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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with M

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Meg Walker - (Book: 'Til Death)
Mishella Kirkland - (Book: 'Til We Meet Again)
Mary Jo Wyse - (Book: 1022 Evergreen Place)
Maddie Lamont - (Book: 14 Valentine Place)
Maddie Brindisi - (Book: 48 Hours)
Marisa Perez - (Book: 5 Minutes to Marriage)
Mellie Smithson - (Book: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake)
Meryl Carrington - (Book: 5th Avenue Christmas, A)
Mimi Pickford - (Book: 6'2", 200 Lb. Challenge, The)
Maggi Sanger - (Book: A.K.A. Goddess)
Morwenna Halliwell - (Book: Abandon)
Mackenzie Stewart - (Book: Abandon)
Molly Gordon
Maid of Dunsithe
- (Book: Abducted Heiress)
Miriam Zorga - (Book: Ablaze)
Miranda Carter - (Book: About Last Night)
Molly Abberwick - (Book: Absolutely, Positively (Hardcover))
Molly Abberwick - (Book: Absolutely, Positively (reissue))
Mandy Potter - (Book: Abundant Woman, An)
Miss Celina Forsyth - (Book: Accessible Aunt, The)
Miss Saranne Markham - (Book: Accessory to Love)
Margeaux Broussard - (Book: Accidental Heiress)
Marnie - (Book: Accidental Romeo, The)
Maddy Woodford - (Book: Accidental Wedding, The)
Mara Flaherty - (Book: Accidental Werewolf 2, The: Something About Harry)
Marty Andrews - (Book: Accidental Werewolf, The)
Marty Andrews - (Book: Accidental Werewolf, The (reprint))
Maggie O'Hare - (Book: Accidentally. . .Evil? (ebook))
Mei Lin - (Book: Across the China Sky)
Molly Kincaide - (Book: Adam's Kiss)
Martha Graves - (Book: Add a Dash of Love)
Melissa Banning - (Book: Added Delight)
Miranda Martin - (Book: Adding To The Family)
Madeline Lambert - (Book: Addled)
Mariana Ruiz - (Book: Adios to All the Drama)
Maisie Lindsay - (Book: Adrian)
Molly Gallagher - (Book: Adventures with Max and Louise)
Megan Cooper - (Book: Adventurous Bride, The)
Mary Farren - (Book: Adventurous Bride, The)
Meg Ashburton - (Book: Affair of Honor, An)
Michelle Toussaint - (Book: After All)
Marianne Leonard - (Book: After Dark)
Marya Jaks - (Book: After Image)
Meg O'Rourke - (Book: After Tex)
Megan O'Rourke - (Book: After Tex (reissue))
Megan Hale - (Book: After the Fire)
Margaret Esterly - (Book: After the Kiss)
Megan Ismore - (Book: After the Rice)
Maya Jones - (Book: After the Storm)
Miranda MacDonough - (Book: After the Storm)
Melissa Grant - (Book: Against All Odds)
Monica Callahan - (Book: Against All Odds)
Misty Fortune - (Book: Against the Odds)
Makayla - (Book: Against the Ropes)
Maggie O'Connell - (Book: Against the Storm)
Megan Trevante - (Book: Against The Tide)
Maddy Lambert - (Book: Against the Wind)
Miss Agatha Winslow - (Book: Agatha (Hardcover))
Miss Emmalie Marlowe - (Book: Age of Elegance, The)
Meg Afferton - (Book: Agent, The)
Miss Diana Savile - (Book: Aim of a Lady, The)
Marla Jean Bandy - (Book: Ain't Misbehaving)
Mariah Garvey - (Book: Alaskan Wolf)
Maddie Springer - (Book: Alibi in High Heels)
Madame Venna - (Book: All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess)
Melanie May - (Book: All Fall Down)
Morgan West - (Book: All For Quinn)
Monica Dupree - (Book: All I Want is You)
Marla Cwitowitz - (Book: All or Nothing)
Mariah Meeks - (Book: All Roads Lead Home)
Meg Smiles - (Book: All Smiles)
Mona Monroe - (Book: All the Beautiful Brides)
Miranda Storme - (Book: All The Way (ebook))
Molly Baker - (Book: All the Way from Texas (Hardcover))
Melanie Porter - (Book: All They Need)
Melanie Porter - (Book: All They Need (large print))
Maggie Flemming - (Book: All Through the Night)
Macy Webb - (Book: All Tied Up)
Michaela - (Book: All We Know of Heaven)
Melina Somerset - (Book: All-American Baby)
Melissa Calvert - (Book: Allegiance)
Miss Allegra Herington - (Book: Allegra (reissue))
Matty Brennan - (Book: Almost a Bride)
Molly Schaeffer - (Book: Almost a Family)
Merritt Miller - (Book: Almost a Hometown Bride)
Meg Barratt - (Book: Almost a Lady)
Maggie Gentry - (Book: Almost Eden)
Merrilee Stratton - (Book: Almost Heaven)
Magdalen - (Book: Almost Innocent
(aka Brazen Whispers))
Maggie Templeton - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Maggie Templeton - (Book: Almost Perfect (reissue))
Margot - (Book: Almost Real (ebook))
Miranda Bookman - (Book: Almost True Confessions)
Missy Charms - (Book: Along Came a Husband)
Mary Elizabeth Chandler - (Book: Along Came Trouble)
Megan Matthews - (Book: Along For the Ride)
Marianna Sommer - (Book: Along Wooded Paths)
Melody Cartwright - (Book: Always a Bridesmaid)
Mariah Shaughnessy - (Book: Always a Lady)
Morgan West - (Book: Always a Thief)
Margaret Clemens - (Book: Always Dakota)
Mibby Garrett - (Book: Always Green)
Meg Warner - (Book: Always to Remember)
Melora Deane - (Book: Always You)
Miranda Cooke - (Book: Amanda/Miranda)
Melanippe (Mel) Saka - (Book: Amazon Ink)
Morgot Rosenthal - (Book: Ambassador's Daughter, The)
Meredith Moore - (Book: Amber-Eyed Man)
Marisol Garcia - (Book: Ambitious)
Miss Alexandra Barlow - (Book: Ambitious Baronet, The)
Morgan O'Connelli - (Book: Ambushed!)
Molly Kilpatrick - (Book: Ambushed!)
Miss Belinda Hanbury - (Book: Amicable Arrangement, An)
Mary King - (Book: Amish Bride of Ice Mountain, The)
Mariana Ruiz - (Book: Amor and Summer Secrets)
Maddy Green - (Book: Amorous Liaisons)
Maddie Johnson - (Book: An Likely Setup (Large Print))
Maddie Johnson - (Book: An Unlikely Setup)
Mindy Richards - (Book: And Babies Makes Four)
Megan Kane - (Book: And I Love Her)
Miranda Talbot - (Book: And Then Comes Marriage)
Maggie Ryan - (Book: And Then She was Gone)
Margaret Marie O'Hara - (Book: Angel Baby)
Meredith Shordon - (Book: Angel Craved Lobster, The)
Mikaela Campbell - (Book: Angel Falls)
Mary Margaret Hampton - (Book: Angel of Devil's Camp, The)
Maxima Collins - (Book: Angel Rogue)
Maxima Collins - (Book: Angel Rogue (reissue))
Maddie Brooks - (Book: Angel's Christmas (UK))
Maggie Walsh - (Book: Angels)
Marlee Stein - (Book: Angels Of The Big Sky)
Moonlight Madison - (Book: Animal Instincts)
Maria Kendall - (Book: Animating Maria)
Megan Kendall - (Book: Anniversary Waltz)
Monica Fletcher - (Book: Another Chance To Love You)
Megan Lancaster - (Book: Another Woman's Baby)
Marjorie Majors - (Book: Any Sunday)
Monica Hyatt - (Book: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime)
Mairie Callahan - (Book: Anywhere You Are)
Martha - (Book: Apollo's Seed )
Meg Oakes - (Book: Apple of My Eye)
Maggie - (Book: Aquamarine Prince (ebook))
Melanie - (Book: Arabian Love-Child, The)
Mahiya - (Book: Archangel's Storm)
Margaret Sheridan - (Book: Archer's Crossing)
Melanie Royce - (Book: Arena of Fear)
Maxie Parrish - (Book: Argentinian's Solace, The)
Maxie Parrish - (Book: Argentinian's Solace, The (large print))
MaLou MacDowell - (Book: Arizona Angel)
Miss Charity Wynyate - (Book: Arrogant Lord Alistair, The)
Marisa Hancock - (Book: Arrow in the Snow)
Mattie Somerton - (Book: Art of Love, The)
Maggie Graham - (Book: Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf, The)
Mason Caldwell - (Book: Art Of Seduction, The)
Miss Arianne Richards - (Book: Artful Deceptions)
Maeve Irvine - (Book: Artful Miss Irvine, The)
Megan Roberts - (Book: Artist's Granddaughter, The (ebook))
Mallory Carson - (Book: As Bad As Can Be)
Mia Weldrick - (Book: As Hot As It Gets (ebook))
Marissa Sturgess - (Book: As You Like It)
Minerva Lambkin - (Book: Asher's Delimma (ebook))
Minerva Lambkin - (Book: Asher's Invention (ebook))
Margaret Garnett - (Book: Ashton's Bride)
Meghan Edwards - (Book: Ashton's Secret)
Meghan Edwards - (Book: Ashton's Secret (reissue))
Melissa - (Book: Assignment: Seduction)
Madeline Bright - (Book: At his Command)
Megan Yardley - (Book: At His Command)
Margaret Huxtable - (Book: At Last Comes Love)
Macy Ashley - (Book: At the Billionaire's Beck and Call?)
Madelyn Haywood - (Book: At the Bride Hunt Ball)
Marilee James - (Book: At the Corner of Love and Heartache)
Maggie Bennett - (Book: At the Edge of the Sun)
M.J. Taylor - (Book: At The Millionaire's Request)
Molly Stewart Bailey - (Book: At The Texan's Pleasure)
Medora - (Book: At the Wind's Edge)
Medora - (Book: At the Wind's Edge)
Maureen Randolph - (Book: At Winter's End)
Maeve - (Book: Atonement)
Meghan Connors - (Book: Attracted to Fire)
Melanie Clover - (Book: Aunt Penelope's Harem)
Mel Anderson - (Book: Aussie Rules)
Mel Anderson - (Book: Aussie Rules (reissue))
Miranda Thornton - (Book: Australia's Most Eligible Bachelor (US Edition))
Melinda Oliver - (Book: Author's Choice)
Miranda - (Book: Autumn Lace)
Miriam Lantz - (Book: Autumn Winds)
Morgain le Fay - (Book: Avalon's Price)
Marna - (Book: Avenging Angel)
Melisande Davidovich - (Book: Awaiting the Night)
Mia Snow - (Book: Awaken Me Darkly)
Marianne Phillips - (Book: Awaken My Heart)
Megan O’Casey - (Book: Awakening, The)
Mackenzie Wellesley - (Book: Awkward)
Miss Molly Mills - (Book: Awkward Arrangement, An)
Moira Cullen - (Book: Baby Agenda, The)
Meg Patton - (Book: Baby and the Badge, The)
Meg Stiles - (Book: Baby Be Mine)
Madelyn Gentry - (Book: Baby Before Business)
Michelle Rozanski - (Book: Baby Beneath the Mistletoe, The)
Molly Larabee - (Book: Baby Blessed )
Molly Hammond - (Book: Baby Bonding, The)
Macy McKinney - (Book: Baby Business)
Madison Burnes - (Book: Baby by Chance, A)
Madison Burnes - (Book: Baby by Chance, A (reissue))
Melody Ramirez - (Book: Baby Connection, The)
Melody Ramirez - (Book: Baby Connection, The (large print))
Meg Richins - (Book: Baby Discovery, The)
Mia Larin - (Book: Baby for Keeps)
Marti Grayson - (Book: Baby For The Bachelor, A)
Maisie - (Book: Baby from Nowhere, The (UK))
Maggie O'Connor - (Book: Baby in Her Arms)
Mia Barker - (Book: Baby Inheritance, The)
Maggie Stanley - (Book: Baby Love)
Maggie Ryan Adler - (Book: Baby Mine)
Maureen O'Shay - (Book: Baby Wish, The)
Marlene Bailey - (Book: Baby's First Christmas)
Melanie Spears - (Book: Baby, Baby, Baby)
Maddie Sargent - (Book: Baby, It's You!)
Melissa Sweeney - (Book: Bachelor Baker, The)
Melissa Sweeney - (Book: Bachelor Baker, The (large print))
Madalyn Wier - (Book: Bachelor Boss)
Miranda Craig - (Book: Bachelor CEO)
Mara Pratt - (Book: Bachelor No More)
Melissa Draper - (Book: Bachelor Sheriff)
Meredith Blair - (Book: Bachelorette, The)
Maddie - (Book: Back in Baby's Arms)
Melanie Matthews - (Book: Back To Mr & Mrs)
Melanie Matthews - (Book: Back to Mr & Mrs (UK))
Myrna Evans - (Book: Backstage Pass)
Molly Burke - (Book: Bad Medicine)
Morgan Rains - (Book: Bad Nights)
Mariah Murray - (Book: Bad Road to Nowhere)
Macy Randall - (Book: Bad Son, The)
Maddie Fitzgerald - (Book: Bait)
Mary Jane - (Book: Bakkar Bride, The)
Maddie Ingram - (Book: Ballantyne's Destiny)
Miss Clarissa Beresfont - (Book: Balmorrow's Bride)
Meg Atherton - (Book: Bandit's Bride, The)
Maria Bell - (Book: Bandit's Hope)
Marguerite Lennox - (Book: Bandit's Kiss, A)
Morrigan - (Book: Barbarian Prince, The (ebook))
Moxie Weatherby - (Book: Barefoot Believers, The)
Molly Gallagher - (Book: Barefoot Bride, The)
Moxie Weatherby - (Book: Barefoot Brides)
Michelle Sanderson - (Book: Barefoot Season)
Melissa Langham - (Book: Bargain, The)
Madison Tyler - (Book: Bargaining For Baby)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Bark Before Christmas, The)
Maggie Bonner - (Book: Barkin Emeralds, The)
Marion Tunstall - (Book: Baron's Betrayal, The (ebook))
Marisa Hall - (Book: Baron's Woman, The)
Miranda - (Book: Barrett's Hill)
Matilda - (Book: Bastard King, The)
Michaela - (Book: Bastian)
Mikayla Eden - (Book: Bat Scratch Fever)
Miss Callie Stone - (Book: Bath Bramble)
Miss Perdita Grant - (Book: Bath Intrigue)
Mahalia Strickler - (Book: Bayou Rhapsody)
Marie - (Book: Bayou Treasure (ebook))
Margaux Sullivan - (Book: Beach Colors)
Mariette - (Book: Beachcomber, The)
Marcella Malone - (Book: Bear Meets Girl)
Mary - (Book: Beast, The)
Mima Etu - (Book: Beautiful Criminal (ebook))
Mia Wells - (Book: Beautiful Disaster)
Mya Winters - (Book: Beautiful Surrender)
Mary Shaw - (Book: Beauty and the Badge)
Marianne Hughes - (Book: Beauty In Black)
Maria - (Book: Beauty of the Mist, The)
Mariah Brady - (Book: Beauty, the Beast and the Baby, The)
Miranda Marshall - (Book: Because I Can)
Madeline Hewitson - (Book: Because I'm Watching (hardcover))
Meredith Stanfield - (Book: Beckoning Shore)
Marcela Alvarez - (Book: Becoming Latina in Ten Easy Steps)
Mrs Portia Walker - (Book: Bedding the Baron)
Maggie Donovan - (Book: Bedeviled)
Miss Olivia Willburton-Smythe - (Book: Bedeviled Duke, The)
Michele Peterson - (Book: Bedhead (ebook))
Maddie McGuire - (Book: Bedmates)
Mary Jane Lawson - (Book: Before the Dawn)
Maya Simpson - (Book: Before the Storm)
Megan Flynn - (Book: Beg for Mercy)
Mariana Givens - (Book: Beggar at the Gate, A)
Mariana Givens - (Book: Beggar at the Gate, A (reissue))
Martha Eberly - (Book: Beginner's Luck)
Miranda Sweet - (Book: Behaving Badly)
Miranda Sweet - (Book: Behaving Badly (reprint))
Madeline Shay - (Book: Behind the Shield)
Marianne - (Book: Being a Bad Girl (UK))
Mila Adams - (Book: Being With Him)
Mila Adams - (Book: Being With Him (mass market))
Megan Cartwright - (Book: Believe In The Magic)
Miss Goodhue - (Book: Belle of Brighton, The)
Miss Clarissa Wyckenham - (Book: Belles Dames Club, The)
Margaret Mackintosh - (Book: Beloved Highlander)
Madeleine de Courtenay - (Book: Beloved Knight)
Molly Wade - (Book: Beloved Outcast)
Marianna Sanders - (Book: Beloved Scoundral, The (reissue))
Marianna Sanders - (Book: Beloved Scoundrel, The)
Marianne Cook - (Book: Below the Belt)
Morgan Winters - (Book: Ben's Wife)
Maggie Montgomery - (Book: Beneath A Blood Red Moon)
Maggie Montgomery - (Book: Beneath a Blood Red Moon (reprint))
Meredith - (Book: Beneath a Sapphire Sea)
Mélanie Fraser - (Book: Beneath a Silent Moon)
Mia Porter - (Book: Beneath the Skin)
Mary Devereaux - (Book: Beneath The Surface)
Mary Deveraux - (Book: Beneath the Surface (reissue))
Mahri Zin - (Book: Beneath the Thirteen Moons)
Mahri Zin - (Book: Beneath the Thirteen Moons (paperback))
Millie Lang - (Book: Beneath the Veil of Paradise)
Millie Lang - (Book: Beneath the Veil of Paradise (large print))
Mia Carlton - (Book: Bennett's Chance (ebook))
Massie Block - (Book: Best Friends For Never)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Best in Show)
Margarite-Josefina Diaz - (Book: Best Kept Secrets)
Marguerite-Josefina Diaz - (Book: Best Kept Secrets (reissue))
Meredith Sutton - (Book: Best Man to Trust, The)
Meredith Sutton - (Book: Best Man to Trust, The (large print))
Merry McBride - (Book: Best Man, The)
Mariah McCleary - (Book: Best of Friends)
Melpomene "Pommy" Fiske - (Book: Best-Laid Plans)
Minerva Dobbs - (Book: Bet Me)
Minerva Dobbs - (Book: Bet Me (Hardcover))
Maggie Sullivan - (Book: Bet on a Cowboy)
Madeleine de Pellison - (Book: Betray Me Not)
Maddie Jerrard - (Book: Betrayal on the Border)
Maddie Jerrard - (Book: Betrayal on the Border (large print))
Mariel Mendoza - (Book: Betrayed)
Maura Blackwell - (Book: Betrayed by Love)
Maya Alfonso - (Book: Better Than Ever)
Mia Parker - (Book: Better Than Gold)
Miranda Archer - (Book: Betting on Texas)
Mia - (Book: Betting on You (novella))
Melinda Davenport - (Book: Between Roc and a Hard Place)
Meghann Dontess - (Book: Between Sisters )
Marcy Griffin - (Book: Between Strangers)
Meghan Rose - (Book: Between You and Me)
Miss Penelope Marchmont - (Book: Bewitching Minx)
Marianna Sommer - (Book: Beyond Hope's Valley)
Mackenzie Tuggle - (Book: Beyond My Dreams)
Madeline Gascoigne - (Book: Beyond Seduction)
Merry Vance - (Book: Beyond Seduction)
Megan Trayhern - (Book: Beyond Valor)
Missy Roper - (Book: Big Bad Wolf)
Molly Kincaid - (Book: Big Bad Wolf)
Mandy - (Book: Big Boy (ebook))
Misty - (Book: Big Juicy Lips)
Meghan Sinclair - (Book: Big Shot)
Meghan Sinclair - (Book: Big Shot (large print))
Melinda Spencer - (Book: Big Sky Reunion)
Melinda Woods - (Book: Big-Bucks Bachelor)
Merina Van Heusen - (Book: Billionaire Bachelor, The)
Maggie Bryce - (Book: Billionaire on Her Doorstep (UK))
Maria Santos - (Book: Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress)
Megan - (Book: Billionaire's Bride of Innocence, The (Large Print))
Marnie LaRue - (Book: Billionaire's Bride, The)
Madeline Holland - (Book: Billionaire's Favorite Fantasy)
Mallory James - (Book: Billionaire's Marriage Bargain)
Melody Taylor - (Book: Billionaire's Virgin Bride, The)
Megan - (Book: Billioniare's Bride of Innocence, The)
Merit - (Book: Biting Bad)
Merit - (Book: Biting Cold)
Maura Phillips - (Book: Bits and Pieces)
Maura Phillips - (Book: Bits and Pieces (reissue))
Michelle Tyler - (Book: Bitter Harvest)
Max - (Book: Bitter Night)
Maggie - (Book: Bitter Sweet (reissue))
Meredith Whitney - (Book: Bitterleaf)
Melanie Rossi - (Book: Bittersweet Legacy)
Madeline Black - (Book: Black City)
Maggie Neely - (Book: Black Dawn)
Marisa Rathburn - (Book: Black Eagle)
Madeline Black - (Book: Black Heart)
Meadow - (Book: Black Horse)
Madeline Black - (Book: Black Howl)
Mist - (Book: Black Ice)
Madeline Black - (Book: Black Lament)
Mackenzie Grant - (Book: Black Moon)
Maddy Black - (Book: Black Night)
Maryanne Hamilton - (Book: Black Silk)
Madeline Black - (Book: Black Wings)
Morgan Carter - (Book: Black Wolf's Revenge (ebook))
Margo Scott - (Book: Blackout)
Merit - (Book: Blade Bound)
Merry - (Book: Blame It On Cupid)
Miss Sarah Sheridan - (Book: Blanchland Secret, The)
Mimi Burdette - (Book: Blazing Midsummer Nights)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Bless the Bride (hardcover))
Martha Crowe - (Book: Blind Curve)
Meg Kendall - (Book: Blind Date)
Marion Kagan - (Book: Blind Eye)
Miles Kettering - (Book: Blindside)
Megan Blissfield - (Book: Bliss Factor, The)
Mel - (Book: Blood and Soul 1: Vampire Master (ebook))
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Blood Bound)
Mercedes Thompson - (Book: Blood Bound (hardcover))
Miranda Bond - (Book: Blood Deep)
Merit - (Book: Blood Games)
Myst - (Book: Blood Lust)
Major Ursula Carlson - (Book: Blood Seduction)
Maria Slade - (Book: Blood Stains)
Menolly - (Book: Blood Wyne)
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Bloodfever (paperback))
Merry Anders - (Book: Bloodstone)
Mona Rossi - (Book: Bloody Good Cruise, A)
Molly Solent - (Book: Blowback)
Mallory Dale - (Book: Blue Angel)
Meredith - (Book: Blue Fire)
Maxine Stuart - (Book: Blue Twilight)
Maxine Stuart - (Book: Blue Twilight (reissue))
Maire - (Book: Blue Viking (reissue))
Maire, of Clan Campbell - (Book: Blue Viking, The)
Milla Johnson - (Book: Bluegrass Baby)
Mary Thorpe - (Book: Bluegrass Christmas)
Mary Thorpe - (Book: Bluegrass Christmas (reissue))
Madeline Stone - (Book: Blush)
Morgan Stevens - (Book: Boardroom Baby Surprise)
Molly Page - (Book: Boathouse, The)
Martine - (Book: Body And Soul)
Maddy Guthrie - (Book: Body Contact)
Maura Mahoney - (Book: Body Heat)
Madeline Parmentier - (Book: Body to Die For, A)
Marla Shore - (Book: Body Wave)
Maureen Sinclair - (Book: Boji Stones)
Maddie Broderick - (Book: Bold Montana Bride)
Milan Walden - (Book: Bona Fide Gold Digger, A)
Mackenzie Foster-Shaw - (Book: Bonded By Blood)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Bone Crossed)
Magdalene - (Book: Bone of Contention)
Marie-Laurie Vernet - (Book: Bookseller's Daugher, The)
Mia Galliano - (Book: Boomerang)
Matilda Geoffrey - (Book: Boomerang Bride (ebook))
Mona Daley - (Book: Boots and Buckles (ebook))
Mary Kate MacPherson - (Book: Border Bride)
Mary Kate MacPherson - (Book: Border Bride (reissue))
Maggie - (Book: Border Vixen, The)
Maggie - (Book: Border Vixen, The (reprint))
Margaret Murray - (Book: Border Wedding)
Maggie Miller - (Book: Bordering on Obsession)
Margaret Mary Concannon - (Book: Born In Fire)
Mary Lisa Beverly - (Book: Born To Be Wild)
Michelle Mackenzie - (Book: Born to Darkness (hardcover))
Markie McBride - (Book: Born Under the Lone Star)
Minnie Hamilton - (Book: Borrowed Crime)
Millicent Wentworth - (Book: Borrowed Dreams)
Melissa Kennedy - (Book: Borrowed Groom, The)
Maxina McBain - (Book: Boss's Proposal, The)
Maggie Drummond - (Book: Bottom Line, The)
Mallory Hamilton - (Book: Bottom Line, The)
Maggie Todd - (Book: Bought by the Billionaire)
Megan Donovan - (Book: Bought by the Billionaire Prince)
Margaret Cole - (Book: Bought: His Temporary Fiancee)
Mercedes Alcolar - (Book: Bound by Blackmail)
Madison McGuire - (Book: Bound by Contract)
Maid Marian, Lady of Leaford - (Book: Bound By Honor)
Madeline Boyd - (Book: Bound by Honor)
Merille Alexander - (Book: Bound by Light)
Marey - (Book: Bound Hearts - Embraced)
Mercy - (Book: Bound to a Warrior)
Margaret Donovan - (Book: Bound to be Tempted (ebook))
Maria Cervantes - (Book: Bound to Danger)
Mira - (Book: Bound to Me)
Madison - (Book: Bound to Please (ebook novella))
Marina - (Book: Bound to Trust)
Marti Beaumont - (Book: Bouquet)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: Bowled Over)
Marigold Chance - (Book: Boy is Back in Town, The)
Marigold Chance - (Book: Boy is Back in Town, The (large print))
Melissa Fuller - (Book: Boy Next Door, The)
Melissa Fuller - (Book: Boy Next Door, The)
Monroe Blackwell - (Book: Boys Like You (hardcover))
Morgan Carter - (Book: Brand of the Pack (ebook))
Mackenzie Byrd - (Book: Branded)
Mercy - (Book: Branded By Fire)
Maura Donovan - (Book: Branded With His Baby)
Maya Brand - (Book: Brands Who Came for Christmas, The)
Maya Brand - (Book: Brands Who Came for Christmas, The )
Murie - (Book: Brat, The (reprint))
Mary Hofstetter - (Book: Bravo Bachelor, The)
Mercy Cabrera - (Book: Bravo's Honor, A)
Magdalen - (Book: Brazen Whispers
(aka Almost Innocent))
Maggie Holland - (Book: Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain, The)
Maggie Holland - (Book: Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain, The (UK))
Miss Annabel Drummond - (Book: Breach of Honor)
Megan Stafford - (Book: Breaking Free)
Melissa Atherton - (Book: Breaking His Rules (ebook))
Meri Hollis - (Book: Breakwater Bay)
Misty - (Book: Brick)
Molly O'Brien - (Book: Bridal Bet, The)
Melissa Carlson - (Book: Bridal Blues)
Miss Julienne-Eve Lawrence - (Book: Bridal Path, The (UK))
Mariah Bentley - (Book: Bride and the Baby)
Marguerite Chandler - (Book: Bride Blunder, The)
Maria Markham - (Book: Bride Fair, The)
Madeline Breton - (Book: Bride Finder, The)
Miss Bella Lowe - (Book: Bride for Lord Brasleigh, A)
Miss Claire Blakewell - (Book: Bride for Lord Challmond, A)
Mia Calogera - (Book: Bride Needs Groom)
Meleri Weatherby - (Book: Bride of Black Douglas, The)
Mylene - (Book: Bride of Danger)
Mercedes Alvarado - (Book: Bride of Fortune)
Marianne de Beauxville - (Book: Bride of Lochbarr)
Margaret Hamilton - (Book: Bride of the High Country)
Margaret Hamilton - (Book: Bride of the High Country (reissue))
Marissa Vasquez - (Book: Bride of The Wolf)
Miranda - (Book: Bride Said No, The)
Meg Lockhart - (Book: Bride Said, "Surprise!", The)
Madison Mandelbaum - (Book: Bride Will Keep Her Name, The)
Melodie Allford - (Book: Bride Wore Tie-Dye, The)
Marcy Winters - (Book: Bride's Best Man, The)
Maggie Chambers - (Book: Bride's Leap)
Marianne - (Book: Bride's Secret, The)
Madeleine Murrow - (Book: Bridegroom and the Baby, The)
Maven - (Book: Brides of Caralon: Rituals of Passion)
Mary Grace O'Reilly - (Book: Bridge to Yesterday)
Marianne - (Book: Bright Honor)
Morgan Ames - (Book: Bright Red Ribbon (ebook))
Miss Roxanne Sydney - (Book: Brighton Burglar, The)
Moira Pattinger - (Book: Brilliant Mismatch, A)
Madeline - (Book: Bring On The Rain (ebook))
Melinda Edgeworth - (Book: Bringing Home a Bachelor)
Maddie DuBeau - (Book: Bringing Maddie Home)
Mia Grant - (Book: Broken)
Mary Graham - (Book: Broken Lullaby)
Mariah Sayers - (Book: Broken Pieces)
Mathilda Heath - (Book: Broken Promises)
Matte - (Book: Broken Wings (ebook))
Mary Clancy - (Book: Brooding Angel)
Marlie Anderson - (Book: Brother Quest, The)
Miss Abigail Fitzgerald - (Book: Brother's Honor, A)
Duchess of Uphaven
- (Book: Bumblebroth, The)
Maggie Somers - (Book: Buried Secrets)
Mackenzie Solomon - (Book: Burn Baby Burn)
Marisa Carter - (Book: Burn Baby Burn (ebook))
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Burned (hardcover))
Moira - (Book: Burnin' Up Memphis (ebook))
Marie - (Book: Burning Passion, A)
Macy O'James - (Book: Burning Up)
Molly Reklaw - (Book: Bushwhacked Groom)
Mary - (Book: Business Arrangement Bride)
Mary Thomas - (Book: Business Arrangement Bride (UK))
Megan McBride - (Book: But That Was Yesterday)
Michelle Worthington - (Book: Butler and the Bachelorette, The)
Meredith Logan - (Book: Butterflies in the Sun)
Marganna Tudor - (Book: By Honor Bound)
Madeliene Willits - (Book: By Love Undone)
Marianne Winchilsea - (Book: By Love Unveiled)
Marianne Winchilsea - (Book: By Love Unveiled (revised))
Moira Falkner - (Book: By Possession)
Merry DuBoise - (Book: By Starlight)
Macy Wynn - (Book: By Your Side)
Meg Wolff - (Book: Cache Poor)
Mariah Jones - (Book: Cade Coulter's Return)
Molly Calloway - (Book: Caged)
Miss Roxanne Sydney - (Book: Cairo Cats, The)
Meg DeWilde - (Book: Caleb Trees, The)
Maggie - (Book: Calico)
Meredith Alcott - (Book: California Christmas Dreams)
Meggie Bloom - (Book: Call Down the Moon)
Muireann Caldwell - (Book: Call Home the Heart)
Meg Koranda - (Book: Call Me Irresistible (paperback))
Maggie Clayton - (Book: Came a Stranger)
Morgan La Fay - (Book: Camelot's Enchantment)
Miss Camilla Quinn - (Book: Camilla's Fate)
Megan Harris - (Book: Can't Help Falling in Love)
Miranda Wake - (Book: Can't Stand the Heat)
Mariel Rowan - (Book: Can't Stop Loving You)
Maggie Sullivan - (Book: Can't Stop Loving You)
Mallory Brenner - (Book: Candle For Nick, A)
Molly Lambert - (Book: Candle in the Window, A)
Macy Colston - (Book: Canyon Springs Courtship, A)
Macy Colston - (Book: Canyon Springs Courtship, A (large print))
Miss Catelyn Fitzsimon - (Book: Captain Black)
Maris Kelby - (Book: Captain Durant's Countess)
Mira Ashton - (Book: Captain Of My Heart)
Mira Ashton - (Book: Captain Of My Heart (ebook))
Miss Mary Farnham - (Book: Captain Rogue)
Miss Anabelle Crosbie - (Book: Captain's Bride, The)
Marian Murray - (Book: Captain's Christmas Family, The)
Miss Vanessa Whittaker - (Book: Captain's Courtship, The)
Merissa Pritchard - (Book: Captain's Dilemma, The)
Morgana Donovan - (Book: Captivated)
Morwyn - (Book: Captive)
Madison Frost - (Book: Captive)
Marthe de Valences - (Book: Captive Hearts)
Mia Palmieri - (Book: Captive in His Bed)
Melissa Randall - (Book: Captive Love)
Mary Stuart - (Book: Captive Queen of Scots, The)
MJ O'Leary - (Book: Captive Star)
Mona Graham - (Book: Captured by Your Kiss)
Meg Boswell - (Book: Captured Heart)
Marianne - (Book: Card Sharks)
Miss Heather Mallory - (Book: Cardross Luck, The)
Miss Heather Mallory - (Book: Cardross Luck, The (reissue))
Melanie Vanderpool - (Book: Cards Never Lie (ebook))
Merry Gentry - (Book: Caress of Twilight, A)
Mrs. Caroline Welby - (Book: Caretaker Wife, The)
Mrs. Caroline Welby - (Book: Caretaker Wife, The (reissue))
Miriam - (Book: Caribou Crossing (ebook))
Moira Cooper - (Book: Carnal Sin)
Meg Fletcher - (Book: Carolina Girl)
Maggie Morgan - (Book: Case of the Accidental Heiress,The)
Megan Duke - (Book: Case of the Bad Luck Fiance, The)
Monica Brooks - (Book: Casting About)
Minnie Hamilton - (Book: Cat With a Clue)
Maggie - (Book: Cat's Fancy, The )
McKenna Wright - (Book: Cat's Meow, The)
Merry - (Book: Catch a Falling Star)
Maggie Bullock - (Book: Catch Me (ebook))
Maura Ramsey - (Book: Catch Me If You Can)
Maggie Beaumont - (Book: Catch of the Day (reissue))
Moira O'Leary - (Book: Catch Your Breath)
Mel Norton - (Book: Cattle King's Bride, The)
Mel Norton - (Book: Cattle King's Bride, The (large print))
Mandelyn Bush - (Book: Cattleman's Choice)
Mandelyn Bush - (Book: Cattleman's Choice (reissue))
Mandelyn Bush - (Book: Cattleman's Choice (reissue))
Millie Surprise - (Book: Caught by Surprise)
Merry Kramer - (Book: Caught in a Bind)
Merrileigh Kramer - (Book: Caught In The Act)
Merry Kramer - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Merry Kramer - (Book: Caught In The Middle)
Mia Spinelli - (Book: Caught in the Spotlight)
Merry Kramer - (Book: Caught Redhanded)
Merry James - (Book: Cause For Celebration)
Moira Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh or Death)
Moira McCormick - (Book: Cavanaugh's Woman)
Mary Jo Wyse - (Book: Cedar Cove Christmas, A)
Mikala Conti - (Book: CEO's Unexpected Proposal, The)
Mandy Blythe - (Book: Chain Lightning)
Mandy Blythe - (Book: Chain Lightning (Hardcover--reprint))
Mia Kearney - (Book: Chain Reaction)
Marissa Hayes - (Book: Champagne Kisses)
Miss Joan Chadwick - (Book: Chance Encounter, A)
Monica Jones - (Book: Chances)
Maddy Bainbridge - (Book: Chances Are)
Marla Travis - (Book: Change of Heart)
Mary Haviland - (Book: Change of Heart, A)
Miss Clare Winchester - (Book: Changeable Rose, The)
Melanie Adams - (Book: Changes)
Maggie Locke - (Book: Changes of Heart)
Marley Lake - (Book: Changing His Game)
Marcel Templeton - (Book: Changing The Rules)
Moriah St. James - (Book: Changing Winds)
Mercy Fuentes - (Book: Charades)
Melina Weaver - (Book: Charmed (ebook))
Maxine Henley - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Maddie Cooper - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Morgan Standish - (Book: Chasing Morgan)
Martika Galvez - (Book: Chasing the Jaguar)
Mariah Daley - (Book: Checkmate)
Maura McNeill - (Book: Cherished Beginnings)
Maggie Connelly - (Book: Cherokee Marriage Dare)
Megan O'Brien - (Book: Chesapeake Shores Christmas, A)
Megan O'Brien - (Book: Chesapeake Shores Christmas, A (paperback))
Miss Chastity Cummings - (Book: Chester Charade, The)
Melody Jordan - (Book: Chet)
Maria - (Book: Cheyenne's Lady)
Marion of Ravenhill - (Book: Chieftain's Bride, The (ebook))
Muriella Calder - (Book: Child of Awe)
Muriella Calder - (Book: Child of Awe)
Meredith Malone - (Book: Child of Her Heart)
Meredith Malone - (Book: Child of Her Heart (reissue))
Megan Lewis - (Book: Child of Mine)
Merry Trent - (Book: Child of Sorrow)
Maria Wyatt - (Book: Child to Call Her Own, A)
Monica Powell - (Book: Child's Christmas, A)
Meredith Foster - (Book: Child's Wish, A)
Mariah Grant - (Book: Children of Destiny)
Marian Pallant - (Book: Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress)
Magalie Chaudron - (Book: Chocolate Kiss, The)
Miss Gillian Giles - (Book: Choice, The)
Miriam Longstreet - (Book: Choices)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Chow Down)
Miss Christina Kelway - (Book: Christina)
Marigold - (Book: Christmas at His Command)
Mattie Schwartz - (Book: Christmas at Promise Lodge)
Meredith Sommers - (Book: Christmas at Twilight)
Marie Leonard - (Book: Christmas Awakening)
Maggie Mason - (Book: Christmas Countdown)
Maggie Mason - (Book: Christmas Countdown (large print))
Mary Marlowe - (Book: Christmas Escapade)
Maggie Collins - (Book: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (hardcover))
Maggie Collins - (Book: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (paperback))
Miss Donovan - (Book: Christmas for Katie, A (novella))
Molly Shepherd - (Book: Christmas Homecoming)
Maria Schmitt - (Book: Christmas Hope, A (ebook novella))
Madison Smythe - (Book: Christmas Husband, The)
Marnie McLaughlan - (Book: Christmas Inn, The)
Marnie McLaughlan - (Book: Christmas Inn, The (large print))
Mia Redmond - (Book: Christmas Magic in Heatherdale)
Meg - (Book: Christmas Night Miracle, The)
Melody James - (Book: Christmas Night to Remember, A)
Marsha Dixon - (Book: Christmas on Bellevue Lane (ebook novella))
Mallory Phillips - (Book: Christmas on Mimosa Lane)
Maggie Gallagher - (Book: Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge)
Maggie Gallagher - (Book: Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge (large print))
Maggie Pierce - (Book: Christmas Scandal, A)
Matilda Honeycutt - (Book: Christmas Shoppe, The (Hardcover))
Mattie Eash - (Book: Christmas Singing, The)
Meg Caulfield - (Book: Christmas To Remember)
Marley Pierce - (Book: Christmas to Remember, A)
Molly Anderson - (Book: Christmas Wedding Ring, The)
Matty Maxwell - (Book: Christmas Wedding, The)
Molly Shepherd - (Book: Christmas Wife, The)
Meg Jardine - (Book: Christmas With Her Boss)
Megan Cash - (Book: Christmas Witness, The)
Megan Cash - (Book: Christmas Witness, The (large print))
Marian - (Book: Cicada)
Marlo Mayfield - (Book: Cinderella List, The)
Miranda Fairchild - (Book: Cinderella's Wedding Wish)
Marie Beltane - (Book: Circle of Danger)
Marianne Weston - (Book: Circle of Family)
Melanie Nesbitt - (Book: Circle Of Fate)
Madeline Smith - (Book: Circle of Fire)
Madeline Smith - (Book: Circle of Fire (reissue))
Molly Sullivan - (Book: City of Darkness and Light (hardcover))
Maggie Russell - (Book: City-Girl Bride, The)
Maggie Russell - (Book: City-Girl Bride, The (UK))
Mattie Flynn - (Book: Claim of Her Own)
Melina Weaver - (Book: Claimed (ebook))
Marie Beauclair - (Book: Claimed By the Secret Agent)
Molly Barton - (Book: Claiming His Christmas Bride)
Marissa - (Book: Claiming His Love Child)
Maggie King - (Book: Claiming King's Baby)
Maggie ingen Blar - (Book: Claiming The Highlander)
Lady Northrup
- (Book: Clandestine Courtship, A)
Miss Clarissa Shelden - (Book: Clarissa)
Melissa Montgomery - (Book: Classiest Lady)
Mary Paris - (Book: Clint's Wild Ride)
Massie Block - (Book: Clique, The)
Melba - (Book: Clockwork Fairytale, A (ebook))
Mala - (Book: Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind)
Mala - (Book: Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind (reissue))
Marcia Green - (Book: Close Relations)
Morgan Lucas - (Book: Closer (ebook))
Meredith Tollliver - (Book: Cloud Waltzer)
Miki - (Book: Code Name: Blondie)
Meagan Moore - (Book: Code Name: Prince)
Meagan Moore - (Book: Code Name: Prince (reissue))
Miranda Rivers - (Book: Cody)
Mariah Butler - (Book: Cody Daniel's Return)
Mia Dawson - (Book: Colby Lockdown)
Mary Jane Brooks - (Book: Colby Rebuilt)
Muirinn O'Donnell - (Book: Cold Case Affair)
Mimi Van Hoyt aka Maura - (Book: Cold Creek Secret, A)
Madison Lieberman - (Book: Cold Feet)
Maura Reed - (Book: Cold Night, Warm Stranger)
Meredith Rawson - (Book: Cold Target)
Marilee Jones - (Book: Cold Tea on a Hot Day)
Margaret (Maggie) O'Shea - (Book: Cole)
Mara Skiren - (Book: Collison Course)
Marianne Dashwood - (Book: Colonel Brandon's Diary)
Michele Logan - (Book: Colonel's Daughter, The)
Michele Logan - (Book: Colonel's Daughter, The (large print))
Megan Montgomery - (Book: Colorado Cowboy)
Maddie Wallace - (Book: Colorado Dawn)
Maddie Wallace - (Book: Colorado Dawn (reprint))
Melanie Frazer - (Book: Colorado Match, A)
Maggie Donovan - (Book: Comanche )
Mellyora MacAdin - (Book: Come the Morning (reissue))
Mia Traverse - (Book: Coming Soon)
Margaret Barlow - (Book: Command Performance)
Miss Caroline Whiston - (Book: Companion of Quality, A)
Mariana Givens - (Book: Companions of Paradise)
Mimi Lodge - (Book: Company You Keep, The)
Mimi Lodge - (Book: Company You Keep, The (large print))
Miss Gail Alton - (Book: Compromised)
Miss Harriette Lydyard - (Book: Compromised Miss (UK))
Marisa Kelso - (Book: Compromised Security)
Maeve Midden - (Book: Compromising Position, A)
Maeve Midden - (Book: Compromising Situation, A)
Maxine Revere - (Book: Compulsion (hardcover))
Mary Mathis - (Book: Confessing to the Cowboy)
Mariah Swann - (Book: Confessions)
Mariah - (Book: Confessions (reprint))
Minerva Montrose - (Book: Confessions from an Arranged Marriage)
Morgan Miller - (Book: Confessions of a Party Crasher)
Mallory Stevens - (Book: Confidential: Expecting!)
