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Eye On Romance
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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with P

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Penelope Darlington - (Book: 'Twas the Night Before Mischief (ebook))
Pippa Weldon - (Book: 13 Days of Luck)
Phillida Morgan - (Book: Acceptable Arrangement, An)
Page Clark - (Book: Accident)
Phoebe - (Book: Accidental Bride, The)
Pippa McDonnell - (Book: Accidental Scot, The)
Poppy Blake - (Book: Accidental Woman, An)
Poppy Blake - (Book: Accidental Woman, An)
Phoebe Reynolds - (Book: Accidentally Dead Again)
Petunia Wayfield - (Book: Ace's Wild)
Pamela Gibson - (Book: Adventuress, The)
Princess Sophie - (Book: Affair with a Princess, An)
Princess Sophie - (Book: Affair with the Princess, An
The Desert King (UK-Anthology))
Princess Camillla De Cordina - (Book: Affaire Royale)
Portia Carr Wells - (Book: After Hours)
Prue Ryder - (Book: After Jodie (reissue))
Paige Ashworth - (Book: Agent Undercover)
Paige Ashworth - (Book: Agent Undercover (large print))
Phillipa of Wareham - (Book: Alchemist's Potion)
Polly Black - (Book: Alias Mommy)
Phyllida Tallent - (Book: All About Love)
Peaches Alexander - (Book: All For You)
Paige Sullivan - (Book: All He Ever Needed)
Paula Renfrew - (Book: All That Sparkles (reissue))
Priscilla Calvert - (Book: All's Fair)
Lady Claringworth
- (Book: Almost A Gentleman)
Phoebe a.k.a. Philip - (Book: Almost a Gentleman [reissue])
Pepper Prescott - (Book: Almost Like Being In Love)
Patience Cavanaugh - (Book: Alone in the Dark)
Patience Cavanaugh - (Book: Alone in the Dark (reissue))
Pepper Schuyler - (Book: Along the Infinite Sea)
Penny Watkins - (Book: Alpha Male, The (UK))
Phoebe Chandler - (Book: Always a McBride)
Phylicia Phillips - (Book: Always and Forever)
Princess Dia - (Book: Amethyst Moon)
Priscilla Kinsinger - (Book: Amish Blacksmith, The)
Phoebe Miller - (Book: Amish Family Reunion, An)
Priscilla Allen - (Book: Amish Man of Ice Mountain, An)
Priscilla King - (Book: Amish Wedding, An)
Pandora - (Book: And the Desert Blooms)
Priscilla Larson - (Book: Antique Affair)
Pauline Simms - (Book: Any Duchess Will Do)
Pierce - (Book: Arena)
Parris Sutherland - (Book: Art of Seduction, The)
Penelope Watkins - (Book: As Good As New)
Phaedra DeLuca - (Book: Assassin's Heart)
Priscilla Johnson - (Book: Australian, The)
Priscilla Johnson - (Book: Australian, The (reissue))
Priscilla Johnson - (Book: Australian, The (reissue))
Penelope Sandringham - (Book: Awakening of Lord Dalby, The)
Paige Brennan - (Book: Baby Dilemma, The)
Parrish sisters - (Book: Baby Fever)
Priscilla Barrington - (Book: Baby Notion, The)
Paige Wilder - (Book: Baby Surprise, The)
Phoebe McAllister - (Book: Baby You're Mine)
Penny Cartwright - (Book: Back in the Soldier's Arms)
Penny Cartwright - (Book: Back in the Soldier's Arms (large print))
Paige Favreau - (Book: Bad Influence)
Penny Sandoval - (Book: Badlands)
Polly Anna Adams - (Book: Ballroom to Bride and Groom)
Polly Anna Adams - (Book: Ballroom to Bride and Groom (large print))
Princess Amy - (Book: Barefoot Princess, The)
Phoebe Matthews - (Book: Barely Decent)
Penny - (Book: Bargain Bride, The)
Prudence Ryland - (Book: Be Mine Tonight)
Paige - (Book: Beast Within, The)
Priscilla Holladay - (Book: Beauty's Daughter, The (Hardcover))
Patsy Donahue - (Book: Because Your Vampire Said So)
Poppy Christner - (Book: Bee in Her Bonnet, A)
Phoebe Keller - (Book: Before Sunrise)
Phoebe Keller - (Book: Before Sunrise (reissue))
Phoebe Keller - (Book: Before Sunrise (Hardcover))
Phoebe Keller - (Book: Before Sunrise (UK))
Phoebe Finley - (Book: Beginning With Baby)
Paige Barnes - (Book: Behind the Palace Walls)
Phoebe Marks - (Book: Beloved Brother)
Poppy Calloway - (Book: Bending the Rules)
Paige Quinn - (Book: Beneath Outback Skies)
Pixie Marshall - (Book: Best Kind of Broken)
Poppy Carlton - (Book: Best Man to Wed)
Pilar Santee - (Book: Best Way to Lose, The)
Penelope Alonso - (Book: Betrayal)
Penelope Deveraux - (Book: Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The (Hardcover))
Penelope Deveraux - (Book: Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The (paperback))
Princess Tianna - (Book: Betrothed To The Prince)
Princess Athena - (Book: Betrothed: To The People's Prince)
Piper Hamilton - (Book: Better Man, A)
Piper Hamilton - (Book: Better Man, A (large print))
Penelope Carson - (Book: Betting on Fate (ebook))
Petra - (Book: Beyond the Darkness)
Paula Holliday - (Book: Big Dirt Nap, The)
Pandora Garret - (Book: Billion Dollar Bachelor, The (ebook))
Phoebe Kemper - (Book: Billionaire for Christmas, A)
Phoebe Summers - (Book: Billy and the Kid)
Paige Green - (Book: Bitter Honey)
PI Andie Field - (Book: Black Sheep, The)
Peta Grey - (Book: Blackmail Bargain, The (UK))
Paige - (Book: Bliss, Inc.)
Penelope Coddington - (Book: Blood of the Rose)
Patience White-Eagle - (Book: Blood Spells)
Pandra Parthen - (Book: Blood-Bonded By Force)
Pippa Cochran - (Book: Blue Clouds)
Piper Allen - (Book: Blue Lines)
Parker Blanton - (Book: Blurred Lines (ebook))
Persia Vanderbilt - (Book: Blush with Death, A)
Peggy Jane Franks - (Book: Bodyguard Under Fire)
Peggy Jane Franks - (Book: Bodyguard Under Fire (large print))
Polly Banks - (Book: Boiling Point)
Pete Caldecott - (Book: Bone Gods)
Princess Kiara - (Book: Born of the Night)
Pippa - (Book: Boss's Virgin, The)
Priscilla Wyatt - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Woman)
Paige Rogers - (Book: Breach of Trust)
Piper Strong - (Book: Break of Day)
Portia Callahan - (Book: Bride for a Black Sheep Brother, A)
Prudence Duncan - (Book: Bride Hunt, The)
Paige Bancroft - (Book: Bride's Bodyguard, The)
Penelope - (Book: Bride's Proposition, The)
Perrin Waverly - (Book: Brides of Prairie Gold)
Pam - (Book: Bright Hopes)
Paula Thompson - (Book: Broken Bow)
Penny Callahan - (Book: Broken Resolutions (ebook))
Pia - (Book: Brooklyn Girls)
Petra Chatam - (Book: Building a Perfect Match)
Petra Chatam - (Book: Building a Perfect Match (large print))
Phoebe - (Book: Burning Dante (ebook))
Phoebe Mentel - (Book: Byte Me)
Priscilla Richards - (Book: Call Me Cowboy )
Poppy Clayton - (Book: Calm, Cool & Adjusted)
Phoebe Caldicot - (Book: Candlelight Wish, The)
Penny Foster - (Book: Captain Cupid Calls the Shots)
Princess Victoria - (Book: Captive Of Kensington Palace, The)
Portia Edwards - (Book: Captured Dreams)
Princess Isabelle - (Book: Caretti's Forced Bride)
Piper George - (Book: Carry Her Heart)
Petra - (Book: Castle of the Lion)
Princess Alesandra - (Book: Castles)
Pamela Bordeaux - (Book: Challenged Pursuit)
Paisley Morro - (Book: Changing Everything (novella))
Peg Thompson - (Book: Charmed by His Love)
Penny Diamond - (Book: Chasing Temptation (ebook))
Paige - (Book: Cherish the Flame)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Chick and the Dead, The)
Peta - (Book: Christmas Baby's Gift, The)
Patricia Hayden - (Book: Christmas Gift, The)
Phoebe Smith - (Book: Christmas Lone-Star Style)
Penelope Garth - (Book: Christmas Matchmaker, The)
Polly MacNamara - (Book: Christmas Pie)
Paige MacDonald - (Book: Christmas Spirit, A (ebook))
Patricia Burke - (Book: Christmas Wish, A)
Pollyanna - (Book: Cinderella And The Sheikh)
Polly Percy - (Book: City Heiress (Hardcover))
Paige - (Book: Civil Affairs)
Perdita Boyd - (Book: Claiming His Wedding Night)
Perdita Boyd - (Book: Claiming His Wedding Night (UK))
Piper Dawson - (Book: Claiming the Enemy (ebook))
Paris Deveraux - (Book: Closer I Get to You)
Piper Gordon - (Book: Cloud Holders, The)
