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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with D

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Darby Piper - (Book: 'Tiz the Season)
Darby O'Malley - (Book: .38 Caliber Cover-Up)
Dina Mazlin - (Book: 24/7)
Dr. Olivia Moore - (Book: 7 Days and 7 Nights)
Dorie McCabe - (Book: Abducted At The Altar)
Deborah Stirling - (Book: Abducted Bride, The)
Desiree - (Book: About Adam)
Daisy Spencer - (Book: About That Man)
Dulcie Quinn - (Book: Absolute Trouble)
Daria Evans - (Book: Academy, The)
Devon Dawes - (Book: Aces)
Dana Hewitt - (Book: Acquired Bride, The)
Dr. Sara West - (Book: Acts of Honor)
Dell Delaney - (Book: Acts of Magic)
Danni - (Book: Adored)
Diana Hunt - (Book: Adventuress, The)
Damaris Gordon - (Book: After the Roses)
Dakota North - (Book: Afterglow)
Dagny Havland - (Book: Against All Odds)
Dr. Solange Micheaux - (Book: Against the Wall)
Daphne Elliot - (Book: Ageless Love)
Darcy Steele - (Book: Alias)
Dani - (Book: Alien Attachment)
Dr. Rayne Warren - (Book: Alien Communion (ebook))
Dylan - (Book: All Broke Down)
Dr. Catherine Chambers - (Book: All But Love)
Dr. Julia Warner-Hyde - (Book: All Due Respect)
Detective Melanie May - (Book: All Fall Down )
Devra McKay - (Book: All Good Gifts)
Drew Cooper - (Book: All I Ever Wanted (ebook))
Danielle Rivers - (Book: All I Need)
Dallas Cole - (Book: All Lined Up)
Daisy Ramos - (Book: All My Love)
Daphne - (Book: All Night Video:
For Research Purposes Only)
Dana McGuire - (Book: All or Nothing)
Dani O'Malley - (Book: All She Needed)
Dru Lawrence - (Book: All Shook Up)
Dru Lawrence - (Book: All Shook Up (Large Print))
Danalee Jackson - (Book: All That You Are)
Diana Rourke - (Book: Allegheny Ecstasy)
Darcy Knox - (Book: Alone in the Dark)
Diana Wells - (Book: Along Came Jones)
Drew Simmons - (Book: Alpha Warrior)
Dr Melanie Harding - (Book: Alpha Wolf)
Darci Montgomery - (Book: Always)
Dinah - (Book: Always the Boss)
Dr. Jane Miller - (Book: Amazon Strain, The)
Diane Parmelee - (Book: American Destiny (reprint))
Dr. Melisande Merrick - (Book: Amethyst and Gold)
Dody McCleland - (Book: Anatomy of Death, The)
Daphne Dale - (Book: And The Miss Ran Away with the Rake)
Dr. Chinzea (Chi) Addams - (Book: And Then Came You)
Daphne - (Book: Angel Be Good)
Dee Swann - (Book: Angel Creek)
Dee Swann - (Book: Angel Creek (reissue))
Deborah Denhoff - (Book: Angry Lover)
Danni Sullivan - (Book: Animal Magnetism (ebook))
Daisy Jamison - (Book: Another Eden)
Darcy Rhode - (Book: Another Man's Baby)
Darcy Rhode - (Book: Another Man's Baby (Large Print))
Danielle Hemstead - (Book: Any Man Of Mine)
Delaney Michaels - (Book: Anything For You)
Devlin Barre - (Book: Anytime Darlin' (ebook))
Daniella Blackwood - (Book: Apache Magic)
Daniella Blackwood - (Book: Apache Magic (reissue))
Delilah Swift - (Book: Are You Scared?)
Daphne - (Book: Aristocrat, The (reissue))
Danni Hawkins - (Book: Arouse Suspicion)
Daphne Brown - (Book: Arrogant Aristocrat, The)
Darcy Sampson - (Book: Arsonist, The)
Desdemona Carlisle - (Book: As You Desire)
Daniele Harper - (Book: At Close Range)
Domino Petracelli, a.k.a. Mistress Bella - (Book: At Her Command (ebook))
Dixie Callahan - (Book: At Long Last, a Bride)
Dinah Hart - (Book: Austin: Second Chance Cowboy)
Daisy Johanssen - (Book: Autumn Bones (hardcover))
Diane Teal - (Book: Autumn Lord, The)
Delilah - (Book: Autumn Whispers)
Damali Richards - (Book: Awakening, The)
Delia McCray - (Book: Baby Deal, The)
Daisy Parker - (Book: Baby Don't Go)
Delaney Lawson - (Book: Baby of Her Own, A)
Dana Malone - (Book: Baby Steps)
Diana Connor - (Book: Bachelor Doctor's Bride, The)
Daniella Butler - (Book: Bachelor Moon)
Darcy Owens - (Book: Bachelor Undone)
Diana Campbell - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Diana Fielding-Young - (Book: Back In Fortune's Bed)
Dani Alworth - (Book: Back of Beyond)
Dinah Davis - (Book: Backup Plan, The)
Dinah Davis - (Book: Backup Plan, The)
Delaney Phillips - (Book: Bad Behavior)
Dana Fallon - (Book: Bargained Into Her Boss's Bed)
Dr. Erin McClure - (Book: Bayou Heat)
Danni - (Book: Beast Of Awakening)
Darina - (Book: Beautiful Dead: Summer)
Darcy MacBride - (Book: Beautifully Forgotten)
Daisy Cusak - (Book: Beauty & The Blue Angel)
Dianna Highwood - (Book: Beauty and the Blacksmith (ebook novella))
Diana Highwood - (Book: Beauty and the Blacksmith (paperback novella))
Delia - (Book: Beauty and the Boss)
Delaney McCall - (Book: Beauty and the Bull Rider(ebook))
Dona Dominica de Rada y Dylva - (Book: Beauvallet)
Dominica de Rada y Sylva - (Book: Beauvallet (new edition))
Dakota Delany - (Book: Because A Husband Is Forever)
Delilah Jackson - (Book: Beckett's Birthright)
Doña Zafiro Talavera - (Book: Bed of Roses)
Dee Ann Karrenbrock - (Book: Bedded Bliss)
Daisy Pandolfi - (Book: Beetle and Me, The)
Dr. Kane Edmonds - (Book: Before the Fire)
Dominique - (Book: Before the Wind)
Dellina Hopkins - (Book: Before We Kiss)
Diane Benchley - (Book: Beginner's Guide to Rakes, A)
Danny Hartmann - (Book: Believing Again)
DJ Jaco - (Book: Belle Chasse)
Diantha Atwood - (Book: Belle of Portman Square)
Dora Chambers - (Book: Belly Dancer, The)
Deirdre O'Neill - (Book: Beloved Enemy)
Daria Camfield - (Book: Beneath a Southern Sky)
Dana Turner - (Book: Beneath a Texas Sky)
Darcy - (Book: Beside Two Rivers)
Dr Amy Wheatley - (Book: Best Blind Date in Texas, The)
Della - (Book: Best Friend...Future Wife)
Delia Drummond - (Book: Best Man in Texas, The)
Deborah Lane - (Book: Betrayal at Blackcrest)
Dru Anderson - (Book: Betrayals)
Danae LeBeau - (Book: Betrayed, The)
Danae LeBeau - (Book: Betrayed, The (large print))
Devon - (Book: Better Off Dead)
Dusti Delaney - (Book: Betting the Rainbow)
Daphne Forbes - (Book: Between a Rock and a Heart Place)
Delilah Sterne - (Book: Beyond Betrayal)
Dinah Kirsten - (Book: Beyond Love)
Dawn Delgado - (Book: Beyond the Cut)
Daphne Urban - (Book: Beyond The Pale)
Deborah - (Book: Beyond the Shadows)
Dr. Molly Whitcomb - (Book: Beyond This Moment)
Dee-Ann Smith - (Book: Big Bad Beast)
Dee-Ann Smith - (Book: Big Bad Beast (reprint))
Daisy Donahue - (Book: Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress, The (US edition))
Devin Hartley - (Book: Billioniare Baby Dilemma)
Dair mu T'resa - (Book: Bio Rescue)
Damali Richards - (Book: Bitten, The)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Bitter Blood)
Desiree Prescott - (Book: Bittersweet)
Dixie Sullivan - (Book: Black Hills Bride)
Dixie Sullivan - (Book: Black Hills Bride (reissue))
Dixie Sullivan - (Book: Black Hills Bride (reissue))
Daphanie - (Book: Black Magic Woman)
Diana Beauleigh - (Book: Black Moth, The)
Diana Beauleigh - (Book: Black Moth, The (new edition))
Devon O'Rourke - (Book: Black Sheep's Baby, The)
Demi Taylor - (Book: Black Sheep's Redemption, The)
Demi Taylor - (Book: Black Sheep's Redemption, The (large print))
Dana - (Book: Blaze of Silk)
Dana Steele - (Book: Blind Promises)
Dana Steele - (Book: Blind Promises)
Dana Steele - (Book: Blind Promises (Hardcover))
Dana Steele - (Book: Blind Promises (reissue))
Dahlia Sinclair - (Book: Blindsided)
December Vaughn - (Book: Blondes Have More Felons)
Darian - (Book: Blood Before Sunrise)
Dulcie Evans - (Book: Blood Doctor, The)
Dani Justice - (Book: Blood Dreams)
Drew - (Book: Blood Fever)
Darcy MacAlister - (Book: Blood Magic)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Blood of My Blood)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Blood Red Dawn)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Blood Secrets)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Blood Ties)
Derri Dumont - (Book: Bloodlust: All In The Family)
Dani Tyler - (Book: Bloodlust: Nocturnal Heat)
Derri Morgan - (Book: Bloodlust: The Taming of Serge Dumont)
Danielle Dupree - (Book: Blue Bayou)
DeAnne Lovejoy - (Book: Blue Forever)
Damita Shaughnessy - (Book: Blue Skies and Shining Promises)
Damita Shaughnessy - (Book: Blue Skies and Shining Promises (ebook))
Damita Shaughnessy - (Book: Blue Skies and Shining Promises (ebook))
Dinah Hopkins - (Book: Bluegrass Blessings)
Dani - (Book: Bluegrass King)
Dahlia London - (Book: Blurred (ebook novella))
D'Andra Smalls - (Book: Body By Night)
Dr. Tansy Whitmore - (Book: Body Search)
Dominique Brandon - (Book: Bodyguard)
Dr. Paige Harrington - (Book: Bodyguard)
Dominique Brandon - (Book: Bodyguard, The)
Daphne Barclay - (Book: Bold and Bonny)
Desideria - (Book: Born of Shadows)
Desideria - (Book: Born of Shadows (paperback))
Dara Colbourne - (Book: Born to Be Wild)
Dorinda Meredith - (Book: Born to Love)
Danielle Ritchey - (Book: Born to Love You)
Darcy Connors - (Book: Boss's Double Trouble Twins, The)
Darcy Connors - (Book: Boss's Double Trouble Twins, The (large print))
Dione Keristari - (Book: Bought For Marriage)
Dione Keristari - (Book: Bought for Marriage (UK))
Della Kensington - (Book: Bound By Love)
Dani Baxter - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Bride, The)
Dallas Wade - (Book: Bounty Hunter, The)
Deirdre Brandenburg - (Book: Brand New Me)
Dominique Falcon - (Book: Break Every Rule)
Dominique Falcon - (Book: Break Every Rule (revised))
Dawn Madison - (Book: Break of Dawn)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Break of Dawn (mass market reissue))
Darcy McCall - (Book: Breakfast at Darcy's)
Dresdemona Devos - (Book: Breakout)
Dana - (Book: Bridal Suite, The)
Daniela Adami - (Book: Bride at Briar's Ridge)
Daniela Adami - (Book: Bride at Briar's Ridge)
Daisy Deare - (Book: Bride for Hire)
Dottie Richards - (Book: Bride for the Island Prince, A)
Dottie Richards - (Book: Bride for the Island Prince, A (large print))
Dorian Oliver - (Book: Bride for the Taking, A)
Daisy Johnson - (Book: Bride Next Door, The)
Daisy Walsh - (Book: Bride Raffle, The)
Dee - (Book: Bride Required)
Dani Lockhart - (Book: Bride Said, "I Did?", The)
Destiny Porter - (Book: Bride Wanted)
Destiny Porter - (Book: Bride Wanted (large print))
Dory - (Book: Brides of Serendipity)
Darcy Hamel - (Book: Bring on the Heat (ebook))
Devon Clarke - (Book: Bringing Up Baby)
Daphne - (Book: Broken Silence (ebook))
Dr Wren Barnes - (Book: Bull Rider's Christmas Baby, The)
Daria Cameron - (Book: Bull Rider's Twins, The )
Dr Maxine O'Neil - (Book: Bulletproof Texas)
Dusty - (Book: Buried Secrets (ebook))
Danaus - (Book: Burn the Night)
Dr Abby Hampton - (Book: Bush Doctor's Challenge, The)
Darcie Boulton - (Book: By Desire Bound)
Dana - (Book: By Love Enslaved)
Davina - (Book: Caged Tiger, The)
Davina - (Book: Caged Tiger, The (UK))
Desi - (Book: Caine's Reckoning)
Desi - (Book: Caine's Reckoning (mass market))
Damask Downing - (Book: Call Back the Dawn)
Diana Savarol - (Book: Calypso Magic)
Diana Savarol - (Book: Calypso Magic (reissue))
Dorothy Eckland - (Book: Cameo, The)
Darcy Fitzgerald - (Book: Candlelight Christmas (hardcover))
Darcy Fitzgerald - (Book: Candlelight Christmas (paperback))
Dulcie Kramer - (Book: Candy Kiss)
Deanna Perry - (Book: Capital Match)
Deborah Halsey - (Book: Captain Black)
Danae Livingston - (Book: Captive Desires)
Dr Laura Johnson - (Book: Captive of the Beast)
Demetria Andreou - (Book: Captured and Crown)
Debbie Harris - (Book: Captured by the Billionaire)
Dyana Randolph - (Book: Careless Whispers)
Dee Angelina Day - (Book: Carolina Compromise)
Debra Barry - (Book: Carpenter's Lady)
Delia Mason - (Book: Carrera's Bride)
Delia Mason - (Book: Carrera's Bride (reissue))
Dawn Lovell - (Book: Case of the Vanished Groom, The)
Daphne - (Book: Castaway Dreams)
Devon Marshall - (Book: Castles in the Air)
Deb Sinclair - (Book: Catch, Release)
Darci Sanders - (Book: Catching the Corporate Playboy)
Donna MacIntyre - (Book: Caught By You)
Del Piper - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Della Hannan - (Book: Caught in the Billionaire's Embrace)
Dani Russo - (Book: Caught on Camera with the C.E.O. (UK))
Dani Russo - (Book: Caught on Camera with the CEO)
Destiny Richardson - (Book: Cavanaugh's Surrender)
Danni - (Book: Centrefold)
Devon McShay - (Book: CEO's Christmas Proposition)
Dr. Kathryn Jackson - (Book: Chance Encounter)
