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Sweetest Dark, The
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Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with R

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Raphael Dalton - (Book: 'Til We Meet Again)
Raff Finn - (Book: Abby and the Bachelor Cop)
Ramon Castillo - (Book: Abducted Heart, The)
Ramon Castillo - (Book: Abducted Heart, The (ebook))
Ramon Castillo - (Book: Abducted Heart, The (ebook))
Ransom Bennett - (Book: Able-Bodied)
Richard Challerton
Earl of Avery
- (Book: Absentee Earl, The)
Rafe Steele - (Book: Accidental Bridegroom)
Ryan - (Book: Accidental Elopement, The)
Rashid al Harum - (Book: Accidentally the Sheikh's Wife)
Roberto - (Book: Accidentally. . .Cimil? (ebook novella))
Rick - (Book: Aces)
Rafe Cameron - (Book: Acquired: The CEO's Small-town Bride)
Roman Miller - (Book: Acquisitions)
Richard Troy - (Book: Act Like It (ebook))
Reed Gallagher - (Book: Act Of Possession)
Riker Montgomery - (Book: Acting Like Family (ebook))
Rill Pierce - (Book: Addicted to You)
Rill Pierce - (Book: Addicted to You)
Robert Swynton - (Book: Addie's Knight)
Richard Browning - (Book: Affair at Greengage Manor, The)
Ryder Sterne - (Book: Affair Of Honor)
Ralph - (Book: Affair of Honour, An (UK))
Rafe Healy - (Book: After Dusk)
Rhys Wakefield - (Book: After Hours)
Riley Williams - (Book: After the Christmas Party...)
Richard Laslo - (Book: After the Fire)
Russ Harrington - (Book: After the Loving)
Raff Gallagher - (Book: After The Loving)
Russ Harrington - (Book: After the Loving (reprint))
Raff Gallagher - (Book: After The Loving (UK))
Rad - (Book: After the Storm)
Roque - (Book: After Their Vows)
Roque - (Book: After Their Vows (large print))
Rand Maguire - (Book: Afterglow)
Rule Jackson - (Book: Against the Rules)
Rage Brodie - (Book: Against the Tide)
Ryan McCall - (Book: Against The Wall)
Reginald Lancaster
Viscount Wynnclife
- (Book: Age of Elegance, The)
Rob - (Book: Agent of Love)
Rick Rousseau - (Book: Ain't Too Proud To Beg)
Ryan Nichols - (Book: Alaskan Summer)
Robert Rankin - (Book: All Caught Up)
Reza Iaconelli - (Book: All For You)
Ross Blackstone - (Book: All Good Gifts)
Ryan Kowalski - (Book: All He Ever Desired)
Richard Youngblood - (Book: All I Ever Wanted)
Rory McRoy - (Book: All I Need Is You (ebook))
Russ Van Alystyne - (Book: All Mortal Flesh)
Raul - (Book: All Night Long)
Rik Magnusson - (Book: All Night Long)
Rory Baxter - (Book: All Night With the Boss)
Rory Baxter - (Book: All Night With the Boss (UK))
Rio Sanchez - (Book: All That I Desire)
Ray Coleman - (Book: All The Love)
Rhys Fairdane - (Book: All's Fair)
Reuel Shatar - (Book: Alliance, The)
RafeTennyson - (Book: Almost A Bride )
Rex Jones - (Book: Along Came Jones)
Ryan Andrews - (Book: Along For the Ride)
Ryan Wolfe - (Book: Alpha Male, The (UK))
Raphael Alvares - (Book: Alvares Bride, The)
Russell Knight - (Book: Always a Knight)
Ryan Pettridge - (Book: Always My Hero)
Robert Stamford,
- (Book: Ambitious Baronet, The)
Reies Coulter - (Book: Ambushed)
Richard Blount - (Book: Amiable Arrangement, An)
Reece Ericson - (Book: Anathema)
Rick Townsend - (Book: Anchor's Aweigh)
Rune Wulfsson - (Book: Angel Gone Bad)
Ruark Stewart - (Book: Angel Hunter)
Roman Hunter - (Book: Angel in Time, An)
Robert Andreville - (Book: Angel Rogue)
Robert Andreville - (Book: Angel Rogue (reissue))
Robert Oliver - (Book: Angel's Christmas (UK))
Reaper - (Book: Angel's Pain)
Raphael, Archangel - (Book: Angels's Blood)
Royce Powell - (Book: Animal Instincts)
Reeves Leland - (Book: Anna Meets Her Match)
Richard Nelson/Ren - (Book: Annie's Hero)
Reed Kendall - (Book: Anniversary Waltz)
Rhys de Piaget - (Book: Another Chance To Dream)
Reminton Brand - (Book: Any Way You Want It)
Reno Wilder - (Book: Anything But Sweet)
Rod Braden - (Book: Anything For Her Marriage)
Rick Baxter - (Book: Anything Goes)
Ryder - (Book: Apache Runaway)
Roarke - (Book: Apprentice in Death (hardcover))
Robert Beaumaris - (Book: Arabella)
Rafiq Al-Qadim - (Book: Arabian Love-Child, The)
Race Morgan - (Book: Arafura Pirate)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Consort)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Heart)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Kiss)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Legion)
Ray Menendez - (Book: Are You My Mommy?)
Ryder McCloud - (Book: Arizona Gold)
Rick Peralta
El Cazador
- (Book: Arizona Temptress)
Rick Peralta - (Book: Arizona Temptress (reissue))
Ryan McAdams - (Book: Army Ranger's Return, The)
Ryan McAdams - (Book: Army Ranger's Return, The (large print))
Raoul Melville
Earl of Savile
- (Book: Arrangement, The)
Roman - (Book: Art of Duke Hunting, The)
Rory - (Book: Artistic License)
Rob Conrad - (Book: As Long As You Love Me)
Rylan Saintcrow - (Book: As Twilight Falls)
Ryker - (Book: Ascension)
Richard Blackwood, Sir - (Book: Ashcroft Curse, The)
Reed Taylor, Captain - (Book: Ashes & Ecstasy)
Reece Bennu - (Book: Ashes (ebook))
Robert Downe - (Book: Assignment: Seduction)
Ryder Bramson - (Book: At the Billionaire's Beck and Call?)
Randall Carter - (Book: At the Edge of the Sun)
Robert Matheson - (Book: At the Highlander's Mercy)
Ross Durden - (Book: At the Highwayman's Pleasure)
Rafael Loro - (Book: At The Italian's Command)
Richard Brenton - (Book: Autumn Angel)
Reece Wakefield - (Book: Autumn Flame)
Roy Dutton - (Book: Autumn Love)
Robert Miller - (Book: Autumn's Promise)
Regan Keller - (Book: Avenging Angel)
Russell Leonard - (Book: Awaited)
Rijk van Taak ter Wijsma - (Book: Awakened Heart, The)
Rijk van Taak ter Wijsma - (Book: Awakened Heart, The (reissue))
Rijk van Taak ter Wijsma - (Book: Awakened Heart, The (UK))
Rijk van Taak ter Wijsma - (Book: Awakened Heart, The (UK-reissue))
Ryder McClain - (Book: Baby Between Friends, A)
Rand Barclay - (Book: Baby by the Book)
Rafe Lonewolf - (Book: Baby Dreams)
Reno Redfern - (Book: Baby For Dry Creek, A)
Rafferty Evans - (Book: Baby in the Bunkhouse, A)
Reed Hudson - (Book: Baby Inheritance, The)
Rafe Kendrick - (Book: Baby Love)
Ry McDermot - (Book: Baby Love)
Robert Thornton - (Book: Baby Makes Five)
Royce - (Book: Baby Mine)
Rob - (Book: Baby Question, The)
Roman Lawrence - (Book: Baby Trap)
Ryder Colton - (Book: Baby's Watch)
Rick Jensen - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours)
Rick Jensen - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours (Large Print))
Ross Davis - (Book: Babyland)
Rick Masters - (Book: Bachelor and a Baby, A)
Randy Railsback - (Book: Bachelor Cop)
Ruel Chouteau - (Book: Bachelor's Bargain, The)
Reid James - (Book: Bachelor's Bride, The)
Ry Grayson - (Book: Bachelor's Northbridge Bride, The)
Robert Fairmont - (Book: Bachelor's Puzzle)
Roman Chandler - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Richard de Norwen
Black Earl
- (Book: Back Earl, The)
Rand McCain - (Book: Back in His Arms)
Ryan Gallagher - (Book: Back in Texas)
Reid Walker - (Book: Back in the Bachelor's Arms)
Reilly Ledger - (Book: Back In the Bedroom)
Rowdy Blanton - (Book: Back in the Game)
Ryan Baylor - (Book: Backseat Mistress )
Reed Lawson - (Book: Baiting the Maid of Honor (ebook))
Rafael Cavaliere - (Book: Ballyflynn)
Rico Butera - (Book: Bandit King, The )
Richard Oliver - (Book: Bandit's Broken Heart, A (ebook))
Reddick McRae - (Book: Bandit's Hope)
Rakhal Alzirz - (Book: Banished to the Harem)
Rakhal Alzirz - (Book: Banished to the Harem (large print))
Rakhal Alzirz - (Book: Banished to the Harem (UK))
Roel Sabatino - (Book: Banker's Convenient Wife, The)
Reese Bareden - (Book: Bare it All)
Rafe Delacantro - (Book: Bared)
Ryan Palmer - (Book: Barely Decent)
Richard Dupree - (Book: Bargain of the Heart)
Ryan Malone - (Book: Baring It All)
Rupert - (Book: Baron's Governess Bride, The)
Robert Wardell - (Book: Bartered Bride)
Rothsay - (Book: Bartered Bride)
Robert Rossiter
Viscount Kittridge
- (Book: Bartered Bride, The)
Rory Adams - (Book: Battle for the Soldier's Heart)
Rory Adams - (Book: Battle for the Soldier's Heart (large print))
Ryan Stranger - (Book: Battle of Wills)
Rob Tratelli - (Book: Bayou Dreams)
Rob - (Book: Bayou Heat)
Reid Alexander - (Book: Bayou Magic)
Rene Theriot - (Book: Bayou Paradox)
Rick Morgan - (Book: Be Afraid)
Reid Robertson - (Book: Beach Baby)
Ryan Williams - (Book: Bear Naked)
Rhage - (Book: Beast, The)
Rufus Marlesbury, Earl of Terrance - (Book: Beastly Scandal, A)
Raymond de Beauchamp - (Book: Beauchamp Besieged)
Rafe Murano - (Book: Beautiful Distraction, A)
Rafe Stone - (Book: Beauty and the Bodyguard)
Rhys FitzHenry - (Book: Beauty Bride, The)
Raphael Marchese - (Book: Bedded For The Italian's Pleasure)
Rafe Montero - (Book: Bedded for the Spaniard's Pleasure )
Ricardo Salvatore - (Book: Bedding His Virgin Mistress)
Ryker - (Book: Bedeviled)
Ross Benedict - (Book: Bedroom Is Mine, The)
Ryder Damien - (Book: Before the Dawn)
RJ Kincaid - (Book: Behind Boardroom Doors)
Russ Morgan - (Book: Behind the Badge)
Russ Morgan - (Book: Behind the Badge (large print))
Ray Brody - (Book: Beloved Bachelor Dad)
Ridge Tanner - (Book: Beloved Betrayal)
Raven - (Book: Beloved Enchantress)
Rene Faurer - (Book: Beloved Honor)
Rory Maclean - (Book: Beloved Impostor)
Ricardo Montoya - (Book: Beloved Stranger)
River - (Book: Beloved Wolf)
Rex Samson - (Book: Bending the Rules (ebook))
Reid McAllister - (Book: Bentridge Magic)
Raul Escobedo - (Book: Best Bet, The)
Ridge Garroway - (Book: Best Catch In Texas, The)
River Kipling - (Book: Best Goodbye, The)
Ryder Calaway - (Book: Best Is Yet to Come, The )
Ryder Calaway - (Book: Best Is Yet to Come, The (UK) )
Rex Ryder - (Book: Best Man for the Job)
Rex Trowbridge - (Book: Best Man in Wyoming (reissue))
Roger Janek, MD - (Book: Best Medicine, The)
Ramon - (Book: Best of Friends)
Robert - (Book: Beta, The (ebook))
Reeve - (Book: Betray Not My Passion)
Reece Foxjohn - (Book: Betrayal)
Roth Sterling - (Book: Better Man, A)
Roth Sterling - (Book: Better Man, A (large print))
Ryan LeJeune - (Book: Better Than Ice Cream)
Ryan Wheeler - (Book: Betting on the Wrong Brother)
Rand FitzWulf - (Book: Between a Vamp and a Hard Place)
Roc Trellyn - (Book: Between Roc and a Hard Place)
Reid Alexander - (Book: Between the Lines)
Rex Holt - (Book: Between the Sheets)
Raoul de Bainwulf - (Book: Beware the Conqueror (UK))
Rowen Nichols - (Book: Bewitching My Love (ebook))
Rogan - (Book: Bewitching Twin, The)
Roes Anderson - (Book: Beyond All Reason)
Rafe McIntyre - (Book: Beyond Compare)
Ryder Culhane - (Book: Beyond Desire)
Randall Kincaid - (Book: Beyond Forever)
Roberto Madariago - (Book: Beyond Ransom)
Richard de Cantor - (Book: Beyond Temptation)
Richard Blake - (Book: Beyond The Sunrise)
Robert Blake - (Book: Beyond the Sunrise)
Ruark Haagan - (Book: Beyond the Wild Wind)
Ric Van Holtz - (Book: Big Bad Beast)
Ric Van Holtz - (Book: Big Bad Beast (reprint))
Riley Parrish - (Book: Big Bad Wolf Tells All, The)
Rory McAlister - (Book: Big City Cowboy)
Riordan - (Book: Big Sky Country)
Reese Crane - (Book: Billionaire Bachelor, The)
Rourke Devlin - (Book: Billionaire's Baby Plan, The)
Russell McClain - (Book: Billionaire's Bride of Vengeance, The)
Rodrigo Valderrama - (Book: Billionaire, M.D.)
Rafael Villar - (Book: Bite at First Sight)
Rafe Bradrick - (Book: Bittersweet Destiny)
Rink Lancaster - (Book: Bittersweet Rain )
Roarke O'Connor
- (Book: Black Angel, The)
Richard of Norwen - (Book: Black Earl, The)
Rory Forbes - (Book: Black Knave, The)
Ranulf de Warbrooke - (Book: Black Lyon, The)
Raul VicMoran - (Book: Black Seduction (ebook))
Raphael “Rafe” Santiago - (Book: Black Sheep and Hidden Beauty, The)
Richard Seaborne - (Book: Black Sheep's Return, The (ebook))
Race Latimer - (Book: Black Tree Moon)
Riley McKnight - (Book: Blackberry Summer)
Romano Vincenzo - (Book: Blackmailed For Her Baby)
Romano Vincenzo - (Book: Blackmailed For Her Baby (UK))
Ronan - (Book: Blade of the Wolf (ebook))
Rick Burgess - (Book: Blame It on the Champagne)
Ring Crossman - (Book: Blaze of Lightning, Roar of Thunder)
Rob Sears, Captain - (Book: Blazing Passion)
Rutger Grayson, Captain - (Book: Blind Aphrodite)
Randall Logan - (Book: Blind Man's Bluff)
Reed Wyatt - (Book: Blind Passion)
Rule Turner - (Book: Blood Challenge)
Raven - (Book: Blood Curse)
Rialto Renaldi - (Book: Blood Curse)
Rafael - (Book: Blood Law)
Rica - (Book: Blood Lines - Blood Challenge)
Rule Turner - (Book: Blood Magic)
Richard - (Book: Blue Moon)
Roth Jerric - (Book: Blue Moon Bride)
Roth Jerric - (Book: Blue Moon Bride (UK))
Rurik - (Book: Blue Viking (reissue))
Rurik The Vain, Jomsviking - (Book: Blue Viking, The)
Richard Fotherville
Marquis of Rutherston
- (Book: Bluestocking Bride (reissue))
Ryan MacKenzie - (Book: Blush for Me)
Robert Devlin - (Book: Boardroom Baby)
Robinson Mayview - (Book: Body and Soul)
roderick Guerrero - (Book: Body Heat)
Rick - (Book: Body Language)
Ronan - (Book: Bodyguard (ebook - novella))
Ryan Fitzpatrick - (Book: Bodyguard and the Bridesmaid, The)
Roman D'Amato - (Book: Bodyguard Rescue)
Roger Valentine - (Book: Bodyguard, The)
Raolfe de Gere - (Book: Bold Angel)
Raolfe de Gere - (Book: Bold Angel)
Roarke Gilchrist - (Book: Bold Breathless Nights)
Red Harry Graeme - (Book: Border Fires)
Ramon Villarreal - (Book: Border Heat)
Roarke - (Book: Born in Death (paperback-reprint))
Rogan Sweeney - (Book: Born In Fire)
Reed Connors
U.S. Marshal
- (Book: Born to Fly)
Reed Connors - (Book: Born to Fly (reissue--ebook))
Rob Hansen - (Book: Borrowed Groom, The)
Ross Dalgowan - (Book: Boss's Forbidden Secretary, The)
Rick Sullivan - (Book: Boss's Surprise Son, The)
Randal Harding - (Book: Boss's Virgin, The)
Reed Harding - (Book: Boss, the Baby and the Bride, The)
Romain de Valois - (Book: Bought For The Frenchman's Pleasure)
Ronin Black - (Book: Bound)
Rafael Dawson - (Book: Bound and Determined)
Rafael Dawson - (Book: Bound and Determined)
Rafe Dawson - (Book: Bound and Determined)
Riker - (Book: Bound by Night)
Ryan Tyler - (Book: Bound for the Holidays (ebook))
Ray Coffey - (Book: Bound to Happen)
Rex Bettencourt - (Book: Bounty Hunter Honor)
Remy Lafitte - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Baby, The)
Rich Miller - (Book: Boy Next Door, The)
Robert Brooks - (Book: Boy Re-Meets Girl)
Riley - (Book: Branded By Fire)
Ryan 'Mac' Mackenzie - (Book: Brazen)
Ryan (Mac) Mackenzie - (Book: Brazen (reissue))
Ryan (Mac) Mackenzie - (Book: Brazen (reissue))
Rafael Cordeiro - (Book: Brazilian Boss's Innocent Mistress, The (UK))
Ricardo Sanchez - (Book: Break Out)
Rory Brady - (Book: Breakaway)
Rich - (Book: Breakfast In Bed)
Rigg Matthews - (Book: Breaking Away)
Rigg Matthews - (Book: Breaking Away (UK))
Remy Tremaine - (Book: Breath Away, A)
Rhys DeRemy - (Book: Breath of Heaven)
Roman Reese - (Book: Breathe You In)
Rain Brookshire - (Book: Breathing His Air)
Reid - (Book: Breathless Surrender)
Ryan Callaghan - (Book: Bridal Bet, The)
Rafe Montoya - (Book: Bridal Op)
Royden Napier - (Book: Bride by Moonlight, A)
Ross McCain - (Book: Bride for McCain, A)
Rafael Romero - (Book: Bride in a Gilded Cage)
Robert Douglas - (Book: Bride of Black Douglas, The)
Robert Douglas - (Book: Bride of Black Douglas, The (reissue))
Remy de Brizat - (Book: Bride of Desire)
Roc Pendorric - (Book: Bride Of Pendorric)
Rand Fitz Hugh - (Book: Bride of Rosecliffe, The)
Robert de Langley - (Book: Bride of the Lion)
Ross Graham - (Book: Bride of the Solway (reissue))
Ross Graham
- (Book: Bride Of The Solway (UK))
Rafe Tyler - (Book: Bride of the Tiger)
Robert Kerr, Sir - (Book: Bride Ship, The)
Rance Welham - (Book: Bride Wore Pearls, The)
Ross Trevenan - (Book: Bride's Bodyguard, The)
Ross Trevenan - (Book: Bride's Bodyguard, The (reissue))
Rafael McKenzie - (Book: Bride, The)
Romano Puccini - (Book: Bridesmaid's Secret, The)
Rafe Cameron - (Book: Bridesmaid's Wedding, The)
Randall Johnson - (Book: Bridge to Love, A)
Reese Bareden - (Book: Bridgertons: Happily Ever After, The)
Rob Gaines - (Book: Brief Encounters)
Reid Bowen - (Book: Brigadier's Daughter, The)
Robert Lymond - (Book: Brighton Burglar, The)
Robert Neville - (Book: Brilliant Alliance, A)
Rory - (Book: Broken Vows)
Raoul Laroche - (Book: Brooding Frenchman's Proposal, The)
Rordyc Kilth - (Book: Brooke's Sanctuary)
Roarke - (Book: Brotherhood in Death (hardcover))
Russel McCloud - (Book: Buffalo McCloud)
Ryan McCall - (Book: Building Dreams)
Ray - (Book: Built to Last)
Reb Tremaine - (Book: Bulletproof Heart)
Richard Danton - (Book: Businessman's Bride, The)
Rafe Russo - (Book: Butterfly Cove)
Ryam - (Book: Butterfly Swords)
Ross Cahill - (Book: Butterfly Trees)
Rawls Smith - (Book: By Any Other Name)
Ryan Murphy - (Book: By Any Other Name)
Rhys - (Book: By Design)
Roger - (Book: By King's Command)
Rafael le Senay - (Book: By Royal Command)
Roarke Farrell - (Book: C.J.'s Defense)
Rhys Bullock - (Book: Cadence Creek Christmas, A (large print))
Ruy de Silvadores - (Book: Caged Tiger, The)
Ruy de Silvadores - (Book: Caged Tiger, The (UK))
Rahul - (Book: Caged With Tiger (ebook))
Robert Lymond - (Book: Cairo Cats, The)
Raoul Lanier - (Book: Cajun Cowboy, The)
Rene Comeaux - (Book: Cajun Dream, A)
Rick - (Book: Calamity Jayne)
Roarke - (Book: Calculated in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Calculated in Death (paperback))
Reese Falconer - (Book: Call It Fate)
Ross Berringer - (Book: Call Me Sin)
Robert Singleton - (Book: Call My Name Softly)
Randy Trudeau - (Book: Candid Camera)
Race Langston - (Book: Candy Kiss)
Richard Bowden - (Book: Caprice)
Randall Quinlan - (Book: Caprice)
Rhys Trefor - (Book: Captain Black)
Reynold Durant - (Book: Captain Durant's Countess)
Randall Carswell,
- (Book: Captain Rogue)
Richard Everard - (Book: Captain's Courtship, The)
Rick Parrish - (Book: Captain's Orders)
Richard St. Charles - (Book: Captivated)
Raven - (Book: Captive)
Rocco Leopardi - (Book: Captive At The Sicilian Billionaire's Command)
Rydon - (Book: Captive Bride)
Rajesh Vala - (Book: Captive but Forbidden)
Rajesh Vala - (Book: Captive but Forbidden (large print))
Regan van der Rhys - (Book: Captive Embrace)
Robert Gowrie - (Book: Captive Flame)
Ranulf de Brissac - (Book: Captive Hearts)
Reid Forrester - (Book: Captive Love)
Rinehart - (Book: Captive of the Beast)
Regan van der Rhys - (Book: Captive Passions)
Ranald Kincairn - (Book: Captive, The)
Rob Black - (Book: Cards Never Lie (ebook))
Richard Welby,
- (Book: Caretaker Wife, The)
Richard Welby,
- (Book: Caretaker Wife, The (reissue))
Rafe Cooper - (Book: Carnal Sin)
Rick Matheson - (Book: Carnival)
Richard Kemp - (Book: Carolina Compromise)
Radinck Thoe van Erckelens - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo)
Radinck Thoe van Erckelens - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo (reissue))
Radinck Thoe van Erckelens - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo (UK))
Radinck Thoe van Erckelens - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo (UK-reissue))
Robert Caroselli - (Book: Caroselli's Baby Chase)
Ryan Parker - (Book: Carousel of Love)
Rock Dempsey - (Book: Carpenter's Wife, The)
Riley Patterson - (Book: Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming)
Ross Duke - (Book: Case of the Vanished Groom, The)
Riley O'Roarke - (Book: Cassandra)
Ronan McGuire - (Book: Cassie's Grand Plan)
Ronan McGuire - (Book: Cassie's Grand Plan (large print))
Raymond, Count of Avrache - (Book: Castles in the Air)
Ridley Cromer - (Book: Cat's Lair)
Ryan Gallagher - (Book: Cat's Play)
Ross Sunderland - (Book: Cattle Baron's Bride, The )
Rory Compton - (Book: Cattle Rancher, Convenient Wife)
Rory Compton - (Book: Cattle Rancher, Convenient Wife (UK))
Reece Weston - (Book: Cattleman's Special Delivery, The)
Reece Weston - (Book: Cattleman's Special Delivery, The (large print))
Reece - (Book: Caught on Camera (UK edition))
Richard Ryan - (Book: Cause for Alarm)
Reed Brittman - (Book: Caution: Charm At Work)
Robert Ranleigh - (Book: Cecily (reissue))
Robert Ranleigh - (Book: Cecily (reissue))
Rowan Heath, Sir - (Book: Celebrated Miss Neville, The)
Roake - (Book: Celebrity in Death (paperback))
Rowan Traynor - (Book: Centrefold)
Roarke - (Book: Ceremony In Death)
Rafe, Thorn - (Book: Ceremony of Three)
Reed Garrison - (Book: Certain Hope, A)
Rio de Silva - (Book: Challenge To Honor)
Rio de Silva - (Book: Challenge To Honor (Hardcover))
Ryan Havens - (Book: Chameleons (ebook))
Robert Denning - (Book: Chance Encounter, A)
Rick Matheson - (Book: Chance of a Lifetime)
Rick Hagen - (Book: Chance Worth Taking, A)
Raphael Dalton - (Book: Chance, The)
Rueben Hamilton - (Book: Chances (Hardcover))
Rafe O'Connor - (Book: Change of the Heart)
Raney Caitlin - (Book: Changing Places)
Rupert Frost - (Book: Changing Seasons)
Ryan Calhoun - (Book: Charm School, The)
Ryan Michaels - (Book: Charming Strategy, A)
Rogan McBain - (Book: Charming the Devil)
Rolfe Brodrigan
Lord Ravenscroft
- (Book: Chasing Dreams)
Ryder Diamond - (Book: Chasing Mr. Wrong)
River Delaney - (Book: Chasing River)
Richard Forrester - (Book: Cheltenham Comedy, A)
Ryan O'Connor - (Book: Chemical Reaction)
Race Jennings - (Book: Chemistry)
Race Spencer - (Book: Cherish)
Robert Victor MacTavish - (Book: Cherished Enemy)
Ross (Cherokee) Sheldon - (Book: Cherokee's Caress)
Russ Hennessey - (Book: Chesapeake Tide)
Raoul de Chalais - (Book: Chevalier's Pawn)
Rand Hartesite - (Book: Child of Her Heart)
Rick Warrick - (Book: Child of Her Own, A)
Roger Darvell - (Book: Child of Twilight)
Reid Adams - (Book: Child to Heal Their Hearts, A)
Rory Campbell - (Book: Children of Destiny)
Rhys Morgan - (Book: Children's Doctor's Special Proposal, The)
Ransom Winters - (Book: Chocolate Goodies)
Ryan Andrews - (Book: Choices)
Reid Kincannon - (Book: Choices)
Ridge McIntyre - (Book: Chosen)
Ryker - (Book: Chosen)
Richard Malinder,
- (Book: Chosen for the Marriage Bed (UK))
Remington Jackson - (Book: Chosen, The)
Robert - (Book: Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage)
Robert Avery
Earl of Barrisford
- (Book: Christmas Betrothal, A)
Rhys Kingsford - (Book: Christmas Eve Marriage)
Ryland Lassiter - (Book: Christmas Journey, The)
Ronan MacLeod - (Book: Christmas Knight)
Ryan Ferguson - (Book: Christmas Magic in Heatherdale)
Ryan Whitepath - (Book: Christmas on Snowbird Mountain)
Rafael Cardoza - (Book: Christmas Present, The)
Earl of Falloden
- (Book: Christmas Promise, A)
Rafe Santiago - (Book: Christmas Ranch, The)
Rafe DeSilva - (Book: Christmas Rescue, The)
Ross McGarrett - (Book: Christmas Target, The)
Reid Morgan - (Book: Christmas Witness, The)
Reid Morgan - (Book: Christmas Witness, The (large print))
Rick Wingate - (Book: Cinderella Inheritance)
Reid Danforth - (Book: Cinderella Scandal, The)
Ross Garrison - (Book: Cinderella's Big Sky Groom)
Ross Garrison - (Book: Cinderella's Big Sky Groom)
Rafe Knighton - (Book: Cinderella's Wedding Wish)
Ramon - (Book: Cinderella: Hired by the Prince)
Rex Drago - (Book: Circle of Deception)
Ridge Collins - (Book: Circle of Family)
Rafe McCord - (Book: Circumstantial Evidence)
Ryder McClintock - (Book: Circumstantial Memories)
Richard Halley,
Lord Alvescot
- (Book: Civil Marriage, A (UK))
Rurik the Conqueror - (Book: Claimed)
Ruark Kerr,
Lord Roxburghe
- (Book: Claimed By a Scottish Lord)
Raul Cardenas, MD - (Book: Claiming His Baby)
Raoul Lazario - (Book: Clandestine Affair, A)
Rafe Strongheart - (Book: Class Act, A)
Roman Chernichenko - (Book: Close Quarters)
Roman Chernichenko - (Book: Close Quarters (reprint))
Randy Tate - (Book: Club Cupid)
Richard Severall - (Book: Cockermouth Mail, The)
Riley Porter - (Book: Colby Core)
Rick Bentz - (Book: Cold Blooded)
Rick Bentz - (Book: Cold Blooded (reissue))
Ridge Bowman - (Book: Cold Creek Christmas Surprise, A)
Rob Cavelli - (Book: Cold Feet At Christmas)
Rick Carson - (Book: Cold Hearted)
Rick Cisco - (Book: Cold Truth)
Richard Swinburn
Colonel Sir
- (Book: Colonel's Lady, The)
Rook Castle - (Book: Colonel's Widow?, The)
Rook Castle - (Book: Colonel's Widow?, The (Large Print))
Reed Parker - (Book: Color of Love, The)
Red Hawk - (Book: Comanche Passion)
Ross Maclean - (Book: Come and Get Me)
Ross Kavanaugh - (Book: Come the Night)
Ryan (Donovan) Reid - (Book: Commander, The)
Richard Blakehurst - (Book: Compromised Lady, A)
Ryan St. James - (Book: Compulsion)
Roarke - (Book: Concealed in Death (hardcover))
River Wilde - (Book: Connected (ebook))
River Wilde - (Book: Connected (paperback))
Rothgar - (Book: Conquered by His Kiss)
Richard de Clare
Earl of Pembroke
- (Book: Conquered Heart, The)
Rolfe the Relentless - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Rolf de Brize - (Book: Conquest)
Rhodri - (Book: Consolation Prize)
Rhys of Trevaron - (Book: Constant Flame, The)
Roy Chapin - (Book: Contact)
Roy Dutton - (Book: Contagious Love)
Raul Zaforteza - (Book: Contract Baby)
Reece Waverly - (Book: Contract Bride)
Robert - (Book: Control)
Rick Gullotti - (Book: Controlled Burn)
Rafael Whitbourne
Duke of Candover
- (Book: Controversial Countess, The)
Richard Ellerby - (Book: Convenient Bride, A)
Rafe Farrar - (Book: Convenient Husband, A)
Reeve/Alexander - (Book: Cordina's Royal Family: Gabriella & Alexander)
Richard Wyndham - (Book: Corinthian, The (new edition))
Rand Alistair - (Book: Corporate Affair)
Reo Sampson - (Book: Corporate Groom)
Redmond Malone - (Book: Cost of Silence)
Redmond Malone - (Book: Cost of Silence (large print))
Ric Degenoli - (Book: Count's Christmas Baby, The)
Ric Degenoli - (Book: Count's Christmas Baby, The (large print))
Richard Fairgrove - (Book: Countess, The)
Richard Trevelyan
Earl of Linton
- (Book: Country Affair, A)
Rick Davenport - (Book: Country Charm)
Robert Hartwell - (Book: Country Cousins, The)
Robert Kingston - (Book: Country Sunshine)
Rafael Marlow
Duke of Avemar
- (Book: Coup de Grace)
Reed Tyler - (Book: Courting Miss Hattie)
Robert Silverton - (Book: Courting Miss Vallois)
Rydell Wilder - (Book: Courtship, The)
Ryan Donovan - (Book: Coven, The (ebook))
Rick Gravari - (Book: Covert Conception)
Reed Tanner - (Book: Covert Cootchie-Cootchie-Coo)
Rathe McKay, MD - (Book: Covert M.D.)
