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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with C

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Camilla Stuart - (Book: 'Twas the Night After Christmas)
Camilla Stuart - (Book: 'Twas the Night After Christmas (hardcover))
Celeste - (Book: 10 Days in Paradise)
Claire Santaniello - (Book: 39-Year-Old Virgin, The)
Carlotta Wren - (Book: 4 Bodies and a Funeral)
Carlotta Wren - (Book: 5 Bodies To Die For)
Clara Carrington - (Book: 5th Avenue Affair, A)
Carlotta Wren - (Book: 6 Killer Bodies)
Casey Edwards - (Book: About Face)
Cath Talarico - (Book: About Last Night)
Claire Heywood - (Book: Above Suspicion)
Cassianna Baxter - (Book: Academy of Love (ebook))
Cathy Calderon - (Book: Accidental Bridegroom)
Colleen MacGregor - (Book: Accidental Countess, The)
Cassandra Monroe - (Book: Accidental Countess, The)
Carolina Sweetwater - (Book: Accidental Sheriff, The)
Casey Schwartz - (Book: Accidentally Demonic)
Clair Ivers - (Book: Accidentally Engaged)
Cimil - (Book: Accidentally. . .Cimil? (ebook novella))
Caroline Clifford - (Book: Acquainted with the Night)
Cassandra Valcour - (Book: Across a Rebel Sea)
Captain Tyree Samou - (Book: Adam 483: Man or Machine?)
Caitlin Moran - (Book: Adam's Story)
Chloe Girard - (Book: Addicted (ebook))
Chloe Bolton - (Book: Admission of Love)
Clarissa Schneckberg - (Book: Adventures of an Ice Princess)
Charlotte Arkendale - (Book: Affair)
Clara Wilson - (Book: Affair Most Wicked, An)
Claire - (Book: Affair of Honour, An (UK))
Caroline Carruther - (Book: Affair Of The Heart)
Cara Lynn Garrett - (Book: Affair of the Heart)
Cassandra St. Cloud - (Book: Affair with Mr. Kennedy, An)
Christiane d'Oliveri - (Book: Affair, The)
Curry James - (Book: After All These Years)
Callie Carson - (Book: After I Dream)
Caroline Cabot - (Book: After Midnight)
Cassie Kramer - (Book: After She's Gone (hardcover))
Claire Jellicoe - (Book: After the Scandal)
Cailin Rafferty - (Book: After the Storm)
Chelsea Lattimer - (Book: Afterglow (reissue))
Cass Dollar - (Book: Aftertime)
Caroline Morrow - (Book: Again and Again)
Chrissy Martin - (Book: Against the Cage (ebook))
Claire Chastain - (Book: Against the Edge)
Cathryn Ashe - (Book: Against the Rules)
Claire - (Book: Against the Tide)
Corine Solomon - (Book: Agava Kiss)
Casey Warren - (Book: Agent-in-Charge)
Cassandra Phillips - (Book: Agreeable Arrangement, An)
Charlotte Abbott - (Book: Ain't She Sweet)
Charlotte McNally - (Book: Air Time)
Charley - (Book: Alaskan Exposure (ebook))
Clementine Phillips - (Book: Alaskan Hearts)
Clementine Phillips - (Book: Alaskan Hearts (large print))
Chere Adams - (Book: All About Me)
Caroline Broadhurst - (Book: All About Seduction)
Cara DeLuca - (Book: All Fired Up)
Cara DeLuca - (Book: All Fired Up (ebook))
Corey Reed - (Book: All for Love)
Caroline Huntington - (Book: All He Desires)
Casey Straton - (Book: All I Need Is You)
Casey Stratton - (Book: All I Need is You (ebook))
Christy Knight - (Book: All I Want is You)
Clare Fergusson - (Book: All Mortal Flesh)
Carly Sullivan - (Book: All My Tomorrows)
Cassie Mancini - (Book: All Night Long)
Cara Sinclair - (Book: All or Nothing)
Caroline James - (Book: All Our Tomorrows)
Callie Lambert - (Book: All Roads Lead to Texas)
Chantal Dixon - (Book: All Summer Long)
Cerise - (Book: All That Falls)
Cara Mulvaine - (Book: All That Matters)
Chloe Lawson - (Book: All That Matters)
Cassie O'Brien - (Book: All the Right Moves)
Charli Stewart - (Book: All the Time We Need)
Carla DiDolche - (Book: All Tucked In...)
Cameron Murphy - (Book: All You Need is Love)
Calista York - (Book: All's Fair)
Christa Kirklan - (Book: Alliance, The)
Cassie Havelin - (Book: Alligator Moon)
Cerise Lindsay - (Book: Allure)
Carolly Hanson - (Book: Almost an Angel)
Claire Westerbrook - (Book: Almost Forever)
Claire Westerbrook - (Book: Almost Forever (reissue))
Cassandra Marston - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Cleo Alyssum - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Carolyn Leary - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Catherine Gagnon - (Book: Alone)
Charlene McCuan - (Book: Along Comes A Legend)
Cheryl Steadman - (Book: Along For The Ride)
Charlee McKinley - (Book: Along the Broken Road)
Carin - (Book: Alvares Bride, The)
Claire - (Book: Always a Mother (reissue))
Callie McCarran - (Book: Always a Temp)
Callie Hart - (Book: Always in my Heart)
Cate Padgett - (Book: Always the Bridesmaid)
Cesca Marinelli - (Book: Always the Vampire)
Carolina May - (Book: Always Time to Die)
Claire Savage - (Book: Amazing Love)
Corey McKinney - (Book: Amazon Lily)
Cassie Clark - (Book: American Temp and the British Inspector, The)
Countess of Morliax
- (Book: Amethyst Crown, The)
Clara Barkman - (Book: Amish Nanny, The)
Celia Seaton - (Book: Amorous Education of Celia Seaton, The)
Claire Sharp - (Book: And Able)
Christa Cameron - (Book: And One Rode West)
Callie Michaelson - (Book: And One Wore Gray)
Cassie Stuart - (Book: Angel)
Cassie Stuart - (Book: Angel (ebook))
Christina Bower - (Book: Angel In a Red Dress)
Christina Bower - (Book: Angel in a Red Dress (ebook))
Celeste Kennedy - (Book: Angel in my Arms)
Chrestien de Lontaine - (Book: Angel of Fire)
Callie McFay - (Book: Angel Stone, The )
Cathy Angel - (Book: Angel's Touch, An)
Cass Richards - (Book: Angels and Outlaws)
Catherine Addams
Catherine Halliford
- (Book: Anonymous Miss Addams, The)
Cleo O'Shea - (Book: Another Kind of Cowboy)
Courtney Glamora - (Book: Another Spring)
Charlotte Jennings - (Book: Anyone Can Dream (UK))
Charlotte Brooks - (Book: Anything But Sweet)
Carly Saunders - (Book: Anything Goes)
Calero O'Connell - (Book: Apache Knight)
Cate Shepard - (Book: Apprentice Father)
Clove Penmire - (Book: Archer's Angels (reissue))
Camille Ciarelli - (Book: Are You In The Mood?)
C.J. - (Book: Armed and Dangerous)
Chantal - (Book: Army of Two)
Cassidy Howard - (Book: Arrow of the Heart (ebook))
Cate of Lochmaben - (Book: Arrow, The)
Caylor Evans - (Book: Art of Romance, The)
Camilla Warner - (Book: As An Earl Desires)
Caroline Kimberly - (Book: As Darkness Fell)
Charlotte Bristow - (Book: As Good as it Gets?)
Claire Elliot - (Book: As Hot As It Gets)
Cameron Butler - (Book: As Long As There Is Love)
Coventry Pearce - (Book: Ascent to the Stars)
Cole - (Book: Ashes In The Wind)
Cassandra Stevens - (Book: Ashes of Angels)
Claire Roth - (Book: Ashes of Midnight)
Caitlin McIntyre - (Book: Ask Her at Christmas (ebook))
Callan Nevins - (Book: Astral Nights (ebook))
Celia Antiquis - (Book: Astrologer's Daughter, The)
Cassie Dumont - (Book: At Close Range)
Cicely Roberts - (Book: At First Sight)
Charlie Sibley - (Book: At First Sight)
Cat Crawfield - (Book: At Grave's End)
Caroline Singleton - (Book: At Last)
Caroline O'Donald - (Book: At the Billionaire's Bidding)
Chas - (Book: At the Cattleman's Command)
Claire - (Book: At the Edge)
Charity Weston - (Book: At the Highwayman's Pleasure)
Claire Dryden - (Book: Atlanta)
Cassandra - (Book: Atlantean's Quest - Atlantean Heat)
Chelsea - (Book: Attitude)
Chase Davidson - (Book: Auctioned)
Carole Anne Wellsley - (Book: Aunt Connie's Wedding)
Clio Templeton - (Book: Australia's Maverick Millioniare)
Camille Guildford - (Book: Australian Heiress, The)
Candace - (Book: Authors In Ecstasy)
Charlotte Haversham - (Book: Autumn in Scotland)
Catherine Graystone - (Book: Autumn's Fury)
Caradoc - (Book: Avenger, The)
Christina Howard - (Book: Avoiding Mr. Right)
Charlotte Ashton - (Book: Awaken the Senses)
Calla - (Book: Awakening)
CeCe Williams - (Book: Awakening Mercy)
Cassie Tremont - (Book: Babies and Badges)
Casey Fairchild - (Book: Babies Make Ten, And)
Casey Sinclair - (Book: Baby Album, The)
Cyn Sweet - (Book: Baby and the Bodyguard, The)
Clare Marshall - (Book: Baby At Bushman's Creek )
Caitlin Adams - (Book: Baby Bargain, The)
Claire Fletcher - (Book: Baby Be Mine)
Clair Fletcher - (Book: Baby Be Mine (reissue))
Claire Wilson - (Book: Baby Bequest, The)
Charlotte Fagan - (Book: Baby Bind, The)
Cassidy Willis - (Book: Baby Bond, The)
Claire Walker - (Book: Baby Came C.O.D., The)
Cami Bishop - (Book: Baby Dreams)
Carly - (Book: Baby for Christmas, A)
Chrissy Hamilton - (Book: Baby For Dry Creek, A)
Caitland Fox - (Book: Baby Makes Five)
C.J. Jones - (Book: Baby Mission, The)
Carly Sinclair - (Book: Baby of Their Own, A (UK))
Caro Evans - (Book: Baby on Board)
Caro Evans - (Book: Baby On Board (UK))
Caitlin Andrews - (Book: Baby on the Way)
Casey - (Book: Baby on the Way, A)
Claudia - (Book: Baby Proof )
Chelsea - (Book: Baby To Love, A)
Calista Clifton - (Book: Baby Wore a Badge, The)
Claire McDermott - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours )
Catherine MacPherson - (Book: Baby, I'm Yours)
Carrie Brent - (Book: Bachelor and the Babies, The)
Caroline Leighton - (Book: Bachelor Husband)
Constance Duncan - (Book: Bachelor List, The)
Cassidy Jones - (Book: Bachelor Party)
Casey Wright - (Book: Bachelor's Baby, The)
Claire Richards - (Book: Bachelor's Dare, The)
Charlotte Bronson - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Catherine Stowe - (Book: Bachelorette)
Carli - (Book: Back In Her Husband's Bed)
Claudine St. James - (Book: Back in Kansas)
Chloe Carmichael - (Book: Back in the Bachelor's Arms)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Bad Bones)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Bad Bones)
Callie Jacobsen - (Book: Bad for Me)
Carly Winters - (Book: Bad Girl by Night)
Cleo Tyler - (Book: Bad Karma)
Cat Dupree - (Book: Bad Penny)
Cassie Taylor - (Book: Bad Romeo)
Ciara Griffin - (Book: Bad to the Bone)
Cara McKinnon - (Book: Badlands Legend)
Cheryl Steele - (Book: Balancing Act)
Casey McConnell - (Book: Bandit King, The )
Cassandra Bixby - (Book: Bandit Lawman, Texas Bride)
Cilla Richardson - (Book: Bandit's Stolen Heart, A (ebook))
Christina Marshall - (Book: Bands of Gold)
Charity Keone - (Book: Bare Facts)
Chicadee McBride - (Book: Barefoot Bride, The)
Crystal Dupree - (Book: Bargain of the Heart)
Charity Effington - (Book: Baron Next Door, The)
Clare - (Book: Bartaldi's Bride)
Cassandra Chivers - (Book: Bartered Bride, The)
Cassie Wyndmoore - (Book: Bath Intrigue, A)
Clothilde Trahan - (Book: Bayou Beginnings)
CoCo LeBlanc - (Book: Bayou Corruption)
Coco LeBlanc - (Book: Bayou Justice)
Countess Christiane Boucloard - (Book: Bayou Magic)
Cerise Mar - (Book: Bayou Moon)
Callie Moreau - (Book: Bayou Sweetheart)
Ceridwen - (Book: Beauchamp Besieged)
Chloe Mills - (Book: Beautiful Bastard)
Casey Richards - (Book: Beautiful Beast)
Cassy Richards - (Book: Beautiful Beast)
Chloe Mills - (Book: Beautiful Beginning)
Chloe - (Book: Beautiful Bitch)
Camille Camlin - (Book: Beautiful Oblivion)
Chaili Bennett - (Book: Beautiful Scars)
Claire Preston - (Book: Beautiful Stranger)
Cathleen Chase - (Book: Beauty and the Bounty Hunter)
Christine Sommers - (Book: Beauty and the Duke)
Charlotte Sinclair - (Book: Beauty and the Spy, The)
Charmaine de Vere - (Book: Beauty of You, The)
Cressida Armstrong - (Book: Beauty Within, The)
Claudia Westfield - (Book: Because of the Ring)
Cassandra - (Book: Becket's Last Stand)
Catherine Wood - (Book: Beckoning Dream, The)
Caitlin O'Conner - (Book: Becoming Me)
Clara Bertelli - (Book: Becoming Rain)
Chase Tessier - (Book: Bed of Roses)
Cairo Vaughn - (Book: Bedded for the Spaniard's Pleasure )
Carly - (Book: Bedding His Virgin Mistress)
Chellie Greer - (Book: Bedroom Barter, The)
Cayte - (Book: Bedrooms and Broomsticks)
Carey Justice - (Book: Before I Sleep)
Cendrillon - (Book: Before Midnight)
Charlotte Wellington - (Book: Before She Dies)
Camille Arraby - (Book: Beginning With Their Baby)
Colleen Ferrar - (Book: Beguiled and Bedazzled)
Cleo Valsac - (Book: Beguiled by her Betrayer)
Calla - (Book: Believing)
Catherine Sternwood - (Book: Beloved Captain)
Callie Wingate - (Book: Beloved Heart)
Cat Douglas - (Book: Beloved Honor)
Christianne - (Book: Beloved Scoundrel)
Clementina Jones - (Book: Beneath a Texas Star)
Claudia Madison - (Book: Beneath the Covers)
Cassa Hawkins - (Book: Bengal's Heart)
Cally tate - (Book: Beside A Dreamswept Sea)
Cynthia - (Book: Beside Myself)
Clara - (Book: Best Gift, The)
Carolina Mountcastle - (Book: Best Is Yet to Come, The)
Catherine Prescott D'Eauville - (Book: Best Laid Plans, The)
Carrie Lanier - (Book: Best Man for the Job)
Colleen McClintock - (Book: Best Man's Bride, The)
Cara Hilliard - (Book: Best Man, The)
Courtney Devons - (Book: Best Of Buddies)
Catherine Chase - (Book: Betray the Night)
Crystal Braden - (Book: Betrayal)
Cassie Marshall - (Book: Betrothed for the Baby )
Callie Newton - (Book: Between Duty and Desire)
Catherine Leary - (Book: Between the Tides)
Charlotte - (Book: Beware The Beast)
Cheval Worthington - (Book: Bewitching)
Clare - (Book: Bewitching Compulsion, A)
Carolan - (Book: Beyond The Blue Mountain)
Christine - (Book: Beyond the Gathering Storm)
Calandra Roland - (Book: Beyond The Limit)
Captain Cyani - (Book: Beyond the Rain)
Carly Andrews - (Book: Beyond Tomorrow)
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Beyond Varallan)
Cherry Sinclair - (Book: Bid for Independence, A)
Cory Bright - (Book: Big and Bright)
Carly Carrothers - (Book: Big Bad Dad)
Cynthiana - (Book: Big Girls Don't Die (ebook))
Caitlin Alexander - (Book: Big Luke, Little Luke)
Crystal Cobbs - (Book: Big Sky Lawman)
Casey Elder - (Book: Big Sky Summer)
Crystal Sells - (Book: Biker Chick)
Claire Kincaid - (Book: Billionaire's Baby SOS, The)
Cam - (Book: Billionaire's Baby, The)
Claire Caldiera - (Book: Billionaire's Bridal Bed, The)
Carolina Daniels - (Book: Billionaire's Handler, The)
Charlotte - (Book: Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage, The)
Charlotte - (Book: Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage, The)
Charlotte - (Book: Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage, The)
Cybele - (Book: Billionaire, M.D.)
Celia Taylor - (Book: Billioniare's Contract Engagement)
Claudia - (Book: Birthday Bride )
Callie Dunbrook - (Book: Birthright)
Callie Dunbrook - (Book: Birthright (paperback))
Cara Kim - (Book: Bit the Jackpot)
Cassandra Burton - (Book: Bite at First Sight)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Bite Club (paperback))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Bitter Blood)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Bitter Blood (hardcover))
Caitlan Webber - (Book: Bittersweet Destiny)
Claire Fletcher - (Book: Bittersweet Passion)
Cassie Miller - (Book: Black Creek)
Cassie Miller - (Book: Black Creek (large print))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Black Dawn (paperback))
Caroline Webb - (Book: Black for Remembrance (reprint))
Chloe Underwood - (Book: Black Ice)
Carmel March - (Book: Black Opal, The)
Colleen Falkner - (Book: Black Sheep's Inheritance, The)
Charlotte - (Book: Black Silk)
Claire O’Donnell - (Book: Black Swan, The)
Christine - (Book: Black Tie Seduction)
Claire Bradford - (Book: Blackberry Summer)
Carly McKinnon - (Book: Blackbird Lake)
Chloe - (Book: Blackmail Baby, The)
Carrie Broadbent - (Book: Blackmail Marriage, The)
Carrie Broadbent - (Book: Blackmail Marriage, The (UK))
Cara - (Book: Blackmail Pregnancy, The)
Cathlynn O'Connell - (Book: Blackmailed Bride)
Caira Mackenzie - (Book: Blast to the Past, A)
Courtney Young - (Book: Blind Faith)
Claire Norris - (Book: Blind Spot)
Catherine Talbott - (Book: Blindsided)
Camille Vermillion - (Book: Blood Bayou)
Chloe Fallon - (Book: Blood Born)
Craeg - (Book: Blood Kiss)
Cynna Weaver - (Book: Blood Lines)
Cicely Winterbourne - (Book: Blood Moon Over Britain)
Catherine Kirby - (Book: Blood on Skates)
Chrysabelle - (Book: Blood Rights)
Celia Graves - (Book: Blood Song)
Carrie - (Book: Blood Ties Book Two: Possession)
Cara Lynn - (Book: Blood Ties in Chef Voleur)
Cecelia - (Book: Blood Will Tell (ebook))
Calla Tor - (Book: Bloodrose (hardcover))
Calla - (Book: Bloodrose (paperback))
Cari North - (Book: Blown Away)
Corine Solomon - (Book: Blue Diablo)
Callie Hayes - (Book: Blue Flame)
Cass Keating Medieros - (Book: Blue Moon)
Carly Adams - (Book: Blue Skies)
Catherine Harland - (Book: Bluestocking Bride (reissue))
Caroline Waverly - (Book: Bluestocking Dilemma, The)
Carolyn Duff - (Book: Boardroom Bride And Groom)
Carol Shaw - (Book: Body And Soul )
Captain Amanda West - (Book: Body Double)
Cassandra - (Book: Body Language)
Carlotta Wren - (Book: Body Movers)
Carlotta Wren - (Book: Body Movers [reissue])
Carlotta Wren - (Book: Body Movers: Two Bodies for the Price of One)
Carlotta Wren - (Book: Body Movers: 3 Men and a Body)
Crystal Shaw - (Book: Body Shots)
Camille Solomon - (Book: Body Thief)
Cindy Jones - (Book: Bodyguard and Ms. Jones, The)
Clea Mason - (Book: Bodyguard and the Bridesmaid, The)
Chloe Howard - (Book: Bodyguard Reunion)
Caitlin Parr - (Book: Bogus Bride)
Caitlin Parr - (Book: Bogus Bride (UK))
Caryn of Ivesham - (Book: Bold Angel)
Caryn of Ivesham - (Book: Bold Angel)
Catriona - (Book: Bold Breathless Nights)
Clymie Gage - (Book: Bold Impostor)
Casey O'Cain - (Book: Bold Land, Bold Love)
Catherine Eaton - (Book: Bold Texas Embrace)
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Bon Bon Voyage)
Cali Reynolds - (Book: Bonds of Trust (ebook))
Camille - (Book: Bone Magic)
Carrie Chase - (Book: Bones of Contention)
Cordelia Blackburn - (Book: Book of True Desires, The)
Catherine Warner - (Book: Bookends)
Catherine Armstrong - (Book: Border Lord)
Chrissie Harris - (Book: Born in a Small Town)
Callie Brown - (Book: Born in Blood)
Caledonia - (Book: Born in Sin)
Claire Snow - (Book: Born Innocent)
Charlotte Derby - (Book: Born Out Of Love)
Cate Cahill - (Book: Born Wicked)
Carly Grieves - (Book: Borrowed Dreams)
Claire Albright - (Book: Boss and Nurse Albright, The)
Cory - (Book: Boss in a Million, A)
Casey - (Book: Boss Man from Ogallala)
Candace Morrison - (Book: Boss's Baby Affair, The)
Cecelia Rankin - (Book: Boss's Baby Surprise)
Claire Dalgliesh - (Book: Boss's Convenient Bride, The)
Cathy - (Book: Boss's Forbidden Secretary, The)
Callie Stevens - (Book: Boss's Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Callie Stevens - (Book: Boss's Pregnancy Proposal, The (large print))
Charlotte Woodruff - (Book: Bought for Her Baby)
Charlotte Woodruff - (Book: Bought for Her Baby (Large Print))
Charlotte Woodruff - (Book: Bought for Her Baby (UK))
Cally Sinclair - (Book: Bought: One Night, One Marriage)
Cally Sinclair - (Book: Bought: One Night, One Marriage (UK))
Cynda Flynn - (Book: Bound by Flame)
Cee Cee Caisie - (Book: Bound by Moonlight)
Cin Craven - (Book: Bound By Sin)
Clara, Countess of Westington - (Book: Bound By Temptation)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Bound For Murder)
Courtney Mattlaw - (Book: Bound Hearts - Shameless)
Captain Samantha Dorsey - (Book: Bound Prince, The (ebook))
Colby Blanchard - (Book: Braced to Bite (reissue))
Colby Blanchard - (Book: Braced2Bite)
Callie Llewellyn - (Book: Branded)
Claire Harte-Mathias - (Book: Brass Ring)
Cleopatra Bliss - (Book: Bravo Family Way, The)
Christina Fairhaven - (Book: Brazen)
Casey Turner - (Book: Brazen)
Countess Angela de Grae - (Book: Brazen)
Chantal Stevenson - (Book: Brazilian Fire)
Chantal Stevenson - (Book: Brazilian Fire (UK))
Cristina Marques - (Book: Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride)
Celia Cole-Thomas - (Book: Breakaway)
Claire Lundstrom - (Book: Breakaway)
Camille Joplin Trent - (Book: Breaking All the Rules (erotic novella))
Chloe Nichols - (Book: Breath of Magic, A)
Candace Stafford - (Book: Breath of Scandal, A)
Claire Fraser - (Book: Breath of Snow and Ashes, A)
Caroline Rohan - (Book: Breathless)
Carling Templeton - (Book: Bridal Price, The)
Claire Ayers - (Book: Bride After All, A)
Clara - (Book: Bride Bargain, The)
Cassandra - (Book: Bride Fire)
Callie Lassiter - (Book: Bride Fit for a Prince)
Cindy Tucker - (Book: Bride For A Blue_Ribbon Cowboy, A)
Cairo McKnight - (Book: Bride for a Night)
Clem Bennelli - (Book: Bride for Luke, A)
Clare Greenough - (Book: Bride Insists, The)
Claire - (Book: Bride of a Stranger)
Claire - (Book: Bride Of A Stranger (ebook))
Caterine Keith - (Book: Bride of the Beast)
Cristiane MacDhiubh - (Book: Bride of the Isle)
Cassandra Elliott - (Book: Bride of the Solway (reissue))
Cassandra Elliott - (Book: Bride Of The Solway (UK))
Caroline Monday - (Book: Bride of the Unicorn)
Charlotte Weston - (Book: Bride on the Loose)
Chessie Burton - (Book: Bride Plan, The)
Caroline Martin - (Book: Bride Price, The)
Cassidy Penno - (Book: Bride to Honor)
Camara Chevelle Cole - (Book: Bride Wore Coveralls, The)
Celia Stevens - (Book: Bride's Rescuer, The)
Caroline Abbott - (Book: Bride's Revenge, The)
Christina Reece - (Book: Bride's Tangled Vows, A)
Cathlin O'Neill - (Book: Bridge of Dreams)
Cygnet Melton - (Book: Brief Delight)
Chelsea Grant - (Book: Brighton Beauty)
Charlie Houston - (Book: Brightspun Destiny)
Caroline Wentworth - (Book: Brilliant Alliance, A)
Claire Langford - (Book: Bring Him Home)
Claire Langford - (Book: Bring Him Home (large print))
Claudia Jean Casperson - (Book: Bring on the Dusk)
Ciara Griffin - (Book: Bring on the Night)
Charlotte Harris - (Book: Bringing Home the Bad Boy)
Callista Warwick - (Book: Brit's Lady)
Candida Greenway - (Book: British Billionaire Affair, The)
Candida Greenway - (Book: British Billionaire Affair, The (UK))
Carron Fitzpatrick - (Book: Broken [reissue])
Charlene Lockwood - (Book: Broken Bonds)
Cassie Taylor - (Book: Broken Juliet)
Christine Norris - (Book: Broken Trust)
Christine Norris - (Book: Broken Trust (large print))
Celeste Ritsuko - (Book: Bronze Gods)
Claire Flynn - (Book: Brother Returns, The)
Claire Flynn - (Book: Brother Returns, The (Large Print))
Cherise McKenzie - (Book: Brotherly Love)
Corinna - (Book: Buccaneer's Lady)
Cassie Moore - (Book: Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club, The)
Carrie Hendrickson - (Book: Buffalo Valley)
Christine Brighton - (Book: Built To Last)
Cally Burnett - (Book: Bulletproof Bodyguard)
Chloe St. John - (Book: Bulletproof Princess)
Carly Westin - (Book: Bullets over Boise)
Caroline Bradley - (Book: Bundle of Joy, A)
Chloe Kefes - (Book: Bundle of Trouble)
Caroline Portman - (Book: Bunking Down With The Boss)
Cassie Burdette - (Book: Buried Lie, A)
Caroline Hampton - (Book: Buried Sins)
Charlotte Wicks - (Book: Burning Tigress)
China Brown - (Book: Butterfly)
China Brown - (Book: Butterfly (reissue))
Charlotte Handley - (Book: By the Book)
Claire Meadows - (Book: By Winter's Light (hardcover))
Casey McKee - (Book: C Is for Cowboy)
Carole Jacks - (Book: C.E.O. and the Cookie Queen, The)
C.J. - (Book: C.J.'s Defense)
C.J Adams - (Book: C.J.'s Fate [reissue])
Carly Pendleton - (Book: Cabin Fever)
Charlee McAllister - (Book: Cactus Flower)
CC - (Book: Cadence Interrupted (ebook))
Cady Montgomery - (Book: Cady's Cowboy)
Caitlin - (Book: Caitlin)
Caitlin Jackson - (Book: Caitlin's Cowboy)
Caitlin Jackson - (Book: Caitlin's Cowboy (Large Print))
Caitlin Cassidy - (Book: Caitlin's Guardian Angel)
Caitlyn Belle - (Book: Caitlyn's Prize)
Caroline Brenton - (Book: Cajun Caress)
Charmaine LeDeux - (Book: Cajun Cowboy, The)
Claresta Huntington - (Book: Calamity Claresta)
Cat Calder - (Book: Calder Pride)
Cat Calder - (Book: Calder Pride (Reissue))
Courtney Meade - (Book: Calhoun and Kid)
Calista Burke - (Book: Calista's Men)
Camille Talbot - (Book: Call Back the Dream)
Cassie Alden - (Book: Call It Fate)
Clementine Daly - (Book: Call Me, Maybe (ebook))
Carly Silver - (Book: Call of the Highland Moon)
Cecile - (Book: Call of Trumpet)
Callie Quinn - (Book: Callie's Convict)
Callie Walker - (Book: Callie's Cowboy)
Clare Sampson - (Book: Calling the Shots)
Callista - (Book: Callista)
Caroline Hastings - (Book: Calypso's Island)
Camellia Bellamy Sprague - (Book: Camellia)
Camilla - (Book: Camilla)
Claire Marsden - (Book: Can't Get Enough)
Cecilia Sentenel - (Book: Canceled Courtship)
Crissy Carter - (Book: Candid Camera)
Caroline Fletcher - (Book: Candle In The Darkness)
Charlotte Enright - (Book: Canyons of Night)
Caprice St. James - (Book: Caprice)
Captain Mary - (Book: Captain Mary, Buccaneer)
Charlotte Winston - (Book: Captain's Captive, The)
Claire Winthrop - (Book: Captain's Courtship, The)
Constantia Roworth - (Book: Captain's Inheritance, The)
Charlotte Gilpin - (Book: Captain's Kidnapped Beauty, The)
Charlotte Gilpin - (Book: Captain's Kidnapped Beauty, The (UK))
Charlette Varrick - (Book: Captain's Lady, A)
Catherine Durrell - (Book: Captivated Countess, The)
Charlotte Edgerton - (Book: Captive)
Christina Wakefield - (Book: Captive Bride)
Christina Wakefield - (Book: Captive Bride (ebook))
Celiese - (Book: Captive Heart)
Cecelia Demorest - (Book: Captive Pride)
Cecelia Demorest - (Book: Captive Pride (reprint))
Cassie - (Book: Captive, The)
Caroline - (Book: Capture the Dream)
Carrie Patterson - (Book: Capture the Sun)
Clare Sullivan - (Book: Captured)
Charlotte Caissie - (Book: Captured by Moonlight)
Cleo Tanner - (Book: Capturing Cleo)
Cara Gardner - (Book: Cara's Beloved)
Corrine Fremont - (Book: Cardinal Rules)
Caressa Chiari Rugerio - (Book: Caressa)
Charlotte Christie - (Book: Carlotta Diamond, The)
Carly Leigh Sinclair - (Book: Carly)
Carly Richards - (Book: Carly's Song)
Carrie - (Book: Carnal Ecstasy (ebook))
Caitlin McCormick - (Book: Carnal Innocence)
Caroline Waverly - (Book: Carnal Innocence (hardcover))
Caroline Waverly - (Book: Carnal Innocence (paperback))
Caroline Waverly - (Book: Carnal Innocence (reprint))
Carol Burke - (Book: Carol For Christmas, A)
Carol - (Book: Carol's Christmas)
Cynthie Lodge - (Book: Carolina Heart (ebook novella))
Charlie Whitney - (Book: Carolina Rose)
Caroline - (Book: Caroline)
Caro - (Book: Caroline)
Caroline Draper - (Book: Caroline)
Caroline - (Book: Caroline (UK))
Caroline Chalmers - (Book: Caroline and the Raider)
Caroline Chalmers - (Book: Caroline and the Raider (reprint))
Caroline Daniels - (Book: Caroline's Child)
Caroline McNulty - (Book: Caroline's Christmas Viking)
Caroline - (Book: Caroline's Journal)
Caroline Dobbs - (Book: Caroline's Promise)
Caroline Hostetler - (Book: Caroline's Secret)
Caroline (Caro) - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo)
Caroline - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo (reissue))
Caroline (Caro) - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo (UK))
Caroline (Caro) - (Book: Caroline's Waterloo (UK-reissue))
Caroline Taylor - (Book: Caroselli's Baby Chase)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Carpe Corpus)
Carrie Brownhill - (Book: Carrie Goes Off the Map)
Carrie Pilby - (Book: Carrie Pilby)
Carrie Mitchell - (Book: Carrie's Protector)
Carrie Mitchell - (Book: Carrie's Protector (large print))
Callie Sullivan - (Book: Carrying the Rancher's Heir)
Charlotte Evans - (Book: Case for Seduction)
Casey Stevens - (Book: Casey's Flyboy)
Casey Stevens - (Book: Casey's Flyboy (reissue))
Casey Fontaine - (Book: Casey's Gamble)
Cassandra Farrington - (Book: Cassandra)
Cassandra Rakefield - (Book: Cassandra)
Cassandra MacGregor - (Book: Cassandra)
Cassandra Darling - (Book: Cassandra by Chance)
Cassandra Darling - (Book: Cassandra by Chance (reissue))
Cassandra Darling - (Book: Cassandra by Chance (reissue))
Cassandra Darling - (Book: Cassandra by Chance (UK-reissue))
Cassandra Weatherstone - (Book: Cassandra's Deception)
Cassidy Norton - (Book: Cassidy)
Cassidy Frazier - (Book: Cassidy's Charm)
Cassie Nevins - (Book: Cassie's Cowboy)
Cassie Bowen - (Book: Cassie's Fortune)
Cassie Hartman - (Book: Cassie's Grand Plan)
Cassie Hartman - (Book: Cassie's Grand Plan (large print))
Cassandra Madison - (Book: Cassie's Rose)
Chloe Hobbs - (Book: Casting Spells)
Caroline - (Book: Castle Heritage)
Calliope Reaper-Jones - (Book: Cat's Claw)
Cat Montgomery - (Book: Cat's Claw)
Cat Beaudine - (Book: Cat's Cradle)
Cat Benoit - (Book: Cat's Lair)
Catherine Bradshaw - (Book: Cat's Play)
Catalina Carrington - (Book: Catalina's Caress)
Claudia - (Book: Catch of the Day (ebook))
Cameron Ondine - (Book: Catching Cameron)
Catherine Bennington - (Book: Catherine)
Catherine Markham - (Book: Catherine and the Pirate)
Catherine de' Medici - (Book: Catherine de' Medici)
Catherine - (Book: Catherine's Awakening (ebook))
Catherine Rayborn - (Book: Catherine's Heart)
Catherine Summerfield - (Book: Catherine's Wish)
Cathryn McGrath - (Book: Cathryn)
Cara Morrison - (Book: Cattleman's Courtship)
Catherine Davenport Carlton - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Clark Anderson - (Book: Caught In The Mix)
Cora Buchanan - (Book: Caught Up in You)
Caprice Johnson - (Book: Cautious Heart)
Charley Randolph - (Book: Cavanaugh Hero)
Cecily Hadley - (Book: Cecily (reissue))
Cecily Hadley - (Book: Cecily (reissue))
Catherine Neville - (Book: Celebrated Miss Neville, The)
Cassie Walker - (Book: Celebrity Bachelor)
Lady Greer
- (Book: Celia's Grand Passion)
Celia Greer
Lucy Preston
- (Book: Celia's Grand Passion
Lucy In Disguise)
Celine - (Book: Celine)
Chloe Russell - (Book: CEO Buys In, The)
Cathy Whiteheart - (Book: Chain of Love)
Claire - (Book: Chains of Darkness)
Celina Vallier - (Book: Challenge To Honor)
Celina Vallier - (Book: Challenge To Honor (Hardcover))
Catherine - (Book: Champagne Girl)
Catherine - (Book: Champagne Girl (reissue))
Casey Girard - (Book: Chance's Return)
Chandra de Avenell - (Book: Chandra)
Chelsea - (Book: Change of Heart)
Cecilia Vargas - (Book: Change of Heart)
Cory Marcel - (Book: Change of Heart, A)
Carrie Collins - (Book: Change of the Heart)
Carol Jones - (Book: Changing Places)
Charlotte Middleton - (Book: Changing Seasons)
Cat Delaney - (Book: Charade)
Ciarra Storm - (Book: Charade, The)
Charity Williams - (Book: Charity's Angel)
Charity Abercrombie - (Book: Charity's Gambit)
Charis Wellingly - (Book: Charity's Pride)
Charley Webb - (Book: Charley's Web (Hardcover))
Charlotte Figg - (Book: Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise)
Charlotte Moore - (Book: Charlotte Moore)
Charlotte Russell - (Book: Charlotte's Homecoming)
Charlotte Carlisle - (Book: Charlotte's Hurricane)
Chloe - (Book: Charmed (ebook))
Callie Hauseman - (Book: Charmed, I'm Sure)
Catriona MacLeod - (Book: Charming the Shrew)
Courtney Long - (Book: Chase the Past)
Courtney Long - (Book: Chase the Past (reissue))
Charlotte Caissie - (Book: Chased by Moonlight)
Charity Bloom - (Book: Chasing Charity)
Charlie Nelson - (Book: Chasing Charlie)
Cassia Montefort - (Book: Chasing Dreams)
Chess Putnam - (Book: Chasing Magic)
Charity Jones - (Book: Chasing Perfect)
Chastity Morrow - (Book: Chastity Morrow)
Chastity LaBlanc - (Book: Chastity's Angel)
C. J. Carruthers - (Book: Chastity's Pirate)
Cherry Marshall - (Book: Cheap Diamonds)
Cady McBain - (Book: Chef's Choice, The)
Cherise Newberry - (Book: Cheri on Top)
Chelsea Stevens - (Book: Cherish Tomorrow)
Cherokee Rose - (Book: Cherokee Rose)
Cherry Harte - (Book: Cherry On Top)
Chloe Richards - (Book: Chesapeake Summer)
Colly Mead - (Book: Cheyenne Dreams)
Cimarron Heinrich - (Book: Cheyenne Princess)
Callie - (Book: Cheyenne Surrender)
Camille Tafoya and - (Book: Chicks Ahoy)
Christina Fraser - (Book: Chief, The)
Cerridwen - (Book: Child of Darkness)
Chelsea - (Book: Chill)
China Rose - (Book: China Rose)
Cressida Bramley - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, The )
Cressida Bramley - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, The (UK))
Chloe - (Book: Chloe)
Caroline - (Book: Chocolate Craving (ebook))
Coco Stanley - (Book: Chocolate Goodies)
Chloe Brandeau - (Book: Chocolate Magic (Hardcover))
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Chocolate Quake)
Cade Corey - (Book: Chocolate Thief, The)
Carla Morgan - (Book: Choices)
Carrie Woods - (Book: Chosen By Desire)
China McGee - (Book: Chosen, The)
Christie - (Book: Christie's Rapture)
Cece Caruso - (Book: Christietown)
Christina - (Book: Christina's Secret)
Chloe Banks - (Book: Christmas Affair)
Cathy - (Book: Christmas Affair, A)
Cathy - (Book: Christmas Affair, A (UK))
Corrine Lonnigan - (Book: Christmas at Bravo Ridge)
Cassie - (Book: Christmas at Tiffany's)
Cloe Ann Waverly - (Book: Christmas Belles)
Caitlyn Winters - (Book: Christmas Bouquet, The (hardcover))
Carol - (Book: Christmas Carol)
Carissa Whitmore - (Book: Christmas Children, The)
Carissa Whitmore - (Book: Christmas Children, The (reissue))
Candace Ellison - (Book: Christmas Clash)
Cassandra Harrison - (Book: Christmas Clue, The)
Carrie MacGregor - (Book: Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Carrie, The (ebook))
Christine Noble - (Book: Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Christine, The (ebook))
Carrie Sargent - (Book: Christmas Elopement)
Carrie Jones - (Book: Christmas for Carrie, A (ebook))
Charlotte - (Book: Christmas Heiress, The)
Claire Branham - (Book: Christmas in Eternity Springs)
Charlotte Morgan - (Book: Christmas in Mustang Creek)
Christina Campbell - (Book: Christmas Keepsake, A)
Cori St. John - (Book: Christmas Kiss, A)
Christmas Knight - (Book: Christmas Knight)
Carolyn Robards - (Book: Christmas Love, A)
Casey Crawford - (Book: Christmas Magic)
Christy Garcia - (Book: Christmas Marriage Rescue, The (UK))
Carly Westbrook - (Book: Christmas on Nutcracker Court)
Carly Westbrook - (Book: Christmas on Nutcracker Court (reprint))
Catherine Trevilian - (Book: Christmas Reunion, A (ebook))
Christine Eisley - (Book: Christmas Secret, The)
Charlotte Prescott - (Book: Christmas Spirit)
Chelsea Caldwell - (Book: Christmas Spirit)
Christy McQuarry - (Book: Christy)
Christy Miller - (Book: Christy Miller Collection, Vol 1)
Christy Miller - (Book: Christy Miller Collection, Vol 2)
Christy Miller - (Book: Christy Miller Collection, Vol 3)
Christy Miller - (Book: Christy Miller Collection, Vol 4)
Cinda Harris - (Book: Cinda's Surprise)
Camille Davis - (Book: Cinderella Affair, A)
Catrina Brown - (Book: Cinderella After Midnight)
Cynthia Morgan - (Book: Cinderella for a Night)
Cynthia Noble - (Book: Cinderella Inheritance)
Cynthia Lopez - (Book: Cinderella Lopez)
Cassie Ross - (Book: Cinderella of Harley Street)
Cassie Ross - (Book: Cinderella of Harley Street (large print))
Cyn Reynolds - (Book: Cinderella Project, The (UK))
Clea Mallory - (Book: Cinderella Trap, The)
CJ Terrence - (Book: Cinderella's Christmas Affair )
Cindy Danbury - (Book: Cinderella's Midnight Kiss)
Charmaine Haley - (Book: Cinderfella)
Cindy Territo - (Book: Cindy and the Prince)
Cindy Territo - (Book: Cindy and the Prince (reissue))
Cindy Elliott - (Book: Cindy's Doctor Charming)
Cynthia Williams - (Book: Circle of Love)
Cassidy DiRocco - (Book: City Beneath, The)
Crystal Gentry - (Book: City Girl)
Cheney Duvall, MD - (Book: City Not Forsaken, A)
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Ashes (hardcover))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Ashes (paperback))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Bones (hardcover))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Bones (paperback))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Fallen Angels, The (paperback))
Chess Putnam - (Book: City of Ghosts)
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Glass (hardcover))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Glass (paperback))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Lost Souls (paperback))
Clary Fray - (Book: City of Lost Souls, The (hardcover))
Carey - (Book: Civilised Arrangement, A)
Cassandra Palmer - (Book: Claimed By Shadow)
Catherine Farrell - (Book: Claimed by the Captain)
Caro Hamilton - (Book: Claimed by the Immortal)
Christina McMorlan - (Book: Claimed by the Laird)
Claudia - (Book: Claimed for the Italian's Revenge)
Claudia - (Book: Claimed for the Italian's Revenge (UK))
Colleen Kavanaugh - (Book: Claiming Colleen)
Caliope Sarantos - (Book: Claiming His Own)
Claire Bannister - (Book: Claire)
Claire Everett - (Book: Claire Knows Best)
Claire Voyant - (Book: Claire Voyant)
Clara - (Book: Clara's Promise)
Clarissa James - (Book: Clarissa)
Clarity - (Book: Clarity)
Carly Austin - (Book: Class Act, A)
Casey Manning - (Book: Classified)
Casey Manning - (Book: Classified (large print))
Claudia Ledyard - (Book: Claudia)
Casey Scott - (Book: Clay Yeager's Redemption)
Carol Taggart - (Book: Close Encounters)
Camilla LaRue - (Book: Close to Me)
C.J. Ludzecky - (Book: Close to You)
Caitlin Montgomery - (Book: Close to You)
Christine Pratchett - (Book: Closer . . .)
