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Search by Heroine

Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with O

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Olivia Lockhart - (Book: 16 Lighthouse Road (reissue))
Olivia Bennett - (Book: All That Glitters)
Olivia Slade Guenther - (Book: All the Way)
Olivia Kearns - (Book: All Wrapped Up)
Olivia Whirlwind - (Book: Always Look Twice)
Olivia - (Book: and Falling, Fly)
Olivia Daley - (Book: And the Bride Wore Red)
Olivia Marshall - (Book: Baby Battle, The)
Olivia Regan - (Book: Bachelor Preferred Pastry, The)
Olivia Bishop - (Book: Bad Boys Do)
Ofelia Brandt - (Book: Bad, Bad Things (ebook))
Olivia Grace - (Book: Barely a Lady)
Olivia Cooper - (Book: Barely Mistaken)
Olivia, Lady Lawrence - (Book: Baronet's Wife, A)
Ophelia Missler - (Book: Beautiful Ones, The)
Ophelia Missler - (Book: Beautiful Ones, The )
Olivia - (Book: Before Jamacia Lane)
Olivia Lincoln - (Book: Best Friend Bargain, The (ebook))
Olivia Stoner - (Book: Betrayed)
Olivia Sheridan - (Book: Betrayed by Your Kiss)
Duchess of Lovingdon
- (Book: Between the Devil and Desire)
Olivia Harrington - (Book: Billionaire Between the Sheets, A)
Olivia Fairfax - (Book: Blackmailed Bride, The)
Olivia Brent - (Book: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire (ebook))
Ophelia - (Book: Blood Curse)
Octavia Grenville - (Book: Blood Fire)
Olivia Sealy - (Book: Bloodlines)
Olivia Bond - (Book: Blue Moon )
Olivia Brady - (Book: Boss's Urgent Proposal, The)
Opal Speck - (Book: Bride Backfire, The)
Olivia Dobson - (Book: Bride for a Night)
Olivia - (Book: Brief Encounter, A)
Olivia Graham - (Book: Brody)
Olivia Middleton - (Book: Broken (ebook))
Olivia Sullivan - (Book: Butterfly Cove)
Oriel Millstock - (Book: Call Back Yesterday)
Oakley Easton - (Book: Call on Me)
Olivia Jacobsen - (Book: Capturing the Cop)
Olivia Spinlove - (Book: Catching Calhoun (reprint))
Olivia Miles - (Book: Cattleman's Promise: Heartbreak Canyon)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Charmed to Death)
Olivia Marlowe - (Book: Cheek to Cheek)
Olivia Harding - (Book: Christmas Wish, A)
Olivia Harding - (Book: Christmas Wish, A (reissue))
Olivia Harding - (Book: Christmas Wish, A (UK))
Olivia Harding - (Book: Christmas Wish, A (UK-reissue))
Olivia Montgomery - (Book: Christmas With the Prince)
Olivia St. Vincent - (Book: Circle of Desire)
Olivia Scott - (Book: Claiming the Doctor's Heart)
Olivia Bechet - (Book: Cold Blooded)
Olivia Bechet - (Book: Cold Blooded (reissue))
Olivia Wainwright - (Book: Cold Touch)
Olivia Marshall - (Book: Comfort and Joy)
Olivia Halsey - (Book: Coming Home)
Olympia Crawford Rubinstein - (Book: Coming Out)
Olivia Matthews - (Book: Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid)
Olivia Kincaid - (Book: Convictions)
Olivia Roade Burton - (Book: Counterfeit Earl)
Olivia - (Book: Cozakis Bride, The)
Olivia Woodlock - (Book: Crimson Moon)
Olivia Ashfield - (Book: Cupcake Queen, The)
Olivia Venner - (Book: Dad Like Daniel, A)
Olivia Corrigan - (Book: Damage Control)
Olivia - (Book: Dancing Queen)
Odessa Ripley - (Book: Dangerous Woman, A)
Olivia Dare - (Book: Dare to Touch (ebook))
Olivia Prentiss - (Book: Daring to Trust the Boss)
Olivia West - (Book: Dark Lure, A)
Olena Leyton - (Book: Dark Prince, The (ebook))
Olivia - (Book: Darkest Passion, The)
Oriana - (Book: Dawn of Desire)
