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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with H

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Harriet Pendleton - (Book: 9 Out of 10 Women Can't Be Wrong )
Heller Blane - (Book: Ablaze)
Hannah Hartwell - (Book: Able-Bodied)
Heather Fitzpatrick - (Book: Abolitionist's Secret, The)
Holly Bosley - (Book: About a Vampire)
Hope Jarvis - (Book: Above the Law)
Holly Sinclair - (Book: Accidental Boyfriend, The)
Helena Strauss - (Book: Accidentally Married to . . .A Vampire? (ebook))
Helena Strauss - (Book: Accidentally Married to a . . .Vampire? (paperback))
Hallie Weston - (Book: Adopted Parents)
Helena Stamos - (Book: Affair to Remember, An)
Hester - (Book: Afterglow)
Haley Warren - (Book: Against the Mark)
Hope Sanderson - (Book: Against the Odds)
Helen - (Book: Age of Consent)
Helen Shaw - (Book: Aiming For the Cowboy)
Helena Talbot - (Book: Alas My Love)
Haley - (Book: Alaska Twilight)
Holly - (Book: All Consuming Passion, An)
Helen Matthews - (Book: All of Our Tomorrows (ebook))
Holly Bainbridge - (Book: All She Wants for Christmas)
Hilary Brown - (Book: Almost An Angel)
Hillary - (Book: Alpha Turned)
Hanako Sumaki - (Book: Always a Stranger (ebook))
Honor Donovan - (Book: Amber Beach)
Hannah Schwartz - (Book: Anathema)
Henrietta Cynster - (Book: And Then She Fell)
Hayley Tavistock - (Book: Angel and the Outlaw, The)
Hannah Bradshaw - (Book: Angel in Time, An)
Heather Reed - (Book: Angel Mine)
Heather Reed - (Book: Angel Mine (reprint))
Honor St. Nicholas - (Book: Archangel's Blade)
Helen - (Book: Aristides' Convenient Wife)
Helen - (Book: Aristides' Convenient Wife (UK))
Hilary and Rosemary Delaney - (Book: Around the Bend)
Holly Hartland - (Book: Art of Affection)
Heather Gordon - (Book: As High As the Heavens)
Hayden Winstead - (Book: Asking for Trouble (ebook))
Hannah Montgomery - (Book: At Close Range)
Holly Baldwin - (Book: At Long Last Love)
Heather - (Book: At The Greek Tycoon's Bidding)
Henrietta Bascombe - (Book: At the Sign of the Golden Pineapple)
Haley Blanchard - (Book: Baby in His Arms)
Haley Blanchard - (Book: Baby in His Arms (large print))
Harley Emerson - (Book: Baby Plan)
Hannah Marks - (Book: Baby's Bodyguard, The)
Hope Delacorte - (Book: Bachelor and the Baby Wish, The)
Hannah St. James - (Book: Bachelor Boss, The)
Hannah St. James - (Book: Bachelor Boss, The (large print))
Helena Norcross - (Book: Bachelor Cop)
Hope Jordan - (Book: Bachelor Prince, The)
Hadley McKendrick - (Book: Bachelor, the Baby and the Beauty, The)
Hallie Fortune - (Book: Bad Boy Next Door, The)
Holly Jones - (Book: Bad Moon Rising)
Hallie Wainright - (Book: Badlands Bride)
Harriet - (Book: Ballyflynn)
Heather Westbrook - (Book: Bandit's Brazen Kiss)
Hilary - (Book: Banker's Convenient Wife, The)
Hope Hunt - (Book: Banking on Hope)
Haley Lawton - (Book: Bare Facts, The)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Beach Bags and Burglaries (hardcover))
Hanna - (Book: Beautiful Boss)
Hanna Bergstrom - (Book: Beautiful Player)
Helene de Severs - (Book: Beauty Like the Night)
Helena Knyvett - (Book: Bedding the Enemy)
Hannah Hoskins - (Book: Before the Larkspur Blooms)
Holly - (Book: Behaving Like Adults)
Hope Ashburton - (Book: Beleaguered Earl, The)
Holly Henshaw - (Book: Belonging To Bandera)
Holly Henshaw - (Book: Belonging to Bandera (reissue))
Hope Caldwell - (Book: Beloved Intruder)
Holly Prescott - (Book: Bending to the Bachelor's Will)
Heather Wallace - (Book: Beneath the Skin)
Hazel/Gina Tyrell - (Book: Besieged)
Holly - (Book: Best Friend, Worst Enemy)
Hannah Fairbanks - (Book: Best Intentions, The)
Hendrix Beausolies - (Book: Bet on My Heart)
Hannah Marsh - (Book: Bewitching)
Hannah Marsh - (Book: Bewitching (reissue))
Holly - (Book: Beyond Compare)
Harley - (Book: Beyond the Darkness)
Hannah Miller - (Book: Bidding on the Billionaire)
Heather Wells - (Book: Big Boned)
Holly Brennan - (Book: Big Girl Panties (hardcover))
Hannah Carr - (Book: Billionaire and the Baby, The)
Honey Evans - (Book: Billionaire Drifter, The)
Helena Austin - (Book: Billionaire Is Back, The)
Hattie Parker - (Book: Billionaire's Borrowed Baby, The)
Heather McGwire - (Book: Billionaire's Unexpected Heir, The)
Hannah Quinn - (Book: Black Tree Moon)
Heather Maxwell - (Book: Blackhurst Rubies, The)
Honor Mitchell - (Book: Blame it on the Kiss (ebook))
Helen Caldwell - (Book: Blind Passion)
Hilary Baxter - (Book: Blithe Images)
Hillary Baxter - (Book: Blithe Images (reissue))
Hope Serrien - (Book: Blood Hunt)
Hollis Templeton - (Book: Blood Ties (paperback))
Holly Slade - (Book: Blood Trails)
Hope Westcott - (Book: Blue Enchantress, The)
Hannah Hudson - (Book: Blue Moon Bride)
Hannah Hudson - (Book: Blue Moon Bride (UK))
Harry Crewe - (Book: Blue Sword, The )
Haven Travis - (Book: Blue-Eyed Devil (Hardcover))
Hanna Lane - (Book: Blush)
Holly McLeod - (Book: Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir)
Hayden Houston - (Book: Body Check)
Hayden Miles - (Book: Body Shot (ebook))
Holly Frasier - (Book: Bodyguard/Husband)
Hélène d'Agelet - (Book: Bond of Fire)
Hannah - (Book: Boomer's Fall)
Haley Glen - (Book: Booties and the Beast)
Holly Triano - (Book: Born to Be Bad)
Hannah Gustavson - (Book: Borrowed Bride, The)
Holly Christmas - (Book: Boss's Christmas Seduction)
Haley Rollins - (Book: Bossman Billionaire)
Hanna Malloy - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Bride)
Holly Carlyle - (Book: Bourbon Street Blues)
Hailey Maddox - (Book: Boyfriend's Back, The)
Halley Robinson - (Book: Branded)
Hayley Bravo - (Book: Bravo Christmas Reunion, A)
Harriet - (Book: Breaking Away)
Harriet - (Book: Breaking Away (UK))
Hollis Blake - (Book: Breathless)
Heather - (Book: Breathless Surrender)
Helen - (Book: Bride By Choice)
Hannah Leeds - (Book: Bride for His Convenience, A)
Hetty Reynolds - (Book: Bride for Jackson Powers, A)
Helena of Lystanwold - (Book: Bride Gift, The)
Hope Cox. - (Book: Bride of the Wind)
Harper Lee Crockett - (Book: Bride Wore Denim, The)
Heather Wells - (Book: Bride Wore Size 12, The)
Hannah Parrish - (Book: Bride Wore Spurs, The)
Hanna Tyler - (Book: Bridegroom on Approval)
Hester Poitevant - (Book: Bridemaker, The)
Hope Kingsley - (Book: Brother's Wife, The)
Hannah Grossek - (Book: Buck)
Helen Day - (Book: Burning Alive)
Havily Morgan - (Book: Burning Skies)
Hayley Stone - (Book: Busted)
Heather Hamilton - (Book: Butterfly Summer)
Hannah Quarles - (Book: By Appointment Only)
Honneure Mansart - (Book: By Honor Bound)
Hortensia Peters - (Book: Cabinetmaker's Daughter, The)
Hope Bennett - (Book: California Caress)
Holly - (Book: California Christmas)
Holly - (Book: California Crazy)
Heather Strand - (Book: Call It Destiny)
Heather Strand - (Book: Call It Destiny (reissue))
Harley Golden - (Book: Call Me)
Holly Larson - (Book: Call Me Mrs. Miracle (hardcover))
Holly Larson - (Book: Call Me Mrs. Miracle (paperback))
Hope DuMaine - (Book: Call of the West)
Heloise Bergeron - (Book: Captain Fawley's Innocent Bride)
Harriet Handley - (Book: Captain of Her Heart)
Hannah Black - (Book: Captivated)
Helena of Rivenloch - (Book: Captive Heart)
Helen - (Book: Captive Lover)
Holly Rivers - (Book: Captured by a Sheikh)
Hilde Jacobson - (Book: Cardwell Ranch Trespasser)
Hilde Jacobson - (Book: Cardwell Ranch Trespasser (large print))
Honoria Ardmore - (Book: Care & Feeding of Pirates,The)
Holly Crozier - (Book: Caroline Quest, The (reissue))
Hannah Cooper - (Book: Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming)
Holly Krauss - (Book: Catch Me When I Fall)
Hope LeClaire Stockwell - (Book: Cattleman and the Virgin Heiress, The)
Harper Kavanagh - (Book: Caught Up in You)
Hailey Rogers - (Book: Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor)
Hailey Thorne - (Book: Chain of Command (ebook))
Hattie Thales - (Book: Chance Adventure)
Henrietta Silverdale - (Book: Charity Girl)
Henrietta Silverdale - (Book: Charity Girl (new edition))
Harriet Nash - (Book: Chasing A Rogue)
