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Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with I

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Ivy Sinclair - (Book: Accidental Engagement, The (ebook))
Izzy Dare - (Book: Accidental Mistress, The)
Irena - (Book: Accidentally Pregnant!)
Isabella Drayton - (Book: Adventurer, The)
Isabella Montenegro - (Book: Agent's Secret Child, The)
Irene Stenson - (Book: All Night Long)
Ivory Keene - (Book: All That Glitters)
Isabella Goodrich - (Book: All the Tea in China)
Imhara Kaal - (Book: Allegiance Sworn)
Isabelle Charming - (Book: Always a Hero)
Isabella Castillo-Sueras Alexander - (Book: American Princess)
Izzy Mueller - (Book: Amish Seamstress, The)
Isabeau Blythe - (Book: Angel of Blythe Hall, The)
Isobel - (Book: Angels on Crusade (ebook))
Isabel Baker - (Book: Another Woman's Son)
Isole - (Book: Aphrodite's Flame)
Isabella Black - (Book: Assassin)
Isabella Silviera - (Book: At Hidden Falls)
Ivy - (Book: Baby Doctor's Bride, The (UK))
Independent Lee - (Book: Baby Made at Christmas, The)
Isabella Beverley - (Book: Banishment, The)
Ivy Summers - (Book: Bared by Him)
Isabella Sawyer - (Book: Bastard Billionaire, The)
Isabella - (Book: Battle Of The Queens, The)
Ivy - (Book: Beautiful Ashes)
Isabella Casali - (Book: Beauty and the Reclusive Prince)
Isabelle Connelly - (Book: Beauty and the Werewolf)
Isabelle Beauchamps - (Book: Beauty and the Werewolf (hardcover))
Isabella Beauchamps - (Book: Beauty and the Werewolf (paperback))
Isabella Farrington - (Book: Beauty and the Wolf)
Isabel Johansen - (Book: Beekeeper's Ball, The (hardcover))
Isabel - (Book: Beloved Captive)
Ivy McKenzie - (Book: Best Is Yet to Come, The )
Ivy McKenzie - (Book: Best Is Yet to Come, The (UK) )
Ivy Madison - (Book: Best Man's Conquest)
Isabel Ling - (Book: Betrayal in the Badlands)
Iris Johnson - (Book: Beyond a Viking Horizon)
India McKnight - (Book: Beyond Sunrise)
Istabelle O'Bannon - (Book: Beyond the Wild Wind)
India Taylor - (Book: Bittersweet)
Isabel - (Book: Black Fox)
Izzy Cornwall - (Book: Black Knight, White Queen (ebook))
Isabelle Andrews - (Book: Black Sheep Sheik, The)
Imogen - (Book: Blackmail Baby, The)
Isabeau St. Croix - (Book: Blood Feud)
Ilsa - (Book: Blood Law)
Ileana Alvarez Calderon - (Book: Blood Secrets)
Imogene - (Book: Bold Breathless Love)
Isabella Severs - (Book: Boots and Bareback (ebook))
Isabella - (Book: Bound to Be a Bride (ebook))
India Ellison - (Book: Branded by Trouble)
Isobel - (Book: Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child, The)
Iseult - (Book: Breaking the Sheikh's Rule)
Isabel Favor - (Book: Breathing Room)
Isabelle Rush - (Book: Bridal Op)
Irene Wyngate - (Book: Bridal Quest, The)
Isabella - (Book: Bride by Mistake)
Ionanthe - (Book: Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure, A)
Isa Lawford - (Book: Bride for Lord Wickton, A)
Isabel Louvet - (Book: Bride Hunt, The)
Isobel - (Book: Bride in a Gilded Cage)
Isobel De Lacy - (Book: Bride of the Dragon)
Isabella Montgomery - (Book: Bride, The)
Imoshen - (Book: Broken Vows)
Isabella Gray - (Book: Bullseye)
India Cook - (Book: Buring Touch, A)
Isabel Ashley - (Book: Burning Inheritance)
Iris Scanlon - (Book: Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, The)
Isis - (Book: Caress of Flame)
Isabella - (Book: Castile For Isabella)
Isabel de Riche - (Book: Castle of the Mist)
Isabelle Mason - (Book: Chains of Fire)