Richard St. James
Earl of Hartford
- (Book: Covington's Folly)
Reid Barclay - (Book: Cowboy Christmas, A)
Rio Carefoot - (Book: Cowboy Comes Home)
Rio Hernandez - (Book: Cowboy Delirium)
Rafferty Jones - (Book: Cowboy for Christmas, A)
Reed Terrell - (Book: Cowboy in Manhattan, A)
Roark Hawke - (Book: Cowboy PI)
Rafe Eaglefeather,
- (Book: Cowboy Soldier, The)
Ross Denton - (Book: Cowboy Takes a Bride, The)
Ryan Teague - (Book: Cowboy to the Rescue)
Russ Chilton - (Book: Cowboy Under Her Tree, A)
Ramon Rodriguez - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Surprise, The)
Russ Palmer - (Book: Cowboy's Lady, A)
Ryder Johnson - (Book: Cowboy's Sweetheart, The)
Roper Jones - (Book: Cowboy's Unexpected Family, The)
Rafe Cassidy - (Book: Cowboy, The)
Rafe Cassidy - (Book: Cowboy, The (reissue))
Ryder Quinn - (Book: Cowboys and Cradles)
Robbin McKeag - (Book: Cowboys Never Cry)
Ryan Madison - (Book: Cowgirl in High Heels)
Rourke McCall - (Book: Cowgirl in Question, The)
Ryder Montgomery - (Book: Crash Into Me (ebook))
Reid Jamison - (Book: Crash Into You)
Ryan Blake - (Book: Crazy for You)
Ritt, Alex - (Book: Creamy Delights (ebook))
Roarke - (Book: Creation in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Creation in Death (paperback))
Rayne Elliot - (Book: Creole Angel)
Ragan Brannock - (Book: Creole Caress)
Rene Bonnange - (Book: Creole Nights)
Ryan Braxton - (Book: Cries in the Night)
Rafael Bernaza - (Book: Crime of Passion)
Rand McNabb - (Book: Crimson Holiday)
Rand McClellan - (Book: Critical Exposure)
Reuben Jones - (Book: Crooked Hearts)
Richard - (Book: Crossing Paths)
Rick Bishop, Captain - (Book: Crossing the Line)
Russell - (Book: Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire)
Rain - (Book: Crown of Crystal Flame)
Rohannan Melior - (Book: Cup of Morning Shadows, The)
Riley - (Book: Cure, The)
Richard Trevore
Earl of Wrendale
- (Book: Cynic, The)
Roche Savage - (Book: Cypress Nights)
Rye Harmon - (Book: Daddy Dance, The)
Russ Gentry - (Book: Daddy Devastating)
Ryan West - (Book: Daddy Factor, The)
Rick Martinez - (Book: Daddy Secret, The)
Ryan Madison - (Book: Daddy Wanted)
Rory Prescott - (Book: Dakota Destiny)
Rory Prescott - (Book: Dakota Promises)
Robert Savidge - (Book: Dance of the Seven Veils)
Ryder Fitzgerald - (Book: Dance Off, The)
Reed Valentine - (Book: Dance To The Piper)
Rheba - (Book: Dancer's Illusion)
Rocker Boy - (Book: Dancing Queen)
Robson Trowbridge - (Book: Danger of Destiny, The)
Reese Kirkpatrick - (Book: Danger on the Mountain)
Reese Kirkpatrick - (Book: Danger on the Mountain (large print))
Richard Norwood, Sir - (Book: Dangerous Affair, A)
R.A. Thorn, Cameron Martinez - (Book: Dangerous Boys and Their Toy)
Rhys Llewellen, Captain - (Book: Dangerous Desire)
Rocco D'Angelo - (Book: Dangerous Infatuation, A)
Roland - (Book: Dangerous Intrigue, A)
Raphael Lewis - (Book: Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis, A)
Randolph Chadwicke - (Book: Dangerous Lord, Seductive Miss)
Rafe Fleming - (Book: Dangerous Magic)
Rory Hawkes - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Rian Montgomery - (Book: Dangerous Masquerade)
Ridge Matthews - (Book: Dangerous Secrets)
Rogan Broderick - (Book: Dangerous Waters)
Rick Maguire - (Book: Dangerously Attractive)
Rafe Dante - (Book: Dante's Temporary Fiancee)
Robert Darcy - (Book: Darcy Cousins, The)
Reed Caldwell - (Book: Dare to Dream)
Ryan Stone - (Book: Dare You To (hardcover))
Rafael Sandoval - (Book: Daredevil Tycoon, The)
Rafael Sandoval - (Book: Daredevil Tycoon, The (Large Print))
Roger Mathieson, Sir - (Book: Daring Courtship, A)
Richard Templeton, Lord - (Book: Daring Encounter)
Ryde Merrick - (Book: Daring the Moon)
Ryan Daire - (Book: Daring Time)
Rhys - (Book: Dark Emerald)
Rhys - (Book: Dark Emerald (reissue))
Rene Morin - (Book: Dark Hunger)
Ryder Hayes - (Book: Dark Moon)
Ryder Hayes - (Book: Dark Moon (reissue))
Raphael Leon - (Book: Dark Music)
Riago da Santana - (Book: Dark Ransom)
Rafael De La Cruz - (Book: Dark Secret)
Ravyn Kontis - (Book: Dark Side of the Moon)
Ray Stavrakis - (Book: Dark Sins & Desert Sands)
Razvan - (Book: Dark Slayer (paperback))
Ranulf Thorsen - (Book: Dark Warrior Unleashed)
Rhodare - (Book: Dark Whispers)
Ross Ravenwood - (Book: Dark, Deadly Love (paperback))
Rayven - (Book: Darker Dream, A)
Raoul D'Albro - (Book: Darker Side of Desire)
Reynold Welles - (Book: Darkest Knight)
Reyes - (Book: Darkest Pleasure, The)
Reyes - (Book: Darkest Pleasure, The (reissue))
Ryder - (Book: Darkest Touch, The)
Rafferty Powell - (Book: Darkfire Kiss)
Randall Carter - (Book: Darkness Before the Dawn)
Ryder Latimer - (Book: Darkness Calls)
Roland Warbrook - (Book: Darkness Dawns)
Roman - (Book: Darkness Raging)
Raylen O'Donnell - (Book: Darn Good Cowboy Christmas)
Richard Talbot - (Book: Dashing Miss Fairchild, The)
Riley O'Neill - (Book: Dateline Matrimony)
Roan Hendrix - (Book: Dating Outside Your DNA)
Ryan McNally - (Book: Daughter of the Spellcaster)
Rafe Black - (Book: Daughter's Perfect Secret, A)
Rick Kraynick - (Book: Daughter's Trust, A)
Raoul de Mountvallant - (Book: Daughters of the Grail)
Ramsey Gallagher - (Book: Day of the Dragon)
Randall Barakat - (Book: Dead Before Dark)
Robert Hanson - (Book: Dead by Wednesday)
Riley Frazier - (Book: Dead Certain)
Ryan - (Book: Dead is the New Black)
Reece Jaxon - (Book: Dead Reckoning)
Rick Wells - (Book: Dead Run)
Ray Pearce - (Book: Dead Shot)
Rick Bragg - (Book: Deadly Affairs)
Rick Bragg - (Book: Deadly Caress)
Rick Bragg - (Book: Deadly Desire)
Rocco Taylor - (Book: Deadly Games)
Ryan Smith - (Book: Deadly Intent)
Rick Bragg - (Book: Deadly Love)
Rick Bragg - (Book: Deadly Pleasure)
Reese Anthony - (Book: Deadly Sexy)
Ryker Jones - (Book: Deadly Silence)
Ray Clyde - (Book: Death Benefits)
Ryder Latimer - (Book: Death Calls)
Rule Turner - (Book: Death Magic)
Ross Buchanan - (Book: Death on the Ladies Mile)
Raoul Zesiger - (Book: Debt Paid in Passion, A)
Reid Malone - (Book: Deceiving the Witch Next Door (ebook))
Rogan Doraiint - (Book: Deception's Bride)
Richard Clarendon
Duke of Portsmouth
- (Book: Deception, The)
Rick Gray - (Book: Deep Cover)
Rick Gray - (Book: Deep Cover (large print))
Reed Novak - (Book: Deep Dark)
Rob Chambers - (Book: Deep in the Heart)
Ronan Kieran - (Book: Deep Is The Night: Haunted Souls)
Ragnor Wulfson - (Book: Deep Midnight)
Rafael Zayas - (Book: Deep, Dark, Delicious)
Ray Powell - (Book: Deepest Night, The)
Richard Archer - (Book: Deepest Sin, The)
Russell Voight - (Book: Defender, The)
Ryker Stevens - (Book: Defending the Heiress)
Revan MacLinn - (Book: Defiant Bride)
Lord Lyston
- (Book: Defiant Mistress)
Rory O'Donnell - (Book: Defiant, The)
Ranulf Fitz Hugh - (Book: Defy Not The Heart)
Ranulf - (Book: Defy Not the Heart (ebook))
Robert of Devlin - (Book: Defy the Thunder)
Ren Taylor - (Book: Delectable Diagnosis (UK))
Rico Pardan - (Book: Delicate Balance, A)
Rick Granger - (Book: Delicious Do-Over)
Roland - (Book: Deliver Me From Darkness)
Roarke - (Book: Delusion in Death (hardcover))
Rollo de Centeville - (Book: Demon Lover, The)
Rylan North - (Book: Demon Rumm)
Rule - (Book: Demon You Know, The)
Rafael - (Book: Demons Prefer Blondes)
Ryan Fitzgerald - (Book: Deputy's Duty, The)
Ryan Fitzgerald - (Book: Deputy's Duty, The (large print))
Rand McAllister - (Book: Desert Heart)
Rafael Grant - (Book: Desert Heat)
Rafiq Al Kamil - (Book: Desert Prince, Blackmailed Bride)
Rafiq Al Kamil - (Book: Desert Prince, Blackmailed Bride (Large Print))
Rashad, Prince of Bakhar - (Book: Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife, The)
Regan Pescoli - (Book: Deserves to Die)
Reese McDonald - (Book: Designed For You)
Royce - (Book: Desire and Deceive)
Roarke MacKinnon - (Book: Desire's Deception)
Rikkar - (Book: Desire's Dream)
Ryan Tanner, Captain - (Book: Desire, The)
Rafe Santiago - (Book: Desperado)
Rigo - (Book: Desperado)
Ryder Smith - (Book: Desperado, The)
Ryder - (Book: Desperado, The (reissue))
Rafe Bodine - (Book: Desperate)
Reave Alden
Lord Wycke
- (Book: Desperate Game, A)
Rafe Marbrook - (Book: Desperately Seeking a Duke)
Rowan Mackey - (Book: Destined)
Rath - (Book: Destined Queen)
Ryan Brannigan - (Book: Destiny Bay)
Robert Moreton - (Book: Destiny's Disguise)
Roche Delacroix - (Book: Devil and the Deep Sea)
Rafe Delgado - (Book: Devil in Dress Blues)
Raymond Grant - (Book: Devil in My Heart, The)
Rick Henderson - (Book: Devil Is a Lie, The)
Ranulf MacLawry - (Book: Devil Wears Kilts, The)
Ryder King - (Book: Devil Wears Spurs, The)
Raphael Locke
Viscount Lynnfield
- (Book: Devil Who Tamed Her, The )
Raphael Locke
Viscount Lynnfield
- (Book: Devil Who Tamed Her, The (Hardcover))
Viscount Clarimond
- (Book: Devil's Bargain, The)
Roman - (Book: Devil's Kitchen (ebook))
Rhys Monteux - (Book: Devil's Knight)
Roldan Domingo - (Book: Devil's Mercenary, The (UK edition))
Rhys Llewellyn-Edwards - (Book: Devil's Mount )
Raven - (Book: Devil's Temptress, The (trade))
Rafe Danvers - (Book: Devilish Mr. Danvers, The)
Roarke - (Book: Devoted in Death (hardcover))
Ricardo Fernandez - (Book: Devotion Calls)
Richard Davenport - (Book: Diabolical Baron, The)
Richard Davenport; Jason Kincaid - (Book: Diabolical Baron, The (reissue))
Rufus Diamond - (Book: Diamond Bride, The)
Regan Cole - (Book: Diamond Girl)
Regan Cole - (Book: Diamond Girl (reissue))
Regan Cole - (Book: Diamond Girl (reissue))
Rhymer - (Book: Diary of a Radical Mermaid)
Ryder Latimer - (Book: Die for Love (ebook))
Ryan Malloy - (Book: Difference a Day Makes, The)
Rifter - (Book: Dire Needs)
Rick Sawyer - (Book: Disguised Blessings)
Ray Rose - (Book: Dive)
Roarke - (Book: Divided in Death)
Roarke - (Book: Divided in Death (hardcover))
Riccardo De Campo - (Book: Divorce Party, The)
Riley - (Book: Dixieland Sushi)
Reed Atchison - (Book: Doctor in Her Stocking, A)
Ross Bradley - (Book: Doctor in the Dales)
Ryder McCall - (Book: Doctor Takes a Princess, The)
Russ Hollister - (Book: Doctor's Calling, The)
Russ Harvey - (Book: Doctor's Daughter)
Ryder Caldwell - (Book: Doctor's Do-Over, The)
Russ McKenzie - (Book: Doctor's Little Secret, The)
Ron Gibson - (Book: Doctor's Undoing, The)
Ryan Malone - (Book: Doctor's Vow, A)
Rasul - (Book: Don't Call Her Angel (ebook))
Rick Addison - (Book: Don't Look Down)
Rick West - (Book: Don't Tempt Me . .)
