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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with R

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Rowan Crosswhite - (Book: 1-900-Lover )
Rachel Peyton - (Book: 1105 Yakima Street)
Rosie Cox - (Book: 311 Pelican Court)
Rosie Cox - (Book: 311 Pelican Court (trade reissue))
Rylann Pierce - (Book: About that Night)
Roslyn Meredith - (Book: Absent Wife, The)
Risa Madsen - (Book: Accessory To Marriage)
Regina Baptiste - (Book: Accidental Affair, An (hardcover))
Regina Baptiste - (Book: Accidental Affair, An (paperback))
Rowena Dahl - (Book: Accidental Family)
Rowena Dahl - (Book: Accidental Family (reissue))
Rachael Henderson - (Book: Addicted to Love)
Rebecca - (Book: After Sundown:Illumination)
Rayne Waters - (Book: Afterburn)
Riley Poe - (Book: Afterlight)
Rei Davis - (Book: Afternoon Delight)
Rei Davis - (Book: Afternoon Delight (UK))
Rockie Wexler - (Book: Aftershock)
Regan Robilard - (Book: Against the Ropes)
Rose Culver - (Book: Aiding the Enemy (ebook))
Ryan Clark - (Book: All I Want for Christmas)
Rita Bellamy - (Book: All She Can Be)
Rita Bellamy - (Book: All She Can Be)
Riley Jensen - (Book: All She Wants for Christmas)
Raine Benares - (Book: All Spell Breaks Loose)
Raina - (Book: All That)
Rosalind Hart - (Book: All the Evidence)
Rosamund - (Book: All The Queen's Players)
Rory Connolly - (Book: All The Way Home)
Robin Chadwick - (Book: All Through the Night)
Raina Beaumont - (Book: Always on My Mind)
Regina Tomei - (Book: Amalfi Bride, The)
Rose MacIain - (Book: American in Scotland, An)
Rachel Hoeck - (Book: Amish Groom, The)
Ryen DeBouriez - (Book: Angel and The Prince, The)
Rita - (Book: Angel in Provence, An)
Raine Ashaway - (Book: Angel In Stone, An)
Rachel Parrish - (Book: Angel of Desire)
Rebecca Cunningham - (Book: Angel of Passage)
Reece Gilmore - (Book: Angels Fall)
Reece Gilmore - (Book: Angels Fall (paperback))
Rebecca Rice - (Book: Angels Unaware)
Rachel Hamilton - (Book: Anonymous Bride, The)
Raven Bella Stratton - (Book: Any Time, Any Place)
Reagan Deveraux - (Book: Anything But Love)
Rebecca Matalon - (Book: Anything For His Son)
Rachel Tims - (Book: Anything For Love)
Rose Colby - (Book: Apache Fire)
Regan McBain - (Book: Apache Pride)
Rebecca Fine - (Book: Apocalipstick)
Ruby - (Book: Arctic Shift (ebook))
Rennie Piccabéa - (Book: Argentine Lover, The)
Rachel Summers - (Book: Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child)
Rachel Summers - (Book: Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (UK))
Rori - (Book: Arizona Caress)
Rachel Lewis - (Book: Arizona Cowboy)
Reena Sims - (Book: Arizona Renegade)
Rena Sutherland - (Book: Arm Charm)
Remy Lang - (Book: Armed and Famous)
Raine Benares - (Book: Armed and Magical)
Rio Jones - (Book: Art Geeks And Prom Queens)
Reve Sorrell - (Book: As Good as Dead)
Reve Sorrell - (Book: As Good As Dead (reissue))
Ronni - (Book: As Good As His Word)
Rizpah - (Book: As Sure As the Dawn)
Rizpah - (Book: As Sure As the Dawn (reissue))
Rizpah - (Book: As Sure As the Dawn (reissue))
Reggie Scott - (Book: As You Wish)
Ruth Allington - (Book: Ask Me No Questions)
Rikki - (Book: Assassins in Love)
Rachel - (Book: Assume the Positions (ebook))
Robin Carter - (Book: Assumed Identity)
Rowan Summerwaite - (Book: At Blade's Edge (ebook))
Rachel Evans - (Book: Atlantean's Quest - The Arrival)
Rhiannon Fairfax - (Book: Australian's Housekeeper Bride, The)
Rhiannon Fairfax - (Book: Australian's Housekeeper Bride, The (UK))
Ruth Schrock - (Book: Autumn Grace)
Rebecca Barrett - (Book: Babe In the Woods)
Rebecca Barrett - (Book: Babe in the Woods (reissue))
Rachel Allyn - (Book: Babies and a Blue-Eyed Man)
Raina Huffman - (Book: Baby Benefits )
Rae Cordell - (Book: Baby Between Them, A)
Raine Featherstone - (Book: Baby Bombshell, The)
Rachel Ellis - (Book: Baby Business, The)
Rachel Hirsch - (Book: Baby Christmas)
Rebecca Sterling - (Book: Baby Compromise, The)
Regan Grant - (Book: Baby Cop, The)
Rachel - (Book: Baby For Mommy, A)
Rebecca Taylor - (Book: Baby for Rebecca, A)
Rhianna - (Book: Baby of Shame)
Rachel St. James - (Book: Baby of the Bride)
Rachel Montgomery - (Book: Baby Quest, The)
Ruth - (Book: Baby Scandal, The)
Reggie Tremont - (Book: Baby Truce, The)
Reggie Tremont - (Book: Baby Truce, The (large print))
Remy Westbrook - (Book: Baby vs. the Bar)
Rachel Manning - (Book: Baby, Oh Baby!)
Robin Cummings - (Book: Bachelor Project, The)
Rosemary Gibson - (Book: Bachelor Tax, The)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Bachelor's Bride, The)
Rachel Fielding - (Book: Back in Play (ebook))
Roxanne Carmichael - (Book: Back in the Headlines)
Roxanne Carmichael - (Book: Back in the Headlines (large print))
Rachel Quinlan - (Book: Back to Eden)
Rachel Lansing - (Book: Baptism in Fire)
Roxanne - (Book: Barbarian, The)
Rosalyn, Lady Jeffries - (Book: Bargain With Fate, A)
Rosalind Dunstan - (Book: Bartered Bride)
Ryleigh - (Book: Battle for Cymmera)
Roz Amery - (Book: Battle For Possession)
Rani Cameron - (Book: Battle Prize)
Regina - (Book: Be With Me)
Regina Fallon - (Book: Be With Me (reissue))
Rebecca - (Book: Bear Attraction (ebook novella))
Rio - (Book: Beautiful Dreamer)
Ruby Miller - (Book: Beautiful Secret)
Rosemary March - (Book: Beauty and the Brain)
Rebecca Lear - (Book: Beauty Queen)
Rebecca Dunlevy - (Book: Becca's Independence)
Rowena - (Book: Bedroom Diplomacy)
Rosalie James - (Book: Bedroom Surrender, The)
Robin Forsyth - (Book: Bedside Manner)
Rook Caldwell - (Book: Beginning With You (reissue))
Rook Caldwell - (Book: Beginnings)
Rylee Monroe - (Book: Beguiled)
Raquel - (Book: Beguiled)
Raine Cameron - (Book: Behind Closed Doors)
Robin - (Book: Believe)
Rainy Gordon - (Book: Beneath a Harvest Sky)
Ruby Monroe - (Book: Beneath Bone Lake)
Rynne Slater - (Book: Beneath the Surface (ebook))
Rose Henderson - (Book: Best Goodbye, The)
Rae Faith Maddy - (Book: Best Revenge, The)
Randi McCafferty - (Book: Best-Kept Lies: The McCaffertys - Randi)
Rosie DeWitt - (Book: Best-Kept Secret, The)
Rosie DeWitt - (Book: Best-Kept Secret, The)
Rebecca Blackburn - (Book: Betrayals)
Ryla Evans - (Book: Better For Us)
Roxanne Vanderhaven - (Book: Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea)
Ranelle - (Book: Bewitched)
Raine Benares - (Book: Bewitched & Betrayed)
Ria Ashby - (Book: Beyond a Wicked Kiss)
Renee Wilson - (Book: Beyond Business)
Renee Wilson - (Book: Beyond Business (reissue))
Rachel Adler - (Book: Beyond The Boardroom)
Rhiannon - (Book: Beyond the Starlit Frost)
Rena Holbrook - (Book: Big Girls Don't Cry)
Ria Manning - (Book: Big Sky Secrets)
Rachel Foster - (Book: Billionaire Next Door, The)
Risa Moore - (Book: Billionaire of Bluebonnet, The (ebook novella))
Rosalyn Oakley - (Book: Billionaire's Baby Negotiation, The)
Roxy O'Brien - (Book: Billionaire's Fair Lady, The)
Roxy O'Brien - (Book: Billionaire's Fair Lady, The (large print))
Raven Whitney - (Book: Birds of Passage)
Rachel - (Book: Bitter Encore)
Rebecca Hartford - (Book: Bitterroot)
Rosette Forrest - (Book: Bittersweet Bondage)
Regana Kently - (Book: Bittersweet Revenge)
Riley Poe - (Book: Black Fallen)
Raven of Chirk - (Book: Black Knight, The)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Black Magic Sanction (Hardcover))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Black Magic Sanction (paperback))
Rosalind - (Book: Black Pearls)
Raine Cameron - (Book: Black Raven's Lady)
Roz Harper - (Book: Black Rose)
Rebecca Grainger - (Book: Black Widow Bride)
Raven - (Book: Black Widow Demon)
Rebecca Blake - (Book: Blackhawk Legacy)
Riss Holloway - (Book: Blackhearted Betrayal)
Rowan Summerwaite - (Book: Blade on the Hunt (ebook))
Rowan Summerwaite - (Book: Blade to the Keep (ebook))
Reese Stephens - (Book: Blame it on the Cowboy)
Rachel McKaslin - (Book: Blessed Vows)
Rena Everett - (Book: Blind Man's Bluff)
Ramona Escobar - (Book: Blood Calls)