Isolde - (Book: Changeling (hardcover))
Isadora - (Book: Chaos of Stars, The)
Isadora Peabody - (Book: Charm School, The)
Iris Gray - (Book: Chase the Sun)
Ilysa - (Book: Chieftain, The)
Isabella - (Book: Chill)
Isabella Greene - (Book: Christmas Belle, A)
Izzy McNeil - (Book: Claim of Innocence)
Isabella Moreno - (Book: Claimed)
Irina Castle - (Book: Colonel's Widow?, The)
Irina Castle - (Book: Colonel's Widow?, The (Large Print))
India Delamere - (Book: Come the Dawn)
Isabel Harrison - (Book: Come Up And See Me Sometime)
Ivey Heller - (Book: Cowboy's Lady)
Ivy Powell - (Book: Cowboy's Reluctant Bride, The)
Ivy Seacrest - (Book: Cowgirl Makes Three)
Ivy Emerson - (Book: Crave)
Imogen Donally - (Book: Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc)
Ilene O'Hara - (Book: Crime and Passion)
Isadel - (Book: Cullen's Captive)
Izobel Brannigan - (Book: Cyber Cinderella)
Ingrith - (Book: Daggers of Gold)
Isabelle - (Book: Damask Rose, The)
Ia - (Book: Damnation)
Irina Cooper - (Book: Damned)
Imogen - (Book: Danger Wears White)
Imogen Voisey - (Book: Dangerous Deception)
Isabelle Masters - (Book: Dare to Surrender)
Isabella - (Book: Dare, The)
Imogen of Carrisford - (Book: Dark Champion)
Imogen of Carrisford - (Book: Dark Champion (reissue))
Imoshen - (Book: Dark Dreams)
Inari Chayse - (Book: Dark Embrace (ebook))
Imogene Pennington - (Book: Dark Side of the Sun)
Ivory Malinov - (Book: Dark Slayer (paperback))
Iona Sheehan - (Book: Dark Witch)
Isabella Ross - (Book: Darkwood Manor)
Isabella DeMarco - (Book: Daughter Of The Blood)
Isabella DeMarco - (Book: Daughter Of The Flames)
Isabella - (Book: Daughters Of Spain)
Iceni - (Book: Dead Walkers: The Protectorate)
Indigo Summer - (Book: Deal With It)
Isabel Millington - (Book: Deception)
Izzy Jackson - (Book: Defying the Prince)
Izzy Jackson - (Book: Defying the Prince (UK))
Irena - (Book: Demon Forged)
Imoshen - (Book: Desperate Alliances)
Isobel Maitland - (Book: Devil Black)
Isabel Darracott - (Book: Devil's Honor)
Isabel Hardin - (Book: Devil's Own, The (Hardcover))
India Devlin - (Book: Devlin's Light)
Isabel - (Book: Diamond Rain)
Ivy Dawn - (Book: Dirty Talk)
Isabel Santos - (Book: Does She Dare?)
Isabella Devlin - (Book: Don't Close Your Eyes)
Inez - (Book: Dream Stallion)
Isabelle de Piaget - (Book: Dreams of Lilacs)
Imena Leung - (Book: Duke and the Pirate Queen, The)
Imogene Sunter - (Book: Duke but No Gentleman, A)
Isabelle Thomas - (Book: Earl and the Governess, The)
Isabella Aldridge - (Book: Earl's Mistress, The)
Imogen - (Book: Earthbound Angel)
Imreen Dal - (Book: Echoes of Passion)
Idess - (Book: Ecstasy Unveiled)
Isla Ramirez - (Book: Emergency: A Marriage Worth Keeping)
Ivy Raymond - (Book: Enchanted Time)
Isobel MacLeod - (Book: Entwined)
Ivy St. Clair - (Book: Ever Yours)
India Parr - (Book: Everything I Ever Wanted)
Izzy - (Book: Expecting Royal Twins!)
Ivy York - (Book: Extremely Hot)
Iris - (Book: Eye of Heaven (mass market reissue))
Isadora Temple - (Book: Fallen)
Izzy Temple - (Book: Fallen)
Isobel - (Book: Fallen)
Isabel Wright - (Book: Falling Awake)
Isabel Wright - (Book: Falling Awake (reissue))
Izzy McNeil - (Book: False Impressions)
Isabel Dailey - (Book: Fires Within, The)
Ivy Beria - (Book: Flashover)
Irina Barova, Countess - (Book: Flight from the Eagle)
Irene Cornwell - (Book: Flirting with Forever)
Inga Nansen - (Book: Flower of Alaska)
Ingrid Svensson - (Book: Follow Your Heart)
Izzy Fabrioni - (Book: For the Thrill of It!)