Rick West - (Book: Don't Tempt Me... (UK))
Rudolph Dunstan - (Book: Don't Wager on Love)
Ryan McClain - (Book: Double Cross)
Ryan Haverty - (Book: Double Down)
Rick Frasier - (Book: Double Threat (ebook))
Riley McLane - (Book: Double-Cross)
Ryker Delancey - (Book: Double-edged Detective)
Rauwerd van Kempler - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The)
Rauwerd van Kempler - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (reissue))
Rauwerd van Kempler - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (reissue))
Rauwerd van Kempler - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (UK))
Rauwerd van Kempler - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (UK-reissue))
Rafe Devlin - (Book: Downright Dangerous)
Rhun - (Book: Dragon Prince, The)
Rowan Dakar - (Book: Dragon Soul)
Reed Watson - (Book: Drawing Hearts)
Ryan Lawford - (Book: Dream Groom)
Ryan Sheridan - (Book: Dream Keeper)
Ramson Gabrey - (Book: Dream of Me)
Rain Tallman - (Book: Dream River)
Rick Denning - (Book: Dream Shadows)
Reece Vance - (Book: Dream Wedding)
Runach of Ceangail - (Book: Dreamer's Daughter)
Richard, Earl of Lennox - (Book: Dreaming)
Runolf Tocho - (Book: Dreamshaper (ebook))
Runach of Ceangail - (Book: Dreamspinner)
Reule - (Book: Drink of Me)
Rafael De Santos - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Rick Monroe - (Book: Driving Me Insane (ebook))
Randy - (Book: Dropped Stitches Christmas)
Randy - (Book: Dropped Stitches Christmas (Large Print))
Rick Keifer - (Book: Dropped Stitiches Wedding, A)
Reynolds Blackburn - (Book: Duchess for a Day)
Ren Daniels - (Book: Duchess of Carbon County)
Rand - (Book: Duchess to Remember, A)
Richard Moncrief
Duke of Radcliff
- (Book: Duke Deceived, A)
Rory Lennox - (Book: Duke Diaries, The)
Randolph Selwyn
Duke of Hawkhurst
- (Book: Duke of Her Own, A)
Richard, Duke of Avalon - (Book: Duke's Deceit, The)
Richard Farren - (Book: Duke's Governess Bride, The)
Robert Knight - (Book: Duke, The)
Reese Duncan - (Book: Duncan's Bride)
Roan Ingliss - (Book: Dusk Before Dawn)
Ryan Sinclair - (Book: Duskfire)
Renzo - (Book: Dust Devil)
Richard Davenant, Sir - (Book: Dutiful Daughter, The)
Riley Sinclair - (Book: Duty To Protect)
Randall Peters - (Book: Eagle on the Wind)
Rorke Calvin - (Book: Eagle's Prey)
Rhys ap Griffith - (Book: Eagle's Song, The)
Roland Temple,
Earl of Amerleigh
- (Book: Earl and the Hoyden, The)
Richard Veryan - (Book: Earl Plays With Fire, The)
Ray Lowell - (Book: Earth Angel)
Rory Ormond - (Book: Echo Of Passion)
Rio - (Book: Echoes at Dawn)
Roarke - (Book: Echoes in Death (hardcover))
Reed Blackwell - (Book: Echoes of Tomorrow)
Rafe Madison - (Book: Eclipse Bay)
Rafe Madison - (Book: Eclipse Bay (reissue))
Riley Buchanan - (Book: Edge of Desire)
Rye - (Book: Edge of Heaven, The)
Rafe Glyndower - (Book: Edge Of Temptation)
Roderick Shelton, Major - (Book: Elizabeth and the Major)
Richard Courtenay - (Book: Elusive Countess, The)
Rafaello di Vaggio, Count - (Book: Elusive Desire, An)
Reece Falcon - (Book: Elusive Obsession)
Reece Falcon - (Book: Elusive Obsession (UK))
Ross Mitchell - (Book: Embrace Me, Love)
Ruarc MacDonald - (Book: Embrace the Dawn)
Ruarc MacDonald - (Book: Embrace The Dawn (reissue))
Roarke Adair - (Book: Embrace the Day)
Ranger Harley - (Book: Emily Goes to Exeter)
Roele van Dyke - (Book: Emma's Wedding)
Roele van Dyke - (Book: Emma's Wedding (reissue))
Roele van Dyke - (Book: Emma's Wedding (UK))
Rashid - (Book: Empire of the Heart)
Rhys Buchanan - (Book: Encantadora)
Rafe Davail - (Book: Enchanted Again)
Ryan Cowdor - (Book: Enchanting Melody)
Riordan Rafael - (Book: Endangered)
Roman Carter - (Book: Endless Night)
Ric Tanner - (Book: Endless Night)
Ryan Douglas - (Book: Enemy Within)
Russell Devane - (Book: Enemy's Daughter, The)
Robert Carroway - (Book: England's Perfect Hero)
Ross McKay - (Book: English Bride in Scotland, An)
Roger St. Eyre - (Book: English Heiress, The)
Roger St. Eyre - (Book: English Heiress, The (reissue))
Rick - (Book: Enlightened Love (ebook))
Rafael De Luca - (Book: Enticed (reissue / ebook))
Rafael de Luca - (Book: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover)
Rick Evans - (Book: Equal Opportunities)
Rick Evans - (Book: Equal Opportunities (UK))
Ross Lane - (Book: ER's Newest Dad, The)
Ross Philips - (Book: Erotic Research (ebook))
Richard - (Book: Escapade and An Engagement, An)
Rick Dunbar - (Book: Escapades)
Rohan Grant - (Book: Escape Me Never)
Richard Liddiard - (Book: Eugenia (reissue))
Richard Liddiard - (Book: Eugenia (reissue))
Ryan Hamilton - (Book: Evening Storm (ebook))
Raven Seabern - (Book: Everlasting)
Rhys Costain - (Book: Everlasting Desire)
Rio Scott Walker - (Book: Every Breath She Takes)
Rio Scott Walker - (Book: Every Breath She Takes (Large Print))
Rye Wagner - (Book: Every Cowgirl's Dream)
Reed Conway - (Book: Every Move She Makes)
Robert Phillip Arthur Kremble
Earl of Macclesfield
- (Book: Everything And The Moon)
Ray Caldwell - (Book: Everything in Its Place)
Raymond Jordan - (Book: Everything is You)
Reed McCaskey - (Book: Evidence Of Marriage)
Ryan Davidson - (Book: Evidence of Murder)
Ryan Slater - (Book: Ex, Why, and Me)
Rio Carlsen - (Book: Exception to the Rule)
Raoul de Martin - (Book: Executive Lady)
Ransom Laird - (Book: Exile's End)
Ray Otega - (Book: Exit Strategy)
Rafe Connelly - (Book: Expecting...and in Danger )
Rafe Morgan - (Book: Explosive Attraction)
Rafe Morgan - (Book: Explosive Attraction (large print))
Raul Delgado - (Book: Expose)
Riley Everett - (Book: Exposed)
Reece Sheridan - (Book: Extreme Exposure)
Rafe Marek - (Book: Eye Of the Beholder)
Reece Sheridan - (Book: Eye Of The Storm)
Richard Goring
- (Book: Fabia's Choice)
Rick Harden, CIA - (Book: Facing Fear)
Ryan Campbell - (Book: Fading)
Russ Bradford - (Book: Fairest of Them All, The)
Rhian of Gervaise - (Book: Falcon's Honor)
Raschid al Hamid al Sabah - (Book: Falcon's Prey)
Rome Garrett - (Book: Fall of Rome, The)
Reece Anders - (Book: Fall with Me)
Ryan Kinsmore - (Book: Fallen from Grace)
Rome Lucian - (Book: Fallen Rogue)
Rush Finlay - (Book: Fallen Too Far)
Reed Hopewell - (Book: Falling Deep)
Ryan Forrester - (Book: Falling For April)
Riley - (Book: Falling for Gracie)
Rachel Stanislaki - (Book: Falling For Rachel)
Ryan Baron - (Book: Falling For Ryan)
Rahman Harun
- (Book: Falling for the Shiekh (UK))
Ron Egan - (Book: Family Merger)
Ross Salberg - (Book: Family of Their Own, A)
Ross Salberg - (Book: Family of Their Own, A (large print))
Rand Jardaine - (Book: Family Tradition)
Richard Halton, Colonel - (Book: Fancy Free)
Roger Kenley,
- (Book: Fanny)
Roarke - (Book: Fantasy in Death (paperback))
Rafe Burnside - (Book: Farmer Takes a Wife, The)
Reid Farrell - (Book: Farrell Marriage, The)
Robert Waverley, Sir - (Book: Fashion's Frown)
Raff Quinlan - (Book: Fated Attraction)
Raff Quinlan - (Book: Fated Attraction (UK))
Rook Rydell - (Book: Fateful Choice, A)
Rio Redtree - (Book: Father and Child Reunion)
Ryan Gasper - (Book: Father in the Making, The)
Riley Kincaid - (Book: Fathers Love, A)
Ryder Kane - (Book: Favor, The)
Rodrigo Ramirez - (Book: Fearless)
Raphael Mendoza - (Book: Feel the Heat)
Reed Porter - (Book: Feel the Rush (ebook))
Reed Porter - (Book: Feel the Rush (paperback))
Rafe Locke - (Book: Feels Like Home)
Raul Santos - (Book: Feliz Navidad)
Roarke - (Book: Festive in Death (hardcover))
Rye McCall - (Book: Fever)
Ransom - (Book: Fever Dreams)
Rick Cassidy - (Book: Fiance for Sale)
Reinhardt Vogt - (Book: Fields of Grace)
Reynaud Chavalier - (Book: Fierce Eden)
Reynaud Chavalier - (Book: Fierce Eden (reissue))
Reynaud Chavalier - (Book: Fierce Eden (ebook))
Reynaud Chavalier - (Book: Fierce Eden (reissue))
Rafael - (Book: Fiery Baptism, A)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fifth Grave Past the Light (hardcover))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fifth Grave Past the Light (paperback))
Riley Donovan - (Book: Fight Fire With Fire)
Rampage - (Book: Fighting Attraction)
Ravenwilde - (Book: Final Season)
Rhis Vanur - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Remy Delacroix - (Book: Finding Kendall)
Rory McAllen, Laird - (Book: Finding the Zero-G Spot)
Richard, Viscount Hartville - (Book: Fine Gentleman, A)
Ryan Cornell - (Book: Finger Prints)
Ronan - (Book: Fiona's Wish (ebook))
Reed Taylor, Captain - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Remy - (Book: Fire Watcher)
Randolph Higgins - (Book: Firebrand, The)
Rand Higgins - (Book: Firebrand, The (reissue))
Randy Montgomery - (Book: Firefighter's Secret Baby, The)
Rafe Cutrell - (Book: Firelight)
Ramon Vidal - (Book: First Class Seduction)
Roman Sonntag - (Book: First Date)
Russ - (Book: First Fridays)
Ryan Cooper - (Book: First Time in Forever)
Ryan Manning - (Book: Five Star Temptation)
Rob - (Book: Fix You (ebook))
Richard Morgan - (Book: Flame of Desire)
Ryan Erikson - (Book: Flash Flood)
Ryan Jones - (Book: Flashpoint)
Roman Quisvada - (Book: Flaw in His Diamond, The)
Raoul de Villaret - (Book: Fleur- Di-Lis)
Rick Addison - (Book: Flirting With Danger)
Riley Smith - (Book: Follow That Groom)
Richard Tarleton - (Book: Fool's Paradise)
Ryder Matthews - (Book: For All My Tomorrows)
RussRuss Thornton - (Book: For Auld Lang Syne)
Reese Garrick - (Book: For His Eyes Only)
Ross Calder - (Book: For His Son's Sake)
Ross Calder - (Book: For His Son's Sake (UK))
Rodrigo Delgado - (Book: For Honor's Sake)
Richard Pride and Priam Lithgow - (Book: For King And Country)
Richard - (Book: For Love and Loyalty)
Roland of Guimont - (Book: For Love of Lord Roland)
Raul - (Book: For the Love of His Life)
Rupert Giles - (Book: For Your Love)
Ram - (Book: Forbidden)
Ridge Gordon - (Book: Forbidden )
Rhine Fontaine - (Book: Forbidden)
Rukh Hayle - (Book: Forbidden Chamber, The)
Reverend Jake Payne - (Book: Forbidden Fire)
Rick Calloway - (Book: Forbidden Stranger)
Rafael Chaves - (Book: Forbidden to His Touch)
Rafael Chaves - (Book: Forbidden to His Touch (large print))
Rafael Sanguardo - (Book: Forbidden Touch, The)
Reuben Sandoval - (Book: Force of Nature)
Ric Alvarado - (Book: Force of Nature)
Rafael Di Salis - (Book: Forced Bride, The)
Richard Berrington - (Book: Forced Offer)
Rafe Lombardi - (Book: Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child )
Reece - (Book: Foreplay)
Reed Montgomery - (Book: Forever After)
Ray Ransom - (Book: Forever Always)
Roderick Gideon Tremayne - (Book: Forever and a Day)
Robert Cameron, Laird of Thistledown - (Book: Forever Bride, The)
Ryker Dugrandpre - (Book: Forever My Baby)
Rush Finlay - (Book: Forever Too Far)
Ron Bingham - (Book: Forever...Again)
Rudolph Nikolaivich - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Rafe Winter - (Book: Forget Me Not (reissue))
Rick Samuels - (Book: Forget Prince Charming)
Rhett Wheeler - (Book: Forgiving Heart, The)
Rorke - (Book: Forgotten Passion)
Rorke Hayward - (Book: Forgotten Passion (UK))
Robinson Hollister
Earl of Rosegoode
- (Book: Former Fiancé The)
Rick Lang - (Book: Forsaking All Others)
Rick Lang - (Book: Forsaking All Others)
Rick Lang - (Book: Forsaking All Others (reprint))
Roberto Mendoza - (Book: Fortune Wedding, A)
Robert Moreton - (Book: Fortune's Bride)
Robert Moreton - (Book: Fortune's Bride (reissue))
Robb MacDaniel - (Book: Fortune's Hand)
Robb MacDaniel - (Book: Fortune's Hand (reissue))
Reese Parker - (Book: Fortune's Vengeful Groom)
Ross Fortune - (Book: Fortune's Woman)
Russ Van Alystyne - (Book: Fountain Filled With Blood, A (ebook))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (hardcover))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (paperback))
Race Logan - (Book: Fourth of Forever, The)
Raoul - (Book: Francesca)
Ramsey MacGowan - (Book: Fraser Bride, The)
Ron Hewlett - (Book: Fraternity)
Richard Field - (Book: French Leave (UK))
Robert Cassidy - (Book: French Silk (reprint))
Viscount Talcott
- (Book: Fresh Perspective, A)
Ragnor - (Book: Freya's Gift (ebook))
Ross Gabriel - (Book: Friendly Persuasion)
Rand Colton - (Book: From Boss to Bridegroom)
Reece Sandler - (Book: From Friend to Father)
Rico - (Book: From Here to Forever )
Rafe Medici - (Book: From Playboy to Papa!)
Roberto Castillo - (Book: From The Outside)
Reese Walker, Sheriff - (Book: Fugitive Father)
Rick Markham - (Book: Full Bodied Charmer)
Ray - (Book: Full Contact)
Rhoan - (Book: Full Moon Rising)
Rhett Ford - (Book: Full Throttle)
Rick Montana - (Book: Fully Engaged)
Rafael De Santos - (Book: Fur For All)
Rikar - (Book: Fury of Ice)
Ray Doggett - (Book: Gallagher Justice)
Ryder Cantrell - (Book: Game of Hearts)
Richard Cavendish - (Book: Game of Patience, A)
Roman Kazarov - (Book: Game with One Winner, A)
Roman Kazarov - (Book: Game with One Winner, A (large print))
Robert Mountford - (Book: Gamekeeper's Lady, The)
Robert Sandifort, Sir - (Book: Garden of Dreams)
Ross Dieperink van Berhuys - (Book: Gem of a Girl, A)
Ross Dieperink van Berhuys - (Book: Gem of a Girl, A (reissue))
Ross Dieperink van Berhuys - (Book: Gem of a Girl, A (UK))
Ross Dieperink van Berhuys - (Book: Gem of a Girl, A (UK-reissue))
Rob Buchanan - (Book: Gentle Giant, A)
Rorik Wolframsion - (Book: Gentle Warrior)
Roland Penhallow - (Book: Gentleman Never Tells, A)
Ryder Starr
Earl of Matchless
- (Book: Gentleman Rogue)
Robert Montford - (Book: Gentleman's Deception, A)
Reginald Montague - (Book: Genuine Article, The)
Ross Hartford - (Book: Getting it Good (UK))
Ross Hartford - (Book: Getting It Good!)
Rowdy Yates - (Book: Getting Rowdy)
Richard Plantagenet - (Book: Ghost Phoenix )
Rob - (Book: Ghostly Liasion)
Ryan Kelly - (Book: Ghouls Rush In)
Rolt Matthews - (Book: Giant of Mesabi)
Ruithneadh - (Book: Gift of Magic)
Randall Templeton - (Book: Gifts)
Reese Edwards - (Book: Girl Like Janet, A)
Robert - (Book: Girl Like You, A)
Ric Emerson - (Book: Girl Most Likely)
Riley Bohland - (Book: Girl Most Likely To..., The)
Ray & Linus - (Book: Girlfriend Curse, The)
Russell - (Book: Girls In Tears)
Richard Deacon - (Book: Give and Take)
Rogan Wolfe - (Book: Give In To Me)
Ryder Foxx - (Book: Glass Shoe, The)
Reed Hunter - (Book: Glass Slippers And Unicorns)
Reed Hunter - (Book: Glass Slippers And Unicorns (UK))
Rafe Neilson - (Book: Glory Be!)
Rafe Neilson - (Book: Glory Be!)
Raul Buchanan - (Book: Glory Game, The)
Roarke - (Book: Glory In Death)
Robert Challenger - (Book: Goblin Court)
Ryan Burton - (Book: Going All the Way)
Reece Carter - (Book: Going Down Hard)
Rhys Shepard - (Book: Going Home)
Rich Estrada - (Book: Going the Distance (ebook))
Reid McShane - (Book: Going Underground)
Raif Khouri - (Book: Golden Betrayal, A)
Reese Jordan - (Book: Golden Chances)
Rourke Somerville - (Book: Golden Fever )
Rourke Somerville - (Book: Golden Fever (UK))
Russell Harrison - (Book: Golden Glory)
Rafer Smith - (Book: Golden Nights)
Richard - (Book: Golden Pirate, The)
Reed Bannon - (Book: Goldspun Promises)
Reid Alexander - (Book: Good For You)
Rob Phillips - (Book: Good To Be Bad )
Raoul Girouard - (Book: Goodbye Child, The)
Richard Sebastian Stuart - (Book: Gothic Passions)
Ren Morello - (Book: Grace Under Pressure)
Ryan - (Book: Great Escape)
Rick Astin - (Book: Great Texas Wedding Bargain, The)
Rion Delikaris - (Book: Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife)
Robert Greenwood - (Book: Green Fox, The)
Roberto Vela - (Book: Grotto, The)
Ross Malcolm - (Book: Grounds to Believe)
Rafe - (Book: Guardian)
Renny Bennett - (Book: Guarding His Body)
Riley Keenan - (Book: Guess Who's Coming for Christmas? )
Ritchie Calhoun - (Book: Guilty Love)
Raphael Medrano - (Book: Gunmetal Magic)
Rick Kinslee - (Book: Gunshot Grange)
Reid Beausan - (Book: Gypsy Enchantment)
Rex Lovell - (Book: Gypsy Summer)
Ryan Smith - (Book: Hand in Glove)
Rafael Saunders
Duke of Sheffield
- (Book: Handmaiden's Necklace, The)
Rory O'Connor of Connaught - (Book: Happily Ever After)
Ross Chandler - (Book: Happy Birthday, Baby)
Ray Ramos - (Book: Happy Medium (ebook))
Redhawk Jackson - (Book: Hard Case Cowboy)
Raide Knox - (Book: Hard to Fight (ebook))
Rich - (Book: Hark Cash)
Richard - (Book: Harley Street (ebook))
Robert, Viscount Sandford - (Book: Hasty Betrothal, A )
Reilof van Meerum - (Book: Hasty Marriage, The)
Reilof van Meerum - (Book: Hasty Marriage, The (reissue))
Reilof van Meerum - (Book: Hasty Marriage, The (UK))
Reilof van Meerum - (Book: Hasty Marriage, The (UK-reissue))
Reed Tonasket - (Book: Hasty Wedding)
Robert McCoy - (Book: Hatfield and McCoy)
Rory McGrath - (Book: Haunting Warrior (trade))
Rafe McAllister - (Book: Have Cowboy, Need Cupid)
Ricco Maza - (Book: Have Yourself a Naughty Christmas)
Race de Vere - (Book: Hazard)
Race de Vere - (Book: Hazard (reissue))
Russ - (Book: Head Over Heels)
Reece Nolan - (Book: Headstrong)
Reese Theron - (Book: Healing Eden)
Rob McGee - (Book: Healing Touch)
Raz Cherry - (Book: Heart Journey)
Rand T’Ash - (Book: Heart Mate)
Rand T’Ash - (Book: Heart Mate (reissue))
Reno - (Book: Heart Mender, The)
Russell Andreini - (Book: Heart of a Hero)
Robert Torington,
- (Book: Heart of Fancy)
Rafiq - (Book: Heart of Flame)
Richard Clairmont - (Book: Heart Of The Dove)
Randwulf of Greycliff - (Book: Heart of the Dove)
Richard Clairmont - (Book: Heart of the Dove (reprint))
Reid Hunter, Captain - (Book: Heart of the Hunter)
Richard - (Book: Heart Of The Lion, The)
Ross Lockhart - (Book: Heart of the Matter)
Richie Goldman - (Book: Heart Strike)
Ruis Elder - (Book: Heart Thief)
Robert St. George
Viscount Redmon
- (Book: Heart's Gamble, The)
Rory O'Hara - (Book: Heart's Landing)
Ransom Du Prey - (Book: Heart's Masquerade)
Rick Ethier - (Book: Heart's Refuge, A)
Rafe Lawson - (Book: Heart's Reward)
Rafe Docherty - (Book: Heart's Safe Passage)
Russell Stratton - (Book: Heartbreak Plains)
Raoul de Chevnair - (Book: Heartless Marriage, A)
Royce, Thane of Wyndhurst - (Book: Hearts Aflame)
Royce Thane - (Book: Hearts Aflame (ebook))
Richard of Rivaux - (Book: Hearts of Fire)
Royce de Bellemare - (Book: Hearts Victorious)
Ryan Evans - (Book: Heat of the Night (ebook))
Rick Orlando - (Book: Heaven and Lace (ebook))
Rory McCullough - (Book: Heaven's Time)
Raphael Beauchamp - (Book: Heaving Bosoms (ebook))
Rodney - (Book: Heir Presumptive)
Roman Aylesgarth - (Book: Heiress of Hyde Park, The)
Reid Allister - (Book: Hell Breaks Loose)
Raf Dolg - (Book: Hellhound King, The)
Ryder Sherbrooke - (Book: Hellion Bride, The)
Rhys Cartwright - (Book: Her Bad, Bad Boss)
Rory Flanaghan - (Book: Her Bedroom Surrender/ Breathless!)
Richard Warren - (Book: Her Best-Kept Secret )
Richard Warren - (Book: Her Best-Kept Secret (UK))
Ramon Velaquez - (Book: Her Cardinal Sin)
Richard Anderson - (Book: Her Christmas Wedding Wish)
Ronan - (Book: Her Dark Lord)
Rashad - (Book: Her Desert Prince)
Ryan Owen - (Book: Her Holiday Fireman)
Ryan Owen - (Book: Her Holiday Fireman (large print))
Roman Black - (Book: Her Last Chance)
Roman Bradshaw - (Book: Her Man to Remember)
Ryland Davids - (Book: Her Miracle Man (ebook))
Ross Hayward - (Book: Her Necessary Husband)
Ryan Flanagan - (Book: Her Only Hero)
Rico King - (Book: Her Return to King's Bed)
Richard, Earl of Dunstable - (Book: Her Scandalous Affair)
Raven Sierra - (Book: Her Secret Santa)
Riley Connelly - (Book: Her Sexiest Surprise)
Rob Vanderhoff - (Book: Her Shirtless Gentleman)
Rhys Gannon - (Book: Her Sister's Secret)
Ryan Delaney - (Book: Her Texan to Tame)
Ripp McLeod, Deputy - (Book: Her Texas Lawman)
Rowdy McDermott - (Book: Her Unexpected Cowboy)
Rex Dakeland - (Book: Her Very Own Butler)
Ryan Tanner - (Book: Her Weekend Wrangler (ebook))
Reid Forester - (Book: Her Wildest Dreams (UK))
Ross Livingston - (Book: Her Wyoming Hero)
Rome Akers - (Book: Here Comes the Bride)
Reid Alexander - (Book: Here Without You)
Robbie Darkwood - (Book: Hermitage, The)
Rick Singleton - (Book: Hero for Hire)
Rick Singleton - (Book: Hero for Hire (reissue))
Rio Barrigan - (Book: Hero in Hiding)
Richard, Lord Rossley - (Book: Hero's Welcome, A)
Ramsey MacLean - (Book: Hidden Fires)
Rannulf FitzClifford - (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Richard, Duke of Cleybourne - (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Roarke Stone - (Book: Hidden Hearts)
RJ Pardee - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Richard Tregerran - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Ryan Ahern - (Book: Hideaway)
Reilly Truman - (Book: Hiding His Witness)
Rafe McKettrick - (Book: High Country Bride)
Rob McGuire - (Book: High Country Hearts)
Rob McGuire - (Book: High Country Hearts (large print))
Ryan Walker - (Book: High Octane)
Rafael Navarro - (Book: High-Risk Reunion)
Ren Galvez - (Book: High-Stakes Honeymoon)
Ryan Morgan - (Book: High-Stakes Inheritance)
Ryan Paxton
- (Book: Highland Bride)
Rory Ardmore
Earl of Glenvane
- (Book: Highland Conquest, A)
Robert Forbes - (Book: Highland Desire)
Rachel Forbes - (Book: Highland Enchantment)
Roderic Forbes - (Book: Highland Flame)
Revan Halyard, Sir - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Ransom St. Clair - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Revan Halyard
- (Book: Highland Hearts)
Revan Halyard - (Book: Highland Hearts (reissue))
Robert Fraser - (Book: Highland Lover)
Rory Campbell - (Book: Highland Secrets)
Ross MacKenna - (Book: Highland Warrior)
Robert MacBain - (Book: Highland Wife, The)
Roman Forbes - (Book: Highland Wolf)
Rory MacLeod - (Book: Highlander Untamed)
Robley - (Book: Highlander's Bargain, The)
Ronan Sinclare - (Book: Highlander's Forbidden Bride, The)
Robert MacQuarrie - (Book: Highlander's Homecoming, A)
Robert Gordon - (Book: Highlander's Maiden, The)
Raleigh Masterson - (Book: Hill Country Cattleman)
Rhys - (Book: Hint of Frost, A)
Rourke Adams - (Book: His After Hours Mistress)
Ryan Matthews - (Book: His Best Friend's Baby (ebook))
Rinaldo Mantini - (Book: His Brother's Child)
Rico Santini - (Book: His Case, Her Child)
Ryan Sheppard - (Book: His Christmas Acquistion)
Ross Ketchum - (Book: His Defender)
Robert Harding - (Book: His Forbidden Kiss)
Royce Saint-Michel - (Book: His Forbidden Touch)
Rafe Rodriguez - (Book: His Forever Valentine)
Randolfo Carducci - (Book: His Inherited Bride)
Rafe Pierson - (Book: His Little Girl's Laughter)
Robert, Marquess of Haverton - (Book: His Lordship's Chaperone)
Marquess of Ardath
- (Book: His Lordship's Holiday Surprise)
Rafe Knight - (Book: His Mask of Retribution)
Richard Cameron
Earl of Mulgrave
- (Book: His Noble Promise)
Ryan Barton - (Book: His Personal Mission)
Rafael Santini - (Book: His Private Mistress)
Rafael Santini - (Book: His Private Mistress (UK))
Royce Lawlor - (Book: His Private Nurse)
Rafe Ranier - (Book: His to Claim)
Rupert Myers - (Book: His Unusual Governess)
Ryan Harcourt - (Book: His Valentine Bride)
Rafe Callahan - (Book: His Valentine Triplets)
Rucker McClure - (Book: Hold on Tight)
Rico Fraser - (Book: Holding Out For A Hero)
Reid Sullivan - (Book: Holiday Affair)
Rand McNabb - (Book: Holiday in Crimson (ebook))
Rory March - (Book: Holiday Prayer)
Rory March - (Book: Holiday Prayer, A (reissue))
Ray Townsend - (Book: Home at Last)
Ryan - (Book: Home Bound (ebook))
Rob Fagan - (Book: Home Court Advantage)
Reid Colton - (Book: Home for the Holidays)
Reno Wright - (Book: Home for the Holidays)
Rod - (Book: Home For the Holidays (ebook))
Earl of Brentwood and Barstock
- (Book: Home for the Holidays, A)
Rico Alvarez - (Book: Home Sweet Home)
Rick Hawkins - (Book: Home To Copper Mountain)
Randy Navarro - (Book: Home to Stay)
Richard Hernshaw,
- (Book: Homeless Heiress, The (UK edition))
Rob Douglas - (Book: Homeplace, The)
Ryan Boldari - (Book: Homeport)
Rick Adams - (Book: Hometown Princess)
Royce McKinnon - (Book: Homeward Bound)
Rick McKinley - (Book: Honest Life, An)
Roark Epperson - (Book: Honorable Man, An)
Robert Gray, Colonel - (Book: Honour Bound)
Ralph Latimer - (Book: Honourable Earl, The)
Roland de Gallienne - (Book: Hope and Glory)
Raul Montalvan - (Book: Horseman, The)
Ronan - (Book: Horsemasters, The)
Rufus Decatur - (Book: Hostage Bride, The)
Ricardo Valeron - (Book: Hostage Bride, The)
Richardo Valeron - (Book: Hostage Bride, The (UK))
Rhodri ap Hywel - (Book: Hostage of the Heart)
Rhodri ap Hywel - (Book: Hostage of the Heart (UK))
Ross Morgan - (Book: Hostile Makeover)
Ray Andrews - (Book: Hot as Blazes)
Rick Bentz - (Book: Hot Blooded (reprint))
Ryan McCoy - (Book: Hot Chocolate Honeymoon)
Ryan Blake - (Book: Hot For Fireman)
Riley Nash - (Book: Hot Item)
Rocco Vinelli - (Book: Hot Pink)
Ryan Thomas - (Book: Hot Ride)
Ramsey Westmoreland - (Book: Hot Westmoreland Nights)
Ray Taylor - (Book: House of Secrets)
Riley McKenna - (Book: How the Playboy Got Serious)
Ridge Cooper - (Book: How to Handle a Cowboy)
Reef - (Book: How To Lose An Extraterrestrial in 10 Days)
Roman Draganesti - (Book: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire)
Riordan Barrett - (Book: How to Sin Successfully)
Rafael Daughtry - (Book: How to Tempt a Duke)
Robert Waters - (Book: How to Wed a Warrior)
Raphael - (Book: Howling Moon)
Rod Harmon - (Book: Hunt for Home, The)
Roke - (Book: Hunt the Darkness)
Reed Ware - (Book: Hunted (hardcover))
Ryon Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Heart)
Rulagh - (Book: Huntress, The (ebook))
Raoul Lanier - (Book: Husband Assignment, The`)
Rob Carter - (Book: Husband For HIre)
Ross Carpenter - (Book: Husband For Hire)
Robert Langley - (Book: Husband Hunt, The)
Richard Shelton
Earl of Shelbrooke
- (Book: Husband List, The)
Rolland Jones - (Book: Husband She Couldn't Forget, The)
Ryan Larabee - (Book: Husbands, Husbands...Everywhere)
Rory Arish - (Book: I Dream of Dragons)
Rhys Corwen - (Book: I Love the Earl (eBook))
Russ Van Alystyne - (Book: I Shall Not Want)
Ryan Hall - (Book: I'll Be Home)
Reed Weston - (Book: I'll Be Watching You)
Reece Winston - (Book: I'll Be Yours for Christmas)
Robert Westbrook - (Book: Icy Affair, An)
Rhys Williams - (Book: Ideal Choice, The)
Richard Crawford - (Book: Ideal Husband?, An)
Restell Gardner - (Book: If His Kiss Is Wicked)
Robin de Piaget - (Book: If I Had You)
Roxley - (Book: If Wishes Were Earls)
Ric Justice - (Book: If You Only Knew)
Remy Jennings - (Book: If You See Her)
Rafael Dunlap - (Book: If You Were My Man)
Ronan Hawes - (Book: Ignited)
Robert Braxton - (Book: Illusive Flame)
Robert Lang - (Book: Images Of Love)
Revelin Scott - (Book: Immortal Image)
Raphael Robichaux - (Book: Immortal Wolf)
Reid Livesay - (Book: Imperfect Chaperone)
Rick Josephs - (Book: Imported Wife, An)
Robert Carlisle,
Marquess of Winthrop
- (Book: Impromptu Charade, An)
Ryan Sperling - (Book: Improper Affair, An)
Baron Ashe
- (Book: Improper Governess, The)
Raven - (Book: In a Pirate's Arms)
Royce Ryder - (Book: In Bed With the Wrangler)
Ryan Kelly - (Book: In Care of the Sheriff)
Rico Christofides - (Book: In Christofides' Keeping)
Roarke - (Book: In Death: The First Cases)
Roger Martell - (Book: In Good Hands)
Rick Bolton - (Book: In Her Blood)
Rashad Brown - (Book: In His Arms)
Rand Singleton - (Book: In His Sights)
Roman FitzPatrick - (Book: In Hot Pursuit)
Rick Jensen - (Book: In My Dreams)
Reel - (Book: In Over Her Head)
Rob Berenson - (Book: In Papa Bear's Bed)
Richart d'Alençon - (Book: In Still Darkness (ebook))
Russ Van Alystyne - (Book: In the Bleak Midwinter)
Rafe Saldana, MD - (Book: In the Family Way)
Rafe di Castelli - (Book: In the Italian's Bed)
Rainer Thorsen - (Book: In The Market)
Rayhan ibn-Malik - (Book: In The Sheikhs Arms)
Richard Wolf - (Book: In Their Footsteps)
Rod Craig - (Book: In Too Deep)
Robert Holt Braxton
Earl of Deverell
- (Book: In Your Arms)
Robert Stilton,
Marquess of Monroyal
- (Book: Inconvenient Wife, An)
Rhy - (Book: Independent Wife, An)
Rhy Baines - (Book: Independent Wife, An (reissue))
Rory Kilmartin - (Book: Independent Woman, An)
Rex Adams
Viscount Rawleigh
- (Book: Indiscreet)
Rawleigh, Viscount - (Book: Indiscreet (reprint))
Roarke - (Book: Indulgence in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Indulgence in Death (paperback))
Robert, Lord Dungarran - (Book: Inescapable Match, An)
Ryan Shephard - (Book: Inevitable)
Renee Bergen - (Book: Infatuation)
Rafe Maitland - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Richard d'Evreux - (Book: Inherited Bride (UK))
Riley - (Book: Inherited: Baby)
Russell Mitchard - (Book: Inner Harbor)
Renard - (Book: Innocence Unveiled)
Riccardo di Stefano - (Book: Innocent and the Playboy, The)
Rand McCree - (Book: Innocent as Sin)
Rand McCee - (Book: Innocent as Sin)
Rand McCree - (Book: Innocent as Sin [Large Print])
Roarke - (Book: Innocent in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Innocent in Death (paperback))
Ramiz of A'Qadiz - (Book: Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem)
Rafiq de Couteveille,
- (Book: Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife)
Rafiq de Couteveille,
- (Book: Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife (UK))
Roark Navarre - (Book: Innocent's Dark Seduction, The)
Ranulf de Glandeville - (Book: Innocent, The)
Reese Madaris - (Book: Inseparable)
Roarke - (Book: Interlude in Death)
Rafe Franco - (Book: Internal Affairs)
Romo Sampson - (Book: Internal Affairs)
Rafe Franco - (Book: Internal Affairs (large print))
Roman Gianakis - (Book: Interview with the Daredevil)
Russ Calloway - (Book: Intimate Enemy)
Richard Clarendon
Duke of Portsmouth
- (Book: Intimate Deception, An)
Rafe Waterford - (Book: Intimate Surrender)
Rene Broussard - (Book: Into The Darkness)
Robert Sommerville - (Book: Intrigue, The)
Rufus Knight - (Book: Invitation to Scandal)
Richard Stanbury, the Duke of Weddington - (Book: Invitation to Seduction, An)
Rikardo - (Book: Invitation to the Prince's Palace)
Rikardo - (Book: Invitation to the Prince's Palace (large print))
Rafe Ortiz - (Book: Involuntary Daddy)
Raymond DeClare - (Book: Irish Enchantress, The)
Rourke O'Reilly - (Book: Irish Heat)
Rian Quaid - (Book: Irish Lace)
Rhys Trahaearn - (Book: Iron Duke, The)
Rafferty Cavendish - (Book: Irresitible Rogue, The)
Randal Kenyon
Baron Ellerton
- (Book: Irresolute Rivals, The)
Ronan - (Book: Isle of Night)
Richard Carlton - (Book: Isn't It Rich?)