Patsy - (Book: Cockney Diamond)
Penny Alexander - (Book: Colby Justice)
Patience Marlow - (Book: Cold, Hard Kash (ebook))
Patrina Foreman - (Book: Cole's Red-Hot Pursuit)
Phoebe Allen - (Book: Come Hell or High Water)
Presley Christensen - (Book: Come Home to Me)
Priscilla Jayne Morgan - (Book: Coming Undone)
Princess Elwytha - (Book: Commander's Desire, The)
Prudence - (Book: Competition's a Witch)
Penelope Mathews - (Book: Connal)
Penelope Mathews - (Book: Connal (Hardcover))
Princess Dara O'Dwyre - (Book: Conquer The Mist)
Polly - (Book: Contract Baby)
Phoebe Thorp - (Book: Contrary Corinthian, The)
Penelope Stanwood - (Book: Convenient Bride, A)
Polly Armstrong - (Book: Convenient Fiancée, The)
Penelope Creed - (Book: Corinthian, The)
Penelope Creed - (Book: Corinthian, The (new edition))
Peggy Lee - (Book: Corpse for Yew, A)
P.J. Sherman - (Book: Couch World)
Paula Franklin - (Book: Country Charm)
Peg Larson - (Book: Courageous (hardcover))
Pru - (Book: Court-Appointed Marriage)
Prudence Watson - (Book: Courteous Cad, The)
Patience Primrose - (Book: Courtin' Patience)
Peyton Mahoney - (Book: Courting Justice)
Philippa Davenport - (Book: Courting of Philippa, The)
Princess Delfyne - (Book: Cowboy and the Princess, The)
Paige Holister - (Book: Cowboy Fling)
Penny Anderson - (Book: Cowboy For Christmas, A)
Penny Bradford - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Proposal, The)
Penny Bradford - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Proposal, The [Large Print])
Poppy West - (Book: Cracking the Dating Code)
Poppy West - (Book: Cracking the Dating Code (UK))
Pixie Parthon - (Book: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (ebook))
Patrice Wilson - (Book: Crème Brûlée Upset)
Perpetua - (Book: Crescent Moon, The)
Pippa McNabb - (Book: Crimson Nightmare)
Philippa Lisle - (Book: Crossed Quills)
Pia Thomason - (Book: Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang)
Pellea - (Book: Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride)
Philipa, Sally
Elizabeth, Deborah
- (Book: Cruel Legacy (UK))
Penny - (Book: Cupcake Queen, The)
Psyche Hathaway - (Book: Cupid's Kiss)
Persephone Landers - (Book: Dance of Submission)
Pippa - (Book: Dancing On Air)
Prudence Merryweather - (Book: Dangerous)
Penny Brooklyn - (Book: Dangerous Game)
Paige Galbraithe - (Book: Dangerous Pleasure)
Paige Lawrence/Maggie Sinclair - (Book: Dangerous to Know (Anthology))
Phoebe Allardyce - (Book: Dark and Brooding Gentleman, A)
Pete Caldecott - (Book: Dark Days)
Phoebe Quillum - (Book: Dark Embers)
Piper Ryan - (Book: Dark Warrior Untamed)
Piper Prescott - (Book: Dating for Demons (reissue))
Paris Armstrong - (Book: Dating Game)
Piper Prescott - (Book: Dating4Demons)
Paige Kenner - (Book: Daughter He Wanted, The (ebook))
Penelope Sheehan - (Book: Daybreak)
Penelope Sheehan - (Book: Daybreak (reissue))
Pepper Martin - (Book: Dead Man Talking )
Pauline Sokol - (Book: Dead on Arrival)
Peta Donald - (Book: Deadly Homecoming)
Psyche Hill - (Book: Dear Imposter)
Phoebe Batten - (Book: Dearest Rogue)
Pamela Taylor - (Book: Debonair Duke, The)
Princess Isabella - (Book: Deceived)
Princess Contessa - (Book: Decoy Princess, The)
Pauline Sokol - (Book: Deep Sea Dead)
Penny Hennings - (Book: Defender, The)
Princess Deirdre - (Book: Defiant Captive)
Penny Jordan - (Book: Delicious)
Phoeby Mayle - (Book: Deliciously Sinful)
Princess Rowena of Hartzburg - (Book: Delight)
Poppy McCrae - (Book: Delivering Love)
Pete Caldecott - (Book: Demon Bound)
Patience Sinclair - (Book: Desert Heat)
Patience Sinclair - (Book: Desert Heat (reissue))
Patricia Martinez - (Book: Desert Kiss)
Paige Matthews - (Book: Deserving of Luke)
Paris McKenna - (Book: Desire's Treasure)
P.D. Raines - (Book: Desperado)
Philippa Roscoe - (Book: Desperate Measures)
Phoebe Millbury - (Book: Desperately Seeking a Duke)
Pilar - (Book: Destiny's Captive)
Philippa - (Book: Destiny's Interlude)
Prudence Lancaster - (Book: Devil Earl, The)
Portia Townsend - (Book: Devil She Knows, The)
Prue - (Book: Devil's Angel, The)
Portia Easton - (Book: Devil's Bargain)
Pete Caldecott - (Book: Devil's Business)
Princess Aliya - (Book: Devil's Concubine, The (ebook))
Paige Langford - (Book: Difference a Day Makes, The)
Petra Fields - (Book: Different Kind Of Blues, A)
Piper Blum - (Book: Digitalis)
Paige Winterbourne - (Book: Dime Store Magic )
Professor Summer Shepherd - (Book: Disappearance, The)
Princess - (Book: Divine Intervention)
Phoebe Kruger - (Book: Do or Die)
Phillipa Fenwick - (Book: Doctor of Downlands, The (Hardcover))
Perrie Kincaid - (Book: Dodging Cupid's Arrow)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Don of the Dead)
Pauline Sokol - (Book: Dose of Murder, A)
Parris Mitchell - (Book: Double Platinum)
Penny Oaks - (Book: Double the Trouble)
PJ Sugar - (Book: Double Trouble)
Polly Prince - (Book: Doukakis's Apprentice)
Polly Prince - (Book: Doukakis's Apprentice (large print))
Prudence Holloway - (Book: Dr. Irresistible)
Princess Eleanor - (Book: Dragon and the Jewel, The)
Princess Eleanor - (Book: Dragon and the Jewel, The (reissue))
Pia Giovanni - (Book: Dragon Bound)
Pina - (Book: Dream Thief, The)
Pheobe Grant - (Book: Dreaming in Black and White)
Pheobe Grant - (Book: Dreaming in Technicolor)
Pamela Comstock - (Book: Drury Lane Darling)
Penelope Clayton - (Book: Duke's Quandary, The (ebook))
Pryseis - (Book: Dust of Dreams)
Paget Ellsworth - (Book: Earl in My Bed, The (novella))
Pippa Harrington - (Book: Earl is Mine, The)
Piety Grey - (Book: Earl Next Door, The)
Philippa de Beauchamp - (Book: Earth Song)
Patricia Patterson - (Book: Education of Miss Patterson, The)
Penelope Parker - (Book: Elaborate Hoax, An)
Princess Alina - (Book: Embers)
Paulina Winthrop - (Book: Emerald Dreams)
Paulina Winthrop - (Book: Emerald Dreams (Hardcover))
Penelope Baker - (Book: Emergency: Christmas)
Princess Gaelle of Germani - (Book: Enchant The Dream)
Patricia Westerly - (Book: Enchanting Stranger, The)
Philomena Radcliff - (Book: Enchanting the Beast (reprint))
Penny Fairburn - (Book: End of Faking It, The)
Paige Hanover - (Book: Engaging Alex)
Pandora Featherstone - (Book: Enticed)
Pru Daniels - (Book: Entity Who Came for Christmas, The (ebook novella))
Petra - (Book: Eternal Sin)
Peyton Blackstone - (Book: Eternal Vows)
Princess Giana of Karolya - (Book: Ever a Princess)
Phoebe - (Book: Every Girl's Secret Fantasy)
Patience - (Book: Excellent Wife?, An)
Philippa - (Book: Executive Lady)
Princess Dominique Stanbury - (Book: Expectant Princess, The)
Princess Anne - (Book: Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair)
Paige Haugen - (Book: Explosive Alliance)
Paige Adams - (Book: Exposed: Her Undercover Millionaire)
Prudence Varney - (Book: Exquisite Deception, An)
Paisley Donovan - (Book: Eyes Turned Skyward (ebook))
Paige Bryant - (Book: Face of Danger)
Pamela St. George - (Book: Facets)
Poppy Germaine - (Book: Fade Into You)
Pyxion - (Book: Fallen)
Piper McKinney - (Book: Falling for the Lawman)
Piper McKinney - (Book: Falling for the Lawman (large print))
Patty Hartman - (Book: Falling for the Nanny)
Perdita Hanson - (Book: Falling for the Rebel Falcon (large print))
Pleasant Obermeier - (Book: Family Blessings)
Polly - (Book: Family Practice)
Prudence (Prue) Kenyon - (Book: Family Way, The)
Pru Kenyon - (Book: Family Way, The (reissue))
Patsy - (Book: Family Wedding, The)
Patsy Clark - (Book: Fashionable Affair, A)
Paige Waring - (Book: Fatal Heat (novella))
Paula Hansen - (Book: Father Most Blessed)
Princess Judith - (Book: Fearless)
Phoebe - (Book: Fiance Wanted Fast!)
