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Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with S

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Sam - (Book: 33 Valentines (ebook))
Stone Hawke - (Book: 5th Avenue Affair, A)
Seth Gunderson - (Book: 6 Rainier Drive)
Shane Graham - (Book: Abducted At The Altar)
Shane Jacobsen - (Book: About Last Night...)
Sebastian Caine, MD - (Book: Abundance of Babies, An)
Special Agent Trent Burnell - (Book: Accessory To Marriage)
Sebastian Ware - (Book: Accidental Countess, The)
Stephen Chesterfield, Earl of Whitmore - (Book: Accidental Countess, The)
Sam Denver - (Book: Accidental Dad)
Sloan Flaherty - (Book: Accidental Genie)
Sean Gallagher - (Book: Accidental Seduction, An)
Sam McLean - (Book: Accidentally Dead Again)
Sam Blaine - (Book: According to Jane)
Skye Prescott - (Book: Aces High)
Simon Dante - (Book: Across A Moonlit Sea)
Sawyer Raines - (Book: Act Like You Love Me (ebook))
Sam Delvecchio - (Book: Acts of Mercy)
Silas Garrett - (Book: Adding Up To Marriage)
Shane Marston - (Book: Adelaide, the Enchantress)
Segrin Cayce - (Book: Adonis 5000)
Sir Christopher Hamilton - (Book: Adventurer's Wife, The)
Seger Wolfe - (Book: Affair Most Wicked, An)
Simon Worth - (Book: Affairs of State)
Shane Nichols - (Book: After Hours)
Sam Wyatt - (Book: After Hours With Her Ex)
Steve Paxton - (Book: After Midnight)
Stone Demarest - (Book: After That Night...)
Sebastian Blakely - (Book: After the Abduction)
Severo - (Book: After the Kiss)
Sullivan Waring - (Book: After the Kiss: The Notorious Gentlemen)
Samuel Jennings - (Book: After the Storm)
Simon Blair - (Book: Again and Again)
Sir Martin Powell - (Book: Against the Wind)
Sean Westin - (Book: Ahead in the Heat)
Seamus - (Book: Aislyn (ebook))
Shane Holiday - (Book: AKA: Marriage (reissue))
Sami and Hari - (Book: Alana's Magic Lamp)
Sam Russell - (Book: Alaskan Fantasy)
Simon Jefferes - (Book: All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess)
Silas Moore - (Book: All Broke Down)
Shane Doyle - (Book: All Fired Up)
Shane Doyle - (Book: All Fired Up (ebook))
Stephen de Piaget - (Book: All For You)
Seth - (Book: All for You (ebook))
Sam Ely - (Book: All Grown Up)
Seth - (Book: All I Need)
Seth Wellington - (Book: All I Want…)
Sir Alexander DeFrouchette - (Book: All My Desire)
Spencer - (Book: All the Broken Pieces)
Sam Taggart - (Book: All Through the Night)
Steve Kessler - (Book: Almost a Family)
Sebastian Hodges - (Book: Almost Home)
Sergei - (Book: Almost Real (ebook))
Seth Rutledge - (Book: Alone)
Shepard Jones - (Book: Along Came Jones)
Sheriff Tucker Spencer - (Book: Along Came Trouble)
Sir Connor Warrick - (Book: Alura's Wish)
Skyler Ridgemont - (Book: Always a Stranger (ebook))
Salem Pearce - (Book: Always Emily)
Sam - (Book: Amazon Project, The (ebook))
Sly - (Book: Amen Sisters, The)
Sam - (Book: American Idle)
Samuel Bishop - (Book: Amnesiac Ex, Unforgettable Vows)
Salvador Rodriquez - (Book: And Gold Was Ours)
Sam Lowery - (Book: And Then There Were Three)
Swift Hawk - (Book: Angel and the Warrior, The)
Sammael - (Book: Angel Betrayed)
Shade Blackstone - (Book: Angel of Desire)
Simeon Keller - (Book: Angel Vindicated)
Stewart Adams - (Book: Angel's Baby)
Sean Riordan - (Book: Angel's Peak)
Sean Riordan - (Book: Angel's Peak (reissue))
Simon Cahill - (Book: Angel, The)
Simon Cahill - (Book: Angel, The)
Sam Mason - (Book: Angels and Outlaws)
Stephen - (Book: Angry Desire)
Sebastian Kent - (Book: Animal Magnetism (ebook))
Samuel Mast - (Book: Anna's Gift)
Samuel Mast - (Book: Anna's Gift (large print))
Sam Collier - (Book: Another Man's Son)
Sam Davidson - (Book: Another New Year's Eve)
Sean Collins - (Book: Any Given Sunday (ebook))
Sam LeClaire - (Book: Any Man of Mine)
Sam Bretton, MD - (Book: Any Sunday)
Sebastian Goddard - (Book: Any Wicked Thing)
Sam Kirk - (Book: Anything For You)
Shane Garrison - (Book: Anything For You (ebook novella))
Spencer Colton, MD - (Book: Apache Heartsong)
Shane Stafford - (Book: Apache Knight)
Shadow Hawk - (Book: Apache's Angel)
Shadow Hawk - (Book: Apache's Desire)
Sebastian Bennington - (Book: April Showers)
Sebastian Bennington - (Book: April Showers (large print))
Snowden Colloway - (Book: Are You Scared?)
Sean Delaney - (Book: Art of Temptation, The)
Shane Dunne - (Book: Artistic Vision)
Shay O'Connor - (Book: As Bad As Can Be)
Sam Turner, Detective - (Book: As Darkness Fell)
Sheriff Jacob Butler - (Book: As Good as Dead)
Samandriel - (Book: Ashes of Angels)
Special Agent, John Quinn - (Book: Ashes to Ashes)
Simon Lebeaux - (Book: Asking For Trouble)
Seth Varitek - (Book: At Close Range)
Scott Black - (Book: At Close Range)
Stephen de Lacey - (Book: At The King's Command (reissue))
Sable Herriott - (Book: Athena's Airs)
Sean - (Book: Austentatious)
Steven Randolph - (Book: Australian Tycoon's Proposal, The)
Sinclair Palmer - (Book: Autumn Bones (hardcover))
Santino Venturo - (Book: Autumn Of The Witch, The)
Sir Kendran Ainsworth - (Book: Autumn's Bride (Series: Ainsworth's Brides - Book 4))
Stefan / Damon - (Book: Awakening, The)
Sam McDonough - (Book: AWOL with the Operative)
Sam Grayson - (Book: Babies and a Blue-Eyed Man)
Sam Donovan - (Book: Babies Make Four, And (ebook))
Stephen Dubois - (Book: Babies Make Ten, And)
Sturat Thorpe - (Book: Baby and the Bachelor, The)
Scott McNeil - (Book: Baby and the Badge, The)
Simon Task - (Book: Baby Between Them, A)
Sean Fagan - (Book: Baby Bind, The)
Sam Gregory - (Book: Baby Bonding, The)
Sean Davenport - (Book: Baby Boom)
Sam - (Book: Baby In Her Arms)
Sean McSween - (Book: Baby Romeo: P.I.)
Sam Hunter - (Book: Baby Swap Miracle, The)
Shane Hollister - (Book: Baby Under the Tree, A)
Sullivan Travis - (Book: Baby's First Christmas)
Shaw Tolbert - (Book: Baby's Guardian, The)
Sonny Randle - (Book: Baby, Baby, Baby)
Sam Stevens - (Book: Baby, Be Mine)
Sam McKade - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours)
Sam Evans - (Book: Baby.Com)
Sam Connelly - (Book: Bachelor Moon)
Stefano Giorgio Paolo - (Book: Bachelor Prince, The)
Scott Walters - (Book: Back in Play (ebook))
Storm Decker - (Book: Back to You)
Sam Jones - (Book: Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy)
Sam Jones - (Book: Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy, The)
Shane McAllister - (Book: Bad to the Bone)
Sullivan Kincaid - (Book: Bad to the Bone (ebook))
Sergei Alexandrov - (Book: Bad, Bad Things (ebook))
Sheriff Gabe Conover - (Book: Badlands Law)
Sam McCabe - (Book: Bait)
Singeh Barin Lortin - (Book: Bakkar Bride, The)
Sam Hardin - (Book: Balancing Act)
Springer McDowell - (Book: Banish Misfortune)
Scott Calvin - (Book: Barbecue and Bad News)
Saxon Blackweel - (Book: Barefoot Bride, The)
Seth Kendrick - (Book: Barefoot Bride, The)
Sam Ravenal - (Book: Bargain, The)
Stuart Langley - (Book: Baron and the Bookseller, The)
Sawyer King - (Book: Bay of Sighs)
Spencer Bertrand - (Book: Bayou Judgement)
Sean - (Book: Be Careful What You Wish For (ebook))
Simon McCarthy - (Book: Be My Babies)
Simon McCarthy - (Book: Be My Babies (Large Print))
Sam Hathaway - (Book: Beacon of Love)
Sirus Parker, Captain - (Book: Beast Of Awakening)
Stefan Delouise - (Book: Beating Level Nine)
Solomon Bassett - (Book: Beautiful Ones, The )
Solomon Bassett - (Book: Beautiful Ones, The)
Sinclair Darling - (Book: Beauty of You, The)
Sean O'Rourke - (Book: Beauty's Daughter, The (Hardcover))
Seth Taylor - (Book: Because It's Christmas)
Stephen Creighton - (Book: Because of a Boy)
Shane Garrison - (Book: Because of You (ebook))
Sawyer - (Book: Bed of Roses)
Solomon - (Book: Bed of Spices, A)
Sheikh Shahin - (Book: Bedded By The Desert King)
Seamus Rourke - (Book: Before I Sleep)
Sam Ridge - (Book: Before We Kiss)
Sir Mark Farrow - (Book: Beguiled)
Seth Mackey - (Book: Behind Closed Doors)
Stefan Alexander - (Book: Behind Palace Doors)
Seth Bjorson - (Book: Belated Bride)
Scott Bufford - (Book: Belated Bride)
Sir Galahad - (Book: Believe)
Sir Galahad - (Book: Believe (reissue))
Sean Malone - (Book: Belladonna)
Stephan Kirton - (Book: Belle)
Sir Lawrence - (Book: Belle of Brighton, The)
Saxon Evanshaw - (Book: Belonging)
Simon Hart - (Book: Beloved)
Earl of Avenall
- (Book: Beloved)
Simon Hart - (Book: Beloved (UK))
Stands Alone - (Book: Beloved Captive)
Sean Canady - (Book: Beneath A Blood Red Moon)
Sean Canady - (Book: Beneath a Blood Red Moon (reprint))
Sam McCoy - (Book: Beneath Bone Lake)
Slater McKendrick - (Book: Bengal Rubies, The)
Seth Foster - (Book: Best Is Yet to Come, The)
Samuel Cole - (Book: Best Kept Secrets)
Samuel Cole - (Book: Best Kept Secrets (reissue))
Sean Rogan - (Book: Best Laid Plans)
Shane Malone - (Book: Best Little Joeville Christmas, The)
Stefano DeFiore - (Book: Best Man for the Bridesmaid)
Sean Everett - (Book: Best-Laid Plans)
Shane Gallagher - (Book: Betrayed)
Sam Catalano - (Book: Better Father, A)
Sam Catalano - (Book: Better Father, A (large print))
Seth - (Book: Better to See You, The (ebook))
Seth - (Book: Betting on You (novella))
Sam Truesdale - (Book: Bewitching Familiar)
Sam Truesdale - (Book: Bewitching Familiar (reissue))
Stephan - (Book: Bewitching Grace, The (ebook))
Samson Towers - (Book: Beyond Betrayal)
Sheldon Blackstone - (Book: Beyond Business)
Sheldon Blackstone - (Book: Beyond Business (reissue))
Sebastian Senclaire - (Book: Beyond Control)
Shane Elliott - (Book: Beyond The Boardroom)
Salvatore Giuliani - (Book: Beyond the Darkness)
Swift Blade - (Book: Beyond the Horizon)
Soren - (Book: Beyond the Rain)
Shane Preston - (Book: Biding Her Time)
Slade Barlow - (Book: Big Sky Country)
Sloan Ravencrest - (Book: Big Sky Lawman)
St. John "Sin-Jin" Adair - (Book: Billionaire and a Baby, A)
Sean Morrow - (Book: Billionaire Biker, The (ebook))
Spencer Fairfield - (Book: Billionaire Borrows a Bride, The)
Seth Morgan - (Book: Billionaire Boss)
Seth Jensen - (Book: Billionaire's Jet Set Babies)
Slade Hawkings - (Book: Billionaire's Passion, The)
Slade Hawkings - (Book: Billionaire's Passion, The (UK))
Sir Philip - (Book: Binding Passion)
Sandy MacDougal - (Book: Birchwood Hall)
Symington, Lord - (Book: Bird in Hand, A (ebook--reissue))
Sedgewick Wylie - (Book: Birds of a Feather)
Sedgewick Wylie - (Book: Birds of a Feather (e-book))
Seamus Fox - (Book: Bit the Jackpot)
Slade Huntington - (Book: Bitter Victory)
Scott Phillips - (Book: Bitter Water, Blessed Hearts)
Sloan Travers - (Book: Bitterroot)
Spencer Hardin (Doctor) - (Book: Bittersweet)
Sun Cloud - (Book: Bittersweet Ecstasy)
Shaun Steven - (Book: Black Gold)
Sage Lassiter - (Book: Black Sheep's Inheritance, The)
Sam Prescott - (Book: Blackhawk's Betrayal)
Sean - (Book: BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn (ebook))
Scythe - (Book: Blade of Moonlight (ebook))
Shane Langtry - (Book: Blame It on the Rodeo)
Sabastian Vioget - (Book: Bleeding Dusk, The)
Saul Creswell - (Book: Blind Obsession)
Scott Fontenot - (Book: Blind-Sided (ebook))
Saloman - (Book: Blood Eternal)
Sorin and Lucian - (Book: Blood Lines - Blood Bond)
Silas Smith - (Book: Blood of the Wicked)
Saloman - (Book: Blood On Silk (trade))
Saloman - (Book: Blood Sin)
Serge Dumont - (Book: Bloodlust: All In The Family)
Serge Dumont - (Book: Bloodlust: The Taming of Serge Dumont)
Simon Temple - (Book: Bloodstone)
Sean McNeal - (Book: Blown Away)
Seth Wyatt - (Book: Blue Clouds)
Steve Colter - (Book: Blue Fire)
Sam Brady - (Book: Blue Moon)
Stephen St. James - (Book: Blue Waltz)
Seth Gatlin - (Book: Bluebonnet Bride)
Scott Lewis - (Book: Bluegrass Peril)
Sam Zachary - (Book: Bluer Than Velvet)
Sam Jardine - (Book: Bogus Bride)
Sam Jardine - (Book: Bogus Bride (UK))
Sam Connors - (Book: Bold Texas Embrace)
Sullivan Leary - (Book: Bone White)
Stephen Montgomery - (Book: Bonnie)
Sam Winton - (Book: Booties and the Beast)
Simon Murray
- (Book: Border Moonlight)
Scott O'Halloran - (Book: Born in a Small Town)
Sin - (Book: Born in Sin)
Syn - (Book: Born of Fire (ebook))
Syn - (Book: Born Of Fire (reissue))
Syn - (Book: Born of Fire (reissue))
Scott Everly - (Book: Born Ready)
Shane Laughlin - (Book: Born to Darkness (hardcover))
Shane O'Donnell - (Book: Borrowing A Dream)
Spence Tyack - (Book: Boss's Wife for a Week, The)
Strat - (Book: Both Sides of Time)
Salvatore Cardini - (Book: Bought for the Sicilian Billionaire's Bed )
Silvio Brianza - (Book: Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant)
Silvio Brianza - (Book: Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant (reissue ebook))
Sandor Christofides - (Book: Bought: The Greek's Bride)
Sandor Christofides - (Book: Bought: The Greek's Bride)
Sandor Christofides - (Book: Bought: The Greek's Bride [Large Print])
Stefan, Duke of Huntley - (Book: Bound By Love)
Sax Brogan - (Book: Bound Hearts - Embraced)
Sir Balan - (Book: Brat, The)
Seth and Zane Morgan - (Book: Brazen)
Simon Byrne - (Book: Breaking All the Rules)
Sam Hughes - (Book: Breaking the Ties That Bind)
Scott Callahan - (Book: Brevia Beginning, A)
Sloane - (Book: Bridal Bed, The)
Sam Gage - (Book: Bridal Jitters)
Sir Elliot March - (Book: Bridal Season, The)
Struen Rossmara - (Book: Bride)
Seamus Malone - (Book: Bride And the Mercenary, The)
Steven Sanders - (Book: Bride for Daddy, A)
Seth Carrington - (Book: Bride for Hire)
Sam Rutledge - (Book: Bride for Hire)
Simon Townsled
Lord Challmond
- (Book: Bride for Lord Challmond, A)
Sander Volakis - (Book: Bride for Real)
Sander Volakis - (Book: Bride for Real (large print))
Sir Gideon Malvern - (Book: Bride Hunt, The)
Seth O'Connor - (Book: Bride Included)
Seth O'Connor - (Book: Bride Included (UK))
Sir William Bowman - (Book: Bride of the Tower)
Sam Holland - (Book: Bride of Willow Creek, The)
Sebastien Deville - (Book: Bride Price, The)
Sean - (Book: Bride Said No, The)
Stefano Salvatore - (Book: Bride's Proposition, The)
Sawyer O'Halloran - (Book: Brides for Brothers)
Sloan Westin - (Book: Bridge to Yesterday)
Scott Hammond - (Book: Bright Honor)
Sergei - (Book: Bring It On)
Spencer Powell - (Book: Bring Me A Dream)
Shane McAllister - (Book: Bring on the Night)
Steve Cody - (Book: Broken Spurs)
Steve Stiletto - (Book: Bubbles A Broad)
Steve Stiletto - (Book: Bubbles Ablaze)
Steve Stiletto - (Book: Bubbles All The Way)
Steve Stiletto - (Book: Bubbles Betrothed)
Seth Lewis - (Book: Bulletproof Billionaire )
Shaun Logan - (Book: Bulletproof Hearts)
Sean McGregor - (Book: Bulletproof Marriage)
Steve - (Book: Bunco Babes Tell All)
Sam Beaumont - (Book: Bunking Down With The Boss)
Shane - (Book: Buried Secrets (ebook))
Smith Grayson - (Book: Burn for Me (ebook))
Sergei - (Book: Burning Bridges (reprint))
Sheif Sharif Aziz Hamid - (Book: Burning Love)
Steven Peabody - (Book: Burning Times)
Steven Peabody - (Book: Burning Times (reissue))
Stephen Sincai - (Book: Burning, The)
Sage Parker - (Book: But That Was Yesterday)
Seth Richards - (Book: By Dreams Betrayed)
Sloan Redhawk - (Book: C Is for Cowboy)
Sam Livingston - (Book: Cache Poor)
Seth Camden - (Book: Camden Cowboy, The)
Seth Sackett - (Book: Came a Stranger)
Stephen Hardesty - (Book: Camellia)
Scott Hendricks - (Book: Can't Get Enough of You)
Stephen Darling - (Book: Candle Bay)
Sir William of Miraval - (Book: Candle in the Window)
Steve Donovan - (Book: Candlelight for Two)
Sheriff Quinn Ryan - (Book: Canyon Song)
Slade Attridge - (Book: Canyons of Night)
Sheik Abu, Philip Caxton - (Book: Captive Bride)
Sid Chance - (Book: Captive Dreams)
Sebastian Cain - (Book: Captive Embrace)
Sir Gideon Trevithick - (Book: Captive of Sin)
Suleiman Bakhar - (Book: Captive of the Harem)
Simon Perrivale - (Book: Captive, The)
Sharif Al-Khalil
- (Book: Captured by a Sheikh)
Symon Sinclair - (Book: Caretaker's Son, The)
Simon Farringdon - (Book: Carlotta Diamond, The)
Sam Canfield - (Book: Carly's Song)
Sam Grady - (Book: Carolina Girl)
Simon Launceston
Adam Yorke
- (Book: Carousel of Hearts)
Sky Hunter - (Book: Carved In Stone)
Sloan Cassidy - (Book: Cassidy's Kids)
Stelios Heracles - (Book: Castle of the Lion)
Scott Davis - (Book: Catalyst (ebook))
Simon Beaulieux - (Book: Catch Me If You Can)
Sandy MacPherson - (Book: Catch Me If You Can)
Scott Dillon - (Book: Catching His Eye)
Scott Richmond - (Book: Caught In The Act)
Shane Michaels - (Book: Caution: Baby Ahead)
Sawyer Boone - (Book: Cavanaugh Watch)
Sawyer Boone - (Book: Cavanaugh Watch (reissue))
Sawyer Boone, Detective - (Book: Cavanaugh Watch (UK))
Shaw Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh's Woman)
Simon Carter - (Book: Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor)
Stone - (Book: Ceremony of Seduction)
Simon Westfield,
Duke of Blackmoor
- (Book: Certain Wolfish Charm, A)
Sawyer Cain - (Book: Chain of Command (ebook))
Siban - (Book: Chain of Illusions)
Sinclair MacDonald - (Book: Chain of Love)
Samuel Faa - (Book: Chains of Fire)
Simon of Blackstone - (Book: Champion, The)
Steve Sheppard - (Book: Chance Meeting)
Smith Cairington - (Book: Chance Tomorrow)
Spencer Davis - (Book: Chance With You, A)
Sam Kincaid - (Book: Chance Worth Taking, A)
Sawyer Fortune - (Book: Change of Fortune, A)
Sam Cassidy
Police Chief
- (Book: Change of Pace)
Sam Cassidy - (Book: Change of Pace (Hardcover))
Sam Dillon - (Book: Change of Seasons, A)
Sam Sutter - (Book: Change Up, The)
Shawn Scarlett - (Book: Chaos)
Simon Leviathan - (Book: Chaos Burning)
Shawn Thorenson - (Book: Charade, The)
Steve Kramer - (Book: Charades (reissue))
Silver Thorn - (Book: Charmed)
Sam - (Book: Charmed & Ready)
Sam - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Simon Hylliard
Earl of Middlebrook
- (Book: Charmed Betrothal, A)
Sam Reese - (Book: Chase the Clouds)
Steven Morris
Earl of Heath
- (Book: Chasing A Rogue)
Seth Taylor - (Book: Chasing Jillian (ebook))
Sam Spade Hunter - (Book: Chasing Lily)
Sebastian Strafford - (Book: Chasing Temptation (ebook))
Sebastian Danvers - (Book: Checkmate, My Lord)
Storm Dancer - (Book: Cherokee Storm)
Seth Quinn - (Book: Chesapeake Blue)
Seth Quinn - (Book: Chesapeake Blue (paperback))
Seth Quinn - (Book: Chesapeake Blue (reprint))
Sam Cooper - (Book: Chickasaw County Captive)
Shanaco - (Book: Chieftain)
Sawyer - (Book: Child for Christmas, A)
Stephane, Etienne - (Book: Chocolate Craving (ebook))
Sylvain Marquis - (Book: Chocolate Thief, The)
Sheriff Daniel Langford - (Book: Christmas Baby, A)
Slade Caulder - (Book: Christmas Bodyguard)
Silas Stanway - (Book: Christmas Bride, The)
Silas Stanway - (Book: Christmas Bride, The (UK edition))
Stephen Grafton - (Book: Christmas Carols (ebook))
Simon Shea - (Book: Christmas Delivery)
Sir Nicholas the Dragon - (Book: Christmas in Camelot)
Sam Cantrell - (Book: Christmas In July )
Sean Hughes - (Book: Christmas Magic on the Mountain)
Simeon Baker - (Book: Christmas Promise, The)
Samuel - (Book: Christmas Quilt, The)
Sam Landry - (Book: Christmas Spirit)
Satan St. Cloud - (Book: Christmas Wishes)
Sinclair Drummond - (Book: Cinderella Act, The)
Sheikh Rashid - (Book: Cinderella And The Sheikh)
Steven Jackson - (Book: Cinderella Search, The)
Stephen de Lacey
Baron of Wimberleigh
- (Book: Circle in the Water)
Stephen of Bellingham - (Book: Circle of a Promise)
Shiloh Burns - (Book: City Not Forsaken, A)
Sam Travis - (Book: Claimed by a Cowboy)
Sheikh Kamid - (Book: Claimed By the Desert Prince)
Seth Collins - (Book: Claiming the Cowboy's Heart)
Sheriff Mason McKinley - (Book: Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind (reissue))
Sean Maddock - (Book: Close Up)
Stephen Arrow - (Book: Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage)
Sebastian, Earl of Branford - (Book: Code of Honor)
Slade Convoy - (Book: Colby Lockdown)
Shane Allen - (Book: Colby Rebuilt)
Sam Johnson - (Book: Colby Vs. Colby)
Steve Kincaid - (Book: Cold Case, Hot Accomplice)
Sean Cameron - (Book: Cold River)
Steven Bushard
- (Book: Collector, The)
Sam Groves - (Book: Color of Death, The)
Seth Colter - (Book: Colters' Lady)
Slade Kent - (Book: Colton Christmas Rescue)