Daisy Thales - (Book: Chance of a Lifetime)
Dione Williams - (Book: Chances Are)
Dione Williams - (Book: Chances Are)
Diana Verney - (Book: Change of Heart)
Deirdre Wilcox - (Book: Change of Pace)
Deirdre Wilcox - (Book: Change of Pace (Hardcover))
Danielle Sheridan - (Book: Changed by His Son's Smile (large print))
Dahlia Perkins - (Book: Changeling)
Dany - (Book: Chase the Clouds)
Daisy - (Book: Chasing Daisy)
Delilah Gould - (Book: Chasing Stanley)
Daisy Etheridge - (Book: Chasing the Sun)
Daisy Etheridge - (Book: Chasing the Sun (reprint))
Danagasta (Cherokee) - (Book: Cherokee Bride)
Devon Gilmore - (Book: Cherry Lane)
Druscilla - (Book: Chesapeake Blue)
Dru Whitcomb Banks - (Book: Chesapeake Blue (paperback))
Dru Whitcomb Banks - (Book: Chesapeake Blue (reprint))
Dr. Gail Terry - (Book: Child of Her Heart)
Diana Shelton - (Book: Child's Play)
Diana Brisco - (Book: Chill of Fear (reissue))
Douglass Esmeralda Sullivan - (Book: Choices (Hardcover))
Daria Morris - (Book: Chosen Sin, The)
Dr Lucy Tremayne - (Book: Christmas Eve Baby (US release))
Desere Novak - (Book: Christmas Eve Delivery)
Darcy Montague - (Book: Christmas in Whitehorn)
Dr. Virginia Greyson - (Book: Christmas Stranger)
Desiree - (Book: Christmas Wedding, A)
Dallas Donovan - (Book: Christmas With the Mustang Man)
Daisy Flattery - (Book: Cinderella Deal, The)
Daisy Flattery - (Book: Cinderella Deal, The (reissue))
Daisy Flattery - (Book: Cinderella Deal, The (reprint))
Dana Lofgren - (Book: Cinderella on His Doorstep)
Darby Quinn - (Book: Cinderella Screwed Me Over)
Dr Maggie Croft - (Book: City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle)
Dr Maggie Croft - (Book: City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle)
Dr Sally Cochrane - (Book: Claimed: One Wife)
Dorcas Shannigan - (Book: Clandestine)
Dena Devlin - (Book: Class Act, A)
Dodie Westerveld - (Book: Close to Home)
Dodie Westerveld - (Book: Close to Home (Large Print))
Dorcas Minster - (Book: Cockermouth Mail, The)
Delphine Dalgleish - (Book: Code of Love)
Dana Preston - (Book: Cody's Fiancee)
Davana Black - (Book: Cold Blooded (ebook))
Deborah Stark - (Book: Colliding Forces)
Deborah Stark - (Book: Colliding Forces (reissue))
Diana Dover - (Book: Colorado's Finest)
Deborah Hamilton - (Book: Comanche Moon)
Dione Kelley - (Book: Come Lie With Me)
Dione Kelly - (Book: Come Lie With Me (reissue))
Darrell Anderson - (Book: Come Running)
Dianne Chadwick - (Book: Coming Storm, The)
Denise Miller - (Book: Compromising Affair, A)
Dr. Maria Keaton - (Book: Conflict of Interest, A)
Dr. Maria Keaton - (Book: Conflict of Interest, A (Large Print))
Dahlia London - (Book: Connected (ebook))
Dahlia London - (Book: Connected (paperback))
Dr. Sheridan Wexler - (Book: Conquering Dr. Wexler's Heart)
Duchess Matilda - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Daisy Chudleigh - (Book: Consider the Lily)
Davida Cooper - (Book: Contrary Lovers)
Denali Deveraux - (Book: Controlling Interests)
Diana Waldman - (Book: Convicted of Love)
Delia Pryde - (Book: Cop, The)
Darcy Malone - (Book: Corporate Marriage Campaign, The)
Dr. Lucinda Brown - (Book: Cost of Love, The)
Dakota Brown - (Book: Coulda Been A Cowboy)
Dakota Brown - (Book: Coulda Been a Cowboy )
Dakota Brown - (Book: Coulda Been a Cowboy [Large Print])
Darcy Carson - (Book: Count Your Blessings)
Della Walsh - (Book: Countering His Claim)
Dianthe Lovejoy - (Book: Courtesan's Courtship, The)
Danica James - (Book: Courtship of the Cake)
Devon Bennett - (Book: Cowboy and the Baby, The )
Deborah Kincannon - (Book: Cowboy and the Lady, The)
Dilly Elliot - (Book: Cowboy and the Princess, The)
Daisy Barton - (Book: Cowboy Come Home)
Dakota Winston - (Book: Cowboy Cop)
Dallas Sorrenson - (Book: Cowboy for Keeps)
Desiree Parrish - (Book: Cowboy Takes a Wife, The)
Dani Baxter - (Book: Cowboy to the Core)
Destiny Saunders - (Book: Cowboy's Destiny, The)
Dixie Cash - (Book: Cowboy's Duty, A)
Della Dennehy - (Book: Cowboy's Ideal Wife, The)
Darby Carroll - (Book: Cowboy's Temptation, A)
Darcy Hill - (Book: Cowboy's Texas Family, The)
Daisy Buckhorn - (Book: Cowgirl's Secret, A)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Crave (anthology))
Darian - (Book: Crave the Darkness)
Dani Prescott - (Book: Crazy For Her)
Deeley - (Book: Creamy Delights (ebook))
Diana Malone - (Book: Crescent Moon)
Dana Cardwell - (Book: Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch)
Dana Cardwell - (Book: Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch (UK))
Dorcas Foley - (Book: Cross Currents)
Devlin Chastain - (Book: Crown of Dreams)
Danielle Caldwell - (Book: Cry In the Dark, A)
Diana Hartland - (Book: Cupid's Touch)
Dani - (Book: D Is for Dani's Baby)
Desdemona Bloom - (Book: D is For Desire)
D. B. Hayes - (Book: D. B. Hayes, Dectective)
D.J. Halloran - (Book: D.J.'s Angel)
Dani Jacobson - (Book: Daddy 101)
Darby Simms - (Book: Daddy Hunt, The)
Dana Marlow - (Book: Daddy in the House)
Daphne Banning - (Book: Daddy's Little Darlings)
Daphne - (Book: Daddy's Little Darlings (ebook))
Dicey - (Book: Dairy Queen, The)
Daisy Singleton - (Book: Daisy)
Daisy Summers - (Book: Daisy Chains (ebook))
Daisy Lee Monroe - (Book: Daisy's Back in Town)
Dakotah Flemming - (Book: Dakotah's Reading)
Dawn - (Book: DamNATION)
Damali Richards - (Book: Damned, The)
Dana Shaw - (Book: Dana and the Calendar Man)
Darcy O'Connor - (Book: Dance With the Doctor)
Dusty Landers - (Book: Danger in His Arms)
Delia Trevor - (Book: Danger of Desire, The)
Desiree of Canterbury - (Book: Danger's Kiss)
Diana Travis - (Book: Dangerous Deceits)
Daphne Joyes - (Book: Dangerous in Diamonds)
Daphne Collingham - (Book: Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess (US edition))
Deborah Cleveland - (Book: Dangerous Lord, Seductive Miss)
Dr. Iona Bellamy - (Book: Dangerous Practice)
Daphne Farway - (Book: Dangerous Sentiment, A)
Deborah Weyman - (Book: Dangerous to Kiss)
Diana Fanshawe - (Book: Dangerous Viscount, The)
Danielle Wilde - (Book: Danielle's Daddy Factor)
Daphne Armitage - (Book: Daphne)
Daphne Hightower - (Book: Daphne's Diary)
Dara Brandon - (Book: Dara's Desire)
Darby Brightings - (Book: Darby's Angel)
Darci Parnell - (Book: Darci's Pride)
Darcy Dawson - (Book: Darcy and the Single Dad)
Darcy Hagen - (Book: Darcy's Inheritance)
Desiree Armstrong - (Book: Dare To Dream)
Devon Landry - (Book: Dare to Remember)
Dora - (Book: Dare, The)
Diana, Duchess of Medbourne - (Book: Daring Duchess, The)
Darcy O'Keefe - (Book: Daring the Devil )
Dana Markham - (Book: Dark and Dangerous)
Desari - (Book: Dark Challenge)
Daisy Johanssen - (Book: Dark Currents (hardcover))
Daisy Johanssen - (Book: Dark Currents (paperback))
Darcie Finch - (Book: Dark Desires)
Destiny - (Book: Dark Destiny)
Death - (Book: Dark Destiny (ebook))
Dena Acker - (Book: Dark Embrace (ebook))
Dana Benson - (Book: Dark Knight)
Deanna Banning - (Book: Dark Secret of Hunters Hall, The)
Dawn Riley - (Book: Dark Side of Dawn)
Devon Brady - (Book: Dark Summer)
Denae Lacroix - (Book: Darkest Flame)
Danika Ford - (Book: Darkest Pleasure, The)
Danika Ford - (Book: Darkest Pleasure, The (reissue))
Diana Reyes, FBI Agent - (Book: Darkness Calls)
Darcy Smith - (Book: Darkness Everlasting)
Danny - (Book: Darkness Into Light)
Del - (Book: Darkness Within)
Darla - (Book: Darla's Valentine)
Danielle - (Book: Daughter of Hassan)
Danielle - (Book: Daughter Of Hassan (UK))
Darcy Craven - (Book: Daughter's Perfect Secret, A)
Delaney McCall - (Book: Daughters of Luke McCall, The )
Dawnlyn Renfrew - (Book: Dawnfire)
Day Daniels - (Book: Day of Fire)
Dr. Sophie Brennan - (Book: Dead Calm)
Diane Fallon - (Book: Dead Guilty)
Daisy Giordano - (Book: Dead Is a State of Mind)
Daisy Giordano - (Book: Dead Is Just a Rumor)
Daisy Giordano - (Book: Dead Is Not an Option)
Daisy Giordano - (Book: Dead Is So Last Year)
Daisy Giordano - (Book: Dead is the New Black)
Dante Valentine - (Book: Dead Man Rising)
Dani Richards - (Book: Deadly Exposure)
Dr. Erin Houston - (Book: Deadly Seduction)
Deborah Townsend - (Book: Dear Deborah)
Daffodil - (Book: Dear Love Doctor)
Diana Brandelin - (Book: Dearly Beloved)
Drea Rousseau - (Book: Death Angel)
Diana Reyes - (Book: Death Calls)
Dorina Basarab - (Book: Death's Mistress)
Deborah Western - (Book: Deborah Goes to Dover)
Deborah Solomon - (Book: Deborah's Son)
Delia Croft - (Book: Debt to Delia, A)
Diana - (Book: Deceptive Passion (UK))
Dixie Fulton-Leigh - (Book: Deep Dixie)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Deep in the Woods)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Deep in the Woods (mass market))
Dallas - (Book: Deep Waters)
Di - (Book: Deeper Than the Ocean (ebook))
Deborah Vaughn - (Book: Defending His Own)
Daria Harrington - (Book: Defending the Heiress)
Dru Anderson - (Book: Defiance)
Deirdre - (Book: Deirdre)
Deirdre Armitage - (Book: Deirdre and Desire)
Delaney Westmoreland - (Book: Delaney's Desert Sheikh)
Delaney Wainwright - (Book: Delaney's Shadow)
Delilah Beaumont - (Book: Delilah's Weakness)
Dee Ellison - (Book: Dementia)
Delilah - (Book: Demon Mistress)
Desiree Lincoln - (Book: Departed, The)
Dr Gemma Murray - (Book: Desert King, Doctor Daddy)
Desi Rousseau - (Book: Desi's Rescue)
Daphne Granger - (Book: Designing Woman)
Devon Fleming - (Book: Designs on Love)
Diandra Reynell - (Book: Desire Me Only)
Desire Sparhawk - (Book: Desire My Love )
Desiree Weston - (Book: Desire's Child)
Diana McKenzie - (Book: Desire's Moon)
Dayne Templeton - (Book: Desired)
Desiree or Exceat - (Book: Desiree)
Desiree - (Book: Desiree (reprint))
Dorritt - (Book: Desires of Her Heart, The)
Dara O'Shea-Neilan - (Book: Destined)
Dakota Faraday - (Book: Destiny Calls)
Desiree "Destiny" Davidson - (Book: Destiny in Disguise)
Destiny McCree - (Book: Destiny Kills)
Destiny Smith - (Book: Destiny Smith)
Destiny Carlton - (Book: Destiny Unleashed)
Destiny Carlton - (Book: Destiny Unleashed (reissue))
Dakota Wylie - (Book: Destiny's Child)
Dr. Aurora Spencer - (Book: Destiny's Warrior)
Delia Scanlon - (Book: Detective's Undoing, The)
Drusilla Faulkner - (Book: Devil and Drusilla, The)
Davina McLaren - (Book: Devil Wears Tartan, The)
Delilah Desmond - (Book: Devil's Delilah, The)
Dante Valentine - (Book: Devil's Right Hand, The)
Diana Westmount - (Book: Devilish)
Diana, Countess of Arradale - (Book: Devilish (reissue))
Deirdre Gower - (Book: Devious Duchess, The)
Devon Mackinsey - (Book: Devon)
Diamina - (Book: Diamina)
Diamond Houston - (Book: Diamond)
Deba McCloud - (Book: Diamond Fire)
Derrien Edwards - (Book: Diamond in the Rough, A)
Diana Diamond - (Book: Diamond on Ice)
Dinah MacNeil - (Book: Diamond Trap)
Diana - (Book: Diana the Huntress)
Diana - (Book: Diana's Hound (ebook))
Dana Chapman - (Book: Diary of Danger)
Diana Reye - (Book: Die for Love (ebook))
Deborah - (Book: Difficult Decision)
Dinah - (Book: Dinah)
Daisy Gillard - (Book: Discovering Daisy)
Daisy Gillard - (Book: Discovering Daisy (reissue))
Daisy Gillard - (Book: Discovering Daisy (UK))
Daisy Gillard - (Book: Discovering Daisy (UK-reissue))
Diana Bishop - (Book: Discovery of Witches (hardcover))
Diana Bishop - (Book: Discovery of Witches (paperback))
Divinity Brown - (Book: Divinity Brown)
Dixie Sheldon, M.D. - (Book: Doc Wyoming)
Dr Holly Saxby - (Book: Doctor Beyond Compare, A)
Desdemona Rask - (Book: Doctor For Keeps, A)
Dr. Kate Fisher - (Book: Doctor Worth Waiting For, A)
Dr Zoe Frost - (Book: Doctor's Baby Bombshell, The)
Dr Alison Lane - (Book: Doctor's Fire Rescue, the)
Dr Savannah Richardson - (Book: Doctor's Latin Lover, The)
Dr Chelsea Majors - (Book: Doctor's Meant-to-be Marriage (UK))
Dr Melissa Conner - (Book: Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell, The)
Dr. Frances Nin - (Book: Doctor's Rebel Knight,The)
Dr. Lucy Cunningham - (Book: Doctor's Secret Baby, The)
Delia Rae Ivers - (Book: Doctor's Secret Son, The)
Delia Rae Ivers - (Book: Doctor's Secret Son, The (large print))
Dr Emily Morgan - (Book: Doctor's Unexpected Proposal, The)
Dr Sherazad Dawson - (Book: Doctors on the Frontline)
Delilah - (Book: Does She Or Doesn't She?)