Isabel Colven - (Book: Forbidden Chamber, The)
Ivy Fenwick - (Book: Forbidden to Love the Duke)
Iris Browning - (Book: Forbidden Touch)
Iris Browning - (Book: Forbidden Touch (Large Print))
Imogene Norwood - (Book: Forever a Lord)
Indigo Skye - (Book: Fortunes of Indigo Sky, The)
Ivy Hart - (Book: From This Moment)
Isabel Trenton - (Book: Gentleman's Deception, A)
Ivy - (Book: Getting Even)
Isabelle Fanshaw - (Book: Gift for a Rogue, A)
Isabella Rodriguez - (Book: Gift of Love, The)
Imogene - (Book: Girl Like Moi, A)
Irene Glasson - (Book: Girl Who Knew Too Much, The (hardcover))
Isabel (Izzy) Palmer - (Book: Girl's Best Friend, A)
Isabella Duvall - (Book: Glass Slipper Project, The)
Isabel - (Book: Goddess of Legend)
Indy Adams - (Book: Good Time, A)
Ivy Madison - (Book: Greek Prince's Chosen Wife, The)
Ivy Madison - (Book: Greek Prince's Chosen Wife, The (Large Print))
Ilana Girard - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife, The)
India Marchant - (Book: Groom's Revenge, The)
Isabella Spaga - (Book: Happily Never After (ebook))
Imogen Wilson - (Book: Hard and Fast)
Imogen Wilson - (Book: Hard and Fast (mass market reissue))
Isabelle Markham - (Book: Hard to Hold)
Isabella Bennett - (Book: Hard to Hold (ebook))
Ia - (Book: Hardship)
Ivy Tarro - (Book: Health and Happiness)
Isobel - (Book: Heart and the Heather, The)
Iris Carpenter - (Book: Heart of a Desert Warrior)
Iris Carpenter - (Book: Heart of a Desert Warrior (large print))
Isobel Buckley - (Book: Heart of a Man, The)
Inga - (Book: Heart of Fire)
Indigo - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Ivy Enders - (Book: Heart's Desire)
Ione Gakis - (Book: Heiress Bride, The)
Ia - (Book: Hellfire)
Isabelle of Langston - (Book: Hellion)
Izzy Gordon - (Book: Her Best Bet)
India Stuart - (Book: Her Daughter's Father)
Ivy - (Book: Her Hands-On Man)
Isabella Stirling - (Book: Her Ladyship's Companion (mass market paperback))
Isobel Suarez - (Book: Her Mr Right?)
India Pike - (Book: Her Perfect Cowboy)
Ivy Halliwell - (Book: Her Perfect Mate)
Isabel Darling - (Book: Her Secret Affair)
Isabel de Godred - (Book: Her Warrior King)
Iseult MacFergus - (Book: Her Warrior Slave)
Isabella Grimbsy - (Book: Hero's Homecoming, A)
Ilsa Campbell MacEnroy - (Book: Highland Groom)
Ilsa Campbell MacEnroy - (Book: Highland Groom (mass market reissue))
Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong - (Book: Highland Protector)
Islaen MacRoth - (Book: Highland Wedding)
Isobel MacDonald - (Book: Highlander Untamed)
Isobel Ruriksdottir - (Book: Highlander's Dangerous Temptation, The)
Isabelle Tynsdale - (Book: Highlander's Heart, The)
Isabella MacGahan - (Book: Highlander's Homecoming, A)
Isabella Corrales - (Book: His Defender)
Iona Lockwood - (Book: His Pregnant Housekeeper)
Isabella Browning - (Book: His Wicked Embrace)
Iris Nelson - (Book: Home for the Holidays (ebook novella))
Iris McKinley - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Imogen - (Book: Honeymoon with the Boss)
Iona - (Book: Hot Blooded)
Isobel - (Book: Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded)
Isobel Lambert - (Book: Ice Storm, The)
Icie Ellis - (Book: Icie)
Ivy Sterling - (Book: Icy Affair, An)
Irene Galvin - (Book: Ideal Dad)
Imrhien - (Book: Ill-Made Mute, The)
Iloria - (Book: Iloria (ebook))
Isabel Grayson - (Book: Improper Conduct)
Isa Avellan - (Book: In Between Men)
Ivy - (Book: In Black)
Ivy Mason - (Book: In His Shadow)
Isabel Garcia - (Book: In Hot Pursuit)