Orla - (Book: Deadly Redemption)
Olivia - (Book: Deadly Rivals)
Olivia Jarrod - (Book: Deadly Vows)
Olympia Wingfield - (Book: Deception)
Olimpia Wingfield - (Book: Deception (First edition))
Olivia St. Etienne - (Book: Deep as the Rivers)
Olivia Hopkins - (Book: Deeper Than Desire)
Olivia Hopkins - (Book: Deeper Than Desire (reissue))
Olivia - (Book: Demon of Envy (ebook))
Olivia Pembroke - (Book: Determined Lady, A)
Ophelia Reid - (Book: Devil Who Tamed Her, The )
Ophelia Reid - (Book: Devil Who Tamed Her, The (Hardcover))
Olivia Knowles - (Book: Devil's Darling, The)
Olivia St. John - (Book: Diamond in the Rough)
Olwyn Moore - (Book: Diamonds in the Night)
Olivia Townsend - (Book: Down to You)
Orwenna - (Book: Dragon Wife)
Olivia, Duchess of Brandhust - (Book: Duchess Lover, The)
Olivia Lytton - (Book: Duke is Mine, The)
Olivia Shea - (Book: Duke of Scandal)
Olivia - (Book: Elusive Wife, The (ebook))
Ophelia Kendrake - (Book: Emperor's New Clothes, The)
Ophelia Kendrake - (Book: Emperor's New Clothes, The (reprint))
Olympia - (Book: End of the Rainbow, The)
Olympia - (Book: End of the Rainbow, The (reissue))
Olympia - (Book: End of the Rainbow, The (UK))
Olympia - (Book: End of the Rainbow, The (UK-reissue))
Olivia Bennett - (Book: Ever After)
Olivia - (Book: Everlasting Love)
Ophelia - (Book: Falling for Hamlet (hardcover))
Olivia - (Book: Family Jewels, The)
Olivia Armstrong - (Book: Family They Chose, The)
Olivia Harper - (Book: Femme Fatale (ebook))
Olivia Matthews - (Book: Fifth Kiss, The)
Omunique Philyaw - (Book: Fire Beneath The Ice)
Olivia Thatcher - (Book: Five Days In Paris)
Olivia Chantry - (Book: Flash (Hardcover))
Olivia Chantry - (Book: Flash (reissue))
Olivia Lowell - (Book: Fool Me Once)
Olivia Lowell - (Book: Fool Me Once (Hardcover))
Olivia Holladay - (Book: Fool Me Twice)
Olivia Morrison - (Book: Ghost Moon)
Olivia FitzDurham - (Book: Glass Houses)
Olivia Dixon - (Book: Going for Four)
Oriane York - (Book: Goldsmith's Jewel, The)
Ophelia Dauntry - (Book: Good Dukes Wear Black)
Ottilie Cartaret - (Book: Grand Affair)
Olivia - (Book: Greek Millionaire's Marriage, The)
Ophelia - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride, The)
Olivia Beacham - (Book: Haunted Hearts)
Olivia Bartlett - (Book: Haunted Memories)
Olivia - (Book: Haunting Olivia)
Olivia Bentley - (Book: He's So Fine)
Olivia - (Book: Heart of a Hunter)
Olivia Banks - (Book: Heart of My Heart)
Octavia Osborne - (Book: Heart vs. Humbug)
Olivia Morgan - (Book: Heaven Made)
Olivia Mortier - (Book: Hell or High Water)
Olympia Lincoln - (Book: Her Italian Boss's Agenda)
Olivia - (Book: Her Long-Lost Husband)
Olivia Diaz - (Book: High Country Hearts)
Olivia Diaz - (Book: High Country Hearts (large print))
Olivia Lambert - (Book: High-Stakes Honeymoon)
Olivia Johnson - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Olivia Stanton - (Book: Hint of Scandal, A)
Olivia Linfield - (Book: His Heiress Wife)
Olivia Lamington - (Book: Home at Last)
Olivia Larrabee - (Book: Home for the Hunter, A)
Olivia St. Claire - (Book: House in Thornton Wood, The)
Olivia Jordan - (Book: Hungry Like The Wolf (ebook))
Ophelia - (Book: Hunter's Prey (ebook))
Omunique Philyaw - (Book: Ice Under Fire)
Olympia Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Tempted)
Olivia - (Book: Immortal Bride)
Opal Lockhart - (Book: In Bed With Her Boss)