Marlie - (Book: Connoisseur's Choice)
Princess of Leinster
- (Book: Conquered Heart, The)
Matilda - (Book: Conqueror, The (new edition))
Marget Barnardsen - (Book: Constant Heart, A)
Maggie Robertson - (Book: Consuming Fire)
Maggie Robertson - (Book: Consuming Fire)
Melanie Grenville - (Book: Contentious Countess, The)
Madison Morris - (Book: Control)
Margot Ashton
Countess Magda Janos
- (Book: Controversial Countess, The)
Michael Adams - (Book: Controversy)
Meryl Winters - (Book: Convenient Wedding, A)
Madelyn Shaffer - (Book: Convictions)
Maddie Smith - (Book: Cool Shade)
Megan Garvey - (Book: Cop In Her Stocking, A)
Macy Howard - (Book: Copper Lake Confidential)
Meredith Samms - (Book: Copy That)
Meredith Samms - (Book: Copy That (large print))
Meg Devoran - (Book: Cornish Heiress, The)
Miss Serena Fairburn - (Book: Cornwell Bride)
Marge Kelsey - (Book: Corporate Cowgirl)
Maeve - (Book: Costanzo Baby Secret, The )
Maeve - (Book: Costanzo Baby Secret, The (UK))
Mandy - (Book: Cotillion for Mandy)
Miles Bennett - (Book: Cougar's Trade, The (ebook))
Melissa Sheffield - (Book: Cougar's Woman)
Meg Imsey - (Book: Count of Castelfino, The)
Maddie Lang - (Book: Count Valieri's Prisoner)
Maddie Lang - (Book: Count Valieri's Prisoner (large print))
Maggie, Countess of Warwick - (Book: Counterfeit Countess, The)
Miss Emmaline Delwyn - (Book: Counterfeit Betrothal, The)
Miss Helen Sterling - (Book: Counterfeit Heiress, The)
Marielle Lyon - (Book: Counterfeit Mistress, The)
Madeline Cavendish - (Book: Countess Misbehaves, The)
Melisande - (Book: Countess So Shameless)
Marianna Chapin - (Book: Country Dance)
Miss Lavinia Taylor - (Book: Country Mouse, The)
Melissa Miller - (Book: Court Me, Cowboy)
Melissa - (Book: Court Me, Cowboy (reissue))
Miss Christina Kingsley - (Book: Courting Christina)
Mandy Thompson - (Book: Courting Mandy)
Morrow Little - (Book: Courting Morrow Little: A Novel)
Mary Graves - (Book: Courting the Doctor's daughter)
Miss Julia Seaton - (Book: Courtship of Colonel Crowne, The)
Megan McIntyre - (Book: Covenant, The)
Melanie Vargas - (Book: Cover-Up)
Mary Walsh - (Book: Covert Agent's Virgin Affair)
Marilyn Langworthy - (Book: Covert Cowboy)
Melina - (Book: Cowboy - Cowboy & the Captive)
Melissa Horton - (Book: Cowboy and His Baby, The)
Madeline Tate - (Book: Cowboy and the Bride, The (reissue))
Miranda Kimbrough - (Book: Cowboy At Heart, A)
Miranda Sinclair - (Book: Cowboy at the Wedding)
Melynda -Lyndie- Clay - (Book: Cowboy Claims His Lady, The)
Maggie McIntyre - (Book: Cowboy Code, The)
Mandy Jacobs - (Book: Cowboy Come Home, A)
Meg Lennox - (Book: Cowboy Comes Home)
Megan Chase - (Book: Cowboy Cupid)
Melody Woods - (Book: Cowboy Fantasy)
Misty Reynolds - (Book: Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas, A)
Madison Carlyle - (Book: Cowboy is a Daddy, The)
Mia Cooper - (Book: Cowboy Lawman, The)
Mia Cooper - (Book: Cowboy Lawman, The (large print))
Millie Hansen - (Book: Cowboy SEAL, The)
Mariah Callahan - (Book: Cowboy Takes a Bride, The)
Melissa Stone - (Book: Cowboy to Come Home To, A (large print))
Madge Morgan - (Book: Cowboy Tutor, The)
Melanie McFarlane - (Book: Cowboy Under Her Tree, A)
Molly Thorson - (Book: Cowboy who Caught Her Eye)
Melanie Brooks - (Book: Cowboy with a Cause)
Mariah Stewart - (Book: Cowboy's Angel, A)
Madeline Patton - (Book: Cowboy's Holiday Blessing, The)
Madeline Patton - (Book: Cowboy's Holiday Blessing, The (large print))
Melissa Monroe - (Book: Cowboy's Secert Twins, the)
Maggie Stevens - (Book: Cowboy's Second Chance, The)
Maggie Langford - (Book: Cowboy's Special Woman)
Margaret Lark - (Book: Cowboy, The)
Margaret Lark - (Book: Cowboy, The (reissue))
Maggie Malone - (Book: Crane's Bride)
Maddie - (Book: Crazy About the Boss)
Mazie Maguire - (Book: Crazy for You (ebook))
Michaela - (Book: Crazy Kind of Love, A)
Margaret Jaffrey - (Book: Crazy Like a Fox)
Madelyn Cornish - (Book: Crazy Thing Called Love)
Melissa O'Ballivan - (Book: Creed in Stone Creek, A)
Miriam Raphael - (Book: Crescent City)
Miriam Raphael - (Book: Crescent City (reissue))
Melany Jackson - (Book: Cries in the Night)
Madison - (Book: Crime and Engagement)
Miss Henrietta Lanford - (Book: Crime of Manners, A)
Menolly - (Book: Crimson Veil)
Marlis Kent - (Book: Critic's Choice)
Mary E. Haley - (Book: Cross My Heart)
Miranda Drake - (Book: Crossed Hearts)
Meliara - (Book: Crown Duel)
Margaret Rushton - (Book: Crown Hostage (UK))
Marianne Chambers - (Book: Crowned: An Ordinary Girl)
Miranda Penney - (Book: Crush)
Mackenzie Brooks - (Book: Crux)
Marielle Brandt - (Book: Cry for the Moon)
Merry - (Book: Cry in the Dark, A)
Mercy Hollings - (Book: Cry Mercy)
Milla Boone - (Book: Cry No More)
Morgan Paige - (Book: Cupid)
Miss Selina Easterly-Cummings - (Book: Curious Courting, A)
Melina Weaver - (Book: Cursed (ebook))
Miss Elizabeth Hampton - (Book: Cut From the Same Cloth)
Miranda Harper - (Book: Cutting Loose (ebook))
Meg Sutton - (Book: Cynic, The)
Morgan Marshall - (Book: Da Silva's Mistress)
Morgan Marshall - (Book: Da Silva's Mistress (UK))
Molly Manning - (Book: Dad in Training)
Madeline Pemberton - (Book: Dad Next Door, The)
Mia Saunders - (Book: Daddy By Christmas)
Madelyn St. James - (Book: Daddy by Default)
Molly Shipman - (Book: Daddy By Surprise)
Maryann MacGregor - (Book: Daddy on the Way)
Maryann MacGregor - (Book: Daddy on the Way (reissue))
Mallory Dickinson - (Book: Daddy Secret, The)
Megan Sorenson - (Book: Dakota Daddy)
Maddy Washburn - (Book: Dakota Home)
Maggie - (Book: Dakota Man, The)
Marisa - (Book: Damaso Claims His Heir)
Maryanne Paynter - (Book: Danbury Scandals, The (UK))
Maddy O'Hurley - (Book: Dance To The Piper)
Meredith Whitmore - (Book: Dance With a Prince, To)
Michele Martindale - (Book: Dancing Doll, The)
Michele Martindale - (Book: Dancing Doll, The (reissue))
Magdalena Cruz
- (Book: Dancing in the Moonlight)
Mitzi - (Book: Dancing Sky)
Merry Anders - (Book: Dancing With a Rogue)
Marlee Bishop - (Book: Dancler's Woman)
Miss Ullainee Pollinger - (Book: Dandy's Deception, The)
Megan Hoffman - (Book: Danger at Her Door)
Melissa Danvers - (Book: Danger Calls)
Meggs Tanner - (Book: Danger of Desire, The)
Maggie Arnold - (Book: Danger on Her Doorstep)
Maggie Bennett - (Book: Danger on the Mountain)
Maggie Bennett - (Book: Danger on the Mountain (large print))
Miranda Bookman - (Book: Dangerous Admissions)
Melina Weaver - (Book: Dangerous Affair in Venice, A (ebook))
Marguerite Standish - (Book: Dangerous Affair, A)
Morgan Bligh - (Book: Dangerous As Sin)
Marie Claire Saint-Ange - (Book: Dangerous Attraction)
Maggie Hanson - (Book: Dangerous Charade)
Morgan Becket - (Book: Dangerous Debutante, The)
Madeline Reynard - (Book: Dangerous Desires)
Maren Minnesota - (Book: Dangerous Disguise)
Maren Minnesota - (Book: Dangerous Disguise (reissue))
Morganna Chavez - (Book: Dangerous Games)
Melinda - (Book: Dangerous Games)
Madison - (Book: Dangerous Grounds)
Mia Hartmann - (Book: Dangerous Heat)
Miranda - (Book: Dangerous Interloper)
Miranda Shepherd - (Book: Dangerous Interloper (UK))
Melissa Ward - (Book: Dangerous Lady)
Marianne Forster - (Book: Dangerous Lies)
Mercy Coltrane - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Miss Rebecca Stanwood - (Book: Dangerous Masquerade)
Mandy Thompson - (Book: Dangerous Master)
Mattie Nolan - (Book: Dangerous to Her)
Maddie Griffin - (Book: Dangerously Irresistible)
Molly Creighton - (Book: Daniel's Desire)
Miracle Jones - (Book: Danner's Lady)
Maya Hope - (Book: Dare)
Molly Grainger - (Book: Dare Me)
Madison Evans - (Book: Dare to Desire)
Meg Thompson - (Book: Dare to Hold)
Mindy - (Book: Dare, The)
Maggie Saunders - (Book: Daring)
Madeline Piper - (Book: Daring Courtship, A)
Duchess of Runceford
- (Book: Daring Duchess, The)
Marion Rothwell - (Book: Daring Gamble)
Marianne Hilton - (Book: Daring Masquerade, A)
Morainn MacRailt - (Book: Daring the Highlander)
Margo Sullivan - (Book: Daring To Dream)
Margaret Cassidy - (Book: Dark Affair, The)
Megan Worth
Assistant D.A.
- (Book: Dark and Dangerous)
Merit - (Book: Dark Debt)
Morgana Blackthorne - (Book: Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex & Subterfuge, The (ebook))
Melanie Townsend - (Book: Dark Eyes)
Maddie Temple - (Book: Dark Legacy)
Marilee Jennings - (Book: Dark Paradise)
Mala LaCroix - (Book: Dark Paradise)
MaryAnn Delaney - (Book: Dark Possession (Hardcover))
Marguarita - (Book: Dark Predator (paperback))
Mala LaCroix - (Book: Dark Redemption)
Morgan Winter - (Book: Dark Room)
Morgan Winter - (Book: Dark Room (reissue))
Mala LaCroix - (Book: Dark Sacrifice)
Maggie Sterling - (Book: Dark Surrender)
Meg - (Book: Dark Tides (ebook))
Maliha Crayne - (Book: Dark Time)
Mary - (Book: Dark Warrior)
Maggie Smith - (Book: Darkest Heart)
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Darkfever (Hardcover))
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Darkfever (paperback))
Menolly - (Book: Darkling)
Maggie Bennett - (Book: Darkness Before the Dawn)
Mikaela Jones - (Book: Darkness Burning)
Maxine Kiss - (Book: Darkness Calls)
Menolly - (Book: Darkness Raging)
Margaret Peterson - (Book: Dash of Peril, A)
Millicent Blair - (Book: Dash of Scandal, A)
Millicent - (Book: Dash of Scandal, A (reissue))
Miss Hannah Gregory - (Book: Dastardly Duke, The)
Marni - (Book: Date With a Surgeon Prince)
Mattie Grant - (Book: Dating Game, The)
Mei Lin - (Book: Daughter of China)
Maria Espinosa - (Book: Daughter of Fortune)
Mia Tu - (Book: Daughter of the Dawn)
Melanie Fraser - (Book: Daughter Of The Game)
Maggie McFarland - (Book: Daughter's Return, The)
Maggie Slade - (Book: Daughter, The)
Mary-Lynette - (Book: Daughters of Darkness)
Madeleine Ardingley - (Book: Dawn)
Meg - (Book: Dawn Song)
Mel Dawnfield - (Book: Dawn Star, The)
Mira - (Book: Dawnbreaker)
Madison Dartmoor - (Book: Day of the Dragon)
Maggy O'Brien - (Book: Day We Met, The)
Mira - (Book: Dayhunter)
Melanie Turner - (Book: Dead Bolt)
Maleah Purdue - (Book: Dead By Morning)
Miranda Cahill - (Book: Dead Even)
Melina Markowitz - (Book: Dead Letter Day)
Melina Markowitz - (Book: Dead on Delivery)
Madeline Barker - (Book: Dead Right)
Marla Shore - (Book: Dead Roots)
Mara Douglas - (Book: Dead Wrong)
Mandy Erick - (Book: Deadly Competition)
Miranda Conner - (Book: Deadly Currents)
Mojo Sheepshanks - (Book: Deadly Deceptions)
Maya - (Book: Deadly Desires (ebook))
Melanie Rogers - (Book: Deadly Devotion)
Monica Davenport - (Book: Deadly Fear)
Mojo Sheepshanks - (Book: Deadly Gamble)
Mojo Sheepshanks - (Book: Deadly Gamble)
Mari - (Book: Deadly Game)
Macy Reid - (Book: Deadly Intent)
Mina Mastrantino - (Book: Deal for the Di Sione Ring, A)
Molly Davis - (Book: Deal Me In)
Marin Brooks - (Book: Dear John)
Maggie Russell - (Book: Dear Maggie)
Maggie Russell - (Book: Dear Maggie (reissue))
Marilyn Pearson - (Book: Dear Mit)
Mia Vaccaro - (Book: Dear Santa)
Melody - (Book: Dear to Me)
Melinda Andrews - (Book: Dear to Me (reprint))
Mary Jane - (Book: Dearest Mary Jane)
Mary Jane - (Book: Dearest Mary Jane (reissue))
Mary Jane - (Book: Dearest Mary Jane (UK))
Mary Jane - (Book: Dearest Mary Jane (UK-reissue))
Madeira Cutler - (Book: Death by Diamonds)
Mogana De La Nuit - (Book: Death By Seduction (ebook))
Melanie Travis - (Book: Death of a Dog Whisperer)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Death of Riley)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Death of Riley [reissue])
Michaela Bancroft - (Book: Death Reins In)
Madison Connelly - (Book: Death's Door)
Mila O'Fallen - (Book: Death's Redemption)
Mildred Weller - (Book: Debutante's Guide to Rebellion, A (ebook novella))
Melissa - (Book: Deceive Me Not)
Mia St. Regis - (Book: Deception)
Mia St. Regis - (Book: Deception (large print))
Mara Jennings - (Book: Deception Lake)
Madeline - (Book: Deceptive Liaison (ebook))
Meredith Hargreaves - (Book: Deck the Halls With Love (novella))
Maggie James - (Book: Decoded)
Maggie James - (Book: Decoded (large print))
Melody Beecham - (Book: Decoy)
Miss Catherine Meade - (Book: Dedicated Scoundrel, A)
Melissa Bentley - (Book: Deep in the Bayou)
Micky Gunn - (Book: Deep Is The Night: Night Watch)
Madalyn Simon - (Book: Deep, Dark, and Dangerous)
Maya Stephens - (Book: Deeper and Deeper)
Margaret Rose - (Book: Deeper Magic, A)
Michelle Cole - (Book: Deepest Night, The)
Meredith Woolcott - (Book: Deepest Sin, The)
Miss Angelina Hamilton - (Book: Defiant Debutante, The (UK))
Mirella - (Book: Defiant Embrace)
Meg Moore - (Book: Defiant Hero, The)
Maddie Kent - (Book: Delacourt Scandal, The)
Meg Piddington - (Book: Deliciously Wicked)
Miss Charmain Crewes - (Book: Delightful Deception)
Monica Gardner - (Book: Deliver Me)
Marci - (Book: Demon Bait (ebook))
Megan Chase - (Book: Demon Inside)
Megan Chase - (Book: Demon Possessed)
Maron - (Book: Demon's Caress (ebook))
Maggie O'Malley - (Book: Demons are a Girl's Best Friend)
Mary - (Book: Demonwood)
Miss Libby Barton - (Book: Denmead Inheritance, The (UK))
Mary O'Malley - (Book: Denver)
Maggie - (Book: Departed, The)
Maren - (Book: Depths)
Meghan Henry - (Book: Deputy's Duty, The)
Meghan Henry - (Book: Deputy's Duty, The (large print))
Madeline Theros - (Book: Descent into Danger (ebook))
Maggie Lewis - (Book: Desert King's Pregnant Bride, The)
Maggie Lewis - (Book: Desert King's Pregnant Bride, The (UK))
Molly James - (Book: Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin)
Mallory Stanhope - (Book: Desert Song)
May Calendar - (Book: Deserving Mistress, The)
Mika Ito - (Book: Designed for Murder)
Melodye Carter - (Book: Designed for Passion)
Michelle Minoux - (Book: Desire)
Megan Wakefield - (Book: Desire and Deceive)
Maggie Barton - (Book: Desperado)
Maggie Barton - (Book: Desperado)
Major Helen Prescott - (Book: Desperado)
Mary DeLaney - (Book: Desperado)
Maggie Barton - (Book: Desperado (reissue))
Maggie Barton - (Book: Desperado (reissue))
Miss Mary Pepperidge - (Book: Desperate Viscount, The)
Maura Woodbury - (Book: Destined Queen)
Megan MacKay - (Book: Destiny's Child)
Mariah Cooper - (Book: Destiny's Embrace)
Morgan Shaw - (Book: Destiny's Hand)
Morgan - (Book: Destiny's Pawn)
Molly Creighton - (Book: Devaney Brothers, The: Daniel )
Melanie Abercrombie - (Book: Devil and Miss Goody Two-Shoes, The)
Martha Jones - (Book: Devil and Miss Jones, The)
Maddy Powers - (Book: Devil and the Deep)
Maggie Jameson - (Book: Devil in Denim, The)
Madeleine Chandler - (Book: Devil In My Bed)
Morgan Kingsley - (Book: Devil Inside, The)
Minella Maddox - (Book: Devil On Horseback, The)
Maria Pagliano - (Book: Devil Served Tortellini, The)
Morgan Kingsley - (Book: Devil You Know, The)
Mary Challoner - (Book: Devil's Cub)
Mary Challoner - (Book: Devil's Cub (new edition))
Morgan Kingsley - (Book: Devil's Due, The)
Margaret Chattan - (Book: Devil's Heart)
Marjorie Keith - (Book: Devil's Highlander)
Morgan Kingsley - (Book: Devil's Playground, The)
Madeline Raine - (Book: Devil's Web, The)
Miss Minerva Potts - (Book: Devilish Dilemma, A)
Mollie Devlin - (Book: Devlin Dare, The)
Maria Ashton - (Book: Devotion)
Megan - (Book: Devoured)
Marlie Jenner - (Book: Dex)
Magiere - (Book: Dhampir)
Mia Doyle - (Book: Diagnosis: Daddy)
Miranda Shaw - (Book: Diamond In The Rough)
Marlo Santee - (Book: Diamond in the Rough )
Monica, Angela - (Book: Diary of a Mistress)
M.M. (Molly) Revere - (Book: Diary of a Radical Mermaid)
Michelle Guillaire - (Book: Did You Say Twins?!!)
Marla Shore - (Book: Died Blonde)
Malou Sanders - (Book: Different Dreams)
Marta Nederman - (Book: Diplomat's Wife, The)
Miss Lacie Jo Baxter - (Book: Dirty Little Lies)
Marisela Morales - (Book: Dirty Little Lies)
Margie - (Book: Dirty Thirty (ebook))
Miss Eleanor Stamford - (Book: Disgraced Marchioness, The)
Maries Simmons - (Book: Dishing It Out)
Misty - (Book: Disobedient Mistress, The)
Margaret Drew - (Book: Divas, Inc.)
Morrigan - (Book: Divine By Blood)
Morrigan - (Book: Divine By Blood (reissue))
Merry Gentry - (Book: Divine Misdemeanors (Hardcover))
Mirandi Summers - (Book: Do Not Disturb)
Miranda Hayes - (Book: Do Not Forsake Me)
Michelle Killarney - (Book: Do Over)
Mandy Reese - (Book: Do You Believe in Santa?)