Hannah Young - (Book: Chasing Danger (ebook novella))
Hannah Dandridge - (Book: Chasing the Sun)
Heather Richmond - (Book: Cherokee Dad)
Hope Pruett - (Book: Child of Hope)
Harriet Brett - (Book: Children's Ward)
Harriet Treymayne - (Book: Chocolate Debutante, The)
Holly McIntosh - (Book: Christmas at the Castle (large print))
Heather Andrews - (Book: Christmas at Timberwoods)
Lady Vandover
- (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Helen Loughlin
aka "Serenity Adams"
- (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Helena Stapleton - (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Holly McCade - (Book: Christmas Groom, The)
Hope O'Hara - (Book: Christmas Knight)
Hope Nichols - (Book: Christmas Ranch, The)
Holly Bancroft Cole - (Book: Christmas Stranger, The)
Henrietta Humblesmith - (Book: Christmas Vows $5 Extra)
Henrietta Mason - (Book: City Doctor, Country Bride (UK))
Hudson Lane - (Book: Claimed)
Heather Sanders - (Book: Claiming His Baby)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Clutches and Curses)
Heather Sloan - (Book: Code of Justice)
Hannah Shay - (Book: Cold River)
Helena Catesby - (Book: Coldhearted Man, A)
Holly - (Book: Cole in My Stocking)
Hannah Brownley - (Book: Colt)
Hope Woods - (Book: Colton Heir, The)
Hannah Troyer - (Book: Colton Showdown)
Honor Roth - (Book: Comanche Temptation)
Hayley Douglas - (Book: Come Gentle Spring)
Honor Jessup - (Book: Coming Home)
Haley Foster - (Book: Completely Smitten)
Haley Foster - (Book: Completely Smitten (reissue))
Hannah Love - (Book: Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader)
Hilary - (Book: Consolation Prize)
Horatia (Horry) Winwood - (Book: Convenient Marriage, The)
Heather Mahaffey - (Book: Cooking Up Trouble)
Hannah Welch - (Book: Cougar's Bargain, The (ebook))
Helen Forrest - (Book: Countess By Christmas, A)
Hester - (Book: Courting Campaign, The)
Hope Petersen - (Book: Courting Hope)
Hattie Colfax - (Book: Courting Miss Hattie)
Helen Mayberry - (Book: Courtship, The)
Harriet Ashburn - (Book: Cousin Harry)
Hope Caldwell - (Book: Cowboy After Dark)
Heddy Knight - (Book: Cowboy Christmas, A)
Hannah Williams - (Book: Cowboy Protector)
Haley McKay - (Book: Cowboy Seeks Bride)
Hope Walker - (Book: Cowboy Take Me Away)
Holly Johnson - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Surprise, The)
Hira - (Book: Craving Beauty)
Heather Cameron - (Book: Crimson Angel)
Helena Gray - (Book: Crossings)
Hope Sellars - (Book: Crystal Unicorn, The)
Hannah O'Brien - (Book: Cursed, The)
Holly - (Book: Cyclone Season)
Hailey Deacon - (Book: Daddy Lessons)
Hailey Deacon - (Book: Daddy Lessons (large print))
Hannah Verner - (Book: Dancer of Dreams)
Hannah Grey - (Book: Danger in a Red Dress)
Hannah Grey - (Book: Danger in a Red Dress (reprint))
Hedi Peacock - (Book: Danger of Destiny, The)
Harper - (Book: Dangerous Boy)
Heather Hume - (Book: Dangerous Dalliance)
Hannah Alexander - (Book: Dangerous Dalliance, A)
Hannah Sampson - (Book: Dangerous Depths)
Helen - (Book: Dangerous Encounter)
Henrietta Galbraith - (Book: Dangerous Intrigue, A)
Hattie - (Book: Dangerous Things (Hardcover))
Holly Rudd - (Book: Dangerous Waters)
Hannah Dunbar - (Book: Daniel's Daddy)
Hannah Dunbar - (Book: Daniel's Daddy (reissue))
Heidi Greene - (Book: Dare to Run)
Hope Stillwater - (Book: Daring Time)
Heather Moore - (Book: Dark Crusade)
Holly Ashwin - (Book: Dark Desires After Dusk)
Harriet Hamilton - (Book: Dark Earl, The)
Harriet Hamilton - (Book: Dark Earl, The (reprint mass market))
Helena Simpson - (Book: Dark Fancy (ebook))
Harriet Radcliffe - (Book: Dark Secret)
Hannah Sampson - (Book: Dark Waters Dive)
Harriet Mosley - (Book: Dark Whispers)
Haidee - (Book: Darkest Secret, The)
Harriet Whitlock - (Book: Darling Deceiver)
Hannah O'Dowd - (Book: Dating Without Novocaine)
Hannah Chaffee - (Book: Daughter of the Fox (ebook))
Hattie Blackhouse - (Book: Daughter of the God-King)
Hartley - (Book: Deadly Cool)
Hannah Marshall - (Book: Deadly Dance)
Harley Jean Davidson - (Book: Deadly Design)
Hailey Wright - (Book: Deal Breaker)
Hailey Wright - (Book: Deal Breaker (large print))
Hacienda Valhalla - (Book: Death Warmed Over (ebook))
Holly - (Book: Decked with Holly)
Haley Farrell - (Book: Decorating Schemes)
Hope Sinclair - (Book: Deep Blue)
Hope Sinclair - (Book: Deep Blue (reprint))
Helena Winsome - (Book: Deeply in You)
Hayden Hunter - (Book: Defending Hayden)
Hannah Louise Barkley - (Book: Defiant)
Haley Patterson - (Book: Defying the Diva)
Heather Devereux - (Book: Desert Eden)
Holly Shannon North - (Book: Desert Rain)
Holly Winslow - (Book: Desert Rose, English Moon)
Haley Farrell - (Book: Design on A Crime)
Heller Moore - (Book: Desperately Seeking Daddy)
Hester Somerset - (Book: Destination South (Special Release))
Hester Somerset - (Book: Destinations South)
Hesper Lawton - (Book: Determined Virgin, The)
Harriet - (Book: Devil in Velvet)
Harriet - (Book: Devil In Velvet, The (UK))
Hope Henderson - (Book: Devil Named Desire, A)
Honoria Wetherby - (Book: Devil's Bride)
Honoria Wetherby - (Book: Devil's Bride (Large Print))
Honoria Wetherby - (Book: Devil's Bride (reprint))
Harriet Yorke - (Book: Devil's Daughter, The)
Hester Stanley - (Book: Devil's Kin (UK edition))
Hedley Sinclair - (Book: Devilish Mr. Danvers, The)
Hawk - (Book: Diamond's Allure, A)
Harriet Horowitz - (Book: Dirty Harriet )
Harriet Horowitz - (Book: Dirty Harriet Rides Again)
Harlow - (Book: Dirty Rowdy Thing)
Honor Palmer - (Book: Do Not Disturb)
Haley Wright - (Book: Doctor's Undoing, The)
Harper Conner - (Book: Dodging Temptation)
Honor Brown - (Book: Don't Tempt Me)
Holly Hutchins - (Book: Double Play)
Holly Hutchins - (Book: Double Play (reissue))
Henrietta Tallant - (Book: Double Wager, The)
Harper Blaine - (Book: Downpour (hardcover))
Harper Blaine - (Book: Downpour (paperback))
Hope Townsend - (Book: Downright Dangerous)
Helen Barrett - (Book: Draw Down the Darkness)
Hope Blackstock - (Book: Dreaming Tree, The)
Haley Riverton - (Book: Dreams of Glass)
Hannah Williams - (Book: Dreams of Hannah Williams, The)
Hyndla Shenvirl - (Book: Dreamshaper (ebook))
Heather Donovan - (Book: Driftwood Cottage)
Harriet, Duchess of Berrow - (Book: Duchess By Night)
Hillary Astaire - (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Duffel Bags and Drownings (ebook))
Henrietta Tweed - (Book: Duke to Die For, A)
Hope Morgan - (Book: Dunbar's Curse)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Dying to Call You)
Holly Morrow - (Book: Dying To Marry)
Heloise Edwina Marchant - (Book: Earl and the Pickpocket, The)
Hannah Fletcher - (Book: Earl's Honorable Intentions, The)
Hebe Carlton - (Book: Earl's Intended Wife, The)
Henrietta Beauchamp - (Book: Earl's New Bride, The )
Heloise Bergeron - (Book: Earl's Untouched Bride, The)
Hannah Garvey - (Book: East Of Peculiar)
Heather Sloan - (Book: Echo Lake)
Hope Underwood - (Book: Echo of Hope, An)
Hannah Harte - (Book: Eclipse Bay)
Hannah Harte - (Book: Eclipse Bay (reissue))
Hope Summers - (Book: Edge of Desire)
Heather Shaw - (Book: Edge of Fear)
Helena - (Book: Edge of Obession (ebook))
Holly - (Book: Eight is Enough)
Helena Carstairs - (Book: Eligible Bride, An)
Hawk - (Book: Emerald's Fire)
Helena Cabot - (Book: Enchanted Afternoon)
Hannah Halloran - (Book: Energized)
Holly - (Book: Engagement Deal, The)
Harriett - (Book: Engagement of Convenience, An)
Hailey Jennison - (Book: Enjoy the Show (ebook))
Holly Redmond - (Book: Escapades)
Heather Wallace - (Book: Etched in Bone)
Hellen - (Book: Eternal Demon)
Hannah Peabody - (Book: Eternal Love)
Hannah MacPherson - (Book: Eternity's Mark)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Evening Bags and Executions)
Hallie Hartley - (Book: Ever After (hardcover))
Hope Parker - (Book: Everlasting Hope)
Holly Evernight - (Book: Evernight)
Heather Duval - (Book: Every Wish Fulfilled)
Harley Jean Davidson - (Book: Evil Elvis)
Hayden - (Book: Ex Games, The)
Harriet Livingstone - (Book: Exception to His Rule, An)
Hannah Bingham - (Book: Expecting!)