Camille Carson - (Book: Closer You Get, The)
Camille Carson - (Book: Closer You Get, The (large print))
Calypso Morgan - (Book: Closing In (ebook serial))
Carly - (Book: Club de Sade)
Caroly - (Book: Coercion (ebook))
Cassandra - (Book: Coercion To Love)
Callie - (Book: Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, The (ebook))
Cassidy Case - (Book: Cold Case, Hot Bodies)
Caidy Bowman - (Book: Cold Creek Noel, A)
Chantal Livingstone - (Book: Cold Noses, Warm Kisses)
Carine Winters - (Book: Cold Ridge)
Caro Hardin - (Book: Cold Summer)
Cassie Burke - (Book: Cold Truth)
Caroline Duval - (Book: Colonel Ancroft's Love)
Carolyn Carlisle - (Book: Colorado Abduction)
Carrie Simpson - (Book: Colorado Bride)
Carrie Simpson - (Book: Colorado Bride (re-issue))
Carly Spencer - (Book: Colorado Fireman)
Cassie Parker - (Book: Colorado Heart)
Callie Colter - (Book: Colters' Daughter)
Catherine Colton - (Book: Colton Bride, The)
Chloe Moreno - (Book: Colton's Deep Cover)
Cayenne McBride - (Book: Comanche Cowboy)
Crystal Spencer - (Book: Comanche Eagle)
Christina Tucker - (Book: Come a Little Closer)
Caitlin O'Brian - (Book: Come Midnight)
Charlotte - (Book: Come Near Me)
Claire Sherman - (Book: Come October)
Cat McGuire - (Book: Come Toy With Me)
Claire Bennett - (Book: Come Walk With Me)
Claire Curran - (Book: Come What May)
Cassidy Whalen - (Book: Coming Clean)
Cleo Channing - (Book: Coming Home)
Charlotte Ann Brown - (Book: Coming Home)
Chandelle McBride - (Book: Coming Home Quilt)
Carly Winters - (Book: Coming Undone)
Caroline Lexham - (Book: Commerical Enterprise, A)
Catra Meredyth - (Book: Compulsion)
Chen Ji Yue - (Book: Concubine, The)
Carly Piper - (Book: Confection Connection, The)
Caroly - (Book: Confession (ebook))
Carolyn Turner
Viscountess Wingate
- (Book: Confessions at Midnight)
Cara Cranshaw - (Book: Conflict of Interest, A)
Callie - (Book: Conjured Bliss (ebook))
Calla - (Book: Connecting )
Connie Pride - (Book: Connie's Courage (UK) )
Ceirdre - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Cassandra Vernham - (Book: Conquest of Lady Cassandra, The)
Constance Lamberton - (Book: Constant Companion, The)
Cara Bailey - (Book: Consumed By You (ebook))
Christy Steele - (Book: Contract for Marriage)
Candy - (Book: Convenient Proposal, A)
Caroline Hudson - (Book: Convenient Wife, A)
Callie Chance - (Book: Cop and Calamity Jane, The)
Cassie Smith - (Book: Cop of the Year)
Catherine - (Book: Copper Sunrise)
Claire Breslinsky - (Book: Cordelia Squad, The)
Cordelia Naismith - (Book: Cordelia's Honor)
Camilla Cordina - (Book: Cordina's Crown Jewel)
Corinna Webster - (Book: Corinna's Cause)
Corinna Webster - (Book: Corinna's Cause (UK))
Charlotte Garrison - (Book: Cottage on the Corner, The)
Caroline - (Book: Count Antonov's Heir)
Cecilia Mendoza - (Book: Countdown To Baby)
Countess of Wyckfield
- (Book: Counterfeit Husband, The)
Catherine Renwick - (Book: Counterfeit Marriage, The)
Ciara Alafita - (Book: Counterpoint)
Countess of Amesworth - (Book: Countess and the Butler, The)
Catherine de Severin - (Book: Countess Bride, The)
Christiana - (Book: Countess, The)
Countess Eglantine de Crevy - (Book: Countess, The)
Charlotte Bass - (Book: Country Christmas, A)
Caroline Barnes - (Book: Country Cousins, The)
Constance Pamberley - (Book: Country Flirtation, A)
Charity Lonsbury - (Book: Country Miss, A)
Caroline Watson - (Book: Country Sunshine)
Claribel - (Book: Course of True Love, The)
Claribel - (Book: Course of True Love, The (reissue))
Claribel - (Book: Course of True Love, The (UK))
Claribel - (Book: Course of True Love, The (UK-reissue))
Caroline - (Book: Courtesan's Daughter, The)
Caitlin Pearce - (Book: Courting Caitlin)
Callie Thorne - (Book: Courting Callie)
Carolina Oceanus - (Book: Courting Carolina)
Cassidy Maguire - (Book: Courting Cassidy)
Catherine Colleen Calhoun - (Book: Courting Catherine)
Claire Cavanaugh - (Book: Courting Claire)
Claudia - (Book: Courting Claudia)
Camille - (Book: Courting Darkness)
Cadi Trent - (Book: Courting Disaster)
Callie Conner - (Book: Courting Miss Callie)
Courtney Clay - (Book: Courtney's Baby Plan)
Courtney Fairchild - (Book: Courtney's Conspiracy)
Courtney Stone - (Book: Courtney's Cowboy)
Carol Sommars - (Book: Courtship of Carol Sommars, The )
Carol Sommars - (Book: Courtship of Carol Sommars, The (reissue))
Caroline - (Book: Cousin Caroline)
Cecilia Cummings - (Book: Cousin Cecilia)
Catalina Bellasario - (Book: Coven, The (ebook))
Cate Nightingale - (Book: Cover of Night (Hardcover))
Cate Nightingale - (Book: Cover of Night (reissue))
Caroline Covington - (Book: Covington Inheritance, The)
Chantel Emberly - (Book: Covington's Folly)
Callie Brewster - (Book: Cowboy Boots for Christmas (Cowboy Not Included))
Camille Henderson - (Book: Cowboy Come Home)
Cat Crendall - (Book: Cowboy Crazy)
Candice Montgomery - (Book: Cowboy in a Tux)
Collette McGuire - (Book: Cowboy Swagger)
CeCe Hawkins - (Book: Cowboy Takes a Wife, The)
Christina Logan - (Book: Cowboy to the Rescue)
Cat Crendall - (Book: Cowboy Tough)
Carly Fitzpatrick - (Book: Cowboy with a Badge)
Carly Mills - (Book: Cowboy's Baby Surprise,The)
Callie Sheridan - (Book: Cowboy's Bride, The)
Carly Winters - (Book: Cowboy's Caress)
Courtney Chambers - (Book: Cowboy's Claim, The)
Claire Dobbs - (Book: Cowboy's Convenient Bride, The)
Chloe Haskell - (Book: Cowboy's Lullaby, The)
Cait Blasingame - (Book: Cowboy's Promise, A)
Celie O'Meara - (Book: Cowboy's Pursuit, A)
Camila Walker - (Book: Cowboy's Return, The)
Camila Walker - (Book: Cowboy's Return, The (reissue))
Chelsea Harris - (Book: Cowboy's Texas Rescue)
Cassie Godfrey - (Book: Cowboy's Unexpected Family, The)
Callie Creed - (Book: Cowboy, The)
Callie Jo Murphy - (Book: Cowboy, the Baby and the Runaway Bride, The)
Caro Davis - (Book: Cowboys Like Us)
Cassie Danner - (Book: Cowboys Never Cry)
Cassidy Miller - (Book: Cowgirl in Question, The)
Carolyn Sheppard - (Book: Cowgirl's CEO, The)
Carolyn Sheppard - (Book: Cowgirl's CEO, The)
Caroly - (Book: Craving (ebook))
Chloe Turner - (Book: Crazy For Love)
Cordelia - (Book: Crazy Wild)
Carolyn Simmons - (Book: Creed Legacy, The)
Camille Giron - (Book: Creole Bride)
Cressida Calverton - (Book: Cressida)
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Crime Brûlée)
Christina - (Book: Crimson Rapture)
Claire Avery - (Book: Critical Care)
Cathie - (Book: Cromwell's Captain)
Claire Randall - (Book: Cross Stitch (aka Outlander))
Caitlin Cavanaugh - (Book: Crossfire)
Caitlin Cavanaugh - (Book: Crossfire (reissue))
Caitlyn and Christina Crenshaw - (Book: Crossing Paths)
Cecelia Hayes - (Book: Crossroads)
Cassie Wright - (Book: Crossroads)
Catherine Lynch Kincaid - (Book: Crosswinds)
Crysta Meyers - (Book: Cry of the Wild)
Crysta Meyers - (Book: Cry of the Wild (reissue))
Claire Angeli - (Book: Crystal Blue Horizon)
Chrysana d'Morne - (Book: Crystal City, The)
Crystal - (Book: Crystal Clear)
Chrystal Cummins - (Book: Crystal Clear)
Cherijo Torin - (Book: Crystal Healer)
Cassandra Caldwell - (Book: Crystal Rapture)
Cristabel Swann - (Book: Cupboard Kisses (reissue))
Cassandra Hathaway - (Book: Cupid's Mistake)
Chancella Tremaine - (Book: Cure, The)
Chancella Tremaine - (Book: Cure, The (ebook))
Celia Wird - (Book: Curse Awakened, A (prequel ebook novella))
Cassandra Palmer - (Book: Curse The Dawn)
Celia Wird - (Book: Cursed by Destiny)
Celia Wird - (Book: Cursed Embrace, A)
Cat Dupree - (Book: Cut Throat)
Cynthia Reyes - (Book: Cynful)
Courtney Woods - (Book: Dad's E-Mail Order Bride)
Caroline Emerson - (Book: Daddy Bombshell)
Caroline Emerson - (Book: Daddy Bombshell (large print))
Caro Franklin - (Book: Daddy Diaries, The)
Claudia Nelson - (Book: Daddy on Her Doorstep)
Corrie Edwards - (Book: Daddy Plan, The)
Connie Simmons - (Book: Daddy Protector)
Carol Lansing - (Book: Daddy's Choice)
Claire DeAngelo - (Book: Daddy, Unexpectedly)
Catherine - (Book: Dakota Dreams)
Catharine Lyons - (Book: Dakota Dreams (reprint))
Caroline - (Book: Damsel in Distress)
Crystal D'Angelo - (Book: Dance of the Crystal)
Catherine - (Book: Dancer's Land, The)
Clara Danford - (Book: Dancing With Clara)
Claudia Davis - (Book: Dancing With Paris)
Cathy Fremont - (Book: Danger Close (ebook))
Clarisse DuBoise - (Book: Danger's Promise)
Camille Martell - (Book: Dangerous (ebook))
Cordelia Shalstone - (Book: Dangerous Angel)
Clarissa Derhurst - (Book: Dangerous Compromise, A)
Clarissa Derhurst - (Book: Dangerous Compromise, A (reissue))
Cece Blackwell - (Book: Dangerous Curves)
Cara - (Book: Dangerous Highlander)
Camille Bayard - (Book: Dangerous Illusions)
Caroline Lake - (Book: Dangerous Lover)
Caitlin Wolfe - (Book: Dangerous Temptation)
Catherine Courtnay - (Book: Dangerous to Hold)
Cat MacDougal - (Book: Dangerous To Love)
Camille Hartley - (Book: Dangerous Waters)
Cammie Howard - (Book: Dante's Relic)
Caitlyn Vaughn - (Book: Dante's Stolen Wife)
Cat Cochran - (Book: Danver's Touch, The)
Caroline Bingley - (Book: Darcy Cousins, The)
Chloe Vaughn - (Book: Dare Me )
Camilla Dryden - (Book: Dark Apollo)
Caroline Fox - (Book: Dark Dominion)
Charlotte Bennett - (Book: Dark Enchantment)
Catherine de la Fer - (Book: Dark Enchantment)
Cynthia Ryan - (Book: Dark Fire)
Cynthia Ryan - (Book: Dark Fire (reissue))
Cynthia - (Book: Dark Fire (hardcover))
Chloe Zanders - (Book: Dark Highlander, The)
Claire Coulter - (Book: Dark Horse, The)
Cassie Jackson - (Book: Dark in the Woods)
Caroline - (Book: Dark Love, A)
Cassia - (Book: Dark Magic)
Corrinne Wentworth - (Book: Dark Melody)
Caroline - (Book: Dark Moonless Night)
Caitlyn O'Malley - (Book: Dark of the Moon)
Caitlyn - Lilah - (Book: Dark of the Moon
Desire In the Sun)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Dark Places)
Cala McCoy - (Book: Dark Plain, The)
Caitlin Ritchie - (Book: Dark Pursuit)
Charlie Graham - (Book: Dark Ransom)
Cassandra Deville - (Book: Dark Rider)
Colby Jansen - (Book: Dark Secret)
Charlotte Stone - (Book: Dark Secrets of Villa Montelano, The )
Claire Camden - (Book: Dark Seduction)
Callie Carpenter - (Book: Dark Shines My Love)
Charlotte Phillips - (Book: Dark Sun Rising)
Chelsea Smart - (Book: Dark Wolf Rising)
Claire - (Book: Darker Side of Desire)
Claire - (Book: Darker Side Of Desire (UK))
Cassandra "Jax" Jackson - (Book: Darker Than Midnight)
Candice Carter - (Book: Darkest Heart, The)
Cathy Hamilton - (Book: Darkest Hour, The)
Claudine de Lorvoire - (Book: Darkest Longings (reissue))
Charlie - (Book: Darkness Therein)
Caitlyn Kelly - (Book: Darkwind (ebook))
Cassidy Sinclair - (Book: Darling Cassidy)
Caitlan Parker - (Book: Darling Cat)
Clare Fairchild - (Book: Dashing Miss Fairchild, The)
Charlotte Smith - (Book: Dating the Mrs. Smiths)
Corinne Pike - (Book: Daughter of Texas)
Corinna Pike - (Book: Daughter of Texas (large print))
Carolyn - (Book: Daughter's Dilemma, A)
Cynthia MacKenzie - (Book: David)
Cara Herrington - (Book: Day and Night)
Celine Winters - (Book: Day Dreamer)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Daylighters (hardcover))
Charlie Plato - (Book: Dead Beat and Deadly)
Carmen Jiminez - (Book: Dead by Wednesday)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Dead Girls' Dance, The)
Clara Allen - (Book: Dead Handsome)
Catlina Montoya - (Book: Dead Man's Kiss (ebook))
Catalina Dion - (Book: Dead Right)
Claire Boland - (Book: Dead Ringer)
Charlotte Gray - (Book: Dead Ringer)
Cora Cardenas - (Book: Dead Sexy Dragon (ebook))
Candace MacHugh - (Book: Dead Whisper On, The)
Claire - (Book: Deadliest Denial, The)
Carmen Mendoza - (Book: Deadlock)
Claire Fontaine - (Book: Deadly Force)
Claire Fontaine - (Book: Deadly Force (large print))
Calypso Morgan - (Book: Deadly Game (ebook serial))
Caer - (Book: Deadly Gift)
Carrie McCray - (Book: Deadly Little Lies)
Casey Cantrell - (Book: Deadly Silence)
Casey Cantrell - (Book: Deadly Silence)
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Death À L’Orange)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Death by Design (Anthology))
Catherine Louise Ketterling - (Book: Death Comes For Desdemona)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Death Swatch)
Calliope Reaper-Jones - (Book: Death's Daughter)
Caroline Dundas - (Book: Deceitful Heart, A)
Cathlyn Tate - (Book: Deceive Me, Darling)
Chelsea Estwyck - (Book: Deception's Bride)
Cassie Talbot - (Book: Deceptions of the Heart)
Clarissa Gaines - (Book: Deep Is The Night: Haunted Souls)
Charity Truitt - (Book: Deep Waters)
Charity Truitt - (Book: Deep Waters (reissue))
Caroline Piasecki - (Book: Deeper)
Callie - (Book: Deeper Hunger, A)
Catherine Olsen - (Book: Deeply Devoted)
Chloe Nelson - (Book: Defender)
Corey Donahue - (Book: Defending the Eyewitness)
Cathryn Campbell - (Book: Defiant Bride)
Callie Lee - (Book: Defiant Mistress, Ruthless Millionaire)
Celsiana Blake - (Book: Defiant One, The)
Chloe Parker - (Book: Definately Not Mr. Darcy)
Catherine - (Book: Defy the Thunder)
Charli Roberson - (Book: Deja You (ebook))
Callee McCoy - (Book: Delectable)
Callie Carpenter - (Book: Deliciously Dangerous)
Casey Gray - (Book: Delinquent Desire)
Christine Thurman - (Book: Deliver Me From Evil)
Christine Thurman - (Book: Deliver Me from Evil (reprint))
Charlotte Morrow - (Book: Demon Count, The)
Carrow Graie - (Book: Demon From the Dark)
Callie McFay - (Book: Demon Lover, The)
Charlie Newcomb - (Book: Demon Night)
Colette - (Book: Demon Seed)
Celia Graves - (Book: Demon Song)
Clea Masters - (Book: Demon's Kiss)
Celeste Gibson - (Book: Demonosity)
Carolyn Baker - (Book: Deputy Daddy)
Carolyn Baker - (Book: Deputy Daddy (reissue))
Christa Horton - (Book: Desert Ecstacy)
Charlotte Drake - (Book: Desert Fire)
Carmen - (Book: Desert Lord's Baby, The)
Celia Davidson - (Book: Desert Prince, The)
Callie Halliday O'Day - (Book: Desert Star)
Chandra - (Book: Desire's Command)
Cassidy Raines - (Book: Desire's Promise)
Caroline Martindale - (Book: Desiring Lady Caro)
Catalina Lane - (Book: Desperado's Gold)
Cara Howard - (Book: Desperate)
Calista Thorne - (Book: Destined for a King (ebook))
Cat Crawfield - (Book: Destined For an Early Grave)
Courtney Hudson - (Book: Destined To Meet)
Cindy Carroll - (Book: Destiny's Lady)
Cassy Thompson - (Book: Destiny's Slave)
Christina - (Book: Devil at Archangel, The)
Cybele - (Book: Devil Inside, The)
Charlotte Hanover - (Book: Devil Wears Kilts, The)
Chloe - (Book: Devil Wears Spurs, The)
Claudia March - (Book: Devil Within)
Ceara - (Book: Devil's Due)
Cassandra - (Book: Devil's Embrace)
Cassie Brougham - (Book: Devil's Embrace, The (reissue))
Charlotte - (Book: Devil's Envoy, The)
Clarissa Greystone - (Book: Devil's Heiress, The)
Clarissa Greystone - (Book: Devil's Heiress, The (reissue))
Christina Castleford - (Book: Devil's Lady)
Caroline Ashley - (Book: Devil's Match, The)
Cynara - (Book: Devil's Price, The)
Cynara - (Book: Devil's Price, The (UK))
Corine Solomon - (Book: Devil's Punch)
Catherine de Medici - (Book: Devil's Queen, The)
Cassandra Crawford - (Book: Devilish Husband, A)
Claire Donovan - (Book: Devlin Diary, The)
Catherine Marais - (Book: Devour)
Chris Tarleton - (Book: di Medici Bride, The)
Caroline Hanscombe - (Book: Diabolical Baron, The)
Caroline Hanscombe
Jessica Sterling
- (Book: Diabolical Baron, The (reissue))
Cece Caruso - (Book: Dial H for Hitchcock)
Camilla Richards - (Book: Diamond Fire)
Cordelia Brandenburg - (Book: Diamond Slipper, The)
Caitlin O'Conner - (Book: Diary of a Teenage Girl)
Clare Westmore - (Book: Diary of an Accidental Wallflower)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Die Smiling)
Christina MacCarthy - (Book: Difficult Truce, A)
Cate Fante - (Book: Dirty Blonde)
Charlie McGovern - (Book: Dirty Little Secrets (ebook))
Cassandra Riley - (Book: Dirty Sexy Knitting)
Caz Ryan - (Book: Dirty Weekend (UK))
Cheyenne Cates - (Book: Discerning Heart, The)
Chloe Reynolds - (Book: Discipline, The)
Calla - (Book: Discovering)
Catherine Robins - (Book: Disdainful Marquis, The)
Charmian Kittredge - (Book: Disenchanted & Co.)
Cara Rivers - (Book: Disenchanted Duke, The)
Catherine Miller - (Book: Disguised Blessings)
Caterina Chester - (Book: Dishonor and Desire)
Catarina Mendes - (Book: Disobedient Virgin, The)
Carolina Adams - (Book: Distant Dreams)
Clare Kimball - (Book: Divine Evil)
Clare Kimball - (Book: Divine Evil (hardcover-reprint))
Chloe - (Book: Divine Interventions - Echo In the Hall)
Collette - (Book: Diving In)
Cecily Sinclair - (Book: Do Not Disturb)
Claire Strickland - (Book: Do You Take This Maverick?)
Cassie Collins - (Book: Do You Take This Rebel?)
