))
Murphy Sullivan - (Book: Innuendo)
Murphy Sullivan - (Book: Innuendo)
Mike Greywolf - (Book: Inseparable)
Malcolm MacLeod - (Book: Intended, The)
Michael Wolfe - (Book: Interior Designs)
Micah Stone - (Book: Interrogating the Bride)
Magnus - (Book: Interrupted Marriage, An)
Maxwell Knight - (Book: Intimate Betrayal)
Morgan Ashton
Duke of Gillingham
- (Book: Intimate Betrayal)
Maxwell Knight - (Book: Intimate Betrayal (reissue))
Mike Gannon - (Book: Intimate Danger)
Mark Ramsey - (Book: Intimate Strangers)
Magnus - (Book: Into Darkness)
Mike Muldoon, Lt. (JG) - (Book: Into the Night)
Mark Jenkins - (Book: Into The Storm)
Mark “Jenk” Jenkins
SEAL Petty Officer
- (Book: Into the Storm (reissue))
Matt Connor - (Book: Intuition)
Matt Connor - (Book: Intuition (large print))
M. T. Stone - (Book: Invisible Recruit )
Michael Bishop - (Book: Invitation to a Wedding)
Michael Houston - (Book: IOU Sex (ebook))
Monty Randolph - (Book: Iris)
Michael Devlin - (Book: Irish Lady)
Michael Devlin - (Book: Irish Lady)
Marquess of Clare - (Book: Irish Rake, The)
Michael O'Ryan - (Book: Irish Rogue, The)
Major Quinn McNamara - (Book: Irresistible)
Maxwell Cox - (Book: Irresistible (ebook))
Mark Blackwell - (Book: Irresistible?)
Mateo Esquivel - (Book: Isabel's Dream)
Mitchell Williams - (Book: Island Fire)
Mitchell Williams - (Book: Island Fire (reissue))
Mark Tripp - (Book: Island of Desire)
Miles Harrington - (Book: Island Road (ebook))
Matthew Cabe - (Book: Island Snatchers, The)
Mac Reilly - (Book: It All Began in Monte Carlo)
Marcus Marsden,
Earl of Westcliffe
- (Book: It Happened One Autumn)
Marshall Roark - (Book: It Started With a House...)
Marc Doucette - (Book: It Takes Two)
Marc Doucette - (Book: It Takes Two [Large Print])
Mark Heber - (Book: It's Never Too Late...)
Mark Heber - (Book: It's Never Too Late... (large print))
Max Wingate - (Book: Italian Engagement, An (UK))
Marcus Rossini - (Book: Italian Marriage, The)
Marco Calvani - (Book: Italian Millionaire's Marriage, The)
Massimo - (Book: Italian Tycoon And the Nanny, The)
Max Quintano - (Book: Italian's Blackmailed Mistress, The)
Marco DiSanto - (Book: Italian's Forgotten Baby, The)
Marco DiSanto - (Book: Italian's Forgotten Baby, The (Large Print))
Matteo De Luca - (Book: Italian's Secret Child, The)
Massimo Castellini - (Book: Italian's Seduction, The (UK))
Mario Ruffini - (Book: Italian's Touch, The)
Marcus Weaver - (Book: Ivy Entwined (ebook))
Matthew Hunter - (Book: Jade)
Merco - (Book: Jaded Prey)
Mark Grayson - (Book: Jaguar's Eye, The)
Michael O'Meara - (Book: Jamaican Midnight)
Morgan Sherwood - (Book: Jane I'm Still Single Jones)
Micah Trent - (Book: Jazz Baby)
Matt Hammond - (Book: Jealousy & A Jewelled Proposition)
Marndale - (Book: Jennie Kissed Me)
Marcus - (Book: Jerusalem Scrolls, The)
Mason Bennett - (Book: Jewel, The (ebook))
Marquis of Lyndhurst - (Book: Jewelene)
Max Elliott - (Book: Jigsaw)
Montgomery Pelham, Baron - (Book: Jilting of Baron Pelham, The)
Michael Kramer - (Book: Jingle Bell Bride)
Michael Kramer - (Book: Jingle Bell Bride (large print))
Mark Sanders - (Book: Job's Tears)
Mac McAdam - (Book: Jordan's Heart)
Mark Terrington - (Book: Journey to Desire)
Michael Tregower - (Book: Judas Trap, The)
Michael Tregower - (Book: Judas Trap, The (UK))
Myles - (Book: Judgement of Paris, The)
Mitch Landry - (Book: Just 4 Play)
Matt Sheffield - (Book: Just Around the Corner)
Mackenize Elliot - (Book: Just Between Friends)
Matthew Broussard - (Book: Just Breathe)
Marsh Randolph - (Book: Just Deserts)
Malcolm Singleton - (Book: Just For You)
Michael Sawyer - (Book: Just Like a Man )
Michael Kelly - (Book: Just Married...Again)
Morgan O’Connor - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Michael Dorado - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Matt Penrose - (Book: Just One Look)
Mason McNally - (Book: Just One Spark...)
Mitch Rollins - (Book: Just One Touch)
Max Gianopoulis - (Book: Just Say Yes)
Matthew Fraser - (Book: Just Say Yes!)
Mike Powell - (Book: Just the Way You Are)
Michael - (Book: Just The Way You Aren't)
Matt Dennis, MD - (Book: Just What the Doctor Ordered)
Michael Tremayne
Marquess of Falconridge
- (Book: Just Wicked Enough)
Mark Ryan - (Book: Justice (hardcover))
Mark Ryan - (Book: Justice (paperback))
Max Zirinsky
Police chief
- (Book: Justice For All)
Max Trent - (Book: Kate )
Michael Langton - (Book: Keep Me Forever)
Morgan St. James - (Book: Keeper Of My Heart)
Mark Valiente - (Book: Keeper of the Dawn)
Mick Townsend - (Book: Keeper of the Shadows)
Matt Burkett - (Book: Keeping Caroline)
Mike - (Book: Kelly's Chance)
Mike Cooper - (Book: Kelly's Chance)
Marc Pembroke - (Book: Kept Woman)
Michael 'Flynn' Hennessy - (Book: Key of Light)
Mark Denton - (Book: Key Witness)
Mark Denton - (Book: Key Witness (large print))
Mackenzie Tyrell - (Book: Kidnapped (ebook))
Michael Caulfield - (Book: Kidnapped!)
Myles Parsons (Borden) - (Book: Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, The)
Marc Chastien - (Book: Kill And Tell)
Mason Davidson - (Book: Killer Appeal (ebook))
Mark Armor - (Book: Killer Assignment)
Mark Armor - (Book: Killer Assignment (large print))
Matt Royd - (Book: Killer Dreams)
Maxwell Fiori - (Book: Killing Moon)
Michael Chapman - (Book: Killing Tide, A)
Mick Winchester - (Book: Killing Time)
Mike Brown - (Book: Killing Time)
Earl of Wroxeter
- (Book: King's Pawn)
Earl of Wroxeter
- (Book: King's Pawn (UK))
Marshall Devlin - (Book: Kiss and Tell (reissue))
Miles Wilson - (Book: Kiss Between Friends, A)
Mick Larsen, MD - (Book: Kiss in Winter, A)
Marcus Reed - (Book: Kiss Lonely Goodbye)
MacKenzie Knightley - (Book: Kiss Me Hello)
Marcel Mercier - (Book: Kiss Me, Captain (ebook novella))
Mike Fallon - (Book: Kiss Me, Cowboy!)
Michael Glass - (Book: Kiss of Death)
Mordr Sigurdsson - (Book: Kiss of Wrath)
Mark Alexander - (Book: Kiss or Kill)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Kiss the Night Goodbye)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Kiss the Night Goodbye (reprint))
Matthew Deighton - (Book: Knave of Hearts)
Myles Donal - (Book: Knight Before Christmas, The)
Malachi Breedlove - (Book: Knight In A Black Hat)
Marc de Sens - (Book: Knight's Captive, A)
Mark Whitney - (Book: Knotted Skein, The)
Matt Drago - (Book: Lacey's Way)
Mason Ames - (Book: Ladies Man)
Marcus Justus - (Book: Lady Adventuress)
Michael Ashford - (Book: Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure)
Earl of Trevithick
- (Book: Lady Allerton's Wager)
Miles Courtenay - (Book: Lady and the Rake, The)
Max Dunne - (Book: Lady and the Tomcat, The)
Michael Quinn - (Book: Lady and the Vamp)
Marquess of Darkefell - (Book: Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark)
Miles Griffin
Marquis of Wexford
- (Book: Lady At Risk)
Marquess of Haverstock - (Book: Lady by Chance, A)
Mr. Roberts
Robert Atherington
- (Book: Lady Harriet's Harvest)
Marcus St. John
Marquis of Treymount
- (Book: Lady in Red)
Mac Mackenzie - (Book: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage)
Miles Loredan, Viscount Dearbourn - (Book: Lady Killer)
Marcus Granton - (Book: Lady Lost)
Michael Lindley - (Book: Lady Midnight)
Morgan Beauchamp - (Book: Lady of Distinction, A)
Marcus North or Sir Albin Drysdale - (Book: Lady of Property, A)
Marcus Arrius Julianus - (Book: Lady of the Light)
Max Bremmer - (Book: Lady of the River)
Myles Fenwick
Earl of St. Quinton
- (Book: Lady Sara's Scheme)
Myles Fenwick
Earl of St. Quinton
- (Book: Lady Sarah's Scheme (reissue))
Maxim Hastings, Sir - (Book: Lady Scandal)
Milton Shaw - (Book: Lady Vanishes, The (ebook))
Miles Renwick, Colonel - (Book: Lady Who Hated Shakespeare, The)
Marc de Courtenay - (Book: Lady with the Devil's Scar)
Marquess of Worth - (Book: Lady's Deception, A)
Martin Hargrove - (Book: Lady's Guide to Ruin, A )
Marcus Allingham - (Book: Ladyship, The (Hardcover))
Marcus Allingham - (Book: Ladyship, The (reissue))
Magnus Galbraith - (Book: Laird's Choice)
Malcolm McNair - (Book: Laird's Lady, The)
Michael Brodie - (Book: Laird, The)
Major Booker Hayes - (Book: Land of Dreams)
Matthew Thorn - (Book: Land of Gold)
Michael O'Roarke - (Book: Land of Promise)
Miguel Sarmiento - (Book: Language of Love)
Mallory Diccon Paisley,
- (Book: Lanterns)
Mallory Diccon Paisley,
- (Book: Lanterns (Hardcover))
Marcus Brooke - (Book: Larcenous Affair, A)
Mick Savin - (Book: Larger Than Life)
Mark Thorburn - (Book: Lass Wore Black, The)
Matthew Diel - (Book: Last Breath)
Magnus - (Book: Last Breath (hardcover))
Marcus King - (Book: Last Bride, The)
Mike Taggart - (Book: Last Chance Family)
Mark Alexander - (Book: Last Cotillion, The)
Michael Crawford - (Book: Last Crawford Bachelor, The)
Matthew Kirby, Deputy US Marshal - (Book: Last Enemy, The)
Max Cole - (Book: Last Great Affair, The)
Mac McQuade - (Book: Last Key, The)
Matt Malone - (Book: Last Kiss Goodbye)
Michael Garland - (Book: Last Kiss Goodbye, The (hardcover))
Micah Steele - (Book: Last Mercenary, The)
Mitch Sterling - (Book: Last Minute Marriage)
Mitch Mendoza - (Book: Last Spy Standing)
Mitch Hawkins - (Book: Last Spy Standing (large print))
Mac Gibbons - (Book: Last Stubborn Cowboy, The)
Michael Garland - (Book: Last Time I Saw Her, The (hardcover))
Mitch Sheridan - (Book: Last to Die)
Michael Aristov - (Book: Last True Vampire, The)
Michael Garland - (Book: Last Victim, The (paperback))
Mason Dillinger - (Book: Last Wolf Standing)
Morgan Slater - (Book: Law And Miss Penny, The)
Mitch Lawson - (Book: Law Man)
Mitch Steele - (Book: Lawful Engagement)
Malachi Coulter - (Book: Lawless in Leather)
Moss Tucker - (Book: Lawless Love)
Morgan Donnelly - (Book: Lawman for Christmas, A)
Morgan Rule - (Book: Lawman's Little Surprise, The)
Marcus Danforth - (Book: Laws of Passion,The)
Matthew Tredway - (Book: Lead Me Home)
Matt Canning - (Book: Leader of the Pack)
Mitch Anders - (Book: Lean on Me (ebook))
Morgan - (Book: Leather and Lace)
Michael - (Book: Legacy )
Max True - (Book: Legacy of Fear (ebook))
Matt - (Book: Legacy of Lies)
Merlyn - (Book: Legacy of Prator - Avalon's Price, The)
Maverick Cage - (Book: Legend)
Michael Taylor - (Book: Legend of Michael, The)
Magnus - (Book: Legendary Warrior)
Max Silver - (Book: Leora)
Matthais Thomas - (Book: Less Than a Gentleman)
Marcus - (Book: Let It Be Me)
Michael Quinn - (Book: Let the Dead Sleep (hardcover))
Michael Quinn - (Book: Let the Dead Sleep (paperback))
Michael Jeffres - (Book: Letter, The)
Marc - (Book: Letting Go (ebook))
Marco Rodriguez - (Book: Letting Go With Dr. Rodriguez)
Michael Conti - (Book: Liar's Moon)
Minnow - (Book: Liar, Liar)
Marcus Calpurnius Aquila - (Book: Liberty)
Mark Robertson - (Book: License to Shift)
Mason Gentry - (Book: License To Thrill)
Marc McCoy - (Book: License to Thrill)
Mark Griggs - (Book: Lieutenant, The)
Michael Browne - (Book: Life Drawing for Beginners)
Michael Connors - (Book: Life Without Raine)
Mac - (Book: Lifesaver)
Miles Redmond - (Book: Like No Other Lover)
Max Yearling - (Book: Lily and the Lawman)
Major Caleb Halliday - (Book: Lily and the Major)
Mike Collier - (Book: Lily's Law)
Michael Garrity - (Book: Lindsey's Rainbow)
Max Rafferty - (Book: Lion on the Prowl)
Major Bret Holden - (Book: Lions of the Desert)
Mitch Cassidy - (Book: Lip Service)
Micah Davidson - (Book: Listen To Your Heart)
Michael Running Wolf O'Leary - (Book: Little Bit Pregnant, A)
Monroe Grisham - (Book: Little Bit Scandalous, A (ebook))
Marcus Kincaid - (Book: Little Bit Wicked (ebook))
Mick Campbell - (Book: Little Girl Lost)
Micah Ross - (Book: Little Harmless Lie, A)
Max - (Book: Little Harmless Sex, A)
Marc ter Feulen - (Book: Little Moonlight, A)
Marc ter Feulen - (Book: Little Moonlight, A (reissue))
Marc ter Feulen - (Book: Little Moonlight, A (reissue))
Marc ter Feulen - (Book: Little Moonlight, A (UK))
Marc ter Feulen - (Book: Little Moonlight, A (UK-reissue))
Mel Belyle - (Book: Little Town in Texas, A)
Matt Collingsworth - (Book: Loaded)
Michael Keddington - (Book: Locket, The)
Mark Treymane - (Book: Lois Lane Tells All)
Max Zamora - (Book: Lola Carlyle Reveals All)
Matthew Kingsley
Viscount Glendale
- (Book: London Season, A)
Michael Edward Halboro, Marquis of St. Aubyn - (Book: London's Perfect Scoundrel)
Matt McQuaid - (Book: Lone Star Lawman)
Mitch Donner - (Book: Lone Star Santa)
Mitch Gallagher - (Book: Lonesome No More)
Manual Ramirez - (Book: Long Road Home)
Micah Sanborn - (Book: Long Time Coming)
Micah Sanborn - (Book: Long Time Coming (Hardcover- Large Print))
Monte McMahon - (Book: Long Way Home)