Itana - (Book: In The Flesh (ebook))
Isabella Valdez - (Book: In Too Deep (hardcover))
Isabella Valdez - (Book: In Too Deep (paperback))
Isabelle Bonnet - (Book: Incurably Isabelle)
Indigo Wolf - (Book: Indigo Blue)
Indigo Wolf - (Book: Indigo Blue (reprint))
Indigo Summer - (Book: Indigo Summer)
Isabella - (Book: Inherited Bride, The)
Isabel "Sable" Duchesne - (Book: Into The Fire)
Isabella Santiago - (Book: Intrigue)
Iona MacLeans - (Book: Iona)
Irene - (Book: Irene)
Iris Richmond - (Book: Iris)
Isabela Santana - (Book: Isabel's Dream)
Isabella Latham - (Book: Isabella)
Isabella Eardley - (Book: Isabella's Rake)
Isabelle Dixon - (Book: It Takes Two)
Isabella Berotti - (Book: Italian Wife, The)
Ivy , Allison - (Book: Ivy and Allison)
Ivy Callahan - (Book: Ivy Entwined (ebook))
Isabella - (Book: Jacob)
Isabelle Davenport - (Book: Jake)
Isabel Bradshaw - (Book: Jake's Angel)
Isabelle Chastain - (Book: Jewel, The (ebook))
Ivy de Coursey - (Book: Journey to Quiet Waters)
Isabelle DeRosa - (Book: Just Deception, A (ebook))
Iliana Wildwood - (Book: Key, The)
Iliana Wildwood - (Book: Key, The (reprint))
Isabel Anthony - (Book: King of Darkness)
Izzy Van Asch - (Book: Kiss)
Isabelle Forrester - (Book: Kiss, The)
Igrania - (Book: Knight Triumphant)
Igrainia - (Book: Knight Triumphant (reprint))
Isabella - (Book: Knight's Kiss, The)
Imaculata Ann Egremont - (Book: Lady Anne's Lover)
Imogen Remlow - (Book: Lady Elmira's Emerald)
Iona - (Book: Lady Iona's Rebellion (ebook))
Isabella Scranton - (Book: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage)
Isobel de Turenne - (Book: Lady Isobel's Champion (ebook))
India - (Book: Lady Luck's Map of Vegas)
Isabel Grayson - (Book: Lady of Persuasion, A)
Isobel Ingoldesthorpe - (Book: Lady of the Roses)
Imrhien - (Book: Lady Of The Sorrows, The)
India Prendergast - (Book: Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen, The)
Isobel Dalceann - (Book: Lady with the Devil's Scar)
Isabella Vernaducci - (Book: Lair Of The Lion)
Isobel of Aberlady - (Book: Laird of the Wind)
Ivy Stanton - (Book: Last Kiss Goodbye)
Irene Hardisson - (Book: Law and Miss Hardisson, The)
Isabel Walker - (Book: Le Divorce)
Iris Sinclair - (Book: Legal Seduction)
India Baker - (Book: Lilacs)
Isabella Winslowe - (Book: Little Mischief, A)
Isabella Winslowe - (Book: Little Mischief, A (reprint))
Isabelle Smith - (Book: Lone Star Love Affair, A)
India Chantelle - (Book: Lost Lady of Hathaway Manor, The)
Lady of Parraba
- (Book: Lost Touch of Paradise, A)
Iris Beharie - (Book: Love Game, The)
Iley Gilbert - (Book: Love in the Time of Taffeta)
Isabelle Rondeau - (Book: Love Of A Lawman, The)
Imani Celeste - (Book: Love We Had, The)
Isabel Emerson - (Book: Love's Perfect Dream)
Isabel Emerson - (Book: Love's Perfect Dream (Hardcover))
Imogene Page - (Book: Lover Boy)
Isabella O'Toole - (Book: Loving Bella)
Isabella Lopez de Lara - (Book: Loving Lies)
Irena Yovich - (Book: Loving the Right Brother)
Ingrid Bjornsen - (Book: Loving Voices)
Isobel Fraser - (Book: MacGowan Betrothal, The)
Isabel - (Book: Magic of Camelot, The)
Isabelle Brown - (Book: Magnate's Make-Believe Mistress)
Isolde Medwin - (Book: Maiden's Abduction, The)
Ivy Grayson - (Book: Man Plan, The)
Indira Simon - (Book: Mark of the Witch)
Isabel - (Book: Marriage Bed, The)
Isabella - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Isabella - (Book: Marry Me Stranger)
Isabel of Alethorpe - (Book: Master Of Surrender)
