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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Heroes with first name starting with B

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Beth Cochran - (Book: $4.98 Daddy, The)
Beth and Anna - (Book: 10 Things To Do Before You're 16)
Beth Morehouse - (Book: 1225 Christmas Tree Lane (hardcover))
Beth Morehouse - (Book: 1225 Christmas Tree Lane (paperback))
Bela - (Book: 22 Nights)
Blythe - (Book: 7 Clues to Winning You)
Bethany Ann Moran - (Book: Accidental Bodyguard)
Brynn Magee - (Book: Accidental Mrs. MacKenzie, The)
Bethanne Sanders - (Book: Accidentally the Sheikh's Wife)
Beau Spence - (Book: Across A Moonlit Sea)
Brynn McAdams - (Book: Act Like You Love Me (ebook))
Bethany Black - (Book: Acting Like Family (ebook))
Brenna Llewellyn - (Book: Affair Of Honor)
Bonnie Cooper - (Book: After Darke)
Bonnie Cooper - (Book: After Darke (reissue))
Belle Andersen - (Book: After the Greek Affair)
Belladonna Reynolds - (Book: After the Kiss)
Bryna Fairchild - (Book: After The Loving)
Bryna Fairchild - (Book: After The Loving (UK))
Brianna Bliss - (Book: Aftershocks (reissue))
Beatrice Cavandish - (Book: All a Woman Wants)
Briar Davis - (Book: All Chained Up)
Blaine Avery - (Book: All Fall Down)
Brynne Bennett - (Book: All In)
Bridget O'Connell - (Book: All in the April Morning)
Bea - (Book: All Other Things (ebook))
Brooke Lawson - (Book: All Our Tomorrows)
Brooke Lawson - (Book: All Our Tomorrows (reissue))
Bailey Greenwood - (Book: All-American Father)
Bethany Stone - (Book: Almost an Angel)
Bridget Cole - (Book: Almost Naked, Inc.)
Bridget Hinton - (Book: Always Means Forever)
Bridget Hinton - (Book: Always Means Forever )
Bree Adams - (Book: Always My Hero)
Brooke Snowden - (Book: Alyssa Again)
Bonnie Waites - (Book: Ancient Yearnings (ebook))
Bess Grady - (Book: And Then You Die)
Brandy - (Book: Angel and the Outlaw, The)
Barbara Upchurch - (Book: Angel's Aura)
Briar - (Book: Angel's Pain)
Bliss Stafford - (Book: Angelfire)
Bliss Stafford - (Book: Angelfire (reissue))
Bliss Stafford - (Book: Angelfire (reissue))
Braelynn Burke - (Book: Angels Among Us (ebook))
Bonnie Campbell - (Book: Another Wild Wedding Night)
Bailey Russell - (Book: Anything You Can Do)
Butterfly St. Cyr - (Book: Archangel Blues)
Billie - (Book: Arizona Lovestorm)
Brooke Hanford - (Book: Armed and Devastating)
Belinda - (Book: Ascension)
Beth - (Book: Asking For Trouble)
Barbara Fremont, Detective - (Book: At Cross Purposes)
Ben Harrington - (Book: At First Sight)
Barbara Strong - (Book: At Home In Dry Creek)
Becky Owens - (Book: At Your Command)
Bronte - (Book: Australian Tycoon's Proposal, The)
Bree Kirkland - (Book: Awaken the Highland Warrior)
Barrett Miles - (Book: Awakened)
Bex Levy - (Book: Axel of Evil)
Beth Crandall - (Book: B Is for Baby)
Barbara - (Book: Babe)
Britt Lee - (Book: Babies On The Doorstep)
Bettie Gay Bryson - (Book: Baby Contract, The)
Brooke Hollister - (Book: Baby Enchantment)
Briana Morris - (Book: Baby Gift,The)
Brooke Bernard - (Book: Baby in Waiting)
Bitsy Davis - (Book: Baby Maker, The)
Bethany Carter - (Book: Baby Makes a Match)
Becca Delacroix - (Book: Baby Makes Nine)
Beth Heller - (Book: Baby My Baby)
Beth Carruthers - (Book: Baby Promise, The)
Britt Buchanan - (Book: Baby Romeo: P.I.)
Bethany Dale - (Book: Baby Wishes And Bachelor Kisses)
Becca - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours)
Becca - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours (Large Print))
Bree Kincannon - (Book: Bachelor's Bought Bride)
Breeanne Carlyle - (Book: Back in the Game)
Breanna Collins - (Book: Back to You)
Billie Calley - (Book: Badlands Law)
Brynne Richardson - (Book: Bandit's Broken Heart, A (ebook))
Banner O'Brien - (Book: Banner O'Brien)
Banner O'Brien - (Book: Banner O'Brien (reissue))
Barbara Pitcairn - (Book: Barbara Pitcairn)
Barbie Bradley - (Book: Barbie and the Beast)
Bridget Weiss - (Book: Bare Necessities)
Bryn Jones - (Book: Bargain with the Enemy, A)
Belle Haley - (Book: Bath Belles)
Bonnie Bailey - (Book: Beachcomber)
Becca Weitz - (Book: Bear Who Loved Me, The)
Blayne Thorpe - (Book: Beast Behaving Badly)
Beatrice Marsham - (Book: Beatrice Goes to Brighton)
Beth Rogers - (Book: Beauty and the Badge)
Beth Rogers - (Book: Beauty and the Badge (Large Print))
Brenda Fitzpatrick - (Book: Beauty and the Brain, The)
Beth Farley - (Book: Beauty and The Greek)
Beatrice Fanshaw - (Book: Beauty in Breeches)
Beauty - (Book: Beauty's Kingdom (hardcover))
Beauty - (Book: Beauty's Punishment)
Beauty - (Book: Beauty's Release)
Billie Bridgerton - (Book: Because of Miss Bridgerton)
Bridget Wilder - (Book: Because You Love Me (ebook))
Becca Parsons - (Book: Becca's Baby)
Belinda - (Book: Beckon)
Beth Jones - (Book: Bed of Lies)
Brooke Nichols - (Book: Behind Boardroom Doors)
Beth Wilson - (Book: Behind Closed Doors)
Becca Smith - (Book: Behind the Veil)
Bethany - (Book: Bejewelled Bride, The)
Belinda Earle - (Book: Belinda Goes to Bath)
Bella Ashton - (Book: Bella)
Bella Jones - (Book: Bella and the Beast)
Bella Balfour - (Book: Bella and the Merciless Sheikh)
Bella Maldini - (Book: Bella's Impossible Boss)
Bella Maldini - (Book: Bella's Impossible Boss (large print))
Bella Maldini - (Book: Bella's Impossible Boss (UK))
Bella Conlan - (Book: Belladonna)
Belle Du Jour
Annabelle Winston
- (Book: Belle)
Belle Palmer - (Book: Belle and the Beau)
Belle Thompson - (Book: Belle Gone Bad (ebook))
Belle Portham - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Belle Sullivan - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Bailey Collins - (Book: Beneath the Stetson)
Bethany Lane - (Book: Beneath The Texas Sky)
Bethanie Lane - (Book: Beneath the Texas Sky (reprint))
Brooke Nichols - (Book: Best Man in Texas, The)
Becky Roth - (Book: Best of Both Worlds, The)
Bianca Wagner - (Book: Bet on Love)
Beth Davis - (Book: Beth and the Bachelor)
Bethany - (Book: Bethany's Rite)
Bethany James - (Book: Bethany's Song)
Bolivia Smith - (Book: Betrayed)
Betsy Nelson - (Book: Betsy's Return)
Brianna Wright - (Book: Betting on the Cowboy)
Brianna Wright - (Book: Betting on the Cowboy (large print))
Bianca Honeywell - (Book: Bewitching the Bachelor)
Bree Nichols - (Book: Beyond a Doubt)
Bianca - (Book: Bianca)
Bertie Byrd - (Book: Big Hair And Flying Cows)
Brylee Parrish - (Book: Big Sky Wedding)
Brooke Hamilton - (Book: Billionaire's Baby Arrangement, The)
Bailey Ross - (Book: Billionaire's Bedside Manner, The)
Beth - (Book: Billionaire's Marriage Mission, The)
Beth - (Book: Billionaire's Marriage Mission, The (UK))
Beth Raleigh - (Book: Bittersweet)
Brianna McClure - (Book: Black Angel, The)
Bridget Dean Mordaunt - (Book: Black Candle, The)
Bethia MacDonell - (Book: Black Knave, The)
Brianna Wells - (Book: Black Pearl, The)
Bernadette Hogan - (Book: Black Ties and Lullabies)
Beth - (Book: Blackmailed Bride's Secret Child, The)
Bronwyn McGregor - (Book: BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn (ebook))
Bronwyn McGregor - (Book: BlackWind: Viraiden and Bronwyn (ebook))
Brooke Abbott - (Book: Blame it on the Mistletoe (ebook))
Blaze Adlington - (Book: Blaze)
Blaze Wyndham - (Book: Blaze Wyndham)
Brittany Baldizzi - (Book: Bled Dry)
Brianne Bailey - (Book: Blessings of the Heart)
Brianna McKaslin - (Book: Blind-Date Bride)
Bliss Sinclair - (Book: Bliss)
Brooklyn Harvey - (Book: Bliss and the Art of Forever)
Bailey Elliot - (Book: Blood Kin)
Branna O'Dwyer - (Book: Blood Magick)
Brynn Meyers - (Book: Blood of the Demon)
Bianca - (Book: Blow Your Mind)
Blue Butler - (Book: Blue By You (ebook))
Blue Butler - (Book: Blue By You (paperback))
Belle Braxton - (Book: Blue Waltz)
Berta - (Book: Bluebird and the Sparrow)
Becky Dennison - (Book: Bluegrass Peril)
Bailey Madison - (Book: Bluest Eyes In Texas, The)
Brenna - (Book: Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks!)