Miles Monahue, Sheriff - (Book: Look-Alike)
Morgan - (Book: Looking for a Hero)
Mike Martin - (Book: Looking for Miracles)
Mike O'Brian - (Book: Looking for Mr. Claus)
Marcus Carlow,
Lord Stanegate
- (Book: Lord and the Wayward Lady, The)
Marquess of Carew - (Book: Lord Carew's Bride)
Marcus Galveston - (Book: Lord Galveston and the Ghost)
Mark Adair - (Book: Lord Harry's Daughter)
Marcus Rutledge, Sir - (Book: Lord Huntingdon's Legacy)
Matthew Carstairs
Earl of Langdon
- (Book: Lord Langton's Tutor)
Morgan St. John - (Book: Lord of Enchantment)
Malcolm Duncan - (Book: Lord of Fire)
Micah - (Book: Lord of the Abyss)
Marius - (Book: Lord of the Forest)
Michael Langssonn - (Book: Lord of Thunder)
Miles Kennestone, Lord St. Leger - (Book: Lord St. Leger's Find)
Mack Easton - (Book: Lost & Found)
Mitch Valetti - (Book: Lost But Not Forgotten)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Louisiana Passion)
Matthew Webster - (Book: Love Affair for Lizzie, A)
Michael - (Book: Love at First Flight)
Michael Stevens - (Book: Love Becomes Her)
Mike Bailey - (Book: Love Beyond Time, A)
Mike Walker - (Book: Love Changes Everything)
Mason Hall - (Book: Love Dog)
Matthew - (Book: Love Evergreen)
Mick Giovanni - (Book: Love For All Time, A)
Matt Culhane - (Book: Love in a Nutshell (harcover))
Matt Culhane - (Book: Love in a Nutshell (paperback))
Marc DiLeo - (Book: Love in Plain Sight)
Marc DiLeo - (Book: Love in Plain Sight (large print))
Miles Fletcher - (Book: Love Knot, The)
Mike Clancy - (Book: Love Lessons)
Mike Clancy - (Book: Love Lessons)
Mark Taylor - (Book: Love Letters (hardcover))
Miles Copeland - (Book: Love Me Not (ebook))
Michael Morgan - (Book: Love on the Run)
Marco Marcantoni - (Book: Love Play)
Malcolm Loring - (Book: Love Runs Deep)
Marcus Wheeler - (Book: Love So Strong, A)
Martin Grace - (Book: Love Walked In)
Michael Ranier - (Book: Love With The Perfect Scoundrel)
Marcus Holcroft
Earl of Pennington
- (Book: Love With The Proper Husband)
Mike Garrett, Detective - (Book: Love Worth Keeping)
Marcus Armstrong - (Book: Love's First Surrender)
Max Benton - (Book: Love's Gamble)
Mike Fuller - (Book: Love's Healing Touch)
Marcus Kingsley - (Book: Love's Masquerade)
Miles Gilbert - (Book: Love's Parole)
Morgan St. Claire - (Book: Love's Portrait (ebook))
Mark Halstan - (Book: Love's Redemption)
Martin Bothemer, Captain - (Book: Love's Serenade)
Manny Becker - (Book: Love's Song)
Mike Kramer - (Book: Love, Marriage & Other Calamities)
Matthew Burke - (Book: Love, Your Secret Admirer)
Mitch Conner - (Book: Lover Come Back)
Manuel Manello - (Book: Lover Unleashed (hardcover))
Manuel Manello - (Book: Lover Unleashed (paperback))
Michel des Anges - (Book: Lover, The)
Michael Preston - (Book: Loving Carlie)
Michael Preston - (Book: Loving Carlie (reissue--ebook))
Michael Maurice - (Book: Loving Enemies)
Matt Latimer - (Book: Loving Jessie)
Malcolm Sinclair - (Book: Loving Rose)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Loving Spirit, A)
Morgan MacKeage - (Book: Loving the Highlander)
Max Malone - (Book: Lucky Shot)
Mike Corwin - (Book: Lucky Streak)
Matt Diamond - (Book: Lucy's Double Diamonds)
Max Braddack - (Book: Lullaby Deception)
Mikhail Stanislaski - (Book: Luring A Lady)
Mikhail Stanislaski - (Book: Luring a Lady (large print))
Mac Hollister - (Book: Mac's Law)
Mackenzie Donahue - (Book: Mackenzie's Lady)
Max Aaronson - (Book: Mad About Max (ebook))
Maddox Monroe - (Book: Mad About the Man)
Matthew Knox - (Book: Made to Last)
Max Sheridan - (Book: Made-To-Order Wife)
Miach - (Book: Mage's Daughter, The (reprint))
Morg - (Book: Mage, The)
Matt Weston - (Book: Maggie's Wish)
Marc O'Brien - (Book: Magic and the Texan)
Marcus Thorne - (Book: Magic Between Us, The)
Mordred - (Book: Magic of Camelot, The)
Marcus Hamilton - (Book: Magic Token, The (ebook))
Michael Deeds - (Book: Magical Memories)
Max Richmond - (Book: Magnate's Mistress, The)
Mitch Fielding - (Book: Magnificent Seven, The)
Mikhail Kirov
- (Book: Magnificient Match, A)
Magnus Ravynne - (Book: Magnus Ravynne
Mistress Swann)
Mac Carmichael - (Book: Maid for the Single Dad)
Mack Danvers - (Book: Maid to Match (Hardcover))
Mack Danvers - (Book: Maid to Match (Trade))
Matthew Carlyle - (Book: Mail-Order Marriage)
Major William Maitland - (Book: Major and the Country Miss, The (UK))
Major Sam Griffin - (Book: Major and the Librarian, The (reissue))
Marcus Forrester - (Book: Major and the Pickpocket, The)
Major Cole Standen - (Book: Major Daddy)
Mason Walker - (Book: Major League Dad)
Marc Dupuis - (Book: Major Misconduct (ebook))
Major Daniel Westhaven - (Book: Major Westhaven's Unwilling Ward)
Max Payton - (Book: Make It Right)
Mason Delacroix - (Book: Make Me Believe (ebook))
Matt Ryan - (Book: Make Mine a Marine)
Marc Dumont - (Book: Make You Mine)
Michael Chang - (Book: Makeover Mistake, The (ebook))
Mitch Ryder - (Book: Making Babies)
Matt Chase - (Book: Making Chase)
Mike Ryan - (Book: Making Her Way Home)
Mike Ryan - (Book: Making Her Way Home (large print))
Mercer Rowley - (Book: Making Him Sweat)
Marc Welles - (Book: Making It)
Max Laurello - (Book: Making Magic)
Mike Cavaco - (Book: Making Over Mike)
Max Carr - (Book: Making Waves)
Malachim Jerrod - (Book: Malachim (ebook))
Malcolm Quinn - (Book: Malcolm)
Malcolm Le Farouche - (Book: Malcolm's Honor)
Marc Anthony Charleston - (Book: Male Android Companion)
Max Stuart - (Book: Male Wanted (ebook))
Mike Antonio, Cory Chow - (Book: Man for Michael, A)
Mac - (Book: Man Like Mac, A)
Mike Wilcox - (Book: Man Like Mike, A (ebook))
Morgan Kane - (Book: Man Like Morgan Kane, A)
Mike Minelli - (Book: Man of the Family)
Mark Fletcher - (Book: Man of the Hour)
Max - (Book: Man of the Mountains)
Mark Delaney - (Book: Man on a Mission)
Matt Hathaway - (Book: Man Undercover)
Malcolm Evans - (Book: Man Who Would Be Daddy, The)
Marc Di Angelo - (Book: Man with the Locked Away Heart, The (US edition))
Max Mitchell - (Book: Man Worth Keeping, A)
Mitch Shaw - (Book: Mane Attraction (reprint))
Mitch Shaw - (Book: Mane Attraction, The)
Mace Llewellyn - (Book: Mane Event, The)
Michael Mallory
Earl of Clairbourne
- (Book: Mango Summer)
Mac Tolliver - (Book: Manhandling)
Memphis Modine - (Book: Manhattan Heat)
Michael Casey - (Book: Manhunt)
Marquis of Stafford - (Book: Manner of a Lady)
Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint - (Book: Manwhore)
Malcolm Saint - (Book: Manwhore + 1)
Myles Cade McDowell - (Book: Marci's Desire)
Marco di Vincenti - (Book: Marco's Convenient Wife)
Marco - (Book: Marco's Pride)
Mark Wilders - (Book: Marine & The Princess, The)
Major Rick Branigan - (Book: Marine, The)
Mark Hansen - (Book: Mark: Secret Cowboy)
Mage Thabit - (Book: Marked for Magic (ebook))
Max Savage - (Book: Marked Man, A)
Max Savage - (Book: Marked Man, A (reissue))
Matt Barton - (Book: Marna)
Marquis of Jarred - (Book: Marquis and the Miss, The)
Marsh Bravo - (Book: Marriage Agreement, The)
Marsh Bravo - (Book: Marriage Agreement, The (reissue))
Miguel Santanas - (Book: Marriage Arrangement, The)
Mike Gardner - (Book: Marriage at Circle M)
Mike Gardner - (Book: Marriage at Circle M (Large Print))
Malik - (Book: Marriage Behind the Facade)
Malik - (Book: Marriage Behind the Facade (UK))
Mark Smith - (Book: Marriage Campaign, The)
Michel Lanier - (Book: Marriage Deal, The)
Mac Arnett - (Book: Marriage Mission, The)
Max Gray - (Book: Marriage Mistake, The)
Max Overbridge - (Book: Marriage on Her Mind)
Michael McFerrin - (Book: Marriage Portrait, The)
Matt Glass - (Book: Marriage Ticket, The)
Michael Conte - (Book: Marriage Trap, The )
Matt Hawke - (Book: Marriage Vows)
Mark - (Book: Marriage War, The)
Michael McKinley - (Book: Marriage Worth Fighting For, A)
Michael Brooke - (Book: Married For A Month)
Marco Morosini - (Book: Married Lovers, The)
Matthias Barton - (Book: Married To His Business)
Miguel Mendoza - (Book: Marry Me, Mendoza)
Michael Delacourt - (Book: Marrying a Delacourt)
Marcus Crossan - (Book: Marrying Marcus)
Max Richardson - (Book: Marrying Max (ebook))
Mike Rawlings - (Book: Marrying Mike...Again)
Michael Garrison, Reverend - (Book: Marrying Minister Right)
Michael Lyndon - (Book: Marrying Miss Bumblebroth)
Myles Thorwood - (Book: Marrying Season, The)
Mark Collins - (Book: Marrying the Boss)
Michael Lewis - (Book: Marrying The Manhattan Millionaire)
Marsh Hawk - (Book: Marsh Hawk, The)
Marshal Fletcher Collins - (Book: Marshal and Mrs. O'Malley, The)
Mitchell Garrett - (Book: Marshal's Prize, The)
Marco Martinez - (Book: Martinez Marriage Revenge, The)
Malcolm - (Book: Mask Of The Enchantress, The)
Max Savoie - (Book: Masked by Moonlight)
Matthew Covington - (Book: Masked By Moonlight)
Mac Cooper - (Book: Masked Man, The)
Marquis of Ranceford - (Book: Masked Marquis, The)
Mark Jacobs - (Book: Masks)
Mason Ryland - (Book: Mason)
Mason Ryland - (Book: Mason (large print))
Mason Jefferson - (Book: Mason's Marriage)
Mason Jefferson - (Book: Mason's Marriage (ebook))
Mason Jefferson - (Book: Mason's Marriage (reissue))
Miles Dorrington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The)
Miles Dorrington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The (reissue))
Maddox Cross - (Book: Masquerade)
Max Leighton - (Book: Master of Temptation, The)
Maximilian Hart - (Book: Master Player, The)
Maksimilian Sevastyan - (Book: Master, The)
Montague - (Book: Masterful Mr. Montague, The)
Marquess of Silverton - (Book: Mastering the Marquess)
Marcus Cynster - (Book: Match for Marcus Cynster, A)
Matt Laughlin - (Book: Match Made in Court)
Mark Hastings - (Book: Match Made on Main Street, A)
Lord Desmond
- (Book: Matched Pair)
Mark McAlister - (Book: Matchmaker's Mistake, The (UK))
Marcus Copeland - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Mike Ryan - (Book: Maternity Bride)
Mackenzie Scott - (Book: Mating for Life)
Matt Lassiter - (Book: Matt)
Matt Colman - (Book: Matt (ebook))
Matt Caldwell - (Book: Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon)
Marsh Graham - (Book: Matter of Trust, A)
Matt Layton - (Book: Matter of Trust, A (trade))
Marsh Graham - (Book: Matter of Trust, A (UK))
Marshall Tobias - (Book: Matters of Faith)
Matthew Graham - (Book: Matthew)
Matthew Gray - (Book: Matthew's Children)
Micah Sloane - (Book: Maverick)
Matt Sawyer - (Book: Maverick Doctor and Miss Prim, The)
Miles Broderick, Viscount Linden - (Book: Maverick Heart)
Mason - (Book: Maverick's Black Cat)
Max - (Book: Max & Jane)
Max Truitt - (Book: Maximum Witch)
Michael St. Claire - (Book: Maybe Tomorrow)
Matt McCafferty - (Book: McCaffertys: Matt, The)
Matt McCafferty - (Book: McCaffertys: Matt, The (reissue))
McCain - (Book: McCain's Memories)
Morgan Shane - (Book: McKettrick Christmas, A)
Morgan Lucas - (Book: Meant to Be (ebook))
Morgan Lucas - (Book: Meant to Be (reissue))
Matt Roper - (Book: Measure of Deceit)
Mazzaro di Falcone - (Book: Medici Lover, The)
Marco Delmari - (Book: Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress)
Marco Delmari - (Book: Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress (UK))
Matt Killian - (Book: Meet Me At Midnight)
Mr. Kestrel - (Book: Memoirs of a Hoyden)
Major O'Hara - (Book: Menu For Romance)
Micah Grayson - (Book: Mercenary's Perfect Mission)
Marc Savin - (Book: Mercenary, The)
Mercury Warrant - (Book: Mercury's War)
Muerte - (Book: Mercy Burns)
Mark Forsythe - (Book: Mermaid)
Matt - (Book: Mermaid's Longing, A)
Marcus Forester
Earl of Clairmont
- (Book: Merry Escapade, A)
Matthew Hopkins - (Book: Met By Moonlight)
Micah - (Book: Micah)
Michael Weldon - (Book: Michael's Angel)
Michael Janos - (Book: Michael's Baby)
Michael Devaney - (Book: Michael's Discovery)
Michael Bennett - (Book: Michael's Gift)
Michael Redfield - (Book: Michael's House)
Michael West - (Book: Michael's Temptation)
Michael O'Malley - (Book: Michael: the Defender)
Morgan Parnell - (Book: Midnight Bandit)
Maximilian St. Claire
Duke of Trent
- (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Mark Steele - (Book: Midnight Disclosures)
Midnight Falcon - (Book: Midnight Falcon)
Mac - (Book: Midnight Fantasy)
Morgan - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Max Galloway - (Book: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie)
Max Galloway - (Book: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie (ebook))
Matthew Griffon's - (Book: Midnight Kiss)
Morton Jackman - (Book: Midnight Vengeance (ebook))
Malcolm - (Book: Midnight's Promise)
Mel Van Dyne - (Book: Midsummer Night's Scream, A)