Iona - (Book: Mate Claimed)
Ianthe Dane - (Book: Mediterranean Millionaire's Mistress, The)
Isabella Torres - (Book: Medusa Game, The)
Isabella Torres - (Book: Medusa Game, The (UK))
Issy Randall - (Book: Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe)
Ilsa Alvarez - (Book: Midnight Craving (ebook))
Isabel Roma - (Book: Midnight Games)
Isabel Delvaux - (Book: Midnight Secrets (ebook))
Imogen Waterstone - (Book: Mischief)
Iphiginia Bright - (Book: Mistress)
Isolde Fitz Hugh - (Book: Mistress of Rosecliffe, The)
Isabel - (Book: Mistress of the Storm)
Imogen Drake - (Book: Mists of Midnight, The (ebook))
Issa McKendrick - (Book: Mommy in the Making)
Isis Montgomery - (Book: More Than Magic)
Inca - (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of the Warrior)
Inca - (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of the Warrior (reissue))
Isabelle Mears - (Book: Most Devilish Rogue, A)
Ivy Hawkins - (Book: Murder in the Smokies)
Isabel of the Castle Charmot - (Book: My Demon's Kiss)
Isabel - (Book: My Demon's Kiss (reprint))
Isabel de Tracey - (Book: My Enemy, My Love)
Issy Presley - (Book: My Foolish Heart)
Iolanthe MacLeod - (Book: My Heart Stood Still)
Iolanthe MacLeod - (Book: My Heart Stood Still (reprint))
Isabella de Montfort - (Book: My Lady Knight)
Isobel de Montargis - (Book: My Lady Nightingale)
Isabel Gomez - (Book: My Loving Familiar)
Isabel de Pinze - (Book: My Secret Protector)
Isobel MacDonell - (Book: My Wicked Highlander)
Ingrid Peterson - (Book: My Wild Irish Rogue)
Isobel Barrington - (Book: Never Say Goodbye)
Isobel Barrington - (Book: Never Say Goodbye (reissue))
Isobel Barrington - (Book: Never Say Goodbye (reissue))
Isobel Barrington - (Book: Never Say Goodbye (UK-reissue))
Ingeborg - (Book: New Day Rising, A)
Ida Stevens - (Book: New Frontier (ebook))
Iris Johnson - (Book: Night Game)
Isobel Thompson - (Book: Night of Forever, A (ebook))
Imona - (Book: Night of the Wolf)
Isabelle Carson - (Book: No Escape)
Isabel Turner - (Book: No Holding Back)
Isabel Nelson - (Book: Nocturnal Urges (ebook))
Isabel - (Book: Norman's Bride, The)
Isabel Cameron - (Book: Nurse in the Sun (Hardcover))
Ivy Pennington - (Book: Obsessed)
Ivy Pennington - (Book: Obsessed (mass market paperback))
Isabel Netherton - (Book: Obsession Wears Opals)
Isabel Stanbury - (Book: Officer and a Princess, An)
Ia - (Book: Officer's Duty, An)
Isabelle Lockwood - (Book: Once a Duchess)
Isabel Aubrey - (Book: Once a Rake)
Isabelle Tremont - (Book: Once and Future Duchess, The)
Isabelle Gray - (Book: Once In A Blue Moon)
Imogen - (Book: One Magical Christmas)
Isabella - (Book: One Man's Honor)
Izzie Winthrop - (Book: One Month With the Magnate)
Isobel Fyfe - (Book: One Secret Night)
Irish Ellison - (Book: One Ticket to Texas)
Isabel Grant - (Book: One White Rose)
Imogen - (Book: Only a Kiss)
Ivy Mason - (Book: Out of the Shadows)
Isobel - (Book: Outlaw Heart)
Isobel Matas - (Book: Outlaw's Bride, The)
Ivy Sutherland - (Book: Outrageously Yours)
Ivy James - (Book: Overnight Sensation)
Indigo Summer - (Book: Pact, The)
Isabel Serranti - (Book: Party Season, The)
Ileana - (Book: Passion Moon Rising)
Isobel St. James - (Book: Passion's Song)
Isobel Petronades - (Book: Passionate Marriage, A)
Inga Linberg - (Book: Patterns of Love)
Isabella Dandaneau - (Book: Perfect Desire, The)
Isabel Golightly - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Isabel Lang - (Book: Perfect Timing)
