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Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with O

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Oliver McCrea - (Book: Affair of Vengeance, An)
Oliver - (Book: Affair Without End, An)
Ollie - (Book: Afterwife)
Owen - (Book: All Things Hidden)
Ogden - (Book: Alpha in Disguise (ebook))
Oliver Fforde - (Book: Always and Forever)
Oliver Fforde - (Book: Always and Forever (reissue))
Oliver Fforde - (Book: Always and Forever (UK))
Oliver Barholomew - (Book: Anatomy of Love)
O.A. Kincade
- (Book: Angel In Stone, An)
Oliver - (Book: April and Oliver: A Novel (Hardcover))
Oliver Armstrong - (Book: Baby in Waiting)
Owen Jackson - (Book: Badlands)
Oliver Bradbury - (Book: Barefoot in the Sun)
Oliver Warren - (Book: Beginner's Guide to Rakes, A)
Owen - (Book: Beguiled)
Oz - (Book: Being a Bad Girl (UK))
Owen Gage - (Book: Believe in Me)
Owen Cooper - (Book: Bride Raffle, The)
Oliver Sherrard - (Book: Brilliant Mismatch, A)
Oliver Grantham - (Book: Byway to Love)
Owen Dewirter - (Book: Canadian Wolf (ebook))
Oliver Morgan - (Book: Charade In Winter)
Owen Gentry - (Book: Confess)
Owen Gallagher - (Book: Consultant's Adopted Son, The)
Oliver Sullivan - (Book: Cop, the Puppy and Me, The)
Oliver Sullivan - (Book: Cop, the Puppy and Me, The (large print))
Owen Michaels - (Book: Cowboy and the Princess, The)
Owen Rancourt - (Book: Cupcake Queen, The)
Oliver Watson - (Book: Daddy)
Owen Palmer - (Book: Damsel under Stress)
Offa - (Book: Danegeld)
Oliver Ransford - (Book: Dangerous Masquerade)
Oliver Goswick - (Book: Daring Miss Danvers)
O'Neal - (Book: Dark & Stormy Night, A)
Oliver - (Book: Dark Wild Night)
Owen - (Book: Deadly Sting)
Oliver Worth - (Book: Dear Stranger)
Owen Purchase - (Book: Desired)
Owen Wakefield - (Book: Desperate Deeds)
Owen Fitzgerald - (Book: Detective's Secret Daughter, The)
Owen Fitzgerald - (Book: Detective's Secret Daughter, The (large print))
Odin Borsson - (Book: Devil's Food Kate (ebook))
Owain O'Neill - (Book: Dream Chasers)
Oliver Radford - (Book: Dukes Prefer Blondes)
Owen - (Book: Earl in My Bed, The (novella))
Oliver Westwyck - (Book: Earl's Christmas Colt, The (ebook))
Oliver Dinsmore - (Book: Echoes of Mercy)
Orrin Ghant - (Book: Eden Creek)
Orpheus - (Book: Enchanted Fire)
Owen - (Book: Enchanted Inc.)
