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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with P

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Pierce Waverly - (Book: 'Twas the Night After Christmas)
Pierce Waverly - (Book: 'Twas the Night After Christmas (hardcover))
Patrick McIllhenny/Rafael Montevale - (Book: 48 Hours)
Patrick Fitzcairn - (Book: 6 Enchanted Princesses)
Parker McCall - (Book: 72 Hours)
Parker McCall - (Book: 72 Hours (Large Print))
Penthurst - (Book: Accidental Duchess, The)
Viscount Wittenden
- (Book: Accidental Romance, The)
Prince Murad - (Book: Adora)
Piers Anetakis - (Book: Affair, The (reissue))
Penn Griffin - (Book: After the Storm)
Penn Griffin - (Book: After the Storm (large print))
Patrick O'Shea - (Book: Aftershocks (reissue))
Patrick Worley - (Book: Alaskan Wolf)
Parker - (Book: All I Want)
Patrick MacLean - (Book: All I Want for Christmas is You (ebook novella))
Phineas Snowe - (Book: All the Tea in China)
Pete Beckett - (Book: All Through the Night)
Pete Jackson - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Phillip Barry - (Book: Along Came Zoe)
Pete Fontenot - (Book: Along For The Ride)
Percy Aldridge - (Book: Amarantha)
Patrick - (Book: Amber)
Paul Ross - (Book: Amy)
Philip El Kabbar - (Book: And the Desert Blooms)
Paul Hudson - (Book: And the Shofar Blew)
Parker Ryan - (Book: And Then Came You)
Pete Maguire - (Book: Angel in Disguise)
Philippe Beaulieu - (Book: Angel in Provence, An)
Prince Johann - (Book: Annie And The Prince )
Paul - (Book: Annie's Wild Ride)
Pierre Standish - (Book: Anonymous Miss Addams, The)
PJ Antonides - (Book: Antonides' Forbidden Wife )
Pace Colton - (Book: Apache Flame)
Phillip Thurman - (Book: Art of Desire, The)
Prince Malik
Sheikh of Barakhara
- (Book: At The Sheikh's Command)
Pete Waters - (Book: Avenging Angel)
Pete Waters - (Book: Avenging Angel (Large Print))
Prince Joringel/Khalid - (Book: Awakenings)
Philippe Didier - (Book: Baby Dilemma, The)
Piran - (Book: Baby for Christmas, A)
Paul Delaney - (Book: Baby of the Bride)
Patrick Berzani - (Book: Baby on Board)
Porter Armstrong - (Book: Baby, Drive South)
Philip Ambercroft - (Book: Bachelor Boss)
Phoenix - (Book: Beautiful Dead: Summer)
Prince Maximilliano - (Book: Beauty and the Reclusive Prince)
Prince William - (Book: Beauty's Curse)
Pierre Newman - (Book: Bedded at the Billionaire's Convenience)
Pierre Newman - (Book: Bedded at the Billionaire's Convenience (UK))
Philippe Michaude - (Book: Before the Dawn)
Phineas Bromley - (Book: Before the Scandal:The Notorious Gentlemen)
Paul Delamare - (Book: Before the Wind)
Phoenix - (Book: Believe)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Bell, Cook, and Candle)
Pierre Martin - (Book: Beloved Stranger )
Patrick Maclean - (Book: Beloved Warrior)
Peter Warren - (Book: Beneath the Covers)
Pierce McMahon - (Book: Beneath the Surface (ebook))
Prince Korl Com'nder - (Book: Beneath the Thirteen Moons)
Piet/ Nick Caspian - (Book: Besieged)
Paddy Hurley - (Book: Best Kind of Trouble, The )
Prince Garth Roseanova - (Book: Betrothed To The Prince)
Pete Trayhern - (Book: Beyond The Limit)
Phillip Cardoneaux - (Book: Beyond The Rapture)
Pete Guthrie - (Book: Bikini Car Wash, The)
Prince Alexandros Karedes - (Book: Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress)
Paul Sullivan - (Book: Bird in a Mirror)
Paul Ward - (Book: Bittersweet)
Paul - (Book: Black Fire)
Peter Darien - (Book: Black Pearls)
Prince Luc D'Urbino - (Book: Blackmail Marriage, The)
Prince Luc D'Urbino - (Book: Blackmail Marriage, The (UK))
Peter Reynolds - (Book: Blame It On the Blackout)
Philip Wayne - (Book: Blaze of Noon)
Parker Hollis - (Book: Blood of the Maple (ebook))
Phillip O'Donnaugh - (Book: Blue Jeans and a Badge)
Paul - (Book: Bonds of Darkness (ebook))
Pearse O'Faolain - (Book: Border Crossings)
Patrick Fogerty - (Book: Boss's Bride, The)
Patrick Fogerty - (Book: Boss's Bride, The (large print))
Prince Falke - (Book: Bound Prince, The (ebook))
Parker James - (Book: Bourbon Street Blues)
Prince Stefan Lutece - (Book: Brandishing a Crown)
Parker Harrison - (Book: Brass Ring, The)
Philip Stone
Marquess of Chalmondeley
- (Book: Breach of Promise)
Perseus Kostopoulos - (Book: Bride by Day)
Prince Max - (Book: Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure, A)
Philip Marrow
Lord Brasleigh
- (Book: Bride for Lord Brasleigh, A)
Pierce DeForte - (Book: Bride of the Wind)
Paul Spencer - (Book: Bride to Honor)
Pete Campbell - (Book: Bride's Best Man, The)
Peter Whitley - (Book: Bride's Second Thought, The)
Parker Payne - (Book: Bridegroom Bodyguard)
Perrin Draper Lodge - (Book: Brief Encounter)
Patrick - (Book: Bright Hopes)
Pete Dale - (Book: Bringing Home a Bachelor)
Paul Langdon - (Book: Broken (ebook))
Prince John - (Book: Bronzequest)
Pete Beck - (Book: Building a Family)
Pete Beck - (Book: Building a Family (large print))
Phillipe Mansart - (Book: By Honor Bound)
Putnam Boyce - (Book: By the King's Design)
Prince Rafe Braham - (Book: By The Sheikh's Command)
Peter Truesdale,
Earl of Norwell
- (Book: Calico Countess, The)
Pike Ryland - (Book: Call on Me)
Peder Ramstad - (Book: Captain's Bride (reissue))
Pierre Danmartin - (Book: Captain's Forbidden Miss, The)
Phil Thibodeaux - (Book: Captain's Mission, The)
Phil Thibodeaux - (Book: Captain's Mission, The (large print))
Philip Caxton - (Book: Captive Bride (ebook))
Prince Armande Beauvais - (Book: Captive Princess)
Patrick Maxwell - (Book: Captured by Your Kiss)
Pierce Pennington - (Book: Captured Dreams)
Paolo Caretti - (Book: Caretti's Forced Bride)
Philip Thornhill - (Book: Carrister Pride, The)
Philip Raven - (Book: Cassandra's Deception)
Paul Windsor - (Book: Cast a Lover's Spell)
Prince Alain - (Book: Castles Of Sand)
Peter - (Book: Catching Air)
Patrick MacKendrick - (Book: Catriona)
Patrick Blackheart - (Book: Catspaw)
Patrick Blackheart - (Book: Catspaw II )
Prince Nico Cavelli - (Book: Cavelli's Lost Heir)
Prince Nico Cavelli - (Book: Cavelli's Lost Heir (Large Print))
Parker Garrison - (Book: CEO's Scandalous Affair, The)
Piers Westhaven - (Book: Certain Magic, A)
Pedrek Cartwright - (Book: Changeling, The)
Pierce Jordan - (Book: Charity's Pride)
Patrick Meredith - (Book: Charlotte's Hurricane)
Preston Chase - (Book: Chase for Christmas, A)
Price Garfield - (Book: Cheek to Cheek )
Paul Martin - (Book: Children's Ward)
Pirate, Sir Justin Cross - (Book: China Rose)
Philippe Lyonais - (Book: Chocolate Kiss, The)
Paige Winsome/Kate Kennedy - (Book: Chopstick)
Phil Hansen - (Book: Christmas Baby Bump, The)
Paul Spencer - (Book: Christmas Children, The)
Paul Spencer - (Book: Christmas Children, The (reissue))
Peveril Standish
Viscount Lindford
- (Book: Christmas Escapade)
Prince Nicolas - (Book: Christmas In His Royal Bed)
Philip, Earl of Gyllford - (Book: Christmas Kiss, A)