Sam Colton - (Book: Colton Copycat Killer)
Swift Antelope - (Book: Comanche Heart)
Swift Antelope - (Book: Comanche Heart (reissue))
Shadowhawk - (Book: Comanche Moon Rising)
Spotted Wolf - (Book: Comanche Sunset)
Smith Sullivan - (Book: Come a Little Bit Closer)
Sage Medino - (Book: Come Fall)
Seth Norris - (Book: Come Home to Me)
Shane - (Book: Come on Closer)
Sam Travers - (Book: Come to Me)
Shaw Matthews - (Book: Coming Clean)
Steve Parker - (Book: Coming Home)
Simon Tennant - (Book: Compromised)
Scott Galloway - (Book: Compromising Affair, A)
Sun Bo Tao - (Book: Concubine, The)
Sam MacInnes - (Book: Confessions Of a Small-Town Girl)
Strongheart - (Book: Conquer The Mist)
Selig - (Book: Conqueror)
Sir Hacon Gillard - (Book: Conqueror's Kiss)
Sebasten Contaxis - (Book: Contaxis Baby, The)
Simon Averner - (Book: Convenient Fiancée, The)
Steven Royce - (Book: Convenient Marriage, A)
Sam - (Book: Cooking For Mr. Right)
Storm Dupre - (Book: Cooking up a Storm)
Sam Coppersmith - (Book: Copper Beach (hardcover))
Sam Coppersmith - (Book: Copper Beach (paperback))
Stephen Noble - (Book: Copper Lake Confidential)
Sir Richard Wyndham, Baronet - (Book: Corinthian, The)
Sean Foye - (Book: Cougar's Bargain, The (ebook))
Steven Welch - (Book: Cougar's Wish, The (ebook))
Sam Knight - (Book: Count On Love)
Sam Knight - (Book: Count On Love [Large Print])
Sergei Borodinov,
- (Book: Count Sergei's Pride)
Sergei Borodinov,
- (Book: Count Sergei's Pride (UK))
Shaun Matheson - (Book: Country Christmas, A)
Stephen de Mandeville - (Book: Court of Love, The)
Sinclair Marsh - (Book: Courting Hope)
Steven Harding - (Book: Courting of Widow Shaw, The)
Steve Powers - (Book: Courtney's Conspiracy)
Duke of Rochford
- (Book: Courtship Dance, The)
Spenser Heatherington
Lord Beecham
- (Book: Courtship, The)
Sam - (Book: Coventry Wedding, A)
Sam Long - (Book: Cover Me )
Sean Majors - (Book: Covert Makeover)
Steven Fortune - (Book: Cowboy at Midnight)
Steven Fortune - (Book: Cowboy at Midnight)
Steve Williams - (Book: Cowboy Homecoming)
Slade McKennon - (Book: Cowboy Lawman, The)
Slade McKennon - (Book: Cowboy Lawman, The (large print))
Scott Beringer - (Book: Cowboy Lessons)
Sam Callahan - (Book: Cowboy Sam's Quadruplets)
Sam Crawford - (Book: Cowboy Santa)
Shane Larrabee - (Book: Cowboy She Never Forgot, The)
Simon Teague - (Book: Cowboy Sheriff, The)
Sam Bennett - (Book: Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree, A)
Seth Jacobs - (Book: Cowboy's Temptation, A)
Shane McCabe - (Book: Cowboy's Woman, A)
Shaman Phillips - (Book: Cowboys Soldier's Sons, The)
Steve McKenna - (Book: Coyote Whispers)
Sebastian Reyne - (Book: Cracking the Dating Code)
Sebastian Reyne - (Book: Cracking the Dating Code (UK))
Steve Claiborne - (Book: Cradle and All)
Sarge Purcell - (Book: Crashed Out)
Sexton St. Crois - (Book: Crazy for You)
Steven Creed - (Book: Creed in Stone Creek, A)
Simon Woodward, Major - (Book: Creole Bride)
Searc Munro - (Book: Crimson Heart)
Sam Morgan - (Book: Crimson Moon)
Sky Thornton - (Book: Crimson Nightmare)
Stu McCabe - (Book: Critical Impact)
Seth Lormarc - (Book: Cross Keys)
Seth Lormarc - (Book: Cross Keys:Revelation (ebook))
Seth Lormarc - (Book: Cross Keys:Unity (ebook))
Seb - (Book: Crowned: An Ordinary Girl)
Simon de Rhys - (Book: Crusader Captive)
Simon Zebriskie - (Book: Cry for the Moon)
Sam Barrister - (Book: Cry of the Wild)
Sam Barrister - (Book: Cry of the Wild (reissue))
Sean - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Salem McClellan, Captain - (Book: Crystal Passion)
Stoker - (Book: Curious Beginning, A)
Sam Delgado - (Book: Currant Creek Valley)
Sergei - (Book: Curse The Dark)
Sean Calhoun - (Book: Cut To The Chase)
Sean Calhoun - (Book: Cut To The Chase (UK))
Seth Stone - (Book: Daddy in Training (ebook))
Sam Baker - (Book: Daddy on the Run)
Sam Barclay - (Book: Daddy Plan, The)
Sam Pirelli - (Book: Daddy Says, "I Do")
Sloan Chisholm - (Book: Daddy Survey, The)
Sam Rivers - (Book: Daddy's Home)
Simon de Bocage - (Book: Daggers of Gold)
Scott Prescott - (Book: Dakota Desire)
Seth Dalton - (Book: Dalton's Undoing)
Sebastian Fontenot - (Book: Damage Control)
St. John Fotheringay-Phipps
aka Fungy
- (Book: Dame Fortune)
Sean O'Malley - (Book: Dana and the Calendar Man)
Soren Thorvald - (Book: Dance of the Crystal)
Sebastian Montgomery
Duke of Davenport,
- (Book: Dance With Deception)
Seth Castleman - (Book: Dancing in the Dark)
Seth Castleman - (Book: Dancing in the Dark (reissue))
Sawyer Scott - (Book: Dancing with Fire)
Sebastian Reyes - (Book: Danger Calls)
Steven Colter - (Book: Danger Zone)
Sebastian Fleetwood - (Book: Dangerous)
Marquis of Andover
- (Book: Dangerous)
Sebastian Kent, Duke of Waverley - (Book: Dangerous Angel)
Seth Harrow - (Book: Dangerous Beauty)
Steven Peyton - (Book: Dangerous Charade)
Snoad - (Book: Dangerous Dalliance)
Salvatore Tremayne - (Book: Dangerous Game, A)
Scott Danger - (Book: Dangerous Intentions)
Slater McCall - (Book: Dangerous Kind of Man, A)
Sean O'Hara - (Book: Dangerous Longing, A)
Seth Garrett - (Book: Dangerous Obssession)
Sky McCoy - (Book: Dangerous Prey)
Simon Addison-Shawe - (Book: Dangerous Seduction)
Sebastian Iverley - (Book: Dangerous Viscount, The)
Slade Watkins - (Book: Danielle's Daddy Factor)
Severo Dante - (Book: Dante's Blackmailed Bride)
Simon Garfield - (Book: Daphne)
Simon Garrett - (Book: Darby's Angel)
Scott Dare - (Book: Dare to Hold)
Sir Neville Fortescue - (Book: Daring Duchess, The)
Simon - (Book: Daring in the Dark)
Simon - (Book: Daring in the Dark (UK))
Stephen Chalmers
Duke of Marston
- (Book: Daring the Duke)
Sebastian Hunter - (Book: Dark and Brooding Gentleman, A)
Stryder of Blackmoor - (Book: Dark Champion, A)
Sarnen - (Book: Dark Debts)
Steve Morgan - (Book: Dark Fires)
Steve Morgan - (Book: Dark Fires (reissue))
Sterlave of Gant - (Book: Dark Harvest)
Sloan Marshall - (Book: Dark Journey)
Steve Fordham - (Book: Dark Journey Home)
Sandor Matskella - (Book: Dark Knight, The)
Sebastian DelaCourte - (Book: Dark Rapture)
Stefan / Damon - (Book: Dark Reunion)
Sir Robert Breton - (Book: Dark Rider)
Saxon Tremayne - (Book: Dark Surrender)
Steven of Norstead - (Book: Dark Viking)
Sandor Kearn - (Book: Dark Warrior Unbroken)
Sebastian Xenakis - (Book: Dark Wolf)
Sterling Chase - (Book: Darker After Midnight (hardcover))
Strider - (Book: Darkest Surrender, The)
Sabin - (Book: Darkest Whisper, The (reissue))
Santiago - (Book: Darkness Avenged)
Sean Black - (Book: Darkness Bred)
Sidney Westerbrook - (Book: Darkness Undone)
Shae Malone - (Book: Darling Deceiver)
Steve Kendall - (Book: Dating for Two)
Sean McLeod - (Book: Daughter, The)
Simon Metcalf - (Book: Days of Rakes and Roses (ebook novella))
Sam Archer - (Book: Dead Alert)
Sean Rogan - (Book: Dead Heat)
Sebastian - (Book: Dead If I Do)
Shard Lefel - (Book: Dead Iron)
Sinclair Solano - (Book: Dead Man's Curve)
Stig Wyvern - (Book: Dead Sexy Dragon (ebook))
Sam Vernelli - (Book: Deadly Force)
Sam Vernelli - (Book: Deadly Force (large print))
Sheriff Cade Garner - (Book: Deadly Identity)
Seth Hawkins - (Book: Deadman's Bluff)
Seth Hawkins - (Book: Deadman's Bluff (large print))
Sergios Demonides - (Book: Deal at the Altar, A)
Sergios Demonides - (Book: Deal at the Altar, A (large print))
Sebastian Cruz - (Book: Deal With Benefits, A)
Sebastian Cole - (Book: Dear Penelope)
Stephen Beaumont - (Book: Dearest Enemy)
Simon Renshaw - (Book: Deceitful Heart, A)
Slade Keaton - (Book: Decoded)
Slade Keaton - (Book: Decoded (large print))
Sam - (Book: Deep End of Fear, The)
Shane Carter - (Book: Deep Freeze)
Shane Carter - (Book: Deep Freeze (reissue))
Sam Gordon - (Book: Deep in a Texan's Heart)
Sean Donahue - (Book: Deeply, Desperately)
Seth Sinclair - (Book: Defender For Hire)
Seth Sinclair - (Book: Defender For Hire (large print))
Stuart Somerset - (Book: Delicious)
Shane McMasters - (Book: Deliciously Dangerous)
Sheikh Tariq bin Rashid - (Book: Desert Bride of Al Zayed, The)
Slade Montana - (Book: Desert Heat)
Sheik Markaz al Nazaari - (Book: Desert Justice)
Sheikh of Kharastan, Malik - (Book: Desert King's Virgin Bride, The)
Sheikh Malik of Kharastan - (Book: Desert King's Virgin Bride, The)
Sheikh Yusef Akkedi - (Book: Desert King, Doctor Daddy)
Shehab Aal Masood - (Book: Desert Lord's Bride, The)
Sheikh Shalef Al-Sayed - (Book: Desert Mistress)
Samman - (Book: Desert Prince's Proposal, The)
Salim Al Mansur - (Book: Desert Prince, The)
Shade - (Book: Desire Unchained)
Viscount St. John
- (Book: Desperate Viscount, The)
Silas Duran - (Book: Destination South (Special Release))
Silas Duran - (Book: Destinations South)
Simon Callon - (Book: Destiny by Design)
Stalking Wolf - (Book: Destiny Mine)
Stalking Wolf - (Book: Destiny's Warrior)
Stephen Ransom, Captain - (Book: Devil and Miss Webster, The)
Stella Mills - (Book: Devil and the Deep, The)
Sawyer Jackson - (Book: Devil and the Junior League, The)
Sebastian Ravenscar - (Book: Devil Earl, The)
Viscount St. Vincent
- (Book: Devil in Winter, The)
Sin - (Book: Devil May Cry)
Sadie - (Book: Devil May Ride)
Sammy Divine - (Book: Devil Named Desire, A)
Symon MacLachlan - (Book: Devil of Kilmartin, The)
Saul Treharne - (Book: Devil Within)
Steed Charlton - (Book: Devil You Know, The (UK))
Sloan Treveryan
- (Book: Devil's Mistress)
Slade Houston - (Book: Devious)
Sam Becket - (Book: Dial M For Mischief)
Sharif al Kareshi - (Book: Diamond in the Desert)
Sharif al Kareshi - (Book: Diamond in the Desert (large print))
Sienna - (Book: Diamond's Allure, A)
Stewart - (Book: Diamonds and Desire)
Saber West - (Book: Diamonds and Dreams)
Sam Pearce, Gunnery Sergeant - (Book: Did You Say Twins?!!)
Shane Montgomery - (Book: Die Before Nightfall)
Stray - (Book: Dire Wants)
Sam - (Book: Dirty Little Secret (hardcover))
Scott McKenna - (Book: Disaster Status)
Stan Bradley - (Book: Divorced, Desperate and Deceived)
Slade Garrett - (Book: Do You Take This Child?)
Sean Reagan, M.D. - (Book: Doctor and the Debutante)
Sam Webster - (Book: Doctor's Redemption, A)
Sebastian Hess - (Book: Dog Park, The)
Solomon McGuire - (Book: Don't Let Go)
Sean Beringer - (Book: Don't Look Back)
Sam Donovan - (Book: Donovan's Mermaid)
Saxon Maclean - (Book: Double Clutch)
Simon - (Book: Double Danger )
Sterling Thorn - (Book: Double Enchantment (reissue))
Special Agent Cheney Stone, Sheriff Dixon Noble - (Book: Double Take)
Sir Rylan Kempe - (Book: Dove at Midnight, A )
Seth Mahoney - (Book: Dr. Irresistible)
Simon de Montfort - (Book: Dragon and the Jewel, The)
Simon de Montfort - (Book: Dragon and the Jewel, The (reissue))
Stone Kincaid - (Book: Dragon Fire)
Stephen MacKay - (Book: Dragon Knight's Medallion)
Sir Christian Greatham - (Book: Dragon's Daughter)
Sir Jarrod Maxwell - (Book: Dragon's Knight)
Sebastian Kattalakis - (Book: Dragonswan (reissue))
Strong Elk - (Book: Dream Catcher)
Sean O'Toole - (Book: Dream Lover)
Sebastian - (Book: Dream Stalker)
Silver Wolf - (Book: Dream Warrior (reissue))
Seth / Jefferson Dupree - (Book: Dreamcatcher)
Sloan DeWilde - (Book: Dressed to Thrill)
Sam Wolcott - (Book: Driven to Distraction)
Shiloh Duvall - (Book: Driven With the Wind)
Sean Black - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Silver fox - (Book: Drums of Change)
Silver Fox - (Book: Drums of Change)
Sir Hugh Dryden - (Book: Dryden's Bride)
Simon Hawkins - (Book: Duchess Hunt, The)
Sam Brannigan - (Book: Dueling Hearts)
Simon Basset - (Book: Duke and I, The)
Samson Carlisle
Duke of Durham
- (Book: Duke of Scandal)
Somerset Graham
Earl of Wentworth
- (Book: Duke's Daughter, The)
Simon Grey - (Book: Dunraven's Folly)
Scott Bryant - (Book: Dust to Dust)
Sheridan Zouche - (Book: Duty Before Desire)
Sawyer McNamara - (Book: Dying For You)
Simon Devere - (Book: Earl's New Bride, The )
Sam Evans - (Book: Echo in Time, An)
Sam Patton - (Book: Echoes of Roses)
Sam Briggs - (Book: Ecstacy Bound)
Saint - (Book: Edge of Dawn, The)
Sean McCloud - (Book: Edge of Midnight)
Steve Kimball - (Book: Eleventh Hour, the)
Stephen Bennett - (Book: Embers of Desire)
Stephen Conners - (Book: Embers of the Sun)
Simon Japp - (Book: Embrace the Night Eternal)
Sheridan O'Roarke - (Book: Emerald Ecstasy)
Slade McClintoch - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Sienna - (Book: Emerald's Fire)
Salvador Ramirez - (Book: Emergency: A Marriage Worth Keeping)
Steven Fairfax - (Book: Emma and the Outlaw)
Simon - (Book: Enchanted)
Duke of St. Sevrin
- (Book: Enchanted Affair, An)
Stephen Browning, Corporal - (Book: Enchanted Enemy (reissue))
Seth Colter - (Book: Enchanted Land, The)
Sir Nicodemus Wulfson - (Book: Enchanting the Beast)
Sir Terence Blackwell - (Book: Enchanting the Lady)
Scott Anders - (Book: End Game)
Sam Kindale - (Book: Endless Chain)
Sam Kinkade - (Book: Endless Chain (paperback))
Shane Murphy - (Book: Endless Heart)
Seth Donnovan - (Book: Endless Passion)
Stewart Rio - (Book: Enemy Husband)
Sheik Kamar ibn-Asad - (Book: Engaged to the Sheik)
Sam Tucker - (Book: Engaging Sam)
Sam Barton - (Book: Enigmatic Man, An)
Sacheverel de Vries - (Book: Enraptured)
Simon Northam - (Book: Entice Me at Twilight)
Simon Howell - (Book: Entity Who Came for Christmas, The (ebook novella))
Sebastian Donovan - (Book: Entranced)
Sam Tremaine - (Book: Entrapment)
Scott Kendall - (Book: Errant Earl, The)
Simon Roxbury
Viscount Brocton
- (Book: Escapade)
Shane Mason - (Book: Escape from the Badlands)
Shane Mason - (Book: Escape from the Badlands (large print))
Santiago Medina - (Book: Escape to Paradise)
Stephen Stafford
- (Book: Escorting Alicia)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Etched in Bone (hardcover))
Synjon - (Book: Eternal Sin)
Stefan d'Argent - (Book: Eternally His)
Shane Galanter - (Book: Even Now)
Seth Andersen - (Book: Every Little Kiss)
Shane Donovan - (Book: Every Waking Moment)
Simon Kent - (Book: Every Whispered Word)
Seth Tucker - (Book: Everything She's Ever Wanted)
Samuel Hall - (Book: Evil Inside, The)
Sommers - (Book: Exiles, The)
Simon - (Book: Exorcism)
Simon Jardine - (Book: Exorcism (UK))
Stirling - (Book: Expect the Sunrise)
Samuel Baldwin - (Book: Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair)
Shane Fortune - (Book: Expecting Fortune's Heir)
Silas Carter - (Book: Expecting the Playboy's Heir)
Shane McDermott - (Book: Expecting the Rancher's Heir)
Sean - (Book: Explorer)
Sam Jerrard - (Book: Explosive Meeting)
Sam Kerrigan - (Book: Exposed to Passion)
Sheikh Hashim Al Aswad - (Book: Exposed: The Sheikh's Mistress)
Sherrif Elvis Donnelly - (Book: Exposure (reissue))
Sam Schaffer - (Book: Eye Candy)
Sam Logan - (Book: Face the Fire)
Sam Willard - (Book: Fair Cop, A)
Sir Austyn of Gavenmore - (Book: Fairest of Them All)
Sir Thorne Falconer - (Book: Falcon's Fire)
Sheikh Raschid al Hamid al Sabah - (Book: Falcon's Prey (reissue))
Sabin FitzSimon - (Book: Falcons of Montabard)
Sheriff Bobby Granger - (Book: Fall into Me)
Shane MacKade - (Book: Fall Of Shane MacKade, The)
Sylvester Gilliland - (Book: Falling for Chloe)
Slade Reeves - (Book: Falling for the Enemy)
Stone Sutter - (Book: Falling in Deeper)
Simon de Montfort - (Book: Falls the Shadow)
Simon de Montfort - (Book: Falls the Shadow (reissue))
Earl of Winslow
- (Book: False Betrothal, The)
Shane Hunter - (Book: Familiar Adversaries)
Slade Donaldson - (Book: Family for Tory, A)
Sam Harrison - (Book: Family He Wanted, The)
Steven Warren - (Book: Family in Progress)
Sam Baker - (Book: Family of Her Own, A)
Scott Lyon - (Book: Family Reunion)
Seth Graham - (Book: Family to the Rescue)
Simon Steele - (Book: Family-Style Christmas, A)
Simon Steele - (Book: Family-Style Christmas, A (reissue))
Sebastian Sinclair - (Book: Fantasy)
Sebastian Sinclair - (Book: Fantasy (reissue))
Simon Mancini - (Book: Farewell to Cedar Key)
Stryker Grant - (Book: Faster We Burn (ebook))
Scott Holloway - (Book: Fate)
Scott - (Book: Fate)
Sebastian van Tecqx - (Book: Fateful Bargain, The)
Sebastian van Tecqx - (Book: Fateful Bargain, The)
Sebastian van Tecqx - (Book: Fateful Bargain, The (reissue))
Sebastian van Tecqx - (Book: Fateful Bargain, The (UK))
Sean Flaherty - (Book: Father for Keeps)
Sam Thornton - (Book: Father's Secret, A)
Sam Brightwater - (Book: Father's Vow, A)
Shannon Carlington - (Book: Felicia)
Setesh - (Book: Femme Metal - Cold Fusion)
Steven P. Winstead, MD - (Book: Fever Pitch)
Sean Gallagher - (Book: Fiancée by Mistake)
Stephen Trudeaux - (Book: Fields of Fire)
Sebastian - (Book: Fierce (ebook))
Stan - (Book: Fifteen)
Samuel Vance - (Book: Finding Amy)
Steve Remington - (Book: Finding Her Home)
Scott Walsh - (Book: Finding Home)
Stratton Sawyer - (Book: Finding Love's Future (Hardcover))
Sam Lyons - (Book: Fine Romance, A)
Sam Rotondo - (Book: Fine Spirits)
Sebastien Falconer - (Book: Fire at Midnight)
Sean - (Book: Fire In The Blood )
Sam - (Book: Fireborn)
Shane Dwyer - (Book: Firefighter's Chosen Bride, The)
Stone Boucher - (Book: Firefly)
Sam Babcock - (Book: Firelight at Mustang Ranch)
Shozkay Savage - (Book: Fires of Paradise, The)
Shozkay Savage - (Book: Fires of Paradise, The (reissue))
Sam Richards - (Book: First Crush is the Deepest, The)
Spade - (Book: First Drop of Crimson)
Sherwood Statham - (Book: Fit To Be Tied)
Santo Castillo - (Book: Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, The)
Storm Davin - (Book: Flame on the Sun)
Saul Kingsland - (Book: Flawless)
Sin Drake - (Book: Fleet Blade (ebook))
Slade Gabriel - (Book: Flesh Tones)
Slade Benedict - (Book: Flight of Fantasy)
Slade Benedict - (Book: Flight of Fantasy (UK))
Sanford Buchanan - (Book: Flirt, The)
Sean Owens - (Book: Flirting with Disaster)
Sam Hook - (Book: Fly Away Home)
Sawyer Hayes - (Book: Fly With Me)
Striker Reeves - (Book: Flying High)
Simon Darby - (Book: Fool for Love)
Sam Nickerson - (Book: Fools Rush In)
Sam Nickerson - (Book: Fools Rush In (reissue))
Strat - (Book: For All Time)
Sir Geraint - (Book: For Camelot's Honor)
Samuel King - (Book: For Every Season)
Stone Richardson - (Book: For Her Eyes Only)
Scotty Lawrence - (Book: For Love or Money)
Spencer Halloway - (Book: For Mercy's Sake)
Sir Padrig ap Rhys - (Book: For My Lady's Honor)
Sawyer Montgomery - (Book: For the Baby's Sake)
Sawyer Montgomery - (Book: For the Baby's Sake (large print))
Sullivan Mooreland - (Book: For the Children)
Seth Talbot - (Book: For the Love of God)
Sheikh Arik Kareem Ben Hassan - (Book: For the Sheikh's Pleasure)
Senator Adam MacKenzie - (Book: Forbidden)
Scott McCann - (Book: Forbidden Affair)
Sullivan Fouquet - (Book: Forbidden Enchantment, The)
Santino Ferrara - (Book: Forbidden Ferrara, The)
Santino Ferrara - (Book: Forbidden Ferrara, The (large print))
Stalking Wolf - (Book: Forbidden Fires)
Santos - (Book: Forbidden Fruit)
Simon King - (Book: Forbidden Jade)
Sir Robert - (Book: Forbidden Lady)
Stephan MacQuistan - (Book: Forbidden Legacy)
Silas Jardine - (Book: Forbidden Loving, A)
Silas Jardine - (Book: Forbidden Loving, A (Collector's Edition))
Earl of Saxonhurst
- (Book: Forbidden Magic)
Sheikh Rafiq Al'Ramiz - (Book: Forbidden: The Sheikh's Virgin)
Scott Lucca - (Book: Force of Attraction)
Stevenson Elliott - (Book: Foreigner's Caress, The)
Scott Ennison - (Book: Forest Ranger's Promise, The)
Sammy Thoreau - (Book: Forever)
Seth Goodwin - (Book: Forever)
Seth Halloran - (Book: Forever After)
Stone Chisum - (Book: Forever Angels)
Sheriff Cord Randolph - (Book: Forever Autumn)
Sam Thorne - (Book: Forever Family, The)
Sawyer Trask - (Book: Forever Her Hero)
Sanford Colston - (Book: Forever In Texas)
Slater McGuire - (Book: Forever Joy)
Sate Margruder - (Book: Forever the Flame)
Seth - (Book: Forever, For Always, For Love)
Simon de Bruys - (Book: Forevermore)
Steele - (Book: Forged in Steele)
Sandor Wolfe - (Book: Forgiveness)
Shane Dean - (Book: Forgotten Sins (ebook))
Shane Dean - (Book: Forgotten Sins (paperback))
Sam Joyce - (Book: Fortune Finds Florist / The Right Man?)