Cara Adams - (Book: Do-Over)
Carly Fletcher - (Book: Doctor in Disguise)
China Davis - (Book: Doctor Who Made Her Love Again, The (ebook))
Chloe Kilgannon - (Book: Doctor's Bride, The)
Chloe Kilgannon - (Book: Doctor's Bride, The (Large Print))
Camille Halliday - (Book: Doctor's Dating Bargain, The)
Camille Lawson - (Book: Doctor's Deadly Affair, The)
Chandy McDaniel - (Book: Doctor's Little Miracle, The)
Cate Olin - (Book: Doctor's Mission, The)
Cassie Miller - (Book: Doctor's Orders )
Clara Watts - (Book: Doctor's Outback Baby, The)
Capri Timmons - (Book: Doctor's Private Visit, The)
Caroline - (Book: Doctor's Secret Child, The)
Caroline Archer - (Book: Doctor's Unexpected Family, The)
Claire O'Connor - (Book: Doing Ireland)
Claire Doucett - (Book: Dollmaker, The)
Cassie Winters - (Book: Don't Look Back)
Clare Westbrook - (Book: Don't Look Now)
Clare Westbrook - (Book: Don't Look Now (reprint))
Charlotte Kennedy - (Book: Don't Say Good-bye)
Carrie Blue - (Book: Don't Talk to Strangers)
Carrie Blue - (Book: Don't Talk To Strangers)
Caroline Dudley - (Book: Dornstein Icon, The)
Caroline Dudley - (Book: Dornstein Icon, The (reissue))
Caitlyn Malone - (Book: Double Blind)
Caroline Beauchamp - (Book: Double Deceit)
Cassandra Whitman - (Book: Double Down)
Colleen McAllistair - (Book: Double Entendre)
Carina Patterson - (Book: Double Identity)
Cole Leighton - (Book: Double Take)
Cameron McKenzie - (Book: Double Take)
Carlin Witmer - (Book: Down and Dirty)
Cait O'Keefe - (Book: Down Came a Blackbird (ebook))
Carrie Smith - (Book: Down Home Carolina Christmas)
Chloe Metcalfe, Nurse - (Book: Dr. Demetrius's Dilemma)
Claire Wainwright - (Book: Dr. Mommy)
Caryn - (Book: Dragon Hour, The)
Camille D'Artigo - (Book: Dragon Wytch)
Ciara - (Book: Dragon's Moon)
Claire Randall - (Book: Dragonfly In Amber)
Channon MacRea - (Book: Dragonswan (reissue))
Chloe Wright - (Book: Dream Bride)
Cherijo Torin - (Book: Dream Called Time)
Cara Williams - (Book: Dream Chasers)
Cassie Bradley Wright - (Book: Dream Groom)
Catherine - (Book: Dream Knight)
Chelsea - (Book: Dream Tide)
Cari McCord - (Book: Dream Warrior)
Cari McCord - (Book: Dream Warrior (reissue))
Charlotte Deveraux - (Book: Dream Weaver)
Crissy Gregory - (Book: Dreamboat)
Casey Westmoreland - (Book: Dreams are Forever)
Caitlin Costner - (Book: Dreams of Ecstacy)
Carmen Tavarez-King - (Book: Dreamscaper's Desire (ebook))
Chloe Durrant - (Book: Dressed to Thrill)
Charity - (Book: Drifter, The)
Charlotte McNally - (Book: Drive Time)
Constance Chen - (Book: Driven to Distraction)
Cheney Duvall - (Book: Driven With the Wind)
Cynthia Hall - (Book: Driving Heat)
Charlene Darnell - (Book: Driving Lessons)
Clarissa - (Book: Drop Of The Dice, The)
Carrie James - (Book: Drop-in Bride, The)
Carly Winston - (Book: Dropped Stitches Christmas)
Carly Winston - (Book: Dropped Stitches Christmas (Large Print))
Claire Randall - (Book: Drums of Autumn)
Clare - (Book: Drums of Darkness)
Cassie Taylor - (Book: Dry Moon)
Charlotte Boscastle - (Book: Duchess Diaries, The)
Claire Orwell - (Book: Duchess for a Day)
Cecily Westruther - (Book: Duchess to Remember, A)
Camille - (Book: Duchess, Her Maid, the Groom & Their Lover, The)
Claire Willoughby - (Book: Duchess, The)
Cindy Wagner - (Book: Dude Ranch Bride)
Cassandra Wells - (Book: Duel of Love)
Celeste Moreau - (Book: Duke's Double, The)
Charlotte Hughes - (Book: Duke's Indiscretion, The)
Clara Fairfax - (Book: Dukes Prefer Blondes)
Cathleen Dunraven - (Book: Dunraven's Folly)
Captain Tracy Keener - (Book: Duplicity)
Cissie Brodie - (Book: Dwelling Place, The )
Cam Hastings - (Book: Dying Breath)
Camryn Covic - (Book: Dysfunctional Test, The)
Charlotte Cartwright - (Book: Earl and the Hoyden, The)
Christabel Tallis - (Book: Earl Plays With Fire, The)
Chloe Heartly - (Book: Earl's Complete Surrender, The)
Constance Somerton - (Book: Earl's Mistaken Bride, The)
Chessy Cameron - (Book: East of Forever)
Catherine St. Clair - (Book: Easy Loving)
Caitlyn Whelan - (Book: Eat Prey Love)
Cami Pressman - (Book: Eat, Play, Lust (ebook))
Corie Rickman - (Book: Ebony Eyes)
Claire Randall Fraser - (Book: Echo in the Bone, An)
Claire - (Book: Echo in the Bone, An (Hardcover))
Clare - (Book: Echoes)
Calliope Pearson - (Book: Echoes (ebook))
Caroline Evans - (Book: Echoes in the Dark)
Caroline Lang - (Book: Echoes of Mercy)
Clare O'Brien - (Book: Echos (reissue))
Cassandra Elliot - (Book: Ecstasy's Chains)
Claire Chandon - (Book: Eden's Gate )
Camryn Bennett - (Book: Edge of Always, The)
Countess Maria Wyatt - (Book: Edge of Impropiety, The)
Camryn Bennett - (Book: Edge of Never, The)
Cameran Young - (Book: Edge of Survival)
Catherine - (Book: Edge Of Temptation)
Caroline Linford - (Book: Educating Caroline (reprint))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Eighth Grave After (hardcover))
Casey McCloy - (Book: Elite, The)
Cecily Tyrell - (Book: Elusive Bride, The)
Charity Wade - (Book: Elusive Guardian, An)
Calliope Croft - (Book: Elusive Lord Everhart, The)
Cherryanne Devenish - (Book: Elusive Marriage, The)
Claudia McIntosh - (Book: Elvis Takes a Back Seat)
Charlotte King - (Book: Embers of Dawn)
Charlotte King - (Book: Embers of Dawn (reissue))
Charla Evans - (Book: Embers of the Sun)
Cassandra Palmer - (Book: Embrace the Night)
Chloe Standish - (Book: Embrace the Night)
Callie Whitten - (Book: Embracing Midnight)
Caithren Leslie - (Book: Emerald)
Cate Forrest - (Book: Emergency in Maternity (UK))
Charlotte Raven - (Book: Emporer's Conspiracy, The)
Cecily Vervain - (Book: Enchanted Rendezvous)
Chloe Benson - (Book: End of Her Innocence, The)
Chloe Benson - (Book: End of Her Innocence, The (large print))
Cynarra Malva - (Book: Endangered)
Charity Rose - (Book: Endless Enchantment)
Chloe Saint James - (Book: Ends Of The Earth)
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Endurance)
Claire Lamont - (Book: Enforcer, The)
Celeste Pavenic - (Book: Engaging Bodyguard)
Carrie McKenzie - (Book: English Girl in New York (large print))
Cate Hamilton - (Book: English Lord's Secret Son, The)
Cate Hamilton - (Book: English Lord's Secret Son, The (large print))
Crystal - (Book: Enigmatic Man, An)
Cara Kessler - (Book: Entangled)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Enter Evil)
Chase Evans - (Book: Enthralled by Moretti)
Carla Day - (Book: Erased From Memory)
Corinna Darley - (Book: Errant Bridegroom, The)
Caledonia Johnston - (Book: Escapade)
Cassie Linton - (Book: Escape Me Never)
Celine Hollingworth - (Book: Escape to Love (ebook))
Claudia Jefferies - (Book: Escape to Paradise)
Claire Murphy - (Book: Espresso in the Morning)
Claire Murphy - (Book: Espresso in the Morning (large print))
Cleopatra Sharp - (Book: Essence of Love, The)
Candace Steele - (Book: Eternal Hunger)
Cara Thornhart - (Book: Eternal Rider)
Carrie Montgomery - (Book: Eternity)
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Eternity Row)
Carolyn Townsend - (Book: Even the Nights are Better )
Camille Dumaine - (Book: Even Vampires Get the Blues)
Cyndi Swoyer - (Book: Ever After)
Clemency Vaughn - (Book: Ever Since Eden)
Carlie Bishop - (Book: Every Breath She Takes)
Carlie Bishop - (Book: Every Breath She Takes (Large Print))
Constance Plyd - (Book: Every Demon Has His Day)
Casey Tanner - (Book: Every Little Kiss)
Camelia Marshall - (Book: Every Whispered Word)
Charlotte Rhymer - (Book: Every Woman For Herself)
Charlene (Charlie) McPherson - (Book: Every Woman's Fantasy )
Caroline Isaacs - (Book: Every Woman's Got a Secret)
Claire Marsden - (Book: Everybody's Hero)
Callie - (Book: Everything But A Bride)
Cathy Nicholas - (Book: Everything Must Go)
Cait McAllister - (Book: Everywhere She Goes)
Chloe - (Book: Evidence of Sin)
Caroline Moore - (Book: Ex's and Oh's)
Caroline Winters - (Book: Executive Bodyguard)
Corri Harris - (Book: Executive Seduction)
Caroline Walters - (Book: Executive's Valentine Seduction)
Cecile Lotharing - (Book: Exiled Heart)
Chantel Fontaine - (Book: Exiles, The)
Christy - (Book: Exorcism)
Christy - (Book: Exorcism (UK))
Carrie Evans - (Book: Expecting His Royal Baby)
Carrie Evans - (Book: Expecting His Royal Baby [Large Print])
Cassie Munroe - (Book: Expecting the Cowboy's Baby)
Carrie Lipton - (Book: Expecting Thunder's Baby)
Charlotte Masters - (Book: Expecting...and in Danger )
Chloe Girard - (Book: Exposed (ebook))
Caroly - (Book: Exposure (ebook))
Caitlyn Moore - (Book: Extreme Love)
Crystal Peterson - (Book: Eye Candy)
Christabel - (Book: Eye of the Serpent (Hardcover))
Charlotte McNally - (Book: Face Time (reissue))
Christiana Smith - (Book: Face to Face)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Fade Out)
Candace Parker - (Book: Fading)
Cecily Hammond - (Book: Faint Heart)
Clarissa Feeney - (Book: Fair Game)
Christabel Van Alen - (Book: Fair is the Rose)
Carly Pendleton - (Book: Fairest of Them All, The)
Clairice Fairfax - (Book: Fairfax Brew, The)
Cassie Burdette - (Book: Fairway To Heaven)
Carmen Gonzalez - (Book: Faith In You)
Charli Beaumonde - (Book: Fall Into You)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Fall of Night)
Claire - (Book: Fall of Night (hardcover))
Claudia - (Book: Fallen Idol)
Carlotta Ennis - (Book: Fallen Woman, A)
Celeste Young - (Book: Fallen: Celeste (ebook))
Carrie Alexander - (Book: Falling Angel)
Chloe - (Book: Falling for Chloe)
Claudia Parrish - (Book: Falling for Him)
Casey Davis - (Book: Falling For King's Fortune)
Claire Walsh - (Book: Falling for Owen)
Chloe Atherton - (Book: Falling For The Deputy)
Charity West - (Book: Falling for the Highland Rogue)
Carmella Rossi - (Book: Falling Under)
Claire Malvern - (Book: Falls, The)
Cressida Stavely - (Book: False Colours)
Catherine Spenser - (Book: False Fiancée, The)
Cass Linford - (Book: False Proposal, A (ebook))
Caroline Bennett - (Book: Familiar Feeling, A)
Cara Justice - (Book: Familiar Stranger)
Celeste Levert - (Book: Familiar Valentine)
Cory Luciuk - (Book: Family at Last, A)
Cara Winters - (Book: Family Ever After)
Caprice Bonaventura, MD - (Book: Family for the Children's Doctor, A)
Caprice Bonaventura - (Book: Family For the Children's Doctor, A (UK))
Chloe Miner - (Book: Family for the Soldier, A)
Carolina Bradford - (Book: Family Matters)
Caitlin Briley - (Book: Family Plan, The)
Charlotte Hopper - (Book: Family Planning)
Catherine - (Book: Family Secret, A)
Cindy Thompson - (Book: Family Ties)
Christy Shannon - (Book: Family to Cherish, A)
Caitlin McBride - (Book: Family Treasures)
Caitlin Severn - (Book: Family-Style Christmas, A)
Caitlin Severn - (Book: Family-Style Christmas, A (reissue))
Cora Downes - (Book: Famous Heroine, The)
Colby Blanchard - (Book: Fangs 4 Freaks)
Colby Blanchard - (Book: Fangs for Freaks (reissue))
Ceejay Lovejoy - (Book: Far From Perfect)
Callie - (Book: Farm Girl)
Christine Farrell - (Book: Farrell Marriage, The)
Charmayne Ellis - (Book: Farther Than I Meant To Go, Longer Than I Meant To Stay)
Cordelia Kane - (Book: Fast Track (hardcover))
Cordelia King - (Book: Fast Track (paperback))
Cam Phillips - (Book: Fat Camp)
Casey O’Toole
- (Book: Fatal Flaw)
Casey O'Toole - (Book: Fatal Flaw)
Catherine Barrington - (Book: Fatal Trust)
Cara Paulsen - (Book: Fated)
Cathy Meredith - (Book: Father for Baby Rose, A)
Catherine Walker - (Book: Father For Zach, A)
Cassie Scott - (Book: Father's Gift, A)
Caroline St. Clair - (Book: Father's Vow, A (reissue))
Celia Campbell - (Book: Father-To-Be)
Caralie Tracey - (Book: Fathers Love, A)
Cimarron Chisholm - (Book: Favors of the Rich)
Cassandra - (Book: Fear the Darkness)
Clare Kasten - (Book: Fearless (ebook novella))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Feast of Fools)
Carmela - (Book: Femme Metal - Cold Fusion)
Catherine Morgan - (Book: Festival)
Cass - (Book: Fever in the Blood, A)
Cassandra Fielding - (Book: Fever In The Blood, A (UK))
Cassie Miles - (Book: Fever Pitch)
Cassie - (Book: Fiance For Christmas)
Caroline Lord - (Book: Fiance for Sale)
Cassandra - (Book: Fiancé for the Night)
Chyna McCrea - (Book: Field of Pleasure)
Cassie Burke - (Book: Fiend in Need, A)
Claire Randall Fraser - (Book: Fiery Cross, The)
Corinne Diaz - (Book: Fiesta Moon)
Charley Davidson - (Book: Fifth Grave Past the Light (hardcover))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Fifth Grave Past the Light (paperback))
Corrine - (Book: Fighting Faer)
Chloe Williams - (Book: Figure of Speech)
Cara Michal - (Book: Filthy Rich)
Carolyn Monahan - (Book: Final Exit)
Cassie Burdette - (Book: Final Fore)
Callie Caplan - (Book: Final Move, The)
Cassie Price - (Book: Final Score)
Cassidy Buchanan - (Book: Final Scream (aka Intimacies))
Cassidy Buchanan - (Book: Final Scream (reissue))
Charity - (Book: Final Touch, The)
Charity - (Book: Final Touch, The (reissue))
Charity - (Book: Final Touch, The (reissue))
Charity - (Book: Final Touch, The (UK))
Charity - (Book: Final Touch, The (UK-reissue))
Charlotte Remington - (Book: Final Victim, The)
Charlotte Remington Maitland - (Book: Final Victim, The (reissue))
C. J. Tanner - (Book: Final Warning)
Casie - (Book: Finally Home)
Chelsea Everett - (Book: Finding Amy)
Cheyenne Rhodes - (Book: Finding Her Way Home)
Cheyenne Rhodes - (Book: Finding Her Way Home (Large Print))
Cindy Peterson - (Book: Finding Home)
Casie Carmichael - (Book: Finding Home)
Cat Forrester - (Book: Finding Justice)
Cat Forrester - (Book: Finding Justice (large print))
Celeste Harte - (Book: Finding Mr. Romantic (ebook))
Char Jones - (Book: Finding Their Son)
Cozie Hawthorne - (Book: Finding You)
Clarissa Vevian - (Book: Finessing Clarissa)
Corinthians Avery - (Book: Fire and Desire)
Carla McQueen - (Book: Fire And Rain)
Catherine de Brione - (Book: Fire and Steel)
Chantelle Bedeau - (Book: Fire In The Blood)
Charlene Van Payton - (Book: Fire on the Mountain)
Caitlin Campbell - (Book: Fire Within, The)
Caroline Harlowe - (Book: Firebrand, The)
Clara Melton - (Book: Firecloud)
Chloe Harper - (Book: Fired Up (hardcover))
Chloe Harper - (Book: Fired Up (paperback))
Caroline Renwick - (Book: Firefly Beach)
Caitlin - (Book: Fireglow)
Carrie Maxwell - (Book: Firestorm)
Caris - (Book: Firewalkers - Dreamer)
Cate Padgett - (Book: First Comes Love)
Cate Padgett - (Book: First Comes Love)
Charley Davidson - (Book: First Grave on the Right (hardcover))
Charley Davidson - (Book: First Grave on the Right (paperback))
Cornelia Litchfield Case - (Book: First Lady)
Charlene Wilson - (Book: First Lady, The)
Calinda Braxton - (Book: First Love, Wild Love)
Cleo North - (Book: First Mistake, The)
Cleo Arlington - (Book: Fit To Be Tied)
Cameron Beekman - (Book: Fix)
Cendra - (Book: Flame and the Shadow, The)
Charlotte - (Book: Flame Stone, The)
Chloe Jordan - (Book: Flash of Death)
Cassie Redmond - (Book: Flashfire)
Carly - (Book: Flawless)
Cleo Nemean - (Book: Fleeting Passions (ebook))
Cassandra Bainbridge - (Book: Flight of Fancy, A)
Christiana Drake - (Book: Flight of the Swan)
Charlotte Gerard - (Book: Flirtation)
Catherine Davies - (Book: Flirting with Danger)
Chloe Jenkins - (Book: Flirting With Danger)
Cherry Cooper - (Book: Flirting With Fireworks)
Campbell Stratford - (Book: Flirting With Forever)
Casey Ellis - (Book: Flirting with Pete )
Corie Benjamin - (Book: Flirting With Temptation)
Cassie Blake - (Book: Flower Girl Bride)
Catriona Sinclair - (Book: Flowers Under Ice)
Cricket Erling - (Book: Fly Away)
Claire Islington - (Book: Follow Me)
Cate Cooper - (Book: Folly Beach HARDCOVER)
Chloe Madison - (Book: Fool for Love)
Carly Stone - (Book: Fool Me Once)
Cassie Marlow - (Book: For Each Tomorrow)
Charley Davidson - (Book: For I Have Sinned (ebook))
Claudia Ellison - (Book: For Just Cause)
Claudia Ellison - (Book: For Just Cause (large print))
Cheyenne Roberts - (Book: For Keeps)
Charley - (Book: For Love of Charley)
Charlotte Sane - (Book: For Love's Sake Only)
Claire Kendrick - (Book: For Services Rendered)
Colleen O'Connor - (Book: For the Love of Mike!)
Colleen O'Connor - (Book: For the Love of Mike! (reissue))
Claire Hannaford - (Book: For the Love of Texas)
Cressida Turner - (Book: For Your Arms Only)
Carys - (Book: Forbidden)
Caroline - (Book: Forbidden)
Claire Brennan - (Book: Forbidden)
Cecily Fournier - (Book: Forbidden Embers)
Caitlyn - (Book: Forbidden Fires)
Caroline - (Book: Forbidden Flame)
Ceara Lowell - (Book: Forbidden Passion)
Celeste Philips - (Book: Forbidden Touch, The)
Cole Jamison - (Book: Force of Attraction)
Campion - (Book: Force of Feeling)
Cypress Bernard - (Book: Forest of the Night)
Cypress Bernard - (Book: Forest of the Night (reissue))
Catrin - (Book: Forever Affair, The)
Camilla Brent - (Book: Forever After)
Carrie McNichols - (Book: Forever Always)
Celia Thomason - (Book: Forever Bride (reissue))
Celia Tomason - (Book: Forever Bride, The)
Celine Fontaine - (Book: Forever His)
Costanza - (Book: Forever Is Not Long Enough)
Caitlin - (Book: Forgetful Bride, The)
Charlotte O'Brien - (Book: Forgive Me)
Callie Brockman - (Book: Forgiving Heart, The)
Claire Conway - (Book: Forgiving Hour, The)
Carys Wells - (Book: Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child)
Carys Wells - (Book: Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child (UK))
Caroline Whitten - (Book: Forgotten Son)
Courtney Adams - (Book: Formula for Passion)
Calli Demour - (Book: Forsaken)
Charlotte Perry - (Book: Fortune Favors the Wicked)
Carly McKay - (Book: Fortune Quilt, The)
Christina Hastings - (Book: Fortune's Cinderella)
Contessa Mary Allegra Constanza Donatto - (Book: Fortune's Fancy)
Cathleen Cochran - (Book: Fortune's Fire)
Cassandra Merlin - (Book: Fortune's Lady)
Carrie Frazier - (Book: Fortune's Smile)
Carrie Douglas - (Book: Found: A Father For Her Child)
Claire Mayfield - (Book: Found: Her Long-Lost Husband)
Claire Mayfield - (Book: Found: Her Long-Lost Husband (Large Print))
Christine Davenport - (Book: Foundation For Love)
Claire Fergusson - (Book: Fountain Filled With Blood, A (ebook))
Clio - (Book: Fountain Of Fire)
Caroline Twinning - (Book: Four in Hand)
Caroline Twinning - (Book: Four In Hand (reissue))
Cassie Rankin - (Book: Four Little Blessings)
Cassie Rankin - (Book: Four Little Blessings (Large Print))
Charlie Rourke - (Book: Four Seconds to Lose)
Cherie Harper - (Book: Four Weddings and a Fireman)
Chelsea - (Book: Four Years Later)
Cherish Murray - (Book: Foursome, The)
Claire Ridgeway - (Book: Fourth Child, The)
Charley Davidson - (Book: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (hardcover))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (paperback))
Cora Talmedge - (Book: Free Falling)
Casey Han - (Book: Free Food For Millionaires)
Cassidy Matthews - (Book: Freefall)
Cassidy Matthews - (Book: Freefall (large print))
Casey Wilkes - (Book: Freezing Point)
Casey Wilkes - (Book: Freezing Point (large print))
Carolyn Blue - (Book: French Fried)
Celina Payne - (Book: French Quarter)
Claire Laurent - (Book: French Silk (reprint))
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Frill Kill (Hardcover))
Camryn - (Book: From Boardwalk With Love)
Charlie Long - (Book: From Duty to Daddy (large print))
Charlene Cooper - (Book: From Here To Paternity)
Charlene Cooper - (Book: From Here to Paternity [Large Print])
Clementine Jones - (Book: From Here to Texas)
Cassidy Jameson - (Book: From the Ashes)
Cassandra - (Book: From the First )
Caitlin - (Book: From This Day Forward)
Cara Martin - (Book: From This Day Forward)
Cara Martin - (Book: From This Day Forward (Large Print))
Charlotte Highton - (Book: From Venice with Love)
Constance Proctor - (Book: Frontier Fire)
Cricket Stewart - (Book: Frontier Woman)
Cate Wells - (Book: Full Circle)
Clare Pemberton - (Book: Full Coverage)
Cherise Novack - (Book: Full Moon Inheritance)
Callie Kirkpatrick - (Book: Fully Engaged)
Cassie Kyriakis - (Book: Future King's Love Child, The)
Candy - (Book: Futurelove)
Cassie McClellan - (Book: Gabriel's Bride)
Chasidah Bergren, Captain - (Book: Gabriel's Ghost)
Chloe Cavanagh - (Book: Gabriel's Mission)
Charlotte - (Book: Gallant Guardian, The)
Catharine Carnahan - (Book: Gambler in Love)
Charity Scott - (Book: Gambler's Tempting Kisses)
Chris St. James - (Book: Game of Love, The (ebook))
Carly March - (Book: Game On)
Caroline Sullivan - (Book: Game with One Winner, A)
Caroline Sullivan - (Book: Game with One Winner, A (large print))
Chastity Ambrose - (Book: Game, The)
Chloe - (Book: Games of Desire (ebook))
Catherine Forsythe - (Book: Garden Folly, A)
Claire - (Book: Garden Spells)
Celeste - (Book: Garnet Dagger, The)
Charity Dawson - (Book: Gemel Ring, The)
Charity Dawson - (Book: Gemel Ring, The (reissue))
Charity Dawson - (Book: Gemel Ring, The (reissue))
Charity Dawson - (Book: Gemel Ring, The (UK-reissue))
Colleen McNair - (Book: Gentle as a Lamb)
Callista Raleigh - (Book: Gentle Beast, The)
Catalina Crisp - (Book: Gentleman Says )
Claire Aldrich - (Book: Gentleman's Bargain, A)
Courtney Glamora - (Book: Gently Love Beckons)
Cassandra Newton - (Book: Get Blondie)
Casey Thompson - (Book: Gettin' It On)
Cass Parker - (Book: Gettin' Lucky)
Carrie Robbins - (Book: Getting It Now!)
Cordelia Packer - (Book: Getting Lost with Boys)
Cassidy Whalen - (Book: Getting Rough)
Cassie Wenthaven - (Book: Ghost and Mrs. Wenthaven, The)
Caitlin King - (Book: Ghost for Sale)
Chloe Morgan - (Book: Ghost Horse)
Clare Cermak - (Book: Ghost Killer)
Clare Cermak - (Book: Ghost Layer)
Clara Fergussen - (Book: Ghost of a Chance)
Clare Cermac - (Book: Ghost Seer)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Ghost Town (hardcover))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Ghost Town (paperback))
Celine Hart - (Book: Gift from Above, A)
Clare Randall - (Book: Gift From the Heart)
Claire McCane - (Book: Gift From The Past, A)
Callie Taylor - (Book: Gilded Chain, The)
Charlotte Potter - (Book: Gilded Secrets)
Clarissa Fallon - (Book: Gilding The Lady)
Carly di Matisse - (Book: Gimme Some Sugar)
Clio - (Book: Girl at Sea)
Casey Reddick - (Book: Girl From Summer Hill, The (hardcover))
Caroline Frisby - (Book: Girl In a Million, A)
Caroline Frisby - (Book: Girl in a Million, A)
Caroline Frisby - (Book: Girl in a Million, A (reissue))
Caroline Frisby - (Book: Girl In a Million, A (reissue))
Caroline Frisby - (Book: Girl In a Million, A (UK))
Caroline Frisby - (Book: Girl In a Million, A (UK-reissue))
Cassie - (Book: Girl in the Bedouin Tent)
Catherine Sargeant - (Book: Girl in the Green Glass Mirror, The (paperback))
Cassie Barclay - (Book: Girl Least Likely to Marry)
Charlie Winters - (Book: Girl Who Cried Murder, The)
Charity Miller - (Book: Give and Take)
Clarissa Levinson - (Book: Giving (ebook novella))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Glass Houses)
Catherine Snow - (Book: Glimpse of Heaven, A)
Cassidy Sherridan - (Book: Glitter and Gunfire)
Cassidy Sherridan - (Book: Glitter and Gunfire (large print))
Claire - (Book: Glory Seekers)
Callie Ingram - (Book: Goddess)
Carolina Santoro - (Book: Goddess of Spring)
Christine Canady - (Book: Goddess of the Sea)
Carrie Steinhem - (Book: Going All the Way)
Claudia Barrett - (Book: Going Buck Wild)
Carolina - (Book: Going Overboard)
Connie Denver - (Book: Golden Boy)
Cassia Jones - (Book: Golden Chimera)
Caroline Alditch - (Book: Golden Feather, The)
Clare - (Book: Golden Fever )
Clare - (Book: Golden Fever (UK))
Cassie Hoffman - (Book: Golden Girl)
Charita Atwood - (Book: Golden Lotus)
Cynthia Robards - (Book: Golden Promise)
Catherine O'Mara - (Book: Golden Puma, The)
Cathleen Donovan - (Book: Golden Rapture)
Catherine Avery
Lady of Rosmar
- (Book: Golden Rose, The)
Carmody Petrie - (Book: Golden Sovereigns, The)
Clare Marshall - (Book: Gone (Hardcover))
Chloe St. Claire - (Book: Good Daughter, The)
Chloe St. Claire - (Book: Good Daughter, The (reissue))
Cannie Shapiro - (Book: Good In Bed)
Caddie Winger - (Book: Goodbye Summer, The)
Crystal - (Book: Goodies Case, The)
Charlotte Moncrieffe - (Book: Gossamer Wing)
Cassidy Cross - (Book: Got it Going On)
Cassandra Armstrong - (Book: Governess and the Sheikh, The (US edition))
Clara - (Book: Grail King, The)
Catherine Buchanan - (Book: Grand Design, A)
Catherine Shreveton - (Book: Grand Gesture, A)
Cleopatra 'Cleo' Robbins - (Book: Grand Passion)
Casey Hatter - (Book: Grand Passion, A)
Cara Bedford - (Book: Grass Is Always Greener..., The)
Caitlin McKay - (Book: Grave Silence (ebook))
Cin Craven - (Book: Grave Sins)
Catherine Thorne - (Book: Gray)
Cathy Lyman - (Book: Great Christmas Ball, The)
Calliope Kelley - (Book: Greatest Love on Earth, The)
Charlotte Manners - (Book: Greek Doctor's Bride, The)
Cat McKenzie - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Innocent Mistress, The)
Cat McKenzie - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Innocent Mistress, The (UK))
Carrie Richards - (Book: Greek Tycoon, Waitress Wife )
Charlotte - (Book: Greek's Seven-Day Seduction, The)
Casey Cartwright - (Book: Greek: Double Date)
Celia - (Book: Green Darkness)
Calley Hastings - (Book: Groom Who (Almost) Got Away, The)
Chloe Pennington - (Book: Groom's Stand-In, The)
Catarina Donati - (Book: Grotto, The)
Chiarra - (Book: Gryffin Strain: His Female)
Chantal Giraudeau de Montcroix - (Book: Guarded Moments)
Camellia Wray - (Book: Guardian)
Carlys - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Crista Adams - (Book: Guardian Groom)
Christine Finch - (Book: Guardian of the Amulets, The)
Carol Chancellor - (Book: Guardian to the Heiress)
Carol Chancellor - (Book: Guardian to the Heiress (large print))
Cathy Norwood - (Book: Guardian's Honor, The)
Charity Bennett - (Book: Guardian, The)
Camille Eckart - (Book: Guarding Camille)
Cassidy Dixon - (Book: Guarding His Heart (ebook))
Cheney Reynolds - (Book: Guilty of Love)
Celeste - (Book: Guilty Passion, A)
Catriona MacFarr - (Book: Gunn of Killearnan, The)
Chloe Sommers - (Book: Gunslinger)
Chloe Michaels - (Book: Guy To Be Seen With, The)
Catrina Barrington
Countess of Arondale
- (Book: Gypsy Lord)
Catrina - (Book: Gypsy Lord (reissue))
Chessy - (Book: Gypsy's Bride, The )
Catherine Crawfield - (Book: Halfway to the Grave)
Cari O'Donnell - (Book: Halloween Honeymoon)
Cassandra Hargrove - (Book: Halls Of Power, The (ebook))
Cassie York - (Book: Hands On)
Cleo Mortimer - (Book: Happenstance Witch, The (UK))
Cressida Preece - (Book: Happy Meeting, A)
Cressida - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (reissue))
Cressida Preece - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (reissue))
Cressida Preece - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (UK))
Cressida Preece - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (UK-reissue))
Crystal Dean - (Book: Hard As You Can)
Caroline Piasecki - (Book: Harder)
Cassandra Miller - (Book: Harmony Falls)
Calaine Hart - (Book: Hart and Soul)
Cassie Morrison - (Book: Hart's Baby)
Carin Walker - (Book: Hart's Obsession)
Clare Gilroy - (Book: Hasty Wedding)
Cassandra Hampshire - (Book: Haunted Miss Hampshire, The)
Camille - (Book: Haunted Moon)
Cory Lavalle - (Book: Haunting Love Alley)
Crystal Cerise - (Book: Having Tanner Bravo's Baby )
Clair Cabot - (Book: Having the Bachelor's Baby)
Callie Jamieson - (Book: Having the Billionaire's Baby)
Claire - (Book: Hazardous Assignment)
Catherine Hardwick - (Book: He Said No)
Carlie Surrett - (Book: He's My Soldier Boy)
Chloe - (Book: Head Over Heels)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Head to Head)
Callen Whitelaw - (Book: Headstrong Bride, The)
Caroline Alone - (Book: Healer, The)
Christian Hambrick - (Book: Healing Beau)
Catherine Hetherington - (Book: Healing Bond)
Cathie Baldwin - (Book: Heard It Through the Grapevine)
Callie Evans
- (Book: Heart Beneath, The)
Cordelia Harris - (Book: Heart Divided, A)
Charmayne Brennan - (Book: Heart Divided, A)
Callie Dawson - (Book: Heart Healed, A)
Christina Godfrey - (Book: Heart in Peril, A)
Catherine Young - (Book: Heart of Danger)
Cassie Connor Dolin - (Book: Heart Of Devin MacKade, The)
Carter Wessex - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Carter Wessex - (Book: Heart of Gold (reprint))
Catriona - (Book: Heart of Midnight)
Chandler Santell - (Book: Heart of Steel)
Casey Hamilton - (Book: Heart of Texas)
Casey Morrow - (Book: Heart of the Hunter)
Catlin O'Toole - (Book: Heart of the Hunter)
Cassie Miranda - (Book: Heart of the Raven)
Clementine Kennicutt - (Book: Heart of the West)
Clementine Kennicutt - (Book: Heart of the West (reprint))
Claudia - (Book: Heart On Fire)
Camellia - (Book: Heart Search)
Christine Dubarry - (Book: Heart Shift)
Courtney Harte - (Book: Heart So Wild, A)
Courtney Harte - (Book: Heart So Wild, A (ebook))
Christie Clayton - (Book: Heart To Heart)
Caitrin - (Book: Heart's Blood)
Cassandra O'Neill - (Book: Heart's Ease)
Cassidy Preston - (Book: Heart's Haven)
Cassidy Preston - (Book: Heart's Haven (Large Print))
Catherine Amberly - (Book: Heart's Masquerade)
Cynthia - (Book: Heart's Victory, The)
Cynthia Fox - (Book: Heart's Victory, The (reissue))
Christie Lambert - (Book: Heartbeat)
Carla Gelsey - (Book: Hearts Divided)
Christiana - (Book: Heat Of The Knight, The (ebook))
Carley Winstead - (Book: Heat Wave (HARDCOVER))
Carley Winsted - (Book: Heat Wave (paperback))
Catriona Denley - (Book: Heather Moon)
Casey O'Reilly - (Book: Heaven On Earth)
Callida Prophet - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Caitlan Daniels - (Book: Heaven's Gift)
Cadence Chapman - (Book: Heaven's Touch)
Charlene Williams - (Book: Heavenly Detour)
Clestie - (Book: Heavenly Hijinks)
Chloe James - (Book: Heir to a Desert Legacy)
Chloe James - (Book: Heir to a Desert Legacy (large print))
Clodagh - (Book: Heir to Sevenwaters)
Cornelia Coyningham - (Book: Heiress to Love)
Corine Solomon - (Book: Hell Fire)
Chantal Worthington - (Book: Hell On Heels)
Cody Carlyle - (Book: Hell On Wheels)
Caitlin Sawyer - (Book: Hell On Wheels: American Hero)
Cathy O'Dell - (Book: Hell, Yeah)
Clary Parsons - (Book: Hello Again)
Clare - (Book: Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between)
Caitlyn James - (Book: Hello, Gorgeous!)
Claire Heywood - (Book: Her Baby, His Secret)
Cara Sheehan - (Book: Her Bedroom Surrender/ Breathless!)