Brenda Everton - (Book: Body Chemistry)
Brianne Nelson - (Book: Body Heat)
Brianne Nelson - (Book: Body Heat (reissue))
Bryn Carr - (Book: Body of Sin)
Bryn Carr - (Book: Body of Sin)
Bailey Weggins - (Book: Body to Die For, A)
Blythe Windham - (Book: Bogeyman)
Bonnie Hodges - (Book: Bonnie)
Bunny Leigh - (Book: Boots and Roses (ebook))
Bella - (Book: Borgia Fever (ebook))
Brianna Concannon - (Book: Born In Ice)
Bonnie Nielson - (Book: Born in the Valley)
B.J. Samples - (Book: Borrowed Ring, The)
Beth Walker - (Book: Boss's Bedroom Agenda, The)
Bianca Marinelli - (Book: Both Sides of the Easel)
Brianna MacLeod - (Book: Bound to Please)
Brandy Mitchell - (Book: Branded (ebook))
BJ Carlyle - (Book: Bravo Unwrapped)
Becca - (Book: Breakfast In Bed)
Beth McCormick - (Book: Breakfast with Santa)
Bella Swan - (Book: Breaking Dawn)
Bay Thorn - (Book: Breaking Point)
Brandon - (Book: Breaking the Silence)
Briana - (Book: Briana (ebook))
Brianna - (Book: Brianna)
Brianna - (Book: Brianna)
Briar Rose - (Book: Briar Rose)
Blair Thomason - (Book: Bride Overboard)
Bella Carew - (Book: Bridesmaid's Secret, The)
Beatrice - (Book: Bridge to Love)
Bridget McQuarry - (Book: Bridget)
Bridget - (Book: Bridget)
Brighid - (Book: Brighid's Quest)
Brooke Matheny - (Book: Bright Idea, A)
Becca Timm - (Book: Bring Me Home for Christmas)
Bernadine Brown - (Book: Bring on the Blessings)
Betsy Brightham - (Book: Bringing Out Betsy)
Brittania Smith - (Book: Britannia All at Sea)
Brittania Smith - (Book: Britannia All at Sea (reissue))
Brittania Smith - (Book: Britannia All at Sea (UK))
Brittania Smith - (Book: Britannia All at Sea (UK-reissue))
Brooke Phillips - (Book: Brooke's Sanctuary)
Bryarly Allerton - (Book: Bryarly)
Bubbles Yablonsky - (Book: Bubbles A Broad)
Bubbles Yablonsky - (Book: Bubbles Ablaze)
Bubbles Yablonsky - (Book: Bubbles All The Way)
Bubbles Yablonsky - (Book: Bubbles Betrothed)
Bubbles - (Book: Bubbles in Trouble)
Bubbles Yablonsky - (Book: Bubbles Unbound)
Buffy Lange - (Book: Buffalo Gal)
Brea Maguire - (Book: Burning Hunger)
Brie Peabody - (Book: Burning Times)
Brie Peabody - (Book: Burning Times (reissue))
Bea Muldoon - (Book: Busting Loose)
Brianna Fields - (Book: By Any Other Name)
Beth Taylor - (Book: By Order of the Prince)
Beth Taylor - (Book: By Order of the Prince (large print))
Brianna Taylor - (Book: By The Sheikh's Command)
Bess Curran - (Book: Bygones)
Brittany Lewis - (Book: C.E.O. & the Secret Heiress, The)
Becky Montgomery - (Book: Cabin Fever)
Bridget Cooke - (Book: Cad, The)
Barbara Bentley - (Book: Can't Get Enough)
Bryn Madison - (Book: Captain's Orders)
Brianna Morris - (Book: Captured Heart, The)
Beth Ann Williamson - (Book: Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male, The)
Brenna - (Book: Caressed by Ice)
Becca Summer - (Book: Carides Pregnancy, The)
Bríghid Ní Maelsechnaill - (Book: Carnal Gift)
Brenna James - (Book: Cassidy's Coutrship)
Brianna - (Book: Castles In The Mist)
Beth Thompson - (Book: Catch a Rising Star)
Bridget Cavelli - (Book: Cavanaugh's Bodyguard)
Bia Anderson - (Book: Celebration's Baby)
Benita Ford - (Book: Chance of a Lifetime, A)
Brynna - (Book: Chanting the Dawn)
Beth - (Book: Charade of the Heart)
Bronwyn - (Book: Charmed & Dangerous)
Bronwyn - (Book: Charmed & Deadly)
Bronwyn - (Book: Charmed & Ready)
Bobby Faye Sumrall - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Bronwyn - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous [reissue])
Blythe Ventura - (Book: Chase for Christmas, A)
Bryony Paget - (Book: Chase the Dawn)
Bethany Wind - (Book: Chase The Wind)
Billie - (Book: Chasing Destiny)
Brianna Hudson - (Book: Checkered Past)
Britt Loren - (Book: Child of Twilight)
Beth Stuart - (Book: Children's Doctor, Meant-To-Be Wife (UK))
Brynn Nealey - (Book: Chilled)
Blossom - (Book: China Blossom)
Bree Kingston - (Book: Choose Me)
Blanche Amberley - (Book: Christmas Courtship, A)
Brooke Johnson - (Book: Christmas Crime In Colorado)
Betty Kowalski - (Book: Christmas Dog, The (Hardcover))
Bronwyn de Breton - (Book: Christmas Knight, The)
Bridget Humphrey - (Book: Christmas With Daddy)
Benny Hogan - (Book: Circle of Friends)
Betsy Miller - (Book: City Life, City Love)
Belinda - (Book: Claiming His Runaway Bride)
Beauty - (Book: Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, The)
Blair Connelly - (Book: Cloak and Dagger)
Bernie Granger,
- (Book: Close Enough to Kill)
Bernie Granger - (Book: Close Enough to Kill (reprint))
Brenna Hennessy - (Book: Close Quarters)
Brook Lynn Dillon - (Book: Closer You Come, The)
Badra - (Book: Cobra and the Concubine, The)
Brigid Cooper - (Book: Code of Honor)
Beth - (Book: Cold Fire)
Bryn Louvel - (Book: Cole Dempsey's Back In Town)
Bridget Grey - (Book: Color Me Grey)
Becky McBride, Judge - (Book: Colorado Christmas)
Bayleigh Stewart - (Book: Comanche Woman)
Brandi Martin - (Book: Come Be My Love)
Brie Williams - (Book: Come Gentle the Dawn)
Brianna Morgan - (Book: Come Morning)
Brooklyn Douglas - (Book: Comfort of a Man)
Brooklyn Douglas - (Book: Comfort of a Man)
Belle Forsham - (Book: Coming On Strong)
Beatrice Crowell - (Book: Compromising Situations (ebook))
Brenda Scott - (Book: Confessions of a Lingerie Addict)
Becky Bloomwood - (Book: Confessions Of A Shopaholic)
Barbara Fischkin - (Book: Confidential Sources)
Bella Cruz - (Book: Conquering King's Heart)
Briony - (Book: Conspiracy Game)
Brenna Harrington - (Book: Convenient Bride, A)
Briana Garland - (Book: Convenient Bride, The)
Beatrice Chaswell - (Book: Convenient Marriage, A)
Bridgit Madden - (Book: Convict and the Cattleman, The)
Bess McNee - (Book: Convincing Alex)
Beth Lazenby - (Book: Cost of Her Innocence, The)
Beth Lazenby - (Book: Cost of Her Innocence, The (large print))
Blythe Stowe - (Book: Cottage by the Sea, A)
Barbara Hughes - (Book: Cottage Hospital (Hardcover))
Babs Hoffman - (Book: Cotton Queen, The)
Belle Foye - (Book: Cougar's Wish, The (ebook))
Beatrice Forsythe - (Book: Country House Courtship, The)
Brook Meylan
Lady A'Court
- (Book: Courting the Countess)
Bridget O'Keefe - (Book: Covenants (ebook))
Beth Jones - (Book: Covert Attraction)
Belinda Prescott - (Book: Cowboy and the Princess, The)
Betsy Gallagher - (Book: Cowboy Christmas Miracle, A)
Blaire Harding - (Book: Cowboy on Her Trail, The)
B.J. Anderson - (Book: Cowboy Surrender)
Brooke Vincent - (Book: Cowboy to the Rescue)
Bethany Moore - (Book: Cowboy Under Siege)
Bethany Burke - (Book: Cowboy with a Secret)
Beth Bradshaw - (Book: Cowboy's Homecoming, The)
Beth Bradshaw - (Book: Cowboy's Homecoming, The (large print))
Brianne Gainsborough - (Book: Cowboys Are for Loving)
Brynn LeBreck - (Book: Crash Into You)
Bree Emery - (Book: Crazy for You)
Brianna Devlin - (Book: Crown of Mist)
Birdie Tweet, Ima Hellraiser - (Book: Cruisin' On Desperation)
Bett Monroe - (Book: Cupid's Confederates)
Barbara Ashe - (Book: Curse of Kenton, The)
Bleu Labeau - (Book: Cypress Nights)
Brianne - (Book: Dad for Daniel, A)
Brianne - (Book: Dad for Daniel, A (UK))
Bethany Ross - (Book: Daddy's Little Helper)
Breanna Kendall - (Book: Dakota Dreams)
Brenna Jensen - (Book: Dakota Meltdown)
Betsy Tremaine - (Book: Damsel in This Dress, The (ebook))
Belana Whitaker - (Book: Dance of Temptation)
Brandy - (Book: Dance on the Wind)
Britta - (Book: Danegeld)
Bell - (Book: Dangerous Alliance)
Brenna Sheridan - (Book: Dangerous Boys and Their Toy)
Beth Russell - (Book: Dangerous Ground)
Beth Forrester - (Book: Dangerous Lord Darrington, The)
Beth Risk - (Book: Dare You To (hardcover))
Bridgett Mortimor - (Book: Dark Count, The)
Brianna Anderson - (Book: Dark Cries of Gray Oaks)
Brianna Rose - (Book: Dark Embrace)
Bianca - (Book: Dark Fever)
Beth Randall - (Book: Dark Lover)
Beth Randall - (Book: Dark Lover (reprint))
Brooke Benton - (Book: Dark Road Home)
Belinda Valcour - (Book: Dark Rose (reissue))
Brooke Starr - (Book: Darkest Joy, The)
Butterfly St. Cyr - (Book: Darktraders)
Brooke Bellamy - (Book: Dashing Doc Next Door, The)
Bernadette Sullivan - (Book: Daughter She Used to Be)
Brienne LeClerc - (Book: Daughter's Destiny, A)
Bridget - (Book: Daughters of the Grail)
Brett Benton - (Book: Dawn's Early Light )
Brette Barry - (Book: Dead End)
Bennie Rosato - (Book: Dead Ringer)
Bethany Sanchez - (Book: Deadlock)
Beatriz Blake - (Book: Deal at the Altar, A)
Beatriz Blake - (Book: Deal at the Altar, A (large print))
Bree Dalton - (Book: Dealing Her Final Card)
Bree Dalton - (Book: Dealing Her Final Card (large print))
Bex Levy - (Book: Death Drop)
Belinda Drayson-Jones - (Book: Decadent Dreams)
Bell - (Book: Deceptive Innocence)
Bess Walsh - (Book: Deeper)
Brenna - (Book: Defiant Love)
Brittany Lockwood - (Book: Defiant Spitfire)
Barbara Wycliffe - (Book: Delectable Dilemma, A)
Bree Molina - (Book: Demon Kissed (ebook))
Breanne - (Book: Demon Prince)
Bianca Parrino - (Book: Demon's Curse)
Beth Torrance - (Book: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress)
Beth Torrance - (Book: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress (UK))
Bria Green - (Book: Desert Prince's Proposal, The)
Bess - (Book: Deserted Bride, The)
Brianna Hamilton - (Book: Designed by Desire)
Brynn Caldwell - (Book: Desire)
Brynne McFarren - (Book: Desire and Destiny)
Belinda Coulter - (Book: Desire, The)
Brianna - (Book: Desired)
Bryony Shaw - (Book: Desperate Deception)
Blair Stephens - (Book: Desperately Seeking Twin...)
Bryony St. Blaze - (Book: Destiny's Daughter)
Beth Maitland - (Book: Detective's Dilemma, The)
Brooke Pattersen - (Book: Devil or Angel)
Bonnie MacTavish - (Book: Devil's Due, The)
Brianna MacCardle - (Book: Devil's Mistress)
Bertha Biddle - (Book: Diamond Duo)
Britt Skavanga - (Book: Diamond in the Desert)
Britt Skavanga - (Book: Diamond in the Desert (large print))
Brett - (Book: Diamond Valley)
Belle Ainsley - (Book: Diamond, Deception and the Debutante)
Brooke Moss - (Book: Diamonds and Deceptions)
Bethany Hart - (Book: Diaper Diaries, The)
Bethany Hart - (Book: Diaper Diaries, The (Large Print))
Bailey - (Book: Dirty Little Secret (hardcover))
Brice Ashton - (Book: Divine Fire)
Bliss Griffith - (Book: Do Unto Others)
Bailey DelMonico - (Book: Doctor in the House)
Bridget Devereaux - (Book: Doctor Takes a Princess, The)
Bri Landis - (Book: Doctor to the Rescue)
Bri Landis - (Book: Doctor to the Rescue (large print))
Brenda Storm - (Book: Doctor's Defender, The)
Brenda Storm - (Book: Doctor's Defender, The (large print))
Blakely Daniels - (Book: Doctor's Family Reunion, The)
Bree Jacobs - (Book: Don't Let Go (ebook))
Brynn Costello - (Book: Don't Scream)
Brenna Blixen - (Book: Double Clutch)
Bobbi - (Book: Doubled (ebook))
Britta Asadottir - (Book: Down and Dirty)
Brenna Thompson - (Book: Downtwon Debutante)
Brigid O'Neill - (Book: Dragon Knight's Sword)
Bee - (Book: Dragon Storm)
Briana Berry - (Book: Dream Wedding, The)
Bethany Cole - (Book: Dreamsong)
Blair Mallory - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Briga - (Book: Druids)
Byrony Balmaine - (Book: Duchess and the Devil, The)
Barbara Allan - (Book: Duke Deceived, A)
Bridget Crumb - (Book: Duke of Sin)
Belinda Hamilton - (Book: Duke, The)
Brandy Robertson - (Book: Duke, The)
Brandy Raines - (Book: Duskfire)
Blake West - (Book: Dust Up with the Detective)
Bonnie Gordon - (Book: Earl's Invention, The)
Beth - (Book: Earl's Mistletoe Bride, The)
Beryl - (Book: Eban (ebook))
Bella - (Book: Eclipse)
Brianna Koll - (Book: Ecstacy Bound)
Brionny Stuart - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Bianca Antonelli - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Brandice Townsend - (Book: Emerald Garden)
Bethany Brasfield - (Book: Emerald Nights)
Beth Johnson - (Book: Emergency Engagement)
Bryony Talcott - (Book: Enchantment)
Brittany Sinclair - (Book: Enchantress)
Brittany Sinclair - (Book: Enchantress (reissue))
Brianna Talbert - (Book: Endless Passion)
Brooke Faulkner - (Book: Engaged to Jarrod Stone)
Brooke Faulkner - (Book: Engaged to Jarrod Stone (UK))
Brooke Palmer - (Book: Engaging Brooke)
Bonny Azetti - (Book: English Doctor, Italian Bride (UK))
Brittany Barrington - (Book: Enslaved)
Bryony Morgan - (Book: Enticed (reissue / ebook))
Bryony Morgan - (Book: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover)
Brenna - (Book: Erinsong)
Brandy Jacobs - (Book: Escapade)
Bronwyn Kettler - (Book: Eternal Captive)
Beth Staples - (Book: Everlastin')
Brynne Armstrong - (Book: Everlasting Love, An)
Bette Robinson - (Book: Everyone Worth Knowing)
Barbara Strickland - (Book: Everything in Its Place)
Breena Quinlan - (Book: Everything She's Ever Wanted)
Barrie Travis - (Book: Exclusive)
Barbara Fischkin - (Book: Exclusive: Reporters in Love...and War)
Brooke Garrison - (Book: Executive's Surprise Baby, The)
Becca Thomas - (Book: Expectant Father)
Brenna - (Book: Expert's Guide to Driving a Man Wild, The)
Bella - (Book: Extreme Couponing (ebook))
Becca Cantrell - (Book: Extreme Danger (paperback))
Brynne Bennett - (Book: Eyes Wide Open)
Barbara Jean Fairmont - (Book: Fabulous Husband, A)
Brandt Cross - (Book: Faceless (ebook))
Brigit Malone - (Book: Fairytale)
Brooke Anne Kressler - (Book: Fairytale Christmas)
Beth Denton - (Book: Fall For Me)
Brenna Stanhope - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Brenna Stanhope - (Book: Fallen Angel (UK))
Blaire Wynn - (Book: Fallen Too Far)
Beth Lowe - (Book: Falling For The Frenchman)
Bethany Holloway - (Book: Falling for the M.D.)