Pete Lombard - (Book: Christmas on Mimosa Lane)
Pierce - (Book: Christmas Wish, A)
Prince Aaron - (Book: Christmas With the Prince)
Patrick Callahan - (Book: Cinderella After Midnight)
Patrick Burns - (Book: Cinderella Factor, The)
Patrick Burns - (Book: Cinderella Factor, The (UK Edition))
Patrick Savage - (Book: Civilised Arrangement, A)
Prince Alexandros - (Book: Claimed: Secret Royal Son)
Patrick Rivers - (Book: Cloud of Suspicion, A)
Patrick Kirkpatrick - (Book: Coal Miner's Wife, The)
Prince Nicholas - (Book: Code Name: Prince (reissue))
Peter Jensen - (Book: Cold as Ice)
Peter Manners - (Book: Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue (mass market))
Pecos Smith - (Book: Comanche Passion)
Philip Lawrence - (Book: Come Gentle Spring)
Philip Ruthven - (Book: Comfortable Wife, A (reissue))
Parker Devlin - (Book: Confessions of a Teen Nanny #2: Rich Girls)
Phillip Cautry - (Book: Constant Companion, The)
Patrick Farr - (Book: Contracted: Corporate Wife )
Paavo - (Book: Cook in Time, A)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Cook's Night Out)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Cooking Most Deadly)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Cooking Up Trouble)
Philippe St. Pierre - (Book: Cooking Up Trouble)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Cooks Overboard)
Philip St. Eyre - (Book: Cornish Heiress, The)
Philip Allington - (Book: Cornish Rose, A)
Peter Gilbough - (Book: Counterfeit Heiress, The)
Prince Marco - (Book: Counterfeit Princess (UK))
Prince Micheael of Estavia - (Book: Countess and the Butler, The)
Paul Taggart - (Book: Country Roads)
Patrick Hazard - (Book: Courting Campaign, The)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Courting Disaster)
Peter Stanbury - (Book: Cousin Caroline)
Philip Broome - (Book: Cousin Kate)
Philip Broome - (Book: Cousin Kate (new edition))
Peter Morris - (Book: Cowboy at Heart, A)
Pete Randall - (Book: Cowboy Daddy)
Pete Callahan - (Book: Cowboy's Triplets, The)
Peter Andrew Delacroix Jaffrey - (Book: Crazy Like a Fox)
Philip Bradley - (Book: Crossroad, The)
Prince Stefanos - (Book: Crowned: The Palace Nanny)
Prince Stefanos - (Book: Crowned: The Palace Nanny (Large Print))
Prince Josquin de Marigny - (Book: Crowns and a Cradle)
Penn Bennett - (Book: Crush on You)
Paul Murphy - (Book: Crystal Cavern, The)
Parker Ling - (Book: Crystal Clear (ebook))
Paul Templeton
Marquess of Blytheland
- (Book: Cupid's Mistake)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Da Vinci Cook, The)
Pete Traynor - (Book: Damage Control)
Pete Browning - (Book: Dancing With the Devil)
Pete Browning - (Book: Dancing with the Devil)
Peter, Baron Leigh - (Book: Dangerous Baron Leigh, The)
Philip Langhorne, Sir - (Book: Dangerous Dr. Langhorne, The)
Payton Sinclair - (Book: Dangerous Kiss, A)
Philippe Gautier - (Book: Daring Passion, A)
Powers, Viscount - (Book: Dark Affair, The)
Paul Jameson - (Book: Dark and Deadly)
Patrick Watkins - (Book: Dark Destiny (ebook))
Philippe - (Book: Dark Master)
Prince Yusef of Draig - (Book: Dark Prince, The (ebook))
Patric LeClerc - (Book: Dark Shines My Love)
Prince Raoul D'Albro - (Book: Darker Side Of Desire (UK))
Paris - (Book: Darkest Seduction, The)
Pierce Sutherland - (Book: Darkness Into Light)
Phillip Wilder - (Book: Dear John)
Paul Tanner
- (Book: Death's Door)
Parker - (Book: Deceptive Liaison (ebook))
Philip Paxton - (Book: Deeper Than Desire)
Philip Paxton - (Book: Deeper Than Desire (reissue))
Peter Andersen - (Book: Deeply Devoted)
Phthonos - (Book: Demon of Envy (ebook))
Prince Jasim al Rais - (Book: Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence)
Prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais - (Book: Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence (Large Print))
Prince Tair Al Sharif - (Book: Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin)
Pecos McClain - (Book: Desert Storm)
Pete Sorenson - (Book: Desperate Measures (Hardcover))
Patrick Devane - (Book: Destiny's Child)
Paul Leandros - (Book: Devil In Command)
Piers Montmorency - (Book: Devil's Lady, The)
Patrick Danvers
Viscount Westover
- (Book: Devil's Match, The)
Phillip Jones - (Book: Devilish Slumber, A)
Paul Maigny - (Book: Diamond Secret, The)
Paul - (Book: Diplomat's Wife, The)
Phillip Paxton - (Book: Dirty Girl)
Philip Manning - (Book: Distant Promise, A)
Piers St. Clair - (Book: Distant Sound Of Thunder, A)
Philip Radcliffe, Sir - (Book: Divided Heart)
Payton Jenkins - (Book: Doctor Who Made Her Love Again, The (ebook))
Paul Killian, MD - (Book: Doctor's Courageous Bride, The)
Parker Radcliffe, MD - (Book: Doctor's Orders)
Percy Worth - (Book: Dorinda and the Doctor (ebook novella))
Preston Black - (Book: Double Blind)
Patrick McClain - (Book: Double Jeopardy)
Pace Martin - (Book: Double Play)
Pace Martin - (Book: Double Play (reissue))
Paul Wallace - (Book: Double Threat Christmas)
Paul Wallace - (Book: Double Threat Christmas (reissue))
Paul Ravenscar - (Book: Drawn to Ravenscar)
Porter Evans - (Book: Driven by Fate (ebook))
Patrick Doherty - (Book: Driving Her Wild)
Peyton Ramsden, Earl of Dursley - (Book: Earl's Forbidden Ward, The)
Paul Hammond - (Book: Eat, Play, Lust (ebook))
Phillip Bradford - (Book: Ecstasy's Paradise)
Parlan MacGuin - (Book: Elfking's Lady)
Piers Verderan - (Book: Emily and The Dark Angel)
Piers Verderan - (Book: Emily and the Dark Angel)
Prince Luis Cordoba - (Book: Emily and the Notorious Prince)
Phillipe de Vallombrosa
Marquis de Mores
- (Book: Endless Sky, The)
Phillipe de Vallombrosa
Marquis de Mores
- (Book: Endless Sky, The)
Philip Hardesty, Sir - (Book: Englishman's Bride, The)
Payton Reynolds - (Book: Enigma)
Patrick McNamara - (Book: Enigma (ebook))
Patrick O'Reilly - (Book: Enticed)
Patrick Beresford - (Book: Escapade)
Paen Scott - (Book: Even Vampires Get the Blues)
Pete Sampson - (Book: Ever After)
Paul Henderson - (Book: Ever Faithful)
Paul Henderson - (Book: Ever Faithful (reissue))
Paxton de Beaumont - (Book: Everlasting)
Pace Broderick - (Book: Every Girl's Secret Fantasy)
Pearce Goddard - (Book: Every Kind of Heaven)
Preston Holman - (Book: Every Waking Moment)
Piers Audley - (Book: Evidence of Sin)
Payton Archer - (Book: Evil Without a Face)
Pete Engstrom - (Book: Eye of the Beholder)
Parker Buchanan - (Book: Face in the Shadows, A)
Pierce Kincaid - (Book: Fade to Black)
Patrick O'Toole - (Book: Faerie Tale, A)
Patrick Drake, Colonel - (Book: Fair Exchange)
Peter Walters - (Book: Fair Rose)
Paul Stone - (Book: Faith In You)
Piero de Manfredini - (Book: Falcon and the Dove, The)
Preston Bowman - (Book: Falcon's Run)
Preston Bowman - (Book: Falcon's Run (large print))
Pierre Didier - (Book: Falling for Her Mediterranean Boss)
Pierre Laroche - (Book: Falling For The Frenchman)
Peter Wilder - (Book: Falling for the M.D.)
