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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with V

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Viscount Benham - (Book: Abducted Heiress, The)
Victor Argeneau - (Book: Accidental Vampire, The)
Vincenzo - (Book: Accidentally Pregnant!)
Varian - (Book: Alliance Forged)
Victor Richardson - (Book: Among the Tulips)
Viktor - (Book: Animal Instinct (ebook))
Victor - (Book: Ardent Suitor, The)
Vince Harding - (Book: Are You Lonesome Tonight?)
Vincent Hunt - (Book: Arrangement, The)
Ven - (Book: Atlantis Awakening)
Vincent de la Eresman,
Duke of Suffolk
- (Book: Awaken My Fire)
Vincente de Riano - (Book: Baby Business, The)
Vic Jansen - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours )
Virgil Bougard - (Book: Bachelor Unforgiving)
Vaughan Hurley - (Book: Back to You)
Viscount Westfield - (Book: Bargain Bride, The)
Vance Gautreau - (Book: Bayou Moon)
Vic Barinov - (Book: Bite Me)
Vincent Argeneau - (Book: Bite to Remember, A)
Veraidan Cree - (Book: BlackWind: Viraiden and Bronwyn (ebook))
Viscount Blackwood - (Book: Blackwood Bride, The)
Vance Anson - (Book: Blind to Love)
Varik Badelaire - (Book: Blood Secrets)
Viscount Joseph d'Auvers-Raimond - (Book: Bookseller's Daugher, The)
Vidal - (Book: Bought by a Billionaire )
Vittorio Donatelli - (Book: Bought By Her Italian Boss)
Vlad - (Book: Bound by Flames)
Viscount Sanburne - (Book: Bound By Your Touch)
Vaughn Kyle - (Book: Buffalo Valley)
Vance Smith - (Book: Bungalow Nights)
Vincent Roberts - (Book: Butterfly Scales (ebook))
Vincent Cathardy - (Book: Can't Buy Me Love)
Victor Lawrence - (Book: Canis Royal: Bridefight)
Vincenz Fardelle - (Book: Captivated)
Viscount Welford - (Book: Cassandra)
Valerian Fitzhugh - (Book: Chaotic Miss Crispino, The)
Viscount Desford - (Book: Charity Girl (new edition))
Vance Rossiter - (Book: Chief Ranger, The)
Vincent George Beverly - (Book: Christmas Matchmaker, The)
Vasco Montoya - (Book: Claiming His Royal Heir)
Vince Frenci - (Book: Clandestine Cover-Up)
Valerio Lucci - (Book: Coldhearted Man, A)
Viktor Baturnov, Colonel - (Book: Colonel and the Kid, The)
Vince Montgomery - (Book: Colorado Match, A)
Vic Golinski - (Book: Company You Keep, The)
Vic Golinski - (Book: Company You Keep, The (large print))
Vance / Hart - (Book: Conjured Bliss (ebook))
Valentine, Lord Latham - (Book: Contrary Corinthian, The)
Valieri - (Book: Count Valieri's Prisoner)
Valieri - (Book: Count Valieri's Prisoner (large print))
Vasile Velicescu - (Book: Counting Midnight)
Vin DiPietro - (Book: Covet)
Vaughn Cooper - (Book: Cowboy Justice)
Vance Rivers - (Book: Cowboy She Couldn't Forget, The (ebook))
Vance Rivers - (Book: Cowboy She Couldn't Forget, The (large print))
Vince Durant - (Book: Crazy for the Cowboy)
Vidanric - (Book: Crown Duel)
Vincent Moretti - (Book: Cuff Me)
Valian de Mortenoire - (Book: Cure, The)
Valian de Mortenoire - (Book: Cure, The (ebook))
Viscount Ryder - (Book: Dance for a Lady)
Viscount Ryder - (Book: Dance for a Lady (UK))
Vaughn Garrett, Sheriff - (Book: Danger's Kiss)
Viscount Raventhorpe - (Book: Dangerous Lady)
Victor "Drake" Drakovich - (Book: Dangerous Passion)
Vincent Renault - (Book: Dark Count, The)
Vikirnoff - (Book: Dark Demon)
Victor Augustin - (Book: Dark Dreams)