Beth Bradshaw - (Book: Familiar Mirage)
Brenda Reid - (Book: Family Affair, A)
Becca Tyler - (Book: Family by Design)
Bliss Cawthorne - (Book: Family Kind of Guy, A)
Bella Monroe - (Book: Family Solution, The)
Brandi Sommers - (Book: Fantasy)
Brandi Sommers - (Book: Fantasy (reissue))
Becca Davis - (Book: Fashionably Late)
Betsy Michaels - (Book: Fatal Disclosure)
Betsy Michaels - (Book: Fatal Disclosure (large print))
Brynn Elliot - (Book: Fatal Exposure)
Bianca Blanchard - (Book: Fatal Image)
Becki Graw - (Book: Fatal Inheritance)
Becki Graw - (Book: Fatal Inheritance (large print))
Bridgette Rafanelli - (Book: Father in the Making)
Bridgette Rafanelli - (Book: Father in the Making (reissue))
Brooke Carmichael - (Book: Father Most Wanted)
Brynna - (Book: Fearless)
Bellami James - (Book: Fearless Hearts)
B.J. Chase - (Book: Feel the Heat)
Brenna Fallon - (Book: Feral Darkness)
Bethany - (Book: Fever)
Billie Cort - (Book: Fifth Favor, The)
Billie Cort - (Book: Fifth Favor, The (reprint))
Bertie Anderson - (Book: Find My Way Home)
Bess Carson - (Book: Finding Bess)
Blake Adams - (Book: Finding Lilies (ebook))
Blaine Anderson, a.k.a. Mary Blaine - (Book: Finding Mary Blaine)
Blaine Anderson
aka Mary Blaine
- (Book: Finding Mary Blaine)
Boralle North, Major - (Book: Finding the Zero-G Spot)
Bailey Wilde - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Bonnie Eden - (Book: Fire in the Heart, A)
Breena - (Book: Fires of Winter (ebook))
Brianna - (Book: First Love, Wild Love (reissue))
Brianna of the Clan MacQuarie - (Book: Flame Across the Highlands)
Brooke O'Brian - (Book: Flashpoint)
Becca Whitmore - (Book: Flawless)
Brandee Hanson - (Book: Flirting Under a Full Moon)
Beatrice Moore - (Book: Flirting with Fortune)
Babette Robinson - (Book: Flirting With Temptation)
Blair - (Book: Flood of Sweet Fire, A)
Bree O'Brien - (Book: Flowers on Main)
Beth Holt Martin - (Book: Flying Lessons)
Barbara - (Book: Follow the Drum)
Briony - (Book: For the Love of Emma)
Belle Carson - (Book: For The Love of The Family)
Bree Johnson - (Book: For the Right Reasons)
Brynn Alder - (Book: For the Sake of His Child)
Bianca Beaumont - (Book: For You I Do)
Belinda Presleigh - (Book: Forced Offer)
Bernadette Marie Burton - (Book: Forever a Lady)
Bridin - (Book: Forever Enchanted)
Brenna Kelly - (Book: Forever His Bride)
Butterfly - (Book: Forever Soul Ties)
Blaire Wynn - (Book: Forever Too Far)
Beth Brown - (Book: Forged in Fire)
Bell Wilde - (Book: Frayed)
Brianne Kenyon - (Book: Freefall to Desire)
Blake Webster - (Book: French Whipping, A (ebook))
Beth Hughes - (Book: Friends To Forever)
B.J. - (Book: From This Day)
Brooke Tyler - (Book: Frontier Flame)
Bedelia Fronsby - (Book: Frozen Idol)
Bree Gregory - (Book: Fugitive Heart)
Billie Pearce - (Book: Full House)
Beth Parks - (Book: Full Moon Rising)
Bailey Lockhart - (Book: G.I. Cowboy)
Babette - (Book: Gambler's Prize)
Brianna St. Clair - (Book: Game of Hearts)
Beth Terrell - (Book: Garden of Fantasy)
Brandy Robertson - (Book: Generous Earl, The)
Bri - (Book: Genesis (ebook))
Betsy - (Book: Gentle on My Mind)
Brooke Kincaid - (Book: Gentle on My Mind)
Bobbie Gardner - (Book: Gentleman's Homecoming, A)
Belinda Gordon - (Book: Gentlemen Prefer Curves)
Bella Fernandez - (Book: Gentrys: Cal, The)
Bethany Howard - (Book: Georgia Fever)
Breanne - (Book: Get a Clue (reissue))
Bunny Love - (Book: Get Bunny Love)
Bridget - (Book: Ghostly Liasion)
Brianna Connelly - (Book: Giannakis Bride, The)
Brianna Connelly - (Book: Giannakis Bride, The (UK))
Beth - (Book: Gift, The)
Beth - (Book: Giordanni's Proposal)
Bobby Faye Sumrall - (Book: Girls Just Want to Have Guns)
Bree Addison - (Book: Going All Out)
Beth - (Book: Going Underground)
BJ Gray - (Book: Golden Swan)
Bronwyn Jones - (Book: Gone Fishin')
Beth Frasier - (Book: Good Ghouls Do)
Bryony Mercer - (Book: Greek's Bridal Bargain, The )
Bridget O'Shea - (Book: Green Mountain Man)
Brooke Bailey - (Book: Grinch Makes Good, The)
Beth Warren - (Book: Groom and a Promise, A)
Beth Warner - (Book: Groom to Come Home To, A)
Belle Glamorgan - (Book: Guardian's Bride, The)
Beth Cavell - (Book: Guess Who's Coming for Christmas? )
Becca Peters - (Book: Gypsy Wind)
Belle Cavendish - (Book: Halloween Knight)
Brett Sumner - (Book: Hand of an Angel, The)
Bebe Banerjee - (Book: Hanging By a Thread)
Bailey Meade - (Book: Happy New Year, Darling)
Becca Merritt - (Book: Hard as It Gets)
Beaux Croslyn - (Book: Hard Beat)
Becca Merritt - (Book: Hard Ever After (novella))
Bonnie Torres - (Book: Hard Magic)
Barbara Lewis - (Book: Harlequin Hero, The)
Bonnie Merrick - (Book: Haunting Obsession, A)
Belinda Prescott/Candy Baylor - (Book: Hawk's Way: Faron & Garth)
Becca Gibbs - (Book: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot)
Beth Ann Decker - (Book: Head On)
Bryn Talbot - (Book: Healing a Heart)
Bonita Verdugo - (Book: Healing Hearts)
Barbara Palmer & Catherine of Braganza - (Book: Health Unto His Majesty, A)
Brenna Hawthorne - (Book: Heart and Soul)
Becca Snyder - (Book: Heart for the Dropped Stitches, A)
Brittany Callaghan - (Book: Heart of a Warrior)
Bonnie Redding - (Book: Heart of the Beast)
Bonnie Redding - (Book: Heart of the Beast (reissue))
Bella Wilder - (Book: Heart of the Wolf)
Brie Phillips
- (Book: Heart's Command, The (Anthology))
Brenetta Lattimer - (Book: Heart's Landing)
Becky Ellison - (Book: Heart's Refuge, A)
Becca Kinder - (Book: Heart's Voice, The)
Bella Stein - (Book: Heartquake)
Beverly Townsend - (Book: Hearts Against the Wind)
Beverly Townsend - (Book: Hearts Against the Wind (reissue))
Becca - (Book: Hearts On The Line)
Beth Faraday - (Book: Hearts Twice Met)
Bethany of North Umberland - (Book: Hearts Victorious)
Bella Manchelli - (Book: Heat Is On, The)
Bella Manchelli - (Book: Heat Is On, The (reissue))
Becca Carstairs - (Book: Heat of the Moment)
Bailey Serborne - (Book: Heat Seeker)
Bianca King - (Book: Heated)
Billie Ballinger - (Book: Heaven In Texas)
Blair Simpson - (Book: Heaven's Price)
Betsy Blessing - (Book: Heavens to Betsy)
Bridget Elliott - (Book: Heiress Beware)
Brianna Waverly - (Book: Heiress Recon)
Brittany Patterson - (Book: Heiress Takes a Husband, The)
Brandy Sinclair - (Book: Hell's Raging Fury)
Butterfly St. Cyr - (Book: Hellflower)
Bridgett Owen - (Book: Her Bachelor Challenge)
Becky Tate - (Book: Her Brother's Keeper)
Britt Davis - (Book: Her Christmas Hero)
Brenda Banks - (Book: Her Dying Breath)
Bell - (Book: Her Lucky Cowboy)
Bree Oliver - (Book: Her Pregnancy Secret)
Beth Woodbury - (Book: Her Ruthless Italian Boss)
Beth Woodbury - (Book: Her Ruthless Italian Boss (UK))
Beth Young - (Book: Her Stolen Past)
Beth Young - (Book: Her Stolen Past (reissue))
Belladonna Dupre - (Book: Her Sworn Enemy)
Blu Masterson - (Book: Her Vampire Husband)
Brynn Larkin - (Book: Her Very Own Family)
Bree Collins - (Book: Her Weekend Wrangler (ebook))
Blair Fitzpatrick - (Book: Hex in High Heels)
Brandeis Taylor - (Book: Hidden Blessings)
Brittany Thrasher - (Book: Hidden Pleasures)
Bailey James - (Book: Hidden Star)
Bianca Simonetti - (Book: High Seas Stowaway)
Bitsy Leigh - (Book: High-Heeled Alibi)
Brigette Devereux - (Book: Highland Belle)
Bethoc Matheson - (Book: Highland Chieftain)
Brenna MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Heather)
Brenna MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Heather (UK))
Brina - (Book: Highland Hellcat)
Brenna Drummond - (Book: Highland Lover)
Bethia Drummon - (Book: Highland Promise)
Bethia Drummond - (Book: Highland Promise (mass market reissue))
Bethia Drummond - (Book: Highland Promise (reissue))
Bronwyn MacArran - (Book: Highland Velvet)
Birch Callahan - (Book: Highlander Next Door, The)
Beatrice Browning - (Book: Hilltop Tryst)
Beatrice - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (reissue))
Beatrice Browning - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (reissue))
Beatrice Browning - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (UK))
Beatrice Browning - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (UK-Hardcover))
Beatrice Browning - (Book: Hilltop Tryst (UK-reissue))
Bella Tichley - (Book: Hint of Scandal)
Balir Delaney - (Book: His Answered Prayer)
Blossom - (Book: His Christmas Bride)
Brent Stockwell - (Book: His Cowgirl Bride (Large Print))
Brianna Mayfield - (Book: His Invisible Wife)
Bailey Cross - (Book: His Little Cowgirl)
Briony Winters - (Book: His Makeshift Wife)
Bria Rafferty - (Book: His Marriage to Remember)
Bridget Donovan - (Book: His Medicine Woman)
Brianna Honeycutt - (Book: His Secret Christmas Baby)
Brianna Honeycutt - (Book: His Secret Christmas Baby (Large Print))
Bailey Benson - (Book: His to Take)
Bobbi Richmond - (Book: His Unlikely Lover)
Betsy McGregor - (Book: His Valentine Bride)
Blaire - (Book: His Very Own Baby)
Bertha - (Book: Home Again)
Bailey Wells - (Book: Home Before Midnight)
Belle Day - (Book: Home on the Ranch)
Bryna Cassidy - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Brooke Madison Bowers - (Book: Hometown Girl)
Beth - (Book: Hope Everlastin')
Bebe Fitzpatrick - (Book: Hot and Irresistible)
Brehann Williams - (Book: Hot Rod Heaven)
Bobbi Cunningham - (Book: Hot Summer Nights)
Brooke Donovan - (Book: Hotblooded)
Bolita Vine - (Book: How I Changed My Life)
Bliss Russo - (Book: How to Date a Dragon)
Bonnie Vaness - (Book: How To Get Your Man)
Benjamina Franklin - (Book: How to Meet Cute Boys)
Beth - (Book: Huckleberry Christmas)
Beatrix Lisse - (Book: Hunger, The)
Becky McCullough - (Book: Hunted)
Beth Havelock - (Book: Hunted, The)
Bess Dulaney - (Book: Hunter's Touch)
Becca Sheridan - (Book: Husband for Hire)
Belle Tanner - (Book: Husband Tree, The)
Bronwyn Palmer - (Book: Husband's Regret, A)
Beatrice Gerard - (Book: Husband, The)