Opal Lockhart - (Book: In Bed With Her Boss)
Oleana Day - (Book: In Love with a Younger Man)
Octavia Pierce - (Book: In the Arms of a Marquess)
Olivia Chapman - (Book: Inconvenient Desire, An)
Olivia Brannigan - (Book: Inconvenient Laws of Attraction, The)
Olivia Brannigan - (Book: Inconvenient Laws of Attraction, The (large print))
Olivia Rashidi - (Book: Indecent Proposal, An)
Olivia - (Book: Irresistible Temptation)
Olivia Hale - (Book: It's Always Been You)
Opal Clemenger - (Book: Italian's Virgin Bride, The)
Olivia Ashford - (Book: John Riley's Girl)
Olivia - (Book: Keeping Baby Safe)
Olivia Dupree - (Book: Kill Me Again)
Olivia St. Martin - (Book: Kill, The)
Olivia Beresford - (Book: Labor of Love)
Oriel Richmond - (Book: Lady Defiant)
Olivia, Lady John Temperer - (Book: Lady John)
Octavia, Silver Grass, Elma - (Book: Laides of the Lakes)
Olivia - (Book: Last Cotillion, The)
Olivia Wingate-Carsington - (Book: Last Night's Scandal)
Olivia Eversea - (Book: Legend of Lyon Redmond, The)
Olivia Brightmore - (Book: Lessons After Dark)
Olivia Gavin - (Book: Let the Night Begin)
Olivia Wolfe - (Book: Lethal Consequences)
Olivia Kiskey - (Book: Little Night Magic, A)
Olivia Sedgewick - (Book: Long Road Home)
Olivia Ormhill - (Book: Lord for Olivia)
Olivia Travanelle - (Book: Lord of Forever)
Olivia Middleton - (Book: Love Match, The (ebook))
Olivia Kingston - (Book: Love's Parole)
Olivia Marconi - (Book: Luscious)
Oriel - (Book: Lust's Temptation (ebook))
Olivia Fenshawe - (Book: Madcap Scheme, A)
Olivia - (Book: Malice (paperback))
Olivia Woodbury - (Book: Man for All Time, A)
Olivia Anthony - (Book: Marquis and the Miss, The)
Octavia - (Book: Marriage He Must Keep, The)
Olivia Byrde - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Olivia Hammond - (Book: Maximum Exposure)
Olivia - (Book: Melting Fire)
Olivia Conner - (Book: Mercenary's Perfect Mission)
Olivia Pountuf - (Book: Mercenary, The)
Olivia Moreland - (Book: Mesmerised (UK))
Olivia Moreland - (Book: Mesmerized)
Olivia Taylor - (Book: Midnight Alias)
Owen Walker - (Book: Midnight in Ruby Bayou)
Olivia Farrell - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Conor)
Olivia Foster - (Book: Miracle Under the Mistletoe)
Olivia / Victoria Henderson - (Book: Mirror Image)
Omega Chartley - (Book: Miss Chartley's Guided Tour)
Olivia - (Book: Mission: Soldier to Daddy)
Olivia - (Book: Mission: Soldier to Daddy (large print))
Olivia Wishart - (Book: Mistletoe Not Required)
Olivia Howe - (Book: Mockingbird Suite, The)
Olivia Laughton - (Book: Mommy Midwife)
Olivia Laughton - (Book: Mommy Midwife (large print))
Olivia Stapler - (Book: More Than A Man)
Olivia Capri - (Book: Multiples Mystery)
Olivia Gray - (Book: My Love at Last)
Olivia Devonshire - (Book: My Only Love)
Olivia Thornbird - (Book: Mysterious Circumstances)
Octavia - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows)
Octavia - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (reissue))
Octavia - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (reissue))
Octavia - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (UK))
Octavia - (Book: Never While the Grass Grows (UK-reissue))
Olivia Calloway - (Book: New Year's Wish, The (ebook))
Olivia McGovern - (Book: Night Before Baby, The)
Olivia Gordon - (Book: Night is Forever, The)
Orlena - (Book: Night Wind's Woman)