Rosalind Llewellyn - (Book: Blood of the Rose (ebook))
Rosalind Llewellyn - (Book: Blood of the Rose (paperback))
Rose - (Book: Blood Promise (Hardcover))
Rowan - (Book: Blood Red)
Rosalind Lovelace - (Book: Blossom Time)
Roxana Van Buren - (Book: Blue Moon)
Reena Hale - (Book: Blue Smoke (paperback reprint))
Regina Pearson - (Book: Blues from Down Deep)
Reese Brock - (Book: Blushing Pink)
Rebecca Fox - (Book: Body Heat)
Regina Menlow - (Book: Bodyguard For Christmas, A)
Rosemary MacKinnon - (Book: Bonus Mom, The)
Raven Carleton - (Book: Border Hostage, The)
Riana Dumain - (Book: Bound by Shadow)
Ruby Scott - (Book: Bound to Please)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Bound to Shadows)
Rachel Dorset - (Book: Bounty Bride)
Rowena Lindstrom - (Book: Braedric's Bane (ebook))
Rachel - (Book: Bras & Broomsticks)
Remi - (Book: Breakaway)
Renee - (Book: Breaking Point, The)
Ravan - (Book: Briar & the Rose, The)
Rhiannon Fitzgerald - (Book: Briar Rose)
Roxanne Gray - (Book: Bridal Chase, The (reissue))
Robyn Christopher - (Book: Bridal Trap)
Roslyn Andrews - (Book: Bride for Lord Beaumont, A)
Rachel Cotton - (Book: Bride for the Maverick Millionaire, A)
Rachel Cotton - (Book: Bride for the Maverick Millionaire, A (large print))
Ragan Ramsey - (Book: Bride of Johnny McAllister, The)
Rachell - (Book: Bride of Shadow Canyon)
Rose Woodbine - (Book: Bride of the Wind)
Rachel Lyndon - (Book: Bride of the Wolf)
Rose - (Book: Bride Thief, The)
Romy Picard - (Book: Bride, Bought and Paid For)
Rachel Sullivan - (Book: Brides of the Night)
Riley - (Book: Bridged by Love (ebook))
Rachel - (Book: Brittle Bondage)
Rebecca James - (Book: Broken Angels)
Rebekah - (Book: Broken Vows)
Rachel - (Book: Brought Together by Baby)
Ruth Moore - (Book: Brush With Love, A)
Reagan McKinney - (Book: Burn on the Western Slope)
Ria Kingsley - (Book: Business of Strangers, The)
Ressa Bliss - (Book: Busted)
Rachel Wood - (Book: But Not for Me)
Renee - (Book: Butterfly and the Baron, The)
Rose Forrester - (Book: Butterfly Soup)
Rebecca O'Neill - (Book: Butterfly Tattoo)
Rowena Lindstrom - (Book: Caedmon's Curse (ebook))
Roxanne Sherwood - (Book: Caleb's Bride)
Rowan - (Book: California Holiday)
Rachel Reed - (Book: Callaghan's Way)
Rose Carstairs - (Book: Callahan Christmas Miracle, A)
River Martin - (Book: Callahan Cowboy Triplets)
Randa Whitmore - (Book: Can't Help Falling in Love)
Rachel Farnsworth - (Book: Can't Teach an Old Demon New Tricks)
Rowena Lindstrom - (Book: Candra's Freedom (ebook))
Rosalie Rowland - (Book: Captain's Courtesan, The (UK))
Rachel Southwell - (Book: Captain's Honor, A)
Robin Stuart - (Book: Captain's Paradise)
Robin Stuart - (Book: Captain's Paradise (reprint))
Rozalyn DuBois - (Book: Captive Bride)
Royall Banner - (Book: Captive Innocence)
Rebecca Ranserford - (Book: Captive Innocent)
Rhea MacAmlaid - (Book: Captive to a Dream)
Rosetta - (Book: Captive, The)
Rosamund - (Book: Captured)
Raquel - (Book: Captured by a Cowboy)
Raquel - (Book: Captured by a Cowboy (reissue))
Rowan Trelarken - (Book: Captured Moment)
Reagan Hudson - (Book: Capturing Peace (novella))
Renee Moore, Danielle Brooks - (Book: Careful of the Company You Keep)
Rachael Munro - (Book: Carradine Brand, The)
Rachel Vandermere - (Book: Carved in Stone)
Rhianna Curtis - (Book: Cast in Wax)
Rhomwen - (Book: Castle in the Rock)
Rhomwen - (Book: Castle in the Rock (reissue))
Rachel McCarrick - (Book: Catch of the Day (ebook))
Rosie Summers - (Book: Cattle Baron, The)
Rosie Summers - (Book: Cattle Baron, The (reissue))
Rebecca Wallingford - (Book: Cattleman's Heart)
Roxanne Isley - (Book: Caught)
Rhiannon - (Book: Celtic Fire)
Rachel Presley - (Book: Certified Cowboy)
Rachel Presley - (Book: Certified Cowboy (large print))
Rell - (Book: Chain of Illusions)
Rowena - (Book: Chalk Line, The)
Rowena - (Book: Chalk Line, The (UK-reissue))
Rachel Wilder - (Book: Chance Of a Lifetime)
Rachel Wilder - (Book: Chance Of A Lifetime (reissue))
Rhea Claire - (Book: Chance the Winds of Fortune (reprint))
Raina Martin - (Book: Chance With You, A)
Rachel Reed - (Book: Change Up, The)
Rebecca - (Book: Changeling, The)
Rachel - (Book: Charmed Circle)
Rose Lacey - (Book: Charmer, The)
Roxy Cumberland - (Book: Chase Me)
Renata Parkhurst - (Book: Chase the Lightning)
Raine Harper - (Book: Chase's Promise)
Rowan Tripp - (Book: Chasing Fire (hardcover))
Rowan Tripp - (Book: Chasing Fire (paperback))
Rebecca morgan - (Book: Cherish)
Rosamund Albritton - (Book: Cherished Enemy)
Rachel Townsend - (Book: Cherokee Wind)
Rachel Darrow - (Book: Chief Ranger, The)
Rebecca Morehouse - (Book: Child for Christmas, A)
Rachel Dale - (Book: Child's Play)
Rachel Holt - (Book: Chill at Midnight, A (ebook))
Rene Duvall - (Book: Chimera (ebook))
Rashel Jordon - (Book: Chosen, The)
Raylene Pringle - (Book: Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Raylene, The (ebook))
Rebecca Tremaine - (Book: Christmas Countess, The)
Rue Harris - (Book: Christmas Cover-Up)
Rachel Tanner - (Book: Christmas Curveball (ebook))
Rose Boyer - (Book: Christmas Embrace, A)
Raine - (Book: Christmas He Loved Her, The)
Rebecca Parsons - (Book: Christmas in Cold Creek)
Roni Elliot - (Book: Christmas Lamp, The (Hardcover))
Rusty Romero - (Book: Christmas Male)
Rachel Milligan - (Book: Christmas Proposition, The)
Rebecca Beachy - (Book: Christmas Quilt)
Rebecca Beachy - (Book: Christmas Quilt, The (large print))
Rachel Hampton - (Book: Christmas to Die For, A)
Rebecca - (Book: Cinnamon and Roses)
Rebecca Blake - (Book: Circle Of Gold )
Rebecca Peters - (Book: City Girl And The Country Doctor, The)
Rose Lancaster - (Book: Claimed By a Scottish Lord)
Rowena Graham - (Book: Claudia's Shadow)
Rylie Thorn - (Book: Clay)
Rebecca Elliot - (Book: Clay)
Rosemary Barton - (Book: Cloisonne Locket, The)
Rachel McGill - (Book: Coast Road)
Rebecca Colter - (Book: Cody's Girl)
Roxy Marcoli - (Book: Cold Case, Hot Accomplice)
Rose Cameron - (Book: Cold Dawn)
Rachel Merriday - (Book: Cole's Christmas Wish)
Renata Reynolds - (Book: Cole's Gamble)
Roxanna Rowan - (Book: Colonel's Lady, The)
Rebecca Taylor - (Book: Colorado Bride, The)
Rycca - (Book: Come Back To Me)
Ryan - (Book: Come the Vintage)
Ryan Ferrier - (Book: Come The Vintage (UK))
Ryan Walsh - (Book: Comeback Season, The)
Reagan Truman - (Book: Comforts of Home, The)
Roxanne (Roxy) Ballinger - (Book: Coming Home)
Rebecca Valentine - (Book: Coming Home to the Cowboy)
Rose Ellen Gilhooley - (Book: Coming Up Roses)
Rachel Morton - (Book: Compassion's Charm)
Raine Benares - (Book: Con and Conjure)
Reed Brennan - (Book: Confessions)
Rennie Paris - (Book: Confidentially Yours)
Rachel Dillard - (Book: Confiscated Conception)
Roxanne - (Book: Conqueror,The)
Rhiannon McKay - (Book: Conquest, The)
Rebecca Shaw - (Book: Constant Heart, The)
Rose Tremayne - (Book: Consultant's Adopted Son, The)
Rebecca Linden - (Book: Contractually His)
Regina Hammond - (Book: Convenient Marriage, A)
Ronna Mitchell - (Book: Cop and a Feel, A (ebook))
Renee Austin - (Book: Cords of Love)
Rusty Hanson - (Book: Corporate Groom)
Reka - (Book: Corporate Seduction)
Rachel Donovan - (Book: Cougar, The)
Rorie Campbell,
Kate Logan
- (Book: Country Brides (Anthology))
Rachel Peters - (Book: Courage to Dream, The)
Rob MacArthur - (Book: Courting An Angel)
Rebecca Summers - (Book: Courting Rebecca)
Ruth Yoder - (Book: Courting Ruth)
Rachel Wainwright - (Book: Cover Your Eyes)
Regina Holland - (Book: Cowboy Accomplice)
Renee Sweeney - (Book: Cowboy and the Angel, The)
Rainy Daye - (Book: Cowboy And The Centerfold, The)
Rachel Hadley - (Book: Cowboy and the Chauffeur, The)
Rachel Sorentino - (Book: Cowboy Justice)
Reine Kendrick - (Book: Cowboy Justice)
Rebecca Stevenson - (Book: Cowboy's Bride, The)
Rachel Waters - (Book: Cowboy's Family, The)
Rachel - (Book: Cowboy's Mistress, The)
Rowan Wilder - (Book: Coyote Home)
Rowan Wilder - (Book: Coyote Run (prequel to Coyote Home))