Richard Carlton - (Book: Isn't It Rich? (reissue))
Ross Mitchell - (Book: It Happened One Christmas)
Ryder Redstone - (Book: It Happened One Wedding Night)
Ryder Redstone - (Book: It Happened One Wedding Night (reissue))
Ryland James - (Book: It Started With a Crush...)
Ryland James - (Book: It Started With a Crush... (large print))
Rafe Danvers - (Book: It Takes A Hero)
Rand Trent - (Book: It's About Time)
Ricardo di Napoli - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secret Love-Child, The)
Ricardo di Napoli - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secret Love-Child, The (UK))
Riccardo Castellari - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress, The )
Riccardo Castellari - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress, The (reissue))
Riccardo Castellari - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress, The (Large Print))
Raffaele de Ferretti - (Book: Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride)
Raffaele de Ferretti - (Book: Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride (Large Print))
Rigo Ruggiero - (Book: Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim)
Rocco Losi - (Book: Italian Tycoon's Mistress, The)
Rocco Losi - (Book: Italian Tycoon's Mistress, The (UK) )
Renzo Ruffini - (Book: Italian Tycoon, Secret Son)
Roberto Falco - (Book: Italian Wife, The)
Raphael di Lazaro - (Book: Italian's Defiant Mistress, The)
Rafaelle Villani - (Book: Italian's Future Bride, The)
Roman O'Hagan - (Book: Italian's Secret Baby, The)
Rory Donovan - (Book: Jackie & the Giant)
Rufus of Rathburn - (Book: Jacq's Warlord)
Reeve Holden - (Book: Jade Affair, The)
Rafe Armstrong - (Book: Jade Tide)
Rob Lancaster - (Book: Jane Millionaire)
Rush Randolph - (Book: Jasmine and Silk)
Rhane en Jacaroen - (Book: Jaws of Menx, The)
Raja al-Somari - (Book: Jewel in His Crown )
Raja al-Somari - (Book: Jewel in His Crown (large print))
Rafe de Bastilas - (Book: Jezebel)
Ray Kostner - (Book: Jodie's Little Secrets)
Roland Byler - (Book: Johanna's Bridegroom)
Roland Byler - (Book: Johanna's Bridegroom (large print))
Robert St. Aubin - (Book: Jousting With Shadows)
Robert St. Aubin - (Book: Jousting With Shadows (UK))
Rey Tabary - (Book: Joy and Anger)
Rey Tabary - (Book: Joy and Anger (ebook))
Randall Beiler - (Book: Joyful)
Rasch Webber, Judge - (Book: Judge and the Gypsy, The)
Rill Banks - (Book: Juliana)
Romeo Cacciamani - (Book: Julie and Romeo)
Romeo Cacciamani - (Book: Julie and Romeo Get Lucky)
Raz Rasmussin - (Book: Just a Little Bit Married?)
Richard Small - (Book: Just Between Us)
Richard Small - (Book: Just Between Us)
Roman Forsyth - (Book: Just in Time)
Richard Dempsey - (Book: Just in Time)
Robert Dade - (Book: Just Once More (ebook))
Robert Dade - (Book: Just One Night)
Rob Klassen - (Book: Just One Night)
Rogan Hunt - (Book: Just One Touch)
Richard Berkley - (Book: Just Past Midnight)
Rick Hardison - (Book: Just This Once)
Rafe Sinclair - (Book: Kat's Meow, The)
Rodney Prince - (Book: Kate Hannigan)
Richmond Keegan - (Book: Keegan's Hunt)
Black Dragon
- (Book: Keeper Of The Dream)
Romulus Perrin - (Book: Keeper of the Swans)
Rome Rizzelli - (Book: Keeping Score)
Royce Beckett - (Book: Keeping Watch)
Rafael Vives - (Book: Kept by the Spanish Billionaire (Large Print))
Rafael Vives - (Book: Kept By the Spanish Billionaire (UK))
Rafe Lombard - (Book: Kept by the Tycoon (UK))
Ricardo Emiliani - (Book: Kept for Her Baby)
Ricardo Emiliani - (Book: Kept for Her Baby (UK))
Rafael Renaldi - (Book: Kidnapping His Bride (ebook))
Rafe Vargas - (Book: Kill Without Mercy)
Richard - (Book: Killing Dance)
Ross Marshall - (Book: Killing Moon)
Ross Maxwell - (Book: Killing Moon [reissue])
Rufer Jardine - (Book: Kindness of Strangers. The)
Roarke - (Book: Kindred in Death (paperback))
Rain - (Book: King of Sword and Sky)
Robert Nichols - (Book: King's Courtesan, The)
Rafe King - (Book: King's Million-Dollar Secret)
Duke of Gavenshire
- (Book: Kingdom Divided, A)
Royce Westmoreland
Duke of Claymore
- (Book: Kingdom of Dreams, A)
Royce Hawkforte - (Book: Kingdom Of Moonlight)
Robert the Bruce - (Book: Kingdom of Shadows)
Ross - (Book: Kingfisher Morning )
Ronan VelKalevi - (Book: Kinsman's Oath)
Ryan Chappelle - (Book: Kiss And Dwell)
Rand - (Book: Kiss and Make-Up)
Rick - (Book: Kiss Me, Kate (ebook))
Rafe Santiago - (Book: Kiss of a Dark Moon)
Rydestrom Woede - (Book: Kiss of a Demon King)
Rafe - (Book: Kiss of the Phantom)
Rory Wallace - (Book: Kisses on Her Christmas List)
Rory Wallace - (Book: Kisses on Her Christmas List (large print))
Ruarke Sommerville - (Book: Knight Dreams)
Ryan Cooper - (Book: Knight to Hold On To, A (UK))
Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst - (Book: Knight Well Spent, A)
Robert - (Book: Knight's Broken Promise, The (ebook))
Roger Stancliff - (Book: Knight's Courtship, The)
Rhett - (Book: Knight's Fork)
Roger, Earl of Hereford - (Book: Knight's Honor (reissue))
Roderic de Montwain - (Book: Knight's Legacy)
Reece - (Book: Knight's Possession)
Reece - (Book: Knight's Possession (UK))
Rand - (Book: Knight's Prize)
Roarke Barret - (Book: Knight's Redemption, The)
Robert Logan
Knight Templar
- (Book: Knight's Treasure)
Ruger - (Book: Kodiak Chained)
Ruel Chandler - (Book: Kona Winds)
Roland Keyes,
- (Book: Lacey)
Robinsworth - (Book: Lady and Her Magic, A)
Robert - (Book: Lady and the Laird, The)
Rafe Santine - (Book: Lady and the Unicorn, The)
Rupert, Earl of Stanstead - (Book: Lady Beresford's Lover)
Lord Caraway
- (Book: Lady Caraway's Cloak)
Rowcester - (Book: Lady Fortescue Steps Out)
Rafe Morgan - (Book: Lady Gone Bad)
Reese Carrison - (Book: Lady Gypsy)
Rawdon Melford, Colonel - (Book: Lady Harriet Takes Charge)
Reid Donovan - (Book: Lady In Black)
Marquess of Lansdon
- (Book: Lady in Disguise, A (Hardcover))
Roger Hastings - (Book: Lady Jane's Nemesis)
Richard Knightley - (Book: Lady Knightley's Secret)
Richard Wetherell - (Book: Lady Lu (Hardcover))
Robert Gonnsly,
- (Book: Lady Magic)
Rafe Hartley - (Book: Lady Mercy Danforthe Flirts with Scandal, The)
Roger FitzGilbert - (Book: Lady of Fire)
Richard de Clare - (Book: Lady of Hay)
Richard, Lord Winter - (Book: Lady of Quality, A)
Ramon Menendez de Aviles - (Book: Lady of Seven Emeralds)
Robin of Locksley - (Book: Lady of Sherwood)
Roger de Boveney, Sir - (Book: Lady of Starlight)
Richard Glanville - (Book: Lady of the Butterflies (hardcover))
Richard Glanville - (Book: Lady of the Butterflies (paperback))
Robert of Locksley
- (Book: Lady of the Forest)
Robert of Locksley - (Book: Lady of the Forest (reissue))
Robert of Locksley - (Book: Lady of the Sherwood (reissue))
Robert Magson - (Book: Lady Priscilla's Shameful Secret)
Rowan Sinclair
Duke of Gretton
- (Book: Lady Sabrina's Secret)
Viscount Beaumont
- (Book: Lady Semple's Secret)
Robert Lange, Sir - (Book: Lady Sheila's Groom (reissue))
Ross Cannon - (Book: Lady Sophia's Lover)
Robin St. John - (Book: Lady Valiant)
Rafe Morgan - (Book: Lady's Hand, The)
Rayne Tolland Wyman
Lord Tipton
- (Book: Lady's Mischief, A)
Robert Thorne - (Book: Lady's Revenge, The)
Robin Fitzvitry - (Book: Lady's Secret, A)
Ramiel - (Book: Lady's Tutor, The)
Ramiel - (Book: Lady's Tutor, The (reissue))
Robert Campbell - (Book: Laird, The)
Rand - (Book: Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter)
Rand Remington - (Book: Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter, The (reprint))
Rich Desmond - (Book: Lark)
Remington Carr - (Book: Last Bachelor, The)
Richard Neville - (Book: Last Buccaneer, The (reissue))
Robert Jeffery LaDuke - (Book: Last Dance, The)
Ragnar the Cunning - (Book: Last Dragon Standing)
Raefe - (Book: Last Goodbye, The)
Rafe Mendoza - (Book: Last Hope)
- (Book: Last Rogue, The)
Robert MacLean - (Book: Lavender Flame)
Rowe Cusack - (Book: Lawman Lover)
Rowe Cusack - (Book: Lawman Lover (large print))
Reed Truscott - (Book: Lawman's Christmas Wish, The)
Ransom Shaw - (Book: Lawyer's Contract Marriage, The)
Ransom Shaw - (Book: Lawyer's Contract Marriage, The (UK))
Ryan Buckhart - (Book: Leader Of The Pack)
Ranger/Joe Morelli - (Book: Lean Mean Thirteen)
Rafe - (Book: Lean, Mean and Lonesome)
Ross Hamilton - (Book: Leap in the Dark)
Rob Dalton - (Book: Least Likely Wedding)
Riccardo Tornese - (Book: Legacy of Fire)
Rich Hendricks - (Book: Legacy of Lies)
Rocco De Marco - (Book: Legend of De Marco)
Rocco De Marco - (Book: Legend of De Marco (large print))
Rocco De Marco - (Book: Legend of De Marco (UK))
Remy Boudreaux - (Book: Leopard's Prey)
Ray Fernandez - (Book: Less than Frank)
Ray Fernandez - (Book: Less Than Frank)
Ransom Blake - (Book: Lessons from a Younger Lover)
Roland Connor - (Book: Let Down Your Hair)
Ryan Sullivan - (Book: Let Me Be the One)
Roland Casey - (Book: Let Me Hold You)
Riker - (Book: Let Me In)
Reign - (Book: Let the Night Begin)
Richard Avery - (Book: Letter of Intent)
Rand Harding - (Book: Letter to a Lonesome Cowboy)
Rob Colter - (Book: Letters to a Secret Lover)
Riley Tucker - (Book: Letting Go (ebook))
Ryan Beecher - (Book: Liberty)
Remington Walker - (Book: Liberty Blue)
Rafe - (Book: Liberty Starr)
Rock Powers - (Book: License to Love)
Regan Moore - (Book: Licorice Kisses)
Roland Webster - (Book: Lie in the Moment (ebook))
Roman Oliver - (Book: Lie With Me)
Roman Gallardo - (Book: Life Rebuilt, A)
Roman Gallardo - (Book: Life Rebuilt, A (large print))
Ripley Taylor - (Book: Life Saver, The)
Ryan Devlin - (Book: Lifetime and Beyond, A)
Ross Hollister - (Book: Lifetime Guarantee)
Ryan Anderson - (Book: Lighthouse Magic)
Rafe Wade - (Book: Lilacs)
Rodric Macdonald - (Book: Lilacs on Lace)
Randal Nesbitt - (Book: Lily)
Rand of England - (Book: Lily and the Leopard, The)
Rodney - (Book: Lily of the Field)
Rick Pallucci - (Book: Lime Ricky)
Ryan Sanderson - (Book: Line of Scrimmage)
Ronan Fitzgerald - (Book: Linnet, The)
Rafe Chavez - (Book: Lion In the Shadows)
Ross Carmichael - (Book: Lion's Heart)
Ranek - (Book: Liquid Dreams)
Reed - (Book: Liquid Lies)
Ryan Lukas - (Book: Listener, The)
Rick Mendez - (Book: Little Texas, A)
Ronan - (Book: Loki's Daughters)
Rick Hunter - (Book: Lone-Star Lawman)
Ryan Blackstone - (Book: Long Hot Summer, The)
Rip DuLong - (Book: Long Way Home, The)
Ryder Hayes - (Book: Longer Than...)
Rafe Fleming - (Book: Longest Pleasure, The)
Richard Avery
Marquess of Carrington
- (Book: Lord Avery's Legacy)
Rodger Colbourne - (Book: Lord Caliban)
Robert Heathercott,
Marquess of Gresham
- (Book: Lord Gresham's Lady)
Russell Chancellor, Lord Hadleigh - (Book: Lord Hadleigh's Rebellion)
Lord Langcliffe
- (Book: Lord Langcliffe's Lady)
Rorik, Lord of Hawkfell Island - (Book: Lord of Hawkfell Island)
Ross McAdam - (Book: Lord of High Valley)
Renald de Lisle - (Book: Lord of Midnight)
Renald de Lisle - (Book: Lord of Midnight (reissue))
Reese Talbot - (Book: Lord of the High Lonesome)
Rory MacLeod - (Book: Lord of the Isles)
Richard of Wilmont - (Book: Lord of the Manor)
Ramtat - (Book: Lord of the Nile)
Rafe Easton - (Book: Lord of Wicked Intentions)
Duke of Cynssyr
- (Book: Lord Ruin)
Ryan Nash - (Book: Lost and Found Father)
Richard White
Duke of Grayborough
- (Book: Lost Heir, The)
Ryan O'Connor - (Book: Lost in Her)
Rafe Charlwood - (Book: Lost Love, A)
Robert Carmichael - (Book: Lost To Love)
Raz Al Zahki - (Book: Lost to the Desert Warrior)
Raz Al Zahki - (Book: Lost to the Desert Warrior (large print))
Rouen Beauvoir - (Book: Louisiana Bride)
Rene Lemonnier - (Book: Louisiana Dawn)
Rene Lemonnier - (Book: Louisiana Dawn (ebook))
Rene Lemonnier - (Book: Louisiana Dawn (reissue))
Ry O'Malley - (Book: Love And A Bad Hair Day)
Robert Brooks - (Book: Love And The Single Mom)
Roger Turkan - (Book: Love Artisit, The)
Ron Joffe - (Book: Love at Bloom's)
Ross Davies - (Book: Love at Second Sight)
Ricky Wilder - (Book: Love Beyond Words, A)
Ricky Wilder - (Book: Love Beyond Words, A)
Reed Morgan - (Book: Love by Degree)
Rye O'Donnell - (Book: Love Drunk Cowboy)
Raphael Seymour
Earl of Huntingdon
- (Book: Love For Lydia, A)
Richard Deveraux - (Book: Love In A Mist)
Ron Joffe - (Book: Love in Bloom's)
Roberto Santos - (Book: Love Is For Keeps)
Rupert Saunders - (Book: Love Lies Weeping (Hardcover))
Rupert Saunders - (Book: Love Lies Weeping (trade paperback))
Viscount Conistan
- (Book: Love Match)
Ross - (Book: Love Me Again)
Royce - (Book: Love Me Forever)
Reece Donovan - (Book: Love Me if You Dare)
Rafe Mancuso - (Book: Love Me If You Dare)
Rafe Morrisey - (Book: Love Me Tomorrow)
Raymond Olivier - (Book: Love on a Midsummer Night)
Rick Fox - (Book: Love on the Air)
Richard Lowrey - (Book: Love Once Again)
Remy Beauregard - (Book: Love Potion #5)
Ryan Reynolds - (Book: Love Remembered)
Ross Costello - (Book: Love Secret: Law of Attraction, The)
Rex Donnelly - (Book: Love So Tender, A)
Richard Shadworth - (Book: Love Tangle, The)
Rashawn Bishop - (Book: Love TKO)
Ryan Christensen - (Book: Love Unrehearsed)
Ryan Christensen - (Book: Love Unscripted)
Rhys Rhoades - (Book: Love With A Scandalous Lord)
Rafe Lombard - (Book: Love Without Lies)
Ronan McCoy - (Book: Love Your Entity)
Rogue McClaren - (Book: Love's Endless Flame)
Richard Quinn - (Book: Love's Magic)
Richard, Viscount of Uxbridge - (Book: Love's Tempest)
Rafael Navarro - (Book: Love's Wild Desire)
Rafael Navarro - (Book: Love's Wild Desire (ebook))
Rafael Navarro - (Book: Love's Wild Desire (reissue-1983))
Rafael Navarro - (Book: Love's Wild Desire (reissue-1996))
Reverend Curtis Black - (Book: Love, Honor and Betray)
Reeve MacAlpin - (Book: Loved By A Warrior)
Rehvenge - (Book: Lover Avenged (Hardcover))
Rehvenge - (Book: Lover Avenged (paperback))
Rhage - (Book: Lover Eternal)
Rhage - (Book: Lover Eternal (hardcover reprint))
Reece Morgan - (Book: Lovers and Other Strangers)
Ram Jordan - (Book: Lovers Premiere)
Renfrew - (Book: Lovers' Quarrels)
Rob Matthews - (Book: Lovesong)
Rand O'Neill - (Book: Loving Constance)
Rand Matthews - (Book: Loving Elizabeth)
Robert Cannon - (Book: Loving Evangeline)
Roan Deveraux - (Book: Loving Katherine)
Raleigh Irvine - (Book: Loving Longest)
Rex, Viscount Stinson - (Book: Loving Spirit)
Roan Jacob - (Book: Loving, The)
Ryan Dandridge - (Book: Lucia in Love)
Ryan Dandridge/Max Rafferty - (Book: Lucia In Love)
Robert Minton - (Book: Lucianna)
Reid Prescott - (Book: Lucky Penny)
Earl of Silverthorne
- (Book: Lucy's Scoundrel)
Rafe Sutton - (Book: Lullaby and Goodnight)
Richard - (Book: Lunatic Cafe, The)
Rellec - (Book: Lust by Moonbeam (ebook))
Ryan Vail - (Book: Lying in Bed)
Rye de Lyon - (Book: Lyon's Prize)
Reese Bendenetti - (Book: M.D. Most Wanted)
Rory MacLean - (Book: Maclean Groom, The)
Ryder McGrath,
Lieutenant Colonel
- (Book: Mad About The Major)
Rafe Thomas - (Book: Madcap Marriage, The)
Rivlin Kilpatrick - (Book: Maddie's Justice)
Ray Madigan - (Book: Madigan's Wife)
Rhodri ap Dafydd - (Book: Magic in His Kiss)
Rule Turner - (Book: Magic on the Line)
Rhys ap Griffyn - (Book: Magic, The)
Reinhart Maycott
Marquess of Milbourne
- (Book: Magnificent Marquess, The)
Robert MacDarren - (Book: Magnificent Rogue (reprint))
Robert MacDarren - (Book: Magnificent Rogue, The)
Rush Cousins - (Book: Magnolia Dawn)
Ram Varindha - (Book: Maharaja's Mistress)
Ren Calder - (Book: Mahina's Storm (ebook))
Robert - (Book: Maid's Lover, The (ebook))
Revas MacDuff - (Book: Maiden of Inverness)
Rowan - (Book: Maiden, The)
Rowan of Emerys - (Book: Maire)
Richard Chancellor, Major - (Book: Major Chancellor's Mission)
Richard Banner - (Book: Make Believe Mistletoe)
Ricky Biscayne - (Book: Make Him Look Good)
Russell Hart - (Book: Make Me)
Reid McCormack - (Book: Make Me Stay)
Rafe Maguire - (Book: Make No Promises)
Ryan - (Book: Make Room For Mommy)
Raine Mason - (Book: Making the First Move)
Rick Bentz - (Book: Malice (hardcover))
Rick Bentz - (Book: Malice (paperback))
Richard Vallender - (Book: Mally)
Richard Fairfax - (Book: Mama's Disappointment)
Rafe McFarland - (Book: Man Behind the Scars, The)
Rafe McFarland - (Book: Man Behind the Scars, The (large print))
Ryan Armstrong - (Book: Man Every Woman Wants, The)
Ryan Armstrong - (Book: Man Every Woman Wants, The (large print))
Rex Falcon - (Book: Man from Falcon Ridge, The)
Rylan Quaid - (Book: Man Of Her Dreams)
Ry Brennan - (Book: Man of Her Dreams)
Reese Compton - (Book: Man of His Word, A)
Rey Hart - (Book: Man of Means, A)
Rey Hart - (Book: Man of Means, A (Hardcover))
Rhett Brown - (Book: Man of Steel)
Ross Peterson - (Book: Man to Trust, A)
Ross Peterson - (Book: Man to Trust, A (large print))
Rand Fielding - (Book: Man's Best Friend)
Reid Devlin - (Book: Man's Protection, A)
Rafael, Prince of Calandria - (Book: Marcelli Princess, The)
Rafe McQuaid - (Book: Marching Orders)
Richard de Mornay - (Book: Mariana)
Rowan Avenbury - (Book: Marigold's Marriage)
Rad Kozlowski - (Book: Marine Meets His Match, The)
Rhyzkahl - (Book: Mark of the Demon)
Rhys Williams - (Book: Mark of the Rose)
Richard Livesey - (Book: Marriage Bed, The)
Richard - (Book: Marriage Bed, The)
Robert St. Aubyn, Sir - (Book: Marriage by Decree)
Robert Symington
Marquess of Elston
- (Book: Marriage Campaign, The)
Viscount Evers
- (Book: Marriage List, The)
Ryder Malone - (Book: Marriage Made in Joeville, A)
Rich Manning - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience)
Rafe Danvers - (Book: Marriage On the Rebound)
Rodger de Leyburn - (Book: Marriage Prize, The)
Rodger de Leyburn - (Book: Marriage Prize, The (Hardcover))
Reece Villiers - (Book: Marriage Reply, The (reissue))
Richard Lynsted - (Book: Marriage Ring, The)
Ryan Lassiter - (Book: Marriage Under Suspicion)
Reed Worthington - (Book: Marriage, Manhattan Style)
Ryan Lassiter - (Book: Marriage, The)
Richard Standish, Earl of Markfield - (Book: Marriageable Miss, A (UK))
R. J. Maitland - (Book: Married to the Boss)
Roque Blackstone - (Book: Marry a Man Who Will Dance)
Randall Blackmore - (Book: Marry Christmas)
Reed Fortune - (Book: Marry In Haste)
Ryan Mears - (Book: Marry Me Tonight)
Rick Jenner - (Book: Marry Me Under the Mistletoe (large print))
Ross Carrington - (Book: Marry the Man Today)
Rafe Sunderland
Duke of Ravenhurst
- (Book: Marrying Jezebel)
Roel van Rakesma - (Book: Marrying Mary)
Roel van Rakesma - (Book: Marrying Mary (reissue))
Roel van Rakesma - (Book: Marrying Mary (UK))
Roel van Rakesma - (Book: Marrying Mary (UK-reissue))
Ross MacArthur
Marquis of Awe
- (Book: Marrying the Marquis)
Ryan Jackson - (Book: Marshal's Witness, The)
Ryan Jackson - (Book: Marshal's Witness, The (large print))
Reece Keegan - (Book: Marty's Ride)
Richard Adair
Earl of Brampton
- (Book: Masked Deception, A)
Richard Adair
Earl of Brampton
- (Book: Masked Deception, A (UK))
Rafaello Leopardi - (Book: Masquers, The)
Ralen - (Book: Master of Desire)
Ross Falcon - (Book: Master Of Falcon's Head)
Royce McQuillan - (Book: Master of Maramba)
Ryder Tremayne, Earl of Moorsedge - (Book: Master Of Midnight)
Rohan de Luc - (Book: Master Of Surrender)
Reece Champion - (Book: Master of the Night)
Rogan Sullivan - (Book: Master's Mistress, The)
Royce Varisey
Duke of Wolverstone
- (Book: Mastered By Love)
Reed Hollander - (Book: Match For Celia, A)
Reed Hollander - (Book: Match for Celia, A)
Robert Whiting
Duke of Oakwood
- (Book: Match for Melissa, A)
Ryan Donally - (Book: Match Made in Scandal, A)
Rafe - (Book: Match Made in Texas, A)
Ryan Davis - (Book: Matching Wits)
Rune McLaughlin - (Book: Matchmaker's Moon)
Roman Gallagher - (Book: Matilda, the Adventuress)