Miguel Eiden - (Book: Midwife and the Lawman, The)
Mike Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinn, The)
Marcus Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Marcus)
Mike McCoy - (Book: Mike's Baby)
Mike - (Book: Mike, Mike & Me)
Michael Wentworth - (Book: Millionaire and the Pregnant Pauper, The)
Matt Landeta - (Book: Millionaire Cowboy's Secret, The)
Mark McGarrity - (Book: Millionaire She Married, The)
Mack McGarrity - (Book: Millionaire She Married, The (reissue))
Marc Corbett - (Book: Millionaire's Virgin Mistress, The)
Mike Hartman - (Book: Mint Juleps and Justice)
Maxwell Ellis Buchanan IV - (Book: Misbehaving in Merritt)
Morgan Stone - (Book: Mischief)
Matthias Marshall
Earl of Colchester
- (Book: Mischief)
Matt Denby - (Book: Mischief Becomes Her)
Mark Courtland - (Book: Mischievous Matchmaker, The)
Marcus, the Earl of Barrington - (Book: Misfit Match)
Matthew Bering - (Book: Miss Chartley's Guided Tour)
Max Davenant - (Book: Miss Lacey's Last Fling)
Mr. Harding - (Book: Miss Prentiss and the Yankee)
Marcel Falcon - (Book: Miss Prim and the Billionaire)
Marcel Falcon - (Book: Miss Prim and the Billionaire (large print))
Mason Stone,
U.S. Marshall
- (Book: Missing)
Matthew Severs, Earl of Raleigh - (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Matthew Severs
Earl of Raleigh
- (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Marcus, Lord Angmering - (Book: Missing Marchioness, The)
Mitch Fletcher - (Book: Mistaken Adversary)
Mitchell 'Mitch' Fletcher - (Book: Mistaken Adversary (UK))
Marsh Henderson - (Book: Mistaken Identity)
Marsh Henderson - (Book: Mistaken Identity)
Mistral - (Book: Mistral's Kiss)
Marcus Valerius Cloud
Earl of Masters
- (Book: Mistress)
Max Warfield - (Book: Mistress Mischief)
Marquess of Singleton - (Book: Mistress of Mishap)
Matthew Porter - (Book: Misty Harbor Wedding, A)
Mitch Matthews - (Book: Mitch Takes a Wife)
Mark Holbrook - (Book: Mixed Messages)
Prince of Powys
- (Book: Moment In Time, A (reissue))
Mitch Calhoon - (Book: Moment of Truth)
Matt Madigan - (Book: Mommy in Training)
Mitch Gillespie - (Book: Mommy Wanted)
Matt Dalton - (Book: Mommy's Hometown Hero)
Mark Scott - (Book: Money Man, The)
Mark Engle - (Book: Montana Doctor)
Matt Dawson - (Book: Montana Family, A)
Mackenzie Parish - (Book: Montana Miracle)
Matteo Montega - (Book: Montega's Mistress)
Matthew Bishop - (Book: Moon Dance)
Marc Delacroix - (Book: Moon Rising)
Michael Cord - (Book: Moon-Kissed Promises)
Marc Duval - (Book: Moonlight Man)
Mitchell Wood - (Book: Moonlight Mirage (ebook))
Mick - (Book: Moonlight Whispers)
Major Damon Collingham - (Book: More Than a Governess)
Marcus Dunn, Major - (Book: More Than A Scandal)
Mike Bradford - (Book: More Than Friends)
Michael Carlson - (Book: More Than Love (ebook))
Marco Moretti - (Book: Moretti Heir, The)
Morgan Hudson - (Book: Morgan)
Morgan Hudson - (Book: Morgan (reissue))
Morgan - (Book: Morgan's Child)
Morgan Rhett - (Book: Morgan's Child)
Morgan Trayhern - (Book: Morgan's Marriage)
Mike Houston
- (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of the Jaguar)
Mike Houston
- (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of the Jaguar (reissue))
Morgan - (Book: Morgan's Woman)
Moses Wyman - (Book: Morning Sky)
Moses Mann - (Book: Most Eligible Spy)
Moses Mann - (Book: Most Eligible Spy (large print))
Marcus Heywood
Duke of Torringford
- (Book: Most Suitable Duchess, A)
Marcus Richmond
Marquis of Dene
- (Book: Most Unsuitable Duchess, A)
Marquess of Counterton - (Book: Most Wicked of Sins, The)
Morgan Keenan, Mayor - (Book: Mother For The Tycoon's Child, A)
Matt Caldwell - (Book: Mother's Wish, A)
Michael - (Book: Mountain Investigation)
Mick Walters - (Book: Mountaintop)
Mitch Avery - (Book: Moving Is Murder)
Mr. Knightley - (Book: Mr Knightley's Diary)
Max - (Book: Mr. (Not) Quite Perfect)
Martin Grey - (Book: Mr. Grey And The Hotel Ghosts (ebook))
Martin Grey - (Book: Mr. Grey And The Spirit From The Sky (ebook))
Morgan Holt - (Book: Mr. Right Next Door)
Malcolm Saint - (Book: Ms. Manwhore (ebook novella))
Mick Callahan - (Book: Ms. Simon Says)
Matthew Longacre - (Book: Mulberry Tree, The)
Marko Salvare - (Book: Mum's the Word)
Michael Keane - (Book: Murder at the Courthouse)
Michael Sinclair - (Book: Murder in Retribution (hardcover))
Michael Acton - (Book: Murder in Thrall (hardcover))
Michael Fallon, Major
Duke of Ravenspur
- (Book: Must Have Been the Moonlight)
Magnus MacBride - (Book: Must Love Kilts)
Michael Kennedy - (Book: My Babies and Me)
Max Cooper - (Book: My Big Old Texas Heartache)
Mitch Conner - (Book: My Biker Bodyguard (ebook))
Miles Stafford - (Book: My Destiny)
Miles Stafford - (Book: My Destiny)
Mark Stewart - (Book: My Enemy, My Love)
Mark Belmont - (Book: My Greek Island Fling)
Mark Belmont - (Book: My Greek Island Fling (large print))
Mark Belmont - (Book: My Greek Island Fling (UK))
Morgan Chalstrey - (Book: My Lady Beloved)
Merrick of Normandy - (Book: My Lord Conqueror)
Michael - (Book: My Man, Michael)
Martin Deveraux - (Book: My One and Only Love)
Miles Warwick - (Book: My Only Love)
Mr. Paul/Master James - (Book: My Pet)
Michael Hobart - (Book: My So-Called Boyfriend)
Meriweather Lewis - (Book: My Theodosia)
Mitch Russell - (Book: Mystery Man)
Marquis of Dartford - (Book: Nabob's Widow, The)
Mitch Hayes - (Book: Naked Truth, The)
Matt Baker - (Book: Name & Address Withheld)
Michael Taylor - (Book: Nanny and the Beast)
Marcus van der Breugh - (Book: Nanny By Chance)
Marcus van der Breugh - (Book: Nanny By Chance (reissue))
Marcus van der Breugh - (Book: Nanny By Chance (UK))
Marcus van der Breugh - (Book: Nanny By Chance (UK-reissue))
Mac McAlheny - (Book: Nanny To The Billionaire's Son )
Mason Blackpaw - (Book: Native Cowboy)
Mason Blackpaw - (Book: Native Cowboy (large print))
Mark Elliot - (Book: Natural Attraction)
Mackenzie - (Book: Natural Law)
Mitch Stuart - (Book: Naughty Nights in the Millionaire's Mansion )
Mason - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - Claiming Kate)
Miles Mikowski - (Book: Navy Orders)
Miles Mikowski - (Book: Navy Orders (large print))
Max Ford - (Book: Navy Rules)
Max Ford - (Book: Navy Rules (large print))
Marcus Ravenhurst - (Book: Neglectful Guardian, The)
Marshall Scott - (Book: Nekkid Truth, The (ebook))
Mitchell Caruthers - (Book: Nerd Gone Wild)
Mace Calder - (Book: Never Alone)
Morgan Jarvis - (Book: Never Been Witched)
Matthew Leland, Captain - (Book: Never Marry A Stranger)
Matt Callahan - (Book: Never Say Never)
Malcolm Winters - (Book: Never Say Never)
Mason Sullivan - (Book: New Girl in Town)
Mason Sullivan - (Book: New Girl in Town (Large Print))
Matt - (Book: New Hope, A)
Matt Tanner - (Book: New Kid in Town, The)
Mac McCain - (Book: Newcomer, The)
Marc Hamilton - (Book: Next Right Thing, The)
Marc Hamilton - (Book: Next Right Thing, The (large print))
Mark Sawyer - (Book: Nice Girls Do (ebook))
Marcus - (Book: Nice Wives Finish First)
Michael Blackheart - (Book: Night and Day (Anthology))
Markus Onyx - (Book: Night Bird, The)
Marco - (Book: Night Circus (hardcover))
Mike Ruhl - (Book: Night Echoes)
Mazati - (Book: Night Fire)
Michael Corday - (Book: Night Fires)
Marcus Lucien - (Book: Night Heat)
Max Ross - (Book: Night in Question, The)
Matt DeMarco - (Book: Night in Question, The)
Malachi Gordon - (Book: Night is Alive, The )
Mark Henderson - (Book: Night is Mine, The)
Mitchell McCabe - (Book: Night Manuevers)
Manuel - (Book: Night Of The Bulls, The)
Mato Hawk - (Book: Night of the Hawk)
Marco - (Book: Night of the Living Dandelion)
Maeniel - (Book: Night of the Wolf)
Marcus Grayden - (Book: Night Reigns)
Marcus Delaine, Captain
Earl of Hawksmoor
- (Book: Night Secrets)
Marcus Drake - (Book: Night Shadow)
Mark Alvar - (Book: Night Vision)
Malcolm - (Book: Night Visitor)
Mitch Wymore - (Book: Night Whispers)
Mark Righter - (Book: Night Whispers)
Mitch Wymore - (Book: Night Whispers (reissue))
Mason - (Book: Nightfall)
Mason - (Book: Nightfall (reissue))
Mike Keillor - (Book: Nightfire)
Max Jacobs - (Book: Nightshade)
Marco Salvare - (Book: Nightshade on Elm Street)
Marc Rayven - (Book: Nightstar)
Marc Rayven - (Book: Nightstar (reissue-Hardcover))
Mitch Andrews - (Book: Nightwatch)
Mitch Andrews - (Book: Nightwatch (large print))
Merlin - (Book: Nimue's Price (ebook))
Malcolm Blackfriars - (Book: Ninefold Key, The)
Michael Benjamin - (Book: No Commitment Required)
Michael Kirkland - (Book: No Compromise)
Michael Kirkland, Captain - (Book: No Compromise (reissue))
Mike Forrester - (Book: No Future Christmas)
Max Downey - (Book: No Groom Like Him)
Max Downey - (Book: No Groom Like Him (large print))
Matthew Stone - (Book: No Hiding Place)
Marcus - (Book: No Limits)
Mason St. Clair
Earl of Ashlin
- (Book: No Marriage Of Convenience)
Mack Kennedy - (Book: No More Mr. Nice Guy (ebook))
Mitchell Stone - (Book: No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Love Story)
Mike Windwalker - (Book: No Ordinary Hero)
Marcus Kane
Lord Chadwick
- (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Max Dysart - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Malachi - (Book: No Place Like Home)
Matt Wakefield - (Book: No Regrets)
Matt Sebastian - (Book: No Right Turn)
Marc Aragon - (Book: No Sweeter Ecstasy)
Merrick Rocha - (Book: No Takebacks (ebook))
Maximilian de Rohan - (Book: No True Gentleman)
Marc d'Angelo - (Book: No Walls Between Us)
Max Jarvis - (Book: No Wife Required!)
Marcus Livius Tullion - (Book: Noble Captive, A)
Marc Duvallier, MD - (Book: Noble Doctor, The)
Michael Tyler - (Book: Nocturne)
Mac Ford - (Book: Not a Marrying Man)
Michael Compton - (Book: Not at Eight, Darling)
Marcus Fox - (Book: Not His Type)
Mick Hanson - (Book: Not Just the Nanny)
Max Fontaine - (Book: Not So Snow White)
Matthew Peterson - (Book: Not The One)
Michael Gold - (Book: Note Of Peril)
Mark Bressler - (Book: Nothing But Trouble)
Max Jameson - (Book: Nothing Sweeter)
Marquess of Ellerton - (Book: Notorious Marquess, The)
Marc Antonio Velasquez - (Book: Notorious Woman, A)
Matthew Tucker - (Book: Now and Forever)
Michael Dowd - (Book: Now You See Him... )
Max Callahan - (Book: Now You See Me)
Matt Lawson - (Book: Nowhere to Hide)
Michael Rafferty, MD - (Book: Nurse in a Million)
Mitch Durant - (Book: Nurse in Recovery)
Mitch Durant - (Book: Nurse in Recovery (UK))
Mac Sullivan - (Book: Nurse's Christmas Wish, The)
Michael Patrick O'Brian - (Book: O'Brian's Bride)
Matthew O'Brien - (Book: O'Brien Family Christmas, An)
Marc O'Halloran - (Book: O'Halloran's Lady)
Max Falconer - (Book: Oasis of the Heart)
Marco Barak - (Book: Object of My Affection (ebook))
Michael - (Book: Obsessed)
Michael - (Book: Obsessed (mass market))
Magnus Cooper - (Book: Obsession)
Maksim Kirov - (Book: Obsession with Vengeance, An)
Michael Lafferty - (Book: Officer and a Gentle Woman, An)
Mitchell Hawke - (Book: Official Escort)
Mitch Brody - (Book: Oilman's Baby Bargain, The)
Michael - (Book: Older Guy, The)
Martin Fulbridge
Earl of Dexter.
- (Book: On A Wild Night)
Mick Callen - (Book: On Angel Wings)
Matthew Payton - (Book: On Fire)
Miguel Ortiz - (Book: On Fire)
Mike - (Book: On Leave (ebook))
Maximilian - (Book: On The Night Of The Seventh Moon)
Mackenzie Harrow - (Book: On the Whispering Wind)
Mick Vinicor - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Mick Vinicor - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Mick Vinicor - (Book: On Thin Ice (reissue))
Matt Montoya - (Book: Once a Champion)
Matt Montoya - (Book: Once a Champion (large print))
Matt Rafferty - (Book: Once a Cowboy...)
Matt Rafferty - (Book: Once a Cowboy... (large print))
Marshall Lockwood - (Book: Once a Duchess)
Mike Constantine - (Book: Once A Thief)
Malcolm MacFane - (Book: Once A Warrior)
McCady Trelawny - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon)
Michael Traynor - (Book: Once In A Blue Moon)
Mateo Tres Santos - (Book: Once Perfect (ebook))
Max Callahan - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas Eve)
Micah Muldare - (Book: Once Upon a Matchmaker)
Matthew Mortimer - (Book: Once Upon a Moonlit Night (ebook novella))
Mike O'Rourke - (Book: Once Upon a Pregnancy)
Marcus Ballantyne - (Book: One And Only, The)
Montgomery de Piaget - (Book: One Enchanted Evening)
Michael Langdon - (Book: One Final Step)
Michael Langdon - (Book: One Final Step (large print))
Mark DeSanto - (Book: One for Me, The)
Mitch Taylor - (Book: One Good Man)
Micah Garrity - (Book: One Hot Summer)
Marco Juarez - (Book: One Last Breath)
Max Laird - (Book: One Last Fling!)