Connie Montoya - (Book: Her Best Christmas Ever)
Cara Thorpe - (Book: Her Best Friend's Husband)
Cadence Payne - (Book: Her Chance at Love)
Carrie Carter - (Book: Her Child's Father)
Cassidy Rae - (Book: Her Christmas Eve Diamond (large print))
Celia - (Book: Her Christmas Pleasure)
Cassie Manning - (Book: Her Cinderella Heart)
Cady Keilor - (Book: Her Cowboy Daddy)
Cassidy Lambert - (Book: Her Cowboy Dilemma)
Caitlin Carmichael - (Book: Her Cowboy's Christmas Wish)
Carolyn Arundel - (Book: Her Daughter's Dream)
Constance Stuart - (Book: Her Enemy at the Altar (ebook))
Carina Ferrare - (Book: Her Enemy Protector)
Colleen Delaney - (Book: Her Favorite Holiday Gift)
Christine Chandler - (Book: Her Final Fling)
Callie Giovanni - (Book: Her Kind of Hero)
Calli Giovanni \ Emily Berthoff - (Book: Her Kind Of Hero\Second Time Around)
Cat Edwards - (Book: Her Knight in Black Leather)
China Seabury - (Book: Her L.A. Knight)
Charmian Kittredge - (Book: Her Ladyship's Curse (ebook))
Claudia Cruz - (Book: Her Last Chance)
Claire Cook - (Book: Her Last Line Of Defense)
Cat Sheehan - (Book: Her Last Temptation)
Charlotte Stone - (Book: Her Last Whisper (hardcover))
Christina Fitzgerald - (Book: Her Leading Man)
Caitlyn - (Book: Her Leading Man)
Courtney - (Book: Her Little Black Book)
Constance Price - (Book: Her Military Man)
Chrissy Gable - (Book: Her Millionaire Boss)
Chantel Winstone - (Book: Her Miracle Twins (large print))
Chelsea Kearns - (Book: Her Montana Man)
Charlie Castle - (Book: Her Perfect Game (ebook))
Corrine Atkinson - (Book: Her Perfect Stranger)
Charlotte Riesling - (Book: Her Prince Charming)
Charlotte Hastings - (Book: Her Scandalous Intentions)
Caroline Dutton - (Book: Her Scandalous Marriage)
Chey Simmons - (Book: Her Secret Affair)
Cree Forest - (Book: Her Secret Agent (ebook novella))
Callie Severin - (Book: Her Secret Weapon)
Chloe Baxter - (Book: Her Sexiest Surprise)
Carol Snow - (Book: Her Sexy Valentine)
Cass - (Book: Her Sister's Baby)
Claire Worth - (Book: Her Sister's Children)
Cara Jane - (Book: Her Small-Town Hero)
Candace Evans - (Book: Her Soldier Protector)
Constance Beaulieu - (Book: Her Special Charm)
Catherine Canton - (Book: Her Stand-in Groom)
Cynthia Merritt - (Book: Her Surprise Hero)
Cynthia Merritt - (Book: Her Surprise Hero (Large Print))
Corinna Dawson - (Book: Her Texas Ranger)
Cari Christensen - (Book: Her Valentine Blind Date)
Cate Padgett - (Book: Here Comes the Bride)
Ciara Dennison - (Book: Here I Am)
Callie Shaw - (Book: Here Lies Love (ebook))
Charlotte Falconer - (Book: Heritage of Love)
Charlotte Falconer - (Book: Heritage of Love (UK))
Catherine Meriweather - (Book: Hero for Christmas, A)
Collee Playfair - (Book: Hero of a Highland Wolf)
Carly Lowry - (Book: Hero to Come Home to, A)
Carey Hall, MD - (Book: Hero's Homecoming, A)
Cathleen - (Book: Hero's Redemption (ebook))
Calla Jones - (Book: Hero's Redemption, A)
Cari Fremont - (Book: Hers Forever)
Catherine - (Book: Hidden In The Flame (UK))
Claire Kennedy - (Book: Hidden Moon)
Chelsea Reynolds - (Book: Hidden Treasure)
Cassidy Atkins - (Book: Hidden Years)
Claire Holt - (Book: Hideaway, The)
Carey Smith - (Book: Hiding His Witness)
Cat Edwin - (Book: High Country Rebel)
Clemmie Colshannon - (Book: High Society)
Candice Hammond - (Book: High Stakes)
Constance Allen - (Book: High Stakes Seduction, A)
Cassandra Roth - (Book: High-society Secret Baby)
Cecily Donaldson - (Book: Highland Barbarian)
Caitlin MacLeod - (Book: Highland Destiny)
Caitlin Randal - (Book: Highland Fire)
Catriona Galbraith Macleod - (Book: Highland Flame)
Catriona - (Book: Highland Hawk)
Contessa Tess Delgado - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Contessa Tess - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Catherine Drummond - (Book: Highland Rebel)
Catriona Galbraith - (Book: Highland Rebel)
Claire Talbot - (Book: Highland Rogue)
Ceana MacNab - (Book: Highland Surrender)
Caitrina Lamont - (Book: Highland Warrior)
Calla Stewart - (Book: Highland Wolf Christmas, A)
Camry MacKeage - (Book: Highlander Christmas, A)
Claire MacGregor - (Book: Highlander For Christmas, A)
Claire Stuart - (Book: Highlander Never Surrenders, A)
Carissa - (Book: Highlander's Forbidden Bride, The)
Cassie MacArthur - (Book: Highlander's Maiden, The)
Clarrisa - (Book: Highlander's Prize, The)
Ciara Robertson - (Book: Highlander's Stolen Touch, The)
CiCi Hurst - (Book: Hill Country Hero)
Catherine "Cat" Gaillard - (Book: Hill Towns)
Catherine Reynolds - (Book: Hint of Seduction, A)
Catherine Reynolds - (Book: Hint of Seduction, A (reissue))
Caroline - (Book: Hired Husband)
Cathy Carson - (Book: His 1-800 Wife)
Clare Carr - (Book: His Border Bride)
Chloe Allen - (Book: His Bride By Design)
Caitlin Williams - (Book: His Bundle Of Love)
Cleo Barnes - (Book: His Business, Her Baby)
Cassie Campbell - (Book: His Christmas Angel)
Cassie Campbell - (Book: His Christmas Angel (Large Print))
Caroline - (Book: His Compromised Countess)
Chessie - (Book: His Convenient Marriage)
Carly Baker - (Book: His Daughter's Laughter)
Celeste Wells - (Book: His Daughter. . .Their Child)
Celia Tuttle - (Book: His Executive Secretary (reissue))
Celia Tuttle - (Book: His Executive Sweetheart)
Cleo - (Book: His Forbidden Passion)
Clare Talbot - (Book: His Friend's Wife)
Christiana Lambert - (Book: His Heart's Delight)
Carissa Hopper - (Book: His Ideal Match)
Casey Beck - (Book: His Insignificant Other)
Cari Chandler - (Book: His Instant Heir)
Claire - (Book: His Kind of Cowgirl)
Cassidy Malone - (Book: His L.A. Cinderella)
Charmian Kittredge - (Book: His Lordship Possessed (ebook))
Catherine Hayward - (Book: His Lordship's Chaperone)
Chey Rodgers - (Book: His Love Lesson)
Celine Godwin - (Book: His Magic Touch)
Charlize Beckett - (Book: His Million Dollar Risk (ebook))
Charlotte Wilmont - (Book: His Mistress By Morning)
Cleo Taylor - (Book: His Mistress for a Million)
Callie Walters - (Book: His Only Son)
Carly Albright - (Book: His Queen of Hearts)
Catherine - (Book: His Rebel Bride)
Catherine - (Book: His Rebel Bride (UK))
Charlotte Bailey - (Book: His Royal Love Child (ebook))
Cheyenne Stenson - (Book: His Slave)
Charlotte Jefford - (Book: His Small-Town Girl)
Cally Maitland - (Book: His Wedding-Night Heir)
Cassie Hawkins - (Book: His-and-Hers Family)
Cherry Peyton - (Book: Holding Strong)
Connie Ladden - (Book: Holiday Nanny, The)
Collette Jenkins - (Book: Holiday of Love)
Callie Matthews - (Book: Hollywood House Call)
Calla Roberts - (Book: Hollywood Scandal (ebook))
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Holy Guacamole!)
Cedar Kennedy - (Book: Home Again)
Casie Carmichael - (Book: Home Fires)
Coco Jordan - (Book: Home for Nobody's Princess, A)
Claire Gardner - (Book: Home Song)
Christine Waters - (Book: Home to Harmony)
Casey Rogers - (Book: Homecourt Advantage)
Cathie - (Book: Homeplace, The)
Callie Easton - (Book: Hometown Courtship)
Caty McKenzie - (Book: Hometown Family)
Claire Kendall - (Book: Hometown Girl)
Cheyenne Granger - (Book: Hometown Hearts)
Cheyenne Granger - (Book: Hometown Hearts (large print))
Cindy Lefler - (Book: Hometown Honey)
Cari Duncan - (Book: Hometown Princess)
Chloe Maitland - (Book: Homeward Hearts)
Charity Sims - (Book: Honest Life, An)
Camille Kennison - (Book: Honey)
Charlotte Summers - (Book: Honeymoon in Paris)
Charlotte Craven - (Book: Hong Kong Surgeon)
Carole Barber - (Book: Honor Thyself (Hardcover))
Cole Jasper - (Book: Honor's Disguise)
Caroline Manleigh - (Book: Honor's Way)
Cameron Campbell - (Book: Honorable Man, An)
Cameron Campbell - (Book: Honorable Man, An (Hardcover))
Christie Simmons - (Book: Honorable Texan, An)
Cam Anderson - (Book: Honorable Woman, An)
Carolyn Trent - (Book: Hoops)
Carolina Adams - (Book: Hope Beyond, A)
Cara Moore - (Book: Hope of Refuge, The )
Caroline Whitley - (Book: Hope's Captive)
Cat Simmons - (Book: Hope's Garden)
Cass Dollar - (Book: Horizon)
Clara Seavers - (Book: Horseman's Bride, The)
Collena Drake - (Book: Horseman's Son, The)
Collena Drake - (Book: Horseman's Son, The (reissue))
Collena Drake - (Book: Horseman's Son, The (Large Print))
Cecile - (Book: Horseman, The)
Callie Davis - (Book: Hostage (hardcover))
Callie Davis - (Book: Hostage (paperback))
Cassandra Denune - (Book: Hostage of Love)
Camey Domingo - (Book: Hostage Of My Heart (ebook))
Cassandra Mallory - (Book: Hostile Inheritance)
Claudia Dostis - (Book: Hot For Him)
Cat Gamble - (Book: Hot For It)
Cassie Hill - (Book: Hot Legs)
Celia Lambert - (Book: Hot Lessons)
Cee Ann Masters - (Book: Hot on His Trail)
Chloe Chisolm - (Book: Hot Pink)
Cara Evans - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Carrie Garner - (Book: Hot Shot (ebook))
Churchill McKenzie - (Book: Hot Southern Nights)
Cate Madigan - (Book: Hot Stuff)
Carly McFarlane - (Book: Hot Summer Nights)
Clarice Jenkins - (Book: Hot Tamales)
Chloe Burton - (Book: Hot Westmoreland Nights)
Claire Collins - (Book: Hot Whisper (ebook novella))
Clancy - (Book: Hotshot P.I.)
Claire McKinley - (Book: Hotter Than Ever (ebook))
Catherine Miller - (Book: Hours to Cherish)
Cassandra de Warenne - (Book: House of Dreams)
Claire Scanlan - (Book: House of Whispers: Book One Of The Supernatural Properties Series )
Charlotte Bell - (Book: How Nancy Drew Saved My Life)
Calliope Reaper-Jones - (Book: How to Be Death)
Catherine Malboeuf - (Book: How to Beguile a Duke (ebook))
Corina Del Rey - (Book: How to Catch a Prince)
Cecily Hurston - (Book: How to Dance With a Duke)
Cara Marlowe - (Book: How To Marry A Billionaire)
Callie Richards - (Book: How to Resist Temptation)
Catherine Middlebrook - (Book: How to Seduce a Scot)
Caroline Montague - (Book: How to Tame a Willful Wife)
Charlotte Seavers - (Book: How to Tempt a Duke)
Claire Hudson - (Book: How Will I Know?)
Catherine - (Book: Howling Moon)
Cassie Coblenz - (Book: Huckleberry Hearts)
Cassie McPherson - (Book: Hunk for the Holidays)
Casey Hunt - (Book: Hunt for Home, The)
Cassie Palmer - (Book: Hunt the Moon)
Chandler McCann - (Book: Hunted)
Caroline Wallace - (Book: Hunted (hardcover))
Chloe Caldwell - (Book: Hunter's Bride)
Crystal Stewart - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Cassandra - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Caro Barrett - (Book: Hunting Daylight)
Camille Howard - (Book: Huntress, The)
Caroline Cavendish - (Book: Husband for Christmas, A)
Charity Ames - (Book: Husband For Hire)
Cassie Morgan - (Book: Husband for Hire)
Carey Window - (Book: Husband for Keeps)
Catriona Grant - (Book: Husband Hunt, The)
Caroline Masters - (Book: Husband Waiting to Happen, A)
Carol Crawford - (Book: Hush)
Coby Rendell - (Book: Hush)
Copper Daniels - (Book: Hypnotica)
Caitlin O'Conner - (Book: I Do)
Carlotta Rossi - (Book: I Do, But Here's the Catch)
Cece Caruso - (Book: I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason)
Chante Britt - (Book: I Heard a Rumor)
Claire Everett - (Book: I Love Claire)
Christian McKinley - (Book: I Promise)
Christian McKinley - (Book: I Promise)
Clare Fergusson - (Book: I Shall Not Want)
Candace Carmichael - (Book: I Want Candy)
Carrington Rose Delany - (Book: I Waxed My Legs For This?)
Cathy Voorhees - (Book: I Went To Vasser For This)
Cynthia James - (Book: I'll Be Seeing U)
Callie Cantrell - (Book: I'll Find You)
Clare Wingate - (Book: I'm In No Mood For Love)
Celeste Diamond - (Book: Ice-Cold Lover (ebook))
Caroline Sutcliffe - (Book: Ideal Bride, The)
Callie Merton - (Book: Identity: Undercover)
Catrin Gryffin de Warrene - (Book: If He's Daring)
Chloe Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Wicked)
Charisse Sanford - (Book: If I Had You)
Chris Jackson - (Book: If Looks Could Kill)
Charlotte Butterworth - (Book: If My Love Could Hold You )
Clara McCallum - (Book: If Only in My Dreams)
Clara McCallum - (Book: If Only In My Dreams [reissue])
Christine Ireland - (Book: If She Should Die)
Christina Armstrong - (Book: If The Ring Fits..)
Christie O'Kelly - (Book: If Truth Be Told)
Charlotte - (Book: If We Kiss)
Carla Maxwell - (Book: If Winter Comes (reissue))
Coreen Holmes Treadwell - (Book: If You Walked in My Shoes)
Cassidy Miller - (Book: Ignited)
Clarissa D'Agostino - (Book: Illegitimate King, The)
Celia Ladron - (Book: Illicit Bargain (ebook))
Candace McCall - (Book: Imaginary Lover)
Claire Chamberlain - (Book: Imagine Love)
Christine Lachlan - (Book: Immortals: The Awakening)
Cassandra Verrere - (Book: Impetuous)
Carlie McDaniels - (Book: Impetuous)
Caroline Townsend - (Book: Importance of Being Wicked, The)
Chantel Cameron - (Book: Impossible Match)
Claire Wentworth - (Book: Impostor Prince, The)
Chloe Simon - (Book: Impostor's Kiss, The)
Clara Simpson - (Book: Impostor, The)
Colleen Jensen - (Book: Impromptu Proposal, An)
Celeste Prescott - (Book: Improper Alliance, An)
Cassandra - (Book: Improper Bride, The (ebook))
Chloe Transome - (Book: Improper Duenna, An)
Charity - (Book: Improper Longings)
Captain Connor Drake - (Book: Improper Proposal, An)
Chastity Hartford - (Book: Improper Pursuit, An)
Carlotta Charlton - (Book: Impulsive Debutante, An)
Carlotta Charlton - (Book: Impulsive Debutante, An (UK))
Chloe - (Book: In a Rogue's Arms)
Claire O'Toole - (Book: In Close)
Casey - (Book: In Deep with the FBI Agent)
Callie MacKintosh - (Book: In From the Cold)
Callie MacKintosh - (Book: In From the Cold (large print))
Celeste Rice - (Book: In Her Defense)
Chrissy Lennox - (Book: In Her Secret Fantasy)
Claire Heyworth Barnes - (Book: In Love Again)
Celeste Milford - (Book: In My Wildest Dreams)
Catherine Fletcher - (Book: In Perfect Harmony)
Carolina - (Book: In Praise of Younger Men)
Cassie Donovan - (Book: In Sight of the Enemy)
Celine Hunter - (Book: In Sinful Harmony)
Charlotte Cameron - (Book: In the Bed of a Duke)
Catherine - (Book: In the Billionaire's Bed)
Claire Fergusson - (Book: In the Bleak Midwinter)
Claire de Beaupre - (Book: In The Cold)
Cat Seabright - (Book: In The Dark)
Coll - (Book: In the Deep End)
Cate Calloway - (Book: In the Enemy's Arms)
Chloe Dubois - (Book: In the Flesh)
Constance Cameron - (Book: In the Highlander's Bed)
Cristiana Domhnaill - (Book: In the Laird's Bed)
Callie Marshall - (Book: In the Line of Duty (large print))
Cami Ellison - (Book: In The Sheikhs Arms)
Cassandra Preston-Villiers - (Book: In the Spaniard's Bed)
Cheney Duvall, MD - (Book: In the Twilight, In the Evening)
Casey McCloy and Madison Macallister - (Book: In Too Deep)
Charlie - (Book: In Too Deep)
Cara Scott - (Book: In Too Deep)
Calypso Morgan - (Book: In Too Deep (ebook serial))
Caroline Forrester - (Book: In Your Wildest Dreams)
Cassandra Blythe - (Book: Incomparable Cassandra, The)
Cordelia Barrington - (Book: Inconvenient Heir, An)
Charlotte Beck - (Book: Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck, The)
Cate Carrington - (Book: Inconvenient Obsession, An)
Cate Carrington - (Book: Inconvenient Obsession, An)
Cate Carrington - (Book: Inconvenient Obsession, An (large print))
Catherine Harcourt - (Book: Incorrigible Lady Catherine, The)
Caroline Bengal - (Book: Incubus)
Chrissy - (Book: Indecent Deception)
Casey Carmichael - (Book: Indecent Exposure)
Charlotte - (Book: Indecent Proposition, An)
Charlotte - (Book: Indecent Proposition, An (large print))
Camilla Ferrand - (Book: Indiscreet)
Catherine Winters - (Book: Indiscreet)
Camilla Ferrand - (Book: Indiscreet (reissue))
Catherine Winters - (Book: Indiscreet (reprint))
Charlotte Vale - (Book: Indiscreet Debutante, The (ebook))
Caroline Fortune - (Book: Indiscretion)
Caroline Fortune - (Book: Indiscretion [Reissue])
Caroline - (Book: Indiscretions Of The Queen)
Cleopatra Vorenus - (Book: Inferno's Kiss)
Christine Palmer - (Book: Informed Risk)
Christine Palmer - (Book: Informed Risk (reissue))
Claire Olander - (Book: Inherited Twins, The)
Candy Jacobs - (Book: Inherited: One Baby!)
Cassie - (Book: Initiation, The)
Celina Shelley - (Book: Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride)
Celina Shelley - (Book: Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride)
Caroline Besford - (Book: Innocent Courtesan, An (UK))
Ceana Sinclair - (Book: Innocent Deception)
Celia Clevedon - (Book: Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem)
Cate - (Book: Innocent Mistress)
Carina - (Book: Insatiable)
Crystal - (Book: Insatiable)
Catherine Seton spencer - (Book: Insatiable)
Clarissa King - (Book: Insatiable Desire)
Cassie Montgomery - (Book: Instant Daddy)
Baroness Raimund
- (Book: Insubstantial Pageant, An)
Claire Linton - (Book: Intent to Kill (ebook))
Cathryn Mulqueen - (Book: Interior Designs)
Caylee Warren - (Book: Interrogating the Bride)
Cassidy Buchanan - (Book: Intimacies (aka Final Scream))
Cassidy Buchanan - (Book: Intimacies (reissue) (aka Final Scream))
Claire Edwards - (Book: Intimate Beings)
Clancy McRae - (Book: Intimate Danger)
Cassidy Hamilton - (Book: Into Dust)
Coco Vanderbilt - (Book: Into the Night)
Caroline Norton - (Book: Intrepid Encounter)
Carlie Blair - (Book: Invincible (hardcover))
Caroline Witfeld - (Book: Invitation To Sin, An)
Caitlin Kenneally - (Book: Irish Fire)
Caitlin Kenneally - (Book: Irish Fire (reprint))
Cleopatra Renfield - (Book: Irredeemable Miss Renfield, the)
Claire Banning Lynes - (Book: Irresistible)
Callie Burke - (Book: Irresistible Bachelor, An)
Callie Burke - (Book: Irresistible Bachelor, An)
Celia Graves - (Book: Isis Collar, The)
Catherine Aldley - (Book: Island Flame (reissue))
Cassandra Mosely - (Book: Island Magic)
Chloe - (Book: Island Of The Dawn)
Cheney Duvall - (Book: Island of the Innocent)
Carla McIntyre - (Book: Island Romance)
Cody Lang - (Book: Isn't It Romantic (ebook))
Claire Patton - (Book: It Comes in Waves)
Cammie Yarnell - (Book: It Happened One Wedding)
Cassie Carmichael - (Book: It's a Guy Thing)
Cadi Glace - (Book: It's a Wonderful Wife)
Cassie Montgomery - (Book: It's Hotter in Hawaii)
Caitlin O'Conner - (Book: It's My Life)
Carrie Anders - (Book: It's Not Christmas Without You (ebook))
Candy - (Book: It's Raining Men (ebook))
Charlotte (Charlie) - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secret Love-Child, The)
Charlotte (Charlie) - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Secret Love-Child, The (UK))
Caitlyn - (Book: Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge )
Catherine Brannon - (Book: Italian Doctor: Full-time Father)
Catherine Brannon - (Book: Italian Doctor: Full-time Father (UK large print))
Catherine Brannon - (Book: Italian Doctor: Full-time Father (UK))
Charley - (Book: Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress, The)
Caroline Leighton - (Book: Italian's Convenient Wife, The)
Catherine - (Book: Italian's Revenge)
Charli - (Book: Italian's Seduction, The (UK))
Catherine Weston - (Book: Ivory Temptress)
Cynthia Leighton - (Book: Jabril)
Chloe Winton - (Book: Jack & Jilted)
Cecily Wolverton - (Book: Jack on the Box)
Claire Munroe - (Book: Jackson's Woman)
Claire McGuire - (Book: Jacob's Proposal)
Clea Moore - (Book: Jade Affair, The)
Claire Pennington - (Book: Jade Garden, The)
Cecilia Trent - (Book: Jade Vendetta)
Callie Jordan - (Book: Jaguar Prince, The)
Celeste Coolridge - (Book: Jaguar's Eye, The)
Christy - (Book: Jake & Christy)
Courtney Adams - (Book: Jamaican Midnight)
Cryssie - (Book: Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride)
Cryssie - (Book: Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride (Large Print))
Cryssie - (Book: Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride (UK))
Chelsea Martin - (Book: Jerk Magnet)
Clea Chardin - (Book: Jet-Set Seduction, The)
Clea Chardin - (Book: Jet-Set Seduction, The (UK))
Corene - (Book: Jeweled Fire)
Charity Bell - (Book: Jezebel)
Chloe Reed - (Book: Jingle Bell Blessings)
Chelsea McKaslin - (Book: Jingle Bell Bride)
Chelsea McKaslin - (Book: Jingle Bell Bride (large print))
Carly Stevens - (Book: Joe's Miracle)
Charlotte Porter - (Book: Journey Home, The)
Christine Bristol - (Book: Journey to Love)
Cat Bandini - (Book: Joyride)
Cate Callahan - (Book: Jude Outlaw)
Carrie Campbell - (Book: Judge, The)
Caroline Lomax - (Book: Jury of His Peers)
Charlotte Lightwood - (Book: Just a Kiss (ebook))
Callie - (Book: Just A Kiss Away)
Carmen Delgado - (Book: Just a Taste)
Carol Dennison - (Book: Just Before Dawn)
Claire Sorenson - (Book: Just Before Daybreak)
Chloe Nichols - (Book: Just Breathe)
Celina Hart - (Book: Just Can't Get Enough)
Carly Jacobsen - (Book: Just for Kicks)
Carly Jacobsen - (Book: Just for Kicks)
Carly Jacobsen - (Book: Just For Kicks (reissue))
Cleo James - (Book: Just for the Weekend)
Candy - (Book: Just Like Candy)
Catalina Fernadez de Velasco - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Chastity O'Neill - (Book: Just One of the Guys)
Chastity O'Neill - (Book: Just One of the Guys (reprint))
Caroline Ware - (Book: Just One Touch)
Cassie Hartwell - (Book: Just Say Yes)
Callie Baker - (Book: Justice For All)
Carmen Cole - (Book: Karma Girl)
Caitlin O'Shannessy - (Book: Keegan's Lady)
Charlotte - (Book: Keep a Little Secret)
Charlotte Tucker - (Book: Keep a Little Secret (hardcover))
Charlotte Tucker - (Book: Keep a Little Secret (paperback))
Claire Holcomb - (Book: Keeper - Keeper of the Heart (ebook))
Caroline Burkett - (Book: Keeping Caroline)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Keepsake )
Cassie - (Book: Keir O'Connell's Mistress)
Claire Dempsey - (Book: Kenton's Countess)
Clover Sherwood - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Clover Sherwood - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Carrie Marsh - (Book: Key West)
Carrie Marsh - (Book: Key West (ebook--reissue))
Callier Lester - (Book: Key, The)
Callie Mae Lockett - (Book: Kidnapped By The Cowboy)
Catalina McKay - (Book: Kidnapped Love (ebook))
Catriona - (Book: Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress)
Catalina Campioni - (Book: Kidnapping His Bride (ebook))
Celeste Bennett - (Book: Killer Curves)
Cara Sinclair - (Book: Killian's Passion)
Chloe Martin - (Book: Killing Edge, The (Hardcover))
Chloe Marin - (Book: Killing Edge, The (mass market))
Caroline Lamb - (Book: Killing Time)
China Nethercott - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Colby - (Book: King Country)
Catherine LeClerc - (Book: King of the Pirates)
Cressida Gretton - (Book: King's Pawn)
Cressida Gretton - (Book: King's Pawn (UK))
Claire Royland - (Book: Kingdom of Shadows)
Captain Cynara D'Accorso - (Book: Kinsman's Oath)
Catherine Rockwell - (Book: Kirkland Revels)
Cecily Connaught - (Book: Kiss & Run)
Caroline Kingston aka April Ainsworth - (Book: Kiss for Caroline, A)
Cressida Charmsworth - (Book: Kiss in the Dark)
Caroline Rogers - (Book: Kiss in Winter, A)
Chloe O'Connor - (Book: Kiss Me in Christmas)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Kiss of Death)
Cassandra - (Book: Kiss of the Night)
Carrie Sue aka Carolyn Starns - (Book: Kiss Of The Night Wind)
Caitlin - (Book: Kiss of the Shadow Man)
Caitlin Rossi - (Book: Kiss of the Shadow Man)
Catherine Wyndham - (Book: Kissed By Cat)
Chloe Turner - (Book: Kissed in Paris)
Claire Le Noyer - (Book: Kissing Adrien)
Comfort Kennedy - (Book: Kissing Comfort)
Cecily Osborne - (Book: Kissing Cousins)
Catriona MacConn - (Book: Kissing the Countess)
Claudia - (Book: Kissing with Fangs)
Cosmina Cordei - (Book: Knight Avenged)
Claren Wainwright - (Book: Knight in Shining Armor, The)
Cat Terril - (Book: Knight's Legacy)
Catherine Sommerville - (Book: Knight's Ransom)
Clare Morgan - (Book: Knights Bridge Christmas, A (hardcover))
Carrie Thomas - (Book: Kristallis Baby, The)
Carrie Thomas - (Book: Kristallis Baby, The (UK))
Carrie Thomas - (Book: Kristallis Baby, The [Large Print])
Chloe Hobbs - (Book: Laced With Magic)
Cecelia, Baroness Somersett - (Book: Lady Cecilia's Charade)
Claire Cavendish - (Book: Lady Claire is All That)
Cody Jameson - (Book: Lady Deception)
Cornelia, Lady Devenish - (Book: Lady Fair)
Carolina Harper - (Book: Lady Follows, A)
Carolina Harper - (Book: Lady Follows, A (reissue))
Caroline Copeland - (Book: Lady Gambles, The)
Clare Easton - (Book: Lady in Blue)
Charlotte Treadwell - (Book: Lady in Question, The)
Circe Hill - (Book: Lady in Waiting)
Catherine Moor - (Book: Lady in Waiting)
Clio Thornton, Lady Nonesuch - (Book: Lady Killer)
Celeste Rivenhall - (Book: Lady Lies, The)
Catherine Cahill - (Book: Lady Lochinvar)
Clarie Mayhew - (Book: Lady Meets Her Match, The)
Celia Sharpe - (Book: Lady Never Surrenders, A)
Christine Connolly - (Book: Lady of Fire)
Comtesse Marie-Christine D'Estelle - (Book: Lady of Fortune)
Catherine Hart (De Coeur) - (Book: Lady of Quality, A)
Cassandra Stover - (Book: Lady of Secret Devotion, A)
Caroline Blacknall - (Book: Lady of Seduction)
Baroness Mardenford
- (Book: Lady of Sin)
Catriona Campbell - (Book: Lady of the Glen)
Catriona Campbell - (Book: Lady of the Glen (reissue))
Cecily - (Book: Lady of the Storm, The)
Chelsea - (Book: Lady Runaway)
Charly Allenby - (Book: Lady Surrender)
Cordelia Renwick - (Book: Lady Who Hated Shakespeare, The)
Cynthia - (Book: Lady Windermere's Lover)
Cressida Chalcot - (Book: Lady's Gambit, A)
Cynthia Thornbury - (Book: Lady's Lament, A)
Cora deBeau - (Book: Lady's Revenge, A)
Charlotte Stuart - (Book: Lady's Wager)
Constant Ridgely - (Book: Laird of Ballanclaire)
Caitlyn Hurst - (Book: Laird Who Loved Me, The)
Catherine - (Book: Laird's French Bride, The)
Chumani - (Book: Lakota Winds)
Caroline Tressidor - (Book: Landower Legacy, The)
Callie O'Doule - (Book: Lanigan's Lady)
Catriona Cameron - (Book: Lass Wore Black, The)
Chloe Ryder - (Book: Last Breath)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Last Breath (hardcover))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Last Breath (paperback))
Claire Peltier - (Book: Last Bride, The)
Cleo North - (Book: Last Bullet, The)
Caroline - (Book: Last Call)
Charlene Polk - (Book: Last Chance Family)
Catherine Tinsall - (Book: Last Christmas)
Claire Crabtree - (Book: Last Dance At Jitterbug Lounge)
Colby Williams - (Book: Last Good Man, The)
Charlotte Stone - (Book: Last Kiss Goodbye, The (hardcover))
Captain Patti O’Shay - (Book: Last Known Victim)
Callie Kirby - (Book: Last Mercenary, The)
Cassie Carter - (Book: Last One Home (hardcover))
Carly Kelsey - (Book: Last Pirate, The)
Charlotte Harrington - (Book: Last Resort: Marriage)
Chyna Greer - (Book: Last Seen Alive)
Chelsea/Kate - (Book: Last Splash)
Clarissa Granville - (Book: Last Summer, The)
Charlotte Stone - (Book: Last Time I Saw Her, The (hardcover))
Claire Thompson - (Book: Last True Vampire, The)
Charlotte Stone - (Book: Last Victim, The (hardcover))
Charlotte Stone - (Book: Last Victim, The (paperback))
Lady Wanstead
- (Book: Last Waltz, The)
C. J. Townsend - (Book: Last Witness)
Crystal - (Book: Last Wizard, The )
Claire Thackeray - (Book: Last Woman He'd Ever Date, The)
Claire Thackeray - (Book: Last Woman He'd Ever Date, The (large print))
Claire Laurent - (Book: Lasting Impression, A)
Cady Jordan - (Book: Late Bloomer)
Callie Taylor - (Book: Late Bloomer's Baby, The)
Catriona Ferguson - (Book: Lavender Flame)
Charlotte - (Book: Law of Attraction)
Charlotte French - (Book: Law Of Attraction (UK))
Cara Hamilton - (Book: Lawful Engagement)
Christabel Gaines - (Book: Lawless)
Constance Adams - (Book: Lawman Meets His Bride, The)
Cassie Braden - (Book: Lawman Said I Do, The)
Cassie Blackwell - (Book: Lawman's Honor, The)
Caroline Van Buren - (Book: Laying Down The Law)
Clarissa Woods - (Book: Lean on Me)
Cassidy Clarke - (Book: Lean on Me (ebook))
Casey O'Hare - (Book: Leather and Lace)
Claire - (Book: Leave It to Claire)
Callie Robbins - (Book: Leave Me Breathless)
Carla - (Book: Led Astray)
Christina Murray - (Book: Legacy)
Cara Walton - (Book: Legacy of Copper Creek, The)
Courtney Johnston - (Book: Legacy of the Diamond)
Caitlyn Jeffreys - (Book: Legal Tender)
Christina Jones - (Book: Legally Tender)
Cassandra Powell - (Book: Legend of Michael, The)
Caroline Munro - (Book: Less Than a Gentleman)
Cara Williams - (Book: Lesson in Romance)
Cleopatra Hadley - (Book: Lessons from a Scandalous Bride)
Cecily Ware - (Book: Lessons in Seduction)
Claire Lennox - (Book: Let Me Be Your Hero)
Cecilia Pigg - (Book: Let Me Come In)
Callaway Wilde - (Book: Lethal)
Cassidy McKnight - (Book: Lethal Deception)
Cassie Armstrong - (Book: Letter, The)
Cassie Armstrong - (Book: Letter, The (reissue))
Charlotte Kingsley - (Book: Letters to a Lady)
Chloris Keavey - (Book: Libertine, The)
Charlee Champagne - (Book: License To Thrill)
Concordia Glade - (Book: Lie By Moonlight)
Clare Fuller - (Book: Lieutenant, The)
Carolyn Mabry - (Book: Light and Shadow)
China Sullivan - (Book: Light for My Love, A)
Carissa - (Book: Light of Eidon, The )
Cecily Edmond - (Book: Lighthouse Magic)
Caitlin Pierce - (Book: Lights of Home, The)
Charlotte Withersby - (Book: Like a Flower in Bloom)
Cass Lawrence - (Book: Like a Lover)
Chelsey Stevens - (Book: Like Father, Like Son? (Hardcover))
Cynthia Brightly - (Book: Like No Other Lover)
Cherish Winslow - (Book: Lilac Spring)
Cat Barker - (Book: Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek)
Cat Barker - (Book: Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek (large print))
Caitlin of the Lilies - (Book: Lily Fair)
Caroline - (Book: Lily of the Field)
Catharine - (Book: Lion Triumphant, The)
Christina Bennett - (Book: Lion's Lady, The)
Cassandra Whitney - (Book: Lion's Shadow, The)
Claire Ashier - (Book: Lips That Touch Mine)
Charlotte Gayle - (Book: Lisbon)
Cornelia Markum - (Book: Listener, The (ebook novella))
Caroline Jellico - (Book: Little Bit Scandalous, A (ebook))
Clarissa Kincaid - (Book: Little Bit Sinful, A (ebook))
Constantia - (Book: Little Dragon, The)
Constantia - (Book: Little Dragon, The (reissue))
Constantia - (Book: Little Dragon, The (UK))
Constantia - (Book: Little Dragon, The (UK-reissue))
Camille - (Book: Little Gale's Gumbo)
Cynthia Myers - (Book: Little Harmless Pleasure, A)
Chelsea Brennan - (Book: Littlest Cowboy, The)
Casey Jansen - (Book: Littlest Stowaway, The)
Cynthia Baxter - (Book: Live a Little)
Carly Lightfoot - (Book: Live-In Mom)
Candela Escovedo - (Book: Livewire)
Cally Wilde - (Book: Loaded)
Cynthia Evans - (Book: Logical Passion, A)