Rosie - (Book: Cracklin' Rosie (ebook))
Raven - (Book: Cradle Conspiracy, The)
Regan McKinney - (Book: Crazy Hot)
Robin Spinney
aka Annie Kendall
- (Book: Criminal Intent)
Renate Bächle - (Book: Crimson Code, The)
Rose Ann Shawnassy - (Book: Crimson Rose, The)
Rachel Yoder - (Book: Crossroad, The)
Randi Galloway - (Book: Cry at Midnight, A)
Rose Clarring - (Book: Cry for Passion)
Rachel Davis - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Rebecca Menendez - (Book: Cuba Undercover (ebook))
Rachel Sinclair - (Book: Cullen's Bride)
Ruth Marlowe - (Book: Cup of Morning Shadows, The)
Ruby Delisantro - (Book: Cupcakes and Killer Heels)
Rio Jones - (Book: Cursed, The)
Rita Niles - (Book: Daddy in the Making)
Rory James - (Book: Daddy in Training (ebook))
Raine - (Book: Daddy Next Door )
Raine - (Book: Daddy Next Door (reissue /ebook))
Rachel - (Book: Daddy on Demand)
Rebecca Lindholm - (Book: Daddy to the Rescue)
Raine Rogers - (Book: Daddy's Little Matchmaker)
Red Gloves - (Book: Dagger-Star)
Renee Marchand - (Book: Damage Control)
Rose Grace - (Book: Dame Fortune)
Ruth Bannion - (Book: Dance of Dreams)
Rheba - (Book: Dancer's Luck)
Rose Vasquez - (Book: Dancing With Dalton)
Rachel Windsor - (Book: Dancing With Danger (ebook))
Rhea - (Book: Dancing with the Devil)
Rachel Hart - (Book: Dangerous at Heart)
Rosamunde Baird - (Book: Dangerous Beauty, A)
Rosamunde Baird - (Book: Dangerous Beauty, A)
Raine Robey - (Book: Dangerous Curves)
Rio Marshall - (Book: Dangerous Curves)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Dangerous Games)
Rosalind - (Book: Dangerous Love, A)
Rhawnie - (Book: Dangerous Obssession)
Renee Matthews - (Book: Dangerous Pleasures)
Ruby Smith - (Book: Dangers of Dating Your Boss, The)
Raven - (Book: Danny)
Ruby Halloway - (Book: Dare to Believe)
Riley Taylor - (Book: Dare to Love)
Rory Gibbs - (Book: Dare, The)
Raine Wimbourne - (Book: Daring Passion, A)
Rhea Claire - (Book: Dark Before the Rising Sun (reprint))
Rowena de Vitry - (Book: Dark Champion, A)
Rowan Cassidy - (Book: Dark Garden, The)
Rowan an Morgaine - (Book: Dark Highland Fire)
Riley O’Brien - (Book: Dark of the Night)
Rosalinf Rutherford - (Book: Dark One, The)
Raven - (Book: Dark Prince)
Raven Whitney - (Book: Dark Prince (author's cut edition))
Raven Whitney - (Book: Dark Prince (reissue))
Reeve Fox - (Book: Dark Reunion)
Rebecca Morgon - (Book: Dark Salvation (ebook))
Rebecca Shaw - (Book: Dark Side Of Desire)
Razvan - (Book: Dark Slayer (Hardcover))
Regan Allison - (Book: Dark Star of Love)
Riley Parker - (Book: Dark Storm (paperback))
Rita Sawyer - (Book: Dark Viking)
Rhianna McLeod - (Book: Darker Dream, A)
Rin Mitchell - (Book: Darkest Fire)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Darkest Kiss, The)
Rowena Woolcott - (Book: Darkest Sin, The)
Riley Poe - (Book: Darklove)
Regina Morrison - (Book: Darkness Beyond)
Risa Jones - (Book: Darkness Devours)
Risa Jones - (Book: Darkness Falls)
Risa Jones - (Book: Darkness Hunts)
Risa - (Book: Darkness Rising)
Risa Jones - (Book: Darkness Splintered)
Risa Jones - (Book: Darkness Unbound)
Regan Garrett - (Book: Darkness Unleashed)
Risa Jones - (Book: Darkness Unmasked)
Ramona Elise - (Book: Dating da Vinci)
Rosie - (Book: Dating the Rebel Tycoon)
Rachel Howard - (Book: Daughter for Christmas, A)
Rachelle Dushane-Macquinet - (Book: Daughter of Silk)
Rachel Lubetkin - (Book: Daughter of Zion, A)
Robyn Warner - (Book: Daughter's Redemption, A)
Robyn Warner - (Book: Daughter's Redemption, A (large print))
Rosie Chan - (Book: Dawn of a Viking Sunrise)
Rachel McKenzie - (Book: Dawn of Valor)
Rhea - (Book: Dawn on a Jade Sea)
Rozalyn Sawyer - (Book: Day Of Reckoning)
Rebecca Harwell Malloy - (Book: Days Gone By)
Regan Delaney - (Book: Dead Sexy (reissue))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Dead Witch Walking)
Ronnie - (Book: Deadly Breed, A)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Deadly Desire)
Risa Chandler - (Book: Deadly Dreams)
Rowena Cavanaugh - (Book: Deadly Harvest)
Rachel Carson - (Book: Deadly Identity)
Rosie Tom - (Book: Deal With Di Capua, A)
Rosie Tom - (Book: Deal With Di Capua, A (large print))
Rose Boheme - (Book: Death of a Beauty Queen)
Rose Boheme - (Book: Death of a Beauty Queen (large print))
Roxy - (Book: Decadent)
Ria - (Book: Deceitful Lover)
Ria - (Book: Deceitful Lover (reissue))
Rachel - (Book: Deceiving Lies)
Rachel St. Claire - (Book: Deception Island)
Ria Torr - (Book: Deep Heat)
Raina McKenny - (Book: Defender)
Reina de Champeney, Lady of Castle Clydon - (Book: Defy Not The Heart)
Reina - (Book: Defy Not the Heart (ebook))
Reggie Caldwell - (Book: Delicious)
Rachel Fitzpatrick - (Book: Demon)
Rosalia - (Book: Demon Blood)
Rebekah Damian - (Book: Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar)
Roxanne McAllister - (Book: Demon's Daughter, The)
Rosalinda Lightfoot - (Book: Deputy Gets Her Man, The)
Runa Wagner - (Book: Desire Unchained)
Randi Cullen - (Book: Desperado Dad)
Rachel Stevens - (Book: Detective Daddy)
Rachel Stevens - (Book: Detective Daddy (large print))
Rick Granville - (Book: Devil and the Deep, The)
Rochella - (Book: Devil Wind)
Roni Dalton - (Book: Devil You Know, The)
Rebecca Mariott - (Book: Devil's Dance, The (Hardcover))
Robina Gledstanes - (Book: Devil's Moon)
Roselyn Ravenstock - (Book: Devilish Slumber, A)
Rachel Jones - (Book: Diamond Bay)
Regina Taylor - (Book: Diamond In The Rough)
Raven Stevenson - (Book: Die Before Nightfall)
Rosalind Marshall - (Book: Difficult Daughter, The)
Rosalie Darley - (Book: Difficult Disguise, A)
Rosie Matthews - (Book: Disgraced Princess, The)
Rebecca Littlewolf - (Book: Disobedient Bride, The)
Rebecca Sutherland - (Book: Distant Love)
Racquel Ward - (Book: Distant Memories)
Rebecca - (Book: Distant Sound Of Thunder, A)
Ruby Falls - (Book: Dive)
Rose Early - (Book: Do You Believe)
Rebel McCade - (Book: Doctor in the House, A)
Rebecca Forrester - (Book: Doctor Next Door, The)
Rachel Byers - (Book: Doctor's Little Secret, The)
Rowan Chance - (Book: Donovan's Chance)
Rozelle Kendall - (Book: Double Dealers, The)
Rose St. James - (Book: Double Dealings)
Reina Price - (Book: Double the Pleasure)
Regan Elliot - (Book: Double Time)
Rita Morell - (Book: Double Vision)
Remy Frost - (Book: Down and Dirty (Anthology))
Rachael Mast - (Book: Down to the Bone)
Rachel Grant - (Book: Dr. Colton's High-Stakes Fiancée)
Rebecca Warwick - (Book: Dr. Wonderful)
Rachel Calais - (Book: Dr. Yes)
Ruby Salazaar - (Book: Dragon Awakened)
Rhiannon - (Book: Dragon Laird, The)
Rose - (Book: Dragon Lord, The)
Rhona the Fearless - (Book: Dragon Who Loved Me, The)
Rhiannon - (Book: Dragon's Dream)
Rowena - (Book: Dragon's Tribute)
Rianne - (Book: Dragon's Woman, The)
Randy Roman - (Book: Dragonflies and Dinosaurs)
Rachel Lewis - (Book: Drawn Into Darkness)
Raven Smith - (Book: Drawn Together)
Rachel Stone - (Book: Dream a Little Dream)
Rachel Robinson - (Book: Dream Catcher)
Rose - (Book: Dream Defiant, A (ebook))
Rissa - (Book: Dream Keeper)
Rebecca Williams - (Book: Dream Machine)
Rachel de Luca - (Book: Dream of Danger)
Rachel Buchanan Lord - (Book: Dreams Beyond Tomorrow )
Regin - (Book: Dreams of a Dark Warrior)
Rowan Dietrich - (Book: Dreamveil)
Raina Bowen - (Book: Driven)
Running Fawn - (Book: Drums of Change)
Running Fawn - (Book: Drums of Change)
Rosalind Sharpe - (Book: Duke and the Lady in Red, The)
Regina Westfield - (Book: Duke Who Came To Visit, The)
Regina Berryman - (Book: Duke's Wager, The)
Rosemary Fitzpatrick - (Book: Duplicitous Debutante, The (ebook))
Rou Tournell - (Book: Duty, Desire and the Desert King)
Ronnie DelVecchio - (Book: Dylan)
Rachel Sutter - (Book: Dylan)
Robin McCord - (Book: Each Precious Hour)
Rebecca Standish - (Book: Earl of Rayne's Ward, The)
Rachel Parker - (Book: Earning a Ring (ebook))
Renata Moretti - (Book: Earth Angel)
Rese Barrett - (Book: Echoes)