Isabella Cox - (Book: Persistent Suitor, The)
Isabella Cox - (Book: Persistent Suitor, The (reissue))
Ivy Bailey - (Book: Personal Demon)
Isabella - (Book: Pirate of Panther Bay, The)
Izzy Kirsch - (Book: Planetary Passions)
Ivy Rhodes - (Book: Planning for Love (ebook))
Iris Ouverson - (Book: Planting Season, The)
Indigo Riviere - (Book: Play of Passion)
Irene Sparks - (Book: Players, The)
Isabel Forester - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Isabella - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Isabel McCarthy - (Book: Portrait Of A Love)
Isobel James - (Book: Power of the Legendary Greek, The)
Isobel James - (Book: Power of the Legendary Greek, The (UK))
Iona Guthrie - (Book: Powerful Greek, Housekeeper Wife )
Izzy Brooke - (Book: Pregnant Tycoon, The)
Ike Rombout - (Book: Prescription: Makeover)
Isobel Macleod - (Book: Prince of Danger)
Isabelle - (Book: Princess in Peril)
Isabelle - (Book: Princess in Peril (large print))
Iona - (Book: Princess of the Veil)
Imogene - (Book: Project Paris)
Isabella Weston - (Book: Promise Me Tonight)
Islaen MacRoth - (Book: Promised Passion)
Indigo Hamilton - (Book: Promises (Hardcover))
Isabella Sawford - (Book: Put Up Your Duke)
Isabella de Lacey - (Book: Queen's Guard: Violet, The)
Iana Duncan - (Book: Quest, The)
Izzy McNeil - (Book: Question of Trust)
Imogene Devary - (Book: Rake's Redemption, The)
Isabelle Romney - (Book: Rancho Diablo)
Isabella Paloni - (Book: Randall Wedding)
Isabella - (Book: Razor's Edge)
Isadora Chavez - (Book: Ready-Made Family, The)
Isabella Mendoza - (Book: Real Live Cowboy, A)
Isabella Orsini - (Book: Real Rio D'aquila, The)
Ivana - (Book: Rebel)
Izzy McNeil - (Book: Red Blooded Murder)
Izzy McNeil - (Book: Red Blooded Murder)
Izzy McNeil - (Book: Red Hot Lies)
Izzy McNeil - (Book: Red, White & Dead)
Isabella Ramsey - (Book: Reforming of Lord Roth, The)
Ivy Storm - (Book: Releasing the Hunter)
Isis Magee - (Book: Relentless)
India Rushford - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Isabel Hatfield - (Book: Reluctant Rebel)
Isabel Hatfield - (Book: Reluctant Rebel (UK))
Isobella Douglas - (Book: Return of Black Douglas)
India Marshall - (Book: River Magic)
Isabella - (Book: Road to Seduction)
Ivy Harris - (Book: Rocky Mountain Homecoming)
Isolde Ophelia Goodnight - (Book: Romancing the Duke)
Isabella Ashley - (Book: Rose of Rapture)
Isabella Tremaine - (Book: Rose Quartz)
Ivy Crosby - (Book: Royal Affair (reissue))
Isobel Jervis - (Book: Rumors)
Isabella Cavaletti - (Book: Runaway Bride Returns!)
Isabel Blume - (Book: Runaway Bridesmaid, The)
Isabel Gary - (Book: Running Away)
Isabella - (Book: Sam's Creed)
Isabella - (Book: Sam's Creed (mass market))
Isabelle La Rouchecauld - (Book: Sanctuary for a Lady)
Isobel Dorland - (Book: Savage Innocence)
Iantha Kethley - (Book: Scandalous Situation, A)
Isabelle de Clare - (Book: Scarlet Lion, The)
Iris Patakos - (Book: Scarlet Poppies)
Izzy Brannick - (Book: School Spirits)
Isabel of Norsex - (Book: Sea King, The)
Isabel Cooper - (Book: Secret Hideout)
Isabel Cooper - (Book: Secret Hideout (large print))
Isobel - (Book: Secrets of a Proper Countess)
Isobel Maitland - (Book: Secrets of a Proper Countess (mass market))
Iris Smythe-Smith - (Book: Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy, The)
Isabella Winslow - (Book: Secrets: Volume 11)
Isobel Fergusson - (Book: Seduced By a Highlander)
Isabella Fairmont - (Book: Seduction & Scandal)
Iliana - (Book: Seeker, The)