Domino Black - (Book: Domino Effect, The)
Domino Black - (Book: Domino Effect, The (UK))
Delilah Dupree Jewel - (Book: Don't Blame it on the Devil)
Dulcy McCann - (Book: Don't Fence Me In)
Donata Casale - (Book: Don't Look Back)
Daniela Bertalan - (Book: Don't Tempt Me)
Dorinda Nunley - (Book: Dorinda and the Doctor (ebook novella))
Dr. Felicity Munroe - (Book: Double Duty)
Dia Carlisle - (Book: Doubting Lady, A)
Dixie Lee Smith - (Book: Down Home Dixie)
Dr. Genie - (Book: Dr. Bodyguard)
Dr Lucinda Chambers - (Book: Dr. Carlisle's Child)
Dr. Kelly Anders - (Book: Dr. Marco's Bride)
Dr Alexandra Lawson - (Book: Dr. Mom and the Millionaire)
Dr. Francesca Metcalfe - (Book: Dr. Sotiris's Woman)
Deirdre Flanagan - (Book: Dragon Knight's Shield)
Davina Lloyd - (Book: Dragon's Lair)
Dani - (Book: Dragon's Mistress)
Daisy Tucker - (Book: Dream Country)
Dani Bennett - (Book: Dream Date with the Millionaire)
Delphine Armstrong - (Book: Dream On)
Delphine - (Book: Dream Warrior)
Dr. Toni Sinclair - (Book: Dreaming, The)
Diana Prentice - (Book: Dreams: Part One)
Diana Prentice - (Book: Dreams: Part Two)
Drew Townsend - (Book: Drew)
Delaney Harper - (Book: Driven to Temptation)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Drop of Red, A (mass market reissue))
Dawn Madison - (Book: Drop Of Red,A)
Drusilla Herbert - (Book: Drusilla's Downfall)
Dara Khan Androcles - (Book: Duality)
Duchess of Westhampton - (Book: Duchess in Disguise)
Dominique Forrest - (Book: Duchess of Vidal, The)
Daphne Bridgerton - (Book: Duke and I, The)
Deidre Cantor - (Book: Duke Next Door, The)
Viscountess Silverton
- (Book: Duke's Desire, The)
Daphne Farrington - (Book: Duke's Obsession, The (ebook))
Dulcie Crowder - (Book: Dulcie Crowder Gets Her Man)
Dynasty Jones - (Book: Dynasty Jones)
Dana Barlow - (Book: Echoes of Danger)
Dana Brantley - (Book: Edge of Forever)
Dana Brantley - (Book: Edge of Forever)
Darcy - (Book: Edge, The)
Diana - (Book: Elusive Obsession)
Diana - (Book: Elusive Obsession (UK))
Drusilla Jaco - (Book: Elysian Fields)
Desire Guildford - (Book: Embrace the Flame)
Dr Kayleigh Byford - (Book: Emergency at Riverside Hospital)
Dr Erin Taylor - (Book: Emergency Doctor and Cinderella)
Dr. Lorna McClelland - (Book: Emergency: Wife Lost and Found)
Doryna - (Book: Enchanted Desire)
Deuce - (Book: Enclave (Hardcover))
Dr. Maisy Dalton - (Book: Enemy Mind)
Daniela Ferreira - (Book: Enemy's Kiss, The)
Delilah Wraxall - (Book: Enlightening Delilah)
Daisy Lake - (Book: Enslaved)
Dannett Lundeen - (Book: Escape To Morning)
Dillon - (Book: Eternal Beast)
Devin Shaw - (Book: Evergreen Springs)
Daisy O'Donnell - (Book: Everlasting Kiss)
Dana Westlake - (Book: Every Inch a Cowboy)
Dori Salo - (Book: Everything But A Wedding)
Dr. CJ Patterson - (Book: Everywhere She Turns)
Diana Gale - (Book: Evidence Of Marriage)
Danielle Ames - (Book: Evolution of Adam, The)
Draybeth - (Book: Excuse My Fairy (ebook))
Devon Caravelle - (Book: Explosive)
Darby Steele - (Book: Explosive Attraction)
Darby Steele - (Book: Explosive Attraction (large print))
Daina Wellsfry - (Book: Eye of the Beholder)
Dr. Abigail Mitchell - (Book: eye of the god)
Devon Reese - (Book: Eyewitness)
Devon Reese - (Book: Eyewitness (large print))
Dixie Carmichael - (Book: Fabulous Wedding, A)
Delaney Cross - (Book: Facade)
Danice Carter - (Book: Faer Fetched)
Dr. Erin O'Halloran - (Book: Fair Haven (reissue))
Deborah McCloud - (Book: Faith, Hope and Family)
Danielle Weston - (Book: Fallen: Danielle (ebook))
DeAndra Blake - (Book: Falling)
Danielle - (Book: Falling for Her Fiance (ebook))
Daisy Silverman - (Book: Falling for Prince Charles)
Dr. Andrea Vogel - (Book: Falling Stars)
Davina Halderton - (Book: Family Affair, A)
Danielle Mitchell - (Book: Family Homecoming, A)
Daisy Channing - (Book: Family Matters)
Dana - (Book: Family Tree)
Dana Clarke - (Book: Family Tree (paperback))
Devoni Mitchell - (Book: Fantasy Knights (ebook))
Dayra Smith - (Book: Far Star)
Deborah Grantham - (Book: Faro's Daughter)
Deborah Grantham - (Book: Faro's Daughter (new edition))
Dena Foster - (Book: Father of the Year)
Dana Dixon - (Book: Father's Promise, A)
Dana Dixon - (Book: Father's Promise, A (reissue))
Demi Anderson - (Book: Feels So Right)
Deni Rowe - (Book: Feral Heat (Ebook))
Debra Daniels - (Book: Fiance at her Fingertips)
Darcella Coleman - (Book: Fields of Fire)
Darby Vaughn - (Book: Fifteen Minutes of Shame)
Denise Reece - (Book: Finding Love Again (Hardcover))
Dinah Cate - (Book: Finding Love in Payton (Hardcover))
Delaney McFarland - (Book: Finding Miss McFarland)
Daisy Gumm Majesty - (Book: Fine Spirits)
Dawn Sheridan - (Book: Fire of Spring, The)
Danny Traveler - (Book: Firelight at Mustang Ranch)
Dawn Hunter - (Book: Fires of Brimstone, The)
Dawn Price - (Book: Fires of the Heart)
Diana Fletcher - (Book: First Comes Desire)
Denise MacGregor - (Book: First Drop of Crimson)
Delphie Carteret - (Book: Five-Minute Marriage, The)
Danau the Aquamancer - (Book: Flame, The)
Danau - (Book: Flame, The (mass market))
Dandy - (Book: Flight to Passion)
Darla James - (Book: Follow My Lead)
Dianne Robbins - (Book: Follow the Stars Home)
Dena Graham - (Book: Following Love)
Debra Patterson - (Book: Footsteps)
Darcy Stanton - (Book: For Momma's Sake (reissue))
Diana - (Book: For One Night)
Diana Mason - (Book: For the Defense)
Danielle Douglass - (Book: For the Love of Nick)
Dana Wilson - (Book: For the Sake of the Children)
Docia Waverley - (Book: Forbidden)
Danielle - (Book: Forbidden Heat)
Dr. Erin Casey - (Book: Forbidden Lover)
Dr. Marlena Bender - (Book: Forbidden Passion)
Damali - (Book: Forbidden, The)
Danni Spring - (Book: Force of Nature)
Djinni - (Book: Forced Mate)
Darci Monroe - (Book: Forever)
Diane Rivers - (Book: Forever After)
Darcy Kearn - (Book: Forever After)
Darci Montgomery - (Book: Forever and Always)
Dani Makar - (Book: Forever Claimed)
Dancy O'Neal - (Book: Forever Kind of Love, A)
Daughtry Lucas - (Book: Forever Yours)
Darcy Taylor - (Book: Formula: Father)
Damali Richards - (Book: Forsaken, The)
Deanna Gurney - (Book: Fortune's Proposal)
Deborah - (Book: Found)
Drea Caron - (Book: Fractured Heart, The (ebook) )
Dr. Benita Kyser - (Book: Fractured Souls)
Devon Manning - (Book: Fragile)
Devon Manning - (Book: Fragile (reissue))
Drea Timmons - (Book: Fragmented)
Dory Faraday - (Book: Free Spirit)
Delphine - (Book: French Affair, The)
Diana Reeves - (Book: French Count's Pregnant Bride, The)
Dahlia Jensen - (Book: Friend, Lover, Protector)
Daphne Lovell - (Book: Friends To Lovers)
Danielle Bradshaw - (Book: Fringe Benefits)
Demetra Hawksley
Lady Chester
- (Book: Frivolous Pretence)
Drusilla - (Book: Fugitive)
Debbie Carpenter - (Book: Full Moon Honeymoon)
Darcy Conway - (Book: Full Steam)
Dorina Basarab - (Book: Fury's Kiss)
Dani Arnold - (Book: Future Scrolls, The)
Denise Dixon - (Book: Gamble on Love)
Danielle - (Book: Garden of Eden)
Daiyu - (Book: Gateway)
Deirdre McDaniel - (Book: Gazebo, The)
Debbie Randall - (Book: Gentle Persuasion)
Debbie Randall - (Book: Gentle Persuasion (reissue))
Diana Tiverton - (Book: Gentleman Seduced, A)
Diana Belmaine - (Book: Getting Her Man)
Daphne Harkwell - (Book: Ghost of a Chance, A)
Dorie Knighton - (Book: Gift of Love, A)
Darcy Archer - (Book: Gift to Remember, A)
Dana Devine - (Book: Girl Most Likley To..., The)
Darcy - (Book: Glass Slippers And Unicorns)
Darcy - (Book: Glass Slippers And Unicorns (UK))
Dana Hathaway - (Book: Glimmerglass)
Delia Fortier - (Book: Glorious Montana Sky)
Dorothy Jordan - (Book: Goddess Of The Green Room)
Darcy O'Brien - (Book: Gold in the Fire)
Dominique Randell - (Book: Golden Gypsy)
Dori Cantrell - (Book: Good For You)
Daisy Bell - (Book: Good Girl or Gold-Digger?)