Raven Kendrick - (Book: Ecstasy)
Renee - (Book: Elements Unbound)
Rosaline, Countess of Beresford - (Book: Elusive Countess, The)
Rebecca Langford - (Book: Elusive Love, An)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Embraced by Darkness)
Rhiannon - (Book: Enchanted)
Rowan Murray - (Book: Enchanted)
Rebecca Trenton - (Book: Enchanted)
Rochelle Jackson - (Book: Enchanted Enemy (reissue))
Randi - (Book: Enchanted Palette (ebook))
Raena Caldwell - (Book: Enchanting, The)
Raquel MacLendon - (Book: End Balance)
Renate Rosen
Kristina Mechler
- (Book: Enemy in My Arms)
Rose Verma - (Book: Engagement Game, The (ebook))
Ravenna Ruggiero - (Book: Enticing Debt to Pay, An)
Rory Kavanaugh - (Book: Escapade)
Rowan - (Book: Escape)
Renata Cordana - (Book: Eternal Moon)
Raven St. James - (Book: Eternity)
Riley Poe - (Book: Eventide)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Ever After (hardcover))
Rose Pascal - (Book: Ever Night (ebook))
Riley Poe - (Book: Everdark)
Rynn - (Book: Everlasting Bite, An)
Rhea Hamilton - (Book: Everlasting Moments)
Raine Avery - (Book: Everlasting Twilight)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Every Which Way But Dead)
Rachel Jackson Adams - (Book: Everybody Say Amen)
Rosie Kilgannon - (Book: Everything's Coming Up Rosie)
Rachel Mancini - (Book: Evidence of Passion)
Rachel Sinclair - (Book: Excecutive's Baby, The)
Renee Maddox - (Book: Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum)
Regan Pescoli - (Book: Expecting to Die)
Rikki Salerno - (Book: Exposed to Passion)
Rachel Manvers - (Book: Exquisite)
Regina Chappel - (Book: Eye For An Eye (ebook))
Rhia - (Book: Eyes of Crow)
River Weston - (Book: Fair Game)
Rose McBride - (Book: Fair is the Rose)
Ruth Lambert - (Book: Fair Trader, A (ebook))
Rhianna Lancaster - (Book: Falcon Prince, The)
Rebecca Knight - (Book: Fall Of Shane MacKade, The)
Roxy - (Book: Fall with Me)
Rory Rainey - (Book: Falling Blind)
Rachel Stanislaski - (Book: Falling for Rachel (large print))
Regan Malloy - (Book: Falling for the Bad Girl)
Rebecca Marconi - (Book: Falling for the Princess)
Ruby Davis - (Book: Falling for the Wrong Guy)
Rory St. Claire - (Book: Falling for You)
Retta King - (Book: Falling Star, A (Hardcover))
Rachel Filmore - (Book: Family At Stake)
Rose Robbin - (Book: Family Christmas, A)
Rona Meyers - (Book: Family in His Heart)
Rona Meyers - (Book: Family in His Heart (Large Print))
Rebecca Matthews - (Book: Family to Call Her Own, A)
Regina - (Book: Fantasy Fix)
Remy Duvall - (Book: Fat Tuesday)
Robyn Fortune - (Book: Fate and Ms. Fortune)
Rhea Jane - (Book: Fated Attraction)
Rhea-Jane - (Book: Fated Attraction (UK))
Rose Fraser - (Book: Father Figure)
Robin Masterson - (Book: Father's Day )
Renee Albertson - (Book: Father's Promise, A)
Renee Albertson - (Book: Father's Promise, A (large print))
Remy Bouchard - (Book: Father's Quest, A)
Rianne Worth - (Book: Father, Again, A)
Roslyn Earnshaw - (Book: Faulkner Possession, A)
Rachel Strand - (Book: Feather Castles)
Roni - (Book: Feline Breeds - The Man Within)
Rebecca Garcia - (Book: Feliz Navidad)
Roxanne Sanchez - (Book: Fever)
Regan Landry - (Book: Final Truth)
Regan Landry - (Book: Final Truth (reissue))
Rachel Madison - (Book: Finding Family)
Robyn Hart AKA Carly - (Book: Finger Prints)
Rain - (Book: Fire and Rain)
Rachael Penrose - (Book: Fire at Midnight)
Rheba - (Book: Fire Dancer)
Regan O'Neil - (Book: Fire in the Dark)
Rusty Wilder - (Book: Firebrand)
Robin Hayle - (Book: Firecloud)
Rory Borland - (Book: Firefighter Daddy)
Randi Cooke - (Book: Firefighter in the Family, A)
Rachel Morris - (Book: Firefighter's Family Secret, The)
Reyne Oldre - (Book: Firestorm)
Rainy Jackson - (Book: First Mates )
Renia Milek - (Book: First Move, The)
Renia Milek - (Book: First Move, The (large print))
Roxie - (Book: First Time Lucky?)
Rosalind Malloy - (Book: First Waltz, The)
Rosalind Malloy - (Book: First Waltz, The (reissue))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Fistful of Charms)
Roxanne Love - (Book: Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, The)
Reese MacKay - (Book: Five Ways to Fall)
Rachel - (Book: Flame of Diablo)
Ruth Blackstone - (Book: Flame Unleashed (ebook))
Rosita - (Book: Flamenco Rose)
Rachel Everly - (Book: Flashback)
Reilly Chudowski - (Book: Flavor Of The Month)
Rachel McKinnon - (Book: Fletcher's Woman)
Ruby Maguire - (Book: Flirting With Intent)
Ruby Maguire - (Book: Flirting With Intent (UK))
Rachel - (Book: Folly, The)
Rae Morgan - (Book: Fool's Gold (ebook))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: For A Few Demons More)
Rachel Gale - (Book: For Better, For Bachelor)
Rhoda Byler - (Book: For Every Season)
Rebecca Manson - (Book: For Love's Sake Only)
Rana Oceanus - (Book: For the Love of Magic)
Rachel - (Book: For The Love Of Sara)
Rebecca Thornton - (Book: For the Love of the Land)
Rebecca Warwick - (Book: For the Sake of Warwick Mountain)
Rosalie Winters - (Book: For the Sheikh's Pleasure)
Roanna d'Arcy - (Book: Forbidden Love)
Rose Barlow - (Book: Forbidden Love (Hardcover))
Rose Browning - (Book: Forbidden Temptation)
Ruby Lockhart - (Book: Forbidden Temptation)
Rose Browning - (Book: Forbidden Temptation (Large Print))
Rowie - (Book: Forecast)
Rae Pascal - (Book: Foreign Affair)
Riley - (Book: Forest Fever)
Rachel Collins - (Book: Forever)
Rachel Walker - (Book: Forever Family, The)
Rayna Harper - (Book: Forever His Texas Bride)
Rayne - (Book: Forever in Her Eyes (ebook))
Robin Medford - (Book: Forever Jake)
Royal Bradford - (Book: Forever My Love)
Rosalind Fletcher - (Book: Forever, I Do)
Rebecca Fisher - (Book: Forgiven, The)
Ria Channing - (Book: Forgiveness)
Rachel Masters - (Book: Forgiving Lies)
Rachel Grant - (Book: Formula for Danger)
Rider Wen - (Book: Fortune and Fate (Hardcover))
Rainey Brewster - (Book: Fortune Hunter's Hero)
Rio - (Book: Frazer's Law)
Rachel - (Book: Frogs & French Kisses)
Rowan Staley - (Book: From Father to Son)
Rowan Staley - (Book: From Father to Son (large print))
Rose Hataway - (Book: Frostbite)
Reese Johnson - (Book: Frozen In Time (ebook))
Riley Jenson - (Book: Full Moon Rising)
Rae Ann Boudreau - (Book: Gabriel Is No Angel)
Rina Taylor - (Book: Gambler's Lady)
Robin Holkowski - (Book: Game of Love, The)
River Weston - (Book: Game Over)
Roxy, Roxanne Shirah Merkrates - (Book: Gates of Hell)
Rachel de Lacey - (Book: Gather the Stars)
Rebecca Williams - (Book: Gentle Yearning)
Rosalind Agate - (Book: Gentleman's Game, A)
Rose Kellogg - (Book: Gift of a Child, The)
Rebecca Kauffman - (Book: Gift of Grace, A)
Rachel Sparhawk Lindsey - (Book: Gift Of The Heart)
Rachel Best - (Book: Gifts From The Sea)
Rosemary Bainbridge - (Book: Gifts of Christmas (Anthology))
Rose - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A)
Rose - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A )
Rose - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A (reissue))
Rose - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A (UK))
Rose - (Book: Girl Named Rose, A (UK-reissue))
Ryanne Rieger - (Book: Girl, A Guy and A Lullaby, A)
Rayne McDonald - (Book: Girls That Growl)
Ruby Capote - (Book: Girls' Poker Night)
Raina Harper - (Book: Give it All)
Rani - (Book: Glasswright's Master, The)
Rhiannon Tremaine - (Book: Glory)
Ryan - (Book: Go Figure)
Rachel Ashcroft - (Book: God's Gift)
Rowan Summerwaite - (Book: Goddess With a Blade (ebook))
Rachel Diamonte - (Book: Going For Broke)
Rachel Diamonte - (Book: Going for Broke (Large Print))
Rebecca - (Book: Golden Echo)
Rita Gebhart - (Book: Golden Fury)
Rory Callahan - (Book: Golden Spike, The)
Rosalie Hughes - (Book: Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin, A)
Rhonda - (Book: Good Man, A)
Roxanne Archer - (Book: Good Time Girl)
Regina - (Book: Good Vampires Go to Heaven)
Rory Gorenzi - (Book: Good With Children)
Rachel Marsh - (Book: Good, the Bad, and the Sexy, The)