Maria Youngbear - (Book: Doctor in Demand)
Mindy Harmon - (Book: Doctor in Her Stocking, A)
Maryann Jenner - (Book: Doctor Right)
Maggie Pascoe - (Book: Doctor's Bride by Sunrise, The)
Maggie Davis - (Book: Doctor's Christmas, The)
Melanie Duncan - (Book: Doctor's Do-Over, The)
Marina - (Book: Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride)
Mary O'Hara - (Book: Doctor's Mission, The)
Mandy Sparks, MD - (Book: Doctor's Orders)
Marci Clay - (Book: Doctor's Perfect Match, The)
Marci Clay - (Book: Doctor's Perfect Match, The (Large Print))
Melinda Fortesque - (Book: Doctor's Royal Love-Child, The (US edition))
Mia Serrat - (Book: Doctor's Watch, A)
Maggie Green - (Book: Doctor, A Nurse: A Christmas Baby, A)
Molly Jones - (Book: Doctor, A Nurse: A Little Miracle, A)
Madison Baker - (Book: Doctors in the Wedding)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Dog Eat Dog)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Doggie Day Care Murder)
Maddy Jamison - (Book: Dolphin Friendly)
Megan Beaumont - (Book: Don't Close Your Eyes)
Mariah Conrad - (Book: Don't Cry For Me)
Melina Markowitz - (Book: Don't Kill the Messenger)
Megan Lee - (Book: Don't Let Go)
Mary Grace Winters - (Book: Don't Tell)
Melinda - (Book: Don't Wager on Love)
Molly Hayes - (Book: Don't Want to Miss a Thing)
Miranda Paley - (Book: Donovan's Mermaid)
Miranda Winthrop - (Book: Door Ajar, The)
Macy Carter - (Book: Dose of Passion, A)
Maggie Holt, Captain - (Book: Double Dare)
Melanie - (Book: Double Exposure)
Madison Van Buren - (Book: Double Take)
Megan McClain - (Book: Double Threat Christmas)
Megan McClain - (Book: Double Threat Christmas (reissue))
Maralys O'Reilly - (Book: Double Trouble)
Matilda (Tilly) - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The)
Matilda - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (reissue))
Matilda (Tilly) - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (reissue))
Matilda (Tilly) - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (UK))
Matilda (Tilly) - (Book: Doubtful Marriage, The (UK-reissue))
Megha - (Book: Dowery Bride, The)
Morgan Boland - (Book: Down Range)
Mary Grace Smith - (Book: Down the Hidden Path)
Martine Duquesne - (Book: Down to the Wire)
Melanie McAdams - (Book: Dr. Forget-Me-Not)
Michaela Quinn - (Book: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)
Michaela Quinn - (Book: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Growing Pains)
Michaela Quinn - (Book: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Bounty)
Meg Miller - (Book: Dr. Zinetti's Snowkissed Bride)
Mina Harker - (Book: Dracula, My Love)
Maddy Kimble - (Book: Dragon Warrior)
Mira Markham - (Book: Dreadful Debutante, The)
Molly Popp - (Book: Dream A Little Dream)
Mary Beth - (Book: Dream Again of Love)
Molly Sheridan - (Book: Dream Apart, A)
Maggie Stern
aka Monica Blake
- (Book: Dream Baby)
Molly Sheridan - (Book: Dream Embraced, A)
Marlie Keen - (Book: Dream Man)
Marlie Keen - (Book: Dream Man (reissue))
Megan Bradford - (Book: Dream Nights with the CEO (ebook))
Meri Vaughn - (Book: Dream of Me)
Marlea Kellogg - (Book: Dream Runner)
Michaela Proud - (Book: Dream Stalker)
Meliana Maynard - (Book: Dream Weaver)
Missy Harrison - (Book: Dream Wedding)
Miriam - (Book: Dream Wedding)
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Dreamfever (hardcover))
MacKayla - (Book: Dreamfever (Paperback))
Meg McGuire - (Book: Dreaming of Home)
Maggie Mayfair - (Book: Dreaming of You)
Meara - (Book: Dreamweaver)
Megan - (Book: Dressed to Slay)
Mariah Hoag - (Book: Drifter's Moon)
Merit - (Book: Drink Deep)
Mystique - (Book: Drink of Me)
Molly Drake - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Maggie Riley - (Book: Driven to Distraction)
Miranda Puckett - (Book: Driving Mr. Dead (ebook))
Madison O'Donnell - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Meg Sweeney - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Marika - (Book: Drui Claiming)
McKenna Stafford - (Book: Drummer's Beat to Mend, A)
Millie Corwin - (Book: Dry Creek Christmas, A)
Millie Cowan - (Book: Dry Creek Christmas, A (reissue))
Mary Jocelyn Garnett - (Book: Duchess for a Day)
Miranda Warfield - (Book: Duchess's Next Husband, The)
Molly James - (Book: Dueling Hearts)
Marina Prohaska - (Book: Duet)
Mrs. Kittie Douglas - (Book: Duke and Mrs. Douglas, The)
May Bradford - (Book: Duke Can Go to the Devil, The)
Miss Mary Masterson - (Book: Duke's Deceit, The)
Matilda Graham - (Book: Duke's Design, The)
Madelyn Patterson - (Book: Duncan's Bride)
Melanie Ryan - (Book: Dust to Dust)
Maryanne Devonshire - (Book: Dusty: Wild Cowboy)
Miss Chloe Rothwell - (Book: Dutiful Daughter, The)
Marguerite Fellowes - (Book: Dutiful Rake, The)
Marguerite Fellowes - (Book: Dutiful Rake, The (UK))
Michael McAllister - (Book: Duty Bound (ebook))
Martigay - (Book: Dye's Kingdom: Wanting It Forever)
Mrs. Margaret Astell - (Book: Earl's Comeuppance, The (Hardcover))
Mrs. Margaret Astell - (Book: Earl's Comeuppance, The (Hardcover))
Mrs. Margaret Astell - (Book: Earl's Comeuppance, The (reissue))
Mary Thompson
Elaine Thompson
- (Book: Earl's Revenge, The)
Marlowe - (Book: Earls Just Want to Have Fun)
Madison Avery - (Book: Early to Death, Early to Rise)
Maggie Castle - (Book: Earthbound)
Melissa Ryan - (Book: Echoes of Love)
Meg Wagstaff - (Book: Echoes of Mercy)
Mira Sage - (Book: Edge of Betrayal)
Mira - (Book: Edge of Dawn (hardcover))
Mira - (Book: Edge of Dawn (paperback))
Meg Lindstrom - (Book: Edge of Forever, The)
Mariette Donovan - (Book: Edge of Heaven)
Molly Stratton - (Book: Edge of Hunger)
Marina Wyatt - (Book: Edge of Impropriety, The (mass market))
Mia Hale - (Book: Edge of Midnight)
Morgan Montgomery - (Book: Edge of Oblivion)
Maud - (Book: Edge of Temptation (ebook))
Madeline Brewster - (Book: Education of Madeline, The)
Maggie Douglas - (Book: Egan Cassidy's Kid)
Melflouise Fairnight - (Book: Elf Song)
Miss Fanny Cherill - (Book: Eligible Connection, An)
Marguerite LeFleur - (Book: Emerald Ecstasy)
Martise St. James - (Book: Emerald Embrace)
Martise St. James - (Book: Emerald Embrace (reissue))
Meredith - (Book: Emerald Green (ebook))
Moira Dauntry - (Book: Emerald Hazard)
Miranda - (Book: Emerald Swan, The)
Meg O'Sullivan - (Book: Emergency at Bayside (UK))
Maggie Randall - (Book: Emergency: Parents Needed)
Miss Emma Woodhouse - (Book: Emma (reissue))
Melody Cartman - (Book: Emmett)
Maggie Sinclair - (Book: Empath, The)
Melissa Sterling - (Book: Enamored)
Melissa Sterling - (Book: Enamored (Hardcover))
Melissa Sterling - (Book: Enamored (reissue))
Melissa Sterling - (Book: Enamored (reissue))
Margot de Verona - (Book: Enchant Me Not)
Manette Walker - (Book: Enchanted Desire)
Maleaha Deveraux - (Book: Enchanted Ecstasy)
Morgan Wakefield - (Book: Enchanted Land, The)
Morgana of Llanwynn - (Book: Enchantress)
Margana - (Book: Enchantress)
Mairin of Aelfleah - (Book: Enchantress Mine)
Madison Harper - (Book: End Game)
Megan Peters - (Book: End Game)
Mike Caine - (Book: End Game, The (hardcover))
Mianne - (Book: Endless Sky, The)
Megan Summers - (Book: Endless Night)
Mianne - (Book: Endless Sky, The)
Miranda Sweet - (Book: Enemies on Tap (ebook))
Maggie Scott - (Book: Enemy Waters)
Mickey - (Book: Enemy Within)
Megan Roarke - (Book: Engagement Project, The)
Mercedes Ramos - (Book: English Detective And The Rookie Agent, The)
Marjorie Maitland - (Book: English Wife, The)
Miss Sarah Russell - (Book: Enigmatic Rake, The)
Miss Sarah Russell - (Book: Enigmatic Rake, The (UK))
Marigold Fenwick - (Book: Enraptured)
Maelea - (Book: Enslaved)
Marissa Wilder - (Book: Entangled With A Texan)
Mel Sutherland - (Book: Entranced)
Maris Matherly-Reed - (Book: Envy)
Mallory Sinclair - (Book: Erotic Invitation)
Maria, Lady Carlton - (Book: Escapade)
Maggie Bennett - (Book: Escape Out of Darkness)
Meg Corbyn - (Book: Etched in Bone (hardcover))
Miranda Burke - (Book: Eternal Sea)
Marianne Johnston - (Book: Ever My Love)
Marisa Orlando - (Book: Ever So Humble)
Molly Hunt - (Book: Ever Unknown (ebook novella))
Megan DeLacey - (Book: Everlasting Desire)
Millicent Pantere - (Book: Everlasting Enchantment)
Megan White - (Book: Everlasting Love)
Misha Bales - (Book: Every Chance I Get)
Mollie - (Book: Every Kind of Heaven)
Marcella Parker - (Book: Every Moment Counts)
Mariah Clayborn - (Book: Every Move You Make)
Megan Howard - (Book: Every Yesterday)
Melody Evans - (Book: Everyday, Average Jones)
Meredith McKay - (Book: Everyone Else's Girl)
Molly Richards - (Book: Everything at Last)
Marissa - (Book: Everything for Us)
Miranda Albright - (Book: Everything Forbidden)
Morgan - (Book: Everywhere and Every Way)
Miz Fallons - (Book: Ex and the Single Girl)
Melanie Sawyer - (Book: Ex Factor, The)
Michelle Nelson - (Book: Ex, Why, and Me)
Marissa Portemaine - (Book: Exeter's Daughter)
Mandy Grant - (Book: Exile's End)
Miranda Cutler - (Book: Exit Strategy)
Marion - (Book: Expectations)
Martina Logan - (Book: Expecting His Child)
Millie - (Book: Expecting His Love-Child)
Millie - (Book: Expecting His Love-Child (UK))
Maggie Collins - (Book: Expecting Lonergan's Baby )
Mattie Carey - (Book: Expecting Miracle Twins)
Melissa Jarrod - (Book: Expecting the Rancher's Heir)
Maddie Callahan - (Book: Exposed)
Melissa Pope - (Book: Exposure)
Marnie Lundy - (Book: Express Male)
Marnie Lundy - (Book: Express Male)
Macy Turlington - (Book: Exquisite Acquistions)
Maeve Branch - (Book: Extreme Caution)
Merissa Thomas - (Book: Extreme Heat)
Miranda Morgan - (Book: Eye of the Beholder)
Megan Bradley - (Book: Eye of the Storm)
Maggie Lawrence - (Book: Eye of the Storm)
Megan Bradley - (Book: Eye of the Storm (large print))
Miss Fabia Thurston - (Book: Fabia's Choice)
Maggie - (Book: Fabulous Wife, A)
Mia Devlin - (Book: Face the Fire)
Maria Jennings - (Book: Fae's Gargoyle)
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Faefever (Hardcover))
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Faefever (paperback))
Margaret Hannay - (Book: Fair Fortune)
Marsali Hay - (Book: Fairy Tale)
Miranda Fenster - (Book: Fairy Tale Bride, The)
Maizy Grace Stewart - (Book: Faking Grace)
Matilda Goodnight - (Book: Faking It)
Mackenzie Miller - (Book: Faking It)
Matilda Goodnight - (Book: Faking It (Hardcover))
Matilda Goodnight - (Book: Faking It (reissue))
Marianne of Faucon - (Book: Falcon's Heart)
Miss Eleanor Talbot - (Book: Falconer's Hall)
Michaela Allen - (Book: Fall into Me)
Madeline Cranston - (Book: Fall of a Saint, The)
Maggie Brown - (Book: Fall of Maggie Brown, The)
Maggie MacLeod - (Book: Fallen)
Madeleina Sinclair - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Mallory Victor - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Mallory Dale - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Morgan Copeland - (Book: Fallen Greek Bride, The)
Morgan Copeland - (Book: Fallen Greek Bride, The (large print))
Mattie Kincaid - (Book: Falling For a Father of Four)
Mariah Douglas - (Book: Falling for Him)
Meredith Waters - (Book: Falling for the Boss)
Meredith Waters - (Book: Falling for the Boss (UK))
Maggie Daniels - (Book: Falling for the Cowboy)
Mercy Newell - (Book: Falling for the Rancher Father)
Megan Esterbrook - (Book: Falling For You)
Mallory Edwards - (Book: Falling In Love Again)
Minerva Dodger - (Book: Falling Into Bed with a Duke)
Mary - (Book: Falling Light)
Melinda - (Book: Falling Out Of Bed)
Miss Cressida Stavely - (Book: False Colors (new edition))
Mallory King - (Book: False Family)
Mallory King - (Book: False Family (reissue))
Mariah Easton - (Book: Familiar Adversaries)
Molly Harper - (Book: Familiar Escape)
Melinda Jennings - (Book: Family)
Mrs. Guinevere Hathaway - (Book: Family Affairs)
Melia Lucas - (Book: Family Bonds)
Maddie Carter - (Book: Family by Design)
Maddie Carter - (Book: Family by Design (large print))
Maggie - (Book: Family for Christmas, A (reissue))
Maddie Pemberton - (Book: Family for Maddie, A)
Maria Lightner - (Book: Family for the Sheriff, A)
Mya Brooks - (Book: Family Harmony (ebook))
Monica Brunetti - (Book: Family in Full, A)
Mariah Cade - (Book: Family Practice, A)
Mariah Cade - (Book: Family Practice, A (Large Print))
Maddie Rose Collins - (Book: Family Secret, A)
Marian Robertson - (Book: Family Stories)
McKenzie Ashford - (Book: Family Ties)
Meredith Brennan - (Book: Family to Cherish, A)
Meredith Brennan - (Book: Family to Cherish, A (large print))
Molly Sullivan - (Book: Family Way, The )
Miss Fanny Feversham - (Book: Famous Miss Feversham)
Meg Longville - (Book: Fanciful Heiress, The)
Mollie Barnes - (Book: Fantasy For Two)
Miranda Dolan - (Book: Far From Home)
Maureen Cooper - (Book: Far From Over)
Maureen Cooper - (Book: Far From Over (reissue))
Miss Harriet Woodthorpe - (Book: Farewell the Heart)
Miss Harriet Woodthorpe - (Book: Farewell the Heart (UK))
Maggie Tremont - (Book: Farmer Takes a Wife, The)
Maura Foster - (Book: Farmer Takes a Wife, The)
Maura Foster - (Book: Farmer Takes a Wife, The (reissue))
Margaret Leighton - (Book: Fashion's Frown)
Maggie O'Leary - (Book: Fat Chance)
Marianne Spencer - (Book: Fatal Amusement)
Mary Magruder Katz - (Book: Fatal February (hardcover))
Marley Addison - (Book: Fatal Pursuit)
Melis Nemid - (Book: Fatal Tide)
Maggie Brown - (Book: Father by Choice)
Millicent Copley - (Book: Father for Christmas, A)
Marlee Britton - (Book: Father for Her Son, The)
Marlee Britton - (Book: Father for Her Son, The (Large Print))
Missy Johnson - (Book: Father for Her Triplets, A (large print))
Moriah Gilmore - (Book: Father Found)
Melissa Ryan - (Book: Father Goose)
Mia Verbeek - (Book: Father in the Making, A)
Margaret McAllister - (Book: Father Next Door, The)
Maddy Garrett - (Book: Father of the Brat)
Molly Cahill - (Book: Father: Unknown)
Mira - (Book: Favorite Obsession (ebook))
Myia - (Book: Fearless)
Myia - (Book: Fearless)
MG Carmody - (Book: Fearless Love (ebook))
Madeline MacFaddin - (Book: Feast)
Meredith Sinclair - (Book: Feather, The)
Meagan Mitchell - (Book: Feel the Rush (ebook))
Meagan Mitchell - (Book: Feel the Rush (paperback))
Meg Seymour - (Book: Feels Like Home)
Merinus Tyler - (Book: Feline Breeds - Tempting the Beast)
Muri - (Book: Fence My Father Built, The)
Makedde Vanderwall - (Book: Fetish)
Madeline Barrington - (Book: Fever Dreams)
Mac - (Book: Feverborn (hardcover))
Marie O'Hara - (Book: Fiancee Caper, The)
Maresa Fairweather - (Book: Fifth Daughter, The)
Maresa Fairweather - (Book: Fifth Daughter, The (reissue))
Miss Shelby Falcon - (Book: Fifth Proposal, The)
Merissa Colter - (Book: Fighting Dirty)
Marcy Jefferson - (Book: File Room, The (ebook))
Molly Jameson - (Book: Film At Eleven)
Meloday - (Book: Final Justice)
Melissa Riley - (Book: Final Target)
Molly McClintock - (Book: Finally a Bride)
Molly Scott - (Book: Finally a Bride)
Mia Corregianni - (Book: Finder's Keeper)
Molly Eden - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Molly Eden - (Book: Finders Keepers (reissue))
Maggie Woodward - (Book: Finding a Family)
Mercedes Delacruz - (Book: Finding Father)
Mary Beth McKinley - (Book: Finding Love's Fortune (Hardcover))
Maggie Dillon - (Book: Finding Mr. Right )
Macy Wood - (Book: Finding Noel: A Novel)
Missy Schuler - (Book: Finding True Love (Hardcover))
Mira Parrish - (Book: Fine Romance, A)
Meredith Llewellyn - (Book: Finished Off)
Melanie Vargas - (Book: Finishing School, The)
Margie Silver - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Margie Silver - (Book: Fire and Ice (reissue))
Moira Walsh - (Book: Fire and Innocence)
Melisande - (Book: Fire Dance)
Mackenzie Daniels - (Book: Fire Dancer)
Mary Monk - (Book: Fire Flower, The)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Fire Touched)
Mariella - (Book: Firefighter's Doorstep Baby)
Marlie Richards - (Book: Firefly in the Night)
Miranda Ellis - (Book: Firelight)
Marissa Hawthorne - (Book: Fireman Dad)
Marissa Hawthorne - (Book: Fireman Dad (large print))
Melissa Maguire - (Book: Fireman Who Loved Me, The)
Melba Wingate - (Book: Fireman's Homecoming, The)
Marly Haskins - (Book: Fireman's Ready-Made Family, The)
Miss Diana Rustin - (Book: Fires in the Snow)
Melusine of Ulle - (Book: Fires of Winter)
Meg - (Book: First Comes Baby... (large print))
Maureen - (Book: First Date: Honeymoon)
Maddie - (Book: First Knight)
Micky - (Book: First Man (UK))
Merri Walters - (Book: First Night)
Merri Walters - (Book: First Night (Large Print))
Maggie Hayes - (Book: First Time, The)
Miranda Lang - (Book: First You Run)
Marni Lange - (Book: First, Best and Only (reissue))
Matilda Campbell - (Book: Five Golden Rings (ebook novella))
Marti Kowalski - (Book: Five Ways 'til Sunday)
Marissa Medina - (Book: Fixer-Upper)
Mackenzie Stafford - (Book: Flashback)
Mara Kincaide - (Book: Flesh and Stone)
Maggie Forsythe - (Book: Flirting with Disaster)
Maggie Forsythe - (Book: Flirting With Disaster (reissue))
Morgan Moreau - (Book: Flirting With the Forbidden)
Mackenzie - (Book: Fool Me Twice)
Millie Barnes - (Book: Fools Rush In)
Millie Barnes - (Book: Fools Rush In (reissue))
Maurie Miller - (Book: Footsteps in the Night)
Maeve Tremayne - (Book: For All Eternity)
Michaela Landry - (Book: For All We Know)
Merrily - (Book: For Always)
Mariah Desmond - (Book: For Desire Alone)
Michelle Lambert - (Book: For Her Eyes Only)
Miranda Jones - (Book: For Her Son's Love)
Merry Atwater - (Book: For Keeps)
Mercy Royce - (Book: For Mercy's Sake)
Maggie - (Book: For Mike's Sake)
Melanthe - (Book: For My Lady's Heart)
Mackenna Hughes - (Book: For My Lady's Kiss)
Molly Murphy - (Book: For the Love of Mike)
Michaelann Frazer - (Book: For the Love of Mike (reissue))
Molly Murphy - (Book: For the Love of Mike [reissue])
Margaret Addison - (Book: For the Love of Two Eagles)
MacKenzie Harmon - (Book: For The Love Of..)
Mary Rose Clayborne - (Book: For the Roses)
Mia Parker - (Book: For the Sake of the Secret Child)
Maggie Randolph - (Book: For the Thrill)
Meg - (Book: For The Twin's Sake)
Margery Mallon - (Book: Forbidden)
Marissa Ayers - (Book: Forbidden Fire)
Mallory Heart - (Book: Forbidden Heart)
Millicent Fitzroy - (Book: Forbidden Hearts)
Melissa - (Book: Forbidden Lady)
Megan Kinkead - (Book: Forbidden Love)
Megan Kinkead - (Book: Forbidden Love (reissue))
Megan Kinkead - (Book: Forbidden Love (reissue))
Meg Gillingham - (Book: Forbidden Magic)
Michelle Howard - (Book: Forbidden Marriage, The)
Molly Lindquist - (Book: Forbidden Moon)
Markey Nevell - (Book: Force of Nature)
Miranda Soto - (Book: Forced Disappearance)
Madison Daniels - (Book: Foreigner's Caress, The)
Melanie McAllister - (Book: Forest Ranger's Promise, The)
Marissa Anderson - (Book: Forever)
Meredith Kenyon - (Book: Forever After)
Monica James - (Book: Forever and a Day)
Megan - (Book: Forever Bride, The)
Morning Star - (Book: Forever Ecstasy)
Megan Coulston - (Book: Forever Gold)
Mary Margaret Dennehy
- (Book: Forever in My Heart)
Mary Margaret Dennehy
- (Book: Forever in My Heart (reissue))
Megan Andreini - (Book: Forever Kind of Hero, A)
Mya Dubois - (Book: Forever Kind of Love, A)
Mary Carmichael - (Book: Forever My Love)
Mira Germain - (Book: Forever My Love)
Maggie Holland - (Book: Forever Rose, The)
Megan Dixon - (Book: Forever, My Lady)
Mae Sutton - (Book: Forevermore)
Michael Normand - (Book: Forevermore)
Maren Scofield - (Book: Forged in Steele)
Mercy West - (Book: Forgotten Love)
Maddie Conner - (Book: Forsaken)
Melissa Kincaid - (Book: Fortress Of Love)
Melissa Hampton - (Book: Fortune Hunter)
Maren James - (Book: Fortune's Flames)
Maya Blackstone - (Book: Fortune's Forbidden Woman)
Moira Hughes - (Book: Fortune's Kiss)
Markie Walkowicz - (Book: Found And Lost)
Meggie Spencer - (Book: Found Father)
Michelle Andersen - (Book: Found: One Baby)
Melissa Porter - (Book: Four Days, Five Nights)
Megan Killeen - (Book: Foxfire)
Maggie Copeland - (Book: Free Fall)
Marisala Bolivar - (Book: Freedom's Price)
Marisala Bolivar - (Book: Freedom's Price (reissue))
Marnie Claire Laurent - (Book: French Silk)
Meg Leighton - (Book: Frenchman's Plain-Jane Project, The)
Megan Breech - (Book: Fresh Perspective, A)
Merit - (Book: Friday Night Bites)
Madeline - (Book: Friends and Lovers)
Madeline - (Book: Friends and Lovers (reissue))
Mia Summerton - (Book: Frisco's Kid)
Marley Cartman - (Book: Frisky Business)
Megan Richards - (Book: From Best Friend to Bride)
Maxie - (Book: From Here to Forever )
Mary Dell Templeton - (Book: From Here to Home)
Meredith Sinclair - (Book: From London With Love)
Marina Artamova - (Book: From Russia, With Love)
Marie Russo - (Book: From the Flames)
Mallory Dalton - (Book: From The Outside)
Molly Wheeler - (Book: From This Day Forward )
Mattie Trumont - (Book: Frontier Temptress)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Frost Burned (hardcover))
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Frost Burned (paperback))
Misty Malone - (Book: Frost Flower)
Marietta de Montcrief - (Book: Fugitive Countess)
Mimi Cassville - (Book: Fugitive Fiancée)
Mary Gray - (Book: Fulfillment, The)
Maria Graziella - (Book: Full of Grace)
Maggie Davenport - (Book: Full Scoop)
Maggie Farnsworth - (Book: Full Scoop (reprint))
Maximillian Holt - (Book: Full Speed)
Mickey Westover - (Book: Full Story, The)
Maximillian Holt - (Book: Full Tilt)
Maddy Banks - (Book: Funeral Planner, The)
Meghan Thomas - (Book: Fury Calls)
Myst - (Book: Fury of Fire)
Millie de Vere - (Book: Future King's Bride, The)
Melanie Hart - (Book: Gabriel's Honor)
Miss Caroline Dysart - (Book: Gambler's Bride, The)
Madelyn Fairchild - (Book: Gambler's Heart, The)
Melissa Daubenay - (Book: Gambler's Wedding)
Melissa McKnight - (Book: Game for Seduction)
Megan - (Book: Game of Deceit, A)
Micki Vaughn - (Book: Game of Love (ebook))
Maddy - (Book: Gamer Girl (hardcover))
Maddy - (Book: Gamer Girl (paperback))
Miracle Heather - (Book: Games of Pleasure)
Miranda Troy - (Book: Gamester's Lady)
Mary Kathleen Davis - (Book: Garden in Paris, A)
Madelyn Phillips - (Book: Garden In The Rain, A)
Martha - (Book: Garden of Desire)
Miss Lucinda Beresford - (Book: Garden of Secrets)
Morgan McAfee - (Book: Garland of Druids - Druid's Daughter (ebook))
Miss Esme Crab - (Book: Garters)
Maddie Campbell - (Book: Gate to Eden, The)
Mattie Gokey - (Book: Gathering Light, A)
Molly Rutledge - (Book: Gauntlet, The)
Miranda Bloom - (Book: Geek Abroad)
Mia Connors - (Book: Geek Girl's Guide to Arsenic, A (ebook))
Mia Connors - (Book: Geek Girl's Guide to Justice, A (ebook))
Mia Connors - (Book: Geek Girl's Guide to Murder, A (ebook))
Miranda Bloom - (Book: Geek High)
Melissa Jordan - (Book: Gemini Man, The)
Marian Randall - (Book: General's Daughter, The)
Melissa Wilmeth - (Book: Gentle Magic, A)
Marianne Darby - (Book: Gentleman Butler)
Maxine Bleckner - (Book: Gentleman Caller)
Madeleine - (Book: Gentleman in Question)
Miss Pamela Stone - (Book: Gentleman's Daughter, A)
Melissa Selby - (Book: Gentleman's Desire, A)
Mina Halliday - (Book: Gentlemen Behaving Badly)
Meredith Powell - (Book: Gentrys: Cinco, The)
Miss Georgiana Morland - (Book: Georgiana)
Miranda Breslin - (Book: Getting Hotter)
Maggie Potter - (Book: Ghost for Maggie, A)
Marian Doyle - (Book: Ghost Phoenix )
Meg Devlin - (Book: Ghost Tiger)
Maggie York - (Book: Ghost Walking (ebook))
Makayla - (Book: Ghosts And Roses)
Madison Greenwood - (Book: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past)
Madison Greenwood - (Book: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past (reissue))
M. J. Holliday - (Book: Ghoul Interrupted)
M.J. Holliday - (Book: Ghoul Next Door, The)
M. J. Holliday - (Book: Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder, A)
M.J. Holliday - (Book: Ghouls Gone Wild)
M.J. Holliday - (Book: Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun)
M.J. Holliday - (Book: Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls)
Miranda - (Book: Gianni's Pride)
Miranda - (Book: Gianni's Pride (UK))
Meg Blake - (Book: Gift of Love, A)
Mia Granger - (Book: Gift-Wrapped Family)
Mariah Aubrey - (Book: Girl in the Gatehouse, The)
Mia Kemble - (Book: Girl With the Golden Gun, The)
Mikki Donovan - (Book: Girl's Best Friend, A)
Miranda Hill - (Book: Girl's Guide to (Man)Hunting, The)
Megan Lowe - (Book: Girl's Guide to Flirting With Danger)
Maddie Kincaid - (Book: Give Him the Slip)
Melanie Turner - (Book: Give Up the Ghost)
Melanie Prescott - (Book: Givenchy Code)
Maggie Wright - (Book: Giving Chase)
Meg Jordan - (Book: Glassblower, The)
Marnie Lathrope - (Book: Glimpse of Paradise, A)
Moira Callahan - (Book: Glorious Passion, A)
Miki Kendrick - (Book: Go Fetch (reissue))
Mikki - (Book: Goddess of the Rose)
Maddy Breyer - (Book: Going Home)
Marie Bertelli - (Book: Going Too Far)
Meg - (Book: Going Too Far)
Molly Ryan - (Book: Going Under)
Madison Taylor-Pruitt - (Book: Golden Girl, The)
Miss Mariella Westmore - (Book: Golden Locket, The)
Miss Jenny Dell - (Book: Golden Lord, The (UK))
Miranda Oberon - (Book: Golden Reckoning)
Miss Lucia Mannering - (Book: Golden Songbird, The)
Marcie Powers - (Book: Gone)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Gone With the Woof)
Melanie Hoffman - (Book: Good Enough to Eat)
Meredith - (Book: Good Sister, The)
Maddie Givens - (Book: Good, the Bad and the Cuddly, The)
Meredith Stoltzfus - (Book: Goodbye to Yesterday)
Molly Dearden - (Book: Goodnight Sweetheart (UK))
Macy Tucker - (Book: Gotcha!)
Miranda Gannet - (Book: Grand Deception)
Muriel Worth - (Book: Grand Deception, A)
Mariah - (Book: Granite Man (reissue))
Marlena Walther - (Book: Grave Attraction)
Magenta - (Book: Gray Quinn's Baby)
Megan Ford - (Book: Great Texas Wedding Bargain, The)
May Crandel - (Book: Greatest Gift, The (UK))
Maggie Sullivan - (Book: Greatest Risk, The)
Madison Gregory - (Book: Greek Doctor's New-Year Baby, The)
Maribel - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, The)
Maribel - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, The (Large Print))
Matilda Hayes - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Secret Child, The)
Miranda Weston - (Book: Greek's Bridal Purchase, The)
Miranda Weston - (Book: Greek's Bridal Purchase, The (UK))
Maddison - (Book: Greek's Convenient Wife, The)
Molly - (Book: Greek's Secret Passion, The)
Marissa Holloway - (Book: Green-Eyed Envy)
Maggie Weller - (Book: Groom For Maggie, A)
Maggie McCallum - (Book: Groom Wore Plaid, The)
Maribeth O'Brien - (Book: Groom, I Presume?, The )
Madison Phillips - (Book: Grounds for Seduction)
Melanie Barnett - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Marie Taylor - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Maris Holland - (Book: Guardian Devil)
Maggie "Blue" Callahan - (Book: Guardian of the Night)
Miranda Elon - (Book: Guardian Redeemed)
Martha Gabler - (Book: Guardian's Mission, The)
Mira - (Book: Guardian's Promise, The)
Mary Anderson - (Book: Guardian, The)
Maris - (Book: Guilty One, The )
Marty Matthews - (Book: Guilty Pleasure)
Mara Findlay - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
McCall Winchester - (Book: Gun-Shy Bride)
Miranda Hunt - (Book: Gunpowder Tea )
Mia Landers - (Book: Guns and the Girl Next Door)
Marci Sky - (Book: Gunshot Grange)
Megan Rose - (Book: Guys & Dogs)
Miss Gwendeline Gregory - (Book: Gwendeline)
Molly - (Book: Gypsy Fire)
Meg Shaw - (Book: Gypsy Lover)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Hair of the Dog)
Marla Shore - (Book: Hair Raiser)
Margrit - (Book: Hands of Flame)
Mona Reynolds - (Book: Happily Ever After)
Merit - (Book: Hard Bitten)
Maggie Durant - (Book: Hard Luck Lady)
Meghan Patterson - (Book: Hard to Handle)
Maddie Howe - (Book: Hard to Hold)
Miranda Warren - (Book: Harden)
Miranda Warren - (Book: Harden (Hardcover))
Miranda Warren - (Book: Harden (UK))
Miss Penelope Blayne - (Book: Harem Bride, The)
Maggie - (Book: Harlot Countess, The)
Melissa Logan - (Book: Harper's Bride)
Maggie Hewitt - (Book: Harrogate Secret, The )
Meredith - (Book: Harvest Dance)
Mary Wilder - (Book: Haunted by the Earl's Touch)
Meaghan Ballagh - (Book: Haunting Embrace)
Maggie Holliday - (Book: Haunting, The)
Mimi Hartwell - (Book: Have Baby, Need Beau)
Molly Michaels - (Book: Have Baby, Will Marry)
Mercy Jones - (Book: Have Mercy)
Morgan Dane - (Book: Haven Creek)
Miranda Price - (Book: Hawk O'Toole's Hostage)
Maude DeVane - (Book: He Calls Her Doc)
Miss Prudence Tamhill - (Book: He Said Never)
Maggie Sparkes - (Book: He Will Be My Ruin)
Molly Burke - (Book: Head Games)
Marti Jackson - (Book: Head Over Heels)
Marielle - (Book: Head Over Heels)
MJ Rooney - (Book: Heal My Heart)
Marcella Alexander - (Book: Healer)
Maya Logan - (Book: Healing the Boss's Heart)
Maggie Kingston - (Book: Heart and Sole)
Maddie Bennett - (Book: Heart At Risk)
Mitchella Clover - (Book: Heart Choice)
Molly - (Book: Heart Club, The)
Miri Brayden - (Book: Heart Deceived, A)
Meriel Owen - (Book: Heart of Darkness)
Maddie Grande - (Book: Heart of Lies)
Margrit Knight - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Medusa - (Book: Heart of Stone (ebook))
Madelyn Taggart - (Book: Heart of the Falcon)
Madelyn Taggart - (Book: Heart of the Falcon (revised))
Mira Holcombe - (Book: Heart of the Tiger)
Maggie Fitzgerald - (Book: Heart Remembers, The)
Melissa Moore - (Book: Heart Strike)
Miss Diana Harrington - (Book: Heart's Deceit)
Marci Colderaine - (Book: Heart's Defiant)
Molly O'Brien - (Book: Heart's Delight)
Maria Sanchez - (Book: Heart's Forgiveness, The)
Melanie Harte - (Book: Heart's Reward)
Moyra Elliott - (Book: Heart's Whisper)
Maggie Wainwright - (Book: Heartbeat)
Michelle Cabot - (Book: Heartbreaker)
Michelle Cabot - (Book: Heartbreaker (reissue))
Michele du Bois - (Book: Hearts Betrayed)
Maggie Daniels - (Book: Hearts in Flight)
Merrilee Daniels Davenport - (Book: Hearts Rekindled)
Melanie - (Book: Heat of the Night)
Mackenzie Wade - (Book: Heat of the Storm (ebook))
Marilee O'Neil - (Book: Heat Wave)
Melina Dimitris - (Book: Heaven On Earth)
Matilda Rose Applebee - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Melissa Fuller - (Book: Heaven's Time)
Maleta - (Book: Hedda's Sword)
Mystique "Missy" Lambert - (Book: Heiress to Love)
Madelaine Vaillant - (Book: Heiress Without a Cause)
Miss Pamela Caldwell - (Book: Heirs of Bellair, The)
Monica Brandt - (Book: Hell on Wheels (ebook) )
Maggie Quinn - (Book: Hell Week)
Marina Adal - (Book: Hellhound King, The)
Melynda Kerpanik - (Book: Help I'm Falling For The Vampire Next Door (ebook))
Mariel - (Book: Her Abundant Joy (trade))
Mary Jane Potter - (Book: Her Best Friend's Baby)
Mallory Lombard - (Book: Her Best Friend's Baby)
Mari McBride - (Book: Her Bodyguard)
Megan Michiko O’Malley - (Book: Her Book of Pleasure)
Martha Shaw - (Book: Her Boss's Baby Plan)
Molly Soderling - (Book: Her Christmas Wedding Wish)
Mariah - (Book: Her Colorado Man)
Mairead Buchanan - (Book: Her Enemy Highlander)
Minka - (Book: Her Fierce Warrior)
Miss Emma Lynton - (Book: Her Gentleman Protector)
Miss Emma Lynton - (Book: Her Gentleman Protector (UK))
Matilda - (Book: Her Grace's Passion)
Mercy Bidwell - (Book: Her Heart's Treasure)
Mercedes - (Book: Her Highness and the Highlander)
Megan Costanzo - (Book: Her Husband's Christmas Bargain)
Makayla Stevens - (Book: Her Kind of Man)
Magdalene Sanger - (Book: Her Kind of Trouble)
Melissa Rivenwood - (Book: Her Ladyship's Companion)
Macy Reynolds - (Book: Her Last Best Fling)
Macy Attois - (Book: Her Last Defense)
Mirie Selskla - (Book: Her Last Protector)
Mary Therese Crusoe - (Book: Her Man Friday)
Miranda Kravitz - (Book: Her Man in Manhattan)
Miranda Kravitz - (Book: Her Man in Manhattan (UK))
Marty Owens - (Book: Her Man Upstairs)
Mia - (Book: Her Miracle Man)
Mimi Ryan - (Book: Her Moment in the Spotlight)
Marta Schneider - (Book: Her Mother's Hope)
Megan Chase - (Book: Her Perfect Candidate)
Morgan Kerr - (Book: Her Private Avenger)
Malina Blair - (Book: Her Private Treasure)
Morgan Steele - (Book: Her Ready-Made Family)
Morgan Steele - (Book: Her Ready-Made Family)
Mary Katherine - (Book: Her Restless Heart)
Montana Brown - (Book: Her Rodeo Cowboy)
Montana Brown - (Book: Her Rodeo Cowboy (large print))
Marsha Bugler - (Book: Her Secret Cowboy)
Megan Merritt - (Book: Her Secret Rival)
Megan Merritt - (Book: Her Secret Rival (Large Print))
Mary Cameron - (Book: Her Secret, His Son)
Meg Jonas - (Book: Her Sister's Child)
Mattie Ryan - (Book: Her Torrid Temporary Marriage)
Mary Travis - (Book: Her Valentine Sheriff)
Morena Camden - (Book: Her Very Special Baby (UK-Hardcover))
Marcella Jones - (Book: Here and Now)
Maryanne Simpson - (Book: Here Comes Trouble)
Mandy Pajeck - (Book: Here to Stay)
Melody Song - (Book: Here With Me)
Maddie Andrews - (Book: Here's Lookin' at You)
Micayla - (Book: Hero)
Miss Antonia Fairfax - (Book: Hero for Antonia, A (Hardcover))
Martinique Duval - (Book: Hero for Hire)
Mercy Hamilton - (Book: Hero in Hiding)
McKayla Dellaventura - (Book: Hero in the Nick of Time)
Marisa - (Book: Hero Needed)
Mary Smith - (Book: Hero of My Heart)
Mathilde - (Book: Hers To Command)
Marianna - (Book: Hesitant Heir, The)
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: Hex Marks the Spot)
Margaret Anthony - (Book: Hidden Dreams)
Mary Anne Lamont - (Book: Hidden Dreams)
Miss Eden Marlow - (Book: Hidden Fires)
Marissa Suarez - (Book: Hidden Gems)
Marna of Zeyn - (Book: Hidden Heart)
Melissa Mansfield - (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Mary Higgs - (Book: Hidden Hearts (ebook))
Marlo Malone - (Book: Hidden Secrets)
Mara Reed - (Book: Hidden Sins)
Meghan McBride - (Book: Hidden Treasures)
Mariah Ellis - (Book: High Country Rancher, The)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: High Heels And Holidays)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: High Heels and Holidays)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: High Heels and Homicide)
Meredith Llewellyn - (Book: High Marks for Murder)
Mari - (Book: High Plains Wife)
Morwenna - (Book: High Tide at Midnight)
Morgana - (Book: High Valley, The)
Megan Vance - (Book: High-Risk Affair)
Mia Blackburn - (Book: High-Stakes Inheritance)
Madison - (Book: Highest Bid (ebook novella))
Meredith MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Barbarian)
Meredith MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Barbarian (UK))
Madlin MacKendrick - (Book: Highland Bride)
Moira - (Book: Highland Bride)
Moira Sinclair - (Book: Highland Dawn (reissue))
Maldie Kirkcaldy - (Book: Highland Destiny)
Moira Robertson - (Book: Highland Fire)
Megan MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Fire)
Megan MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Fire (UK))
Marina Dudley - (Book: Highland Flame)
Maggie MacDrumin - (Book: Highland Fling)
Meg MacLinn - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Merritt Lamont - (Book: Highland Heaven)
Merritt Lamont - (Book: Highland Heaven (UK))
Marsi Cargill - (Book: Highland Hero)
Maggie Graham - (Book: Highland Rogue)
Morainn Ross - (Book: Highland Sinner)
Morainn Ross - (Book: Highland Sinner)
Mary Maclaine - (Book: Highland Treasure)
Mairi MacInnes - (Book: Highland Wife, The)
Mara McDougall - (Book: Highlander in Her Bed)
Mared Lockhart - (Book: Highlander In Love)
Meg Mackinnon - (Book: Highlander Unmasked)
Marie Colette - (Book: Highlander's Bride, The)
Meghan McGladrey - (Book: Highlander's Folly, The)
Marla Shore - (Book: Highlights To Heaven)
Miss Pandora Carlyon - (Book: Highly Respectable Marriage)
Maggie Quinn - (Book: Highway to Hell)
Marianne Harkness - (Book: Highwayman Came Riding, A)
Maddie Fraser - (Book: Hint of Rapture, A)
Michelle Beck - (Book: Hip Check)
Miranda True - (Book: Hired Hand)
Mariella Ross - (Book: Hired: The Italian's Bride)
Moira Madigan - (Book: His Bare Obsession (ebook))
Mindy Fenton - (Book: His Best Friend's Baby)
Mara Rosemond - (Book: His Best Friend's Wife)
Meg Loria - (Book: His Bodyguard)
Macy Capshaw - (Book: His Case, Her Child)
Millie Hamilton - (Book: His Chosen Bride)
Miranda Staley - (Book: His Christmas Sweetheart)
Mary "Mac" McGuire - (Book: His Christmas Virgin)
Marianna Landis - (Book: His Expectant Ex)
Maddie Gray - (Book: His for the Taking)
Marguerite Grolier - (Book: His Forbidden Liaison)
Megan Calhoun - (Book: His Larkville Cinderella)
Megan Calhoun - (Book: His Larkville Cinderella (large print))
Marguerite Voisson - (Book: His Last Lover)
Miss Elinor Temple - (Book: His Lordship's Dilemma (UK))
Miss Augusta Oglethorpe - (Book: His Lordship's Holiday Surprise)
Melissa Maguire - (Book: His Majesty's Child)
Marianne Winslow - (Book: His Mask of Retribution)
Merrow O'Connell - (Book: His Mistress, His Terms)
Molly Townsend - (Book: His Mother's Wedding)
Megan O'Malley - (Book: His Mountain Miss)
Melanie Stark - (Book: His Mysterious Ways)
Marietta Hope - (Book: His One Woman)
Mia - (Book: His Other Lover)
Melissa York - (Book: His Perfect Woman)
Melissa York - (Book: His Perfect Woman [Large Print])
Megan - (Book: His Pregnancy Bargain)
Mia Fredrickson - (Book: His Pregnancy Ultimatum)
Mia Stewart - (Book: His Pregnant Mistress)
Mallon Braithwaite - (Book: His Pretend Mistress )
Merrily Gage - (Book: His Private Nurse)
Maeve O'Shea - (Book: His Rebel Bride)
Majella Goldsworth - (Book: His Runaway Nurse (UK))
Mary Winters - (Book: His Secret Duchess)
Madison Graham - (Book: His Taste of Temptation (ebook))
Marcy Monroe - (Book: His Temporary Live-In Wife)
Mayor Jessica Kincaid - (Book: His Touch)
Marin - (Book: His Untamed Innocent)
Mackenzie Sloan - (Book: His Wanted Woman)
Meredith Munro - (Book: His Wicked Ways)
Mia Alatore - (Book: His Wife for One Night)
Marianne Beaufort - (Book: Hitch in Time, A)
Mariah - (Book: Hitched and Hunted)
Mercedes Saddler - (Book: Hitched to the Horseman)
Melanie Hitts - (Book: Hitts & Mrs.)