Helene Fitzgerald - (Book: Exquisite Marriage, The (ebook))
Hannah and Morgan - (Book: Eye of Destiny)
Hillary Cox, Pamela St. George - (Book: Facets [reissue])
Harriet Grey - (Book: Fair Game)
Holly de Chastel - (Book: Fairest of Them All)
Hannah Brownlow - (Book: Falcon Moon)
Hannah Nichols - (Book: Fall From India Place)
Harper Kane - (Book: Fallen Rogue)
Hope Dawson - (Book: Falling Deep)
Hayley Morgan - (Book: Falling for the Enemy)
Holly Sanders - (Book: Family Lessons)
Harriet Devenish - (Book: Fancy Free)
Hallie - (Book: Father Takes a Wife)
Helen Decatur - (Book: Feels Like Family)
Hero Langage - (Book: Felon's Fancy)
Hero Langage - (Book: Felon's Fancy (UK))
Harley McLain - (Book: Final Lap)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Final Sale (hardcover))
Hannah Kristoferson - (Book: Finally a Family)
Hannah Kirkland - (Book: Finally Home)
Holly Wingate Paynter - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Hallie Parrish - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Hope Evans - (Book: Finding Hope)
Hannah - (Book: Finding Mr. Perfect)
Hannah Barnes - (Book: Fire Across Texas)
Holly Aimes - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Holly McBride - (Book: First Kiss)
Heather Taylor - (Book: First-Class Father)
Hayley Thomas - (Book: Firstborn, The)
Holly Colvin - (Book: Fix Up, The)
Heather Simmons - (Book: Flame and the Flower, The (reissue))
Heather Bowen - (Book: Flame of Desire)
Halah Shirota - (Book: Flames of Arousal)
Hanna Carrington - (Book: Flight of Fancy)
Holly Bell - (Book: Flipped!)
Helen Stanwood - (Book: Flyer)
Helen - (Book: Follow Thy Desire)
Hope Moore - (Book: Fool for You, A (ebook))
Heather Sweeney - (Book: For a Baby)
Heather Gregory - (Book: For Always)
Holly Gibson - (Book: For the Love of Beau)
Harriet Radcliffe - (Book: Forbidden Desires)
Hilary Barlow - (Book: Forbidden Jade)
Hazel Partington - (Book: Forbidden Loving, A)
Hazel - (Book: Forbidden Loving, A (Collector's Edition))
Helena Deveraux - (Book: Foreign Affair, A)
Honey Logan - (Book: Forever and a Day )
Hope Granston - (Book: Forever Husband, The)
Hannah - (Book: Forever In Texas)
Hannah Clairborn - (Book: Forevermore)
Helen Renault - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Haley Watson - (Book: Forget Prince Charming)
Hannah Schmidt - (Book: Forsaken)
Holly Douglas - (Book: Fortune's Secret Daughter)
Harriet Presteigne - (Book: Foundling, The (new edition))
Heidi Malone - (Book: Four Men & a Lady)
Hannah Maitland - (Book: Free Spirit)
Hannah Maitland - (Book: Free Spirit (UK))
Hope Banning - (Book: Freefall)
Hallie Linn - (Book: Frenchman's Bride, The)
Helen Caister - (Book: Frenchman's Harvest)
Holly Spencer - (Book: Friction (hardcover))
Hero "Kitten" Wantage - (Book: Friday's Child)
Hero - (Book: Friday's Child (new edition))
Holly Bishop - (Book: Frog Prince, The)
Hannah Armstrong - (Book: From Single Mom to Secret Heiress)
Hallie Muldoon - (Book: From the Mists of Wolf Creek)
Hannah Forrester - (Book: Frontier Bride)
Honor Tate - (Book: Fur Play)
Harper Johnson - (Book: Game Changer (ebook))
Hero Ingram - (Book: Gentleman's Quest, The)
Hailey Grant - (Book: Get What You Give)
Holly Carpenter - (Book: Ghost of a Chance)
Hailey Kingston - (Book: Gift For Baby, A)
Holly O'Neill - (Book: Gift of a Charm, The)
Hayden Thorne - (Book: Gilded Cage, The)
Holly Newman - (Book: Gingerbread Man, The)
Hannah Cartwright - (Book: Gingham Mountain)
Hannah Boyle - (Book: Girl, The)
Helaina Denner - (Book: Girls Who Gossip)
Holly Hamilton - (Book: Glory Girl)
Henrietta Roth - (Book: Golden Cup, The)
Henrietta Roth - (Book: Golden Cup, The (reissue))
Hannah Prescott - (Book: Golden Goddess)
Helena of the Nobility - (Book: Golden Palaces)
Honey Winston - (Book: Golden Valkyrie, The)
Hermoine Upperton - (Book: Good Earl Gone Bad)
Holly - (Book: Good-Bye, Dressel Hills)
Hallie - (Book: Grabbed by Vicious (ebook))
Harper Connelly - (Book: Grave Secret)
Harper Connelly - (Book: Grave Secret (paperback))
Harper Connelly - (Book: Grave Sight)
Harper Connelly - (Book: Grave Surprise)
Hannah - (Book: Great Escape)
Hope Evans - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress, The)
Helen - (Book: Green Lightning)
Harper Blaine - (Book: Greywalker)
Hadley Bacall - (Book: Grim Shadows)
Heather Green - (Book: Gryphon's Quest)
Heather - (Book: Gryphon's Quest (reissue))
Helen de Coverdale - (Book: Guardian's Dilemma, The)
Hailey Conway - (Book: Hailey's Hero)
Haley Thorne - (Book: Haley's Cabin (ebook))
Haley Foster - (Book: Haley's Mountain Man)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Half-Price Homicide (hardcover))
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Half-Price Homicide (paperback))
Hannah Garvey - (Book: Halfway to Half Way)
Hallie Ryan - (Book: Hallie's Hero)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Handbags and Homicide (reprint))
Helen Rotherford - (Book: Handful of Promises, A)
Hannah Lang - (Book: Hannah)
Hannah Lang - (Book: Hannah (reissue))
Hannah Lang - (Book: Hannah (UK))
Hannah Lang - (Book: Hannah (UK-reissue))
Hannah Davis - (Book: Hannah and the Hellion)
Hannah Dounreay - (Book: Hannah and the Highlander)
Hannah Callahan - (Book: Hannah's Baby)
Hannah Callahan - (Book: Hannah's Baby)
Hannah Southerland - (Book: Hannah's Beau)
Hannah Yoder - (Book: Hannah's Courtship)
Hannah Sawyer - (Book: Hannah's Heart)
Hannah Clendening - (Book: Hannah's Hunk)
Hannah Clendening - (Book: Hannah's Hunk (ebook))
Hannah - (Book: Hannah's Joy)
Hannah Chandler - (Book: Hannah's Song)
Hannah Benning - (Book: Hannah's Vow)
Holly Douglas - (Book: Harbor of His Arms, The)
Harper Hamilton - (Book: Hard Rain)
Helene Danforth - (Book: Harder They Fall, The )
Harmony - (Book: Harmony's Way)
Harriet Mayne - (Book: Harriet's Beau)
Harriet Cordell - (Book: Hasty Betrothal, A )
Holly Lamb - (Book: Hasty Wedding, A)
Hattie Wilkinson - (Book: Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match)
Hattie Wilkinson - (Book: Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match (UK))
Hope McLean - (Book: Haunting Hope)
Henrietta Courtenay - (Book: Haunting of Henrietta, The)
Henrietta Seldon - (Book: Have You Any Rogues? (ebook novella))
Henrietta Seldon - (Book: Have You Any Rogues? (paperback novella))
Hailey Harper - (Book: Havoc)
Heather Tremont Leonetti - (Book: He's Just a Cowboy)
Hannah Taylor - (Book: Healing Autumn's Heart)
Hannah Taylor - (Book: Healing Autumn's Heart (large print))
Heather Tomasi - (Book: Healing Touch)
Heather Ashford - (Book: Heart Breaker, The)
Holm Holly - (Book: Heart Duel)
Helena - (Book: Heart Journey)
Hannah Smith - (Book: Heart of the Family)
Hannah Smith - (Book: Heart of the Family (Large Print))
Haven - (Book: Heart of the Flame)
Helena of York - (Book: Heart of Vengence (ebook))
Hannah Quinn - (Book: Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband? (ebook))
Hallie Palmer - (Book: Heart's Desire)
Holly Campbell - (Book: Heart's Desire)
Hallie Fredriksen - (Book: Heart's Haven, The)
Holly Lawson - (Book: Heat of Passion (ebook))
Holly Durant - (Book: Heat of the Moment)
Hope MacKenzie - (Book: Heath's Hope)
Heather - (Book: Heather)
Heather Gordon - (Book: Heather and the Thistle, The)
Heather Shaw - (Book: Heather's Song)
Heather Shaw - (Book: Heather's Song (Hardcover))
Heather Shaw - (Book: Heather's Song (reissue))
Heather Shaw - (Book: Heather's Song (reissue))
Helena Walker - (Book: Heaven and Earth)
Hannah McGuire - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Hope - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Hannah Bunch - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Holly - (Book: Heaven to Touch)
Honoria Psyche Fitzhugh - (Book: Heaven's Rogue)
Helene Blanchard - (Book: Helene Blackmailed)
Helen Chase - (Book: Hell Or High Water)
Henrietta - (Book: Henrietta)
Henrietta - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle)
Henrietta - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle (reissue))
Henrietta - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle (reissue))
Henrietta - (Book: Henrietta's Own Castle (UK))
Hannah Shaw - (Book: Her Cowboy Hero)
Harriet Smith - (Book: Her Dearest Enemy)
Hannah Hart - (Book: Her Family Wish)
Hannah Hart - (Book: Her Family Wish (large print))
Hannah Douglas - (Book: Her Montana Twins)
Hannah Bailey - (Book: Her Mother's Arms)
Hannah Sutherland - (Book: Her Tycoon to Tame)
