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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with Q

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Quentin Fielding - (Book: Abandon the Night)
Quentin McCormack - (Book: Acquired Bride, The)
Quentin Abrahams - (Book: All About Me)
Quinn - (Book: All For Quinn)
Quinn O'Brien - (Book: All the Right Places)
Quinn - (Book: Always a Thief)
Quinn Murphy - (Book: An Likely Setup (Large Print))
Quinn Murphy - (Book: An Unlikely Setup)
Quentin Kavanagh - (Book: Angel)
Quentin Rawls - (Book: Anything For Love)
Quinn Wilde - (Book: Art of Taming a Rake, The)
Quinn Montgomery - (Book: Atonement)
Quinn MacDowell - (Book: Bachelor Doctor's Bride, The)
Quin Perez - (Book: Bad Boy)
Quinn Hawkins - (Book: Bandit's Lady, The)
Quade Cameron, Captain - (Book: Beckoning Shore)
Quinn Garrett - (Book: Before I Melt Away)
Quintus Bredon Deverall - (Book: Beguiled by her Betrayer)
Quentin Fletcher
Marquess of Devon
- (Book: Beguiling Intrigue, A)
Quentin Drake - (Book: Blacksmith's Son, The)
Quentin Moore - (Book: Blood Ruby. The)
Quinn Larson - (Book: Blueberry Hill)
Quamar Bazan Al Asadi - (Book: Bodyguard Confessions)
Quentin Malone - (Book: Bone Cold)
Quentin Malone - (Book: Bone Cold)
Quinn Scott - (Book: Bordering on Obsession)
Quint Cantrell - (Book: Branded With His Baby)
Quinton Carter - (Book: Breaking Nova (ebook))
Quint Gallagher - (Book: Bride Wore Blue Jeans, The)
Quinn Rafferty - (Book: Broken)
Quinlan Bancroft
Marquis of Warefield
- (Book: By Love Undone)
Quentin Walpole - (Book: By the Light of the Silvery Moon)
Quince Castille - (Book: By the Tail (ebook))
Quinn Ramsay - (Book: California Man)
Quinn Delaney - (Book: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You)
Quint McQuade, Captain - (Book: Captive Innocent)
Quinn Strummel - (Book: Case of the Borrowed Bride, The)
Quinn Bowdrie - (Book: Cattleman's Courtship)
Quinn Fowler - (Book: Cherish the Flame)
Quentin Hayes - (Book: Chill of Fear (reissue))
Quinn - (Book: Chosen, The)
Quinn McVey - (Book: Cold Blooded (ebook))
Quinn Southerland - (Book: Cold Creek Homecoming, A)
Quinn Lassiter - (Book: Cold Night, Warm Stranger)
Quinn Ellington - (Book: Convenient Proposal, A)
Quinn MacClellan - (Book: Coyote Home)
Quinn MacClellan - (Book: Coyote Run (prequel to Coyote Home))
Quinn Younger - (Book: Crazy Hot)
Quinn McKade - (Book: Crossfire)
Quinn McKade - (Book: Crossfire (reissue))
Quinn Patrick - (Book: Dad Next Door, The)
Quinton Valtrez - (Book: Dark Hunger)
Quinn - (Book: Darkest Kiss, The)
Quinn - (Book: Darkness at Morning Star (ebook))
Quinn O'Casey - (Book: Dead On The Dance Floor)
Quinn - (Book: Definitely Dead)
Quint McCoy - (Book: Delectable)
Quinn - (Book: Desires of Her Heart, The)
Quentin Forbes - (Book: Different Light, A)
Quentin Forbes - (Book: Different Light, A (reissue))
Quinn Walker - (Book: Don't Cry For Me)
Quinn O'Neill - (Book: Dream of His Own, A )
Quinn O'Neill - (Book: Dream of His Own, A (large print))
Quinn Bradford - (Book: Drive Me Crazy (ebook))