Pierre - (Book: Familiar Feeling, A)
Peter - (Book: Family for Keeps)
Paul - (Book: Family Jewels, The)
Philip Hartford
Lord Everhart
- (Book: Family Matchmaker, The)
Pierre Mellanger - (Book: Family Worth Waiting For, A)
Parker mcCall - (Book: Fatal Exposure)
Peter Curry - (Book: Fear Familiar)
Percy Bronwell - (Book: Fifth Daughter, The)
Percy Bronwell - (Book: Fifth Daughter, The (reissue))
Phil Sagemont - (Book: Final Sale (hardcover))
Prince Stephen Serkin-Rimsky - (Book: Finding Her Prince)
Peter Kilbourne - (Book: Finding Laura (reissue))
Paul - (Book: Finding the Lost)
Pierce Barnett - (Book: Firebrand, The)
Parker Tremaine - (Book: Firefly Glen)
Peter Haskell - (Book: Five Days In Paris)
Pierce Alexander - (Book: Flash and Fire)
Peter Lely - (Book: Flirting With Forever)
Peter Saxon - (Book: Fly Like An Eagle)
Paul Campbell - (Book: Flyer)
Pierce Branson - (Book: For Her Pleasure)
Patrick Delan - (Book: For Love's Sake Only)
Pete - (Book: For Pete's Sake)
Peter Fortune - (Book: For the Love of Pete)
Pete Catlett - (Book: For the Love of Pete)
Percy - (Book: For the Love of Venice)
Patrick O'Connor - (Book: For the Sake of the Children)
Price - (Book: Forbidden Fires)
Phil Jones - (Book: Forbidden Nights With A Vampire)
Philip Audley
Earl of Westcott
- (Book: Forever After)
Preston Walker, Professor - (Book: Forever and a Day)
Pete Long - (Book: Forever in My Heart)
Police Captain Sam Halloran - (Book: Forever Kind, The)
Paul Vanzant - (Book: Forever Spring)
Philip Parnell - (Book: Forgive and Forget)
Philip Riordan - (Book: Fortune's Lady)
Prince Dane - (Book: Found: His Royal Baby )
Patrick Stevens - (Book: Four Little Problems)
Piers Morrison - (Book: French Encounter, A (UK))
Pascal Leveque - (Book: French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Percy Drummond - (Book: From Across the Ancient Waters)
Paul Falcon - (Book: Full Disclosure)
Parker Hamilton - (Book: Full-Time Father)
Parker Hamilton - (Book: Full-Time Father (reissue))
Prince Gianferro Cacciatore - (Book: Future King's Bride, The)
Prince Sebastian Karedes - (Book: Future King's Love Child, The)
Parker McKenna - (Book: G.I. Cowboy)
Lord Winterdale
- (Book: Gamble, The)
Peter Ramsey - (Book: Game of Hearts)
Patrick MacLeod - (Book: Garden In The Rain, A)
Pyr - (Book: Gates of Hell)
Phil Aylmer - (Book: Gentle Stranger)
Paul Winthrop - (Book: Genuine Lies)
Paul Winthrop - (Book: Genuine Lies (hardcover))
Paul Winthrop - (Book: Genuine Lies (reprint))
Philip Mallory - (Book: Getting It Now!)
Philip Brante - (Book: Ghosts of Memories)
Patrick Shaughnessy - (Book: Gift for All Seasons, A)
Patrick Walcott - (Book: Girl of His Dreams, The)
Prince Varten - (Book: Giver of Roses)
Parlan - (Book: Goddess of Eire)
Paul Adams - (Book: Gold Star Wife)
Peter Brandt - (Book: Golden Rapture)
Prince Olaf of Norway - (Book: Golden Surrender)
Prince Rubinoff - (Book: Golden Valkyrie, The)
Peter Clark - (Book: Good Doctor, The)
Peter Clark - (Book: Good Doctor, The (reissue))
Piers Hamilton - (Book: Good Dukes Wear Black)
Preston Noah Maxwell Walcott - (Book: Good Girl (ebook))
Pug Moffitt - (Book: Goodies Case, The)
Percy Hunterdon - (Book: Governess of Distinction, A)
Prescott Roberts - (Book: Groom Unknown)
Parke Kokumuo Jamison VI - (Book: Guilty of Love)
Parker Williams - (Book: H.R.H.)
Paul Theokaris - (Book: Habit of Command)
Paul Saunders - (Book: Hand in Hand)
Patrick Donovan - (Book: Hard As Nails)
Paul Grosvenor - (Book: Healing Bond)
Philip Watts - (Book: Health and Happiness)
Poseidon - (Book: Heart of Stone (ebook))
Paul Houghton Welling - (Book: Heart on a String)
Patrick McIntyre - (Book: Heart To Heart)
Peter Wyndham
Earl of Tregarren
- (Book: Heart's Disguise, A)
Pierce Wheeler - (Book: Heartbreak Hotel)
Patrick Finnegan - (Book: Heartbreak Sheriff, The)
Peter Jackson - (Book: Hearthrob)
Pete Benjamin - (Book: Heartland Wedding)
Peter Brennan - (Book: Heat of the Moment)
Paul Hamilton - (Book: Hell's Belles (reprint))
Phin Marks - (Book: Her Best Shot (ebook))
Peter Tilford - (Book: Her Cinderella Heart)
Patrick Fourde - (Book: Her Deal with the Devil)
Primo Rinucci - (Book: Her Italian Boss's Agenda)
Pierce Dalton - (Book: Her Montana Man)
Paul Teasdale - (Book: Her Mountain Man)
Prince Aleks - (Book: Her Prince's Secret Son)
Prince Owen of Penwyck - (Book: Her Royal Husband)
Patrick MacEgan - (Book: Her Warrior King)
Patrick Sullivan - (Book: Here to Stay)
Philip Lyonbridge
- (Book: Hero's Homecoming, A)
Philip Boscroft - (Book: Hester)
Patrick MacRae
- (Book: Hidden Heiress)
Prince William - (Book: Hidden Honor)
Paul Murphy - (Book: Hidden Motive)
Penn Ramsey - (Book: High-Stakes Homecoming)
Payton Murray
- (Book: Highland Angel)
Parlan MacGuin - (Book: Highland Captive)
Patrick MacGregor - (Book: Highland Outlaw)
Payton Douglas - (Book: Highlander In Love)
Patrick Judson - (Book: Hired: Cinderella Chef)
Peter Gladstone - (Book: His Baby Dream)
Prince Rafael Marconi - (Book: His Bride for the Taking)
Prince Hassan al Rashid - (Book: His Desert Rose)
Patrik Cleary MacGruder - (Book: His Destiny)
Paul Gutierrez - (Book: His Holiday Bride)
Phillip Chatam - (Book: His Ideal Match)
Philip Romney,
Earl of Linton
- (Book: His Lordship's Mistress)
Prince Roman Magnati - (Book: His Majesty's Mistress)
Pierce MacLachlan - (Book: His Miracle Bride)
Pierce MacLachlan - (Book: His Miracle Bride (Large Print))
Pete - (Book: His Other Lover)
Principe Marcello Scorsolini - (Book: His Royal Love-Child)
Patrick O'Reilly - (Book: His Wanted Woman)
Patrick Niemeyer - (Book: Holiday on Ice (ebook novella))
Peter Dalton - (Book: Homecoming Blessings)
Prince Aleksander Vlastos - (Book: Honky-Tonk Cinderella)
Viscount Mercerault
- (Book: Honorable Offer, An)
Pete Croft - (Book: Honourable Midwife, The)
Philip Guthrie, Admiral - (Book: Hope's Folly)
Paul Reyes - (Book: Hostage Situation)
Prince Akmed - (Book: Hot Sahara Wind)
Pete Morgan - (Book: House Calls)
Philip Mornay - (Book: House in Grosvenor Square, The)
Paul Bouvet - (Book: House of Strangers)
Philip - (Book: How to School Your Scoundrel)
Patrick Callahan - (Book: How to Tame a Wild Fireman)
Parker Smith - (Book: Humble Pie)
Peril, earl of Whitmore - (Book: Husband Test, The)
Patch - (Book: Hush, Hush (hardcover))
Patrick O'Halloran - (Book: I'm the Vampire, That's Why)
Pascal Daniels - (Book: Ice-Cold Lover (ebook))
Patrick O'Brien - (Book: Identity Unknown)
Paavo Smith - (Book: If Cooks Could Kill)
Porter Washingon - (Book: If It Ain't One Thing)
Peter Donne - (Book: If Only)
Prince Richard de Thierry - (Book: If The Ring Fits..)