Orpheus - (Book: Enraptured)
Oliver Burnett - (Book: Escape to Destiny)
Oliver Burnett - (Book: Escape to Destiny (UK))
Oliver Preston - (Book: Exposed by Fate (ebook))
Orren Ellis - (Book: Falling For a Father of Four)
Owen McBride - (Book: Falling for Owen)
Oliver Chancellor - (Book: Falling for You)
Omar Dukhan - (Book: Familiar Mirage)
Odie Pierre-Noir - (Book: Flame Unleashed (ebook))
Oliver Crawford - (Book: For Christmas, for Always)
Owen Maguire - (Book: Four Years Later)
Owen Sitall - (Book: From Boardwalk With Love)
Oliver Townsend, Sir - (Book: Galatea's Revenge)
Owen - (Book: Geography of You and Me, The)
Oliver Trentham - (Book: Girl to Love, A)
Oliver Trentham - (Book: Girl to Love, A (reissue))
Oliver Trentham - (Book: Girl to Love, A (UK))
Oliver Trentham - (Book: Girl to Love, A (UK-reissue))
Oberon - (Book: Glory and the Rake)
Owein - (Book: Grail King, The)
Owen Duff - (Book: Groom Wore Plaid, The)
Owen Kingsley
Duke of Graves
- (Book: Guarded Heart, The)
Oliver Brandon - (Book: Guardian's Dilemma, The)
Oliver Bristow - (Book: Harstairs House)
Owen - (Book: Heart of Venom)
Owen McAllister - (Book: Heat of the Moment)
Oliver Davenport - (Book: Her Christmas Fantasy)
Oliver Davenport - (Book: Her Christmas Fantasy (UK))
Oliver Latimer - (Book: Hilltop Tryst)
Oliver Latimer - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (reissue))
Oliver Latimer - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (reissue))
Oliver Latimer - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (UK))
Oliver Latimer - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (UK-Hardcover))
Oliver Latimer - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (UK-reissue))
Oliver Harmer - (Book: His Until Midnight)
Owen Shepard - (Book: Home for Christmas)
Owen - (Book: Homeplace)
Owen Crawford - (Book: How to Lose a Bride in One Night)
Owen MacGregor - (Book: Husband School)
Orion Worthington - (Book: I Thee Wed)
Orion Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Daring)
Oliver - (Book: Innocent Sins)
Owen Wallace - (Book: Keep a Little Secret (hardcover))
Owen Wallace - (Book: Keep a Little Secret (paperback))
Orrick of Silloth - (Book: King's Mistress, The)
Owen Longfort - (Book: Lady in Question, The)
Oliver Carleton - (Book: Lady of Quality)
Oliver Carleton - (Book: Lady of Quality (new edition))
Olav Johanson , Hunt Drury - (Book: Laides of the Lakes)
Osiris - (Book: Last Beginning, The (ebook))
Owen Montgomery - (Book: Last Boyfriend, The)
Owen Garrett - (Book: Legacy)
Oliver Montegomery - (Book: Lessons in Seduction)
Oliver Merrick - (Book: Let It Be Me)
Oliver Bowman - (Book: Let Me Love You Again)
Osborn - (Book: Lord of Rage)
Orlando Gorth,
- (Book: Lord Orlando's Protégée)
Oliver Pascal - (Book: Love Knot)
Oliver Fleming
Earl of Pentargon
- (Book: Love Lessons)
Olivia Lindsley/Alison O'Neill - (Book: Love's Labyrinth)
Oliver Woodville - (Book: Maid of Honor)
Oliver de Lacey - (Book: Maiden's Hand, The (reissue))
Oliver Stonenden - (Book: Marchington Scandal, The)
Oliver Stonenden - (Book: Marchington Scandal, The)
Owen Thomas - (Book: Marrying Owen)
Owen Walker - (Book: Midnight in Ruby Bayou (paperback))
Olivier - (Book: Midnight Work, The)
Oliver Seymour - (Book: Midsummer Star)
Oliver Seymour - (Book: Midsummer Star (reissue))
Oliver Seymour - (Book: Midsummer Star (UK-Large Print))
Oliver Seymour - (Book: Midsummer Star (UK-reissue))
Orla Hart - (Book: Millie's Fling (reissue))
Oliver Pardoe - (Book: Miser's Sister, The )
Lord Blackburn
- (Book: Miss Charity's Case)
Owen Kendrick - (Book: Miss Hamilton's Hero)
Orlando Winterton - (Book: Mistress: Hired For The Billionaire's Pleasure)
Orlando Winterton - (Book: Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure (UK))
Obidiah Brennaman - (Book: More Than Friendship (ebook))
Owen Prescott - (Book: My Special Angel)
O'Neill - (Book: Mystique)
Oliver Bellecote - (Book: Never Seduce a Scoundrel)
Owen Winters - (Book: North of Need)
Orion - (Book: Oceanborne)
Owen Carmichael - (Book: On Wings of Deliverance)
Owen Bellamy - (Book: One Real Man (ebook))
Owen - (Book: One Upon Stilettos)
Oregon Brown - (Book: Oregon Brown)
Oliver Barrett - (Book: Other Side of Us, The)
Oliver Barrett - (Book: Other Side of Us, The (large print))
Omar Ewing - (Book: Passion Ignited)
Omar Drummond - (Book: Places in My Heart)
Oliver Shields - (Book: Playing Hard)
Owen Hughes - (Book: Pleasured in the Playboy's Penthouse (UK))
Omar Al Abdar - (Book: Promised to a Sheik)
Omar - (Book: Promises To Keep)
Owen Sweetwater - (Book: Quicksilver (hardcover))
Owen Sweetwater - (Book: Quicksilver (paperback))
Oliver Lee - (Book: Raw Silk)
Onca - (Book: Rebel)
Orsino Chatsfield - (Book: Rebel's Bargain)
Ormiston Ducre - (Book: Reluctant Husband, The)
Orion - (Book: Return)
Orion Moralis - (Book: Return of the Moralis Wife)
Orion Moralis - (Book: Return of the Moralis Wife (large print))
Oliver Tennant - (Book: Rival Attractions)
Oliver Tennant - (Book: Rival Attractions (UK))
Oscar White - (Book: Roping the Wrangler)
Owain ap Rowan - (Book: Rowan's Revenge)
Owain ap Rowan - (Book: Rowan's Revenge )
Owen Marston - (Book: Runaway Bride Returns!)