Quinton Hunter, Duke of Sedgwick - (Book: Duchess, The)
Quentin, Lord Vyse - (Book: Easter Bouquet, An)
Qasim Wilder - (Book: Embrace My Heart)
Quentin Steel - (Book: Emerald Garden)
Quill Dewland - (Book: Enchanting Pleasures)
Quincy Ridgeway
Duke of Rivenoak
- (Book: Enticed)
Quinn Tennant - (Book: Everywhere Man, The)
Quin Tertulliano - (Book: Eye For An Eye (ebook))
Quinn Forrester - (Book: Father's Place, A)
Quince - (Book: Fins are Forever (hardcover))
Quinn Baldwin - (Book: Fireworks)
Quinn Baldwyn - (Book: Fool Me Once (ebook))
Quinn Montgomery - (Book: For Always)
Quentin Hatfield - (Book: For Each Tomorrow)
Quincy Stanton - (Book: For Love or Country)
Quincy Stanton - (Book: Forbidden Lady, The )
Quince Fletcher - (Book: Forgive My Fins)
Quinn Conlan - (Book: Fortune's Hero)
Quito Perez - (Book: From Here to Texas)
Quentin Williams - (Book: Game Of Love, The)
Quaid Merritt - (Book: Golden Angel, The)
Quentin Hart - (Book: Grown Folks Business)
Quinn McGuire - (Book: Guarding Jane Doe)
Quintus - (Book: Hammer of the Earth)
Quentin - (Book: Hanging With A Time Surfer)
Quinn Landry - (Book: Hannah's Vow)
Quentin Whittaker - (Book: Having The Tycoon's Baby)
Quintus Midnight - (Book: Heart of Midnight)
Quinn - (Book: Heart's Delight)
Quintan Jarvis - (Book: Heart's Desire)
Quinn Montgomery - (Book: Hearts On The Line)
Quinn Tyler - (Book: Her Baby Secret )
Quinn Whitfield - (Book: Her Best Friend)
Quentin Ross - (Book: Her Christmas Hero)
Quinn Logan - (Book: Hero Of Her Own, A)
Quint McCabe - (Book: Hidden in Texas)
Quinton Cameron - (Book: Highland Heat)
Quinn MacIntyre - (Book: Highland Rogue)
Quintus MacLachlann - (Book: Highland Rogue, London Miss)
Quint Mason - (Book: His Final Seduction)
Quintin Lord - (Book: Home Sweet Home)
Quinn Cantrell - (Book: Homecoming)
Quinn Daniels - (Book: Honourable Army Doc, The (eBook))
Quade - (Book: Horizon, The (ebook novella))
Quentin Brooks - (Book: Hot Summer Nights)
Quaid - (Book: I'll Be Seeing U)
Quintin Tyler - (Book: In Enemy Hands)
Quinn McCoy - (Book: In the Arms of A Hero)
Quinn McCain - (Book: In The Tycoon's Debt)
Quinn Morrison - (Book: In Too Deep)
Quinn Ashley - (Book: Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride)
Quinn Ashley - (Book: Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride)
Quinton Roxbury - (Book: It Happened One Christmas)
Quinn Cortez - (Book: Killing Her Softly)
Quentin Caeravorn - (Book: Kinked)
Quentin Marks - (Book: Kiss & Makeup)
Quinn Tyrrell - (Book: Kiss of Fire)
Quentin Albermarle - (Book: Knight of My Dreams (ebook))
Quint Cutler
- (Book: Law and Ginny Marlow, The)
Quinn Loudon - (Book: Lawman Meets His Bride, The)
Quint Echohawk - (Book: Lone Calder Star)
Quin Cahill - (Book: Lone Rancher, The)
Quintin - (Book: Love a Rebel...Love a Rogue)
Quentin Albermarle - (Book: Love Bites)
Quinn Howard - (Book: Love Games )
Quentin Blackwell
Earl of Devlyn
- (Book: Love's Revenge (ebook))
Qhuinn - (Book: Lover At Last (hardcover))
Qhuinn - (Book: Lover At Last (paperback))