Scott Fortune - (Book: Fortune's Cinderella)
Sasha - (Book: Fortune's Fool (reissue))
Seth Dalton - (Book: Found in Lost Valley)
Sean Turner - (Book: Fractured Souls)
Seth - (Book: Fragile Eternity)
Sebastion Satterwaite
- (Book: Fredericka's Folly)
Sergei - (Book: Free Fall)
Silas Jeffreys - (Book: Free Spirit)
Silas Jeffreys - (Book: Free Spirit (UK))
Sam Rutherford - (Book: Freefall)
Shane Logan - (Book: Freefall)
Shane Logan - (Book: Freefall (large print))
Shane Sullivan - (Book: Freeze Line (ebook))
Spencer Tate - (Book: Fringe Benefits)
Simon Hurst
Earl of Derwent
- (Book: Frog Earl, The (Hardcover))
Stefan - (Book: From a Distance)
Stefan - (Book: From a Distance (reissue))
Simon Hart - (Book: From the Beginning)
Simon Hart - (Book: From the Beginning (large print))
Sam Martin, MD - (Book: From This Day Forward)
Sam Martin, MD - (Book: From This Day Forward (Large Print))
Sir Edward Greaves - (Book: From Waif to Gentleman's Wife)
Skylar Tremont - (Book: Front Page Fate (ebook))
Sean Andrews - (Book: Frost on My Window)
Sam - (Book: Full Circle)
Slade Martin - (Book: Full Contact (ebook))
Scott Kincaid - (Book: Fully Ignited)
Sam Bradley - (Book: Funny Thing Happened, A )
Stefan / Damon - (Book: Fury, The)
Soldar Nar - (Book: Fusion)
Shane Delaney - (Book: Gambler's Lady)
Shane Devlin - (Book: Game On)
Samuel Maxwell - (Book: Game Show Bride, The)
Seth Allen - (Book: Game, The)
Stephen Archibald
Duke of Carlisle
- (Book: Garden Folly, A)
Slater Roxton - (Book: Garden of Lies (hardcover))
Smith Bowman - (Book: Gentle Giving, A)
Simon Kendrick - (Book: Gentle Pirate)
Stephen Ferguson - (Book: Gentleman, The)
Salter Lambrick - (Book: Gentlemen Behaving Badly)
Sean Ledger - (Book: Genuine Cowboy)
Sacha Vital - (Book: Getaway Girl)
Sam Wiley - (Book: Getting Even)
Seth Masterson - (Book: Getting Hotter)
Sean Muldoon - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Stephen - (Book: Getting Physical)
Shaw Matthews - (Book: Getting Rough)
Sean O'Hara - (Book: Ghost Night)
Sage Kaimoon - (Book: Ghost Touch)
Stephan James - (Book: Gift from Above, A)
Seth Montgomery - (Book: Gift of a Child, The)
Seth Hansen - (Book: Gift of Family, A)
Seth Hansen - (Book: Gift of Family, A (large print))
Steele Murdoch - (Book: Gift-Wrapped)
Sam - (Book: Gifts From the Heart)
Samuel Hawkins - (Book: Gilded Hearts)
Samuel Tucker - (Book: Girl Least Likely to Marry)
Sybren Werdmertersane - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A )
Sybren Werdmer Ter Sane - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A)
Sybren Werdmer Ter Sane - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A (reissue))
Sybren Werdmer Ter Sane - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A (UK))
Sybren Werdmer Ter Sane - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A (UK-reissue))
Stefano Cortez - (Book: Girl that Love Forgot, The)
Stefano Cortez - (Book: Girl that Love Forgot, The (large print))
Shanghai Knight - (Book: Girl With the Golden Gun, The)
Shawn Gallagher - (Book: Girl's Best Friend, A)
Saul Parenti - (Book: Giselle's Choice)
Saul Darius - (Book: Gladiator's Prize (ebook))
Spence Laamea - (Book: Glass Beach)
Stuart Winslow - (Book: Glorious Prodigal, The)
Slate Calhoun - (Book: Going Cowboy Crazy)
Sam Winslow - (Book: Golden Cage, The)
Strider Hackett - (Book: Golden Fury)
Steven Marshall - (Book: Golden Man)
Sir Euan Fitzhardinge - (Book: Goldsmith's Jewel, The)
Sam Starrett - (Book: Gone Too Far)
Stephen Doubleday, Earl of Westman - (Book: Good Groom Hunting)
Seamus Lee - (Book: Good With Children)
Steve Jackson - (Book: Good, the Bad and the Cuddly, The)
Sloan Gallagher - (Book: Great Montana Cowboy Auction, The)
Sir Anthony Rycliffe - (Book: Greatest Lover in All England, The)
Samuel Hastings - (Book: Greatest of Sins, The)
Sir Neville Hathaway - (Book: Greatest Possible Mischief, The)
Stavros Denakis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife, The)
Stavros Denakis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife, The (UK))
Sebastian Kouras - (Book: Greek's Innocent Virgin, The)
Steven Miller, Detective - (Book: Groom on the Run)
Sean Garvey - (Book: Groom's Ultimatum, The)
Stefan Harper - (Book: Guardian)
Samael - (Book: Guardian of the Deep (ebook))
Simon Parran - (Book: Guardian Wolf)
Seth - (Book: Guardian, The)
Stephen - (Book: Guardian, The)
Sam Dundee - (Book: Guarding Jeannie)
Sam Epstien - (Book: Gucci Gucci Coo)
Sutter Foley - (Book: Guys & Dogs)
Stefan Dvorak - (Book: Gypsy Baron)
Stewart - (Book: Gypsy Heiress)
Seb Corbell - (Book: Gypsy in the Night)
Saul Gallagher - (Book: Gypsy's Bride, The )
Slater - (Book: Had to Be You)
Sander McCormack, Captain - (Book: Half the Battle)
Slade Donovan - (Book: Half-Breed Vampire)
Sir Mark Hayward - (Book: Halloween Knight)
Sam Burton - (Book: Hand In Hand)
Stone Man MacKenna - (Book: Handful of Heaven, A)
Secundus Alcester - (Book: Handful of Promises, A)
Sebastian Caine - (Book: Hard (ebook novella))
Shane McCallan - (Book: Hard As You Can)
Sebastian Harmon - (Book: Hard To Love)
Simon Barrett - (Book: Harlot Countess, The)
Sean Ballogh - (Book: Haunting Beauty)
Sean Ballagh - (Book: Haunting Beauty (mass market))
Simon Bradley - (Book: Have Baby, Need Billioniare)
Steven Thatcher - (Book: Have You Seen Her)
Simon - (Book: Haven of Obedience)
Shane Hawkhurst - (Book: Hawk And The Dove, The)
Shane Hawkhurst - (Book: Hawk and the Dove, The (reissue))
Sinan Reis, Captain - (Book: Hawk's Lady, The)
Sam Longstreet - (Book: Headstrong Bride, The)
Sir Thomas Carlwick - (Book: Healing Passion)
Samuel Fisher - (Book: Healing, The)
Scott Randall - (Book: Heart and Soul)
Sloan McCord - (Book: Heart Breaker, The)
Straif Blackthorne - (Book: Heart Choice)
Saille T'Willow - (Book: Heart Dance)
Saille T'Willow - (Book: Heart Dance (mass market))
Sebastian Falconer - (Book: Heart of a Hunter)
Shane Callan - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Sir Adrian Thorne - (Book: Heart of Night)
Stone Dempsey - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Stephen - (Book: Heart of the Phoenix, The)
Stephen Count of Dinan - (Book: Heart of Vengence (ebook))
Sean O'Connor - (Book: Heart Revealed, A)
Sam Brown / Richard -Rick- Lang - (Book: Heart Speaks, A (Anthology))
Scott McIntyre - (Book: Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband? (ebook))
Sam Lawson - (Book: Heart's Homecoming, The)
Sam Brennan - (Book: Heartbreak Cove)
Sean - (Book: Heartbreak Ridge)
Slade - (Book: Heartland)
Steven Drake - (Book: Heartland)
Sheriff John Weber - (Book: Heartstopper)
Slater McCain - (Book: Heat of Passion)
Sean Parker - (Book: Heat of Passion)
Shane Rafferty - (Book: Heat of the Moment)
Steven Crennell - (Book: Heated Rivalry)
Sean Murphy - (Book: Heated Rush)
Sean Murphy - (Book: Heated Rush (reissue))
Sebastian Kerr - (Book: Heather and Velvet)
Simon - (Book: Heaven Around The Corner (reissue))
Simon - (Book: Heaven Around The Corner (UK))
Simon - (Book: Heaven Around The Corner (UK-reissue))
Stanley Lee - (Book: Heaven Forbid)
Sebastian Knight - (Book: Heaven On Earth)
Sydney St. James
Marquess of Brynne
- (Book: Heavenly Houseguest, A)
Sam Remington - (Book: Heavy Metal)
Sayid al Kadar - (Book: Heir to a Desert Legacy)
Sayid al Kadar - (Book: Heir to a Desert Legacy (large print))
Sidney Questered - (Book: Heirs of Bellair, The)
Shay McKittrick - (Book: Hell On Wheels: American Hero)
Sam Ferguson - (Book: Hell Raiser, The)
Shane Sullivan - (Book: Her Accidental Boyfriend (ebook))
Sam Callahan - (Book: Her Accidental Engagement)
Steve Craig - (Book: Her Commander)
Sebastian Sinclair - (Book: Her Dearest Sin)
Sheik Kalil al-Zaki - (Book: Her Desert Dream)
Simon Avedon - (Book: Her Gentleman Protector)
Simon Avedon - (Book: Her Gentleman Protector (UK))
Simon - (Book: Her Guardian Knight)
Simon - (Book: Her Guardian Knight (UK))
Sergeant Burke Gifford - (Book: Her Healing Touch [reissue])
Scott Rivers - (Book: Her High-Stakes Affair )
Simon Tucker - (Book: Her Holiday Family)
Spence Whitman - (Book: Her Hometown Hero)
Sebastian Radley - (Book: Her Honorable Playboy)
Sebastian Radley - (Book: Her Honourable Playboy)
Scott Emerson - (Book: Her Husband's Partner)
Scully Falconer - (Book: Her Inheritance Forever)
Seth Anderson - (Book: Her Kind of Trouble)
Scott diMarco - (Book: Her Man Friday)
Striker Kozlowski - (Book: Her Millionaire Marine )
Stephen Lightenfield - (Book: Her Only Hero)
Steven Monroe - (Book: Her Perfect Candidate)
Samuel Ward - (Book: Her Rebel Heart)
Sebastian Guimond - (Book: Her Royal Bodyguard )
Simon Ruhl - (Book: Her Secret Alibi)
Simon de Marchand - (Book: Her Secret Guardian)
Sean Douglas - (Book: Her Secret Guardian)
Sandra Newman - (Book: Her Secret Treasure)
Steve Lindstrom - (Book: Her Sister's Secret Life)
Stephen Danbury - (Book: Her Stand-in Groom)
Sean Griffin - (Book: Her Sure Thing)
Sean Griffin - (Book: Her Sure Thing (large print))
Smith Rutledge - (Book: Her Texan Tycoon)
Seth Ketchum - (Book: Her Texas Ranger)
Sam Benedict - (Book: Her Valentine Fantasy)
Sheriff George Tyler - (Book: Here With Me)
Sam Garrett - (Book: Hero at Heart, A)
Seth Flanagan - (Book: Hero Dad)
Sam Walters, Detective - (Book: Hero for All Seasons, A)
Sinclair Riker - (Book: Hero for Sophie Jones, A)
Shintaro Karish - (Book: Hero Strikes Back, The)
Spencer Lawson - (Book: Hero, The )
Shintaro Karish - (Book: Heroes Adrift)
Shintaro Karish - (Book: Heroes at Odds)
Shintaro Karish - (Book: Heroes at Risk)
Shintaro Karish - (Book: Heroes Return)
Sir Ranulf - (Book: Hers To Desire)
Sam Donnelly - (Book: Hers to Remember)
Scott McCall - (Book: Hidden)
Samuel King - (Book: Hidden in Plain View)
Samuel King - (Book: Hidden in Plain View (large print))
Spence Gerhard - (Book: Hidden Secrets)
Slade Morgan - (Book: Hidden Treasure)
Sean Flynn - (Book: Hide from Evil)
Sheikh Rashid "Rudi" Qarif - (Book: Hide-and-Sheikh)
Sir Payton Murray - (Book: Highland Angel (reissue))
Sigimor Cameron - (Book: Highland Conqueror)
Sir Diarmot MacEnroy - (Book: Highland Groom (mass market reissue))
Shaw Campbell - (Book: Highland Heaven)
Shaw Campbell - (Book: Highland Heaven (UK))
Sir Simon Innes - (Book: Highland Protector)
Stephen Montgomery - (Book: Highland Velvet)
Saer MacLeod - (Book: Highlander's Bride Trouble, The)
Viscount St. Clair
- (Book: Highwayman, The)
Steve Woods - (Book: Hill Country Holdup)
Sam Rasheed - (Book: Hired Wife)
Sam Rasheed - (Book: Hired Wife (UK))
Sam Reno - (Book: His Arch Enemy's Daughter)
Spencer Thorton - (Book: His Betrothed)
Simon Lamont - (Book: His Billion-Dollar Dilemma (ebook))
Sawyer Langsford
Earl of Melton
- (Book: His Black Sheep Bride)
Sir Edmund Blackwell - (Book: His Bride)
Scott Hunter - (Book: His Brother's Bride)
Scott Hunter - (Book: His Brother's Bride (reissue))
Steve Wells - (Book: His Brother's Bride-To-Be)
Shane Reynard - (Book: His Brother's Secret)
Sloan Creighton - (Book: His by Design)
Saewulf Brader - (Book: His Captive Lady)
Sol Adams - (Book: His Christmas Angel)
Sol Adams - (Book: His Christmas Angel (Large Print))
Simon Darcy - (Book: His Clockwork Canary)
Seathan MacGruder,
Earl of Grey
- (Book: His Conquest)
Sky Fox - (Book: His Dakota Captive)
Simon Atwood, Lord Granger - (Book: His Dark and Dangerous Ways)
Stephen Trevelyan - (Book: His Dark Desires)
Sir Fergus Melrose - (Book: His Duty, Her Destiny (UK Edition))
Soren Fitzrobert - (Book: His Enemy's Daughter)
Sergei Gun - (Book: His Every Fantasy)
Sebastian Landis - (Book: His Expectant Ex)
Sir Royce de Warren - (Book: His Fair Lady)
Spencer Boyd - (Book: His First and Last)
Spence McKaslin - (Book: His Holiday Heart)
Scott Thomas - (Book: His Love Match)
Sam Kincaid - (Book: His Make-Believe Bride (ebook))
Sam - (Book: His Marriage to Remember)
Sebastian Hadley-Attwater - (Book: His Mistress by Christmas (hardcover))
Sebastian Hadley-Attwater - (Book: His Mistress by Christmas (paperback))
Sebastian Marlowe - (Book: His Mistress By Morning)
Sawyer Bennett - (Book: His New Nanny)
Sawyer Bennett - (Book: His New Nanny (Large Print))
Seth - (Book: His One-Night Mistress)
Sam Landry - (Book: His Only Son)
Sheriff Dylan Jackson - (Book: His Private Pleasure)
Sir Alexander Thornton - (Book: His Scandal)
Samson Melendez - (Book: His Texas Touch)
Sergio Castellano - (Book: His Unexpected Legacy)
Sergio Castellano - (Book: His Unexpected Legacy (large print))
Sloane McGuire - (Book: His Woman's Gift)
Sam - (Book: Hit Hard)
Shane Callahan - (Book: Hold Me Close)
Scott McLaren - (Book: Holding on to Alex)
Spencer Stone - (Book: Holding Out for Doctor Perfect)
Sebastian Moret - (Book: Hollywood After Dark - Tasting Nightwalker Wine (ebook))
Sam - (Book: Home Again)
Steve Burke - (Book: Home Before Midnight)
Seth Landry - (Book: Home to Seaview Key)
Sam Leavitt - (Book: Homecoming)
Sam Fields - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Sax Douchett - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Seth Sileski - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Sam Kelly - (Book: Homespun Hearts)
Seth Finlay - (Book: Hometown Proposal)
Scott Mara - (Book: Hometown Reunion)
Simon Adams - (Book: Hometown Sweetheart)
Scott Harper - (Book: Honeymoon at Home)
Sebastian - (Book: Honeymoon of the Dead)
Samuel Cathwell - (Book: Honor)
Sawyer Nash - (Book: Honor Bound)
Seth Harlan - (Book: Honor Reclaimed)
Shane Gibson - (Book: Hook, Line and Shotgun Bride)
Silas Swartley - (Book: Hope Chest, The)
Silas Swartley - (Book: Hope Chest, The (reissue))
Sam Winter - (Book: Hopelessly Devoted)
Stony Stratton - (Book: Horseman's Convenient Wife, The)
Sebastian Caine - (Book: Hot (ebook novella))
Sam McKenzie - (Book: Hot As Sin)
Sterling Dodge - (Book: Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day)
Steve Jaax - (Book: Hot Dish)
Scott - (Book: Hot In Here)
Spenser Atkins - (Book: Hot Item (reissue))
Steve Hayden - (Book: Hot on His Trail)
Sam McGee - (Book: Hot on the Trail)
Sam Starrett - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Sebastian Bernecchi - (Book: Hot Rod Heaven)
Sam Gamble & Yank Yankowski & Mitch Blaine - (Book: Hot Shot)
Shane Westwood - (Book: Hot to Touch)
Spence Smith - (Book: How I Stole Her Husband)
Simon Northrop - (Book: How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend)
Seth Rutherford - (Book: How to Catch A Groom)
Stephen - (Book: How to Catch a Prince)
Stuart - (Book: How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days)
Stephen Manning - (Book: How to Marry a Rake)
Spencer Madison - (Book: How to Succeed at Love)
Shane Lockhart - (Book: How to Wrangle a Cowboy)
Simon Masterson - (Book: Hung Up On You )
Sebastian Kent - (Book: Hunger Awakened (ebook))
Selim - (Book: Hunt, The)
Silas MacCreedy - (Book: Hunter of Shadows)
Stone - (Book: Husband and Wife... Again)
Shane McCall - (Book: Husband by Inheritance)
Sam Raven - (Book: Husband for Sarah, A)
Sam Hove - (Book: Husband Project, The)
Silas Harden - (Book: Husband Tree, The)
Sloan Walters - (Book: Husband Waiting to Happen, A)
Sean Gates - (Book: I Did (But I Wouldn't Now))
Seth Holloway - (Book: I Do, I Do)
Sebastian - (Book: I Only Have Fangs For You)
Simon Chase - (Book: I'll Be Slaying You)
Simon Chase - (Book: I'll Be Slaying You (reissue))
Sebastian Vaughan - (Book: I'm In No Mood For Love)
Sam Roxton - (Book: I've Got Your Number (paperback))
Sven Hedberg - (Book: Ice at Heart (Large Print))
Sven Hedberg - (Book: Ice at Heart (UK))
Sam Henderson - (Book: If a Man Answers)
Stasio Athas - (Book: If He Could See Me Now)
Sean Rogan - (Book: If I Should Die (paperback ))
Simon Westbury - (Book: If the Slipper Fits)
Seth Weston - (Book: Illusion)
Steinarr the Proud - (Book: Immortal Outlaw)
Slade - (Book: Impossible Kind of Man, An)
Simon Delawre - (Book: Impossible Secret)
Simon Clare - (Book: Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife)
Seth Hagan - (Book: Impulsive Butterfly)
Sebastian Thorne - (Book: In Bed With a Rogue)
Sam Wyatt - (Book: In Bed with the Badge)
Seth Blackhawk - (Book: In Blackhawk's Bed)
Sam Beaudry - (Book: In Care of Sam Beaudry)
Sheriff Mitch Garrett - (Book: In Dark Waters)
Sam Cooper - (Book: In Deep with the FBI Agent)
Sam Petrie - (Book: In for the Kill)
Sammy Bergen - (Book: In My Dreams)
Spencer Lockhart - (Book: In Scandal They Wed)
Shane Farhold - (Book: In Sight of the Enemy)
Stone Dancer - (Book: In Stone's Clasp)
Simon Brandauer - (Book: In The Cold)
Sam McCloud - (Book: In the Mood for Love)
Shiloh Burns - (Book: In the Twilight, In the Evening)
Sinclair McGregor - (Book: In The Wind's Eye (ebook))
Sean O'Malley - (Book: In Your Arms)
Steven Konig - (Book: Independent Bride, The)
Sean Michaels - (Book: Indescretions)
Sam Cody - (Book: Indiscretion (ebook))
Sam Cody - (Book: Indiscretion, The)
Sean Michaels - (Book: Indiscretions)
Sam Kincaid - (Book: Inn at Oak Creek, The)
Simon Glenville - (Book: Innocent Bride, An)
Simon Glenville - (Book: Innocent Bride, An (reissue))