Daisy Bell - (Book: Good Girl or Gold-Digger? (UK))
Daria Fontina - (Book: Good Provider, The)
Dermot Tregarland & Jowan Jermyn - (Book: Gossamer Cord, The)
DeVeaux - (Book: Grace at Low Tide)
Davina McKie - (Book: Grace in Thine Eyes)
Darcie Hayes - (Book: Greek for Beginners)
Delilah Desjardins - (Book: Guardian)
Dianna Englander - (Book: Guardian of Her Heart)
Dalilah Al Arif - (Book: Guarding the Princess)
Dementia Dee Ellison - (Book: Guide to Trek Mi Q'an)
Daphne Wade - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Danny Lee - (Book: Half Wed Moon (ebook))
December Howard - (Book: Hallowed Ground)
Dawn Laroux - (Book: Hamilton Heir, The)
Devon O'Shea - (Book: Handful of Heaven, A)
Danielle Duval - (Book: Handmaiden's Necklace, The)
Delaney - (Book: Hard to Forget (ebook))
Daniel Sutton - (Book: Hard-Headed Texan)
Darcy Welham - (Book: Harder They Fall, The)
Dinah Nichols - (Book: Hardly Working)
Delilah - (Book: Harvest Hunting)
Darcy Tremayne - (Book: Haunted)
Danni - (Book: Haunting Beauty)
Danni Jones - (Book: Haunting Beauty (mass market))
Devra - (Book: Haunting Melody (ebook))
Dr. Hannah Hartwell - (Book: Have Gown, Need Groom)
Dr Hannah Hartwell - (Book: Have Gown, Need Groom)
Dina Gregory - (Book: Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas (ebook novella))
Dr. Stephanie Sheldon - (Book: Having His Baby)
Donna Fields - (Book: Having His Baby)
Dresdemona Devos - (Book: Havoc)
Danica Shardae - (Book: Hawksong)
Daisy Fielding - (Book: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not)
Danielle Strafford - (Book: He's No Prince Charming)
Dakota Dunn - (Book: He's No Prince Charming)
Darcy Gallagher - (Book: Head over Heels)
Delores Hunter - (Book: Healing Wounds (ebook))
DuFleur Thyme - (Book: Heart Dance)
DuFleur Thyme - (Book: Heart Dance (mass market))
Danith Mallow - (Book: Heart Mate)
Danith Mallow - (Book: Heart Mate (reissue))
Dakota Armstrong - (Book: Heart of a Hero)
Dana Brooks - (Book: Heart of a Rancher)
Dana Brooks - (Book: Heart of a Rancher (large print))
Dixie La Fontaine - (Book: Heart of Dixie)
Dahlia Kincaid - (Book: Heart of the Eagle)
Dahlia Kincaid - (Book: Heart of the Eagle (reissue))
Dahlia Kincaid - (Book: Heart of the Eagle (reissue))
Dahlia Kincaid - (Book: Heart of the Eagle (reissue))
Danielle Tucker - (Book: Heart of the Mountains)
Darcy Gallagher - (Book: Heart Of The Sea)
Dana Thunder Eagle - (Book: Heart of the Storm)
Destiny Davidson - (Book: Heart Remembers, The)
Deanna Hart - (Book: Heart to Heart)
Dr Kirsten McPherson - (Book: Heart's Command)
Deborah Vandermark - (Book: Hearts Aglow)
Dr. Elena Rangel - (Book: Hearts Ahoy)
Diana Peters - (Book: Heat Lightning)
Detective Teresa Vincent - (Book: Heat Of The Moment)
Dana Calloway - (Book: Heating Up)
Danielle DeWitt - (Book: Heaven's Kiss)
Daisy Deveraux - (Book: Heiress, The)
Delilah Fairchild - (Book: Hell for Leather)
Dr Eva Petrova - (Book: Her Baby's Bodyguard)
Dr Jade Holbrook - (Book: Her Boss and Protector)
Daisy Benjamin - (Book: Her Brother's Keeper)
Doña Pilar - (Book: Her Dearest Sin)
Danetta Harris - (Book: Her Good Thing)
Dr Sienna Maxwell - (Book: Her Great Expectations)
Dr Mercy Gabriel - (Book: Her Healing Ways)
Danica Beckett - (Book: Her Lone Wolf)
Dr Amy Tanner - (Book: Her Man of Honour)
Danni - (Book: Her Outback Knight)
Dana Barry - (Book: Her Outback Man)
Dr Keiva Truscott - (Book: Her Protector in ER)
Diantha Quinn - (Book: Her Scottish Groom)
Dina Corcoran - (Book: Her Tycoon Boss)
Dana Taylor - (Book: Her Unexpected Baby (reissue))
Drew Laughlin - (Book: Her Very Own Butler)
Danielle McKaslin - (Book: Her Wedding Wish)
Dru Hampton - (Book: Here in My Heart (ebook))
Dori Cantrell - (Book: Here Without You)
Diana March - (Book: Hero's Welcome, A)
Dr. Annie Wilkes - (Book: Hero's Welcome, A)
Devon McAllister - (Book: Hero, The )
Devin Lyle - (Book: Hexed, The)
Darby Lane - (Book: Hey, Good Looking)
Darby Lane - (Book: Hey, Good Looking (reissue))
Dora Conroy - (Book: Hidden Riches)
Dora Conroy - (Book: Hidden Riches (paperback--reprint))
Dora Conroy - (Book: Hidden Riches (reprint))
Delanie Eastman - (Book: Hide and Seek)
Dr. Cheyenne Allison - (Book: Hideaway)
Dr. Chelsea Brown - (Book: Highland Fling)
Dr. Kate Wexford - (Book: Highland Fling)
Dr. Samantha Riley - (Book: Highland Magic)
Diana Maclean - (Book: Highland Secrets)
Daina Armstrong - (Book: Highlander Who Loved Me, The)
Destiny Noble - (Book: Highlander's Destiny, A)
Diana - (Book: Highlord of Darkness, The (ebook))
Diana - (Book: Highlord's Woman, The (ebook))
Delia Keller - (Book: Hill Country Christmas)
Dr Jane Palmer - (Book: Hill Country Holdup)
Darcy Parrish - (Book: Hired: Cinderella Chef)
Dannie Springer - (Book: Hired: Nanny Bride)
Dena - (Book: His Baby, Her Heart)
Dr. Leah Cordero - (Book: His Best Mistake)
Donna - (Book: His Brother's Child)
Dee Baines - (Book: His Diamond Bride)
Dr. Mariah Lowe - (Book: His Forbidden Touch)
Danetta Marist - (Book: His Girl Friday)
Danetta Marist - (Book: His Girl Friday (reissue))
Deirdre Macvail - (Book: His Grace Endures)
Diana Sherwood - (Book: His Lordship's Desire)
Diana Sherwood - (Book: His Lordship's Desire (UK))
Diana Greer - (Book: His Love Match)
Deborah - (Book: His Mistress By Marriage)
Deborah - (Book: His Mistress By Marriage (UK))
Dinah Corday - (Book: His Motherless Little Twins)
Dinah Corday - (Book: His Motherless Little Twins (UK large print))
Danette Michaels - (Book: His Royal Love-Child)
Danni Ford - (Book: Hitting The Mark)
Destiny Mills - (Book: Hold Me)
Dinah Sheridan - (Book: Hold on Tight)
Deana Armstrong - (Book: Holding Out for Hero)
Dallas MacGregor - (Book: Home Again)
Dr. Janice Thornton - (Book: Home for Christmas, A)
Dana Nichols - (Book: Homecoming)
Dana Nichols - (Book: Homecoming)
Dianna Blythe - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Dr. Miranda Jones - (Book: Homeport)
Dory Lambert - (Book: Honeymoon Suite)
Dakota Shea - (Book: Honeymoon That Wasn't, The)
Dakota Shea - (Book: Honeymoon That Wasn't, The (UK))
Dana Wright - (Book: Honorable Rancher)
Desiress Jenkins - (Book: Hope Ignites)
Deborah Vandermark - (Book: Hope Rekindled)
Dianne Selby - (Book: Hope Within, The)
Deuce - (Book: Horde)
Deborah Sinclair - (Book: Hostage, The)
Deborah Sinclair - (Book: Hostage, The (reissue))
Diana Remington - (Book: Hot as Ice)
Dianna Kelley - (Book: Hot As Sin)
Dr. Samantha Leeds - (Book: Hot Blooded)
Detective Shelley Caldwell - (Book: Hot Case)
Dana Birch - (Book: Hot on Her Heels)
Davina Lowell - (Book: Hot on the Trail)
Denise Conroy - (Book: Hot Point)
Darcy Clark - (Book: Hot to the Touch)
Darcy McDaniel - (Book: Hot Wheels and High Heels)
Daisy Dean - (Book: Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal)
Dr. Emily Drake - (Book: Hotter After Midnight (reprint))
Dana - (Book: House of Memories)
Diane Runyard - (Book: House Party, A)
Donna - (Book: Housewife Assassin's Guide to Gracious Killing, The (ebook))
Donna Stone - (Book: Housewife Assassin's Killer Christmas Tips, The (ebook))
Donna Stone - (Book: Housewife Assassin's Relationship Survival Guide, The (ebook))
Diantha Lucas - (Book: How a Lady Weds a Rogue)
Desi Smith - (Book: How to Catch A Groom)
Dahlia Balfour - (Book: How to Entice an Enchantress)
Diana Makepiece - (Book: How to Rescue a Rake)
Daisy Tanner - (Book: How to Seduce a Bride)
Dorothea Ellingham - (Book: How to Seduce a Sinner)
Drusilla Tallow - (Book: How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days)
Dorsey MacGuiness - (Book: How to Trap a Tycoon)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Hunger (anthology))
Damali - (Book: Hunted, The)
Daria Bradford - (Book: Hunter's Heart)
Dani Patton - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Dr. Catt Alborak - (Book: Hunter's Woman)
Dominique - (Book: Husband By Request)
Domini Lancer - (Book: I Burn For You)
Dorcas Jeffries - (Book: I Do)
Debbie Sue Overstreet, Edwina Perkins-Martin - (Book: I Gave You My Heart and You Sold It Online)
Daisy O'Dell - (Book: I Love this Bar)
Delia Carson - (Book: I Promise)
Delia Carson - (Book: I Promise (reissue))
Dia Courvant - (Book: I See You)
Dori Grant - (Book: I'll Stand By You)
Diane Anderson - (Book: I'm Your Girl)
Diane Anderson - (Book: I'm Your Girl (reissue))
Dani O'Malley - (Book: Iced (hardcover))
Dani Ross - (Book: Ideal Man, The)
Dosha Steele - (Book: If Love Is Good To Me)
Daisy Montgomery - (Book: If You Give a Girl a Viscount)
Dallas Cameron - (Book: Illegal Possession)
Delaney Wescott - (Book: Illusions)
Dusty O'Brian - (Book: Imaginary Lover)
Dusty O'Brian - (Book: Imaginary Lover (ebook))
Donna Payne - (Book: Immaculate Deception (ebook))
Dr Danielle McGill - (Book: Immortal Hunter, The)
Denice Geron - (Book: Immortal Image)
Damita De Salvado - (Book: Immortelles, The)
Dani Quinn - (Book: In a Class by Itself)
Daisy Collingsworth - (Book: In Dante's Debt)
Dr Helen Daniels - (Book: In His Loving Care)
Daphne Urban - (Book: In the Blood)
Dana Morrow - (Book: In the Family Way)
Dr Jennifer Madden - (Book: In The Flesh)
Diane Ingram - (Book: Incurable Matchmaker, The)
Drusilla Delany - (Book: India Fan, The)
Daphne - (Book: Indiscretions)
Desney Westbourne - (Book: Infatuation)
Dulcie Evans - (Book: Infernal)
Daisy - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Daisy Lockett - (Book: Inherited: Expectant Cinderella)
Daisy Lockett - (Book: Inherited: Expectant Cinderella (large print))
Dr. Ripley Davis - (Book: Intensive Care)
Dr. MacKenzie Lloyd - (Book: Intent To Seduce)
Daisy Spencer - (Book: Intercepting Daisy)
Dr. Sara Whitney - (Book: Internal Affairs)
Dylan - (Book: Intervamption)
Delaney Ballagh - (Book: Irish Mist (ebook))
Daphne Swift - (Book: Irresitible Rogue, The)
Devora Ashby - (Book: Island Bride)
Daphne Cora - (Book: Isle of the Dolphins)
Daphne Cora - (Book: Isle of the Dolphins (reissue))
Daisy Harding - (Book: It Happened One Wedding Night)
Daisy Harding - (Book: It Happened One Wedding Night (reissue))
Denise - (Book: It's Funny About Love (ebook))
Delia Moss - (Book: It's Not Me, It's You)
Dr Hilary Morgan - (Book: It's Only Temporary)
Della Hadley - (Book: Italian's Wife By Sunset, The)
Della Hadley - (Book: Italian's Wife By Sunset, The (Large Print))
Dee - (Book: Jack's Dee-Light (ebook))
Devinia Sparks - (Book: Jaden's Wicked Witch (ebook))
Dr Margaret Matthews - (Book: Jake's Mountain)
Dana Rollins - (Book: Jared's Counterfeit Fiancée)
Dana Shayne - (Book: Jared's Texas Homecoming)
Dru Anderson - (Book: Jealousy)
Devon - (Book: Jilted)
Devon - (Book: Jilted (ebook))
Davida Gresham - (Book: Jilting of Baron Pelham, The)
Dani Archer - (Book: John Doe on Her Doorstep)
Danielle Alexander - (Book: Journey of the Eagle)
Dorothea Witherspoon - (Book: Journeys)
Delia - (Book: Jude's Choice)
Danielle Timberlake-Foster - (Book: Just Deserts)
Danika Steffen - (Book: Just Like That)
Dr. Jane Houston - (Book: Just Over the Mountain)
Dr. Darian West - (Book: Just Past Midnight)
Daisy Valentine - (Book: Just Say Yes)
Diamond Tate - (Book: Just the Thought of You)
Dr Nora Mitchell - (Book: Kansas Courtship)
Drew - (Book: Keep, The)
Diana Exeley - (Book: Keeper of the Swans)
Dixie Bonner - (Book: Keeping Christmas)
Diana Collins - (Book: Keeping Her Baby's Secret)
D'lise Alexander - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Daniella - (Book: Kept Woman)
Dana Steel - (Book: Key of Knowledge)
Dora Lee Hanson - (Book: Key of the Sea)
Dr. Morgan Cabot - (Book: Kill Zone)
Dawn Jones - (Book: Killing Me Softly)
Dallas Lawson - (Book: King of the Castle, The)
Danielle D'Aville - (Book: King's Pleasure, The)
Delaney Markham - (Book: Kiss and Hell)
Deirdre Wilks
Viscountess Rotherby
- (Book: Kiss in the Dark, A)
Dixie LePage - (Book: Kiss Me Forever (reissue))
Diana Westover - (Book: Kiss Me Quick)
Dani Lloyd - (Book: Kiss Me, Captain (ebook novella))
Dr Carrie Overton - (Book: Kiss Me, Kill Me)
Daphne Davernay - (Book: Kiss To Remember, A)
Dr. Billie Foster - (Book: Kissed By A Rogue)
Dr. Maya Santiago - (Book: Kissing the Key Witness)
Dallis Caruth - (Book: Knight and White Satin, A)
Dougless Montgomery - (Book: Knight in Shining Armor, A)
Dougless Montgomery - (Book: Knight in Shining Armor, A (reissue))
Dallas Kirkland - (Book: Knight in Tarnished Armor, A)
Deana Jones - (Book: Knight of a Trillion Stars)
Dominick Knight - (Book: Knight's Fall, A (ebook))
Dominique Rainault - (Book: Lady Beneath the Veil)
Deirdre of Rivenloch - (Book: Lady Danger)
Drusilla Rudney - (Book: Lady Drusilla's Road to Ruin)
Diana Copeland - (Book: Lady Forfeits, The)
Delia Effington - (Book: Lady in Question, The)
Deborah Percival - (Book: Lady Is Tempted, The)
Dhana Patterson - (Book: Lady Killer)
Deborah Marchant - (Book: Lady Sabrina's Secret)
Daphne Whilton - (Book: Lady Whilton's Wedding)
Daisy Morrison - (Book: Lady With A Black Umbrella)
Daphne Selwood - (Book: Lady's Champion, A)
Devona Bedegrayne - (Book: Lady's Mischief, A)
Deirdre Maxwell - (Book: Laird of the Mist)
Dawn - (Book: Lakota Dawn)
Diana - (Book: Land of Enchantment)
Dianne Chadwick - (Book: Land of My Heart)
Deirdre Gower - (Book: Larcenous Lady )
Dr. Francesca Carmichael - (Book: Last Bachelor, The)
Daria McGowan - (Book: Last Breath)
Danielle Marin - (Book: Last Cowboy Standing, The)
Dickie Sinfield - (Book: Last Cowgirl, The)
Dani Langston - (Book: Last Crawford Bachelor, The)
Daria Babcock - (Book: Last Debutante, The)
Daniella Danatello - (Book: Last Doctor She Should Ever Date, The (large print))
Daniella Danatello - (Book: Last Doctor She Would Ever Date, The)
Dani Gwynne - (Book: Last Enemy, The)
Daisy - (Book: Last Hit)
Deni Branning - (Book: Last Light)
Daisy Saxon - (Book: Last Lone Wolf, The)
Dorsey Collins - (Book: Last Look)
Dani Cole - (Book: Last to Die)
Delaney Carson - (Book: Last Warrior, The)
Dani Sinclair - (Book: Laugh Lines)
Diane Broen - (Book: Lawe's Justice)
Dana Charles Maxwell - (Book: Lawman Who Loved Her, The)
Dara Rose Nolan - (Book: Lawman's Christmas, A)
Dara Rose Nolan - (Book: Lawman's Christmas, A (reprint))
Dana Aldrich - (Book: Laws of Passion,The)
Diane Parmalee - (Book: Legacies)
Davina Fletcher - (Book: Legacy of Desire)
Daniela Roarke - (Book: Legal Affair, A)
Dallas - (Book: Legend Of Lexandros, The)
Diana Forsythe - (Book: Lessons in Love)
Danielle St. Claire - (Book: Lessons in Seduction)
Dina Wexler - (Book: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie)
Danni Cafferty - (Book: Let the Dead Sleep (hardcover))
Danni Cafferty - (Book: Let the Dead Sleep (paperback))
Diana - (Book: Letter, The)
Diana Beechum - (Book: Letters to a Lady)
Delaney Spencer - (Book: Life Rewritten)
Dana Cooper - (Book: Light My Fire)
Daphne Duvallon - (Book: Light on the Veranda, A)
Deborah - (Book: Lightning and Fire)
Dr. Jamie Cutter - (Book: Like a Dog With a Bone)
Danielle Roberts - (Book: Like Never Before)
Dee Summers - (Book: Little Harmless Lie, A)
Dani Karlinski - (Book: Little Night Magic, A)
Dee Prescott - (Book: Logan's Lady)
Dee Prescott - (Book: Logan's Lady (reissue--ebook))
Dallas Garner - (Book: Lone Calder Star)
Deanna Atchley - (Book: Lone Wolf's Lady)
Deidre Clark-Morris - (Book: Long Time Coming)
Dareen Sheffield - (Book: Long Way Home, The)
Deidra Pierce - (Book: Look to the Heart (Large Print))
Delilah - (Book: Lord Dragoner's Wife)
Dorothy Osborne - (Book: Lord Kir of Oz)
Dorothy Abigail Osborne - (Book: Lord Kir Of Oz)
Diana Sheridan - (Book: Lord of Seduction)
Diana Christopher - (Book: Losing It)
Dana Petersen - (Book: Lost and Found Husband)
Deidre Levine - (Book: Lost To Love)
Danielle de Bussy - (Book: Louisiana Bride)
Desiree Dufour - (Book: Louisiana Caress)
Dana Roberts - (Book: Love)
Devon - (Book: Love a Rebel...Love a Rogue)
Dimity Cranford - (Book: Love Alters Not)
Dani Coltrane - (Book: Love and Splendor)
Darcy Trent - (Book: Love At High Tide)
Davinia - (Book: Love Bade Me Welcome)
Darcy Lindell - (Book: Love Beyond Surrender)
Danise - (Book: Love Beyond Time, A)
Darcy Henry - (Book: Love Bites)
Dakota Carson - (Book: Love By Design)
Delia - (Book: Love Changes Everything)
Dinah - (Book: Love Games )
Dr Paige Conrad - (Book: Love in Bloom)
Dominique Clark - (Book: Love in Play)
Del Montgomery - (Book: Love Is All You Need)
Diana Branscomb - (Book: Love Me Again)
Diana McFarland - (Book: Love Me Only)
Delaney Masterson - (Book: Love Me Sweet)
Dana Ellison - (Book: Love of Her Own, A)
Dr. Mallory Russell - (Book: Love On Call)
Dorothy Jarrow - (Book: Love Overdue)
Dr Myrina deCarte - (Book: Love Partner)
Dr. Sylvie Fontaine - (Book: Love Potion, The)
Dawn Harkness - (Book: Love Remembered)
Deanna St. Cloud - (Book: Love Tangle)
Dawn Lounsbury - (Book: Love Trap)
Dr. Lara West - (Book: Love Without Blood)
Della Valentine - (Book: Love Worth Finding)
Danielle - (Book: Love's Charade)
Danielle - (Book: Love's Charade (reprint))
Diana Huntley - (Book: Love's Gentle Smile)
Dallas Cameron - (Book: Love's Pirate)
Dr. Maya Richardson - (Book: Love's Redemption)
Delilah Benton - (Book: Loving Delilah)
Danny - (Book: Loving Scoundrel, A)
Dark - (Book: Lucavarious)
Domine - (Book: Lure Of Eagles)
Dr Meagan Baker - (Book: M.D. Next Door, The)
Daphne Templeton - (Book: Mad Maria's Daughter)
Damaris Cardell - (Book: Madam Mystery)
Diana Talbot - (Book: Madcap Johnny)
Denice Roberts - (Book: Made in Heaven)
Donna Byrd - (Book: Made in Texas!)