Rory Egglehoff - (Book: Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Guys I've Dated, The)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Good, the Bad, and the Undead, The)
Rosalind St. Vincent - (Book: Gorgeous As Sin)
Roxann Beadleman - (Book: Got Your Number)
Ruby Dawson - (Book: Grave Destination)
Rosie - (Book: Greatest Lover in All England, The)
Rosie - (Book: Greatest Lover in All England, The)
Rachel - (Book: Greek Affair, A (ebook))
Rebekah - (Book: Greek Bridegroom, The)
Rebecca Ainsworth - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife, The)
Rachel Long - (Book: Greek's Innocent Virgin, The)
Rania Ghalli - (Book: Greek's Stowaway Bride, The)
Rani Garroway - (Book: Green Fire)
Rylie Quinn - (Book: Groomed for Love)
Ravenna - (Book: Ground She Walks Upon, The)
Riane Arvid - (Book: Guardian)
Rae Lyall - (Book: Guardian's Mate)
Rosalind Devine - (Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady)
Rosalind Devine - (Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady)
Raine Michaels - (Book: Guarding Raine)
Ruby Silverman - (Book: Gucci Gucci Coo)
Rexei - (Book: Guild, The)
Riley Kane - (Book: Guilty Affair, A)
Rosie Malone - (Book: Guilty Little Secrets)
Rosie - (Book: Gunman's Lady)
Rocki - (Book: Had to Be You)
Raina Ravenwing - (Book: Half-Breed Vampire)
Randi Stockton - (Book: Halfbreed Warrior (reprint))
Rachel Kincaid - (Book: Halfway to Heaven)
Rowena Melcombe - (Book: Halloween Husband, The)
Rhenna - (Book: Hammer of the Earth)
Ruth Byler - (Book: Hand to Hold, A)
Regina Nash - (Book: Handpicked Husband)
Ryan Hadley - (Book: Happiness Sold Separately)
Raven & Holly - (Book: Happy Endings)
Rhiannon O'Brannoch - (Book: Hard Case Cowboy)
Rose - (Book: Harley Street (ebook))
Regina Cole - (Book: Harvest Moon)
Rose Summer - (Book: Hasty Death)
Rachel - (Book: Haunting Compulsion, A)
Rachel Williams - (Book: Haunting Compulsion, A)
Rachel Williams - (Book: Haunting Compulsion, A (UK))
Rose Quennel - (Book: Haunting of Brier Rose, The)
Rachel Grant - (Book: Haunting Rachel)
Rebecca Hartwell - (Book: Have Bouquet, Need Boyfriend)
Rebecca Thorpe - (Book: Have Me)
Rachel Valentine - (Book: Having The Frenchman's Baby)
Rachel Russell - (Book: Hawk's Revenge)
Rue Delawney - (Book: Hawke's Pride)
Rochelle Tremont - (Book: He's a Bad Boy)
Rebekka - (Book: Healer's Choice)
Rebecca Spaneas - (Book: Healing Heart)
Rachel Weis - (Book: Healing Touch, The)
Roberta - (Book: Heart of a Texan)
Rhiannon - (Book: Heart of Stars, The)
Rachel - (Book: Heart of the Hawk)
Ravyn Skyler - (Book: Heart of the Witch)
Rebecca Williams - (Book: Heart of Thornton Creek, The)
Ryna Syn - (Book: Heart's Prey)
Reeny Landry - (Book: Heart's Song, The)
Rachel - (Book: Heartland)
Rachel Woolsey - (Book: Heartland Courtship)
Rebecca Gunderson - (Book: Heartland Wedding)
Regan Reilly - (Book: Heartsong)
Rachel Weber - (Book: Heat of a Savage Moon)
Robyn Henderson - (Book: Heat of Passion)
Rachel Gannon - (Book: Heatseeker)
Ripley Todd - (Book: Heaven And Earth)
Ryan - (Book: Heaven Here on Earth)
Regan Carmichael - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Rainulf Fairfax - (Book: Heaven's Fire)
Regan Carmichael - (Book: Heaven's Reward)
Riley Kordek - (Book: Heavy Metal)
Rose Pierce - (Book: Heir to Scandal )
Rosellen Lattimer - (Book: Hellion)
Rachel Talmadge Hollins - (Book: Hellion, The (reissue))
Rosa Osario - (Book: Help Wanted)
Rowena - (Book: Her Baby Secret )
Rey Martinson - (Book: Her Body of Work (UK))
Rosamund Kinnersley - (Book: Her Guardian Knight)
Rosamund Kinnersley - (Book: Her Guardian Knight (UK))
Romillie - (Book: Her Hand in Marriage)
Romillie - (Book: Her Hand in Marriage (Large Print))
Raine Montgomery - (Book: Her High-Stakes Affair )
Rhia Bravo-Calabretti - (Book: Her Highness and the Bodyguard)
Rory Linfield - (Book: Her Holiday Prince Charming)
Riley Angelica - (Book: Her Husband's Partner)
Rachel Stephens - (Book: Her Kind of Man)
Rose Giaberti - (Book: Her Lord Protector)
Rachel Simon - (Book: Her Mistletoe Protector)
Reggie Smith - (Book: Her Mistletoe Wish)
Robin Frazier - (Book: Her Montana Christmas)
Rose Traub - (Book: Her Montana Christmas Groom)
Rhiannon - (Book: Her One and Only Valentine)
Rebecca McKaslin - (Book: Her Perfect Man)
Robyn Myers - (Book: Her Protector)
Rory Kenilworth - (Book: Her Royal Bodyguard )
Rylie Hunt - (Book: Her Sheik Protector)
Rachel Madison - (Book: Her Soldier's Touch)
Rue Claridge - (Book: Here And Then)
Rachel - (Book: Heritage)
Rachel Holcomb - (Book: Hero at Heart, A)
Rennie Williams - (Book: Hero at Large)
Rachel Cooke - (Book: Hero's Heart, A)
Rebecca Dahlgren - (Book: Hidden in a Heartbeat)
Rachel Taylor - (Book: Hidden in a Whisper)
Rachel - (Book: Hidden Love)
Rachel St. Clare - (Book: Hidden Love (UK))
Rebecca Bolen - (Book: Hide in Plain Sight)
Rebecca James - (Book: High Risk)
Regina Talbot-Jones - (Book: Highland Dragon's Lady, The)
Rose Gunther - (Book: Highland Jewel)
Rowan MacGregor - (Book: Highlander Betrayed)
Roses - (Book: Highlander Claimed)
Rosalyn Carmichael - (Book: Highlander's Stolen Bride, The)
Rose Windcroft - (Book: Highly Compromised Position)
Rachel Branford - (Book: Hired Husband, The )
Rachel Branford - (Book: Hired Husband, The (UK))
Renae Sanchez - (Book: His Best Friend's Wife)
Roselyn Harrington - (Book: His Betrothed)
Rosie O'Grady - (Book: His Boots Under Her Bed)
Rose Fenton - (Book: His Desert Rose)
Rose Flannigan - (Book: His Desert Rose)
Rachel Trayhern - (Book: His Duty to Protect)
Rosalia Campano - (Book: His Most Important Win)
Rachel McCulloch - (Book: His Poor Little Rich Girl)
Rachel McCulloch - (Book: His Poor Little Rich Girl (large print))
Rachel Andrews - (Book: His Reason to Stay (ebook))
Ruby Elliott - (Book: His Risk to Take (ebook))
Rosamund Appleby - (Book: His Runaway Maiden)
RogueLady Emmeline Prescott - (Book: His Scandal)
Rosalind - (Book: His Spurned Viscountess)
Rachel - (Book: His Wedding Ring Of Revenge)
Reese Carter - (Book: His Work of Art (ebook))
Rachel Barrett - (Book: Home for a Wild Heart)
Rachel Porter - (Book: Home for the Holidays)
Rainy Jernagen - (Book: Home to Crossroads Ranch)
Raine Cantrell - (Book: Homeplace)
Raine Cantrell - (Book: Homeplace (reissue))
Roxy Nouvelle - (Book: Honest Illusions)
Roxy Nouvelle - (Book: Honest Illusions (paperback--reissue))
Roxy Nouvelle - (Book: Honest Illusions (reprint--paperback))
Ruby McQueen - (Book: Honey, Baby, Sweetheart (reissue))
Roxie Kincaid - (Book: Honeymoon With a Stranger)
Raylene Hammond - (Book: Honeysuckle Summer)
Rozenn Kerber - (Book: Honorable Rogue, An (UK))
Rachel Beachy - (Book: Hope Chest, The)
Rachel Beachy - (Book: Hope Chest, The (reissue))
Rya Benton - (Book: Hope's Folly)
Rosalind Carmichael - (Book: Hopelessly Devoted)
Regan Flynn - (Book: Horseman's Secret, The)
Regan Flynn - (Book: Horseman's Secret, The (Large Print))
Renee Vaughn - (Book: Hostage Situation)
Rochelle Burton - (Book: Hot and Bothered (ebook))
Roni Templeman - (Book: Hot Buttered Yum)
Rachel Bartlett - (Book: Hot for the Holidays (ebook novella))
Rebecca Carder - (Book: Hot Wind in Eden)
Rebecca Lorenzo - (Book: House Divided, A)
Rose Balfour - (Book: How to Capture a Countess)
Rita Rosales - (Book: How To Marry The Boy Next Door )
Rose Dunford - (Book: How to Please a Lady)
Rue Gray - (Book: How to Tame a Werewolf)
Remi Bouchard - (Book: Hungry For It)
Rowan Price - (Book: Hunter, Healer)
Rose - (Book: Husband For Real)
Rebecca Wells - (Book: Husband of Her Own)
Roxie Ducharme - (Book: Husband Under Construction)
Riley Cowan - (Book: Hush (hardcover))
Ravenna Caulfield - (Book: I Adored a Lord)
Rachel - (Book: I Found You)
Rene Esterhaus - (Book: I Got You, Babe)
Raedella Rollins - (Book: I Know I've Been Changed)
Rika - (Book: Ice Maiden)
Ra - (Book: Idol of Bone)
Rachel Maynard - (Book: If He Could See Me Now)
Regina Everette - (Book: If I Could)
Rachel Palmer - (Book: If the Ring Fits...)