Penny - (Book: Fighting Attraction)
Pia - (Book: Finding Perfect)
Parker Promise Sinclair - (Book: Finding Promise)
Pilar, Lady Gilmore - (Book: Fine Silk Purse, A)
Penny Little - (Book: Firefly Cafe, The (ebook))
Phoenix Shapell - (Book: Firelight)
Pandora Cooper - (Book: Fires Within, The)
Piper Dove - (Book: First Star I See Tonight (hardcover))
Perdita - (Book: Flame and the Sword, The (UK edition))
Primula Greetwell - (Book: Fleeting Fancy)
Pip LeBaron - (Book: Fly With Me)
Prudence Drake - (Book: Folly's Reward)
Pippa Davis - (Book: For His Little Girl)
Philippa Davidson - (Book: For Love Alone)
Pietra - (Book: For Pete's Sake)
Paige Montgomery - (Book: Forbidden)
Paige Montgomery - (Book: Forbidden (reissue))
Paige Montgomery - (Book: Forbidden (UK))
Pepper - (Book: Foreplay)
Phaedra Parrish - (Book: Forever a Stallion)
Perry - (Book: Forged by Desire)
Portia Cahill - (Book: Forgotten)
Princess Shari - (Book: Frog Prince from Planet Marecage, The)
Polly - (Book: From Now On)
Paige Turner - (Book: From The Ashes)
Payton - (Book: Front Page Affair)
Peggy Lee - (Book: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree)
Polonaise Hunt - (Book: Gabriel)
Phoebe Baker - (Book: Game and the Governess, The)
Persephone Welton - (Book: Game of Hearts)
Patience Ballard - (Book: Game of Patience, A)
Princess Georgiana - (Book: Georgie And Her Dragon)
Page - (Book: Getaway Bride, The)
Peyton Clark - (Book: Ghouls Rush In)
Peri - (Book: Gift for Pamela, A)
Piper Smith - (Book: Gilded Hearts)
Phinn Hawkins - (Book: Girl From Honeysuckle Farm, The)
Phinn Hawkins - (Book: Girl From Honeysuckle Farm, The (Large Print))
Philomena Desdemona Brown - (Book: Girl from Mars)
Paisley - (Book: Girl He Knows, The (ebook))
Peg - (Book: Girlfriend Curse, The)
Pelonia Valeria - (Book: Gladiator, The)
Paige Conner - (Book: Glass Slipper, The)
Phina - (Book: Glory Nights)
Phoebe - (Book: Goddess Boot Camp (hardcover))
Phoebe - (Book: Goddess Boot Camp (paperback))
Pamela Smyteh - (Book: Goddess of Light)
Pea Chamberlain - (Book: Goddess of Love)
Perry Brazille - (Book: Goes Down Easy)
Perry Brazille - (Book: Goes Down Easy (UK))
Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff - (Book: Golden Barbarian, The)
Philadelphia Fox - (Book: Golden Chance, The)
Philadelphia Fox - (Book: Golden Chance, The (reissue))
Princess Erin - (Book: Golden Surrender)
Philamina Zorn - (Book: Good Girl Gone Bad)
Penny Michaelis - (Book: Good Greek Wife?, The)
Pepper Bartlett - (Book: Good With His Hands)
Polly McMaster - (Book: Great Montana Cowboy Auction, The)
Petra Radnor - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel, The )
Petra Radnor - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel, The (UK) )
Prudence - (Book: Greek's Chosen Wife, The)
Piper Madison - (Book: Greek's Pregnant Lover, The)
Princess Chantal - (Book: Greek's Royal Mistress, The)
Polly Crow - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Phoebe Shaw - (Book: Gus and the Nice Lady)
Princess Christianna - (Book: H.R.H.)
Polly Chance - (Book: Handful of Flowers, A)
Paige McKaslin - (Book: Handful of Heaven, A)
Pam Warner - (Book: Handful of Trouble, A)
Parker Brown - (Book: Happy Ever After)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Hard Day's Fright, A)
Pepper Marsh - (Book: Hard Day's Knight)
PJ Rogers - (Book: Harvard's Education)
Paski Quintana de Archuleta - (Book: Haters)
Paige - (Book: Having Justin's Baby)
Paige - (Book: Having Justin's Baby (Large Print))
Paige Winston - (Book: Hawk's Flight)
Princess Amelia - (Book: Heart of a Ruler, The)
Peyton Adair - (Book: Heart Waves)
Pearl Parkin - (Book: Heart's Blood)
Pamela Charbonneau - (Book: Heart's Calling, The)
Phoebe Lee - (Book: Heart's Safe Passage)
Phoebe Churchill - (Book: Heartbreaker, The)
Paula Romano - (Book: Hearts Collide)
Polly Wyatt - (Book: Hearts Folly
(aka Venus))
Pippa Sanders - (Book: Hearts in Harmony (ebook))
Pia Caranza - (Book: Hearts Unbound)
Phoenix Farraday - (Book: Heat of Passion)
Prudence Walker - (Book: Heather and Velvet)
Prudence Sullivan - (Book: Heaven Can't Wait)
Passion Lee - (Book: Heaven Forbid)
Princess Shara Najran - (Book: Heir to Danger)
Paige Reynolds - (Book: Heir To Secret Memories)
Paris Gibson - (Book: Hello, Darkness)
Paris Hanley - (Book: Her Baby Secret)
Princess Sophia - (Book: Her Every Pleasure)
Parris Hammond - (Book: Her Frog Prince)
Penelope Tolbertson - (Book: Her Highland Fling (novella))
Princess Tatiana - (Book: Her Highness, My Wife)
Prudence Thistlewaite - (Book: Her Master and Commander)
Paula - (Book: Her Own Prince Charming)
Phoebe Devereaux - (Book: Her Private Dancer)
Princess Shosanna of B'Ransha - (Book: Her Royal Wedding Wish)
Poppy Birmingham - (Book: Her Secret Fling)
Pepper Forrester - (Book: Her Secret Sons)
Phoebe Sellers - (Book: Her Small-Town Sheriff)
Phoebe Sellers - (Book: Her Small-Town Sheriff (large print))
Paige Weston - (Book: Here To Stay)
Piper Hero - (Book: Heroes at Heart - A Hero's Kiss)
Piper Jamieson - (Book: Hers For The Weekend)
Parris Simmons - (Book: Hideaway)
Parris Simmons - (Book: Hideaway (reissue))
Phoebe MacNamara - (Book: High Noon)
Phoebe MacNamara - (Book: High Noon (paperback))
Paloma Vergara - (Book: High-Stakes Affair)
Paige Ashton - (Book: Highest Bidder, The)
Phoebe Hartwell - (Book: Highland Rivalry)
Pinkie MacCrighton - (Book: Highland Spirits)
Philomena - (Book: Highlander, The)
Priscilla Andrews - (Book: His Baby Surprise)
Phoebe - (Book: His Best Friend's Baby (ebook))
Portia Perez - (Book: His Case, Her Baby)
Phaedra Pendelly - (Book: His Father's Wife)
Princess Ciara - (Book: His Forbidden Touch)
Paige McCauley - (Book: His High-Stakes Holiday Seduction)
Phoebe Brackenton - (Book: His Lady Midnight)
Philadelphia Prentiss - (Book: His Lordship's Landlady)
Phoebe Linville - (Book: His Mistletoe Bride)
Piper Langley - (Book: His Winter Rose)
Paige Watkins - (Book: His-And-Hers Twins)
Prudence Greene - (Book: Hogtied)
Paris O'Connell - (Book: Hold Me Until Morning)
Prudence Lincoln - (Book: Home by Morning)
Patsy Lee O'Malley - (Book: Home By Starlight)
Phoebe Longquist - (Book: Home of His Own, A)
Paige Walker - (Book: Home Sweet Home (novella))
Penny Castlerock - (Book: Homesteader's Sweetheart, The)
Phoebe Leighton - (Book: Honor Reclaimed)
Penelope Langham - (Book: Honorable Affair, An)
Priscilla Garner - (Book: Honorable Man, An)
Portia Worth - (Book: Hostage Bride, The)
Princess Anya - (Book: Hostage Most Royal)
Peyton Lockhart - (Book: Hotshot (hardcover))
Peyton Lockhart - (Book: Hotshot (paperback))
Phoebe Vale - (Book: How the Marquess Was Won)
Penelope Prestwick - (Book: How to Dazzle A Duke)
Penelope Prestwick - (Book: How to Dazzle a Duke (reissue))
Prudence Whittaker - (Book: How to Wed a Warrior)
Pamela - (Book: How Was It for You?)