Quisto Romero - (Book: Lover Under Cover)
Quest Ramsey - (Book: Lover's Dream , A)
Quaysar Ramsey - (Book: Lover's Pretense, A)
Quinn Sterling - (Book: Man Upstairs, The)
Quinn - (Book: Manhattan Boss, Diamond Proposal)
Quinn Braddock - (Book: Midnight Lies)
Quint Gallagher - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Miracle)
Quinton Murphy - (Book: Murphy's Law)
Quinn Rafferty - (Book: My Darling Melissa)
Quinn Rafferty - (Book: My Darling Melissa (ebook))
Quinn Rafferty - (Book: My Darling Melissa (reissue))
Quinn Rafferty - (Book: My Darling Melissa (reissue))
Quinn Gallagher - (Book: Nanny 911)
Quinn Gallagher - (Book: Nanny 911 (large print))
Quint Randolph - (Book: Nevada Nights)
Quint Childers
Lord Valentine
- (Book: No Man's Bride)
Quint Crawford - (Book: Not On His Watch)
Quinton Carter - (Book: Nova and Quentin: No Regrets (ebook))
Quinn - (Book: Once a Thief)
Quinn Haslett - (Book: One Little Thing (ebook novella))
Quinn Foxworth - (Book: Operation Midnight)
Quent Yerby - (Book: Out of Danger)
Quinn Spencer - (Book: Patchwork Family)
Quentin Somerville - (Book: Perfect Scoundrel, A)
Quincy Harrigan - (Book: Perfect Timing)
Quentin Parker, Taylor Collins - (Book: Pieces of Dreams)
Quinn Shieffield - (Book: Place Called Rambulara, A)
Quinn Shieffield - (Book: Place Called Rambulara, A (UK))
Quinn O'Halloran - (Book: Place to Call Home, A)
Quentin Cox - (Book: Playing Dirty)
Quentin Davis - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Quinn Sterling - (Book: Portrait of Jaime)
Quentin Chandler - (Book: Practice To Deceive)
Quent Ladd, MD - (Book: Prescription: Marry Her Immediately)
Quinn Parker - (Book: Private Affair, A)
Quinn Parker - (Book: Private Affair, A (reissue))
Quinn Arons - (Book: Probabilities)
Quinn Murphy - (Book: Proof of Life)
Quinn Murphy - (Book: Proof of Life (large print))
Quintus Ambustus - (Book: Protector, The)
Quade Westmoreland - (Book: Quade's Babies)
Quinn Conway - (Book: Quinn)
Quinn Eisley - (Book: Quinn Eisley's War)
Quinn McCloud - (Book: Quinn McCloud's Christmas Bride)
Quinn - (Book: Quinn's Way)
Quinn Reynolds - (Book: Quinn's Woman)
Quinn Reynolds - (Book: Quinn's Woman (reissue))
Quinn Reynolds - (Book: Quinn's Woman (reprint))
Quinn Callahan - (Book: Ranger's Woman, The)
Quinn Coulliard - (Book: Raven Master, The)
Quinn Coulliard - (Book: Raven Master, The (reissue))
Quinton Wells - (Book: Red Hot)
Quinn Montgomery - (Book: Redemption)
Quintin Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Pride)
Quentin Long - (Book: Reluctant Lover)
Quince Hunter - (Book: Renegade Moon)
Quinlan McKenna Farrell - (Book: Rescuing the Virgin)
Quillan - (Book: Rose Legacy, The)
Quinn Gerard - (Book: Rules of Attraction)
Quinn Calhoun - (Book: Running Scared)
Quaid - (Book: Rush)
Quinn Devlyn - (Book: Safe in His Hands)
Quinn Everard - (Book: Satin & A Scandalous Affair)
Quentin Sterling - (Book: Saturday's Child)
Quentin Sterling - (Book: Saturday's Child (reissue))
Quinton Carter - (Book: Saving Quinton (ebook))
Quinton Carter - (Book: Saving Quinton (paperback))