Prince Conrad of Beloria - (Book: If The Slipper Fits)
Price Delacroix - (Book: If You Believe (ebook))
Pax Tate - (Book: If You Stay)
Prince Ethan - (Book: Illegitimate Prince's Baby, The)
Peter Blackstone - (Book: Immortal Flame (ebook))
Parker Adams - (Book: Imperfect Bride,The)
Prince Maximilian - (Book: Improbable Eden)
Patrick Ramsey, Sir - (Book: Improper Duenna, An)
Payton Dixon - (Book: Improper Proposal, An)
Viscount Chance
- (Book: Impulsive Miss Pymbroke, The)
Professor Jonathan Martin - (Book: In His Arms)
Paul Haggerty - (Book: In Hot Pursuit)
Phillip Maddox
Duke of Colster
- (Book: In the Bed of a Duke)
Perrin - (Book: In the Dark of Dreams)
Philip - (Book: In The Shadow Of The Crown)
Philip Woodmere - (Book: Incorrigible Lady Catherine, The)
Patrick Stafford - (Book: Indecent Proposal, An)
Patrick Coffey - (Book: Indiscreet)
Patrick Sutherland - (Book: Indiscretion)
Parker Sutcliffe - (Book: Inherited: Expectant Cinderella)
Parker Sutcliffe - (Book: Inherited: Expectant Cinderella (large print))
Philip Quinn - (Book: Inner Harbor)
Phillip Quinn - (Book: Inner Harbor (reissue))
Phillip Quinn - (Book: Inner Harbor (reprint))
Patrizio Trelini - (Book: Innocent Wife, Baby Of Shame)
Patrick Hepburn - (Book: Insatiable)
Peter Sheridan - (Book: Instant Daddy)
Paul von Bayersdorf,
- (Book: Insubstantial Pageant, An)
Patrick Cavanaugh - (Book: Internal Affair)
Peter Logan - (Book: Intimate Surrender)
Peter Logan - (Book: Intimate Surrender)
Patrick O'Reilly - (Book: Irish Gypsy, The)
Phaelan McDermott - (Book: Irish Moonlight)
Phillip Bennidict - (Book: Iron Lace)
Pierce Grayson - (Book: Irresistible You)
Pierce Rourke - (Book: Island of Dreams)
Pete Cooper - (Book: Isn't it Romantic)
Prince Lucien "Luc" Ferrand - (Book: It Only Takes a Moment )
Philippe Lavay - (Book: It Started with a Scandal)
Perry Goodman - (Book: It Takes a Hero)
Porter Washingon - (Book: It's Like That)
Prince Maximo d'Aquilla - (Book: Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife)
Pietro Bagnelli, Count - (Book: Italian's Cinderella Bride, The)
Paolo Rainero - (Book: Italian's Convenient Wife, The)
Prince Rogar - (Book: Jaguar Prince, The)
Parker Sentell - (Book: June)
Parker Sentell - (Book: June (reissue))
Paul Kellerman - (Book: Just a Girl (ebook))
Pierce Kingston - (Book: Just Another Pretty Face)
Patrick Leslie, Duke of Glenkirk - (Book: Just Beyond Tomorrow)
Peter Jessup - (Book: Just Deception, A (ebook))
Preston - (Book: Just for Now)
Preston Cantrell - (Book: Just Like Heaven)
Parr Weston - (Book: Just the Way You Are)
Peter Harkey - (Book: Justice)
Pierce Maxwell - (Book: Keeping Baby Safe)
Perce Moreton - (Book: Kent Heiress, The)
Perce - (Book: Kent Heiress, The (reissue))
Peter Frazier
Earl of Blakesford
- (Book: King of Hearts)
Prince Phillip - (Book: King's Convenient Bride, The)
Painted Hands - (Book: Kiowa Husband)
Peter Quirk - (Book: Kiss Before Dawn, A)
Paxton Gaillard Chamberlain - (Book: Kiss in the Night, A)
Patrick Meadowfair - (Book: Kiss the Earl)
Patrick Stuart - (Book: Kisses and Kids)
Peter Baker / Paul Klone - (Book: Klone and I, The)
Payton Dunn-Fadden - (Book: Knight and White Satin, A)
Pagan Cameliard - (Book: Lady Danger)
Peter Vanzant - (Book: Lady Ice)
Phineas Burke - (Book: Lady Never Lies, A)
Pressington Derwent
Earl of Latteridge
- (Book: Lady Next Door, The)
Philip Tauron - (Book: Lady of the Upper Kingdom)
Philip Silverdale,
Marquis of Carrington
- (Book: Lady Samantha's Choice)
Paxton Marsett - (Book: Lady Scandal)
Paxton Marsett - (Book: Lady Scandal)
Paul Landower - (Book: Landower Legacy, The)
Pieter Van Ness - (Book: Language of Love, The)
Pieter van Sittardt - (Book: Last April Fair)
Pieter van Sittardt - (Book: Last April Fair (reissue))
Pieter van Sittardt - (Book: Last April Fair (UK))
Pieter van Sittardt - (Book: Last April Fair (UK-reissue))
Pierce Thornton - (Book: Last Duke, The)
Peregrine Dalmay,
Earl of Lisle
- (Book: Last Night's Scandal)
Prince Gavin - (Book: Last Viking Queen, The)
Philip Kincaid - (Book: Law Is A Lady, The)
Peter - (Book: Learning Curve)
Pete Crawford - (Book: Least Likely to Wed)
Philip Delacroix - (Book: Legacy of Secrets)
Paul Clermont - (Book: Legacy, The)
Paul Mason - (Book: Lessons of Love, The)
Patrick Esposito - (Book: Let's Stay Together)
Paulo Sanchez - (Book: Like No One Else)
Paul Brouillette - (Book: Listen to Your Heart (Hardcover))
Parker McGowan - (Book: Little Bitty Lies)
Patrick Donnelly - (Book: Long Distance Love)
Patrick Donnelly - (Book: Long Distance Love (ebook))
Patrick - (Book: Longer Than Forever)
Philip Trevelyan - (Book: Lord for Miss Larkin, A)
Peter Winthrop - (Book: Lord Nightingale's Triumph)
Prince Gareth ab Owain - (Book: Lord Of Seduction)
Philippe Sabon - (Book: Lord of the Desert)
Philip Montcalm - (Book: Lord of the Rakes)
Paul Wycliff
Earl of Wyland
- (Book: Lord Wyland Takes a Wife)
Phillip - (Book: Lords, Ladies and Marjorie, My)
Peter - (Book: Lost (ebook))
Paul Stanton - (Book: Lost Girls of Johnson's Bayou, The)
Piers Veuxfort - (Book: Lost Touch of Innocence, A)
Priapus - (Book: Lotus Blooming)
Phillip - (Book: Love and Lady Lovelace)
Perry Saunders - (Book: Love at Last)
Peter - (Book: Love Handles)
Prince Perico Tomas de la Ferrama - (Book: Love Me Tender)
Pedro Tomas de la Frerrama - (Book: Love Me Tender (reprint))
Paul Cureux - (Book: Love Potion #2)
Perry Bonds - (Book: Love We Had, The)
Patrick Lyle - (Book: Love's Redemption)
Paul Blake - (Book: Love's Sweet Music)
Phury - (Book: Lover Enshrined)
Patrick - (Book: Loving Care)
Earl of Royce
- (Book: Loving Spirit, A)
Philip - (Book: Loving Treasures)
Parker Prescott - (Book: Lucky Bride)
Phinneas Clarke - (Book: Lure of the Wicked)
Piers de Montgomerie - (Book: Lyon's Gift)
Peter Sullivan, M.D. - (Book: M.D.'s Surprise Family, The)
Philip Thornton
Marquess of Pembroke
- (Book: Maddening Minx, A)
Powell Long - (Book: Maggie's Dad)
Powell Long - (Book: Maggie's Dad (Hardcover- Large Print))
Powell Long - (Book: Maggie's Dad (reissue))
Patrick Ryan - (Book: Magic in the Night)
Phineas Tremble - (Book: Magic of "I Do")
Peter MacAllister - (Book: Magic of Christmas, The)
Paul Rousseau - (Book: Magnolia Nights)
Peter Everhurst
Viscount Cerestone
- (Book: Maid of Honor)
Paul Trevor - (Book: Mail-Order Bride)
Philip Hurst - (Book: Man Behind the Facade)
Prince Valbrand - (Book: Man Behind the Mask, The)
Paul Severns - (Book: Man for the Morning)
Plato Kuragin - (Book: Man She Shouldn't Crave, The)
Plato Kuragin - (Book: Man She Shouldn't Crave, The (large print))