Simon Glenville - (Book: Innocent Bride, An (UK))
Simon Glenville - (Book: Innocent Bride, An (UK-reissue))
Stefano Marinetti - (Book: Innocent in the Italian's Possession)
Sam Burke - (Book: Innocent, The)
Sean Murphy - (Book: Inquisitor, The)
Stone Wilder - (Book: Instant Gratification)
Stone Wilder - (Book: Instant Gratification (reprint))
Slyck - (Book: Instinctive)
Simon Trent - (Book: Intent to Kill (ebook))
Slade - (Book: Intervamption)
Special Agent Logan Pierce, FBI - (Book: Intimate Knowledge)
Simon Decker - (Book: Intimate Knowledge)
Steve McMillan - (Book: Into Danger)
Sam Reston - (Book: Into the Crossfire)
Sam Reston - (Book: Into the Crossfire (reissue))
Spenser McGraw - (Book: Into The Wild)
Sebastiano Fonterra - (Book: Invitation to Italian)
Sebastiano Fonterra - (Book: Invitation to Italian (large print))
Sam Claiborne - (Book: Irish Fire (reprint))
Shane Dunstan - (Book: Irish Sex Fairy)
Simon Christopher - (Book: irl Next Door, The)
Sean - (Book: Irresistable (ebook-novella))
Steve Whitman - (Book: Irresistible Forces)
Scott Pataki - (Book: Island Haven)
Scott Pataki - (Book: Island Haven (large print))
Stephanos Koukoulis - (Book: Island Honeymoon)
Sam Jamison, Donovan McNair - (Book: Island of Temptation)
Shiloh Irons - (Book: Island of the Innocent)
Sam Trainer - (Book: It Runs in the Family )
Scott McKay - (Book: It Takes A Cowboy)
Scott McKay - (Book: It Takes a Cowboy (reissue))
Sebastian Vane - (Book: It Takes a Scandal)
Scott Matthews - (Book: It Takes Three)
Shane Kelley - (Book: It Takes Two)
Sam Brody - (Book: It's In His Kiss)
Sam LeDoux - (Book: It's That Time of Year)
Sergio Torrente - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Pregnant Bride, The)
Stefano Lucarelli - (Book: Italian Doctor, Sleigh-Bell Bride)
Santo De Luca - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain, The)
Santo De Luca - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain, The (UK))
Semi Ruby - (Book: Ivory Lies)
Saint Morris - (Book: Jade Star)
Santiago Flores - (Book: Jaguar's Kiss (ebook))
Slade Carruthers - (Book: Jet-Set Seduction, The)
Slade Carruthers - (Book: Jet-Set Seduction, The (UK))
Steven Sinclair - (Book: Jinxed)
Sam - (Book: Jock, The)
Stewart Hastings - (Book: Journey of Hope)
Stratford Brunswich - (Book: Journeys)
Silas Good - (Book: Judgement, The)
Sam Canfield - (Book: July Thunder)
Sergeant Bobby Evans - (Book: Jump Start)
Stuart Archer
Viscount Stanmore
- (Book: June Love)
Saxon Maclean - (Book: Junk Miles)
Sebastian Wilkinson - (Book: Just a Kiss (ebook))
Sam Forester - (Book: Just A Kiss Away)
Seth Benedict - (Book: Just A Taste)
Salem Lassiter - (Book: Just Before Dawn)
Salem Lassiter - (Book: Just Before Dawn (reissue))
Sam Mason - (Book: Just for the Weekend)
Sean Paterson - (Book: Just For Today...)
Sean Paterson - (Book: Just For Today... (large print))
Sean Harris - (Book: Just Kate)
Sean Harris - (Book: Just Kate (reissue))
Sam Bradford - (Book: Just Like That)
Steven Walker - (Book: Just My Imagination)
Sam Compton - (Book: Just One Night (ebook))
Sam Corner - (Book: Just One Thing)
Sterling Renville - (Book: Just Say Yes)
Slade Coleburn - (Book: Just the Man She Needed)
Sultan Selim - (Book: Kadin, The)
Sultan Selim - (Book: Kadin, The (reissue))
Seth Masterton - (Book: Kallie Revealed (ebook))
Sam Navarro - (Book: Keeper Of The Bride)
Sam Navarro - (Book: Keeper of the Bride)
Simon Monk - (Book: Keeper of the Earth)
Simon Monk - (Book: Keeper of the Flames)
Simon Monk - (Book: Keeper of the Water)
Simon Monk - (Book: Keeper of the Winds)
Spencer Atkins - (Book: Kentucky Woman)
Shaun Weston - (Book: Kidnapping Kara (ebook))
Shaun Weston - (Book: Kidnapping Kara (paperback))
Spencer Malone - (Book: Killer Takes All)
Stephen Kirkland - (Book: Kindled Flame, A)
Severin - (Book: King's Viper, The)
Simon - (Book: Kirkland Revels)
Sheikh Shaheen - (Book: Kismet)
Simon van der Driesma - (Book: Kiss for Julie, A)
Simon van der Driesma - (Book: Kiss For Julie, A (reissue))
Simon van der Driesma - (Book: Kiss for Julie, A (reissue))
Simon van der Driesma - (Book: Kiss for Julie, A (UK))
Simon van der Driesma - (Book: Kiss for Julie, A (UK-reissue))
Slater Mackenzie - (Book: Kiss Me Forever)
Shane Howard
Marquess of Sherbourne
- (Book: Kiss Me Goodnight)
Sam Cooper - (Book: Kiss Me If You Can)
Sean Rogan - (Book: Kiss Me, Kill Me (paperback ))
Sam - (Book: Kiss of Darkness)
Sir Christopher Ellis - (Book: Kiss of the Rose)
Spike Devol - (Book: Kiss Them Goodbye)
Sullivan Turner - (Book: Kiss to Die For, A)
Sterling Harlow
Duke of Devonbrooke
- (Book: Kiss to Remember, A)
Scott Sanders - (Book: Kissed by An Angel)
Simon Hunt - (Book: Kissing Game, The)
Shamus, Myles - (Book: Kissing the Blarney Stone (ebook))
Stephen Talbot, Lieutenant - (Book: Kissing the Key Witness)
Stephen of Wilmont - (Book: Knave of Hearts)
Smith Donnell - (Book: Knight in Blue Jeans)
Sir Tristan Carlisle - (Book: Knight Most Wicked, A)
Sir Stefan de Banewulf - (Book: Knight of Honor, A)
Sir James Rayburn - (Book: Knight of Passion)
Sir Stephen Carleton - (Book: Knight of Pleasure)
Sir Lucien - (Book: Knight's Vow, A)
Stephen Fitzhugh
- (Book: Knight, The)
Sir Geraint - (Book: Knights of the Round Table: Geraint)
Stacey Quinn - (Book: Knock Me Off My Feet)
Sean Foster - (Book: L Word, The)
Sam Schaeffer - (Book: Ladies' Man)
Sam Schaefer - (Book: Ladies' Man (reissue))
Stephen Bartingham - (Book: Lady and the Wolf, The)
Samuel Thorne - (Book: Lady by Midnight, A)
Stephen Rackhome - (Book: Lady Cat)
Sir Olyver of Mannyngs - (Book: Lady Doth Protest, The)
Sydney Lynde - (Book: Lady Flora's Fantasy)
Seth - (Book: Lady In White (ebook))
Stephen Fant, Major - (Book: Lady Maryann's Dilemma)
Simon Campbell - (Book: Lady of Lochabar)
Sir Tobias Aldridge - (Book: Lady of Persuasion, A)
Sebastian Jameston - (Book: Lady of Secret Devotion, A)
Sebastian - (Book: Lady of Talent, A)
Sir Andrew Ford - (Book: Lady of the Knight)
Senemut - (Book: Lady of the Two Lands)
Seth Matthews - (Book: Lady Sheba)
Simon St. Maur - (Book: Lady's Lesson in Scandal, A)
Spencer Seymour
Earl of Blackthorn
- (Book: Lady's Lesson, A)
Simon Mansanger
Earl of Sanger
- (Book: Lady's Proposal, A)
Simon Sinclair, Earl of Sheridan - (Book: Lady's Proposal, The)
Stephen Chase - (Book: Lakeside Reunion)
Stephen Chase - (Book: Lakeside Reunion (large print))
Sloan Bennett - (Book: Lana's Lawman)
Seth Landry - (Book: Landry's Law)
Seth Landry - (Book: Landry's Law (reissue))
Sam Lassiter - (Book: Lassiter's Law)
Sheriff Mac Delaney - (Book: Last Bachelor, The)
Simon - (Book: Last Call)
Stone - (Book: Last Chance Christmas)
Slade McPherson - (Book: Last Cowboy)
Sawyer Kane - (Book: Last First Kiss)
Seth Walker - (Book: Last Gasp)
Seb Hollis - (Book: Last Guy She Should Call, The)
Solomon Judah - (Book: Last Kiss Goodnight)
Shane Landry - (Book: Last Landry, The)
St. John Worth
Marquis of Rohampton
- (Book: Last of the Winter Roses, The)
Sam Diamond - (Book: Last Real Cowboy, The)
Sam Diamond - (Book: Last Real Cowboy, The (large print))
Sam Ballard - (Book: Last Southern Belle, The)
Sebastien Castellano - (Book: Last Summer of Being Single, The)
Sam Cutter - (Book: Last Time We Kissed, The)
Sutton Moore - (Book: Lasting Impression, A)
Silas Flynt - (Book: Late Rising Moon)
Samuel Burton - (Book: Law and Miss Mary, The)
Sheriff DeWitt Gavin - (Book: Lawman Takes a Wife, The)
Scott Lawrence - (Book: Lead Me On)
Sean Holt - (Book: Left at the Altar)
Sloan Carver - (Book: Legacy of Sin (ebook))
Slayde Huntley - (Book: Legacy of the Diamond)
Stephen MacAlasdair - (Book: Legend of the Highland Dragon)
Salvatore DeMartiano - (Book: Legend of the Leopard)
Sabin Mallory, Sir - (Book: Lessons in Love)
Sebastian Black - (Book: Lethal Exposure)
Simon Twonsend - (Book: Levelling the Score)
Simon Townsend - (Book: Levelling the Score (UK))
Sam Bailey - (Book: Lexi's Secret)
Sam Walters - (Book: Lies Lovers Tell)
Steve Claiborne - (Book: Life Line)
Sam McCabe - (Book: Life Rewritten)
Samuel Morgan - (Book: Light in the Storm)
Sam Curtiss - (Book: Light in the Window, A)
Simon Hopkins - (Book: Light on the Veranda, A)
Sam Parker - (Book: Lightning)
Stryker McGuire - (Book: Lightning Strikes Twice)
Silas van der Zee - (Book: Lilac Spring)
Sebastian Dodd - (Book: Little Bit Sinful, A)
Sheriff Dare Westmoreland - (Book: Little Dare, A)
Seamus Lee - (Book: Little Learning, A)
Simon - (Book: Little White Lies)
Steve Lockhart - (Book: Littlest Stowaway, The)
Seth Turner - (Book: Live the Moment (ebook))
Seth Turner - (Book: Lone Star Cinderella)
Seth Turner - (Book: Lone Star Cinderella)
Slade McNeal - (Book: Lone Star Protector)
Sonny Dekker - (Book: Lone Star State Of Mind)
Seth Brogan - (Book: Loner and the Lady, The)
Stone McBride - (Book: Loner, The)
Sloan Merrick - (Book: Lonesome Rancher, The)
Sloan Merrick - (Book: Lonesome Rancher, The (large print))
Seth Drakin - (Book: Long After Midnight)
Sam Calvert - (Book: Long Way Home, The)
Shane Taggart - (Book: Long, Tall Christmas)
Stone Cameron - (Book: Long-Lost Mom)
Shane Goiter - (Book: Loose Ends)
Simon Altmont - (Book: Lord Darver's Match (ebook))
Simon, Lord Greville - (Book: Lord Greville's Captive)
Sebastian Hawkridge - (Book: Lord Hawkridge's Secret )
Simon - (Book: Lord of Danger)
Sheik Jafar el-Saleh - (Book: Lord of Desire)
Stephen Gage - (Book: Lord of Lightning)
Sebastian Ballister
Marquess of Dain
- (Book: Lord of Scoundrels (reissue))
Sinjin, Earl of Donnington - (Book: Lord of Sin)
Sheikh Philippe Sabon - (Book: Lord of the Desert (reissue))
Sandro Cavalli - (Book: Lord of the Night)
Savage, Earl of - (Book: Lord Savage)
Sinjun St. Claire
Lord Sayer
- (Book: Lord Sayer's Ghost)
Sebastian Benbury - (Book: Lord Sebastian's Wife)
Sam - (Book: Lost and Found)
Sean Roan - (Book: Lost Girls, The)
Stephen MacLean - (Book: Lost In Your Arms)
Steve Morgan - (Book: Lost Love, Last Love)
Sam Pierce - (Book: Lost Souls)
Shane Adams - (Book: Lost Without You)
Shayne Rosswarne - (Book: Lottie and the Rustler)
Sebastian Palmer - (Book: Love After All)
Sloan Carroll - (Book: Love and Cherish)
Stony Brand, Seaman - (Book: Love and Other Surprises)
Sean Ledger - (Book: Love and Protect)
Sean Daniels - (Book: Love at the End of Days)
Sebastian, Lord Wentworth - (Book: Love Child, The (UK))
Shad Zuniga - (Book: Love Forevermore)
Spencer Bolton - (Book: Love Game)
Sam Champion - (Book: Love In A Small Town (ebook))
Sean Barrett - (Book: Love in the Afternoon)
Sullivan Ward - (Book: Love in the Air)
Sean Daniels - (Book: Love in the Time of the Dead (ebook))
Sam Samson - (Book: Love Is All You Need)
Stephen Huntington - (Book: Love Match, A)
Shep Ramsey - (Book: Love Me Before Dawn)
Seguin Torres - (Book: Love Me Only)
Sean Rogan - (Book: Love Me to Death)
Scott Sanderson - (Book: Love Overdue)
Sterling Hinton - (Book: Love Takes Time)
Sam Harding - (Book: Love Thine Enemy)
Sterling Caulder - (Book: Love's Glorious Gamble)
Stephen Hawke, Detective - (Book: Love's Magic Spell)
Shadoe McCaine - (Book: Love's Perfect Dream)
Shadoe McCaine - (Book: Love's Perfect Dream (Hardcover))
Sir Godfrey and Baron Guildford - (Book: Love's Promenade)
Scott Russell - (Book: Love's Wager)
Scott Colter - (Book: Love's Wine)
Sam Rooney - (Book: Love, Suburban Style)
Sheikh Bandar bin Saeed al Serkel - (Book: Love-Slave To The Sheikh)
Shane Burke - (Book: Lovely, Dark and Deep)
Simon Calderone - (Book: Lover Awaits, A)
Sly - (Book: Lovers' Reunion)
Saxon Carstairs - (Book: Lovestorm)
Sam - (Book: Lovestruck)
Seth Langston - (Book: Loving a Lawman)
Sam Richardson - (Book: Loving Again)
Earl of Moorland
- (Book: Loving Julia)
Sebastian, Earl of Moorland - (Book: Loving Julia (reissue))
Slade - (Book: Loving Lies)
Seth Campbell - (Book: Loving the Lawman)
Shane Develen - (Book: Loving You Is Easy (ebook))
Slade Blackwell - (Book: Low Country Liar)
Shane Hewitt - (Book: Low Down Dirty Shane, A (ebook))
Stefan - (Book: Lucinda, Darkly: The Demon Princess Chronicles)
Sam Turner - (Book: Lucky Like Us)
Stone McCloud - (Book: Lucy and the Stone)
Sean - (Book: Luscious)
Sam Pereira - (Book: Lydia Lane)
Seth Llewellyn - (Book: M.D. Next Door, The)
Sir Ian MacGowan - (Book: MacGowan Meets His Match)
Stuart Anderson - (Book: Madeleine's Cowboy)
Simon Masters - (Book: Maggie's Mistake)
Sam Adams - (Book: Maggie's Pride)
Sven - (Book: Magic Unchained)
Sam Tanner - (Book: Magnolia Summer)
Sebastian - (Book: Maid of Lorne)
Sir Ranulf Brand - (Book: Maid of Midnight)
Sam Henry - (Book: Maid Under the Mistletoe)
Simon of Longford - (Book: Maid Until Midnight (ebook))
Sir Connor of Llanstephan - (Book: Maiden and Her Knight, The)
Silas La Vallon - (Book: Maiden's Abduction, The)
Sheikh Tariq bin Khalid Al-Nur - (Book: Majesty, Mistress...Missing Heir)
Sam Griffin - (Book: Major and the Librarian, The)
Seth Parker - (Book: Major's Wife, The)
Spencer McBride - (Book: Make Way For Babies)
Sean Harding - (Book: Make You Burn (ebook))
Sean O’Callahan - (Book: Male Call (ebook))
Severin Brigante Harnoncourt - (Book: Maltese Star, The)
Simon Cartwright - (Book: Man Behind the Mask, The (large print))
Sloan O'Riley - (Book: Man For Amanda, A)
Sean O’Connor - (Book: Man for Her, The)
Seth Fletcher - (Book: Man For Mom, A)
Slade Mason - (Book: Man from Cougar Pass)
Sam O’Ballivan
- (Book: Man From Stone Creek, The)
Spike Moriarty - (Book: Man In A Million, A)
Steven Daintree - (Book: Man Like Daintree, A)
Smith Kendricks - (Book: Man Like Smith, A)
Sam Sinclair - (Book: Man Must Marry, The)
Seth Lindow - (Book: Man of Affairs, A)
Sheriff Jake Strayhorn - (Book: Man of the West)
Spencer McKay - (Book: Man She Left Behind, The)
Scott Redmond - (Book: Man to Rely On, A)
Shad McClellan - (Book: Man Trouble)
Sam Moore - (Book: Man Without a Badge)
Sutter Kinnard - (Book: Man Without a Past)
Sammy Halvorsen - (Book: Man Worth Loving, A)
Sammy Halvorsen - (Book: Man Worth Loving, A (Large Print))
Simon Kohl - (Book: Many Shades of Gray)
Sam Kercher - (Book: Marine for Hire (ebook))
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Marked in Flesh)
Sam Paretti, Gunnery Sergeant - (Book: Marooned With A Marine)
Scott Harding - (Book: Marriage Bait)
Spencer Keenan
Earl of Kellworth
- (Book: Marriage Bargain, The)
Sander Volakis - (Book: Marriage Betrayal, The)
Sander Volakis - (Book: Marriage Betrayal, The (large print))
Sam Hunter - (Book: Marriage by Deception)
Stuart Perrault - (Book: Marriage by Design)
Spence Hogan - (Book: Marriage Charm, The)
Sean - (Book: Marriage Diaries, The)
Sam Wilder - (Book: Marriage in Middlebury, The)
Sayre Baxendale - (Book: Marriage in Mind )
Sam Howard - (Book: Marriage Make Up)
Simon - (Book: Marriage Make-Over)
Sebastian Fox - (Book: Marriage Material)
Sawyer Wells - (Book: Marriage Merger, The)
Sam Wainwright - (Book: Marriage Merger, The)
Sebastian Wolseley - (Book: Marriage Miracle, The)
Sebastian Townshend - (Book: Marriage Most Scandalous)
Stephen Middleton - (Book: Marriage of Convenience, A)
Steve Antonelli - (Book: Marriage Prey)
Sandro - (Book: Marriage Surrender)
Sean Fleming - (Book: Marriage Test, The)
Scott Jones - (Book: Marriage Under the Mistletoe)
Scott William - (Book: Marriage Wish, The)
Scott Williams - (Book: Marriage Wish, The / God's Gift (reissue))
Sam Kelly - (Book: Marriage-Minded Man?, A)
Sylvester Vinton
Earl of Melcourt
- (Book: Marriageable Asset, A)
Spencer Law
Viscount Ravenswood
- (Book: Married to the Viscount)
Stone MacGregor - (Book: Marrige by Design)
Sam - (Book: Marry Me Tomorrow (ebook))
Sir Charles Osbourne - (Book: Marrying Miss Monkton)
Seth Taylor - (Book: Marrying the Playboy Doctor)
Seth Billings - (Book: Marshal's Promise, The)
Simon Woodley - (Book: Masquerade)
Stefano Albani - (Book: Master of Bella Terra)
Stefan de Valrey - (Book: Master of Craving)
Smoke - (Book: Master of Smoke)
Sheikh Ra'id Al Maktabi - (Book: Master of the Desert)
Simon Sheffield - (Book: Match for the Doctor, A)
Stephen Gallow - (Book: Match Made in Texas, A)
Steve Lantz - (Book: Matchmaking Baby)
Silas Marstow - (Book: Matchmaking Pact, The)
Sean Ramiro - (Book: Matter of Circumstance, A)
Stuart Grant - (Book: Matter of Convenience, A)
Sutter Traub - (Book: Maverick Under the Mistletoe, A)
Shane Roarke - (Book: Maverick's Christmas Homecoming, The)
Slade McCafferty - (Book: McCaffertys: Slade, The)
Slade McCafferty - (Book: McCaffertys: Slade, The (reissue))
Shaun McIver - (Book: McIver's Mission)
Sloan McNeil - (Book: McNeil's Match)
Sloan McNeil - (Book: McNeil's Match (reprint))
Stone McQueen - (Book: McQueen's Heat)
Spike Hargreaves - (Book: Me and Mr. Darcy)
Smith Parker - (Book: Measure of a Man, The)
Sinclair Grafton - (Book: Meet Me at Midnight)
Sam August - (Book: Men of August - Heather's Gift)
Sebastian Cole - (Book: Mercenaries II: The Thrall)
Scott Creighton - (Book: Mermaid's Touch)
Sawyer Thompson - (Book: Merry Christmas, Baby (ebook novella))
Seth Anderssen - (Book: Merry Christmas, Cowboy!)