Vittorio d'Severano - (Book: Dark Sicilian Secret, A)
Vittorio d'Severano - (Book: Dark Sicilian Secret, A (large print))
Vidal Cesare - (Book: Dark Venetian)
Vidal Cesare - (Book: Dark Venetian (UK))
Vidal Cesare - (Book: Dark Venetian (UK-Hardcover))
Valijon Starbringer - (Book: Darktraders)
Vaughan Slater - (Book: Daughter's Dilemma, A)
Victor Banning - (Book: Days of Summer, The)
Valeryn Barone - (Book: Dead Man's Kiss (ebook))
Vladimir Xendzov - (Book: Dealing Her Final Card)
Vladimir Xendzov - (Book: Dealing Her Final Card (large print))
Valerian Hawkesworth, Duke of Farminster - (Book: Deceived)
Valerian Hawkesworth - (Book: Deceived (reprint))
Vincent Morgenstern - (Book: December Deal, The)
Vince Cutler - (Book: Deck the Halls)
Vince Cutler - (Book: Deck the Halls (reissue))
Vincent Dilorenzo/Seraphim Kellen - (Book: Deep Red)
Vince Leone - (Book: Deeper than the Dead (hardcover))
Vince Leone - (Book: Deeper than the Dead (paperback))
Virgil Connor - (Book: Desperado Lawman)
Van Murphy - (Book: Destiny's Interlude)
Viscount Leo Kierston - (Book: Diamond Slipper, The)
Vito Ciccotelli - (Book: Die For Me)
Vaughan Hewson - (Book: Dirty)
Van MacAllister - (Book: Dishing It Out)
Vic Drummond - (Book: Do You Believe)
Vigholf the Abhorrent - (Book: Dragon Who Loved Me, The)
Vincent Verax, Sir - (Book: Duel of Love)
Viscount David Thurlow - (Book: Duke in Disguise, The)
Valentine Napier - (Book: Duke of Sin)
Valdemar, King of the Elven people - (Book: Ellie and the Elven King)
Viper - (Book: Embrace The Darkness)
Viscount Reading - (Book: Enchanting Stranger, The)
Valor Godwin, Sir - (Book: Enchanting, The)
Vincenz Cristescu - (Book: Eternal Passion)
Vernon Trent - (Book: Even the Nights are Better )
Vincenzo - (Book: Expecting the Prince's Baby)
Valerian Fitzpatrick - (Book: Expressly Yours, Samantha)
Vic Adesso - (Book: Fair Winds)
Viorel Hudson - (Book: Fame)
Vimcenzo - (Book: Family for Keeps, A)
Vaughn Ryder - (Book: Family, At Last, A)
Viscount Worthen - (Book: Fanciful Heiress, The)
Violanti D'Arco - (Book: Fetish)
Venor Brun - (Book: First Heat (ebook))
Vance Banning - (Book: First Impressions)
Vance Banning - (Book: First Impressions (reissue))
Victor Pindar - (Book: Five Geese Flying)
Vitas de Mendoza - (Book: Flame of Diablo)
Victor Fontana - (Book: Flights of Passion)
Vanessa - (Book: Followin' A Dream)
Valerian Rainewood - (Book: For The Earl's Pleasure)
Vaughn Wardell - (Book: Forbidden)
Vincent Dante - (Book: Forbidden Passion)
Vail - (Book: Forever Vampire)
Vail - (Book: Forever Vampire)
Viscount of Windham - (Book: Fortune Hunter, The)
Viscount Clayburn - (Book: Francesca's Rake)
Vincent Rolland - (Book: Frenchman's Bride, The)
Venom - (Book: Fury of Obsession)
Viscount Brentwood - (Book: Gentleman Never Tells, A)
Viscount Garth - (Book: Georgiana)
Vance Waverly - (Book: Gilded Secrets)
Vincent O’Mally - (Book: Gingerbread Man, The)
Vermeer - (Book: Girl With a Pearl Earring)
Vince Tremonti - (Book: Girls Night)
Vince Coronado - (Book: Good Daughter, The)
Vince Coronado - (Book: Good Daughter, The (reissue))
Vicious - (Book: Grabbed by Vicious (ebook))
Victor Allen
aka Victor Alain
Marquis de Beauchante
- (Book: Gretna Bride)
Valerian Caine - (Book: Gwen's Christmas Ghost)
Viktor Karoly - (Book: Gypsy Lovers, The)