Quinton Colter, Captain - (Book: Scandal in Silver)
Quinn McAllister - (Book: Second Time Around (ebook))
Quinn - (Book: Secret to Tell You, A (reissue))
Quinn Donovan - (Book: Secret Valentine, A)
Quinn - (Book: Security Blanket)
Quinn - (Book: Sex, Lies, And Online Dating)
Quade Preston, MD - (Book: She's Having a Baby)
Quinn Doran - (Book: Skin Deep)
Quinton Blackthorne - (Book: Skylark)
Quincy Morgan - (Book: Small Whispers)
Quinn Sutton - (Book: Smooth-Talking Texan)
Quinn Jennings - (Book: Start Me Up)
Quinn McFarland - (Book: Straight for the Heart)
Quinn Landis - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Quinn Westin - (Book: Stranger's Wife, A)
Quentin Smith - (Book: Suddenly, You)
Quinn Sutton - (Book: Sutton's Way)
Quillan Shephard - (Book: Sweet Boundless)
Quinn Brannigan - (Book: Sweet Stuff)
Quinn Brannigan - (Book: Sweet Stuff (reprint))
Quentin Rutherford - (Book: Sweeter Than Dreams)
Quentin Elliott - (Book: Sweetest Thing, The)
Quinn Lawson - (Book: Take Me Two Times)
Quinn McNichol - (Book: Target, The)
Quentin Leith
Earl of Middlehurst
- (Book: Taste for Love, A)
Quinton Avenaco - (Book: Temporary Rancher)
Quinton Avenaco - (Book: Temporary Rancher (large print))
Quentin Reddick - (Book: Tempt Me at Midnight)
Quinn Yarborough - (Book: Tender Stranger, The)
Quillan Shephard - (Book: Tender Vine, The)
Quinn Sullivan - (Book: Terms of Engagement)
Quinn O'Byrne - (Book: Texas Ranger and the Tempting Twin, The)
Quill McKenna - (Book: This Gun for Hire)
Quinten Parker - (Book: Through The Fire)
Quinten Parker - (Book: Through the Fire (reissue))
Quinn Hunter - (Book: Til the Stars Fall)
Quinn McBride - (Book: To Have a Husband)
Quaid Tanner - (Book: To Taste the Wine)
Quinn Scofield - (Book: Touch of Silk, A)
Quinn Marriott - (Book: Treacherous Longings)
Quinn Diamond - (Book: Truth Seeker, The)
Quinn Kirby - (Book: Tucson Sonoran Star)
Quin Hewitt - (Book: Two Little Lies)
Quinn Donovan - (Book: Under The Boardwalk)
Quinn Lodge - (Book: Under the Covers (ebook))
Quinn Donnelly - (Book: Undercover Dreamer)
Quinn Daniels - (Book: Undercover Heat)
Quinn Parran - (Book: Undercover Wolf)
Qaade Deter - (Book: Unmasked)
Quinn Parker - (Book: Untouched (ebook))
Quinn Rowlan - (Book: Wanted in Alaska)
Quinn Baxter - (Book: Week From Sunday, A)
Quentin Wallace - (Book: Werewolf in Greenwich Village (ebook novella))
Quinton Cormack - (Book: When Lightening Strikes Twice)
Quinn Rossiter - (Book: White Magnolia)
Quinn Donnelly - (Book: Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?)
Quinn MacLeod - (Book: Wicked Highlander)
Quinn Grayson
- (Book: Will to Love, The)
Quinn Taylor - (Book: Wish for the Moon)
Quinn O'Brien - (Book: With a Twist)
Quinn Masterson - (Book: Without Precedent)
Quinn Gallagher - (Book: Woman's Heart, A)
Quinn Gallagher - (Book: Woman's Heart, A (reprint))
Quaid Matthews - (Book: Yard Rose, The (Hardcover - Large Print))
Quinn Sobel - (Book: Yours at Midnight (ebook))


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