Sir Maxim - (Book: Merry Go-Around, A)
Stephen, Lord St Leger - (Book: Mesmerised (UK))
Sam Hooker - (Book: Metro Girl)
Simon Owens - (Book: Midas Trap, The)
Seneca - (Book: Midnight and Magnolias)
Sean Reilly - (Book: Midnight Captive)
Stockton Grisham - (Book: Midnight Kiss, New Year Wish)
Stephen Wingate - (Book: Midnight Lord)
Sean O'Brien - (Book: Midnight Promises (ebook))
Sean Killdaren - (Book: Midnight Secrets)
Steve - (Book: Midnight Secrets)
Sean Killdaren - (Book: Midnight Secrets (reprint))
Samuel Kelly - (Book: Midnight Train to Paris)
Simon Reynolds - (Book: Midnight, Moonlight and Miracles)
Squidge - (Book: Midsummer Meltdown)
Sir Brandon Cavendish - (Book: Midsummer's Knight)
Sinclair McPherson, MD - (Book: Midwife's Secret, The (UK))
Sean Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Sean)
Shane Ross, Corporal - (Book: Military Daddy)
Seth Kentrell - (Book: Million-dollar Amnesia Scandal)
Stone Ward - (Book: Millionaire Bachelor, The)
Sawyer Layton - (Book: Millionaire in a Stetson)
Stephen Garrison - (Book: Millionaire's Wedding Revenge)
Sebastian Saber - (Book: Mine Forever)
Santino Franco - (Book: Mine Tonight)
Sylvester Confrey - (Book: Minerva)
Sebastien de Savin - (Book: Miracle)
Sam Reese - (Book: Miracles)
Sam Reese - (Book: Miracles (reissue))
Shadow Walker - (Book: Miranda and the Warrior)
Stephen Fitzwaring - (Book: Miss Cameron's Fall from Grace)
Stephen Rutledge, Major - (Book: Miss Maitland's Letters)
Scripio Butterworth - (Book: Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind)
Spencer Willoughby - (Book: Miss Scott Meets Her Match)
Earl of Hyatt
- (Book: Miss Treadwell's Talent)
Sir William Ashenden - (Book: Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter)
Seth Chartrand - (Book: Missing Persons)
Shane Cavanaugh - (Book: Mission: Cavanaugh Baby)
Steve Windham - (Book: Mission: Motherhood)
Shane Sullivan - (Book: Mistletoe & Mayhem/Santa'S Sexy Secret)
Shamus Burke - (Book: Mistletoe and Murder)
Sean Jamieson - (Book: Mistletoe, Midwife...Miracle Baby)
Stephen Hawkhurst - (Book: Mistress at Midnight)
Sheik Raschid Al Kadah - (Book: Mistress Bride, The)
Sir Michael Bayard - (Book: Mistress By Mistake)
Severin Devere - (Book: Mistress Firebrand)
Sebastian Thorne - (Book: Mistress of Scandal)
Scott - (Book: Mistress of Table Rock)
Stella - (Book: Mistress Rules (ebook))
Slade Eastwood - (Book: Mistress to a Millionaire)
Sean Howard - (Book: Mistress to Her Husband)
Sam Evans - (Book: Mixed Messages)
Sky Toucher - (Book: Mohawk Woman)
Sam Frazier - (Book: Molly Darling)
Sean Monahan - (Book: Monahan's Gamble)
Sean Bothwell - (Book: Monkshood)
Sam Dakota - (Book: Montana)
Shane Golightly, Sheriff - (Book: Montana Homecoming, A)
Seth Hayward - (Book: Montana Legacy)
Storm - (Book: Montana Surrender)
Severo - (Book: Moon Kissed)
Sam Langford - (Book: Moon Showers)
Sterling Montoya - (Book: Moonlight and Magic)
Sir Miles Rushden - (Book: Moonlight and Shadow)
St. John Lawrence - (Book: Moonlight Lover)
Saxon Fitz-Juste - (Book: Moonlit Knight, A)
Stephen Burke - (Book: Moonlit Obsession)
Sawyer Hawkins - (Book: More Than a Feeling)
Sloan McQuade - (Book: More Than a Miracle)
Shane McKinnon - (Book: More Than Magic)
Stephen Chamberlin, Captain - (Book: More Than Seduction)
Slater Holbrook - (Book: More Than She Bargained For)
Sam Shepard - (Book: More Than Words (ebook))
Sam Edwards - (Book: More to Give)
Seth McCabe - (Book: Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast)
Stuart Edwards - (Book: Morning Song (reissue))
Lord Buckworth
- (Book: Most Improper Proposal, A (UK))
Sir Leon Gascelin - (Book: Most Unseemly Summer, A)
Spencer Becket - (Book: Most Unsuitable Groom, A)
Samuel Beck - (Book: Most Unsuitable Match, A)
Santino Vallone - (Book: Moth to the Flame)
Spencer Rand - (Book: Mother of My Child, The)
Sam O'Connell - (Book: Mother's Day Garden, The)
Shane Dalton - (Book: Motive for Murder)
Steele Montgomery - (Book: Mountain Moonlight)
Sheriff Mitch Tanner - (Book: Mountain Sheriff)
Sam Parker - (Book: Mr and Miss Anonymous)
Spencer Price - (Book: Mr. December)
Scott Robinson - (Book: Mr. Lonelyhearts)
Sam Donovan - (Book: Mr. Perfect)
Simon Ford - (Book: Mr. Right There All Along)
Simon Ford - (Book: Mr. Right There All Along (large print))
Sam Harrison - (Book: Mr. Wrong!)
Seth Webster - (Book: Mrs. Miracle)
Simon of Lyonne - (Book: Much Ado About Love)
Sir Trevelyan Rochester - (Book: Much Ado About Magic)
Simon Winters
Earl of St. Albans
- (Book: Much Compromised Lady, A)
Simon Winters - (Book: Much Compromised Lady, A (reissue))
Steven Caldwell - (Book: Murder by the Book)
Sebastian - (Book: Murder Comes Ashore (ebook))
Sebastian - (Book: Murder in Real Time (ebook))
Sutton Calhoun - (Book: Murder in the Smokies)
Simon Reid - (Book: Murder of a Barbie and Ken)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Murder of Crows)
Seth Malone - (Book: Muse, The)
Sebastian Grimsthorpe
Earl of Wortham
- (Book: Music of the Night, The)
Sloan Ricker - (Book: Mutiny of the Heart (ebook))
Sebastian, Earl of Langlinais - (Book: My Beloved)
Sam Colton - (Book: My Child, Our Child)
Simon Talent - (Book: My Cousin Jane)
Simon, Knight of Lyan - (Book: My Demon's Kiss)
Simon, Knight of Lyan - (Book: My Demon's Kiss (reprint))
Stephen Ryan - (Book: My Destiny)
Marquess of St. Just
- (Book: My Favorite Marquess)
Sebastian Stanhope - (Book: My Guilty Pleasure)
Spur Atwater - (Book: My Heart May Be Broken, but My Hair Still Looks Great)
Samuel Rutledge - (Book: My Heart's Passion)
Sam O'Neal - (Book: My Husband, My Babies)
Stephen Ross - (Book: My Immortal Protector)
Sir Ruari Kerr - (Book: My Lady Captor)
Stephen Huntington - (Book: My Lady Mischief)
Stephen Huntington - (Book: My Lady Mischief (reissue))
Sebastian Kennett, Captain - (Book: My Lord and Spymaster)
Stephen de Burgh - (Book: My Lord de Burgh)
Sebastian St. Ives - (Book: My Lord Immortality)
Sebastian St. Ives - (Book: My Lord Immortality)
Sam Maguire - (Book: My Only Vice)
Stoke de Bracy - (Book: My Rebellious Bride)
Sebastian - (Book: My Scandalous Viscount)
Sam McKade - (Book: My Spy)
Samos Stilakos - (Book: My Tall Dark Greek Boss)
Samos Stilakos - (Book: My Tall Dark Greek Boss (UK))
Stephen Harrington, Earl of Langlinais - (Book: My True Love)
St. Bride Ferringer - (Book: My Wicked Enchantress)
Sawyer Howland - (Book: Mysterious )
Steve Gregory - (Book: Mystery Baby)
Star Dancer - (Book: Mystic Dreamers)
Stalking Wolf - (Book: Mystic Dreamers (reissue))
Sir Hugh
"The Relentless"
- (Book: Mystique)
Stephen Parker-Roth - (Book: Naked King, The)
Spencer Griffin - (Book: Naked Truth, The)
Sam Weaver - (Book: Name Of The Game, The)
Surim Al-Thani - (Book: Nanny and the Sheikh, The)
Simon Collier - (Book: Nanny Solution, The)
Sebastian - (Book: Nature of Jade, The)
Sean (Tag) Taggart - (Book: Naughty but Nice)
Steve Kyle
Lieutenant Commander
- (Book: Navy Blues)
Sam Amador - (Book: Needs a Little TLC)
Slade York - (Book: Negotiated Surrender, A)
Sloan Wyndham - (Book: Never a Bride)
Marquis of Nash
- (Book: Never Lie to a Lady)
Serge Sorensen - (Book: Never Loved (ebook))
Scott Mitchell - (Book: Never Say Goodbye)
Scott O'Donnell - (Book: Never Too Late)
Santos - (Book: Nevermore)
Sam Brewer - (Book: New Attitude, A)
Steve Shepherd - (Book: New Song, A)
Samuel Jones - (Book: Newlyweds, The)
Samuel Jones - (Book: Newlyweds, The (reissue))
Simon Cranston - (Book: Next Year's Blonde)
Seth - (Book: Nice Girls Finish Last)
Sebastian Bartholomew - (Book: Nicola and the Viscount)
Sean O'Brien - (Book: Night After Night)
Simon Blackthorne - (Book: Night Fall)
Sam Lovejoy - (Book: Night Fever)
Sam Holt - (Book: Night Flight)
Sebastian Steele - (Book: Night Heat)
Sloan Trent - (Book: Night is Watching, The)
Shane - (Book: Night Moves)
Sebastian Cantrip - (Book: Night of a Thousand Stars)
Steven Ryker - (Book: Night of Love)
Sergeant Chase Jefferson - (Book: Night Song)
Sean - (Book: Night Swimming)
Shane Night Wind - (Book: Night Wind's Woman)
Sean McCabe - (Book: Night Without End, A)
Samuel Taske - (Book: Nightshine)
Striker Dark - (Book: Nightwalker)
Smith Burnett - (Book: No Alibi)
Shane Reynolds - (Book: No Competition)
Sean Rogan - (Book: No Good Deed)
Seth Morgan - (Book: No Hero Like Him)
Spencer Matlock - (Book: No Horsing Around)
Simon Baptiste - (Book: No Limits)
Sean Galen - (Book: No One To Trust)
Sloan Trelawny - (Book: No Other Love)
Sam Kelly - (Book: No Place to Run)
Simon Grenville - (Book: No Proper Lady)
Sebastian Wroth - (Book: No Rest for the Wicked)
Sinclair Thornton - (Book: No Risk Affair, A)
Scott Forrester - (Book: No Silent Christmas)
Shay O'Malley - (Book: Noble Pursuit, A)
Sean Rafferty - (Book: Nobody's Hero)
Sir Waldo Hawkridge - (Book: Nonesuch, The (new edition))
Sir Roger de Montmorency - (Book: Norman's Heart, The)
Sidroc Guntersson - (Book: Norse King's Daughter, The)
Sven Sorenson - (Book: Northern Fires)
Stal Magnusson - (Book: Northman's Bride, The (ebook))
Seth - (Book: Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten (reissue))
Samuel Temple - (Book: Not Quite A Lady)
Steed McGraw - (Book: Not Quite Right)
Stratton Santana - (Book: Not Without Proof)
Sam Hill - (Book: Not-So-Perfect Man, The)
Stian of Harelby, Sir - (Book: Nothing Else Matters)
Stian of Harelby - (Book: Nothing Else Matters (reissue--ebook))
Sabin Wyatt - (Book: Notorious)
Sir Adam Wymark - (Book: Novice Bride, The)
September Rafferty - (Book: Nowhere Safe)
Seth Whifield - (Book: Nowhere to Run)
Sam Walker - (Book: Nurse's Little Miracle)
Sean O’Reilly - (Book: O'Reilly's Bride (UK))
Sean Logan - (Book: Object of Love, The)
Simon Hunter - (Book: Obsessed)
Sebastian Rockwood
Earl of Melton
- (Book: Obsession)
Steve Bennett - (Book: Ocean Between Us, The)
Seth Foster - (Book: Officer, a Baby and a Bride, An)
Solomon Tremain - (Book: Oklahoma Wedding Bells)
Sam Ashton - (Book: Old Enough to Know Better)
Stuart - (Book: On Rapture's Wing)
Shane Murray - (Book: On Shadow Beach)
Simon Wright - (Book: On Tall Pine Lake [reissue])
Simon Wright - (Book: On Tall Pine Lake)
Shane 'Vegas' O'Riley - (Book: On Target)
Shane Lynch - (Book: On The Edge)
Sabien Kroll - (Book: On the Fringes)
Stephen Scott - (Book: On the Ropes (ebook))
Seth Adams - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Simon Westover - (Book: Once A Dreamer)
Sir David of Radcliffe - (Book: Once A Knight)
Stefan Barany - (Book: Once A Princess)
Stefan Barany - (Book: Once a Princess (ebook))
Slater Carson - (Book: Once a Rancher)
Sorley Fior Cameron - (Book: Once a Rogue)
Sam Keegan - (Book: Once An Outlaw)
Sam Hyatt - (Book: Once and for All)
Shane Tremont - (Book: Once Smitten, Twice Shy)
Stephen Whitfield - (Book: Once Touched, Never Forgotten)
Stephen Whitfield - (Book: Once Touched, Never Forgotten (large print))
Simon Balckstone - (Book: Once Upon a Baby...)