Peter Chapman - (Book: Man to Believe in, A)
Pete - (Book: Man Without a Past)
Paolo Mancini - (Book: Mancini Marriage Bargain)
Payne Sterling - (Book: Manhattan Merger)
Philip de Tollard - (Book: Mark of the Cross)
Peter Kerswell - (Book: Marriage Brokers, The)
Parker James - (Book: Marriage Incorporated)
Prince Eric Greyfell - (Book: Marriage Medallion, The)
Patrick Devlin - (Book: Married by Christmas)
Pete Kayne - (Book: Marrying the Cowboy)
Paul Doelsma - (Book: Match for Sister Maggy, A (reissue))
Paul Doelsma - (Book: Match for Sister Maggy, A (UK))
Peter Granard
Viscount Canfield
- (Book: Matched Pairs)
Pete Bennett - (Book: Maverick's Greek Island Mistress, The)
Patrick Barron - (Book: Maybe Next Time)
Peter Daviot - (Book: Mayhem & Miranda)
Pace Gentry - (Book: Meeting Her Match)
Pace Gentry - (Book: Meeting Her Match [Large Print])
Philip Brante - (Book: Memories of Envy)
Peter Clivedon
- (Book: Men Were Deceivers Ever)
Perry Wentworth
Naval officer
- (Book: Merry Gentleman, The)
Perry Wentworth
Naval officer
- (Book: Merry Gentleman, The (UK))
Peter King - (Book: Merry, Merry (ebook))
Peter Crane - (Book: Miami Heat)
Pack Gallagher - (Book: Midnight Blue)
Patrick Foakes
Duke of Gisle
- (Book: Midnight Pleasures)
Phelan - (Book: Midnight's Temptation)
Philip Hawksbury
Earl of Rothermere
- (Book: Midsummer Magic)
Philip Hawksbury
Earl of Rothermere
- (Book: Midsummer Magic (reissue))
Patrick Weston - (Book: Midwife Bride, The)
Private Avery BArnes - (Book: Military Match, A)
Parker Simms - (Book: Mind Reader)
Patrick Britten - (Book: Mirrors and Mistakes)
Peter Dancy - (Book: Miss Cheney's Charade)
Peter Hawkins - (Book: Miss Dower's Paragon)
Phineas Ravenville,
Earl of Mansfield
- (Book: Miss Drayton's Downfall)
Phaeton Black - (Book: Miss Education of Dr. Exeter, The)
Peregrine Rolf
Marquess of Carrisworth
- (Book: Miss Pymbroke's Rule)
Parker Reed - (Book: Mockingbird Suite, The)
Patrick Fairchild
Duke of Exton
- (Book: Model Marriage, A)
Patrick Knight - (Book: Molly Cooper's Dream Date)
Patrick O'Connor - (Book: Money, Honey)
Parker Watson - (Book: Montana Match)
Parker Watson - (Book: Montana Match (large print))
Phillipe - (Book: Moonlight Mistress)
Pascal Fournier - (Book: Moonlight Mistress, The)
Patrick - (Book: Moonlight on My Mind)
Pierre Renaud - (Book: Moonlit Splendor)
Phaeton Black - (Book: Moonstone and Miss Jones, The)
Patrick Ryan - (Book: More Than a Millionaire)
Palmer Freeman - (Book: More Than a Woman)
Pierce Reed - (Book: Morning After, The)
Pierce Reed - (Book: Morning After, The)
Peter Derby - (Book: Most Scandalous Engagement, A)
Peter Kelly - (Book: Mr and Miss Anonymous (reprint))
Paul Bennet - (Book: Ms. Match)
Paul Hemmings - (Book: Murder on the Mountain)
Peyton Moss - (Book: My Fair Billionaire)
Peyton Cache - (Book: My Favorite Phantom)
Paul Peachy/Harry Stroller - (Book: My French Whore [reissue])
Parker Davidson - (Book: My Hero)
Parker Davidson - (Book: My Hero (reissue))
Patrick Riordan - (Book: My Kind of Christmas)
Patrick Riordan - (Book: My Kind of Christmas (reissue))
Pendleton - (Book: My Man Pendleton)
Pierce Blackwell - (Book: My Valentine)
Philip Kilpatrick - (Book: My Wicked Highlander)
Prometheus - (Book: Naughty Karma (ebook))
Pete Streeter - (Book: Naughty Neighbor (reissue))
Patrick Maynard - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - Wrong Groom)
Paul Borquet - (Book: Naughty Paris)
Paul Borquet - (Book: Naughty Paris )
Pete - (Book: Navy SEAL Dad)
Peter Hart - (Book: Neither (ebook))
Peregrine Cranford - (Book: Never Doubt I Love)
Piers Mallory - (Book: Never Kiss a Stranger)
Peter Della - (Book: New Man in Town)
Pierce Quincy - (Book: Next Accident, The)
Patrick O'Casey - (Book: Night Into Day)
Phoenix Torq - (Book: Night Magic)
Paul Honore - (Book: Night Magic)
Police Chief, Mitch Holt - (Book: Night Sins)
Paxon Nightwing - (Book: Nightbloom (ebook))
Peter Hart - (Book: Nightmare (ebook))
Paul Flanner - (Book: Nights in Rodanthe)
Pete Mitchell - (Book: No Cure For Love)
Price Montgomery - (Book: No Less Than a Lifetime)
Professor Parker Ellison - (Book: No Place Like Home)
Pascal LaMartine - (Book: No Sweeter Heaven)
Philip Carmichael
Lord Lathrop
- (Book: Noble Deception, A)
Patrick Tarkington - (Book: Noble Imposter, The)
Peter Hart - (Book: Nocturnal (ebook))
Phillip Hobart
Viscount Pontley
- (Book: Nomad Harp, The)
Peyton Rand - (Book: Nothing But Trouble)
Patrick Felham - (Book: Notorious Eliza (ebook))
Paul - (Book: Notorious Lady May, The)
Paine Ramsden - (Book: Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady)
Paul Doelsma - (Book: Nurse in Holland)
Peter O’Rourke - (Book: O'Rourke's Bride)
Phillip Edmund Mercerault
Viscount Derencourt
- (Book: Offer, The)
Phin Gibson - (Book: Oh-So-Sensible Secretary)
Paul Hilty - (Book: On Her Own)
Paul Hilty - (Book: On Her Own)
Pierce Hutton - (Book: Once in Paris)
Pierce Hutton - (Book: Once In Paris (reissue))
Pierce Hutton - (Book: Once In Paris (reissue))
Peter Stone - (Book: Once Upon A Family)
Prince Michael Dillonetti - (Book: Once Upon a King)
Paxton Merrick - (Book: Once Upon a Valentine)
Piers - (Book: One Intimate Night)
Philip Clifford, Sir - (Book: One Knight Only)
Pete Mallory - (Book: One Man's War)
Patrick Costello - (Book: One Night She Would Never Forget)
Parker Evans - (Book: One Touch More)
Paul Reed - (Book: One Touch of Moondust)
Percival Hayes - (Book: Only a Kiss)
Philip Manning - (Book: Only You)
Philip Hastings, Sir - (Book: Opera Dancer, The)
Paul Fletcher - (Book: Operation XOXO)
Paul Fletcher - (Book: Operation XOXO (Large Print))
Python - (Book: Operation: Stiletto)
Pax - (Book: Ophelia Prophecy, The)
Philippe of Montluce - (Book: Ordinary Girl in a Tiara)
Peter Underhill - (Book: Original Love (reprint))
Preston Seaholm - (Book: Otherwise Engaged)
Price Seaver - (Book: Out of Control)
Ponyboy - (Book: Outsiders, The)
Peter Walsh - (Book: P.I. Daddy's Personal Mission)
Paul Stobe - (Book: P.S. I Love You)
Peter Forrest - (Book: Pact, The)
Petra O'Toole - (Book: Painted Lady)
Peter Mulloney - (Book: Paper Moon)
Piers Damery - (Book: Passage to Paradise)
Peter Barrett - (Book: Passages)
Paenther - (Book: Passion Untamed)
Prince Emric - (Book: Passion's Blood)
Prince Emric - (Book: Passion's Blood (Hardcover Illustrated))
Philip Meredith - (Book: Passionate Rebel, The)
Piers Sinclair - (Book: Passionate Winter, The)
Patrick Devaney - (Book: Patrick's Destiny)
Payton Reese - (Book: Peak Performance)
Peter Holland - (Book: Perfect in My Sight)
Pierce St. James - (Book: Perfect Mistress, The)