Beth - (Book: Hybrid Misfit)
Bethany Grace - (Book: I Cross My Heart)
Becca Ramsey - (Book: I Do! (novella))
Brooke Chamberlain - (Book: Ian's Ultimate Gamble)
Becca Keyes - (Book: Identity: Unknown)
Bailey Weggins - (Book: If Looks Could Kill)
Brooke Kennedy - (Book: If There Be Dragons)
Brooke Kennedy - (Book: If There Be Dragons (reprint))
Bay Harper - (Book: Immortal Craving)
BJ Kincaid - (Book: Immortal Heart)
Bronwen - (Book: Impossible Kind of Man, An)
Bridget Newbury - (Book: Improper Seduction)
Belinda Wentworth - (Book: Improperly Wed)
Brenda York - (Book: In Broad Daylight)
Brenda York - (Book: In Broad Daylight (reissue))
Brady Flynn - (Book: In Defense of Love)
Bella Fiore - (Book: In Her Corner)
Brenna Douglass - (Book: In Honor's Shadow)
Brianna - (Book: In My Dreams)
Bless Sanderson - (Book: In My Dreams)
Brooke Peyton - (Book: In Name Only)
Brianna Kane - (Book: In Shelter Cove)
Bella Sinclair - (Book: In the Barrister's Bed)
Beatrice Weatherly - (Book: In the Flesh)
Becca Throckton - (Book: In The King's Service)
Bronwyn McQuade - (Book: In the Warrior's Bed)
Beryl Tavistock - (Book: In Their Footsteps)
Becky Reichert - (Book: In Walks Trouble)
Brittany Gerritsen - (Book: Inadmissable Passion)
Brittany Gerritsen - (Book: Inadmissible Passion)
Bronwyn Davies - (Book: Indecent Proposal, An)
Becca Mercer - (Book: Indecent Suggestion)
Barbara Ruthven - (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Bella Scott - (Book: Infamous Italian's Secret Baby, The)
Belle Joubert - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Beth Slater - (Book: Inspired Love)
Billie Fowler - (Book: Into Temptation)
Bree Nichols - (Book: Into the Deep)
Bree Nicholls - (Book: Into the Deep: A Rock Harbor Novel)
B.A. Montgomerie - (Book: Invasion Of Falgannon Isle, The)
Bonnie - (Book: Invisible Touch)
Blair Lawrence - (Book: Invitation to a Wedding)
Bree Trehearn - (Book: Irish Rogue)
Brenna McGary - (Book: Irresistible Fortune)
Brenna Morgan - (Book: Irresistible You)
Bree Trehearn - (Book: Island Breeze)
Barbara Turner - (Book: Island of Deceit)
Beth Anderson - (Book: Island, The)
Brooke Ferguson - (Book: Isn't it Romantic)
Bella - (Book: It Had To Be You)
Blaire Lindsay - (Book: It Happened One Bite)
Blair Townsend - (Book: It Takes A Cowboy)
Blair Townsend - (Book: It Takes a Cowboy (reissue))
Becca Thorpe - (Book: It's In His Kiss)
Brianna Ballantine - (Book: Italian Affair (ebook))
Bella Gable - (Book: Italian Single Dad, The)
Bella Gable - (Book: Italian Single Dad, The (Large Print))
Becky Hanley - (Book: Italian's Baby, The)
Bliss Maguire - (Book: Italian's Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Bliss Maguire - (Book: Italian's Pregnancy Proposal, The (UK))
Bianca Jay - (Book: Italian's Trophy Mistress, The)
Beatrice Fairweather - (Book: Italian, The)
Beth Sommers - (Book: Jack Murray, Sheriff)
Bertie Byrd - (Book: Jail Bertie & the Peanut Ladies)
Beth MacKenzie - (Book: Jake)
Brianna Devereaux - (Book: Jesse's Lady)
Brianna Devereaux - (Book: Jesse's Lady (reissue))
Bella Quintera - (Book: Jigsaw)
Bella Bulluci - (Book: Jinx)
Brianna Gibson - (Book: Joined By Marriage)
Bliss Johnson - (Book: Juicy)
Brenna Blixen - (Book: Junk Miles)
Brooke Valentine - (Book: Just Between Friends)
Brooke Hart - (Book: Just Give In...)
Beverly Newcastle - (Book: Just In Time)
Belle Monroe - (Book: Just North of Bliss)
Lady Somerfield
- (Book: Just One of Those Flings)
Bree Winston - (Book: Kade)
Brit Cramer - (Book: Keep Me Closer)
Barrie Gryffald - (Book: Keeper of the Shadows)
Bliss Edwards - (Book: Keeping Her (novella))
Brendy Lane - (Book: Key, The)
Belinda Hennessey - (Book: Kill the Competition)
Brenna Fallon - (Book: Kincaid's Dangerous Game)
Bree - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Brianna Scott - (Book: King's Ransom)
Beth Randall - (Book: King, The (hardcover))
Bethany St. Croix - (Book: Kiss in the Dark, A)
Briana Michaels - (Book: Kiss of the Night)
Bailey Ventura - (Book: Kisses Don't Lie)
Branwen of Caradoc - (Book: Knight and the Raven, The)
Beth - (Book: Knight to Hold On To, A (UK))
Bonnie Wade - (Book: Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress)
Bonnie Wade - (Book: Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress (UK))
Lady Allerton
- (Book: Lady Allerton's Wager)
Bridget Cavendish - (Book: Lady Bridget's Diary)
Briana Rosewynn - (Book: Lady in Disguise, A)
Brooke Grant - (Book: Lady Killer)
Belinda Gregg - (Book: Lady of the River)
Blusette Morgan - (Book: Lady Reluctant)
Brandy O'Neal - (Book: Lady's Hand, The)
Bethany Penny - (Book: Lady's Hazard, The)
Blair MacArthur - (Book: Laird of Stonehaven, The)
Brenna - (Book: Laird, The)
Bethany Taft - (Book: Lasso Her Heart)
Billie Rae Rasmussen - (Book: Lassoed)
Becky McGregor - (Book: Last Man in Montana, The)
Breanna James - (Book: Last Seen)
Bea Havnel - (Book: Last to Know (hardcover))
Berkeley - (Book: Last True Hero)
Brooke Yeager - (Book: Last Whisper)
Becca - (Book: Law and Disorder - Moving Violations)
Bethia Rayborn - (Book: Leading Lady )
Bailey Flanigan - (Book: Learning)
Bailey Flanigan - (Book: Leaving)
Brigitte Nicholson - (Book: Legacy (hardcover))
Brigitte Nicholson - (Book: Legacy (paperback))
Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler - (Book: Legacy, The)
Bennie Rosato - (Book: Legal Tender)
Bree - (Book: Legend of Banzai Maguire, The)
Briar Blackwood - (Book: Legend of Smuggler's Cove, The)
Brianna - (Book: Lessons from a Scarlet Lady)
Blair Adam - (Book: Lessons of Love, The)
Bridget Forrester - (Book: Let It Be Me)
Bailey Weggins - (Book: Lethally Blonde)
Bella - (Book: Letters to Love)
Becky - (Book: Letting Go (ebook))
Bethany - (Book: Lifetime Investment)
Bridget Goodwell - (Book: Light a Single Candle)
Beth Coleman - (Book: Light in the Storm)
Bailee Boyd - (Book: Light My Fire)
Bonnie Kahler - (Book: Lightning and Lace)
Brittany Banks - (Book: Like Silk)
Bronwen - (Book: Lion and the Lark, The)
Beth Lannigen - (Book: Little Christmas Magic, A)
Brandy Mitchum - (Book: Little Night Matchmaking, A)
Bianca Ferrari - (Book: Little on the Wild Side, A)
Belinda Blaine - (Book: Little Town, Great Big Life)
Bo Hamilton - (Book: Lone Rider)
Beth Lindstrom - (Book: Lone Star Legacy)
Beth Lindstrom - (Book: Lone Star Legacy (Large Print))
Beverly Townsend - (Book: Lone Star State Of Mind)
Bridget Preston - (Book: Lonely One, The (Hardcover))
Bradlee Fitzgerald - (Book: Long-Lost Heir, The)
Bailey Flanigan - (Book: Longing)
Betsy - (Book: Loom of Love)
Bride Cameron - (Book: Lord of Sin)
Bathsheba Wingate - (Book: Lord Perfect)
Beatrice Coleville Manners - (Book: Lord Sebastian's Wife)
Bliss Edwards - (Book: Losing It)
Babs Malone - (Book: Lost and Found)
Brooke Ramsey - (Book: Lost Legacy)
Brooke Ramsey - (Book: Lost Legacy (large print))
Brooke Adamson - (Book: Lost Love, A)
Blythe Daphne - (Book: Lost Wolf's Destiny, The)
Bobbie Carerra - (Book: Lost, The)
Brynna Stanton - (Book: Louisiana Heat)
Briana de Paul - (Book: Love and Fury)
Barbara Allen - (Book: Love Becomes Her)
Beatrix Hathaway - (Book: Love in the Afternoon)
Brooke Parker - (Book: Love Irresistibly)
Brandy - (Book: Love Is For Keeps)
Brianna Cameron - (Book: Love Me Forever)
Belle McAllister - (Book: Love to Cherish, A)
Beth Gallatin - (Book: Love to Last Forever, A)
Brittany Daniels - (Book: Love Undercover)
Beth Carlson - (Book: Love Walked In)
Bridget Daisy - (Book: Love's Nine Lives )
Beth Jordan - (Book: Love's Promise)
Brenna Sirin - (Book: Love, Remember Me)
Bett Cambridge - (Book: Loveplay)
Blay - (Book: Lover At Last (hardcover))
Bella - (Book: Lover Awakened)
Bella - (Book: Lover Awakened (hardcover reprint))
Belinda - (Book: Lovers and Liars (reissue))
Betty Cantrel - (Book: Lovers and Sinners)
Bettina Boothe - (Book: Lovers, The)
Bettina Daniels - (Book: Loving)
Bailey Flanigan - (Book: Loving)
Bev Miller - (Book: Loving Promises)
Brooke Ellstein - (Book: Loving You Is Easy (ebook))
Bellamy Lyston - (Book: Low Pressure (hardcover))
Brianna O'Keefe - (Book: Lucky Penny)
Brooke Evans - (Book: Lullaby Deception)
Becca Jameson - (Book: M.D.'s Mistress, The)
Beth Mackenzie - (Book: Mackenzie Clan Gathering, A (ebook))
Brianna Dugan - (Book: MacLaren's Memory)
Brie Grayson - (Book: Mad About the Man)
Brynn - (Book: Made For You)
Beth - (Book: Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The (reprint))
Beth Buchanan - (Book: Magic and the Texan)
Bailey St. James - (Book: Magnate's Manifesto, The)
Bridget - (Book: Maid of Midnight)
Brooke Callan - (Book: Major Daddy)
Blair - (Book: Major League Dad)
Becca - (Book: Make-Believe Lover)
Beth Greenway - (Book: Making Her Way Home)
Beth Greenway - (Book: Making Her Way Home (large print))
Becca Taylor - (Book: Man Behind the Pinstripes, The (large print))
Briar Lee - (Book: Man for Easter, A)
Brittney Chapel - (Book: Man from the North Country)
Brittney Chapel - (Book: Man from the North Country (reissue))
Bethany - (Book: Man Like Morgan Kane, A)
Belle Doe
Josie Marie Beckett
- (Book: Man of Duty (UK))
Barrie - (Book: Man of Ice)
Blair MacIntyre - (Book: Man Who Saw Her Beauty, The)
Blair MacIntyre - (Book: Man Who Saw Her Beauty, The (large print))
Bennett St. Simon - (Book: Manhattan Heat)
Betsy Cotton - (Book: Manner of a Lady)
Beatrice - (Book: Mark of the Cross)
Bethany Kent - (Book: Marriage By Contract)
Blythe Broussard - (Book: Marriage Campaign, The)
Belle Peterson - (Book: Marriage Made in Italy, A (ebook))
Belle Peterson - (Book: Marriage Made in Italy, A (large print))
Brit Thorson - (Book: Marriage Medallion, The)
Beth McCormick - (Book: Marriage Prescription, The)
Bex - (Book: Marriage Season, The)
Briony - (Book: Marriage Without Love)
Brittany Lloyd - (Book: Marriage: For Business or Pleasure?)