Sidney Chamberlayne, Major - (Book: Once Upon a Sofa)
Sam West - (Book: One and Always)
Spencer Dumarque,
Duke of Morland
- (Book: One Dance with a Duke)
Shawn Lowe - (Book: One for the Wicked)
Shayne Knight - (Book: One Gentle Knight)
Stone McNair - (Book: One Good Cowboy)
Sir George - (Book: One Good Knight (reissue))
Scott Beckett - (Book: One Hot Night (ebook))
Sir Francis Bardolph - (Book: One Knight in Venice)
Spock - (Book: One Life (ebook))
Scott Logan - (Book: One Man's Family)
Scott Logan - (Book: One Man's Family (Large Print))
Sir Nicholas Rayne - (Book: One Night in Paradise)
Sam McKelvey - (Book: One Night Stand)
Seth Rutledge - (Book: One Night With You)
Sir Lancelot - (Book: One Perfect Knight)
Stephen Kenyon
Duke of Ashburton
- (Book: One Perfect Rose)
Stephen Kenyon - (Book: One Perfect Rose (paperback reprint))
Sam McBriar - (Book: One She Left Behind, The)
Sam McBriar - (Book: One She Left Behind, The (large print))
Stryker - (Book: One Silent Night)
Sam Garrett - (Book: One Silent Night)
Shane Masters - (Book: One Snowbound Weekend…)
Sterling Hamilton - (Book: One Special Moment)
Shade Wilder - (Book: One Summer)
Santino Rossi - (Book: One-Night Baby)
Santino Rossi - (Book: One-Night Baby (UK))
Sebastian Kane - (Book: One-Night Wife)
Sean O'Connell - (Book: One-Night Wife, The)
Sebastian Jameson - (Book: Only)
Simon Tremaine
Duke of Foxmoor
- (Book: Only a Duke Will Do)
Seth Hightower - (Book: Only for You)
Sasha Merchant - (Book: Only For Your Touch )
Sloan Carradine - (Book: Only One Groom Allowed)
Sean Cutter - (Book: Operation:
Midnight Guardian)
Simon Baylor - (Book: Orchard at the Edge of Town, The)
Scott Cavanaugh - (Book: Order of Protection, An)
Sawyer Branch - (Book: Out of Line)
Sykes Millet - (Book: Out of Sight)
Strat - (Book: Out of Time)
Simon Bonner - (Book: Out of Time)
Sims Callahan - (Book: Outlaw Bride, The)
Selik - (Book: Outlaw Viking (reissue))
Selik - (Book: Outlaw Viking, The)
Simon Grant - (Book: Outlaw Wife)
Sawyer McKettrick - (Book: Outlaw's Christmas, An)
Slade Braxton - (Book: Outlaw's Lady)
Sandoval Parrish - (Book: Outlaw's Lady, The)
Sam Gentry - (Book: Outlaws: Sam, The)
Sean Connolly - (Book: Outrageous Proposal, An)
Simon de Burgh - (Book: Outrageously Yours)
Stan Wolchonok, Senior Chief - (Book: Over the Edge)
Shane O'Grady, MD - (Book: Over the Top)
Stanton Shaw - (Book: Overruled)
Shy Cage - (Book: Own the Wind)
Sloan - (Book: P.S. Love You Madly)
Stephen Haviland - (Book: Padova Pearls, The)
Stephen Haviland - (Book: Padova Pearls, The (Large Print))
Stuart Saunders - (Book: Panda Bear is Critical)
Sage Lightfoot - (Book: Paradise Valley)
Scott Dillon - (Book: Parallel Desire)
Steven Vandenburg - (Book: Parting Secrets)
Sandy Caldicott - (Book: Partners in Crime)
Sean Townsend - (Book: Party for Two, A)
Simon Sturtevant - (Book: Passing Fancies)
Simon Tremont - (Book: Passion)
Steve Hart - (Book: Passion and Scandal)
Sebastian Hall - (Book: Passion for Pleasure, A)
Sam Broussard - (Book: Passion Of Sam Broussard, The)
Sienna - (Book: Passion Ruby, A)
Shawn Madden - (Book: Passion's Bold Fire)
Samuel Lawrence - (Book: Passion's Choice)
Solomon Dikembe - (Book: Passion's Furies)
Stefano Alessi - (Book: Passion's Mistress)
Sloan Adams - (Book: Passion's Prey)
Scott Antrim - (Book: Passion's Rogue)
Sir Rhyan Lombard - (Book: Passionate Pilgrim, The)
Scott Tyler - (Book: Passionate Proposition, A)
Sebastian Calvadores - (Book: Passionate Protection)
Steven Conti - (Book: Passionately Ever After)
Seth Kenner - (Book: Passions in the Dust (ebook))
Shay McKenna - (Book: Passions of Emma, The)
Shane Connelly - (Book: Patchwork Bride)
Sheppard Gibbs Bondurant III - (Book: Peachtree Road (reissue))
Sam Drynan - (Book: Pencil Him In)
Sir Bishop of Lythe - (Book: Penwyth Curse, The)
Sebastian Sterling
Marquess of Thurston
- (Book: Perfect Bride, A)
Simon Thornton,
Earl of Sommersby
- (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Simon Dodson - (Book: Perfect Christmas, The)
Simon Dodson - (Book: Perfect Christmas, The (paperback reprint))
Shane Dutton - (Book: Perfect Couple, The)
Simon Fitzgerald - (Book: Perfect Fools)
Simon Frederick Cynster - (Book: Perfect Lover, The)
Saul Crighton - (Book: Perfect Marriage Material)
Sebastian Costas - (Book: Perfect Murder, The)
Sebastion - (Book: Perfect Night, A)
Sebastion Cooke - (Book: Perfect Night, A (Large Print))
Sebastian Cooke - (Book: Perfect Night, A (UK))
Sebastian Cordasic - (Book: Perfect Soldier, The)
Spencer Lark - (Book: Perfect Storm, A)
Somerset FitzRoy - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Sandro Vellenti - (Book: Perfect Target, The)
Sam Marsden - (Book: Perfect Together)
Sebastien Reyne - (Book: Perfect Waltz, The)
Steve Rollings - (Book: Perfect Wedding)
Stoker - (Book: Perilous Undertaking, A (hardcover))
Sam Steele - (Book: Perilous Waters)
Sam Watson - (Book: Personal Protection)
Simon Grenville - (Book: Persuasion)
Sam Dennehy - (Book: Pete's Dragon)
Sebastien Newcombe - (Book: Phantom Shadows)
Sam Shaymore - (Book: Phantom Wolf)
Sneferu - (Book: Pharaoh, A Spell And Jade, A)
Sam Martelli - (Book: Picture Me Sexy)
Stuart Saunders - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Sonny Maxwell - (Book: Pictures of Emily)
Sam Martin - (Book: Pillow Talk)
Samuel Howard - (Book: Pinch of Ooh La La, A)
Sam Bellamy - (Book: Pirate In My Arms)
Stuart Marston, Captain - (Book: Pirate's Daughter, The )
Sirius Baron, Detective - (Book: Pisces Phenomenon)
Simon (Satan) St. John
Earl of Travis
- (Book: Pistols at Dawn)
Samuel Stoltzfus - (Book: Plain Perfect)
Saul Fisher - (Book: Plain Proposal)
Steven Koleski - (Book: Plain-Jane Princess)
Steel - (Book: Platinum (ebook))
Sebastian Conway - (Book: Playboy of Pengarroth Hall, The (reissue))
Sebastian Conway - (Book: Playboy of Pengarroth Hall, The (UK))
Scott Farrell - (Book: Player's Club: Scott, The)
Earl of Hammond
- (Book: Players, The)
Sam Case - (Book: Playing By the Rules)
Shaw Matthews - (Book: Playing Dirty)
Sean McIntyre - (Book: Playmates)
Sagan - (Book: Pleasure)
Stede O'Flannery - (Book: Pleasure Chest, The)
Sam York - (Book: Pleasure Exchange)
Seven Carmichael - (Book: Pleasure Under the Sun)
Stephen Lyons - (Book: Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman)
Stephan Kazanov - (Book: Pleasuring the Prince)
Sam Gervis - (Book: Polly)
Sam Gervis - (Book: Polly (reissue))
Sam Gervis - (Book: Polly (UK))
Sam Gervis - (Book: Polly (UK-reissue))
Simon Delamer - (Book: Poseidon VII (ebook))
Stephen Lambert - (Book: Potent Charms)
Silas Edwards - (Book: Potential Danger)
Steven Pearce - (Book: Potential Husband (UK))
Sam Blackman - (Book: Prairie Ecstasy)
Sam Watson - (Book: Pratt's Landing)
Spencer Jones, MD - (Book: Precious Inheritance, A)
Sam Kirby - (Book: Pregnancy Discovery, The (reissue))
Salvatore di Vitale - (Book: Pregnancy of Passion)
Sloan Thompson - (Book: Pregnancy Test, The)
Steve Anderson - (Book: Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon)
Simon Keller - (Book: President's Daughter, The )
Sage Rivera - (Book: Pretender, The)
Simon Montague Raines - (Book: Pretender, The)
Steh Winter - (Book: Price of Glory, The)
Seth - (Book: Price of Pleasure, The)
Severo Constanza - (Book: Price of Scandal, The)
Severo Constanza - (Book: Price of Scandal, The (large print))
Sinjon Rutherford - (Book: Price of Temptation, The)
Sterling Wade - (Book: Price of Victory)
Sam McGowan - (Book: Priceless)
Sam Cade - (Book: Priceless Marriage)
Sebastian Rivera - (Book: Pride and Passion)
Sean Morrissey - (Book: Primal Bonds)
Sam Kincaid - (Book: Primal Obsession)
Seth Bryant - (Book: Prince Baby)
Sean O'Mara - (Book: Prince of a Guy, A)
Slyde Dragolin - (Book: Prince of Dragons)
Sian Chamblyn - (Book: Prince of Magic)
S.T. Maitland - (Book: Prince of Midnight (reissue))
S. T. Maitland - (Book: Prince of Midnight, The)
Sebastian Stone - (Book: Prince of Midtown)
Stephano - (Book: Prince Who Charmed Her, The)
Stefan - (Book: Prince's Texas Bride, The)
Stefano diTalora - (Book: Prince's Tutor, The)
Sam Kovac - (Book: Prior Bad Acts)
Sam Nichols - (Book: Private Dancer)
Sebastian Graham - (Book: Private Research (novella))
Sam Lockwood - (Book: Prodigal Cousin,The)
Sebastian Cynster
Duke of St. Ives
- (Book: Promise In A Kiss, The)
Sloan Whittaker - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Sebastian Hawkestone - (Book: Promise of More, A (ebook))
Stephen DeWarenne - (Book: Promise of the Rose)
Sam Brown - (Book: Promise to Cherish, A)
Sam Brown - (Book: Promise to Cherish, A (reprint))
Scott Grant - (Book: Promise, The)
Shea Younger - (Book: Promises from the Past)
Sergeant Travis Stallion - (Book: Promises To a Stallion)
Sinjin St. John Sandiford - (Book: Proper Wife, The)
Samuel Charmaneaux - (Book: Proposition: Marriage)
Sam Garrison - (Book: Propositioned Into A Foreign Affair)
Seth McAllister - (Book: Protected Hearts)
Sawyer Kincaid - (Book: Protective Instincts)
Schwartz Patton - (Book: Protector for Hire)
Stephen, Viscount Rossmere - (Book: Proud Viscount, The)
Samuel Colburn, Captain - (Book: Providence)
Santigo Rodriguez - (Book: Provocative Passion)
Steve Mercer - (Book: Pure Heat)
Samuel Packard, Officer - (Book: Pursuit of Justice)
Samuel Packard, Officer - (Book: Pursuit of Justice (Hardcover))
Shane Cavendish - (Book: Queen of Bright and Shiny Things, The)
Sebastian Barnett - (Book: Quest of the Eagle)
Spence Harrison - (Book: Quiet Seduction, The)
Sagar - (Book: Rachel and the Hired Gun)
Spyder Rains - (Book: Rage (ebook))
Soren - (Book: Raging Sea)
Santiago Zamora - (Book: Rainbows and Rapture)
Sam Nolan - (Book: Rainshadow Road)
Sir Charles Afforde - (Book: Rake of Hollowhurst Castle, The)
Sir Fredrick Rathbone - (Book: Rake's Rebellious Lady, The (UK))
Duke of Brabourne
- (Book: Rake, The)
Samuel Kesseley - (Book: Rakes and Radishes (ebook))
Seth Reardon - (Book: Rancher's Adopted Family, The)
Sam Wyler - (Book: Rancher's Homecoming, The)
Sly Pettit - (Book: Rancher's Honor, A )
Sam Robertson - (Book: Rancher's Pride, A)
Steve Carter - (Book: Randall on the Run)
Staten Kirkland - (Book: Ransom Canyon)
Sebastian Cavanaugh - (Book: Ransom for a Prince)
Steven Kessler - (Book: Ransomed Dreams)
Seth Lannigan - (Book: Raspberry Crush)
Steve Markham - (Book: Reach for the Stars)
Seth Cooper - (Book: Ready, Set...Baby!)
Seth Cooper - (Book: Ready, Set...Baby! (UK))
Sebastian Caine - (Book: Real (ebook novella))
Simon Brant - (Book: Real Deal, The)
Spencer Lang - (Book: Reason to Love, A)
Slater Forrester - (Book: Reason to Sin, A)
Sgt. Rowan Elliot - (Book: Rebel Girl)
Sebastian Hillard, Sir - (Book: Rebel Lady)
Sebastian of Meridia - (Book: Rebel Prince, The)
Skyler Reade - (Book: Rebel Vixen)
Steinar of Talisand - (Book: Rebel Warrior)
Sir Nicholas Spencer - (Book: Rebel, The)
Scott Collins - (Book: Recipe for Romance)
Scott Collins - (Book: Recipe for Romance)
Sergio Teodoro - (Book: Reckless)
Sir Daniel Drummond - (Book: Reckless Angel)
Samuel (Blackie) Black Owl - (Book: Reckless Embrace)
Shadow - (Book: Reckless Heart)
Shadow - (Book: Reckless Heart (reprint))
Sam - (Book: Red Hot Lies)
Stephen Barrett - (Book: Red Roses Mean Love)
Servaes - (Book: Redeemer of Shadows (ebook))
Scot Sutherland - (Book: Reeds of Honey)
Seth Bannion - (Book: Reflections)
Simon Canfield - (Book: Reflections of Yesterday)
Steve Callahan - (Book: Refuge in His Arms)
Stephen Westlake - (Book: Regulating Archimedes (ebook))
Seth Turner - (Book: Release)
Sean - (Book: Release (reissue))
Sid Rosario - (Book: Reluctant (ebook))
Steed Dare - (Book: Reluctant Attraction, A)
Simon Weatherby,
Earl of Chesterton
- (Book: Reluctant Duchess, The)
Stacey - (Book: Reluctant Escort, The)
Santino Vitale - (Book: Reluctant Husband, The)
Sebastian Carr
Viscount Langley
- (Book: Reluctant Rogue, The)
Sebastian Whitbury - (Book: Reluctant Smuggler, The)
Saul Parenti - (Book: Reluctant Surrender, The)
Slate Walker - (Book: Remember Me, Cowboy)
Sinclair Carrington - (Book: Rendezvous)
Slade Becker - (Book: Renegade Guardian)
Standing Bear - (Book: Renegade's Woman, The (ebook))
Sam Angel - (Book: Renegade, The)
Simon McKendrick - (Book: Rescue From Yesterday)
Sergius Durham - (Book: Rescue in the Smokies (ebook))
Sam Montgomery - (Book: Rescued by Marriage)
Sebastian Walker - (Book: Rescued by the Dreamy Doc)
Stephen O'Malley - (Book: Rescuer, The)
Shintaro Karish - (Book: Resenting the Hero)
Sheldon Turner - (Book: Resolution of Love, A)
Sam Carver - (Book: Restless Heart)
Saul Bradford - (Book: Return Match (UK))
Slade - (Book: Return of Slade Garner, The)
Simon Riley - (Book: Return to Me)
Sloan Ballinger - (Book: Return to Oak Valley)
Steve Jason - (Book: Return to Santa Flores)
Steve Jason - (Book: Return to Santa Flores)
Slayer - (Book: Return To Volter)
Sam Baxter - (Book: Reunion)
Seth Overkill - (Book: Revamped (ebook))
Simon - (Book: Rhiannon)
Simon - (Book: Rhiannon (reissue))
Sean Tanner - (Book: Ride the Fire)
Spencer King - (Book: Riding on Instinct)
Steele - (Book: Riding Steele)
Storm Westmoreland - (Book: Riding the Storm)
Sebastian Caine - (Book: Right (ebook novella))
Steve Stratton - (Book: Rings on Her Fingers)
Shane Macklin - (Book: River to Cross, A)
Simon Roarke - (Book: Roarke's Wife)
Sed - (Book: Rock Hard)
Syon Braden - (Book: Rock Me Two Times)
Sam Weiss - (Book: Rock with You (ebook))
Seth Hunter - (Book: Rocky Mountain Romance)
Sawyer Hawkins - (Book: Rocky Mountain Wedding (ebook))
Steve Crow - (Book: Rocky Road to Romance, The)
Scott Chandler - (Book: Rodeo Queen)
Sir Colin Lambert - (Book: Rogue In My Arms)
Sir Geoffroi de Tournai - (Book: Rogue Knight)
Sterling McCallum - (Book: Rogue Stallion)
Sterling McCallum - (Book: Rogue Stallion (reissue))
Sebastian St. Claire - (Book: Rogue's Disgraced Lady, The)
Simon St. Bride - (Book: Rogue's Return, The)
Sean Killian - (Book: Rogue, The)
Sebastian Madinger - (Book: Romancing the Countess)
Sebastian - (Book: Romancing the Dead)
Steve - (Book: Romanian Rhapsody)
Shane Carter - (Book: Roped In)
Simon Lemagne, Sir - (Book: Roselynde)
Simon Lemagne, Sir - (Book: Roselynde (reissue))
Simon Lemagne, Sir - (Book: Roselynde (reissue))
Simon Lemagne, Sir - (Book: Roselynde (reissue))
Shay Brentwood - (Book: Roses Are Red)
Sam - (Book: Roses Will Bloom Again)
Shawn O'Rourke - (Book: Rough Around the Edges)
Saul Diamond - (Book: Rough Diamond)
Spencer Melbourne - (Book: Roxy and the Rich Man)
Sir Michael Deveraux - (Book: Royal Blood)
Shane Peters - (Book: Royal Lockdown)
Shane Peters - (Book: Royal Lockdown [Large Print])
Shel Rivers - (Book: Royal Pain, The)
Simon Reeves - (Book: Rub It In)
Sky Mitchell - (Book: Ruby Tuesday (ebook))
Stephen Conley
Earl of Mavenford
- (Book: Rules For a Lady)
Sinclair McBride - (Book: Rules for a Proper Governess)
Sir Benedict Wayborn - (Book: Rules For Being A Mistress)
Shaun Denver - (Book: Rules of Survival (ebook))
Scott Brady - (Book: Rules of the Game (ebook))
Sebastian Conway - (Book: Rumors That Ruined a Lady)
Sam Farley - (Book: Run Wild With Me)
Sean O'Brien - (Book: Runaway Bride, The)
Sir Richard of Asculf - (Book: Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord)
Skylar Ambrose Tyler - (Book: Running on Empty)
Shane Tannahill - (Book: Running Scared)
Seth McConnell - (Book: Rush of Darkness)
Simon Parker - (Book: Rusty Nailed)
Slade Hawkings - (Book: Ruthless Billionaire, Inexperienced Mistress)
Sergei Antonovich - (Book: Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife)
Sebastian Armstrong - (Book: Ruthless Marriage Proposal, The)
Sebastian Armstrong - (Book: Ruthless Marriage Proposal, The (UK))
Sebastian Armstrong - (Book: Ruthless Marriage Proposal, The [Large Print])
Sean Calhoun - (Book: Sacred Place, A)
Simon Wells - (Book: Sacrifice the Wicked)
Sam Trevor - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Seamus - (Book: Safe Harbor, A (ebook))
Santiago Cruz - (Book: Saint's Devlish Deal, The)
Sebastien Fiorukis - (Book: Sale Or Return Bride)
Sean Kelly - (Book: Sally Sweets' Sister (ebook))
Sheikh Kalen Nuri - (Book: Salvada Por El Jeque
(Saved by the Sheikh))
Sam "Wildcard" MacGregor - (Book: Sam's Creed)
Sam "Wildcard" MacGregor - (Book: Sam's Creed (mass market))
Sam - (Book: Sam's World)
Sean Bates - (Book: Samantha's Gift)
Stephan Foster - (Book: Same Time Next Summer)
Samson Taylor - (Book: Samson)
Sulayman - (Book: Sand Daughter)
Seth Warner - (Book: Sand Surf and Secrets)
Sheikh Khalil ibn Mani al Muraidi - (Book: Sands of Time)
Santiago Morais - (Book: Santiago's Love-Child)
Sara Miles - (Book: Sara and the Rogue)
Sam Reese - (Book: Sassy One, The)
Sam Reese - (Book: Sassy One, The (reissue))
Slater - (Book: Satan's Angel)
Storm - (Book: Savage Courage)
Sun Eagle - (Book: Savage Dance)
Steve Morgan - (Book: Savage Desire)
Shadow - (Book: Savage Dream)
Strong Bear - (Book: Savage Eden)
Steve Lafferty - (Book: Savage Fury)
Standing Wolf - (Book: Savage Grace)
Shadow Hawk - (Book: Savage Honor)
Spotted Eagle - (Book: Savage Illusion)
Shanar - (Book: Savage Legacy)
Soaring Hawk - (Book: Savage Moon)
Savage, Earl of - (Book: Savage Nights)
Sage - (Book: Savage Nights (aka Wild Splendor))
Silver Arrow - (Book: Savage Passions)
Strong Wolf - (Book: Savage Rage (aka Wild Thunder))
Striped Eagle - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Storm Dancer - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Swift Thunder - (Book: Savage Thunder)
Strong Hawke - (Book: Savage Torment)
Strong Hawke - (Book: Savage Torment (reissue))
Strong Heart - (Book: Savage Wind)
Sebastian Savas - (Book: Savas' Defiant Mistress)
Simon Grafton - (Book: Saving Grace)
Simon Grafton - (Book: Saving Grace)
Sawyer Hudson - (Book: Sawyer)
Sawyer Hudson - (Book: Sawyer (reissue))
Sawyer Morente - (Book: Sawyer's Special Delivery)
Sam Mendenhall - (Book: Say It Again, Sam)
Stuart Kendall - (Book: Say It With Roses)
Seth Armstrong - (Book: Scales of Love)
Simon Traherne
Earl of Blade
- (Book: Scandal)
Sebastian Deverell - (Book: Scandal and Miss Smith)
Steven McBride - (Book: Scandal and the Duchess (ebook))
Samuel Danner - (Book: Scandal's Darling)
Samuel Danner - (Book: Scandal's Darling (ebook/reissue))
Sebastian Pemborough,
Marquess of Ravistock
- (Book: Scandal's Daughter (Hardcover))
Sebastian Pemborough,
Marquess of Ravistock
- (Book: Scandal's Daughter (reissue))
Steven Devonshire - (Book: Scandalizing the CEO)
Samuel Russell - (Book: Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride, The)
Saint-Juste - (Book: Scandalous Lady Wright, The)
Sutton Vane - (Book: Scandalous Miss Howard, The)
Steven St. Charles - (Book: Scandalous Wager, A)
Steede Warring - (Book: Scandals)
Simon Harrington - (Book: Scarlet Bride, The)
Sean Rogan - (Book: Scarlet Butterfly)
Slade Morgan - (Book: Scarlet Sunset, Silver Nights)
Saber Mitchell - (Book: Scarlet Woman)
Sorsha - (Book: Scars of the Heart (ebook))
Sorin - (Book: Scent of Salvation)
Scott Fletcher - (Book: Scott's Satin Sheets (ebook))
Simon St. James,
Sheridan Blake
- (Book: Scoundrel)
Steve Kincaid - (Book: Scoundrel's Captive)
Sam Hawkins - (Book: Scoundrel's Seduction, The)
Sir Scarborough Weston - (Book: Scoundrel's Vow, The)
Slade Tanner - (Book: Sea Raven)
Sanematsu Yoshihide - (Book: Seabird of Sanematsu, The)
Smitty - (Book: Seal With a Kiss)
Sam Kennesaw - (Book: Sealed With A Kiss)
Sean O'Ryan - (Book: Sean)
Sean Gannon - (Book: Sean)
Sean Devaney - (Book: Sean's Reckoning)
Simon - (Book: Search, The (Hardcover))
Simon - (Book: Search, The (mass market))
Simon - (Book: Search, The (paperback))
Shepard Reyes - (Book: Searchers, The)
Stone Petty - (Book: Searching for Always)
Slade Montgomery - (Book: Searching for Someday)
Storm - (Book: Seascape)
Sheriff Jericho Rivers - (Book: Season For Love, A)
Sam McGarry - (Book: Season of Forgiveness, A)
Sebastian - (Book: Sebastian (Hardcover))
Scott Harper - (Book: Second Honeymoon)
Senator Hunter (Hunt) Winslow - (Book: Second Love)
Sergeant Troy Stoner - (Book: Second Mrs. Malone, The)
Sam Blake - (Book: Second Opinion)
Sam Magee - (Book: Second Time Around)
Slater MacBride - (Book: Second Time, The)
Stuart - (Book: Second-Best Husband)
Sam Rourke - (Book: Secret Father, The)
Sam Masters - (Book: Secret Games)
Sebastian, Baron Rutherford - (Book: Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, The)
Simon Blackwell - (Book: Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, The)
Shiloh Burns - (Book: Secret Place of Thunder)
Seth Buchanan - (Book: Secret Star)
Samson Vega - (Book: Secretly Married)
Samson Vega - (Book: Secretly Married (reissue))
Slade Delanza - (Book: Secrets)
Sebastian Caine - (Book: Secrets and Lies)
Salvatore Castallano - (Book: Secrets of a Powerful Man)
Simon Hunt - (Book: Secrets of a Summer Night)
Scott - (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Salman - (Book: Secrets of the Oasis)
Salman - (Book: Secrets of the Oasis (large print))
Steve Hayes - (Book: Secrets of Tyrone)
Steve Hayes - (Book: Secrets of Tyrone (reissue))
Sven Magnusson - (Book: Secured Mail)
Stephen Huxtable - (Book: Seducing an Angel (Hardcover))
Sampson - (Book: Seducing Samson (ebook))
Simon - (Book: Seducing Simon)
Spencer Foxworth - (Book: Seducing Spencer)
Stanton Horne
Lord Wyndham.