Monica Wagner - (Book: Hold Fast to Love)
Maggie O'Leary - (Book: Hold Me Close)
Mira Shipley - (Book: Hold on Tight (ebook))
Meg Fraser - (Book: Holding Out for a Hero (UK))
Mark Logan - (Book: Holding the Baby)
Maddie Carlton - (Book: Holiday Prayer)
Maddie Carlton - (Book: Holiday Prayer, A (reissue))
Maggie Skerritt - (Book: Holidays Are Murder)
Mary Rivers - (Book: Holly and the Ivy, The)
Madelaine - (Book: Home Again )
Marigold McKenzie O'Malley - (Book: Home At Last)
Monica - (Book: Home Bound (ebook))
Marian Wells - (Book: Home Field Advantage)
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: Home for a Spell (hardcover))
Maggie - (Book: Home for a Spell (paperback))
Miriam Kauffman - (Book: Home for Hannah, A)
Miriam Kauffman - (Book: Home for Hannah, A (large print))
Melanie Turner - (Book: Home for the Haunting)
Melody Tarleton - (Book: Home in Time For Christmas (Hardcover))
Mia Blair - (Book: Home on Apple Blossom Road)
Miranda - (Book: Home to Morning Star)
Miranda - (Book: Home To Stay)
Morgan Kelly - (Book: Home To The Doctor)
Meghan O'Halleran - (Book: Home to You)
Meghan O'Halleran - (Book: Home to You (large print))
Maggie McCarthy - (Book: Home, a Heart, a Husband, A)
Meri Prescott - (Book: Homecoming Queen Gets Her Man, The)
Madeline Pruett - (Book: Homecoming Ranch)
Miranda Jones - (Book: Homeport (hardcover))
Miranda Jones - (Book: Homeport (reprint))
Marina Burns - (Book: Homespun Hearts)
Mara Keller - (Book: Hometown Cinderella)
Melanie Drake - (Book: Hometown Dad)
Monica Fletcher - (Book: Hometown Girl)
Marianna Itani - (Book: Hometown Hero Returns, The)
Meredith - (Book: Honey Grove)
Meg Harper - (Book: Honeymoon at Home)
Mara MacIvor - (Book: Honor Bound)
Miss Cynthia Clarendon - (Book: Honorable Miss Clarendon, The)
Miss Kit Singleton - (Book: Honorable Thief, An)
Maureen Harris - (Book: Hoodwinked)
Maureen Harris - (Book: Hoodwinked (reissue))
Meg Brooks - (Book: Hooked)
Madalina Dragoi - (Book: Hooked)
Molly Burnett - (Book: Hope Burns)
Meredith Stoltzfus - (Book: Hope of Spring, The)
Margie Kinnard - (Book: Hope's Highway)
Miriam Zehr - (Book: Hopeful)
Melanie Stewart - (Book: Hopeful Heart, A)
Meagan - (Book: Horse Passages)
Madrene Olgadottir - (Book: Hot & Heavy)
Madrene Olgadottir - (Book: Hot and Heavy (reprint))
Megan Benton - (Book: Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Hot Dog)
Molly DeWitt - (Book: Hot Money)
Micki Jordan - (Book: Hot Number)
Micki Jordan - (Book: Hot Number (reissue))
Molly DeWitt - (Book: Hot Property)
Megan Miller - (Book: Hot Rock (ebook))
Molly DeWitt - (Book: Hot Schemes)
Molly DeWitt - (Book: Hot Secret)
Madison Tate - (Book: Hot Spot)
Madison Tate - (Book: Hot Spot (UK))
Molly - (Book: Hot Streak)
Mistress V - (Book: Hot Ticket)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Hounded to Death)
Maggie Holm - (Book: House Calls)
Margrit Knight - (Book: House of Cards)
Megan Stewart - (Book: House of Decadence)
Merit - (Book: House Rules)
Maya Ramirez - (Book: Housekeeper's Daughter, The)
Mira Millridge - (Book: Housewife For Rent)
Megan Briggs - (Book: How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart)
Megan Briggs - (Book: How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart (large print))
Maya McKay - (Book: How Forever Feels (ebook))
Morgan Rawlinson - (Book: How I Found the Perfect Dress)
Melanie - (Book: How To Be Famous)
Meg Lynton - (Book: How to Deceive a Duke)
Madeline Essex - (Book: How to Entice an Earl)
Mo Wenstein - (Book: How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf)
Moira Fraser - (Book: How to Handle a Highlander)
Mae Halford - (Book: How to Marry a Rake)
Middy Cherrywood - (Book: How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days)
Mary Royle - (Book: How to Seduce a Duke)
Maura Caulfield - (Book: How to Sin Successfully)
Minerva Sharpe - (Book: How to Woo a Reluctant Lady)
Mandy Helmuth - (Book: Huckleberry Harvest)
Mackenzie Stone - (Book: Hungry Like a Wolf)
Maggie Varcek - (Book: Hunt Her Down)
Miranda Moore - (Book: Hunt, The)
Miu - (Book: Hunt, The)
Moira Dunne - (Book: Hunted)
Monica Fraser - (Book: Hunter of Shadows)
Minerva - (Book: Hunter Sacrificed (ebook))
Molly Ballard - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Millicent LeCour - (Book: Hunter, The)
Molly Doyle - (Book: Husband from 9 to 5)
Miss Lucinda Partridge - (Book: Husband Hunt, The)
Melanie Carlotti - (Book: Husband in Her Eyes)
Meghan Carroll - (Book: Husband in Her Stocking, A)
Mitzi Sanchez - (Book: Husband List, The)
Meg Ripley - (Book: Husband School)
Melanie Wysh - (Book: Husband She Couldn't Forget, The)
Marla - (Book: Husband To Belong To, A)
Mallory Flannigan - (Book: Husband: Optional)
Molly Sullivan - (Book: Hush Now, Don't You Cry)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Hush Puppy)
Monica Joyner Phillips - (Book: I Ain't Perfect)
Maddie Winston - (Book: I Dream of You)
Mia Luchese - (Book: I Hunger for You)
Madison Reed - (Book: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow)
Madison Reed - (Book: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (reprint))
Margaret de Lacey - (Book: I Love the Earl (eBook))
Maggie Carpenter - (Book: I See London)
Mollie Carrington - (Book: I Wish You Were Mine (ebook))
Maddie Carmichael - (Book: I Won't!)
Myla Howell - (Book: I'll Be Home for Christmas)
Maggie Culpepper - (Book: I'll Be Home for Christmas)
Maureen Hart - (Book: I'm Your Man)
Maggie Agton - (Book: Ice And Rapture)
Monica Tye - (Book: Ice Crystals)
Mistress Marguerite - (Book: Ice Queen)
Michelle Snow - (Book: Icing on the Cake, The (trade))
Miss Abigail Gardiner - (Book: Ideal Wife, The (reissue))
Melissa Daniels - (Book: Identity Crisis)
Mallory Roth - (Book: Identity Crisis)
Mallory Roth - (Book: Identity Crisis (large print))
Molly Duncan - (Book: If a Man Answers)
Madison Tyler - (Book: If I Can't Have You (hardcover))
Mia - (Book: If I Stay)
Madison Adair - (Book: If Looks Could Kill)
Memory Patterson - (Book: If Memory Serves)
Memory Patterson - (Book: If Memory Serves (reprint))
Mary Beckett - (Book: If Only)
Marla Cahill - (Book: If She Only Knew)
Marla Cahill - (Book: If She Only Knew (reissue))
Marla Cahill - (Book: If She Only Knew (reprint))
Mary Karen Vaughn - (Book: If the Ring Fits)
Melanie Watters - (Book: If the Stick Turns Pink)
Maxey Burnell - (Book: If Two of Them Are Dead)
Melanie Turner - (Book: If Walls Could Talk (ebook))
Mariah Throckmorton - (Book: If You Believe )
Maggie Benson - (Book: If You Don't Know By Now)
Maggie Benson - (Book: If You Don't Know by Now (reissue))
Michelle Michaels - (Book: If You Just Say Yes)
Madison Hill - (Book: If You Leave)
Margery Mackinnon - (Book: If You Love Me)
Mila Hill - (Book: If You Stay)
Mercy Atkins - (Book: If You were Mine)
Meah - (Book: Illegitimate Claim, The (ebook))
Margaret Huntington Smitha - (Book: Imagine)
Mara - (Book: Immaculate)
Maya Black - (Book: Immortal Danger)
Maxine Deveraux - (Book: Immortal Kiss)
Melanie Daly - (Book: Immortals Ops: Radar Detection (ebook))
Megan Feurer - (Book: Impetuous Amazon, The (ebook))
Miranda Garret - (Book: Importance of Being Wicked, The)
Miss Helen Fairmead - (Book: Impossible Confession, An (reissue))
Maya Alyssum - (Book: Impossible Dreams)
Melisande St. Clair - (Book: Impostor, The )
Melissa Stapleton - (Book: Impoverished Viscount, The)
Miss Charis Winslade - (Book: Improper Acquaintances (UK))
Miss Latimer - (Book: Improper Aristocrat, An)
Miss Julia Swifton - (Book: Improper Suitor (Hardcover))
Margaret Delaney
- (Book: Improper Wife, The)
Miss Vanessa Pymbroke - (Book: Impulsive Miss Pymbroke, The)
Molly Fairchild - (Book: In a Class by Himself )
Maggie Sutton - (Book: In a Cowboy's Arms)
Molly Murphy - (Book: In a Gilded Cage (hardcover))
Molly Murphy - (Book: In a Gilded Cage (paperback))
Maggie O'Neil - (Book: In a Soldier's Arms)
Matalia McTaver - (Book: In A Wild Wood)
Mairin - (Book: In Bed With a Highlander)
Meredith Palmer - (Book: In Bed With the Devil)
Maggie Whiteside - (Book: In Care of Sam Beaudry)
Madison Delaney - (Book: In Care of the Sheriff)
Melina Becker - (Book: In Destiny's Shadow)
Molly Murphy - (Book: In Dublin's Fair City (hardcover))
Molly Murphy - (Book: In Dublin's Fair City (paperback))
Mibby McManus - (Book: In Every Flower)
Margot Smith - (Book: In Flight)
Meg Lawrence - (Book: In God's Own Time)
Molly Preston - (Book: In Good Company )
Michelle Johns - (Book: In His Arms)
Marsha Sullivan - (Book: In His Dreams)
Maci Malone Ramsey - (Book: In Hot Water)
Molly Murphy - (Book: In Like Flynn)
Miss Theodosia Tremere - (Book: In My Lady's Chamber)
Molly - (Book: In My Sister's Country)
Mercy - (Book: In Place of Never)
Misty Starr - (Book: In Plain Sight)
Meg Grantham - (Book: In Pursuit of a Proper Husband)
Maggie Ryan - (Book: In Safe Hands)
Mattie Crawford - (Book: In Separate Bedrooms (UK))
Melissa Lee - (Book: In The Banker's Bed)
Marie Delacroix - (Book: In the Bride's Defense)
Mary Evensong - (Book: In the Heart of the Highlander)
Madeline Douglas - (Book: In the Manor of the Millionaire)
Moira Tyndale - (Book: In The Night)
Mary Tudor - (Book: In The Shadow Of The Crown)
Marianne Nesbitt - (Book: In the Thrill of the Night)
Meg Brogan - (Book: In the Waning Light)
Maia Frasier - (Book: In Twilight's Shadow)
Meg Shepherd - (Book: In Your Dreams )
Molly - (Book: In Your Room)
Miss Clementina Brady - (Book: Incomparable Miss Brady, The)
Miss Charis Winslade - (Book: Incorrigible Rake, The)
Maggie Farnsworth - (Book: Incredible Hunk, The)
Mary Bennet - (Book: Independence of Miss Mary Bennet)
Mrs Amaris Chantry - (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Mrs Amaris Chantry - (Book: Independent Lady, An (Large print))
Melinda Winston - (Book: Indestructible)
Michaela (Mica) Marie Chadwick - (Book: Indigo Bay)
Marjory de Warenne - (Book: Infamous)
Miss Linnet Douglas - (Book: Infamous Attachment, An)
Miss Dilys Bryn - (Book: Infamous Rake, The)
Milla Page - (Book: Infatuation)
Mina Roarke - (Book: Infinite Betrayal)
Mimi Lawford - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Maya - (Book: Inherited: Baby)
Mandi - (Book: Ink Spots (ebook))
Molly Porter - (Book: Inn at Oak Creek, The)
Mary Francis Murphy - (Book: Innocence)
Megan McKearn - (Book: Innocent by Association)
Miranda - (Book: Innocent Fire)
Miranda - (Book: Innocent Fire (reissue))
Maisy Edmonds - (Book: Innocent in the Ivory Tower)
Maisy Edmonds - (Book: Innocent in the Ivory Tower (large print))
Madeline Smythe - (Book: Innocent Ruse, An)
Meena Harper - (Book: Insatiable)
Mollie O'Brien - (Book: Instant Mommy)
Mina Carling - (Book: Instinct)
Michelene Tyner - (Book: Interlude)
Margaret McKenna - (Book: Internal Affair)
Marilyn Grimes - (Book: Interuption of Everything, The)
Melodie McConnell - (Book: Interview With a Gargoyle)
Marianna Madison - (Book: Intimate Arrangement, An)
Marlena Maxwell - (Book: Into Danger)
Mattie Clayton - (Book: Into the Corner)
Megan O'Brien - (Book: Into the Whirlwind)
Matilda Candy - (Book: Into the Woods)
Marina - (Book: Intoxicated (novella))
Miss Victoria Lyons - (Book: Intriguing Innocent, An)
Maggie Malone - (Book: Invisible Girl)
Melissa Goodly - (Book: Invitation to Ruin)
Mary Ellen (Kitty) Robertson - (Book: Invitation to Seduction, An)
Mel Watson - (Book: Invitation to the Prince's Palace)
Mel Watson - (Book: Invitation to the Prince's Palace (large print))
Maura - (Book: Irish Gypsy)
Meghann McCarthy - (Book: Irish Lady)
Meghann McCarthy - (Book: Irish Lady)
Meghan - (Book: Iron Daughter, The)
Mina Wentworth - (Book: Iron Duke, The)
Maxine Kiss - (Book: Iron Hunt, The)
Meghan Chase - (Book: Iron King, The)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Iron Kissed)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Iron Kissed (hardcover))
Meghan Chase - (Book: Iron Queen, The)
Madison Cahill - (Book: Irresistible)
Marie Laframboise - (Book: Irresistible (ebook))
Meredee Price - (Book: Irresistible Earl, The)
Meredith Whitman - (Book: Irresistible Forces)
Madeline Casey - (Book: Irresistible Man, An)
Miss Georgina Goring - (Book: Irresolute Rivals, The)
Mickey Campos de Vasco - (Book: Island Dreams)
Meg - (Book: Island Girl)
Mercedes Stone - (Book: Island Haven)
Mercedes Stone - (Book: Island Haven (large print))
Morag Lewis - (Book: Island of Dreams)
Moira Maclean - (Book: Isle of Lies)
Melanie Hart - (Book: Isn't It Rich?)
Melanie Hart - (Book: Isn't It Rich? (reissue))
Mary Jane Cherry - (Book: It Began with a Crush)
Maggie Fitzgerald - (Book: It Had To Be You)
Michaela Langtry - (Book: It Happened at Midnight)
Martha Townsend - (Book: It Must have Been the Mistletoe)
Maya Stark - (Book: It's A Green Thing)
Mandy Delinski - (Book: It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life)
Marianne Wilson - (Book: It's All Greek to Me)
Melanie Bennett - (Book: It's That Time of Year)
Miranda - (Book: Italian Count's Command, The )
Meg - (Book: Italian Groom, The)
Mercy Howard - (Book: Italian Millionaire's Virgin Wife, The)
Maisie Burns - (Book: Italian Tycoon's Bride, The)
Mandy Jenkins - (Book: Italian Tycoon, Secret Son)
Meghan Selby - (Book: Italian's Chosen Wife, The)
Meghan Selby - (Book: Italian's Chosen Wife, The (Large Print))
Milly Lee - (Book: Italian's Price, The )
Miri - (Book: Jace)
Madison Parker - (Book: Jack of Hearts)
Meg Wolf - (Book: Jacks Are Wild)
Margaret Fisher - (Book: Jackson Hole Valentine)
Michelle - (Book: Jacob's Girls)
Maya Anderson - (Book: Jaguar Fever)
Meghan Lawrence - (Book: Jaguar Night)
Melissa Overton - (Book: Jaguar Pride)
Meg Stanford - (Book: Jake)
Madeleine Houser - (Book: January Bride, A (ebook novella))
Milena Shabanov - (Book: Jasper Mountain)
Miss Jemima Dancer - (Book: Jemima Dancer)
Miryam - (Book: Jerusalem Scrolls, The)
Meghan Douglas - (Book: Jewel and the Sword, The)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Jingle Bell Bark)
Molly Stevens - (Book: Joe's Girl)
Meg Telford - (Book: Joe's Wife)
Meg Stiles - (Book: Johnny Be Good)
Madeline Hunter - (Book: Journey)
Miranda Fox - (Book: Journey to the Pearl (ebook))
May Price - (Book: Jude's Law)
Mary McKinney - (Book: July Thunder)
Maggie Callahan - (Book: Just A Small-Town Girl)
Megan Daily - (Book: Just After Midnight)
Mallory - (Book: Just Between Us)
Monica Albright - (Book: Just Between Us)
Monica Albright - (Book: Just Between Us)
Marilyn - (Book: Just Desserts)
Martha Blue - (Book: Just for Christmas Night)
Morgan James - (Book: Just For Fun)
Megan Donnelly - (Book: Just Like Jack)
Maddy Kelly - (Book: Just Married...Again)
Marissa Criswell - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Melanie Masterson - (Book: Just One Last Night)
Melody Fitzgerald - (Book: Just One Lie)
Mary Beth Caine - (Book: Just the Way You Are)
Meg Sugarbaker - (Book: Just Toying Around)
Megan Bartlett - (Book: Justin's Bride)
Meghan Wright - (Book: Kansas City's Bravest)
Miss Kate Sheridan - (Book: Kate and the Marquess)
Miss Kate Millbank - (Book: Kate and the Soldier)
Maudie Winters - (Book: Keegan's Hunt)
Margaret Meehan - (Book: Keeners, The)
Mel - (Book: Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink)
Maggie - (Book: Keep My Heart Forever)
Mackenzie Walker - (Book: Keep on Loving You)
Miranda Tallant - (Book: Keeper Of My Heart)
Melanie Turner - (Book: Keeper of the Castle)
Mariette Levine - (Book: Keeper, The)
Marilyn Devry-Evans - (Book: Keeping Score)
Madeleine Knight - (Book: Kept by the Tycoon (UK))
Malory Price - (Book: Key of Light)
Mayzie - (Book: Key to the Golden Firebird, The)
Molly - (Book: Kids Included!)
Mary Lowell - (Book: Kilgannon)
Maddie Ingersoll - (Book: Killer Affair)
Maria de Silva - (Book: Killer Cargo)
Meg Delaney - (Book: Killer Cowboy Charm)
Maddie Springer - (Book: Killer In High Heels)
Mary DiNunzio - (Book: Killer Smile)
Megan Sheridan - (Book: Killing Moon)
Megan Sheridan - (Book: Killing Moon [reissue])
McKenna Rigsby - (Book: Killshadow Road)
Melanie Kincaid - (Book: Kincaid Bride, The)
Madeleine - (Book: Kindred Hearts)
Marianne Barnett - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Marianne Barnett - (Book: Kindred Spirits (reissue))
Marguerite of Alencon - (Book: King's Mistress, The)
Monique Vicknair - (Book: Kiss And Dwell)
Marnie Wright - (Book: Kiss and Tell)
Miranda Kelly - (Book: Kiss and Tell)
Mary Tolliver - (Book: Kiss For Lady Mary, A)
Marisol Castellan - (Book: Kiss in the Wind, A (ebook))
Mandy Newman - (Book: Kiss Me Deadly)
Megan Cooper - (Book: Kiss Me Maybe (ebook))
Madeline Lowell - (Book: Kiss Me Once Again)
Merry Gentry - (Book: Kiss of Shadows, A)
Mariah Hunter - (Book: Kiss of the Phantom)
Miranda Hart - (Book: Kiss of Wrath)
Margo Gentry - (Book: Kiss Test, The)
Melanie Gibson - (Book: Kiss The Cook )
Martha Rose - (Book: Kisses in the Rain)
Meredith Duncan - (Book: Kisses Like a Devil)
Maggie Turner - (Book: Kissing Bandit, The )
Maggie - (Book: Kissing the Blarney Stone (ebook))
Mackenzie Reese - (Book: Kissing The Man Next Door)
Mary Sullivan - (Book: Kissing Under the Mistletoe)
Marian de Lacy - (Book: Knave of Hearts)
Mrs. Lilith Davenant - (Book: Knaves' Wager)
Mariah - (Book: Knight's Honor, A)
Miriel - (Book: Knight's Prize)
Marietta - (Book: Knight, the Knave and the Lady, The)
Mariska - (Book: Kodiak Chained)
Maddie - (Book: Kouvaris Marriage, The)
Mara Pearsall - (Book: La Casa Dorada)
Mara Pearsall - (Book: La Casa Dorada (reissue))
Maxine - (Book: Labrynith of Stars)
Melly - (Book: Lace and Satin)
Meredith Lewis - (Book: Ladies' Man, The)
Miss Henrietta Cheriton - (Book: Lady & the Rogue, The)
Maureen Bryant - (Book: Lady and the Champ, The)
Madeline Howard - (Book: Lady and the Officer, The)
Miss Cordelia Darcy - (Book: Lady Aurelia's Bequest)
Martha Russell - (Book: Lady Awakened, A)
Marlayna O'Brian - (Book: Lady Be Bad)
Madeline - (Book: Lady Betrayed, A)
Miss Meriel Hathaway - (Book: Lady Blue)
Miss Cressida Merriton - (Book: Lady from Lisbon, The)
Margaret Guarneri - (Book: Lady In Black)
Meredith Langston - (Book: Lady in Red)
Mary Darrel - (Book: Lady in Red)
Merlyn Forrest Steele - (Book: Lady Love)
Merlyn Forrest Steele - (Book: Lady Love (reissue))
Madeline Fordwich - (Book: Lady Madeline's Folly)
Maggie Windham - (Book: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal)
Margery Quennell - (Book: Lady Margery's Intrigue)
Maryann Rivington - (Book: Lady Maryann's Dilemma)
Mercy Danforthe - (Book: Lady Mercy Danforthe Flirts with Scandal, The)
Meriel-called Merry - (Book: Lady Merry's Dashing Champion)
Michaelmas Faulkner - (Book: Lady Miracle)
Margaret Vaughn - (Book: Lady Most Lovely, A)
Mary Bascombe - (Book: Lady Never Tells, A)
Miss Marianne Findlay - (Book: Lady Next Door, The)
Madeleine Charrron - (Book: Lady of Consequence, A)
Mia Stanley - (Book: Lady of High Regard, A)
Miss Louisa Finsham - (Book: Lady of Independent Means, A)
Miss Louisa Finsham - (Book: Lady of Independent Means, A (UK))
Marianne Arnet - (Book: Lady of Letters, A)
Margaret MacDonald - (Book: Lady of Lochabar)
Miss Charlotte Forester - (Book: Lady of Property, A)
Meg Wolfe - (Book: Lady of Secrets, A)
Marion - (Book: Lady of Sherwood)
Marian of Ravenskeep - (Book: Lady of the Forest (reissue))
Moira FitzGerald - (Book: Lady of the Keep)
Morganna KilCreggar - (Book: Lady of the Knight)
Marian of Ravenskeep - (Book: Lady of the Sherwood (reissue))
Mercedes Lockhart - (Book: Lady Risks All, A)
Miranda Clifford - (Book: Lady Risks All, The)
Meg Quincy - (Book: Lady Semple's Secret)
Minerva (Mina) Caldwell - (Book: Lady Sparrow)
Meredith Merriweather - (Book: Lady's Guide to Rakes, A)
Miss Cassandra Russell - (Book: Lady's Mummy, The)
Merriam Everett - (Book: Lady's Pleasure, A)
Meg Linley - (Book: Lady's Point of View, A)
Miss Elinor Bennett - (Book: Ladyship, The (Hardcover))
Miss Elinor Bennett - (Book: Ladyship, The (reissue))
Michele Jenks - (Book: Lake Braxton)
Maureen Davenport - (Book: Lakeshore Christmas (Hardcover))
Maureen Davenport - (Book: Lakeshore Christmas (paperback))
Maidie Worthing - (Book: Lakeside Season, A)
Maggie Brandt - (Book: Lakota Baby)
Miriam Elizabeth Swanson - (Book: Land of Mango Sunsets, The (Hardcover))
Miriam Elizabeth Swanson - (Book: Land of Mango Sunsets, The (reissue))
Marietta Warrington - (Book: Lanterns)
Marietta Warrington - (Book: Lanterns (Hardcover))
Mia Quinn - (Book: Larkspur Road)
Mrs. Annabella St. Auby - (Book: Larkswood Legacy, The)
McKenna Sloan - (Book: Last Chance)
Molly Gallagher - (Book: Last Chance Christmas, A)
Maria Porterfield - (Book: Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter)
Marnie Price - (Book: Last Groom Standing)
Morgan Lafayette - (Book: Last Highlander, The)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Last Illusion, The (hardcover))
Molly Murphy - (Book: Last Illusion, The (paperback))
Molly Moreton - (Book: Last Laugh, The)
Madelyn Grayson - (Book: Last Man on Earth, The)
Madison Wainright - (Book: Last Marchetti Bachelor, The)
Marnie Raines - (Book: Last of the Good Guys)
Miranda Lynch - (Book: Last of the Ravens)
Mary Ann Hardwicke - (Book: Last Promise)
Megan Cassidy - (Book: Last Spy Standing)
Megan Cassidy - (Book: Last Spy Standing (large print))
Maggie Mayfield - (Book: Last Summer)
Meredith Foster - (Book: Last Viking, The)
Meredith Foster - (Book: Last Viking, The (mass market))
Michaela Doucet - (Book: Last Wolf Watching)
Mia Shields - (Book: Last Words)
Maureen Shannon - (Book: Lasting Proposal, A)
Mary Randolph - (Book: Law and Miss Mary, The)
Mariah Penny - (Book: Law And Miss Penny, The)
Mara Hanover - (Book: Law Man)
Megan Goodwin - (Book: Lawman Claims His Bride, The)
Macy Kleyn - (Book: Lawman Lover)
Macy Kleyn - (Book: Lawman Lover (large print))
Molly Calhan - (Book: Lawman Takes a Wife, The)
Merry O'Leary - (Book: Lawman's Legacy, The)
Megan O'Ryan - (Book: Lawman-in-Charge)
Margot Walker - (Book: Lead Me On)
Mercedes Romero - (Book: Leading Lady)
Marie-Ange Hawkins - (Book: Leap of Faith)
Maddy - (Book: Learning Curves)
Miranda - (Book: Leave it to Cleavage)
Meredith Allen - (Book: Legacy of Croft Castle, The)
Megan - (Book: Legacy of Lies)
Morgain Le Fay - (Book: Legacy of Prator - Avalon's Price, The)
Morgana - (Book: Legacy of Shadows)
Madeline - (Book: Legacy Of The Past)
Marjo Savoy - (Book: Legacy, The)
Marissa Hamilton - (Book: Legal Attraction)
Mina - (Book: Legend of the Highland Dragon)
Miss Eleanor Howard - (Book: Legion's Ladies)
Minnie Hamilton - (Book: Lending a Paw)
Megan Miller - (Book: Less Of A Stranger)
Miranda Braxton - (Book: Less Than Perfect Lady, A)
Madeline Prescott - (Book: Let Sleeping Rogues Lie)
Marie Antoinette - (Book: Let Them Eat Cake)
Marlene Marcoli - (Book: Lethal Lawman)
MaryAnne Parkin - (Book: Letter, The)
Melanie Weber - (Book: License to Thrill)
Margot Janowitz - (Book: Lick and a Promise, A)
Meredith Gentry - (Book: Lick of Frost, A)
Maura O'Halloran - (Book: Lie in the Moment (ebook))
Maya Jamison - (Book: Lies Lovers Tell)
Miss Lydia Whittaker - (Book: Lieutenant's Lady, The)
Mya Donahue - (Book: Life Happens)
Morgan - (Book: Lifelong Affair)
Morgan - (Book: Lifelong Affair (UK))
Megan - (Book: Lifesaver)
Meru Tanner - (Book: Lifting the Veil)
Melissa Weber - (Book: Light Me Up)
Morgana Penrhys - (Book: Light on the Mountain)
Mary Dare - (Book: Lightkeeper, The)
Mary Dare - (Book: Lightkeeper, The (reissue))
Mibby Garrett - (Book: Like A Watered Garden)
Molly Campbell - (Book: Like Dandelion Dust)
Maddie Brooks - (Book: Like Lightning)
Molly Cain - (Book: Line of Fire (ebook))
Madison - (Book: Lingerie Shop, The (ebook novella))
Marietta - (Book: Lion of Languedoc)
Megan Sutherland - (Book: Lion's Heart)
Mistral - (Book: Lioness Tamer, The)
Misty - (Book: Lipstick Hustla)
Miranda Chase - (Book: Lipstick on His Collar )
Matilda Davies - (Book: List, The)
Maria Worley - (Book: Listener, The)
Marissa York - (Book: Little Bit Wild, A)
Mary Bliss McGowan - (Book: Little Bitty Lies)
Molly Jackson - (Book: Little Change Of Plans, A)
May Aiona - (Book: Little Harmless Obsession, A)
Melissa Romney-Jones - (Book: Little Lady Agency and the Prince, The)
Melissa Romney-Jones - (Book: Little Lady Agency, The)
Melissa Romney-Jones - (Book: Little Lady, Big Apple)
Macy McCoy - (Book: Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action, A)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Live and Let Growl (hardcover))
Marian Jensen - (Book: Live-In Lover)
Madison Hillard - (Book: Living on the Edge)
Miller Jacobs - (Book: Living the Charade)
Miller Jacobs - (Book: Living the Charade (large print))
Maria - (Book: Living With Adam)
Maddie Timmons - (Book: Locked and Loaded)
Maddie Timmons - (Book: Locked and Loaded (large print))
Missy Monroe - (Book: Lodge on Holly Road, The)
Marianne Pamberley - (Book: London Flirtation, A)
Mariah Ashe - (Book: Lone Star Bride)
Melody Chandler - (Book: Lone Star Cinderella)
Melody Chandler - (Book: Lone Star Cinderella)
Mia Hughes - (Book: Lone Star Cinderella)
Marissa Williams - (Book: Lone Warrior)
Mehcredi - (Book: Lone Warrior, The)
Marika - (Book: Lone Wolf)
Mollie Parker - (Book: Lone Wolfe, The)
Mollie Parker - (Book: Lone Wolfe, The (large print))
Mei Clayton - (Book: Loner's Thanksgiving Wish, The)
Mei Clayton - (Book: Loner's Thanksgiving Wish, The (large print))
Maggie - (Book: Long Night's Loving)
Maggie Jefferson - (Book: Long Southern Nights)
Marnie Hibbs - (Book: Long Time Coming)
Morgan Barrett - (Book: Long Time Gone)
Maddie Hardin - (Book: Longhorn)
Mary Catlett - (Book: Longing Season, The)
Miss Daphne Kendall - (Book: Lord and Master)
Mary Wardour - (Book: Lord Hadleigh's Rebellion)
Miss Persey McCall - (Book: Lord Harlequin)
Miss Angela Walter - (Book: Lord Harry's Angel)
Minerva Sterling - (Book: Lord Langley is Back in Town)
Miranda Russell - (Book: Lord Margrave's Deception)
Mary Butterberry - (Book: Lord Nightingale's Triumph)
Margaret - (Book: Lord of Darkness)
Mirana - (Book: Lord of Hawkfell Island)
Miranda FitzHubert - (Book: Lord of Ice)
Margaret Smytheson - (Book: Lord of Lightning)
Madeline of Baddersley - (Book: Lord Of My Heart)
Madeleine of Baddersley - (Book: Lord of My Heart (reissue))
Meg - (Book: Lord of the Deep)
Morgana Fitzgerald - (Book: Lord of the Isle)
Miss Elinor Stapleton - (Book: Lord Orlando's Protégée)
Mary Fulton - (Book: Lord Sin (Series: Nobles - Books 2))
Miss Celestine Simons - (Book: Lord St. Claire's Angel)
Melpomene Lowery - (Book: Lord St. Leger's Find)
Mary Grant - (Book: Lord Wyland Takes a Wife)
Maude le Vavasour/Lady Maude Walter - (Book: Lords of the White Castle)
Marjorie Montmorency James - (Book: Lords, Ladies and Marjorie, My)
Michaele Ramey - (Book: Lost)
Marnie - (Book: Lost In Love)
Macy Hayward - (Book: Lost in You)
Miss Jessamine Dalton - (Book: Lost Legacy, The)
Meghan Chase - (Book: Lost Prince, The)
Maria Bordoni - (Book: Lost Princess, The (Large Print))
Marin Alexander - (Book: Lost Yesterday)
Michelle thurston - (Book: Louisiana Lovin')
Margo Evans - (Book: Love And The Single Mom)
Marilee Coltrane - (Book: Love and Triumph)
Malene - (Book: Love Another Day)
Maura O'Neal - (Book: Love at Sea)
Maura O'Neal - (Book: Love at Sea (ebook))
Micaela Dupree - (Book: Love Be Mine)
Mae Wilkey - (Book: Love Blooms in Winter)
Melody Cannon - (Book: Love Built to Last, A)