Casey Ward - (Book: Lokelani Nights (ebook))
Carolyn White - (Book: Lone Arrow's Pride)
Casey Hardy - (Book: Lone Star Courtship)
Cissy Blevins Kendricks - (Book: Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club, The)
Charity McLoughlin - (Book: Lone Star Loving)
Charity McLoughlin - (Book: Lone Star Loving (ebook))
Callie Murphy - (Book: Lone Star Marine )
Cassie Weatherall - (Book: Lone Star Nights)
Caitleen O'Neal - (Book: Lonesome Bride)
Christina Bell - (Book: Long for Me (ebook))
Channing Kinkaid - (Book: Long Hard Ride)
Claire Hansen - (Book: Long Hot Summoning, The)
Carrie Weston - (Book: Long Road Home, The)
Cira Valentino - (Book: Long Way Home)
Cardin Worth - (Book: Long, Hard Ride, A)
Cecily Knight - (Book: Longest Night, The)
Chloe Petersen - (Book: Look of Love, The (reissue))
Cat McCade - (Book: Look, But Don't Touch)
Caitlin Collier - (Book: Look-Alike)
Claudia Paquette - (Book: Looking for Mr. Claus)
Christina Daventry - (Book: Lord Braybrook's Penniless Bride)
Catherine Everhart - (Book: Lord Caldwell and the Cat)
Clemency - (Book: Lord Caliban)
Cassandra Paxton - (Book: Lord Deverill's Secret)
Claudia Carstairs - (Book: Lord Glenraven's Return)
Carissa Kane - (Book: Lord Heartless)
Cambria Thorne - (Book: Lord Langcliffe's Lady)
Claire Albright - (Book: Lord Monroe's Dark Tower)
Cassandra Stanholte - (Book: Lord Mumford's Minx)
Chessa of Dublin - (Book: Lord of Falcon Ridge)
Camille - (Book: Lord of Illusion)
Chandra Morgan
Lady Lochlaigh
- (Book: Lord of Legend)
Claire, daughter of Clarence of Summerbourne - (Book: Lord of Midnight)
Claire - (Book: Lord of Midnight (reissue))
Claire Danvers - (Book: Lord of Misrule)
Catherine Fenton - (Book: Lord Of Scandal)
Cordelia Hardcastle - (Book: Lord Of The Beasts)
Cristina - (Book: Lord of the Mist (reissue ebook))
Caroline Delamarre - (Book: Lord of the Rakes)
Countess Melisande - (Book: Lord of the Wolves)
Cait nea Sholto - (Book: Lord of Thunder)
Carolyn Madison - (Book: Lord of Zaracus)
Carolyn Madison - (Book: Lord Of Zaracus (UK))
Claire Ellison - (Book: Lord Rotham's Wager)
Calista Ashton - (Book: Lord Stanhope's Proposal)
Constance Locke - (Book: Lord Yates and the Yankee)
Catherine Melford - (Book: Lord's Forced Bride, The)
Caryn - (Book: Loren's Baby)
Caryn - (Book: Loren's Baby (UK))
Cady Briggs - (Book: Lost & Found)
Catrina Dauvergne - (Book: Lost Calling)
Charlene Morgan - (Book: Lost in Her)
Cecilia Jackson - (Book: Lost in His Love)
Caitlyn O'Connell - (Book: Lost Souls)
Caitlin Ross - (Book: Lost Summer)
Cyrene Nolte - (Book: Louisiana Dawn)
Cyrene Nolte - (Book: Louisiana Dawn (ebook))
Cyrene Nolte - (Book: Louisiana Dawn (reissue))
Chantel - (Book: Louisiana Lovesong)
Collette Jardiniere - (Book: Love & Scandal)
Chloe Boscastle - (Book: Love Affair of an English Lord, The)
Chelsea Gardner - (Book: Love After All)
Cherish Riley - (Book: Love and Cherish)
Collette Jardiniere - (Book: Love and Scandal)
Catherine Ashfield - (Book: Love And the Single Heiress)
Carrie - (Book: Love Artisit, The)
Charlie Yost - (Book: Love at Second Sight)
Cassidy Romanelli - (Book: Love At The Top (ebook))
Christina MacTavish - (Book: Love Betrayed)
Crystal Alton - (Book: Love Beyond, A)
Cecelia - (Book: Love Evergreen)
Casey Farrow - (Book: Love For All Time, A)
Camille Martin - (Book: Love for All Time, A)
Courtney Gerard - (Book: Love in Plain Sight)
Courtney Gerard - (Book: Love in Plain Sight (large print))
Claire Mackenzie - (Book: Love in the First Degree)
Chris Beth Kelly - (Book: Love Is a Gentle Stranger)
Caroline - (Book: Love Is a Stranger)
Clarissa Cummings - (Book: Love Just in Time)
Catrin - (Book: Love Knot)
Catherine Travis - (Book: Love Lessons)
Catherine Travis - (Book: Love Lessons)
Corey Hamilton - (Book: Love Lessons)
Christina Von Vischering - (Book: Love Me Again)
Camille Thompson - (Book: Love Me if You Dare)
Cassidy Esperanza - (Book: Love Me Tender)
Cynthia Sullivan - (Book: Love Me Tender)
Cynthia Sullivan - (Book: Love Me Tender (reprint))
Cassandra Renwick - (Book: Love of My Life)
Cassandra Renwick - (Book: Love of My Life)
Cara St. John-Stevens - (Book: Love On Hold)
Christie Becker - (Book: Love on the Air)
Claire Dalton - (Book: Love on the Run)
Cyrene Jameson - (Book: Love on Trial )
Cyrene Jameson - (Book: Love on Trial (reissue))
Cyrene Jameson - (Book: Love on Trial (reissue))
Cameron McAllister - (Book: Love Potion #2)
Cordelia Ashton - (Book: Love Remembered (ebook))
Catherine Douchand - (Book: Love So Wild, A)
Charlotte Lesquesne - (Book: Love Tangle, The)
Cheryl Steele - (Book: Love Thine Enemy)
Chenoa Campbell - (Book: Love Uncovered)
Cornelia Brown - (Book: Love Walked In)
Countess of Glenkirk
- (Book: Love Wild and Fair)
Cassandra Grantham - (Book: Love With A Stranger)
Courtney Glamora - (Book: Love's Beautiful Dream)
Callie Hobbs - (Book: Love's Bounty)
Carissa Cartel - (Book: Love's Deception)
Carissa Cartel - (Book: Love's Deception (reissue))
Camille Jameson - (Book: Love's Encore)
Courtney - (Book: Love's Labyrinth)
Caroline Burton - (Book: Love's Legacy)
Celestia Montehue - (Book: Love's Magic)
Callie - (Book: Love's Only Deception)
Charley Carter - (Book: Love's Own Reward)
Clara - (Book: Love's Raid)
Chris Beth Kelly - (Book: Love's Silent Song)
Courtney Glamora - (Book: Love's Soft Whisper)
Chloe Barwick - (Book: Love's Way)
Catherine Mayfield - (Book: Love's Wild Desire)
Catherine Mayfield - (Book: Love's Wild Desire (ebook))
Catherine Mayfield - (Book: Love's Wild Desire (reissue-1983))
Catherine Mayfield - (Book: Love's Wild Desire (reissue-1996))
Charlotte - (Book: Love, Honor and Betray)
Callie - (Book: Love, Honor and Betray, To)
Callie - (Book: Love, Honor and Betray, To (UK))
Carrie Langdon - (Book: Love, Honor and Obey (ebook))
Cassie Edwards - (Book: Love, Texas)
Cece Collins - (Book: Lover and Deceiver)
Cormia - (Book: Lover Enshrined)
Cassie Blakely - (Book: Lover or Deceiver)
Caitlin Murphy - (Book: Lover Under Cover)
Carly Nolan - (Book: Lover's Lane)
Carly Nolan - (Book: Lover's Lane (reprint))
Contessa Warren - (Book: Lover's Mask, A)
Caroline Saunders - (Book: Lovers and Enemies)
Catherine Landon - (Book: Lovers Only)
Cassie - (Book: Lovers' Reunion)
Callie Stevens - (Book: Lovesong)
Carolina Lightfoot - (Book: Lovesong)
Crislyn - (Book: Lovespell)
Claire Richards - (Book: Loving)
Claire Richards - (Book: Loving (UK))
Cara Donovan - (Book: Loving Cara)
Christie Hanuman - (Book: Loving Care)
Carlie Prescott - (Book: Loving Carlie)
Carlie Prescott - (Book: Loving Carlie (reissue--ebook))
Constance Oberlin - (Book: Loving Constance)
Cassie Richards - (Book: Loving Spirit, A)
Catherine Everleigh - (Book: Luck Be a Lady)
Celina Warley - (Book: Lucky Penny)
Carrie - (Book: Lucky T)
Charlotte Dalton - (Book: Luke Ashcroft's Woman)
Candace Steele - (Book: Luscious Craving)
Cathy - (Book: Lust by Moonbeam (ebook))
Callie Burgess - (Book: Macallister's Crossing)
Caroline Evans - (Book: Mackenzie's Mission)
Caroline Evans - (Book: Mackenzie's Mission (reissue))
Caroline Evans - (Book: Mackenzie's Pleasure)
Chloe Todd - (Book: MacRieve (hardcover))
Cecilia Katz - (Book: Madam Of The House)
Carly Briggs - (Book: Madaris Bride for Christmas, A)
Callie Jones - (Book: Made for Marriage)
Cecelia Hewitt - (Book: Magic Between Us, The)
Carly Ashton - (Book: Magic in the Night)
Cordelia - (Book: Magic in Vienna)
Cordelia - (Book: Magic in Vienna (reissue))
Cordelia - (Book: Magic in Vienna (reissue))
Cordelia - (Book: Magic in Vienna (UK))
Cordelia - (Book: Magic in Vienna (UK-reissue))
Claire Thorne - (Book: Magic of "I Do")
Cara Liu - (Book: Magic Unchained)
Cassandra Jamison - (Book: Magic, The)
Clarissa Wainscott - (Book: Magical Christmas, A)
Chelsea - (Book: Magnate's Indecent Proposal, The)
Chastity Stevens - (Book: Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Claire Lang - (Book: Magnolia)
Claire Lang - (Book: Magnolia (reissue))
Claudia Reynolds - (Book: Magnum Force Man)
Claudia Reynolds - (Book: Magnum Force Man (Large Print))
Chloe Patterson - (Book: Mai Tai'd Up)
Caitlin MacBride - (Book: Maiden of Ireland, The)
Caroline Myers - (Book: Mail-Order Bride)
Cassie Esterbridge - (Book: Mail-Order Brood)
Cassie Sterling - (Book: Mail-Order Marriage)
Chelly - (Book: Make Me Believe)
Celia Occam - (Book: Make Me Believe (ebook))
Caroline Banks - (Book: Make Me Melt)
Chloe Carmichael - (Book: Make Me Sin)
Chelly Richardson - (Book: Make Mine a Marine)
Caress Coleman - (Book: Make You Mine)
Chloe - (Book: Man At Ivy Bridge, The)
Celeste Langley - (Book: Man Behind the Badge, The)
Corinne - (Book: Man from Bahl Bahla, The)
Cassandra Phillips - (Book: Man from Cougar Pass)
Cassie Warner - (Book: Man From Her Past)
Cassie Warner - (Book: Man From Her Past [Large Print])
Carly - (Book: Man from Tuscany, The)
Chloe - (Book: Man Hunt)
Cathleen - (Book: Man of Character, A)
Corinne Terral - (Book: Man of His Word, A)
Claire Boneli - (Book: Man She Couldn't Forget, A)
Callie Hunter - (Book: Man She Once Knew, The)
Callaway Wilde - (Book: Man She Thought She Knew)
Cinnamon Smith - (Book: Man She'll Marry, The)
Cassie Michaels - (Book: Man to Believe in, A)
Casey McDonough - (Book: Man to Die For, A)
Carrie Brooks - (Book: Man to Die For, A)
Cat - (Book: Man to Marry, A)
Claire Green - (Book: Man To Slay Dragons, A)
Cassie Boulton - (Book: Man Who Loved Pride and Prejudice, The)
Christa Winslow - (Book: Man Who Would Be Daddy, The)
Cara Taylor - (Book: Man With the Money, The)
Charlene Bellamy - (Book: Man With The Money, The)
Cara Taylor - (Book: Man With the Money, The (large print))
Catherine - (Book: Man Worth Waiting For, A)
Chandra Madison - (Book: Man's Protection, A)
Clare O'Connor - (Book: Manhattan Boss, Diamond Proposal)
Chelsea Swan - (Book: Manhunt in the Wild West)
Carly Carpenter - (Book: Manhunting in Manhattan)
Cassie - (Book: Marchese's Forgotten Bride)
Claire - (Book: Marcolini Blackmail Marriage, The)
Caitlin Calhoun - (Book: Marine's Baby, The)
Caitlin Calhoun - (Book: Marine's Baby, The (Large Print))
Casey - (Book: Marked)
Claire - (Book: Marked by Moonlight)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Marked by Moonlight (reissue))
Carissa Day - (Book: Marquis and the Mother-To-Be, The)
Catherine Brown - (Book: Marquis of Carabas, The)
Casey McGuire - (Book: Marriage at Murraree)
Caitlyn Wakefield - (Book: Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand)
Charlotte Miller - (Book: Marriage Barter, The)
Chloe Biddleton - (Book: Marriage By Chance, A)
Clair Atherton - (Book: Marriage Contract, The)
Callista Sheridan - (Book: Marriage Contract, The)
Celeste - (Book: Marriage Diaries, The)
Charlotte Rose Hill - (Book: Marriage in Middlebury, The)
Cynthia Sawyer - (Book: Marriage Match, The (ebook))
Chloe - (Book: Marriage Matters)
Callie Lowell - (Book: Marriage Meant To Be, A)
Carina Conte - (Book: Marriage Mistake, The)
Chris Taylor - (Book: Marriage of Convenience, A)
Clarissa St. Miniver - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A (Hardcover))
Clarissa St. Miniver - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A (reissue))
Casey Jernigan - (Book: Marriage on Her Mind)
Cassie Carrigan - (Book: Marriage Portrait, The)
Christina - (Book: Marriage Shy)
Christina - (Book: Marriage Shy (Collector's Edition))
Christina - (Book: Marriage Shy (UK))
Carina Ramirez - (Book: Marriage Texas Style!)
Cia Allende - (Book: Marriage With Benefits)
Cass - (Book: Marriage, Interrupted)
Catherine Marks - (Book: Married by Morning)
Carlotta Papparelli - (Book: Married To The Mob)
Coady Blake - (Book: Marrige by Design)
Clea Bannister - (Book: Marry Sunshine)
Caroline - (Book: Marrying An Older Man)
Chloe Russell - (Book: Marrying Miss Bumblebroth)
Constanze, Aloysia, Josefa and Sophie - (Book: Marrying Mozart)
Caroline Bradley - (Book: Marrying the Major)
Cristina - (Book: Mask Of Scars)
Cassandra Vickery - (Book: Mask of White Satin)
Charlotte Caissie - (Book: Masked by Moonlight)
Chloe - (Book: Masks)
Christabel Devlin - (Book: Masquer, The)
Carlotta - (Book: Masquerade Marriage)
Caroline Anstretton - (Book: Masquerading Mistress)
Calliope Minton - (Book: Masquerading the Marquess)
Christy - (Book: Master of Foxhollow)
Catrina Russell - (Book: Master of Maramba)
Caro Evers - (Book: Master of Temptation, The)
Christine Davis - (Book: Master of the Opera)
Chloe - (Book: Master Player, The)
Catarina Marin - (Book: Master, The)
Celia Carson - (Book: Match for Celia, A)
Celia Carson - (Book: Match For Celia, A)
C.G. Grady - (Book: Match Made in Heaven, A)
Cassia - (Book: Matched)
Corey Peters - (Book: Matchmaker's Moon)
Calpurnia Rycroft - (Book: Matchmaking Ghost, The)
Cressida (Cressy) Bingley - (Book: Matter of Chance, A)
Cressida (Cressy) Bingley - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (reissue))
Cressida (Cressy) Bingley - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (UK))
Cressida (Cressy) Bingley - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (UK-Large Print))
Cressida (Cressy) Bingley - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (UK-reissue))
Corinna Towers - (Book: Matter of Convenience, A)
Cassandra Thornton - (Book: Matter of Honor, A)
Caitlin MacInnis - (Book: Matter of Time, A)
Christine Gentry - (Book: Matter of Time, A)
Chrysie Atwater - (Book: Maverick Christmas)
Callie Turner - (Book: Maverick Doctor and Miss Prim, The)
Cecelia Clifton - (Book: Maverick for Hire)
Cora Mae Tindale - (Book: Maverick Wild)
Catarena - (Book: Maverick's Black Cat)
Cassidy Outlaw - (Book: Maverick, The)
Christine Cannon - (Book: Maybe This Time (reissue))
Callie Price - (Book: McClintock Proposal, The)
Cheyenne Bridges - (Book: McKettrick's Luck)
Cheyenne Bridges - (Book: McKettrick's Luck (reissue))
Cadence Jones - (Book: Me, Myself and Why? (Hardcover))
Cadence Jones - (Book: Me, Myself and Why? (paperback))
Cynthia Whittiker - (Book: Meant to Be)
Courtney Devons - (Book: Meant to Be (ebook))
Courtney Devons - (Book: Meant to Be (reissue))
Charlotte Hopkirk - (Book: Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress)
Charlotte Hopkirk - (Book: Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress (UK))
Chloe - (Book: Mediterranean Holiday)
Claire Schofield - (Book: Mediterranean Rescue)
Carrie Stevenson - (Book: Mediterranean's Wife by Contract, The)
Carrie Stevenson - (Book: Mediterranean's Wife by Contract, The (UK))
Casey Chandler - (Book: Medusa's Sheik)
Claire Watson - (Book: Meeting Point)
Carolina Preston - (Book: Melting the Ice)
Chaney - (Book: Memo: The Billionaire's Proposal)
Caitlin Hamilton - (Book: Memories and Ashes)
Carly Johnson - (Book: Memories of Laura)
Ceridwen (Ceri) - (Book: Memories of the Heart)
Claire Dumont - (Book: Memories of You)
Carol Pine - (Book: Mended Wheels)
Catherine Stanhope - (Book: Mending Her Heart)
Cornelia Brent - (Book: Merchant's Daughter, The)
Cara Michaels - (Book: Merciful Angel (ebook))
Callie Westfield - (Book: Mercy)
Celeste Ashton - (Book: Mermaid, The)
Chloe Thompson - (Book: Merry Christmas, Baby (ebook novella))
Cass Wilkes - (Book: Merry Ex-Mas)
Cate Campbell - (Book: Mesmerizing Stranger)
Cleo North - (Book: Middle Sin, The)
Claire Danvers - (Book: Midnight Alley)
Claire Kos - (Book: Midnight Disclosures)
Cait McMahon - (Book: Midnight Faith)
Chandra O'Banyon - (Book: Midnight Falcon)
Claire Woods - (Book: Midnight Fantasy)
Claire Woods - (Book: Midnight Fantasy [reissue])
Caitlyn Cahill - (Book: Midnight Fear)
Carolyn - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Carlisle Kincaid - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Cassandra - (Book: Midnight Moon)
Corlis McCullough - (Book: Midnight on Julia Street)
Caralee McConnell - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Caralee McConnell - (Book: Midnight Rider (reprint))
Claire Parks - (Book: Midnight Run)
Cassiopeia - (Book: Midnight Secrets)
Cassiopeia - (Book: Midnight Secrets (reprint))
Cambria Flannigan - (Book: Midnight Sins)
Cara Firon - (Book: Midnight Sins)
Chauncey Fitzhugh - (Book: Midnight Star)
Charity Sinclair - (Book: Midnight Sun)
Charity Sinclair - (Book: Midnight Sun (reprint))
Charlotte Lindsey - (Book: Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord)
Constance Ames - (Book: Midnight Waltz)
Cressida Parris - (Book: Midsummer Rose)
Celine Baylis - (Book: Midsummer Star)
Celine Baylis - (Book: Midsummer Star (reissue))
Celine Baylis - (Book: Midsummer Star (UK-Large Print))
Celine Baylis - (Book: Midsummer Star (UK-reissue))
Charity Calder - (Book: Midsummer's Delight, A)
Claire Kennedy - (Book: Mighty Quinn Seduction, A (ebook))
Charlotte Sibley - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Ronan)
Corinna Knolls - (Book: Milady's Revenge)
Chandra Hill - (Book: Million Dollar Baby)
Cassia Carr - (Book: Million Dollar Dilemma)
Clarissa McShaunessy - (Book: Million-Dollar Man, A)
Cathy Eldridge - (Book: Millionaire Bachelor, The)
Celia Ryland - (Book: Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose, The)
Celia Ryland - (Book: Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose, The (Large Print))
Cory - (Book: Millionaire's Prospective Wife, The)
Caron Chalmers - (Book: Mind Reader)
Caitlyn - (Book: Minstrel's Song, A)
Clara Rossetti - (Book: Miracle for the Girl Next Door)
Candie Murphy - (Book: Mischievous Miss Murphy, the)
Charlize Edwards - (Book: Misery Loves Cabernet)
Catherine Carr - (Book: Misfit Match)
Claudia Chambers - (Book: Miss Chambers Takes Charge)
Charity Stuart - (Book: Miss Charity's Case)
Charlotte - (Book: Miss Charlotte's Fancy)
Cassandra Cresswell - (Book: Miss Cresswell's London Triumph)
Callie Stamos - (Book: Miss February)
Christy Haley - (Book: Miss Greenhorn (UK))
Cassie - (Book: Miss Prim and the Billionaire)
Cassie - (Book: Miss Prim and the Billionaire (large print))
Caroline Woodley - (Book: Miss Woodley's Experiment)
Cassie Cooper - (Book: Mission Irresistible)
Caitlyn Villard - (Book: Mission: Motherhood)
Celesta Montgomery - (Book: Missouri Magic)
Caitlin MacBride - (Book: Mist and the Magic, The)
Carina Briscoe - (Book: Mistletoe Effect, The (ebook))
Cat - (Book: Mistress At a Price)
Charlotte Fallon - (Book: Mistress By Mistake)
Cassandra Montrose - (Book: Mistress Diaries, The)
Carly Barnett - (Book: Mixed Messages)
Carrie O'Reilly - (Book: Mixed Messages)
Caroline Andrews - (Book: Mixing Temptation (ebook))
Christy Harris - (Book: Model Man, The)
Carenza Tonielli - (Book: Moment on the Lips, A)
Claire Grant - (Book: Mommy Bride, The)
Cassie Griffin - (Book: Montana Rose)
Catherine Erickson - (Book: Montana Secrets)
Carolina Richmond Duncan - (Book: Moon and The Stars, The)
Chely Austin - (Book: Moon of Little Winter)
Cece Parks - (Book: Moon Rising)
Cara Salinas - (Book: Moon's Fury)
Chimera - (Book: Moonlight and Magic)
Cassandra Van Dorn - (Book: Moonlight Masquerade)
Christine Denham - (Book: Moonlight Masquerade)
Charmaine Lamoureux - (Book: Moonlit Splendor)
Carey - (Book: Moonshadow Man)
Claire Daniels - (Book: Moonstruck)
Chelsea Brockway - (Book: Moonstruck In Manhattan)
Catrin Blair - (Book: More Precious Than Gold)
Catherine Miller - (Book: More Than A Scandal)
Cassidy Burke - (Book: More Than Fiends)
Clara Rose Yutzy - (Book: More Than Friendship (ebook))
Charlotte Long - (Book: More Than One Night)
Charlotte Long - (Book: More Than One Night (large print))
Claire Bancroft - (Book: More Than You Know)
Callie Henderson - (Book: More to Give)
Clara Anderson - (Book: Morning Glory (Hardcover))
Cassie Cameron - (Book: Morning Side Of Dawn,The)
Cathleen - (Book: Morning Star)
Ceronic Lichty - (Book: Mortal Wounds (ebook))
Cecily Floyd - (Book: Most Romantic City, A)
Cecelia Randolph - (Book: Most to Lose, The)
Corisande Clifford - (Book: Most Unsuitable Duchess, A)
Charity Fergusson - (Book: Mostly Married)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Mostly Murder)
Carmen O'Brien - (Book: Mother in the Making, A)
Carmen O'Brien - (Book: Mother in the Making, A (Large Print))
Charisse Lane - (Book: Mother of His Child, The)
Cydney Parrish - (Book: Mother of the Bride)
Lady Berringer
- (Book: Mother's Choice)
Catherine Tanner - (Book: Mother's Vow, A)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Motif For Murder (Hardcover))
Camille Wells - (Book: Motive: Secret Baby)
Coralee Hayes - (Book: Mountain Bride)
Caitlyn O'Shaunessy - (Book: Mountain Magic)
Charity Jenkins - (Book: Mountain Sheriff)
Chloe Masters - (Book: Mountains Captive (ebook))
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Mozzarella Most Murderous)
Catherine Haile - (Book: Mr Strictly Business)
Claudia Mackenzie - (Book: Mr. Grey And The Hotel Ghosts (ebook))
Claudia Mackenzie - (Book: Mr. Grey And The Spirit From The Sky (ebook))
Caroline Sedgewick - (Book: Mr. Jeffries and the Jilt)
Charlotte Pelham - (Book: Mr. Montgomery's Quest)
Chloe McDaniels - (Book: Mr. Right There All Along)
Chloe McDaniels - (Book: Mr. Right There All Along (large print))
Corazon Ferreira - (Book: Much Ado About Vampires)
Claire Harper - (Book: Mulberry Park)
Corinne deCoventry - (Book: Murder and Misdeeds)
Carrie Randall - (Book: Murder at Granite Falls)
Corinne deCoventry - (Book: Murder Comes to Mind)
Carla Day - (Book: Murder Never Forgets)
Corinne deCoventry - (Book: Murder While I Smile)
Corinne deCoventry - (Book: Murder Will Speak)
Chloe Lamoureaux - (Book: Must Love Vampires)
Chloe Lamoureaux - (Book: Must Love Vampires (reprint))
Catherine Blade - (Book: My Beautiful Enemy)
Caroline Gardiner - (Book: My Cousin Caroline)
Caroline Grayson - (Book: My Darling Caroline)
Coquette Florencia Millbrook - (Book: My Darling Coquette)
Caroline Wainwright - (Book: My Fair Lord)
Caroline Ritter - (Book: My Fair Temptress)
Charlotte Kent - (Book: My Favorite Thief)
Christy Evans - (Book: My Girl)
Chloe Dennison - (Book: My Heart's Passion)
Claudia, Lady Fairfax - (Book: My Lady Faire)
Cassandra Darnham - (Book: My Lady Quixote)
Charlotte Amberley - (Book: My Lady Vixen)
Claudia Valemont - (Book: My Lord Jack)
Claudia Valemont - (Book: My Lord Jack (reissue))
Ceylon Simmons - (Book: My One and Only Love)
Caroline Simmons - (Book: My Savage Heart)
Carissa Portland - (Book: My Scandalous Viscount)
Cara Sokol - (Book: My Sexy Greek Summer)
Cassie Dahlgren - (Book: My Shadow, My Love (ebook))
Cassie Dahlgren - (Book: My Shadow, My Love (paperback))
Celia Breach - (Book: My Soul to Keep)
Cat Crawford - (Book: My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century)
Charlotte Nash - (Book: My Surrender)
Charlotte Nash - (Book: My Surrender (reissue))
Carson Philips - (Book: My Wicked Enemy)
Cinn Airmid - (Book: My Wicked Vampire)
Chloe Arish - (Book: My Wild Irish Dragon)
Caitlin O'Connor - (Book: Mystery in the Moonlight)
Chelsea Reed - (Book: Mystery Man)
Cara Edwards - (Book: Mystic Memories)
Chantal Deveau - (Book: Mystic Rider)
Caetria - (Book: Mythe: Vampire)
Cynthia Dellinger - (Book: Naked Desire (ebook))
Ciara Liung - (Book: Naked Detective, The (ebook))
Charity Vance - (Book: Naked Flame (ebook))
Christie - (Book: Naked Flame, A)
Catherine Michaels - (Book: Naked Games)
Cara Prescott - (Book: Naked In His Arms)
Courtney Cassel - (Book: Names My Sisters Call Me)
Casey Thomas - (Book: Nanny and Me, The)
Cara Winchester - (Book: Native Cowboy)
Cara Winchester - (Book: Native Cowboy (large print))
Cassie Tremaine Montgomery - (Book: Naughty but Nice)
Cindy - (Book: Naughty Or Nice?)
Caitlyn Walker - (Book: Nauti Deceptions)
Chaya Dane - (Book: Nauti Dreams)
Chaya Dane - (Book: Nauti Dreams (mass market))
Crista Jansen - (Book: Nauti Nights)
Crista Jansen - (Book: Nauti Nights (mass market))
Carol Kyle - (Book: Navy Blues)
Catherine Miller - (Book: Navy SEAL Rescuer)
Catherine Fredrickson - (Book: Navy Woman)
Chelsea Clark - (Book: Nearly Paradise)
Caroline Sanders - (Book: Need Me (ebook))
Cassidy Morgan - (Book: Needs a Little TLC)
Calla - (Book: Negotiated Surrender, A)
Carla Montgomery - (Book: Neither Sand Nor Sea)
Cherish - (Book: Nevada Dawn)
Caitlin Carrigan - (Book: Never a Bride)
Cassie Warner - (Book: Never a Bride)
Cassie - (Book: Never Doubt My Love )
Clare Westbrook - (Book: Never Look Back)
Charlotte Halloran - (Book: Never Say Never)
Cecily Foxe - (Book: Never Seduce a Scoundrel)
Clarissa Bevington - (Book: Never Surrender to a Scoundrel)
Clare Wilson - (Book: Never Too Late )
Clare Wilson - (Book: Never Too Late (reprint))
Christie Lynch - (Book: New Beginnings)
Cara Price - (Book: New Hope Cafe, The)
Cara Price - (Book: New Hope Cafe, The (large print))
Chelsea Lawton - (Book: New Lease on Love)
Chantal Thierrie - (Book: New Orleans)
Clare Brewster - (Book: Next Always, The)
Celia Viramontes - (Book: Next Of Kin)
Cammie Copello - (Book: Next Right Thing, The)
Cammie Copello - (Book: Next Right Thing, The (large print))
Catherine Devlin - (Book: Next Time . . . Forever)
Cara Davis - (Book: Nice Girls Do (ebook))
Christy Baker - (Book: Night After Night)
Catherine Depford - (Book: Night Before the Wedding, The)
Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeaux - (Book: Night Before, The)
Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeaux - (Book: Night Before, The (reprint))
Cindy Harper - (Book: Night Bites)
Cassie Grant - (Book: Night Calls)
Celia - (Book: Night Circus (hardcover))
Cassidy Roarke - (Book: Night Fall)
Cassandra Findley - (Book: Night Falls Like Silk)
Charlotte Blue - (Book: Night Games)
Christine Day - (Book: Night Life)
Clara Winston - (Book: Night Magic)
Clara Winston - (Book: Night Magic (reissue))
Clara Winston - (Book: Night Magic (reissue))
Carrie Spencer - (Book: Night Moves)
Christine Lowell - (Book: Night Moves)
Carla Santucci - (Book: Night Music)
Cicely Waters - (Book: Night Myst)
Cynna Weaver - (Book: Night Season)
Cicely Waters - (Book: Night Seeker)
Cillla O'Roarke - (Book: Night Shift)
Cara Lee Henson - (Book: Night Song)
Cecily Waters - (Book: Night Veil)
Cicely - (Book: Night Vision)
Cordelia Weston - (Book: Night We Kissed, The)
Carlie Myers - (Book: Night Without End, A)
Cara DeLongpre - (Book: Night's Touch)
Chris Lang - (Book: Nightbred)
Chloe Mason - (Book: Nightfire)
Caroline Derwent-Jones - (Book: Nightingale Legacy, The)
Catherine Blackburn - (Book: Nightingale Way)
Clare de Wallys - (Book: Nightingale's Song, The)
Corina Camden - (Book: Nights Over Egypt)
Calla Tor - (Book: Nightshade (hardcover))
Calla Tor - (Book: Nightshade (paperback))
Charlotte Marena - (Book: Nightshine)
Carolina Lightfoot - (Book: Nightsong)
Caren Ainsley - (Book: Nightstar)
Caren Ainsley - (Book: Nightstar (reissue-Hardcover))
Cynthia Forsythe - (Book: Nighttime Sweetheart)
Cassie - (Book: Nightwalker)
Cat Dupress - (Book: Nine Lives)
Cassidy Lonigan - (Book: Nine-Dollar Daddy, The)
Cindy Rogers - (Book: No Accounting for Love)
Celia Lytton - (Book: No Angel)
Carrie Lockett - (Book: No Competition)
Celia Coleman - (Book: No Dark Valley)
Claire Ford - (Book: No Hero Like Him)
Corey Hamilton - (Book: No Hiding Place)
Cameron Lawson - (Book: No Kissing Allowed)
Cat Howard - (Book: No Longer a Dream)
Cassie Fox - (Book: No Longer a Gentleman )
Catherine Fullbright - (Book: No Man's Bride)
Catherine - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Crystal Clark - (Book: No Place for a Lady (Hardcover))
Candy Neilson - (Book: No Provocation)
Caroline Torrington - (Book: No Regrets)
Caroline Hogarth - (Book: No Sin Too Great)
Chloe Zuniga - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Chloe Reiss - (Book: No Strings...)
Caitlin O'Neill - (Book: No Turning Back)
Calypso Morgan - (Book: No Turning Back (ebook serial))
Charlotte Collins - (Book: Noble Destiny)
Charlotte Collins - (Book: Noble Destiny (reissue))
Caroline Richmond - (Book: Noblesse Oblige (Hardcover))
Caitlin Lawrence - (Book: Nobody But You)
Cheyenne Lord - (Book: Nobody's Child)
Connie Bradford - (Book: Nobody's Hero)
Caitlin Campbell - (Book: Nobody, The)
Christine Larsen - (Book: None So Blind)
Cassie Crockett - (Book: North Country Family)
Claire Levander - (Book: North Country Man)
Caroline - (Book: North of Capricorn)
Catherine Morland - (Book: Northanger Abbey (reissue))
Catriona - (Book: Northern Sunset)
Cece Caruso - (Book: Not a Girl Detective)
Clarice Johnson - (Book: Not Easily Broken)
Caroline Hamilton - (Book: Not For Sale)
Cathy Chambers - (Book: Not His Type)
Carrie Reynolds - (Book: Not in My Bed! )
Chloe - (Book: Not Just the Greek's Wife)
Chloe - (Book: Not Just the Greek's Wife (large print))
Chloe - (Book: Not Just the Greek's Wife (UK edition))
Christina (Chrissy) - (Book: Not Once But Twice)
Christina (Chrissy) - (Book: Not Once But Twice (reissue))
Christina (Chrissy) - (Book: Not Once But Twice (UK))
Christina McMullen - (Book: Not One Clue)
Cela - (Book: Not Until You)
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Beg (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Believe (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Crave (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Dare (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Love (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Risk (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Surrender (ebook))
Cela - (Book: Not Until You Trust (ebook))
Corinne D'Alessandro - (Book: Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale)
Chelsea Halloway - (Book: Notable)
Cilla Danforth - (Book: Nothing But The Best)
Chelsea Ross - (Book: Nothing But Trouble)
Carla - (Book: Nothing Personal (ebook))
Catherine Parrish - (Book: Notorious Widow, The)
Connie Gonzalez - (Book: Now and Always)
Carly Weston - (Book: Nowhere To Run)
Cassie Lee - (Book: Nowhere to Run)
Cairo Kingswood - (Book: Oasis of the Heart)
Charlene Anderson - (Book: Object of his Protection, The)
Caitlynn O'Connor - (Book: Obsession)
Catherine Delaney - (Book: Off Kilter)
Caitlyn - (Book: Off The Deep End)
Cienna Turner - (Book: Office Policy)
Callie Belcroft - (Book: Oh, What a Tangled Web)
Claire - (Book: Old Friends)
Charity - (Book: Old Lover's Ghost)
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Omega Games)
Carly Summit - (Book: On Sunset Beach)
Carinna Worthington - (Book: On the First Day of Christmas)
Cassie - (Book: On the First Night of Christmas...)