Heather Anderson - (Book: Hero Next Door, The)
Hester Wyckham - (Book: Hester)
Hester Waring - (Book: Hester Waring's Marriage)
Hettie - (Book: Hettie Of Hope Street (UK) (Series: Pride Family Saga - Book 3))
Hannah Woods - (Book: Hickory Ridge Christmas, A)
Helen Merrifield - (Book: Hidden Treasures (ebook))
Haley Whitfield - (Book: Hiding Out at the Circle C)
Hope Stevens - (Book: High-Tide Bride)
Heather Blake - (Book: Highland Fling)
Hannah Campbell - (Book: Highland Honor)
Hero Fraser - (Book: Highland Jewel)
Harriet Winterbourne - (Book: Highland Lord, The)
Helen Grace - (Book: Highland Vixen)
Heather - (Book: Hired for the Boss's Bedroom)
Harper Anthony - (Book: His Baby Dream)
Helen Winston - (Book: His Billion-Dollar Dilemma (ebook))
Holly Fergusson - (Book: His Brother's Intended Bride)
Helen Freymore - (Book: His Captive Lady)
Hester - (Book: His Cinderella Bride (UK))
Hannah Clark - (Book: His Innocent Temptress)
Hope Harrison - (Book: His Last Best Hope)
Haley Jennings - (Book: His Mistletoe Family)
Haley Jennings - (Book: His Mistletoe Family (large print))
Holly Reynolds - (Book: Holding Holly (novella))
Holly Winston - (Book: Holiday Homecoming)
Halle Adams - (Book: Holiday Hoopla)
Holly - (Book: Holly)
Hollander Latham - (Book: Holly)
Holly Garrett - (Book: Holly and Mistletoe)
Holly - (Book: Holly's First Love)
Holly Jones - (Book: Holly's First Noel)
Holly Denham - (Book: Holly's Inbox)
Holly Denham - (Book: Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City)
Holly - (Book: Holly's Jolly Christmas (ebook))
Hannah Richards - (Book: Home For Hannah, A)
Hannah Napier - (Book: Home for the Holidays)
Hannah Napier - (Book: Home for the Holidays (Large Print))
Hayley Sorenson - (Book: Home to Hope Mountain)
Hailey O'Brien - (Book: Homecoming Hero)
Heather Henderson - (Book: Homeward Bound)
Honey Farrell - (Book: Honey and the Hired Hand)
Honey Jane Moon - (Book: Honey Moon)
Honey D'Amourvell - (Book: Honey Pie)
Hayley Alexander - (Book: Honeymoon for Hire)
Hannah Roberts - (Book: Honeymoon Husband)
Honor Penworthy - (Book: Honor)
Honor Whitaker - (Book: Honor Bound (ebook))
Honor Mackenzie - (Book: Honor Redeemed)
Honor McIntyre - (Book: Honor's Destiny)
Honor O'Brien - (Book: Honor's Promise)
Honor O'Brien - (Book: Honor's Promise (reissue))
Honoria Danforth - (Book: Honorable Thief, The)
Hope Kallahan - (Book: Hope)
Hope - (Book: Hope (reissue))
Hope - (Book: Hope and Glory)
Helen Schaefer - (Book: Hope Blooms)
Hope Harrell - (Book: Hope's Child)
Horatia Pendleton - (Book: Horatia)
Hallie Prentiss - (Book: Hot Arctic Nights (ebook reprint))
Hayley Smith - (Book: Hot for the Scot)
Helen Rhodes - (Book: Hot Zone)
Harlow Glass - (Book: Hotter You Burn, The)
Hannah Hughes - (Book: House Full of Hope, A)
Hannah Hughes - (Book: House Full of Hope, A (large print))
Hayden MacNulty - (Book: House on Briar Hill Road, The)
Hailey McGraw, Lexie Muller - (Book: How to Kill a Guy in 10 Days)
Harriet Ward - (Book: How to Treat a Lady)
Holly Spinnaker - (Book: Hunger)
Honor Tate - (Book: Hungry Like a Wolf)
Harley - (Book: Hunter Deceived (ebook))
Hunter Garrett - (Book: Hunter's Way)
Hannah Lamont - (Book: Hurricane Hannah)
Hannah Pace - (Book: Husband by the Hour)
Holly Bentworth - (Book: Husband for Holly, A)
Hannah Abbott Guthrie - (Book: I Want to Hold Your Hand)
Harper Connelly - (Book: Ice Cold Grave, An)
Harriet Hathaway - (Book: If Wishes Were Earls)
Hildy Caldwell - (Book: If Wishing Made It So)
Holly Weyland - (Book: If You Deceive)
Hope Carson - (Book: If You See Her)
Heather Linsey - (Book: If You Were Mine)
Hannah West - (Book: Illusion Town)
Honor Nightingale - (Book: Imminent Thunder)
Honor Nightingale - (Book: Imminent Thunder (reissue))
Honor Nightingale - (Book: Imminent Thunder (reissue))
Helen Fairmead - (Book: Impossible Confession, An)
Hannah Morgan - (Book: Impossible Secret)
Heather Wade - (Book: Improper Companion, An)
Helen Prestwick - (Book: In Bed With a Rogue)
Hope Williams - (Book: In Between Men)
Hannah Michaels - (Book: In Blackhawk's Bed)
Heather Wallace - (Book: In The Blood)
Hannah Geary - (Book: In The Dark)
Helen Frayne - (Book: In the Millionaire's Possession)
Helen Frayne - (Book: In the Millionaire's Possession)
Harper Day - (Book: In the Mood for Love)
Hannah Linden - (Book: In-Between Hour, The)
Hillary Wright - (Book: Inconvenient Affair, An)
Hester Wyatt - (Book: Indigo)
Heather - (Book: Indirect Lines)
Hester Perceval - (Book: Inescapable Match, An)
Hannah - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Haylie Smith - (Book: Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby)
Hope Lacey - (Book: Innocent Affair, An)
Helene Henderson - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An)
Helene Henderson - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An (UK edition))
Hester - (Book: Innocent Pawn)
Heather Morris - (Book: Inside Bet)
Harley - (Book: Instant Temptation)
Harley - (Book: Instant Temptation (reprint))
Hannah Bartlett - (Book: Intimate Surrender)
Hannah Whitfield - (Book: Into the Fire (Hardcover))
Helen Tremaine - (Book: Island Honeymoon)
Haley Tindale - (Book: Island, The)
Holly Hunter - (Book: It Happened One Weekend)
Heddy Hanrahan - (Book: It's a Boy!)
Holly - (Book: It's a Girl Thing)
Hyacinth Bridgerton - (Book: It's In His Kiss)
Hunter Harding - (Book: It's News to Her)
Harriet - (Book: Italian Millionaire's Marriage, The)
Helen - (Book: Jake Howard's Wife)
Helen Howard - (Book: Jake Howard's Wife (UK))
Hannah Matlock - (Book: January Chill, A)
Hannah Winters - (Book: Jed)
Harmony Childers - (Book: Joy in the Morning)
Honor - (Book: Judgement)
Hayey Goldstein - (Book: Just Desserts)
Hannah McGee - (Book: Just Eight Months Old )
Hope Logan - (Book: Just For Christmas)
Hannah Frost - (Book: Just Like a Man )
Honoria Smythe-Smith - (Book: Just Like Heaven)
Heaven Montgomery - (Book: Just Like Heaven)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Just Murdered)
Hailey Fleming - (Book: Just One Night)
Hannah Daniels - (Book: Just One Spark...)
Harley Madison - (Book: Just One Touch)
Hannah Thorne - (Book: Just Perfect)
Holly Birdsong - (Book: Just Say Maybe (ebook))
Holly Masterson - (Book: Kansas City Christmas)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Killer Cuts (hardcover))
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Killer Cuts (paperback))
Hannah Janes - (Book: King of Hearts)
Hannah Renault - (Book: King's Convenient Bride, The)
Hope Matthews - (Book: King's Courtesan, The)
Honor Dale - (Book: King's Ransom)
Harley Jean Davidson - (Book: King's Ransom)
Honoria Todd - (Book: Kiss of Steel)
Haley Barnes - (Book: Kiss to Die For, A)
Hannah Jones - (Book: Kissing Her Scrooge (ebook))
Honey Wine - (Book: Knights of the Ruby Order: Torn)
Harper Blaine - (Book: Labyrinth (hardcover))
Helena Jewel - (Book: Ladies Night)
Harmony Simmons - (Book: Lady Blue)
Harriet James - (Book: Lady Fortescue Steps Out)
Harriet Milborne - (Book: Lady Harriet's Harvest)
Honoria Baker-Sneed - (Book: Lady in Red)
Harriet Vernon - (Book: Lady is Mine, The)
Holly Shaw - (Book: Lady Love)
Harriet Ashley - (Book: Lady of Fortune, A)
Hattie Williams - (Book: Lady of the Two Lands)
Harper Price - (Book: Lady Renegades (hardcover))
Hallie O'Rourke - (Book: Last Chance Cafe, The)
Hanna - (Book: Last Cotillion, The)
Holly Bennett - (Book: Last Cowboy Hero, The)
Helen Sanghurst - (Book: Last Gamble, The (UK))
Hester Godric - (Book: Lavender Lady)
Hallie Madison - (Book: Lawman's Redemption)
Holly DeJong - (Book: Learning To Hula)
Honor Mayfield - (Book: Legacy)
Honor Mayfield - (Book: Legacy (reissue))
Hannah Lazar - (Book: Legacy, The)
Honor Jennings - (Book: Legend, The)
Helen - (Book: Leopard in the Snow)
Helen - (Book: Leopard In The Snow (UK))
Hope Sutton - (Book: Lessons of a Lowcountry Summer)
Heaven - (Book: Let's Get It On)
Honor Gillette - (Book: Lethal (Hardcover))
Holly Starr - (Book: Levitating Las Vegas)
Holly Phillips - (Book: Life A La Mode)
Holly - (Book: Light at Winter's End, A)
Hannah Jenkins - (Book: Lights, Latkes, and Love (novella))
Hailey Bishop - (Book: Little Girl Found)
Hannah Montgomery - (Book: Little Night Music, A)
Hilary McIntyre - (Book: Little Too Much, A)
Holly - (Book: Little White Lies)
Helen - (Book: Living Together)
Hilary deVere - (Book: London's Last True Scoundrel)
Heather Lombardi - (Book: Lone Star Lawman)