Marty Claridge - (Book: Love Comes Softly)
Milan Dixon - (Book: Love Contract)
Martha Pappas - (Book: Love From Greece)
Madeline Cartwright - (Book: Love is a Four-Legged Word)
Molly Capshaw - (Book: Love Like Romeo and Juliet, A)
Melina Wenham - (Book: Love Me (ebook))
Melina - (Book: Love Me More (ebook))
Maggie Dumont - (Book: Love Me Tomorrow)
Marietta Danver - (Book: Love Me, Marietta)
Maggie Maguire - (Book: Love of a Lifetime)
Maggie Maguire - (Book: Love of a Lifetime (large print))
Marguerite Beale - (Book: Love Season)
Maggie Hobbs - (Book: Love Through Time, A)
Maggie Trueheart - (Book: Love Under Siege)
Melisande - (Book: Love Untamed, A)
Melody Spencer - (Book: Love With a Perfect Cowboy)
Mariah Carver - (Book: Love With the Proper Stranger)
Madeleine Knight - (Book: Love Without Lies)
Merrie Lassiter - (Book: Love's Charade)
Maggie - (Book: Love's Daring Dream)
Miranda - (Book: Love's Endless Flame)
May Lassiter - (Book: Love's Escapade)
Mara Rosemond - (Book: Love's Haven)
Martina - (Book: Love's Inferno)
Missie - (Book: Love's Long Journey)
Marietta Danver - (Book: Love's Tender Fury)
Maura Stirling - (Book: Love's Tender Promise)
Mariah Roswell - (Book: Love, Honor and a Pregnant Bride)
Meg Addams - (Book: Love, Suburban Style)
Mara Sheppard - (Book: Lover Enslaved)
Mary Luce - (Book: Lover Eternal)
Mary Luce - (Book: Lover Eternal (hardcover reprint))
Molly Harris - (Book: Lover in the Shadows)
Molly Harris - (Book: Lover in the Shadows (reissue))
Marissa - (Book: Lover Revealed)
Marissa - (Book: Lover Revealed (hardcover--reprint))
Meli O'Connor - (Book: Lover's Choice)
Michaela Sellars - (Book: Lover's Dream , A)
Maggie Macintyre - (Book: Lover's Leap)
Melinda Murphy - (Book: Lovers In Hiding)
Melody Green - (Book: Lovers' Moon)
Momoko - (Book: Lovers' Room, The)
Madeline - (Book: Lovestorm)
Maggie O'Shea - (Book: Loving a Legend)
Mariah Clarke - (Book: Loving a Lost Lord)
Mary Anne Randall - (Book: Loving Enemies)
Marcia Brady - (Book: Loving Lady Marcia)
Mara Rydale - (Book: Loving Longest)
Mercy Clarke - (Book: Loving Mercy)
Miranda - (Book: Loving Miranda)
Miss Emma Berryman - (Book: Loving Seasons, The)
Maddit Hayes - (Book: Loving the Chase)
Mariah - (Book: Lucifer's Angel)
Muriel - (Book: Lucifer's Daughter)
Megan West - (Book: Luck Be a Lady)
Maura Fitzgerald - (Book: Luck of the Devil)
Maggie Squires - (Book: Luck of the Irish (ebook))
Molly Hanks - (Book: Lucky Bride)
Mallory Quinn - (Book: Lucky in Love)
Milli Torres - (Book: Lucky In Love)
Maggie Stewart - (Book: Luke's Promise)
Mary Whaley - (Book: Lush)
Marlowe Wyatt - (Book: Lying in Bed)
Madison Reid - (Book: Lying in Your Arms)
Meghan Brodie - (Book: Lyon's Gift)
Meg MacKenna - (Book: MacKenna's Promise)
Mary Elizabeth Potter - (Book: Mackenzie's Mountain)
Mary Elizabeth Potter - (Book: Mackenzie's Mountain (reissue))
Meg Drummond - (Book: MacLaren's Bride)
Mia DeNero - (Book: Mad About Mia)
Melissa - (Book: Mad Lord's Daughter, The)
Meagan Tavistock - (Book: Mad, Bad Duke, The)
Madalena de Brussec - (Book: Madalena)
Madalena de Brussec - (Book: Madalena)
Madam - (Book: Madam Charlie)
Marianna Wren - (Book: Madame Bliss)
Madeline - (Book: Maddie Inherits a Cowboy)
Maddie Rutledge - (Book: Maddie's Justice)
Maddy Lawrence - (Book: Maddy Lawrence's Big Adventure)
Miranda Woodruff - (Book: Made to Last)
Madeleine - (Book: Madeleine's Christmas Wish (ebook))
Madeleine Harmon - (Book: Madeleine's Cowboy)
Madeline St. James - (Book: Madeline's Protector)
Madeline Beaumont - (Book: Madeline's Song)
Madelon del Rivas y Montevides - (Book: Madelon)
Madison Belle - (Book: Madison's Children)
Mae Hendrickson - (Book: Mae's Promise)
Morgan - (Book: Mage's Daughter, The)
Morgan - (Book: Mage's Daughter, The (reprint))
Maggie Wescott - (Book: Maggie and her Colonel)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: Maggie by the Book)
Maggie Taylor - (Book: Maggie Mine)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: Maggie Needs an Alibi)
Maggie Kelly - (Book: Maggie Without A Clue)
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: Maggie's Beau)
Maggie Ferringer - (Book: Maggie's Man (reprint))
Megan Wright - (Book: Maggie's Miracle)
Maggie Kendall - (Book: Maggie's Miscellany)
Maggie O'Keefe - (Book: Maggie's Mistake)
Maggie - (Book: Maggie's Mistake (Trade))
Maggie Foster - (Book: Maggie's Pride)
Maggie Thorne - (Book: Maggie's Wish)
Maggy Forrest - (Book: Maggy's Child)
Mary Fallon Delaney - (Book: Magic)
Mora Abbott - (Book: Magic Man)
Mora Abbott - (Book: Magic Man (reissue))
Merry Roberts - (Book: Magic of Christmas, The)
Miss Mariah Parbury - (Book: Magnificent Marquess, The)
Mirabelle Kingsley - (Book: Magnificent Mirabelle, The)
Mandy Ashton - (Book: Magnificent Passage)
Megan O'Connell - (Book: Magnificient Match, A)
Magnolia Bellamy - (Book: Magnolia)
Mia - (Book: Maharaja's Mistress)
Mahina Gardner - (Book: Mahina's Storm (ebook))
Margaret Macy - (Book: Maid of Fairbourne Hall, The)
Miss Mary Hook - (Book: Maid of Honour, The (UK))
Matilda of Glen Rising - (Book: Maid Until Midnight (ebook))
Maura Finnegan - (Book: Maiden Voyage)
Maura Finnegan - (Book: Maiden Voyage (reissue))
Mistress Lark - (Book: Maiden's Hand, The (reissue))
Margrete Trewsbury - (Book: Maiden's Heart, The)
Milly Matthews - (Book: Mail Order Cowboy)
Melissa Grayson - (Book: Mail Order Groom, The)
Megan Kittridge - (Book: Mail-Order Groom)
Maria McPherson - (Book: Mail-Order Prince in Her Bed)
Maire, Queen of Gleanmara - (Book: Maire)
Meredith Marshall St. James - (Book: Major Attraction)
Miranda Grosvenor
Mrs. Ransford
- (Book: Major's Mistake, The)
Millie St. Clair - (Book: Major's Wife, The)
Meg - (Book: Make Her Dreams Come True)
Maisie - (Book: Make Me (ebook))
Morgan Bayley - (Book: Make Me Hot)
Mariah Eller - (Book: Make Me Yours)
Mikelle Bennet - (Book: Make Room for Daddy)
Maggie Wells - (Book: Make Room For Mommy)
Marcy Galvan - (Book: Make-Believe)
Minty Malone - (Book: Making Minty Malone)
Melanie Gordon - (Book: Making the First Move)
Marnie LaTour - (Book: Male Call)
Marnie LaTour - (Book: Male Call (reissue))
Mallory Tolgarth - (Book: Mallory)
Marigold St. Aubrey - (Book: Mally)
Mildred Peacock - (Book: Mama)
Marcy Paglinowski - (Book: Man at Work)
Marianne Lockwood - (Book: Man Behind the Mask, The)
Marlie Waters - (Book: Man For All Seasons, A)
Maggie Moore - (Book: Man for Maggie Moore, A)
Maggie - (Book: Man For Maggie, The)
Maddie Chancelor - (Book: Man From Stone Creek, The)
Madeline Maguire - (Book: Man In A Million, A)
Melissa Hartford - (Book: Man In Black)
Miss Eden Beckett - (Book: Man of Affairs, A)
Meg Talbot - (Book: Man of Her Dreams)
Maggie Swain - (Book: Man Of Her Dreams)
Mea Jones - (Book: Man of Honor)
Miss Parkinson - (Book: Man of Many Talents, A)
Meredith Johns - (Book: Man of Means, A)
Meredith Johns - (Book: Man of Means, A (Hardcover))
Megan Penworthy - (Book: Man of My Dreams)
Megan Penworthy - (Book: Man of My Dreams (ebook))
Maggie Eagle Heart - (Book: Man of Privilege, A)
Madeleine - (Book: Man of Shadows)
Maizie Walker - (Book: Man She Married, The)
Mallory Scott - (Book: Man Shy)
Marian Laton - (Book: Man To Call My Own, A)
Marisol Luna - (Book: Man to Rely On, A)
Marly Kramer - (Book: Man Without a Badge)
Meredith Lawton - (Book: Man Without a Past)
Manon DeMille - (Book: Manon)
Miss Fanny Price - (Book: Mansfield Park (reissue))
Miss Miranda Thorpe - (Book: Mansion for a Lady)
Mia Marcelli - (Book: Marcelli Princess, The)
Miss Katherine Daltry - (Book: Marchington Scandal, The)
Marci - (Book: Marci's Desire)
Mia Sanderson - (Book: Mardi Gras (ebook))
Mardie Rainey - (Book: Mardie and the City Surgeon)
Mardie Rainey - (Book: Mardie and the City Surgeon (large print))
Margarita - (Book: Margarita)
Maria Elena - (Book: Maria Elena)
Mariah - (Book: Mariah)
Mariah West - (Book: Mariah's Prize)
Marian Wynswich - (Book: Marian's Christmas Wish)
Marianne Horne - (Book: Marianne and the Marquis)
Mariel Wythe - (Book: Mariel)
Marietta - (Book: Marietta)
Marigold Marchmont Arnold - (Book: Marigold's Marriage)
Maggie Wheeler - (Book: Marine Next Door, The)
Maggie Wheeler - (Book: Marine Next Door, The (large print))
Marie Santini - (Book: Marine Under the Mistletoe)
Marisa de Brionne - (Book: Marisa)
Marista Kaljin - (Book: Marista)
Mischa - (Book: Marital Bliss (ebook))
Maya Flores - (Book: Mark of the Sylph)
Maya Flores - (Book: Mark of the Sylph (reissue))
Maddie Kincaid - (Book: Marked for Marriage)
Margo McBride - (Book: Marked For Murder)
Meg Corbyn - (Book: Marked in Flesh)
Marley Jacobs - (Book: Marley and Her Scrooge)
Marna - (Book: Marna)
Margaret Munroe - (Book: Marquis' Kiss, The)
Melody Bainbridge - (Book: Marriage a la Mode)
Megan Summers - (Book: Marriage Beat, The)
Miranda Branscombe - (Book: Marriage Brokers, The)
Miss Alice Osborne - (Book: Marriage by Decree)
Megan Kane - (Book: Marriage by Necessity)
Megan Kane - (Book: Marriage by Necessity (reissue))
Megan Padget - (Book: Marriage by the Book)
Melody Nolan - (Book: Marriage Charm, The)
Mattie Farrell - (Book: Marriage Curse, The)
Meghan Yost - (Book: Marriage for Meghan, A)
Marianne Shelton - (Book: Marriage Lesson, The)
May Sheffers - (Book: Marriage List, The)
Mary Wagnall - (Book: Marriage Mart, The)
Matilda Lang - (Book: Marriage Miracle, The)
Margaret Landor - (Book: Marriage Most Scandalous)
Marietta Chase - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Madison - (Book: Marriage Project, The)
Miss Georgia Canning - (Book: Marriage Scheme, The)
Molly - (Book: Marriage to a Stranger)
Maggie Hughes - (Book: Marriage to Fight For, A)
Maggie Carmichael - (Book: Marriage To Remember, A (UK))
Maggie Carmichael - (Book: Marriage to Remember. A)
Maggie Ryan - (Book: Marriage Trap, The )
Miss Constance Woodley - (Book: Marriage Wager, The)
Maggie Drummond - (Book: Marriage, The)
Melinda Bravo - (Book: Married By Accident)
Melinda Bravo - (Book: Married By Accident (reissue))
McKella Patterson - (Book: Married in Haste)
Maxie Kendall - (Book: Married to a Mistress)
Mary Fleming - (Book: Married to a Perfect Stranger)
Mallory Prescott - (Book: Marry In Haste)
Madeline Krug - (Book: Marry Me at Christmas (hardcover))
Millicent Dunsworthy - (Book: Marry Me Millie)
Mary Claire Reynolds - (Book: Marry Me, Cowboy)
Maddie Summers - (Book: Marry Me, Maddie)
Maddy Chandler - (Book: Marrying Maddy)
Mary Pagett - (Book: Marrying Mary)
Mary Pagett - (Book: Marrying Mary (reissue))
Mary Pagett - (Book: Marrying Mary (UK))
Mary Pagett - (Book: Marrying Mary (UK-reissue))
Mattie Idyll - (Book: Marrying Mattie (ebook))
Miss Maria Monkton - (Book: Marrying Miss Monkton)
Molly O'Dare - (Book: Marrying Molly)
Miss Columbine Sommes - (Book: Marrying Season, The)
Meggie Best - (Book: Marrying Stone)
Meg Perry - (Book: Marrying the Northbridge Nanny)
Maggie Shepherd - (Book: Marrying the Virgin Nanny)
Morgan Parrish - (Book: Marrying the Wrong Man)
Miriel Weaver - (Book: Marsh King's Daughter, The)
Merritt Dixon - (Book: Marshal and Miss Merritt, The)
Meri McIsaac - (Book: Marshal Meets His Match, The)
Margaret Mary Flaherty - (Book: Marshal's Destiny, The)
Martha "Marty" Rawlings - (Book: Marty's Ride)
Mary Vale - (Book: Mary and the Marquis (ebook))
Mary Ashe - (Book: Mary Ashe)
Mary Ashe - (Book: Mary Ashe (reissue))
Mary Montlaine - (Book: Mary, Sweet Mary)
Maryelle - (Book: Maryelle)
Margaret Wells - (Book: Masked Deception, A)
Margaret Wells - (Book: Masked Deception, A (UK))
Mimi Cannady - (Book: Mason's Marriage)
Mimi Cannady - (Book: Mason's Marriage (ebook))
Mimi Cannady - (Book: Mason's Marriage (reissue))
Marguerite Balfour - (Book: Masquerade in the Moonlight, A)
Miss Eloise Porter - (Book: Masquerade of Love)
Maxine Tarnover - (Book: Masquerade Waltz)
Miranda Drake - (Book: Master of Darkness)
Megan Drew - (Book: Master of Moor House, The)
Madeline Drummond - (Book: Master of the Highlands)
Minerva Chesterton - (Book: Mastered By Love)
Marissa - (Book: Mastering Marissa (reprint))
Meredith Burnley - (Book: Mastering the Marquess)
Melissa Harrington - (Book: Match for Melissa, A)
Morgan Cutler - (Book: Match for Morgan, A)
Maggy MacFergus - (Book: Match for Sister Maggy, A)
Maggy MacFergus - (Book: Match for Sister Maggy, A (reissue))
Maggy MacFergus - (Book: Match for Sister Maggy, A (UK))
Maggie Bell - (Book: Match for the Single Dad, A)
Melanie Prentiss - (Book: Match Made By Cupid, A)
Miss Beatrice Copland - (Book: Matchmaker's Christmas, A)
Molly Crabtree - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Maggie Romer - (Book: Matchmaking Machine )
Matty Stone - (Book: Matchmaking Miss, A)
McKenna Bailey - (Book: Matchmaking With A Mission)
Matilda - (Book: Matilda's Wedding)
Matilda - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (reissue))
Matilda - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (UK))
Matilda - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (UK-Large Print))
Matilda - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (UK-reissue))
Matilda Delany - (Book: Matilda, the Adventuress)
Mallory Ginelly/Zoe Wilde - (Book: Mating Game, The)
Mary Dennison - (Book: Mating Game, The)
Mattie - (Book: Mattie and the Blacksmith)
Martine Galway - (Book: Maverick and the Lady, The)
Marilee Haggerty - (Book: Maverick Takes a Wife, The)
Maxie - (Book: Maxie)
Maxie Rodriquez - (Book: Maxie's Man (ebook))
Maggie Reyes - (Book: Maximum Security)
Miranda Carmichael - (Book: Mayhem & Miranda)
Madison Blake - (Book: Mayhem and Maddie (ebook))
Maddie Springer - (Book: Mayhem in High Heels)
Mara Simon - (Book: McCloud's Woman)
Maggie Worthington - (Book: McCrory's Lady)
Marnie O'Connor - (Book: McIvor Affair, The)
Meg McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick Way, The)
Molly Shields - (Book: McKettrick's Heart)
Molly Shields - (Book: McKettrick's Heart (reprint))
Michele Easton - (Book: McLain's Law)
May Northcott - (Book: Me And My Shadow)
Mirabai Kashi - (Book: Measure of a Man (ebook))
Miss Miranda Dennison - (Book: Meddlesome Miranda)
Misty Cordell - (Book: Medusa Affair, The)
Meg Delgado - (Book: Meg & the Mystery Man)
Meg Reilly - (Book: Meg's Confession)
Megan McBride - (Book: Meg's Garden)
Megan McQuarry - (Book: Megan)
Megan Hardaway Carson - (Book: Megan)
Megan Watkins - (Book: Megan)
Megan Fields - (Book: Megan's Mark)
Megan - (Book: Megan's Marriage)
Megan O'Riley - (Book: Megan's Mate)
Melinda Draycourt - (Book: Melinda)
Marilyn - (Book: Melody of Love)
Megan Jansen - (Book: Melt for Him (ebook))
Melanie Rollins - (Book: Meltdown (ebook))
Marion Mathieson - (Book: Memoirs of a Hoyden)
Maggie Stewart - (Book: Memories)
Megan Wells - (Book: Memories of Megan)
Meer Logan - (Book: Memorist, The)
Marly - (Book: Men of August - Marly's Choice)
Miranda - (Book: Men Suck! (ebook))
Mirian - (Book: Menage Lost (ebook))
Maude Griffith - (Book: Mended Hearts)
Meredith Guidry - (Book: Menu For Romance)
Marisa Rodriguez - (Book: Mercenary, The)
Mercy Kilpatrick - (Book: Merciful Death, A)
Michelle Renard - (Book: Mercy)
Mercy Reynolds - (Book: Mercy Burns)
Mallory Russo - (Book: Mercy Street)
Merlyn - (Book: Merlyn's Magic)
Marielle - (Book: Mermaid's Longing, A)
Maris Collier - (Book: Mermaid's Touch, The)
Mariel Evan - (Book: Merry Christmas, Baby)
Miriam Stoltzfus - (Book: Merry Heart, A)
Miriam Stoltzfus - (Book: Merry Heart, A (reissue))
Marina Davidov - (Book: Merry Matchmakers, The)
Madeline Krug - (Book: Merry Me at Christmas (paperback))
Meredith Melville - (Book: Merry's Christmas)
Merry Mattson - (Book: Merry's Christmas)
Merry Fairfield - (Book: Merry, Merry Mischief)
Mia - (Book: Mia and the Powerful Greek)
Miriam Gutierez - (Book: Miami Heat)
Megan Ronrke - (Book: Michael's Father)
Michaela Macintosh - (Book: Michaela's Choice)
Michelle Cooper - (Book: Michelle's Men)
Mara Shannon McCall - (Book: Midnight Blue)
Meg Faulkner - (Book: Midnight Caller)
Miranda Granger - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Miranda Granger - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Marlowe Jones - (Book: Midnight Crystal)
Magdalena Montoya - (Book: Midnight Dancer)
Mercy Pennington - (Book: Midnight Jewels)
Mercy Pennington - (Book: Midnight Jewels (reissue))
Megan Drake - (Book: Midnight Lord)
Marly Fine - (Book: Midnight Madness)
Margo Dodd - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Merit - (Book: Midnight Marked)
Melissa Seymour - (Book: Midnight Masquerade)
Miss Carola Severance - (Book: Midnight Match, The)
Magdalena Flanagan de Sarria - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Mandy Brown - (Book: Midnight Sacrifice)
Melissa Langston - (Book: Midnight Shadows)
Melissa Langston - (Book: Midnight Shadows (large print))
Maria - (Book: Midnight Silk)
Marni Clare - (Book: Midnight Special / Coming on Strong)
Maggie Linden - (Book: Midnight Special, The)
Melisande - (Book: Midnight's Kiss)
Megan Brightwell - (Book: Midnight, Moonlight and Miracles)
Midori Saito - (Book: Midori By Moonlight)
Merlin Lanbourne - (Book: Midsummer Moon)
Merlin Lanbourne - (Book: Midsummer Moon (E-read))
Merlin Lambourne - (Book: Midsummer Moon (reissue))
Miranda Harding - (Book: Midwife's Christmas Miracle, The)
Montana - (Book: Midwife's Little Miracle, The)
Misty - (Book: Midwife's New-Found Family, The)
Meggie Flanagan - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Dylan)
Marisol Arantes - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Ian)
Mia McMahon - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Jack)
Maddie West - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Kieran)
Margaret Truesdale - (Book: Miles Apart)
Millie Brady - (Book: Millie's Fling)
Millie Brady - (Book: Millie's Fling (reissue))
Melody - (Book: Million-Dollar Marriage, The)
Marley Fuller - (Book: Millionaire Dad)
Meg Kelly - (Book: Millionaire Dad's SOS (reissue))
Maureen York - (Book: Millionaire on Her Doorstep)
Miranda Owen - (Book: Millionaire Under the Mistletoe)
Mary Kelley - (Book: Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid, The)
Melody Forester - (Book: Millionaire's Chosen Bride, The (UK))
Miriam - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Wife, The)
Miriam - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Wife, The (UK))
Megan Simmons - (Book: Millionaire's Wedding Revenge)
Melody Forester - (Book: Millioniare's Chosen Bride, The)
Minerva Smith - (Book: Mine Forevermore)
Marigold Pottersby - (Book: Miner's Daughter, The)
Minerva - (Book: Minerva)
Miss Minerva Braithwaite - (Book: Minerva's Marquess)
Miss Minerva Braithwaite - (Book: Minerva's Marquess (UK))
Melody Ashton - (Book: Minor Indiscretions)
Meg Becker - (Book: Minute By Minute)
Miracle Cavendish - (Book: Miracle)
Maggie Monroe - (Book: Miracle Baby)
Milla Brady - (Book: Miracle in Bellaroo Creek (ebook))
Meghan Peese - (Book: Miracle In the Mist)
Miranda Jones - (Book: Miracle Jones (ebook/reissue))
Miranda Leebrook - (Book: Miranda)
Miranda - (Book: Miranda)
Miranda - (Book: Miranda (reissue))
Miranda Thurston - (Book: Miranda and the Warrior)
Miranda Blue - (Book: Miranda Blue Calling (ebook))
Miranda - (Book: Miranda's Big Mistake)
Miranda - (Book: Miranda's Big Mistake (reissue))
Miranda - (Book: Miranda's Masquerade)
Miranda Rousseau - (Book: Miranda's Revenge)
Miranda O'Shea - (Book: Miranda's Viking)
Miriam Yoder - (Book: Miriam's Heart)
Maddie Wallace - (Book: Mirror Image Bride)
Maddie Wallace - (Book: Mirror Image Bride (large print))
Mistress Marguerite - (Book: Mirror Of My Soul)
Mary "Maidie" Hope - (Book: Misfit Maid)
Miss Frances Armstead - (Book: Miss Armstead Wears Black Gloves)
Miss Victoria Blum - (Book: Miss Blum's Dilemma)
Miss Charlotte - (Book: Miss Charlotte Surrenders)
Miss Margaret Dornton - (Book: Miss Dornton's Hero)
Miss Melissa Drayton - (Book: Miss Drayton's Crusade)
Miss Cassandra Drayton - (Book: Miss Drayton's Downfall)
Meg Featherton - (Book: Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince)
Miss Felicia Fortune - (Book: Miss Fortune's Folly)
Miss Kate Frazer - (Book: Miss Frazer's Adventure)
Marianna Grantham - (Book: Miss Grantham's One True Sin)
Miss Penelope Hamilton - (Book: Miss Hamilton's Hero)
Miss Isabella Holland - (Book: Miss Holland's Betrothal)
Miriam Jacobson - (Book: Miss Jacobson's Journey (Hardcover))
Miss Ann Keating - (Book: Miss Keating's Temptation)
Miss Frederica Kendal - (Book: Miss Kendal Sets Her Cap)
Miss Letitia Dobson - (Book: Miss Letty)
Molly Robbins - (Book: Miss Molly Robbins Designs a Seduction)
Miss Eliza Osborne - (Book: Miss Osborne Misbehaves)
Marcy Pruitt - (Book: Miss Pruitt's Private LIfe)
Miss Verity Pymbroke - (Book: Miss Pymbroke's Rule)
Miss Eleanor Redmond - (Book: Miss Redmond's Folly)
Miss Sarah Romney - (Book: Miss Romney Flies Too High)
Miss Catherine Ryder - (Book: Miss Ryder's Memoirs)
Matilda Seldon - (Book: Miss Seldon's Suitors)
Miss Ariel Hawthorne - (Book: Miss Tibbles Interferes)
Miss Marian Tibbles - (Book: Miss Tibbles' Folly)
Maylene Treadwell - (Book: Miss Treadwell's Talent)
Miss Jane Verey - (Book: Miss Verey's Proposal)
Miss Ada Westlake - (Book: Miss Westlake's Windfall)
Mirabel Oldridge - (Book: Miss Wonderful)
Marianna Wyndham - (Book: Miss Wyndham's Escapade)
Megan Raven - (Book: Missing)
Melissa Shepherd - (Book: Missing)
Mia Sanders - (Book: Missing Colton, The)
Magdalena "Mad Max" Riley - (Book: Missing Incorporated )
Miss Georgetta Thompson - (Book: Missing Matchmaker, The)
Maggie Tillman - (Book: Missing Mom, The)
Maggie Tillman - (Book: Missing Mom, The (Large Print))
Monica - (Book: Missing Monarch, The)
Madelyn Andrews - (Book: Missing Twin, The)
Mist - (Book: Mist)
Maryanne Wellborn - (Book: Mistaken For The Mob)
Mel Dawnfield - (Book: Misted Cliffs)
Miss Jemima Forbes - (Book: Mistletoe and Folly)
Molly Gilchrist - (Book: Mistletoe and Molly)
Mallory Larsen - (Book: Mistletoe and Murder)
Melissa Ryan - (Book: Mistletoe Magic)
Molly Kent - (Book: Mistletoe Matchmaker)
Molly Kent - (Book: Mistletoe Matchmaker (large print))
Megan Mortimer - (Book: Mistletoe Mischief)
Meredith Gentry - (Book: Mistral's Kiss)
Merry Gentry - (Book: Mistral's Kiss)
Michelle - (Book: Mistress By Arrangement)
Mikayla - (Book: Mistress By Contract)
Marina Lucchesi - (Book: Mistress for the Taking, A)
Marina - (Book: Mistress for the Taking, A (UK))
Martha Leigh - (Book: Mistress Of Mellyn)
Martha Leigh - (Book: Mistress of Mellyn [reissue])
Maybelle de Maitenon - (Book: Mistress of Pleasure)
Madeline Brydges - (Book: Mistress of the Night (ebook))
Mariel - (Book: Mistress: At What Price?)
Misty Lawrence - (Book: Misty and the Single Dad)
Mia Black - (Book: Misty Blue)
Melissa Evans - (Book: Misty Splendour)
Mitzi Zahn - (Book: Mitzi's Marine)
Maggie Seong - (Book: Mixed Signals (ebook))
Maya Reyes - (Book: Mob Mistress)
Miranda Tate - (Book: Moby Clique)
Molly Savard - (Book: Molly and the Phantom)
Molly Cooper - (Book: Molly Cooper's Dream Date)
Molly Clelland - (Book: Molly Darling)
Molly McLaren - (Book: Molly Gets Her Man (ebook))
Maggie Sommerfield - (Book: Mom's New Start, A)
Miss Juliana Chevron - (Book: Moment of Madness, A)
Mary DiNunzio - (Book: Moment of Truth)
Melody Mason - (Book: Moment on the Lips, A)
Minnie Clark - (Book: Mommy in Training)
Molly Kate McBryde - (Book: Mommy Wish, The)
Mona Lisa - (Book: Mona Lisa Awakening)
Mona Lisa - (Book: Mona Lisa Blossoming)
Mona Lisa - (Book: Mona Lisa Craving)
Mona Lisa - (Book: Mona Lisa Darkening)
Mona Lisa - (Book: Mona Lisa Eclipsing)
Melody Trent - (Book: Money Man's Fiancee Negotiation)
Maria di Guzman - (Book: Money Shot)
Melanie - (Book: Monkshood)
Melinda Weatherby - (Book: Monstrous Secret, A)
Molly Cogan - (Book: Montana)
Marilee Trainor - (Book: Montana Destiny)
Millie Wilson - (Book: Montana Dreams)
Molly Brewster - (Book: Montana Lawman)
Miranda Mitchell - (Book: Montana Man)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Moon Called)
Mercedes Thompson - (Book: Moon Called (hardcover))
Maggie Chamberlin - (Book: Moonfire)
Maggie Chamberlin - (Book: Moonfire (reissue))
Molly Hansen - (Book: Moonglow, Texas)
Mariah Thorncroft - (Book: Moonlight and Mischief)
Marissa Van Dyke - (Book: Moonlight and Shadows)
Maggie Winslow - (Book: Moonlight Bandit)
Mystere Rillieux - (Book: Moonlight Becomes Her)
Maggie Howell - (Book: Moonlight for Maggie)
Molly Cockburn - (Book: Moonlight Raider)
Miss Allegra Caulfield - (Book: Moonlight Veil)
Mallory de Saint-Sebastian - (Book: Moonlit Knight, A)
Madeleine - (Book: Moonshadow)
Mary Joyce - (Book: Moonshell Beach)
Madeline Ruszel - (Book: Morcai Battalion: Invictus, The (ebook))
Melanie Winters - (Book: More Than a Memory)
Mariana Miller - (Book: More than a Promise (ebook))
Mary Michael Dennehy - (Book: More Than a Touch
Wild Sweet Ecstasy)
Morgan Kirkwood - (Book: More Than Gold)
Molly Harris - (Book: More Than Words (ebook))
Maddy Sloane - (Book: More Than You Know)
Molly Dewhurst - (Book: More to Love)
Misty Malone - (Book: Morgan)
Misty Malone - (Book: Morgan (reissue))
Maya Stevenson
- (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of Stone)
Maya Stevenson
- (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of Stone (reissue))
Moriah Mallory - (Book: Moriah's Mutiny)
Moriah Mallory - (Book: Moriah's Mutiny)
Molly Delavan - (Book: Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast)
Mary Warner - (Book: Morning Comes Softly)
Mary Warner - (Book: Morning Comes Softly (reissue))
Magdalene la Batarde - (Book: Mortal Bane)
Maxine Kiss - (Book: Mortal Bone, The)
Moira O'Donnell - (Book: Mortal Sins (ebook))
Moira MacAllister - (Book: Most Dangerous Profession, A)
Megan - (Book: Most Eligible M D)
Molly Rogers - (Book: Most Eligible Spy)
Molly Rogers - (Book: Most Eligible Spy (large print))
Matilda (Tilly) Finch - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The)
Matilda (Tilly) Finch - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (reissue))
Matilda (Tilly) Finch - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (UK))
Matilda (Tilly) Finch - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (UK-Hardcover))
Matilda (Tilly) Finch - (Book: Most Marvellous Summer, The (UK-reissue))
Megan Hastings - (Book: Most Precious Gift (UK))
Marissa Rotherhild - (Book: Most Sinful Proposal, A)
Mariah Rutledge - (Book: Most Unsuitable Groom, A)
Melanie Vargas - (Book: Most Wanted)
Miriam Spencer - (Book: Mother at Heart, A)
Maggie - (Book: Mother for his Child, A)
Morgan Keenan - (Book: Mother For the Tycoon's Child, A (UK))
Morgan Keenan - (Book: Mother for the Tycoon's Child, A [Large Print])
Maisie - (Book: Mother of the Bride)
Mallory Newman - (Book: Mother to Be (UK))
Maggie Gardere - (Book: Mother's Love, A)
Mai Adams - (Book: Motherhood Mix-Up, The)
Mariah Shore - (Book: Mountain Investigation)
Mountain Laurel Brown - (Book: Mountain Laurel)
Maddie Worth (LaReina) - (Book: Mountain Laurel)
Maddie Worth - (Book: Mountain Laurel (paperback reprint))
Meg - (Book: Mountain Ranger Recon)
Maggie Grace - (Book: Mountain Wild)
Molly - (Book: Mounting Desire)
Molly Pierpont - (Book: Moving The Mountain)
Misty Vale - (Book: Mr. and Mistress)
Maisy Collins - (Book: Mr. Fullservice)
Mazy Gulliver - (Book: Mr. Right Goes Wrong)
Melanie Clark - (Book: Mr. Wrong!)