Preston McQuinn - (Book: Perfect Neighbor, The)
Philip Ramsey - (Book: Perfect Performance, A)
Prince Olek of Draig - (Book: Perfect Prince, The (ebook))
Paen Gerville - (Book: Perfect Wife, The)
Paen Gerville - (Book: Perfect Wife, The (reprint))
Philip Carmichael - (Book: Personal Assets)
Peter Dragon - (Book: Personal Enemy)
Prince Marcel Deloria - (Book: Persuading the Playboy King)
Pete Jernigan - (Book: Pete)
Peter Gifford - (Book: Peter)
Philip Drake - (Book: Phoenix Legacy)
Peter “Phoenix” Lericos - (Book: Phoenix Rising)
Preston - (Book: Pieces of Olivia (ebook))
Parker Monroe - (Book: Pied Piper's Bride, The)
Parker Ponthier - (Book: Pillow Talk)
Peter Kane - (Book: Pilot and the Pin-Up, The (ebook))
Prince Dariq - (Book: Pirate Prince, The)
Prince Jarek - (Book: Pirate Prince, The (ebook))
Petroc - (Book: Pirate's Pleasure, A)
Peter Johnson - (Book: Plain Jane's Man)
Prince Bennett - (Book: Playboy Prince, The)
Prince Quinn - (Book: Playful Prince, The (ebook))
Pleasure - (Book: Pleasure Trap, The)
Philip Jettan - (Book: Powder and Patch)
Philip Jettan - (Book: Powder and Patch (new edition))
Patrick Durant - (Book: Practically Perfect)
Pete taggart - (Book: Pregnant Ms. Potter, The)
Prince Raphael Thorton - (Book: Pregnant Princess, The)
Paul Monroe - (Book: Prelude To A Wedding)
Lord Prescott
- (Book: Prescott's Lady)
Paul Armstrong - (Book: Prescription for Romance)
Pavel Faderov - (Book: Prey)
Duke of Netherwood
- (Book: Priceless Acquisition, A)
Prince Viktor Romanov - (Book: Priceless Newborn Prince)
Prince Sadik - (Book: Prince & the Pregnant Princess, The)
Prince Burke - (Book: Prince & the Showgirl, The)
Prince Alexander - (Book: Prince Among Men, A)
Prince Maximillian - (Book: Prince And The Bogus Bride, The)
Prince Maxim de Marigny - (Book: Prince and the Marriage Pact, The)
Prince Nikolas Angelovsky - (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Prince Xaviero - (Book: Prince's Chambermaid, The)
Prince Marcus - (Book: Prince's Cowgirl Bride, The)
Prince Stephan Reynard - (Book: Prince's Heir, The)
Prince Guido of Mardivino - (Book: Prince's Love-Child, The)
Prince Lander - (Book: Prince's Mistress, The)
Prince Cristiano do Savare - (Book: Prince's Royal Concubine, The)
Prince Alexi - (Book: Prince's Texas Bride, The)
Pierceson Prescott - (Book: Princess and the Duke, The)
Prince Rafael St. James - (Book: Princess Annie)
Prince Randolph - (Book: Princess Dottie)
Prince Nicolai - (Book: Princess, The)
Prince Nikolai - (Book: Princess, The (re-issue))
Palmer DeVoe - (Book: Private Affairs)
Phineas Gunn - (Book: Private Duel with Agent Gunn, A)
Prince Durante D'Agostino - (Book: Prodigal Prince's Seduction, The)
Perry Lampman, Sir - (Book: Promise Of Spring, A)
Paolo Donatelli - (Book: Proof of Their Sin)
Paolo Donatelli - (Book: Proof of Their Sin (large print))
Paul Drennan - (Book: Proposal at the Wedding, A)
Pete Worth - (Book: Protecting Her Child)
Proud Eagle - (Book: Proud Eagle)
Pietro D'Inzeo - (Book: Proud Wife, The)
Phil Sagemont - (Book: Pumped for Murder (hardcover))
Phil Sagemont - (Book: Pumped for Murder (paperback))
Payen de Montfer - (Book: Queen's Guard: Peony, The)
Patrick Sherbourne
Earl of Wickford
- (Book: Questioning Miss Quinton, The)
Piers Larraby - (Book: Quicksilver)
Piers Castleton, Sir - (Book: Rakehell's Widow)
Preston McCabe - (Book: Rancher's Christmas Princess, The)
Pete Jackson - (Book: Ranching Man, A)
Paul Hollister - (Book: Real Elizabeth Hollister, The)
Padraic Rafferty, Sir - (Book: Rebel and the Lily, The)
Peter Jones - (Book: Rebellious Heart)
Patrick O'Neil - (Book: Receptionist Under Cover)
Philip Langford - (Book: Reckless Barrister, The)
Patrick MacKendrick - (Book: Reckoning, The)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Red Hot Murder)
Phaon - (Book: Red Queen)
Pike Grayson - (Book: Refuge (ebook))
Peyton Sinclair
- (Book: Rehoboth)
Pat Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Return)
Parsifal Wentworth - (Book: Reluctant Cavalier, The)
Philip Denham - (Book: Reluctant Flirt, The)
Philip Betancourt - (Book: Remember the Night)
Philippe Zabelle - (Book: Remodeling the Bachelor)
Philippe Zabelle - (Book: Remodeling the Bachelor (Large Print))
Patrick Gauge - (Book: Restless)
Patrick - (Book: Rhymes with Cupid)
Prince Kelt,
Duke of Vamili
- (Book: Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal)
Prince Kelt,
Duke of Vamili
- (Book: Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal (UK))
Piers Cranford - (Book: Riddle of the Shipwrecked Spinster, The)
Paramedic Nate Kellison - (Book: Riding The Storm)
Paul Wyatt - (Book: Right Kind of Girl, The)
Paul Wyatt - (Book: Right Kind of Girl, The (reissue))
Paul Wyatt - (Book: Right Kind of Girl, The (UK))
Paul Wyatt - (Book: Right Kind of Girl, The (UK-reissue))
Parker Huntington - (Book: Risking Her Heart)
Peter Kynaston - (Book: Risks)
Philip Brichard - (Book: River Song)
Paul - (Book: Road to Hell (reissue))
Paul Hamilton - (Book: Road to Hell, The)
Patrick Thompson - (Book: Rocky Mountain Rescue)
Prince Reid - (Book: Rogue Prince, The (ebook))
Philipee Cadot - (Book: Romantic Frenchman, The)
Prince Leopold - (Book: Royal Baby, Forbidden Marriage)
Prince Leopold - (Book: Royal Baby, Forbidden Marriage (UK))
Prince Augustus of Jura - (Book: Royal Bride)
Prince Istvan of Valtria - (Book: Royal Captive)
Paolo - (Book: Royal Captive)
Prince Damian of Nabotavia - (Book: Royal Nights)
Prince Benedek Kerkay - (Book: Royal Protocol)
Prince Alexander - (Book: Royal Pursuit)
Phillippe Rasada
- (Book: Royal Romance, A)
Phillippe Rasada
- (Book: Royal Romance, A (UK))
Prince Christian - (Book: Royal Seducer)
Prince Brandt - (Book: Royal Wedding Night, The)
Pato - (Book: Royal Without Rules, A)
Pato - (Book: Royal Without Rules, A (large print))
Prince Rico Ceraldi - (Book: Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded)
Prince Rico Ceraldi - (Book: Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded)
Parks Jones - (Book: Rules Of The Game)
Pierce Thorndike - (Book: Runaway Hearts (ebook))
Prince Danior - (Book: Runaway Princess)
Paxton Weeks - (Book: Ruthless)
Paxton Weeks - (Book: Ruthless (large print))
Peredur - (Book: Saint Sanguinus)
Parker Reynolds - (Book: Sanctuary)
Philip Andrew Astonley - (Book: Sandalwood Princess, The)
Prince Rachid Hassan al Juhami - (Book: Sandstorm (UK))
Philip Calvert - (Book: Sarah)
Panther - (Book: Savage Joy)
Prince Miklos - (Book: Saved By The Monarch)
Paul Branco - (Book: Saving the Devil)
Parker Heywood - (Book: Say Yes)