Bronwyn Powell - (Book: Marry Me Tonight)
Brynna Holmes - (Book: Marry Me...Again)
Beth Krayton - (Book: Marrying Her Billionaire Boss)
Bailey Stephenson - (Book: Marrying Money)
Blaze Flambeau - (Book: Marrying the Marquis)
Beth Longly - (Book: Masquerade)
Blythe Marden - (Book: Masquerade)
Bee Malone - (Book: Masquerade)
Blythe - (Book: Master of Ecstasy)
Belle Coeur - (Book: Master of Shadows)
Beth Roman - (Book: Master of Smoke)
Bethany - (Book: Master's Submission)
Brianne Cates - (Book: Match Made in Texas, A)
Barbara Lamb - (Book: Matter of Feeling, A)
Beth Tivoli - (Book: Maverick)
Brianna - (Book: Maverick)
Brenna Crane - (Book: Maverick of Copper Creek, The)
Brenna Daniels - (Book: Maybe this Christmas)
Becky White - (Book: Meadowlark)
Beth Chandler - (Book: Meant to Be)
Brynne Sullivan - (Book: Mediterranean Millionaire's Reluctant Mistress, The (UK))
Bethany Darrow - (Book: Mercenary's Promise)
Becca Ford - (Book: Mercy)
Brieana - (Book: Merlin's Kiss)
Brett Munro - (Book: Michael's Baby)
Bailey Jones - (Book: Midnight Captive)
Blanche Charolais - (Book: Midnight Masquerade, A)
Bernadette Barron - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Brynn of Falkhaar - (Book: Midnight Warrior)
Belle - (Book: Midsummer Night's Heat, A)
Bridget Dutton - (Book: Mighty Hunter, The (ebook))
Beau - (Book: Mike, Mike & Me)
Bailey Rhodes - (Book: Mile-High Hair Club, The)
Beth Johnson - (Book: Millionaire and The Mom, The)
Beth Masterson - (Book: Millionaire and the Pregnant Pauper, The)
Brooke Findlay - (Book: Millionaire to the Rescue)
Brooke Findlay - (Book: Millionaire to the Rescue (Large Print))
Bella Andrews - (Book: Millionaire's Secret Seduction)
Brandon - (Book: Mind Games)
Brooke Dumas - (Book: Mine)
Bindi Paxton - (Book: Mine Tonight)
Becky Brandon - (Book: Mini Shopaholic)
Brooke Justice - (Book: Mint Juleps and Justice)
Becky Collingsworth - (Book: Miracle at Colts Run Cross)
Brienne Quaid - (Book: Miracles and Magic)
Bronwynn Prescott Pierson - (Book: Mismatch)
Beth Maple - (Book: Miss Maple and the Playboy)
Beth Gregory - (Book: Missing Hour, The)
Blossom Woodward - (Book: Missing Maitland, The)
Bridget Murphy - (Book: Mistaken Bride)
Becky Smith - (Book: Mistaken Identity)
Bridget O'Shea - (Book: Mistletoe and Molly (reissue))
Brenna Pierce - (Book: Mistletoe Mommy)
Briana Davenport - (Book: Mistress & A Million Dollars)
Becky Hastings - (Book: Mistress of Her Heart)
Brittni Mitchell - (Book: Misunderstandings)
Belle O'Brien - (Book: Mixed Signals)
Betsy Anderson - (Book: Mom For Callie, A)
Bailey Coltrain - (Book: Mom For Hire)
Bonnie Baker - (Book: Mom in the Making)
Becky Kirkpatrick - (Book: Mom in the Making)
Becky Kirkpatrick - (Book: Mom in the Making (large print))
Bahira Massoud - (Book: Moment in Time, A)
Brooke Mitchell - (Book: Mommy Proposal, The)
Briana Grant - (Book: Montana Creeds: Logan)
Brooke McKaslin - (Book: Montana Homecoming)
Brittany Grayson - (Book: Montana Match)
Brittany Grayson - (Book: Montana Match (large print))
Bonnie Martin - (Book: Montana Wrangler)
Barbara Bond - (Book: Moon in the Mango Tree, The)
Belladonna Reynolds - (Book: Moon Kissed)
Brit Bandar - (Book: Moonstruck)
Belinda - (Book: More Than Meets The Eye)
Bria Hamilton - (Book: More Than You Wished)
Brianne Barrington - (Book: Most Eligible Doctor, The)
Bethany Martin - (Book: Mother of His Son, The)
Betsy Tyler - (Book: Mountain Moonlight)
Belinda - (Book: Music of Love, The)
Brianna Donally - (Book: Must Have Been the Moonlight)
Bailey Sullivan - (Book: Must Love Mistletoe)
Barbara Cribbage - (Book: Mutual Consent)
Briana Cameron - (Book: My Dearest Love)
Bathsheba Compton - (Book: My Favorite Countess)
Brooke Winfield - (Book: My Front Page Scandal)
Blythe - (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Bailey York - (Book: My Hero)
Bailey York - (Book: My Hero (reissue))
Bailey Moore - (Book: My Kind of Wonderful)
Brighid l'Estrange - (Book: My Lord de Burgh)
Bridget Flannery - (Book: My Lucky Lady)
Bree Tridle - (Book: My Spy)
Beatrice Lockwood - (Book: Mystery Woman (hardcover))
Beatrice Lockwood - (Book: Mystery Woman (paperback))
Benita Hawkins - (Book: Mystic Park)
Buffalo Dreamer - (Book: Mystic Visions)
Buffalo Dreamer - (Book: Mystic Visions)
Buffalo Dreamer - (Book: Mystic Warriors (reissue))
Brynne Bennett - (Book: Naked)
Breena Wolford - (Book: Naked Truth, The)
Becca Marshall - (Book: Name Your Price)
Bella McAndrews - (Book: Nanny Trap, The)
Brooke Clayton - (Book: Nanny's Homecoming, The (large print))
Blue Bailey - (Book: Natural Born Charmer)
Blue Bailey - (Book: Natural Born Charmer [Large Print])
Breanna Parker - (Book: Naughty)
Beth Wagner - (Book: Never Alone)
Brianne St. John - (Book: Never Alone)
Brianna Hayward - (Book: Never Die Alone)
Bryony Russell - (Book: Never Kiss a Rake)
Beth Kennedy - (Book: Never Let You Go)
Beatrix Becker - (Book: Never Loved (ebook))
Bronte O'Brien - (Book: Never Say Never Again)
Bay Thorn - (Book: Never Surrender)
Blaire Wynn - (Book: Never Too Far)
Bridget Logan - (Book: Newlyweds, The)
Bridget Logan - (Book: Newlyweds, The (reissue))
Beth Venable - (Book: Next of Kin)
Billy Rendell - (Book: Night I Got Lucky, The)
Beth Balfour - (Book: Night Lace)
Bryn Keller - (Book: Night Moves)
Bride McTierney - (Book: Night Play)
Brianne Brandy Winters - (Book: Night Secrets)
Brittany Evans - (Book: Night Watch)
Brenna Flanagan - (Book: Night's Kiss)
Bridget Benning - (Book: Nights In White Satin)
Brynda Mitchell - (Book: No Fear)
Brynn Sinclair - (Book: No Lies Between Us)
Beth Avery - (Book: No One Like You)
Bree Mallory - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Bree McInnes - (Book: No Place Like Home)
Bri Graham - (Book: No Right Turn)
Bay Butler - (Book: No Sanctuary)
Belle Carter - (Book: No.1 Dad in Texas)
Brie Morgan - (Book: Nobleman's Bride, A)
Banner Keaton - (Book: Not a Marrying Man)
Barrie MacDonald - (Book: Not at Eight, Darling)
Bryony Asquith - (Book: Not Quite a Husband)
Brien Weston - (Book: Not Quite Married)
Beth Haggerty - (Book: Not the Marrying Kind)
Brenna Mathis - (Book: Not Without Honor)
Beatrice, Lady Pullingham - (Book: Nothing but Deception)
Bruianna DeBeauchamp - (Book: Notorious)
Brianna de Beauchamp - (Book: Notorious [Hardcover])
Barbara Devane - (Book: Now Face to Face)
Bessy Buckley - (Book: Observations)
Briana - (Book: Obsessed)
Beatrice Steel - (Book: Obsession, The )
Barbara Zooks - (Book: On Her Own)
Barbara Zook - (Book: On Her Own)
Beth - (Book: On the Edge of Darkness)
Bex Levy - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Bernadette Malone - (Book: On Wings of Deliverance)
Bronte Haviland - (Book: Once A Hero)
Briar Kenton - (Book: Once He Loves)
Bettina Blanchard - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Bryn Cavanaugh - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Brianne Martin - (Book: Once in Paris)
Brianne Martin - (Book: Once In Paris (reissue))
Brianne Martin - (Book: Once In Paris (reissue))
Beth Armstrong - (Book: Once Upon a Cowboy)
Beth Armstrong - (Book: Once Upon a Cowboy (large print))
Breena O'Doherty - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Christmas (ebook))
Bobbie Fairchild - (Book: Once Upon a Proposal)
Bronwen Montorsoli - (Book: Once Upon a Time)
Brenna Lupe - (Book: One Eye Open)
Brenna Nelson - (Book: One Heart)
Bernadette Dowd - (Book: One Last Fling!)