Dr. Maggie Turner - (Book: Maggie's Baby)
Dr. Julia Cates - (Book: Magic Hour)
Dellie Valmont - (Book: Magic Nights)
Dawn - (Book: Magical Dawn (ebook))
Dora Sutton - (Book: Mail-Order Brides, The)
Daphne - (Book: Make Believe Marriage)
Drea Sanford - (Book: Make Me Up (ebook))
Devyn Mauvais - (Book: Make You Remember)
Darcie Malone - (Book: Making Amends)
Dr. Jasmine - (Book: Making Waves)
Dakota Hale - (Book: Making Waves)
Danielle Warren - (Book: Malachim (ebook))
Dr Anya Crichton - (Book: Malicious Intent)
Dani Wallace - (Book: Man After Midnight)
Drew - (Book: Man and Wife)
Dulcie Samples - (Book: Man Behind the Mask, The)
Delilah St. Germaine - (Book: Man Behind the Mask, The (large print))
Dani Madison - (Book: Man Next Door, The)
Darby Shepard - (Book: Man of Her Dreams)
Dixie Parish - (Book: Man of Steel)
Dr Jill Edwards - (Book: Man She Can Trust, A)
Dana Smith - (Book: Man That Got Away, The)
Dena Bailey - (Book: Man Upstairs, The)
Delia Dupris - (Book: Man Worth Keeping, A)
Deborah Stormont - (Book: Managing Female, A)
Desiree MacDermot - (Book: Mane Event, The)
Delphine Antoine - (Book: Mango Summer)
Darcy Jensen - (Book: Marcelli Bride, The)
Dillian Whitnell - (Book: Marquess, The)
Dee - (Book: Marriage Resolution, The)
Dee Lawson - (Book: Marriage Resolution, The (Large Print))
Dana Marsh - (Book: Married by High Noon)
Daphne Williams - (Book: Married By Morning)
Daphne Williams - (Book: Married By Morning (UK))
Daphne Williams - (Book: Married By Morning [Large Print])
Dana Dillinger - (Book: Married to the Boss)
Dani Deveraux - (Book: Married?)
Diana Whitney - (Book: Marry in Haste)
Dani Carpenter - (Book: Marry Me, Baby)
Daisy Bellamy - (Book: Marrying Daisy Bellamy)
Daisy Bellamy - (Book: Marrying Daisy Bellamy (reissue))
Diane Black - (Book: Marrying Kind, The)
Danna Carpenter - (Book: Marrying Miss Marshal)
Dana Cummings - (Book: Marshall's Law)
Danica Morgan - (Book: Mask Of Passion)
Deirdre O’Devir - (Book: Master Of My Dreams)
Diana London - (Book: Master of the Moon)
Diana - (Book: Mastering a Sinner)
Doris June Hargrove - (Book: Match Made In Dry Creek, A)
Dayna Duncan - (Book: Match Play)
Daniella White - (Book: Matched to a Billionaire)
Diana Lynch - (Book: Matchmaker's Daddy, The (UK))
Dabney Kimball Beech - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Diana Lynch - (Book: Matchmakers' Daddy, The)
Dori Robertson - (Book: Matchmakers, The)
Denise Torrance - (Book: Maternity Bride)
Darrell Collier - (Book: Matrimony With His Majesty)
Daphne McKinley - (Book: Matter of Character, A)
Dr Nora Blake - (Book: Matter of the Heart, A)
Debra Latham - (Book: Matter of Trust, A)
Debra Latham - (Book: Matter of Trust, A (UK))
Dr. Delaney Poole - (Book: Maybe Baby)
Dany Wiley - (Book: Maybe Baby)
Didi Flanagan - (Book: Memoirs of a Millionaire's Mistress )
Darlene Remington - (Book: Memories at Midnight)
Delinda - (Book: Men in Chains (ebook))
Destiny - (Book: Merger By Matrimony)
Diana Crossways - (Book: Met By Moonlight)
Danielle Shaw - (Book: Midnight Fires)
Desi Hollyhock - (Book: Midnight Investigation)
Deirdre Gower - (Book: Midnight Masquerade)
Danica Blue - (Book: Midnight Play)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Midnight Reign)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Midnight Reign (mass market reissue))
Dylan Alexander - (Book: Midnight Rising)
Dara Rochambeau - (Book: Midnight Surrender)
Dorina (Dory) Basarab - (Book: Midnight's Daughter)
Danielle Buchanan - (Book: Midnight's Lover)
Devon Grant - (Book: Midwife and the Lawman, The)
Dark Maggie - (Book: Midwife of the Blue Ridge)
Delaine Talbot - (Book: Million Dirty Secrets, A)
Delaine Talbot - (Book: Million Guilty Pleasures, A)
Denise Watson - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Wife, The)
Diana Foster - (Book: Millionaire's Pregnant Bride, The)
Dahlia Le Blanc - (Book: Mind Game)
Delaney Catalano - (Book: Mine to Hold)
Delaney Catalano - (Book: Mine to Hold (reissue))
Damali Richards - (Book: Minion)
Delphine Cameron - (Book: Miss Cameron's Fall from Grace)
Diana Carlyle - (Book: Miss Carlyle's Curricle)
Dani Newland - (Book: Mission: Motherhood)
Dyaln Echols - (Book: Mistletoe Cinderella)
Dona - (Book: Mistress of Redemption)
Doña Marina - (Book: Mistress of the Morning Star)
Daisy Summers - (Book: Mistress to a Millionaire)
Diana Dearborn - (Book: Mists of Time, The)
Dana Harris - (Book: Moment of Truth, The)
Dominique Laws - (Book: Moments Like This)
Dr Sarah MArsdon - (Book: Money Man, The)
Dani Wilde - (Book: Montana Cherries)
Dr Jolie Maxwell - (Book: Montana Family, A)
Deborah Manchester - (Book: Moon Flower)
Deborah Jones
Laughing Flame
- (Book: Moon of Laughing Flame)
Daisy Ellis Craigmore - (Book: Moonglow)
Darcey O'Roarke - (Book: Moonlight Enchantress)
Dessa Fallon - (Book: Moonspun Dreams)
Dr. Madeline Ruszel - (Book: Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (ebook))
Dr. Madeline Ruszel - (Book: Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (reissue))
Denise Chevillon - (Book: Moreland Legacy, The)
Davinia (Vinny) Darling - (Book: Most Exceptional Quest, A)
Davinia (Vinny) Darling - (Book: Most Exceptional Quest, A (reissue))
Davinia (Vinny) Darling - (Book: Most Exceptional Quest, A (UK))
Desiree Nash - (Book: Most Improper Proposal, A (UK))
Dr Sophie Norman - (Book: Most Magical Gift of All)
Deirdre Darrington - (Book: Most Unsuitable Bride, A)
Damaris Myddleton - (Book: Most Unsuitable Man, A)
Delilah Butler - (Book: Most Wanted)
Darby White - (Book: Mother in a Moment)
Diana Travis - (Book: Mother Knows Best)
Diana Sorenson - (Book: Mother of the Groom)
Donna McCollough - (Book: Mother on the Wing)
Danielle Tyler - (Book: Mountain Peril)
Dorrie Shelton - (Book: Mountaintop)
Daphne Pembroke - (Book: Mr. Impossible)
Denise Jenkins - (Book: Mr. Right Next Door)
Diana - (Book: Murder for Charity)
Deborah - (Book: Mutiny in Paradise)
Destiny Brockman - (Book: My Destiny)
Destiny - (Book: My Destiny)
Desdemona Quiggley - (Book: My Fair Quiggley)
Denise Cooke - (Book: My Favorite Mistake)
Dayna Sterling - (Book: My Favorite Witch)
Delia - (Book: My Heart for Yours)
Deidra MacKay - (Book: My Immortal Protector)
Druscilla Selby - (Book: My Lord Footman)
Diana Gardiner - (Book: My Lord Lion)
Deidre of the Languedoc - (Book: My Noble Knight)
Darcy Bennett - (Book: My Only Christmas Wish)
Dinah Dewberry - (Book: My Perfectly Imperfect Life )
Diana Carrick - (Book: My Reckless Surrender)
Dana Ritchie - (Book: My Three Girls)
Darlene Lewy - (Book: My Valentine)
Daphne Starling - (Book: My Wicked Marquess)
Dianthe - (Book: Nabob's Widow, The)
Della Murray - (Book: Naked Soul)
Delaney McBride - (Book: Nanny Jake)
Darcy Burkhart - (Book: Nate)
Darcy Burkhart - (Book: Nate (large print))
Dani Adams - (Book: Natural Born Trouble)
Dr Sarah Macintosh - (Book: Natural Touch)
Diedra Newman - (Book: Naughty Girl)
D. D. Warren - (Book: Neighbor, The (Hardcover))
Debbie Valley - (Book: Nekkid Truth, The (ebook))
Dallas Durango - (Book: Nevada Nights)
Destiny Cartwright - (Book: Never Been Witched)
Daphne Bevington - (Book: Never Entice an Earl)
Dael - (Book: New Blood (ebook))
Davian - (Book: Next Floor Naughty)
Dawn Hayden - (Book: Night Child)
Darby - (Book: Night Falls on the Wicked)
Delilah D'Artigo - (Book: Night Huntress)
Dawn Maybank - (Book: Night Mischief)
Dionne - (Book: Night Of The Bulls, The)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Night Rising)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Night Rising (mass market reissue))
Deborah O'Roarke - (Book: Night Shadow)
Dr. Alana Britton - (Book: Night To Remember)
Debra Nightsong - (Book: Nightsong)
Dylan Bradford - (Book: Nine Months Later)
Diana Forsythe - (Book: No Bull (ebook))
Devon Marshall - (Book: No Greater Love)
Dr. Asia Fowler - (Book: No More Playas)
Del Carmody - (Book: No Ordinary Hero)
Dottie Hart - (Book: No Place Like Home)
Dana Coulter - (Book: No Quarter Given)
Darian Cantrall - (Book: No Turning Back)
Desi de Soto - (Book: Nocturnal Obsession (ebook))
Dr Skye Shanahan - (Book: Northern Exposure)
Delphi Reynolds - (Book: Northern Rebel / Daring in the Dark)
Dakota Laurens - (Book: Not Quite Forever)
Darci Clarke - (Book: Not Quite Right)
Donna Whitaker - (Book: Nothing Lost)
Daisy Marcellus - (Book: Nothing Short of Perfect)
Dana Dupinsky - (Book: Nothing To Fear)
Dr. Paige Randolph - (Book: Now and Then)
Damita Delacruz - (Book: O'Toole's Promise)
Delaney Randall - (Book: Obsession Untamed)
Destry - (Book: Obvious Virtue, An)
Denver McCallahan - (Book: Odd Man Out)
Dana Logan - (Book: Off Her Rocker)
Delaney Carter - (Book: Off Limits)
Demi Tripopulous - (Book: Offer She Couldn't Refuse, The)
Daria Morgan - (Book: Oldest Kind of Magic, The)
Donna Candello - (Book: Oldest Living Married Virgin, The)
Deanna Leighton - (Book: On the Line)
Diann Torrey - (Book: On the Scent)
Devon Marshall - (Book: On Wings of Dreams)
Diana Covington - (Book: Once A Mistress)
Daphne Thorn - (Book: Once and Again)
Daphne Fields - (Book: Once in a Lifetime)
Daphne Honeycote - (Book: Once She Was Tempted)
Dominique - (Book: Once Upon a Kiss)
Deanie Bailey - (Book: Once Upon a Rose)
Deanie Bailey - (Book: Once Upon a Rose (reissue))
Daria - (Book: One Bite Stand)
Dizzy James - (Book: One Chance At Love)
Dede Chamberlain - (Book: One Hot Forty-Five)
Deidre Kavanaugh - (Book: One in a Billion)
Diana Tomlinson - (Book: One Man's Folly)
Deborah Stratton - (Book: One Night of Scandal)
Darcy Grant - (Book: One Night of Scandal (ebook))
Dana Meadows - (Book: One of a Kind)
Dallas Kittridge
- (Book: One Silent Night)
Daisy Cherry - (Book: One Who Changed Everything, The)
Donnatella di Poliziano - (Book: One With the Darkness)
Dora Debbins - (Book: Only Beloved)
Dakota Hendrix - (Book: Only Mine)
Dina Dorelli - (Book: Only One Groom Allowed)
Dr Katie Martin - (Book: Only Skin Deep)
Dr. Katie Martin - (Book: Only Skin Deep-Reissue)
Daisy Minor - (Book: Open Season)
Dana HAthaway - (Book: Operation: Katie)
Dani Murdock - (Book: Out of Bounds (ebook))
Daisy Truman - (Book: Out Of Control)
Dee - (Book: Out of Uniform)
Darcy - (Book: Outback Engagement, The)
Dr Anna Schuster - (Book: Outcast)
Diana Saxton - (Book: Outlaw)
Dr. Rain Jordan - (Book: Outlaw Viking, The)
Debra Nightsong - (Book: Outlaw's Bride, The (UK))
Delaney Lawson - (Book: Outlawed!)