Paige Yurner - (Book: Huddle With Me Tonight)
Pet - (Book: Hunted Warrior)
Penny Brand - (Book: Husband She Couldn't Remember, The)
Piper Devon - (Book: Hush)
Patricia Stillwell - (Book: Hysterical Blondeness)
Penny Bracket - (Book: I Take This Man)
Payton Mosely - (Book: I'll Catch You)
Poppy Wyatt - (Book: I've Got Your Number (hardcover))
Poppy Wyatt - (Book: I've Got Your Number (paperback))
Polly - (Book: Ideal Father,The)
Primrose Wootten - (Book: If He's Noble)
Penelope Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Sinful)
Penny Donnelly - (Book: If I Only Had A .... Husband)
Patrice Henderson - (Book: If I'm Gonna Love You)
Paris Jackson - (Book: If the Shoe Fits)
Puabi - (Book: Immortality)
Petra Robichaud - (Book: Immortally Embraced)
Petra Robichaud - (Book: Immortally Ever After)
Petra Robichaud - (Book: Immortally Yours)
Pandora Tremantle - (Book: Impetuous Pandora, The)
Pamela Clarkdale - (Book: Importance of Almack's, The)
Phoebe Benedict - (Book: Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife)
Prudence - (Book: Imprudent Lady)
Poppy - (Book: In a Storm of Scandal)
Paris Grantham - (Book: In Bed With The Boss's Daughter)
Penny Francisco - (Book: In Deep Voodoo)
Psychic Lucy Ryan - (Book: In Dreams)
Penelope Lacey - (Book: In for a Penny)
Phoebe Kassner, Madison Kassner - (Book: In Stereo Where Available)
Paige Grayson - (Book: In the Air Tonight)
Pepper - (Book: Independent Bride, The)
Penelope Seton - (Book: Indigo Blade, The)
Paige Winterbourne - (Book: Industrial Magic)
Pator Albertina Merci - (Book: Infidelity Pact, The)
Prue - (Book: Inherited: Twins)
Peyton Adams - (Book: Inside)
Parris Harrison - (Book: Interlude in Time)
Penelope Moon - (Book: Intimate Knowledge)
Poppy Springer - (Book: Intoxicating (ebook))
Petra Neiman - (Book: Invasion of Justice (ebook))
Princess Siobhan O'Rourke of Donegal - (Book: Irish Princess, The)
Penelope Pope - (Book: Irresistibly Yours (ebook))
Phoebe Somerville - (Book: It Had to Be You)
Paula Stewart - (Book: It Happened One Night)
Prudence - (Book: It's Raining Grooms)
Pippa Stevenson - (Book: Italian Boss's Mistress, The)
Pip Murdoch - (Book: Italian Doctor's Perfect Family, The)
Princess Regina Vittorio - (Book: Italian Groom, Princess Bride)
Pia Renfern - (Book: Italian Next Door..., The)
Penny Keeling - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain, The)
Penny Keeling - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain, The (UK))
Princess Joelle - (Book: Italian's Virgin Princess, The)
Peggy Jo Riley - (Book: Jack's Christmas Mission)
Paige Kenton - (Book: Jake's Promise)
Patricia Boyd - (Book: Jesse Hawk: Brave Father)
Prudence MacTavish - (Book: Journey to Enchantment)
Pippa Ewell - (Book: Judas Kiss, The)
Paula - (Book: Judgement of Paris, The)
Presley Mason - (Book: Just a Girl (ebook))
Paige Cooper - (Book: Just Another Day In Paradise)
Poppy Taylor - (Book: Just Another Miracle! )
Phyllis Langford - (Book: Just Around the Corner)
Persia - (Book: Just Deserts)
Polly Chapman - (Book: Just My Joe)
Patience McGraw - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Peach Kelley - (Book: Just Peachy)
Phoebe Jennings - (Book: Kayla's Daddy)
Pandy Wallis - (Book: Killing Monica (hardcover))
Patricia Fairchild - (Book: Kindled Flame, A)
Petra - (Book: Kingdom of Khal: Redeeming Davik)
Phoebe Kitzke - (Book: Kiss Me)
Phaedra Burke-Carter - (Book: Kiss Me Twice)
Penelope Chestnut - (Book: Kiss the Moon)
Penny Chestnut - (Book: Kiss the Moon)
Phaidra Moore - (Book: Kissed By Magic)
Princess Allora - (Book: Knight of Fire)
Phédre nó Delaunay - (Book: Kushiel's Avatar)
Phédre nó Delaunay - (Book: Kushiel's Chosen)
Phédre nó Delaunay - (Book: Kushiel's Dart)
Pandora Armstrong - (Book: Kyriakos Virgin Bride, The)
Professor Ellen Layne - (Book: Ladies' Man)
Patricia Lycaster - (Book: Lady Ice)
Polly Seagrave - (Book: Lady Polly)
Priscilla - (Book: Lady Priscilla's Shameful Secret)
Petre d'Avernio - (Book: Lady's Secret, A)
Patricia Morgan - (Book: Lady's Wish, A (ebook))
Paris Garrett - (Book: Lasso The Moon)
Phyllida Cresswell - (Book: Last April Fair)
Phyllida Cresswell - (Book: Last April Fair (reissue))
Phyllida Cresswell - (Book: Last April Fair (UK))
Phyllida Cresswell - (Book: Last April Fair (UK-reissue))
Princess Keita - (Book: Last Dragon Standing)
Phoebe Moss - (Book: Last Honest Man, The)
Priscilla Wentworth - (Book: Last Man in Town, The)
Portia Harding - (Book: Last of the Red Hot Vampires)
Phoenix Ice - (Book: Last Rising, The (ebook))
Princess Alysa - (Book: Last Viking Queen, The)
Poppy Peabody - (Book: Last's Temptation (ebook))
Penny Kennedy - (Book: Latin Passion, A)
Portia Perez - (Book: Lawman's Nanny Op, The)
Penelope Grantham - (Book: Learned Lady, The)
Piper Wick - (Book: Leaving Carolina)
Phaedra Blair - (Book: Lessons of Desire, The)
Porsche Rothschild - (Book: Lethally Blonde)
Phoebe Richards - (Book: Librarian's Passionate Knight, The)
Philly Angelis - (Book: Lie With Me)
Prudence Penhallow - (Book: Light-Fingered Lady, The)
Phillipa Browne - (Book: Like Father, Like Son)
Phillipa Browne - (Book: Like Father, Like Son (Large Print))
Philippa - (Book: Lilac Seduction)
Portia Merriem - (Book: Lilies on the Lake)
Polly Waterford - (Book: Little Beach Street Bakery, The)
Pru Prescott - (Book: Lone Wolf's Child, The)
Penny - (Book: Lonely Hearts Club, The (hardcover))
Penny - (Book: Lonely Hearts Club, The (paperback))
Perrie Matheson - (Book: Lonesome No More)
Penelope Wingrave - (Book: Lord Avery's Legacy)
Prudence Fairworthy - (Book: Lord Fox's Pleasure)
Prudence Fairworthy - (Book: Lord Fox's Pleasure (UK))
Pilar, Lady Gilmore - (Book: Lord Gilmore's Bride)
Patricia Surrey - (Book: Lord Longshanks)
Penelope Fairfax - (Book: Lord of Enchantment)
Princess Breena - (Book: Lord of Rage)
Prudence Stanhope - (Book: Lord Ramsay's Return)
Prudence Campbell - (Book: Lord Sayer's Ghost)
Portrait Divorce - (Book: Lord Scandal)
Pia Giovanni - (Book: Lord's Fall)
Penny Granger - (Book: Losing It (ebook))
Prudence - (Book: Love Child, The (UK))
Penelope Carlisle - (Book: Love Forever After)
Penelope Weston - (Book: Love in the Time of Scandal)
Patsy Lee Clark - (Book: Love is All Around)
Payton - (Book: Love Me Like No Other)
Pamela Langford - (Book: Love Me or Leave Me)
Pamela Langford - (Book: Love Me or Leave ME)
Paige Grant - (Book: Love on Lavender Island)
Persephone - (Book: Love Underground: Persephone's Tale)
Prudence Washington - (Book: Love's Gamble)
Primrose Hythe - (Book: Love's Lady Lost)
Piper Dunn - (Book: Love, Lattes and Angel )
Piper Dunn - (Book: Love, Lattes and Danger (ebook))
Piper Dunn - (Book: Love, Lattes and Mutants)
Priscilla Eversleigh - (Book: Love-Child, The)
Piper - (Book: Love? Maybe.)
Phoebe Grant - (Book: Lover Awaits, A)
Payne - (Book: Lover Unleashed (hardcover))
Payne - (Book: Lover Unleashed (paperback))
Priscilla Wilcox - (Book: Lover's Charm, The)
Portia - (Book: Luc's Revenge)
Paula Dixon - (Book: Luck of the Irish)
Phoebe Avery - (Book: Lucky)
Princess Valeria of Badenberg - (Book: Luke)
Peyton Somerset - (Book: Lullaby And Goodnight)
Peyton Somerset - (Book: Lullaby and Goodnight (reprint))
Page FitzSimmons - (Book: MacKinnon's Bride, The)
Pink - (Book: Made For Two Men)
Pastel Marx - (Book: Magic in Pastel)
Polly Peach - (Book: Magic Jack O'Lantern)
Princess Kathryn Kentyre - (Book: Magnificent Rogue, The)
Penelope Jermaine - (Book: Maid of Honor)
Pandora Compton - (Book: Major Chancellor's Mission)
Polly Seymour - (Book: Making the Surgeon Smile)
Paige Black - (Book: Man Alone, A)
Polly Fairfax - (Book: Marchese's Love-Child, The)
Payton - (Book: Marco's Pride)
Phoebe Bridgerton - (Book: Marplot Marriage, The)
Patricia Peel - (Book: Marriage Merger, The)
Penelope Mayes - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Phillipa Westleigh - (Book: Marriage of Notoriety, A)
Paige - (Book: Marriage Proposition, The)
Pier Rhodes - (Book: Married to the Badge)
Polly Brandon - (Book: Marrying the Royal Marine)
Paris Montague - (Book: Marrying Up)
Paris Montgomery - (Book: Marrying Up)
Prudence Tremaine - (Book: Masqueraders, The)
Prudence Tremain - (Book: Masqueraders, The (reissue))
Princess Helispeta - (Book: Mating Net (ebook))
Prudence Wellbourne - (Book: Matter of Some Scandal, A (ebook))
Prudence Dunlop - (Book: Matters of Seduction)
Paige Dalton - (Book: Maverick Under the Mistletoe, A)
Paige Miles - (Book: Maverick's Reward, The)
Polly Malone - (Book: Maybe Baby)
Pru Perkins - (Book: McCavett's Bride)
PRAIRIE SKYE - (Book: McConnell's Bride)
Paige Remington - (Book: McKettricks of Texas: Austin)
Peyton - (Book: Measure of a Man)
Peyton Adams - (Book: Measure of a Man (reprint))
Polly Hanson - (Book: Mediterranean Rebel's Bride, The)
Polly Hanson - (Book: Mediterranean Rebel's Bride, The (Large Print))
Paige Ellis - (Book: Medusa Proposition, The)
Precious Rafferty - (Book: Meet Me in Venice)
Peg Mannering
(Meg Miller)
- (Book: Meg Miller)
Peg Mannering
(Meg Miller)
- (Book: Meg Miller (Large Print))
Paula Lewis - (Book: Merry Christmas, Cowboy)
Paige Weston - (Book: Merry Christmas, Paige)
Phillipa Jones - (Book: Merry Widow, The (ebook))
Piper Roundtree - (Book: Mesmerized)
Peachy McGee - (Book: Midnight and Magnolias)
Perry Madison - (Book: Midnight Hearts (ebook))
Phoenix Montagno - (Book: Midnight Heat)
Patsy Washington - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Patsy Washington - (Book: Midnight Magic (reissue))
Peggy Underwood - (Book: Midnight Oil)
Peggy Underwood - (Book: Midnight Oil)
Phoebe Rain - (Book: Midnight Rain)
Priscilla Jane Hamilton Greer - (Book: Midnight Rainbow)
Paige Daniels - (Book: Midnight Remembered)
Petra Jamison - (Book: Midwife Cover)
Petra Jamison - (Book: Midwife Cover (large print))
Payton Harwell - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The : Brody)
Patricia Cottingham - (Book: Milady in Love)
Phoebe Slater - (Book: Millionaire in Command)
Paige Howard - (Book: Millionaire's Virgin Mistress, The)
Paige Tennant - (Book: Millionaire's Virgin, The)
Prudence Hixsby - (Book: Misadventures in Seduction (ebook))
Penelope Wainright - (Book: Miss Prim's Untamable Cowboy )
Pemba - (Book: Miss Redmond's Deception (ebook))
Pamela Kendall - (Book: Miss Tibbles Investigates)
Persys Timothy - (Book: Miss Timothy Perseveres)