Mike Harrigan - (Book: One Man's Folly)
Myles Hardy - (Book: One More Time)
Mark Taylor - (Book: One More Time)
M - (Book: One Night Denied)
Maksim Yurkovich - (Book: One Night Heir)
Maksim Yurkovich - (Book: One Night Heir (ebook))
Maksim Yurkovich - (Book: One Night Heir (large print))
M - (Book: One Night Promised)
Mark McCann - (Book: One Night Standards)
Mark McCann - (Book: One Night Standards)
M - (Book: One Night Unveiled)
Matthew Castleberry - (Book: One Night With a Goddess)
Marcus Ramsay - (Book: One Night with a Spy)
Marcus Ramsay - (Book: One Night with a Spy (reissue))
Mark Benedict - (Book: One Night with His Virgin Mistress)
Michael Rhodes - (Book: One of the Family)
Mick Brody - (Book: One Reckless Summer)
Mitch Lassiter - (Book: One Stormy Night)
Matteo - (Book: One Summer In Italy . . .)
Matt Wheeler - (Book: One Taste)
Marcus Kastanos - (Book: One That Got Away, The)
Max - (Book: One That I Want, The)
Miles Rutledge
Marquis of Ransome
- (Book: One Touch of Magic)
Mitchell Connor - (Book: One Tough Avenger)
Matt Bonner - (Book: One Tough Texan)
Michael Craig - (Book: One Wicked Night)
Madsen Bold - (Book: One Wild Rose)
Miller Holbrook, Professor - (Book: One Wish)
Matt Taggart - (Book: Only Hers)
Matt Taggart - (Book: Only Hers (mass market))
Marcus Sinclair - (Book: Only In Your Arms)
Max Vallerand - (Book: Only in Your Arms)
Matt Boyd - (Book: Only Man for Her, The)
Matt Boyd - (Book: Only Man for Her, The (large print))
Mac McQuade - (Book: Only Skin Deep)
Max McQuad - (Book: Only Skin Deep-Reissue)
Matt Gregor - (Book: Only With A Highlander)
Matt - (Book: Only You)
Michael "Speed" Hunter - (Book: Only You)
Max Shore - (Book: Only You (ebook))
Madoc - (Book: Open Flame)
Mark Kinkaid - (Book: Open Secret)
Mike Madrid - (Book: Operation:
Midnight Rendezvous)
Mike Brown, Corporal - (Book: Oregon Escort, The)
Marco Barak - (Book: Original Sin (ebook))
Max O'Hare - (Book: Ounce of Hope, An)
Matthew Delaney - (Book: Out of Exile)
Michael Devane - (Book: Out Of Hell (ebook))
Max Dakota - (Book: Out Of Nowhere)
Marcus Pendleton - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Micah Cavanaugh - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Mider - (Book: Out of the Dark (ebook))
Miguel Rivera - (Book: Out of the Darkness)
Matt Slater - (Book: Out of the Night)
Mac Knight - (Book: Out Of The Night)
Matt Slater - (Book: Out of the Night (UK))
Matthew Chandler - (Book: Out of the Shadows)
Mitch Claydon - (Book: Outback Bridegroom)
Mike Stallard - (Book: Outcast Woman)
Matt Erickson - (Book: Outrageous (ebook))
Mitch Delacroix - (Book: Outside the Law)
Mitch Delacroix - (Book: Outside the Law (large print))
Mark Branson - (Book: Over Her Head )
Mitch Ferguson - (Book: Over the Rainbow)
Michael Reilly - (Book: Overnight Alibi, The)
Matthew Monroe - (Book: Overnight Father )
Mitch McCoy - (Book: P.I. Who Loved Her, The)
Marcus Carter - (Book: Pact, The)
Maleko Hawkbryn - (Book: Pagan Heart)
Michael Vaughn - (Book: Pages of Passion)
Marshall Cates - (Book: Paging Dr. Right)
Matthew Stone - (Book: Painted Horse)
Marquis of Mandell - (Book: Painted Veil, The)
Max Stanhope - (Book: Pale Moon Stalker)
Malcolm Bercombe
Earl of Strongwycke
- (Book: Pamela's Second Season)
Mike Darlin - (Book: Pantasia: Forever on the Isle of Never)
Malik Bey - (Book: Panther's Prey)
Matthew Farrell - (Book: Paradise)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Paradise Awakening)
Matthew Brandon - (Book: Paradise Found)
Marco McKinley - (Book: Parallel Heat)
Max Saunders - (Book: Parents of Convenience)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Paris Affair, The)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Paris Plot, The (ebook))
Michael -Mike- Parker - (Book: Parker and the Gypsy)
Morgan Larkspur - (Book: Parlor House Daughter, The)
Matthew Bates - (Book: Partners)
Mason Bradshaw - (Book: Partners in Parenthood)
Mike Malloy - (Book: Passing Through Paradise)
Mark Randolph Hawkmore - (Book: Passion)
Mark Kendrick - (Book: Passion and Possession)
Marco di Luccesi - (Book: Passion and the Prince)
Marco di Luccesi - (Book: Passion and the Prince (large print))
Marcus Young - (Book: Passion by the Book)
Mitch Dennehy - (Book: Passion Redeemed, A)
Marc Riodan
- (Book: Passion's Dream)
Matthew Donovan
- (Book: Passion's Flame)
Mike Raines - (Book: Passion's Price)
Michael - (Book: Passion's Tempest)
Morgan Lyons,
Earl of Westcliffe
- (Book: Passions of Wicked Earl)
Marsh Logan - (Book: Passions Wild and Free)
Matt Hunt - (Book: Past Passion)
Matt Hunt - (Book: Past Passion (Large Print))
Michael Wakefield - (Book: Patchwork Family)
Matthew Morgan Hawkmore - (Book: Patience)
Max Sorrenson - (Book: Penthouse Suite)
Matt Lebretti - (Book: Perfect Daughter, The)
Mark Robison - (Book: Perfect Fit)
Michael Marsden - (Book: Perfect Fit)
Mackinsey Jessup - (Book: Perfect Frame, A)
Michael Barrington - (Book: Perfect Hero, A (UK))
Matt McFarland - (Book: Perfect Life, A)
Max Valour - (Book: Perfect Love)
Mack Riley - (Book: Perfect Love, A)
Max Archer - (Book: Perfect Marriage, A)
Mitch MacKinnon - (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Mitch MacKinnon - (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Max Westbrook,
- (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Mick Riley - (Book: Perfect Play, The (ebook))
Mick Riley - (Book: Perfect Play, The (paperback))
Malachai Quarles - (Book: Perfect Romance, A)
Marcus Hawksley - (Book: Perfect Scandal, A)
Mike Peterson - (Book: Perfect Score, The)
Max Crighton - (Book: Perfect Sinner, The)
Max Crighton - (Book: Perfect Sinner, The (UK))
Marc - (Book: Perfect Solution, The)
Michael Adams - (Book: Perilous Eden, A)
Matt Ryan - (Book: Personal Touch, The)
Max Wolfe - (Book: Peta and the Wolfe)
Michael Fuller - (Book: Petals From the Sky)
Mitch Winston - (Book: Phallus from Dallas, The)
Maxwell Beecher - (Book: Phantom of the Bathtub, The)
Marcus Le Carpentier - (Book: Phantom of the French Quarter)
Marcus Le Carpentier - (Book: Phantom of the French Quarter (large print))
Mark Colson - (Book: Phi Beta Bimbo)
Morgan Stewart II - (Book: Philly and the Playboy)
Mitch Hawkins - (Book: Phoebe's Gift)
Michael - (Book: Phoenix Charm, The)
Mitch Hayden - (Book: Physical Evidence)
Mick O–Donnel - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Mac McGannon - (Book: Picture-Perfect Mom)
Mick - (Book: Piece of My Heart, A)
Martin Maddox - (Book: Pieces of Dreams)
Marcus Anstruther - (Book: Pink Parasol, The)
Marcus Anstruther - (Book: Pink Parasol, The (UK))
Marco Glaviano - (Book: Pirate )
Morgan Drake - (Book: Pirate of Her Own, A)
Mitchell Baker - (Book: Place Called Home, A)
Matt - (Book: Places in the Heart)
Michael Sorenson - (Book: Plain Jane)
Michael Sorenson - (Book: Plain Jane)
Matt Crow - (Book: Plain Jane's Texan)
Marcus Blood Axe - (Book: Planet Mail)
Maceo di Silvio - (Book: Planetary Passions)
Mal Ericson - (Book: Play)
Mac Valentine - (Book: Playboy's Ruthless Payback)
Mike Giamaria - (Book: Player Next Door, The)
Matt Tynan - (Book: Player, The)
Mitch Bianchi - (Book: Playing Dead)
Malcolm Douglas - (Book: Playing For Keeps)
Malcolm Cobb - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Mick - (Book: Playing Nice (Hardcover))
Matt Hennessy - (Book: Playing the Game)
Marius Remmington - (Book: Playing the Game (hardcover))
Martin Ballard, Lieutenant - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Matthew Callahan - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Mataeo North - (Book: Pleasure After Hours)
Marcel Benoit - (Book: Pleasure for Two)
Max Purefoy - (Book: Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness, The)
Max Stone - (Book: Pleasure to the Max!)
Miles Weatherfield - (Book: Pleasuring the Lady (ebook))
Matthew - (Book: Pocketful of Pearls)
Marco Kaisiris - (Book: Poisoned Kisses)
Mark Verelst
- (Book: Poor Relation, The)
Magnus Wallis - (Book: Portrait of a Lover)
Malcolm McDonough - (Book: Possessed)
Mac Donnelly - (Book: Possession)
Mark Reynolds - (Book: Potter Springs)
Mark - (Book: Power Exchange)
Morgan Drake - (Book: Powerful Attraction, A)
Matt Whitlock - (Book: Powerhouse)
Madison McCrea - (Book: Practical Man, A)
Maximilian Dane - (Book: Practically Wicked)
Matthew Cameron - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
Marcus Peeples - (Book: Practicing What You Preach)
Mitch Bryant - (Book: Prairie Angel )
Mitch Dawson - (Book: Prairie Paradise)
Max Birmingham - (Book: Precious Passion)
Matthew Cooper - (Book: Pregnancy Plot, The)
Matthew Wheeler - (Book: Pregnant by Morning)
Matt Holder - (Book: Pregnant Proposal, A)
Matt Ransome - (Book: Pregnant With The First Heir)
Mykal - (Book: Pregnant with the Prince's Child)
Mykal - (Book: Pregnant with the Prince's Child (large print))
Michael Emmanuel - (Book: Prelude)
Major Quentin - (Book: Pretty Kitty)
Marc - (Book: Prey)
Miles Bermin - (Book: Prey and Prejudice (ebook))
Malik - (Book: Price and Consequence)
MaGil Jackson - (Book: Price of Love, The)
Max - (Book: Priced to Move)
Mack Carlton - (Book: Priceless)
Mack Carlton - (Book: Priceless (reissue))
Marc - (Book: Pride)
Marc Pride - (Book: Pride and Joy )
Mr. FitzWilliam Darcy - (Book: Pride and Prejudice (reissue))
Mr. FitzWilliam Darcy - (Book: Pride and Prejudice (reissue))
Max Taggert - (Book: Primal Calling)
Mathias Bridger - (Book: Primal Heat)
Michael Emerson - (Book: Primary Suspect)
Marquess of Crewe - (Book: Primrose Path, The)
Mark Townsend - (Book: Prince Among Men, A)
Max Romanovin - (Book: Prince and I, The)
McIntyre Callahan - (Book: Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here)
Maximilian Bravo-Calabretti - (Book: Prince Cinderella's Bride, The)
Michael Leandres - (Book: Prince Daddy & the Nanny)
Michael St. Clair
- (Book: Prince of Danger)
Marcos Starlaw - (Book: Prince of Luster (ebook))
Michael de Marigny - (Book: Prince's Bride-To-Be, The)
Marco Considine - (Book: Prince's Convenient Bride, The)
Marco Considine - (Book: Prince's Convenient Bride, The (UK))
Max Fierezza - (Book: Prince's Forbidden Virgin, The)
Max Fierezza - (Book: Prince's Forbidden Virgin, The (UK))
Max de Gautier - (Book: Prince's Outback Bride, The)
Max de Gautier, Prince Regent - (Book: Prince's Outback Bride, The (Large Print))
Marcus Salvatora - (Book: Princess in the Making)
Miach - (Book: Princess of the Sword)
Magnus Sinclair - (Book: Princess of the Veil)
Michael - (Book: Princess Present, The)
Matt O'Brien - (Book: Princess's Bodyguard, The)
Max Lyon - (Book: Private Affair)
Mark Denton - (Book: Private Dancer)
Max - (Book: Private Maneuvers)
Mitchell Davenport - (Book: Prize of a Lifetime)
Mac McCloy - (Book: Prize Passage)
Matthew Wilde - (Book: Prodigal Comes Home, The)
Morgan Kincaid - (Book: Prodigal Daughter )
MacHeath, Captain - (Book: Prodigal Hero, The)
Matt Sheppard - (Book: Prodigal Son, The)
Marc Kenyon - (Book: Profile For Seduction)
Mark Flynn - (Book: Profiler's Case for Seduction, A)
Morgan Kane - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Matt Waterstone - (Book: Promise to Protect, A)
Matt Waterstone - (Book: Promise to Protect, A (large print))
Michael Hillyard - (Book: Promise, The)
Mitchell Brody - (Book: Proof Positive)
Marcus - (Book: Property of a Gentleman, The (UK))
Michael Hennessey - (Book: Proposition, The)
Mick Tremore - (Book: Proposition,The (ebook))
Michael Wolff - (Book: Propositioned?)