Deuce - (Book: Outpost)
Deborah - (Book: Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah)
Dawn Freeze - (Book: Over the Top (ebook))
Darcy - (Book: P.S. Love You Madly)
Deanna Lambert - (Book: P.S. You're a Daddy)
Dafne Mailloux - (Book: Pages of the Mind, The)
Delilah - (Book: Panther Prowling)
Destiny Driven - (Book: Paratrooper in a Pear Tree, A)
Dana - (Book: Paris : Alex & Dana)
Darcy - (Book: Partner For Love)
Darlene Cunningham - (Book: Passion's Price)
Dahlia Morrow - (Book: Passionate Premiere)
Drucilla - (Book: Passionate Pretenders, The)
Deirdre Fenton - (Book: Passionate Prude, The)
Daphne Urban - (Book: Past Redemption)
Danielle - (Book: Past Revenge, A)
Dawn Madison - (Book: Path of Razors (mass market))
Dawn Madison - (Book: Path of Razors, The)
Dawn O'Shaunessy - (Book: Payback)
Diana Price - (Book: Paying the Virgin's Price)
Dawna Nightshade - (Book: Peacekeeper's Soul, The)
Dr. Christy Moser - (Book: Pediatrician's Personal Protector, The)
Delaney Nash - (Book: Peekaboo Baby)
Dresdemona Devos - (Book: Perdition)
Devon St. James - (Book: Perfect Bride, A)
Dale Christensen - (Book: Perfect Combination)
Dana Mayo - (Book: Perfect on Paper)
Darcy Nolan - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Dana Dillard - (Book: Perfect Wedding)
Daisy Crispin - (Book: Perfectly Dateless)
Daisy Crispin - (Book: Perfectly Invisible)
Daisy Crispin - (Book: Perfectly Ridiculous)
Delilah White - (Book: Perfectly True Tales of a Perfect Size 12, The)
Dr. Elizabeth Cameron - (Book: Person of Interest)
Dawn Markey - (Book: Phantom Filly)
Dani - (Book: Phobia)
Delilah Sefton - (Book: Phoenix Legacy)
Delaney Walker - (Book: Picture Me Sexy)
Davina Spenser - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Dorinda - (Book: Pink Phaeton, The)
Diana Worthing - (Book: Pirate Hunter's Lady, The (ebook))
Diana Worthing - (Book: Pirate Hunter, The)
DJ Jaco - (Book: Pirate's Alley)
Diana Tremont - (Book: Pirate's Woman, The)
Dr Daphne Barrett - (Book: Pirate, The)
Douglass Fraser - (Book: Planet Mail)
Diana Collin - (Book: Playboy and the Widow, The)
Darcy - (Book: Playboy's Mistress, The)
Dora Watkins - (Book: Playboy's Own Miss Prim, The)
Diana Song - (Book: Player's Club: Finn, The)
Danica Danforth - (Book: Player's Proposal, The)
Darcy Miller - (Book: Playing the Field)
Deanna Harrison - (Book: Pleasure Bound)
Deanna Harrison - (Book: Pleasure Bound (reprint))
Dominique King - (Book: Pleasure for Two)
Deirdre Smallwood - (Book: Pleasure Rush)
Dylan Ivory - (Book: Pleasure's Edge)
Dylan Ivory - (Book: Pleasure's Edge (reissue))
Diandra - (Book: Pleasures of the Forbidden Valley)
Dixie Nelson - (Book: PMS Club, The (Hardcover))
Dinah - (Book: Pocketful of Pearls)
Dr. Jenni Vine - (Book: Police Chief's Lady, The)
Dr. Izzy McKinnon - (Book: Posh Doc, Society Wedding)
Donna Vesey - (Book: Potluck Club--Takes the Cake, The)
Dr Lydia Moore - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
Devi Taylor - (Book: Prada Paradox, The )
Della Ward - (Book: Prairie Moon)
Darcie Moretti - (Book: Pregnancy and a Proposal, A)
Dana Cantrell - (Book: Pregnant and Incognito)
Dr. Alice Masters - (Book: Pregnant Intern, The)
Dina McDermott - (Book: President's Daughter, The )
Diana St. Aubin - (Book: Pressing Engagement, A)
Deborah Woodly - (Book: Pretenders, The)
Debra Valenz - (Book: Price of Victory)
December McIntyre - (Book: Primal Possession)
Danielle Brewster - (Book: Prime Reaper)
Darcie Wiley - (Book: Prime Suspect)
Darcie Wiley - (Book: Prime Suspect (large print))
Deena - (Book: Prime Time)
Delaine Jeris - (Book: Primed To Pounce)
Danice Carter - (Book: Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here)
Dana Rowan - (Book: Prince Charming, M.D. )
Diana Ransom - (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Dinah Freville - (Book: Prince of Secrets)
Dorothea Hebden - (Book: Princess Dottie)
Devonny Stratton - (Book: Prisoner of Time)
Dr. Meredith Boren - (Book: Private Bodyguard, The)
Diane, Wendy, Suzanne, Carol - (Book: Private Daydreams)
Darcy Renshaw - (Book: Private Maneuvers)
Desiree Dupree - (Book: Private Passions)
Deanna - (Book: Private Scandals)
Dora Martin - (Book: Profiler's Case for Seduction, A)
Dr. Olivia Strohm - (Book: Promises in the Dark)
Devon Franklin - (Book: Proper Wife, A)
Delia Barry - (Book: Protect Me, Love)
Dr. Samantha Andrews - (Book: Protecting His Own)
Dr Krystle Maller - (Book: Protecting His Witness)
Danielle Kennedy - (Book: Pursuit of Love)
Denise, Agnes, Nina, Paige - (Book: Quench My Thirst)
Diana Clare - (Book: Question of Impropriety, A)
Diana Clare - (Book: Question of Impropriety, A (UK))
Damiene Belson - (Book: Quicksilver)
Druscilla - (Book: Quiet Gentleman, The)
Deanna - (Book: Quiet Storm)
D. J. Monroe - (Book: Quinn's Woman)
D J Monroe - (Book: Quinn's Woman (reissue))
D.J. Monroe - (Book: Quinn's Woman (reprint))
Diana Bywater - (Book: Rags-to-Riches Bride)
Dawsey Wilkes - (Book: Raider's Heart)
Diana Headley - (Book: Rainbow To Heaven, A (reissue))
Dawn Lincoln Kittredge - (Book: Raising the Stakes)
Darci Taylor - (Book: Ranch at River's End)
Debra Williams - (Book: Rancher Takes A Family, The)
Dani Pettit - (Book: Rancher's Redemption, A)
Dr Caroline Randall - (Book: Randall Returns, A (reissue))
Delana Wyatt - (Book: Ranger, The)
Daenaira - (Book: Rapture)
Delight de Vries - (Book: Rapture's Tempest )
Davina Montgomery - (Book: Ravished by a Highlander)
Danielle - (Book: Ravished by Moonlight (ebook))
Dakota Halifax - (Book: Ready to Wed)
Delainey Clarke - (Book: Real Live Hero, A)
Dani Shane - (Book: Reason is You, The)
Dulcie McDaniels - (Book: Reason to Believe, A)
Delilah Trowbridge - (Book: Rebel Enchantress)
Delilah Trowbridge - (Book: Rebel Enchantress (re-issue))
Desiree - (Book: Rebel Heart)
Dallas Burke - (Book: Rebel in Silk)
Devin Guthrie - (Book: Rebels and Lovers)
Dara Bancroft - (Book: Reckless Passion)
Dru Anderson - (Book: Reckoning)
Dierdre - (Book: Red Branch)
Daphne - (Book: Red Mortal)
Daisy Lennox - (Book: Reid's Runaway Bride)
Darcy Cochrane - (Book: Rekindle the Flame (ebook))
Dusty Martin - (Book: Relentless)
Desiree Jacobs - (Book: Reluctant Burglar)
Diana Landale - (Book: Reluctant Heiress, The)
Daniella Duvall - (Book: Reluctant Hero, A)
Desiree Jacobs - (Book: Reluctant Runaway)
Desiree Jacobs - (Book: Reluctant Smuggler)
Drina Argenis - (Book: Reluctant Vampire, The)
Dominique Salem - (Book: Remember Love)
Diana Foster - (Book: Remember When)
Daylene Honeycutt - (Book: Renegade)
Danielle Summers - (Book: Renegade Son)
Diana Gresham - (Book: Repentant Rebel, The)
Danielle - (Book: Rescue Me)
Denise Holton - (Book: Rescue, The)
Della Riordan - (Book: Rescued by Marriage)
Dunleavy Mallorough - (Book: Resenting the Hero)
Daryl Larsen - (Book: Resolution of Love, A)
Dana Seles - (Book: Restless Wind)
Dana Seles - (Book: Restless Wind (Large Print))
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Resurrection)
Darby Kent - (Book: Return of Connor Mansfield, The)
Drucella Chapman - (Book: Reunited, The)
Danielle Sinclair - (Book: Rich Man's Revenge)
Diana Huntley - (Book: Ride The Wind Home)
Dara Seabrook - (Book: Ridge: the Avenger)
Drucilla Robichoux - (Book: Riding the Waves)
Devorah Hunter - (Book: Right Touch, The)
Dee Dawson - (Book: Riot)
Dani Michaels - (Book: Risk It (ebook))
Darby Ellison - (Book: Risky Assignment)
Dana Carmody - (Book: Risky Business)
Dr. Nina Grant - (Book: Risky Engagement)
Delaney Conner - (Book: Risque Business)
Deputy Sheriff Sarah - (Book: Rivals, The [reissue])
Delilah Raymond - (Book: River Nymph, The)
Dr. Annie Parrish - (Book: River of Eden)
Drusilla Jaco - (Book: River Road)
Drucilla Duckworth
aka River Templeton
- (Book: River's Dream)
Delilah Wickley - (Book: Riverboat Seduction)
Daria Shea - (Book: Roarke: the Adventurer)
Daniella de la Cruz - (Book: Rock-A-Bye Rancher)
Dr. Blair Weston - (Book: Rocky Mountain Mystery)
Daisy Adams - (Book: Rocky Road to Romance, The)
Diana Somers - (Book: Rogue, The)
Dr Helen Kinsale - (Book: Roping the Wind)
Deirdre Gower - (Book: Royal Revels)
Drusilla Jaco - (Book: Royal Street)
Danielle Sosna - (Book: Ruby (ebook))
Dr. Lenita (Lenny) Mae Faulkner - (Book: Rules For A Pretty Woman)
Dorie Berenger - (Book: Rumble On The Bayou)
Destiny Sterling - (Book: Runaway)
Dina Moore - (Book: Runaway Heiress, The)
Dr. Nicole Foster - (Book: Running Wide Open)
Dana Underhill - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Dana Vanover - (Book: Salt Maiden, The )
Deborah Robinson - (Book: Sanctuary Cove)
Delia O'Reilly - (Book: Sandpiper Island)
Diana Palmer - (Book: Santa in a Stetson)
Dr. Sara Killian - (Book: Sara's Song (Hardcover))
Dr. Sara Scarborough - (Book: Sara's Surprise)
Danielle Hammond - (Book: Satin & A Scandalous Affair)
Donna Barrett - (Book: Satisfying Lonergan's Honor)
Danielle Hansen - (Book: Savage Heaven)
Danette - (Book: Savage Innocence)
Danette - (Book: Savage Innocence (reissue))
Dayanara Tolliver - (Book: Savage Love)
Dizzy - (Book: Saved by Venom (ebook))
Destiny Rue - (Book: Saving Destiny)
Devon Ellwood - (Book: Saxon's Lady)
Daisy Bowman - (Book: Scandal in Spring)
Diantha Fraser - (Book: Scandal's Daughter (Hardcover))
Diantha Fraser - (Book: Scandal's Daughter (reissue))
Delilah - (Book: Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride, The)
Daphne - (Book: Scandalous Affair, A (ebook))
Daniella Foster - (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Daisy Malone - (Book: Scandalous Spirits)
Dani Cantrell - (Book: Scandals)
David - (Book: Scars of the Heart (ebook))
djinni Nadir - (Book: Scorched Destiny)
Dorothea Bright - (Book: Scoundrel's Daughter)
Debbie Renaud - (Book: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep)
Deanna Blackwell - (Book: Sean's Reckoning)
Dr. Elanna Richfield - (Book: Seascape)
Devon Grayson - (Book: Season of Miracles, A)
Dinah Westlake - (Book: Season of Secrets)
Dorothy-Anne Hale-Cantwell - (Book: Second Love)
Dayna - (Book: Second Time Lucky)
Dawn Lord - (Book: Second Time, The)
Dancing Bird - (Book: Second Vow, The)
Danielle Moore - (Book: Secret Agent Reunion)
Dervla - (Book: Secret baby, Convenient Wife)
Deborah Monroe - (Book: Secret Between Us)
Deborah Monroe - (Book: Secret Between Us, The )
Devon Delaney - (Book: Secret Identity of Devon Delaney, The)
Diamond Swain - (Book: Secret Love)
Dana Massey - (Book: Secret of Cherokee Cove, The)
Daria of Fortescue - (Book: Secret Song)
Dr. Lauren Wright - (Book: Secret Thirst)