Penelope Winthorpe - (Book: Miss Winthorpe's Elopement (UK))
Penelope Winthrope - (Book: Miss Winthrope's Elopement)
Penelope Lancer - (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Penelope Lancer - (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Penelope Appleton - (Book: Mistletoe and Magic (ebook novella))
Pippa Jenson - (Book: Mistletoe Proposal, A)
Prue Bennitt - (Book: Mistress of Purity (ebook))
Paige Barclay - (Book: Montana Wrangler)
Paige Barclay - (Book: Montana Wrangler (large print))
Pascale de Ravenault - (Book: Moonrise)
Polly Babcock - (Book: More Than Magic)
Phoebe Jones - (Book: More Than Meets the Eye)
Pilar Martinez - (Book: Morgan's Rescue)
Pepper Sinclair - (Book: Morgan's Wife)
Patty - (Book: Morning is a Long Time Coming)
Phoebe Robbins - (Book: Morning's Refrain)
Patricia - (Book: Mortal Temptations)
Penelope Hastings - (Book: Most Suitable Duchess, A)
Pearl Parker - (Book: Most Unsuitable Wife, The)
Polly Carrick - (Book: Mother for the Italian's Twins, A (US release))
Pattie Cornell - (Book: Mother of My Child, The)
Pamela Jo Wilson - (Book: Mother's Homecoming, A)
Patience Price - (Book: Murder By the Seaside (ebook))
Patience Price - (Book: Murder Comes Ashore (ebook))
Patience Price - (Book: Murder in Real Time (ebook))
Paisley Nichols - (Book: My Dangerous Pleasure)
Penny Lindsey - (Book: My Dark Prince)
Princess Tyra of Stoneheim - (Book: My Fair Viking)
Paige McBride - (Book: My Heart May Be Broken, but My Hair Still Looks Great)
Priscilla Whitmore - (Book: My Lord Destiny)
Princess Shana - (Book: My Rebellious Heart)
Prudence Hill - (Book: My Spy)
Penelope Westmoreland - (Book: My True Love)
Penelope Westmoreland - (Book: My True Love (reissue))
Priscilla Kovacs - (Book: My Very Own Millionaire)
Phyllida Dearne - (Book: Mysterious Miss, A)
Pepper O'Malley - (Book: Naked Sushi)
Priscilla Wills - (Book: Natchez Flame)
Patsy Langhorn - (Book: Natural Born Lawman)
Patience Rose Farnaly - (Book: Naughty By Nature)
Pandora Moore - (Book: Navy SEAL's Surprise Baby, A)
Poppy Silverton - (Book: Never Say No to a Caffarelli )
Poppy Silverton - (Book: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (large print))
Prudence - (Book: Never Too Late)
Prudence - (Book: Never Too Late (reissue))
Prudence - (Book: Never Too Late (UK))
Prudence - (Book: Never Too Late (UK-reissue))
Pollyanna McDonald - (Book: Next Door Daddy)
Pollyanna McDonald - (Book: Next Door Daddy (Large Print))
Penny Price - (Book: Next To Die)
Poppy Hammond - (Book: Night of a Thousand Stars)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Night of the Loving Dead)
Piper Macintosh - (Book: Night Scents)
Piper Macintosh - (Book: Night Scents (reissue))
Paige Summers - (Book: Nine Months)
Piper MacPherson - (Book: No Holds Barred)
Paige Holden - (Book: No One Left to Tell)
Princess Calhoun - (Book: No Ordinary Princess)
Paige MacKenzie - (Book: No Walls Between Us)
Paris Sommers - (Book: Nobody Does It Better)
Paris Sommers - (Book: Nobody Does it Better (reissue))
Philia Ainsley - (Book: Nonpareil, The)
Philadelphia Ainsley - (Book: Nonpareil, The (reissue))
Princess Drifa - (Book: Norse King's Daughter, The)
Perry McLain - (Book: Northern Star)
Poppy Sullivan - (Book: Not Another Wedding)
Penelope Langston - (Book: Not On Her Own)
Paige Conroy - (Book: Not Without Risk)
PJ Sugar - (Book: Nothing But Trouble)
Patience Mandeley - (Book: Notorious Bridegroom, The)
Philippa Mayhew - (Book: Notorious Lady)
Paris Sweeney - (Book: Now You See Her)
Phoebe - (Book: Oh. My. Gods (hardcover))
Phoebe - (Book: Oh. My. Gods (paperback))
Patience Martin - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An)
Patience Martin - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (reissue))
Patience Martin - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (UK))
Patience Martin - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (UK-Hardcover))
Patience Martin - (Book: Old-Fashioned Girl, An (UK-reissue))
Pilar - (Book: On The Doorstep)
Prudence Armitage - (Book: Once a Gentleman)
Princess Leonie - (Book: Once a Princess)
Phoebe Alexander - (Book: Once and Future Prince, The)
Peyton Clark - (Book: Once Haunted, Twice Shy)
Princess Amery - (Book: Once Upon A Midnight Blue)
Parker Dillon - (Book: Once Upon A Princess)
Princess Isabelle - (Book: One and Only)
Pilar Valenzuela - (Book: One and Only)
Pauline Sokol - (Book: One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest )
Pippa Alexander - (Book: One Enchanted Evening)
Philippa Marbury - (Book: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover)
Princess Andromeda - (Book: One Good Knight)
Princess Andromeda of Acadia - (Book: One Good Knight (reissue))
Pia Lumley - (Book: One Night With Prince Charming)
Poppy Westover - (Book: One Night with the Doctor)
Petra - (Book: One of the Boys)
Peppa Grant - (Book: One Perfect Night)
Paige Kerrigan - (Book: One Real Man (ebook))
Piper - (Book: One Summer in Santa Fe)
Paige Burleson - (Book: One Touch)
Prudence Washington - (Book: Only You)
Paige Levine - (Book: Only You)
Peggy Saxon - (Book: Ooh Baby, Baby)
PJ - (Book: Opening Up)
Princess Serena - (Book: Ordinary Day, An)
Phoebe Gray - (Book: Other Bride, The)
Phoebe Gray - (Book: Other Groom, The)
Parker Dean - (Book: Other Soldier, The)
Parker Dean - (Book: Other Soldier, The (large print))
Paige Forrester - (Book: Other Twin, The)
Penny Reynolds - (Book: Other Wife, The)
Posy Jones - (Book: Out of Bounds)
Posy Jones - (Book: Out of Bounds (large print))
Penny Jones - (Book: Out of Play)
Poppy Fortune - (Book: Out of Sight)
Patch Hendrick - (Book: Outlaw Bride)
Piper St. James - (Book: Outlaw's Christmas, An)
Polly - (Book: Overlander's Bride, The (ebook))
Penny - (Book: P.S. I Love You)
Paige Webb - (Book: Paige's Web)
Pamela Warren - (Book: Pamela)
Pamela Neville - (Book: Pamela's Second Season)
Prudence Makepeace - (Book: Paradise for Two)
Prudence Makepeace - (Book: Paradise For Two (reissue))
Prudence Makepeace - (Book: Paradise for Two (reissue))
Prudence Makepeace - (Book: Paradise for Two (UK))
Prudence Makepeace - (Book: Paradise for Two (UK-reissue))
Phoebe Gilbert - (Book: Parents of Convenience)
Pandora - (Book: Part-Time Wife)
Phoebe Miller - (Book: Partners By Contract (UK))
Philippa Wyckfield - (Book: Passing Fancies)
Pash - (Book: Passion)
Passion Elizabeth Dare - (Book: Passion)
Penelope Rastmoor - (Book: Passion and Pretense)
Prudence MacAfee - (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Prudence MacAfee - (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Promise O'Rourke - (Book: Passion's Betrayal)
Pearl Lockhart - (Book: Pastor's Woman, The)
Poppy Carter - (Book: Patchwork Family in the Outback (large print))
Patience Emmalina Dare - (Book: Patience)
Patience - (Book: Patience)
Payton Duncan - (Book: Payton's Passion)
Peach de Courmont - (Book: Peach)
Precious Orchid - (Book: Peach Blossom Pavillion)
Pamela "Peachy" Keene - (Book: Peachy's Proposal)
Penelope Adair - (Book: Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds, The)
Peggy Lee - (Book: Pefect Poison)
Penelope Vesey - (Book: Penelope)
Penelope Trask - (Book: Penelope & Prince Charming)
Penelope Wilkins - (Book: Penelope Goes to Portsmouth)
Penelope Parker - (Book: Penny Parker's Pregnant)
Penny Sue Paine - (Book: Penny Sue Got Lucky)
Pepper - (Book: Pepper's Way)
Perdita - (Book: Perdita)
Perdita - (Book: Perdita)
Prisca Reznik - (Book: Perfect Assassin)
Penelope Mortimer - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, The)
Prue Valour - (Book: Perfect Love)
Portia Ashford - (Book: Perfect Lover, The)
Paige Galloway - (Book: Perfect Paige)
Prudence Merridew - (Book: Perfect Rake, The)
Poppy Dunbar - (Book: Perfect Timing)
Poppy Dunbar - (Book: Perfect Timing (reissue))
Perola - (Book: Perola)
Persephone Jones - (Book: Persephone's Wings)
Piper Ryan - (Book: Personal Protector)
Peta Matthews - (Book: Peta and the Wolfe)
Philippa Winslow - (Book: Philippa)
Philippa Meredith - (Book: Phillipa)
Philadelphia O'Neil - (Book: Philly and the Playboy)
Philomena Parsons - (Book: Philomena's Miracle)
Philomena Parsons - (Book: Philomena's Miracle (reissue))
Philomena Parsons - (Book: Philomena's Miracle (UK))
Philomena Parsons - (Book: Philomena's Miracle (UK-Large Print))
Philomena Parsons - (Book: Philomena's Miracle (UK-reissue))
Phoebe Douglas - (Book: Phoebe's Gift)
Phoebe Yates - (Book: Phoebe's Groom)
Phoebe Yates - (Book: Phoebe's Groom (large print))
Phoenix Cahill - (Book: Phoenix Burning (ebook))
Phyllida Barton - (Book: Phyllida)
Phyllida Barton - (Book: Phyllida (reissue))
Petra Flint - (Book: Pillow Talk)
Pip - (Book: Pip)
Princess Zhang Mei - (Book: Pirate Prince, The (ebook))
Phoebe Turlow - (Book: Pirates)
Phoebe Fisher - (Book: Pisces Phenomenon)
Princess Sophie of Carpathia - (Book: Plain-Jane Princess)
Poppy Reagan - (Book: Planning for Love)
Priscilla Potter - (Book: Pleasure Bot, The)
Patience Waverly - (Book: Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness, The)
Portia - (Book: Pleasuring the Lady (ebook))
Pearl Wilson - (Book: Plucking the Pearl)
Peggy Lee - (Book: Poisoned Petals)
Polly Talbot - (Book: Polly)
Polly Talbot - (Book: Polly (reissue))
Polly Talbot - (Book: Polly (UK))
Polly Talbot - (Book: Polly (UK-reissue))
Polly Howard - (Book: Polly and the Prince (Hardcover))
Polly Patrick - (Book: Polly's Perilous Pleasures)
Phoebe Rafferty - (Book: Potent Charms)
Pepper Minesse - (Book: Power Play)
Pepper Minesse - (Book: Power Play (reissue))
Pepper Minesse - (Book: Power Play (UK))
Princess Elizabeth - (Book: Poyson Garden, The)
Payton Kendall - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
Penelope Montgomery - (Book: Practice To Deceive)
Prairie Rose Jernigan - (Book: Prairie Ecstasy)
Passion Perkins - (Book: Preacher's Passion, A)
Priscilla Wentworth - (Book: Precious Jewel, A)
Priscilla Wentworth - (Book: Precious Jewel, A (reissue))
Priscilla Parker - (Book: Precious Pretender)
Piper Mitchell - (Book: Pregnancy Contract, The)
Princess Elizabeth Wyndham - (Book: Pregnant Princess, The)
Peggy Lee - (Book: Pretty Poison)
Pia Soto - (Book: Prima Donna)
Phillipa Elliot - (Book: Primal Heat)
Primrose Dunsworthy - (Book: Primrose Wedding, A)
Princess Liv Thorson - (Book: Prince and Future...Dad?)