Reginald Mason - (Book: Matter of Class, A)
Ruy Nieves dos Santos - (Book: Matter of Feeling, A)
Robert Hawthorne
Duke of Killingsworth
- (Book: Matter of Temptation, A)
Robert Dale - (Book: Matter of the Heart, A)
Rand Stevens - (Book: Matter of Trust, A)
Romer Tresh - (Book: Mattie and the Blacksmith)
Ridge - (Book: Maybe Someday)
Rod McClintock - (Book: McClintock Proposal, The)
Rand McIntyre - (Book: McIntyre And Coventry (ebook))
Rance McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Pride)
Rance McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Pride (reissue))
Rafer Callahan - (Book: Me, Myself and Why? (paperback))
Rand McCormick - (Book: Means To An End (ebook))
Rafe Kincaid - (Book: Measure of Love, A)
Ruggiero Rinucci - (Book: Mediterranean Rebel's Bride, The)
Ruggiero Rinucci - (Book: Mediterranean Rebel's Bride, The (Large Print))
Richard Foster, ex-soldier - (Book: Meg's Garden)
Richard - (Book: Melting Fire)
Remak - (Book: Memories To Come)
Roarke - (Book: Memory in Death (hardcover))
Rendel Woodham - (Book: Merchant's Daughter, The)
Rourke Kincaid - (Book: Mercy)
Robert Magellan - (Book: Mercy Street)
Richard Green - (Book: Merger...Or Marriage, A)
Richard Warren - (Book: Mergers & Matrimony)
Royce van Cleef - (Book: Merry Chase, A)
Read Archer - (Book: Merry Matchmakers, The)
Reece Carlyle - (Book: Mesmerizing Mr. Carlyle, The)
Reece Montgomery - (Book: Mexican Fire)
Robert Clarendon
Viscount Dunstan
- (Book: Midnight Bride, The)
Reed Kimball - (Book: Midnight Exposure)
Reid Novak - (Book: Midnight Fear)
Roarke - (Book: Midnight in Death)
Rafe LaCroix - (Book: Midnight Marriage)
Reece Maddox - (Book: Midnight Prince)
Ruiz Navarro - (Book: Midnight Promise)
Ramon de la Guerra - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Ramon de la Guerra - (Book: Midnight Rider (reprint))
Rio - (Book: Midnight Rising)
Ryan Youngblood - (Book: Midnight Rose)
Ross Havenwood - (Book: Midnight Rose)
Rafer Callahan - (Book: Midnight Sins)
Robert Declouet - (Book: Midnight Waltz)
Robert Declouet - (Book: Midnight Waltz (reissue))
Ramsey MacDonald - (Book: Midnight's Warrior)
Ransome Faloner - (Book: Midsummer Moon)
Ransom Falconer - (Book: Midsummer Moon (E-read))
Robin Blackthorn - (Book: Midsummer Night's Sin, A)
Robert Glenford - (Book: Midsummer Rose)
Rory McIver - (Book: Midwife in a Million)
Rafe Kendrick - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Reunited)
Ronan Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Ronan)
Rourke Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Rourke)
Richard Darcy Kristoff - (Book: Million Dollar Stud)
Riley Douglas - (Book: Million-Dollar Makeover)
Rafe Montoya - (Book: Million-Dollar Nanny)
Rafe McCall - (Book: Millionaire's Deception, The (ebook))
Ryan Storm - (Book: Millionaire's Nanny Arrangement , The)
Rick Hunter - (Book: Millionaire's Wish, The)
Ronan O'Keefe - (Book: Millioniare's Proposal, The)
Rule Turner - (Book: Mind Magic)
Remington Tate - (Book: Mine)
Roarke Harding
Earl of Whitecliffe
- (Book: Mine Forevermore)
Rory - (Book: Miracle Baby)
Raven Sierra - (Book: Miracle Wife, The)
Rolf Magnusson - (Book: Miranda's Viking)
Remy Harte - (Book: Mischief and Magnolias)
Reginald Fitzhugh - (Book: Mischief of the Mistletoe, The (hardcover))
Reginald Fitzhugh - (Book: Mischief of the Mistletoe, The (paperback))
Ranger Marden - (Book: Miss Davenport's Christmas)
Robert Trevelyan - (Book: Miss Pennington's Choice)
Randall Trent - (Book: Miss Quinn's Quandary)
Richard Greyston - (Book: Miss Redmond's Deception (ebook))
Richard Angles
Marquis of Merrick
- (Book: Miss Seton's Sonata)
Baron Dunford
- (Book: Miss Wilson's Reputation)
Rob Wilkins - (Book: Missing You)
Richard Hollingsworth - (Book: Mission: Mountain Rescue (UK))
Rafe McCawley - (Book: Mission: Seduction)
Ruerd ter Mennolt - (Book: Mistletoe Kiss, The)
Ruerd ter Mennolt - (Book: Mistletoe Kiss, The (reissue))
Ruerd ter Mennolt - (Book: Mistletoe Kiss, The (UK))
Ruerd ter Mennolt - (Book: Mistletoe Kiss, The (UK-Hardcover))
Ruerd ter Mennolt - (Book: Mistletoe Kiss, The (UK-Large Print))
Ruerd ter Mennolt - (Book: Mistletoe Kiss, The (UK-reissue))
Rafe Damon - (Book: Mistletoe Magic)
Robert Langtry - (Book: Mistletoe Mayhem)
Roscoe Havering - (Book: Mistletoe Proposal, A)
Rafael Velez-Aguilera - (Book: Mistress By Contract)
Remy de Fournier - (Book: Mistress For A Month)
Ronan Carlisle - (Book: Mistress for the Taking, A)
Ronan - (Book: Mistress for the Taking, A (UK))
Viscount Braybrooke
- (Book: Mistress of Madderlea)
Rand Fitzmarc - (Book: Mistress of Normandy, The)
Rhys ap Owain - (Book: Mistress of Rosecliffe, The)
Ranson Baldwin
Earl of Weston
- (Book: Mistress Thief, The)
Razeby - (Book: Mistress to the Marquis)
Rhys MacDonald - (Book: Mists of Velvet)
Russ Blackburn - (Book: Mom in the Making)
Rick Bennet - (Book: Mom In Waiting)
Robert Barnett - (Book: Moment in Time, A)
Ryder Marshall - (Book: Moment Past Midnight, A)
Ramon - (Book: Mommy In Mind, A)
Ramon - (Book: Mommy In Mind, A (Large Print))
Riley McDade - (Book: Mommy Undercover)
Roberto - (Book: Mona Lisa Eclipsing)
Rush Guthrie - (Book: Money Shot)
Ross Morgan - (Book: Montana Angel)
Red Dawson - (Book: Montana Rose)
Rohn Lerner - (Book: Montana Wrangler)
Rory Maclean - (Book: Moon Dreams)
Rafael Flamenco/Rafe Fleming - (Book: Moon Flower)
Rafmer ter Bavinck - (Book: Moon for Lavinia, The)
Rafmer ter Bavinck - (Book: Moon for Lavinia, The (reissue))
Rafmer ter Bavinck - (Book: Moon for Lavinia, The (UK))
Rafmer ter Bavinck - (Book: Moon for Lavinia, The (UK-reissue))
Rick Plazier - (Book: Moon Over Bourbon Street (ebook))
Ryn - (Book: Moon Witch, The)
Rhys Williams - (Book: Moondrift)
Reeve McKenna - (Book: Moonfire)
Reeve McKenna - (Book: Moonfire (reissue))
Ryan Cordell - (Book: Moonflower)
R.J. Buckingham - (Book: Moonlight Bandit)
Rafe Belloch - (Book: Moonlight Becomes Her)
Reid Greenfield - (Book: Moonlight Kiss)
Reede Aldredge - (Book: Moonlight Masquerade)
Rolf Mahoney - (Book: Moonlite Mirage)
Rafael Carstairs - (Book: Moonspun Magic)
Rafael Carstairs - (Book: Moonspun Magic (reissue))
Ross, Viscount Kilrood - (Book: More and More)
Richard of Burwyck-on-the-sea - (Book: More I See You, The)
Reuben Weisel - (Book: More than a Promise (ebook))
Rhys Walker - (Book: More Than One Night)
Rhys Walker - (Book: More Than One Night (large print))
Ryan O'Leary - (Book: More Than This)
Rand Hamilton - (Book: More Than You Know)
Roman McKenna - (Book: More Than You Know)
Rafe Webber - (Book: More to Love)
Roan Storm Walker - (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of the Warrior)
Roan Storm Walker - (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of the Warrior (reissue))
Rafe Antonio - (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Man of Passion)
Rafe Antonio - (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Man of Passion (reissue))
Razor Cody - (Book: Morning After, The)
Roger - (Book: Morning is a Long Time Coming)
Ryder McKendrick - (Book: Morning Rain)
Rule Turner - (Book: Mortal Danger)
Rule Turner - (Book: Mortal Sins)
Rafe Cooper - (Book: Mortal Sins (ebook))
Rule Turner - (Book: Mortal Ties)
Robert Hurst - (Book: Most Dangerous Profession, A)
Rob - (Book: Mother of the Bride)
Ryder Randolph - (Book: Mother's Secrets, A)
Ring Montgomery - (Book: Mountain Laurel)
Ring Montgomery - (Book: Mountain Laurel (paperback reprint))
Russ Evans - (Book: Mouth to Mouth)
Russ Evans - (Book: Mouth to Mouth (reissue))
Rand Malkin - (Book: Move Heaven and Earth)
Rupert Carsington - (Book: Mr. Impossible)
Raymond Jeffries - (Book: Mr. Jeffries and the Jilt)
Ryan Sullivan - (Book: Mr. Right All Along (large print))
Ross Hardel - (Book: Ms. Longshot)
Ryan Benedict - (Book: Much Ado About Matchmaking)
Revington York - (Book: Mummy Beads, The)
Revington York - (Book: Mummy Case, The)
Robert Lymond - (Book: Mummy's Mirror, The)
Roget de Martier - (Book: Murmur of Rain)
Reese Moretti - (Book: My Bodyguard)
Reese Moretti - (Book: My Bodyguard (Large Print))
Rafe Fortier - (Book: My Captain Jack)
Rohan Kilburn - (Book: My Dangerous Duke)
Rafe Pendragon - (Book: My Fair Mistress)
Redford DeMoss - (Book: My Favorite Mistake)
Roger Debrett
Earl of Eden
- (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Ruairi Sutherland - (Book: My Highland Spy)
Rhys Morgan - (Book: My Immortal)
Richard Stanton
Earl of Stoke
- (Book: My Lady Gamester)
Rorke of Valmond - (Book: My Lady Knight)
Ramsey Munro - (Book: My Pleasure)
Ramsey Munro - (Book: My Pleasure (Reissue))
Rick Jarrett - (Book: My Shadow, My Love (ebook))
Rick Jarrett - (Book: My Shadow, My Love (paperback))
Ryan Hill, Detective - (Book: My Sister, Myself)
Ryan Hill, Detective - (Book: My Sister, Myself (UK))
Robert Cambourne
- (Book: My Sweet Folly)
Ronan Sutherland - (Book: My Tempting Highlander (ebook))
Ryan Fierro - (Book: My Wild Irish Dragon)
Raoul DuBois - (Book: Mystery Wife)
Roark Lansing - (Book: Mystic Isle)
Rising Eagle - (Book: Mystic Visions)
Rising Eagle - (Book: Mystic Visions)
Rising Eagle - (Book: Mystic Warriors (reissue))
Ronal de Amshe - (Book: Mythe: Vampire)
Richard, Lord Pensley - (Book: Nabob's Widow, The)
Robby Robriquet - (Book: Naked Attraction)
Robert Hamilton
Earl of Westbrooke
- (Book: Naked Earl, The)
Ryan Donovan - (Book: Naked Hunger (ebook))
Roarke - (Book: Naked In Death)
Roarke - (Book: Naked in Death (hardcover))
Ryan McBride - (Book: Nameless)
Reuben - (Book: Naughty)
Rowdy Mackay - (Book: Nauti Boy)
Rowdy Mackay - (Book: Nauti Boy (mass market))
Rowdy - (Book: Nauti Buoy (ebook))
Riley Murdock - (Book: Navy Baby)
Riley Hammond - (Book: Navy SEAL Security)
Rush Callaghan - (Book: Navy Wife)
Royce Nyland - (Book: Navy Woman)
Roger Freeman - (Book: Need Me (ebook))
Ryan Tanner - (Book: Needed: Her Mr. Right)
Ryan Tanner - (Book: Needed: Her Mr. Right (Large Print))
Reilly Jones - (Book: Never Been Kissed)
Rhys Kendall - (Book: Never Before)
Remy Caffarelli - (Book: Never Gamble with a Caffarelli)
Ryan Matthews - (Book: Never Let Go)
Rafe Caffarelli - (Book: Never Say No to a Caffarelli )
Rafe Caffarelli - (Book: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (large print))
Rush Finlay - (Book: Never Too Far)
Ryder Drake - (Book: Never Trust a Lady)
Raoul Caffarelli - (Book: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli)
Rhys - (Book: Never Walk Alone)
Rafferty O'Brien - (Book: New Orleans)
Ross Douglas - (Book: New Year's Baby)
Rourke - (Book: New York to Dallas (hardcover))
Ryan Nix - (Book: Newborn Daddy)
Ryan Nix - (Book: Newborn Daddy (reissue))
Richard Standen
Viscount Sherborne
- (Book: Newmarket Match)
Ryal Walker - (Book: Next of Kin)
Reggie Stevens - (Book: Nicest Guy in America, The)
Richard Tiernan - (Book: Night Fall)
Rourke Kilpatrick - (Book: Night Fever)
Rourke Kilpatrick - (Book: Night Fever)
Rourke Martinez - (Book: Night of the Condor)
Ryan Piasecki - (Book: Night Smoke)
Rhys - (Book: Night's Blaze)
Roshan DeLongpre - (Book: Night's Kiss)
Raphael Cordova - (Book: Night's Master)
Rane Cordova - (Book: Night's Pleasure)
Remy Weldon - (Book: Nights Under the Tennessee Stars (ebook))
Rick Barnett - (Book: Nighttime Sweetheart)
Richard Chandler - (Book: Nine- to- Five Bride)
Rick Morgan - (Book: Nine-to-Five Bride)
Robert Metcalf - (Book: No Crystal Stair)
Reid Sutherland - (Book: No Desire Denied)
Rian - (Book: No Gentle Love)
Ryan Cassidy - (Book: No Gentleman)
Rhys - (Book: No Limits)
Ray Fernandez - (Book: No Love Lost)
Richard Ward - (Book: No Matter What)
Richard Ward - (Book: No Matter What (large print))
Rylan Cates - (Book: No One Like You)
Rob Carpenter - (Book: No Ordinary Man)
Remington Hawthorne - (Book: No Ordinary Mistress (ebook novella))
Rex Brody - (Book: No Red Roses)
Rex Brody - (Book: No Red Roses)
Riley Cooper, Staff Sergeant - (Book: No Retreat)
Rigg Stanton - (Book: No Rhyme or Reason)
Ryan Pearce - (Book: No Time to Lose)
Richard Hunter - (Book: Nobody's Angel)
Viscount Kilverton
- (Book: Nobody, The)
Rian McCallum - (Book: Noonfire)
Rowdy Cassidy - (Book: Norah)
Rick Salinger - (Book: North Country Family)
Rhys Morgan - (Book: Northern Fire, Northern Star)
Reeves Grant - (Book: Not Even for Love)
Raymond Hawk
Deputy Sheriff
- (Book: Not the Marrying Kind)
Rand Mitchell - (Book: Nothing But The Best)
Russell Currie - (Book: Now and Forever)
Russell Currie - (Book: Now and Forever (reissue))
Rick Vaughn - (Book: Now You Die)
Richard Worth - (Book: Now You See Her)
R.J. Lawson - (Book: Nowhere but Here)
R.J. Tyler - (Book: Nowhere to Run)
Reece Thorpe - (Book: Nowhere, Carolina)
Romeo Monticecco - (Book: O, Juliet)
Ross Burke - (Book: Object of His Affection (ebook))
Raul Santos - (Book: Obsession)
Roarke - (Book: Obsession in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Obsession in Death (paperback))
Reid Shelton - (Book: Of Texas Ladies, Cowboys...and Babies)
Roan McAuley - (Book: Off Kilter)
RJ - (Book: Off the Menu)
Radmer van Teule - (Book: Off With the Old Love)
Radmer van Teule - (Book: Off With the Old Love (reissue))
Radmer van Teule - (Book: Off With the Old Love (UK))
Radmer van Teule - (Book: Off With the Old Love (UK-reissue))
Rafe Hunter - (Book: Oklahoma Bride)
Ryan Jones - (Book: Oklahoma Reunion)
Ryan Jones - (Book: Oklahoma Reunion (large print))
Ross Stafford - (Book: On Cloud Nine)
Riley Kinkade - (Book: On The Prowl)
Robert Mize - (Book: On the Scent)
Rafe Garrick - (Book: On The Wings Of Love)
Roland St. Marten - (Book: Once a Bride)
Randall Darnley
Marquis of Hawksrest
- (Book: Once a Princess)
Richard Lambert - (Book: Once and Future Love, A)
Rafe - (Book: Once Around)
Ryder Duncan - (Book: Once Bitten, Twice Burned)
Robert Mathieson - (Book: Once Forbidden)
Ryan Kelly - (Book: Once Haunted, Twice Shy)
Reid Knowles - (Book: Once Tasted)
Robert Danvers, Major - (Book: Once Tempted)
Richard Moore - (Book: Once Upon a Chocolate Kiss)
Ryan Vaughn - (Book: Once Upon a Crime)
Raphael Montagu
Duke of Southwell
- (Book: Once Upon a Dream)
Ruyen - (Book: Once Upon a Time)
Rob Brighten - (Book: One Daddy Too Many)
Rakin Whitcomb Addellah - (Book: One Dance With the Sheikh)
Raf Conway - (Book: One Fateful Summer)
Remington Knight - (Book: One Kiss from You)
Rick Capriotti - (Book: One Man And A Baby)
Richard Southard - (Book: One Man's Honor)
Randall Sondheim - (Book: One More Kiss (ebook))
Randall Sondheim - (Book: One More Kiss (ebook))
Rafael - (Book: One More Sleepless Night)
Renzo Cesare - (Book: One Naughty Night)
Ranulf Carrington - (Book: One Night in His Arms)
Roman Merrick - (Book: One Night Is Never Enough)
Richard Kestrel - (Book: One Night of Scandal)
Reed Miller - (Book: One Night of Scandal (ebook))
Rafiq Mehdi - (Book: One Night with the Sheikh)
Reid Maguire - (Book: One Night With You)
Rick Pruitt - (Book: One Night, Two Heirs)
Rowan Murray - (Book: One of These Nights)
Reed Fairmont - (Book: One Safe Place)
Russ Klein - (Book: One Stubborn Texan)
Riley Grogan - (Book: One Summer's Knight)
Raymond Gates - (Book: One Sure Thing)
Rhett O'Donnell - (Book: One Texas Cowboy Too Many)
Riley Westmoreland - (Book: One Winter's Night)
Reid Kelly - (Book: One-Week Wife, The)
Ralph Stockwood - (Book: Only a Promise)
Rafe Ramirez - (Book: Only a Whisper)
Rafe Ramirez - (Book: Only a Whisper (re-issue))
Robbie MacKenzie - (Book: Only for a Knight)
Rion Ward - (Book: Only For a Night)
Ryder McKay - (Book: Only In My Arms)
Rafe Moran - (Book: Only Love)
Rafe - (Book: Orchid)
Ross - (Book: Ordinary Woman, An)
Roarke - (Book: Origin in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Origin in Death (paperback))
Rafe Cooper - (Book: Original Sin)
Rick Randy - (Book: Other C-Word, The)
Ryder Hudson - (Book: Other Laura, The)
Reid Macfarland - (Book: Other Soldier, The)
Reid Macfarland - (Book: Other Soldier, The (large print))
Rafe Kincaid - (Book: Out of Control)
Rand Brandenburg - (Book: Out of the Darkness)
Russ Van Alystyne - (Book: Out of the Deep I Cry)
Rick Wyatt - (Book: Out of Uniform)
Reece Landry - (Book: Outcast, The)
Remy Silva - (Book: Outcast, The (ebook))
Rafe Gentry - (Book: Outlaws: Rafe, The)
Robert Delgado - (Book: Outside the Lines (ebook))
Ryder McKay - (Book: Owning Violet)
Reid Branden - (Book: P.S. I Love You)
Rurik - (Book: Pagan's Prize, The)
Rafael Cueras - (Book: Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset)
Russell Evans IV - (Book: Paradise Bay)
Rick Sutter and Dan Brady - (Book: Paradise Valley)
Rick Sudder - (Book: Paradise Valley (reprint))
Richard Walton - (Book: Parson's Waiting, The)
Richard Walton - (Book: Parson's Waiting, The (reissue))
Ran Masterson - (Book: Part-Time Wife)
Rafe Ortiz - (Book: Pass Interference)
Rory Jameson - (Book: Passion and Pleasure in London)
Raven - (Book: Passion's Apprentice (ebook))
Rance Taggart - (Book: Passion's Fury)
Ram Barrington - (Book: Passion's Joy)
Raider Prescott - (Book: Passion's Ransom)
Ross Grant - (Book: Passionate Adventure)
Ras Selassie - (Book: Passionate Encounters)
Robert Marlow - (Book: Passionate Love of a Rake, The (ebook))
Raven - (Book: Passionate Pirate, The)
Raven - (Book: Passionate Pirate, The (UK))
Reynald de Mortimer - (Book: Passions of the Ghost)
Runnolf - (Book: Passions of the Realm)
Rian - (Book: Past All Forgetting)
Robert Graham - (Book: Past Loving)
Robert Graham - (Book: Past Loving (UK))
Rory Burnett - (Book: Past Promises)
Ramon Cortero - (Book: Patient Nurse, The)
Ramon Cortero - (Book: Patient Nurse, The (Hardcover))
Ross Davidson - (Book: Pattern, The)
Rex Tanner - (Book: Paying The Playboy's Price)
Renato Bardini - (Book: Pearl Beyond Price, A)
Reilly Delancey - (Book: Pediatrician's Personal Protector, The)
Rob Tambini - (Book: Pedigree Mom)
Ryan McCall - (Book: Peekaboo Baby)
Earl of Selborne
- (Book: Penniless Bride)
Richard, Earl Hardinge - (Book: Penniless Prospect, A)
Rand Cabot - (Book: Perchance to Dream)
Randall Atwater - (Book: Perfect Affair, The)
Rex de Warenne - (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Richard - (Book: Perfect Formation)
Rory Branagan - (Book: Perfect Gift, The)
Ryder Montgomery - (Book: Perfect Hope, The)
Ralph de Banewulf, Sir - (Book: Perfect Knight, A)
Rick Jablonski - (Book: Perfect Marriage, A)
Ross Harding - (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Richard Dunne - (Book: Perfect Mismatch, A)
Rey Ramos - (Book: Perfect Mix, The)
Richard Maitland - (Book: Perfect Princess, The)
Robinson Hood - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The)
Randall Clayton
Duke of Beldon
- (Book: Perfect Sin)
Randall Clayton - (Book: Perfect Sin (reissue))
Rob Davis - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Ross Lyneham - (Book: Perfect Strangers)
Randall Talbot - (Book: Perfect Victim, The)
Rod Corley - (Book: Perfect Wedding, The)
Rowe Mercer - (Book: Perfect Wife , The)
Ryan Bayard, Captain - (Book: Perfume of Paradise)
Rayn Bayard, Captain - (Book: Perfume of Paradise (ebook))
Ryan Bayard, Captain - (Book: Perfume of Paradise (reissue))
Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor, a.k.a. Prince of Powys - (Book: Perils of Pursuing a Prince, The)
Ric Martinez - (Book: Personal Protector)
Rafe Hammond - (Book: Pesky Paranormals)
Rafael Whitbourne
Duke of Candover
- (Book: Petals in the Storm)
Richard Tremayne
Earl of Melbourne
- (Book: Phantom Husband, The)
Rory Quinn - (Book: Phantom Of The Wind)
Ryan McKendrick - (Book: Phantom Waltz)
Robert Elliot - (Book: Phenomenal Girl 5)