Prince Tahir Al'Ramiz - (Book: Scandal: His Majesty's Love-child)
Philip Rutland
Earl of Stanbrook
- (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Prince Kyber - (Book: Scarlet Empress, The)
Parker Adams - (Book: Scent of Danger)
Parker Adams - (Book: Scent of Danger (large print))
Peder - (Book: Scent of Valor (ebook))
Paul Cunningham - (Book: SEAL Wolf Hunting)
Preston Ward - (Book: Searching For Harmony (ebook))
Paul Windham - (Book: Season for Butterflies, A)
Piers - (Book: Season Of Mists)
Patrick Donovan - (Book: Season of Strangers)
Patrick Donovan - (Book: Season of Strangers (reprint))
Pierce Harding - (Book: Seattle After Midnight)
Paul Haggerty - (Book: Second Chance Pass)
Paul Haggerty - (Book: Second Chance Pass (reissue))
Paul Randall - (Book: Second Chances)
Paul Randall \ Zac Frazier - (Book: Second Chances \ Love One Another)
Lord Southvale
- (Book: Second Lady Southvale, The)
Piers St. Robyn,
Earl of Trevarris
- (Book: Secret Affair, A)
Pete Morgan - (Book: Secret Agent's Surprises, The)
Phillip Hawthorne - (Book: Secret Desires of a Gentleman)
Phillip Hawthorne - (Book: Secret Desires of Gentlemen)
Paulo Domingues - (Book: Secret History of a Good Girl)
Philip Balenger - (Book: Secret Nabob, The)
Patrick Hamilton - (Book: Secret Nights)
Payne Magnuson - (Book: Secret She Keeps. The)
Parker Nelson - (Book: Secret Spies)
Phillip Townsend - (Book: Secret Submission)
Patrick Martinez - (Book: Secrets in Four Corners)
Phineas - (Book: Secrets of a Proper Countess)
Paul Grayhorse - (Book: Secrets of the Lynx)
Paul Grayhorse - (Book: Secrets of the Lynx (large print))
Philip - (Book: Seducing the Duchess)
Peregrine Perriam - (Book: Seduction in Silk)
Phaeton Black - (Book: Seduction of Phaeton Black, The)
Philip Leslie
Duke of Durban
- (Book: See No Love (Hardcover))
Paul Frazer - (Book: Seen by Candlelight)
Pierce Reynolds - (Book: Send No Flowers)
Patrick O'Reilly - (Book: September Moon)
Parker Harrison - (Book: Serenade)
Prince Khenty Ben-Alkazar - (Book: Shades Of The Wind)
Philip Garrison - (Book: Shadow Chasing)
Patricio Rodriguez - (Book: Shadow Guardian)
Peter Winslow - (Book: Shadow Portrait, The)
Philippe - (Book: Shadows in Velvet)
Paul Lescaut - (Book: Shadows of the Heart)
Perry Shepherd - (Book: Shall We Dance?)
Phillip Westin - (Book: Shameless)
Perry Brewer - (Book: She Did A Bad, Bad Thing)
Perry Brewer - (Book: She Did A Bad, Bad Thing (UK))
Paul Monroe - (Book: She Got Her Man)
Prince Jibril - (Book: She Who Laughs Last)
Patterson Temple - (Book: She's The One)
Prince Reyhan - (Book: Sheik & The Princess in Waiting, The)
Prince Rafiq of Lucia-Serrat - (Book: Sheik & the Virgin Secretary, The)
Prince Kateb - (Book: Sheik and the Bought Bride, The)
Prince Vereham al a'Karim bin Hakar - (Book: Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress, The)
Prince Aarif - (Book: Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin, The)
Prince Shahir - (Book: Sheikh's Innocent Bride, The)
Pete “Pistol” Plummer - (Book: Shocking Summer (ebook))
Pepe Mastangelo - (Book: Sicilian's Unexpected Duty, The)
Patrick Kane - (Book: Silence and Shadows )
Peregrine - (Book: Silk and Shadows)
Peregrine - (Book: Silk and Shadows (reissue))
Pasha - (Book: Silver Angel)
Puck Redhouse - (Book: Silver Bastard)
Pierce Buchanan - (Book: Simon Says Die)
Peter Edgeworth
Viscount Whitleaf
- (Book: Simply Magic (Hardcover))
Peter Edgeworth
Viscount Whitleaf
- (Book: Simply Magic (reissue))
Philip Ross - (Book: Simply Shameless)
Peter Howard - (Book: Simply Sinful)
Peter Howard - (Book: Simply Sinful (reprint))
Paul Hilliard - (Book: Sin and Surrender)
Peter Rennard - (Book: Sins and Secrets)
Paul Berringer - (Book: Slightly Shady)
Private Rafferty Sloan - (Book: Sloan's Heart)
Pierce Granger - (Book: Soldier For Keeps, A)
Paul Sarrizen - (Book: Something Missing)
Patrick Drake - (Book: Something Special)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Something's Cooking)
Ptolemy Archibald Grant - (Book: Songbird's Seduction, The)
Peter - (Book: Southern as a Second Language (hardcover))
Patrick Kelly - (Book: Southern Comfort (hardcover))
Patrick Kelly - (Book: Southern Comfort (paperback))
Peter - (Book: Southern is a Second Language (paperback))
Peter Everdean
Earl of Clifton
- (Book: Spanish Bride, The)
Peter Everdean - (Book: Spanish Bride, The (ebook))
Preston Graham - (Book: Spend My Life With You)
Portier de Savin-Duplais - (Book: Spirit Lens, The)
Portier de Savin-Duplais - (Book: Spirit Lens, The (mass market))
Paul Manning - (Book: Stand-In Wife)
Parker Harrigan - (Book: Star Bright)
Prince Che Vedla - (Book: Star Princess, The)
Patrick Sutherland - (Book: Starcatcher)
Prince Ryker Triloni - (Book: Stardust And Shadows)
Phoenix - (Book: Stargazer)
Phillip de Piaget - (Book: Stars in Your Eyes)
Paul Baldwin - (Book: Staying Close)
Peter Kauffman - (Book: Stolen Heat)
Phillip Greyfriars - (Book: Stolen Rose, A)
Prince Lazlo - (Book: Stranded With the Prince)
Perry Flynn - (Book: Strong, Sleek and Sinful)
Parker Cantrell - (Book: Summer's Moon)
Patrick McLendon
- (Book: Sunshine and Satin)
Peter Watson - (Book: Super Natural Acts)
Philemon Brittle, Lieutenant - (Book: Surgeon's Lady, The)
Prince Miklos Sztarai - (Book: Surrender the Night)
Paul Mason - (Book: Survive the Night)
Paul Mason - (Book: Survive the Night (large print))
Patrick Blackburne - (Book: Swear by the Moon)
Paul Evans - (Book: Sweet Devotion)
Paxton of Wynchester - (Book: Sweet Enchantress)
Philip Chamberlain - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Philip Chamberlain - (Book: Sweet Revenge (hardcover))
Philip Chamberlain - (Book: Sweet Revenge (paperback))
Pierce Masterson - (Book: Sweet Surrender)
Patrick Jones - (Book: Sweetbriar Summit)
Price Sloan - (Book: Take a Chance)
Patrick Doherty - (Book: Takedown (ebook))
Prince al Drac'ar al Karim - (Book: Taken By The Sheikh)
Prince al Drac'ar al Karim, Sheikh of Dhurahn - (Book: Taken By The Sheikh (UK))
Peter - (Book: Taming of Annabelle, The)
Philip Rich
Earl of Rame
- (Book: Tarrant Rose, The)
Pike Taylor - (Book: Task Force Bride)
Pike Taylor - (Book: Task Force Bride (large print))
Patrick Donahue - (Book: Taste of Love)
Phelan Keene - (Book: Taxing Affair, A)
Patrick McCallum - (Book: Tears of the Rose)
Pierce Reed - (Book: Tell Me (hardcover))
Pierce Reed - (Book: Tell Me (paperback))
Parr O'Shaughnessy - (Book: Tempestuous Debutante, The )
Percival Carterton, Captain - (Book: Temptation)
Payne Dunbyer - (Book: Temptation's Warrior)