Calypso Morgan - (Book: On the Run (ebook serial))
Chris Copestakes - (Book: On the Way to Heaven)
Cami "Tex" Greenbush - (Book: Once a Cowboy...)
Carly Callahan - (Book: Once A Pirate)
Callista Brooke - (Book: Once a Rebel)
Charlotte Wylde - (Book: Once Again a Bride)
Caitlin McBride - (Book: Once And For Always)
Celine Langton - (Book: Once Burned)
Cassie Fitzgerald - (Book: Once Burned (ebook))
Clotilde Collins - (Book: Once for All Time)
Clotilde Collins - (Book: Once for All Time (reissue))
Clotilde Collins - (Book: Once for All Time (UK))
Carli Dennis - (Book: Once More With Feeling)
Coletter Huntington - (Book: Once Touched, Never Forgotten)
Coletter Huntington - (Book: Once Touched, Never Forgotten (large print))
Cassie - (Book: Once Upon A Bride)
Celia Delacourt - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Celia Delacourt - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas (reissue))
Caroline Forrester - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Summer)
Cara Phillips - (Book: Once Upon a King)
Clara Black - (Book: Once Upon a List)
Carly Lewis - (Book: Once Upon A Valentine)
Camille - (Book: Once Upon A Wedding)
Clair Sumner - (Book: Once upon Forever)
Casey 'Joy' Simms - (Book: One And Only, The)
Celia Banyon - (Book: One Brave Cowboy)
Coco Barrington - (Book: One Day at a Time)
Claudia Adams - (Book: One Day at a Time)
Caitlin Mulchahy - (Book: One Day in Apple Grove)
Cat Crawfield - (Book: One Foot in the Grave)
Crystal Webber - (Book: One for Me, The)
Cybelline Caldwell - (Book: One Forbidden Evening)
Carla Thompson - (Book: One Gentle Knight)
Christine Thurmond - (Book: One Good Man)
Clea Sands - (Book: One Good Man)
Casey Maynard - (Book: One Good Man)
Cat - (Book: One Grave at a Time)
Christina McMullen - (Book: One Hot Mess)
Carmen Coyle - (Book: One Hot Target)
Charlotte Silver - (Book: One Hundred Candles)
Callie - (Book: One in a Million)
Cass Bellair - (Book: One Juror Down)
Charlene "Charly" Phelps - (Book: One More Knight)
Charlotte Hale - (Book: One Mountain Away)
Carrie Jamison - (Book: One Night)
Charlotte Chatsworth - (Book: One Night Is Never Enough)
Carlotta Anne Fairleigh - (Book: One Night of Scandal)
Celia Lawson - (Book: One Night Rodeo)
Chloe - (Book: One Night With a Goddess)
Marchioness of Haversham
- (Book: One Night With A Prince)
Cassie Wainwright - (Book: One Night with a Quarterback (ebook))
Caroline Collins - (Book: One Night with a Sweet-Talking Man)
Colby Wingate - (Book: One Special Moment)
Corinne Steddon - (Book: One Step to Paradise)
Charity Tiernan - (Book: One Summer)
Celeste - (Book: One Tiny Miracle)
Chris Baldwin - (Book: One to One)
Corinne Weatherby - (Book: One True Love)
Copper - (Book: One True Love)
Cassidy McRae - (Book: One True Thing)
Cynthia Merrithorpe - (Book: One Week As Lovers)
Cecily Francis - (Book: One Whisper Away)
Chyna Lockhart - (Book: One Who Holds My Heart, The)
Cassandra Osborne - (Book: One Wicked Christmas (ebook))
Charity Barnham - (Book: One Wish)
Celie Wells - (Book: One Wrong Step)
Chloe Muirhead - (Book: Only a Promise)
Chloe Evans - (Book: Only by Your Touch)
Caitlin Drummond - (Book: Only Cowboy for Caitlin, The)
Corrine Salvaggi - (Book: Only For Your Touch )
Courtney Moss - (Book: Only Time Will Tell)
Cathy Donnelly - (Book: Only With The Heart)
Celia - (Book: Only With Your Love)
Caitlin Love - (Book: Only You (ebook))
Carrie St. John - (Book: Open Secret)
Celia Remington - (Book: Operation: Texas)
Celia Remington - (Book: Operation: Texas (reissue))
Caro Cartwright - (Book: Ordinary Girl in a Tiara)
Charity Jane Webster - (Book: Oregon Brown)
Cynthia Fishbein - (Book: Original Cyn)
Chloe - (Book: Other Half, The)
Caroline Bingley - (Book: Other Mr Darcy, The (Hardcover))
Courtney Blue - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Cassandra Kelley - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Cait O'Keefe - (Book: Out of the Dark (ebook))
Claire Fergusson - (Book: Out of the Deep I Cry)
Caroline Devonshire - (Book: Out of the Fire)
Carolina - (Book: Out of the Shadows (ebook))
Cassie Jones - (Book: Out of Warranty (hardcover))
Christine - (Book: Outback Bridegroom)
Caroline McNevin - (Book: Outback Man Seeks Wife)
Claire Randall - (Book: Outlander)
Caycee Hammond - (Book: Outlaw Heart, The)
Cady McGill - (Book: Outlaw in Paradise)
Caitlyn Barnes - (Book: Outlaw Lawman)
Caitlyn Barnes - (Book: Outlaw Lawman (large print))
Clary Woodbridge - (Book: Outlaw's Lady)
Caitlin Kingsley - (Book: Outlaw, The)
Cyra Delphin - (Book: Outsiders)
Cherry Vallance - (Book: Outsiders, The)
Crystal Hayes - (Book: Overheated)
Caroline Preston - (Book: Owned by Fate (ebook))
Courtney Albright - (Book: Paging Dr. Daddy)
Christina Lindsay - (Book: Pair of Rogues, A)
Carly Tyler - (Book: Panic Snap)
Caroline Spencer - (Book: Paper Moon)
Cecily Blake - (Book: Paper Rose)
Cecily Peterson - (Book: Paper Rose (reissue))
Cecily Blake - (Book: Paper Rose (reissue))
Corinne Barrows - (Book: Paradise Wild)
Claire Oliver - (Book: Parson's Pleasure, The)
Char McCairn - (Book: Partners)
Catherine Mary O'Neill (Jasmine) - (Book: Passion Flower)
Clara Whitmore - (Book: Passion for Pleasure, A)
Charity O'Connor - (Book: Passion Redeemed, A)
Charity Burkhouser - (Book: Passion's Captive)
Carly - (Book: Passion's Mistress)
Caprise - (Book: Passion's Prey)
Cara St. John - (Book: Passion's Promise)
Cassandra - (Book: Passionate Affair, A)
Cassandra Roland - (Book: Passionate Affair, A (UK))
Cassandra Terrell - (Book: Passionate Encounters)
Charlotte Kittridge - (Book: Passionate Endeavor, A)
Candace Steele - (Book: Passionate Thirst)
Chelsea Kane - (Book: Passions of Chelsea Kane, The)
Claire Lyons - (Book: Passions of Wicked Earl)
Cassi Nolan - (Book: Past Between Us, The)
Clare Morgan - (Book: Past, Present and a Future)
Chloe Radcliffe - (Book: Patterns of Change)
Caroline Thompson - (Book: Payback)
Claire Cassidy - (Book: Pearl Jinx)
Ciara - (Book: Perfect Boy, The)
Cassie Beaumont - (Book: Perfect Christmas, The)
Cassie Beaumont - (Book: Perfect Christmas, The (paperback reprint))
Cara Hartley - (Book: Perfect Fit)
Charlotte Clairmore - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, The)
Cecily Cassell - (Book: Perfect Girlfriend, The)
Clare Stevens - (Book: Perfect Hero, A (UK))
Carol Courtland - (Book: Perfect Love, A)
Cassie Ellis - (Book: Perfect Manhattan, The)
Celine Archer - (Book: Perfect Marriage, A)
Chrissie - (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Celia Jordan - (Book: Perfect Mismatch, A)
Cybil Campbell - (Book: Perfect Neighbor, The)
Chelsie Russell - (Book: Perfect Partners)
Cameron Dakota - (Book: Perfect Shot, The)
Caitlin Harmon - (Book: Perfect Sin)
Caitlin Harmon - (Book: Perfect Sin (reissue))
Ceara O'Ceallaigh - (Book: Perfect Timing)
Cahrish Malone - (Book: Perfect Timing)
Carly - (Book: Perfect Wife, The)
Celia Rider - (Book: Perfection)
Charlotte Worth - (Book: Perfectly Flawed)
Catherine Maury - (Book: Perilous Attraction, A)
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Perils of Paella, The)
Chloe Fowler - (Book: Persian Nights)
Caitlyn Villare - (Book: Phantom of the French Quarter)
Caitlyn Villare - (Book: Phantom of the French Quarter (large print))
Cordelia - (Book: Phoenix Charm, The)
Charlie Martin - (Book: Phoenix, The)
Cassandra Harrell - (Book: Photo Finish)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Photo Finished)
Cassidy Adams - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Celia Marshall - (Book: Picture This)
Caley Burrell - (Book: Pieces of Dreams)
Cecily Merton - (Book: Pink Parasol, The)
Cecily Merton - (Book: Pink Parasol, The (UK))
Christina Abbott - (Book: Pirate )
Cassandra Everson - (Book: Pirate's Daughter, The )
Claire Gentry - (Book: Pirate's Possession, A)
Christine Sanders - (Book: Pirate's Price (ebook))
Clemence Ravenhurst - (Book: Piratical Miss Ravenhurst, The)
Claire Maloney - (Book: Place to Call Home, A)
Charlotte Franklin - (Book: Place to Call Home, A)
Cherijo Torin - (Book: Plague of Memory)
Cait Grant - (Book: Plaid to the Bone (ebook))
Charlene Wilkins - (Book: Plain Jane in the Spotlight)
Charlene Wilkins - (Book: Plain Jane in the Spotlight (large print))
Carley Marek - (Book: Plain Pursuit)
Claire Marsh - (Book: Play Dates)
Chelsea Lawrence - (Book: Playboy & the Mummy, The)
CJ Randall - (Book: Playboy Prankster)
Christina Alberti - (Book: Played)
Carey Benton - (Book: Player, The)
Claire O'Brien - (Book: Playing Dead)
Cassidy Whalen - (Book: Playing Dirty)
Chloe Talley - (Book: Playing For Her Heart (ebook))
Cilla Jameson - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Celia Patel - (Book: Playing For Keeps)
Claudia - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Cassie Armstrong - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Clare / Kira - (Book: Pleasure Cruise)
Cathleen Nichols - (Book: Pleasure Exchange)
Clarinda Cardew - (Book: Pleasure of Your Kiss, The)
Cassie Parker - (Book: Pleasure to the Max!)
Courtland Murphy - (Book: Pledge, The)
Claire Winthrop - (Book: Police Business)
Caroline Whitlow - (Book: Poor Caroline)
Cassie Smythe - (Book: Pop-Up Dating)
Callie - (Book: Poseidon's Daughter)
Chelsea Porter - (Book: Poseidon's Kiss)
Cassandra Allen - (Book: Possessed)
Cait Douglass - (Book: Possession (hardcover))
Cassandra Moore - (Book: Postcards from the Dead (ebook))
Charlotte Daicheston - (Book: Potent Pleasures)
Cleone Charteris - (Book: Powder and Patch)
Cleone - (Book: Powder and Patch (new edition))
Cai Randolph - (Book: Power of Two, The)
Cassie - (Book: Power, The)
Claire Deupree - (Book: Practical Man, A)
Connie Wright - (Book: Practically Perfect)
Cathy - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
Callie - (Book: Prada and Prejudice)
Chelsea - (Book: Prairie Angel )
Collette Travers - (Book: Pray Love, Remember)
Carrie Summers - (Book: Precious Gift, A)
Carrie Summers - (Book: Precious Gift, A (reissue))
Charlotte Summerville - (Book: Pregnancy Of Revenge)
Caroline Tremayne - (Book: Pregnancy Secret, The)
Caroline Tremayne - (Book: Pregnancy Secret, The (UK))
Celeste - (Book: Pregnant Virgin, The)
Christina Farrelly - (Book: Pregnant With His Child)
Christina Farrelly - (Book: Pregnant with His Child (UK))
Charlotte - (Book: Premeditated Marriage)
Cassandra Blake - (Book: Price of Glory, The)
Cleo Fraser - (Book: Price of Passion, The)
Calla - (Book: Price of Pleasure, The)
Chelsea King - (Book: Priceless Gifts)
Camile - (Book: Prickly Pear)
Charlotte Burton - (Book: Pride in Petticoats)
Cera - (Book: Pride of Lions)
Camille - (Book: Priestess Dreaming)
Caidi - (Book: Primal Quest)
Charlotte McNally - (Book: Prime Time (reissue))
Cleo Wilson - (Book: Prince & the Pregnant Princess, The)
Cassie Pratt - (Book: Prince Charming's Return)
Carly Carpenter - (Book: Prince Incognito)
Clarissa - (Book: Prince Needs A Princess)
Casey Phillips - (Book: Prince of a Guy, A)
Carlyne Fortier,
- (Book: Prince of a Guy, A)
Charlaine Kimball - (Book: Prince of Kisses)
Cally Greenway - (Book: Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress)
Cally Greenway - (Book: Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress (Large Print))
Cally Greenway - (Book: Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress (UK))
Chanel Tanner - (Book: Prince of Secrets)
Chanel Tanner - (Book: Prince of Secrets (ebook))
Chanel Tanner - (Book: Prince of Secrets (large print))
Cassandra Devereaux - (Book: Prince of Time)
Caroline Temple - (Book: Prince's Bride-To-Be, The)
Cathy - (Book: Prince's Chambermaid, The)
Celeste - (Book: Prince's Fire)
Cecily White - (Book: Princess and the Pea, The)
Cecily White - (Book: Princess and the Pea, The (reprint))
Carlotta Santina - (Book: Princess from the Shadows)
Carlotta Santina - (Book: Princess from the Shadows (large print))
Carlotta Santina - (Book: Princess from the Shadows (UK edition))
Chloe Marshall's - (Book: Princess In Denim)
Claudine Verbault - (Book: Princess in the Iron Mask)
Claudine Verbault - (Book: Princess in the Iron Mask (large print))
Carlita Santaro - (Book: Princess Test, The )
Carlita Santaro - (Book: Princess Test, The (large print))
Catriona de Dovia Willoughby - (Book: Private Duel with Agent Gunn, A)
Chafen Farris - (Book: Private Garden, The)
Christy Hawke - (Book: Private Investigations)
Cindy Jensen - (Book: Private Justice)
Colleen Chandler - (Book: Private Passion, A)
Carolina Hammond - (Book: Private Treaty)
Cara McGaffigan - (Book: Prodigal Son)
Connie Henkel - (Book: Prodigal Son, The)
Chesnie Cosgrove - (Book: Professional Marriage, A)
Claudia Manchester - (Book: Professor's Secret, The)
Callista "Callie" MacBride - (Book: Profile Durango)
Carolina Baldwin - (Book: Promise for Tomorrow, A)
Cara Williams - (Book: Promise Me)
Cairo - (Book: Promise Me Moonlight)
Celia Chandler - (Book: Promise of Forever)
Celia Chandler - (Book: Promise of Forever (ebook))
Cara - (Book: Promise, The)
Cara Carson - (Book: Promised to a Sheik)
Callie Tyler - (Book: Promises Of The Heart)
Courtney Campbell - (Book: Promises To Keep)
Callie Perry - (Book: Promises to Keep (paperback))
Cassandra Hampsted - (Book: Proper Affair, A)
Clarissa Beaumont - (Book: Proper Wife, The)
Callie Ingram - (Book: Prophecy)
Carolyn Hardy - (Book: Proposition, The)
Casey Thompson - (Book: Prosecutors: Lawyers in Love)
Cara Madison - (Book: Protecting Her Own)
Cara Madison - (Book: Protecting Her Own (large print))
Charlotte Mayweather - (Book: Protecting Plain Jane)
Cara Messinger - (Book: Protective Confinement)
Carly Masterson - (Book: Protective Custody)
Calli Torcher - (Book: Protector of the Flight)
Cassandra Jones - (Book: Protector, The)
Cyn Porter - (Book: Protectors - The Beginning, The)
Cassandra Gavre - (Book: Proud Hearts)
Clarissa David - (Book: Provacative Territory)
Carolyn Kenniwick - (Book: Provocative Peril)
Carlene Rivers - (Book: Pub Across the Pond, The )
Charlotte Tasker - (Book: Public Displays of Affection)
Carly Thomas - (Book: Pure Heat)
Cat Clarke - (Book: Purebred)
Cat Clarke - (Book: Purebred (large print))
Challie Baderleen - (Book: Purely Sexual)
Constance Aiken - (Book: Puritan Wife)
Chloe Fields - (Book: Purloined Papers, The)
Charlotte Court - (Book: Pursuit)
Cassandra Effington - (Book: Pursuit of Marriage, The)
Cassie Burdette - (Book: Putt to Death)
Carly Abrams - (Book: Putting It to the Test)
Cheyenne Steele - (Book: Quade's Babies)
Chantel Goodwin - (Book: Quade: The Irresistible One)
Clara Raymond - (Book: Quality of Care)
Charlotte Endicott
Queenie Dennis
- (Book: Queen of Diamonds)
Carson Delaney - (Book: Queen of the Dixie Drive)
Claudette Laurent - (Book: Queen's Dollmaker, The)
Catherine le Rochfort - (Book: Queen's Guard: Peony, The)
Catherine Howard - (Book: Queen's Mistake, The)
Catherine Delcour - (Book: Question of Class, A (ebook))
Clea - (Book: Question Of Pride)
Caroline Stallings - (Book: Questioning the Heiress)
Cassie - (Book: Quicksilver Season)
Cheyenne O'Brien - (Book: Quinn)
Callie Cavanaugh - (Book: Racing Against Time)
Charlotte Deane - (Book: Racing Hearts)
Cassandra Jamison - (Book: Racing Hearts (ebook))
Calista St. James - (Book: Radical Cure)
Cristina - (Book: Rafael's Suitable Bride (UK))
Chiara Cordiano - (Book: Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin )
Chiara Cordiano - (Book: Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin (Large Print))
Carrie Riley - (Book: Rain Sparrow, The)
Caroline Denby - (Book: Rake to Ruin Her, The)
Celia Reece - (Book: Rake's Guide to Seduction, A)
Caroline Cummings - (Book: Rake's Rainbow, The)
Caroline Holbrook - (Book: Rake's Rebellious Lady, The (UK))
Cecily Randall - (Book: Rake's Reward, The)
Cassia Penny - (Book: Rake's Wager)
Cassia Penny - (Book: Rake's Wager (UK))
Charlotte Gregory - (Book: Rakish Spy, A)
Cilla Prescott - (Book: Rancher and the Schoolteacher, The (reissue))
Caley Foster - (Book: Rancher Next Door, The)
Caley Foster - (Book: Rancher Next Door, The (large print))
Caitlin O'Donahue - (Book: Rancher Under Cover)
Cassandra Hamilton - (Book: Rancher Wants a Wife)
Caroline Wallace - (Book: Rancher's Courtship, The)
Cassie - (Book: Rancher's Deadly Risk)
Catherine Loza - (Book: Rancher's Hired Fiancee, The)
Callie Deviner - (Book: Rancher's Homecoming, The)
Cheyenne Jones - (Book: Rancher's Secret Wife, The)
Cheyenne Jones - (Book: Rancher's Secret Wife, The (large print))
Carolyn Leary - (Book: Ranching Man, A)
Caroline Randall - (Book: Randall Returns, A)
Charlotte Greenfield - (Book: Ranger and the Redhead, The)
Charlotte Ransome - (Book: Ransome's Crossing)
Cynthia Leighton - (Book: Raphael)
Caroline Hartmann - (Book: Rapture's Legacy)
Claire Montcrieff - (Book: Rapture's Splendor)
Cody Sherwood - (Book: Rascal)
Cynara Hawthorne - (Book: Raven and the Dove, The)
Camille Avery - (Book: Raven in Amber)
Cara Tarakanov - (Book: Raven's Bride)
Catherine Montfort - (Book: Raven's Vow)
Catherine - (Book: Ravenswood)
Catherine - (Book: Ravenswood (reissue))
Camille - (Book: Raw Silk)
Claire Marangello - (Book: Real Deal, The: Unscripted)
Christiana Artis - (Book: Real Thing, The )
Catherine Clifton - (Book: Real Vintage Maverick)
Clarise Robinson - (Book: Real Women Don't Wear Size 2)
Coral Jerome - (Book: Reason Enough)
Cathleen Raymond - (Book: Reason for Rivalry, A)
Clara - (Book: Reason To Believe)
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Rebel Ice)
Clara Ferguson - (Book: Rebel Rancher, The)
Clara Ferguson - (Book: Rebel Rancher, The (large print))
Catrìona of the Vale of Leven - (Book: Rebel Warrior)
Carrie - (Book: Rebel's Claw (ebook))
Caroline Richmond - (Book: Rebellious Desire)
Charlotte Wells - (Book: Rebellious Rake, Innocent Governess)
Clarinda Capelle - (Book: Rebellious Twin, The)
Catriona MacIan - (Book: Rebellious Ward, The)
Chatherine Thorpe - (Book: Rebels Bride, The)
Cass Dollar - (Book: Rebirth)
Cass Dollar - (Book: Rebirth (mass market))
Chloe Daniels - (Book: Recipe for Kisses)
Charlotte Spenser - (Book: Reckless)
Celia St. Remy Sinclair - (Book: Reckless Encounter, A)
Claudia Shaw - (Book: Reckless in Pink)
Catherine - (Book: Recklessly Royal)
Chloe Saunders - (Book: Reckoning, The (Hardcover))
Clea - (Book: Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow)
Calli Munro - (Book: Red Leopard)
Charlotte O'Brien - (Book: Redeem Me)
Cailtyn Reese - (Book: Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet)
Callie - (Book: Redemption of Callie and Kayden, The (ebook))
Clare Harmon - (Book: Reforming of Matthew Dunn, The)
Carrie Granger - (Book: Refuge From Today)
Coreen Tarleton - (Book: Regan's Pride)
Coreen Tarleton - (Book: Regan's Pride (reissue))
Charlotte Osborne - (Book: Regency Row)
Cassandra Van Winter - (Book: Reilly's Promise)
Claire Hutchins - (Book: Rekindled (ebook))
Claire Brookes - (Book: Relentless Seduction)
Charity Holwell - (Book: Reluctant Bride)
Caroline Lockler - (Book: Reluctant Duke, The (ebook))
Calamatta McGannon - (Book: Reluctant Groom, The)
Cassie - (Book: Reluctant Husband)
Cecilia Marchmont - (Book: Reluctant Husband, The)
Charlotte Deems - (Book: Reluctant Smuggler, The)
Casey Johnson - (Book: Reluctant Witness)
Cassidy O'Neal - (Book: Remember Me, Cowboy)
Claire Morgan - (Book: Remember Murder)
Claire - (Book: Remember, in Jamaica)
Charlotte "Charlie" Canfield - (Book: Remembrance)
Cathy Martin - (Book: Remembrance)
Chelsea - (Book: Renegade Cowboy Returns, The)
Celia Gale - (Book: Reputation for Notoriety, A)
Chelsea - (Book: Rescue Operation)
Callie Duncan - (Book: Rescued by the Dreamy Doc)
Carly Bishop - (Book: Rescued by the Magic Of Christmas)
Colleen McKenna - (Book: Rescued: Mother-To-Be)
Colleen McKenna - (Book: Rescued: Mother-To-Be (UK))
Carly - (Book: Retreat)
C. J. Townsend - (Book: Retribution)
Cyn - (Book: Return Engagement)
Celina - (Book: Return of Slade Garner, The)
Caroline Willis - (Book: Return of the Bad Girl)
Cate Gilnock - (Book: Return of the Border Warrior)
Cleo - (Book: Return of the Rebel, The)
Cecilia Mallory - (Book: Return of the Viscount)
Ceana Sinclair Mead - (Book: Return to Clan Sinclair (novella))
Cameron - (Book: Return to Me)
Ciara Sullivan - (Book: Return to Me)
Cameron Campbell Logan - (Book: Return to Me (Hardcover))
Cassidy Blake - (Book: Reunited with the Sheriff)
Chloe Conte - (Book: Revenge at Bella Terra)
Caroly - (Book: Reversal (ebook))
Cady - (Book: Rewind)
Catronia McConnell - (Book: Rich Stranger, The)
Consuela Jones - (Book: Riddle of the Alabaster Royal, The)
Consuela Jones - (Book: Riddle of the Lost Lover, The)
Cordelia Stansbury - (Book: Riddle of the Shipwrecked Spinster, The)
Cassie Miller - (Book: Ride a Dark Horse)
Cameron - (Book: Ride Out the Storm)
Carissa Teodoro - (Book: Ride Steady)
Carin Sage - (Book: Ride the Thunder)
Carly Wexler - (Book: Right Choice, The)
Claire Kingston - (Book: Right Direction, The)
Chris Ponder - (Book: Right Moves, The)
Casey Madison - (Book: Right Mr Wrong, The)
Caroline Dunn - (Book: Right Stuff, The)
Charlotte de Ribard - (Book: Rightfully His)
Courtney Rogers - (Book: Riley's Retribution)
Courtney - (Book: Riley's Retribution (UK))
Claire - (Book: Ring of Jade)
Catherine Bennett - (Book: Ringing in Love)
Christina Cardiff - (Book: Riptide)
Cressa Curtis - (Book: Risk Worth Taking, A)
Cressa Curtis - (Book: Risk Worth Taking, A (large print))
Cecelia Anton - (Book: Risking It All (ebook))
Ciara Miller - (Book: Risky Business Of Love)
Courtney Blake - (Book: Rites of Love)
Christabel - (Book: Rites of Possession)
Charlotte - (Book: Rival Attractions)
Charlotte - (Book: Rival Attractions (UK))
Cicely Stevens - (Book: Rivals in Paradise)
Crista Delaney - (Book: River Moon)
Cynthia Nichols - (Book: Roadside Assistance)
Cleo McNamara - (Book: Roarke's Wife)
Cindy - (Book: Rock 'n' Roll Reunion)
Callie Lawson - (Book: Rock Star)
Carly Taylor - (Book: Rock with You (ebook))
Callie - (Book: Rocky Mountain Redemption)
Claire Hamilton - (Book: Rocky Mountain Widow)
Colleen Applegate - (Book: Rodeo Bride)
Chelsea Jensen - (Book: Rodeo Daddy)
Claudia Mathison - (Book: Rogan)
Caitlin - (Book: Rogue and a Pirate, A)
Constance Rattigan - (Book: Rogue in Red Velvet (ebook))
Colleen O'Brien - (Book: Rogue on the Rollaway (ebook))
Camille Leyland - (Book: Rogue Spy)
Chelsea Bellamy - (Book: Rogue's Pleasure, A)
Chelsea Bellamy - (Book: Rogue's Pleasure, A (reissue))
Chelsea Bellamy - (Book: Rogue's Pleasure, A (reissue))
Constance Read - (Book: Rogue, The)
Claire Hunter - (Book: Rolling in the Deep)
Chelsea Trask - (Book: Rolling Like Thunder)
Caroline Bishop - (Book: Roman Spring)
Carrie - (Book: Romanian Rhapsody)
Carrie - (Book: Rome : Antonio & Carrie)
Cory Gran - (Book: Rome's Revenge)
Courtney Blackmum - (Book: Romeo in the Rain)
Cecily Sinclair - (Book: Room With A Clue)
Carys - (Book: Rope Dancer, The)
Christiane Lawrence - (Book: Rose at Midnight, A)
Cat O'Malley - (Book: Rose in the Mist)
Carina Maria DeGarcia - (Book: Rose Legacy, The)
Carla Roche - (Book: Rose of Sharon)
Claire Donovan - (Book: Rossetti Letter, The)
Charlotte - (Book: Rough Play)
Caitlin Summers - (Book: Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses)
Chassie West Glanzer - (Book: Rough, Raw and Ready)
Charity Beaufort - (Book: Royal Bride)
Christina Krabbe - (Book: Royal Treatment, The)
Cleo - (Book: Ruin & Rule)
Chloe Girard - (Book: Ruined (ebook))
Cosmia Vaughn - (Book: Rules For Being A Mistress)
Claire Winston's - (Book: Rules of Attraction)
Cara Simonson - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Caitlyn March - (Book: Rules of Engagement, The)
Caitlyn March - (Book: Rules of Engagement, The (UK))
Caroline Rider - (Book: Rumors That Ruined a Lady)
Cassie Phillips - (Book: Runaway)
Consuela Vasquez - (Book: Runaway Bride, The)
Carlin Reed - (Book: Running Wild)
Clarissa Astley - (Book: Rushed to the Alter)
Caroline Reynolds - (Book: Rusty Nailed)
Cheryl Lane - (Book: Ruthless Italian's Inexperienced Wife, The)
Cheryl Lane - (Book: Ruthless Italian's Inexperienced Wife, The (UK))
Cleopatra Knight - (Book: Ruthless Proposition, A)
Cara Brosnan - (Book: Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded)
Cara Brosnan - (Book: Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded (UK))
Casey Ruban - (Book: Ryder's Wife)
Claire - (Book: S Before Ex, The)
Cassie Robichaud - (Book: S.E.C.R.E.T.)