Odette Gaillard - (Book: Nights in Black Lace)
Octavia Devonshire - (Book: Novel Affair, A)
Olivia Howe - (Book: Now You See Me)
Olivia Shackleford - (Book: Olivia)
Olivia Balfour - (Book: Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King )
Olivia Taylor Jones - (Book: Omens (hardcover))
Ophelia Lyttleton - (Book: Once More, My Darling Rogue)
Olivia Sutton - (Book: Once Tempted)
Ondine - (Book: Ondine (reissue))
Olivia Sherwood - (Book: One Moonlit Night)
Olivia Lawson - (Book: One Night With the Boss)
Opal - (Book: Opal)
Orchid Adams - (Book: Orchid)
Olive Bell - (Book: Our Song)
Olivia DaCosta - (Book: Out of the Night)
Olivia - (Book: Pacific Heat)
Olivia - (Book: Pale Moon Rising)
Olivia Mills
Vanessa Clark
- (Book: Past Sins)
Olivia Morgan - (Book: Phantom of Black's Cove, The)
Olivia Warren - (Book: Pieces of Olivia (ebook))
Olivia Winston - (Book: Playboy's Ruthless Payback)
Olivia Lawson - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Olivia - (Book: Plus One (ebook))
Olivia - (Book: Pregnancy Affair, The)
Olivia - (Book: Pregnancy Affair, The (UK))
Olivia - (Book: Pregnancy Affair, The [Large Print])
Olivia Brennan - (Book: Pregnant With The First Heir)
Olivia Cole - (Book: Price of Desire, The)
Olivia Pledger - (Book: Price of Honour, The (UK))
Olivia Winters - (Book: Private Affair)
Ophelia Leoni - (Book: Queen of Swords)
Olivia - (Book: Rapture Untamed)
Olivia Carlow - (Book: Ripe for Seduction)
Olivia - (Book: River's End)
Olivia Tanner - (Book: River's End (hardcover))
Olivia - (Book: River's End (reissue))
Olivia - (Book: Rodrigues Pregnancy, The)
Olivia Fairfax - (Book: Rogue And The Hellion, The)
Ophelia Sheffield - (Book: Rogue In Disguise (ebook))
Olivia Callender - (Book: Room Service)
Olivia Killinger - (Book: Rules of Re-Engagement)
Olivia Larkin - (Book: Running Scared)
Odalys Ramirez - (Book: Salsa Kiss)
Olivia Anderson - (Book: Scandalized (reprint))
Olivia Anderson - (Book: Scandalized!)
Olivia Sherbourne - (Book: Scandalous Summer Nights)
Olivia Sloane - (Book: Scandalously Yours (ebook))
Olivia Sloane - (Book: Scandalously Yours (paperback))
Opal Cowan - (Book: Sea Glass)
Olivia Wyatt - (Book: Season For Family, A)
Olivia Wilder - (Book: Second Chance at Crimson Ranch, A)
Octavia Darcy - (Book: Second Mrs. Darcy, The)
Octavia Darcy - (Book: Second Mrs. Darcy, The (Large Print))
Olivia Markham - (Book: Secret of Cypriere Bayou, The)
Olivia Donovan - (Book: Secrets of an Accidental Duchess)
Olivia Frost - (Book: Secrets of the Lost Summer)
Olivia - (Book: Seduced In Twilight)
Octavia Denison - (Book: Seduction Never Lies)
Olivia Carey - (Book: Seduction of Lady X, The)
Olympia St. Leger - (Book: Seize the Fire)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Seventh Witch, The)
Olivia Lockhart - (Book: Sheer Decadence)
Opal Smith - (Book: Sheer Dynamite)
Olivia Blayne - (Book: Sheriff's Christmas Surprise, The)
Ophelia Richardson - (Book: Shredded (ebook))
Olivia Keene - (Book: Silent Governess, The)
Olivia Sutherland - (Book: Silent Scream)
Olivia Swift - (Book: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue)
Olivia Townsend - (Book: Six Degrees of Scandal)
Olivia - (Book: Smokescreen)
Olivia Gantry - (Book: Smokescreen (UK))
Olivia Sharp - (Book: Smoky Mountain Setup)
Olivia - (Book: Snowfire)
Oaklee Collier - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