Matt Devlin - (Book: Prospective Wife, The)
Morgan Pierce - (Book: Prospero's Daughter)
Mitch Decker - (Book: Protected Witness, A)
Mason Alexander - (Book: Protector)
Morvan Fitzwaryn - (Book: Protector, The)
Max Brody - (Book: Protector, The)
Miguel Gutierrez - (Book: Proud Revenge, Passionate Wedlock)
Miguel Gutierrez - (Book: Proud Revenge, Passionate Wedlock (UK))
Mac Brody - (Book: Public Affair, Secretly Expecting)
Viscount Marlbrooke
- (Book: Puritan Bride)
Viscount Marlbrooke
- (Book: Puritan Bride (UK))
Matt Sanders - (Book: Pursuit)
Mark Ryan - (Book: Pursuit (Hardcover))
Matt Stanning - (Book: Pushing the Limit)
Matt Jacobs - (Book: Putting It to the Test)
Mac Flannery - (Book: Queen of Wands)
Matthew Elliot - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Matt Logan - (Book: Question Of Love, A)
Max - (Book: Question Of Pride)
Marcus Quicksilver - (Book: Quicksilver's Catch)
Michael Frome - (Book: Quiet as the Grave)
Mark - (Book: Quiet Child, The)
Max Blanco - (Book: Race for the Gold)
Marc Newton - (Book: Racing Hearts)
Mitch - (Book: Ragged Rainbows)
Mitch Prescott - (Book: Ragged Rainbows (reissue))
Mason Kincaid - (Book: Rainbow Wishes)
Mitch Wranebow - (Book: Rainbow's End)
Mac - (Book: Raining Fire)
Max Ransleigh - (Book: Rake to Ruin Her, The)
Marcus Wolfe - (Book: Rake's Final Conquest, The)
Miguel Ramirez - (Book: Ramirez's Woman)
Max Thorpe - (Book: Ranch She Left Behind, The)
Max Carter - (Book: Rancher and the Annesiac Bride, The)
Matthew Clay - (Book: Rancher and the Redhead, The)
Matt Winston - (Book: Rancher and the Rich Girl, The)
Max Santana - (Book: Rancher's Bride, The)
Matt Sanchez - (Book: Rancher's Request, The)
Max Ringgold - (Book: Rancher's Secret Son, The)
Mike Davis - (Book: Randall Returns, A)
Mike Davis - (Book: Randall Returns, A (reissue))
Marc Walcott - (Book: Ransom)
Magnus - (Book: Rapture)
Merrick Von Hayden - (Book: Rapture's Legacy)
Michael Hockett - (Book: Rapture's Rendezvous (mass market reissue))
Michael Hopper - (Book: Rapture's Rendezvous (reissue))
Matthew Blake - (Book: Rapture's Revenge)
Marcus Bannerman - (Book: Raven)
Merlin Seymour - (Book: Raven and the Dove, The)
Marcus Demeter - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Mason Alexander - (Book: Razzle Dazzle)
Michael Tardo - (Book: Read Between The Lines)
Matt Noble - (Book: Real Mr. Right, The)
Mac Buchanan - (Book: Real Thing, The)
Merrick - (Book: Realm Immortal: King of the Unblessed (ebook))
Marcus Landersby - (Book: Reason for Being, A)
Mace Donovan - (Book: Rebel in His Arms)
Major Trevor Caldwell - (Book: Rebel Mine)
Makaiden Griggs,
- (Book: Rebels and Lovers)
Max Jobman - (Book: Reborn (ebook))
Mike Palmer - (Book: Recipe for Love)
Michael Wolf - (Book: Recipe For Temptation)
Minton Navarro - (Book: Reckless Ecstasy)
Marco - (Book: Red)
Micah Madden - (Book: Red Velvet Kisses)
Michael Hosea - (Book: Redeeming Love)
Michael Hosea - (Book: Redeeming Love (reissue))
Michael Hosea - (Book: Redeeming Love (reissue))
Michael Rafferty - (Book: Redeeming the Rogue)
Micah - (Book: Redemption of Micah, The)
Méchant - (Book: Redevence: The Edge)
Marcus Redwyck
Earl of Amberly
- (Book: Redwyck Charm, The)
Matthew Lassiter - (Book: Reef, The)
Matthew Lassiter - (Book: Reef, The (paperback--reprint))
Michael Stoltz - (Book: Reflection)
Matthew Dunn
- (Book: Reforming of Matthew Dunn, The)
Micah McKendrick - (Book: Refuge From Today)
Marcus Harvey
Earl of Wynwood
- (Book: Regency Match, A)
Mike “The Dog” Dougherty - (Book: Reinventing Mona)
Mac Denton - (Book: Rekindled (ebook novella))
Matt Durrant - (Book: Rekindled Romance)
Matt Durrant - (Book: Rekindled Romance (large print))
Matthew Conroy - (Book: Relative Betrayal, A)
Max / Sean - (Book: Release)
Michael Kyle - (Book: Releasing Kate)
Max Weir - (Book: Relentless)
Mick Jacoby - (Book: Relentless)
Max - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Matthew Knight - (Book: Reluctant Hero, The (ebook))
Max Emery - (Book: Reluctant Nude)
Maxwell Jameson Trevor - (Book: Reluctantly Royal)
Matt Dawson - (Book: Remember My Touch)
Matt Dawson - (Book: Remember My Touch (reissue))
Max Gannon - (Book: Remember When)
Max Gannon - (Book: Remember When)
Major Brad Fullerton - (Book: Remembrance)
Mason "Smooth" Randolph - (Book: Renegade)
Matthew Suede - (Book: Renegade Most Wanted)
Michael Mahoney - (Book: Rescuing the Heiress)
Matt McKane - (Book: Resisting Her Ex's Touch (eBook))
Macon Bridges - (Book: Restless Nights)
Mace Sheridan - (Book: Restless Spirit)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Resurrection)
Morgan Trayhern - (Book: Return of a Hero)
Morgan Treyhern - (Book: Return of a Hero (reissue))
Maxwell White - (Book: Return of the Cowboy Doctor )
Morven Maclean - (Book: Return of the Highlander)
Michael Blackthorne - (Book: Return of the Viscount)
Mac Blackwell - (Book: Return to Me)
Max Mitchell - (Book: Return to Sullivans Island (hardcover))
Max Mitchell - (Book: Return to Sullivans Island (paperback))
Matthew Taylor - (Book: Revealed)
Max Preston - (Book: Revealed: His Secret Child)
Max de La Vega - (Book: Revelation)
Malik Greene - (Book: Revelations)
Misha - (Book: Rhapsody)
Mike Dolan - (Book: Ribbon in the Sky)
Matthew Landis - (Book: Rich Man's Fake Fiancee)
Mikhail Kusnirovich - (Book: Rich Man's Whim, A)
Mikhail Kusnirovich - (Book: Rich Man's Whim, A (large print))
Max Montgomery - (Book: Rich, Rugged...Ruthless)
Mark Delgado - (Book: Ride of Her Life, The)
Michael David Lawrence
Duke of Smythington
- (Book: Ride The Wind Home)
Marcus McNeese - (Book: Rider In the Mist)
Malachi Slater - (Book: Rides A Hero)
Malachi Slater - (Book: Rides a Hero)
Mac Canfield - (Book: Riding Wild)
Mike Novack - (Book: Right Choice, The)
Mecan Tolliver - (Book: Right Side of Love, The)
Monty GrayClaw - (Book: Right Wolf, Right Time (ebook))
Marco Rinaldi - (Book: Rinaldi's Revenge)
Matthew McPherson - (Book: Ring in the Holidays)
Marsh McConnell - (Book: Ring of Fire)
Max Hogan - (Book: Ring on Her Finger, The)
Mackenna Jones - (Book: Ripped)
Mitch Dugan - (Book: Ripped!)
Mike Gerardi - (Book: Risa's Rainbow)
Michael - (Book: Rising Darkness)
Malone Garrett - (Book: Risk of Exposure)
Michael Taylor - (Book: Risking Trust)
Mick Penotti - (Book: Risky Proposition, A)
Madoc - (Book: Rival (ebook))
Micah McKnight - (Book: River of Secrets)
Mason Fletcher - (Book: River Road (hardcover))
Mason Fletcher - (Book: River Road (paperback))
Milton Hemming - (Book: Road To Paradise Island, The)
Matthew Rutherford - (Book: Road to Three Creeks (reissue))
Marcus Mason - (Book: Rocktastic Corduroy Peach, The (ebook))
Matt Coleman - (Book: Rocky Mountain Desire)
Monte - (Book: Rocky Mountain Legacy)
Michael Wellesley - (Book: Rocky Mountain Maverick)
Mathew Connelly - (Book: Rocky Road)
Mitch Goodwin - (Book: Rodeo Daughter)
Marc - (Book: Rogue)
Matson Brentwood - (Book: Rogue Steals a Bride, A)
Marquess of Perryn - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A)
MacDonald Archer - (Book: Rogue's Promise, A)
Merlyn, Laird of Ravensmuir - (Book: Rogue, The)
Marcus Craven - (Book: Romance Of A Lifetime)
Michael Kenyon
Marquess of Stokeford
- (Book: Romancing The Rogue)
Max Peterson - (Book: Romantic Road)
Marcus Childe
Earl of Roxbrough
- (Book: Romany Rebel, The)
Max - (Book: Roomates)
McCabe Foxe - (Book: Roomful of Roses)
McCabe Foxe - (Book: Roomful of Roses (reissue))
Matt Michaelson - (Book: Rose and a Wedding Vow, A)
Matthew - (Book: Rose and the Thorn, The)
Marco - (Book: Rose From the Dead, A)
Matt Lambright - (Book: Rosemary Opens Her Heart)
Martin - (Book: Rough Play)
Maxwell von Husden - (Book: Royal Affair (reissue))
Mitch Colton - (Book: Royal Baby on the Way, A)
Michel Phillipe, Prince - (Book: Royal Dad)
Michael - (Book: Royal Wedding)
Makhail Nabatov - (Book: Royal World Apart, A)
Makhail Nabatov - (Book: Royal World Apart, A (large print))
Makhail Nabatov - (Book: Royal World Apart, A (UK))
Marcus Lithgow - (Book: Ruin of a Rogue, The)
Magnus MacKinnon
Earl of Somerton
- (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Max, Lord Roseby - (Book: Rules of Passion)
Michael Hanley - (Book: Ruling Passion, A)
Micah Jones - (Book: Runaway Attraction)
Marsh Pembroke
Earl of Morland
- (Book: Runaways, The)
Mitch Thompson, Detective - (Book: Running On Empty)
Matt Stephens - (Book: Rushing Amy)
Marco Rossi - (Book: Ruthless Italian's Inexperienced Wife, The)
Marco Rossi - (Book: Ruthless Italian's Inexperienced Wife, The (UK))
Morgan Carey, Sir - (Book: Sable)
Michael Merrick - (Book: Sacrifice)
Mitch Ryan - (Book: Saint of Bourbon Street)
Magnus MacKay - (Book: Saint, The)
Marcus Stearns - (Book: Saint, The)
Marco Salzano - (Book: Salzano's Captive Bride)
Marco Salzano - (Book: Salzano's Captive Bride (UK))
Matt Hart - (Book: Samantha and the Cowboy)
Morgan Forester - (Book: Same Time, Same Place (reissue))
Matthew Ingram , Jason Sinclair - (Book: Sanctity of Marriage, The)
Michel Belanger - (Book: Sanctuary for a Lady)
Mack Griffin - (Book: Sancutary in Chef Voleur)
Malcolm - (Book: Sand Castle)
Martin Mitchell - (Book: Sandalwood Tree, The (hardcover))
Mitchell Redmond - (Book: Sanguinet's Crown)
Max Wilde - (Book: Santa Claus Is Coming)
Mackenzie Hawk - (Book: Sara's Angel)
Mackenzie Hawk - (Book: Sara's Angel (reissue))
Matteo Cabrelli - (Book: Sarael's Reading)
Max Scalise - (Book: Sarah And The Sheriff)
Matthew Quinn - (Book: Savage Awakening)
Miguel Gil - (Book: Savage Beauty, A)
Midnight Wolf, Chief - (Book: Savage Intrigue)
Morgan Prescott - (Book: Savage Summer)
Marc Leone - (Book: Savage Touch, The)
Mad Dog Jones - (Book: Savage, The)
Major Morgan Trask - (Book: Savannah Heat)
Matt Gregory - (Book: Saving Dr. Gregory (UK))
Matthew DeLuca - (Book: Savor)
Maxen Pendery - (Book: Saxon Bride)
Mark Wyndham - (Book: Scandal at Greystone Manor (ebook))
Matthew Swift - (Book: Scandal in Spring)
Maximillian von Staufer - (Book: Scandalous Adventure, A)
Mickey O'Connor - (Book: Scandalous Desires)
Marquis of Vale - (Book: Scandalous Marquis, The)
Max Talgarth, Sir - (Book: Scandalous Publication, A)
Morgan MacCraig - (Book: Scandalous Scot, A)
Marcus Van Buren - (Book: Scandalous Spirits)
Marquis of Langston - (Book: Scandals)
Morgan Hunter - (Book: Scarlet)
Matthew Pence - (Book: Scarlet Devices)
Mike Newland - (Book: Scarlet Nights (Hardcover))
Mike Newland - (Book: Scarlet Nights (paperback))
Matt Buchanan - (Book: Scene of the Crime: Bridgewater, Texas (Large Print))
Matthew Stone - (Book: Scenes of Passion)
Michael Alton - (Book: Scheme of Things, The)
Matsumoto Kai - (Book: Scion's Rebirth (ebook))
Macmillan - (Book: Scorched)
Malcolm MacCabe - (Book: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes)
Miles Montague, Duke of Remmington - (Book: Scoundrel)
Marcus Fitzalan - (Book: Scoundrel in Disguise)
Mack Butler - (Book: Scrapbook, The)
Mr. Gordon - (Book: Sea Spell)
Michael Glenmorgan - (Book: Sea Treasure)
Myles Dampier - (Book: Sea Wife, The)
Morgan - (Book: Seaborne)
Mason Brown - (Book: SEAL's Christmas Twins, The)
Marcus Cordello - (Book: Searching for Her Prince )
Marc Devlin - (Book: Season of Secrets)
Magnus Haraldsson - (Book: Season of the Sun)
Matt Sullivan - (Book: Season to Believe, A)
Michael Ripley - (Book: Second Chance At Forever)
Mitch Hammond - (Book: Second Chance Family)
Matt Forrester - (Book: Second Chance Family)
Mac - (Book: Second Chance with the Rebel / Her Royal Wedding Wish (large print))
Matt - (Book: Second Chances)
Matt - (Book: Second Chances (reissue))
Malachi July - (Book: Second Helping, A)
Marquess of Warrick - (Book: Second Match, A)
Max Quinton - (Book: Second Seduction of a Lady, The)
Mac Barrett - (Book: Seconds to Live)
Mitch Lama - (Book: Secret Agent Reunion)
Mark Miller - (Book: Secret and a Bridal Pledge, A)
Matt Jacobs - (Book: Secret Mistress Arrangement, The)
Micha - (Book: Secret of Ella and Micha, The)
Michael - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
Michael - (Book: Secret Of The Wolf (reissue))
Max Delaney - (Book: Secret Ties)
Marcos Allende - (Book: Secretary's Bossman Bargain, The)
Morgan Grady - (Book: Secretary's Seduction, The)
Marc Clayton - (Book: Secrets and Salvation)
Morgan Davis - (Book: Secrets and Seduction)
Matt Stone - (Book: Secrets In Texas)
Maximilian Hawthorne - (Book: Secrets of a Soprano)
Max - (Book: Secrets of an Accidental Duchess)
Michael - (Book: Secrets of Paris)
Michael Trent
Earl of Westhampton