Oliver Ransom - (Book: Runaway Wife)
Oliver Carrick
Duke of Bainbridge
- (Book: Sabrina)
Oliver Savage - (Book: Savage Atonement)
Owen Garrett - (Book: Secrets in a Small Town)
Omair Al Arif - (Book: Sheik's Revenge)
Ox Bruford - (Book: Silver Springs)
Oliver Mills - (Book: Six Reasons to Stay a Virgin)
Oliver Avery - (Book: Spanish Eyes)
Owen Grayson - (Book: Spider's Revenge)
Oliver - (Book: Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The)
Oliver Wilson - (Book: Suite 69)
Olly - (Book: Summer Daydreams)
Oren Breen - (Book: Summertime)
Owen Tartikoff - (Book: Surgeon's Surprise Twins, The)
Olivier Moreau - (Book: Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure)
Owen Renderwell - (Book: Talent for Trickery, A)
Oliver Blackthorn - (Book: Taming of the Rake, The)
O'Banyon - (Book: Tempting the Wolf)
Owen Blackthorne - (Book: Texan, The)
Owen - (Book: Texas Bride)
Obediah "Dyer" Straights - (Book: Texas Hold Him)
Oliver Hamilton - (Book: There's Something About Christmas (reissue))
Ofeig Nabboddrson - (Book: Through a Viking Mist)
Owen Glendower - (Book: To Hell With Love)
Owen D'Arcy - (Book: To Kiss a Spy)
Owen D'Arcy - (Book: To Kiss a Spy (Hardcover))
Oliver Kemp - (Book: To Tame a Proud Heart)
Owen Ketter - (Book: Tough Guy)
Ochoa - (Book: Tracker's Sin (paperback))
Oliver Bauer - (Book: Treasure My Heart)
Oliver Burke - (Book: Trust Me)
Oliver Sharpe, Marquess of Stoneville - (Book: Truth About Lord Stoneville, The)
Oliver Carson
Earl of Hawksworth
- (Book: Unlikely Father, An)
Owen Monroe - (Book: Untamed Earl)
Orrin Wilde - (Book: Violet's Wish (Hardcover))
Oliver de Lacey - (Book: Vows Made in Wine)
Oliver McKean - (Book: Waking Up to You / Overexposed)
Owen Matthews - (Book: Warning Signs)
Owen Sutherland - (Book: Wedding Night, The)
Owen Sutherland - (Book: Wedding Night, The (reissue))
Owen Sherbourne - (Book: When She Was Wicked)
Orrin Blackhart - (Book: White Star)
Oliver Warren - (Book: Wicked One, The (ebook))
Owen Grayson - (Book: Widow's Web)
Owen Garrison - (Book: Widow, The)
Owen Chase - (Book: Wife For Owen Chase, A)
Oliver Rain - (Book: Wildest Hearts)
Oliver Rain - (Book: Wildest Hearts (reissue))
Oliver Sebastian, Viscount Blackshire - (Book: Witch of Blackshire)
Oliver - (Book: Wolf Tales VI)
Owen Christiansen - (Book: You're the One That I Want)


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