Cassie Robichaud - (Book: S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed)
Cassie Robichaud - (Book: S.E.C.R.E.T. Shared)
Celia Brentwood - (Book: Sacred Revelations (ebook))
Celia Brentwood - (Book: Sacred Secrets (ebook))
Chess Putnam - (Book: Sacrificial Magic)
Cindy Shepherd - (Book: Sactuary Unbound (ebook))
Carrie Lamb - (Book: Safe Hostage, The)
Charlotte James - (Book: Safe in His Hands)
Clare - (Book: Safe With A Stranger)
Claire Strickland's - (Book: Saint, The)
Carla Gill - (Book: Saints and Scholars (ebook))
Carolyn Kendal - (Book: Same Time Next Summer)
Catalina Piedra - (Book: San Antonio)
Claire - (Book: Sand Castle)
Chelsea Browne MD - (Book: Sands of Time)
Cecelia Dupree - (Book: Sandwiched)
Charity Strand - (Book: Sanguinet's Crown)
Caroline Durant - (Book: Sans Regret)
Cat Calder - (Book: Santa in Montana)
Caron Avery - (Book: Santa, Baby)
Claudia - (Book: Sapphique)
Claire Renquist - (Book: Sasha's Dad)
Crissy Carter - (Book: Satisfaction)
Cat MacLean - (Book: Sava's Wildcat)
Christy - (Book: Savage Adoration, A)
Christy - (Book: Savage Adoration, A (UK))
Candy Creighton - (Book: Savage Beloved)
Christa Martin - (Book: Savage Heart)
Christa Martin - (Book: Savage Heart (reissue))
Coley - (Book: Savage Land)
Callie Manolis - (Book: Savakis Merger, The)
Charlotte O'Brien - (Book: Save Me)
Cara Kryzik - (Book: Save the Date (hardcover))
Cassie James - (Book: Saving the CEO (ebook))
Cristin O'Leary - (Book: Say It With Flowers)
Clio Whitmore - (Book: Say Yes to the Marquess)
Christian Williams - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Christian Williams - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Cat Rowan - (Book: Scandal in the Night)
Catriona Hennessy - (Book: Scandal's Bride)
Cordelia Coutenay - (Book: Scandal's Daughter)
Cassandra - (Book: Scandal's Lady)
Christine - (Book: Scandalous)
Camilla Knight - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Caroline - (Book: Scandalous Miss, The)
Charlotte Wyndham - (Book: Scandalous Publication, A)
Christina Thornton - (Book: Scandalous Secret, Defiant Bride)
Carolina Evans - (Book: Scarlet Butterfly)
Caterina Sforza - (Book: Scarlet Contessa, The)
Cameron Tucker - (Book: Scarlet Empress, The)
Cathy Scarlet - (Book: Scarlet Feather (reissue))
Candida Forbes - (Book: Scarlet Lady, White Bride (Large Print))
Candida Forbes - (Book: Scarlet Lady, White Bride (UK))
Catherine Edilean Harcourt - (Book: Scent of Jasmine, The)
Caitlin Saylor - (Book: Scent of Murder)
Carmen DuPrè - (Book: Schooling Carmen)
Caitlyn - (Book: Scorned by the Boss)
Charlotte St. John - (Book: Scotman's Lady, The)
Cassie St. John - (Book: Scotsman's Bride, The)
Catherine - (Book: Scotsman, The)
Cassie Kennard - (Book: Scoundrel)
Cassandra Greenwood - (Book: Scoundrel of Consequence, A)
Chloe Maitland - (Book: Scoundrel's Bride, The)
Calandra Locke - (Book: Scoundrel's Vow, The)
Constance Weldon - (Book: Scout, The)
Calliope - (Book: Scrambled Eggs at Midnight)
Celia Butler - (Book: Scrapbook, The)
Cadence Hollow - (Book: Scream for Me)
Charley Alcott - (Book: Sea Change)
Catherine Aldley - (Book: Sea Fire (reprint))
Claire Templeton - (Book: Sea Glass Winter)
Cathy Bissette - (Book: Sea Gypsy)
Cathy Penworth - (Book: Sea-Spun Ecstasy)
Claire Bishop - (Book: Seaborne)
Celia Wird - (Book: Sealed With a Curse)
Christina Hardy - (Book: Seance, The)
Cate Kowalski - (Book: Searching for Cate)
Casey Gilmore - (Book: Searching for Santa)
Caroline Carlington - (Book: Season for Love, A)
Callista Sheffield - (Book: Season of Joy)
Callista Sheffield - (Book: Season of Joy (large print))
Claire Hanlin - (Book: Season of Second Chances (ebook))
Celia Sands - (Book: Season of Storms)
Celia Sands - (Book: Season of Storms (reprint))
Courtney Smith - (Book: Second Chance Family)
Cora Beth Collins - (Book: Second Chance Family)
Charley Davidson - (Book: Second Grave on the Left (Hardcover))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Second Grave on the Left (paperback))
Cherlynn Cardington
Lady Emily Fairchild
- (Book: Second Lady Emily, The)
Claire - (Book: Second Marriage)
Charlotte Hamilton - (Book: Second Opinion)
Claire Hansen - (Book: Second Summoning, The)
Connie - (Book: Second Thoughts)
Cathleen Shannon - (Book: Second-Chance Proposal, A)
Caileen Hall - (Book: Second-Time Lucky)
Caileen Peters - (Book: Second-Time Lucky (UK))
Chloe Wakefield - (Book: Secondhand Bride)
Carly Jones - (Book: Secret Contract)
Charlie Smith - (Book: Secret Dad)
Charlotte Bronte - (Book: Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, The)
Claire Montague - (Book: Secret Hearts)
Caroline Tully - (Book: Secret Heiress, The)
Caroline Tully - (Book: Secret Heiress, The (large print))
Connie - (Book: Secret in His Heart, The)
Corinne Elliot - (Book: Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes)
Camille Somersby - (Book: Secret Passage)
Cheney Duvall, MD - (Book: Secret Place of Thunder)
Claire Colby, Doctor - (Book: Secret Shadows)
Christy McKenna - (Book: Secret Sister, The)
Christy McKenna - (Book: Secret Sisters, The)
Christy McKenna - (Book: Secret Sisters, The (reissue))
Casey Summers - (Book: Secret Spies)
Charlotte Patterson - (Book: Secret that Changed Everything, The)
Charlotte Patterson - (Book: Secret that Changed Everything, The (large print))
Celia - (Book: Secret Vengeance, A)
Catherine de Montford - (Book: Secret Vows)
Cassandra Madden - (Book: Secrets)
Charlotte - (Book: Secrets and Sacrifices)
Cori - (Book: Secrets from Her Past)
Callie Evers - (Book: Secrets in Silence (UK))
Caroline Armstrong - (Book: Secrets Of A Duchess)
Cassidy Maxwell - (Book: Secrets Of A Good Girl)
Cassidy Jones - (Book: Secrets of Boys, The)
Catherine Hazard - (Book: Secrets Of Catie Hazard,The)
Carrie Bishop - (Book: Secrets Of His Own)
Corisande Easton - (Book: Secrets of Midnight)
Caryn Brenley - (Book: Secrets of Paternity)
Calista French - (Book: Secrets of the Playboy's Bride)
Carissa - (Book: Seduce Me)
Catherine Weston - (Book: Seduced By A Stranger)
Cara - (Book: Seduced by Danger (ebook))
Chessa Tomas - (Book: Seduced by Darkness)
Copper Ashcroft - (Book: Seduced by Magic)
Catherine - (Book: Seduced by the Highlander)
Claire Cantwell - (Book: Seduced by the Operative)
Catrin Thomas - (Book: Seduced by the Sultan)
Cassie Roux - (Book: Seduced by the Wolf)
Cassandra Belmont - (Book: Seducing an Angel (Hardcover))
Catherine Harris - (Book: Seducing Mr. Right)
Charlotte - (Book: Seducing the Duchess)
Carolyn Moyer - (Book: Seducing The Stones)
C.J. Mayview - (Book: Seduction)
Claris Mallow - (Book: Seduction in Silk)
Colette - (Book: Seduction of Colette)
Corrine - (Book: Seduction of Scandal, The)
Camille Fisher - (Book: Seduction Under Fire)
Caroline Townsend - (Book: Seduction Wears Sapphires)
Casey Westmoreland - (Book: Seduction, Westmoreland Style)
Charlotte Vance - (Book: Seeker, The)
Claire McIntyre - (Book: Seen and Not Heard)
Callie McGuire - (Book: Seized By the Sheik)
Carolyn Leigh - (Book: Semiautomatic Marriage)
Celia Burke - (Book: Sense of Sin, A)
Catherine Wilson - (Book: Sentimental Journey)
Catherine Anderson - (Book: Separate Beds)
Caitlan O'Connor - (Book: Separate Roads)
Cameron Madrid - (Book: September Moon)
Carling - (Book: Serpent's Kiss)
Calliope Reaper-Jones - (Book: Serpent's Storm)
Cecily Sinclair - (Book: Service For Two)
Charlotte - (Book: Set to Partners)
Clarissa Miles - (Book: Seven Year Witch, The)
Charley Davidson - (Book: Seventh Grave and No Body)
Christine Greggory - (Book: Seventh Night, The)
Christine Greggory - (Book: Seventh Night, The (reissue))
Claire Weiss - (Book: Sex and the Single Ghost)
Claire Weiss - (Book: Sex and the Single Ghost (reissue))
Charli Chambers - (Book: Sex, Gossip and Rock & Roll)
Catherine Montefiore - (Book: Sex, Straight Up)
Chastity Goodwin - (Book: Sexy As Sin)
Cilla Michaels - (Book: Sexy Silent Nights)
Chasidah - (Book: Shades of Dark)
Captain Tracy Keener - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Carrie Ward - (Book: Shades of Temptation)
Catherine Brell - (Book: Shades Of The Wind)
Cass Lanier - (Book: Shadow Caress (ebook))
Carla Walker - (Book: Shadow Chasing)
Celie Cameron - (Book: Shadow Crossing)
Carolyn Smith - (Book: Shadow Lover)
Caroline Fairchild - (Book: Shadow Mountain)
Chloe Hayes - (Book: Shadow of the Moon)
Cheney Duvall, MD - (Book: Shadow of the Mountains)
Chancy Boyd - (Book: Shadow Of Turning)
Chalis Kenyon - (Book: Shadow of Yesterday)
Cassidy - (Book: Shadow Queen, The (paperback))
Carissa - (Book: Shadow Within, The)
Callista Hawthorne - (Book: Shadow's Curse)
Chiara - (Book: Shadowed Heart, The)
Chantel Ducaine - (Book: Shadowed Legacy)
Caitlin O'Shaughnessy - (Book: Shadows All Around Her)
Claire Day - (Book: Shadows of Midnight)
Claire - (Book: Shadows of Yesterday (UK))
Carolyn - (Book: Shadows on a Sunset Sea)
Courtney Collins - (Book: Shadows on the Lake)
Carrie Carter - (Book: Shadows on the Sand)
Corine Solomon - (Book: Shady Lady)
Cassidy - (Book: Shalador's Lady (hardcover))
Cassidy - (Book: Shalador's Lady (paperback))
Constantine - (Book: Shameful Consequence, A)
Constantine - (Book: Shameful Consequence, A (large print))
Cassie Summers - (Book: Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding)
Celeste Cavanaugh - (Book: Shameless)
Camilla Greenley - (Book: Shameless (ebook))
Camilla Greenley - (Book: Shameless (Hardcover))
Camilla Greenley - (Book: Shameless (reissue))
Cece Caruso - (Book: Shamus in the Green Room)
Cece Caruso - (Book: Shamus in the Green Room (reissue))
Courtney Kaufman - (Book: Shape of My Heart, The)
Chantel - (Book: Shattered Legacy)
Catherine Melbourne - (Book: Shattered Rainbows)
Caitlyn O'Connell - (Book: Shattered Souls)
Clarissa - (Book: Shawnee Bride)
Caro Hartlan - (Book: She Caught the Sheriff)
Caro Hartlan - (Book: She Caught the Sheriff (reissue))
Clara Carter - (Book: She Walks in Beauty)
Claire Drummond - (Book: She'll Never Live)
Chloe Rose - (Book: She's Got Issues)
Camille Roberts - (Book: She's Gotta Have It)
Charlene - (Book: She's No Angel)
Cassandra Klein - (Book: Sheik and I, The)
Catherine Benning - (Book: Sheik's Bartered Bride, The)
Casey Michaels - (Book: Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights)
Chloe Randall - (Book: Sheikh, The)
Cassie Tate - (Book: Shelter In His Arms)
Celeste Langley - (Book: Shelter of His Arms, The)
Claire Wilcox - (Book: Sheltering Love, A)
Corrie Tybourne Barrett - (Book: Sherbrooke Twins)
Christy Manning - (Book: Sheriff Takes a Wife, The)
Carly Taggert - (Book: Sheriff's Daughter, The)
Carly Taggert - (Book: Sheriff's Daughter, The (large print))
Caitlyn Cavanaugh - (Book: Sheriff's Second Chance, The)
Callie Watson - (Book: Sherlock and Watson)
Caitlin MacDonald - (Book: Shifters, The)
Carrie Sawyer - (Book: Shiver)
Celeste Beauchamp - (Book: Shiver and Spice)
Carly Ryan - (Book: Shiver At Twilight, A)
Caroline Verlaine - (Book: Shivering Sands, The)
Caroline Verlaine - (Book: Shivering Sands, The [reissue])
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Shockball)
Callie Ryder - (Book: Shockingly Simple)
Caitlyn Brown - (Book: Shooting Star)
Callie Duflay - (Book: Shore Thing, A)
Caro Moore - (Book: Shotgun Daddy)
Caroline Tuttle - (Book: Shoulda Been A Cowboy)
Charlie Berglund - (Book: Shower of Stars)
Cassandra - (Book: Shy Bride, The)
Corrine Mallory - (Book: Sicilian Millionaire, Bought Bride)
Corinne Mallory - (Book: Sicilian Millionaire, Bought Bride (UK))
Catherine Masters - (Book: Sicilian's Bought Bride, The)
Cass - (Book: Sicilian's Defiant Mistress, The)
Cara Delaney - (Book: Sicilian's Unexpected Duty, The)
Charlotte Damaris Eaton - (Book: Side By Side)
Claire - (Book: Sighs Matter)
Claire - (Book: Sighs Matters (ebook))
Clementine - (Book: Sigma (ebook))
Caterina da Vinci - (Book: Signora da Vinci)
Claire Barlow - (Book: Silence Knight)
Cameron Somerton - (Book: Silence the Whispers)
Catelyn Clark - (Book: Silent Fury, A)
Cathy Cantrell - (Book: Silent Killer)
Cali Ellis - (Book: Silent Warrior)
Coral Kendall - (Book: Silk)
China Warrick - (Book: Silk and Splendor)
Chantelle Burke - (Book: Silver Angel)
Chantelle Burke - (Book: Silver Angel (ebook))
Catherine Tierney - (Book: Silver Bells)
Caitlan - (Book: Silver Bullet Affair, The)
Camry Parker - (Book: Silver Desires)
Candace Gates Murdock - (Book: Silver Linings)
Claire Montgomery - (Book: Silver Linings)
Cadence City - (Book: Silver Master)
Celeste Ritsuko - (Book: Silver Mirrors)
Caroline - (Book: Silver Shilling, The)
Cassandra Valentine - (Book: Simply Decadent)
Cassandra Valentine - (Book: Simply Decadent (ebook))
Casey McCloy - (Book: Simply Irresistable)
Cassandra (Cassie) Zerek - (Book: Simply Love)
Claudia Martin - (Book: Simply Perfect (Hardcover))
Catherine Luck - (Book: Simply Scandalous)
Catherine Luck - (Book: Simply Scandalous (reissue))
Catherine Luck - (Book: Simply Scandalous (reissue))
Charlotte Black - (Book: Sin No More)
Clementina Smythe - (Book: Sin With a Scoundrel)
Caragh O Bannon - (Book: Sin With a Viking, To)
Claudia Montgomery - (Book: Sinful Attraction)
Celia Penniford - (Book: Sinful in Satin)
Chloe Sinclair - (Book: Sinfully Sexy )
Charlene Quinn - (Book: Sing Your Pleasure)
Charlotte Porter - (Book: Single Dad's Marriage Wish, The)
Cassie Barrington - (Book: Single Man Meets Single Mom)
Carolina Weldon - (Book: Single Season, A)
Cassandra Leigh - (Book: Singled Out)
Claire Carrington - (Book: Singular Miss Carrington, The)
Coll - (Book: Sink or Swim)
Clarissa - (Book: Sinner Who Seduced Me, The)
Chastity Byrnes - (Book: Sinners and Saints)
Catriona - (Book: Sins of a Highland Devil)
Candy Morgan - (Book: Sins of the Father)
Caterina Shaw - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Calliope Kane - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Cassie Wilson - (Book: Sins of the Night)
Camille Fontenot - (Book: Sins Of The Storm )
Claire Ashcroft - (Book: Sins of Viscount Sutherland, The)
Cynthia Wells - (Book: Sioux Splendor)
Constance Lehane - (Book: Sir Flynn and Lady Constance)
Celia Graves - (Book: Siren Song)
Charlene Madison - (Book: Six Feet Under)
Cassie Burdette - (Book: Six Strokes Under)
Charley Davidson - (Book: Sixth Grave on the Edge (hardcover))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Sixth Grave on the Edge (paperback))
Carrie Benton - (Book: Size Matters)
Camilla - (Book: Skeleton Women)
Chantel O'Hurley - (Book: Skin Deep)
Clemintine Cooper - (Book: Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched (hardcover))
Clementine Cooper - (Book: Skinny Bitch in Love)
Califa Claxton - (Book: Skypirate, The)
Cam Bradley - (Book: Slashed (ebook))
Calandra Jones - (Book: Slave of Desire)
Caroline Palmer - (Book: Slave to Love (ebook))
Cecily Sinclair Baxter - (Book: Slay Bells)
Cat Deveney - (Book: Sleeper Awakes, The (ebook))
Cat Deveney - (Book: Sleeper Awakes, The (paperback))
Christine Douglas - (Book: Sleeper, The: Any Witch Way Cafe (ebook))
Coco Wild - (Book: Sleeping Beauty)
Cassandra Jones - (Book: Sleeping Beauty & the Marine)
Coco Wild - (Book: Sleeping Beauty (ebook))
Charlotte Summers - (Book: Sleeping With Paris)
Catriona Hurst - (Book: Sleepless in Scotland)
Christine Derrick - (Book: Slightly Dangerous)
Claudia Harris - (Book: Slow Burn)
Conneca Sheridan - (Book: Slow Motion)
Callie Benson - (Book: Small Favor, A)
Charlotte Burns - (Book: Small-Town Family)
Charlotte Burns - (Book: Small-Town Family (Large Print))
Cassidy Blake - (Book: Smoke and Mirrors)
Chloe Davis - (Book: Smoke Screen)
Clarissa Rue Hawthorne - (Book: Smoke Thief, The (paperback))
Clarissa Rue Hawthorne - (Book: Smoke Thief, The (hardcover))
Catherine Marais - (Book: Smolder)
Cathy Timmerman - (Book: Smooth Moves)
Camilla Ryland - (Book: Smooth Operator)
Claire McLeod - (Book: sMothering)
Corralie Somerford - (Book: Smuggler's Daughter, The)
Constance - (Book: Snow Angel)
Chantel Miller - (Book: Snow Baby)
Colleen Bryan - (Book: Snow Bride)
Cat O'Connor - (Book: Snowbound at Christmas)
Clare Thornton - (Book: Snowbound Heart)
Clare Thornton - (Book: Snowbound Heart (ebook))
Clare Thornton - (Book: Snowbound Heart (Hardcover))
Clare Thornton
Kelly Hartly
- (Book: Snowbound Heart
Captive Kisses)
Cath Morgan - (Book: Snowbound Reunion)
Crystal - (Book: Snowbound With her Hero)
Crystal - (Book: Snowbound With her Hero (large print))
Charlotte Thompson - (Book: Snowbound With Love)
Caitlin Bennett - (Book: Snowfall)
Casey Caravetta - (Book: Snowflakes and Silver Linings (large print))
Candle O'Keefe - (Book: So Close to the Flame)
Corie Trenton - (Book: So Little Time)
Charlie Allington - (Book: So Tough to Tame)
Caty McCowan - (Book: So Wild My Heart)
Clemmie Colshannon - (Book: Society Girls)
Carlie Forrest - (Book: Soldier & the Baby, The)
Chessey Banks Bailey - (Book: Soldier and the Society Girl)
Chrissie Evans - (Book: Soldier Comes Home, A)
Celia Munoz - (Book: Soldier's Family, A)
Celia Munoz - (Book: Soldier's Family, A (Large Print))
Claire Henderson - (Book: Soldier's Heart, A)
Connie Halloran - (Book: Soldier's Homecoming, A)
Cory Farland - (Book: Soldier's Redemption, A)
Carrie Rand - (Book: Soldier's Return, A)
Charli Reed - (Book: Solid Gold Seduction)
Cat Kincaid - (Book: Solitaire)
Clarice - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening)
Clarice - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening (reissue))
Clarice - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening (reissue))
Claire Maxfield - (Book: Some Kind of Magic)
Carol Baker - (Book: Some Kind Of Wonderful)
Caitlyn Devereaux - (Book: Some Kind of Wonderful)
Catriona MacColl - (Book: Some Like It Scot)
Caroline Prater - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
Caroline Prater - (Book: Somebody's Baby (Large Print))
Charity O'Clare - (Book: Somebody's Hero)
Chyna - (Book: Somebody's Sinning in My Bed)
Cammie Miller - (Book: Someday Soon)
Claudia Ryland - (Book: Someone To Love)
Cecilia Jane Birch - (Book: Someone To Protect Her)
Catelyn Caldwell - (Book: Someone to Trust)
Charly Delacroix - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Her)
Cecily Scatterton - (Book: Something About Cecily)
Cameron Lynde - (Book: Something About You)
Cash Champagne - (Book: Something Borrowed)
Charlie - (Book: Something Missing)
Charity Wilde - (Book: Something Wild)
Callie Lester - (Book: Something Worth Fighting For (ebook))
Cameron Hayes - (Book: Somewhere a Song)
Cristy Haviland - (Book: Somewhere Between Luck and Trust (reissue))
Caitlin Dawes - (Book: Song for Caitlin, A)
Callista Melbourne - (Book: Song From the Sea)
Carlotta - (Book: Song Of The Siren, The)
Callie Townsend - (Book: Sonoran Love Song)
Callie Townsend - (Book: Sonoran Love Song (reissue))
Cinnia - (Book: Sorceress of Belmair, The (reprint))
Cari Dolan - (Book: Soul Kissed)
Carla Fisk - (Book: Soul Magic)
Cheryl Houston - (Book: Soul Mates)
Claire Montoya - (Book: Sounding Brass, A)
Charlotte Butterfield - (Book: Southern Comfort)
Cassandra Brennan - (Book: Southern Reunion, A)
Cassandra Brennan - (Book: Southern Reunion, A (large print))
Caitlyn Ross - (Book: Spaniard's Seduction)
Cassandra - (Book: Spaniard's Seduction, The)
Carmen de Santiago y Montero - (Book: Spanish Bride, The)
Catherine of Aragon - (Book: Spanish Bride, The)
Carmen Montero - (Book: Spanish Bride, The (ebook))
Cassie Hayes - (Book: Spanish Disco)
Caroline Newbury - (Book: Spanish Husband, The)
Countess Caroline Moncrief - (Book: Sparhawk's Lady)
Carly Finn - (Book: Special Agent's Perfect Cover)
Cassie Allen - (Book: Special Assignment)
Catlin Clark - (Book: Special Effects)
Crystal Jennings - (Book: Special Order Groom)
Crystal Jennings - (Book: Special Order Groom (ebook))
Catherine Cantrell - (Book: Special Touches)
Chloe Hobbs - (Book: Spells and Stitches)
Chardonnay Russell - (Book: Spencer's Forbidden Passion)
Cayenne - (Book: Spider Game)
Chilly Winthrop - (Book: Spies And Lovers (ebook))
Cleo Sonterra - (Book: Spin Devil)
Celia Langston - (Book: Spinster's Luck. A)
Cat - (Book: Spirit of the Wolf)
Caroline Garvey - (Book: Spirited Miss Caroline, The)
Cristina - (Book: Splendid Legacy, The)
Catherine Brown - (Book: Splendid Scheme, A)
Carolyn Browne - (Book: Splendor)
Cassandra - (Book: Splendor)
Cassidy York - (Book: Split Images)
Cecilia - (Book: Spring Thaw)
Clara Slabaugh - (Book: Spring's Renewal)
Chloe Hobbs - (Book: Spun By Sorcery)
Casmir Balasi - (Book: Spy with the Silver Lining, The)
Carly Winters - (Book: Squeeze Play)
Clare Cummings - (Book: Squire's Daughter, The)
Cressida Mandeville - (Book: St. Raven)
Cassy Collins - (Book: Stable Relationship, A (ebook))
Catherine Moore - (Book: Stallion Magic)
Chelsea Spencer, Computer programmer - (Book: Stand-in Groom)
Chloe Stanforth - (Book: Stanforth Secrets, The)
Chloe Stanforth - (Book: Stanforth Secrets, The)
Crystal Wyatt - (Book: Star)
Cate Cahill - (Book: Star Cursed (hardcover))
Crysten - (Book: Star For a Ring, A)
Candice Armstrong - (Book: Star of Babylon)
Claire Rushing - (Book: Star Song)
Charity Prescott - (Book: Star-Crossed Lovers)
Cherijo Grey Veil - (Book: Stardoc)
Cherry Cochran - (Book: Stardust Dreams)
Cassie Gordon - (Book: StarJumper's Bride)
Cora MacGillivray - (Book: Starlight)
Carrie Slayton - (Book: Starry Night (hardcover))
Carrie Slayton - (Book: Starry Night (paperback))
Cassie Bentbrooke - (Book: Starstruck)
Claire Mackenzie - (Book: Starstruck)
Christina Renshaw - (Book: Stay the Night)
Calla - (Book: Stay with Me)
Claire Grant - (Book: Staying Alive)
Chantal - (Book: Steadfast Heart, The)
Chloe Callet - (Book: Steadfast Soldier)
Cassie Neill - (Book: Stealing Shadows)
Cassie Neill - (Book: Stealing Shadows (reissue))
Charlotte de Ney - (Book: Steel's Edge)
Callie Cummings - (Book: Still Irresistible)
Cornelia Sterling - (Book: Still Life With Elephant)
Callie Farrell - (Book: Still Sweet on Him)
Chione - (Book: Sting Of The Concubine)
Clea Rice - (Book: Stolen)
Cianda D'Rouchert - (Book: Stolen Fire)
Clare Hoyland - (Book: Stolen Heiress)
Clare Hoyland - (Book: Stolen Heiress (UK))
Callie - (Book: Stolen Princess, The)
Christie Lovejoy - (Book: Storm Bound)
Catherine - (Book: Storm Flower)
Catherine Enderly - (Book: Stormfire)
Chelsea Tedman - (Book: Stranded with a Stranger)
Cassie Garrison - (Book: Stranded With The Tempting Stranger)
Charity Wills - (Book: Strange Attractions)
Cassandra Mercer - (Book: Strange Bedfellows)
Caleen Brady - (Book: Strange Bedfellows)
Callahan Garrity's - (Book: Strange Brew)
Clemence - (Book: Stranger at the Gate)
Cambria - (Book: Stranger In the Family, A)
Chloe Davidson - (Book: Stranger in the Shadows)
Callie Wisdom - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Cindy Masters - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Christy Parker - (Book: Strategy for Marriage)
Cassie Halloway - (Book: Stress & The City)
Colleen Montgomery - (Book: Strictly Confidential)
Cass Jameson - (Book: Stripped Down)
Cory Brandel - (Book: Strong Hot Winds (reprint))
Cory Brandel - (Book: Strong, Hot Winds)
Clarissa Lindsey - (Book: Study of Seduction, The)
Catherine Lang - (Book: Substitute Wife, The)
Corrie Braydon - (Book: Suburban Renewal)
Catherine Lambert - (Book: Such Sweet Poison)
Charity Emerson - (Book: Suddenly)
Christine Morrow - (Book: Suddenly)
Cheyenne Tarantino - (Book: Suddenly..Marriage)
Claire Woodson - (Book: Sugar Baby)
Cynthia, Lady Chattington - (Book: Suitable Marriage, A)
Caitlyn Kildare - (Book: Sullivan's Child)
Casidy St. John - (Book: Sullivan's Woman)
Caramarena Cantrell - (Book: Sultry Nights)
Claire Danner Crispin - (Book: Summer Affair, A)
Cassie - (Book: Summer at Tiffany's)
Cassandra Morrison - (Book: Summer Heat)
Claire Turner - (Book: Summer Hideaway, The)
Claire Turner - (Book: Summer Hideaway, The (reprint))
Caroline Tolbertson - (Book: Summer is for Lovers)
Caryn Edwards - (Book: Summer Magic)
Cassie - (Book: Summer of the Storm)
Carly Foster - (Book: Summer Promises)
Cathy - (Book: Summer Replacement)
Cassandra - (Book: Summer Rose)
Cara Stone - (Book: Summer Sky)
Clemency Cameron - (Book: Summer's End)
Claire - (Book: Summon the Keeper)
Chloe Saunders - (Book: Summoning, The (Hardcover))
Carlee Denton - (Book: Sun-kissed Baby)
Charlotte Dow - (Book: Sundays Are For Murder)
Chloe Kingsley - (Book: Sunrise on the Mediterranean)
Colette Connor - (Book: Sunset Promises)
Colette Conner - (Book: Sunset Promises)
Catherine Caden - (Book: Sunshine and Satin)
Courtney - (Book: Sup With the Devil)
Candace Fletcher - (Book: Surgeon's Love-Child, The)
Casey Oakes - (Book: Surprise Christmas Bride,The)
Cathryn Bracken - (Book: Surprised by Love)
Candace Marston - (Book: Surprising Lady Rochdale, The)
Cassie Neal - (Book: Surrender)
Celeste Jackson - (Book: Surrender the Dark)
Cassandra Channing - (Book: Surrender the Dawn)
Cybele - (Book: Survival's Price)
Chloe Hamilton - (Book: Suspect)
Chelsea McQuaid - (Book: Sustained)
Cassidy Clayton - (Book: Sweeping the Bride Away)
Chelsea - (Book: Sweet)
Candy - (Book: Sweet Betrayal)
Carina DiGratia Shephard - (Book: Sweet Boundless)
Caroline - (Book: Sweet Caroline (ebook))
Caroline McGuire - (Book: Sweet Caroline's Keeper)
Caroline Brandon - (Book: Sweet Desire)
Claire Wilder - (Book: Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel)
Carrie Wiggins - (Book: Sweet Everlasting)
Cat Carson - (Book: Sweet Harmony)
Cindy - (Book: Sweet Persuasion)
Caroline Pembroke - (Book: Sweet Piracy)
Caroline Pembroke - (Book: Sweet Piracy (ebook))
Cindy Stewart - (Book: Sweet Promise)
Cassie Blakewell - (Book: Sweet Release)
Clementina Hythe - (Book: Sweet Sacrifice)
Crystal Eaton - (Book: Sweet Silver Bells)
Catherine May - (Book: Sweet Spot)
Charla Rae Denny - (Book: Sweet Spot, The)
Cidra - (Book: Sweet Starfire)
Cidra - (Book: Sweet Starfire (reissue))
Christianna St. Sebastien - (Book: Sweet Summer Storm)
Cathy Davidson - (Book: Sweet Surrender)
Caroline Hutton - (Book: Sweet Suspicions)
Claire Keyes - (Book: Sweet Talk)
Caitlin - (Book: Sweet Ultimatum)
Catherine - (Book: Sweet Wind of Morning)
Cai McIntyre - (Book: Sweetest Taboo)
Callie - (Book: Sweetheart Lost and Found)
Charlotte Huntington - (Book: Swept Away)
Candy Calder - (Book: Swept Away)
Carly Stewart - (Book: Swept Away)
Charlotte Downing - (Book: Swept Away)
Chloe Abrams - (Book: Swept Away by the Tycoon)
Coreen Fraser - (Book: Swept off Her Stilettos)
Coreen Fraser - (Book: Swept off Her Stilettos (large print))
Charlotte - (Book: Switch, The)
Charlie - (Book: Switch, The (reissue))
Catherine - (Book: Sword and the Swan, The)
Carley Reed - (Book: Table by the Window, A)
Cassie Graham - (Book: Table for Two)
Cassandra Willows - (Book: Taboo)
Chris Burns - (Book: Tailor-Made)
Clare Anderson - (Book: Tainted Love)
Cleo Quinn - (Book: Take a Chance on Me)
Casey Meyers - (Book: Take It Like a Vamp (ebook))
Caitlyn Culver - (Book: Take Me (ebook))
Claire Parker - (Book: Take Me Home)
Caitlin Petrunak - (Book: Take the Risk)
Cate Summerfield - (Book: Taken By The Maverick Millionaire)
Cate Summerfield - (Book: Taken By The Maverick Millionaire (UK))
Chelle Landon - (Book: Taken Home)
Cassie - (Book: Taken Over)
Cassie - (Book: Taken Over (Collector's Edition))
Cassie Gambol - (Book: Taking Chase)
Chloe Vaughn - (Book: Taking Chloe (ebook))
Chessy - (Book: Taking It All)
Charlotte Walker - (Book: Talent for Trickery, A)
Cassy Thompson - (Book: Talisman, The)
Claudia - (Book: Talk Dirty to Me (ebook))
Catherine Hayward - (Book: Talk of the Town)
Christie St. John - (Book: Talking Dirty with the CEO)
Cilla Swanner - (Book: Tall, Dark and Kilted)
Chloe Steele - (Book: Tall, Dark and Royal (ebook))
Consuelo Rodriquez - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Dangerous)
Chanah - (Book: Talon's Trophy)
Cecilia Amanda - (Book: Tame the Wild Wind)
Cicely Milburn - (Book: Tamed by the Barbarian )
Camille Pryce - (Book: Taming an Impossible Rogue)
Charlotte Quade - (Book: Taming Charlotte)
Cassie Wade - (Book: Taming of Reid Donovan, The)
Chelsea Mills-Beckman - (Book: Taming of the Rake, The)
Caitrin Macloed - (Book: Taming of the Wolf, The)
Caitlin McCord - (Book: Taming of Tyler Kincaid, The)
Countess of Briaburn - (Book: Taming The Barbarian)
Cameron - (Book: Taming, The)
Chris - (Book: Tandem)
Carla Ambrosi - (Book: Tangled Affair, A)
Corrie Grant - (Book: Tangled Memories)
Carly Abernathy - (Book: Tangled Triumphs)
Catherine Craig - (Book: Tangled Vows)
Celia Marcombe - (Book: Tangled Web, A)
Carla Anderson - (Book: Target Engaged)
Cherry St. Croix - (Book: Tarnished)
Celia Sutton - (Book: Tarnished Rose of Court)
Claudia Bloom - (Book: Tart)
Constance Seaforth - (Book: Tart Shoppe, The)
Chardonnay St. Pierre - (Book: Taste of Chardonnay, A)
Cat - (Book: Taste of Ice, A)
Charlott Marks - (Book: Taste of Rich Things, A)
Charlotte Holden - (Book: Taste of Sugar, A)
Candice Warner - (Book: Tasting Candy (ebook))
Cara Larsen - (Book: Taurus: Sons of Solaris 2)
Colleen Skelly - (Book: Taylor's Temptation)
Celia Marianna Penmaris - (Book: Tea Planter's Bride, The)
Cecily Sterling - (Book: Tea Shop on Lavender Lane, The)
Charlotte Moore - (Book: Teach Me a Lesson)
Charlotte Witherspoon - (Book: Tears of Amun)
Celeste Fanucci - (Book: Tell It To Naomi)
Carolee Burns - (Book: Tell Me Why)
Chloe Franklin - (Book: Tell Me You Need Me)
Chantal duPont - (Book: Temperatures Rising)
Chantal duPont - (Book: Temperatures Rising (reissue))
Charity Prindle - (Book: Tempest)
Caroline Rayner - (Book: Tempestuous Flame, The)
Catherine - (Book: Tempestuous Reunion)
Constance Cadwallender - (Book: Temple's Prize)
Cherry Whitelaw - (Book: Temporary Groom, The)
Cassandra Palmer - (Book: Tempt the Stars)
Callie Smith - (Book: Temptation)
Callie Smith - (Book: Temptation (reissue))
Christina O'Reilly - (Book: Temptation Texas Style!)