Rachel Palmer - (Book: If the Ring Fits... (large print))
Rochelle Gardner - (Book: If The Shoe Fits)
Rayna Dugan - (Book: If You Only Knew)
Remy O'Malley - (Book: Ignited)
Rachel Fairley - (Book: Illustrious Lord, An (UK))
Romany Caris - (Book: Image of Love)
Rayanne - (Book: Immortal Cowboy)
Rhia - (Book: Impetuous Masquerade)
Rachel Ford - (Book: Improper Proposal, An)
Rafaella Holland - (Book: Impulse)
Rebecca Talbot - (Book: In a Pirate's Arms)
Riley McIntyre - (Book: In Bed with the Badge)
Risa of the Morelands - (Book: In Camelot's Shadow)
Rachel Forrest - (Book: In Confidence)
Robin Andrews - (Book: In Harm's Way)
Rachel Sutton - (Book: In Harm's Way)
Rikki McGuire - (Book: In Her Backyard)
Rose Fuller - (Book: In Her Shoes)
Renita Thatcher - (Book: In His Good Hands)
Robyn Lassiter - (Book: In His Sights)
Rayne Holland - (Book: In My Bedroom)
Rowena de Bernard - (Book: In My Wildest Dreams )
Robin Holt - (Book: In Plain Sight)
Rebecca Leland - (Book: In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady)
Rebekkah Hawkley - (Book: In Search of a Hero)
Raye Larsen - (Book: In the Air Tonight)
Rebekah de Bieren - (Book: In the Arms of the Law (ebook))
Red - (Book: In The Comapny of Wolves)
Raina - (Book: In the Company of Witches)
Rhiannon Sinclair - (Book: In the Heat of the Bite)
Ryne - (Book: In the Midnight Hour)
Rosalind Bennett - (Book: In the Shelter of His Arms)
Rebecca Wentworth - (Book: Inconvenient Engagement, An)
Rose Cavalliero - (Book: Indebted to Moreno)
Ryan Kaminski - (Book: Indecent Proposal)
Rebeka Randall - (Book: Indigo Moon)
Rachel Winston - (Book: Indiscretions)
Roselyn Grey - (Book: Infamous Heir, The)
Roslyn Baines - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Rita Holly - (Book: Initiation of Ms. Holly, The)
Rose O’Keefe - (Book: Innocence and Impropriety)
Rose O’Keefe - (Book: Innocence and Impropriety (UK))
Rachel - (Book: Innocent and the Playboy, The)
Rowena Riverstone - (Book: Innocent Passions)
Reese Delaware - (Book: Intimate Betrayal)
Reese Delaware - (Book: Intimate Betrayal (reissue))
Rachel Cordell - (Book: Intimate Circle)
River Kane - (Book: Into The Wild)
Rheda Kerrich - (Book: Invitation to Scandal)
Riona McKinsey - (Book: Irresistible MacRae, The)
Reese Parker - (Book: Island Nights)
Regan Southwork - (Book: Isle of Skye)
Rebecca Lowe - (Book: It Had to be You)
Rebecca Tate - (Book: It Takes A Hero)
Rose - (Book: Italian Boss's Secretary Mistress, The)
Rose - (Book: Italian Boss's Secretary Mistress, The (UK))
Ruth - (Book: Italian's Cinderella Bride, The)
Rachel Carmichael - (Book: Italian's Future Bride, The)
Rowena Elliot - (Book: Jacaranda Bend)
Rachel - (Book: Jack Riordan's Baby)
Rachel - (Book: Jack Riordan's Baby (UK))
Reya Daines - (Book: Jaguar's Rule)
Rain Neelson - (Book: Jake)
Rebecca Bellamy - (Book: Jake's Christmas )
Rebecca Reed - (Book: Jake's Return)
Raisa - (Book: Jared)
Rae - (Book: Java Nights)
Rachel Kincaid - (Book: Jealousy & A Jewelled Proposition)
Rosaleen Tompkins - (Book: Jeremiah's Return)
Renate Bachle - (Book: Jerico Pact, The)
Ruby Sommerton - (Book: Jewel in His Crown )
Ruby Sommerton - (Book: Jewel in His Crown (large print))
Rachel Benjamin - (Book: Jinx, The)
Rena - (Book: Joint Forces)
Rachel Buchanan - (Book: Journey to Love)
Rose Kauffman - (Book: Judgement, The)
Riley Shaw - (Book: Judging Joshua)
Romy - (Book: Juggling Briefcase & Baby)
Rhea Mitchell - (Book: Just a Lot More to Love)
Reese Thackery - (Book: Just Above A Whisper)
Riley McKenna - (Book: Just One Night (ebook))
Rosemary Wilkins - (Book: Just One Taste)
Rachel St. Raimes - (Book: Kansas Lawman's Proposal, The)
Ramie - (Book: Keep Me Safe)
Rebecca Berclair - (Book: Keeper of the Key)
Rioghan - (Book: Keeper of the Light)
Rhiannon Gryffald - (Book: Keeper of the Night)
Rae Benton - (Book: Keeping Her Safe)
Risa McGinnis - (Book: Kentucky Confidential)
Rachel Benjamin - (Book: Key, The)
Robyn Rafferty - (Book: Kidnapping Nick)
Renee Dolling - (Book: Kids on the Doorstep)
Robin McKenna - (Book: Killing Fear)
Riley Spartz - (Book: Killing Kate (Hardcover))
Rosie - (Book: Kind of Magic, A)
Rosie - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (reissue))
Rosie - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (reissue))
Rosie - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (UK))
Rosie - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (UK-Hardcover))
Rosie - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (UK-reissue))
Rowan James - (Book: King of the Damned)
Rae Magill - (Book: Kiss of Death, The)
Rosalind Llewellyn - (Book: Kiss of the Rose)
Renee LeBlanc - (Book: Kiss or Kill)
Rebecca Troyer - (Book: Kissing Bridge, The)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Kissing Sin)
Regan Martin - (Book: Kissing Under the Mistletoe)
Robyn Stafford - (Book: Knight Errant)
Ruanna Roberts - (Book: Knight in Rusty Armor, A)
Rhonwyn ap Tomas - (Book: Knight of Rosecliffe, The)
Roxanne, Pamela - (Book: Knight's Passion, A)
Remi Balfour - (Book: Knight, The)
Rachel Harper - (Book: Ladies' Man, The)
Rachael Caitland - (Book: Lady and the Cowboy, The)
Lady Rosalyn Divine
- (Book: Lady Divine)
Rebecca Parr - (Book: Lady in the Briars (Hardcover))
Rebecca Parr - (Book: Lady in the Briars (reissue))
Rebecca Morrissey - (Book: Lady of Seven Emeralds)
Robyn Stafford - (Book: Lady Robyn)
Rose - (Book: Lady Rosabella's Ruse)
Regina Gallows - (Book: Lady Vanishes, The (ebook))
Regina Nash - (Book: Lady's Choice)
Rosalind of Beumont - (Book: Laird's Lady, The)
Regan - (Book: Last Breath)
Rachel Flanagan - (Book: Last Bullet, The)
Rachel McKenna - (Book: Last Chance)
Rocky Rhodes - (Book: Last Chance Beauty Queen)
Rowan Dunn - (Book: Last Guy She Should Call, The)
Rozalie Matthews - (Book: Last Honest Outlaw, The)
Rosa Clayton - (Book: Last Night's Kiss)
Rachel Reynolds - (Book: Last Target, The)
Rachel Reynolds - (Book: Last Target, The (large print))
Rikki Kinn - (Book: Last Twilight, The)
Rikki Kinn - (Book: Last Twilight, The (reissue))
Raina Easton - (Book: Lawless in Leather)
Rainey McKinney - (Book: Lawman's Holiday Wish, The)
Rosalyn Benedict - (Book: Legacy, The)
Reese Dumas - (Book: Legend)
Reena Cullen - (Book: Legendary Warrior)
Rosslyn - (Book: Lesson in Loving, A)
Rachel Sommerville - (Book: Let Down Your Hair)
Reese Clark - (Book: Let It Breathe)
Rosemary Gallagher - (Book: Let's Get Mommy Married)
Regan Cooper - (Book: Lethal Rider)
Ruth Caldwell - (Book: Letter Perfect)
Rhyddes - (Book: Liberty)
Riley Sinclair - (Book: Life of Riley, The)
Riley Sinclair - (Book: Life of Riley, The (large print))
Riley Foster - (Book: Life Of Riley, The/Naked In New England)
Riley Morrisset - (Book: Life With Riley)
Raine Sinclair - (Book: Life Without Raine)
Robin Dale - (Book: Like Enemies)
Rebecca Worthen - (Book: Like Father, Like Son)
Radulf, The King's Sword - (Book: Lily and the Sword, The)
Rachel - (Book: Lion's Heat)
Rowena Gunn - (Book: Lion's Lady)
Roxana Maslow - (Book: Listen to my Heart)
Rorie Campbell - (Book: Little Bit Country, A)