- (Book: Seducing the Spy)
Steve Corey - (Book: Seduction of Ellen, The)
Shay Devereaux - (Book: Seduction of Shay Devereaux, The)
Sam McCants - (Book: Seduction of the Reluctant Bride)
Seth Rozhkov - (Book: Seeing Red (ebook))
Simon Iddesleigh
- (Book: Serpent Prince, The)
Sam O'Neill - (Book: Serving Up Trouble)
Sam O'Neill - (Book: Serving Up Trouble (reissue))
Septimus Berowne - (Book: Seventh Heaven (UK))
Sevin Satyr - (Book: Sevin)
Simon St. James, Earl of Trask - (Book: Sex and the Single Earl)
Special Agent Oliver Vargo, F.B.I. - (Book: Sex Files, The)
Simon Parkes - (Book: Sex Magic)
Simon Barton - (Book: Sex, Lies and Midnight)
Sam Ford - (Book: Sex, Lust and Martinis (ebook))
Sin O'Connor - (Book: Sexy As Sin)
Sam Worth - (Book: Sexy Lexy)
Sir Hugh - (Book: Shades of Winter)
Shane Crowe - (Book: Shadow and Silk)
Shane Crowe - (Book: Shadow and Silk (reissue))
Samuel Gerard - (Book: Shadow and the Star, The)
Shadow Bear - (Book: Shadow Bear)
Shadow Bear - (Book: Shadow Bear)
Simon DuCaine - (Book: Shadow Kin)
Shiloh Burns - (Book: Shadow of the Mountains)
Sheikh Shahin Aswadi - (Book: Shadow of the Sheikh)
Shane Kennedy - (Book: Shadow of Time, The)
Shane Kennedy - (Book: Shadow of Time, The (reissue))
Stefano Ferraro - (Book: Shadow Rider)
Sir Guy Warwick - (Book: Shadow Rider, A)
Shadow Ochoa - (Book: Shadow's Stand)
Sabin Travers - (Book: Shadower)
Sir Gareth of Caerleon - (Book: Shadows and Lace)
Shane O'Donnell - (Book: Shadows and Ruins)
Sergeant Dan Watson - (Book: Shadows of Midnight)
Shado Jackson - (Book: Shake My Tree (ebook))
Shane Walker - (Book: Shane's Bride)
Shane Daniels - (Book: Shane's Last Stand (reissue))
Sam - (Book: Sharing Sam)
Sean Templeton - (Book: Sharpest Edge, The)
Shane Garrett - (Book: Shattered)
Steve Macmillan - (Book: Shattered)
Scott Buchanan - (Book: Shattered (Hardcover))
Scott Buchanan - (Book: Shattered (paperback))
Scott Michaels - (Book: Shattered Identity)
Scott Michaels - (Book: Shattered Identity (large print))
Sam Pierce - (Book: Shattered Souls)
Shayne O’Malley - (Book: Shayne: the Pretender)
Sebastian Easton - (Book: She Tempts the Duke)
Sheik Jamal Abd Thabit - (Book: Sheik)
Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar - (Book: Sheik's Bartered Bride, The)
Sheik Zakir Al Arif - (Book: Sheik's Command, The)
Sheik Shakir Kadir - (Book: Sheik's Lost Princess, The)
Sheik Saeed ibn Ahmad - (Book: Sheik's Safety)
Sayed - (Book: Sheik's Scandal, The)
Sheikh Malek Aal Hamdaan - (Book: Sheikh Surgeon's Proposal, The)
Sheikh Salah Al Khouri - (Book: Sheikh's Betrayal)
Sheikh Kahlil - (Book: Sheikh's Captive Bride, The)
Sheikh Malik Hourani
Crown Prince of Bha’Khar
- (Book: Sheikh's Contract Bride, The (UK))
Sheikh Malik Hourani - (Book: Sheikh's Contract Bride, The [Large Print])
Sheikh Qasim - (Book: Sheikh's Convenient Bride, The)
Sheikh Alim El-Kanar - (Book: Sheikh's Destiny, The)
Sheikh Tair - (Book: Sheikh's Disobedient Bride, The (UK))
Sheikh Hanif - (Book: Sheikh's Guarded Heart, The)
Sheikh Karim - (Book: Sheikh's Impatient Virgin, The)
Sharif - (Book: Sheikh's Last Seduction, The)
Sheikh Khaled - (Book: Sheikh's Love-Child, The)
Sheikh Salim al Taj - (Book: Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress, The)
Sheikh Ali Ben Saleem - (Book: Sheikh's Reward, The)
Sheikh Ben Ramir - (Book: Sheikh's Secret Son, The)
Sheikh Kalen Nuri - (Book: Sheikh's Virgin, The)
Sheriff Daniel Galvez - (Book: Shelter from the Storm)
Sam Montford - (Book: Shelter In His Arms)
Sam Bishop - (Book: Sheriff's Sweetheart, The)
Sheridan Devlin
Lord Wynford
- (Book: Sherry's Comet)
Swen Siwardson - (Book: Shielded Heart, The)
Sebastian Perry - (Book: Shifter's Claim)
Songan - (Book: Shifters' Storm)
Shiloh - (Book: Shiloh's Promise)
Sam Crider - (Book: Shiver)
Sam Romano - (Book: Short, Sweet And Sexy)
Shane Corbett - (Book: Shotgun Bride)
Sam Beaumont - (Book: Shotgun Bridegroom)
Simeon - (Book: Shotgun Wedding)
Sheriff Logan Brewer - (Book: Showdown With the Sheriff [Large Print])
Sky Gomez - (Book: Shut Up and Kiss Me)
Sefano Lucchesi - (Book: Sicilian Surrender, The)
Spencer Anderson - (Book: Side of Heaven, This (reissue))
Sam Pickett - (Book: Sierra Bride)
Sam - (Book: Sigma (ebook))
Sam Hawkins - (Book: Silena)
Sheriff Jake McAdams - (Book: Silence Of Midnight , The)
Sean Rogan - (Book: Silenced)
Stefano Marinelli - (Book: Silent Heart)
Sean MacNeil - (Book: Silent Memories)
Steven Barlow
Chief of Homicide
- (Book: Silent Reckoning)
Simon Westland - (Book: Silent Revenge)
Spencer Sloane - (Book: Silent Surrender)
Steven Barlow, Detective - (Book: Silent Weapon)
Stuart - (Book: Silken Roses)
Saxon D'Avenant - (Book: Silver and Sapphires)
Sir Miles Rushden - (Book: Silver Bride, The)
Steve - (Book: Silver Butterfly)
Silver Feather - (Book: Silver Feather)
Silver McQuade - (Book: Silver Mist)
Simon, Earl of Hawkesmoor - (Book: Silver Rose)
Simon Aristide - (Book: Silver Rose, The)
Silver Wing - (Book: Silver Wing)
Simon York - (Book: Silver Zephyr)
Simon Evans - (Book: Simon Says)
Simon Cantrell - (Book: Simon Says . . Marry Me!)
Simon Lassiter - (Book: Simon Says...)
Simon of Beauvallet
- (Book: Simon The Coldheart)
Simon Beauvallet - (Book: Simon the Coldheart (reprint))
Simon de Beresford - (Book: Simon's Lady)
Simon Jones - (Book: Simon's Wicked Web)
Seth Bryant - (Book: Simply Decadent)
Seth Bryant - (Book: Simply Decadent (ebook))
Steve Maddox - (Book: Simply Heaven)
Sydnam Butler - (Book: Simply Love (Hardcover))
Sydnam Butler - (Book: Simply Love (reissue))
Sinclair Reasoner - (Book: Sin)
Styr Hardrata - (Book: Sin With a Viking, To)
Sinclair Reasoner - (Book: Sinful Intentions)
Sterling Prescott - (Book: Sinfully Sexy )
Stony Arnett - (Book: Single in the Saddle)
Sinjin Rayborne - (Book: Sinjin)
Sebastian Griffin
Duke of Melbourne
- (Book: Sins of a Duke)
Sebastian Griffin
Duke of Melbourne
- (Book: Sins of a Duke (Large Print))
Slade Hunter - (Book: Sins of Adaven)
Sean Delaney - (Book: Sins of Lady Dacey, The)
Stephen de Verre
- (Book: Sins of the Knight (ebook))
Samuel Stafford - (Book: Siren's Secret)
Sam Cooper - (Book: Size Matters)
Sam Kincaid - (Book: Sizzle)
Sam Kincaid - (Book: Sizzle (paperback))
Stephen Ball, Sir - (Book: Skylark)
Skyler Hawk - (Book: Skyler Hawk: Lone Brave)
Slade Johnson - (Book: Slade)
Slade Baron - (Book: Slade Baron's Bride)
Slade Logan - (Book: Slade's Secret Son)
Solomon Maclaine - (Book: Slave To Love)
Strian of Kurit - (Book: Sleeper Awakes, The (ebook))
Strian of Kurit - (Book: Sleeper Awakes, The (paperback))
Spenser Reed - (Book: Sleeping Arrangements)
SIr James Stoker - (Book: Sleeping Beauty)
Sam Wilder - (Book: Sleeping Beauty & the Marine)
Sam Hardy - (Book: Sleeping Partners)
Sully Paxton - (Book: Sleeping With Danger)
Steve Grasso - (Book: Slingshot Moves)
Slade Madaris - (Book: Slow Burn)
Sloan Abbott - (Book: Slow Dancing with a Texan)
Slow Larkin - (Book: Slow Larkin's Revenge)
Saxon Maclean - (Book: Slow Twitch)
Sam Mitchell - (Book: Smiles)
Sebastia Frasier - (Book: Smoke on the Water)
Seth Hammond - (Book: Smoky Mountain Mist, The)
Seth Hammond - (Book: Smoky Mountain Mist, The (large print))
Shannon Carne - (Book: Smouldering Flame, The)
Sam Coble - (Book: Snow Angel)
Stuart Ferguson - (Book: Snow Drifter (ebook))
Stone - (Book: Snow Fire)
Sam Moss - (Book: Snowbirds, The)
Sam Whittaker - (Book: Snowbound Bride)
Sam Whittaker - (Book: Snowbound Bride (reissue))
Sean Ryan - (Book: Snowbound with the Boss)
Sebastian Corder - (Book: Snowed in with the Billionaire (large print))
Shane Maresca - (Book: So Irresistible)
Scott - (Book: So Much Closer)
Scott Abrams - (Book: So Much Closer (reissue))
Soaring Eagle - (Book: Soaring Eagle's Embrace)
Simon Pearce - (Book: Society-Page Seduction)
Sam Butler - (Book: Soft Place to Fall, A)
Stefan Ziakas - (Book: Sold to the Enemy)
Stefan Ziakas - (Book: Sold to the Enemy (large print))
Spencer Anders - (Book: Soldier's Oath, A)
Slade Donovan - (Book: Solitaire)
Sloan - (Book: Solitary Soldier)
Sinjin Avery - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening)
Shane Conner - (Book: Some Girls Do)
Sheldon St. Romaine - (Book: Some Like Them Rich)
Sean Brannigan - (Book: Someday Soon)
Sam Springer - (Book: Someone Like You)
Steven Sayers - (Book: Something Beautiful)
Steven Sayers - (Book: Something Beautiful (reissue))
Steve Cameron - (Book: Something Extra)
Sam - (Book: Something In Common (ebook))
Sam Owen Brimstone - (Book: Something's Gotta Give)
Stephen Wentworth - (Book: Song of the Lark)
Shaun Murphy - (Book: Sooner or Later)
Sutton West - (Book: Soul Magic)
Spenser Griffith - (Book: Soul Survivor)
Shane Morgan - (Book: Southern Charms)
Sebastian Alexander - (Book: Spare, The)
Shawn Jameson - (Book: Special Agent Nanny)
Sebastian Stone - (Book: Special Forces Rendezvous)
Sam Oliver, Colonel - (Book: Special Gifts)
Sean O'Malley - (Book: Spellbound)
Sean O'Malley - (Book: Spellbound (reprint))
Spencer Westmoreland - (Book: Spencer's Forbidden Passion)
Sebastian Russo - (Book: Spin Devil)
Stefan Prakenskii - (Book: Spirit Bound)
Sabriel Mercer - (Book: Spirit Of A Hunter)
Shadow Hawk - (Book: Spirit Path, The)
Spirit Warrior - (Book: Spirit Warrior)
Seth English - (Book: Spirited)
Sir Gareth Ludlow - (Book: Sprig Muslin (new edition))
Scully Wainwright - (Book: Springwater)
Scully Wainwright - (Book: Springwater (reprint))
Shep Lewis - (Book: Spy in the Saddle)
Sean Rogan - (Book: Stalked)
Shaun O'Neill - (Book: Stalker in the Shadows)
Shaun O'Neill - (Book: Stalker in the Shadows (large print))
Scott Matthews - (Book: Stand-In Mom)
Sam Wallace - (Book: Star-Crossed Parents)
Sam Beringer - (Book: Starfire (reissue))
Sebastian Asteril - (Book: StarJumper's Bride)
Squidge - (Book: Starstruck)
Sawyer Robertson - (Book: Stay With Me Forever)
Sergei - (Book: Staying Dead)
Saxon Ciantar - (Book: Steamy Surrender (UK))
Seth Donovan - (Book: Step by Step)
Spider Webb - (Book: Step Into My Parlor)
Stern Westmoreland - (Book: Stern)
Stern Westmoreland - (Book: Stern / Bachelor Untamed)
Steve Sommers - (Book: Steve's Story)
Sherriff Dane Jantzen - (Book: Still Waters)
Shaw Kinnard - (Book: Sting (hardcover))
Sean Rogan - (Book: Stolen)
Sean O'Neil - (Book: Stolen Bride, The)
Sebastian - (Book: Stolen Bride, The)
Sebastian - (Book: Stolen Bride, The (large print))
Sir Marius - (Book: Stolen Bride, The (reissue))
Sheikh Khaled Al-Ateeq - (Book: Stolen by the Sheikh)
Stephen Ashworth - (Book: Stolen Hearts)
Simon Malmain - (Book: Stolen Magic)
Seth Gantry - (Book: Stolen Moments)
Sean King - (Book: Stolen Moments)
Stefan Vanechka - (Book: Stolen Promise)
Samuel - (Book: Stolen Remains)
Shane Maxwell - (Book: Stolen Seduction)
Stefan - (Book: Stolen Splendor)
Spar - (Book: Stone Cold Lover)
Stone Westmoreland - (Book: Stone Cold Surrender)
Sebastian Stone - (Book: Stone in the Sea, A)
Sebastien le Bret - (Book: Stone Maiden, The)
Sam Temple - (Book: Stonebrook Cottage)
Shane Warren - (Book: Storm Force)
Snake Mendez - (Book: Storm Kissed)
Storm Rider, Chief - (Book: Storm Rider)
Sterling Jeter - (Book: Storm that is Sterling, The)
Steve Baylor - (Book: Storm Warning)
Sean Culhane - (Book: Stormfire)
Shadrach Jones - (Book: Storming Paradise)
Sam Franklin - (Book: Storybook Romance)
Special Agent Eric Vinland - (Book: Straight Through the Heart)
Sean Carmichael - (Book: Stranded With Her Ex)
Sean Frame - (Book: Strange Bedfellows)
Sam - (Book: Stranger)
Sam Lambert - (Book: Stranger At The Door (reissue))
Seth Anderson - (Book: Stranger in a Small Town)
Seth Anderson - (Book: Stranger in a Small Town (Large Print))
Sam Wallace - (Book: Stranger in Room 205, The)
Sebastian de la Cruz - (Book: Stranger's Embrace)
Saul Gonzago - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Seth - (Book: Strangers When We Married)
Sebastian Valenti - (Book: Strings Attached (ebook))
Shayne Mahoney - (Book: Strong and Sexy)
Shayne Mahoney - (Book: Strong and Sexy (reprint))
Sheikh Damon El Karim - (Book: Strong, Hot Winds)
Stefan / Damon - (Book: Struggle, The)
Samual Winslow - (Book: Stuck on You)
Stygian - (Book: Stygian's Honor)
Styx - (Book: Styx's Storm)
Styxx - (Book: Styxx (hardcover))
Sam Braydon - (Book: Suburban Renewal)
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Blues)
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Blues (mass market))
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Dreams)
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Dreams (reprint))
Seth Mortenson - (Book: Succubus On Top )
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus on Top (reprint))
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Revealed)
Shane - (Book: Sudden Recall)
Simon "Devil" Dure - (Book: Suddenly)
Sam Edwards - (Book: Suddenly Family)
Sean O'Neil - (Book: Suddenly Last Summer)
Slade Sutton - (Book: Suddenly, Annie's Father)
Shawn Phillips - (Book: Sugar Vs. Spice)
Sinclair Sullivan - (Book: Sullivan)
Sullivan Barnett - (Book: Sullivan's Miracle)
Sultan Malik Roman Nuri - (Book: Sultan's Bought Bride, The)
Sultan Tariq bin Omar al-Sharma - (Book: Sultan's Virgin Bride, The [Large Print])
Stephen Morales - (Book: Sultry Storm)
Stephen Ames - (Book: Summer Dream)
Samuel Desdune - (Book: Summer Heat)
Shane Stryker - (Book: Summer Nights)
Shane - (Book: Summer Rose)
Sir Marcel Ainsworth - (Book: Summer's Bride (Series: Ainsworth's Brides - Book 3))
Seth Keegan - (Book: Summers Past)
Sarr van Diederijk - (Book: Sun and Candlelight)
Sarre van Diederijk - (Book: Sun and Candlelight (reissue))
Sarr van Diederijk - (Book: Sun and Candlelight (UK))
Sarr van Diederijk - (Book: Sun and Candlelight (UK-reissue))
Steven Randall - (Book: Sun Dancer's Legacy)
Stalking Horse - (Book: Sun Dancer's Passion)
Sun Hawk - (Book: Sun Hawk)
Sean Gilroy - (Book: Surf Girl School)
Sam Chadwick - (Book: Surgeon's Care, A (UK))
Steve Colton - (Book: Surgeon's Love-Child, The)
Spence Hauk - (Book: Surprise - You're a Daddy)
Scott Pearson - (Book: Surprise Partners)
Sam Winston - (Book: Surprise! Surprise!)
Sam Winston - (Book: Surprise! Surprise! (ebook))
Storm Carmichael - (Book: Surprised By A Baby)
Selig Haardrad - (Book: Surrender My Love)
Selig Haardrad - (Book: Surrender My Love (ebook))
Spence Kincaid - (Book: Surrender the Dream)
Seth Braxton - (Book: Surrender the Wind)
Sean Dononvan - (Book: Surrender to a Donovan)
Sterling Mabry - (Book: Surrender to the Devil)
Scott Frasier - (Book: Survival Instinct)
Sebastian Riker - (Book: Surviving Ice)
Sawyer Day - (Book: Sweet Desire)
Samuel 'Sam' Hatchard - (Book: Sweet Fortune)
Sam Hatchard - (Book: Sweet Fortune (reissue))
Sinclair Jefferson - (Book: Sweet Haven)
Sawyer Brock - (Book: Sweet Justice)
Seth Cavanaugh - (Book: Sweet Justice)
Stephen Van Horne - (Book: Sweet Knight Times)
Sage MacKenzie - (Book: Sweet Mountain Magic)
Simon St. Cyr - (Book: Sweet Mystery)
Shane Dominic - (Book: Sweet Restraint)
Shane Dominic - (Book: Sweet Restraint (reprint))
Steve Morgan - (Book: Sweet Savage Love)
Steve Morgan - (Book: Sweet Savage Love (reissue))
Stafford Pearce
Lord of Brenna
- (Book: Sweet Sorcery)
Sweet - (Book: Sweet Spot, The)
Sam Delaney - (Book: Sweet Texas Magic)
Selig - (Book: Sweet Ultimatum)
Simon Chase - (Book: Sweetest Chase, The)
Sebastian Gallo - (Book: Sweetest Taboo, The)
Sam Law - (Book: Sweetheart Indiana)
Stoney Copeland - (Book: Sweetness and Lies)
Sam frazier - (Book: Swept Away)
Sam Gibson - (Book: Swept Away)
Schyler Henderson - (Book: Swept Away (reissue))
Swift Horse - (Book: Swift Horse)
Sean Lindstrom - (Book: Switch, The)
Saber - (Book: Sword, The)
Sundance Jonson - (Book: Sworn to Protect)
Shane Ford - (Book: Sworn to Protect)
Svlvester Rayne
Duke of Salford
- (Book: Sylvester)
Sylvester, Duke of Salford - (Book: Sylvester (new edition))
Sean McGuire - (Book: Table for Five (reissue))
Special Agent Jackson Crowne - (Book: Tailspin)
Sir Liam James - (Book: Take Me If You Can)
Sam Lang - (Book: Take No Prisoners)
Steve Cutter - (Book: Taken)
Storm - (Book: Taken By Storm)
Storm - (Book: Taken By Storm (reissue))
Saber Lawrence - (Book: Taken by the Prince)
Stephano Beshaley - (Book: Taken by the Wicked Rake)
Sam - (Book: Taken for Granted)
Sam Alexander - (Book: Taken For Granted (UK))
Stephen Harrison - (Book: Takes Two To Tackle (ebook))
Sam Finn - (Book: Taking Care of Business)
Shane Chase - (Book: Taking Chase)
Shea Adler - (Book: Taking Shots)
Simon Roxbury - (Book: Tale of Two Lovers, A)
Stephan Rashleigh - (Book: Talisman Bay - Lover's Talisman)
Sam Grayson - (Book: Talk Of The Town)
Seth - (Book: Talking For Two)
Spence Kimball - (Book: Taming Natasha)
Shaw MacCade - (Book: Taming of Shaw McCade)
Shea Delaney - (Book: Taming of the Teen, The)
Shane Cordello - (Book: Taming the Prince)
Spencer Daniels - (Book: Tangled Sheets)
Simon McKendrick, Sir - (Book: Tangled Web, A)
Steve Clayton - (Book: Taste For Speed, A)
Stuart Graham - (Book: Taste the Wine)
Sebastian Digby - (Book: Tattooed Duke, The)
Sam Norville - (Book: Tea for Two)
Shawn Gallagher - (Book: Tears of the Moon)
Shaw - (Book: Tease)
Skelly McKenna - (Book: Tell Me No Lies)
Sheldon Ford - (Book: Tell Me You Love Me)
Scout Ritland - (Book: Temperatures Rising)
Scout Ritland - (Book: Temperatures Rising (reissue))
Shaun Lennox - (Book: Temple of the Moon)
Sean King - (Book: Temporary Mrs. King, The)
Shadoe Sinclair - (Book: Temptation)
Steven Long - (Book: Temptation And Lies)
Soren - (Book: Temptation at Twilight)
Sean Walker - (Book: Temptation in Shadows (ebook novella))
Sullivan Cane - (Book: Temptation's Kiss)
Sterling Thayer - (Book: Temptation's Tender Kiss)
Sir Richard - (Book: Tempted by a Warrior)
Sean McElroy - (Book: Tempted by Trouble)
Simon Belleville - (Book: Tempting)
Simon Belleville - (Book: Tempting (ebook / revised))
Samuel Breedlove,
- (Book: Tempting A Proper Lady)
Shane O'Connor - (Book: Tempting Eden)
Sheriff Tyler McBride - (Book: Tempting Evil)
Shane August - (Book: Tempting the Billionaire)
Shane August - (Book: Tempting the Billionaire)
Sebastian Grey - (Book: Ten Things I Love About You)
Sebastian Hunter - (Book: Ten Years Later....)
Steve Loring - (Book: Terms of Love)
Sebastian Ramlin - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Scout Proffitt - (Book: Texan's Choice, A)
Shep McGraw - (Book: Texan's Happily-ever-after, The)
Sam Forrester - (Book: Texan's Honor-Bound Promise, The)
Shane Rivers - (Book: Texas Angel)
Sam Chance - (Book: Texas Baby Sanctuary)
Sloan Alexander - (Book: Texas Love Song)
Sam Bass Outlaw - (Book: Texas Ranger, The)
Shenandoah - (Book: Texas Redemption)
Stone - (Book: Texas Temptation)
Sky Fletcher - (Book: Texas Tough (hardcover))
Sam McCabe - (Book: Texas Vows)
Scott Hayes - (Book: Texas Way, The)
Scott Hayes - (Book: Texas Way, The)
Shane Harrison - (Book: Texas Wedding)
Sam Tyler - (Book: Texas Wildcat)
Seth Hardin - (Book: Thanksgiving Daddy)
Seth Lessinger - (Book: Thanksgiving Prayer (reissue))
Shane Walker - (Book: That First Special Kiss)
Sam Harbeck - (Book: That's Our Baby!)