Maggie Mulligan - (Book: Mulligan Magic)
Megan Reynolds - (Book: Multi-Millionaire's Virgin Mistress, The)
Megan Reynolds - (Book: Multi-Millionaire's Virgin Mistress, The (UK))
Marina Haine - (Book: Mummy Beads, The)
Marina Haine - (Book: Mummy Case, The)
Miss Roxanne Sydney - (Book: Mummy's Mirror, The)
Maggie Weston - (Book: Murder Among Friends, A)
Marla Shore - (Book: Murder By Manicure)
Meg Sandler - (Book: Murder by the Book)
Meredith Llewellyn - (Book: Murder Has No Class)
Meg Corbyn - (Book: Murder of Crows)
Melanie Turner - (Book: Murder on the House)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Murphy's Law)
Mary Lindsay - (Book: Museum Piece)
Molly Stiles - (Book: Must Love Babies)
Marie Bellavance - (Book: Must Love Fangs)
Margo Menlove - (Book: Must Love Kilts)
Miss Melody Harriman - (Book: Mutiny at Almack's)
Merry Pelford - (Book: My American Duchess)
Miss Jane Burch - (Book: My Cousin Jane)
Melissa Corbin - (Book: My Darling Melissa)
Melissa Corbin - (Book: My Darling Melissa (ebook))
Melissa Corbin - (Book: My Darling Melissa (reissue))
Melissa Corbin - (Book: My Darling Melissa (reissue))
Marilou Stockton - (Book: My Dearest Cal)
Margaret, Duchess of Pyneham - (Book: My First Duchess)
Miranda Lane - (Book: My Hero)
Marley Turner - (Book: My Immortal)
Mara Bryce - (Book: My Irresistible Earl)
Maddy - (Book: My Lady Innocent (UK))
Merewen - (Book: My Lady Mage)
Mary MacGregor - (Book: My Lady Mischief)
Mary MacGregor - (Book: My Lady Mischief (reissue))
Marques - (Book: My Lady Pirate)
Maeve Merrick - (Book: My Lady Pirate)
Mercury - (Book: My Lady Quicksilver)
Meg Redclift - (Book: My Lady Wayward)
Miss Sydney Archer - (Book: My Lord Guardian (Hardcover))
Miss Sydney Archer - (Book: My Lord Guardian (reissue))
Miss Abigail Chailey - (Book: My Lord Highwayman)
Maggie Brown - (Book: My Only Love)
Maggie Calloway - (Book: My Secret Wife)
Mercedes Leydon - (Book: My Steadfast Heart)
Miss Cassandra Edwards - (Book: My Sweet Valentine)
Mairi Sinclair - (Book: My Tempting Highlander (ebook))
Megan Lamaine - (Book: My True Love Gave to Me)
Marcella Acosta - (Book: My Way to Hell)
Mary Kate Bennett - (Book: My Wicked Fantasy)
Meagan Fenwick - (Book: My Wicked Marquess)
Myrra Lansyr - (Book: Myrra's Choice (ebook))
Madeleine - (Book: Mysterious Miss M, The)
Madeleine - (Book: Mysterious Miss M, The (UK))
Mystic Renaldi - (Book: Mystic's Run)
Moirin - (Book: Naamah's Blessing (hardcover))
Moirin - (Book: Naamah's Blessing (paperback))
Moirin - (Book: Naamah's Curse)
Moirin - (Book: Naamah's Kiss)
Miss India Leigh - (Book: Nabob's Daughter, A)
Miss India Leigh - (Book: Nabob's Daughter, A (UK))
Mrs. Drusilla Lawford - (Book: Nabob's Widow, The)
Mallory Dale - (Book: Naked Angel)
McKenna Greylock - (Book: Naked Dragon)
Miss Sarah Hamilton - (Book: Naked Duke, The)
Margaret Peterson - (Book: Naked Gentleman, The)
Miranda Murdock - (Book: Nanny 911)
Miranda Murdock - (Book: Nanny 911 (large print))
Melissa Fox - (Book: Nanny and the Sheikh, The)
Melissa - (Book: Nanny Makes Three)
Melissa - (Book: Nanny Makes Three (Large Print))
Maggie Thelan - (Book: Nanny's Christmas Wish, The)
Melody Thompson - (Book: Natural-Born Protector)
Madison - (Book: Naughty Bits (paperback))
Marietta Stone - (Book: Naughty Marietta)
Marissa - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - The Cake Babe)
Miranda Howell - (Book: Navajo Sunrise)
Mica - (Book: Navarro's Promise)
Margaret Stanton-Lynch - (Book: Necessary Bride, A)
Marissa Redmond - (Book: Necklace, The)
Melanie Knowles - (Book: Need You Now)
Madison Walsh - (Book: Needed: Full-Time Father)
Madison Walsh - (Book: Needed: Full-Time Father (UK))
Maci Price - (Book: Needing Her (ebook novella))
Meg Delany - (Book: Nesting Instinct, The)
Mirabella Whittingham - (Book: Never A Bride)
Mary Sheppard - (Book: Never a Lady)
Madame Alexandra Larchmont - (Book: Never a Lady)
Marisa Fitzgerald - (Book: Never Call it Loving)
Mallory Blake - (Book: Never Let Go)
Mallory Blake - (Book: Never Let Go (reissue))
Mademoiselle Marchand - (Book: Never Romance a Rake)
Malory Hunter - (Book: Never Tell Ben)
Mariana Reyes - (Book: Never Too Late)
Margo McCloud - (Book: Never Too Late for Love)
Madeleine Russell - (Book: Never Trust a Pirate)
Marilee Abernathy - (Book: New Attitude, A)
Melissa Clarkson - (Book: New Boss, New-Year Bride)
Maggie Deere - (Book: New Year's Conviction, A)
Mia Crandall - (Book: Newborn Conspiracy)
Meghann Livingston - (Book: Newlywed Games)
Mallory McIver - (Book: Newlyweds of Convenience)
Meri Calder-Hollis - (Book: Newport Christmas Wedding, A (ebook novella))
Mary Christmas - (Book: Nick of Time)
Mia Cordano - (Book: Nico)
Marcy - (Book: Night After Night)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Night Broken (hardcover))
Megan Roberts - (Book: Night Flight)
Melanie Fleming - (Book: Night Flower)
Maggie Freeman - (Book: Night Hawk)
Marie Lafayette - (Book: Night Hawk's Bride)
Maura Lindsey - (Book: Night Moves)
Meg Shannon - (Book: Night of Love)
Maya Crestmene - (Book: Night of Maya, The)
Moira Kelly - (Book: Night of the Blackbird)
Maka Bradshaw - (Book: Night Of The Cougar)
Merry - (Book: Night of the Fireflies)
Marika Korzha - (Book: Night Of The Huntress)
Megan Carey - (Book: Night of the Phantom)
Marissa Quinn - (Book: Night Orchid, The)
Melina Montez - (Book: Night Rescuer)
Micky Gunn - (Book: Night Watch)
Mara - (Book: Night's Mistress)
Mair Parry - (Book: Nightingale)
Maggie Quinn - (Book: Nightingale's Song, The)
Mira - (Book: Nightwalker)
Magdalegna - (Book: Nightwalkers: Gideon, The)
Marissa McHugh - (Book: Nightwolf)
Merilee - (Book: Nine Lives of Christmas, The (hardcover))
Meghan Howard - (Book: Nine Months With Thomas)
Marissa Warren - (Book: Nine-to-Five Bride)
Marie Richmond - (Book: No Cure For Love)
Melissa Cardenas - (Book: No Exit)
Morgana McShane - (Book: No Gentle Love)
M. J. Holliday - (Book: No Ghouls Allowed)
Mara Lowe - (Book: No Good Duke Goes Unpunished)
Michelina Ferrer - (Book: No Limits)
Molly Callahan - (Book: No Matter What)
Molly Callahan - (Book: No Matter What (large print))
Miranda Sweet - (Book: No More Sweet Surrender)
Miranda Sweet - (Book: No More Sweet Surrender (large print))
Madison Garrett - (Book: No One But Madison)
Maddie Sinclair - (Book: No Place For A Lady)
Molly Riordan - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Maggie Spencer - (Book: No Regrets)
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: No Rest for the Wiccan)
Molly - (Book: No Safe Secret (hardcover))
Maggie Ingram - (Book: No Silent Christmas)
Marvel Harrington - (Book: No Time for Tears
Songs in the Whirlwind)
Moira Dunne - (Book: Noble Blood)
Moriah Landon - (Book: Noble Mistress, A)
Mary Kate O'Reilly - (Book: Nobody's Saint)
Miss Glenna Forbes - (Book: Nomad Harp, The)
Miss Ancilla Trent - (Book: Nonesuch, The)
Mina - (Book: Norman's Heart, The)
Megan Snow - (Book: North of Need)
Mattie Gokey - (Book: Northern Light, A)
Marie Vicenza - (Book: Northern Light, The)
Meg Galloway - (Book: Northern Lights)
Meg Galloway - (Book: Northern Lights (paperback reprint))
Moira - (Book: Northwind)
Mary Bridget Washburn - (Book: Not a Sparrow Falls)
Molly - (Book: Not Quite a Bride)
McKenzie Taylor - (Book: Not Quite a Scot)
Monica Mann - (Book: Not Quite Enough)
Mariel Covendale - (Book: Not So Respectable Gentleman, A)
Meredith Santera - (Book: Not Without Cause)
Meredith Bingham Turner - (Book: Not Your Average Cowboy)
Martha Moore - (Book: Nothing Sacred)
Mallory Thane - (Book: Notorious)
Maxine Revere - (Book: Notorious (hardcover))
Mary Gregg, Lady Mornington - (Book: Notorious Rake, The)
Miss Verity Stratton - (Book: Novel Alliance, A)
Miss Lorna Barnett - (Book: November of the Heart)
Mallory Malone - (Book: Now or Never)
Mary Judith - (Book: Now Or Never)
Marcy Taggart - (Book: Now You See Her (hardcover))
Marie Parnell - (Book: Nowhere to Run)
Maggie Pickwick - (Book: Nowhere, Carolina)
Madeleine Granger - (Book: Nurse Bride, Bayside Wedding (reissue))
Maggie Everett - (Book: Nurse He Shouldn't Notice, The (ebook))
Maggy MacFergus - (Book: Nurse in Holland)
Meg - (Book: Nutcracker Prince, The)
Maggie Sullivan - (Book: O'Reilly's Bride (UK))
Marie Alesia Serouge - (Book: Oath Sworn, An )
Michelle Girard - (Book: Obsession)
Maria Ashton - (Book: Obsession)
Michelle Girard - (Book: Obsession (large print))
Marguerite - (Book: Obsidian Flame)
Miranda Grey - (Book: Of Shadow Born)
Marin Rush - (Book: Off the Clock)
Dowager Countess of Trent
- (Book: Offer to Love, An)
Dowager Countess of Trent
- (Book: Offer to Love, An (UK))
Melissa Sparks - (Book: Office Affair)
Margie - (Book: Officer and a Millionaire, An)
Madison O'Shay - (Book: Officer Breaks the Rules, The)
Maggie Bennett - (Book: Officer's Secret, The)
Madeline Raeburn - (Book: Official Escort)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Oh Danny Boy)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Oh Danny Boy [reissue])
Maxi Ambro - (Book: Old Enchantment, An)
Margaret MacDonald - (Book: On a Highland Shore)
Margaret MacDonald - (Book: On a Highland Shore (reissue))
Madeline Durand - (Book: On Lavender Lane)
Megan Bailey - (Book: On Pins and Needles)
Megan Bailey - (Book: On Pins and Needles (reissue))
Marlowe Riddle - (Book: On the Couch)
Meredith Greene - (Book: On the Edge)
Miss Claudia Wentworth - (Book: On the Way to Gretna Green)
Maggie Connor - (Book: On the Whispering Wind)
Megan Brooks - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Mary Tutan - (Book: Once a Father)
Maggie Kelley - (Book: Once a Hero)
Morgan Fisk - (Book: Once A Pirate)
Maggie Dawson - (Book: Once a Rebel)
Morgan West - (Book: Once a Thief)
Maggie Whitaker - (Book: Once And Forever)
Molly - (Book: Once Around)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Once Bitten)
Madison Avery - (Book: Once Dead, Twice Shy)
Misty Wells - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon)
Maureen Malone - (Book: Once in a Lifetime)
Miranda James - (Book: Once More, Miranda)
Mia Bodell - (Book: Once Tasted)
Maylee Meriweather - (Book: Once Upon a Billionaire (ebook))
Maggie O'Mulligan - (Book: Once Upon A Blind Date)
Maggie Tate - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Michelle Hamilton - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Maggie Tate - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas (large print))
Megan McNabb - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Autumn)
Micaela Rouchard - (Book: Once Upon a Midnight Moon)
Mira Fitzhenry - (Book: Once Upon A Wallflower)
Meredith Brookshire - (Book: Once Upon a Wedding Night)
Mary Duvall - (Book: Once-A-Mistress Wife, The)
Munro Sheridan - (Book: One + One = Three)
Maisa Burnsey - (Book: One and Always)
Meg Barrett - (Book: One Breath Away)
Maggie Bright - (Book: One Bright Morning)
Mirabella Waskowitz - (Book: One Christmas Knight)
Madeleine Kane - (Book: One Final Step)
Madeleine Kane - (Book: One Final Step (large print))
Molly Bennet - (Book: One Fine Day)
Maribel - (Book: One Fine Fireman (novella))
Maggie Porter - (Book: One Hot Cowboy)
Maya - (Book: One Last Night)
Maya - (Book: One Last Night)
Mackenzie Fawles - (Book: One Life Changing Moment)
Margaret Thayer - (Book: One Lonely Night)
Marissa Collins - (Book: One Man Rush)
Mary Hurst - (Book: One Night in Scotland)
Miranda Dean - (Book: One Night She Would Never Forget)
Marcee Robbens - (Book: One Night Stand)
Melanie Shaw - (Book: One Night with a Billionaire (ebook novella))
Mariella Sutton - (Book: One Night With a Sheikh)
Mikayla Elliot - (Book: One Night with Her Boss)
Mairi MacLeod - (Book: One Night with the Laird)
Maysa Barad - (Book: One Night with the Sheikh)
Maura Phillips - (Book: One of the Boys)
Maddie McCullogh - (Book: One of These Nights)
Melanie - (Book: One Plus One Makes Marriage)
Maybelle Ballenger - (Book: One Rogue at a Time)
Madelyn - (Book: One Soul for Sale)
Magdalene Cross - (Book: One Taste of Scandal)
Melinda Amery - (Book: One Texas Night)
Melanie - (Book: One Way Ticket)
Meg - (Book: One Whispering Voice)
Margaret Sawford - (Book: One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild)
Mercedes Garcia - (Book: Only a Kiss Away)
Molly Halliday - (Book: Only Child, The)
Mary Dennehy - (Book: Only In My Arms)
Moira Jameson - (Book: Only Lycans Need Apply)
Marianna Lara de Rosas Rogers - (Book: Only One, The)
Montana Hendrix - (Book: Only Yours)
Mary - (Book: Open All Night (ebook))
Molly - (Book: Open Country)
Molly McFarlane - (Book: Open Country (mass market paperback))
Martina Wilde - (Book: Operation: Husband)
Mattie Logan - (Book: Operation:
Midnight Guardian)
Marybeth MacKinder - (Book: Oregon Bride)
Moira O'Donnell - (Book: Original Sin)
Miss Corliss Hewett - (Book: Orphan's Disguise, The)
Mary & Anne Boleyn - (Book: Other Boleyn Girl, The)
Melanie Pruitt - (Book: Other Brother, The)
Marley Mason - (Book: Other C-Word, The)
Mary McHale - (Book: Other Side of Paradise, The)
Mary McHale - (Book: Other Side of Paradise, The (reissue))
Mackenzie Williams - (Book: Other Side of Us, The)
Mackenzie Williams - (Book: Other Side of Us, The (large print))
Molly Cassidy - (Book: Otherwise Engaged)
Marcy Johnson - (Book: Our First Kiss)
Madeline May - (Book: Our Wicked Mistake)
Marley Millet - (Book: Out of Body)
Margot Vetter - (Book: Out of Control)
Mary Clark McKenzie - (Book: Out of Darkness)
Maryellen - (Book: Out of the Blue)
Millie Blake - (Book: Out of the Mist)
Miranda Knight - (Book: Out of the Shadows)
Meredith West - (Book: Outback Boss, City Bride)
Megan of Dwyrain - (Book: Outlaw)
Megan of Dwyrain - (Book: Outlaw)
Miranda Hayes - (Book: Outlaw Hearts)
Miranda Hayes - (Book: Outlaw Hearts (reissue))
Maude Walter - (Book: Outlaw Knight, The)
Mattie Adams - (Book: Outlaw's Brat)
Mollie - (Book: Outlaw's Kiss)
Mary Larue - (Book: Outlaw's Return, The)
Meg Lincoln - (Book: Outlaws: Jess, The)
Mallory Hunt - (Book: Over the Edge)
Meena Harper - (Book: Overbite HARDCOVER)
Maggie Ryan - (Book: Overkill)
Meg Wilson - (Book: Overnight Heiress)
Mariah - (Book: P.S. I Love You)
Maya Wilkins - (Book: Pack Light)
Merry Charles - (Book: Pagan Enchantment)
Mia Smith - (Book: Paging Dr. Right)
Marisa Milburne - (Book: Painted the Other Woman)
Marisa Milburne - (Book: Painted the Other Woman (large print))
Marisa Milburne - (Book: Painted the Other Woman (UK))
Moxie Brecker - (Book: Pajama Game, The)
Miranda Lord - (Book: Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset)
Megan Blair - (Book: Pandora's Daughter)
Meredith Bancroft - (Book: Paradise)
Magdalena - (Book: Paradise & More)
Malana - (Book: Paradise Promised)
Maggie Tucker - (Book: Paradise Valley)
Maddie Sherwood - (Book: Parting Gifts)
Megan, Casey, Peggy - (Book: Parting Glass, The (reissue))
Mira - (Book: Party of Three)
Mia - (Book: Party Princess)
Meg Beaumont - (Book: Passage to Paradise)
Maria - (Book: Passion for the Game (Reprint))
Michaela Brennan - (Book: Passion's Choice)
Morgan Fitzgerald - (Book: Passion's Dream)
Marie, Countess of Shayle - (Book: Passion's Lady)
Mary Boleyn - (Book: Passion's Reign)
Mary Catherine McCleary - (Book: Passion's Sweet Revenge)
Melissa - (Book: Passion's Vixen)
Marie Aldworth - (Book: Passionate Ghost, The)
Marsha Kane - (Book: Passionate Husband, The)
Miss Sarah Armistead - (Book: Passionate Performance, A)
Merielle St. Martin - (Book: Passionate Pilgrim, The)
Madeline - (Book: Passionate Scandal)
Maria Barone - (Book: Passionately Ever After)
Megan Osbourne - (Book: Pastor Takes a Wife, The)
Maggie Wade - (Book: Patchwork Angel)
Meredith Worthington - (Book: Patchwork Bride)
Molly Blake - (Book: Patchwork Family)
Molly Smith - (Book: Patchwork Family)
Mercy Malloy - (Book: Patchwork Family, A)
Marty Woods - (Book: Paternity)
Molly Trevor - (Book: Payment in Kind)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Pedigree To Die For, A)
Maggie Skerritt - (Book: Pelican Bay)
Meggie Sherbrooke - (Book: Pendragon)
Merryn - (Book: Penwyth Curse, The)
Morgana Lawrence - (Book: Perfect Affair, The)
Megan Brock - (Book: Perfect Boyfriend, The (UK))
Miss Serena Fairburn - (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Maggie Rivers - (Book: Perfect Daughter, The)
Maggie Goodman - (Book: Perfect Distraction, A)
Maggie Goodman - (Book: Perfect Distraction, A (large print))
Maggie Sinclair - (Book: Perfect Double)
Marissa Jamison - (Book: Perfect Family, The)
Moriah - (Book: Perfect Father, A)
Maggie Kincade - (Book: Perfect Gift, The)
Marissa - (Book: Perfect Marriage, A)
Miss Caroline Smythe - (Book: Perfect Rogue, A)
Mattie Brown - (Book: Perfect Score, The)
Maddy Crighton - (Book: Perfect Sinner, The)
Maddy Crighton - (Book: Perfect Sinner, The (UK))
Meredith Madison - (Book: Perfect Switch)
Miranda Carrington - (Book: Perfect Target, The)
Marley Madison - (Book: Perfect Together)
Marjorie MacTavis - (Book: Perfect Wedding, A)
Mattie Wilcox - (Book: Perfectly Sexy)
Miranda Lyme - (Book: Performance Anxiety )
Moira Archer - (Book: Perfumed Heat)
Marti Winston - (Book: Peril in Paradise)
Miss Alissa Morgan - (Book: Perilous Attraction, A)
Madeleine Greenway - (Book: Perils of Pleasure, The)
Marla Shore - (Book: Permed to Death)
Megan Chase - (Book: Personal Demons (Hardcover))
Margot Roth - (Book: Personal Touch, The)
Mary Persistence Marsh - (Book: Persy and the Prince (hardcover))
Meng Ning - (Book: Petals From the Sky)
Margot Ashton
Countess Magda Janos
- (Book: Petals in the Storm)
Maddie - (Book: Petrakos Bride, The)
Maddy Forrester - (Book: Petrov Proposal, The)
Maddy Forrester - (Book: Petrov Proposal, The (large print))
Melora Delaney - (Book: Phantom Angel)
Melanie Lipton - (Book: Phantom Shadows)
Megan O'Flannery - (Book: Phoenix Code, The)
Margaret Ann Miller - (Book: Phoenix Rising)
Maddy Marshall - (Book: Photograph, The)
Mary Rosenthal - (Book: Pickup Lines)
Mandy Carter - (Book: Picture Perfect Family)
Mandy Carter - (Book: Picture Perfect Family (large print))
Morgana Carlyle - (Book: Picture-Perfect Mom)
Maxine Sherman - (Book: Pieces of Dreams)
Maxine Sherman - (Book: Pieces of Dreams (reissue))
Meredith Stoltzfus - (Book: Pieces of Summer, The)
Miranda Knight - (Book: Pillow Chase)
Margaret - (Book: Pillow Talk)
Miss Phillipa Cranville - (Book: Pippa)
Miss Phillipa Cranville - (Book: Pippa)
Medana Elsadottir - (Book: Pirate Bride, The)
Maria Hallett - (Book: Pirate In My Arms)
Merrit - (Book: Pirate's Captive)
Maren McClure - (Book: Pirate's Gold)
Maribel Sanchez - (Book: Pirate's Willing Captive (UK))
Mia Monroe - (Book: Pitch Perfect)
Miriam Lapp - (Book: Place of Peace, A )
Morgan Gray - (Book: Places in My Heart)
Maura Chambers - (Book: Plain Jane and Doctor Dad)
Miriam Raber - (Book: Plain Proposal)
Mire Dupree - (Book: Plainsman, The)
Michelle Morris - (Book: Plainsong)
Morgan Phillips/Pippa Morgan - (Book: Play It Again, Sam)
Mya LeVeaux, Stephanie Hall, Tangie Jackson - (Book: Play The Game)
Megan McBride - (Book: Play With Me)
Merlina - (Book: Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride, The)
Meredith Silver - (Book: Playboy Meets His Match, The)
Megan MacGregor - (Book: Playboy's Protégée, The)
Madeline Houser - (Book: Playing by Heart)
Marisa Donato - (Book: Playing By The Baby's Rules)
Maisie and Minnie Parker - (Book: Playing Cupid)
Mya - (Book: Playing His Game)
Meg Hamilton - (Book: Playing the Dutiful Wife)
Meg Hamilton - (Book: Playing the Dutiful Wife (large print))
Marcella, Olivia, Alexis - (Book: Playing With Boys)
Macey Locke - (Book: Playing With Fire)
May Northcott - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Marie - (Book: Pleasure Bound)
Mariel Braedon Whitlow - (Book: Pleasure of His Company, The)
Meg - (Book: Pleasured)
Mercy Dawson - (Book: Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman)
Meg Donovan - (Book: Pleasures of a Tempted Lady)
Morrigan Llywelyn of Wales - (Book: Pledge, The)
Miss Pamela Pollworth - (Book: Plight of Pamela Pollworth, The)
Maggi Cole - (Book: Pocketful of Rainbows)
Mariah - (Book: Point In Time)
Marge Tate - (Book: Point of No Return)
Mae Lund - (Book: Point of No Return)
Megan - (Book: Point of No Return)
Mina - (Book: Poison Kissed)
Maggie Ridgeway - (Book: Poisoned Secrets)
Maxine Revere - (Book: Poisonous (hardcover))
Miss Isabella Winstanley - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Mary Wellington - (Book: Pop Goes the Question)
Mariella Polmar - (Book: Porthminster Hall)
Maggie Herbert - (Book: Portrait Of My Heart)
Marian Robertson - (Book: Possessed by the Highlander)
Morgan Swan - (Book: Possessing Morgan)
Minnie Hamilton - (Book: Pouncing on Murder)
Mary Reyland - (Book: Power Play)
Monica Geary - (Book: Power Play)
Millie - (Book: Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife)
Millie - (Book: Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife (UK))
Megan Potter - (Book: Powerful Magic)
Meg Halgate - (Book: Practical Widow to Passionate Mistress (US edition))
Melissa Anderson - (Book: Practicing What You Preach)
Matilda Thornton - (Book: Prairie Heat)
Maggie Alexander - (Book: Prairie Song)
Mira - (Book: Pray for Dawn)
Meg Bennet - (Book: Pregnancy Discovery, The (reissue))
Mallory O'Brien - (Book: Pregnancy Negotiation, The)
Maisie McDowell - (Book: Pregnancy Surprise, The)
Meggie Thornton - (Book: Pregnant Bride, The)
Maddy Potter - (Book: Pregnant Ms. Potter, The)
Miranda Wood - (Book: Presumed Guilty (reissue))
Madison Worth - (Book: Pretty Bad)
Marietta Clelland - (Book: Pretty Predicament)
Mia Frazier - (Book: Price Of a Bride)
Megan Sutherland - (Book: Price of Honor, The)
Miranda Cameron - (Book: Price of Indescretion, The)
Madison Evans - (Book: Priceless Gift)
Marilyn Bannon - (Book: Pride and Passion)
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - (Book: Pride and Prejudice (reissue))
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - (Book: Pride and Prejudice (reissue))
Maura MacDonald - (Book: Pride of MacDonalds, A)
Muriel Gallagher - (Book: Pride's Fall)
Marie Dénarnaud - (Book: Priest's Madonna, The)
Melissa Montrose - (Book: Primal Male)
Mime Erin Matthews - (Book: Prince Among Men, A)
Murian - (Book: Prince and I, The)
Mandy Crawford - (Book: Prince's Heir, The)
Molly Shea - (Book: Prince's Holiday Baby, The)
Marisa - (Book: Prince's Secret Bride, The)
Marisa - (Book: Prince's Secret Bride, The (large print))
Marisa - (Book: Prince's Secret Bride, The (UK))
Madeline Spencer - (Book: Prince's Ultimate Deception, The)
Maggie - (Book: Prince's Virgin Wife, The)
Meredith Elizabeth Penwyck - (Book: Princess and the Duke, The)
Maura Collyer - (Book: Princess Charming)
Mia Thermopolis - (Book: Princess Diaries)
Mariabella Santaro - (Book: Princess for Christmas, A)
Misha - (Book: Princess In Disguise)
Mimi Deerman
Princess Michelina Dumont
- (Book: Princess in His Bed)
Mia Thermopolis - (Book: Princess in Love)
Mia Thermopolis - (Book: Princess in the Spotlight)
Mia Thermopolis Renaldo - (Book: Princess in Training)
Mia Thermopolis - (Book: Princess in Waiting)
Megan O'Shay - (Book: Princess Masquerade, The)
Mia Renaldo - (Book: Princess Mia)
Michaela Standish - (Book: Princess of Park Lane, The)
Morgan - (Book: Princess of the Sword)
Mia Thermopolis Renaldo - (Book: Princess on the Brink)
Mia - (Book: Princess Present, The)
Madeline - (Book: Princesses Don't Sweat)
Miss Clytie Flowers - (Book: Prior Betrothal)
Mistress Glenys Seymour - (Book: Prisoner Bride, The)
Marin Deringnoe - (Book: Prisoners of the Wind)
Maggie Gladstone - (Book: Private Eye, The)
Maxey Burnell - (Book: Private Lies)
Marisa Clyde - (Book: Private Maneuvers (ebook))
Mariah Stevens - (Book: Private Pleasures)
Mina Cavallari - (Book: Private Research (novella))
Molly Calvert - (Book: Prodigal Cousin,The)
Melissa Hamilton - (Book: Prodigal Daughter)
Maggie Malone - (Book: Prodigal Daughter, The)
Madison O'Malley - (Book: Prodigal Prince Charming)
Miranda Wright - (Book: Prodigal Texan, The)
Mercy Zamora - (Book: Prodigal Valentine, The)
Melissa Richardson - (Book: Professor & the Pregnant Nanny)
Maggie Quinn - (Book: Prom Dates from Hell)
Monica Shaw - (Book: Promise at Bluebell Hill, A)
Millicent Germain - (Book: Promise by Daylight, A)
Miriam King - (Book: Promise for Miriam, A)
Miranda Caldwell - (Book: Promise Forever)
Mattie Bender Schwartz - (Book: Promise Lodge)
Maura Adams - (Book: Promise Me Paradise)
Merritt Reed - (Book: Promise Me Today)
Marianne Cotterwood - (Book: Promise Me Tomorrow)
Marianne Cotterwood - (Book: Promise Me Tomorrow (reissue))
Mary Barnes - (Book: Promise of Pleasure)
Megan Adams - (Book: Promise of Roses, A)
Mary - (Book: Promise of the Rose)
Maggie Harris - (Book: Promised Sunrise)
Madeline Beecher, - (Book: Promised to a Stranger)
Meredith Moore / Iris Ouverson - (Book: Promisegivers)
Maggie Westshire - (Book: Promises from the Past)
Mara Kincaid - (Book: Promises Keep)
Molly Boudreau - (Book: Promises To Keep)
Marissa Devlin - (Book: Promoted: Nanny to Wife)
Marissa Devlin - (Book: Promoted: Nanny to Wife (Large Print))
Molly Taylor - (Book: Promoted: Secretary to Bride!)
Molly Sweet - (Book: Proper Mistress, A)
Molly Sweet - (Book: Proper Mistress, A (reissue))
Missie Byron - (Book: Property of a Lady)
Miranda Carlisle - (Book: Proposal Worth Waiting For, A)
Miranda Runyon - (Book: Prospero's Daughter)
Madeline - (Book: Protected by the Major)
Marysia O'Hurley - (Book: Protected in His Arms)
Meredith Lassiter - (Book: Protecting Her Child)
Molly McCulloch - (Book: Protecting Molly McCulloch)
Melissa Teague - (Book: Protective Instincts)
Minette Raynor - (Book: Protector (reissue))
Masiela Leal - (Book: Protector's Temptation)
Minette Raynor - (Book: Protector, The (hardcover))
Maggie - (Book: Proud Pillars Rising)
Megan Rafferty - (Book: Proud Surrender)
Marina - (Book: Proud Wife, The)
Miss Ananiah Snow - (Book: Providence)
Miranda Sommerby - (Book: Prudent Partnership, The)
Melissa Todd - (Book: Psychic, The (ebook))
Melanie Winters - (Book: Pulled)
Mary Walton - (Book: Pure as the Lily)
Milan - (Book: Pure Paradise)
Moira O'Toole - (Book: Pure Temptation)
Marissa Bonaventure - (Book: Purist of the Breed, The )
Mary Bennet - (Book: Pursuit of Mary Bennet, The)
Melissa MacGregor - (Book: Pursuit, The)
Miss Mary Tyre - (Book: Quadrille)
Meryl Lancaster - (Book: Queen Bee, The)
Maricara - (Book: Queen of Dragons (hardcover))
Mallorie French,
Countess of Haye
- (Book: Queen of Hearts, The)
Miranda Grey - (Book: Queen of Shadows)
Marie Antoinette - (Book: Queen's Confession, The)
Mamille of Rou - (Book: Queen's Guard: Rose, The (ebook))
Mollie Fletcher - (Book: Quest of the Eagle)
Miss Arabella Hill - (Book: Quicksilver Lady)
Miss Arabella Hill - (Book: Quicksilver Lady (reissue))
Megan Rodner - (Book: Quiet Professor, The)
Megan Rodner - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (reissue))
Megan Rodner - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (reissue))
Megan Rodner - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (UK))
Megan Rodner - (Book: Quiet Professor, The (UK-reissue))
Madison Jacobs - (Book: Race Against Time)
Madison Jacobs - (Book: Race Against Time (large print))
Molly Edwards - (Book: Race to the Altar)
Marisol Villoria - (Book: Racing Hearts)
Maureen O'Rourke - (Book: Racing Moon)
Margaret Mayfield - (Book: Radical Arrangement ,A)
Miss Margaret Mayfield - (Book: Radical Arrangement, A)
Mallory Ellis - (Book: Rafael's Convenient Proposal)
Maggie Monroe - (Book: Rafe's Redemption)
Maggie O'Riley - (Book: Rafe, the Maverick)
Meredith Carter - (Book: Rafferty's Bride)
Missy - (Book: Rage)
Maggie Turner - (Book: Rage of Passion)
Maggie Turner - (Book: Rage Of Passion (reissue))
Maggie Turner - (Book: Rage of Passion (reissue))
Mary Swales - (Book: Railwayman's Daughter, The)
Maggie Whitcomb - (Book: Rain Lily)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Raining Cats and Dogs)
Maya - (Book: Rainlashed)
Mercy Raintree - (Book: Raintree: Sanctuary)
Mary Seabrook - (Book: Rake and the Wallflower, The)
Miss Gwyneth Winword - (Book: Rake's Journey, A)
Mandalee Ashton - (Book: Rake's Reform, A)
Marina Beaumont - (Book: Rake's Reward)
Mariah Weston - (Book: Ranch Solution, The)
Mariah Weston - (Book: Ranch Solution, The (large print))
Maggie Harrison Sinclair - (Book: Rancher Needs A Wife, The)
Melissa Avery - (Book: Rancher Takes a Wife, The)
Meghan Finnegan - (Book: Rancher to the Rescue (Large print))
Melissa Anderson - (Book: Rancher's Brand of Justice, A)
Maura Kingsley - (Book: Rancher's Daughter, The)
Maura Kingsley - (Book: Rancher's Daughter, The (reissue))
Melissa Randall - (Book: Randall Thanksgiving, A)
Maya Cooper - (Book: Rapid Fire)
Maggie Spencer - (Book: Rapids, The)
Mels Carmichael - (Book: Rapture (hardcover))
Mels Carmichael - (Book: Rapture (paperback))
Maria Lazzaro - (Book: Rapture's Rendezvous (mass market reissue))
Maria Lazzaro - (Book: Rapture's Rendezvous (reissue))
Miriam - (Book: Rashi's Daughters, Book II: Miriam)
Mhairi Macrea - (Book: Raven's Moon, The)
Mai - (Book: Ravenous)
Mai Ricci - (Book: Ravenous (reprint))
Margaret Drummond - (Book: Ravished Bride, The)
May Roseberry - (Book: Ravishing of Lady May, The)
Millicent - (Book: Ravishing the Heiress)
Molly Anderson - (Book: Razor Girl)
Mary Jo Summerhill - (Book: Ready for Marriage)
Megan Sanders - (Book: Ready-Made Bride)
Mariah Duncan - (Book: Real Marriage Material)
Mia Johnson - (Book: Real Thing, The (ebook))
Meiewyn MacAilis - (Book: Reap the Savage Wind)
Melanie Tucker - (Book: Reaper's Fall)
Marie - (Book: Reaper's Property)
Miranda - (Book: Reaper's Vow)
Maggie - (Book: Reason for Being, A)
Melanie Wolfe - (Book: Reason to Love, A)
Martha - (Book: Rebel)
Merri Brown - (Book: Rebel and the Hero, The)
Melinda James - (Book: Rebel At Heart, A)
Miranda Auburn - (Book: Rebel Baron)
Mackenzie Hawthorne - (Book: Rebel Cowboy's Quadruplets, The)
Michelle Ross - (Book: Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart, The (eBook))
Macy Reynolds - (Book: Rebel Tycoon Returns, The)
Maddie Delarue - (Book: Rebel's Return, The)
Mary Margaret O'Brien - (Book: Rebel, The)
Miss Quinn Peverill - (Book: Rebellious Bride, A)
Marie Charles - (Book: Recipe for Desire)
Miss Emily Ashbourne - (Book: Reckless Barrister, The)
Mary - (Book: Reckless Desire)
Mary - (Book: Reckless Desire (reprint))
Miss Caroline Finlay - (Book: Reckless Gambler, The)
Megan McGowan - (Book: Reckless Pleasures)
Madeleine Poquelin - (Book: Reckless Splendor)
Miss Elizabeth Mayfield - (Book: Reckless Wager, The)
Mercy Tatlock - (Book: Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh)
Madeline Ruszel - (Book: Recruit, The)
Mary of Mar - (Book: Recruit, The)
Meg Corning - (Book: Red Alert)
Mirabelle Lee - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The)
Mirabelle Lee - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The)
Mirabelle Lee - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The (reissue))
Marissa Holloway - (Book: Red Hot Fury)
Margaret - (Book: Red River Bride)