- (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Malcolm Slayter - (Book: Secrets to Seducing a Scot)
Max Dorset - (Book: Seduce Me)
Matthew Stallion - (Book: Seduced by a Stallion)
Michael Corsi - (Book: Seduced by Danger (ebook))
Maurizio Vanzani - (Book: Seduced by Innocence)
Max Striver - (Book: Seduced by the Rich Man)
Murat - (Book: Seduced by the Sultan)
Markus M'ar Riage
God of Matrimony
- (Book: Seducing a God)
Mohab Aal Ghaanem - (Book: Seducing His Princess)
MArcus Knightley - (Book: Seducing Mr Darcy)
Matt Hearne - (Book: Seduction Business, The)
Marcus Worthorne - (Book: Seduction in Scarlet, A)
McCall - (Book: Seduction of Goody Two Shoes, The)
Marcus Finley - (Book: Seduction of Lady Phoebe, The)
Matt Conway - (Book: Seduction Request, The)
McKinnon Quinn - (Book: Seduction, Westmoreland Style)
Mike Montana - (Book: See How They Run)
Micah Lancaster - (Book: See You at Sunset)
Mica - (Book: Selven Refuge)
Miklos Roman - (Book: Sensation Of The Seas)
Maxwell Kraig - (Book: Sensuous Burgandy)
Michael Minor - (Book: Serengeti Lightning (ebook))
Lord Stayne
- (Book: Sergeant Major's Daughter, The)
Lord Stayne
- (Book: Sergeant Major's Daughter, The)
Monty Randolph - (Book: Seven Brides: Iris (reissue))
Viscount Downing
- (Book: Seven Secrets of Seduction)
Matthew Slagel - (Book: Sewn With Joy)
Marc Sorrella - (Book: Sex As A Second Language)
Matthew - (Book: Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love)
Matt Romano - (Book: Sexiest Man Alive, The)
Max Morgan - (Book: Sexy Devil, The)
Max Gale - (Book: Sexy Time Of It, A)
Malachi James - (Book: Shadow Caress (ebook))
Michael Gabriel - (Book: Shadow Lover)
Max Hendrick - (Book: Shadow of Desire)
Matthew Clairmont - (Book: Shadow of Night (hardcover))
Morgan Kane - (Book: Shadow Play)
Matt Saracen - (Book: Shadow Princess)
Michael Ayze - (Book: Shadow Warrior)
Merrick - (Book: Shadows and Betrayal (ebook))
Micah McLeod - (Book: Shadows Of Truth)
Montague Chamford - (Book: Shadows on the Nile)
Mark Bishop - (Book: Shadows on the River)
Max Ellis - (Book: Shady Lady)
Matt Russo - (Book: Shame on Me)
Max Cooper - (Book: Shape of My Heart, The)
Mitch Foster - (Book: Shatter)
Miguel Valero - (Book: Shattered Lullaby)
Michael Kenyon - (Book: Shattered Rainbows)
Mike O'Connell - (Book: She Can Tell)
Mykal Magic Arrington - (Book: She Touched My Soul)
Macon Douglas - (Book: She Who Dares, Wins)
Mike Taylor - (Book: She's No Angel)
Murat, Prince - (Book: Sheik & The Bride Who Said No, The)
Malik Khan, Crown Prince - (Book: Sheik's Secret Bride, The)
Malik Hourani, Sheikh - (Book: Sheikh's Contract Bride, The)
Maclain Moore - (Book: Shelter From the Storm (ebook))
Mike Kowalski - (Book: Shelter Me)
Marc Chambers - (Book: Shelter of Hope)
Matt O'Malley - (Book: Sheriff and the Baby, The)
Marc Rossi - (Book: Shiver of Fear)
Marco - (Book: Shoots To Kill)
Matt Logan - (Book: Shotgun Groom)
Mark Knightson - (Book: Show Me)
Mike Remington, Colonel - (Book: Shut Up And Kiss Me)
Maximos Borsellino - (Book: Sicilian's Defiant Mistress, The)
Magnus Thornton - (Book: Silent Knight)
Marcus - (Book: Silent Night Stakeout)
Marc - (Book: Silk Scarves and Seduction)
Marcus Price - (Book: Silken Seduction, A)
Mike Dormer - (Book: Silver Bay)
Morgan Hamilton - (Book: Silver Jasmine)
Matt Steele - (Book: Silver Kiss, The)
Max McCord - (Book: Silver Lining)
Mark Taylor - (Book: Silver Linings (hardcover))
Mac McKane - (Book: Silver Shadows)
Mike Trueherz - (Book: Simple Spring, A)
Max Richmonte - (Book: Simply The Best (ebook))
Michael Wyndham - (Book: Sin)
Marc Davenport - (Book: Sin City)
Marc Davenport - (Book: Sin City (reprint))
Earl of Wallingford
- (Book: Sinful)
Marcus Davies - (Book: Sinful Attraction)
Marcus Hyatt - (Book: Sins and Secrets)
Malthus Krayl - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Mike Carrera - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Mason McKenzie - (Book: Siren's Desire)
Matthew Grant - (Book: Sister's Secret, A (ebook))
Morgan Kincaid - (Book: Six White Horses)
Mitch - (Book: Size Matters)
Mikhail Denisov - (Book: Skies of Steel)
Michael Romero - (Book: Skin Deep)
Michael - (Book: Skipping a Beat)
Michael Stone - (Book: Skykeepers)
Michael 'Mick' McGraw - (Book: Slave to Love (ebook))
Mason Brown - (Book: Sleep With the Lights On)
Milos Stephanides - (Book: Sleeping with a Stranger)
Marco - (Book: Sleeping with Anemone)
Matthew Devenport
Marquess Langston
- (Book: Sleepless at Midnight)
Micah Jones - (Book: Slow Heat)
Maurice Templeton - (Book: Slow Motion)
Mike - (Book: Small Acts of Sex and Electricty)
Morgan Evans - (Book: Small Favor, A)
Mike Rodriguez - (Book: Small Town Thanksgiving, A)
Matt Hallahan - (Book: Smitten (reissue))
Michalis Theodakis - (Book: Smokescreen Marriage)
Mason Reed - (Book: Smoky Mountain Reunion)
Mason Reed - (Book: Smoky Mountain Reunion)
Max Lansing - (Book: Smooth Operator)
Madoc Vaughan, Sir - (Book: Smuggler's Daughter, The)
Miles Seward - (Book: Smuggler's Heart)
Marco - (Book: Snipped in the Bud)
Michael Ryan - (Book: Snow Queen, The)
Marcus Huntington - (Book: Snowbound in the Earl's Castle)
Marcus Huntington - (Book: Snowbound in the Earl's Castle (large print))
Max Ford - (Book: Snowbound with a Billionaire)
Marshall Bailey - (Book: Snowfall on Haven Point)
McClain Reardon - (Book: So Little Time (Hardcover))
Max Walsh - (Book: So Much Love)
Marcus Helios - (Book: So Still the Night)
Maxim - (Book: So Worthy My Love)
Mitch Dalton - (Book: Soldier for Christmas, A)
Manny Pena - (Book: Soldier's Family, A)
Manny Pena - (Book: Soldier's Family, A (Large Print))
Matthew Blackwood - (Book: Soldier's Heart, A)
Mark Hawkins - (Book: Soldier's Holiday Vow, The)
Micah Duff - (Book: Soldier's Lady, The)
Mack Steele - (Book: Solid as Steele)
Matthew Ferris - (Book: Solitaire)
Michael Wingate - (Book: Some Girls Do)
Matt Winters - (Book: Some Kind of Wonderful)
Max Bradshaw - (Book: Some Like it Hot)
Mike Faricy - (Book: Some Like It Hotter)
Michael Abruzzo - (Book: Some Like It Lethal)
Munro MacLawry - (Book: Some Like It Scot)
Malcolm Goddard - (Book: Some Nerve)
Malcolm Goddard - (Book: Some Nerve)
Mick McCann - (Book: Somebody Wonderful)
Mac Kendrick - (Book: Someone Like You)
Mackenzie Kendrick - (Book: Someone Like You)
Marshall Avery - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Her)
Marcus Waters - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Her)
Matt Ross - (Book: Something About Eve)
Mallory Benning - (Book: Something Borrowed)
Mitchell Lyons - (Book: Something for Herself)
Matt Cooper - (Book: Something Old, Something New)
Mikolai Stefanski - (Book: Something Shady)
Mike Flynn - (Book: Something Wild)
Michael Heaton - (Book: Somewhere to Call Home)
Marquess of Foxborough - (Book: Song for a Lady (Hardcover))
Mason King - (Book: Song of Her Heart)
Mason Danfield - (Book: Sooner or Later)
Marco Speranza - (Book: Sophie and the Scorching Sicilian)
Magnus - (Book: Soul Bound)
Marcus - (Book: Soul Deep)
Mason MacKenzie - (Book: Soul Jar (ebook))
Mason Stray - (Book: Soul Kissed)
M'cal - (Book: Soul Song (reissue))
Mordred Soulis - (Book: Soulless, The (ebook))
Morgan Evans - (Book: Southern Devil, The)
Malcolm Daniels - (Book: Southern Hospitality)
Matt Bower - (Book: Southern Treasures)
Manolo del Guardo - (Book: Spaniard's Baby Bargain, The)
Marcos Ramirez - (Book: Spaniard's Defiant Virgin, The)
Matt de Capistrano - (Book: Spanish Affair, A)
Max Fuentes - (Book: Spanish Lullaby)
Michel Gericault - (Book: Sparhawk Bride, The)
Mathew Bond - (Book: Sparks Fly with the Billionaire (large print))
Mike Lawson - (Book: Special Assignment)
Mitch McStern - (Book: Special Order Groom)
Mitch McStern - (Book: Special Order Groom (ebook))
Mick O'Shay - (Book: Special Treasures)
Mikal - (Book: Spell Bound)
Max Westin - (Book: Spellbound)
Maximilian Oceanus - (Book: Spellbound Falls)
Mage Malcolm Forester - (Book: Spells and Seduction)
Matt Clapton - (Book: Spin Cycle)
Micah Walsh - (Book: Spinning Out of Control)
Mason Callahan - (Book: Spiraled)
Michael Morrison - (Book: Spirit Dances)
Martin Collins - (Book: Spirit of Christmas, A)
Matt - (Book: Spirit of the Wolf)
Mark Delacourt
Earl of Coltrane
- (Book: Spirited Affair, A)
Malik Davenport - (Book: Spiritual Seduction)
Maximilian Hawke - (Book: Splendor)
Mick Bradley - (Book: Spring Creek Bride)
Mason Bayless - (Book: Spring Fever (hardcover))
Mason Bayless - (Book: Spring Fever (paperback))
Matt Donovan - (Book: Staking His Claim (ebook))
Mack McCann - (Book: Stalked)
Marshall Chisholm - (Book: Stampeded)
Marshall Chisholm - (Book: Stampeded (large print))
Marshall Weathers - (Book: Stand By Your Man)
Manny Hernandez - (Book: Stand by Your Man)
Manny Hernandez - (Book: Stand By Your Man (reissue))
Michael Fortune - (Book: Stand-in Bride)
Mike McGuire - (Book: Stand-in Mom)
Miach - (Book: Star of the Morning (reissue))
Max Natoni - (Book: Stargazer's Woman)
Matt Stark - (Book: Stark Naked (ebook))
Mason Bellamy - (Book: Starlight on Willow Lake (hardcover))
Mike Everett - (Book: Start Me Up)
Mitch Avery - (Book: Staying At Home Is A Killer)
Mark Fielding - (Book: Staying Single)
Marcus of Anglesmore - (Book: Stealing Heaven)
Marcus of Anglesmore - (Book: Stealing Heaven (reissue))
Mark Cutter - (Book: Stealing Home)
Marquis of Templeton - (Book: Stealing the Bride)
Michael Whittaker - (Book: Steamy Savannah Nights)
Mason - (Book: Stepbrother, Mine)
Morgan Spencer - (Book: Still of Night, The)
Malcolm Mackenzie - (Book: Stolen Mackenzie Bride, The)
Mark - (Book: Stolen Magic)
Marshal Shane - (Book: Stolen Wishes )
Merrick - (Book: Stone Queen)
Matthew Jentry - (Book: Storm Swept )
Mick - (Book: Stormwalker)
Morgan Kent - (Book: Stormy Reunion)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Stormy Vows)
Mark Reynolds - (Book: Storybook Dad)
Michael Tarrington - (Book: Straight for the Heart)
Merrick Grayslake - (Book: Stranger in My Arms)
Mac Weaver - (Book: Stranger in Paradise)
Matthew Steele - (Book: Stranger in Paradise)
Matt Shane - (Book: Stranger She Married, The)
Max D'Avenant - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Marcus Greystone - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Max Worthe - (Book: Strangers at Dawn)
Mack McKinley - (Book: Street Game)
Mark - (Book: Strictly Confidential Attraction)
Mark Sullivan - (Book: Strip Search)
Mark Sullivan - (Book: Strip Search)
Mark Sullivan - (Book: Strip Search (reprint))
Mac Mancusi, Detective - (Book: Stripped)
Mike Crane - (Book: Studly Service (ebook))
Morgan Lynch - (Book: Such Sweet Poison)
Matt Frasier - (Book: Sudden Heat (ebook))
Matt Hardinge - (Book: Sudden Sunlight, A)
Max Chandler - (Book: Suddenly)
Marco Correlli - (Book: Suddenly Expecting)
Mike Romo - (Book: Sugar Creek)
Mark Jorgen - (Book: Suite Embrace)
Mitch Rawlins - (Book: Sultry)
Marcus Stanfield - (Book: Sultry Pleasure)
Marco DeLuca - (Book: Summer in Napa)
Matt Sinclair - (Book: Summer of Joanna)
Micah Brenneman - (Book: Summer of Secrets)
Mano Mateo - (Book: Summer Splendor)
Michael - (Book: Sundays at Tiffany's )
Matt Rockland - (Book: Sunlight on Shadows)
Micah / Navarre - (Book: Sunlight, Moonlight)
Matt Walker - (Book: Sunset in Central Park)
Matt Davidson - (Book: Sure Thing?, A)
Maximillan Oosterwelde - (Book: Surgeon from Holland)
Matt Saunders - (Book: Surgeon's Child, The)
Maxwell Hamilton - (Book: Surprise Baby, The)
Mike Foster - (Book: Surprise Dad)
Marcus - (Book: Surrender)
Montana Bartholomew Creed - (Book: Surrender a Dream)
Marcus Sherbrook - (Book: Surrender Becomes Her)
Marcus Sherbrook - (Book: Surrender Becomes Her (mass market))
Michael Jones - (Book: Surrender My Heart)
Martin Langdon - (Book: Surrender to a Scoundrel)
Mike O'Ryan - (Book: Survivors, The)
Michael Piccoli - (Book: Susanna's Seduction (ebook))
Michael Longstreet - (Book: Sweet Child of Mine)
Micah St. Charles - (Book: Sweet Dalliance)
Myles Eaton - (Book: Sweet Deception)
Marshal Travis Kincaid - (Book: Sweet Fury)
Marcus Ambrose - (Book: Sweet Harmony )
Mick Rivers - (Book: Sweet Kiss of Summer)
Michael Taggert - (Book: Sweet Liar)
Michael Slayton - (Book: Sweet Love )
Matt Simmons - (Book: Sweet Not Always)
Matt Dean - (Book: Sweet Revenge (ebook))
Matt Dean - (Book: Sweet Revenge (paperback))
Morgan Harris - (Book: Sweet Sensations)
Monroe Bedford - (Book: Sweet Southern Comfort)
Matt Baker - (Book: Sweet Success)
Morgan Wright - (Book: Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire)