Beatrice Brent - (Book: One More Kiss)
Betty Lindholm - (Book: One More Kiss (ebook))
Betty Lindholm - (Book: One More Kiss (ebook))
Bethany Maguire - (Book: One Night in Rome (reissue))
Becky Ward - (Book: One Night Of Sin)
Brett Conlon - (Book: One Night of Trouble (ebook))
Bridget - (Book: One Night Pregnancy (US edition))
Becca Hart - (Book: One Night with a Cowboy)
Becca Hart - (Book: One Night with a Cowboy (reprint))
Beatrice Reece - (Book: One Night With an Earl (ebook))
Becca Cameron - (Book: One Rainy Night)
Beth Denison - (Book: One Scream Away)
Beth Callahan - (Book: One Step Away)
Bryan Mitchell - (Book: One Summer)
Brynn - (Book: One That Got Away, The)
Belinda Toussaint - (Book: One to Love)
Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke - (Book: One Unashamed Night )
Becca Rowan - (Book: One Week in December)
Baroness Lorelei Winters - (Book: Only in My Dreams)
Brooke Beauclere - (Book: Only One, The)
Brooke Beauclere - (Book: Only One, The (UK))
Blair Drake - (Book: Out of Control (ebook))
Beck Kendrick - (Book: Out of Danger)
Bethany Davenshire-Bradshaw - (Book: Out Of Hell (ebook))
Bonnie - (Book: Outcast)
Bridget Callaghan - (Book: Outlaw Bride)
Bliss Harrison - (Book: Outlaw Seduction)
Beth Tyrell - (Book: Outlaw's Embrace)
Belle Marchmain - (Book: Outrageous Belle Marchmain, The)
Belinda Felsham - (Book: Outrageous Lady Felsham, The)
Brandy Brigham - (Book: Outside the Fire)
Beth McClelland - (Book: Outside the Law)
Beth McClelland - (Book: Outside the Law (large print))
Blythe Coopersmith - (Book: Over Easy)
Bailey Weggins - (Book: Over Her Dead Body)
Beth Garcia - (Book: Over the Line)
Bonita Torres - (Book: Pack of Lies)
Bethany Lewis - (Book: Paper Marriage Proposition)
Blythe Woolrich - (Book: Passion's Ransom)
Beatriz - (Book: Passionate Pursuit)
Bryn Bailey - (Book: Pathways)
Baines Marshall - (Book: Patterns of Love)
Becca Sims - (Book: Pawleys Island)
Beth Byler - (Book: Peace)
Bianca Dunsworthy - (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Brenna O'Hare - (Book: Perfect Couple, The)
Brooke Hastings - (Book: Perfect for You)
Blaise McCarthy - (Book: Perfect Life, A)
Bryony St. Charles - (Book: Perfect Likeness, A)
Bryony St. Charles - (Book: Perfect Likeness, A (reissue))
Blanca MArtinez - (Book: Perfect Mix, The)
Bobbie Miller - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The)
Bobbie Miller - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The (Large Print))
Bay McCabe - (Book: Perfect Summer, The)
Bayley Foster - (Book: Perfect Target)
Benelli Youngblood - (Book: Perfectly Unmatched)
Blair Whitaker - (Book: Permanent Ink (ebook))
Béatrix Clouet - (Book: Personal Assets)
Brooke Weathers - (Book: Personal Relations)
Bella De La Rosa - (Book: Phantom in Time)
Bree Brennan - (Book: Phantom Lover)
Bethany Coulter - (Book: Phantom Waltz)
Beth Nakamora - (Book: Phoenix Rising)
Bernice Strum - (Book: Picket Fence Promises)
Bailey Harris - (Book: Pink Buttercream Frosting (ebook))
Brianna O'Ryan - (Book: Pint-Sized Secret, The )
Beath Leigh - (Book: Pipes of Margaree, The (Hardcover))
Bliss Grenville - (Book: Pirate)
Bridget McDonald - (Book: Pirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife)
Bettina Verlaine - (Book: Pirate's Love, A)
Bettina Verlaine - (Book: Pirate's Love, A (ebook))
Beth Ralston - (Book: Place For Eagles, A)
Briar Browning - (Book: Place with Briar, A)
Blair Pendergrass - (Book: Playboy Heart Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad)
Bella Jamison - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Blair Reynolds - (Book: Playing with Trouble (ebook))
Babysister - (Book: Please Please Please)
Bailey Hughes - (Book: Pleasure Under the Sun)
Bella - (Book: Pleasured in the Playboy's Penthouse (UK))
Beatrice Wilson - (Book: Plus)
Berkley Whitmore - (Book: Postcards from Cedar Key)
Blue Feather - (Book: Prairie Paradise)
Blythe Severson - (Book: Precious Things)
Bryna - (Book: Predestined)
Billie Foster - (Book: Pregnancy Shock, The)
Bethany Caldwell - (Book: Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family )
Bette Wharton - (Book: Prelude To A Wedding)
Belinda Primrose - (Book: Pretender's Crown, The)
Bethany - (Book: Price of Freedom, The)
Beth Browning - (Book: Priceless)
Bronwyn Edana - (Book: Priceless)
Beth Browning - (Book: Priceless (reissue))
Bronwyn Murdoch - (Book: Prince Who Loved Me, The)
Bethany Vassal - (Book: Princess from the Past)
Bethany Vassal - (Book: Princess from the Past (large print))
Becca - (Book: Princess of Pop)
Brianna - (Book: Princess, The)
Beth - (Book: Principle of Desire, The (ebook))
Bella - (Book: Prisoner of Passion)
Beverly - (Book: Private Dancer)
Bev Brewster - (Book: Private Dancer)
Bryna Metaxas - (Book: Private Sessions)
Bella Primeaux - (Book: Prodigal Cowboy, The)
Beth McMurray - (Book: Promise Me Texas)
Brittany Chambers - (Book: Promise of Fire, A)
Beth Brennan - (Book: Promise Of Forever)
Beatrice Hennessey - (Book: Promise of More, A (ebook))
Brianna Cassidy Crown - (Book: Promise, The)
Becca Jacobs - (Book: Promises, Pumpkins and Prince Charming)
Bonnie Carmichael - (Book: Proposal at the Wedding, A)
Bella Bostwick - (Book: Proposal, The)
Bella Hudson - (Book: Propositioned Into A Foreign Affair)
Brooks Smith - (Book: Protecting the Quarterback)
Billie Shaughnessy - (Book: Proud Eagle)
Betsy - (Book: Pursuit of Happiness, The)
Bella Jordan - (Book: Pursuit of Justice)
Brighton Smith - (Book: Put a Ring on It)
Blue Waller - (Book: Putting Boys on the Ledge)
Belinda Primrose - (Book: Queen's Bastard, The)
Beth Howard - (Book: Queen's Captain, The)
Bentley Brewster - (Book: Quick, Find a Ring!)
Blue Harrell - (Book: Quinn Eisley's War)
Blaize Donovan - (Book: Rage (ebook))
Beatrice Dewey - (Book: Rake's Ruined Lady, The )
Brenda Kaye - (Book: Ranch to Call Home, A)
Bridget O'Toole - (Book: Rancher's Heart, The)
Billy Cabot - (Book: Raspberry Crush)
Branna ta Cattia - (Book: Raven's Quest (ebook))
Branna ta Cattia - (Book: Raven's Quest (paperback))
Brooke Dumas - (Book: Real)
Beth Cantrell - (Book: Real Men Will)
Breanna Morgan - (Book: Reasonable Doubt)
Breanna Morgan - (Book: Reasonable Doubt (reissue))
Babette Harvey - (Book: Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride, The)
Bonnie Douglass - (Book: Rebel Girl)
Brianna Devland - (Book: Rebel Mine)
Banner Clairmont - (Book: Rebel Waltz)
Banner Clairmont - (Book: Rebel Waltz)
Becky Williams - (Book: Rebel Who Loved Her, The)
Belle Starr Outlaw - (Book: Rebel, The)
Bethany Forsyth - (Book: Reckless Moon)
Becky Lynn Lee - (Book: Red)
Brandy Tucker - (Book: Red-Hot Texas Nights)
Brianna - (Book: Redeeming Waters)
Becki Travers - (Book: Redemption of Deke Summers, The)
Beth McClure - (Book: Redemption Ranch)
Beth McClure - (Book: Redemption Ranch (large print))
Beth Langdon - (Book: Reese: the Untamed)
Beatrice Sinclair - (Book: Reforming the Rake)
Barbara Lampett - (Book: Regency Christmas Carol, A)
Brooke Baxter - (Book: Rejoice)
Brooke Baxter - (Book: Rejoice (reprint))
Bea - (Book: Reluctant Fiancée, The)
Brooke Dumas - (Book: Remy)
Belle Varens - (Book: Rendezvous)
Bronte Cupacek - (Book: Renegade)
Brett Thatcher - (Book: Renegade, The)
Becky Miller - (Book: Renovating Becky Miller)
Becky Miller - (Book: Renovating Becky Miller)
Becca Whitney - (Book: Replacement Wife, The)
Becca Whitney - (Book: Replacement Wife, The (large print))
Becca Whitney - (Book: Replacement Wife, The (UK edition))
Bess Williams - (Book: Rescued Heart, The)
Bergan Moncrief - (Book: Resisting the New Doc in Town)
Brenna Allen - (Book: Restless Flames)
Bridget Pickwick-Buchanan - (Book: Restless in Carolina)
Brigit - (Book: Return)
Beth Hayes - (Book: Return to Sullivans Island (hardcover))
Beth Hayes - (Book: Return to Sullivans Island (paperback))
Belle Colby - (Book: Reunited for the Holidays)
Belle Colby - (Book: Reunited for the Holidays (large print))
Becca Tuntenstall - (Book: Reunited...with Child)
Blaspheme - (Book: Revenant)
Bethie Stewart - (Book: Ride the Fire)
Brin Cassidy - (Book: Riley in the Morning)
Brenna McDougall - (Book: Riley's Baby Boy)
Beth Ormond - (Book: Ring Around the Moon)
Boudicea Vaughn - (Book: Ripe for Scandal)
Bria Visconti - (Book: Riptide)
Brienne - (Book: Rising Fire)
Blair MacKenzie - (Book: Risky Pleasure)
Brianne Davis - (Book: River of Dreams )
Bethia Burnel - (Book: Robber Bride)
Billie Prescott - (Book: Rock Bottom)
Bree Farrell - (Book: Rocky Coast Romance)
Bree Farrell - (Book: Rocky Coast Romance (large print))
Beth Danube - (Book: Rocky Mountain Haven)
Betsy Hunter - (Book: Rocky Mountain Man)
Becca Johnson - (Book: Rodeo Man)
Bailey Spencer - (Book: Rogue)
Birdalane - (Book: Rogue in a Kilt, A)
Beatrice Thibault - (Book: Rogue, The)
Beth Palmer - (Book: Romance Of A Lifetime)
Belinda Beverly - (Book: Romance, The)
Beth Rivers - (Book: Rooted In Dishonour)
Barbara Graham - (Book: Rose of Redayre, The (UK))
Bailey Trent - (Book: Roses Never Fade)
Bella Bayne - (Book: Rough Edges)
Barbara Villiers Palmer - (Book: Royal Harlot)
Bronte Talbot - (Book: Royal Pain, A)
Bianca D'Alessandro - (Book: RSVP...Baby)
Barrett Winslow - (Book: Ruby, The)
Bailey Fielding - (Book: Rule Breaker)
Brooke Gordon - (Book: Rules Of The Game)
Bailey Hamilton - (Book: Runaway Attraction)
Bella Shaw - (Book: Runaway Bride)
Bella Shaw - (Book: Runaway Bride (large print))
Blaire Wynn - (Book: Rush Too Far)
Brittany Bo Clarke - (Book: Rustled)
Brittany Bo Clarke - (Book: Rustled (large print))
Brianna Sage - (Book: Sacred Circle, The)
Brynn Adler - (Book: Sactuary Lost (ebook))
Bridget Martin - (Book: Saddle Up)
Blythe Cooper - (Book: Safe by His Side)
Brynna Vincent - (Book: Safe With Me)
BIanca Kenwood - (Book: Saint, The)
Bristol Adams - (Book: Salem's Daughter)
Belle Breeze - (Book: Santa Claus Is Coming)
Blue Delgado - (Book: Santerra's Sin)
Brenna Cameron - (Book: Sapphire Dream)
Beatrice Giffard - (Book: Sapphire in the Snow)
Beth - (Book: Sapphire Legacy, The)
Belle - (Book: Sapphire Nights)
Brody Hawkins - (Book: Sara and the Rogue)
Bailey Chancellor - (Book: Sarah's Legacy)
Beth Whitney - (Book: Satisfaction Guaranteed)