Meghan Foster - (Book: Red Shoes & A Diary)
Meredith Miller - (Book: Red Stones of Ravengate, The)
Meg McKee - (Book: Red Wolf's Return)
Meg McKee - (Book: Red Wolf's Return (Large Print))
Maxine McGuire - (Book: Red-Hot Santa)
Mattie Fraser - (Book: Redeeming the Rogue)
Maeve - (Book: Redemption)
Marin Camden - (Book: Redemption at Mirabelle)
Marin Camden - (Book: Redemption at Mirabelle (large print))
McKenzie Shaw - (Book: Redemption Bay)
Marissa Alexandre - (Book: Redemption of Jefferson Cade, The)
McKenzie Kathryn Calhoun - (Book: Redhead and the Preacher, The)
Maggie Ketchum - (Book: Redwing's Lady)
Merrill Davis-Ross - (Book: Reflected Pleasures)
Megan Brookfield - (Book: Refuge in His Arms)
Marissa Joubert - (Book: Refuge, The)
Maggie Brownley - (Book: Reilly's Gold)
Meaghan Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Heart)
Mona Warren - (Book: Reinventing Mona)
Meg Grant - (Book: Relative Strangers)
Mia Trentino - (Book: Relocating Mia )
Micah Shepherd - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Molly Hughes - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Miss Annabella Smith - (Book: Reluctant Cavalier, The)
Melissa Newman - (Book: Reluctant Dad)
Miss Evelyn Brooks - (Book: Reluctant Debutante, The)
Miss Julia Hartman - (Book: Reluctant Duke, The)
Molly Martineau - (Book: Reluctant Escort, The)
Meredith Calhoun - (Book: Reluctant Father)
Marietta Hampton - (Book: Reluctant Lord, The)
Meena Shenoy - (Book: Reluctant Matchmaker, The)
Miranda Houghton - (Book: Reluctant Proposal, A)
Miss Julia Devere - (Book: Reluctant Rake, The)
Mary Carter - (Book: Reluctant Rancher, The (ebook))
Marigold Boles - (Book: Reluctant Rogue, A)
Margaret Barbara St. Vincent - (Book: Reluctant Suitor, The)
Meredith Thysmer - (Book: Reluctantly Royal)
Margot Radcliffe - (Book: Remember Me)
Michelle Pelletier - (Book: Remember the Night)
Melinda Thompson - (Book: Rendezvous to Remember, A (reissue))
Melinda Thompson - (Book: Rendezvous to Remember, A (reissue))
Mikayla Martin - (Book: Renegade)
Mallory O'Brien - (Book: Renegade and the Heiress, The)
Moira - (Book: Renegade Flame)
Maya Ellison - (Book: Renegade Guardian)
Maggie Cannon - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Megan McLean - (Book: Renegade Lover)
Molly McGuire - (Book: Renegade Wife)
Mia Hawthorne - (Book: Renegade, The)
Melissa Bright - (Book: Rent-A-Dad)
Melissa Bright - (Book: Rent-A-Dad (reissue))
Morgana Hart - (Book: Reputable Rake, A)
Morgana Hart - (Book: Reputable Rake, A (UK))
McKenzie Sheldon - (Book: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch)
Mary Hannah Gallo - (Book: Rescue Me)
Morgan McGuire - (Book: Rescued by HIs Christmas Angel)
Molly Michaels - (Book: Rescued in a Wedding Dress)
Meghan - (Book: Rescuer, The)
Mia Gardiner - (Book: Return of Her Past, The)
Mia Gardiner - (Book: Return of Her Past, The (large print))
Madison Foster - (Book: Return of the Sheikh)
Manon Lamont - (Book: Return of the Swallows)
Miss Elinor Hardy - (Book: Return to Cheyne Spa (Hardcover))
Miss Elinor Hardy - (Book: Return to Cheyne Spa (reissue))
Mia Galdon - (Book: Return to Me)
Marvel Harrington - (Book: Return to the Heartland)
Michelle Carter - (Book: Rev it Up)
Morgan Sterling - (Book: Revelation)
Meredith Stoltzfus - (Book: Revelation in Autumn, A)
Melissa Hampstead - (Book: Revenge for a Duchess)
Miranda Bloom - (Book: Revenge of the Geek)
Miriam - (Book: Ribbon of Years)
Madeline Monroe - (Book: Rich Boy, The)
Miranda - (Book: Rich Man's Mistress, The)
Miranda - (Book: Rich Man's Mistress, The (reissue))
Maggie - (Book: Rich Man's Virgin,The)
Maggie Palmer - (Book: Rich, Single & Sexy)
Molly Hamilton - (Book: Ricochet)
Mindy - (Book: Ride 'Em)
Mia Richards - (Book: Riding Dirty (ebook))
Mackenzie Solomon - (Book: Riding in on a Burning Tire)
Melanie Sartomsky - (Book: Right Address, The)
Martina - (Book: Right Bride, The)
Moira McKay - (Book: Right Kind of Trouble, The)
Maddie Alexander - (Book: Right Mr. Wrong, The)
Morgan James - (Book: Right Path, The)
Marisa Rourke - (Book: Rion)
Morgan Hartland - (Book: Rise of an Eagle)
Melanie Jacobs - (Book: Rising Assets (ebook))
Mary - (Book: Rising Darkness)
Meghan of Blackthorn - (Book: Risk Everything)
Marla Meyers - (Book: Risky Business)
McCall Sayer - (Book: Risky Games)
Maggie - (Book: River Deep)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: River Marked (hardcover))
Mercy Thompson - (Book: River Marked (paperback))
Mila de Romarin - (Book: River of Time, The)
Mercy Quill - (Book: River of Tomorrow)
Major Carly Samuels - (Book: River Rising)
Miranda Colton - (Book: Rivers of Gold)
Mignonne Wingate - (Book: Rivers Rushing To The Sea)
Monica Brunetti - (Book: Road Home, The)
Morgan of Avalon - (Book: Road to Avalon, The)
Mari Herreras - (Book: Road to Forgiveness, The)
Monica Brunetti - (Book: Road to Home, The (reissue))
Mara Manning - (Book: Road to Rapture)
Molly Walker - (Book: Road To Reunion, The)
Melanie Hunter - (Book: Rocky Mountain Hero)
Molly Griffith - (Book: Rocky Mountain Maneuvers)
Marcie Winter - (Book: Rocky Point Reunion)
Marcie Winter - (Book: Rocky Point Reunion (large print))
Marissa Sawyer - (Book: Rodeo Dad)
Maria Alvarez - (Book: Rodeo Man's Promise, A)
Maxine Wiliams - (Book: Rogue)
Melanie - (Book: Rogue)
Maxima Collins - (Book: Rogue and the Runaway, The)
Miss Mary Ann Whittaker - (Book: Rogue for Christmas, A)
Mary Campbell - (Book: Rogue with a Brogue)
Mairi Dunbar - (Book: Rogue's Heart , A)
Miss Alexandra Linnell - (Book: Rogue's Lady, The)
Meredith Gage - (Book: Romantic and the Realist, The)
Miss Felicity Carruthers - (Book: Romany Summer)
Megan Cahill - (Book: Rookie Cop)
Maddie Felton - (Book: Rookie, The)
Maddie Felton - (Book: Rookie, The)
Melantha - (Book: Rose and the Warrior, The)
Marissa - (Book: Rose Domino, The)
Margaret Comyn - (Book: Rose in the Storm, A)
Millicent Hayes - (Book: Rosewood)
Molly Preston - (Book: Rough and Tumble (ebook))
Marta Richter - (Book: Rough Justice)
Morgan Taylor - (Book: Roughneck)
Miki Durand - (Book: Roulette)
Maya Chaudry - (Book: Royal Affair, The)
Maggie Gillian - (Book: Royal Dad)
Marissa Leandres - (Book: Royal Holiday Bride)
Marguerite Ashby - (Book: Royal Likeness, A)
Mara Delacroix - (Book: Royal Passion)
Mara Delacroix - (Book: Royal Passion (ebook))
Mara Delacroix - (Book: Royal Passion (reissue))
Mia - (Book: Royal Wedding)
Miri Montgomery - (Book: Royal Wedding Night, The)
Marcy McKinney - (Book: Rub It In)
Miss Wellesley–Clegg - (Book: Rules of Gentility, The)
Miss Philomena Wellesley-Clegg - (Book: Rules of Gentility, The)
Marietta Greentree - (Book: Rules of Passion)
Mikayla Morgan - (Book: Rules of Survival (ebook))
Maggie Sawyer - (Book: Rules of the Game (ebook))
Megan Fielding - (Book: Ruling Passion, A)
Margaret Allen - (Book: Run Wild My Heart)
Melanie Wyatt - (Book: Runaway Bride )
Mary Lou Finch - (Book: Runaway Hearts (ebook))
Miss Frances Hanwell - (Book: Runaway Heiress, The (UK))
Miss Frances Hanwell - (Book: Runaway Heiress, The (UK- Hardcover- Large Print))
Maggie McCabe - (Book: Runaway Lone Star Bride, The)
Mary Winslow - (Book: Runaway Vampire)
Morgan Alexandria - (Book: Running For Cover)
Maggie Tennyson - (Book: Running Scared)
Magdalene Deluca - (Book: Running Wild)
Mia Crestwell - (Book: Rush)
Mary Danforth - (Book: Rushmoreland Rubies, The)
Mary Lawrence - (Book: Ruthless Lord Rule, The)
Mary Lawrence - (Book: Ruthless Lord Rule, The)
Marianne Carr - (Book: Ruthless Tycoon, Innocent Wife)
Megan Sinclair - (Book: Ryan Blake's Revenge)
Maggie O'Brien - (Book: Ryan's Place)
Mary Matroona - (Book: Sacred Place, A)
Mercy Richmond, MD - (Book: Sacred Trust)
Miranda Sutton - (Book: Saddle Up)
Michaela Bancroft - (Book: Saddled With Trouble)
Mina Gaines - (Book: Safe in My Arms)
Meredith West - (Book: Safety In Numbers)
Marnie Montgomery - (Book: Sail Away)
Marnie Montgomery - (Book: Sail Away (reissue))
Miss Sarafina Jones - (Book: Saint's Haven)
Marisa Grantham - (Book: Saint's Temptation)
Marina - (Book: Sam's World)
Melissa James - (Book: Sanctuary)
Mercedes - (Book: Santana Rose)
Marisa Brendon - (Book: Santangeli Marriage, The)
Marisa Brendon - (Book: Santangeli Marriage, The (UK))
Martha Antonides - (Book: Santorini Bride, The)
M. Taylor Hamilton - (Book: Sapphire (ebook))
Maggie Malone - (Book: Sassy Lady)
Marta Carolina - (Book: Satin Secret)
Mia Collins - (Book: Savage Abandon)
Miranda Lawrence - (Book: Savage Conquest)
Mara Golden - (Book: Savage Desire)
Maria - (Book: Savage Dream)
Maggie - (Book: Savage Embers)
Martay Kidd - (Book: Savage Heat (reissue))
Mary Beth Wilson - (Book: Savage Hero)
Misshi Bradley - (Book: Savage Moon)
Mariana Fowler - (Book: Savage Paradise)
Mariana Fowler - (Book: Savage Paradise (reissue))
Malvina O'Neal - (Book: Savage Pride)
Michaella Chattilion - (Book: Savage River)
Mara Golden - (Book: Savage Splendor)
Marjorie Zimmerman - (Book: Savage Tears)
Moon Song - (Book: Savage Thunder)
Marilla - (Book: Savage Whispers)
Madeline Penrod - (Book: Savage Wonder)
Modesty Brown - (Book: Savage, The)
Miss Elena Blake - (Book: Savannah Wedding (UK))
Maggie Collins - (Book: Save My Soul)
Margot Montclaire - (Book: Saved by Scandal)
Maddie Kincaid - (Book: Saving Dr. Ryan)
Miranda - (Book: Saving the Devil)
Maria Hunt - (Book: Saving the Rifleman (ebook))
Maya Rainbow - (Book: Sawyer's Special Delivery)
Madison Wagner - (Book: Say It With Roses)
Miss Antonia Thorpe - (Book: Scandal Broth)
Marcail Beauchamp - (Book: Scandal In Scotland)
Maggie Delamere - (Book: Scandal Takes the Stage)
Miss Felicity Lyford - (Book: Scandalous Bequest, A)
Miss Erica Hartford - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Meg Fletcher - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Madeleine Delaney - (Book: Scandalous Miss Delaney, The)
Miss Diana Wetherby - (Book: Scandalous Wager, The)
Melanie LaSalle - (Book: Scarlet Cord, A)
Miranda Tate - (Book: Scarlet Letterman, The)
Melinda Rodgers - (Book: Scarlet Woman)
Melinda Rodgers - (Book: Scarlet Woman (new edition))
Matt Buchanan - (Book: Scene of the Crime: Bridgewater, Texas)
Marlena Meyers - (Book: Scene of the Crime: Return to Bachelor Moon)
Maggie Stanton - (Book: Scenes of Passion)
Melody Zachary - (Book: Scent of Danger)
Melody Zachary - (Book: Scent of Danger (large print))
Miss Calista Standish - (Book: Scholar's Daughter, The)
Myst - (Book: Scorching Seduction, A (ebook))
Melanie Ward - (Book: Scoring (ebook))
Miranda - (Book: Scorpion's Dance)
Miranda - (Book: Scorpions' Dance (UK))
Margaret Dalrousie - (Book: Scotsman in Love, A)
Minerva Todd - (Book: Scotsman of My Dreams)
Mary Rose Fordyce - (Book: Scottish Bride, The)
Miss Rose Beacham - (Book: Scottish Rose)
Miss Cassandra Greenwood - (Book: Scoundrel of Consequence, A (UK))
Marah Farnsworth - (Book: Scoundrel's Surrender, A)
Maggie - (Book: Scrooge Wore Spurs)
Marly - (Book: Scrumptious)
Melba - (Book: Sea at Dawn, The)
Miranda Chadwick - (Book: Sea Fires)
Marina - (Book: Sea Gate)
Marina - (Book: Sea Gate (reissue))
Martine - (Book: Sea Swept)
Meg - (Book: Sea Treasure)
Margred - (Book: Sea Witch)
Miss Miranda Dawson - (Book: Seafire (UK))
Maura Maxwell - (Book: SEAL Forever, A)
Meara Greymere - (Book: SEAL in Wolf's Clothing, A)
Mallory Ward - (Book: SEAL's Special Mission, The)
Molly Gifford - (Book: Sealed With a Kiss (reprint))
Maddie McCallister - (Book: Search and Seizure)
Meredith King - (Book: Search the Dark)
Maya - (Book: Searchers, The)
Mia Carano - (Book: Season For Grace, A)
Maria Delacroix - (Book: Season For Love, A)
Miranda - (Book: Season of Dishonor)
Merrie Laurence - (Book: Season of Loving, The)
Miss Honor Virtue - (Book: Season of Virtues, A)
Maggie Forsythe - (Book: Second Chance Baby)
Monique Morgan - (Book: Second Chance Dad)
Monique Morgan - (Book: Second Chance Dad (reissue))
Meg Harper - (Book: Second Honeymoon)
Miss Charlotte Stanwood - (Book: Second Season)
Mia Butterfield - (Book: Second Time Lucky)
Mei - (Book: Second-Chance Groom, The)
Maggie Jameson - (Book: Second-Chance Seduction)
Miss Jennifer Dryden - (Book: Secret Affair, A)
Megan Randall - (Book: Secret Agenda)
Megan Randall - (Book: Secret Agenda (large print))
Marja Pulaski - (Book: Secret Agent Affair)
Maggie Smith - (Book: Secret Baby Santos)
Miss Emma Waring - (Book: Secret Bluestocking, The)
MIschief Jones - (Book: Secret Child)
Melanie Andrews - (Book: Secret Cinderella)
Maria Martingale - (Book: Secret Desires of a Gentleman)
Maria Martingale - (Book: Secret Desires of Gentlemen)
Miranda Cheever - (Book: Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, The)
Miss Olivia Mallory - (Book: Secret Diary, The)
Margaret Gray - (Book: Secret Fantasy)
Maggie James - (Book: Secret Games)
Marie Lafayette - (Book: Secret Heiress, The)
Mari Sinclair - (Book: Secret in Her Kiss, A)
Madeleine Wycliff - (Book: Secret Nabob, The)
Miss Roxanne Sydney - (Book: Secret Scroll, The)
Monique Slater - (Book: Secret Silver Nights)
Mara - (Book: Secret Sins)
Madeline Pickett - (Book: Secret Sister)
Maisey Lazarow - (Book: Secret Sister, The)
Mattie Caulfield - (Book: Secret Stones, The)
Molly Durant - (Book: Secret Surrender)
Maya Howard - (Book: Secretary by Day, Mistress by Night)
Michelle Slade - (Book: Secrets)
Melusine Brand - (Book: Secrets and Lies)
Mélanie Fraser - (Book: Secrets of a Lady)
Madison Monroe - (Book: Secrets of Her Past, The)
Mia Danvers - (Book: Secrets of Mia Danvers, The (ebook))
Megan MacKeage - (Book: Secrets of the Highlander)
Melanie Jones - (Book: Secrets of the Highwayman)
Marin Kane - (Book: Secrets on Cedar Key)
Meg - (Book: Secure Location)
Meg - (Book: Secure Location (large print))
Marin Sheppard - (Book: Security Blanket)
Meredith Gentry - (Book: Seduced By Moonlight)
Meg Rosenthal - (Book: Seduced by Sunday)
Madeline Fallon, Lady Redcomb - (Book: Seduced By Your Spell)
Madeline Hartwell - (Book: Seducer)
Molly - (Book: Seducing Molly (ebook))
Meriel Schellden - (Book: Seducing the Highlander)
Mercy Simpson - (Book: Seducing the Viscount)
Melissa Warner - (Book: Seduction and the CEO)
Marjory Mackintosh - (Book: Seduction of a Highland Warrior)
Mirand Prosper - (Book: Seduction of Miranda Prosper, The)
Mary Alsworthy - (Book: Seduction of the Crimson Rose, The)
Margaret van Alden - (Book: Seduction, The)
Marianne - (Book: See You Thursday (ebook))
Megan Coffman - (Book: Seeing Red (ebook))
Megan Culbin - (Book: Selkie Bride, The)
Marty Dandridge Olson - (Book: Sensible Arrangement, A)
Miss Prudence Marland - (Book: Sentimental Soldier, The)
Mara Leonard - (Book: Serengeti Lightning (ebook))
Miss Felicity Vale - (Book: Sergeant Major's Daughter, The)
Miss Felicity Vale - (Book: Sergeant Major's Daughter, The)
Macy Jackson - (Book: Sergeant's Secret Son, The)
Marina Santos - (Book: Serial Affair, A)
Maxie McNabb - (Book: Serpent's Trail, The)
Miranda Chase - (Book: Seven Secrets of Seduction)
Marissa Rowland - (Book: Seven Year Glitch (ebook))
Mallory Forrester - (Book: Seven Year Secret, The)
Marcie Raymond - (Book: Seventh Heaven)
Marilee Nelson - (Book: Seventh Heaven)
Maggi Sanger-Stuart - (Book: Seventh Key)
Miss Kate Montgomery - (Book: Seventh Suitor, The)
Macy Thomaston - (Book: Sex Quotient, The)
Madeline Hale - (Book: Sex Solution, The)
Marla of Torl - (Book: Sex Traders)
Maya Nicholas - (Book: Sex, Lies and Midnight)
Mazie Maguire - (Book: Sexiest Man Alive, The (ebook))
Maria Paladino - (Book: Sexual Hunger)
Maxine - (Book: Sexy/Dangerous)
Mary Muir - (Book: Shades of Familiar)
Marisa - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Michelle Alger - (Book: Shadow of Doubt (ebook))
Mara Wilcox - (Book: Shadow of Time, The)
Mara Wilcox - (Book: Shadow of Time, The (reissue))
McKenzie Lewis - (Book: Shadow Reader, The)
Menolly - (Book: Shadow Rising)
Meara Quinn - (Book: Shadow Spell)
Mackenzie Morgan - (Book: Shadow Valley )
Maris - (Book: Shadow Vengeance)
Megan Moraine - (Book: Shadow Wolf, The)
Miranda Grey-Solomon - (Book: Shadow's Fall)
Miranda Grey - (Book: Shadowbound)
Mary Chase - (Book: Shadowdance)
Moriah Cameron - (Book: Shadower)
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Shadowfever (hardcover))
MacKayla Lane - (Book: Shadowfever (paperback))
Miranda Grey - (Book: Shadowflame)
Morgan Stuart - (Book: Shadows in the Fire)
Molly Gallagher - (Book: Shadows in the Flame)
Marylee Simson - (Book: Shadows in the Mirror)
Megan - (Book: Shadows on Bali)
Melisande Carstairs - (Book: Shameless)
Melodie Turner - (Book: Shameless Seduction, A)
Melodie Turner - (Book: Shameless Seduction, A (UK))
Maria Devane - (Book: Shape of Desire, The (hardcover))
Melanie Daniels - (Book: Sharing the Darkness)
Melanie Daniels - (Book: Sharing the Darkness (reissue))
Mandy Keating - (Book: Sharpshooter in Petticoats)
Mindy - (Book: Sharpshooter's Secret Son, The)
Mackenzie Wilson - (Book: Shattered Moment, A )
Mary Wynne-Jones - (Book: She Tempts the Duke)
Maya - (Book: She Touched My Soul)
Mei Lu Ling - (Book: She Walks the Line)
Marcy Edmond - (Book: She'll Never Tell)
Melanie Zeitgar - (Book: She'll Take It)
Melody Tanner - (Book: She's Got the Look)
MacKenzie Ryan - (Book: She's Having a Baby)
Maggie Steward - (Book: She's Having My Baby)
Martha Walters - (Book: She's My Mom)
Megan O'Connell - (Book: Sheikh's Convenient Bride, The)
Madison Whitney - (Book: Sheikh's Defiant Bride, The)
Marina Peshwah - (Book: Sheikh's Last Gamble, The)
Marina Peshwah - (Book: Sheikh's Last Gamble, The (large print))
Marina Peshwah - (Book: Sheikh's Last Gamble, The (UK))
Molly Mercer - (Book: Shelter from the Storm)
Meredith, Garnet and Leah - (Book: Shenandoah Home)
Marla Gossett - (Book: Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek)
Mary Yancy - (Book: Sheriff Of Heartbreak County, The)
Miranda Ward - (Book: Sheriff Of Sage Bend, The)
Margo Haynes - (Book: Sheriff with the Wyoming-Size Heart, The)
Michelle Ross - (Book: Sheriff's Doorstep Baby, The)
Michelle Ross - (Book: Sheriff's Doorstep Baby, The (large print))
Meg Dawson - (Book: Sheriff's Proposal, The)
Meg Dawson - (Book: Sheriff's Proposal, The (reissue))
Mariah Harrington - (Book: Sheriff's Secretary, The)
Mary Beth Parker - (Book: Sheriff, The)
Miss Anika (Niki) Owen - (Book: Sherry's Comet)
Merida - (Book: Shift of Fate)
Maggie O'Shea - (Book: Shifting Love)
Maggie O'Shea - (Book: Shifting Love (reissue))
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Shifting Shadows (hardcover anthology))
Meg Sullivan - (Book: Shiloh's Promise)
Merry Gentry - (Book: Shiver of Light, A (hardcover))
Maddy Bainbridge - (Book: Shore Lights)
Merry Preston - (Book: Shoreline Drive)
Meredith Hayes - (Book: Short-Straw Bride)
Mia Moncure - (Book: Shot of Red, A (ebook))
Maddie Cavanaugh - (Book: Shotgun Bride)
Mandy Sperrin - (Book: Shotgun Bride)
Matilda Fortune - (Book: Shotgun Vows)
Milly Lockwood Groves - (Book: Showdown)
Megan - (Book: Sicilian's Wife, The)
Melanie Carlyle - (Book: Sicilian, The)
Mathilda McKinney - (Book: Sign Me, Speechless in Seattle)
Meredith Stoltzfus - (Book: Silence of Winter, The)
Megan Reese - (Book: Silence the Shadows)
Mercy Richmond, MD - (Book: Silent Pledge)
Merri Walters - (Book: Silent Reckoning)
Marissa Gilmore - (Book: Silent Sea)
Marly Jessop - (Book: Silent Storm)
Marianna Santino - (Book: Silent Terror, A)
Merri Walters - (Book: Silent Weapon)
Marcelline Noirot - (Book: Silk is for Seduction)
Mary Anne Judson - (Book: Silken Secrets)
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Silver Borne (hardcover))
Mercy Thompson - (Book: Silver Borne (paperback))
Meredith Delinn - (Book: Silver Girl)
Mattie Sharpe - (Book: Silver Linings )
Mattie Sharpe - (Book: Silver Linings (reissue))
Mattie Sharpe - (Book: Silver Linings (reissue))
Miranda Hart - (Book: Silver Noose)
Maggie Larkin - (Book: Silver Sparks)
Mallory Evans - (Book: Silver Thaw)
Melora Worth - (Book: Silver Water, Golden Sand)
Morgan Carter - (Book: Silver Wolf Clan (ebook))
Mirian Maylin - (Book: Silvered, The (hardcover))
Madison McKinley - (Book: Simon Says Die)
Megan Roe - (Book: Simon Says Mommy)
Marlene Queens - (Book: Simple Gifts)
Maddie Moore - (Book: Simply Irresistible)
Mack Douglas - (Book: Simply the Best)
Marguerite Lockwood - (Book: Simply Wicked)
Marguerite - (Book: Sinful Alliance, A)
Megan Cross - (Book: Sinful Pleasures)
Megan Rafferty - (Book: Sinful Seduction, A)
Millicent - (Book: Sinful Surrender)
Mackenzie Bliss - (Book: Sinfully Sweet)
Molly Blythe - (Book: Single Mom and the Tycoon, The )
Mariana Givens - (Book: Singular Hostage, A)
Mary Lennox - (Book: Sinners Club, The)
Madeline Valdan - (Book: Sins of a Virgin)
Miss Lucy Haydon - (Book: Sir Sham)
Magiere - (Book: Sister of the Dead)
Michelle D’Orage - (Book: Sister's Quest, A)
Mia Santiago - (Book: Sizzle and Burn)
Michele - (Book: Skells)
Mia Sauter - (Book: Skin Tight)
Mimi Olson - (Book: Skinny Dipping)
Melanie Pierce - (Book: Slater House)
Marissa - (Book: Slave Castle)
Mia Fletcher - (Book: Sleeping Partner)
Mia Fletcher - (Book: Sleeping Partner (UK))
Melita Krizova - (Book: Sleeping With Danger)
Meg White - (Book: Sleeping with the Devil)
Maggie Schaeffer - (Book: Sleeping With the Enemy)
Maggie Schaeffer - (Book: Sleeping with the Enemy (reissue))
Micayla Lange - (Book: Sleepwalker (hardcover))
Mary Penley - (Book: Slightest Provocation, The)
Maggie Marino - (Book: Slightly Shady)
Mary - (Book: Sloan's Heart)
Maggie LaRue - (Book: Slow Burn)
Marnie Lee - (Book: Slow Burn)
Maggie O'Malley - (Book: Slow Heat)
Marnie McCafferty - (Book: Small Fortune, A)
Megan Russo - (Book: Small-Town Hearts)
Megan Russo - (Book: Small-Town Hearts (large print))
Merrie Trelawney - (Book: Smuggler's Lady)
Merrie Trelawney - (Book: Smuggler's Lady (mass market))
Meg Williams - (Book: Snow In September)
Miranda Fairfield - (Book: Snow in Summer)
Meredith Tanner - (Book: Snow Raven)
Melody Crawford - (Book: Snow-Kissed Bride, The)
Mallory O'Connor McKendrick - (Book: Snowflakes on the Sea)
Mallory McKendrick - (Book: Snowflakes on the Sea (reissue))
Mia Winter - (Book: So Long at the Fair)
Mina - (Book: So Still the Night)
Maggie Ramsay - (Book: So This Is Love)
Miranda - (Book: So Wild a Heart)
Megan Ashton - (Book: Society-Page Seduction)
Megan McKinney - (Book: Solarian Raven, The (ebook))
Miss Serena Fitzwater - (Book: Soldier's Heart, A)
Mary Kate Flanagan Donnelly - (Book: Soldier's Heart, A)
Mandy Manchester - (Book: Soldier's Reunion, A)
Mercy Richmond, MD - (Book: Solemn Oath)
Marty - (Book: Solitaire)
Mary Jane Magorski - (Book: Some Enchanted Evening)
Maggie - (Book: Some Enchanted Season)
Merit - (Book: Some Girls Bite)
Melanie Merrill - (Book: Some Girls Do)
Melanie Marchand - (Book: Some Like It Hot)
Mindy Menlove - (Book: Some Like It Kilted)
Miss Clara Dawson - (Book: Some Like It Sinful)
Margaret Tuttle - (Book: Some Wildflower in my Heart)
Mimi Marsh - (Book: Someone Irresistible)
Maria Kincaid - (Book: Someone Like Her)
Maria de la Guerra - (Book: Someone Like You)
Maggie Fletcher - (Book: Someone To Love)
Michelle Grant - (Book: Someone to Love Me)
Maddalyn Kelly - (Book: Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed)
Mary Alexander - (Book: Something Borrowed)
Markie Cross - (Book: Something Deadly)
Madison Avery - (Book: Something Deadly This Way Comes (hardcover))
Mitch Cuddy - (Book: Something Special)
Marci Hamilton - (Book: Somewhere Down In Texas)
Mackenzie Conroy - (Book: Somewhere Out There)
Mackenzie Conroy - (Book: Somewhere Out There (reissue))
Morgan Lowen - (Book: Son's Tale, A)
Morgan Lowen - (Book: Son's Tale, A (large print))
Marly Hanson - (Book: Song for my Mother, A)
Mollie Ferguson - (Book: Song of Midnight Embers (ebook))
Mary Lee Clawson - (Book: Song of the Road)
Medicine Wolf - (Book: Song of the Wolf)
Mariel - (Book: Song, The)
Marvel Harrington - (Book: Songs in the Whirlwind)
Marian Harasta - (Book: Sorceress of Faith)
May Coleridge - (Book: SOS: Convenient Husband Required)
Mairi MacKiernan - (Book: Soul of a Highlander)
Monica - (Book: Soul Stripper)
Monica - (Book: Soul Surrender)
Monica - (Book: Soul Survivor)
Monette Victor - (Book: Soulful Strut)
Margaret Stokes - (Book: Sour Grapes (ebook))
Minnie and Charma Deane - (Book: Southern Comforts, The)
Megan Armstrong - (Book: Spanish Awakening, A)
Molly - (Book: Spanish Billioniare's Pregnant Wife, The (reissue))
Mary Winter - (Book: Spanish Coin)
Marsia Peterson - (Book: Spanish Lullaby)
Maria Santiago y Talavera - (Book: Spanish Prize, The)
Maria Santiago y Talavera - (Book: Spanish Prize, The (UK))
Maria Delgato - (Book: Spanish Rose, The)
Magdalene d'Ortega - (Book: Spanish Witch, The (UK))
Molly Cade - (Book: Sparking the Fire)
Morgan Kingsley - (Book: Speak of the Devil)
Mackenzie Simms - (Book: Speaking of Love (ebook))
Miss Linnea Ashley - (Book: Special License, A)
Maggie Wellington - (Book: Special Treasures)
Mandy Scott, Sheriff - (Book: Speed Trap)
Mia Foxe - (Book: Spell of the Chameleon)
Madeline - (Book: Spellbound)
Molly Tierney - (Book: Spellbound)
Morgan Kirkland - (Book: Spellbound)
Mollie Tierney - (Book: Spellbound (reprint))
Maxine Reigate - (Book: Spellbound-Legend)
Myrinne - (Book: Spellfire)
Miriam Scott - (Book: Spicing It Up)
Marjorie Penwhistle - (Book: Spinster Bride, The)
Mary Margulies - (Book: Spinster's Song)
Maxine Love - (Book: Spirit Is Willing, The)
Mary Paige Gentry - (Book: Spirit of Christmas, The)
Mary Paige Gentry - (Book: Spirit of Christmas, The (large print))
Muriel - (Book: Spirit of the Mist)
Marietta Welsford - (Book: Spirit of the Wolf)
Merri Lambert - (Book: Spitfire)
Mary Jo Simpson - (Book: Spontaneous Combustion)
Maggie Skerritt - (Book: Spring Break)
Millicent - (Book: Spring Dreams)
Maggie McCaffrey - (Book: Springwater Wedding)
Melanie Key - (Book: Spy Hard)
Melanie Key - (Book: Spy Hard)
Melanie Key - (Book: Spy Hard (large print))
Margarita Alfonsa de las Fuentes - (Book: Spy Who Loved Him, The)
Maddie Springer - (Book: Spying in High Heels)
Maggie Newman - (Book: Stable Account, A (ebook))
Maggie Mead - (Book: Stage Whispers)
Maggie Mead - (Book: Stage Whispers (reissue))
Monica Grant - (Book: Stalker in the Shadows)
Monica Grant - (Book: Stalker in the Shadows (large print))
Missi Bombay - (Book: Stand By Your Hitman)
Maggie Reid - (Book: Stand By Your Man)
Maggie - (Book: Stand-In Bride, The)
Megan Delaney - (Book: Stand-In Father)
Marta Jensen - (Book: Stand-In Mom)
Morgan - (Book: Star of the Morning)
Morgan - (Book: Star of the Morning (reissue))
Michele Logan - (Book: Star-Crossed Lovers)
Marsali Gunn - (Book: Starcatcher)
Maggie - (Book: Stardust)
Maggie Walker - (Book: Steal Me)
Maddie Townsend - (Book: Stealing Home)
Morgan - (Book: Steamy Surrender (UK))
Marisa Somerville - (Book: Stepping Out of the Shadows)
Madelene Valemeyer - (Book: Stepsister's Triumph, The (ebook))
Melanie Landon - (Book: Still Life with Shape-Shifter (hardcover))
Melanie Landon - (Book: Still Life with Shape-shifter (paperback))
Maddy Gordon - (Book: Still Waters)
Melissa Tanner - (Book: Stolen Kisses)
Mary Lennox - (Book: Stolen Mackenzie Bride, The)
Meg - (Book: Stolen Magic)
Morgana Bracewell - (Book: Stolen Rose, A)
Melora Standish - (Book: Stolen Splendor)
Madison Winters - (Book: Stone Cold Surrender)
Maria Dark - (Book: Stone Heart)
Marina - (Book: Storm Dancer)
Melissa Cross - (Book: Storm For All Seasons, A)
Maggie - (Book: Storm Force)
Mori Chastaine - (Book: Storm Force)
Moira - (Book: Storm of Passion, A)
Maggie Skerritt - (Book: Storm Season)
Morgan - (Book: Storm Warrior)
Mariamne Niege - (Book: Storm Watcher)
Miki Lassiter - (Book: Stormfire)
Meg Collins - (Book: Stormy Springtime)
Meg Collins - (Book: Stormy Springtime (reissue))
Meg Collins - (Book: Stormy Springtime (UK))
Meg Collins - (Book: Stormy Springtime (UK-reissue))
Montana Rose - (Book: Straight for the Heart)
Maribeth Bradford - (Book: Straight Shootin' Lady)
Mallory Dawes - (Book: Stranded with a Spy)
Milda - (Book: Stranded With the Prince)
Maureen English - (Book: Strange Fits of Passion)
Merry MacKenzie - (Book: Strange Neighbors)
Martina Sanchez - (Book: Strange New World (ebook))
Maggie Harper - (Book: Stranger in a Small Town)
Miranda Duncan - (Book: Stranger in Cold Creek)
Melantha - (Book: Stranger In My Bed)
Marina Crafts - (Book: Stranger's Embrace)
Marie Nicole LeBon - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Morwenna Morgan - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Mallory Rackham - (Book: Stranger, The)
Megan Kirkwood - (Book: Strangers No More)
Meghan - (Book: Strangers When We Married)
Mary Elise McRae - (Book: Strategic Engagement)
Michelle - (Book: Street Sweeper, The)
Madeline Sedgewick - (Book: Strictly Seduction)
Margaret MacDowell - (Book: Striker, The)
Melanie Craine - (Book: Striptease)
Mallory Littlefield - (Book: Stroke of Genius, A)
Mimi Markman - (Book: Stroke of Genius, A)
Maya Alexander - (Book: Stroke of Midnight)
Meridith Gentry - (Book: Stroke of Midnight, A)
Muse Harper - (Book: Strong Enough)
Maggie Maguire - (Book: Stuck on You)
Molly Laraway - (Book: Submission)
Maggie - (Book: Submissive Passion)
Marisol Whitman - (Book: Succubus Lost (ebook))
Megan Elliott - (Book: Sudden Death)
Melanie Falconer - (Book: Sudden Heat (ebook))
Millie Spencer - (Book: Suddenly a Father)
Mia Lassiter - (Book: Suddenly In Love)
Mrs. Katie Marshall - (Book: Suitable Arrangement, A)
Mary Castleton - (Book: Suitable Connection, A)
Maggie - (Book: Suitable Father, A)
Melody Maitland - (Book: Suitable Suitor, The)
Maggie Webster - (Book: Sullivan's Miracle)
Mariah Kennedy - (Book: Sultan's Bed, The)
Mia James - (Book: Sultry Storm)
Mae-June July Augustine - (Book: Sultry With a Twist)
Morgan Merrifield - (Book: Summer at the Shore)
Miss Constance Mayford - (Book: Summer Courtship, A)
Mrs. Anne Templeton - (Book: Summer Folly, A)
Moira O'Malley - (Book: Summer Garden, The)
Marti Beaumont - (Book: Summer Has No Name (Hardcover))
Maggie O'Rourke - (Book: Summer He Came Home)
Mandy Carter - (Book: Summer House, The:
Marrying Mandy )
Madelyne Summers - (Book: Summer I Became a Nerd, The)
Maggie Howard - (Book: Summer Lightning)
Meg - (Book: Summer Love)
Miranda Bloom - (Book: Summer of the Geek)
Macy Lockhart - (Book: Summer of Two Wishes)
Miriam - (Book: Summer Promise)
Mary - (Book: Summer Storm)
Maggie Holts - (Book: Summertime Blues)
Morgan Carter - (Book: Summit of the Wolf (ebook))
Miranda Evans - (Book: Sunlight on Shadows)
Michelle Benedict - (Book: Sunrise Song)
Marley Canton - (Book: Sunroper)
Megan Greene - (Book: Sunset Bay)
Maddie - (Book: Superb and Sexy)
Maddie - (Book: Superb and Sexy (reprint))
Morgan McCall - (Book: Sure Bet)
Maddy - (Book: Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger)
Mary Jane Pettigrew - (Book: Surgeon in Charge (UK))
Melanie Rule - (Book: Surprise - You're a Daddy)
Melanie Hawthorne - (Book: Surprise Me...)
Miranda Dalton - (Book: Surprise Package)
Melissa - (Book: Surprise Triplets, The)
Maddie Winston - (Book: Surprise! Surprise!)