Chelsea Wickersham - (Book: Temptation's Kiss)
Cate - (Book: Tempted by Dr. Morales)
Cora - (Book: Tempted by Trouble (hardcover))
Cora - (Book: Tempted by Trouble (paperback))
Caroline Graham - (Book: Tempted by Your Touch)
Caroline Graham - (Book: Tempted by Your Touch (reissue))
Cece Cassidy - (Book: Tempted Into the Tycoon's Trap)
Christina - (Book: Tempting)
Christine Tremayne - (Book: Tempting)
Christine Tremayne - (Book: Tempting (ebook / revised))
Carlinda Donnelly - (Book: Tempting A Texan)
Christy Wallace - (Book: Tempting Adam)
Chloe Dawson - (Book: Tempting Cameron (ebook))
Clotho Moirae - (Book: Tempting Fate (ebook))
Chandra Loring - (Book: Tempting Stranger, A)
Crickitt Day - (Book: Tempting the Billionaire)
Crickitt Day - (Book: Tempting the Billionaire)
Catherine Daniels - (Book: Tempting the Highlander)
Camilla Anderson - (Book: Tempting the New Boss (ebook))
Claire - (Book: Tempting Trace)
Carol Glendower - (Book: Tempting, The)
Christiana Montgomery Mathison - (Book: Temptress, The)
Cassie Aldridge - (Book: Tender Trap)
Carina DiGratia Shephard - (Book: Tender Vine, The)
Cassandra Clayton - (Book: Terms of Love)
Connie Harmon - (Book: Test of Love, The)
Christine Ludan - (Book: Testimony, The)
Cissy Kisserton - (Book: Tex Times Ten)
Cissy Kisserton - (Book: Tex Times Ten (reissue))
Cissy Kisserton - (Book: Tex Times Ten (ebook))
Charlotte Beauchamp - (Book: Tex's Exasperating Heiress)
Cassie McMann - (Book: Texan and the Cowgirl, The)
Camille Avanole - (Book: Texan's Contract Marriage, The)
Christine Roberts - (Book: Texan's Lady, The)
Carly Baron - (Book: Texan's Little Secret, The)
Cara - (Book: Texan's Wedding Night Wager)
Caroline Bromley - (Book: Texas Angel)
Coleen Collins - (Book: Texas Cooking)
Charlene Singer - (Book: Texas Fire)
Claire Hannaford - (Book: Texas Forever)
Cordelia McQueen - (Book: Texas Glory)
Cassidy Calhoun - (Book: Texas Heat)
Charli - (Book: Texas Heat)
Cari Michaels - (Book: Texas Heir)
Caroline Coopersmith - (Book: Texas Magic)
Callie Riley - (Book: Texas Millionaire)
Claire Davidson - (Book: Texas on My Mind)
Carla Reece - (Book: Texas Pride)
Cara Windsor - (Book: Texas Renegade Return, The)
Callie Tucker - (Book: Texas Thunder)
Clara - (Book: Texas Twilight)
Caroline Benet - (Book: Texas Wedding for their Baby's Sake)
Caitlin Santerre - (Book: Texas-Sized Temptation)
Caitlin - (Book: Thank You for Riding (ebook))
Christina Kempf - (Book: Thankful)
Claudia Masters - (Book: Thanksgiving Prayer (reissue))
Clair Beauchamp - (Book: That Blackhawk Bride)
Cassie McGuire - (Book: That Last Night in Texas)
Casey Jones - (Book: That Mysterious Texas Brand Man)
Courtney - (Book: That Other Woman)
Cathy Thompson - (Book: That Wintry Feeling)
Corrie Bennington - (Book: Their First Noel)
Caitlin - (Book: Their Secret Baby)
Callie Ward - (Book: Theirs to Cherish)
Camilla - (Book: Theory of Attraction, The (ebook))
Carly Spencer - (Book: There's Always Plan B)
Cassandra Dell Winston - (Book: They Called Her Mrs. Doc)
Charlotte Rooker - (Book: Thicker Than Water)
Cassandra - (Book: Thief of Dreams)
Casey - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Clanci James - (Book: Thief of Midnight)
Claire Willoughby - (Book: Thing About Men, The)
Charlotte Gold - (Book: Things We Cherished, The (hardcover))
Charlotte Gold - (Book: Things We Cherished, The (paperback))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Third Grave Dead Ahead (hardcover))
Charley Davidson - (Book: Third Grave Dead Ahead (paperback))
Caitlyn Coryell - (Book: Thirty Nights With A Highland Husband)
Calico Nash - (Book: This Gun for Hire)
Claire Elliot - (Book: This Laird of Mine)
Charity Woodstock - (Book: This Loving Torment)
Christina Malcolm Childe - (Book: This Magic Moment)
Christel Douglas - (Book: This Perfect Kiss)
Carly Kiernan - (Book: This Rough Magic)
Caroline Wetherby - (Book: This Side of Heaven)
Cyn Porter - (Book: This Side of Heaven)
Cat Crawford - (Book: This Side of the Grave)
Celia Muir - (Book: Thistle and the Rose, The)
Corinna - (Book: Thorn in Paradise, A)
Caro - (Book: Threat Of Love, The)
Christy de la Cruz - (Book: Three Kings, The)
Cloe Matthews - (Book: Three Kisses)
Charlotte Brandon - (Book: Three Schemes and a Scandal)
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Three-Course Mystery )
Catherine Nelson - (Book: Thrice Familiar)
Cori - (Book: Thrill Me to Death)
Cherri - (Book: Thrown for a Curve)
Christina Davis - (Book: Thrown for a Loss)
Clarissa - (Book: Thrust, The (ebook))
Clare Morgan - (Book: Thunder and Roses)
Celia Anders - (Book: Thursday's Child)
Carly Randal - (Book: Tiger Magic)
Caren Blakemore - (Book: Tiger Prince)
Calista Langley - (Book: Til Death Do Us Part (hardcover))
Catherine Dunnan - (Book: Till Next We Meet)
Callie Redding - (Book: Time for Home, A)
Cordelia Grant - (Book: Time of the Hunter's Moon, The)
Chloe Tanner - (Book: Time To Protect, A)
Clare - (Book: Time Traveler's Wife, The)
Cassie Stone - (Book: Time Weaver)
Connie Ortiz - (Book: Time Will Tell)
Cara Bramwell - (Book: Time's Tapestry)
Caladonia Hornsby - (Book: Timepool)
Christina Hardcastle - (Book: Tiny Little Thing)
Connie Quintanilla - (Book: To Catch a Dream)
Charity Caldwell
U.S. Marshal
- (Book: To Catch a Husband)
Callipoe Chase - (Book: To Catch a Rogue)
Caroline Trent - (Book: To Catch an Heiress)
Caroline Graves - (Book: To Charm a Naughty Countess)
Claire Fergusson - (Book: To Darkness and to Death (ebook))
Clio Chase - (Book: To Deceive a Duke)
Cassie McGann - (Book: To Hear a Nightingale)
Chandra Lansing - (Book: To Hold an Eagle)
Crystal Rawlins - (Book: To Kiss a Sheik)
Cassidy Payne - (Book: To Love a Ballantyne)
Christi - (Book: To Love Again)
Cindy Larson - (Book: To Love Again)
Cailin Drusus - (Book: To Love Again)
Claudia - (Book: To Love, Honor and Betray)
Claudia - (Book: To Love, Honor and Betray (reissue))
Constance Lloyd - (Book: To Marry A British Lord)
Clarissa Starnes - (Book: To Marry an Heiress)
Chloe Fox - (Book: To Marry McCloud)
Caitlin Kramer - (Book: To Protect His Own)
Caitriona Macleod - (Book: To Scotland With Love)
Charlotte Whitney - (Book: To Seduce a Rogue (ebook))
Charlotte Blakemore - (Book: To Seduce a Stranger)
Cici Bellefleur - (Book: To Tame Her Tycoon Lover)
Claire Donet - (Book: To Tame the Wind)
Chelsea Myles - (Book: To Taste the Wine)
Camile - (Book: To Tempt a Bride)
Cleo Spencer - (Book: To Tempt a Saint)
Cat Cochran - (Book: To The Ends of The Earth)
Connie Stanton - (Book: To Trust Again)
Charlotte Greene - (Book: To Wed A Wicked Earl)
Chelsea Markum - (Book: Toddler's Tale, The)
Cheyenne Sundell - (Book: Tomas: Cowboy Homecoming)
Cerise Chessienne - (Book: Tomorrow)
Crystal Baxter - (Book: Tongue-Tied)
Chloe Heart - (Book: Tonight or Never)
Cyd Thompson - (Book: Too Close for Comfort)
Cassandra McBeth - (Book: Too Familiar)
Callie Carmichael - (Book: Too Hot to Handle)
Cathy Feenstra - (Book: Too Many Babies)
Casey Croyden - (Book: Too Many Husbands)
Courtney - (Book: Too Stubborn to Marry)
Claire Lecuyer - (Book: Too Wild to Hold)
Chloe - (Book: Torn)
Charlize Edwards - (Book: Total Waste of Makeup, A)
Carrie Stanfield - (Book: Touch and Go)
Cally - (Book: Touch Me (ebook))
Catherine McClelland - (Book: Touch Not The Cat)
Claire Brooks - (Book: Touch of Steel)
Chloe Harcourt - (Book: Touch of Temptation)
Cassidy Holt - (Book: Touch of the Wolf)
Cassandra Palmer - (Book: Touch the Dark)
Chelsea Hamilton - (Book: Touch the Flame)
Chris Mallory - (Book: Touch The Heavens)
Cassandra Howard - (Book: Touched by Magic)
Cassandra Trastamara - (Book: Touchstone, The)
Caroline King - (Book: Tough Customer (hardcover))
Caroline King - (Book: Tough Customer (paperback))
Cheney Duvall, MD - (Book: Toward the Sunrising)
Cassie Davis - (Book: Town Bronze)
Carley Matheson - (Book: Trace Evidence In Tarrant County)
Corazon Bolero - (Book: Tradewind Island)
Carmela Bertrand - (Book: Tragic Magic (Hardcover))
Claire Tremaine - (Book: Training of a Marquess, The)
Calypso Collingsworth - (Book: Traitor's Kiss)
Charlotte Parnell - (Book: Traitor's Kiss)
Charlotte Hudson - (Book: Transformed into the Frenchman's Mistress)
Cady Eaton - (Book: Trapped in Tourist Town)
Charley Collins - (Book: Travelling Kind, The)
Christina Alvarez - (Book: Treasure)
Casey Donner - (Book: Treasure Creek Dad)
Chloe Timberlake - (Book: Treasure Man, The)
Caralyn McCreigh - (Book: Treasure Worth Keeping, A)
Catherine "Cat" Farrell - (Book: Treasures)
Cassie Fenmore - (Book: Treasures of the Heart)
Cilla McGowan - (Book: Tribute)
Cilla McGowan - (Book: Tribute (paperback))
Candie Montgomery - (Book: Trick My Truck But Don't Mess With My Heart)
Chloe - (Book: Trick of the Light, A)
Claire Fanshaw - (Book: Triggered Response)
Cynthia Lancaster - (Book: Trilogy No. 109: Sail Away (ebook))
Charlene London - (Book: Triple Trouble)
Cricket Jasper - (Book: Triplets' Rodeo Man, The)
Christien Lenoir - (Book: Triumph in Arms)
Cat Randolph - (Book: Trouble in Texas)
Caasi - (Book: Trouble With Caasi, The)
Candace - (Book: Trouble With Josh, The)
Chelsey Stevens - (Book: Trouble With Thorny, The)
Caroline Lane - (Book: True Courage )
Cassandra Darcy - (Book: True Darcy Spirit)
Cristabel Stew - (Book: True Lady, A)
Claire Spencer - (Book: True Love (and Other Lies))
Claire Brown - (Book: True North)
Charlotte - (Book: True Paradise)
Charlie Trudeau - (Book: True Vision)
Carolyn Blue - (Book: Truffled Feathers)
Chelsea - (Book: Trust in Tomorrow (UK))
Cynthia Blaine - (Book: Trusting Again)
Christa Bellingham - (Book: Trusting Game, The)
Christa - (Book: Trusting Game, The (Large Print))
Claudia Baxter - (Book: Truth Within Dreams)
Cass McCason - (Book: Tug of War)
Christa - (Book: Tumbleweed Heart)
Chloe Reynolds - (Book: Turbulent Waters)
Catharine Marlow - (Book: Turn of the Cards)
Candy Graham - (Book: Turn Up the Heat)
Callie - (Book: Turning The Tide)
Carrie Ames - (Book: Turning, The)
Chenille Rizzo - (Book: Turquoise)
Countessa Francesca Ducci Montaldo - (Book: Tuscany)
Cassie Nordstrom - (Book: Twas the Night)
Cassie - (Book: Twelve Month Mistress, The)
Callie Quinn - (Book: Twice a Texas Bride)
Camille Dupree - (Book: Twice Blessed)
Caroline Bramwell - (Book: Twice Bought Bride, The)
Caroline Donovan - (Book: Twice in a Lifetime)
Catherine de Macon - (Book: Twilight Clear, A)
Chloe Kingsley - (Book: Twilight in Babylon)
Cash Landry - (Book: Twin Seduction)
Cara Wells - (Book: Twins Times Two!)
Camille - (Book: Twist of Fate, A)
Chloe - (Book: Twisted)
Carlie Stewart - (Book: Twisted Road to You, The)
Cassidy Shea - (Book: Twitter Girl)
Cooper Landry - (Book: Two Alone)
Carrie Warden - (Book: Two Hearts Wait)
Courtney Spenser - (Book: Two of a Kind)
Chloe Weston - (Book: Two To Tangle)
Catherine Mason - (Book: Two Weddings and a Bride)
Charity - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember)
Charity - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember)
Charity - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember (reissue))
Charity - (Book: Two Weeks to Remember (UK))
Cynthia Banester - (Book: Two Wrongs Make a Marriage)
Chelsea Callaghan - (Book: Two Wrongs, One Right (ebook))
Courtney - (Book: Two-Way Street)
Clara Dawson - (Book: Tycoon (ebook))
Corrine Martin - (Book: Tycoon For Auction)
Christina Mendoza - (Book: Tycoon in Texas, A)
Claire Stenson - (Book: Tycoon's Bride, The)
Cressy - (Book: Tycoon's Mistress, The)
Chloe Murdock - (Book: Tycoon's Tots, The)
Calla Fellura - (Book: Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght)
Chloe Sachs - (Book: Un-Bridaled)
Cassie Boudreaux - (Book: Unauthorized Passion)
Cassiel - (Book: Unbroken)
Carly Denton - (Book: Unbuttoned (ebook novella))
Chloe Hardwick - (Book: Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick)
Caroline Maxwell - (Book: Uncertain Destiny)
Cidra Faulkner - (Book: Unchained)
Catherine - (Book: Uncivil Servant, An)
Constance Jennings - (Book: Unclaimed Bride)
Charlotte Ashcroft - (Book: Unconventional Courtship, An (novella))
Cecilia Warden - (Book: Undeniable (ebook))
Cynthia Fitzwilliam - (Book: Under a Lucky Star)
Carolyn Connor - (Book: Under a Vampire Moon)
Celestina Sala - (Book: Under Contract (ebook))
Corrine Shannon - (Book: Under Fire)
Catalina Nicholson - (Book: Under Pressure)
Cassie Grey - (Book: Under the Boss's Mistletoe)
Cassie Grey - (Book: Under the Boss's Mistletoe (Large Print))
Claire Samson - (Book: Under the Gun)
Celia Cross - (Book: Undercover Mistress)
Caroline - (Book: Undercover Scoundrel, The)
Ciara O'Malley - (Book: Undercover Stranger)
Cassiel - (Book: Undone)
Chloe Daniels - (Book: Undone by His Touch)
Calla Tucker - (Book: Undone by Moonlight)
Cate Talbot Palmer - (Book: Unexpected Babies)
Carey Langford - (Book: Unexpected Complication )
Carey Langford - (Book: Unexpected Complication)
Charlotte Engle - (Book: Unexpected Engagement, An)
Caroline Talbot Manning - (Book: Unexpected Marriage)
Caroline - (Book: Unexpected Sister, The)
Caroline Rossi - (Book: Unexpectedly Yours (ebook))
Christy Madaris - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Caitlyn Morris - (Book: Unfogettable)
Casey Carmichael - (Book: Unforgettable Bride)
Cecelia Harcourt - (Book: Unforgettable Hero, The (ebook))
Courage - (Book: Unforgettable Man, An)
Courage Bingham - (Book: Unforgettable Man, An (UK))
Caitlin McDonell - (Book: Unforgiven)
Catherine - (Book: Unforgotten)
Chess Putnam - (Book: Unholy Ghosts)
Chess Putnam - (Book: Unholy Magic)
Cassiel - (Book: Unknown)
Carrinne Wilmington - (Book: Unknown Daughter, The)
Catherine Casey - (Book: Unknown Sister, The)
Caroline Medford - (Book: Unleashed)
Cara Medlen - (Book: Unleashed)
Casey McTaggert - (Book: Unleashing the Tiger)
Claire Delany - (Book: Unlikely Hero)
Claire Delany - (Book: Unlikely Hero (reissue))
Claire Betancourt - (Book: Unlikely Match, An)
Christine McMullen - (Book: Unmanned)
Charlotte Marchand - (Book: Unmasked)
Christine DaaŽ - (Book: Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of The Opera )
Chasitity Somers - (Book: Unmistakeable Rogue, An)
Christina McMullen - (Book: Unplugged)
Claudia Talton - (Book: Unquestionable Lady, An)
Charlotte - (Book: Unsafe Harbour)
Christina McMullen - (Book: Unscrewed)
Catherine Braxton - (Book: Unscrupulous Uncle, The)
Cassiel - (Book: Unseen)
Charlotte Graham - (Book: Unspoken)
Clarisse Carrington - (Book: Untamed (hardcover))
Carina Lockett - (Book: Untamed Cowboy)
Catherine Wright - (Book: Until It Fades)
Claire Holladay - (Book: Until September)
Claire Montoya - (Book: Until There Was You (ebook))
Cara James - (Book: Until Tomorrow )
Clementine Chevalier - (Book: Untouched by His Diamonds)
Clementine Chevalier - (Book: Untouched by His Diamonds (UK))
Clowance Masteron - (Book: Untouched by Man)
Charlotte Hobart - (Book: Unusual Bequest, A )
Clare - (Book: Unveiling Lady Clare)
Christina - (Book: Unwilling Surrender (UK))
Chrissy McMullen - (Book: Unzipped)
Chris McConnell - (Book: Up Close and Personal)
Cat Crawfield - (Book: Up From the Grave)
Callie - (Book: Upon A Midnight Clear)
Callie Randolph - (Book: Upon a Midnight Clear (reissue))
Christy Reno - (Book: Upon the Storm)
Carrie - (Book: Valentine Express (ebook))
Cathy Fremont - (Book: Valkyrie )
Cassiopeia Noyon - (Book: Valkyrie's Guardian, The)
Clare - (Book: Vampire Lover )
Colette Guidry - (Book: Vanishing, The)
Colette Guidry - (Book: Vanishing, The (large print))
Caledonia Callie Rivers - (Book: Vanquished)
Carolina Fulton - (Book: Various States of Undress: Carolina)
Cerridwen - (Book: Veil of Shadows)
Camille Bradburn - (Book: Veiled Promises)
Carnegie Kincaid - (Book: Veiled Threats)
Claire Devereux - (Book: Velvet Is the Night)
Clarice - (Book: Velvet Ribbons)
Cecily Renato - (Book: Venetian's Mistress, The)
Cady McCauley - (Book: Vengeance of Masks)
Celie Favreau - (Book: Vermont Valentine )
Candice Lowry - (Book: Very Faery Christmas, A (e-book))
Christina Frame - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The)
Christina Wakelin - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The)
Charlotte Trowbridge - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The)
Cora - (Book: Vindicate (ebook))
Clare Forrester - (Book: Violation, A)
Cassandra Archer - (Book: Viper Moon)
Calla Benson - (Book: Vipers Run)
Cynthia Deacons - (Book: Virgin and Zach Coulter, The)
Caroline Hales - (Book: Virgin on Her Wedding Night)
Catherine Pelliston - (Book: Viscount Vagabond)
Chloe Wheaton - (Book: Viscount's Frozen Heart, The (ebook))
Cordelia Barclay - (Book: Viscount's Muse (ebook))
Catharine - (Book: Viscountess of Vice)
Chloe Gresham - (Book: Vixen)
Claudine - (Book: Voices In A Haunted Room)
Claire Randall - (Book: Voyager)
Chloe Madison - (Book: Wade)
Char Lynn - (Book: Wager, The)
Caitlin Woodbridge - (Book: Wagered Wife, The)
Callie - (Book: Wagon Train Cinderella)
Connie Davis - (Book: Wait Until Dark)
Caroline Fordyce - (Book: Wait Until Midnight)
Charlotte Lange - (Book: Waiting for the Rainbow)
Colleen O'Rourke - (Book: Waiting on You)
Caitlyn Monahan - (Book: Wake Unto Me)
Caitlin Fleming - (Book: Waking the Dead)
Christina Blackburn - (Book: Waking the Princess)
Chelsea - (Book: Waking Up to Boys)
Candace Reid - (Book: Waking Up to You / Overexposed)
Clarissa Graham - (Book: Walk by Faith)
Clarissa Graham - (Book: Walk by Faith (reissue))
Caroline - (Book: Wallbanger)
Claire Jericho - (Book: Walls of Jericho)
C.J. Davis - (Book: Wanna Get to Know Ya)
Callie Glass - (Book: Wanted Man, A)
Callie Glass - (Book: Wanted Man, A (large print))
Callie Mitchell - (Book: Wanted: A Family)
Courtney Tamberlaine - (Book: Wanted: Husband, Will Train)
Caroline Mayer - (Book: Wanted: One Mommy)
Celia Carter - (Book: Wanton)
Christiana MacDowylt - (Book: Warrior Reborn)
Charlotte - (Book: Warrior's Promise, A)
Chandra de Avenell - (Book: Warrior's Song)
Callie Gabriel - (Book: Warrior, The)
Baroness Raimund
- (Book: Wary Widow, The)
Countess of Wyckend
- (Book: Wary Widow, The)
Clara Wells - (Book: Wastrel, The)
Carolyn Mathers - (Book: Watchers in the Night)
Carolyn Mathers - (Book: Watchers in the Night (reprint))
Charlotte Valentine - (Book: Watchers on the Hill)
Callie McFay - (Book: Water Witch, The )
Claire Webster - (Book: Watermelon)
Claire "Medusa" Scott - (Book: Way He Makes Me Feel, The)
Cheyenne Maddox - (Book: Way to a Rancher's Heart, The (ebook))
Callie - (Book: Way U Look Tonight)
Cecilia Waddley - (Book: Waylaid Heart, The)
Claire Davenport - (Book: Wayward Governess, The)
Charlotte Prescott - (Book: Wealthy Australian, Secret Son)
Christie McCoy - (Book: Web of Smoke)
Christie McCoy - (Book: Web of Smoke (trade reissue))
Corrie Parsons - (Book: Wed by a Will)
Charlotte Page - (Book: Wed Him Before You Bed Him)
Cynthia Sterling - (Book: Wedding Adventure, The)
Clarissa Hartman - (Book: Wedding at the Blue Moon Cafe, A (ebook))
Christine Case - (Book: Wedding Band, The)
Charity Frey - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Charity Frey - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The (UK))
Charlotte Westwood - (Book: Wedding Belle)
Callie - (Book: Wedding Belles)
Carolanne Baxter - (Book: Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes)
Caroline Scott - (Book: Wedding Cake Wishes)
Calandra - (Book: Wedding Challenge, The (reissue))
Callie Umberto - (Book: Wedding Date with Mr. Wrong)
Callie Umberto - (Book: Wedding Date with Mr. Wrong (large print))
Claire Barrington - (Book: Wedding Deception, The)
Celeste Hart - (Book: Wedding Deception, The)
Claire Atwater - (Book: Wedding Dress, The)
Chasity Duncan - (Book: Wedding Game, The)
Carrigan O'Malley - (Book: Wedding Pact, The)
Charlene Dugan - (Book: Wedding Party, The)
Charlene Dugan - (Book: Wedding Party, The (reprint))
Charity MacKay - (Book: Wedding Rescue, The)
Cecile Duletsky - (Book: Wedding Secret, The)
Caitlin Rourke - (Book: Wedding Surprise, The)
Caroline Eddington - (Book: Weddings in the Family)
Claire Walters - (Book: Weekends Required)
Caitlyn Marsh - (Book: Welcome Home Garden Club, The)
Charity Ford - (Book: Welcoming, The)
Carly Kirkwood - (Book: West Texas Bride)
Christine Grant - (Book: West Texas Weddings)
Cassie - (Book: Westin Family Ties)
Cassie - (Book: Westin Family Ties (large print))
Cecelia Sanford - (Book: What a Lady Demands (ebook))
Caitrina de Montfort - (Book: What a Lass Wants)
Cassidy Davenport - (Book: What a Woman Gets)
Charlotte Griffolino - (Book: What a Woman Needs)
Charlotte Griffonlino - (Book: What a Woman Needs (reprint))
Chloe Somersham - (Book: What Chloe Wants)
Catherine Ling - (Book: What Doesn't Kill You (hardcover))
Camille - (Book: What Happens at Christmas)
Colette Carson - (Book: What If I'm Pregnant . .?)
Cynthia Dempsey - (Book: What Lies Beneath)
Cadence Chapman - (Book: What Matters Most)
Christina Willems - (Book: What Once Was Lost)
Callie Holliday - (Book: What the Bachelor Gets)
Candi Heart/Lark Hensley - (Book: What the Heart Wants)
Caroline Grant - (Book: What to Do About Baby?)
Chaney Braxton - (Book: What You Won't Do For Love)
Charlotte - (Book: Whatever the Price)
Charlotte Sawyer - (Book: When All the Girls Have Gone (hardcover))
Cyn Potter - (Book: When Bruce Met Cyn . . .)
Courtney Glamora - (Book: When Hearts Awaken)
Collette Hamilton - (Book: When His Kiss Is Wicked)
Cora MacLaren - (Book: When Horses Fly)
Chante Campbell - (Book: When I First Saw You)
Cara - (Book: When I'm Not Myself)
Cathleen Lindsay - (Book: When Love Comes Along)
Chloe - (Book: When Love Is True)
Chloe - (Book: When Love is True)
Chloe - (Book: When Love is True (reissue))
Clair Wyndham - (Book: When Morning Comes)
Courtney Glamora - (Book: When Morning Comes Again)
Cassie Lachlin - (Book: When Night Falls)
Caris - (Book: When Passion Lies)
Cynthia - (Book: When Push Comes To Shove)
Calliope Worthington - (Book: When She Said I Do)
Courtney Allen - (Book: When She Wasn't Looking)
Courtney Allen - (Book: When She Wasn't Looking (large print))
Cheyenne Christensen - (Book: When Snow Falls)
Callie Vanetta - (Book: When Summer Comes)
Claire Lambert - (Book: When the Storm Breaks)
Cait Monahan - (Book: When Tomorrow Comes (reissue))
Chante Valentine - (Book: When Valentines Collide)
Charlotte Wylder - (Book: When You Wish Upon a Duke)
Celia St. Lys - (Book: When You're Desired)
Claire Cassiday - (Book: Where is He Now?)
Christine Turner - (Book: Where Love Abides)
Callie - (Book: Where There's a Will)
Chelsea Collins - (Book: Where There's a Will)
Claire Spencer - (Book: Where There's Smoke)
Cheney Duvall, MD - (Book: Where Two Seas Meet)
Campbell Cody - (Book: While Others Sleep)
Carla Terry - (Book: While She Was Sleeping)
Catherine Donnelly - (Book: Whirlwind Wedding)
Claire Starke - (Book: Whisky Laird's Bed, The (ebook))
Carley Rios - (Book: Whisper (ebook novella))
Cristina Fairfax - (Book: Whisper Always)
Crystal - (Book: Whisper No Lies)
Courtney Glass - (Book: Whisper of Warning)
Caitlyn - (Book: Whispered Promises)
Claire St. John - (Book: Whispers)
Claire Holland - (Book: Whispers (reprint))
Carly Linton - (Book: Whispers At Midnight)
Carol Marlowe - (Book: Whispers in Time)
Colm Fitzroy - (Book: White Heat)
Catriona MacBryan - (Book: White Heather)
Caitlin - (Book: White Hot Holidays)
Clare Lancaster - (Book: White Lies (Hardcover))
Clare Lancaster - (Book: White Lies (reissue))
Connie Matthias - (Book: White Light)
Clarice Jarrod - (Book: White Lightning)
Chrissie - (Book: White Magic: Spells to Hold You)
Cassandra Delaney - (Book: White Rose)
Cass Daniels - (Book: White Trash Beautiful)
Cass Daniels - (Book: White Trash Damaged)
Caitlin O'Conner - (Book: Who I Am)
Colleen Cassidy - (Book: Who Will She Wed)
Caitlin Taylor - (Book: Who's the Boss?)
Caroline Adkins - (Book: Who's the Daddy?)
Cyn McCall - (Book: Whole New Light, A)
Cyn McCall - (Book: Whole New Light, A)
Cyn McCall - (Book: Whole New Light, A (reprint))
Caitlin Moore - (Book: Whose Bed Is it Anyway?)
Camille Montgomery - (Book: Wicked)
Carlotta Durini - (Book: Wicked Baron, The)
Cailey Holm - (Book: Wicked Beast)
Cee Cee - (Book: Wicked Edge)
Ciara Griffin - (Book: Wicked Game)
Constance Townley
Duchess of Wellford
- (Book: Wicked Liaison, A)
Constance Townley
Duchess of Wellford
- (Book: Wicked Liaison, A (UK))
Catherine Bellamy - (Book: Wicked Lies)
Clarissa Warrington - (Book: Wicked Lord Rasenby, The)
Clarissa Warrington - (Book: Wicked Lord Rasenby, The)
Cassidy Ferrill - (Book: Wicked Night Games)
Corisande Abbott - (Book: Wicked Ways of a True Hero, The)
Caitrina Grant - (Book: Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd, The)
Corrie Saunders - (Book: Widow of Saunders Creek, The)
Cass Duval Garolini - (Book: Widow Woman)
Charlie Thomas - (Book: Widow, The)
Constance Mordaunt - (Book: Widowed Miss Mordaunt, The)
Carissa Lewis - (Book: Wife And Mother Wanted)
Carissa Lewis - (Book: Wife And Mother Wanted (UK Edition))
Chynna Sinclair - (Book: Wife By Contract)
Charli McKenna - (Book: Wife For Christmas, A)
Chloe of Guibray - (Book: Wife Test, The)
Clarice Revere - (Book: Wife Worth Waiting For, A)
Celeste Landry - (Book: Wild About You)
Carly Dumont - (Book: Wild Action)
Cassandra Sheridan - (Book: Wild and Wicked in Scotland)
Candace Anderson - (Book: Wild By Night)
Cassidy Warden - (Book: Wild Cat)
Cat D'Angelo - (Book: Wild Child)
Cat D'Angelo - (Book: Wild Child (Hardcover))
Catherine Fulton - (Book: Wild Enchantress)
Catherine Fulton - (Book: Wild Enchantress (Collector's Edition))
Clare Delaney - (Book: Wild Encounter)
Cali McGovern - (Book: Wild Fling Or a Wedding Ring?)
Christy Delacroix - (Book: Wild for Him)
Clea Wilde - (Book: Wild Heart)
Catrionna MacInnes - (Book: Wild Highland Magic)
Celine Arseneaux - (Book: Wild Jinx)
Carla Moore - (Book: Wild Knights (ebook))
Celestine - (Book: Wild Man's Curse)
Constance Pedigrue - (Book: Wild Masquerade)
Catriona - (Book: Wild Melody)
Cora Briggs - (Book: Wild Oats)
Callie - (Book: Wild One, The)
Camille Hines - (Book: Wild Ones, The)
Coco - (Book: Wild Ones, The)
Cassie Morgan - (Book: Wild Roses (reissue))
Carne Harlow - (Book: Wild Temptation)
Catherine Brousseau - (Book: Wild Virginia Nights)
Christine Pearson - (Book: Wild Weekend)
Catie Wilds - (Book: Wildcat)
Cat Devlin - (Book: Wildcat)
Cricket Wilde - (Book: Wilde For You)
Charisma Fangorn - (Book: Wilder)
Charity Beal - (Book: Wilderness Courtship)
Christine - (Book: Wilderness Inn)
Caitlin (Colorado Kate) - (Book: Wildflower)
Cassie - (Book: Will and a Wedding, A)
Caryn Stewart - (Book: Will To Love)
Clarissa - (Book: Will You Love Me In September)
Cymberly Winthrop - (Book: Willful Miss Winthrop, The)
Lady Chase
- (Book: Willful Wife, The (Hardcover))
Cassie - (Book: Willing Captive, The)
Carrie Winters - (Book: Willow Brook Road)
Charlotte Caine - (Book: Willowleaf Lane)
Callie Daniels - (Book: Win Me Over)
Courtney Farrow - (Book: Wind and the Sea, The)
Carolina Lightfoot - (Book: Windsong)
Catrin Price - (Book: Windswept )
Catrin Price - (Book: Windswept)
CJ O'Sullivan - (Book: Wing and a Prayer, A)
Cassie O'Malley - (Book: Wings)
Christy Conners - (Book: Wings Like Eagles)
Cheryl - (Book: Wings of the Dawn)
Carny Sullivan - (Book: Winner Take All)
Cecilia Riley - (Book: Winner Takes It All, The)
Courtney Clonninger - (Book: Winner's Circle, The)
Christina McKenzie - (Book: Winning the Billionaire)
Claudia Ramsey - (Book: Winter Love Story, A)
Claudia Ramsay - (Book: Winter Love Story, A (reissue))
Claudia Ramsey - (Book: Winter Love Story, A (reissue))
Claudia Ramsey - (Book: Winter Love Story, A (UK))
Claudia Ramsey - (Book: Winter Love Story, A (UK-reissue))
Carrie McClelland - (Book: Winter Sea, The)
Clara Christopher - (Book: Winter Wedding)
Cordelia Channing - (Book: Winter Woman)
Cordelia Richardson - (Book: Winter Woman, A)
Christie Bates - (Book: Wish Me Tomorrow (ebook))
Ceri McKinley - (Book: Wish Upon a Star (ebook))
Chelsey Mallon - (Book: Wish...and a Kiss, A)
Claire - (Book: Witch Heart)
Camille - (Book: Witchling)
Christine Powers - (Book: With Christmas In His Heart)
Christine Powers - (Book: With Christmas in His Heart (reissue))
Cady Kowalski - (Book: With Extreme Pleasure)
Cicely St. John - (Book: With Just One Kiss)
Claudia Barone - (Book: With Private Eyes)
Corey Fenwick - (Book: With Strings Attached (ebook))
Claire Franklin - (Book: With This Baby)
Charlotte Greenstone - (Book: With This Fling....)
Charity Winnifred Bradford - (Book: Within Reason)
Crista Santiago - (Book: Witness, The)
Cassidy Poe - (Book: Wolf at the Door)
Charity - (Book: Wolf Breeds - Aiden's Charity)
Carol Wood - (Book: Wolf Fever)
Chloe Tyler - (Book: Wolf Trap)
Calla Shaw - (Book: Wolf's Fall)
Calla Tor - (Book: Wolfsbane (hardcover))
Calla Tor - (Book: Wolfsbane (paperback))
Cecilia Lorimer - (Book: Woman of Virtue, A)
Claire Marshall - (Book: Woman to Wed)
Claire Raphael - (Book: Woman's Place,A)
Courtney James - (Book: Woman's Touch, A)
Claire Ferris - (Book: Words of the Pitcher, The)
Chareen Wolf - (Book: Working Overtime)
Caitlin Rogers - (Book: Worth Fighting For (UK))
Caitlin Rogers - (Book: Worth Fightning For)
Cat St. James - (Book: Worth the Trouble)
Charlotte “Charlie” Lawson - (Book: Worth the Wait)
Cecelia Manning - (Book: Would-Be Christmas Wedding)
Candy Baylor - (Book: Wrangler and the Rich Girl, The)
Chloe Plum - (Book: Wrapped in Wishes)
Claire - (Book: Written in My Own Heart's Blood (hardcover))
Cameron Hayes - (Book: Written on the Wind)
Catriona Duff - (Book: Wrong Bride, The)
Cinnamon Scott - (Book: Wrong Dress, Right Guy)
Chloe Patterson - (Book: Wrong Groom, Right Bride)
Christina Richmond - (Book: Wrong Miss Richmond, The)
Cassie - (Book: Wrong Wife, The)
Cassandra Riley Logan - (Book: Wyoming Widow)
Callie Parker - (Book: Yesterday)
Cressida - (Book: Yesterday's Mirror)
Christine Hart - (Book: Yesterday's Promise)
Cherise Ransom - (Book: You and I)
Caitlyn Michaud - (Book: You Make Me)
Carnegie Kincaid - (Book: You May Now Kill The Bride)
Chris - (Book: You Owe Me)
Chris - (Book: You Owe Me (UK))
Cassandra Kinross - (Book: You're the One)
Cagney Bishop - (Book: You, And No Other)
Caley Lambert - (Book: Your Bed or Mine?)
Caroline Marshall - (Book: Your Heart's Desire)
Cadence - (Book: Yours, Mine and Ours (hardcover))
Callie Burdick - (Book: Yuletide Hearts)
Callie Burdick - (Book: Yuletide Hearts (large print))
Caroline Percival - (Book: Yuletide Match)
Channing Hastings - (Book: Zane)
Channing Hastings - (Book: Zane / Intimate Seduction (anthology))
Cassandra Hudson - (Book: Zulu Sunset)


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