Hildie - (Book: Long Ago and Far Away)
Helen Michaels - (Book: Longest Pleasure, The)
Hailey Sutter - (Book: Look Closely)
Hillary Logan - (Book: Lord Darver's Match (ebook))
Henrietta Rolland - (Book: Lord Harry)
Henrietta Rolland - (Book: Lord Harry's Folly)
Holly Benson - (Book: Losing It)
Hope Walker - (Book: Love in Bloom)
Hope Walker - (Book: Love in Bloom)
Holly Kendall - (Book: Love is in the Air)
Hannah Chillton - (Book: Love is in the Heir)
Helen Kimbrough - (Book: Love Life)
Heather Tatum - (Book: Love Me Tonight)
Helen Burke Courtney - (Book: Love Me Tonight)
Heather Wade - (Book: Love Me True)
Hannah - (Book: Love's Avenging Heart)
Hannah - (Book: Love's Avenging Heart (reissue))
Hope Stanford - (Book: Love's Choices)
Hope Stanford - (Book: Love's Choices (UK))
Hilary Pembroke - (Book: Love's Redemption)
Holly - (Book: Love's Wine)
Hannah Currey - (Book: Loving Tenderness)
Honey Behr - (Book: Luke (reissue))
Hallie Carrick - (Book: Lyon's Gate)
Hannah Cooper - (Book: MacGregor's Lady, The)
Holly Reynolds - (Book: Mackenzie's Lady)
Holly Hanford - (Book: Mad About Jack)
Hope Evan, Major - (Book: Mad About The Major)
Helen St. James - (Book: Madcap Marriage, The)
Hope - (Book: Mage, The)
Heather Johnson - (Book: Magnificent Seven, The)
Harmony - (Book: Maiden of the Morning)
Harmony - (Book: Maiden of the Morning)
Hannah Davis - (Book: Mail Order Cowboy)
Hope Scroggs - (Book: Make Mine a Bad Boy)
Hannah Logan - (Book: Making It)
Hannah Deturk - (Book: Man Apart, A)
Hailey Hitchcock - (Book: Man from Falcon Ridge, The)
Hannah - (Book: Man From Texas, The)
Hannah Dawson - (Book: Man from Texas, The)
Heather Marshall - (Book: Man Of Honor, A)
Helen Cooper - (Book: Man Of Honour, A (UK))
Helene Grainger - (Book: Mancini Marriage Bargain)
Hayley Parrish - (Book: Manhunting in Memphis)
Hannah - (Book: Marriage Arrangement, The)
Harriet Neil - (Book: Marriage Bed, The)
Heather Martin - (Book: Marriage Bracelet, The)
Hayley Douglas - (Book: Marriage in a Bottle)
Hannah Dancer - (Book: Marriage Knot, The)
Hadleigh Stevens - (Book: Marriage Pact, The)
Henrietta - (Book: Marriage Quest, The)
Honoria - (Book: Marriage Under Seige (UK))
Honoria - (Book: Marriage Under Siege (UK- Hardcover- Large Print))
Helena Wheatley - (Book: Marriageable Miss, A (UK))
Hope Leoni - (Book: Married to a Stranger)
Harriet Brown - (Book: Marrying Harriet)
Heather Waters - (Book: Marrying Minister Right)
HollyLombard - (Book: Marrying the Lone Star Maverick)
Helene Follet - (Book: Marrying the Mistress (UK))
Holly Hastings - (Book: Marrying Up)
Heidi Norris - (Book: Marshal's Prize, The)
Henrietta Uppington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The)
Henrietta Uppington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The (reissue))
Honoria Hewitt - (Book: Match Made in Heaven)
Hannah Foley - (Book: Matthew)
Heather Greenblotz - (Book: Matzo Ball Heiress, The)
Helen Murphy - (Book: Mayday)
Helen Foster - (Book: Memories Of The Past )
Heather - (Book: Men of August - Heather's Gift)
Helena Hammond - (Book: Men Were Deceivers Ever)
Hannah Moore - (Book: Mended Hearts)
Hannah Moore - (Book: Mended Hearts (large print))
Harriet Delvaney - (Book: Menfreya In The Morning)
Helen Hanson - (Book: Mergers & Matrimony)
Hannah Sunderland - (Book: Messenger, The)
Hannah McBride - (Book: Midnight Cinderella)
Hannah - (Book: Midnight Falls)
Helena Hartford - (Book: Midnight Man, The)
Holly Dent - (Book: Midnight Wedding)
Holly Storm - (Book: Midnight's Master)
Holly Storm - (Book: Midnight's Master (reissue))
Harriet Redgrave - (Book: Midsummer Bride, A)
Hana Jamieson - (Book: Mighty Quinn, The)
Hayley Fraser - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Teague)
Hester Ward - (Book: Millioniare's Convenient Bride, The)
Honor St. James - (Book: Mine to Take)
Hannah Barrett - (Book: Minutes to Kill)
Henrietta Barrett - (Book: Minx)
Hope Montgomery - (Book: Miracle Road)
Heather Blair-Burns - (Book: Mischief)
Harper Price - (Book: Miss Mayhem)
Helen Prestwick - (Book: Miss Prestwick's Crusade)
Hannah Whittier - (Book: Miss Whittier Makes a List)
Harriet Wilson - (Book: Miss Wilson's Reputation)
Holly - (Book: Mission: Mountain Rescue (UK))
Hannah Harrington - (Book: Model Marine)
Hannah Bartlett - (Book: Mom Over Miami)
Hayley Ryan - (Book: Mom's the Word)
Holly Baxter - (Book: Mommy for Christmas, A)
Hannah Allen - (Book: Momzillas)
Holly Heckerling - (Book: Monkey Love)
Hetty Wentworth - (Book: Montana Bride)
Honor Crosby - (Book: Montana Cowboy)
Honor Crosby - (Book: Montana Cowboy (large print))
Helen Demarest - (Book: Montega's Mistress)
Honoria Barlow - (Book: Mood Indigo)
Helen - (Book: Moon of Aphrodite)
Hillary Neill - (Book: Moon Showers)
Hannah Marshall - (Book: Moon-Kissed Promises)
Helen - (Book: Moonlight and Memories)
Hester Lattimer - (Book: Moonlight and Mistletoe)
Hayley Bryant - (Book: Moonlight Mirage (ebook))
Honor Meredith Draycott - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Honor Meredith Draycott - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Hannah Gray - (Book: Morning Song)
Helen - (Book: Mother Of The Bride)
Hannah O'Connell - (Book: Mother's Day Garden, The)
Hattie Longmore - (Book: Mountain Ecstasy)
Halys - (Book: Much Ado About Love)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Murder Between the Covers)
Heather Larson-Randall - (Book: Murder Under the Mistletoe)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Murder Unleashed)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Murder With Reservations)
Hannah Greene - (Book: Murphy's Law)
Holly Kimbel - (Book: My Dashing Earl)
Holly Hicks - (Book: My Hero)
Hannah O'Shea - (Book: My Immortal Promise)
Harper James - (Book: My One and Only)
Haleigh Rae Mitchner - (Book: My One and Only)
Helena Nash - (Book: My Pleasure)
Helena Nash - (Book: My Pleasure (Reissue))
Heidi Ellis - (Book: My Private Detective)
Harriet Fareham - (Book: My Wayward Lady)
Hollie Finch - (Book: My Wicked Earl)
Harriet Tremaine
Elizabeth Henrick
- (Book: Mysterious Governess, The)
Helen Walsh - (Book: Mystery of Mercy Close,The (hardcover))
Hayley Brooks - (Book: Nanny for the Cowboy, A)
Hannah Evans - (Book: Nanny Solution, The)
Hannah Evans - (Book: Nanny Solution, The)
Hailey North - (Book: Naughty Christmas Nights)
Hannah Raymond - (Book: Navy Baby)
Honey Perribow - (Book: Need Me)
Harper Owens - (Book: Need You For Mine)
Helen "Nell" Faraday - (Book: Nell)
Honoria Duchamp - (Book: Never Too Late)
Henrietta Gibson - (Book: Never Trust a Rake)
Helen Schaefer - (Book: New Man, The)
Harriet Rowe - (Book: Newmarket Match)
Hayley McKeon - (Book: Night Fire)
Honor Bartholomew - (Book: Night of the Panther)
Hannah O'Reilly - (Book: No Holding Back)
Holland Banks - (Book: No More Lies)
Hannah - (Book: No Need for Love)
Hillary - (Book: No Stranger to Love)
Hayley Morris - (Book: No Strings)
Holly O'Mara - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Hayden Summers - (Book: No Strings Attached (ebook))
Holly - (Book: No-Guys Pact, The)
Helena - (Book: Noble Captive, A)
Holly Smith - (Book: Nobody Does It Better)
Hope Manning - (Book: Nobody Does it Better)
Holly Partridge - (Book: Nobody's Fool)
Helena - (Book: Norse Jewel (ebook))
Hannah Garvey - (Book: North of Clever)
Hannah Davis - (Book: Not Another New Year's)
Hannah - (Book: Not Fit for a King?)
Hannah - (Book: Not Fit for a King? (large print))
Harriet P. Smith - (Book: Not the Marrying Kind)
Helena Laverick - (Book: Notorious Love, A)
Helena Laverick - (Book: Notorious Love, A ( reissue))
Harriet - (Book: Nurse Harriet Goes to Holland)
Hilary Wakefield - (Book: Object of His Affection, The)
Helen Rivenall - (Book: Obsession)
Honoria Pyne - (Book: On a Long Ago Night)
Hana Egan - (Book: On Angel Wings)
Heather Wallace - (Book: On Midnight Wings)
Hillia Ryjil - (Book: On the Fringes)
Honey York - (Book: On the Loose)
Helena Trant - (Book: On The Night Of The Seventh Moon)
Hannah Dawson - (Book: On the Scent (ebook))
Helena - (Book: Once a Gypsy)
Holly Jones - (Book: Once a Stranger)
Helena Martin - (Book: Once Beloved)
Hippolyta Royle - (Book: Once Upon a Moonlit Night (ebook novella))
Hester Daniels - (Book: Once Upon a Tartan)
Harlow Manning - (Book: One More Chance)
Helen Emerson - (Book: One More Valentine)
Harper Allen - (Book: One Night More)
Holly - (Book: One Summer In Italy . . .)