Isabel Adams - (Book: Sense of Evil)
Ishbel Brunelle - (Book: Serpent Bride, The)
Iris Richmond - (Book: Seven Brides: Iris (reissue))
Isolde Perceval - (Book: Sexy as Hell)
Ivy Mason - (Book: Shadow of a Doubt)
Ice - (Book: Shadowglass)
Ivy Sedgwick - (Book: Shadowing Ivy)
Isabella Matthews - (Book: Shadows Present)
Ivy - (Book: She)
Irene Taylor - (Book: Sheikh's Last Seduction, The)
Isabelle Ash - (Book: Sheriff in Tennessee, A)
Ivy - (Book: Shield of Winter (hardcover))
Isobel Roche - (Book: Sicilian Duke's Demand, The )
Isabel Morrison - (Book: Sicilian's Bride, The)
Isabel Dumont - (Book: Siege of the Heart)
Irene Baindor - (Book: Silent Lady, The)
Isobel McCabe - (Book: Sinful Truths)
Isobel MacDougall - (Book: Sky Lord, The)
Ia - (Book: Soldier's Duty, A)
Isabella Navarro - (Book: Someone To Watch Over Me)
Isabella - (Book: Spaniard's Marriage Demand, The)
Isabella - (Book: Spaniard's Marriage Demand, The (UK))
Isabel "Izzy" Makepeace - (Book: Spaniard's Virgin Housekeeper, The)
Isabella Greenlea - (Book: Spectre of Spadefield, The)
Ilario de Sylvae - (Book: Spirit Lens, The)
Ida Mueller - (Book: Spring Creek Bride)
Isabel - (Book: Spy Who Kissed Me, The)
Ilana Hamilton - (Book: Star Princess, The)
Isadora - (Book: Star Witch, The)
Imogen Maxwell - (Book: Stars in Your Eyes)
Indigo Summer - (Book: Step Up)
Isabelle Wainwright - (Book: Stitches in Time)
Isabell - (Book: Storm Witch, The)
Izzy Titan - (Book: Straight From the Hip)
Ivy Malone - (Book: Stranded)
Isobel Jacobson - (Book: Strange Intimacy)
Isabel - (Book: Stranger At The Door (reissue))
Isabel - (Book: Stranger I Married, The)
Isabel - (Book: Stranger I Married, The (reprint))
Isabella - (Book: Strangers in the Desert)
Isabella - (Book: Strangers in the Desert (large print))
Isabel Fish-Wooten - (Book: Summer Affair, A)
Isabella Makepeace - (Book: Summer Masquerade)
Iris Devonshire - (Book: Summer Wedding, The)
Isabel Thorne - (Book: Sunrise with a Notorious Lord)
Isabel Dunham - (Book: Surrender Becomes Her)
Isabel Dunham - (Book: Surrender Becomes Her (mass market))
Ivy Lee - (Book: Surviving Ice)
Indiana Keller - (Book: Sweetness of Honey, The)
Isabel of Camoys - (Book: Sword for His Lady, A)
Iris Beaudoin - (Book: Sworn to Protect)
Isabelle - (Book: Tail of Love)
Ivy Madison - (Book: Take a Chance on Me)
Isabella - (Book: Taken By Sin)
Ivy Dearing - (Book: Taken by the Night)
Iolanthe Tennyson - (Book: Tale of Two Vampires, A)
Imogen, Lady Maitland - (Book: Taming of the Duke, The)
Irina Golovin - (Book: Tapestry of Dreams)
Isabella Leslie - (Book: Temporary Mistress)
Irisa Langley - (Book: Tempt Me)
Isobel Cameron - (Book: Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel)
Isabelle Halloran - (Book: Temptation of a Proper Governess)
Isabel Sanborn - (Book: Tempted By His Target)
Imani Rayne - (Book: Tempting Proposal, A)
India - (Book: Tender Assault)
Ileana Sanders - (Book: Texan on Her Doorstep, A)
Idalou Ellsworth - (Book: Texas Tender)
Ivy Villard - (Book: Their Small-Town Love)
Ivy Jones - (Book: Thief of a Goddess Heart (ebook))
Isabel Beckinhall - (Book: Thief of Shadows)
Ivy Peterman - (Book: Thread of Truth, A)
Isabel Beebe - (Book: Three Little Words)
India Baldwin - (Book: Time to Love Again, A)
Isabeau DeBurgh - (Book: To Catch A Flame)
Iona MacCabe - (Book: Too Close for Comfort)
Irena Olivero - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Imani Gilliam - (Book: Too Hot For TV)