Rorie - (Book: Little Bit Country, A (reissue))
Rachel King - (Book: Little Bit of Charm, A)
Rory Gorenzi - (Book: Little Learning, A)
Robyn Peltier - (Book: Living with the Dead (Hardcover))
Rowan Steele - (Book: London Deception)
Rowena Morely - (Book: London Tangle)
Robin - (Book: London: Kit & Robin)
Reggie Giles - (Book: Lone Star Kind of Man)
Rebecca Swanson - (Book: Lone Star Lover)
Robbie McBride Tellchick - (Book: Lone Star Rising)
Rebecca Huntington - (Book: Lone Star Seduction)
Rose Varner - (Book: Lone Warrior, The)
Rain Huxtable - (Book: Long, Lean and Lethal)
Rebekah Stoltzfus - (Book: Looking for a Miracle)
Rebekah Stoltzfus - (Book: Looking for a Miracle (reissue))
Rebekah Stoltzfus - (Book: Looking for a Miracle (reissue))
Rory Carmichael - (Book: Looking For Trouble)
Roma Allendyle - (Book: Lord Carlton's Courtship)
Rebecca, Lady Clayborne - (Book: Lord Clayborne's Fancy)
Robina Percival - (Book: Lord Exmouth's Intentions (UK))
Rosanne - (Book: Lord of High Valley)
Rhiannon - (Book: Lord of the Dark)
Reda Weston - (Book: Lord of the Wolfyn)
Rosamund - (Book: Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife)
Rebecca Wilson - (Book: Lost Cause)
Regan Weston - (Book: Lost Lady)
Rachel Bonner - (Book: Lost Night, The)
Ryleigh Donnovan - (Book: Lost Princess)
Riva Staulet - (Book: Love and Smoke (ebook))
Riva Staulet - (Book: Love and Smoke (Hardcover))
Riva Staulet - (Book: Love and Smoke (reissue))
Rose Barlow - (Book: Love and War (Hardcover))
Rose Barlow - (Book: Love and War (paperback))
Ryan Burke - (Book: Love Beyond Time. A)
Rachel Garrett - (Book: Love Bites)
Rachel Maguire - (Book: Love Comes Home)
Roseanna - (Book: Love in Exile)
Roshawn Bradsher - (Book: Love in the Lineup)
Rosemary Wyatt - (Book: Love Match, A)
Regina Ashton - (Book: Love Only Once)
Regina Ashton - (Book: Love Only Once (ebook))
Regan MacDuff - (Book: Love Slave, The)
Rita Long - (Book: Love So Deep, A)
Rachel Folger - (Book: Love Thine Enemy)
Rachel Tanner - (Book: Love Will Find a Way)
Riona - (Book: Love Without Reason)
Rachel Bonner - (Book: Love's Bold Journey)
Rosslyn - (Book: Love's Defiant Prisoner)
Raven Muldoon - (Book: Love's Funny That Way)
Regis Melbourne - (Book: Love's Miracle)
Rio McKinnon - (Book: Love's Promise)
Rebecca Reynolds - (Book: Love's Timeless Hope)
Reyna MacKenzie - (Book: Lover in Pursuit)
Reba Farrall - (Book: Lover In The Rough)
Ruby Dee D'Angelo - (Book: Loves of Ruby Dee, The)
Rebecca - (Book: Loving Defiance, A)
Rose - (Book: Loving Rose)
Rowanne Wimberly - (Book: Luck of the Devil, The)
Rowan McKinley - (Book: Luck of the Draw (ebook))
Rachel Kerrigan - (Book: Luke's Proposal)
Rachel Kerrigan - (Book: Luke's Proposal (reissue))
Rachel Kerrigan - (Book: Luke's Proposal (UK))
Rhianna McCloud - (Book: Lullaby and Goodnight)
Regan Adler - (Book: Lynx Destiny)
Rebecca O'Reilly - (Book: M.D. Courts His Nurse, The)
Raven Songbird - (Book: M.D.'s Surprise Family, The)
Rose Doeber - (Book: MacDougal Meets His Match)
Rosamund Westruther - (Book: Mad About the Earl)
Regina Primm - (Book: Mad About You)
Rowena MacLawry - (Book: Mad, Bad and Dangerous in Plaid)
Rita Slocum - (Book: Made to Order Family)
Rachel - (Book: Madrilene's Granddaughter)
Rachel Lindquist - (Book: Magic)
Raine Benares - (Book: Magic Lost, Trouble Found)
Ruth - (Book: Magical Affair, A)
Regan Hart - (Book: Magnolia Moon)
Rika - (Book: Maidensong)
Rory Mancini - (Book: Mail-Order Mix-Up)
Rika Philips - (Book: Major Comes to Texas, The)
Rebecca Isles - (Book: Make Me Yours)
Roxanne - (Book: Make-Believe Wife)
Rose Caplan - (Book: Making a Play)
Ruby Jean Upshaw - (Book: Mama Ruby (HARDCOVER))
Robin Marlowe - (Book: Man Behind the Badge)
Rebecca Clifton - (Book: Man Behind the Facade)
Rachel Carson - (Book: Man For Mom, A)
Rachel Brant - (Book: Man From Montana, The)
Rosebud Donnelly - (Book: Man of His Word, A)
Rose Harkness - (Book: Man She Shouldn't Crave, The)
Rose Harkness - (Book: Man She Shouldn't Crave, The (large print))
Rachel Westover - (Book: Man Tamer, The)
Richenda - (Book: Man With a Falcon)
Rainey Bennet - (Book: Manhattan Merger)
Rachel Livingston - (Book: Manwhore)
Ros Craig - (Book: Marriage by Deception)
Romy Bridgeport - (Book: Marriage Material)
Rebecca Peabody - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience)
Rachel Yoder - (Book: Marriage of the Hear, A)
Rebecca Chambers - (Book: Marriage on Demand)
Robin McAlister - (Book: Marriage Prey)
Rosamond Marshal - (Book: Marriage Prize, The)
Rosamond Marshal - (Book: Marriage Prize, The (Hardcover))
Rachel Palladia - (Book: Marriage Recipe, The)
Rebecca - (Book: Marriage Vows)
Ruby - (Book: Marriage: To Claim His Twins)
Rosalind Leigh - (Book: Married For A Month)
Reva Borden - (Book: Married in Haste)
Ritz Keller - (Book: Marry a Man Who Will Dance)
Rhyne Abbot - (Book: Marry Me)
Roma Lombard - (Book: Marrying McCabe)
Ruby Seaborn - (Book: Marrying the Enemy)
Rebecca Ramsey - (Book: Marshal's Promise, The)
Rielle Marchand - (Book: Masquerade)
Remy Jardin - (Book: Masquerade)
Remy Jardin - (Book: Masquerade)
Rhia - (Book: Masquerade (UK))
Reese Carmichael - (Book: Master of Shadows (eBook))
Rachel Bailey - (Book: Match Made in Scandal, A)
Robin Lear - (Book: Material Girl)
Robin Lear - (Book: Material Girl (reissue))
Risa Clay - (Book: Maverick)
Rissa Young - (Book: May Summer Never End)
Robyn - (Book: Mayan Inferno (ebook))
Robyn - (Book: Mayan Inferno (paperback))
Rhea Glenn - (Book: Mayan Moon)
Rowan Michaels - (Book: Mayhem)
Randi McCafferty - (Book: McCaffertys: Randi, The (reissue))
Randi McCafferty - (Book: McCaffertys: Randi, The (Hardcover))
Rachel Van Buren - (Book: Measure of a Lady)
Rachel van Buren - (Book: Measure of a Lady, The)
Rachel van Buren - (Book: Measure of a Lady, The)
Rose Ramos - (Book: Medium Rare (ebook))
Rhonwyn uerch Llywelyn - (Book: Memory of Love, A)
Rachel - (Book: Mendez's Mistress )
Ria Rodriquez - (Book: Mercury's War)
Raziela Nolan - (Book: Mercy of Thin Air, The)
Rachel Howland - (Book: Merry Widow, The)
Rosa Cortez - (Book: Midnight)
Rosa Cortez - (Book: Midnight (reissue))
Rain Sommers - (Book: Midnight Caller)
Roxana Winston - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Rosaleen O'Rahilly - (Book: Midnight Heat)
Renee Walker - (Book: Midnight Kisses)
Rowen Hunter - (Book: Midnight Masque)
Rae Borden - (Book: Midnight Masquerade)
Renata - (Book: Midnight Medusa (ebook))
Rose Hildebrande - (Book: Midnight Resolutions)
Regina Hackett - (Book: Midsummer Night's Sin, A)
Rebecca Marche - (Book: Mighter than the Sword)
Rachel Merrell - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Declan)
Rachel Howe - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Dermot)
Raven Rutledge - (Book: Million Dollar Mistake)
Rena Montgomery - (Book: Million-Dollar Marriage Merger)
Rebecca Hamilton - (Book: Millionaire and the M.D., The)
Rowena - (Book: Millioniare's Makeover, The)
River Weston - (Book: Mind Games)
Ruanna Moreton - (Book: Mischievous Miss, A)
Ruth Penderric - (Book: Miser's Sister, The )
Reggie Clark - (Book: Mismatched Mommy?)