Maddie Winston - (Book: Surprise! Surprise! (ebook))
Marianne Denton - (Book: Surrender the Heart)
Morren O'Reilly - (Book: Surrender to An Irish Warrior)
Margriet Gunnarsdottir - (Book: Surrender to the Highlander)
Mia Burton - (Book: Surrender to the Past)
Mia Burton - (Book: Surrender to the Past (large print))
Miranda Witherspoon - (Book: Surrender, Baby)
Meg Scott - (Book: Suspicion)
Marisol Pendenning - (Book: Suspicious Affair, A)
Meredith Gentry - (Book: Swallowing Darkness)
Molly Parker - (Book: Sweet Agony (ebook))
Miss Kitty Walsingham - (Book: Sweet Deceit)
Marguerite DuBois - (Book: Sweet Defiance)
Maggie Kirk - (Book: Sweet Enemy)
Maggie Kirk - (Book: Sweet Enemy (reissue))
Maggie Kirk - (Book: Sweet Enemy (reissue))
Maggie Bishop - (Book: Sweet Escape)
Mia Holland - (Book: Sweet Filthy Boy)
Madeline - (Book: Sweet Jasmine)
Maura McKnight-Parker - (Book: Sweet Laurel Falls)
Marissa Price - (Book: Sweet Life)
Molly Wells - (Book: Sweet Nothings)
Miss Sarah Ravensham - (Book: Sweet Pretender)
Mia Ryker - (Book: Sweet Reward)
Madeleine Malcolm - (Book: Sweet Secrets)
Meg Fairmont - (Book: Sweet Seduction)
Misty - (Book: Sweet Seduction)
Mia - (Book: Sweet Sixteen Princess)
Mellisynt of Tremont - (Book: Sweet Song of Love)
Melanie Lambert - (Book: Sweet Southern Comfort)
Muse Summerville - (Book: Sweet Suspicion)
Meri Briscoe - (Book: Sweet Tea for Two)
Macy Young - (Book: Sweet Texas Kiss)
Meg Britton - (Book: Sweet Texas Nights)
Mia Kelly - (Book: Sweet Thing)
Marisa Rutherford - (Book: Sweet Water)
Maria Johnson - (Book: Sweeter than Revenge)
Marsha Eveland - (Book: Swift Horse)
Melissa - (Book: Swing)
Meridee, "The Ice Princess" Osborne - (Book: Swinging On a Star)
Melina Lloyd - (Book: Switch, The)
Mallory Christiani - (Book: Switchback)
Mallory Christiani - (Book: Switchback (reissue))
Mallory Christiani - (Book: Switchback (reissue))
Magda Deacon - (Book: Sword of the Highlands)
Mia McKenzie - (Book: Sydney Harbor Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl)
Michelle Wright - (Book: Symphony in Rapture)
Michaela Bancroft - (Book: Tacked to Death)
Miranda White - (Book: Tactical Pleasure)
Minnie Hamilton - (Book: Tailing a Tabby)
Maddie Donovan - (Book: Take a Chance on Me)
Mimi - (Book: Take Me Home Tonight)
Mariska Stonegate - (Book: Take Me If You Dare)
Marguerite Cole - (Book: Take Me to Heart)
Marion - (Book: Take Me, I'm Yours (ebook))
Maddie Simcoe - (Book: Taken by Storm)
Margaret - (Book: Takes Two To Tackle (ebook))
Mary Ellen Black - (Book: Taking Back Mary Ellen Black)
Mariah - (Book: Talisman Bay - Lover's Talisman)
Molly Jenkins - (Book: Talk Me Down)
Maddie Montesano - (Book: Talk of the Town)
Maddie Montesano - (Book: Talk of the Town (large print))
Marybell Lyman - (Book: Talking After Midnight)
Marisa Clair - (Book: Talking Dirty with the Boss)
Megan Sloan - (Book: Tall, Dark and Temporary)
Mallory Morgan - (Book: Tame Me)
Mignonne Saint Sylvestre - (Book: Tame Me Not)
Mattie McAlister - (Book: Tame the Wildest Heart)
Mairi MacGregor - (Book: Tamed by a Highlander)
Mackenzie Sawyer - (Book: Taming Ben)
Maggie - (Book: Taming Him)
Mariella Duvall - (Book: Taming Mariella)
Miss Lila Appleby - (Book: Taming of Lord Whitfield, The)
Mary Cynster - (Book: Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh, The)
Marcie MacLean - (Book: Taming the Boss)
Meg MacNeill - (Book: Taming the Heiress)
Merry Stewart - (Book: Taming the Highland Bride)
Margery Lundstrom - (Book: Tangled Dreams)
Marianna Lowth - (Book: Tangled Dreams)
Maggie Beaumont - (Book: Tangled Sheets)
Mazie Maguire - (Book: Tangled Thing Called Love (ebook))
Maddie - (Book: Tangled Up In You)
Molly Santana - (Book: Target, The)
Marianne Johnson - (Book: Tarrisbroke Hall)
Mia Kerrigan - (Book: Taste Me)
Monica Ryan - (Book: Taste of Heaven, A)
Merlot St. Pierre - (Book: Taste of Merlot, A)
Mackenzie Standfield - (Book: Taste of Passion)
Molly Gerard - (Book: Teaching Molly (ebook))
Mara - (Book: Tears of Gold)
Mara Flynn - (Book: Tears of Gold (reprint))
Mindy - (Book: Tekgrrl)
Molly Drayton - (Book: Tell Me Everything)
Maddie Faraday - (Book: Tell Me Lies)
Maddie Faraday - (Book: Tell Me Lies (reissue))
Maddie Faraday - (Book: Tell Me Lies (reprint))
Michelle Ruby - (Book: Tell Me You Want Me)
Molly Murphy - (Book: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (hardcover))
Molly Murphy - (Book: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (paperback))
Melinda Stanford - (Book: Temporary Mrs. King, The)
Meridian Hunter - (Book: Temporary Slave)
Miss Charity Duncan - (Book: Temporary Wife, The)
Megan Rossi - (Book: Temporary Wife, The (ebook))
Mia Turner - (Book: Temptation And Lies)
Maggie Solomon - (Book: Temptation Bay)
Miriam Thornbury - (Book: Temptation of Rory Monahan, The)
Mischa Kennon - (Book: Temptation's Edge)
Mischa Kennnon - (Book: Temptation's Edge (reissue))
Megan Lambert - (Book: Temptation's Kiss)
Mary Callahan - (Book: Tempted)
Marissa Bennett - (Book: Tempted Again)
Meg Amberley - (Book: Tempted By His Kiss)
Marguerite de Montpierre - (Book: Tempted by the Highlander Warrior)
Malinda Keyes - (Book: Tempting a Sinner)
Mirabelle Browning - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Mara Despenser - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Meredith Burke - (Book: Tempting Meredith (ebook))
Merinus Tyler - (Book: Tempting the Beast)
Madison Daniels - (Book: Tempting the Best Man)
Morwenna - (Book: Temptress)
Melanie Johnston - (Book: Tender Betrayal)
Melanie Johnston - (Book: Tender Betrayal (ebook))
Melanie Johnston - (Book: Tender Betrayal (reissue))
Maggie Jones - (Book: Tender Fury)
Melissa Van Fleet - (Book: Tender Loving Care)
Melissa VanFleet - (Book: Tender Loving Care (reissue))
Morgana - (Book: Tender Marauder)
Mijana - (Book: Tender Warrior)
Maggie - (Book: Tender, Loving Cure)
Marissa Marshall - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Megan DeWilde - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Missy O'Bannion - (Book: Territorial Bride)
Mel Madison - (Book: Texan Takes a Wife, The)
Madison Milan - (Book: Texan's Forbidden Fiancee, The)
Mandy - (Book: Texan's Secret Past, The)
Mariana Snow - (Book: Texan's Surprise Son, The)
Marcie Browder - (Book: Texan, The)
Melanie Grandy - (Book: Texas Billionaire's Bride, The)
Michelle Godrey - (Book: Texas Born)
Miranda Wentworth - (Book: Texas Bride)
Myra Delgado - (Book: Texas Child, A)
Mariah Palmer - (Book: Texas Conquest)
Marina Cafferty - (Book: Texas Gold)
Mattie Collier - (Book: Texas Lawman's Last Stand, The)
McCall Harrison - (Book: Texas Love Song)
Melissa Dalton - (Book: Texas Ranger's Reward, The)
Maureen Miniver - (Book: Texas Tycoon)
Mina Ferguson - (Book: Texas Tycoon's Baby, The)
Maggie Colson - (Book: Texas Vixen)
Margaret Winston - (Book: Texas Way, The)
Margaret Winston - (Book: Texas Way, The)
Megan Westmoreland - (Book: Texas Wild)
Megan Westmoreland - (Book: Texas Wild / Beyond Temptation)
Marcie Johns - (Book: Texas! Chase)
Marcie Johns - (Book: Texas! Chase (hardcover--reissue))
Mona Grainger - (Book: Texas-Sized Secrets)
Mona Grainger - (Book: Texas-Sized Secrets (Large Print))
Megan Murphy - (Book: Thanksgiving)
Megan Murphy - (Book: Thanksgiving (Large Print))
Maddie Harris - (Book: That Devil Moon)
Marianna McKenna - (Book: That McKenna Woman)
Madeline Johnson - (Book: That Old Devil Moon)
Miranda Sinclair - (Book: That Reckless Night)
Miss Fanny Aldingham - (Book: That Savage Yankee Squire)
Marianne McCord - (Book: That Scandalous Heiress)
Mara Prentiss - (Book: Thawing of Mara, The)
Mazie Maguire - (Book: The Escape Diaries (ebook))
Molly Drummond - (Book: Their Most Forbidden Fling)
Molly Drummond - (Book: Their Most Forbidden Fling (large print))
Miss Theodora Minturn - (Book: Theodora)
Marina - (Book: There Be Dragons (Hardcover illustrated))
Mary Croyden - (Book: There's Something About Lady Mary)
Misty - (Book: There's Something About the Nanny)
Magiere - (Book: Thief of Lives, The)
Maggie Duncan - (Book: Thin Ice)
Mary Anne Drew - (Book: Things We Do For Love)
Maggie O'Rourke - (Book: This Calder Sky)
Molly Preston - (Book: This Can't Be Love )
Mary Fleet - (Book: This Christmas)
Malinda Brinlaw - (Book: This Dangerous Magic)
Moira Cavendish - (Book: This Golden Valley)
Molly Somerville - (Book: This Heart Of Mine)
Melanie Haynes - (Book: This Is My Child)
Meg Halloran - (Book: This Love of Mine)
Miranda Mabberly - (Book: This Rake of Mine)
Meg Montgomery - (Book: This Time for Keeps)
Morgan Wainwright - (Book: This Wild Heart)
Megan McLeod - (Book: Thorn & the Thistle, The)
Marisa - (Book: Threads of Faith)
Mei - (Book: Threat of Darkness)
Mistress Alicia Broom - (Book: Three Dog Knight)
Melanie D'Angelo - (Book: Three Down the Aisle)
Mary Elizabeth Drummond - (Book: Three for the Road)
Mia Gordon - (Book: Three Times a Lady)
Maya Hughes - (Book: Three Wishes)
Marisa Bennett - (Book: Three's Company)
Maya Farlow - (Book: Thrill Me)
May Ellison - (Book: Thrill Me)
Meggie Scofield - (Book: Thrill to Remember, A)
Mina Chainey - (Book: Throne of Oak (ebook))
Mika - (Book: Through a Crimson Veil)
Maggie Durant - (Book: Through the Looking Glass)
Mala Bey - (Book: Thunder)
Mercy Kendrick - (Book: Thunder Mountain)
Mercy Kendrick - (Book: Thunder Mountain (reissue))
Macy - (Book: Thunder on the Reef)
Meghan - (Book: Tides of Ecstasy)
Margot Matthews - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Melisande Moorseby - (Book: Tiger by the Tail)
Mae - (Book: Tigerlily (ebook novella))
Mariah Crawford - (Book: Til' There Was You)
Marissa Devereaux - (Book: Till Death Do Us Part)
Mary de Piaget - (Book: Till There Was You)
Meghan O'Brien - (Book: Till There Was You)
Marion Mead - (Book: Time and Time Again)
Maggie Winthrop - (Book: Time Enough for Love)
Maeve Fredrickson - (Book: Time Heals)
Mara Zimmer - (Book: Time of Hope, A)
Madison Calloway - (Book: Time of the Rose)
Mackenzie Cates - (Book: Time Rogues)
Melanie - (Book: Time to Dream, A)
Melanie - (Book: Time to Dream, A (UK))
Marissa McGonigle - (Book: Time To Remember, A)
Marina Karansky - (Book: Time to Sing, A)
Madeline St. Thomas - (Book: Time's Healing Heart)
Meredith Davis - (Book: Time-Spun Treasure)
Maddie Emerson - (Book: Timeless Treasure, A)
Mandy Yoder - (Book: Titus Returns)
Marissa Kincaid - (Book: To Catch a Cheat)
Meta Russell - (Book: To Catch a Rake)
Marta Alvarez - (Book: To Catch a Star)
Maricel Cardona - (Book: To Dance Again)
Mahelt Marshal - (Book: To Defy a King)
Madeline Blainn - (Book: To Have and To Hold)
Marcy Townsend - (Book: To Kiss A Gargoyle)
Morag Cameron - (Book: To Kiss a Kilted Warrior)
Margaret Somerley - (Book: To Kiss a Thief)
Mirabelle MacLaren - (Book: To Love a Highlander)
Mary Gilly - (Book: To Love A Scottish Lord)
Marah Briscoe - (Book: To Love a Stallion)
Madeline Stone - (Book: To Love A Stranger)
Miss Lillian Primm - (Book: To Love a Texan)
Mackenzie Blair - (Book: To Love A Thief)
Marcy Wilson - (Book: To Love Them All)
Maggie - (Book: To Play With Fire)
Meredith Barrington - (Book: To Protect An Heiress)
Mara St. Bride - (Book: To Rescue A Rogue)
Miranda Fontaine - (Book: To Ruin The Duke)
Melisande Flemming - (Book: To Seduce A Sinner)
Madeline Ellis - (Book: To Tame a Dangerous Lord)
Miss Catriona Grant - (Book: To Tempt a Gentleman)
Maram - (Book: To Touch a Sheikh)
Merlene Saunders - (Book: To Trust a Cop)
Merlene Saunders - (Book: To Trust a Cop (large print))
Minuette Sinclair - (Book: To Trust a Thief (ebook))
Makenna Dunstan - (Book: To Wed A Highlander)
Margo Keyes - (Book: Together Again)
Miranda James - (Book: Together By Christmas )
Margaret Avery - (Book: Tomorrow's Promise)
Meadow Szarvas - (Book: Tongue In Chic)
Marissa Fairfax - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Mallory Able - (Book: Too Far Gone (ebook))
Millie Gallagher - (Book: Too Good to Refuse)
Mirabelle Hawkins - (Book: Too Great a Temptation)
Merry Kade - (Book: Too Hot to Handle)
Meri Kincaid - (Book: Too Many Husbands)
Mia Wilde - (Book: Too Wilde To Tame)
Maxie McNabb - (Book: Tooth of Time, The)
Mallory Garrett - (Book: Top Secret Affair)
Marina Bond - (Book: Top-Secret Bride)
Marina Knight - (Book: Torn (ebook))
Madison McKay - (Book: Torn Loyalties)
Madison McKay - (Book: Torn Loyalties (large print))
Miranda Waincourt - (Book: Torpid Duke, The)
Mackenna Scott - (Book: Torrid Nights (reissue))
Maddie Woodward - (Book: Touch of Magic (ebook))
Miss Esme Darling - (Book: Touch of Magic, A)
Marina - (Book: Touch of Texas, A )
Marina - (Book: Touch of Texas, A (reissue))
Miss Raines Scott - (Book: Touch of Venus, A)
Maggie Barnes - (Book: Touching Evil)
Mia Dolan - (Book: Tough Enough)
Mariana Sandell - (Book: Tough Man to Tame, A)
Melanie Visser - (Book: Toward Home)
Myal - (Book: Tower, The)
Melora Hudson - (Book: Trail of Lies)
Madison - (Book: Training Session, The (ebook novella))
Magiere - (Book: Traitor to the Blood)
Millicent Danforth - (Book: Traitor, The)
Miss Katherine Wilde - (Book: Traitorous Heart, A)
Maggie - (Book: Transformation (ebook))
Miranda Lewis - (Book: Trap, Secure)
Maya Carpenter - (Book: Treacherous Skies)
Maya Carpenter - (Book: Treacherous Skies (large print))
Mary Elizabeth Edwardes - (Book: Treacherous Temptation (ebook))
Minka Gerald - (Book: Treasure My Heart)
Marie Robb - (Book: Tremors)
Ming Campbell - (Book: Tricky Proposition, A)
Maud Hawthorne - (Book: Trifling Affair, A)
Meg Morris - (Book: Trillium Cup, The)
Megan McCloud - (Book: Trinity Falls)
Melinda Morrow - (Book: Triple Threat to Bachelorhood, A)
Morgan Brown - (Book: Tropical Heat)
Morgan Callahan - (Book: Tropical kiss)
Mia Fletcher - (Book: Trouble in a Pinstripe Suit)
Maryse Robicheaux - (Book: Trouble in Mudbug)
Mary Jane Marsh Simmons - (Book: Trouble in Paradise (Hardcover))
Maddy Morgan - (Book: Trouble Walks In)
Madison Lane - (Book: Trouble with Christmas, The)
Megan Windham - (Book: Trouble with Dukes, The)
Mary Russo - (Book: Trouble with Mary, The)
Melissa Theisen - (Book: Trouble With Twins, The)
Maddie Palmer - (Book: Troublemaker Bride, The)
Maddie - (Book: Troublemaker Next Door, The)
Meredith Ashe - (Book: True Colors)
Meredith Ashe - (Book: True Colors)
Morrigan McNab - (Book: True Highland Spirit)
Maddie Daniels - (Book: True Love, Inc)
Marged Evans - (Book: Truly)
Marchioness St. Germaine
- (Book: Truly A Wife)
Millie Switkowski - (Book: Truly Madly Montana)
Maggie McBride - (Book: Truly, Madly Viking)
Maggie - (Book: Truly, Madly Viking (reprint))
Minerva Brodwick - (Book: Truly, Madly, Deeply)
Mary Jo Michaels - (Book: Trust a Cowboy)
Mary Jo Michaels - (Book: Trust a Cowboy (reissue))
Margo Stafford - (Book: Trust Me)
Maggie Simmons - (Book: Trusting Him)
Marissa - (Book: Trusting the Bodyguard)
Maria Butterfield - (Book: Truth About Lord Stoneville, The)
Meg Chastain - (Book: Truth About Plain Jane, The)
Megan Hodges - (Book: Truth or Dare)
Miki Drummond - (Book: Truth or Dare)
Mariette Bertram - (Book: Tudor Secret, The)
Maddie Lambert - (Book: Turbulence)
Maxine Turner - (Book: Turn It On)
Meredith Conner - (Book: Turn, My Beloved)
Michelle Spicer - (Book: Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper, The)
Michelle Spicer - (Book: Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper, The (UK))
MacKenzie - (Book: Twice a Hero)
Meg Bassett - (Book: Twice and For Always)
Miss Judith Bosworth - (Book: Twice Betrothed)
Merit - (Book: Twice Bitten)
Merit - (Book: Twice Bitten (reissue))
Melanie Michaels - (Book: Twice in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Maggie Macrae - (Book: Twice Kissed)
Maggie McCrae - (Book: Twice Kissed (reissue))
Meredith Maddox - (Book: Twice Tempted by a Rogue)
Maggie Adair - (Book: Twice the Trouble)
Morgan DeSilva - (Book: Twilight Hunger)
Morgan deSilva - (Book: Twilight Hunger (reissue))
Molly Donivan - (Book: Twilight in Texas)
Maxine Twilight - (Book: Twilight's Embrace (ebook))
Mallory Roth - (Book: Twin Peril)
Mallory Roth - (Book: Twin Peril (large print))
Marta Lawson - (Book: Twin Surprise)
Maddie Farrell - (Book: Twin Temptation)
Madeline Graves - (Book: Twist of Fate, A)
Maggie - (Book: Twisted (ebook))
Misty Morgan - (Book: Twisted in Tulips (ebook))
Meg Valentine - (Book: Two Sexy!)
Monica Brandt - (Book: Two to Wrangle (ebook) )
Melanie Hanna - (Book: Tycoon Takedown)
Marigold Sherwood - (Book: Tycoon's Perfect Match, The)
Marley Jameson - (Book: Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Makinna Hillyard - (Book: Tykota's Woman)
Marina Nelson - (Book: Ultimate Millionaire, The)
Merry - (Book: Unbound (ebook))
Megan Anderson - (Book: Uncaged)
Mary Elizabeth Sinclair - (Book: Uncommon Intrigue, An)
Meriel de Vere - (Book: Uncommon Vows)
Miranda - (Book: Unconquered)
Marissa - (Book: Uncontrolled Magic)
Megan Berry - (Book: Undead Much)
Marlena Brodie - (Book: Undefeated (ebook))
Mara Evans - (Book: Undeniable)
Martha Jean Flynn - (Book: Under Apache Skies)
Martha Jean Flynn - (Book: Under Apache Skies (reprint))
Maggie Donovan - (Book: Under Fire)
Melissa Carnes - (Book: Under Lock and Key)
Mollie Locke - (Book: Under Lock and Key)
Maggie Johnson - (Book: Under the Same Sky)
Marnie Wainwright - (Book: Under Wraps)
Marley Greaves - (Book: Under Your Spell)
Melissa Fagan - (Book: Undercover Avenger)
Marni McCumber - (Book: Undercover Christmas)
Maggie O'Halloran - (Book: Undercover Dreamer)
Maggie Oliver - (Book: Undercover Honeymoon)
Maddie Springer - (Book: Undercover in High Heels)
Maggie Fitzgerald - (Book: Undercover Protector)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Underdog)
Mariah Henry - (Book: Undertow)
Marianna Coltari - (Book: Undone)
Mercy Rothell - (Book: Undressing Mercy)
Macy Smith - (Book: Undying)
Macy Smith - (Book: Undying (reissue))
Meg - (Book: Unexpected Family)
Mimi Green - (Book: Unexpected Father, An)
Morgan Williams - (Book: Unexpected Gift, An)
Megan Mulcahey - (Book: Unexpected Pleasure, An)
Megan Mulcahey - (Book: Unexpected Pleasure, An (reissue))
Madeline Harrington - (Book: Unexpected Proposal, An (UK))
Melissa Sanders - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Mayte - (Book: Unforgettable)
Meagan Evans - (Book: Unforgettable)
Mayte - (Book: Unforgettable (reprint))
Mia Voss - (Book: Unforgivable)
Moira Hayes - (Book: Unforgiven)
Marissa Brooks - (Book: Unforgiven)
Moira Hayes - (Book: Unforgiven (reprint))
Mara Ainsworth - (Book: Unforgiving Bride, The)
Madison Darvil - (Book: Unholy, The)
Margaret Andrews - (Book: Unlaced by the Outlaw)
Marguerite D'Abert Goudeau - (Book: Unleash The Night)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Unleashed)
Magda Beaumont - (Book: Unlikely Alliance, An)
Madeline Duncan - (Book: Unlikely Angel, The)
Miss Heather Thomasis - (Book: Unlikely Lady, An)
Mari Raymond - (Book: Unlikely Lover)
Molly Shriver - (Book: Unmasking Dr. Serious)
Molly Shriver - (Book: Unmasking Dr. Serious (large print))
Miss Althea Rackham - (Book: Unruly Bride, The)
Maxey Burnell - (Book: Unsafe Keeping)
Melanie O'Bryan - (Book: Unstoppable)
Miss Serena Millbanks - (Book: Unsuitable Match, An)
Miranda Fraser - (Book: Unsuitable Suitor, The)
Madeline Delacourte - (Book: Untameable Rogue)
Mella Davis - (Book: Untamed Love)
Megan Saxon - (Book: Untamed Sheik, The)
Meg Lacy - (Book: Until He Met Meg (ebook))
Macy Jackson - (Book: Until Now (Ebook))
Maggie Fletcher - (Book: Until The Day You Die)
Miranda Beckman - (Book: Until You)
Margaret Flemming - (Book: Unwilling Husband, An)
March Calendar - (Book: Unwilling Mistress, The)
May Northcott - (Book: Up in Smoke)
Molly Bell Redwine - (Book: Up Island)
Micki Carmichael - (Book: Up to No Good)
Maggie Chandler - (Book: Upon a Moon - Dark Moor)
Meg - (Book: Vacancy: Wife)
Merry - (Book: Valcourt Heiress, The (hardcover))
Merry - (Book: Valcourt Heiress, The (paperback))
Mary Beckham - (Book: Valentine)
Monique LaRoquette - (Book: Valentine Hostage, The)
Mia Thermopolis Renaldo - (Book: Valentine Princess)
Maria - (Book: Valentine's Day Ball, The)
Miranda Shelton - (Book: Valley Of Shadows)
Meg Gentry - (Book: Valley of the Shadow)
Maeve Buchanan - (Book: Valley Ridge Christmas, A)
Marie - (Book: Vampire Crusader (ebook))
Maia Woodmore - (Book: Vampire Dimitri, The)
Marisa Lopez - (Book: Vampire in Paradise)
Marisa Delgado - (Book: Vampire Justice)
Marielle - (Book: Vampire Mine)
Mistress Anwyn - (Book: Vampire Mistress)
Morgaine - (Book: Vampire Next Door, The)
Morrigan - (Book: Vampire Trilogy Boxed Set)
Maya - (Book: Vampire Trouble)
Megan Perez - (Book: Vampire Vendetta)
Mari Saguna - (Book: Vampire's Seduction, The)
Marguerite Argeneau - (Book: Vampire, Inturrupted)
Marissa Lakeland - (Book: Vampire...In My Dreams, The (ebook))
Marisa Angelo - (Book: Vanish in Plain Sight)
Madison Spencer - (Book: Vanished)
Marlena Parronley - (Book: Vanishing Viscountess, The)
Marlena Parronley - (Book: Vanishing Viscountess, The (UK))
Molly Hagan - (Book: Vanity Fare)
Mel - (Book: Vault, The)
Molly Hunter - (Book: Vegas Pregnancy Surprise)
Meg Phillips - (Book: Vegas Vacation (ebook))
Mary Wilder - (Book: Veil Of Fear)
Mairi - (Book: Velvet Haven)
Miss Georgiana Lovat - (Book: Venetian Masquerade)
Madeline Corso - (Book: Vengeance Moon)
Madelene Colgate - (Book: Vengeful Bridegroom, The)
Marissa Mason - (Book: Verdict: Daddy)
Mrs. Vanessa Damery - (Book: Very Proper Widow, A)
Molly McCreight - (Book: Very Special Delivery, A)
Miranda Tyler - (Book: Very Thought Of You, The)
Margo Pearson - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The )
Margo Pearson - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (reissue))
Margo Pearson - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (Large Print))
Margo Pearson - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (reissue))
Margo Pearson - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (UK))
Mariah - (Book: View to A Kiss, A)
Miss Faith Hopkins - (Book: Vigilante Viscount, The)
Meara MacEagan - (Book: Viking Flame)
Meradyce - (Book: Viking, The)
Miss Clarissa Driscoll - (Book: Village Spinster, The)
Maddie Wells - (Book: Vipers Rule)
Melinda Monroe - (Book: Virgin River)
Melinda Monroe - (Book: Virgin River (reissue))
Marcie Sullivan - (Book: Virgin River Christmas, A)
Marcie Sullivan - (Book: Virgin River Christmas, A (reprint))
Madaline MacGreggor-Smythe - (Book: Virgin Wife, The)
Mia Forrester - (Book: Virgin's Price, The)
Mia Forrester - (Book: Virgin's Price, The (UK))
Maggie O'Brien - (Book: Virtual Heaven)
Magenta James - (Book: Visconti's Forgotten Heir)
Miss Georgina Cunningham - (Book: Viscount's Secret, The)
Miss Katrina Vernon - (Book: Viscount's Wager, The)
Meg Corbyn - (Book: Vision in Silver)
Mackensie Elliot - (Book: Vision in White)
Mistress Margaret Kendall - (Book: Vision of Light, A)
Maggie - (Book: Voices of the Night)
Meredith Stoltzfus - (Book: Vow for Always, A)
Melanie Frist - (Book: Vow To Protect)
Mariette - (Book: Vows of Desire)
Melodie Parnell - (Book: Vows of Revenge)
Miss Ariel Wyndham - (Book: Wagered Hearts)
Mira - (Book: Wait for Dusk)
Minerva Arbuckle - (Book: Wait for Me)
Meredith Fairfax - (Book: Waiting For You)
Marisa - (Book: Waiting for You (hardcover))
Marisa - (Book: Waiting for You (paperback))
Moira Cade - (Book: Waking the Dragon)
Mary Ann - (Book: Walk on the Cliffs, A)
Millie Cross - (Book: Walk Through Fire)
Melia Carson - (Book: Walking in Fire)
Mattie Mayfield - (Book: Walking on Sunshine)
Melina Cherkasov - (Book: Waltz this Way)
Molly Flynn - (Book: Want Ad Wedding)
Mona Ballinger - (Book: Want, Need, Love)
Maggie Randolph - (Book: Wanted Woman)
Matilda Hamilton - (Book: Wanted: Mistress or Mother (UK))
Matilda Hamilton - (Book: Wanted: Mistress And Mother)
Meg Remington - (Book: Wanted: Perfect Partner)
Meg Remington - (Book: Wanted: Perfect Partner (reissue))
Marina Scott - (Book: Ward)
Mora - (Book: Warlord's Destiny)
Miriam Hunter - (Book: Warning Signs)
Mirei - (Book: Warrior and Witch)
Montana Grant - (Book: Warrior Betrayed)
Melody Parrish - (Book: Warrior For One Night)
Maura Duncanson - (Book: Warrior Laird, The)
Melanie Richards - (Book: Warrior's Baby)
Muriella MacFarlan - (Book: Warrior's Bride)
Meeryn Munro - (Book: Warrior's Curse)
Mair - (Book: Warrior's Kiss, A)
Moira - (Book: Warrior, The)
Miss Anthea Marwood - (Book: Wary Spinster, The)
Morgan Grady - (Book: Watch Keepers)
Megan Tippan - (Book: Watch Me)
Melanie Travis - (Book: Watchdog (reissue))
Max Strahan - (Book: Water Witch)
Meri Graham - (Book: Waterfall)
Marissa Buenaventura - (Book: Waves of Passion )
Melissa Malcolm - (Book: Way Home, The)
Meg Harper - (Book: Way Home, The)
Marlena Rhodes - (Book: Way Home, The)
Meghan O'Day - (Book: Way to a Man's Heart, The)
Mary Ellen O'Rourke - (Book: Way to Yesterday, The)
Mary O'Rourke - (Book: Way to Yesterday, The)
Malloy Murray - (Book: Way We Roll, The )
Miss Narcissa Bentham - (Book: Wayward Governess, The)
Mallory Keegan - (Book: Weaver Holiday Homecoming, A)
Miranda Grenville - (Book: Wedded in a Whirlwind)
Minnie Pepino - (Book: Wedding Arrangement, The)
Maura Donohue - (Book: Wedding at King's Convenience)
Melinda - (Book: Wedding Beat)
Moni Lawrence - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Molly Prescott - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues )
Maggie - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Molly Conwell - (Book: Wedding Clause, The)
Maggie Greene - (Book: Wedding for Maggie, A)
Madeline Sullivan - (Book: Wedding Gift, The)
Meg Mulcahy - (Book: Wedding in Apple Grove, A)
Maeve Murphy - (Book: Wedding Journey, The)
Melissande Deverell - (Book: Wedding Knight, The)
Matilda Redcake - (Book: Wedding Matilda)
Mairey Faelyn - (Book: Wedding Night, The)
Merry Wyatt - (Book: Wedding Plan, The)
Merry Wyatt - (Book: Wedding Plan, The (large print))
Molly Anderson - (Book: Wedding Ring Promise, The)
Marnie Banks - (Book: Wedding Survivor)
Maddie St. Clair - (Book: Wedding Vow, The )
Mary Gates - (Book: Wedding Wager, The)
Mary Gates - (Book: Wedding Wager, The (reissue))
Megan Phillips - (Book: Wedding!, The)
Minerva Highwood - (Book: Week to Be Wicked, A)
Marleigh Morrisey - (Book: Weekend Engagement)
Melissa Reynolds - (Book: Weekend in Paradise)
Molly Clearwater - (Book: Weekend In Paris)
Mary Fairchild - (Book: Well Pleasured Lady, A)
Madeline de Montmorency - (Book: Welshman's Way, The)
Madeline de Montmorency - (Book: Welshman's Way, The (UK))
Melina Rosenthal - (Book: Werewolf Wears Prada, The)
Marcella Raines - (Book: West of Want)
M. J. Holliday - (Book: What a Ghoul Wants )
Meg of Keyworth - (Book: What a Scoundrel Wants)
Monica Witte - (Book: What a Texas Girl Dreams)
Mary-Alice Catherine Manley - (Book: What a Woman)
Mary - (Book: What Escapes (ebook))
Morgan - (Book: What I Wore to Save the World)
Maggie Kendall - (Book: What If (ebook))
Monique Evans - (Book: What Lies Between Lovers)
Mia Windsor - (Book: What Love Sounds Like (ebook))
Madeline - (Book: What Madeline Wants)
Melanie Sparks - (Book: What Matters Most)
Maxi Shayne - (Book: What Maxi Needs (ebook))
Mary - (Book: What Remains (ebook))
M.K. Shaughnessy - (Book: What She Can't See)
Meleah Harmon - (Book: What The Heart Knows)
Miranda Clayton - (Book: What the Heiress Wants)
Mae Sullivan - (Book: What the Lady Wants)
Mae Sullivan - (Book: What The Lady Wants (reissue))
Mrs. Amelia Chase - (Book: What the Scot Hears)
Maggie Sullivan - (Book: What We Find (hardcover))
Margaret Desmond - (Book: What Will the Children Think)
Mala Koleski - (Book: What's a Man Gotta Do)
Meg D'Angelo - (Book: What's Cooking?)
Maddy Pott - (Book: Whatever It Takes)
Miss April Jardine - (Book: When a Lady Misbehaves)
Madeline Gracechurch - (Book: When a Scot Ties the Knot)
Megan Windom - (Book: When I Dream of You)
Mary Marsh - (Book: When It's Perfect)
Mallory Peterson - (Book: When Lightning Strikes Twice)
Marietta Danver - (Book: When Love Commands)
Marietta Westwood - (Book: When Marrying a Duke....)
Megan Gallagher - (Book: When Megan Smiles)
Megan - (Book: When Opportunity Knocks)
Melanie Stanton - (Book: When Passion Calls)
Margaret Johnsbury - (Book: When There Is Hope)
Maggie - (Book: When We Collide)
Marina - (Book: When Wizards)
Miranda Stead - (Book: When You Believe)
Miranda Stead - (Book: When You Believe)
Miranda Stead - (Book: When You Believe (reissue))
Molly Alexander - (Book: When You Dare)
Maria Santiago - (Book: Where It Began)
Maria Santiago - (Book: Where It Began (large print))
Madison Laclaire - (Book: Where it May Lead)
Madison Laclaire - (Book: Where it May Lead (large print))
Marvel Harrington - (Book: Where Lies Our Hope)
Maggie Lawrence - (Book: Where Morning Dawns)
Mia - (Book: Where She Went)
Moira Farrar - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Marisa Stevens - (Book: Where There Is Love)
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: Where There's a Witch)
Mary Dunleavy - (Book: Whirlwind)
Marianne - (Book: Whirlwind Marriage, A)
Megan Donaghue - (Book: Whiskey Island)
Megan Donaghue - (Book: Whiskey Island (reissue))
Marisa Hawkestone - (Book: Whisper of Desire, A (ebook))
Maris of Langumont - (Book: Whisper of Rosemary, A)
Morgana "Pip" - (Book: Whisper to Me of Love)
Morgana Fowler - (Book: Whisper to Me of Love)
Merry Gates - (Book: Whispers in the Wind)
Mary Costner - (Book: Whispers on the Wind)
Mollie Lavender - (Book: White Hot)
Maggie Kingsbury - (Book: White Lace and Promises)
Miranda Parsons - (Book: White Picket Fences)
Maxey Burnell - (Book: Who Was Sylvia?)
Meredith Chilton-Grizedale - (Book: Who Will take This Man?)
Morgan - (Book: Why I Let My Hair Grow Out)
Mallory - (Book: Why Not Tonight?)
Mallory - (Book: Why Not Tonight? (UK))
Miss Bryony de Beaufre - (Book: Wicked Cousin, The)
Mariketa - (Book: Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night)
Miss Langley - (Book: Wicked Earl, The)
Madeline Langley - (Book: Wicked Earl, The)
Mystery Mullins - (Book: Wicked for You)
Miss Clare Penryck - (Book: Wicked Guardian, The)
Miss Araminta Surtaine - (Book: Wicked Guardian, The)
Marcail - (Book: Wicked Highlander)
Mary Harland - (Book: Wicked Jake Darcy)
Mary Harland - (Book: Wicked Jake Darcy (ebook))
Marisa - (Book: Wicked Loving Lies)
Marisa - (Book: Wicked Loving Lies (reissue))
Marguerite Laurent - (Book: Wicked Nights with a Lover)
Meredith - (Book: Wicked Payback)
Morgan O'Malley - (Book: Wicked Ties)
Morgan O'Malley - (Book: Wicked Ties (reprint))
Madeline Deveridge - (Book: Wicked Widow)
Maris Wyler - (Book: Widow and the Rodeo Man, The)
Maris Wyler - (Book: Widow and the Rodeo Man, The (reissue))
Comtesse de Beaulieu
- (Book: Widow's Folly)
Mattie Ingram - (Book: Widow's Little Secret, The)
Marti Chastain - (Book: Widow's Protector, The)
Mia Quentin - (Book: Wild and Willing)
Mariah Lansing - (Book: Wild at Heart)
Monica Appleby - (Book: Wild Child)
Meriel Grahame - (Book: Wild Child, The)
Mariah Temple - (Book: Wild Ecstasy)
Marisol Calderon - (Book: Wild For You)
Morna - (Book: Wild Heart, The (UK))
Maya Jackson - (Book: Wild Heat)
Marjory Macpherson - (Book: Wild Highland Rose)
Maggie Randolph - (Book: Wild Horse Canyon)
Michele Nightingale - (Book: Wild Horses)
Maxine Kiss - (Book: Wild Light, A)
Moriah Laverty - (Book: Wild Mountain Honey)
Maxine McKain - (Book: Wild Rose)
Mary Lowell - (Book: Wild Rose of Kilgannon, The)
Maire O'Byrne - (Book: Wild Roses)
Marea MacKenzie - (Book: Wild Scottish Embrace)
Margaret McLoughlin - (Book: Wild Sierra Rogue)
Mary Michael Dennehy - (Book: Wild Sweet Ecstasy)
Mariah Rose - (Book: Wild Texas Rose)
Merit - (Book: Wild Things)
Maud Mellingham - (Book: Wild Wanton Love)
Meg Kavanagh - (Book: Wild Ways)
Mollie Reagan - (Book: Wild Ways (ebook))
Maddie Halliday - (Book: Wild Western Nights)
Margot Armstrong - (Book: Wild Wicked Scot)
Maggie Malone - (Book: Wild Winds)
Misty - (Book: Wild Wolf)
Margot Prescott - (Book: Wilder Shores Of Love, The)
Mollie Jamison - (Book: Wilder Than the Rest (ebook))
Mady Donovan - (Book: Wilderness)
Maggie Malone - (Book: Wildest Heart)
Maxine - (Book: Wildfire in His Arms (hardcover))
Maggie Carter - (Book: Will Of Her Own, A)
Miss Miranda Wainwright - (Book: Willowswood Match)
Miss Juliet Galsworth - (Book: Wily Wastrel, The )
Millie Kincaid - (Book: Win, Lose...Or Wed!)
Missy Ward - (Book: Win-Win Proposition, A)
Marik Youngblood - (Book: Wind Comes Sweeping, The)
Madeline Percy - (Book: Wind Song)
Maggie Tolan - (Book: Wind Walker)
Marianna Bryant/ Rain Song - (Book: Wind Warrior)
Merry Wilding - (Book: Windflower, The)
Merry Wilding - (Book: Windflower, The)
Maud Campbell - (Book: Winds of Fortune)
Melanie - (Book: Winds of Terror)
Merribeth Wakefield - (Book: Winning Miss Wakefield)
Madeleine DuMais - (Book: Winter Garden (reprint))
Maggie MacDonald - (Book: Winter Heat (ebook novella))
Monica Lakefield - (Book: Winter Kisses)
Matilda - (Book: Winter Mantle)
Mary Jane Pettigrew - (Book: Winter of Change)
Mary Jane Pettigrew - (Book: Winter of Change (reissue))
Mary Jane Pettigrew - (Book: Winter of Change (UK))
Mary Jane Pettigrew - (Book: Winter of Change (UK-reissue))
Mary Villiers - (Book: Winter Prince, The)
Miranda Pardew - (Book: Winter Wonderland)
Molly Winters - (Book: Winter's Edge)
Maggie Hartwell - (Book: Winter's Flame)
Maria DiMarco - (Book: Wish Upon a Christmas Star)
Maria DiMarco - (Book: Wish Upon a Christmas Star (large print))
Meredith - (Book: Wishes, Waltzes and a Storybook Wedding )
Mary Barrow - (Book: Wishing Game (ebook))
Madi Muldoon - (Book: Wishing Moon)
Margaret Anthony - (Book: Wishmakers)
Mira Hoskins - (Book: Witch Fire)
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: Witch in Time, A (hardcover))
Maggie O'Neill - (Book: Witch in Time, A (paperback))
Mairi Sinclair - (Book: Witch of Clan Sinclair, The)
Mina - (Book: Witch's Beauty, A)
Morgana - (Book: Witching Hour)
Maggie O'Brien - (Book: With a Vengeance)
Maggie Chantel - (Book: With Her Last Breath)
Molly McKenzie - (Book: With Song)
Marcie Turner - (Book: With this Child)
Marzie Spencer - (Book: Within Her Grasp)
Mary Wickes - (Book: Within His Sight)
Meg Renshaw - (Book: Without a Clue)
Marley Kincaid - (Book: Witness Seduction)
Minty Lloyd - (Book: Wives Behaving Badly)
Maura Woodbury - (Book: Wizard's Ward, The)
Marela - (Book: Wizard's Wife, The)
Millie West - (Book: Wolf Tales V)
Mei Chen - (Book: Wolf Tales VI)
Madeline Hayburn - (Book: Wolf Who Loved Me, The)
Mia D'Alessandro - (Book: Wolf's Surrender, The)
Maris Winter - (Book: Wolf's Temptation)
Megan Delaney - (Book: Wolfe Wanting)
Matilda Wolfe - (Book: Wolfe Winter)
Marlee Reid - (Book: Woman in the News,The)
Millie Aldon - (Book: Woman Made for Pleasure, A)
Miss Charity Wynyate - (Book: Woman of Little Importance, A (UK))
Mrs. Rachel Cleary - (Book: Woman to Remember, A)
Margaret Addison Lacroix - (Book: Woman Who Fell from the Sky, The)
Marla Foster - (Book: Woman's Work, A)
Maggie McGuire - (Book: Women in Joe Sullivan's Life, The)
Miss Audra Leigh Masters - (Book: Wooing of Miss Masters, The)
Meredith Brady - (Book: Wrangler's Bride, The)
Meg Campbell - (Book: Wreath of Snow, A (hardcover))
Meg Corbyn - (Book: Written in Red)
Mina Masters - (Book: Written on Your Skin)
Madelyn Walsh - (Book: Wrong Man for Her, The)
Madelyn Walsh - (Book: Wrong Man For Her, The)
Madelyn Walsh - (Book: Wrong Man for Her, The [Large Print])
Molly Devaney - (Book: Wrong Man, Right Kiss)
Marisa - (Book: Wrong Mr Right, The)
Miranda - (Book: Wuthering High)
Merissa Baker - (Book: Wyoming Bold)
Meredith Grayling - (Book: Wyoming Brave)
Morie Brannt - (Book: Wyoming Tough)
Moon Hawk - (Book: Wyoming Wildcat)
Misty McCall - (Book: Yellowstone Park Nurse)
Margaret Masterson - (Book: Yesterday and Forever)
Miranda Stuart - (Book: Yesterday and Forever)
Margie - (Book: Yesterday's Wedding)
Mattie Keith - (Book: You Are Invited...)
Mattie Keith - (Book: You Are Invited... (large print))
Megan Berry - (Book: You Are So Undead to Me)
Mary Ellen Preble - (Book: You Belong to My Heart)
Maddle - (Book: You Can Love A Stranger)
Maxine Cambridge - (Book: You Dropped a Blonde on Me)
Michelle Turner - (Book: You I Never Knew, The)
Marlie Montague - (Book: You Only Love Twice )
Michelle Purdue - (Book: You're What?!)
Miss Margette Milbank - (Book: Young Lady from Alton-St. Pancras, The)
Monique de la Chauve-Souris - (Book: Young Vampires In France)
Margo - (Book: Younger Woman, A)
Marissa Rogers - (Book: Your Baby Or Mine?)
Maggie Reid - (Book: Your Cheatin' Heart)
Meg Hamilton - (Book: Your House or Mine?)
Merilee Fallon - (Book: Yours, Unexpectedly)
Mariama Mandara - (Book: Yuletide Baby Surprise)
Maddie Horton - (Book: Yuletide Stalker)
Maddie Horton - (Book: Yuletide Stalker (reissue))
Merci Carson - (Book: Zero Visibility)
Merci Carson - (Book: Zero Visibility (large print))
Mia - (Book: Zombie Queen of Newbury High)


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