Victor Santiago - (Book: Hand In Glove)
Valentijn van Bertes - (Book: Hannah)
Valentijn van Bertes - (Book: Hannah (reissue))
Valentijn van Bertes - (Book: Hannah (UK))
Valentijn van Bertes - (Book: Hannah (UK-reissue))
Vin Fox - (Book: Having Her)
Viscount Langley - (Book: Heart of the Falcon)
Valentine Drakul - (Book: Help I'm Falling For The Vampire Next Door (ebook))
Vito Cesare - (Book: Her Final Fling)
Vince Ferrelli - (Book: Her Hidden Truth)
Vince Ferrelli - (Book: Her Hidden Truth (reissue))
Vincent DeLuca - (Book: Her Last Chance)
Viscount Nicholas Stoneworth - (Book: Her Notorious Viscount)
Vincenzo Ravenelli - (Book: Her Secret Bridegroom)
Victor Damien - (Book: Hero in Disguise)
Vassos Gordanis - (Book: Highest Stakes of All, The)
Ving Duncan - (Book: His Strings to Pull (ebook))
Vito Farneste - (Book: His Wedding Ring Of Revenge)
Vincent Dilorenzo - (Book: Holiday Stalking, The)
Vincent Everett
Baron of Windsmoor
- (Book: Home for the Holidays)
Vern Taylor - (Book: Hot Point)
Vic Moore - (Book: Hot Pursuit (ebook))
Vince Deluca - (Book: Hotshot)
Victor Collins - (Book: Hunger Untamed (ebook))
Vitor Courtenay - (Book: I Adored a Lord)
Vittorio Ridgewood - (Book: I Want You To Want Me)
Vic Carponti - (Book: I'll Be Home for Christmas (ebook novella))
Valentine Tremaine - (Book: In The Midnight Hour)
Vaughan Mason - (Book: In The Rich Man's World)
Vincent Valtrez - (Book: Insatiable Desire)
Virgil Skinner - (Book: Inside)
Vinh Murphy - (Book: Into the Fire (Hardcover))
Valerian - (Book: Into the Night)
Varian St. Clare - (Book: Iron Rose, The)
Vaughn Roberts - (Book: It Happened One Wedding)
Valentino Silvestri - (Book: Italian Next Door..., The)
Vittorio Vincenzi - (Book: Italian Surgeon's Secret, The)
Vincente Farnese - (Book: Italian's Passionate Revenge)
Vito Giordani - (Book: Italian's Revenge)
Vivaldi - (Book: Italian, The)
Victor Raven - (Book: Just One Look (ebook))
Viscount Linford - (Book: Keeper for Lord Linford, A)
Vincent Fortune - (Book: Keeping Her Safe)
Vincent Fortune - (Book: Keeping Her Safe (reissue))
Vikar Sigurdsson - (Book: Kiss of Pride)
Viscount Davenport - (Book: Kiss of Spice, A)
Viscount Trowbridge - (Book: Kissing Cousins)
Vincent Galbraith - (Book: Kissing Time, The)
Varian - (Book: Knight of Darkness)
Viscount Radcliffe - (Book: Lady Dangerous)
Viscount Perth - (Book: Lady in Disgrace)
Viscount St. Stephens - (Book: Lady in Question, The)
Viscount DunDonell - (Book: Lady Killer, The)
Viscount Weston - (Book: Lady of Independence, A)
Vel - (Book: Lady Silence (ebook))
Vim Charpentier - (Book: Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish)
Viscount Kincade - (Book: Lady With A Black Umbrella)
Vere Mallory
Duke of Ainswood
- (Book: Last Hellion, The (reissue))
Vasily - (Book: Last Kiss)
Vince Grossier - (Book: Lay It Down)
Varian St. George - (Book: Lion's Daughter, The)
Valentino Ventura - (Book: Living the Charade)
Valentino Ventura - (Book: Living the Charade (large print))
Vince Lone Wolf - (Book: Lone Wolf's Woman )
Victor, Baron Caldwell - (Book: Lord Caldwell and the Cat)
Verden - (Book: Lord of the Hunt)
Vincent, Earl Yates - (Book: Lord Yates and the Yankee)
Victor Gage - (Book: Lost Legacy)
Victor Gage - (Book: Lost Legacy (large print))