Prudence Winslow - (Book: Prince And The Nanny, The)
Princess Lucy Santos - (Book: Prince Baby)
Princess Sorcha - (Book: Prince Kidnaps a Bride, The)
Pippa - (Book: Prince's Outback Bride, The)
Pippa - (Book: Prince's Outback Bride, The (Large Print))
Princess Serefina - (Book: Princess)
Princess Anna Sebastiani - (Book: Princess and the Mercenary, The)
Pippa Devereaux - (Book: Princess and the Outlaw, The)
Princess Talay Rasada - (Book: Princess and the Playboy, The)
Princess Lara of Challoner - (Book: Princess for Sale)
Princess Marlena of Hartz-Coburg - (Book: Princess Goes West, The)
Princess Megan Penelope Penwyck - (Book: Princess is Pregnant!, The)
Princess Adele - (Book: Princess's Bodyguard, The)
Princess Adrienne de Marigny - (Book: Princess's Proposal, The)
Penelope Weaver - (Book: Private Affairs)
Patty King - (Book: Prodigal Daughter )
Philomena Donovan - (Book: Project Date)
Philippa - (Book: Promise Me)
Peyton Lacoumette - (Book: Promise, The)
Perdita James - (Book: Promoted: To Wife and Mother)
Penelope Harwood - (Book: Proper Conduct)
Penelope Harwood - (Book: Proper Conduct (reissue))
Portia Haverall - (Book: Proper Taming, A)
Phoebe Jackson - (Book: Propositioned by the Billionaire)
P.J. Fitzjames, Jr. - (Book: Pros And Cons)
Pavel Quinn - (Book: Prospect Street)
Paula Drummond - (Book: Protecting Her Son)
Paula Drummond - (Book: Protecting Her Son (large print))
Peggy Honeywell - (Book: Protecting Peggy)
Princess Anya Chastain - (Book: Protecting the Princess)
Princess Anna - (Book: Protecting the Princess)
Prudence Hursley - (Book: Prudence)
Prudence Stockworth - (Book: Prudent Match, A)
Paris Delight - (Book: Pure Delights)
Princess Gabrielle - (Book: Pure Princess, Bartered Bride)
Pixie - (Book: Purest Hook, The (ebook) )
Priscilla Herbert - (Book: Pursuing Priscilla)
Paula Holliday - (Book: Pushing up Daisies)
Princess Maricara - (Book: Queen of Dragons (paperback))
Paige Norton - (Book: Rainbow Bird, The)
Pam - (Book: Raining Fire)
Phoebe Lowell - (Book: Rake's Fiancée, The)
Phaedra Gillian - (Book: Rake's Redemption, A)
Patience Debbington - (Book: Rake's Vow, A)
Phoebe Jacks - (Book: Ralphie's Wives)
Penny Wright - (Book: Ranch She Left Behind, The)
Patience McKendrick - (Book: Ranch Stud, The)
Princess Sophie Saxe - (Book: Rancher & the Reluctant Princess, The)
Patience Anderson - (Book: Randall Renegade)
Piper Sullivan - (Book: Ranger's Woman, The)
Penelope Bigelow - (Book: Rare Find, A)
Penelope Bigelow - (Book: Rare Find, A (large print))
Penny - (Book: Rather Curious Engagement, A)
Penny Nichols - (Book: Rather Lovely Inheritance, A)
Primrose Chartley - (Book: Raven's Ransom)
Pia Blyton - (Book: Ravenous (ebook))
Perdita Brooke - (Book: Ravished by a Rake)
Princess Amalie - (Book: Reader and Raelynx (Hardcover))
Portia Tomlinson - (Book: Really Hot!)
Priscilla Hart - (Book: Reasons to Stay, The (ebook))
Princess Jazmine - (Book: Rebel King, The)
Princess Alais - (Book: Rebel Princess, The (Hardcover))
Pippa Reid - (Book: Rebel Wind)
Poppy Graham - (Book: Rebel's Bargain)
Perdita - (Book: Rebellious Debutante, The)
Perdita - (Book: Rebellious Debutante, The (UK))
Phoebe Layton - (Book: Reckless)
Patience Hartford - (Book: Reckless Affair, A (ebook))
Paralee Blake - (Book: Reclaiming Her Heart (ebook))
Piper Sullivan - (Book: Reclaiming Nick)
Patricia Manning - (Book: Reconcilable Differences)
Pearl Richland - (Book: Red's Hot Cowboy)
Paige Kenton - (Book: Red-Hot Ranchman)
Penny Ramsey - (Book: Refuge at Highland Hall, A)
Priscilla Tyrrell
Lady Braeburn
- (Book: Regency Charade, A)
Pamela Bradford - (Book: Relentless)
Pia D'Amato - (Book: Relentless)
Portia McNamara - (Book: Reluctant Dreamer)
Priscilla McCain - (Book: Reluctant Enemies)
Paula Reynolds - (Book: Rescued by the Firefighter)
Paige Cassidy - (Book: Restless)
Penelope Potter - (Book: Restless Spirits)
Pia Baxter - (Book: Return of the Secret Heir)
Phillippa Benning - (Book: Revealed)
Parineeta Singh - (Book: Revolutionary Hearts (ebook))
Pepper Malone - (Book: Rewriting Monday)
Patsy Brubaker - (Book: Rich Ga'ls Rented Groom, The)
Princess Melissa Considine - (Book: Rich Man's Royal Mistress, The)
Princess Melissa Considine - (Book: Rich Man's Royal Mistress, The (UK))
Poppy Mallory - (Book: Rich Shall Inherit, The)
Priscilla Springton - (Book: Right Suitor, The)
Pandora - (Book: Ripped)
Penelope Bryant - (Book: Road to Gretna, The)
Penelope Marbury - (Book: Rogue by Any Other Name, A)
Prudence Filby - (Book: Rogue In My Arms)
Penelope Featherington - (Book: Romancing Mister Bridgerton)
Penelope Featherington Bridgerton - (Book: Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Epilogue ebook))
Pippa Renshaw - (Book: Romancing the Seas)
Countess of Glasbury
- (Book: Romantic, The)
Phoebe Wells - (Book: Royal Baby, Forbidden Marriage)
Phoebe Wells - (Book: Royal Baby, Forbidden Marriage (UK))
Princess Renee of France - (Book: Royal Blood)
Princess Tatiana - (Book: Royal Escapade, A)
Princess Ariana LeBron - (Book: Royal Lockdown)
Princess Ariana LeBron - (Book: Royal Lockdown [Large Print])
Princess Nicole Krenski - (Book: Royal Mess, The)
Princess Victoria of Thortonburg - (Book: Royal Mission, A)
Princess Alexandria - (Book: Royal Pain, The)
Princess Tashya Zared - (Book: Royal Ransom)
Princess Melissa - (Book: Royal Seducer)
Princess Nadia Kamal - (Book: Royal Spy)
Penelope Jones - (Book: Ruby Ghost, The)
Pamela Lockhart - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Pepper Yates - (Book: Run the Risk)
Princess Lissa Karedes - (Book: Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress (Large Print))
Princess Marietta - (Book: Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess, The)
Princess Marietta - (Book: Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess, The (UK))
Penny Watkins - (Book: Ruthless Husband, Convenient WIfe)
Phoebe Brown - (Book: Sabbides Secret Baby, The)
Parker Adams - (Book: Sacrifice the Wicked)
Peri Halstead - (Book: Sand and Sin (ebook))
Pia Byrd - (Book: Sands of Destiny)
Pamela - (Book: Savage Eden)
Polly Barnes - (Book: Saving Dr. Gregory (UK))
Penelope Talcott - (Book: Saving Lord Vernwood)
Piper Payne - (Book: Saving the Girl Next Door)
Phoebe Smith - (Book: Scandal and Miss Smith)
Princess Caroline Marguerite Marie Isabella - (Book: Scandal to Remember, A)
Priscilla Hamilton - (Book: Scandalous)
Priscilla Hamilton - (Book: Scandalous (reissue))
Phoebe - (Book: Scandalous Innocent (US edition))
Phoebe Lancaster - (Book: Scandalous Passion)
Pamela Premington - (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Polly Rice - (Book: Scarlet Spinster, The)
Pamela White - (Book: Scarlet Sunset, Silver Nights)
Persephone Seaborne - (Book: Scarred Earl, The)
Persia Vanderbilt - (Book: Scent to Her Grave)
Phoebe, Lady DeVaux - (Book: Scholarly Gentleman, A)
Payton Albright - (Book: Scott's Satin Sheets (ebook))
Portia Maclean - (Book: Scottish Witch, The)
Prudence Cabot - (Book: Scoundrel and the Debutante, The)
Prudence Belmont - (Book: Sealed with a Kiss)
Pickett Sessoms - (Book: SEALed with a Kiss)
Pearl Belladonna - (Book: Sean)
Paige Davis - (Book: Second Chances at Love)
Perdita - (Book: Second Thyme Around)
Priscilla Perkins - (Book: Secret Agent's Surprises, The)