Raj Sundaram - (Book: Phoenix Code, The)
Robert Davidson - (Book: Phoenix Encounter, The)
Ram Montgomery - (Book: Phoenix Unrisen)
Richard Colter, Captain - (Book: Pirate and His Lady, The)
Richard Colter
- (Book: Pirate and His Lady, The (reissue))
Ruark Helford - (Book: Pirate And The Pagan, The)
Ruark Helford - (Book: Pirate and the Pagan, The (reissue))
Rafe - (Book: Place in My Heart, A)
Roan Sullivan - (Book: Place to Call Home, A)
Roman Weaver - (Book: Plain Admirer)
Ryan Hollister - (Book: Play Dead)
Resse Campbell - (Book: Play With Me)
Raul Sanchez - (Book: Playboy of Puerto Banus, The)
Rett Sullivan - (Book: Playboy's Gift, The)
Rett Sullivan - (Book: Playboy's Gift, The (large print))
Reece Erskine - (Book: Playboy's Mistress, The)
Rafe Medici - (Book: Playboy's Proposition, The)
Reece Carpenter - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Ryder O'Neal - (Book: Playing for Time)
Roarke - (Book: Playing His Game)
Rome Matthews - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Romeo Marshall - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Roman Plow - (Book: Pleasant Lake P.D. (ebook))
Raphael Madralena - (Book: Pleasure and the Pain, The)
Rhys Maitland - (Book: Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire)
Rhys Maitland - (Book: Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire (UK))
Robert Garreck - (Book: Portrait of a Forbidden Lady)
Ross Buchanan - (Book: Posh Doc, Society Wedding)
Remi - (Book: Possession)
Rafe Contini - (Book: Power and Possession)
Reed Donovan - (Book: Power Play (ebook))
Ross Brandon - (Book: Practical Widow to Passionate Mistress (US edition))
Russ Bingham, MD - (Book: Precious Moments)
Rick Lowrimore - (Book: Precious Pretender)
Rian "Kat" Madison - (Book: Pregnancy Clause, The)
Reece Remington - (Book: Pregnancy Surprise, The)
Reece Remington - (Book: Pregnancy Surprise, The)
Ryan Warner - (Book: Pregnant at the Wedding)
Ric Rossetti - (Book: Pregnant: Father Wanted)
Randal, Earl of Combe - (Book: Pretender to Love)
Reeve, Earl of Cambridge - (Book: Pretenders, The)
Robert Lynmount - (Book: Price of Honour, The (UK))
Reed Harwood - (Book: Price of Pleasure, The)
Rand Peabody - (Book: Priceless Gifts)
Ryan Blackstone - (Book: Pride & A Pregnancy Secret)
Ross McLachlan - (Book: Pride and Promises)
Rex Pride - (Book: Pride's Fall)
Raven - (Book: Primal Quest)
Rupert Jordan
Lord Fortenbury
- (Book: Primrose Wedding, A)
Ryan Kaelan - (Book: Prince And The Nanny, The)
Rafael, Crown Prince - (Book: Prince Charming)
Ross Chandler - (Book: Prince Charming Replies)
Rainger, Prince - (Book: Prince Kidnaps a Bride, The)
Robin Goodfellow - (Book: Prince of Charming)
Raul - (Book: Prince of Scandal)
Raul - (Book: Prince of Scandal (large print))
Riain Cree - (Book: Prince of the Wind (ebook))
Viscount Beaumont
- (Book: Prince's Bride, The)
Rayn - (Book: Prince's Fire)
Rik Prince - (Book: Prince's Love-Child (UK))
Rule - (Book: Prince's Secret Baby, The)
Rodriguez Anguiano - (Book: Princess from the Shadows)
Rodriguez Anguiano - (Book: Princess from the Shadows (large print))
Rodriguez Anguiano - (Book: Princess from the Shadows (UK edition))
Prince Regent of Alp'Azuri
- (Book: Princess of Convenience)
Rand - (Book: Principal's Office, The)
Richard (Dickon) Trymme - (Book: Prior Betrothal)
Rand Sinclair - (Book: Priority Male)
Ravel Duralde - (Book: Prisoner of Desire)
Ravel Duralde - (Book: Prisoner of Desire (ebook))
Ravel Duralde - (Book: Prisoner of Desire (reissue))
Rico da Silva - (Book: Prisoner of Passion)
Robert Mack - (Book: Prisoner of the Flames)
Ryan Paxton - (Book: Private Lives)
Roman Falconer - (Book: Private Passions)
Rafe D'Angelo - (Book: Prize Beyond Jewels, A)
Royce - (Book: Prize, The)
Robson Trowbridge - (Book: Problem with Promises, The)
Richard McNeil - (Book: Prodigal Daughter)
Rafe Montana - (Book: Prodigal Son)
Reid McCormack - (Book: Project: Runaway Bride)
Robert Dunsmuir - (Book: Promise Given, A)
Ross Hamilton
- (Book: Promise Me Paradise)
Reed Maxwell - (Book: Promise to a Boy)
Roarke - (Book: Promises in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Promises in Death (paperback))
Robert Cameron
Earl of Bradleigh
- (Book: Proper Companion, A)
Ryan Kincaid - (Book: Proper Wife, A)
Riley Henning - (Book: Protecting Her Son)
Riley Henning - (Book: Protecting Her Son (large print))
Roc Gunnison
- (Book: Protecting His Own)
Rory Sinclair - (Book: Protecting Peggy)
Roman Alexander - (Book: Protecting the Innocent)
Rafe Delgado - (Book: Protecting the Pregnant Witness)
Rafe Delgado - (Book: Protecting the Pregnant Witness (large print))
Reeve Stratton - (Book: Protecting the Princess)
Rex Sixkiller - (Book: Protecting Their Baby)
Rory Farrell - (Book: Protector's Honor)
Ross - (Book: Proud Possession)
Ram Scheval - (Book: Proud Spirit)
Raul Velez-Saldana - (Book: Public Marriage, Private Secrets)
Rico Crisanti - (Book: Public Wife, Private Mistress)
Raul Sennett - (Book: Puppets)
Roger - (Book: Puppy Love)
Raffa Leon - (Book: Purest of Diamonds?, The)
Romulus - (Book: Pyramid of Dreams)
Rain - (Book: Queen of Song and Souls)
Renato Lanzara - (Book: Queen of the Big Time, The)
Raoul - (Book: Queen's Guard: Violet, The)
Rowan Graham - (Book: Queen's Lady, The)
Richard Danvers
Lord St. Symington
- (Book: Quest for Vengeance)
Rolf of Dragonwyck - (Book: Quest, The)
Richard Drayton, Captain - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Race Berkley - (Book: Race Agianst Time)
Rick Castles - (Book: Race to the Altar)
Racing Moon - (Book: Racing Moon)
Rafael D'Afonso - (Book: Rafael's Convenient Proposal)
Rafael Rocchi - (Book: Rafael's Suitable Bride (UK))
Rafaello - (Book: Rafaello's Mistress)
Rafe - (Book: Rafe and Sheila)
Rafe Sinclair - (Book: Rafe Sinclair's Revenge)
Rafe Dancer - (Book: Rafe's Island)
Rafe McBride - (Book: Rafe's Redemption)
Rafe Benton - (Book: Rafe's Redemption (reissue))
Rafe McGinnis - (Book: Rafe's Revenge)
Rafe Delaney - (Book: Rafe, the Maverick)
Raffaele Orsini - (Book: Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin )
Raffaele Orsini - (Book: Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin (Large Print))
Rafferty Traherne - (Book: Rafferty's Choice)
Rafferty Lewis - (Book: Rafferty's Wife)
Rafferty Lewis - (Book: Rafferty's Wife (reissue))
Ryan Chandler - (Book: Raffling Ryan)
Richard Harecroft, Captain - (Book: Rags-to-Riches Bride)
Robert Boyd - (Book: Raider, The)
Reid Prescott - (Book: Rain Lily)
Rajmund Gregor - (Book: Rajmund)
Reginald Davenport - (Book: Rake and the Reformer, The)
Richard Barrett - (Book: Rake By Any Other Name, A)
Rafe St. Alban - (Book: Rake With a Frozen Heart)
Robert Lyndhurst - (Book: Rake's Gambit)
Ross Thornbury - (Book: Rake's Handbook: Including Field Guide, The)
Richard Harmsworth - (Book: Rake's Midnight Kiss, A)
Rob McHugh - (Book: Rake's Revenge, The)
Richard Blackley - (Book: Rake's Wager)
Richard Blackley - (Book: Rake's Wager (UK))
Reginald Davenport - (Book: Rake, The)
Reginald Davenport - (Book: Rake, The (reprint))
Ralph - (Book: Ralph's Party)
Rio Navarro - (Book: Ralphie's Wives)
Roderick Kempthorne - (Book: Ramshackle Suitor, The)
Reed Montgomery - (Book: Rancher and the Vet, The)
Ryan Malloy - (Book: Rancher at Risk)
Rhett Kane - (Book: Rancher Under Cover)
Ryan Clayborne - (Book: Rancher's Bride, The)
Ray Mendez - (Book: Rancher's Hired Fiancee, The)
Rex Billings - (Book: Rancher's Homecoming, The)
Rafe Garrett - (Book: Rancher's Second Chance, The)
Reese Cooper - (Book: Rancher's Secret Wife, The)
Reese Cooper - (Book: Rancher's Secret Wife, The (large print))
Reed Quarrels - (Book: Rancher's Vow, A)
Rand Caldwell - (Book: Rand's Redemption)
Rich Randall - (Book: Randall Riches)
Russ Randall - (Book: Randall Wedding)
Ranger Jefferson - (Book: Ranger's Wild Woman (ebook))
Richard Harley (Ram) - (Book: Rangoon)
Ramsey Sinclair and Brodick Buchanan - (Book: Ransom)
Ronan Guennec - (Book: Ransomed Bride, The)
Raphael - (Book: Raphael)
Raphael - (Book: Raphael (UK))
Raphael Marcel - (Book: Raphael (ebook))
Rob Dunnemore - (Book: Rapids, The)
Robin Moreton
- (Book: Rarest Flower, The)
Roger Montford
Baron of Ravenspur
- (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Roger Montford
Baron of Ravenspur
- (Book: Raven and the Rose, The (reissue))
Rafe Dubois - (Book: Raven Saint, The)
Rogan - (Book: Raven's Cove)
Rogan - (Book: Raven's Cove (large print))
Rowan Scott - (Book: Raven's Moon, The)
Robert MacGregor - (Book: Ravished by a Highlander)
Rob Ward - (Book: Raw Desire)
Roman Keim - (Book: Ray of Light)
Raziel - (Book: Raziel)
Razor - (Book: Razor's Edge)
Russell Holloway - (Book: Ready for Her Close-Up)
Riley Locke - (Book: Ready-Made Family)
Remington Tate - (Book: Real)
Rafe Santini - (Book: Real Angel, A)
Rio D'aquila - (Book: Real Rio D'aquila, The)
Ric Vogel - (Book: Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg)
Rourke O'Malley - (Book: Really Hot!)
Ruger - (Book: Reaper's Legacy)
Reese Hayes - (Book: Reaper's Stand)
Rufus Valasay - (Book: Reason to Believe)
Rye Forrester - (Book: Reason to Believe, A)
Reaver - (Book: Reaver)
Reece Fletcher - (Book: Rebel and Miss Jones (large print))
Reece Fletcher - (Book: Rebel and Miss Jones, The)
Rory Stewart - (Book: Rebel Waltz)
Rory Stewart - (Book: Rebel Waltz)
Roark - (Book: Rebel's Claw (ebook))
Raleigh Hanlon - (Book: Rebel's Spirit)
Robert Stormont
Earl of Marsett
- (Book: Rebellious Twin, The)
Ransom Kent - (Book: Rebels Bride, The)
Rivers Fitzroy - (Book: Reckless Desire, A)
Raine Merrick - (Book: Reckless One, The)
Reese - (Book: Reckless Wind)
Riley Davis - (Book: Reconsidering Riley)
Ruben Salazar - (Book: Red Hot)
René LeDeux - (Book: Red Hot Cajun, The)
River Kassandros - (Book: Red Kiss)
Rick - (Book: Red Light (anthology))
Renaud de Pierrepont - (Book: Red Wolf's Prize, The)
Rafe Beauford - (Book: Redeeming Rafe)
Rafe Diaz - (Book: Redemption of Rafe Diaz, The)
Rico D'Angelo - (Book: Redemption of Rico D'Angelo, The (large print))
Rees - (Book: Rees)
Reese Dewar, Major - (Book: Reese's Bride)
Reese Dewar - (Book: Reese's Bride (reissue))
Reese Sinclair - (Book: Reese's Wild Wager)
Reese Marchand - (Book: Reese: the Untamed)
Raiden de Louve - (Book: Refuge From The Storm (ebook))
Remy Sinclair - (Book: Regarding Remy)
Randolph Lennox - (Book: Regency Christmas II, A)
Reid Foster - (Book: Reid's Runaway Bride)
Reilly Murdock - (Book: Reilly's Promise)
Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Woman)
Ronan Armstrong - (Book: Reiver's Woman, The)
Rejar ta'al Krue - (Book: Rejar)
Ryan Kama - (Book: Relative Strangers)
Ronan Ames - (Book: Releasing the Hunter)
Roman Lyons - (Book: Relentless)
Rafe Moreau - (Book: Relentless Seduction)
Russ Tibbolt - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Rob Granston - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Rand Challon - (Book: Reluctant Lark, The)
Rupert Hastings,
- (Book: Reluctant Proposal, A)
Richard Beckwith, Sir - (Book: Reluctant Rake, The)
Ransom Hamilton - (Book: Remember Love)
Remington Tate - (Book: Remy)
Raum - (Book: Renegade Angel)
Rafe Gardner - (Book: Renegade Lady)
Rio Madrid - (Book: Renegade Millionaire)
Rane Masters - (Book: Renegade Texan)
Rane Masters - (Book: Renegade Texan (reissue--ebook))
Royal Gaines - (Book: Renegade's Redemption)
Royal Gaines - (Book: Renegade's Redemption)
Russ Hall - (Book: Rent-A-Dad)
Russ Hall - (Book: Rent-A-Dad (reissue))
Robert Wilton, Captain - (Book: Repentant Rebel, The)
Raoul Villard - (Book: Rescued Heart )
Richard Allington - (Book: Resisting the New Doc in Town)
Ransom Tremayne, Captain - (Book: Restless is the Wind)
Ross MacGregor - (Book: Restless Wind)
Ranger Blueeyes - (Book: Restless Wind)
Ranger Blueeyes - (Book: Restless Wind (Large Print))
Russell Diamond - (Book: Restoration, The)
Roman - (Book: Retrieval)
Rafe MacKade - (Book: Return of Rafe MacKade, The)
Rian Becket - (Book: Return of the Prodigal, The)
Ross McGregor - (Book: Return of the Rebel Doctor)
R. J. Monroe - (Book: Return to Stony Ridge)
Rafael Alexander - (Book: Revealed; A Prince and a Pregnancy)
Revenant - (Book: Revenant)
Riley West - (Book: Revenge (ebook))
Reynold de Burgh - (Book: Reynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight)
Riccardo Fabbrini - (Book: Riccardo's Secret Child)
Robert Buckwalter - (Book: Rich Man For Dry Creek, A)
Ryder Wyndham - (Book: Rich Man's Bride, The)
Ryder Wyndham - (Book: Rich Man's Bride, The (Large Print))
Ryder Wyndham - (Book: Rich Man's Bride, The (UK))
Rico D'Alessio - (Book: Rich Man's Revenge)
Rowan - (Book: Rich Man's Son, The)
Rafe Carlisle - (Book: Rich Stranger, The)
Rico Alvarez - (Book: Rico's Garden)
Rico Forza - (Book: Rico's Secret Child)
Reese Starrett - (Book: Ride the Wind)
Ridge Jackson - (Book: Ridge: the Avenger)
Regan O'Connelli - (Book: Riding High)
Remy Begnaud - (Book: Riding the Storm)
Rafe Santana - (Book: Right Direction, The)
Reed Larkin - (Book: Right Here, Right Now)
Rafferty Sharpstone - (Book: Right Moves, The)
Russ "Mac" McIver
- (Book: Right Stuff, The)
Riley Moore - (Book: Riley)
Riley Quinn - (Book: Riley)
Riley Sinclair - (Book: Riley And His Girls)
Riley O'Rourke - (Book: Riley's Baby Boy)
Riley Watson - (Book: Riley's Retribution)
Riley Watson - (Book: Riley's Retribution (UK))
Riley Walker - (Book: Riley's Sleeping Beauty)
Rinaldo Farnese - (Book: Rinaldo's Inherited Bride)
Rick Campbell - (Book: Ringing In The Season)
Rio Kelly - (Book: Rio)
Rion - (Book: Rion)
Roland Devere - (Book: Ripe for Seduction)
Rolf MacDaidh - (Book: Risk Everything)
Rand Sterling Winston IV - (Book: Risk It (ebook))
Rafe Blackstone - (Book: Risky Engagement)
Roland de Belleme - (Book: Rites of Possession)
Robert Ashton
- (Book: Rival Earls, The)
Race Sloane - (Book: River of Dreams)
Runach of Ceangail - (Book: River of Dreams)
Rhys Sinclair - (Book: River Rapture)
Ryan McMann - (Book: River Rising)
Roan Benedict - (Book: Roan (hardcover reissue))
Roarke Campbell - (Book: Roarke's Kingdom)
Roarke O'Malley - (Book: Roarke: the Adventurer)
Robert Manning - (Book: Robert's Lady)
Rocky Waters - (Book: Rocky and the Senator's Daughter)
Riley Fitzgerald - (Book: Rodeo Man's Promise, A)
Rogan Quinn - (Book: Rogan)
Roger Villeroy - (Book: Roger's Return)
Rogan McCord - (Book: Rogue and a Pirate, A)
Robert Andreville - (Book: Rogue and the Runaway, The)
Rupert St. John - (Book: Rogue of My Own, A)
Reseph - (Book: Rogue Rider)
Robert Heath, Sir - (Book: Rogue's Bride)
Richard - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A)
Richard Blythe - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A (ebook))
Roark Black - (Book: Rogue's Fortune, The)
Ruark Hamilton - (Book: Rogue's Lady)
Rogue - (Book: Rogue's Paradise (ebook))
Rogue - (Book: Rogue's Pawn (ebook))
Rogue - (Book: Rogue's Possession (ebook))
Rolling Thunder - (Book: Rolling Thunder)
Roman Justice - (Book: Roman's Heart)
Richard Morgan - (Book: Romantic Interlude)
Rome d'Angelo - (Book: Rome's Revenge)
Rhys Spencer - (Book: Room Service)
Reo Laroque - (Book: Root of All Evil, The)
Raoul Valerian - (Book: Rooted In Dishonour)
Rory Rayborne - (Book: Rory)
Rory Buchanan, Captain - (Book: Rosamund's Revenge)
Roarke - (Book: Rose and the Warrior, The)
Richard, Duke of Gloucester - (Book: Rose for the Crown, A)
Rick Weiller - (Book: Rose in Bloom)
Richard of Gloucester - (Book: Rose of York, The: Crown of Destiny)
Richard III - (Book: Rose of York, The: Fall From Grace)
Robert Warwick of Everly - (Book: Rosefire)
Radolf Nauta - (Book: Roses Have Thorns)
Radolf Nauta - (Book: Roses Have Thorns (reissue))
Radolf Nauta - (Book: Roses Have Thorns (UK))
Radolf Nauta - (Book: Roses Have Thorns (UK-reissue))
Raffaele Rossellini - (Book: Rossellini's Revenge Affair)
Ryan Alondo - (Book: Roughing It with Ryan)
Rafe Adova - (Book: Royal Airs (hardcover))
Ruark Thomas - (Book: Royal Doctor's Bride, The )
Ruark Thomas - (Book: Royal Doctor's Bride, The (UK))
Ricardo - (Book: Royal Marriage, The)
Roland Thorton - (Book: Royal Masquerade, A)
Ryan McDonough - (Book: Royal Murder, A)
Roderic, Prince of Ruthenia - (Book: Royal Passion)
Roderic - (Book: Royal Passion (ebook))
Roderic, Prince of Ruthenia - (Book: Royal Passion (reissue))
Rolfe - (Book: Royal Seduction)
Rolfe of Ruthenia - (Book: Royal Seduction (reissue))
Royal Dewar - (Book: Royal's Bride)
Royal Justice - (Book: Royal's Child)
Rule Breaker - (Book: Rule Breaker (hardcover))
Rule Breaker - (Book: Rule Breaker (paperback))
Rule Dewar - (Book: Rule's Bride)
Rule Dewar - (Book: Rule's Bride (reissue))
Razi al Maktabi - (Book: Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress)
Richard Starke - (Book: Rumble On The Bayou)
Rodrigo Aviles - (Book: Rumor of Love, A)
Reade Hunter - (Book: Runaway Bay)
Rick Navarro - (Book: Runaway Nurse, The)
Richard Barr - (Book: Runaways, The)
Reed Baker - (Book: Running Blind)
Running Fox - (Book: Running Fox)
Rick Edwards - (Book: Running Scared)
Ryan Carter - (Book: Rush Me (ebook))
Rick Spencer - (Book: Rush of Wings, A)
Riley Garrow - (Book: Rush to the Altar)
Rush Finlay - (Book: Rush Too Far)
Rake Halliburton
Earl of Rushmoreland
- (Book: Rushmoreland Rubies, The)
Ryan Wolfe - (Book: Ruthless Husband, Convenient WIfe)
Rafe Steed - (Book: Ruthless Tycoon, Innocent Wife)
Ryan Blake, Detective - (Book: Ryan Blake's Revenge)
Ryan Devaney - (Book: Ryan's Place)
Ryan McKade - (Book: Ryan's Renovation)
Ryan Hunter - (Book: Ryan's Return)
Ryan Falconer - (Book: Ryan's Revenge)
Ryder Justice - (Book: Ryder's Wife)
Ryan Brady - (Book: S Before Ex, The)
Reza Jordan - (Book: Sable Flame)
Reef McKenna - (Book: Sabotaged)
Rylan Jarvik, Pastor - (Book: Sabrina)
Roarke Wayland - (Book: Sabrina's Scheme)
Rio McCaine - (Book: Saddled)
Ryan Dallas - (Book: Safe Hostage, The)
Rafe Tanner - (Book: Sage Creek)
Riley Houston - (Book: Sally's Beau)
Ryan - (Book: Salt and Silver)
Roarke - (Book: Salvation in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Salvation in Death (paperback))
Rusty Joplin - (Book: Salvation, Texas)
Remington Worth - (Book: Samantha)
Rafe Martinez - (Book: San Antonio Rose)
Roman Novik - (Book: Sands of Time)
Rachid - (Book: Sandstorm)
Reed Connors - (Book: Santa Brought a Son)
Russ Gibson - (Book: Santa in a Stetson)
Reed - (Book: Santa's Lap)
Rudi - (Book: Santa's Secret (ebook))
Riley McCabe - (Book: Santa's Texas Lullaby )
Riley McCabe - (Book: Santa's Texas Lullaby (reissue))
Renard - (Book: Santana Rose)
Roark - (Book: Sapphire (ebook))
Rourke Douglas - (Book: Sapphire Dream)
Rex Marron - (Book: Sapphire Nights)
Richard Gower - (Book: Sapphire Temptation)
Richard Dalton - (Book: Sara's Secret (UK))
Richard Tolworthy & Luke Longridge - (Book: Saraband For Two Sisters)
Rome Matthews - (Book: Sarah's Child)
Rome Mathews - (Book: Sarah's Child (reissue))
Royce Graham
"The Tracker"
- (Book: Sarah's Secrets)
Rishi Shah - (Book: Sari Shop Widow, The)
Robert Warren - (Book: Satan's Mountain)
Randy Trudeau - (Book: Satisfaction)
Reyes - (Book: Savage Chains)
Red Feather - (Book: Savage Destiny)
Rising Eagle - (Book: Savage Fire)
Raven Following - (Book: Savage Heart, The)
Raven Following - (Book: Savage Heart, The)
Raven Following - (Book: Savage Heart, The (reissue))
Rayne Freeman - (Book: Savage Kiss)
Rick Andreas - (Book: Savage Pagan)
Red Wing - (Book: Savage Pride)
Runner - (Book: Savage Storm (aka Wild Desire))
Ryan Walker - (Book: Saved By a Texas-Sized Wedding)
Rafiq Al Dhahara - (Book: Saved by the Sheikh!)