Brynne - (Book: Saturday's Child)
Brietta - (Book: Savage Persuasion)
Brenda - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Briana Collins - (Book: Savage Touch)
BeBe Loudermilk - (Book: Savannah Breeze)
Bryn James - (Book: Savor)
Beth Simon - (Book: Say It Again, Sam)
Bella - (Book: Say It with Diamonds)
Britta Berger - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Blythe Crompton - (Book: Scandal of the Year)
Brianna Quinn - (Book: Scandalous Deception)
Beth Castleton - (Book: Scandalous Journey, A)
Broooklyn Hancock - (Book: Scarlet Lies)
Brie Dudley - (Book: Scarlet Vows)
Breanna Sullivan - (Book: Scoundrel's Desire)
Bryony O'Neill - (Book: Sea Raven)
Beth - (Book: Sea Spell)
Brynn Langtoine - (Book: SEAL's Valentine, The)
Bronwyn Whitescarver - (Book: SEALed Forever)
Bethany Rogers - (Book: Sealing the Deal)
Brynn - (Book: Searching for Beautiful)
Bridge Weld - (Book: Season of Open Water)
Bridge Weld - (Book: Season of Open Water )
Billie - (Book: Second Chances)
Belinda Carnes - (Book: Second Chances)
Billie - (Book: Second Chances (reissue))
Belinda Carnes \ Tina Braddock - (Book: Second Chances \ Love One Another)
Bernadine Brown - (Book: Second Helping, A)
Bree Tanner - (Book: Second Life of Bree Tanner, The (Hardcover))
Brenna Gathers - (Book: Second Time Around, The)
Blair Carson - (Book: Secret Baby, Public Desire)
Bryn Matthews - (Book: Secret Child & the Cowboy CEO, The)
Becky Miller - (Book: Secret Life of Becky Miller, The )
Beth - (Book: Secret Rebellion, A)
Beth McDade - (Book: Secret Thunder)
Bella Fluer Contadora - (Book: Secret, The (ebook))
Bethany - (Book: Secrets)
Brianna Sulllivan - (Book: Secrets of a Ruthless Tycoon)
Brooke Petersson - (Book: Secrets of Bella Terra)
Brie Danzinger - (Book: Secrets of the Wolf)
Bride McKells - (Book: Seduce the Darkness)
Bethany Stavinoski - (Book: Seduced by the Night)
Brittany Garrison - (Book: Seduced by the Wealthy Playboy)
Bella Marquetti - (Book: Seducing Samson (ebook))
Bianca Milne - (Book: Seduction Business, The)
Belle Patricelli - (Book: Seduction's Spell)
Brenna Marcelli - (Book: Seductive One, The)
Brenna Marcelli - (Book: Seductive One, The (reissue))
Barbara Johnson - (Book: See How They Run)
Bernadette Kane - (Book: Serpant's Dance)
Brenna Cayton - (Book: Seven Nights of Sin)
Beth Curtis - (Book: Seven-Year Seduction )
Brianne Wolcott - (Book: Sex & the Single Girl)
Beth Graham - (Book: Sex Magic)
Brittany Hylton-VanDeere - (Book: Sexorcist, The )
Bailey Howard - (Book: Shadow Hunter)
Bettina - (Book: Shadow's Claim)
Beluviel - (Book: Shadow's End)
Bliss Fortune - (Book: Shayne: the Pretender)
Bianca Kirkland - (Book: She Blinded Me With Science Fiction)
Brooke Davenport - (Book: She Can Scream)
Billie Van Horn - (Book: Sheik & the Princess Bride, The)
Beth Farrah - (Book: Sheikh's Contract Bride, The)
Beth Farrah - (Book: Sheikh's Contract Bride, The (UK))
Beth Farrah - (Book: Sheikh's Contract Bride, The [Large Print])
Belle Winters - (Book: Sheikh's Ransomed Bride, The)
Belle Winters - (Book: Sheikh's Ransomed Bride, The (UK))
Bryn - (Book: Sheikh's Wife, The)
Beth Ford - (Book: Sheriff and the Baby, The)
Beth Allen - (Book: Sheriff of Shelter Valley)
Beth Allen - (Book: Sheriff of Shelter Valley, The)
Becky Bloomwood - (Book: Shopaholic and Sister)
Becky Bloomwood - (Book: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan)
Becky Bloomwood - (Book: Shopaholic Ties the Knot)
Bobbie Gallagher - (Book: Shot of Sultry, A)
Briana O'Connell - (Book: Sicilian Marriage, The)
Becca Stark - (Book: Silent Hearts)
Blush Taylor - (Book: Silk Scarves and Seduction)
Becca Jones - (Book: Silver Bastard)
Brenna - (Book: Silver Silence)
Bethany Munro - (Book: Sin and Scandal in England)
Beth Marshall - (Book: Sing Softly to Me)
Beatrice, Lady Pullingham - (Book: Sins of Omission)
Brittany Martin - (Book: Siren from the Sea)
Bettina Bacheller - (Book: Siren's Lure, A)
Brooke Rawlings - (Book: Sister's Secret, A (ebook))
Beverly - (Book: Sisters and Husbands)
Brit - (Book: Sisters in Sanity)
Bella McNamara - (Book: Six-Month Mistress)
Beth Warren - (Book: Slade's Woman)
Belle Moody - (Book: Sleep Tight)
Bridgett Janik - (Book: Sleeping with the Enemy)
Brenna Blixen - (Book: Slow Twitch)
Bailey Sinclair - (Book: Smart and Sexy)
Bailey Sinclair - (Book: Smart and Sexy (reissue))
Bailey Sinclair - (Book: Smart and Sexy (reprint))
Britt Shelley - (Book: Smoke Screen (hardcover))
Bethany Mills - (Book: Snowbound)
Baylie Walker - (Book: Snowbound with Dr. Delectable)
Brooke - (Book: So Much Closer)
Brooke - (Book: So Much Closer (reissue))
Brigitte de Louroux - (Book: So Speaks the Heart)
Brigitte de Louroux - (Book: So Speaks the Heart (ebook))
Beth Gibson - (Book: Somebody's Lady)
Blythe - (Book: Someone Like You)
Beatrice Stourbridge
- (Book: Somerville Farce, The)
Beth - (Book: Something In Common (ebook))
BJ Jones - (Book: Something So Right)
Brenna Sinclair - (Book: Something Worth Keeping)
Bridget McKenzie - (Book: Somewhere in the Night)
Belle Doe
Josie Marie Beckett
- (Book: Son Of Texas)
Brayelle Bates - (Book: Song of the Fireflies)
Brandy - (Book: Sonora Sundown)
Bryanna - (Book: Sorceress)
Bree Sennett - (Book: Soul Jar (ebook))
Bess Suncatcher - (Book: Soul Whisperer)
Beth Hertzler - (Book: Sound of Sleigh Bells, The (hardcover))
Barbara - (Book: Southern Nights)
Briar Davenport - (Book: Spaniard's Blackmailed Bride, The)
Becky Marston - (Book: Spanish Doctor's Love-Child, The)
Becky Marston - (Book: Spanish Doctor's Love-Child, The (UK))
Bonnie - (Book: Speeding)
Belinda - (Book: Spellbinding)
Bryna Torrence - (Book: Spellbound)
Breezy Malone - (Book: Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs)
Brynn Sawyer - (Book: Spring in the Valley)
Bethany James - (Book: Stacked Deck)
Beth Partridge - (Book: Star Looks Down, A)
Beth Partridge - (Book: Star Looks Down, A (reissue))
Beth Partridge - (Book: Star Looks Down, A (UK))
Beth Partridge - (Book: Star Looks Down, A (UK-reissue))
Blaise Quinn - (Book: Starfire)
Bianca Salva - (Book: Stargazer, The)
Brandy Daniels - (Book: Steal the Flame)
Betsy - (Book: Stephanides Pregnancy, The)
Beth Hawley - (Book: Stolen Bride, The (reissue))
Brittany Elizabeth Chandler - (Book: Stolen Promise)
Becca Chandler - (Book: Storm)
Brooke - (Book: Storm Bound)
Billie - (Book: Stormy Greek Marriage, A)
Brooke - (Book: Stormy Reunion)
Brenna Sloan - (Book: Stormy Vows)
Bree McFarland - (Book: Straight from the Heart)
Bronte Dawson - (Book: Stranded with a Billionaire (ebook))
Bronte Dawson - (Book: Stranded with a Billionaire (paperback))
Beth Andrews - (Book: Stranded with the Rancher)
Brittany Daniels - (Book: String of Pearls)
Becky Stone - (Book: Strokes of Midnight)
Bethany - (Book: Styxx (hardcover))
Bailey Craig - (Book: Submerged)
Bonnie Jean Harland - (Book: Sugar Hill)
Bonnie Jean Harland - (Book: Sugar Hill (reissue))
Beatrice Gregory - (Book: Suitable Wife, A)
Bailey Flowers - (Book: Sullivan's Last Stand)
Brigitta - (Book: Summer of No Regrets, The)
Blaze - (Book: Summer of the Eagle)
Bessie - (Book: Sun Still Shines, The)
Barbara Rochdale - (Book: Sunday's Child)
Belinda Conner - (Book: Sunrise Vows)
Bella DiCaprio - (Book: Surgeon Sheik's Rescue)
Becky Baxter, MD - (Book: Surgeon Worth Waiting For, A)
Beth Dawson - (Book: Surgeon's Engagement Wish, The)
Bailey Wayne - (Book: Surgeon's Surprise Twins, The)
Bess Cantrell - (Book: Survivor, The)
Bel Shaw - (Book: Sweet Bargain)
Beatrice - (Book: Sweet Bea)
Breyandra Fraser - (Book: Sweet Enemy Mine)
Booke - (Book: Sweet Repercussions)
Barbara Johnson - (Book: Sweet Sensations)
Brenna Lamont - (Book: Sweet Surprises)
Becca Nash - (Book: Sweet Texas Charm)
Becca Bass - (Book: Sweet Texas Dreams)
Brenna Blanchard - (Book: Sweetheart Bride)
Brenna Blanchard - (Book: Sweetheart Bride (large print))
Bella Rossi - (Book: Swinging on a Star)
Beth Nakamura - (Book: Switch, The)
Bianca Quinn - (Book: Tailspin)
Bridget Down - (Book: Tainted Purity)
Beverly Darwin - (Book: Take All Myself)
Brianna Munro - (Book: Taken By The Laird)
Brenna Collins - (Book: Taken By the Wind (ebook))
Bella Lawrence - (Book: Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure)
Braith - (Book: Tale of Two Dragons, A (ebook))
Bailey Preston - (Book: Tall, Dark and Lethal)
Becca Stevens - (Book: Taming the Takeover Tycoon)
Bree McDermott - (Book: Tangled Up)
Beulah Crawford - (Book: Tangled Up in Blue)
B. A. Lee - (Book: Taste of Death, A)
Briony Hammond - (Book: Taste of Love)
Brandi Miles - (Book: Taste of Temptation, A)
Bernadette Baxter - (Book: Teach Me)
Brenna O'Toole - (Book: Tears of the Moon)
Brooke Ashby - (Book: Tell Me Your Secrets)
Blair Morgan - (Book: Tempestuous Eden)
Beth Tully - (Book: Temporary Father)
Beatrice Clemens - (Book: Temptation)
Brooke (Newman) Jamison - (Book: Tempted)
Brooke (Newman) Jamison - (Book: Tempted (UK))
Becca Sue Ellsworth - (Book: Tempted by a Texan)
Brooke Stirling - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Bridget Rodgers - (Book: Tempting the Player)
Belle Flambeau - (Book: Tempting the Prince)
Brianna McKenzie - (Book: Ten Years Later....)
Brielle d'Avignon - (Book: Tender Crusader)
Brittany Evans - (Book: Tender Guardian)
Bevan O'Rourke - (Book: Tender Lies)
Brandy - (Book: Tender Pirate)
Beverly Turner - (Book: Tender to His Touch)
Blythe Elliott - (Book: Tender Trap, The)
Billie D'Angelo - (Book: Tennessee Waltz)
Bryn Davis - (Book: Terminated)
Blythe Redd - (Book: Terrific Tom)
Bailee Moore - (Book: Texan's Wager, The)
Bayleigh Creed - (Book: Texan, The)
Becky - (Book: Texas Bluff (reissue))
Barbara Holcomb - (Book: Texas Gold)
Bianca Moreno - (Book: Texas Magic)
Blaire Farley - (Book: Texas Ranger's Christmas, A)
Brandy King - (Book: That Old Feeling)
Beth Stiles - (Book: That Stubborn Yankee)
Beth Pennington - (Book: That Summer Thing)
Belinda Rochester - (Book: Their Miracle Twins)
Belinda Rochester - (Book: Their Miracle Twins (large print))
Belinda Randall - (Book: Their Other Mother)
Becca Stiles - (Book: Their Second-Chance Child)
Beth Cristie - (Book: There Is a Season)
Briana Duvaulle - (Book: They're the One!)