Vic Hoyt - (Book: Love Beyond Reason)
Vincent DeCosta - (Book: Love for All Time, A)
Victor Lawrence - (Book: Love Lies)
Varek Von Vischering - (Book: Love Me Again)
Varien de Winter - (Book: Love Remember Me)
Vernon Warford - (Book: Love's Escapade)
Viscount Dunn - (Book: Loving Seasons, The)
Vince Rossi - (Book: Lullaby for Two)
Valentin Maratin - (Book: Madelon)
Vladamir of Kessen, Duke of Lakeshire Castle - (Book: Maiden and the Monster)
Van Haddon - (Book: Man From Her Past)
Van Haddon - (Book: Man From Her Past [Large Print])
Vic Andrews - (Book: Man Law)
Vic Andrews - (Book: Man Law (ebook))
Vittorio Ralfino - (Book: Man Who Could Never Love, The)
Van Fitzgerald - (Book: Man Worth Knowing, A)
Viscount Sheridan - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Viscount Wrackham - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A (Hardcover))
Viscount Wrackham - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A (reissue))
Viscount Alford - (Book: Married by Mistake)
Vittorio Tazzini - (Book: Married Under The Italian Sun)
Victor Bell - (Book: Meeting in the Ladies Room, A)
Valentine St. Leger - (Book: Midnight Bride)
Val - (Book: Midnight Bride (reissue))
Vincenzo Tomasi - (Book: Million Dollar Christmas Proposal)
Valentino Casali - (Book: Miracle for the Girl Next Door)
Viscount Blakeney - (Book: Mirage (ebook))
Viscount Thorpe - (Book: Miss Kendal Sets Her Cap)
Vegas - (Book: Mission Menage (ebook))
Viscount Montague - (Book: Mistletoe and Folly)
Vincent Sinclair - (Book: Mistress Diaries, The)
Vincent Mayhew
Earl of Hawkhurst
- (Book: Moonlight Masquerade)
Viscount Ashtead - (Book: Moonlight Wish, The)
Valentine Kent - (Book: Most Sinful Proposal, A)
Valentine Sinclair
Earl of Dare
- (Book: My Lady's Dare)
Viper - (Book: My Wicked Pirate)
Valancourt - (Book: Mysteries of Udolpho, The)
Vaughn Brooks - (Book: Mystic Park)
Viscount Edmund Smyth - (Book: Naked Viscount, The)
Vane Barwick - (Book: Never Desire a Duke)
Vane Kattalakis - (Book: Night Play)
Victor Bramwell - (Book: Night to Surrender, A)
Vincent Cordova - (Book: Night's Touch)
Viscount Roane - (Book: Noble Mistress, A)
Viscount St. Alban - (Book: Not-So-Victorian Viscount, The (ebook))
Vince Larusso - (Book: Nothing but Trouble)
Victor Cienfuegos - (Book: Now and Always)
Valerian - (Book: Nymph King, The)
Vincent D'Ambruzzi - (Book: Obsessed)
Vincent D'Ambruzzi - (Book: Obsessed (mass market paperback))
Viscount Thornton - (Book: On the Way to Gretna Green)
Vlad Tepesh - (Book: Once Burned)
Vincent Danzel - (Book: Once Upon a Knight)
Vincent Tremayne - (Book: One Bite Per Night)
Vincent DeMille - (Book: One on One)
Vincent Moor - (Book: Out of My Grave)
Victor - (Book: Pack Light)
Viscount Ogilvie - (Book: Payment in Kind)
Vic Noble - (Book: Penny Sue Got Lucky)
Vince Messing - (Book: People Will Talk)
Viscount Richland - (Book: Poet's Touch, A)
Vasilii Demidov - (Book: Power of Vasilii, The)
Vasilii Demidov - (Book: Power of Vasilii, The (large print))
Valin - (Book: Prince of Shadows)
Vlad Dracul - (Book: Prince of Twilight)
Virgil Black - (Book: Princess Goes West, The)
Viscount Berkley - (Book: Pursuit of Marriage, The)
Vic Cabarini - (Book: Queen of Hearts (ebook))
Vaughn Everard - (Book: Rake's Redemption, The)
Vane Cynster - (Book: Rake's Vow, A)