Ryan Logan - (Book: Saving Dr. Ryan)
Randall Torrent
Marquess of Chilton
- (Book: Saving Serenity)
Rafe Brandon - (Book: Say Yes to the Marquess)
Rein Montgomery
Duke of Wroxly
- (Book: Scandal)
Robbie Calloway - (Book: Scandal In Cooper Lake)
Roman Devereaux - (Book: Scandal of the Black Rose)
Richard Cynster - (Book: Scandal's Bride)
Viscount Winthrop
- (Book: Scandalous Courtship, A)
Rob Armstrong, Baron Duncan - (Book: Scandalous Situation, A)
Robert Medland - (Book: Scandalous Suggestion, A)
Randall Vernon
Earl of Dexter
- (Book: Scandalous Widow, The)
Ranger - (Book: Scarlet Cavern)
Rhett Butler Montana - (Book: Scarlet Lady)
Ross Alexander Laing - (Book: Scarlet Lady, White Bride (Large Print))
Ross Alexander Laing - (Book: Scarlet Lady, White Bride (UK))
Ryan Kent - (Book: Scarlet Letterman, The)
Ryland North - (Book: Scarlet Lies)
Raphael Salvaje - (Book: Scarlet Memories)
Ronin Black - (Book: Schooled (ebook))
Ross MacCailan
Viscount St. Jerome
- (Book: Scotsman and the Spinster, The)
Ramsay Forbes - (Book: Scotsman's Bride, The)
Roan Matheson - (Book: Scoundrel and the Debutante, The)
Raphael Jones - (Book: Scoundrel for Hire)
Roth Webster - (Book: Sea at Dawn, The)
Riley Wilkes - (Book: SEALed With a Kiss)
Rufus Meade - (Book: Sealed With A Kiss)
Rufus Meade - (Book: Sealed With a Kiss (reissue))
Robert Ashford - (Book: Sealing the Deal)
Ryan Hearst - (Book: Seaside Affair, A (ebook))
Robert Marston - (Book: Season Of Miracles, A)
Ryan Marsh - (Book: Season of Redemption)
Robyn Sutherland - (Book: Season of Ruin, A)
Reid Maitland - (Book: Seasons)
Rey Solis - (Book: Seawitch (hardcover))
Rey Solis - (Book: Seawitch (paperback))
Rufus Grierson - (Book: Second Bride, The)
Ryan Colton - (Book: Second Chance Colton)
Royce Dixon - (Book: Second Chance Ranch (ebook))
Rori Simon - (Book: Second Chances (ebook))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Second Grave on the Left (Hardcover))
Romano Bellini - (Book: Second Marriage)
Richard Parker-Harris - (Book: Second Sight)
Ryan Reitano - (Book: Secret Agent Secretary)
Robert, Viscount Kinver - (Book: Secret Bluestocking, The)
Roderick Laughlin - (Book: Secret Cinderella)
Rick Cooper - (Book: Secret Identity)
Rick Cooper - (Book: Secret Identity (large print))
Rolfe Fitzhugh St. James
Earl of Graystock
- (Book: Secret Passion, A)
Roberto Cortelli - (Book: Secret Pleasure, A)
Robert Lymond - (Book: Secret Scroll, The)
Ryan Whitmore - (Book: Secret Sin, The)
Raoul - (Book: Secret Sinclair, The)
Raoul - (Book: Secret Sinclair, The (UK))
Russell - (Book: Secret Sins)
Rafe Romero - (Book: Secret Sister, The)
Roland de Tournay - (Book: Secret Song)
Rubal Jarrett - (Book: Secret Surrender)
Rhys Gillray
Earl of Rawden,
- (Book: Secret to Seduction, The)
Reid Peters - (Book: Secret Witness)
Reid Peters - (Book: Secret Witness (reissue))
Rowland Manning - (Book: Secrets of a Scandalous Bride)
Rafe di Luca - (Book: Secrets of Bella Terra)
Raoul del Arco - (Book: Secrets of Castillo Del Arco)
Raoul del Arco - (Book: Secrets of Castillo Del Arco (UK))
Reinier Barhydt - (Book: Secrets of Sin)
Richard Kenworthy - (Book: Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy, The)
Reed Hunter - (Book: Secrets of the Wolf)
Ried Sorrels - (Book: Secrets, Lies and Passion)
Raoul Charlebois - (Book: Seduce Me By Christmas)
Rush Blakely - (Book: Seduce Me in Flames)
Ryan Matthews - (Book: Seduced)
Ryan Matthews - (Book: Seduced (UK))
Rio de Feo - (Book: Seduced and Enchanted Ebook)
Ramsey Dunsmore
Earl of Braxton
- (Book: Seduced By a Rogue)
Rob Maxwell - (Book: Seduced By a Rogue)
Rasheed Davar - (Book: Seduced by His Target)
Royce Grenville, Viscount Stonehurst - (Book: Seduced by Sin)
Rafael Morretti - (Book: Seduced by the Heir)
Reynaldo DeLeon - (Book: Seduced for the Inheritance)
Ronan MacRuari - (Book: Seducing a Scottish Bride)
Reid Andrews - (Book: Seducing Cinderella)
Rory Donovan - (Book: Seducing The Stones)
Rafe Contini - (Book: Seduction and Surrender)
Richard Mansfield - (Book: Seduction of his Wife, The)
Rourke Caldwell - (Book: See Only Me)
Royce Kincaid - (Book: Seen By Moonlight)
Race Jordan - (Book: Seize the Moment)
Rafe Sullivan - (Book: Sense of Evil)
Rupert Delacorte - (Book: Sense of Sin, A)
Richard Devlin, Baron - (Book: Sensible Courtship, The)
Rafael Cruz - (Book: Sensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant (US edition))
Ricardo Montalvo - (Book: Serenade)
Ray Darling - (Book: Sergeant Darling)
Raylar - (Book: Seria's Star Warrior)
Reed Crawford - (Book: Serial Affair, A)
Rune - (Book: Serpent's Kiss)
Ry Kincaid - (Book: Seventh Bride, Seventh Brother)
Reid St. Pierre - (Book: Seventh Night, The)
Reid St. Pierre - (Book: Seventh Night, The (reissue))
Rick Roman - (Book: Sex and the Single Fireman)
Rich - (Book: Shacked Up)
Radford Grayson - (Book: Shades of Honor)
Ryder McCall - (Book: Shades of Wyoming)
Rurick Riordan - (Book: Shadow Crossing)
Raze Shadow - (Book: Shadow Falling)
Roman Ferrers - (Book: Shadow Heart (UK))
Ricard De Chaus - (Book: Shadow Image)
Raf de Jakar - (Book: Shadow Moon (ebook))
Rhys - (Book: Shadow of Flame (ebook))
Rainek - (Book: Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Fire)
Rick Mercer - (Book: Shadowed Secrets)
Rick Howart - (Book: Shadowed Stranger)
Rajah - (Book: Shadowfae)
Ruairdh MacCairn - (Book: Shadowing, The)
Rocky Manzillo - (Book: Shadowkiller)
Ryan O'Connor - (Book: Shadows In The Mist)
Ross de la Garza - (Book: Shadows in the Night)
Rowan Selkirk , Marcus Camberley - (Book: Shadows of Thérèse)
Romeo Corazon - (Book: Shaking It Up (ebook))
Reid Sayers - (Book: Shameless (ebook))
Reid Sayers - (Book: Shameless (Hardcover))
Reid Sayers - (Book: Shameless (reissue))
Rafe Simic - (Book: Shamus in the Green Room (reissue))
Ruark Beauchamp - (Book: Shanna)
Ruark Beauchamp - (Book: Shanna (reissue))
Ruark Beauchamp - (Book: Shanna (reissue))
Romair - (Book: Shara's Challenge)
Reid Everett - (Book: Sharp Shootin' Cowboy)
Ryan Cutty - (Book: Shattered)
Rafe de Corba - (Book: Shattered Deceptions)
Rafiq Jones - (Book: Shattered Images)
Romero Jinks - (Book: She Thinks Her Ex Is Sexy... )
Re Morgan - (Book: She's A Lot Like You)
Ryan Kaye - (Book: She's the One)
Romney Marsh - (Book: Sheer Madness)
Roman Wilde - (Book: Sheer Pleasures)
Rafe Stryker - (Book: Sheik & The Virgin Princess, The)
Rafik al Rafar,
- (Book: Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights)
Rashid Aal Munsoori - (Book: Sheikh's Destiny, The)
Rafiq al Akhtar - (Book: Sheikh's Ransomed Bride, The)
Rafiq al Akhtar - (Book: Sheikh's Ransomed Bride, The (UK))
Razak Khan - (Book: Sheikh, Surgeon, Surprise Bride)
Riley Hunter - (Book: Sheriff and the Impostor Bride, The)
Roan Harley - (Book: Sheriff Of Heartbreak County, The)
Rafe McClintock - (Book: Sheriff of Silverhill, The)
Riley Corbett - (Book: Sheriff with the Wyoming-Size Heart, The)
Reed Larkin, Sheriff - (Book: Sheriff's Pregnant Wife, The)
Reed Larkin - (Book: Sheriff's Pregnant Wife, The (UK))
Reed Larkin - (Book: Sheriff's Pregnant Wife, The [Large Print])
Roy Pardee
- (Book: Sheriff's Son, The)
Reese Barnett - (Book: Sheriff's Surrender, The)
Rhys - (Book: Shield of Fire)
Royce - (Book: Shift of Fate)
Ryder Malloy - (Book: Shifters, The)
Rob Dalton - (Book: Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong)
Rob Dalton - (Book: Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong (large print))
Rob Dalton - (Book: Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong (UK))
Riley MacIntyre - (Book: Shiver)
Reuben “Diego” Montoya - (Book: Shiver)
Reuben “Diego” Montoya - (Book: Shiver (Hardcover))
Robert King - (Book: Shoe Queen, The)
Robert Lescaut - (Book: Shores of Desire)
Rafe Beaumont - (Book: Shotgun Marriage)
Reed Hardin, Sheriff - (Book: Shotgun Sheriff)
Raffaello Orsini - (Book: Sicilian Millionaire, Bought Bride)
Raffaello Orsini - (Book: Sicilian Millionaire, Bought Bride (UK))
Rico Mancini - (Book: Sicilian's Bought Bride, The)
Rocco Castellani - (Book: Sicilian's Virgin Bride, The (UK))
Ramsey Hunter - (Book: Sierra)
Ryce Knight - (Book: Silence Knight)
Rafael David - (Book: Silent Crescendo)
Riley O'Hare - (Book: Silent Sea)
Ross Carlisle - (Book: Silk and Secrets)
Read deBaulieu - (Book: Silken Rapture)
Read deBaulieu - (Book: Silken Rapture (reissue))
Range Connor - (Book: Silver Linings)
Rhys - (Book: Silver Silence)
Richard du Quesne - (Book: Silver Squire, The)
Royle Tremaine - (Book: Silver Tomorrows)
Renold Hardin - (Book: Silver-Tongued Devil)
Renold Harden - (Book: Silver-Tongued Devil)
Renold Harden - (Book: Silver-Tongued Devil (ebook))
Renold Hardin - (Book: Silver-Tongued Devil (Hardcover))
Rio McClintock - (Book: Silverhill Christmas, A)
Rayne Coplin - (Book: Simon Says)
Rock O'Connor - (Book: Simple Gifts)
Richard Ross - (Book: Simply Scandalous)
Richard Eversham - (Book: Sin With a Scoundrel)
Ross Sinclair - (Book: Sinclair Justice)
Remy - (Book: Sinful Pleasures)
Rob Castle
Cormac O'Keefe
Trey MacKenzie
- (Book: Sinful Temptations)
Roman Santangelo - (Book: Sins of the Father)
Rand - (Book: Sioux Slave )
Red Wolf - (Book: Sioux Splendor)
Rafe Coppersmith - (Book: Siren's Call)
Ryan Westmore - (Book: Sister of the Bride)
Rimswell, Lord - (Book: Six Impossible Things)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Sixth Grave on the Edge (hardcover))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Sixth Grave on the Edge (paperback))
Richard Parker - (Book: Sizzle)
Remy Cruzel - (Book: Sizzle)
Ryan Mason - (Book: Sizzle and Burn)
Reid Buchanan - (Book: Sizzling)
Reese Bronson - (Book: Skin)
Reyes - (Book: Skin Game)
Rick Morgan - (Book: Slalom to Terror)
Ross Bennet - (Book: Slater House)
Rustam of Halicarnassus - (Book: Slayer, The)
Reed Vincenzio - (Book: Sleeping With The Agent)
Rick Hawkins - (Book: Sleeping With The Boss)
Ronnie - (Book: Slice of Heaven, A)
Rannulf Bedwyn - (Book: Slightly Wicked)
Rory Canyon - (Book: Slippery When Wet)
Rhys Langston - (Book: Smitten)
Ryder - (Book: Smoke and Fire)
Raley Gannon - (Book: Smoke Screen (hardcover))
Russell Corbett - (Book: Smokin' Six-Shooter)
Rand Washburn - (Book: Smuggler's Bride (ebook))
Rafe Lawless,
Viscount Pershing
- (Book: Smuggler's Bride, The)
Rick McCullough - (Book: Snapshots)
Rick McCullough - (Book: Snapshots)
Roark - (Book: Snaring the Huntress (ebook))
Reid Jamison - (Book: Snow Bride, The)
Ranald Lindsay
aka Wolf of Badanloch
- (Book: Snow Raven)
Ryder Richardson - (Book: Snowbound Bride-To-Be)
Raoul Broussard - (Book: Snowbound With her Hero)
Raoul Broussard - (Book: Snowbound With her Hero (large print))
Robb Wetherill - (Book: Snowy River Man)
Ryder Jansen - (Book: So Close to the Flame)
Rowland of Montville - (Book: So Speaks the Heart)
Rowland of Montville - (Book: So Speaks the Heart (ebook))
Rick Rottenberg - (Book: Softer Than Steel (ebook))
Richard de Reincolt - (Book: Solarian Raven, The (ebook))
Reilly - (Book: Soldier & the Baby, The)
Ray Hughes - (Book: Soldier Comes Home, A)
Robert Tate - (Book: Soldier Under Siege)
Ryan Itani - (Book: Soldier's Baby Bargain, The)
Ross - (Book: Solo)
Robert MacKenzie
Earl of Hepburn
- (Book: Some Enchanted Evening)
Robert MacKenzie - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening (reissue))
Robert MacKenzie - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening (reissue))
Ross McKinney - (Book: Some Enchanted Season)
Robert LeSoeur - (Book: Some Like It Hot)
Ramsay Armstrong - (Book: Some Like it Scottish)
Rutherford Hawksley - (Book: Some Like It Sinful)
Rupert Stirling - (Book: Some Like it Wicked)
Rory Gallagher - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
Reed Garrett - (Book: Someone Like You)
Rafe Jerry - (Book: Someone Like You)
Raymond Elliott - (Book: Someone To Love)
Rand Mason - (Book: Someone to Trust)
Rafe Ramirez - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Me (ebook))
Royke Larson - (Book: Someone Waiting)
Ramsey MacMillan - (Book: Something in Return)
Ramsey MacMillan - (Book: Something in Return (UK))
Rex Houston - (Book: Something In The Water . . )
Ryan Tanner - (Book: Something to Prove)
Rick Fernandez - (Book: Something Wicked)
Reid Carrington - (Book: Something Wild and Free)
Rob Carmichael - (Book: Sometimes a Rogue)
Ruel Chouteau,
Marquess of Blackthorne
- (Book: Sometimes Forever)
Ross Mackinnon - (Book: Somewhere Along the Way)
Robin Pendarvis - (Book: Song at Twilight)
Reed Bennett - (Book: Song for my Mother, A)
Raile DeWinter - (Book: Song of the Nightingale)
Reece Tanner - (Book: Sonoran Love Song)
Reece Tanner - (Book: Sonoran Love Song (reissue))
Rhys - (Book: Soul of Smoke (ebook))
Ray Taylor - (Book: Soul to Soul)
Ryan Camden - (Book: Sour Grapes (ebook))
Ramón Dario - (Book: Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife, The)
Raul Carreras - (Book: Spaniard's Love-Child, The)
Rafaelo Carreras, Marques de Las carreras - (Book: Spaniard's Seduction)
Rico Cortes - (Book: Spanish Billionaire's Mistress, The)
Raul Marcín - (Book: Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife (UK))
Raphael Castillo - (Book: Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Midwife)
Ramon di Crianza Perez - (Book: Spanish Inheritance, A)
Rick Duffy - (Book: Speaking of Love (ebook))
Rafe Alvarez - (Book: Specialist, The)
Renn - (Book: Spellbound)
Rabbit - (Book: Spellfire)
Ruith - (Book: Spellweaver)
Rue - (Book: Spinning Gold (ebook))
Ronan Patrick Blakely
Marquis of Herrington
- (Book: Spinster and the Rake, The)
Rafe Anaya - (Book: Spinster's Song)
Robert Chapin - (Book: Spirit of Seduction)
Ryder Tate - (Book: Spitfire)
Rem Bradley - (Book: Spitfire (ebook))
Rolfe de Mont St. Michel - (Book: Splendor)
Ridge Gates - (Book: Spliced)
Roderick Bearstern - (Book: Spotlight to Fame)
Russ Colton - (Book: Spring at Moss Hill, The)
Rand Dirkson - (Book: Spring Frost, Summer Fire)
Rand Benedict - (Book: Spring in the Valley)
Robert Ware, Earl of Kirkland - (Book: Spy Unmasked, A (ebook))
Ryder McKay - (Book: Spy Who Wore Spurs, The)
Robert Grey - (Book: Spymaster's Lady, The (trade reprint))
Royce - (Book: Stalking the Others)
Reynard del Castillo - (Book: Stand-in Bride's Seduction)
Ross Coltrane - (Book: Stand-in Wife)
Ross Coltrane - (Book: Stand-in Wife (large print))
Ransom Starr - (Book: Standing Tall)
Royce McCall - (Book: Standoff at Mustang Ranch)
Royce McCall - (Book: Standoff at Mustang Ranch (large print))
Rafe McClure - (Book: Star Light, Star Bright)
Rook Galloway - (Book: Star-Crossed)
Rand Prescott - (Book: Starlight)
Rex Tandy - (Book: Starlight Passage)
Rafael Ramirez - (Book: Starlit Ecstasy)
Rusty Russell - (Book: Starting Over)
Robin of Locksley - (Book: Stay the Night)
Richard Mar - (Book: Steel's Edge)
Rafe Peveril - (Book: Stepping Out of the Shadows)
Rafe Blackstock - (Book: Still the One)
Randal Ashby - (Book: Stolen Bride, The)
Rafe Sullivan - (Book: Stolen Fury)
Robert Devane - (Book: Stolen Heiress)
Robert Devane - (Book: Stolen Heiress (UK))
Rafe Wallace - (Book: Stolen Son (ebook))
Rory Kendrick - (Book: Stone Cold Cowboy)
Rick McCoy - (Book: Stones Throw)
Romain Fornier - (Book: Stop Me)
Rudyard Thorpe, Captain - (Book: Storm and the Splendor, The)
Rudyard Thorpe, Captain - (Book: Storm and the Splendor, The (ebook))
Rudyard Thorpe, Captain - (Book: Storm and the Splendor, The (reissue))
Rhys - (Book: Storm Warrior)
Rydan - (Book: Storm, The)
Rydan of Nightfall - (Book: Storm, The (paperback))
Rafe Savage - (Book: Storming His Heart)
Rhys Vaughan - (Book: Stormswept)
Rhys Vaughan - (Book: Stormswept (reprint))
Ralph Culver - (Book: Stormy Springtime)
Ralph Culver - (Book: Stormy Springtime (reissue))
Ralph Culver - (Book: Stormy Springtime (UK))
Ralph Culver - (Book: Stormy Springtime (UK-reissue))
Rafe Lindsay
Earl of Invercaldy
- (Book: Strange Intimacy)
Robert Hamish Macrae
Laird of Ardrachan
- (Book: Stranger in the Glen)
Rafe Howard - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Rupert Melford - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Roarke - (Book: Strangers in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Strangers in Death (paperback))
Rex Morrow - (Book: Strangers in Paradise)
Ross Bennett - (Book: Stuck with You)
Ross Bennett - (Book: Stuck With You (reprint))
Rafe Dalton - (Book: Substitute Father)
Rafe Dalton - (Book: Substitute Father (UK))
Ryan Bennett - (Book: Substitute Millionaire, The)
Reed Blakeslee - (Book: Substitute Sister, The)
Ryan Mulcahy - (Book: Sudden Pleasures)
Reed Tanner - (Book: Suddenly One Summer)
Riley Chambers - (Book: Sugar and Spice)
Rafe Sugarman - (Book: Sugarman, The)
Ravenstoke - (Book: Suitable Connection, A)
Robert Kendall - (Book: Suite Temptation)
Rory Sullivan - (Book: Sullivan's Child)
Rafiq Zayed - (Book: Sultan's Ransom, A)
Rick Cooper - (Book: Summer at the Lake)
Ryan Butler - (Book: Summer at the Shore)
Richard Wexham
Earl of Greywell
- (Book: Summer Courtship, A)
Rafe Stryker - (Book: Summer Days)
Rafael Montalvo - (Book: Summer Dreams)
Ross Bellamy - (Book: Summer Hideaway, The)
Rick Benson - (Book: Summer House, The:
Marrying Mandy )
Ryan Baldwin - (Book: Summer Lovin')
Rand Valance - (Book: Summer Magic)
Rhyder Owens - (Book: Summer Mahogany)
Rick Warren - (Book: Summer Place, The )
Rick Warren - (Book: Summer Place, The (large print))
Robert Chase - (Book: Summer Wind)
Rory Taylor - (Book: Summer's Child)
Roderick Fielding, Colonel - (Book: Sunshine and Shadow)
Reth - (Book: Supernaturally (hardcover))
Ryan King - (Book: Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger)
Robert Holland
Earl of Amesbury
- (Book: Surfeit of Suitors, A)
Roque Aguiar Da Costa - (Book: Surgeon's Runaway Bride, The)
Lord Rochdale
- (Book: Surprising Lady Rochdale, The)
Roman Cazenave - (Book: Surrender in Moonlight)
Ramon Cazenove - (Book: Surrender in Moonlight (ebook))
Robert Knighsbridge - (Book: Surrender to the Earl)
Rurik Erengislsson - (Book: Surrender to the Highlander)
Roarke - (Book: Survivor in Death (hardcover))
Rory O'Hara - (Book: Survivors, The)
Rab Trudeau - (Book: Susanna's Choice)
Royce Blanchard - (Book: Swamp Secrets)
Royce Blanchard - (Book: Swamp Secrets (reissue))
Rachel - (Book: Swan's Reach)
Riley Mann - (Book: Sweet)
Richard Morgan - (Book: Sweet Deal, A)
Ronald Montgomery - (Book: Sweet Deception)
Baron of Halconbosque
- (Book: Sweet Nemesis)
Richard FitzHugh - (Book: Sweet Song of Love)
Rutgar of Belthane - (Book: Sweet Sorcery)
River Maynard - (Book: Sweet Surprises)
Remi Beaulieux - (Book: Sweet Suspicion)
Richard Worth - (Book: Sweet Suspicions)
Reed Kingsley - (Book: Sweet Talk)
Reed Kingsley - (Book: Sweet Talk (reissue))
Rayford Sloan - (Book: Sweet Tilly (Hardcover))
Rayne Garrick
Viscount Stoneleigh
- (Book: Sweet Vengeance)
Rayne Garrick - (Book: Sweet Vengeance (reissue))
Rick Silva - (Book: Sweetheart Racket, The)
Rafe De Montford
- (Book: Sword and the Flame, The)
Rannulf - (Book: Sword and the Swan, The)
Ramon de Segrave - (Book: Sword for His Lady, A)
Rick - (Book: Tail of Love)
Ryder - (Book: Take Me)
Ryan Hamilton - (Book: Take My Breath Away)
Robert - (Book: Take What You Want)
Robert - (Book: Take What You Want (UK))
Ryder Blackwell - (Book: Taken)
Raphael Madison - (Book: Taken by Storm)
Rob Brunson - (Book: Taken by the Border Rebel)
Rick Evans - (Book: Taken by Tuesday)
Reese McCoy - (Book: Taken By You )
Ryan - (Book: Taking a Chance)
Rich Estrada - (Book: Taking Him Down)
Randall Tucker - (Book: Taking the Heat)
Redford Callahan - (Book: Taking the Reins)
Rhys Fitzwarren - (Book: Talisman, The)
Rafe Moore - (Book: Talking in Your Sleep...)