Micah Hudson - (Book: Sweet Temptation)
Morgan Daniels - (Book: Sweet Texas Dreams)
Mark Taylor - (Book: Sweet Tomorrows (hardcover))
Matt - (Book: Sweet Trouble)
Mitch Stone - (Book: Sweet Victory)
Malcolm MacDowell - (Book: Sweetest Hours, The)
Marquis of Jardine - (Book: Sweetest Little Sin)
Mike Stark - (Book: Sweetheart Rules, The )
Moss Collier - (Book: Sweetwood Bride, The)
Matt Rockwell - (Book: Swept Away)
Marcellus Valerius - (Book: Sword of Rome)
Marco D'Arvello - (Book: Sydney Harbor Hospital: Marco's Temptation)
Marius van Beek - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight)
Marius van Beek - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (reissue))
Marius van Beek - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (reissue))
Marius van Beek - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (UK))
Marius van Beek - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (UK-reissue))
Montague Bridgeman - (Book: Taboo)
Max Harper - (Book: Tailspin)
Marc - (Book: Tainted Hearts (ebook))
Mitch Riley - (Book: Take a Chance on Me)
Merrick Rocha - (Book: Take Me Back (ebook novella))
Micahel Flannery - (Book: Take the Risk)
Michael Cutler - (Book: Takedown)
Merrick Rocha - (Book: Taken)
Max Lunden - (Book: Taken by Fire)
MJ Rocha - (Book: Taken by Storm)
Michael Walden - (Book: Taken by Storm (hardcover))
Michael Walden - (Book: Taken by Storm (paperback))
Morgan Scott - (Book: Taken By You)
Mason Thorne - (Book: Taken Home)
Miguel Mendez - (Book: Taken: The Spaniard's Virgin)
Merrick Vaughn - (Book: Taking Chloe (ebook))
Michael Tarik - (Book: Taking Fire)
Mark Banning - (Book: Tall, Dark & Reckless)
Mitch Ryder - (Book: Tall, Dark and Daring)
Mateo Cardea - (Book: Tall, Dark and Disreputable)
Matt Travis - (Book: Tall, Dark and Reckless)
Michael Wolfe - (Book: Tall, Dark and Texan)
Michael Wolfe - (Book: Tall, Dark and Texan (UK))
Earl of d’Arenville
- (Book: Tallie's Knight)
Matthew Fisher - (Book: Tamed)
Marc McAllister - (Book: Taming Heather)
Max - (Book: Taming Lily)
Michael Hurst - (Book: Taming of a Scottish Princess)
Malcolm Grant - (Book: Taming of Malcolm Grant, The)
Matthew Grayson - (Book: Taming the Beastly MD)
Max Arragen - (Book: Taming the Lost Prince)
Max Arragen - (Book: Taming the Lost Prince (large print))
Mike Sanchez - (Book: Tammy and the Doctor)
Marc Stephano - (Book: Tangled Destinies)
Mitch Cantrell - (Book: Tangled Lives)
Marc Henry
Marquis of Hazelmere
- (Book: Tangled Reins)
Max Grady - (Book: Tangled Up)
Matt Stone - (Book: Tangled Up in Blue)
Michael Halliday - (Book: Tangled Up In Love)
Mick - (Book: Tangled Up In You)
Mikhail Kozlof - (Book: Tango's Edge)
Mason Callahan - (Book: Targeted)
Michael - (Book: Taste of Crimson, A)
Michael - (Book: Taste of Crimson, A (reissue))
Mark Newman - (Book: Taste of Merlot, A)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Tears of Gold)
Max Wolfe - (Book: Tell Me Why)
Matthew Chase - (Book: Tell Me you Love Me)
Mr. Darcy - (Book: Temporary Bride, The)
Matt Davenport - (Book: Temporary Engagement )
Marshall Wilder - (Book: Temporary Slave)
Max Hastings - (Book: Tempt Me Not)
Marrok of Cadbury - (Book: Tempt Me with Darkness)
Maximilian - (Book: Temptation Has Green Eyes)
Michael Severson - (Book: Temptation of a Proper Governess)
Matt Woods - (Book: Temptation of Savannah O'Neill, The)
Merrick MacLochlainn - (Book: Temptation of the Warrior)
Maximillian Burke - (Book: Temptation of Your Touch, The)
Matt Prescott - (Book: Temptation's Price)
Marc Jamison - (Book: Tempted)
Marc Jamison - (Book: Tempted (UK))
Matteo Renaldi - (Book: Tempted by Her Boss (ebook))
Max Falconer - (Book: Tempting)
Major Stuart Hartford - (Book: Tempting Eden)
Mich Goodwin - (Book: Tempting Engagement)
Mason Talbot - (Book: Tempting the New Boss (ebook))
Mitch Brewer - (Book: Tempting Trouble)
Michael Devlin - (Book: Tender Guardian)
Mike MacAllister - (Book: Tender is the Touch)
Mark Tanner - (Book: Tender Love)
Matthew Carlton - (Book: Tender Triumph)
Matt Ingram - (Book: Tennessee Moon)
Mac MacCleod - (Book: Texan on Her Doorstep, A)
Marek Rangel - (Book: Texan's Contract Marriage, The)
Mack McGruder - (Book: Texan's Convenient Marriage, The)
Mitch Colter - (Book: Texas Blaze)
Matthew Cade - (Book: Texas Conquest)
Mack Bannerman - (Book: Texas Dad)
Mason McGraw - (Book: Texas Fire)
Max McDowell - (Book: Texas Gold)
Max McDowell - (Book: Texas Gold (UK))
Mason MacKenzie - (Book: Texas Heat)
Mac Wheeler - (Book: Texas Rancher's Family, The)
Matt Briscoe - (Book: Texas Rancher's Vow, The)
Marc Brannon - (Book: Texas Ranger, The)
Marc Brannon - (Book: Texas Ranger, The (reissue))
Matt Carson - (Book: Texas Rose)
Max Hunter - (Book: Thank Your Lucky Stars)
Max Forrester - (Book: Thanksgiving Target, The)
Michael "Midas" Thorne - (Book: That Midas Man)
Marcus Brand - (Book: That Mysterious Texas Brand Man)
Marcus Morion - (Book: That Old Black Magic (ebook))
Michael de Grey - (Book: That Scandalous Summer)
Mason Parker - (Book: The Millionaire's Forever (ebook))
Micahel Brewster - (Book: Their Christmas Wish Come True)
Max Williams - (Book: Their Million-Dollar Night)
Mark Anderson - (Book: Their Unexpected Family)
Mitchell Thorpe - (Book: Theirs to Cherish)
Myles Chilcot
Lord Deveron
- (Book: Theodora)
Morgan Devereaux - (Book: There Never Was a Time)
Mac Reilly - (Book: There's Something About St. Tropez)
Marcus Barrow - (Book: Thing of Beauty, A)
Mike - (Book: Things You Won't Say)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Thirst (anthology))
Matthew Long - (Book: This Cowboy's Son)
Matt Mathieson - (Book: This Side of Heaven)
Malik Williams - (Book: This Time For Real)
Maceo Kent - (Book: This Time Forever)
Matthew Lockwood - (Book: This Time Forever)
Matthew Lockwood - (Book: This Time Forever (reissue))
Marcus Thorne - (Book: Thornbrook Park)
Michael Found - (Book: Thoroughly Kissed)
Myles Cunningham
- (Book: Threads of Destiny)
Marquis Fabien de Vendome - (Book: Threads of Silk)
Mike Mikelewski - (Book: Three Down the Aisle)
Michael Bearclaw - (Book: Three Kisses)
Merrick MacLachlan - (Book: Three Little Secrets)
Mattheus - (Book: Three Weeks to Wed)
Max Roper - (Book: Thrill Me to Death)
Michael Magee - (Book: Thrill Of It All, The)
Matt Cates - (Book: Thunder Canyon Christmas, A)
Mick Churchill - (Book: Thunderstruck)
Maks Altan - (Book: Tiger Bound)
Marcus Merrivale - (Book: Time For Silence, A)
Mike Birkett - (Book: Time of Death (US title Dead by Midnight))
Mark Diego - (Book: Time Out)
Micah Deveroux - (Book: Time Remembered)
Morgan Trahern - (Book: Time Swept Lovers)
Matthew Bontrager - (Book: Time to Love, A)
Magnus - (Book: Timeless (ebook))
Michael l'Ecossais - (Book: Timeswept)
Max di Varano - (Book: To Catch a Groom)
Mario Santana - (Book: To Catch a Star)
Morgan - (Book: To Catch a Wolf)
Michael Layward - (Book: To Charm a Naughty Countess)
Magnus - (Book: To Eternity (ebook))
Mitch Sayer - (Book: To Heal a Heart)
Count di Fabruzzi
- (Book: To Kiss a Count)
McKay Harrington - (Book: To Know Her by Name)
Miles Montgomery
Earl of Stratford
- (Book: To Love A Princess)
Maxwell, Lord Montrose - (Book: To Love a Wicked Lord)
Marquess of Drakefield - (Book: To Marry A Marquess)
Montgomery Darby - (Book: To Marry an Heiress)
Marcos Pinheiro - (Book: To Play With Fire)
Marcus Pierce - (Book: To Pleasure a Lady)
Marcus North
Viscount Draker
- (Book: To Pleasure A Prince)
Michael Stewart, Sir - (Book: To Tempt a Gentleman)
Mac McQuarry - (Book: To Trust A Stranger)
Miles Croft
Viscount Pelham
- (Book: To Wed a Stranger)
Max Jamison - (Book: Toddler's Tale, The)
Mark Hicks - (Book: Tomorrow's Promise)
Mark Thayne - (Book: Too Dangerous For a Lady)
Michael Farrow
Earl of Winchester
- (Book: Too Hot To Handle)
Matt Holland - (Book: Too Hot to Handle)
Max Lunden - (Book: Too Hot to Touch)
Michael Murrieta - (Book: Too Wild to Hold)
Matt McNaught - (Book: Top-Notch Doc, Outback Bride)
Magnus - (Book: Torrid Tarot: Whisper of the Blade)
Michael Stevens - (Book: Total Surrender)
Michael Stevens - (Book: Total Surrender (reissue))
Malachi Seymour - (Book: Touch of Desire)
Maxwell Dononvan - (Book: Touch of Fate)
Mike Kramer - (Book: Touch of Love, A)
Maxim Bannister - (Book: Touch of Max, The)
Morgan Cantrell - (Book: Touch of Surrender)
Matt Griffin - (Book: Touch of Texas)
Mitchell St. Cyr - (Book: Touch The Dawn)
Marcus - (Book: Touch the Sky)
Morgan - (Book: Traci on the Spot)
Mac - (Book: Tradewind Island)
Matt August - (Book: Trading Secrets)
Mitch Crawford - (Book: Treasure)
Matt - (Book: Trick of the Mind)
Mick Gentry - (Book: Tricks of the Trade)
Matthew Mark Hennessy - (Book: Trickster, The)
Maxwell Reardon - (Book: Trophy Wife, The )
Mark Kincaid - (Book: Trouble in Texas)
Marcus Jeffries
Earl of Wyndham
- (Book: Trouble With Harriet, The)
Marshall MacDougal - (Book: Troublemaker, The)
Magnus Titus Snow
Viscount of Camcen Hall
- (Book: True Lady, A)
Mac Hunter - (Book: True Shot)
Malcolm - (Book: True to the Highlanders)
Mack Cash - (Book: True, Blue Cowboy)
Marcus Kincardine - (Book: Truelove Bride, The)
Mason Constanza - (Book: Trust and Betrayal (ebook))
Marius - (Book: Trusting Again)
Michael Carson - (Book: Trusting Him)
Matteo de Campo - (Book: Truth About de Campo)
Matthew Hayes - (Book: Truth and Deceit (ebook))
Malcolm Eden - (Book: Tudor Secret, The)
Maverick Armstrong - (Book: Turbulent Desires)
Maxwell Turner - (Book: Turn It Up)
Mike Lundquist - (Book: Turn Two)
Max - (Book: Twas the Week Before Christmas)
Matthew Harper - (Book: Twice in a Lifetime)
Matthew Logan - (Book: Twice Tempted)
Matt Caminetti - (Book: Twice the Chance)
Matt Caminetti - (Book: Twice the Chance (large print))
Micah Ravenwood - (Book: Twilight Dreams)
Moon Runner - (Book: Twilight Kisses)
Magnus Hauk - (Book: Twilight Lord)
Mark - (Book: Twilight Secrets)
Michael Winslow
Duke of Fairfax
- (Book: Twin Peril)
Micah McGraw - (Book: Twin Targets)
Mitch Cortega - (Book: Twins Under His Tree)
Mark Wolfe - (Book: Twisted)
Matt Skylar,
- (Book: Two Hearts)
Mitch Turner - (Book: Two Lethal Lies)
Max - (Book: Two Little Miracles)
Mike Reilly - (Book: Two on the Run)
Matt Byrne - (Book: Tycoon's Dating Deal, The )
Mason Knight - (Book: Tycoon's Hidden Heir, The)
Max Montgomery - (Book: Tycoon's Secret Daughter, The)
Max Montgomery - (Book: Tycoon's Secret Daughter, The (large print))
Meredith Carruthers - (Book: Tyrant, The)
Marquess of Wrotham - (Book: Ugly Duckling, The)
Miles Archer - (Book: Ugly Love)
Mac Davidson - (Book: Ultimate Seduction, The)
Marcus Fraser - (Book: Ultimate Surrender, The)
Marcus Fraser - (Book: Ultimate Surrender, The (Large Print))
Michael Templeton
Viscount Fairfax
- (Book: Unacceptable Offer, An)
Marius - (Book: Unchained)
Mark Turner - (Book: Unclaimed)
Mason Penney - (Book: Unconditional (reissue))
Max Hunter - (Book: Undead on Arrival)
Matthew St. Charles - (Book: Undeniably Yours)
Matt - (Book: Under a Blue Moon)
Michael - (Book: Under Holly's Stockings)
Max DeLeon - (Book: Under One Roof)
Maximilian Vasek - (Book: Under the Microscope)
Manny Ortega - (Book: Under The Wire)
Malcolm Chase - (Book: Under the Wishing Star)
Matthew Raleton - (Book: Undercover)
Michael Harper - (Book: Undercover Affair)
Maxwell Lotorto - (Book: Undercover Nanny)
Michael Slade - (Book: Undercover Protector)
Mitch Waverley - (Book: Undercover Trouble (ebook))
Mike Callahan - (Book: Undercover Wife)
Mike Kinnear - (Book: Undercurrents)
Mark Bishop - (Book: Undetected)
Marquess of Daniston
- (Book: Undomesticated Wife, An)
Marcus Booker - (Book: Unexpected Circumstance)
Matt - (Book: Unexpected Marriage)
Matthew Warren - (Book: Unexpected Match, An)
Marcus Hunt - (Book: Unexpected Proposal, An (UK))
Micah Steele - (Book: Unexpected Sunrise)
Mason Hicks - (Book: Unexpected Wedding Guest, The)
Max Trevetti - (Book: Unexpected Wedding Guest, The)
Maxwell Case - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Mark Newman - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Marcel Taylor - (Book: Unforgettable)
Marcel Taylor - (Book: Unforgettable (reprint))
Matthew Tanner - (Book: Unforgettable Night)
Matthew Bowen - (Book: Unforsaken)
Mitch Halloran - (Book: Unguarded Hearts)
Michael - (Book: Uninvited)
Michael Phillips - (Book: Unknown Malone, The)
Matt Anderson - (Book: Unknown Woman, The)
Marc Hunter - (Book: Unlawful Contact)
Malcolm - (Book: Unleashed)
Matt Dumont - (Book: Unleashed)
M. S. Barrett - (Book: Unlikely Combination, An)
Michael Bowen - (Book: Unlikely Wife, The)