Hope Adams - (Book: One Sure Thing)
Henrietta Cowper - (Book: Only by Chance)
Henrietta Cowper - (Book: Only By Chance (reissue))
Henrietta Cowper - (Book: Only By Chance (reissue))
Henrietta Cowper - (Book: Only By Chance (UK))
Henrietta Cowper - (Book: Only By Chance (UK-reissue))
Harper Shaw - (Book: Only For a Night)
Harper Weddington - (Book: Only You)
Hayley Cole - (Book: Operation Midnight)
Haley Bell Thornton - (Book: Operation: Married by Christmas)
Haley Bell Thornton - (Book: Operation: Married by Christmas (Large Print))
Honaria Honeyford - (Book: Original Miss Honeyford, The)
Hannah Novak - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Harlee - (Book: Out of The Darkness)
Hope Baxter - (Book: Outlaw Marriage)
Harvey - (Book: Over 50's Singles Night )
Hillary Walker - (Book: Over the Rainbow)
Hannah Clark - (Book: Overnight Alibi, The)
Hazel Crenshaw - (Book: Overprotected (ebook))
Holly - (Book: P.S. I Love You)
Harriet - (Book: Pagan Adversary)
Hilary Campbell - (Book: Paper Tiger)
Harriet Tycherley - (Book: Parcel of Land, A)
Holly Stanton - (Book: Parisian Playboy, The)
Hawk - (Book: Passion Ruby, A)
Hilary Forrester - (Book: Passionate Business, A)
Holly - (Book: Past Loving)
Holly - (Book: Past Loving (UK))
Hallie Stockton - (Book: Patriot, The)
Heather - (Book: Payment In Love)
Heather - (Book: Payment in Love (UK))
Hannah McGarry - (Book: Pearl Cove)
Hope Beaumont - (Book: Perfect Hope, The)
Hannah Olaniyi - (Book: Perfect Match)
Honor Holland - (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Hope Merridew - (Book: Perfect Waltz, The)
Hope Adams - (Book: Personal Demon (Hardcover))
Hannah Randall - (Book: Pete's Dragon)
Hannah Hunt - (Book: Phallus from Dallas, The)
Hope Love Hart - (Book: Phantasmic Fantasies)
Helen "Nell" Belden - (Book: Phantom Lover, The (reissue))
Hannah Linden - (Book: Place I Belong, The)
Hannah Reid - (Book: Plain Jane's Secret Life)
Hannah Nolt - (Book: Plain Secrets)
Hannah Nolt - (Book: Plain Secrets (large print))
Hope Miller - (Book: Planted With Hope)
Hayley Fordham - (Book: Play Dead)
Haley King - (Book: Play Dirty)
Hannah Rothchild - (Book: Playboy Prince, The)
Holly Colshannon - (Book: Playing James)
Hannah Evans - (Book: Playing Love's Odds)
Harper Blaine - (Book: Poltergist)
Hannah Lindsay - (Book: Porcupine Ranch)
Hope Winston - (Book: Port of Paradise)
Hunter McKay - (Book: Possessed by Passion)
Helen Marlowe - (Book: Practical Mistress, A)
Helen Marlowe - (Book: Practical Mistress, A (UK))
Hayley Ryan - (Book: Precious Gifts)
Hebe - (Book: Pregnant By The Millionaire)
Holly Kaufman - (Book: Pretty Maids in a Row)
Holly Kaufman - (Book: Pretty Maids in a Row (Hardcover))
Hannah Wade - (Book: Pride of Hannah Wade, The)
Heather Lowell - (Book: Prince Charming List, The)
Hannah Castillo - (Book: Prince Daddy & the Nanny)
Honoria Sterling - (Book: Prince of Thieves)
Holly - (Book: Prince's Captive Wife, The)
Hollyn Saldani - (Book: Princess Next Door, The)
Hollyn Saldani - (Book: Princess Next Door, The (large print))
Holly Russell - (Book: Prize Passage)
Hedi Peacock - (Book: Problem with Promises, The)
Heather Kendall - (Book: Prodigal M.D. Returns, The)
Heather Kendall - (Book: Prodigal MD Returns, The (UK))
Helena - (Book: Promise In A Kiss, The)
Harriet Grey - (Book: Promising Man, A (and About Time Too))
Hannah Malone - (Book: Protecting her Secrets (ebook))
Holly Vance - (Book: Protecting Holly)
Holly Heart - (Book: Protector)
Honor Milone - (Book: Protector's Promise, The)
Heather Andrews - (Book: Proud Possession)
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Pumped for Murder (hardcover))
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Pumped for Murder (paperback))
Helen Pascalis - (Book: Purchased Wife, The)
Haley Vaughn - (Book: Purrfect Justice)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Purses and Poison)
Henrietta Markowitz - (Book: Pushing the Limit)
Hannah Bonner - (Book: Queen of Swords)
Hannah Bonner - (Book: Queen of Swords (reissue))
Honor Larke - (Book: Queen's Lady, The)
Hannah Green - (Book: Queens Fool, The)
Honey Kingston - (Book: Question Of Love, A)
Houston Malloy - (Book: Quinn's Way)
Hannah Zachary - (Book: Racing Against the Clock)
Henriette Purcell - (Book: Radiant)
Hope Malory - (Book: Raintree: Haunted)
Hyacinthe Dancy - (Book: Rake and the Redhead, The)
Henrietta Markham - (Book: Rake With a Frozen Heart)
Hester Blayne - (Book: Rake's Reform, A)
Henrietta Watson - (Book: Rakes and Radishes (ebook))
Holly Janzen - (Book: Rancher Daddy)
Hannah Chalmers - (Book: Rancher Meets His Match, The)
Hannah Richmond - (Book: Rancher's Mail-Order Bride, The)
Holly O'Mara - (Book: Rancher's Twins: Mom Needed)
Hannah Hotchkiss - (Book: Ranger's Wild Woman (ebook))
Hallie Fitzgerald - (Book: Ransom)
Harmony Jones - (Book: Rapture's Gold )
Honor Knight - (Book: Raven's Prey)
Holly Carver - (Book: Ravenous)
Harriet Pomeroy - (Book: Ravished)
Honora - (Book: Ravished by a Viking)
Haley O'Brien - (Book: Reading Between the Lines)
Heidi Savage - (Book: Ready or Not?)
Harvester - (Book: Reaver)
Harper Price - (Book: Rebel Belle)
Harriet Ashbourne - (Book: Rebel Lover, The)
Honor - (Book: Rebel Temptress)
Heidi Joblowski - (Book: Reckless)
Henrietta - (Book: Reckless Angel)
Hannah Kinkaid - (Book: Reckless Heart)
Hannah - (Book: Reckless Heart (reprint))
Hannah Kinkaid - (Book: Reckless Love)
Hannah Kinkaid - (Book: Reckless Love (reprint))
Holly Sutherland - (Book: Recklessly Yours)
Hayley Phillips - (Book: Red Lily)
Hayley Albright - (Book: Red Roses Mean Love)
Hathor Vinceti - (Book: Redeemer of Shadows (ebook))
Harriet Cole - (Book: Reformed Rake, A)
Harper Douglas - (Book: Release)
Hannah Miller - (Book: Relentless Flame (ebook))
Helen Nichols - (Book: Remember Me)
Hayden Lane / Lady de Grey - (Book: Remembrance)
Holly - (Book: Rescue My Heart)
Harriet Connor - (Book: Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon)
Harriet Connor - (Book: Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon (large print))
Harley Sayers - (Book: Return of the Black Sheep, The)
Hattie Powell - (Book: Return of the Cowboy Doctor )
Honora Tannach - (Book: Return of the Rogue)
Hannah Esh - (Book: Return to Grace)
Hannah Esh - (Book: Return to Grace (reprint))
Helen Lawrence - (Book: Returning)
Hope Glidewell - (Book: Returning Home)
Heather Bannister - (Book: Reunited with the Cowboy)
Holly Heflin - (Book: Reuniting with the Rancher)
Haley Moreland - (Book: Revenge Wears Rubies)
Hannah Court - (Book: Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal)
Hannah Court - (Book: Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal (UK))
Haley Holmes - (Book: Riding the Storm)
Hayley - (Book: Ripped)
Hope Rawlings - (Book: Risk-Taker, The)
Hedie Rails - (Book: River Wife, The)
Hallie Deacon - (Book: Riverboat Bride)
Hope Meridan - (Book: Rocky Mountain Desire)
Hope Gatlin - (Book: Rocky Mountain Proposal)
Hallie Sutton - (Book: Rodeo Daddy)
Hannah - (Book: Rogue Wedding Guest, The)
Harriet Godwyne - (Book: Rogue's Wager, A)
Hinekiri - (Book: Romantic Interlude)
Helen Wainwright - (Book: Rose Adagio (ebook))
Lady Egerton
- (Book: Roses for Harriet)
Hilda - (Book: Rough and Ready)
Hannah Setterington - (Book: Rules of Attraction)
Harriet Winthrop-Baines - (Book: Runaways, The)
Heather Wallace - (Book: Rush of Wings, A)
Hannah - (Book: Sacrifice)
Harper Masterson - (Book: Saddled and Spurred)
Hannah Drake - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Helen - (Book: Saint, The)
Hope Tanner - (Book: Sanctuary)
Hannah Martin - (Book: Sancutary in Chef Voleur)
Helen Shaw - (Book: Satan's Mountain)
Hannah Kody - (Book: Savage Rage (aka Wild Thunder))
Honey Malone - (Book: Sawyer)
Honey Malone - (Book: Sawyer (reissue))
Hannah - (Book: Scandalous Courtship, A)
Helen Fairchild - (Book: School for Virgins)
Hannah McCrae - (Book: Sea Glass Sunrise)
Hattie Beaumont - (Book: SEAL's Christmas Twins, The)
Hailey Sutherland - (Book: SEALed and Delivered)
Holly - (Book: Sealed with a Kiss)
Haskell Maloney - (Book: Search the Shadows [Reissue])
Harmony Banks - (Book: Searching For Harmony (ebook))
Holly Dancer - (Book: Seasons of Gold)
Hannah Matthews - (Book: Seaview Inn)
Hannah Matthews - (Book: Seaview Inn (reissue))
Harper Blaine - (Book: Seawitch (hardcover))
Harper Blaine - (Book: Seawitch (paperback))
Hanna Rosser - (Book: Second Chance Dad)
Harlee Roberts - (Book: Second Chances)
Heather - (Book: Second Wife)
Holly - (Book: Second-Best Friend)
Hannah Reid,
Duchess of Dunbarton
- (Book: Secret Affair, A (Hardcover))
Heather Mahoney - (Book: Secret Agent Groom)
Holly George - (Book: Secret Casella Baby, The)
Holly George - (Book: Secret Casella Baby, The (large print))
Holly - (Book: Secret Summer Dreams)
Hannah James - (Book: Secrets Between Them, The)
Hannah Moore - (Book: Secrets in the Shadows)
Hannah Moore - (Book: Secrets in the Shadows (reprint))
Hailey Ashton - (Book: Seduction By Design)
Holly Elise Bradshaw - (Book: Seduction Game (ebook))
Holly Elise Bradshaw - (Book: Seduction Game (paperback))
Harmony Roan - (Book: Seductive Smuggler, The)
Holly Tyler - (Book: See You at Sunset)
Her Serene Highness Olympia of Oriens - (Book: Seize the Fire (reissue))
Hannah Robinson - (Book: Semi-Sweet)
Holly Sanchez - (Book: Serpent Moon)
Harmony Cartwright - (Book: Sex and the Psychic Witch)
Holly Hillbay - (Book: Sex On The Beach Book, The)
Holly Klein - (Book: Sex Was Great, But..., The)
Hannah Wentworth - (Book: Shadow Magic)
Hawise - (Book: Shadows and Srongholds)
Heather Lane - (Book: Shadows Strike)
Hannah Campbell - (Book: Shaking Off the Dust (ebook))
Hope Franklin - (Book: Shane's Bride)
Hannah Garrett - (Book: Share the Darkness)
Hailey Anderson - (Book: Sharing Hailey (ebook))
Haley Cooper - (Book: Sharp Shootin' Cowboy)
Halina Beloi - (Book: Shatter)
Holly Fairfield - (Book: Shattered)
Haley Bennett - (Book: Sheik and the Vixen, The)
Heidi McKinley - (Book: Sheik's Arranged Marriage, The)
Hana - (Book: Sheikh's Destiny, The)
Hallie Cates - (Book: Sheriff Takes a Bride)
Honor Brier - (Book: Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong)
Honor Brier - (Book: Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong (large print))
Honor Brier - (Book: Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong (UK))
Helen Hawthorne - (Book: Shop Till You Drop)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Shoulder Bags and Shootings)
Honey Carrington - (Book: Showdown!)