Val Tarrant - (Book: Raven's Heart (ebook))
Vance - (Book: Realm of the Wolf: Moon Calling)
Victor Dayton, Captain - (Book: Reason Enough)
Valentine Clement
Earl of Brede
- (Book: Reckless Beauty, A)
Vince Yarrow - (Book: Relentless)
Valerian Underwood, Sir - (Book: Reluctant Rake, The)
Viscount Cravensleigh - (Book: Reluctant Viscountess, The)
Vince Haven - (Book: Rescue Me)
Baron Thornton
- (Book: Righteous Rogue, The)
Vitale Roccanti - (Book: Roccanti's Marriage Revenge)
Vitale Roccanti - (Book: Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (large print))
Viscount Stratton - (Book: Roguish Gentleman, A)
Victor Temple - (Book: Rough Edges)
Vaughn Wilde - (Book: Running Wilde)
Viscount Rohan - (Book: Ruthless)
Vadim Aleksandrov - (Book: Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence)
Vincenzo Valentini - (Book: Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded)
Vincenzo Valentini - (Book: Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded (UK))
Vergil Duclairc - (Book: Saint, The)
Vincente Romani - (Book: Salvation of Vengeance, The)
Venom - (Book: Saved by Venom (ebook))
Viscount Dayle - (Book: Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss)
Viscount Rosemeade - (Book: Scandalous Miss, The)
Vince Keegan - (Book: Second Chance Dad)
Vince Grasso - (Book: Secret of Everything, The)
Vincent Magilinti - (Book: Security Measures)
Vincent Magilinti - (Book: Security Measures (UK))
Valentino Masini - (Book: Seduced by Sunday)
Viktor Kazanov, Prince - (Book: Seducing the Prince)
Valerius - (Book: Seize the Night)
Valerian Romney - (Book: Shadow Dance)
Virgil Bodine - (Book: She's the Sheriff)
Van - (Book: Sheltered)
Vasic - (Book: Shield of Winter (hardcover))
Vincenzo - (Book: Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby )
Vito Corsentino - (Book: Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge, The)
Vito Corsentino - (Book: Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge, The (UK))
Vittorio Farnese - (Book: Sicilian, The)
Vinter - (Book: Simple Need (ebook))
Valentin Sokorvsky - (Book: Simply Sexual (reprint))
Valentine Corbett
Marquis of Deverill
- (Book: Sin and Sensibility)
Valerio Hunan - (Book: Sinful Cravings (ebook))
Vincent Hawk - (Book: Sins from Her Past)
Victor Temple - (Book: Sleeping With the Boss)
Vince Reardon - (Book: Soldier's Devotion, A)
Vince Reardon - (Book: Soldier's Devotion, A (Large Print))
Val Fontaine - (Book: Southern Fire)
Vaughn Steiner - (Book: Speed Bumps)
Vincent - (Book: Spellbinding)
Viscount Colbridge - (Book: Spirited Seduction, A)
Van Keller - (Book: Spy Games)
Valentine Fenster - (Book: Star-Crossed Bride, The)
Varian Saar, Commander - (Book: Starlight And Splendor)
Valerio Hunan - (Book: Starved for Love (ebook))
Vincent Anthony Kimball - (Book: Steadfast Heart, The)
Vidal y Salvadores - (Book: Stormy Spanish Summer, A)
Vidal y Salvadores - (Book: Stormy Spanish Summer, A (large print))
Valerio Costa - (Book: Succubus Lost (ebook))
Viscount Wellesy - (Book: Suitable Arrangement, A)
Victor Duarte - (Book: Sundance)
Vance Kerner - (Book: Sweet Southern Bad Boy)
Viscount Steven Ashford - (Book: Swept Away by a Kiss)
Viscount Chelmsford - (Book: Talent for Trouble, A)
Viscount Chelmsford - (Book: Talent for Trouble, A (Hardcover))