Dorcas Froggatt - (Book: Secret Wedding, The)
Delaney Townsend - (Book: Secretly Married)
Delaney Townsend - (Book: Secretly Married (reissue))
Dana Sinclair - (Book: Secrets by the Sea)
Darcy Rivers - (Book: Secrets of a Powerful Man)
Diana Winslow - (Book: Secrets of the Knight)
Dionne Fontaine - (Book: Seduced by the Hero)
Diane Albret - (Book: Seducer, The)
Denise Hopkins/ Davida - (Book: Seducing Sir Gwain (ebook))
Danielle Holloway - (Book: Seduction and Lies)
Daphne Beaumont - (Book: Seduction Becomes Her)
Deanna Marlowe - (Book: Seduction of Deanna, The)
Dianne Harrington - (Book: Seductive Kiss, A)
Dia Trelawny - (Book: Seeker, The)
Dr. Rachel Harper - (Book: Seeking Asylum)
Deborah - (Book: Sensible Wife, A)
Doreen Fleming - (Book: Sensual Winds)
Donna Miro - (Book: Sensuous Angel)
Doris June Hargrove - (Book: Seven Hundred Pansies)
Danita Cruz - (Book: Sex, Lies and Valentines)
Delilah Storm - (Book: Sex, Lust and Martinis (ebook))
Danya - (Book: Sexpresso Night (ebook))
Darcy Stanton - (Book: Sgt. Billy's Bride)
Dani Warren, Professor - (Book: Shadow and Silk)
Dani Warren - (Book: Shadow and Silk (reissue))
Dale Stuart-Taylor - (Book: Shadow Moon (ebook))
Diana Bishop - (Book: Shadow of Night (hardcover))
Drusilla Jordan - (Book: Shadow Of The Cat)
Dr. Elizabeth Barnes - (Book: Shadow Side, The)
Dawn - (Book: Shadow Walker)
Dr. Victoria Sommer - (Book: Shadow Watch)
Darcy Flynn - (Book: Shadow's Kiss)
Dori - (Book: Shadows and Betrayal (ebook))
Dana - (Book: Shadowspell)
Darian - (Book: Shaedes of Grey)
Daisy L'Amore - (Book: Shaking It Up (ebook))
Deb Strickland - (Book: Shameless)
Dinah Hoyt - (Book: Shane's Last Stand (reissue))
Diana Prentice - (Book: Shared Dream, A )
Dani de Corba - (Book: Shattered Deceptions)
Delicia Adams - (Book: Shattered Illusions)
Desiree Alexander - (Book: Shattered Images)
Dolores Reese - (Book: She Had It Coming)
Darcy Miller - (Book: She's My Kind of Girl (ebook))
Danielle - (Book: She's Positive)
Deanna - (Book: She's The One)
Desiree Hartlan - (Book: She's the Sheriff)
Daphne Snowden - (Book: Sheik & The Bride Who Said No, The)
Dora Nelson - (Book: Sheik's Kidnapped Bride, The)
Dara Alexander - (Book: Sheik's Safety)
Desiree Drummond - (Book: Sheikh's Betrayal)
Diana Metcalfe - (Book: Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride, The)
Diana Metcalfe - (Book: Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride, The (Large Print))
Dana Croft - (Book: Sheriff of Silverhill, The)
Della Gilliland - (Book: Ship of Dreams)
Devra Morgan - (Book: Shiver)
Devyn Sterling - (Book: Shiver of Fear)
Dusty McCall - (Book: Shotgun Surrender)
Domini Katzinski - (Book: Shoulda Been a Cowboy)
Darci - (Book: Sicilian's Innocent Mistress, The)
Devon James - (Book: Silent Rose, The)
Devon James - (Book: Silent Rose, The)
Devora Ashby - (Book: Silver Dreams)
Diana Turner - (Book: Silver Feather)
Diana Wells - (Book: Silver Lining)
Delainey Talbot - (Book: Silver Linings)
Dara Owens - (Book: Silver Mist)
Danielle Curtis - (Book: Silver Rain)
Dakota Dream - (Book: Simon Says)
Della - (Book: Simple Perfection)
Dara Lange - (Book: Simply Irresistible)
Diana Marsh - (Book: Sin City)
Diana Marsh - (Book: Sin City (reprint))
Debbie Sue Overstreet - (Book: Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash)
Daisy Bristol - (Book: Sinful Scottish Laird)
Daphne Proctor - (Book: Single in the Saddle)
Deborah Anne Peterson - (Book: Singsation)
Dory Callahan - (Book: Sins of Summer)
Dangereuse - (Book: Sins of the Night)
Dominique Charbonneau - (Book: Siren's Song)
Dana - (Book: Sirensong)
Dawn Miller - (Book: Sk8er Boy)
Daphne Carlisle - (Book: Skies of Steel)
Daphne Van Helsing - (Book: Slayed)
Daniella Delaney - (Book: Sleeping With the Entity)
Dallas Dubois - (Book: Sleigh Belles (trade))
Dana Sue Sullivan - (Book: Slice of Heaven, A)
Dayne Sheridan - (Book: Sliding Home)
Dana Johnson - (Book: Slow Burn)
Dana Hall - (Book: Small-Town Secrets)
Dulcie Hughes - (Book: Smokin' Six-Shooter)
Delilah Hammond - (Book: Smoky Ridge Curse)
Delilah Hammond - (Book: Smoky Ridge Curse (large print))
Danica - (Book: Snakecharm)
Diana Gordon - (Book: Snap Shot)
Diana de Revillon - (Book: Snow and Ice)
Danica Lynch - (Book: So Dear To My Heart)
Darcy Shea - (Book: Soaring Home)
Domino de Silva - (Book: Society's Scandalous Rake)
Diamond Wingate - (Book: Soft Touch, The)
Dr. Jane Harker - (Book: Soldier's Quest, A)
Dora Hoag - (Book: Somebody's Santa)
Dora Hoag - (Book: Somebody's Santa (reissue))
Darcy Rhone - (Book: Something Blue)
Dorinda Fay - (Book: Something Old, Something New)
Desy - (Book: Something Wanton)
Delilah Roberts - (Book: Somewhere In Texas)
Deborah Martin - (Book: Song for a Lady (Hardcover))
Dakoda Jenkins - (Book: Soul of a Wildcat)
Darcy - (Book: Soul Scorched)
Dana Bivens - (Book: Southern Fires)
Dominique Sanderson - (Book: Spanish Billionaire's Christmas Bride, The)
Dominique Sanderson - (Book: Spanish Billionaire's Christmas Bride, The (UK))
Dr. Jenny Talforth - (Book: Spanish Practice (UK))
Dawn Adjani - (Book: Sparks)
Dani Collins - (Book: Sparks Fly With Mr. Mayor (US edition))
Dr. Kelley Stanton - (Book: Special Agent Nanny)
Dani Sweet - (Book: Special Agent's Seduction)
Damaris Allyn - (Book: Spindrift)
Dallas James - (Book: Spirit Catcher)
Denise Russler - (Book: Spirit Warrior)
Dorrel Harris - (Book: Spring Will Come)
Dawn Gardner - (Book: Staking His Claim)
Diana Fairbourne - (Book: Star Bright)
Dani Canto - (Book: Star Witness)
Dani Canto - (Book: Star Witness (large print))
Dr. Julia Huerta - (Book: Stardust)
Desdemona Lynton - (Book: Starlight Wish (reprint))
Desdemona Lynton - (Book: Starlight Wish, The)
Deborah Culpepper - (Book: Stars Through the Mist)
Deborah Culpepper - (Book: Stars Through the Mist (reissue))
Deborah Culpepper - (Book: Stars Through the Mist (UK))
Deborah Culpepper - (Book: Stars Through the Mist (UK-reissue))
Daisy - (Book: Staying at Daisy's)
Daisy MacLean - (Book: Staying at Daisy's (reprint))
Dana - (Book: Stepbrother, Mine)
Darcy Stone - (Book: Still the One)
Dee Decker - (Book: Stitch in Time, A)
Deirdre Kenney & Maura - (Book: Stockingful Of Joy, A (Anthology))
Dr. Lisa Maxwell - (Book: Stolen Fury)
Danielle Corbit - (Book: Stolen Identity)
Deborah - (Book: Stolen Inheritance)
Domine Grainger - (Book: Storm In A Rain Barrel)
Dana Meredith - (Book: Storm Over the Lake)
Dana Meredith - (Book: Storm Over the Lake (reissue))
Dana Meredith - (Book: Storm Over the Lake (reissue))
Domini Loring - (Book: Story Princess, The)
Dr. Freya Innes - (Book: Straight from the Heart)
Dawn Moon - (Book: Straight Through the Heart)
Dawn Moon - (Book: Straight through the Heart)
Darcy St. James - (Book: Stranded)
Daniela Flores - (Book: Stranded With Her Ex)
Dru Anderson - (Book: Strange Angels)
Dina - (Book: Strange Bedfellow)
Darcy Hart - (Book: Stranger At the Crossroads)
Danielle - (Book: Stranger Next Door, The)
Dawn Perry - (Book: Stranger On The Mountain)
Dulcy Ferris - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Darcie Elizabeth Baxter - (Book: Strapless)
Devon Tremayne - (Book: Stroke of Midnight, The)
Dani - (Book: Strong and Sexy)
Dani - (Book: Strong and Sexy (reprint))
Dr Calista St James - (Book: Strong Medicine)
Daisy Gumm - (Book: Strong Sprits)
Diane Peters - (Book: Struck by the Texas Matchmakers)
Debranne Kiley - (Book: Stryker's Wife)
Darci - (Book: Stuck in Shangri-la)
Diedra Palmer - (Book: Stuck on You)
Detective Ginny Rafferty - (Book: Sudden Engagement)
Dr. Page Pfeiffer - (Book: Suddenly)
Diana Hobbes - (Book: Sultry Pleasure)
Damaris Howard - (Book: Summer Seduction)
Daria Cato - (Book: Summer's Child)
Drew Sidney - (Book: Summer's Moon)
Deanna Duras - (Book: Summers End)
Delta Jarrett - (Book: Sunrise Surrender)
Dr. Alice Doyle - (Book: Super Natural Acts)
Darla Powers - (Book: Superlovin' (ebook))
Donetta Presley - (Book: Surprised By A Baby)
Derry - (Book: Surrender)
Devon Reid - (Book: Surrender to Temptation)
Della Jackson - (Book: Survive the Night)
Della Jackson - (Book: Survive the Night (large print))
Deborah Sanborn - (Book: Survivors, The)
Daisy - (Book: Sway (ebook))
Denise Ward - (Book: Sweet Deception)
Dorothea Sailings - (Book: Sweet Doro)
Dominique de Bar,
- (Book: Sweet Enchantress)
Daisy McCrae - (Book: Sweet Expectations)
Deidre James - (Book: Sweet Sensation)
Daphne Remington - (Book: Sweet Talkin' Guy)
Dallas Cameron - (Book: Sweet Texas Kiss)
Danny Morgan - (Book: Sweet Texas Wildfire)
Diana - (Book: Sweeter Than Wine)
Diana Tuttle - (Book: Sweetheart Rules, The )
Daisy Barton - (Book: Sweetheart Secret)
Daisy Callahan - (Book: Sworn to Protect)
Danika Morales - (Book: Sworn to Protect)
Deidre McIntosh - (Book: Table Manners)
Darcy Darnell - (Book: Take a Chance)
Dee/Dani/Jarla - (Book: Taken (Anthology))
Dr Kathleen O'Connell - (Book: Taking Cover)
Dee Kelley - (Book: Taking of Carly Bradford, The)
Dixie Davis - (Book: Talk Dirty to Me)
Daphne - (Book: Talk of the Town, The)
Dana Baldwin - (Book: Tall, Dark And Deadly )
Dee Cates - (Book: Tall, Dark and Reckless)
Deanie Codge - (Book: Tall, Tanned & Texan)
Dee Dee Warren - (Book: Tamed)
Delaney Fortune Jones - (Book: Taming of Delaney Fortune, The)
Dru - (Book: Taming of the Dru, The)
Dottie McClellan - (Book: Taming of the Teen, The)
Deanna Waverly - (Book: Tangled Mesh)
Dorothea Darent - (Book: Tangled Reins)
Debra Warren - (Book: Tangled Tapestry (UK))
Diana Lockworth - (Book: Target)
Desiree Nichols - (Book: Taste of Sin, A)
D'Onofrio sisters - (Book: Tasting Fear)
Devora Hawthorne - (Book: Tea and Spices)
Darci Law - (Book: Telling Tales)
Devon Reid - (Book: Tempted to Entice (ebook))
Devon Reid - (Book: Tempted to Obey (ebook))
Devon Reid - (Book: Tempted to Possess (ebook))
Devon Reid - (Book: Tempted to Rebel (ebook))
Devon Reid - (Book: Tempted to Reveal (ebook))
Devon Reid - (Book: Tempted to Submit (ebook))
Dani Buchanan - (Book: Tempting)
Delilah Serrano - (Book: Tempting Delilah)
Dani Pembroke - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Dr. Kayla Burns - (Book: Tempting Zack)
Dani St. Clair - (Book: Tender Stranger, The)
Dani St. Clair - (Book: Tender Stranger, The (Hardcover))
Dani St. Clair - (Book: Tender Stranger, The (reissue))
Destiny Jones - (Book: Texan in Her Bed, A)
Dr Raina Gibson - (Book: Texan's Happily-ever-after, The)
Delta Dandridge - (Book: Texas Mail Order Bride)
Devon Haines - (Book: Texas! Lucky)
Devon Haines - (Book: Texas! Lucky (reissue))
Diana Fontaine - (Book: That Fontaine Woman!)