Paige Atwell - (Book: Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom, The)
Paige Atwell - (Book: Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom, The)
Paige Walker - (Book: Secret Harbor)
Phoebe Delongpree - (Book: Secret Nights at Nine Oaks)
Poppy - (Book: Secret Vampire)
Paige Danforth - (Book: Secret Wedding Dress, The)
Paige Danforth - (Book: Secret Wedding Dress, The (UK))
Penny Archer - (Book: Secretary Gets Her Man, The)
Piper Morning Dew Sunday - (Book: Secrets in a Small Town)
Penny - (Book: Secrets of a Career Girl)
Phoebe Thompson - (Book: Seduced By a Rogue)
Peyton Douglas - (Book: Seduced by the Enemy)
Paris St. Clair - (Book: Seduced by the Heir)
Paula Stroker - (Book: Seducing a God)
Princess - (Book: Seducing A Princess)
Portia Crompton - (Book: Seducing the Heiress)
Paige Percy - (Book: Seducing The Hermit (ebook))
Pelicia Cobb - (Book: Seducing the Moon)
Phoebe Stanhope - (Book: Seduction of Lady Phoebe, The)
Prue - (Book: Seductive Stranger)
Piper Tucker - (Book: Seeing is Believing)
Patsy Pritchard - (Book: Sergeant Darling)
Paige Darlington - (Book: Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy)
Peggy Fox - (Book: Sex Files, The)
Pandora Easton - (Book: Sex, Lies, and Mistletoe)
P.J. - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Phoenix Stryker - (Book: Shadowmaster)
Pamela Warren - (Book: Shadows Along the Ice)
Piper Nelson - (Book: Shake Down the Stars)
Paige McCarty - (Book: Shame on Me)
Pippa Grayhawk - (Book: Shameless)
Piper McKenna - (Book: Shattered)
Paris James - (Book: She Woke Up Married)
Princess Zara - (Book: Sheik)
Piper McAdams - (Book: Sheikh's Son, The)
Petra - (Book: Sheikh's Virgin Bride, The)
Princess Alexandra - (Book: Sheikh's Virgin Princess, The)
Princess Alexandra - (Book: Sheikh's Virgin Princess, The (UK))
Paige Lassiter - (Book: Shelter Mountain)
Paige Lassiter - (Book: Shelter Mountain (reissue))
Peyton Ross - (Book: Sheriff Of Horseshoe, Texas, The)
Paige Keenan - (Book: Sheriff's Pregnant Wife, The)
Paige Keenan - (Book: Sheriff's Pregnant Wife, The (UK))
Paige Keenan - (Book: Sheriff's Pregnant Wife, The [Large Print])
Prissy Gilmore - (Book: Sheriff's Sweetheart, The)
Priya Drake - (Book: Shifter's Claim)
Psyche - (Book: Shimmering Splendor)
Portia Carew - (Book: Show Me)
Princess Ashiana - (Book: Silver and Sapphires)
Princess Sophia Alexeyevna Golitskova - (Book: Silver Nights)
Princess Riva - (Book: Silver Quest)
Patrice - (Book: Simply Irresistible)
Pia Blyton - (Book: Sinful Cravings (ebook))
Paige Mallory - (Book: Sinister Silence, A)
Pamela Kingston - (Book: Sins and Secrets)
Pamela Pennyworth - (Book: Sins of Lady Dacey, The)
Pippa Kingslake - (Book: Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match)
Phaedra - (Book: Siren's Call)
Patty King - (Book: Six White Horses)
Paige - (Book: Six-Gun Showdown)
Paige Walker - (Book: Sleepless in Manhattan)
Penelope Lindon - (Book: Slight Change of Plans, A)
Paige Alexander - (Book: Smitten)
Phoebe Merriman - (Book: Soldier's Seduction, The)
Pandora Maybury - (Book: Some Like it Wicked)
Pamela Darby - (Book: Some Like It Wild)
Parker Welles - (Book: Somebody to Love)
Princess Laurentia - (Book: Someday My Prince)
Paige Harper - (Book: Something Like Love)
Phoebe Williams - (Book: Song of My Soul)
Peggy Witwater - (Book: Soul Obsession (ebook))
Pete Caldecott - (Book: Soul Trade)
Peg - (Book: Southern Treasures)
Pilar Sandoval y Serna - (Book: Spanish Serenade)
Pilar Sandoval y Serna - (Book: Spanish Serenade (ebook))
Pilar Sandoval y Serna - (Book: Spanish Serenade (reissue))
Phoebe Donovan - (Book: Sparks)
Phoebe Moss - (Book: Speaking of Love)
Petra Field - (Book: Spellbound in Seattle)
Pauline Ray - (Book: Spirit of the Valley)
Philippa Atwater - (Book: Spy, The)
Perry Pierson - (Book: Stand-in Mom)
Princess Tee'ah - (Book: Star Prince, The)
Polly Gowan - (Book: Starlight)
Pia Blyton - (Book: Starved for Love (ebook))
Pator Albertina Merci - (Book: Stay Out of the Kitchen!)
Paxton Jones - (Book: Stay With Me Forever)
Parker Shelton - (Book: Stealing Parker)
Pauline Sokol - (Book: Stiff and the Dead, The)
Paige Waters - (Book: Storm Surge )
Phillipa Damson - (Book: Storming the Castle (ebook))
Paula - (Book: Stormy Attraction)
Prudence Martin - (Book: Stranded with the Sergeant)
Princess Arien - (Book: Strands of Gold)
Pete Caldecott - (Book: Street Magic)
Paige Hart - (Book: Stuck with You)
Paige Hart - (Book: Stuck With You (reprint))
Pippa White - (Book: Suddenly You)
Pippa White - (Book: Suddenly You (large print))
Princess Nicolette Ducasse - (Book: Sultan's Bought Bride, The)
Paige Sterling - (Book: Sultan's Ransom, A)
Polly Waterford - (Book: Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery)
Phoebe Creswell - (Book: Summer Idyll, A)
Phoebe - (Book: Summer Idyll, A )
Phoebe Creswell - (Book: Summer Idyll, A (reissue))
Phoebe Creswell - (Book: Summer Idyll, A (UK))
Phoebe Creswell - (Book: Summer Idyll, A (UK-reissue))
Patricia Bergen - (Book: Summer of My German Soldier)
Paige Cudahy - (Book: Summer to Come Home, A)
Perris Fleming - (Book: Summer Wind)
Penelope Trudeau - (Book: Sun God Seeks. . .Surrogate (paperback))
Penelope - (Book: Sun God Seeks. . .Surrogate? (ebook))
Parker Lacey - (Book: Sunrise Crossing)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Supernatural Born Killers)
Penny Hatfield - (Book: Surgeon's Care, A (UK))
Polly Martin - (Book: Surgeon's Child, The)
Pearl Torres Frank - (Book: Sweet)
Pru - (Book: Sweet Little Lies)
Penelope Bridgeman - (Book: Sweet Madness)
Patience McCord - (Book: Sweet Talkin' Stranger)
Portia MacIntosh - (Book: Sweetwater)
Phoebe Marlow - (Book: Sylvester)
Phoebe Marlow - (Book: Sylvester (new edition))
Presley - (Book: Take Me There)
Poppy Walker - (Book: Take My Breath Away)
Peyton Muldoon - (Book: Taking the Reins)
Penelope Scott - (Book: Tall, Dark & Reckless)
Portia Tofton - (Book: Tall, Dark and Disreputable)
Padua Belvoir - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Wicked)
Phoebe Lane - (Book: Tame an Older Man)
Prudence Wilding - (Book: Taming of Billy Jones, The)
Patricia Fontaine - (Book: Taming the Lion (ebook))
Pandora Wyatt - (Book: Tangled Hearts)
Phyllida Hurst - (Book: Tarnished Among the Ton)
Pamela Starbuck - (Book: Tears of Gold)
Poppy Hathaway - (Book: Tempt Me at Twilight)
Patrice Sutton - (Book: Temptation's Kiss)
Princess Isadora - (Book: Tempted)
Paige Stewart - (Book: Tempted by Her Boss (ebook))
Paige Ellerbee - (Book: Tempted in the Tropics (ebook))
Priscilla Burke - (Book: Tempting A Proper Lady)
Portia St. Claire - (Book: Tempting Fortune)
Portia St. Claire - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Portia St. Claire - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Priscilla Stillbottom - (Book: Tempting Miss Prissy)
Pauline Mayfield - (Book: Tenant Who Came To Stay, The)
Patience Andrews - (Book: Testing His Patience)
Paige McCord - (Book: Texan's Diamond Bride, The)
Patience Gordon - (Book: Texan's Honor, A)
Pepper Merriweather - (Book: Texas Christmas)
Pilar - (Book: Texas Homecoming)
Pru Reynolds - (Book: Texas Star)
Priscilla Bedford - (Book: Texas Treasure)
Penny McCord - (Book: Texas Tycoon's Christmas Baby, The)