Olivia Sterling - (Book: Something Like Love)
Olivia Willow - (Book: Spare, The)
Odelia Frank - (Book: Special Ops Affair)
Olivia Baldwin - (Book: Spellbound Falls)
Olivia Darling - (Book: Springwater Christmas, A)
Opal Cowan - (Book: Spy Glass)
Olivia - (Book: Starting Over)
Olivia Crighton - (Book: Starting Over (UK))
Olwyn Gawain - (Book: Stealing Midnight)
Octavia Pye - (Book: Steamed)
Olivia O'Ballivan - (Book: Stone Creek Christmas, A)
Opal - (Book: Storm Glass)
Opal - (Book: Storm Glass (reprint))
Octavia Hadley - (Book: Storybook Hero, The)
Olivia Bellamy - (Book: Summer At Willow Lake)
Olivia Bellamy - (Book: Summer at Willow Lake (reprint))
Onyx Hamilton - (Book: Summer Campaign)
Octavia Brightwell - (Book: Summer In Eclipse Bay)
Ophelia Beliveau - (Book: Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil)
Olivia MacKenzie - (Book: Sweet Talk (hardcover))
Olivia MacKenzie - (Book: Sweet Talk (paperback))
Olivia Linscott - (Book: Sweetheart Bagain, The)
Olivia - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Vampire)
Olivia Jeffries - (Book: Tall, Dark...Westmoreland)
Olivia Felan - (Book: Taming the Moon)
Olivia Banning - (Book: Taste of Temptation, A (reissue))
Olivia Gray - (Book: Tempt Me with Darkness)
Olivia Raines - (Book: Tempt the Devil)
Olivia Walgrave - (Book: Tempting the Earl)
Olivia Weston - (Book: Tempting the Marquess)
Olivia Hammond - (Book: Tender Escape)
Olivia Alvarado - (Book: Texas Born)
Olivia Carter - (Book: The Millionaire's Forever (ebook))
Olivia Westcott - (Book: Their First Thanksgiving)
Olivia Polnecek - (Book: Thirty-Day Fiancé )
Olivia Marks - (Book: This Thing Called Love)
Olivia Lawson - (Book: Time and Tide)
Olivia Aberdeen - (Book: To Whisper Her Name)
Olivia Duchess - (Book: To Win His Heart)
Olivia Delgrado - (Book: Touch of Persuasion, A)
Olivia Harcourt - (Book: Touch of Seduction)
Olivia - (Book: Touching Darkness)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Trouble with Witches, The)
Olivia Hastings - (Book: Twice Upon a Time)
Olivia Ross - (Book: Unconditional Love)
Olivia - (Book: Undefended City, An)
Olivia Scott - (Book: Under His Protection)
Olivia - (Book: Unfaithful)
Olivia - (Book: Unfaithful (reissue))
Olivia Chandler - (Book: Unforsaken)
Olivia Townsend - (Book: Up to Me)
Olivia Sotiris - (Book: Vampire and the Virgin, The)
Olena Petrovich - (Book: Vampire's Kiss, The)
Octavia Morgan - (Book: Vanity)
Odaria - (Book: Viking's Witch, The)
Olivia Jones - (Book: Vineyard, The)
Olivia Faraday - (Book: Viscount for Christmas, A)
Olivia Lydall - (Book: Waiting for an Earl Like You)
Olivia Archer - (Book: Wallflower Gone Wild)
Olivia Bevelstoke - (Book: What Happens in London)
Olivia Quinn - (Book: When Alex Was Bad)
Olivia Mott - (Book: Whispers Along the Rails)
Olivia Hamilton - (Book: Whispers Through Time)
Olivia - (Book: Wicked, The (ebook novella))
Olivia Emory - (Book: Wild About a Texan)
Olivia - (Book: Windmill: A Novel, The)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Witch Hunt)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Witch is Dead, The)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Witch Way to Murder)
Ophelia Jensen - (Book: Witch's Grave)
Oliza Shardae Cobriana - (Book: Wolfcry)
Olivia Harris - (Book: Woman Accused, A)
Olivia - (Book: Woman At Willagong Creek )


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