Belinda - (Book: Thing of Beauty, A)
Barbara Sargent - (Book: Third Wife, The)
Bronte - (Book: Thirteen Weddings)
BJ, Bobbi Jo, Henley - (Book: This Old Heart)
Blythe Fielding - (Book: Three Grooms and a Wedding)
Bree Miller - (Book: Three Wishes)
Bev - (Book: Thunder and Lightning (ebook))
Becky Merrill - (Book: Thunder Bay)
Brenna Burke - (Book: Tight Quarters (ebook))
Bailey Weggins - (Book: Til Death Do Us Part)
Bree Kealy - (Book: Time and Tide)
Briana - (Book: Time for Another Dream)
Beatrice Smith - (Book: Time To Embrace, A)
Brenna - (Book: Time Without End)
Beatrice Crane - (Book: Time/Steps)
Beth Ralston - (Book: Timeless Love, A)
Brianne Quinlan - (Book: Timeless Passion)
Blossom Ann Murdock - (Book: Timeless Warrior)
Bethany Dallison - (Book: To Be Seduced)
Beatrice Corning - (Book: To Desire a Devil)
Blair Mallory - (Book: To Die For)
Brooke Baldwin - (Book: To Have and To Hold)
Bessie Randall - (Book: To Love A Stranger)
Beth Anderson - (Book: To Love An Older Man)
Brianda Breedon - (Book: To Love and To Cherish)
Bryn Roydan - (Book: To Trust A Wolf)
Brooke Tyler - (Book: Too Close To Home)
Brittany Grayson - (Book: Tool Belt Defender)
Blaise St. James - (Book: Touch Me With Fire)
Blaise St. James - (Book: Touch Me With Fire (reissue))
Beth Blake - (Book: Touch of Notoriety, A)
Beth Blake - (Book: Touch of Notoriety, A (large print))
Billie Callahan - (Book: Touch the Horizon)
Bonnie Maxwell - (Book: Tough Guy)
Billie Quinn - (Book: Trace Of Doubt)
Billie Quinn - (Book: Trace of Innocence)
Bethany Ashworth - (Book: Transformation of Miss Ashworth, The)
Beth - (Book: Treacherous Seduction, A)
Beth - (Book: Treacherous Seduction, A (Large Print))
Bonnie Torres - (Book: Tricks of the Trade)
B.J. Poydras - (Book: Tricks of the Trade)
Betsy Popham - (Book: Trifling Favors)
Briana McCallum - (Book: Triplet Secret Babies)
Brandi Michaels - (Book: Trouble in High Heels)
Bliss Winters - (Book: True Bliss)
Brooke Thalberg - (Book: True Love at Silver Creek Ranch)
Beth Richards - (Book: True, Blue Cowboy)
Bobbie Callahan - (Book: Truly, Madly, Briefly)
Bethanne Hamlin - (Book: Turn in the Road, A)
Bellamy Blake - (Book: Turn Up the Heat)
Beryl Foster - (Book: Twelve Nights (ebook))
Belle Jamison - (Book: Twice As Hot)
Bella - (Book: Twilight)
Brigit Poe - (Book: Twilight Fulfilled)
Britta Lindquist - (Book: Twilight's Serenade)
Bridget and Liz Van Zandt - (Book: Twin Expectations)
Blair Chandler - (Book: Twin of Fire)
Brooke & Melanie Chandler - (Book: Twins)
Bryn Davis - (Book: Two Weeks' Notice)
Bronte - (Book: Unclaimed Baby, The)
Beth Boone - (Book: Uncontrollable)
Bella Haverton - (Book: Uncovering the Silveri Secret)
Bella Haverton - (Book: Uncovering the Silveri Secret)
Bella Haverton - (Book: Uncovering the Silveri Secret (large print))
Bethany Stafford - (Book: Undaunted Faith)
Bethany - (Book: Undaunted Faith, An)
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Done)
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unappreciated)
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Undermined (paperback))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Undermined HARDCOVER)
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unemployed (reissue))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unfinished (Hardcover))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unfinished (paperback))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unforgiven (hardcover))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unpopular)
Betsy - (Book: Undead and Unpopular (reissue))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unreturnable)
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unstable (hardcover))
Betsy - (Book: Undead and Unstable (paperback))
Betsy - (Book: Undead and Unsure (hardcover))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unsure (paperback))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unwary (hardcover))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unwary (paperback))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unwed)
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unwelcome (Hardcover))
Betsy Taylor - (Book: Undead and Unwelcome (paperback))
Betsy Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unworthy)
Beth Hansen - (Book: Undeniably Yours)
Beth Hansen - (Book: Undeniably Yours)
Betsy Nielson - (Book: Under the Mistletoe with John Doe)
Bella Grey - (Book: Undercover at City Hospital)
Brittany Langford - (Book: Undercover Husband)
Brenna Maclachlan - (Book: Undressed)
Brijette Dupre - (Book: Unexpected Daughter)
Bethany Whitcombe - (Book: Unexpected Husband, An)
Brandi Vaughn - (Book: Unforgiven)
Beatrice Sinclair - (Book: Unlikely Governess, An)
Beatrice - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An)
Beatrice - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An (reissue))
Beatrice - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An (reissue))
Beatrice - (Book: Unlikely Romance, An (UK))
Beth Seymour - (Book: Unlocking the Doctor's Heart (ebook))
Bathsheba - (Book: Unspoken)
Bethany Anne - (Book: Unspoken Betrayal, An (ebook))
Bella Wheeler - (Book: Untamed Argentinian, The)
Bella Wheeler - (Book: Untamed Argentinian, The (large print))
Brighid Cassidy - (Book: Untamed, The)
Brianna - (Book: Unwilling Betrayer)
Beth Armitage - (Book: Unwilling Bride, An (reissue))
Bailey Wingate - (Book: Up Close and Dangerous)
Brigitte Hartman - (Book: Upon a Midnight Clear)
Bess Cameron - (Book: Upon a Mystic Tide)
Bethany Burdett - (Book: Valentine's Fortune)
Bronte McBride - (Book: Vampire Dragon)
Briana - (Book: Vampire Fangs and Venom)
Beatrice Davis - (Book: Vampire Games (ebook))
Basha Argeneau - (Book: Vampire Most Wanted)
Brie Carringdon - (Book: Velvet Embrace)
Bess of Hardwick - (Book: Venus in Winter, The)
Beth Samuels - (Book: Very Truly Sexy)
Bella MacDuff - (Book: Viper, The)
Briony Langland - (Book: Virtuous Lady, A)
Brittany - (Book: Vow, The)
Bronwyn Davies - (Book: Vows)
Brenna - (Book: Wade Dynasty, The)
Bethany Silverton - (Book: Wager, The)
Bethany Silverton - (Book: Wagered Heart)
Bethany Shaffer - (Book: Wagonload of Trouble, A)
Barrett Overbrook / Elizabeth - (Book: Waiting For Yesterday)
Brooke - (Book: Wake the Sleeping Tiger)
Barbara Prather - (Book: Wanted: Cowboy)
Bethan Conway - (Book: Wanted: Mail-order Mistress )
Brynley Jones - (Book: Wanted: Undead or Alive)
Bonnie McKutchen - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Beth Blackthorne - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Bridget MacCulloch - (Book: Warrior Untamed)
Brynna Norstrom - (Book: Warrior's Destiny)
Brianna Flanigan - (Book: Warrior's Song)
Bess Whateley - (Book: Watch By Moonlight)
Bianca Robinson - (Book: Water Crystal)
Bella Parker - (Book: Way Home, The)
Bailey Sinclair - (Book: Way You Love Me, The)
Bianca Coltrane - (Book: Wayward Dreams)
Brenda Prentiss - (Book: Wealth Beyond Riches)
Bliss - (Book: Wed to a Highland Warrior)
Blake O'Hara Heart - (Book: Wedding Belles (trade))
Beatrice - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice)
Beatrice - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (reissue))
Beatrice - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (reissue))
Beatrice - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (UK))
Beatrice - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (UK-reissue))
Bea - (Book: Wedding Challenge, The)
Brianna Fairchild - (Book: Wedding Daze)
Beatrix Danbury - (Book: Wedding of the Season)
Beth Ainslow - (Book: Wedding on the Way)
Betty - (Book: Westerby Sisters, The)
Beth Hamilton - (Book: What a Woman Needs)
Bree Mason - (Book: What Happens After Dark)
Brianna Moneypenny - (Book: What the Greek's Money Can't Buy)
Beatryce Beckett - (Book: What the Marquess Sees (ebook))
Becca Morgan - (Book: Whatever It Takes (ebook))
Bobby Faye Sumrall - (Book: When a Man Loves a Weapon)
Barbara Callister - (Book: When a Man Loves A Woman)
Brooke - (Book: When Morning Comes)
Belinda Featherstone - (Book: When the Marquess Met His Match)
Becca Reynolds - (Book: Where Love Grows)
Bella - (Book: Whirlwind Engagement, A)
Brie Sheridan - (Book: Whispering Rock)
Brie Sheridan - (Book: Whispering Rock (reprint))
Belinda Latham - (Book: Whispers on the Wind)
Brianna - (Book: White as Snow)
Bridget Abbott - (Book: White Witch)
Brook Devlin - (Book: Whitehorn's Woman)
Brandi Doyle - (Book: Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?)
Becca Prescott - (Book: Who's the Boss?)
Bithia - (Book: Wicked Empress)
Becca Sutcliff - (Book: Wicked Game)
Bethany Doyle - (Book: Wicked One, The)
Bronwyn Parrish - (Book: Wicked Temptation)
Barbara Yager - (Book: Wickedly Dangerous)
Barbara Yager - (Book: Wickedly Ever After (ebook))
Barbara Yager - (Book: Wickedly Magical (ebook))
Bella Young - (Book: Wickedly Powerful)
Beka Yancy - (Book: Wickedly Wonderful)
Becky - (Book: Wife to Charles)
Brit Alexander - (Book: Wife Wanted)
Betsy Callison - (Book: Wife-in-Law (hardcover))
Bailey Hart - (Book: Wild at Heart)
Bella Malone - (Book: Wild Card)
Beatrice Edmund - (Book: Wild Desire)
Belle Barclay - (Book: Wild Legacy)
Briana Collins - (Book: Wild Rapture)
Bryonny Livingston - (Book: Wild Rose)
Bailey Hodges - (Book: Wild Stallion)
Byrony DeWitt - (Book: Wild Star)
Berry Warfield - (Book: Wild Sweet Wilderness)
Bethany Quinn - (Book: Wildflowers from Winter)
Brianna Daniels - (Book: Window in Time, A)
Becky Tate - (Book: Winds of Destiny)
Bethany Winslow - (Book: Winds of Glory)
Barrett Browning - (Book: Windswept)
Belinda Carson - (Book: Wing Girl (ebook))
Billie McLeod - (Book: Winning the Boss's Heart (ebook))
Bliss Bonner - (Book: Winter Blossom)
Beth Carrigan - (Book: Winter Reunion)
Bently Cunningham - (Book: Winter's Rose, A)
Bailey Gates - (Book: Wish For Love, A)
Beth Allen - (Book: Wish You Were Here)
Beryl Lambert - (Book: With a Little Luck)
Berkeley Shaw - (Book: With All My Heart)
Barbara Richardson - (Book: With Eyes of Love)
Brooke Pennington - (Book: With One Touch)
Britta Jakobsen - (Book: With the Material Witness in the Safehouse)
Beatrice Poole - (Book: With This Ring)
Bk 1: Bethany Coutler
Bk 2: Molly Wells
- (Book: With You Beside Me
A Coulter Family Double)
Becky Peters - (Book: Within Striking Distance)
Bree Nichols - (Book: Without a Trace)
Bree Nichols - (Book: Without a Trace: a Rock Harbor Novel)
Brianna - (Book: Wizard Twins - Menage A Magick)
Bess Hardwick - (Book: Woman Of Passion, A)
Bianca Mansfield - (Book: Woo'd in Haste)
Bryn Davis - (Book: Working Stiff)
Bronte Foster-Jenkins - (Book: Working with the Enemy)
Beth Marston - (Book: Would I Lie To You?)
Bodie Mays - (Book: Wyoming Fierce)
Brianna Costin - (Book: Wyoming Wedding)
Brittany Mactavish - (Book: Year and a Day, A)
Bailey Cooper - (Book: Yesterday and Forever)
Brenna McIntyre - (Book: You Belong to Me)
Beth Lowry - (Book: You Were Mine)
Bethany Marlow - (Book: Yukon Cowboy)
Brianna Benson - (Book: Yuletide Proposal)
Brianna Benson - (Book: Yuletide Proposal (large print))
Bailey Austin - (Book: Yuletide Protector)
Bree Mathison - (Book: Yuletide Rescue, The)
Belle Sterling - (Book: Zebra Wore Fishnets, The (ebook))
Belle - (Book: Zebra Wore Red Stocking, The (ebook))


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