Penelope Lear - (Book: Thanksgiving Groom)
Phoebe O'Dunn - (Book: That Night on Thistle Lane)
Penny Blackwell - (Book: That's What Friends Are For)
Pruella Takimori McGuire - (Book: Thief of Light)
Pruella Takimori McGuire - (Book: Thief of Light (mass market paperback))
Philippa Coxwell - (Book: Third Time Lucky)
Philippa Coxwell - (Book: Third Time Lucky (re-issue))
Phoenix Fuller - (Book: This Heart of Mine)
Peyton Sawyer - (Book: This Time For Real)
Perdita Nordstrand - (Book: Thousand Roses, A)
Phoebe Brooks - (Book: Three for a Wedding)
Phoebe Brook - (Book: Three for a Wedding (reissue))
Phoebe Brook - (Book: Three for a Wedding (UK))
Phoebe Brook - (Book: Three for a Wedding (UK-reissue))
Piper Malone - (Book: Thunder's Tender Touch)
Philomena Turner - (Book: Thunderstruck)
Paulette Brandt - (Book: Thursday's Child)
Paloma Ortega - (Book: Ties That Bind)
Priscilla Pemberton - (Book: Timeswept Bride)
Penelope Hamilton - (Book: Timeswept Rogue )
Penelope Doyle - (Book: To Catch a Sheik)
Phoebe Malleson - (Book: To Distraction)
Piper Wynne - (Book: To Heal a Heart)
Phillipa Carstairs - (Book: To Love a Wicked Lord)
Piper Duchess - (Book: To Marry For Duty)
Piper Kindred - (Book: To Tame a Cowboy)
Paulette Hamilton - (Book: To Tempt an Irish Rogue)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Tomb with a View)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Tombs of Endearment)
Penelope Parrish - (Book: Tomorrow's Dreams)
Paige - (Book: Tomorrow's Treasures)
Penni DePaul - (Book: Too Hard to Handle)
Prudence - (Book: Torrid Tarot - Eighth Wand (ebook))
Piper Oliver - (Book: Total Surrender)
Phoebe - (Book: Totally Charmed)
Portia Flagstaff - (Book: Touch of Passion, A (ebook))
Phoebe St. Clair - (Book: Toxic)
Priscilla Patterson - (Book: Trace of Fever)
Pia Martell - (Book: Traces of Dreams)
Phadra Abbott - (Book: Treasured Vows)
Paige Chamberlain - (Book: Triplet's First Thanksgiving, The)
Polly Bennett - (Book: Triplets Find a Mom)
Polly Bennett - (Book: Triplets Find a Mom (large print))
Paula - (Book: Triumph of the Dawn (UK))
Poppy - (Book: Trouble With Love, The)
Penny Branch - (Book: Truth and Consequences)
Patience McGee - (Book: Truth and Dare)
Poppy Reed - (Book: Truth or Demon)
Patience Madrid - (Book: Trying Patience)
Patience Madrid - (Book: Trying Patience (reprint))
Persephone "Seph" Pyle - (Book: Tumbling through Time)
Princess Meredith - (Book: Twice a Princess)
Patricia Gordon-Wyatt - (Book: Two Of a Kind)
Paige Halliday - (Book: Tycoon's Secret, The)
Phoebe Ramsay - (Book: Tyrant, The)
Polly - (Book: Ultimate Surrender, The)
Polly - (Book: Ultimate Surrender, The (Large Print))
Paige Ramsey - (Book: Unbroken (ebook))
Phoebe Sloan - (Book: Under the Desert Sky)
Paige Lawrence - (Book: Undercover Man)
Paige Graham - (Book: Undercover Memories)
Paige Graham - (Book: Undercover Memories (large print))
Philadelphia Jones - (Book: Undoing of Justin Starbuck, The)
Paige Morrison - (Book: Undone)
Pippa Langley - (Book: Undone By Her Tender Touch)
Penelope Ffolliot - (Book: Unexpected Bride, The)
Perdita - (Book: Unexpected Hazard)
Princess Amelia - (Book: Unlawfully Wedded Princess,The)
Prudence Youlgrave - (Book: Unlikely Countess, An)
Petra Garfield - (Book: Unraveling the Pieces)
Paris Sommer - (Book: Untamed)
Poppy - (Book: Valentine Wishes (ebook))
Portia Cabot - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
Polly Wyatt - (Book: Venus
(aka Heart's Folly))
Phoebe - (Book: Verdict: Parenthood)
Persephone Alcmedi - (Book: Vicious Circle)
Patsy Grosso - (Book: Victory Lane)
Princess Breanne of Stoneheim - (Book: Viking in Love)
Princess Thyre - (Book: Viking's Captive Princess, The)
Phoebe Swift - (Book: Vintage Affair, A)
Pepper - (Book: Viper Game)
Princess Louisa - (Book: Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation)
Phillipa Stratten - (Book: Viscount Claims His Bride, The)
Phillipa Lambert - (Book: Viscount's Vixen, The)
Patience Harrington - (Book: Viscount's Wicked Ways, The)
Penelope Albright - (Book: Volcano)
Penny Hayden - (Book: Vow to Love, A)
Polly Parker - (Book: Waking Up Alive)
Paula Olsen - (Book: Walker: The Rodeo Legend)
Persephone “Persy” Daltry - (Book: Wallflower, The)
Pia - (Book: Warrior Prince, The (ebook))
P.J. Kirkland - (Book: Way to a Cowboy's Heart, The)
Paige Albright - (Book: Way You Love Me, The)
Pia Jamison, Florence Chase, Rebecca Vossel - (Book: Weapons of Mass Seduction)
Penny Shoemaker - (Book: Wedded in Sin)
Pandora Effington - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Penelope Shaw - (Book: Wednesday's Child)
Pamela Novak - (Book: Westmoreland's Way)
Penelope Thorne - (Book: What a Duke Dares)
Pam Lyons, Yvonne Hastings, Taylor Johnson - (Book: What a Sista Should Do)
Prudence Merryweather - (Book: What a Wallflower Wants)
Phoebe Frame - (Book: What Phoebe Wants)
Priscilla Dalloway - (Book: What Price Love?)
Perla Lowell - (Book: What the Greek Can't Resist)
Philippa - (Book: What You Made Me)
Paige Ellis - (Book: When Love Comes Home)
Pepper Rossi - (Book: When She Was Bad...)
Piper Sinclair - (Book: When Silence Falls)
Pamela Effington - (Book: When We Meet Again)
Petra Lang - (Book: When Wicked Craves)
Peri MacKenzie - (Book: When You Go Away)
Pegeen MacDougal - (Book: Where Roses Grow Wild)
Penelope Ashford - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Penelope Moon - (Book: Where You Least Expect It)
Penna Weaver - (Book: While He Was Away)
Patricia Ryan - (Book: Whispers in the Night)
Paloma St. John - (Book: Whispers in the Woods)
Paloma St. John - (Book: Whispers in the Woods (reissue))
Paloma St. John - (Book: Whispers in the Woods (reissue))
Princess Scota - (Book: White Fells)
Perdita - (Book: Why Lords Lose Their Hearts)
Passion - (Book: Wicked Edge)
Piper Clark - (Book: Wicked Nights)
Penelope Winthrop - (Book: Wicked Proposal, The)
Pepper Fitzpatrick Brown - (Book: Widow's Salvation, A (ebook))
Pamela Kaminski - (Book: Wife Is a 4-Letter Word)
Prudence Malone - (Book: Wife Of Reilly, The)
Penny - (Book: Wife: Bought and Paid For)
Peachy Lofton - (Book: Wild Card Wedding)
Penelope Hart - (Book: Wild Card, The)
Pleasance Dunstan - (Book: Wild Conquest)
Pleasance Dunstan - (Book: Wild Conquest (reissue))
Princess Alysa - (Book: Wild Is My Love)
Phaedra Toussaint - (Book: Wild Ravens)
Patience Pedigrue - (Book: Wild Serenade)
Princess Arianne - (Book: Wild Swans, The)
Pepper Martin - (Book: Wild Wild Death)
Piper Hilyard - (Book: Wildfire)
Perri - (Book: Wind River)
Parisa Lovejoy - (Book: Wings of Fire)
Page B. Harrington - (Book: Winning Battle, A)
Penelope Rose - (Book: Winter Wedding, A)
Poppy Lane - (Book: Winterblaze)
Polly Ann Bray - (Book: Wishing)
Peyton Harris - (Book: Wishing Lake)
Patience O'Hara - (Book: Wolf in the Desert)
Prisca Hawthorne - (Book: Wolf Next Door, The)
Phyllida - (Book: Working Girl)
Pamela Miles - (Book: World's Most Eligible Texan)
Page Linstrom, Nora - (Book: Wrong Turn)
Pearl Oliver - (Book: Wyoming Lawman)
Park Evenson - (Book: X-treme Dating)
Phoenix Banister - (Book: You and No Other)
Pallas Saunders - (Book: You Say It First)
Pam Carver - (Book: You're My Baby)
Pia Thomason - (Book: Zen and the Art of Vampires)


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