Phillip Beaumont - (Book: Tempted by a Cowboy)
Payton Cobb - (Book: Tempting Miss Prissy)
Prince Mikhail kazanov - (Book: Tempting the Prince)
Philippe St. Cyr - (Book: Tender Fury)
Patrick - (Book: Terminated)
Phillip Villeneuve - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Pete Scholfield - (Book: Texan's Reluctant Bride, The)
Patrick Hunter, MD - (Book: Thanksgiving)
Patrick Hunter - (Book: Thanksgiving (Large Print))
Phil Wilcox - (Book: That Devil Moon)
Preston Fleming - (Book: That Way Again (Hardcover))
Pierce Atkins - (Book: This Magic Moment)
Pete Mitchell - (Book: Three for the Road)
Patrick Shaw - (Book: Thrice Familiar)
Peter Kowalskin - (Book: Throwing Heat)
Pierce Thunder Horse - (Book: Thunder Horse Redemption)
Peter Terris - (Book: Thwonk)
Pierce Hollister - (Book: Ties that Bind, The)
Peter - (Book: Tiffany's True Love)
Piers Gresham - (Book: Time Fuse)
Piers Gresham - (Book: Time Fuse (Large Print))
Piers Gresham - (Book: Time Fuse (UK))
Peter Faa - (Book: Time Thief)
Paolo Cortelli - (Book: Time to Sing, A)
Paavo Smith - (Book: To Catch a Cook)
Peter Roman - (Book: To Catch a Princess (ebook))
Prince Rudolf Kazanov - (Book: To Charm a Prince)
Pierce Delaney - (Book: To Love a Stranger)
Paul Courtwald - (Book: To Love a Thief)
Paul Russell - (Book: To Love Again)
Paul Russell - (Book: To Love Again [Large Print])
Prince Malik - (Book: To Marry a Sheikh)
Peter Maxwell - (Book: Too Close for Comfort)
Paavo Smith - (Book: Too Many Cooks)
Paco Jones - (Book: Torch Job)
Patrick McKay - (Book: Touch and Go)
Pierson Drake - (Book: Touch Me)
Philip Stavely - (Book: Transformation of Miss Ashworth, The)
Paul Smith - (Book: Trilogy No. 109: Sail Away (ebook))
Patrick Greville - (Book: Tropical Tempest)
PJ Brightwood - (Book: Troublemaker)
Pete Ledbetter - (Book: Trust a Cowboy)
Pete Ledbetter - (Book: Trust a Cowboy (reissue))
Philip Drummond / Tom - (Book: Tumbling through Time)
Paul Ford - (Book: Turbulence)
Peter Tremayne - (Book: Turncoat, The)
Pete Hackett - (Book: Twist of Fate)
Pete Hackett - (Book: Twist of Fate (reissue))
Patrick McCallister - (Book: Two Weeks' Notice)
Piers Anetakis - (Book: Tycoon's Secret Affair, The)
Preston Monore - (Book: Uncovering Her Secrets (ebook))
Parker Kilpatrick - (Book: Under His Skin)
Parker Kilpatrick - (Book: Under His Skin (Large Print))
Parker Hayes - (Book: Under Wraps)
Paul Mulcahey - (Book: Understudy)
Pete Castro - (Book: Undone)
Paul Cabrera - (Book: Undressed)
Pierce Donellan - (Book: Unexpected Child, The)
Patrick - (Book: Unforgettable)
Paul Villiers
Duke of Mitford
- (Book: Unlikely Duchess, An)
Paul Fraser - (Book: Unraveled by the Rebel)
Peregrine Sullivan - (Book: Unsuitable Bride, An)
Patrick O'Rourke - (Book: Untamed)
Penn McClure - (Book: Untamed Cowboy)
Prince Shafir Al Dhahar - (Book: Untamed Sheik, The)
Philip Crown - (Book: Untamed, The)
Prince Alixandyr - (Book: Untouchable)
Patrick McPherson - (Book: Unwrapped)
Paul Durand - (Book: Valley of the Moon)
Patrick Mullen - (Book: Veiled Promises)
Patrick Dugan - (Book: Velvet Glove)
Phillipe Dubet - (Book: Velvet Is the Night)
Peter Ollenburger - (Book: Waiting For Summer's Return)
Philip Fairchild - (Book: Wake Me With a Kiss)
Paul Corelli - (Book: Wake the Sleeping Tiger)
Phinneas Cole - (Book: Wallflower Gone Wild)
Powell Hampton - (Book: Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly)
Paul Gardiner - (Book: Want Ad, The)
Paul Anderson - (Book: Wanted: One Special Kiss)
Phineas McKinney - (Book: Wanted: Undead or Alive)
Paul von Bayersdorf,
- (Book: Wary Widow, The)
Patrick - (Book: Waterfalls Of The Moon, The)
Paul McPherson - (Book: Way of a Man, The)
Phillip Wessington
Earl of Rosewood
- (Book: Way of the Heart, The)
Phillip Wessington
Earl of Rosewood
- (Book: Way of the Heart, The (reissue))
Piers Redfield - (Book: Wealthy Man's Waitress, The)
Peter Colburn - (Book: Wed at Leisure)
Pete Toleffson - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Pat Garahan - (Book: Welcome Back to Apple Grove)
Phineas Tucker - (Book: Welcome to Temptation)
Phineas Tucker - (Book: Welcome to Temptation (reissue))
Pagan Roark - (Book: Western Enchantress)
Pierce Westin - (Book: Westin's Wyoming)
Pierce Westin - (Book: Westin's Wyoming (large print))
Prescott Devane - (Book: What To Wear To A Seduction)
Piers Yelverton - (Book: When Beauty Tamed the Beast)
Pierce Kirrier
Earl of Penhollow
- (Book: When Dreams Come True)
Peter Woodward - (Book: When Last We Met)
Paul - (Book: When The Heart Cries)
Prince Alexei of Avalonia - (Book: When We Meet Again)
Paul Fitzgerald - (Book: Whispers In The Night)
Pacer Dillon - (Book: White Heat)
Philip Whitmore
Viscount Greybourne
- (Book: Who Will take This Man?)
Patrick Shannon - (Book: Wicked Caprice)
Patrick Shannon - (Book: Wicked Caprice (UK))
Peter Northrup - (Book: Wickedly Yours)
Pierce Reston
Duke of Stornway
- (Book: Widow and the Rake, The)
P. Bradley Franklin - (Book: Wife He Wanted, The)
Paris Cockburn - (Book: Wild Hearts)
Paris Cockburn - (Book: Wild Hearts (Hardcover))
Paris Cockburn - (Book: Wild Hearts (reissue))
Patrick Collins - (Book: Wild Irish Christmas (ebook))
Patrick Henley - (Book: Wild Ones, The)
Phillip St. Sebastien - (Book: Wild Summer Rose)
Patrick Brady - (Book: Wild Thing (ebook))
Pierce - (Book: Wilder Than the Rest (ebook))
Paul Weathers - (Book: Willing Spirit, A)
Prince Kaelan Hesar - (Book: Windfall (ebook))
Paul Hellka - (Book: Window on Tomorrow)
Patrick Halloran, Major - (Book: Window on Yesterday)
Pablo - (Book: Window to Paradise)
Philippe Pinot Noir - (Book: Wingin' It)
Paul Anderson - (Book: Wings of Promise)
Parker Tremaine
- (Book: Winter Baby)
Patrick Winters - (Book: Winter's Edge)
Parker Sugarman - (Book: With Baby In Mind)
Parker Sugarman - (Book: With Baby In Mind)
Patrick Cameron - (Book: With This Baby)
Phoenix Dye - (Book: With This Kiss)
Parker Madison - (Book: Wolf Trap)
Pierce Avery - (Book: Wolff At Heart, A)
Patrick Devereux - (Book: Woman He Knows, The)
Patrick Devereux - (Book: Woman He Knows, The (large print))
Pierce Gallagher - (Book: Woman In Hiding)
Patrick Ogilvie - (Book: Wounds Of Passion)
Phin Granville - (Book: Written on Your Skin)
Pete O'Brian - (Book: Wrong Bride, Right Groom)
Paul Elliott - (Book: Wrong Brother, The)
Pete Montgomery - (Book: Wrong Place, Wrong Time)
Pete Montgomery - (Book: Wrong Place, Wrong Time)
Peter - (Book: You Are Here)
Patrick - (Book: Yours, Mine and Ours (hardcover))
Patrick McGarth - (Book: Yuletide Engagement, The)


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