Holly Harding - (Book: Shy Socialite, The)
Hope Bishop - (Book: Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement, The)
Heloise Ballaster - (Book: Silver Bride, The)
Helena Pryce - (Book: Silver Lion, The)
Hannah Darling - (Book: Silvery Moon, The)
Haley Donovan - (Book: Simple Faith, A)
Helena Delornay - (Book: Simply Shameless)
Holly Jefferson - (Book: Since You've Been Gone)
Hailey Winters - (Book: Single Dad's New-Year Bride, The)
Hannah Stark - (Book: Single Kiss, A)
Helene Junot - (Book: Sins)
Harmony - (Book: Six)
Heather Wells - (Book: Size 12 and Ready to Rock)
Heather Wells - (Book: Size 12 Is Not Fat)
Heather Wells - (Book: Size 14 Is Not Fat Either)
Hannah Bradley - (Book: Skylark)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Slay Bells and Satchels)
Helen Shaw - (Book: Sleeping with a Stranger)
Hope McKinnon - (Book: Sleigh Ride with the Rancher)
Hope McKinnon - (Book: Sleigh Ride with the Rancher (large print))
Heidi Kramer - (Book: Slingshot Moves)
Haddie Montgomery - (Book: Slow Burn)
Haley French - (Book: Smooth Sailing)
Honoria Carlow - (Book: Smuggler and the Society Bride, The)
Hedy Hansen - (Book: Snow Garden,The)
Hetty Malone - (Book: Snow Queen, The)
Harper Summerville - (Book: Some Like it Hot)
Hannah - (Book: Something Good)
Helena Wheeler - (Book: Something to Prove)
Hillary Houston - (Book: Soulful Serenade)
Hannah Snow - (Book: Soulmate)
Hannah Garvey - (Book: South Of Sanity)
Harriet Farrell - (Book: Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Nurse)
Harriet Farrell - (Book: Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Nurse (UK))
Helena - (Book: Spanish Lady, The)
Holly Marshall - (Book: Sprinkles on Top)
Hope Hathaway - (Book: Spy Next Door, The)
Helena - (Book: Spy Wore Blue, The (ebook novella))
Honor Bright - (Book: Squaring Accounts)
Harriet - (Book: Stages of Desire)
Hope Minnow - (Book: Stalked)
Haley - (Book: Stallion For Christmas, A (ebook))
Holly Llewellyn - (Book: State Secrets)
Holly Llewellyn - (Book: State Secrets (reissue))
Hadley Sullivan - (Book: Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The)
Harper - (Book: Stealing Harper (ebook))
Harper - (Book: Stealing Harper (paperback))
Helen Parker - (Book: Stolen Moments)
Hailey Roarke - (Book: Stolen Seduction)
Harper Connelly - (Book: Stongest Steel, The )
Harriet Stanton - (Book: Stormy Montana Sky)
Haven Briscoe - (Book: Straddling the Line)
Holly - (Book: Straight-A Teacher)
Hannah Price - (Book: Stranger in Town)
Hester Detlef - (Book: Stranger's Gift, A)
Hope - (Book: Strength of Desire, The)
Hannah Green - (Book: Sultry Whispers)
Heidi Simpson - (Book: Summer Days)
Heather - (Book: Sunshine and the Shadowmaster)
Hope Carmichael - (Book: Surgeon's Favorite Nurse, The)
Harriet Remy - (Book: Surgeon's Meant-To-Be Bride, The (UK))
Holly Mayberry - (Book: Surgeon's Reputation, A (UK))
Heather Fitzpatrick - (Book: Surprise Delivery)
Honey Summers - (Book: Sweet as Honey (ebook))
Hannah Rose Brewster - (Book: Sweet Hannah Rose)
Hush McGillen - (Book: Sweet Hush)
Honor Stone - (Book: Sweet Justice)
Haley Sanders - (Book: Sweet Surrender)
Harriet Ginoza - (Book: Sweeter Savage Love)
Harriet Ginoza - (Book: Sweeter Savage Love (reprint))
Harper Donovan - (Book: Sweetest Thing, The)
Hannah Sampson - (Book: Swimming With The Dead)
Heather Danvers Taggart - (Book: Taggart's Woman)
Hannah Richards - (Book: Tailor-Made Bride, A)
Holly Barrett - (Book: Tainted)
Harlow Manning - (Book: Take a Chance)
Haley Stewart - (Book: Take Back the Night)
Harper - (Book: Taking Chances)
Hilary Brookfield - (Book: Tale of Love)
Holly - (Book: Talking to Addison)
Heather Montgomery - (Book: Tall Tales and Wedding Veils)
Heather Graham - (Book: Taming Heather)
Honora St. Leger - (Book: Taming Her Irish Warrior)
Haley Garrett - (Book: Taming of Jackson Cade, The)
Hannah Young - (Book: Taming the Texas Rancher)
Hope Barrister - (Book: Tangled Web)
Hannah Crosby - (Book: Target, The)
Hope Lockhart - (Book: Task Force Bride)
Hope Lockhart - (Book: Task Force Bride (large print))
Helen Hamilton - (Book: Taste of Temptation)
Harper Fontaine - (Book: Taste of Temptation, A)
Hayley Williams - (Book: Tea for Two)
Heidi Fields - (Book: Tease Me)
Harriet - (Book: Tempestuous April (reissue))
Harriet - (Book: Tempestuous April (UK))
Harriet - (Book: Tempestuous April (UK-reissue))
Heather - (Book: Templar's Treasure, The)
Helen Denville - (Book: Temporary Bride, The)
Harmony Russell - (Book: Tempt Me With Kisses)
Harriet Mercer - (Book: Tempting a Devil (ebook))
Helena Fitzhugh - (Book: Tempting the Bride)
Hannah Bell - (Book: Texan's Surprise Baby, The)
Haley Mercado - (Book: Texas --- Now and Forever)
Hetta Gwynne - (Book: Texas Bride)
Holly Faraday - (Book: Texas Fever)
Honor Gannon - (Book: Texas Glory)
Helena Conwell - (Book: Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife, The)
Hannah Steers - (Book: That Despicable Rogue)
Holly Blake - (Book: That Forever Feeling (UK))
Honor Witherspoon - (Book: Then Comes Marriage)
Hedi Peacock - (Book: Thing about Weres, The)
Hannah Morgan - (Book: This Kiss)
Hallie McCarthy - (Book: This Matter of Marriage)
Hallie - (Book: This Matter of Marriage (reissue))
Hallie McCarthy - (Book: This Matter of Marriage (reissue))
Hannah Brady - (Book: Those Matchmaking Babies)
Hekate - (Book: Thrice Bound)
Holly - (Book: Thrice United)
Honoria Escalona - (Book: Throne for the Taking, A)
Honoria Escalona - (Book: Throne for the Taking, A (large print))
Hannah Drayton - (Book: Thursday Friend, The )
Hope Mason - (Book: Time For Hope)
Hannah Bontrager - (Book: Time to Heal, A)
Honor Carlisle - (Book: Time Weaver, The (Hardcover))
Honor Carlisle - (Book: Time Weaver, The (paperback) )
Helen Fitzwilliam - (Book: To Beguile a Beast)
Harriet Clifton - (Book: To Dream of Love)
Harrie - (Book: To Have a Husband)
Hillary Moss - (Book: To Love and Cherish)
Hannah Talbot - (Book: To Love Anew)
Harriet Sainthill - (Book: To Tempt a Rogue)
Harlow Evans - (Book: To the Stars)
Harmony Martin - (Book: To Wed at Christmas)
Holly Poston - (Book: Tommy's Mom)
Hermione Merryhew - (Book: Too Dangerous For a Lady)
Henrietta Ashby - (Book: Too Scandalous to Wed)
Heather Grayson - (Book: Too Sexy for Marriage)
Helen Mansfield - (Book: Too Wicked to Wed)
Hailey Hamilton - (Book: Top Secret Rendezvous)
Haley - (Book: Torn)
Haley Randolph - (Book: Tote Bags and Toe Tags)
Hester Martingale - (Book: Touch of Blackmail, A)
Hanna Quinn - (Book: Touch of Fire, A )
Helen Freeman - (Book: Touch Of Fire, A )
Hannah - (Book: Touched By Fire)
Honey Buchanan - (Book: Tough Guy, Savvy Lady)
Hero Fanshawe - (Book: Trapped by Scandal)
Holly Sims - (Book: Travis)
Hayley Sinclair - (Book: Trial By Fire)
Holly Nelson - (Book: Triple Threat)
Haley Cutler - (Book: Trophy Wives Club, The)
Hennessy O'Brien - (Book: Trouble When You Walked In)
Hedi Peacock - (Book: Trouble With Fate, The)
Harriet Kingsley - (Book: Trouble With Harriet, The)
Honor Cabot - (Book: Trouble with Honor, The)
Hannah Parker - (Book: Trouble with Temptation, The)
Holly - (Book: Trouble With Weddings, The)
Hope Spencer - (Book: True Confessions)
Honey Cahill - (Book: True Heart (ebook))