Vassily Karachev - (Book: Tatya's Story)
Vincenzo D'Agostino - (Book: Temporarily His Princess)
Victor Vega - (Book: Tempting Delilah)
Vincent Navarro - (Book: Tempting Texas Treasure)
Viper - (Book: Tender Savage)
Vince Donnelly - (Book: Texan's Business Proposition, The)
Victor Maurier - (Book: Texas Captive)
Viscount Emery - (Book: Thea)
Vaughn De Matteo - (Book: Thrown Down)
Vince Logan - (Book: Thunder's Tender Touch)
Vashon - (Book: Till Dawn Tames the Night)
Valerian - (Book: Time Without End)
Vincent Camberley
- (Book: Town Follies)
Vincent Ingleton, Earl of Lonsdale - (Book: Treacherous Proposition, A)
Valin North - (Book: Treasure, The)
Vince Sullivan - (Book: Tropical Fantasy)
Valentine Ward - (Book: Trouble)
Viscount Rexford - (Book: Truly Yours)
Vic Moore - (Book: Trusting the Cowboy)
Vlad - (Book: Twice Tempted)
Valentin Jaus - (Book: Twilight Fall)
Val Janos - (Book: Ultimate Weapon)
Val Janos - (Book: Ultimate Weapon (paperback))
Victor - (Book: Undertow (ebook))
Viscount Beauforts - (Book: Unlikely Lady, An)
Vito Barbieri - (Book: Unlocking Her Innocence)
Vito Barbieri - (Book: Unlocking Her Innocence (large print))
Viscount Peterbloom - (Book: Unsuitable Suitor, The)
Victor Raphael - (Book: Untamed Love)
Valentine Alesander - (Book: Valentine)
Valentine Seymour - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A)
Valentine Seymour - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (reissue))
Valentine Seymour - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (reissue))
Valentine Seymour - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (UK))
Valentine Seymour - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (UK-reissue))
Valentine Wharton - (Book: Valentine's Change of Heart)
Val - (Book: Valentine's Night (UK))
Valentino - (Book: Valentino's Love-Child)
Voss - (Book: Vampire Voss, The)
Viscount Peregren - (Book: Vanessa)
Vinn Venadicci - (Book: Venadicci Marriage Vengeance, The)
Vinn Venadicci - (Book: Venadicci Marriage Vengeance, The (UK))
Vito di Cavalieri - (Book: Vengeful Passion, A)
Victor Rayborne - (Book: Victor)
Vikar Hrutson - (Book: Viking Warrior, Unwillling Wife)
Valente Lorenzatto - (Book: Virgin on Her Wedding Night)
Vic Steadman
- (Book: Virgin Promise)
Vad - (Book: Virtual Desire)
Valentine Windham - (Book: Virtuoso, The)
Viscount Breckenridge - (Book: Viscount Breckinridge to the Rescue)
Valerian Inglemoore, Viscount St Just - (Book: Viscount Claims His Bride, The)
Viscount Danville - (Book: Viscount's Wager, The)
Victor Bartlett
Earl of Wedmont
- (Book: Wedding Runaway, The)
Valentine Redgrave - (Book: What a Gentleman Desires)
Vincent Rand - (Book: When Pleasure Rules)
Victor Cale - (Book: When the Rogue Returns)
Vincente Santos - (Book: Who Rides the Tiger)
Vic Savian - (Book: Wicked Burn)
Vic Savian - (Book: Wicked Burn (reprint))
Valentine Whitelaw - (Book: Wild Bells to the Wild Sky)
Venge Leidolf - (Book: Wild Hunt)
Vincent Scott - (Book: Wilderness Flame)
Vinnie Pastorelli - (Book: Will You Give My Mommy a Baby?)
Vasco da Carvalho - (Book: Witch's Harvest)
Victor Nolte - (Book: With One Look)
Victor Townsend - (Book: Yesterday's Child)
Vince Murphy - (Book: You Had Me at Halo)
Vladimir Rurikovich - (Book: You're so Vein)


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