Sam Harbeck - (Book: That's Our Baby!)
Sinclair Buchanan - (Book: Thawing of Mara, The)
Sam Gallagher - (Book: Their First Thanksgiving)
Steven Rollins - (Book: Their Little Cowgirl )
Sullivan - (Book: Their Only Child)
Skip - (Book: Their Secret Child)
Stewart Kramer - (Book: Their Special-Care Baby)
Samuel Sutter - (Book: Then and Now )
Sean MacKenzie - (Book: Thicker Than Water)
Sam Canady - (Book: Thin Ice)
Steven Gravel - (Book: Third Daughter, The)
Sean Lachlan - (Book: Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 1 (ebook))
Sean Lachlan - (Book: Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 2 (ebook))
Sean Lachlan - (Book: Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 3 (ebook))
Slater McLean - (Book: This Loving Land)
Steve Marris - (Book: This Matter of Marriage)
Steve Marris - (Book: This Matter of Marriage (reissue))
Steve Marris - (Book: This Matter of Marriage (reissue))
Spencer Andersen - (Book: This Side of Heaven)
Sean St. John - (Book: This Time)
Seth Murdoch - (Book: This Time for Keeps)
Sly McEwen - (Book: Thousand Kisses Deep, A)
Sam Hawke - (Book: Thread of Deceit)
Seth Wyse - (Book: Threads of Grace)
siblings: Malachi, Gideon, and Rebecca Sullivan - (Book: Three Fates)
Spencer Raft - (Book: Thursday's Child)
Sandor Karpathan - (Book: Til the End of Time)
Seth Cantrell - (Book: Til' There Was You)
Sam Nicholson - (Book: Till the End of Time)
Scott Ramsey - (Book: Till the End of Time)
Seth Caldwell - (Book: Time Heals)
Seth Washington - (Book: Time To Heal, A)
Stephan Hallford - (Book: Time's Tapestry)
Sebastian Santiago - (Book: To Crave a Blood Moon)
Sebastian Santiago - (Book: To Crave a Blood Moon (reissue))
Salvador Montalvo - (Book: To Dance Again)
Shilah Wilde - (Book: To Desire a Wilde)
Stefan Massari - (Book: To Die For)
Sebastian Verlaine
Viscount D'Aubrey
- (Book: To Have & To Hold)
Seth Tyler - (Book: To Have and To Hold)
Sebastian Verlaine
Viscount D'Aubrey
- (Book: To Have and To Hold (reissue))
St. John Sutliffe - (Book: To Kiss a Thief)
Sorley the Hawk - (Book: To Love a Highlander)
Sam Eastman - (Book: To Love a Man)
Sam Legend - (Book: To Love a Texas Ranger)
Stephen Prescott - (Book: To Love Them All)
Sebastian Rentoul - (Book: To Love, Honor and Disobey)
Sebastian Rentoul - (Book: To Love, Honour and Disobey (UK))
Sinclair St. John - (Book: To Pleasure a Duke)
Sterling Sinclair - (Book: To Sin With a Stranger)
Sir Phillip - (Book: To Sir Phillip, With Love)
Sheikh Shaheen Aal Shalaan - (Book: To Tame a Sheikh)
Seth Atherton - (Book: To Tame A Texan's Heart)
Simeon Kavanaugh - (Book: To Tame a Wolf)
Simon Powell - (Book: To Tame the Wind)
Samuel Hartley - (Book: To Taste Temptation)
Sir William Keith - (Book: To Tempt a Knight)
Sir Alexander Jones - (Book: To Tempt a Saint)
Sam Brody - (Book: To the Limit)
Spencer Reeves - (Book: To Touch the Sky)
Stephen Martinovic - (Book: To Touch the Stars)
Steve Gardner, Detective - (Book: To Trust A Stranger)
Shane Merritt - (Book: To Wed a Rancher)
Shane Merritt - (Book: To Wed a Rancher (large print))
Seth Tyler - (Book: Tomorrow's Dreams)
Sean Harlan - (Book: Too Far Gone)
Sebastian Brooks - (Book: Too Hot For A Spy)
Shane Harcourt - (Book: Too Hot to Handle)
Scott Bradley - (Book: Too Many Babies)
Sebastian, Viscount Ravenswood - (Book: Too Scandalous to Wed)
Sean Jameson - (Book: Torchlight)
Simon Crawford - (Book: Torey's Prayer)
Sean Kennealy - (Book: Total Rush)
Simon Cooperstone, Viscount Kilburn - (Book: Touch Me)
Sloan Janson - (Book: Touch Me (ebook))
Sir Colin of Ravenshaw - (Book: Touch of Enchantment)
Stefan - (Book: Touch of Fire, A )
Stanton Howard - (Book: Touch of Steel)
Stack Hannigan - (Book: Tough Love)
Shiloh Burns - (Book: Toward the Sunrising)
Sloan McKinney - (Book: Trace Evidence In Tarrant County)
Sheikh Zageo - (Book: Traded to the Sheikh)
Stephen - (Book: Traitor's Moon (ebook))
Sebastian St. Clair - (Book: Traitor, The)
Simon Stafford,
Marquess of Staines
- (Book: Traitorous Heart, A)
Shad Russell - (Book: Travelling Kind, The)
Sebastion Merrick - (Book: Treasure to Hold)
Sam Cutter - (Book: Treasure Worth Keeping (Large Print))
Sam Cutter - (Book: Treasure Worth Keeping, A)
Spencer Lyonns - (Book: Treasures)
Sam Goodacre - (Book: Triplets Find a Mom)
Sam Goodacre - (Book: Triplets Find a Mom (large print))
Sean Beresford - (Book: Trouble on Her Doorstep)
Sawyer O'Donnell - (Book: Trouble with Texas Cowboys, The)
Seth O'Reilly - (Book: Trouble With Twins, The)
Sebastian Plato - (Book: True Bliss)
Sam "Cougar" Houston - (Book: True Honor)
Sam Cheek - (Book: True Love Quilting Club, The)
Steve Redfern - (Book: True Marriage, A)
Sam Stark - (Book: Trust Me)
Sam Stark - (Book: Trust Me (Hardcover))
Sebastian Alberti - (Book: Truth About Harry, The)
Sam Witt, Sheriff - (Book: Truth Be Told)
Stef Costas - (Book: Turn Me On)
Shane Griffin - (Book: Turn Up the Heat)
Sire Beltran de Harcourt - (Book: Tuscany)
Stephen Etheridge - (Book: Twelfth Night)
Sam McRae - (Book: Twelve Days)
Stacy Warfield,
- (Book: Twice Betrothed)
Steven Rider - (Book: Two Against the World)
Shay McQuillan - (Book: Two Brothers - The Lawman)
Shay McQuillan
Tristan Saint-Laurent
- (Book: Two Brothers: The Lawman & the Gunslinger)
Shane Garrity - (Book: Two of Hearts)
Simon - (Book: Two Weeks With a Stranger)
Steven Leary - (Book: Tycoon for Hire (UK))
Sam Balfour - (Book: Tycoon's Secret, The)
Stephen - (Book: Ultimate Bite, The)
Sterling Powell - (Book: Ultimate Romantic Challenge, The)
Stephen Whittaker - (Book: Unbreak My Heart)
Slade Blackburn - (Book: Unbreakable Bond)
Shep Sterling - (Book: Unbridled Dreams)
Simon Herries - (Book: Unbroken Marriage, An)
Simon Herries - (Book: Unbroken Marriage, An (UK))
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unemployed (reissue))
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unsure (hardcover))
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unsure (paperback))
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unworthy)
Spencer Coburn - (Book: Under One Roof)
Sam Perry - (Book: Undercover Baby)
Stephen Chandler - (Book: Undercover Dad)
Ski Eriksen - (Book: Undoing, The)
Shamus Montgomery - (Book: Undressing Mercy)
Stephen Remington, M.D. - (Book: Unexpectedly Expecting! )
Senator Mark Newman - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Shane Claymore - (Book: Unfixable (ebook))
Silas Koole - (Book: Unforgivable)
Shawn Emerson - (Book: Unguarded)
Sean Cameron - (Book: Unholy, The)
Seth Tyler - (Book: Unlikely Places)
Simon Thorson
Earl of Milford
- (Book: Unrepentant Rake, The)
Slade Bower - (Book: UnRidden)
Simon Halleck
Lord Soames
- (Book: Unruly Bride, The)
Sam O'Rourke - (Book: Unsanctioned Memories)
Stanton Rourke - (Book: Untamed (hardcover))
Shep Hunter - (Book: Untamed Hunter, The)
Stuart Aysgarth, Viscount Mount Villiars - (Book: Untie My Heart)
Stuart Aysgarth - (Book: Untie My Heart (ebook))
Stephen Westmoreland
Earl of Langford
- (Book: Until You)
Sheene - (Book: Untouched)
Serge Marinov - (Book: Untouched by His Diamonds)
Serge Marinov - (Book: Untouched by His Diamonds (UK))
Shady O'Grady - (Book: Untouched by Man)
Stacey Darton - (Book: Unusual Bequest, A )
Sandro De Lucci - (Book: Unwanted Wife, The)
Seth Cartwright - (Book: Up Against the Wall)
Sebastian Stone - (Book: Up to No Good)
Steve Slater - (Book: Upon a Midnight Clear)
Sylvester Gilbraith
Earl of Stonebridge
- (Book: Valentine)
Stephen Thurston
Earl of Bridgeford
- (Book: Valentine for Vanessa, A)
Steven (Lance Reynolds) Winngate - (Book: Valley Of Fire)
Sigurd Sigurdsson - (Book: Vampire in Paradise)
Sly - (Book: Vampire Next Door, The)
Seth - (Book: Vampire Sheikh)
Shane Quesada - (Book: Vampire Trouble)
Seamus Fitzhugh - (Book: Vampire Vendetta)
Sir Stephen Clayburn - (Book: Velvet Touch (Series: Velvet Clayburn - Book 2))
Shaun Stevens - (Book: Verdict Is Love, The)
Salvatore Veretti - (Book: Veretti's Dark Vengeance (UK))
Salvatore Veretti - (Book: Veretti's Dark Vengence)
Sam Walker - (Book: Very Convenient Marriage, A)
Storr - (Book: Viking Rose)
Sawyer Vincent - (Book: Vincent Brothers, The)
Simon Burke - (Book: Vineyard, The)
Sullivan Grayson - (Book: Virgin's Makeover, The)
Samuel - (Book: Virtuous Death, A)
Sebastian, Viscount Blackwood - (Book: Viscount's Scandalous Return, The)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Vision in Silver)
Sir Hugo Lattimer - (Book: Vixen)
Simon Blair - (Book: Vixen in Velvet)
Sir Rand Montague - (Book: Vow of Deception)
Sir Alex de Beaumont - (Book: Vow of Seduction)
Sam Roberts - (Book: Vow to Love, A)
Steve - (Book: Vow, a Ring, a Baby Ring, A)
Stephen Clearbrook - (Book: Wagered Bride, The)
Sam Fletcher - (Book: Wagered Woman)
Sir Aedan Arthur MacBride - (Book: Waking the Princess)
Swift Buck - (Book: Walk Into the Flame)
Smilin' Sam Sweeney - (Book: Walking On Sunshine)
Simon Parker - (Book: Wallbanger)
Sam Reed - (Book: Want Ad Wedding)
Sam Noble - (Book: Wanted Across Time)
Sam Duncan - (Book: Wanted Man, A)
Simon Grimshaw - (Book: Wanted: Mail-order Mistress )
Steve - (Book: Wanted: Perfect Partner)
Steve Conlan - (Book: Wanted: Perfect Partner (reissue))
Sam Waters - (Book: Wanting Forever)
Silas Stevens - (Book: Wanting His Child (Large Print))
Sam Morgan - (Book: Warm & Willing)
Sir George de Gramercie - (Book: Warrior's Bride, A)
Sir Rafe Godsol - (Book: Warrior's Damsel)
Sir Trystan De Lanyea - (Book: Warrior's Kiss, A)
Sir Reece Fitzroy - (Book: Warrior's Lady, A)
Sebastian de la Croix - (Book: Warrior's Surrender (book))
Sean Reilly - (Book: Watch Keepers)
Sam Kellar - (Book: Watch Me)
Sam Garrett - (Book: Water Witch)
Sebastian Redwing - (Book: Waterfall, The)
Sebastian Redwing - (Book: Waterfall, The (reprint))
Simon Grant - (Book: Way You Look Tonight)
Shane Elliott - (Book: Way You Love Me, The)
Simon Valentine - (Book: We'll Always Have Paris)
Simon Valentine - (Book: We'll Always Have Paris (large print))
Spencer Thomas - (Book: We'll Be Home for Christmas (ebook))
Simon Baur - (Book: Wealth of Love, A)
Sloan McCray - (Book: Weaver Beginning, A)
Samuel Morrison - (Book: Wedded in Sin)
Seth - (Book: Wedding Bells)
Spemce Cannon - (Book: Wedding Captives)
Steve Rockwell - (Book: Wedding Contract, The )
Spencer Lockhart - (Book: Wedding Daze)
Sloan Hawkins - (Book: Wedding Garden, The)
Sir William Marsh - (Book: Wedding Knight, The )
Sebastian Nikosto - (Book: Wedding Night with a Stranger)
Sebastian Nikosto - (Book: Wedding Night With a Stranger (UK))
Samuel Firth - (Book: Wedding Night, The)
Steve Corbett - (Book: Wedding of the Century)
Sebastian Wainwright - (Book: Wedding Spell)
Sebastian Sullivan - (Book: Wedding Wager, A)
Slater - (Book: Welcome To My Family)
Sebastian Durant - (Book: Well Pleasured Lady, A)
Shelley - (Book: West Wind)
Stephen Ives - (Book: What a Lady Most Desires)
Simon Ravenbill - (Book: What a Lady Needs)
Stuart Drake - (Book: What a Woman Needs)
Stuart Drake - (Book: What a Woman Needs (reprint))
Sean Manley - (Book: What a Woman Wants)
Sir Harry Valentine - (Book: What Happens in London)
Sam Pierce - (Book: What Sarah Saw)
Simon Crathorne,
Duke of Billingham
- (Book: What the Duke Desires)
Sakis Pantelides - (Book: What the Greek's Money Can't Buy)
Scott - (Book: What You Made Me)
Sam Tolliver - (Book: What You Wish For)
Sam Tolliver - (Book: What You Wish For (reissue))
Sam Gatlin - (Book: When a Texan Gambles)
Serge - (Book: When Darkness Hungers)
Swanson - (Book: When Day Breaks)
Simon O'Neal - (Book: When Lightning Strikes)
Scott Carver - (Book: When Morning Comes)
Seth Brody - (Book: When Night Draws Near)
Sloan Devereaux - (Book: When Somebody Wants You)
Simeon Jermyn - (Book: When the Duke Returns)
Sean Richter - (Book: When the Storm Breaks)
Sariel Valasay - (Book: When You Believe)
Sariel - (Book: When You Believe)
Sariel Valasay - (Book: When You Believe (reissue))
Simon Ascot - (Book: When You're Desired)
Shane Cummings - (Book: Where There's Smoke)
Shiloh Burns - (Book: Where Two Seas Meet)
Sawyer Kern - (Book: While She Was Sleeping...)
Sion Sinclair - (Book: While You Slept)
Sebastien Durand - (Book: Whisper My Name)
Sam Reyes - (Book: Whispers Under a Southern Sky)
Striking Thunder - (Book: White Flame)
Storm Philips - (Book: White Lace)
Steve Crossfield - (Book: White Lies)
Steve Crossfield - (Book: White Lies (reissue))
Squidge - (Book: White Lies and Barefaced Truth)
Sam Russell - (Book: White Lightning)
Stuart Delaney - (Book: White Orchid)
Sheriff Tyler - (Book: White Vengeance)
Steve Houghten - (Book: Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?)
Semyon Taruskin - (Book: Wicked)
Sir Tobin de Clare - (Book: Wicked)
Stuart Rowland, Marquess of Mercer - (Book: Wicked All Day)
Sam - (Book: Wicked Expsure)
Shane McAllister - (Book: Wicked Game)
Sevastian Maksimi - (Book: Wicked in Your Arms)
Sebastian Boscastle - (Book: Wicked Lord at the Wedding, A)
Sloan Hardt - (Book: Wicked Night Games)
Sam - (Book: Wicked Release)
Sebastian Hale - (Book: Wicked, The (ebook novella))
Steyne - (Book: Wickedest Lord Alive, The)
Sam Corbett - (Book: Wickedly Powerful)
Sir Alex Somers - (Book: Widow's Bargain, The)
Stephen Wakeham, Sir - (Book: Widow's Folly)
Seth Miller - (Book: Widow's Hope, A)
Sheriff Jared McQuaid - (Book: Widow's Little Secret, The)
Shayne Kerrigan - (Book: Wife in the Mail)
Sir Hugh of Sennet - (Book: Wife Test, The)
Solo Maffeiano - (Book: Wife: Bought and Paid For)
Sebastian Caine - (Book: Wild (ebook novella))
Seth Chandler - (Book: Wild and Willing)
Seth McCutcheon - (Book: Wild Card, The)
Silas Lord - (Book: Wild Child, The)
Steele Norington,
- (Book: Wild Dawn Fever)
Strong Heart - (Book: Wild Embrace)
Simon deVries - (Book: Wild Encounter)
Sean Kerry - (Book: Wild Irish Heather)
Sage Duross - (Book: Wild Irish West, The)
Sean Collins - (Book: Wild Kisses)
Scott O'Roarke - (Book: Wild Magnolia)
Sam McGuire - (Book: Wild Mustang Woman)
Saxby Cole - (Book: Wild Nights (ebook))
Stephan Fairfax-Lacy
Earl of Spade
- (Book: Wild Pursuit, A)
Sage - (Book: Wild Splendor (aka Savage Nights))
Sullivan Jones - (Book: Wild Texas Rose)
Sean MacDougal - (Book: Wild Texas Wind)
Seth Heller - (Book: Wild Thing)
Strong Wolf - (Book: Wild Thunder (aka Savage Rage))
Strong Wolf - (Book: Wild Thunder (reissue))
Sir Alexandre -Alex- de Périgeaux (White Solitary Wolf) - (Book: Wild Wind)
Simon Caldwell - (Book: Wild Wolf)
Sam Zachary - (Book: Wild Wyoming Love)
Sawyer Wilde - (Book: Wilde Side)
Scott Wilde - (Book: Wilde Side, The)
Scott Wilde - (Book: Wilde Side, The (reissue))
Steve Wilde - (Book: Wilde Thing)
Steve Wilde - (Book: Wilde Thing (reissue))
Sean Wilder - (Book: Wilder Wedding, The)
Stephen - (Book: Wildflowers)
Sam Winslow - (Book: Willow Brook Road)
Spencer Gregory - (Book: Willowleaf Lane)
Sebastian Case - (Book: Win-Win Proposition, A)
Syn-Jern Sorn - (Book: WindChance)
Slade - (Book: Winds Across Texas)
Sean Tate - (Book: Winds of Fortune)
Shamus Fitzgerald - (Book: Wings Of Time)
Shane Donovan - (Book: Winner Takes It All, The)
Seth Cameron - (Book: Winner's Circle, The)
Sebastian Blake - (Book: Winning the Billionaire)
Sandy Montdulac - (Book: Winter Dreams)
Simon Aguilar - (Book: Winter Is Past)
Simon de Senlis - (Book: Winter Mantle)
Stuart York - (Book: Winter Roses)
Stuart York - (Book: Winter Roses (reissue))
Stuart York - (Book: Winter Roses (UK))
Stephen Dorsett - (Book: Winter Secrets (ebook))
Steen Olsen - (Book: Winter Wishes)
Stone - (Book: Wish Upon a Matchmaker)
Simon - (Book: Wishes Come True)
Sam MacAllister - (Book: Wishes On Water)
Samson Fairbourne - (Book: Wishing)
Stephen Larsen - (Book: Witch's Grave)
Sean Delaney - (Book: With a Vengeance)
Steve Stevens - (Book: With HIs Kiss)
Sebastian Grant, Earl of Avermore - (Book: With Seduction in MInd)
Sam Woodward - (Book: With this Child)
Sean Murphy - (Book: With This Kiss)
Samuel E. H. Reed
Earl of Laren.
- (Book: With This Ring)
Sloan Calder - (Book: Without Price)
Shane Roarke - (Book: Witness to Passion)
Sam Gray Wolf Rawlins - (Book: Witness, The)
Sullivan Quinn - (Book: Wolf at the Door)
Surlok - (Book: Wolf Prince)
Stefan - (Book: Wolf Tales)
Siön Baptiste - (Book: Wolves Den, The (ebook))
Sam Cooper - (Book: Woman On the Run)
Slade Rawlins - (Book: Woman With Mystery, A)
Seth Ridley - (Book: Woman Worth Loving, A)
Sam Sherryngton - (Book: Woman's Innocence, A)
Sir Marrok Ulfang - (Book: Woodsman, The)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Written in Red)
Simon Hopewell - (Book: Wrong Groom, Right Bride)
Stephen Wright
Viscount Endicott
- (Book: Wrong Mr. Wright, The)
Seth Harper - (Book: Wrong Side of Dead, The)
Sam - (Book: Wynter's Journey)
Sean Granger - (Book: Wyoming Sweethearts)
Sean Granger - (Book: Wyoming Sweethearts (large print))
Sam - (Book: XXX Marks the Spot)
Steve Rodriguez - (Book: Yesterday's Enemy)
Steven Chambers - (Book: You and I)
Sam McPhee - (Book: You I Never Knew, The)
Sam Hairston - (Book: You Made Me Love You)
Slater - (Book: You Owe Me)
Slater James - (Book: You Owe Me (UK))
Slater Vaughn - (Book: You Really Got Me)
Stan Michaels - (Book: You-Can't-Make-Me Bride, The)
Sebastien Valentin - (Book: Your Wish is my Command)
Sean Kowalski - (Book: Yours to Keep)
Sean O'Neill - (Book: Yours To Seduce)
Sam McKendrick - (Book: Yule Be Mine)
Spencer Montgomery - (Book: Yuletide Protector)
Sam Hamilton - (Book: Zero to Sixty)


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