Race Wolfendale - (Book: Tall Dark Stranger, The)
Remy LeDeux - (Book: Tall, Dark and Cajun)
Rowan Dillon - (Book: Tall, Dark and Deadly)
Ramon Santos - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Dangerous)
Reginald Westmoreland - (Book: Tall, Dark...Westmoreland)
Rance McGraw - (Book: Tall, Tanned & Texan)
Rurik - (Book: Talons: Seize the Hunter (ebook))
Roarke Talson - (Book: Talson's Wait (ebook))
Ramon Bautista Renaldo y Ortega - (Book: Tame the Wild Wind)
Rand Blackhawk - (Book: Taming Blackhawk)
Reid Donovan - (Book: Taming of Reid Donovan, The)
Ryder Cavanaugh - (Book: Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh, The)
Robert Alden - (Book: Taming of the Rogue, The)
Rafe Noble - (Book: Taming Rafe)
Rafe Bancroft - (Book: Taming Rafe)
Roderick Cherbon - (Book: Taming the Beast)
Ross Sutherland - (Book: Taming the Lion)
Roman Jaeger - (Book: Taming the Lion (ebook))
Rory Sullivan - (Book: Taming the Moon)
Rogan Peregrine - (Book: Taming, The)
Reed - (Book: Tandem)
Riaz - (Book: Tangle of Need (hardcover))
Riaz - (Book: Tangle of Need (paperback))
Rod - (Book: Tangle of Rainbows, A)
Rolf van Duyren - (Book: Tangled Autumn)
Rolf van Duyren - (Book: Tangled Autumn (reissue))
Rolf van Duyren - (Book: Tangled Autumn (UK))
Rolf van Duyren - (Book: Tangled Autumn (UK-reissue))
Reese Cartwright - (Book: Tangled Triumphs)
Renard d'Agounville - (Book: Tapestry)
Ruithneadh - (Book: Tapestry of Spells, A)
Ramsey Hunt - (Book: Target, The)
Richard Moore - (Book: Taste for Scandal, A)
Ryder McBride - (Book: Taste of Chardonnay, A)
Reinn Mackenzie - (Book: Taste of Darkness, A)
Royal Bancroft - (Book: Taste of Fire, A)
Royal Bancroft - (Book: Taste of Fire, A)
Royal Bancroft - (Book: Taste of Fire, A (reprint))
Rohan - (Book: Tea and Spices)
Robert, Viscount Beaumont - (Book: Tempation of Lady Serena, The)
Ross Tempest - (Book: Tempest)
Reynaud - (Book: Templar Knight, Forbidden Bride)
Riley O'Connor - (Book: Temporary Husband)
Royce McIntyre - (Book: Temporary Nanny)
Ric Karaka - (Book: Temptation Island)
Rory Monahan - (Book: Temptation of Rory Monahan, The)
Robert, Duke of Dovedale - (Book: Temptation of the Night Jasmine, The)
Roman Reynolds - (Book: Temptation Rising)
Ramsay Douglas - (Book: Tempted)
Rick Ramirez - (Book: Tempted By Fate)
Robert Maxwell - (Book: Tempted by Your Touch)
Robert Maxwell - (Book: Tempted by Your Touch (reissue))
Roger Templeton - (Book: Tempting a Devil (ebook))
Rule Turner - (Book: Tempting Danger)
Robbie MacBain - (Book: Tempting the Highlander)
Roland Donavan - (Book: Tender Betrayal)
Roland Donovan - (Book: Tender Betrayal (ebook))
Roland Donavan - (Book: Tender Betrayal (reissue))
Reynaud de St. Remy - (Book: Tender Crusader)
Raith MacLean - (Book: Tender Feud)
Reid Hamilton - (Book: Tender Lies)
Rodrigo - (Book: Tender Rogue)
Ricardo Lazaro - (Book: Tender Savage)
Rolphe Brockford
Marquess of Rivard
- (Book: Tender The Storm)
Rolphe Brockford
Marquess of Rivard
- (Book: Tender The Storm (First edition))
Ramon Galverra - (Book: Tender Triumph)
Rolf de Valmont - (Book: Tender Warrior)
River Joe - (Book: Tennessee Bride)
Rhys Davies - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Rafe Balthazar - (Book: Texas Bodyguard's Proposal, The)
Robert Macintyre - (Book: Texas Christmas)
Rafe Santana - (Book: Texas Gold)
Reed Preston - (Book: Texas Heir)
Rick Larkin - (Book: Texas Magic)
Riley McCord - (Book: Texas on My Mind)
Rico Claiborne - (Book: Texas Wild)
Rico Claiborne - (Book: Texas Wild / Beyond Temptation)
Rand McCabe - (Book: Texas Wildcatter's Baby, The)
Reed Bryson - (Book: Texas-Sized Secrets)
Reed Bryson - (Book: Texas-Sized Secrets (Large Print))
Roarke - (Book: Thankless in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Thankless in Death (paperback))
Rome Lockwood - (Book: That Boston Man)
Ross Jameson - (Book: That Despicable Rogue)
Rick Joyce - (Book: That Loving Feeling)
Richard Allen - (Book: That Perfect Someone (Hardcover))
Ransom Quincy - (Book: That Scandalous Evening)
Riley Dixon - (Book: That Touch of Pink )
Ronin Marshall - (Book: The Child They Didn't Expect)
Marquis of Hazelwood
- (Book: Thea's Marquis)
Reilly - (Book: Their Newborn Gift)
Rhys Morgan - (Book: Their Secret Baby)
Ryan Jeffords - (Book: Their Small-Town Love)
Rick Shane - (Book: There Goes the Bride)
Ryan Summersby - (Book: There's Something About Lady Mary)
Robert Kirkland - (Book: These Hallowed Hills)
Rem Caldwell - (Book: These Ties That Bind)
Rem Caldwell - (Book: These Ties That Bind (large print))
Robin Hood - (Book: Thief's Mistress, The)
Rocky Hernandez - (Book: Thieves Like Us)
Ramsey Sage - (Book: Thing About Men, The)
Robson Trowbridge - (Book: Thing about Weres, The)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Third Grave Dead Ahead (paperback))
Rick Thomas - (Book: Third Secret, The)
Riley Tremaine - (Book: Third Sight)
Romar - (Book: Thirteenth House, The)
Russ Coulter - (Book: This Christmas)
Random Hawthorne - (Book: This Golden Valley)
Riley Stinson - (Book: This Heart of Mine)
Reid Ferguson - (Book: This Magic Moment)
Rory Kincaid - (Book: This Perfect Kiss)
Ross - (Book: This Ravaged Heart)
Russell - (Book: This Time for Keeps)
Richard Ogden - (Book: This Trembling Cup)
Rolf St. James - (Book: Thorn & the Thistle, The)
Rafael Alejandro - (Book: Thorn in His Side, The)
Rafael Alejandro - (Book: Thorn in His Side, The (large print))
Richard Osborn,
Earl of Wayfair
- (Book: Thorn of Love)
Robert Warwick of Everly - (Book: Thorn of the Rose)
Roy Fletcher - (Book: Those Christmas Angels)
Ryan Love - (Book: Three Fates of Ryan Love, The)
Roarke - (Book: Three in Death)
Rock Babineaux - (Book: Thrill Ride)
Raphael Wright - (Book: Through the Fire )
Raimond Le Veq - (Book: Through the Storm)
Ross Bannister - (Book: Thunder on the Reef)
Robert, Viscount Bainbridge - (Book: Tia's Valentine)
Raul Fernandez - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Rich O'Brian - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Reese Bishop - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Ross St. James - (Book: Tiger Dance)
Ruel McClaren - (Book: Tiger Prince)
Reid Cooper - (Book: Tight Quarters (ebook))
Rafael Castelar - (Book: Tigress)
Rafael Castelar - (Book: Tigress (ebook))
Rafael Castelar - (Book: Tigress (Hardcover))
Reno Martin - (Book: Time and a Season: Oklahoma, A)
Raymond Lord - (Book: Time and Time Again)
Rider Savage - (Book: Time Rider)
Rick Mason - (Book: Time Rogues)
Ren Waya - (Book: Time Untime (hardcover))
Ren Waya - (Book: Time Untime (paperback))
Royce St. James, Earl of Westfield - (Book: Time's Angel)
Roarke Macnair - (Book: Timeless Moment, A)
Ryan Barrington - (Book: Timeless Passion)
Richard Westmont
Viscount Grantham
- (Book: Timely Affair, A)
Requiem Maguire - (Book: Timepool)
Ramsey O'Keefe - (Book: Timeswept Rogue )
Richard Harper - (Book: Tis the Season to Be Sinful)
Rafe Ramsey - (Book: To Catch A Bride)
Rafiq Hassan - (Book: To Catch a Sheik)
Rafe O'Donnell - (Book: To Catch a Thief)
Rance Harper - (Book: To Commit (Hardcover))
Russ Van Alystyne - (Book: To Darkness and to Death (ebook))
Reynaud St. Aubyn - (Book: To Desire a Devil)
Roag - (Book: To Desire a Highlander)
Rupert Giles - (Book: To Have and to Hold)
Raile Cameron - (Book: To Love A Rogue)
Russell Stone - (Book: To Love A Stranger)
Robert Michaels - (Book: To Love and Cherish)
Roger Gibson - (Book: To Love and Honor)
Roger Gibson - (Book: To Love and Honor (reissue))
Robbie Carre - (Book: To Please a Lady)
Ric Buchanan - (Book: To Protect Their Child)
Ryan Grant - (Book: To Tame a Cowboy)
Rayne Kenyon, Earl of Haviland - (Book: To Tame a Dangerous Lord)
Ragnar Olafsson - (Book: To Tempt a Viking)
Robert Campbell
Marquess of Argyll
- (Book: To Tempt an Angel)
Roger de Roche - (Book: To The Castle)
Reed McAllister - (Book: To the Rescue)
Ranulf - (Book: To Touch the Knight)
Ridley Adam Cooper - (Book: To Whisper Her Name)
Richard Baverstock - (Book: To Win the Lady (UK))
Richard Carstairs - (Book: Toblethorpe Manor)
Richard Carstairs - (Book: Toblethorpe Manor (reissue))
Rogan Chantry - (Book: Today's Embrace)
Robert, Lord Eversley - (Book: Tollin's Daughter)
Regan - (Book: Tomorrow)
Rogan Chantry - (Book: Tomorrow's Treasure)
Raymond Thomas - (Book: Too Hot For TV)
Ryan Knight - (Book: Too Stubborn to Marry)
Randall Shane - (Book: Torn)
River Wilde - (Book: Torn)
Royd - (Book: Torrid Tarot - Eighth Wand (ebook))
Rolfe de Bretayne - (Book: Touch Me With Fire)
Rurik Wilder - (Book: Touch of Darkness)
Ross - (Book: Touch of Evil)
Rafe McCay - (Book: Touch of Fire, The)
Rafe McCay - (Book: Touch of Fire, The (reissue))
Richard Addison - (Book: Touch of Minx, A)
Raphael Cordoba - (Book: Touch of Notoriety, A)
Raphael Cordoba - (Book: Touch of Notoriety, A (large print))
Ronin Meyers - (Book: Touch of the Angel)
Ronin Meyers - (Book: Touch of the Angel (reissue))
Ricuccio Marco - (Book: Touch of the White Tiger)
Raf - (Book: Touch the Flame)
Rafaga 'The Wind' - (Book: Touch the Wind)
Reandn - (Book: Touched By Magic)
Ramsay Chadwick - (Book: Touched By Time)
Earl of Delafield
- (Book: Tournament of Hearts)
Rohan Saint Yves - (Book: Tower of Shadows)
Rory Frost
- (Book: Trade Wind)
Rory Frost
- (Book: Trade Wind (Hardcover))
Rafe Allman - (Book: Trading Places With The Boss)
Rans MacQuade - (Book: Tradition of Pride, A)
Rhys Griffith - (Book: Traitor's Daughter, The)
Rhys Griffith - (Book: Traitor's Daughter, The (UK))
Rhys Winghurst - (Book: Traitor's Kiss)
Roarke - (Book: Treachery in Death (hardcover))
Rick Sullivan - (Book: Treasure on Lilac Lane)
Ray Malloy - (Book: Treasure, The)
Russ Gray - (Book: Trespass)
Ryan - (Book: Trio of Seduction)
Reine Pingre - (Book: Triumph in Arms)
Rafael - (Book: Trophy Wife, The)
Rafael Wolfe - (Book: Trophy Wife, The (large print))
Roberto Bartolini - (Book: Trouble in High Heels)
Reilly Anderson - (Book: Trouble in Paradise)
Rob Cooper - (Book: Trouble Me)
Ronan McGuire - (Book: Trouble Walks In)
Rainth - (Book: Trouble With Allie, The (ebook))
Robson Trowbridge - (Book: Trouble With Fate, The)
Rupert Whyte - (Book: Trouble with Princesses)
Ross Armstrong - (Book: Trouble with Scotland, The)
Rob Sutter - (Book: Trouble With Valentine's Day, The)
Rick Marquez - (Book: True Blue)
Rory Breen - (Book: True Blue Hearts)
Roberto Monteiro - (Book: True Paradise)
RJ Bannon - (Book: Trust (Hardcover))
RJ Bannon - (Book: Trust (paperback))
Robert MacDairmid - (Book: Trust and Treason)
Rafe Sanchez
Texas Ranger
- (Book: Trusting a Texan)
Ramsey Miller - (Book: Truth About Comfort Cove, The)
Ramsey Miller - (Book: Truth About Comfort Cove, The (large print))
Rhys - (Book: Truth of Embers (ebook))
Ryan Claymore - (Book: Turn It On)
Rafe MacIntyre - (Book: Turning Towards Home)
Ralph Sylvester - (Book: Tutor, The)
Rafe Brockman - (Book: Twas the Night)
Rio Zaccarelli - (Book: Twelve Nights of Christmas, The)
Ranger - (Book: Twelve Sharp)
Rand Sinclair - (Book: Twice a Texas Bride)
Roderick Montgomery, Captain - (Book: Twice Bought Bride, The)
Rye & Dan - (Book: Twice Loved)
Rhys St. Maur - (Book: Twice Tempted by a Rogue)
Rick Addison - (Book: Twice the Temptation)
Rico Carella - (Book: Twice Upon a Time)
Reese Woodward - (Book: Twice Upon a Time)
Rick Sanchez - (Book: Twilight)
Rick Sanchez - (Book: Twilight (reissue))
Ranger Matt Granite - (Book: Twilight Before Christmas, The)
Roland de Courtemanche - (Book: Twilight Memories)
Ross Gifford - (Book: Twins Times Two!)
Rob Smith - (Book: Twist of Fate)
Rafe Ellersley - (Book: Two Against the Odds)
Rusty Carlson - (Book: Two Alone)
Raphael Remeris - (Book: Two Sides to Every Story)
Rand Pearson - (Book: Tycoon For Auction)
Rhys Paxton - (Book: Tycoon Meets His Match, The)
Ryan Scott - (Book: Ultimate Surrender)
Risk Leidolf - (Book: Unbound)
Romir - (Book: Unbound)
Rob - (Book: Unbound (ebook))
Richard Navis - (Book: Uncertain Heart (reissue - trade))
Richard Navis - (Book: Uncertain Heart, An)
Rhys Carlisle
Duke of Waverly
- (Book: Unclaimed Duchess, The)
Ross Taylor - (Book: Unconditional Surrender)
Rance Straughn - (Book: Unconventional Miss, An)
Ronin - (Book: Under A Wild Sky)
Ridge Longtree - (Book: Under Apache Skies)
Ridge Longtree - (Book: Under Apache Skies (reprint))
Ryan Black - (Book: Under Contract (ebook))
Roark Turner - (Book: Under His Nose (ebook))
Rastafarian Dane Carmichael - (Book: Under Your Spell)
Ryder Malone - (Book: Undercover Bodyguard)
Ryder Malone - (Book: Undercover Bodyguard (large print))
Rand Dumbarton - (Book: Undercover Fiancée)
Roman Lufka - (Book: Undercover Husband)
Rick - (Book: Undercover Love (ebook))
Roy Starr - (Book: Undercover Mistress)
Rick Dalmont - (Book: Undying Love)
Ricardo De'Angel - (Book: Undying Magic)
Ray Vereker - (Book: Unexpected)
Rafe - (Book: Unexpected Find (ebook))
Robert Markham - (Book: Unexpected Wife, An)
Ryan - (Book: Unfaithful)
Ryan - (Book: Unfaithful (reissue))
Randon Bolton - (Book: Unforgettable)
Ric Santos - (Book: Unforgivable)
Rylan West - (Book: Unforgiven)
Ry, r’uban of Ror q’Trall - (Book: Unicorn Quest (anthology--ebook))
Reed Sullivan - (Book: Uninhibited )
Rhys - (Book: Unlacing Lady Thea)
Rick Marshall - (Book: Unleashed)
Rem D'Evereux - (Book: Unmasking the Mercenary)
Reed Gilbride - (Book: Unmistakeable Rogue, An)
Rayce Coburne - (Book: Unraveled)
Ross Taylor - (Book: Unraveling the Past (large print))
Ross Taylor - (Book: Unravelling the Past)
Robert Dungarran - (Book: Unreasonable Match, An)
Ramsey Walker - (Book: Unsuitable Man for the Job, An)
Rod Bartlett - (Book: Untamed)
Rufus Miller - (Book: Until He Met Rachel)
Raul Carducci - (Book: Untouched Until Marriage (UK edition))
Raul Carducci - (Book: Untouched Until Marriage (US edition))
Richard Stuart - (Book: Unwilling Heiress, The)
Ronin Black - (Book: Unwound)
Ronan Connolly - (Book: Up Close and Personal)
Reverend Dane - (Book: Valley of the Shadow)
Rio - (Book: Valley of the Sun)
Robby MacKay - (Book: Vampire and the Virgin, The)
Rory MacLaren - (Book: Vampire Close)
Richard Austin - (Book: Vanessa's Match)
Rogan Butler - (Book: Vanished)
Reinn Geirsson - (Book: Vanquished by the Viking (ebook))
Raul Vasquez - (Book: Vasquez Baby, The)
Rogan Mullen - (Book: Veiled Desires)
Rashid al-Jazari - (Book: Veiled Web, The)
Royce - (Book: Velvet and Steel)
Rhys Canning - (Book: Velvet Night)
Raine Montgomery - (Book: Velvet Song)
Roarke - (Book: Vengeance In Death)
Roger Denham
Earl of Arneau
- (Book: Very Dutiful Daughter, A (reissue))
Roman Falconi - (Book: Very Valentine)
Rorik - (Book: Viking's Captive, The)
Rorik - (Book: Viking's Captive, The)
Rothgar - (Book: Viking's Witch, The)
Richard - (Book: Violet Eyes)
Rathe Bragg - (Book: Violet Fire)
Rathe Bragg - (Book: Violet Fire (reissue))
Ryan Crawford - (Book: Violets Are Blue)
Robert Maxmillian - (Book: Viral Justice (ebook))
Rafe Stormwalker - (Book: Virgin and the Outlaw, The)
Ross Forster - (Book: Virgin of Clan Sinclair, The)
Riley Martin - (Book: Virgin Seductress)
Rome - (Book: Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving, The)
Roan Zandros - (Book: Virgin's Wedding Night, The)
Roan Zandros - (Book: Virgin's Wedding Night, The (Large Print))
Roman Knightley - (Book: Virtue's Prize)
Rowe Sevrin, Viscount Aragon - (Book: Viscount and the Virgin, The)
Ryder Braddock
Viscount Blackwood
- (Book: Viscount's Addiction, The (ebook))
Race Ogden - (Book: Vision Controller)
Rick - (Book: Vision of Hope)
Rune - (Book: Vision of Skyfire)
Roarke - (Book: Visions in Death (hardcover))
Roarke - (Book: Visions in Death (paperback))
Rondel Marcos - (Book: Visitor, The)
Roy Zedyck - (Book: Vital Signs)
Rick Lawton, MD - (Book: Vital Signs (ebook))
Rick Chase - (Book: Vow To Keep, A)
Ric Perrini - (Book: Vows & A Vengeful Groom)
Raoul de Valences - (Book: Vows of Desire)
Roman Killian - (Book: Vows of Revenge)
Ralph Genessa - (Book: Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home)
Rand Garner - (Book: Waiting For the Wolf Moon)
Rand Garner - (Book: Waiting for the Wolf Moon (reissue))
Rhys ap Cynan - (Book: Wake Not the Dragon)
Ryne Robel - (Book: Waking Nightmare)
Ruben Theroux - (Book: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed)
Ruben Theroux - (Book: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed (UK edition))
Rafe Bowman - (Book: Wallflower Christmas (mass market))
Rafe Bowman - (Book: Wallflower Christmas, A (Hardcover))
Rafe Bowman - (Book: Wallflower Christmas, A (paperback))
Ryan O'Doherty - (Book: Wallflower's Secret, The)
Ryan O'Doherty - (Book: Wallflower's Secret, The (large print))
Robert Kenmare - (Book: Waltzing Widow, The)
Rory Mannion - (Book: Wanted)
Ross Santana - (Book: Wanted)
Ryan Beardsley - (Book: Wanted by Her Lost Love)
Rowdy Rhodes
- (Book: Wanted Man, A)
Rowdy Rhodes - (Book: Wanted Man, A (reprint))
Ross Santana - (Book: Wanted!)
Riley Kincaid - (Book: Wanted: Bodyguard)
Ryja - (Book: Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor)
Race Williams - (Book: Wanting)
Race Williams - (Book: Wanting (UK))
Raoul Benoit - (Book: Wanting What She Can't Have)
Ranulf Wardieu - (Book: Warrior Bride)
Ronan - (Book: Warrior Vampire, The)
Robert MacAulay - (Book: Warrior's Bride)
Roen De Galliard - (Book: Warrior's Deception)
Raphael Hawkes - (Book: Warrior's Ecstasy)
Rider - (Book: Warrior's Heart)
Ranulf de Vernay - (Book: Warrior, The)
Ranulf de Vernay - (Book: Warrior, The
Rafe Rawlings
"Wolf Boy"
- (Book: Way of the Wolf)
Rohan Costello - (Book: Wealthy Australian, Secret Son)
Rafe Santiago - (Book: Weapon of Seduction)
Ryan Clay - (Book: Weaver Holiday Homecoming, A)
Robert Rothmore
Earl of Rockford
- (Book: Wedded Bliss)
Rob Bliss - (Book: Wedded Bliss)
Robert Percy - (Book: Wedded in Scandal)
Rafe Trehearne - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Rafe Trehearne - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The (UK))
Ryder Gerard - (Book: Wedding for Emily, A)
Roarke Chancellor
Duke of Seeton
- (Book: Wedding Ghost, The)
Riley Merrick - (Book: Wedding Gift, The)
Rafe Valdez - (Book: Wedding Ultimatum, The)
Reece Villiers - (Book: Wedlocked Wife, The (UK))
Ryan - (Book: Week Before the Wedding, The)
Rogan McCullough - (Book: Weeping Grass)
Roman DeWinter - (Book: Welcoming, The)
Roark Wallace - (Book: Werewolf in the North Woods)
Ridge Addison - (Book: Werewolf's Wife)
Reece Markham - (Book: Western Dreams)
Ridge Halliday - (Book: Western Man)
Rafe Parrish - (Book: Western Winds)
Robert Huntley - (Book: Westmere Legacy, The)
Reed - (Book: Weston's Lady)
Ragnor Magnusson - (Book: Wet And Wild)
Ryan Brody - (Book: Wharf, The)
Ryder McManus - (Book: What a Werewolf Wants)
Ryan Masterson - (Book: What Have I Done for Me Lately?)
Reed Wilder - (Book: What Matters Most)
Ryan Donovan - (Book: What Maxi Needs (ebook))
Radley Lyncott - (Book: What the Groom Wants)
Reese Blue Sky - (Book: What the Heart Knows)
Rex Reynolds - (Book: What This Passion Means)
Rick Flannery - (Book: What's Cooking?)
Roderick Brand - (Book: Whatever You Like)
Ray Brewster
Charles Brewster
- (Book: When Christmas Comes)
Rafaele Falcone - (Book: When Falcone's World Stops Turning)
Rory Daniels - (Book: When I See Your Face)
Ryan E. Majors - (Book: When Lightning Stikes)
Rolfe d'Ambert, Lord of Kempston - (Book: When Love Awaits)
Rolfe d'Ambert - (Book: When Love Awaits (ebook))
Randolph Kingsley - (Book: When Love Calls)
Raf van Tellerinck - (Book: When May Follows)
Raf van Tellerinck - (Book: When May Follows (reissue))
Raf van Tellerinck - (Book: When May Follows (UK))
Raf van Tellerinck - (Book: When May Follows (UK-reissue))
Rafe Dagget - (Book: When Megan Smiles)
Ren Porter - (Book: When She Said I Do)
Robert Marshall - (Book: When She Was Bad)
Reo Laroque - (Book: When Souls Mate)
Ryan Doyle - (Book: When Temptation Burns)
Ryan Donovan - (Book: When You Were Mine)
Richard of Kent
- (Book: Where Love Dwells)
Ryan MacIntosh - (Book: Where Love Grows)
Randall Berkeley - (Book: Where Passion Leads)
Rafe McAllister - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Rayford Jessup - (Book: Where the Horses Run)
Ryder - (Book: Where There's a Will)
Rafeal - (Book: While Passion Sleeps)
Robert Jamison - (Book: Whirlwind Affair)
Riley Holt - (Book: Whirlwind Bride)
Russ Baldwin - (Book: Whirlwind Secrets)
Rio Delgado - (Book: Whisper My Love)
Royce Manchester - (Book: Whisper to Me of Love)
Royce Manchester - (Book: Whisper to Me of Love)
Rafe Courtenay - (Book: Whispers in the Dark)
Riley Hannigan - (Book: Whistling Dixie (ebook))
Red Eagle - (Book: White Apache's Woman)
Rob Halliday - (Book: White Carnation, The)
Rusty Calhoun - (Book: White Christmas in Dry Creek)
Rab Sinclair - (Book: White Gull, The)
Lord Devonbrook
- (Book: White Heather)
Robert - (Book: White Rose Of Winter )
Ru Shan - (Book: White Tigress)
Riley Gray Wolf - (Book: Who Is Emerald Monday?)
Riley Pommer - (Book: Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy?)
Rory Devlin - (Book: Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?)
Rory Devlin - (Book: Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? (large print))
Reece Covington - (Book: Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?)
Riley Whitaker - (Book: Who's the Boss?)
Rufus Blainey - (Book: Wicked Earl Seeks Proper Heiress)
Robert Sinclair Dovenby - (Book: Wicked Lover, The)
Ryder Jackson, Sheriff - (Book: Wicked Memories)
Randall, Lord - (Book: Wicked, My Love)
Ryker - (Book: Wickedest Witch)
Ryan Stoddard - (Book: Wickedly Hot)
Ryder Kelstrom - (Book: Widow's Protector, The)
Richard Anders - (Book: Wife By Approval)
Richard Anders - (Book: Wife by Approval (UK))
Renato Martelli - (Book: Wife By Arrangement)
Rufus Gresham - (Book: Wife By Contract, Mistress By Demand)
Rufus Gresham - (Book: Wife by Contract, Mistress by Demand (UK))
Revel - (Book: Wife Errant)
Ronan Guering - (Book: Wife for a Day)
Ronan Guerin - (Book: Wife for a Day (reissue))
Rory Hughes - (Book: Wife in Name Only (ebook))
Reverend Bolton Charles - (Book: Wife Worth Waiting For, A)
Roger FitzAlan - (Book: Wild)
Rand Adams - (Book: Wild About You)
Ronan O'Byrne - (Book: Wild Angel)
Rohan Carrington
Baron Mountvale
- (Book: Wild Baron, The)
Rod Tritone - (Book: Wild Blue Under)
Rick McAllister - (Book: Wild Borders)
Rafe O'Hara - (Book: Wild Cherries)
Runner - (Book: Wild Desire (aka Savage Storm))
Raven Wyatt - (Book: Wild Innocence)
Rafe Barrett - (Book: Wild Is the Wind)
Robin Fletcher - (Book: Wild Land, Wild Love)
Rick Yarbrough - (Book: Wild On You (ebook))
Resse Brandon - (Book: Wild Rain)
Rio Santana - (Book: Wild Rain)
Royce Tanner - (Book: Wild Savage Love)
Rafe Delgado - (Book: Wild Sierra Rogue)
Ryan Langton - (Book: Wild Swan)
Rafe Blackhorse - (Book: Wild Ways)
Race - (Book: Wildcatter's Woman)
Reece Wilde - (Book: Wilde at Heart)
Rick Savage - (Book: Wilderness Peril)
Robert Lawrence 'Merlin' - (Book: Wildest Dreams)
Rone Adamson - (Book: Wildest Dreams)
Rone Adamson - (Book: Wildest Dreams (ebook))
Rone Adamson - (Book: Wildest Dreams (reissue))
Rafael Savalje - (Book: Wildfire Encounter)
Reese Marino - (Book: Wildflower Wedding)
Ross Madigan - (Book: Willing Accomplice)
Rowland - (Book: Willing Wife, The)
Ross Briarcliff - (Book: Willow File, The)
Roan Taggart - (Book: Wind River Wrangler)
Rory Fallon - (Book: Windstar)
Robert MacGregor Blade - (Book: Winning Hand, The)
Viscount Collingsworth
- (Book: Winsome Widow, A)
Rafe Beaumont - (Book: Winter Heat)
Roarke McKnight - (Book: Winter Lodge, The)
Rourke McKnight - (Book: Winter Lodge, The (paperback))
Raymond - (Book: Winter Song)
Raymond d'Aix - (Book: Winter Song (reissue))
Renier Jurres-Romeijn - (Book: Winter Wedding)
Renier Jurres-Romeijn - (Book: Winter Wedding (reissue))
Renier Jurres-Romeijn - (Book: Winter Wedding (reissue))
Renier Jurres-Romeijn - (Book: Winter Wedding (UK))
Renier Jurres-Romeijn - (Book: Winter Wedding (UK-reissue))
Rod Durand - (Book: Winter's Secret)
Reed Moreland - (Book: Winterset)
Rylan the Tinker - (Book: Wintertide)
Ryan Whitepath - (Book: Wish List, The (reissue - Christmas on Snowbird Mountain))
Raphael - (Book: Wishin On A Star)
Ryan Riley - (Book: With a Little Luck)
Rhys MacAskill - (Book: With Every Breath)
Robert Cameron - (Book: With Every Breath)
Robert Cameron - (Book: With Every Breath (reprint))
Ryan Burton - (Book: With the Material Witness in the Safehouse)
Rafael Contretas - (Book: Within Reach)
Richard Patrick Merlin - (Book: Wizard of Seattle, The )
Rhys Lindgren - (Book: Wolf Moon)
Ruben - (Book: Wolf Prince, The)
Ricky Lee - (Book: Wolf With Benefits)
Rolf O'Dalaigh - (Book: Wolf's Embrace)
Royce Wolfe, Sgt. - (Book: Wolfe Wanting)
Renn Davis - (Book: Woman in the News,The)
Reece Hamilton - (Book: Woman Made for Sin, A)
Roark St. John - (Book: Wonder of You, The)
Rick Gordon - (Book: Words of Seduction)
Ray Townsend - (Book: Worthy of Riches)
Robert Temple
Lord St. Clement
- (Book: Wrong Miss Richmond, The)
Rafe Montoya - (Book: Wrong Twin, Right Man)
Ryan Kent - (Book: Wuthering High)
Ren Colter - (Book: Wyoming Brave)
Ryan Tolliver - (Book: Wyoming Wildcat)
Ryder - (Book: Year of Living Shamelessly)
Rupert Dearham - (Book: Yesterday's Mirror)
Rogan Chantry - (Book: Yesterday's Promise)
Rafe Savage - (Book: Yesterday's Scars)
Rafe Savage - (Book: Yesterday's Scars (UK))
Ryan Marshall - (Book: Yesterday's Shadow)
Richard Kerre, Lord Strang - (Book: Yorkshire (ebook))
Rand McPherson - (Book: You're the One)
Ryland Archard - (Book: Younger Woman, A)
Earl of Godwin
- (Book: Your Wicked Ways)
Rudy Vaccaro - (Book: Your, Mine... Or Ours?)
Rowan Boothe - (Book: Yuletide Baby Surprise)
Ross Jefferson - (Book: Yuletide Child, The)
Ryan Donnelly - (Book: Zoey Phillips)
Raj - (Book: Zylan Rebellion)


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