Matthew Harrison - (Book: Unlocking the Doctor's Heart (ebook))
Michael - (Book: Unnatural)
Mason Mitchell - (Book: Unscripted)
Michael Devane - (Book: Unspoken Betrayal, An (ebook))
Mitchell Brand - (Book: Untamed)
Macsen - (Book: Untamed)
Morgan MacKinnon - (Book: Untamed)
Morgan MacKinnon - (Book: Untamed (reprint))
Michael Baylor - (Book: Untamed Possession)
Matthew McConnell - (Book: Until I Saw Your Smile)
Marshall Jennings - (Book: Until Now)
Merrick of Tregellas - (Book: Unwilling Bride, The)
Matt Stone - (Book: Up Close)
Mason Thorne - (Book: Up Close)
Marquis of Granville - (Book: Useful Affair, A)
Matthew Valente - (Book: Valente's Baby)
Max Valentine - (Book: Valentine Bride, The)
Michael - (Book: Valentine Princess)
Matt Harte - (Book: Valentine Two-Step, The (reissue))
Michael Vakulic - (Book: Valentine's Secret Child)
Michael Vakulic - (Book: Valentine's Secret Child (Large Print))
Massimo Valtieri - (Book: Valtieri's Bride)
Massimo Valtieri - (Book: Valtieri's Bride (large print))
Michael Brandt - (Book: Vampire Affair, The)
Malachi - (Book: Vampire Instinct)
Marcus Notte - (Book: Vampire Most Wanted)
Mason Callahan - (Book: Vanished)
Max Duhon - (Book: Vanishing, The)
Max Duhon - (Book: Vanishing, The (large print))
Matteo de Gama - (Book: Veiled Passions)
Marquess of Brodhurst - (Book: Veiled Vixen, The (Hardcover))
Miles Montgomery - (Book: Velvet Angel)
Marcus Tyrone - (Book: Velvet Lightning)
Malik - (Book: Velvet Rope)
Max Carressa - (Book: Vengeance)
Mick Hannon - (Book: Very Special Delivery, A)
Magnus - (Book: Very Virile Viking, The)
Magnus Ericsson - (Book: Very Virile Viking, The (reprint))
Earl of Wycliffe
- (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The)
Mac Donovan - (Book: Victim)
Marquis of Tarn - (Book: Victoire (reissue))
Max, Lord Brough - (Book: Victory Summer)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Vienna Waltz)
Maxwell Black - (Book: Virgin for His Prize, A)
Mac Macready - (Book: Virgin Groom, The)
Matt Webster - (Book: Virgin's Proposal, The)
Mark - (Book: Virtual Reality)
Marcus Devlin
Marquis of Carrington
- (Book: Virtue)
Marcello Farisi - (Book: Virtue and Vice)
Matthew Fallon - (Book: Vision in Blue)
Matthew Rome - (Book: Visions of Jasmine)
Maximillan Oosterwelde - (Book: Visiting Consultant)
Mabon - (Book: Vixen Princess, The (ebook))
Morgan McKinley - (Book: Vote of Confidence, A)
Michael Sinclair - (Book: Vow, The)
Michael Grey - (Book: Wager, The (ebook))
Michael - (Book: Wages of Sin, The)
Mitch Anderson - (Book: Waiting For Eternity (ebook))
Marcus - (Book: Waiting for Jules)
Marc Torin - (Book: Waiting For Yesterday)
Mick Hennessey - (Book: Waiting in Vain (ebook novella))
Mason Brown - (Book: Wake to Darkness)
Marcus Stewart - (Book: Walk on the Wild Side)
Mike Lanagan - (Book: Wanted Man, A)
Mason Sweet - (Book: Wanting What You Get)
Marko Taruskin - (Book: Wanton)
Mark Hunter - (Book: Wanton Bride, The (reissue))
Mark Hunter - (Book: Wanton Bride, The (UK))
Murad - (Book: Warlord Unarmed (ebook))
Madoc of Llanpowell
- (Book: Warlord's Bride, The)
Michael - (Book: Warrior)
Marcus Flavius Donatus - (Book: Warrior Or Wife)
Malcolm Macdowlyt - (Book: Warrior Redemption)
Michel de Martigny - (Book: Warrior's Game, The)
Michael Lammergeier - (Book: Warrior, The)
Mykola Chernichenko - (Book: Watch Over Me)
Matt Eveldene - (Book: Waves of Temptation)
Marquis of Carraford - (Book: Wayward Governess, The)
Marcus Edenbridge - (Book: Wayward Governess, The)
Martin Davencourt - (Book: Wayward Widow)
Matt Donahue - (Book: Wed by a Will)
Michael Morgan - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Maximillian Wells
Earl of Trent
- (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Matt Kincaid - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues )
Max Landry - (Book: Wedding Diaries, The)
Monroe Tacy - (Book: Wedding Dress, The)
Mangus MacKinnon - (Book: Wedding For A Knight)
Mick McKenna - (Book: Wedding Gift, The)
Mike Connery - (Book: Wedding Heiress, The)
Mack Killain - (Book: Wedding in White, The)
Mack Killain - (Book: Wedding in White, The (Hardcover))
Matt Jordan - (Book: Wedding Kiss, The)
Michael Dickinson - (Book: Wedding Party)
Mike Cameron - (Book: Wedding Rings and Baby Things)
Michael MacBain - (Book: Wedding the Highlander)
Morse Archer
- (Book: Wedding Wager, The)
Mike - (Book: Wedding? Impossible!)
Morgan Hughes - (Book: West Texas Weddings)
Mark Smythe - (Book: What a Duke Wants)
Marcus Reese
Duke of Essex
- (Book: What a Gentleman Wants)
Marcus Reese - (Book: What a Gentleman Wants (reissue))
Maximillien Redgrave - (Book: What a Hero Dares)
Matias Barnes - (Book: What a Texas Girl Needs)
Matthew Kincaid - (Book: What Happens in Charleston...)
Mark Temple - (Book: What Love Endures)
Max Devereaux - (Book: What She Doesn't Know)
Max Devereaux - (Book: What She Doesn't Know)
Mead Regan - (Book: What Should Have Been )
Morgan Talbot - (Book: What the Doctor Ordered)
Maximilian Cale - (Book: What the Duke Desires)
Mitch Peabody - (Book: What the Lady Wants)
Mitch Peabody - (Book: What The Lady Wants (reissue))
Michael McCauley - (Book: What to Do with a Bad Boy)
Marcus - (Book: What to Do With a Duke)
Matthew Weston - (Book: Whatever It Takes)
Matt Alessandro - (Book: When a Stranger Calls)
Max Cutler - (Book: When All the Girls Have Gone (hardcover))
Max Treveleyn - (Book: When Chocolate is Not Enough...)
Max Treveleyn - (Book: When Chocolate is Not Enough... (large print))
Max Treveleyn - (Book: When Chocolate is Not Enough... (UK))
Matthew - (Book: When Good Earls Go Bad (novella))
Matt - (Book: When He Was Bad...)
Michael Stirling - (Book: When He Was Wicked)
Michael Stirling - (Book: When He Was Wicked (Epilogue-ebook))
Max Sharpe - (Book: When I Fall in Love)
Mase Colt-Manning - (Book: When I'm Gone)
Marcus Longfellow, Earl of Renn - (Book: When It's Perfect)
Matt - (Book: When Joss Met Matt)
Mick Love - (Book: When Love Came to Town)
Michael Redmond - (Book: When Love Remains)
Mitchell Warren - (Book: When Night Falls)
Mitch Dalton - (Book: When Stars Collide)
Maximilien Vallerand - (Book: When Strangers Marry)
Mark O'Donnell - (Book: When the Cameras Stop Rolling...)
Manuel Mondragon - (Book: When the Heart is Right)
Martin Palmer - (Book: When the Morning Comes (reprint))
Matthew Valentine - (Book: When Valentines Collide)
Mase - (Book: When You're Back)
Mitch Franklin - (Book: Where Azaleas Bloom)
Max Moran - (Book: Where There Is Love)
Matt Baxter - (Book: Where Truth Lies)
Malachy MacCullagh - (Book: Where We Were Born)
Matt Baldwin - (Book: Whirlwind Reunion)
Micah - (Book: Whisper (ebook novella))
Michael Wolf - (Book: Whisper in the Wind, A)
Maitland Spencer - (Book: Whisper of Desire, A (ebook))
Max Tanner - (Book: Whisper of Evil)
Morgan MacDonnell - (Book: Whisper of Roses (reissue))
Morgan MacDonnell - (Book: Whisper of Roses, A)
Mike Valenzuela - (Book: Whispering Rock)
Mike Valenzuela - (Book: Whispering Rock (reprint))
Mannerby - (Book: Whispering Rocks, The)
Mitch - (Book: Whispers at Ghost Point (ebook))
Matt Converse - (Book: Whispers At Midnight)
Momar Diallo - (Book: Whispers in the Sand)
Maximillian Radborne
- (Book: Whispers on the Wind)
Mathilda - (Book: White Deception)
Max Aries - (Book: White Heat)
Max Aries - (Book: White Heat (Large Print))
Max Daniels - (Book: Who's the Daddy?)
Marquis of Bishton - (Book: Wicked Guardian, The)
Marquis of Vane - (Book: Wicked Little Game)
Marco Black - (Book: Wicked Temptation)
Maccus Brawley - (Book: Wicked Under the Covers)
Murmur - (Book: Wicked Whispers)
Marshall Hawkesworth - (Book: Wickedly Ever After)
Marcus Dermott - (Book: Wickedly Wonderful)
Matt Tarrington - (Book: Wife for a Night)
Max Taylor - (Book: Wife For Christmas, A)
Michael Sloan - (Book: Wife He's Been Waiting For, The)
Michael Sloan - (Book: Wife He's Been Waiting For, The (UK))
Morgan Urquart - (Book: Wife of Convenience, A)
Michael DeLaurence - (Book: Wife to Remember, A (UK))
Marco Esteves - (Book: Wild )
Mac Foster - (Book: Wild About the Wrangler)
Earl of Kirkcaldy
- (Book: Wild Angel)
Mitch Lassiter - (Book: Wild Fantasy)
Mitch Lassiter - (Book: Wild Fantasy (UK))
Marc Renaud - (Book: Wild Honey)
Marquis of Westleigh - (Book: Wild Jasmine)
Mal Kennealy - (Book: Wild Licks)
Max - (Book: Wild Orchids)
Morgan York - (Book: Wild Southern Rose)
Matt Brody - (Book: Wild Surrender, A)
Matt Brody - (Book: Wild Surrender, A (large print))
Madison - (Book: Wild Sweet Love)
Mace Phillips - (Book: Wild Woman)
Morgan McCain - (Book: Wildcat)
Matthew Cameron
Earl of Markholme
- (Book: Willed to Wed)
Max di Angeli - (Book: Willing Captive, The)
Matt Treadwell - (Book: Willow Embrace)
Mike Smith - (Book: Wind Warning)
Marc Chandler - (Book: Winds of Heaven, The)
Michael Sullivan - (Book: Winning Back His Bride)
Mac Hannon - (Book: Winning Love)
Matt Scanlon - (Book: Winning Season, The (ebook))
Mason Christian - (Book: Winning the Boss's Heart (ebook))
Miles Cavenham - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK hardcover))
Miles Cavenham - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK paperback))
Marquess of Ashart - (Book: Winter Fire)
Marken - (Book: Winter Pleasures: The Training)
Marc DeHollander - (Book: Winter's End)
Max Rossmara - (Book: Wish Club, The)
Mason Kincaid - (Book: Witch in the House)
Marcus Quinn - (Book: Witch in Time, A (hardcover))
Matt Ferber - (Book: With Strings Attached (ebook))
Mac Gerard - (Book: With This Fling)
Marc Damon - (Book: With This Ring)
Matt Thompson - (Book: With This Wedding Ring)
Mike Gables - (Book: With Valor and Devotion)
Michael Buchanan - (Book: Within Reach)
Michael Young - (Book: Within Reach)
Michael Young - (Book: Within Reach (large print))
Matt Rossi - (Book: Without a Clue)
Michael De Lorio - (Book: Without a Trace)
Michael De Lorio - (Book: Without a Trace (reissue))
Matthew Winter Sky - (Book: Wolf in the Desert)
Moon Wolf - (Book: Wolf Shadow's Promise)
Mac Lamonda - (Book: Wolf Whisperer)
Marcus Bei - (Book: Wolf's Heart, The)
Michael Morlet - (Book: Wolf's Mate in Secrets, Volume 18: Dark Passions)
Mac Macdonough - (Book: Wolfe Winter)
Malik - (Book: Woman in a Sheikh's World)
Malik - (Book: Woman in a Sheikh's World)
Malik - (Book: Woman in a Sheikh's World (large print))
Matt D’Angelo - (Book: Woman Most Wanted)
Matt Davis - (Book: Woman of Innocence)
Matthew Aitken - (Book: Woman of Passion, A)
Miles Hawkins - (Book: Woman Without Lies, A)
Matthew Ward - (Book: Woman's Touch, A)
Marcus - (Book: Wonderboy)
Merrick de Beaucort - (Book: Wonderful)
Matthew Calvert - (Book: Wooing the Schoolmarm)
Myles Moorcroft - (Book: Working Man, Society Bride)
Myles Moorcroft - (Book: Working Man, Society Bride (UK))
Michael Greco - (Book: Working Overtime)
Michael O'Leary - (Book: World is a Stage, The)
Michael Viviano - (Book: Worth Any Risk)
Marco Santiago - (Book: Worth the Trade)
Mr Elworthy - (Book: Worthy Gentleman, A)
Mr Elworthy - (Book: Worthy Gentleman. A)
Mason - (Book: Written in the Stars)
Marquis Fabien de Vendome - (Book: Written On Silk)
Mike Archer - (Book: Wrong Christmas Carol, The (ebook))
MacKenzie Grier - (Book: Wrong Dress, Right Guy)
Max Sutherland - (Book: Wrong Twin, The)
Marcus Wyndham
Earl of Chase
- (Book: Wyndham Legacy, The)
Matt Wiley - (Book: Wyoming Lawman)
Mallory Kirk - (Book: Wyoming Tough)
Matt Rome - (Book: Wyoming Wedding)
Morgan Tolliver - (Book: Wyoming Widow)
Matthew T. Langtry - (Book: Wyoming Wildfire)
Mack Caine - (Book: Yesterday's Outlaw)
Mac Cordero - (Book: Yesterday's Scandal)
Morgan Grayson - (Book: You and No Other)
Matthew James - (Book: You Are Loved)
Malcolm Bryant - (Book: You Belong To Me)
Martin Smith - (Book: You Must Remember This)
Matt Gunderson - (Book: You're Still the One)
Mario Forelli - (Book: You, Me and a Family)
Marion Forelli - (Book: You, Me and a family (large print))
Maxwell Sullivan - (Book: Younger Man, A)
Marshall Weathers - (Book: Your Cheatin' Heart)
Marcus Forscher - (Book: Your Magic Or Mine?)
Mitchell Donavan - (Book: Your Ranch Or Mine?)
Matthew Gauthier - (Book: Yours Forever)
Mike Conroy - (Book: Yours, Mine & Ours)
Matt Townsend - (Book: Yours, Unexpectedly)
Mack Tanner - (Book: Yukon Wedding)
Matthew Franklin - (Book: Yuletide Defender)
Matt Cavanaugh - (Book: Yuletide Hearts)
Matt Cavanaugh - (Book: Yuletide Hearts (large print))
Max Monroe - (Book: Zoe and the Tormented Tycoon)


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