Ida Sinclair - (Book: Too Rich for a Bride)
Indi Wilcox - (Book: Total Control)
Isabel Bennett - (Book: Touched by Love)
Io - (Book: Traveler)
Isabelle Saint-Simon - (Book: Treasure to Hold)
Isobel Rose - (Book: Treasured)
Indigo Summer - (Book: Trouble Follows)
Isabella Chilcott - (Book: Trouble With Being a Duke, The)
Isabella Andreu - (Book: Twelve Wicked Nights)
Indigo Blue - (Book: Twice in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Isabel - (Book: Twice In A Lifetime)
Isi Lopez - (Book: Twins Under the Christmas Tree)
Isabella Kane - (Book: Two Grooms and a Wedding)
Isabella Caplan - (Book: Tycoon's Rebel Bride, The)
Isabelle Graystone - (Book: Tycoon's Secret Child, The)
Irmagard Fredrich - (Book: Unbridled Dreams)
India - (Book: Unbroken Marriage, An)
India - (Book: Unbroken Marriage, An (UK))
Issy Helligan - (Book: Unfinished Business With the Duke)
Isabel - (Book: Unknown Wife, The)
Isla - (Book: Untamed Highlander)
Irina Lukovic - (Book: Valentine Bride)
Isabelle Thompson - (Book: Valtieri Marriage Deal, The)
Inez Urso - (Book: Vampires are Forever)
Ixtab - (Book: Vampires Need Not. . .Apply?)
Isobel - (Book: Vengeful Seduction)
Ingrith - (Book: Viking Takes a Knight, The)
Isabelle Montgomery - (Book: Violets In the Snow)
Isabel Mortimer - (Book: Viscount's Scandalous Return, The)
Ivy Cameo Johnson - (Book: Wager, The (Hardcover))
Ilsa - (Book: Warrior Avenged)
Ilaria - (Book: Warrior Rising)
Isobel - (Book: Warrior's Bride)
Irony McBride - (Book: Warrior's Ecstasy)
Isabella Lockhart - (Book: Weaver Vow, A)
Isabel Landry - (Book: Wedding at Wildwood)
Isabel Landry - (Book: Wedding at Wildwood (reissue))
India Sinclair - (Book: Wedding by Dawn, A)
Isabella - (Book: Westmere Legacy, The)
Isabella Masters - (Book: What a Duke Wants)
Isabella Wharton - (Book: What Dukes Say I Do)
Isabella Willoughby - (Book: What Isabella Desires)
Irene Knopp - (Book: What the Bride Wore)
Ivy Parker - (Book: What The Heart Wants)
Isabelle Sinclair - (Book: What the Single Dad Wants)
Isabelle Catherine Hutting - (Book: What to Do With a Duke)
Isabail Grant - (Book: When a Laird Takes a Lady)
Irene Conridge / Miranda Shaw - (Book: When He Was Bad)
Isidore - (Book: When the Duke Returns)
Iseabal - (Book: When The Laird Returns)
Isabella - (Book: When the Rogue Returns)
Isabel de Lamere - (Book: White Lion's Lady)
Isabella Abbott - (Book: White Mountain)
Iris Montgomery's - (Book: Why Ask for the Moon?)
Isobel Herriot - (Book: Wicked Caprice)
Isobel Herriot - (Book: Wicked Caprice (UK))
Ivy Morales - (Book: Wicked Dark Dragon (ebook))
Ivy - (Book: Wicked Whispers)
Isabella St. Vincent - (Book: Wicked, My Love)
Ivy Thornton - (Book: Wife in Public)
Isabeau Chandler - (Book: Wild Fire)
Innocence Lescuer - (Book: Wild Innocence)
Imogene - (Book: Wild Willful Love)
Isabel Sanchez - (Book: Winning Isabel)
India Selwyn Jones - (Book: Winter Rose, The (Hardcover))
Ivy Conley - (Book: Winter Roses)
Ivy Conley - (Book: Winter Roses (reissue))
Ivy Conley - (Book: Winter Roses (UK))
Isabel - (Book: Wishing Chalice, The)
Isabelle Novak - (Book: Witch Blood)
Isabell Dionysus - (Book: Witch Lore)
Imani Maxwell - (Book: With Every Breath)
Isabel Douglas - (Book: Woman of Honour, A (ebook))
Isabel Douglas - (Book: Woman of Honour, A (ebook))
Izzy Shaw - (Book: Your Room or Mine? (ebook))
Isobel MacDonald - (Book: Yuletide Enchantment (ebook novella))
Ivy Stephens - (Book: Zero to Sixty)


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