Hadley O'Sullivan - (Book: Trumped Up Charges)
Hadley O'Sullivan - (Book: Trumped Up Charges (large print))
Helen Eastman - (Book: Trust No One)
Hadley Golightly - (Book: Truth about the Tycoon, The)
Hannah Jacobs - (Book: Truths and Roses)
Holly - (Book: Twas the Week Before Christmas)
Harriet Devere - (Book: Twelfth Night Secrets)
Hope Outlaw - (Book: Twice in a Blue Moon)
Holly Parrish - (Book: Twilight Dreams)
Houston Chandler - (Book: Twin of Ice)
Houston Chandler & Blair Chandler - (Book: Twin of Ice
Twin of Fire)
Hannah Jesset - (Book: Twist Of Fate)
Hannah Jessett - (Book: Twist Of Fate (reissue))
Helena Davies - (Book: Tycoon's Hidden Heir, The)
Hannah Miller - (Book: Tycoon's Instant Daughter, The)
Honey Thomas - (Book: Unconditionally Single)
Heather Westfield - (Book: Undead Next Door, The)
Holly - (Book: Under Holly's Stockings)
Hannah Sampson - (Book: Under Pressure)
Holly Amberson - (Book: Under the Gun)
Heather Bannon - (Book: Undercover Twin)
Heather Buchanan - (Book: Undercover With the Enemy)
Harper Blaine - (Book: Underground (Hardcover))
Harper Blaine - (Book: Underground (paperback))
Harriet Stanton - (Book: Unexpected American, The)
Haley Scott - (Book: Unexpected Match, An)
Harriett Verney - (Book: Unexpected Pregnancy, The)
Harmony Evans - (Book: Unexpected Rush)
Hannah Sterling - (Book: Unforgettable)
Hero Fenster - (Book: Unintended Bride, The)
Hester Shelton - (Book: Unknown Heir, The)
Helen Frasier - (Book: Unlacing the Lady in Waiting (ebook))
Helen - (Book: Unlikely Father, An)
Honesty McGuire - (Book: Unlikely Lady, An)
Haley Engen - (Book: Unmasking the Mercenary)
Hester Perceval - (Book: Unreasonable Match, An)
Harriet Benson - (Book: Unsuitable Secretary, The (ebook))
Harper Laurence - (Book: Unsung)
Helena Lambarth - (Book: Untamed Heiress, The)
Helena McGregor - (Book: Untouched Mistress)
Holly - (Book: Unwilling Desire, An)
Halouise Lofton - (Book: Up Close)
Hattie Leggit - (Book: Useful Affair, A)
Hope Gardener - (Book: Valley of the Sun)
Heather Pierce - (Book: Vanilla on Top (ebook))
Harper Blaine - (Book: Vanished (Hardcover))
Haydee Miller - (Book: Venus Guy Trap (mass market paperback))
Haydee Miller - (Book: Venus Guy Trap (paperback))
Helena Veretti - (Book: Veretti's Dark Vengeance (UK))
Helena Veretti - (Book: Veretti's Dark Vengence)
Harriet Treene - (Book: Very Comely Countess, The)
Helen Moore - (Book: Very Single Woman, A (UK))
Helen Moore - (Book: Very Single Woman, A (UK-Large Print))
Hayley Watson - (Book: Vineyard of Hope and Dreams, The)
Hayley Watson - (Book: Vineyard of Hope and Dreams, The (large print))
Harriet Flint - (Book: Virgin's Wedding Night, The)
Harriet Flint - (Book: Virgin's Wedding Night, The (Large Print))
Helen Roston - (Book: Virtually Hers)
Helen, "Hell" Roston - (Book: Virtually His)
Heather Cynster - (Book: Viscount Breckinridge to the Rescue)
Hannah Whitmore - (Book: Viscount's Bride)
Hope - (Book: Vision of Hope)
Hailey Bergstrom - (Book: Vital Signs)
Hadassah - (Book: Voice In the Wind, A (reissue))
Hannah - (Book: Wallflower Christmas, A (Hardcover))
Heather - (Book: Wanting)
Heather - (Book: Wanting (UK))
Haley Fitzpatrick - (Book: Warrior of the Highlands)
Holly Langworthy - (Book: Warrior's Mission, A )
Haith - (Book: Warrior, The)
Helaine Mortimer - (Book: Wedded in Scandal)
Heather Armstrong - (Book: Wedding in Valentine, A (novella))
Harper Poole - (Book: Wedding Secret, The (ebook))
Holly Denison - (Book: Wedding Wish, The)
Hannah - (Book: Weekend To Remember, A)
Haley Lamb - (Book: Welcome To Paradise)
Hannah Garvey - (Book: West Of Bliss)
Hannah Preston - (Book: What a Gentleman Wants)
Hannah - (Book: What a Gentleman Wants (reissue))
Hayley Jane Smith - (Book: What a Girl Wants)
Henrietta Upperton - (Book: What a Lady Craves (ebook))
Haley Martin - (Book: What She Saw)
Helen Ketterling - (Book: What the Heart Knows)
Helen Ward - (Book: What You Wish For)
Helen Ward - (Book: What You Wish For (reissue))
Hannah Martinof - (Book: Whatever Alex Wants)
Harriet Brown - (Book: When Harriet Came Home (ebook))
Honey Love - (Book: When It Rains)
Honey Love - (Book: When It Rains (reprint))
Hallie Wyatt - (Book: When Love Remains)
Holly Pritchett - (Book: When the Cowboy Said "I Do")
Hannah - (Book: When The Heart Cries)
Hannah Lapp - (Book: When the Morning Comes)
Hannah Lapp - (Book: When the Morning Comes (reprint))
Hannah Lapp - (Book: When the Soul Mends)
Haley Tillman - (Book: Where There's a Will)
Honey Thomas - (Book: Who's Loving You)
Holly Stephens - (Book: Whose Lie Is It Anyway?)
Harriet Gardner - (Book: Wicked Duke Takes A Wife, The)
Harriet Metcalf - (Book: Wicked Godmother, The)
Hallie Tyler - (Book: Wicked Ways)
Hannah Brown - (Book: Widow's Hope, A)
Hannah - (Book: Wife By Agreement)
Heather - (Book: Wife By Arrangement)
Hallie Bennett - (Book: Wife for a Week)
Hallie Bennett - (Book: Wife For a Week)
Helena Jaansen - (Book: Wild Darkness)
Heather Martin - (Book: Wild Heather)
Honey Rodriguez - (Book: Wild Honey)
Heather Monaghan - (Book: Wild Irish Heather)
Hannah Kody - (Book: Wild Thunder (aka Savage Rage))
Hannah Kody - (Book: Wild Thunder (reissue))
Haley Winthrop - (Book: Wild West Wife)
Hannah Ryder - (Book: Wilde Thing (ebook))
Hannah Yost - (Book: Wilderness Flame)
Henrietta Harte - (Book: Willful Widow, The)
Hayley Addington - (Book: Willingly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded)
Holly Stanton - (Book: Winning the Right Brother)
Helen Wayland - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK hardcover))
Helen Wayland - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK paperback))
Holly Gates - (Book: Winter Hawk's Legacy)
Holly Gates - (Book: Winter Hawk's Legacy (large print))
Holly Wintizer - (Book: Winter Raven)
Harper Cygnini - (Book: Winter Swans)
Henry Ann - (Book: With Hope)
Harley Price - (Book: With This Fling)
Hallie Hunter - (Book: Without You)
Hallie Berglund - (Book: Witness to Murder)
Hope - (Book: Wolf Breeds - Wolfe's Hope)
Harriet Alistair - (Book: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, A)
Harriett Allistair - (Book: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, A (reissue))
Hannah Cutler - (Book: Woman of Grace)
Helen Gregory - (Book: Woman of Passion, A)
Holly Barrows - (Book: Woman With Mystery, A)
Hailey Derwood - (Book: Wonderful and Wild)
Helen Wade - (Book: Wood Nymph, The)
Hannah Richards - (Book: Word of Honor)
Hayden Grant - (Book: Work What You Got)
Holly Cavendish - (Book: World Is Mine, The)
Hunter Collins - (Book: Worth the Trade)
Harlow Pratt - (Book: Wrapped and Strapped)
Hannah Blanchard - (Book: Wren of Paradise)
Haley Jenkins - (Book: Wrong Man, The)
Hannah Wentworth McMurtry - (Book: Wyoming Bride)
Hai - (Book: Wyvernhail)
Hannah Gilmore - (Book: Yesterday's Gold)
Hallie Gardiner - (Book: Yesterday's Roses)
Hazel Stanford - (Book: Yesterday's Scars)
Hazel Stanford - (Book: Yesterday's Scars (UK))
Holly Evans - (Book: You Had Me at Halo)
Heather Reardon - (Book: You Never Can Tell)
Hazel Chamberlayne - (Book: Younger Man, The)
Countess of Godwin
- (Book: Your Wicked Ways)


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