Dr. Lana McCoy - (Book: That Night In Texas)
Dr. Rachel Mackenzie - (Book: Their Baby Surprise)
Dora Baxter - (Book: Their Engagement Is Announced)
Danica Fielding - (Book: Their Very Special Child)
Delaney Cartwright - (Book: There Goes the Bride)
Daisy Cox - (Book: There Goes the Bride)
Daughtie Winfield - (Book: These Tangled Threads)
Dana O’Malley - (Book: They Call Her Dana)
Dr. Caitlin Taylor - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Desiree Gaines - (Book: Thief of My Heart)
Deputy, Annie Broussard - (Book: Thin Dark Line, A)
Danielle Baylor - (Book: Things Remembered)
Dana Ulrich - (Book: Third Time's The Charm)
Deirdre Griffin - (Book: Thirst (anthology))
Darcy Sims - (Book: This Child of Mine)
Davina Lennox - (Book: This Time Round)
Dulci Wycroft - (Book: Thoroughly Compromised Lady, A)
Dell Jordan - (Book: Thousand Voices, A)
Dani Justice - (Book: Thread of Suspicion)
Dr Ella Garvey - (Book: Three Boys And A Baby)
Delilah Daysland - (Book: Through Gypsy Eyes)
Dinah Hubley - (Book: Through the Dark Waters)
Deirdre Murphy - (Book: Through Your Eyes)
Dede Martin - (Book: Thunder Heart)
Darci Cunningham - (Book: Tides of Autumn)
Dela Reese - (Book: Tiger Eye)
Dela Reese - (Book: Tiger Eye (reissue))
Delia Sebastian - (Book: Time Raiders: The Seeker)
Dr. Kristen Skipworth - (Book: Time Rider)
Diana Smith - (Book: Time To Come Home, A)
Dae O'Donnell - (Book: Timely Vision, A)
Danie - (Book: To Become a Bride)
Dominga Romero-Browne - (Book: To Catch An Earl)
Dianne Selby - (Book: To Dream Anew)
Dee Williams - (Book: To Love a Cowboy)
Diana Foster - (Book: To Love a Stranger)
Deirdre Fenton - (Book: To Love An Earl)
Darcy - (Book: To Marry McKenzie)
Dara Adams - (Book: To Protect a Princess)
Darcy Prescott - (Book: To The Brink)
Dee Hooper - (Book: To Trust (Hardcover))
Deborah Tollin - (Book: Tollin's Daughter)
Daphne Malone - (Book: Too Many Brothers)
Daphne Malone - (Book: Too Many Brothers (reissue))
Diana Reynolds - (Book: Too Many Matchmakers)
Dahlia London - (Book: Torn)
Dr Natalie Giroux - (Book: Total Exposure)
Dani Carr - (Book: Total Package, The )
Deznee Cross - (Book: Touch (ebook))
Deena Lakefield - (Book: Touch of Fate)
Dae - (Book: Touch of Gold, A)
Diana Layton - (Book: Touch of Max, The)
Dr. Kara Cantrell - (Book: Touched By Darkness)
Dr. Julia Reynolds - (Book: Touched by Light)
Damaris Grayson - (Book: Tournament of Hearts)
Deznee Cross - (Book: Toxic)
Diane de Verette - (Book: Traitor's Heir)
Dannie Drysdale - (Book: Travellin' Man)
Dez Cross - (Book: Tremble)
Dr. Kiera Matthews - (Book: Trio of Seduction)
Denny Abbott - (Book: Triple Play)
Dina Cortez - (Book: Triple the Fun)
Dorie Anderson - (Book: Trouble in Paradise, The (reprint))
Dee Flynn - (Book: Trouble on Her Doorstep)
Daphne Macleod - (Book: Trouble with Highlanders)
Danica Gray - (Book: Trouble With Jared, The)
Dorie Anderson - (Book: Trouble With Paradise, The)
Dorie Anderson - (Book: Trouble with Paradise, The (reprint))
Darcy Raines - (Book: Truck Driving Woman)
Danna MacFadyen - (Book: True Blood)
Darcy St. James - (Book: True Honor)
Darcy Beckett - (Book: True Love Ranch )
Delaney Shaw - (Book: Truly Madly Yours)
Delaney Shaw - (Book: Truly Madly Yours (reissue))
Desdemona Wainwright - (Book: Trust Me)
Desdemona Wainwright - (Book: Trust Me (Hardcover))
Dennie Banks - (Book: Trust Me on This)
Dennie Banks - (Book: Trust Me on This (reissue))
Dagmar Marie Sophie - (Book: Truth About Leo, The )
Dr. Shae O'Riley - (Book: Truth Or Lies)
Daryl Heatherly - (Book: Try)
Dawn Girard - (Book: Turn Back The Night)
Delight Butler - (Book: Turncoat, The)
Dorian Burrell - (Book: Tutoring Tucker)
Dani Sheraton - (Book: Twenty-Four Hour Bride, The)
Darcie Gaynor - (Book: Twice Promised)
Dana Miller - (Book: Twilight)
Dana Miller - (Book: Twilight (reissue))
Dr Lily Wescott - (Book: Twins Under His Tree)
Della Arnell - (Book: Twist in Time, A)
Della Arnell - (Book: Twist in Time, A)
Della Sloane - (Book: Twisted Perfection)
Debbie Harker - (Book: Two Faced Woman)
Dakota Nakos - (Book: Two of Hearts)
Danielle Ford - (Book: Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress, The)
Deirdre Wheaton - (Book: Ugly Duckling, The)
Danielle Vaughn - (Book: Unbound)
Dionne Keller - (Book: Uncommon Love, An)
Diana Kincaid - (Book: Unconditional Surrender)
Dasha Hardin - (Book: Uncovering Her Secrets (ebook))
Daphne - (Book: Under Darkness)
Diana MacKenzie - (Book: Undercover)
Dallas Sanders - (Book: Undercover Baby)
Diana Rawlins - (Book: Undercover Baby)
Dr. Alix DuCane - (Book: Undercover M.D.)
D.J. Holden - (Book: Undercover Nanny)
Destiny Talbot - (Book: Undying Laughter)
Dori Morales - (Book: Unexpected Blessing, An)
Dana Morancy - (Book: Unexpected Outcome)
Daisy Justine - (Book: Unexpected Song, An)
Daisy Justine - (Book: Unexpected Song, An (reissue))
Delphi Reed - (Book: Unexpected Sunrise)
DeLancey Jones - (Book: Unforgettable Night)
Destry Grant - (Book: Unforgiven)
Daisy McCrae - (Book: Union Street Bakery, The)
Dr. Kelly Ashton - (Book: Unsung Hero, The)
Dr. Maggie Harper - (Book: Untamed Hunter, The)
Dr. Catherine Stewart - (Book: Until There Was You)
Dez - (Book: Untouched (ebook))
Destin Mortin - (Book: Unwanted, The (ebook))
Daisy Pelham - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A)
Daisy - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (reissue))
Daisy Pelham - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (reissue))
Daisy Pelham - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (UK))
Daisy Pelham - (Book: Valentine for Daisy, A (UK-reissue))
Dechrista - (Book: Vampire Guardian (ebook))
Delilah - (Book: Vampire's Bride, The)
Drew - (Book: Vampire's Kiss)
Darcy Newhart - (Book: Vamps and the City)
Donata Santori - (Book: Veiled Magic (ebook))
Dulcie Maddox - (Book: Venetian Playboy's Bride, The)
Daniella Bell - (Book: Venetian's Midnight Mistress, The)
Daniella Bell - (Book: Venetian's Midnight Mistress, The (UK))
Darcy Fielding - (Book: Vengeful Husband, The)
Docia Kent - (Book: Venus in Blue Jeans)
Daisy Drake - (Book: Vexing the Viscount)
Dana Swansen - (Book: Viking Tempest)
Deborah Atwood - (Book: Viscount Takes A Wife, The)
Decima Ross - (Book: Viscount's Betrothal, The (reissue))
Deidre Sterling - (Book: Visions of Chains)
Delanie Morgen - (Book: Visitor, The)
Dr. Viveca Lancaster - (Book: Vivid)
Dallas York - (Book: Voracious)
Dallas York - (Book: Voracious (reprint))
Daniela Rosada - (Book: Vortex)
Delilah Jones - (Book: Wagered Woman)
Dulcinea "Cin" Craven - (Book: Wages of Sin, The)
Dawn Corl - (Book: Waiting for Dawn)
Deborah - (Book: Waiting for Deborah)
Deborah - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (reissue))
Deborah - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (reissue))
Deborah - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (UK))
Deborah - (Book: Waiting for Deborah (UK-reissue))
Dree - (Book: Waiting For Yesterday)
Dixie LePage - (Book: Walk in Moonlight)
Dominique Jeffries - (Book: Wanted!)
Dania Rhiannon - (Book: Warlord's Mistress, The)
Danielle Dearmon - (Book: Warrior Redemption)
Dawn Erickson - (Book: Warrior's Woman)
Deryn Murray - (Book: Warriors of the Darkness)
Daisy Sloan - (Book: Water Baby, The)
Dinah St. Cloud - (Book: Way of a Man, The)
Dawn Taggart - (Book: Way to Texas, The)
Delaney McBride - (Book: Wedding Heiress, The)
Danielle - (Book: Wedding Ultimatum, The)
Dulcie Dawn Blessing - (Book: Wedding, The)
Daisey Bell - (Book: Week till the Wedding, A)
Diana - (Book: Weremones (ebook))
Daisy Sutherland - (Book: West of Glory)
Dawn Sutton - (Book: West Virginian, The)
Dagmar Reinholdt aka Beast - (Book: What a Dragon Should Know)
Daisy Marchant - (Book: What a Gentleman Desires)
Delphine St. James - (Book: What a Lady Most Desires)
Darby Parker Conrad - (Book: What a Woman Wants)
Darcie Barrett - (Book: What Are Friends For?)
Dr. Keely Hamilton - (Book: What Child Is This?)
Debra Bradley - (Book: What Family Means)
Dr. Ann Fallon - (Book: What She Wants)
Devon Bradshaw - (Book: What She Wants at Midnight)
Devan Anderson - (Book: What Should Have Been )
Delilah Webster - (Book: What to Do with a Bad Boy)
Dora Duncan - (Book: What, No Roses?)
Deborah - (Book: When a Man Loves a Woman)
Dorothea Stern - (Book: When a Marquis Chooses a Bride)
Daisy Flynn - (Book: When Chocolate is Not Enough...)
Daisy Flynn - (Book: When Chocolate is Not Enough... (large print))
Daisy Flynn - (Book: When Chocolate is Not Enough... (UK))
Darcy Maddox - (Book: When I Find You)
Dani Coroneaux - (Book: When Night Falls)
Delilah Montague - (Book: When She's Bad)
Dylan Stone - (Book: When Size Matters)
Dr Tory Richards - (Book: When Snow Meets Fire)
Desir`e Cantrelle - (Book: When Somebody Needs You)
Diana - (Book: When the Duke Found Love)
Destiny Carter - (Book: Where There's Smoke)
Daisy Hanover - (Book: While He Was Sleeping)
Deborah Blue - (Book: Whirlwind Cowboy)
Dr. Annalise Fine - (Book: Whirlwind Reunion)
Dominica Kirkland - (Book: Whisper My Name)
Dorian St. John - (Book: Whisper of Violets, A)
Dana - (Book: Whispers at Ghost Point (ebook))
Dixie Green - (Book: Whistling Dixie (ebook))
Diana - (Book: White Heather)
Dany Alexander - (Book: White Satin)
Deborah Steele - (Book: Who Is Deborah?)
Deborah Steele - (Book: Who Is Deborah? (reissue))
Dominique - (Book: Who Rides the Tiger)
Danica Kent - (Book: Wicked (ebook))
Demi Ward - (Book: Wicked After Midnight)
Donna Nolan - (Book: Wicked Nights)
Diane Benchley - (Book: Wicked One, The (ebook))
Danielle Andrews - (Book: Wicked Sexy)
Delia Somerset - (Book: Wicked Way to Win an Earl, A)
Damali - (Book: Wicked, The)
Dannie Treat - (Book: Widow in Paradise, A)
Darcy Langton - (Book: Wife Against Her Will)
Dani Dixon - (Book: Wife for the Baby Doctor, A)
Dana Bailey - (Book: Wife Most Wanted)
Dawnmarie Garrett - (Book: Wild Bliss)
Dawn Cesares - (Book: Wild Dawn Fever)
Dallas Phillips - (Book: Wild Hearts)
Delia McQuaid - (Book: Wild Yearning, A)
Dessa - (Book: Wild, Tethered, Bound (ebook))
Devin Lockhart - (Book: Wilde Side)
Dana Newcombe - (Book: Wilder Brother, The (ebook))
Dee MacLeod - (Book: Wildfire)
Dani - (Book: Wildflower)
Denise Cavanaugh - (Book: Will and the Headstrong Female)
Diana Hatherill - (Book: Willful Widow, The)
Daisy Parsons - (Book: Windfallen)
Dr. Jane Florian - (Book: Wings of the Storm)
Dixie McCormick - (Book: Winning Dixie)
Darcy Wallace - (Book: Winning Hand, The)
Darcy Butler - (Book: Winning It All)
Didi Randall - (Book: Winter Break)
Damaris Chance - (Book: Winter Bride, The)
Davalyn Bowers - (Book: Winter Fires)
Dinah Odell - (Book: Winter Heart)
Danni Everett - (Book: Wish Upon a Matchmaker)
Debbie Reilly - (Book: Wish, The)
Deme Chattox - (Book: Witch's Initiation, The)
Dani Phillips - (Book: With Open Arms)
Daisy Merrick - (Book: With Seduction in MInd)
Danica Lindsay - (Book: Within Reach)
Dr Anya Crichton - (Book: Without Consent)
Dr Terry Duncan - (Book: Wolf and the Angel)
Delilah Haskell Trent - (Book: Wolf of Haskell Hall, The)
Darcey - (Book: Wolf Prince)
Danielle Roark - (Book: Wolfsbane)
Darcy Gordon - (Book: Woman He Knows, The)
Darcy Gordon - (Book: Woman He Knows, The (large print))
Damaris - (Book: Woman Named Damaris, A)
Dr. Damaris Sherwood - (Book: Woman of Spirit, A)
Denelle Thompson - (Book: Woman Tamer)
Delene D'Angelo - (Book: Woman Who Wasn't There, The)
Delene d'Angelo - (Book: Woman Who Wasn't There, The (reissue))
Delene D’Angelo - (Book: Woman Who Wasn't There, The (UK))
Deborah - (Book: Women of the Bible: Deborah's Story)
Dante Valentine - (Book: Working For The Devil)
Dakota Phillips - (Book: Working Man)
Dorian Carr - (Book: World's Last Bachelor, The)
Daphne Larson - (Book: Worth Fighting For)
Dakota Lansing - (Book: Wrangled)
Dakota Lansing - (Book: Wrangled (large print))
Diane Buchannan - (Book: Written in the Stars)
Diana Sanbourne - (Book: Written in the Stars)
Diana Somerville - (Book: Wrong Mr. Wright, The)
Devon Montgomery - (Book: Wrong Place, Wrong Time)
Danica Navarro - (Book: Yankee's Caress)
Deborah Farley - (Book: Year's Happy Ending)
Deborah Farley - (Book: Year's Happy Ending (reissue))
Deborah Farley - (Book: Year's Happy Ending (UK))
Deborah Farley - (Book: Year's Happy Ending (UK-reissue))
Donna McGrath - (Book: Yes Is Forever)
Daria Mitchell - (Book: Yesterday's Dreams, Tomorrow's Promises)
Diana - (Book: You Can Run)
Daphne Wells - (Book: You Could Do Better)
Dani Myers - (Book: Your Big Break)
Dylan - (Book: Yuletide Child, The)
Daria Carlisle - (Book: Yuletide Protector)


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