Rachel Lear - (Book: Miss Fortune)
Rosalind Lacey - (Book: Miss Lacey's Last Fling)
Rosellen Lockharte - (Book: Miss Lockharte's Letters)
Riley Spartz - (Book: Missing Mark)
Raylee - (Book: Mission Menage (ebook))
Rachel Martin - (Book: Mission: M.D.)
Rebecca Waide - (Book: Mistletoe Baby)
Rowena Golding - (Book: Mistress Below Deck (UK))
Rosie - (Book: Mistress by Agreement)
Regina Delaney - (Book: Mistress of Magic)
Rose - (Book: Mistress on Trial)
Rachel Campion - (Book: Mistress: Hired For The Billionaire's Pleasure)
Rachel Campion - (Book: Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure (UK))
Ruby Dixon - (Book: Mommies Behaving Badly)
Rachel Thompson - (Book: Mommy Plan)
Robin McKinnon - (Book: Mommy Said Goodbye)
Rachel Charbonneau - (Book: Mommy's Hometown Hero)
Riya - (Book: Monsoon Wedding Fever)
Riya - (Book: Monsoon Wedding Fever (large print))
Riley Mason - (Book: Montana Glory)
Rachel O’Riley - (Book: Montana Mail-Order Wife)
Rory Buchanan - (Book: Montana Royalty)
Rissa Mathews - (Book: Montana Skies)
Rayna Ludgrin - (Book: Montana Wife)
Rosamund Bourton - (Book: Moon Lord, The)
Rhianna - (Book: Moon Rider, The)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Moon Sworn)
Rachel O'Roarke - (Book: Moonlight Lover)
Rachel Browning - (Book: Moonlight on Water)
Raven Monclaire - (Book: Moonlight Whispers)
Riviera Owens - (Book: Moonstoned (reissue))
Randi St. Martin - (Book: More Than a Dream)
Ruby James - (Book: More Than a Feeling)
Rachel Kimble - (Book: Morning After, The)
Ruby McPhee - (Book: Most Eligible Sheriff)
Rose - (Book: Most Passionate Revenge)
Rachel Hartwell - (Book: Mother's Reflection, A)
Rachel Devon - (Book: Mountain Midwife)
Raegan - (Book: Mountain Rose)
Rebecca Nash - (Book: Mr. Trelawney's Proposal)
Rachel Barthelme - (Book: Mrs. Barthelme's Madness)
Rachel Barthelme - (Book: Mrs. Barthelme's Madness (Hardcover))
Roxanna Drew - (Book: Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand)
Reba - (Book: Mrs. Miracle)
Rachel Livingston - (Book: Ms. Manwhore (ebook novella))
Riley Mulligan - (Book: Mulligan Stew)
Regan Madison - (Book: Murder List)
Rebecca "Bex" Levy - (Book: Murder on Ice)
Rosamund - (Book: My Brazen Heart)
Regan - (Book: My Carina)
Rush Mullens - (Book: My Gift To You)
Rachel Buchanan Lord - (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Rachel Elliot - (Book: My Heavenly Heart)
Ravenna Walsingham - (Book: My Highland Spy)
Regan Welles - (Book: My Lord Pirate)
Rowena Thornhill - (Book: My Lord Savage)
Rosamund Albright - (Book: My Lover, My Friend)
Rosie Bliss - (Book: My Only Vice)
Ryan Donnelly - (Book: My Sexiest Mistake)
Rose MacDonell - (Book: My Shadow Warrior)
Rose Larkin - (Book: My Wild Irish Rose)
Rebecca Adams - (Book: Mysterious Mountain Man)
Reese Chamberlain - (Book: Nanny and the CEO, The)
Rogue Walker - (Book: Nauti Deceptions (reprint))
Roanna Brandywine - (Book: Navy Orders)
Roanna Brandywine - (Book: Navy Orders (large print))
Rachel Grant - (Book: Navy SEAL Dad)
Regan - (Book: Nettleflower)
Raine Montand - (Book: Never Again)
Rionna McDonald - (Book: Never Love a Highlander)
Rachel Bailey - (Book: Never Love A Lawman)
Rebecca Kearsey - (Book: Never Resist a Rake)
Rainie Connor - (Book: Next Accident, The)
Ros Fenster - (Book: Next-Best Bride, The)
Ryanne Whitaker - (Book: Nick All Night)
Rachel Kessler - (Book: Night Belongs to Fireman, The)
Rosalind - (Book: Night Drifter, The)
Rebecca Cullen - (Book: Night Fever)
Rebecca Cullen - (Book: Night Fever)
Rhea De Silva - (Book: Night Heat)
Rachel Gentry - (Book: Night Mist)
Rachel Gentry - (Book: Night Mist (reissue))
Remington Truth - (Book: Night Resurrected)
Rebecca Cothern - (Book: Night Thunder's Bride)
Rachel Matre - (Book: Night Tides)
Rachel Domecq - (Book: Night's Immortal Kiss)
Rosemarie Edenberg - (Book: Night's Rose)
Rachel Browne, MD - (Book: Nightwatch)
Riley / Madame Fontaine - (Book: No Marriage Of Convenience)
Reily Eckardt - (Book: No Ordinary Joe)
Robyn - (Book: No Risk Affair, A)
Rachael DeSalvo - (Book: No Takebacks (ebook))
Roxane Peters - (Book: No Way to Say Goodbye)
Rachel Hostetler - (Book: Noah's Sweetheart)
Rachel Hostetler - (Book: Noah's Sweetheart (large print))
Rory - (Book: Noonfire)
Randy Pierce - (Book: North of Eden)
Rachel Davis - (Book: Northern Devil, The)
Roxanne Bloom - (Book: Not That Kind of Girl)
Raleigh Shinn - (Book: Nothiung But The Truth)
Rachel Duncan - (Book: Notorious Gentleman, The)
Rachel Odell - (Book: Notorious Lord, The)
Ryan Mitchell - (Book: Now Until Forever)
Roxie Callahan - (Book: Nuts)
Rachel Downing - (Book: Off With the Old Love)
Rachel Downing - (Book: Off With the Old Love (reissue))
Rachel Downing - (Book: Off With the Old Love (UK))
Rachel Downing - (Book: Off With the Old Love (UK-reissue))
Rebecca Carmichael - (Book: Officer, a Baby and a Bride, An)
Rachel Burke - (Book: Oh, Promised Destiny)
Rennie Langwell - (Book: Older Man, The)
Randa Thomas - (Book: Omega)
Rorie Lindsay - (Book: On Danger's Edge (ebook))
Rachel Patterson - (Book: On Deadly Ground)
Rachel Patterson - (Book: On Deadly Ground (large print))
Reva Macklin - (Book: On Dean's Watch)
Riley St. Joe - (Book: On Fire)
Rubina Flores - (Book: On Fire)
Riley St. Joe - (Book: On Fire (reissue))
Rebecca Newman - (Book: On The Edge)
Rose Drayton - (Book: On The Edge)
Renata Fox - (Book: On The List)
Roxanne Martin - (Book: On the Rox (ebook))
Ruth Fontaine - (Book: On Wings of Love)
Roberta Meyers - (Book: Once a Cop)
Ramey Burke - (Book: Once A Thief)
Rachel Blu Anderson - (Book: Once A Thief)
Rachel Anderson - (Book: Once a Thief (UK))
Reese Winslow - (Book: Once An Outlaw)
Raven Williams - (Book: Once More With Feeling)
Raven Williams - (Book: Once More With Feeling (Hardcover))
Risa Parker - (Book: Once Upon a Baby...)
Robin Wise - (Book: Once Upon A Dream )
Robin - (Book: Once Upon A Dream)
Regina - (Book: One Bite with a Stranger)
Remedy Lane - (Book: One Hot Summer)
Rachel Branigan - (Book: One More Chance)
Rachel Holt - (Book: One Night to Risk it All)
Roane Elliott - (Book: One Night with the Rebel Billioniare)
Rebecca - (Book: One Night with the Tycoon)
Raven La Blanc - (Book: One Night With You)
Roxanne McNamara - (Book: One of the Few)
Rosalind Jordan - (Book: One Perfect Rose)
Rosaline Jordan - (Book: One Perfect Rose (paperback reprint))
Rachel Grant - (Book: One Summer)
Regina Wheeler - (Book: One Taste)
Rhea Williams - (Book: One Way Out)
Roselyn O'Neill - (Book: One Wild Rose)
Rose Sherbourne - (Book: One Wild Winter's Eve)
Rae Phillips - (Book: Only a Whisper)
Rae Phillips - (Book: Only a Whisper (re-issue))
Riley Austin - (Book: Only Her)
Rachel Wainwright - (Book: Only Man for Her, The)
Rachel Wainwright - (Book: Only Man for Her, The (large print))
Rana Alcott - (Book: Only the Best)
Roxie Lowell - (Book: Only the Lonely)
Ronnie Valetti
- (Book: Opening Act)
Rachael Armitage - (Book: Operation:
Midnight Cowboy)
Rose Summer - (Book: Our Lady of Pain)
Rachel Bond - (Book: Out of this World)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Outlaw Demon Wails, The)
Ruth Kelly - (Book: Outlaw for Christmas, An)
Ruth Kelly - (Book: Outlaw for Christmas, An (ebook))
Rain Jordan - (Book: Outlaw Viking (reissue))
Ragan Ramsey - (Book: Outlaw's Bride)
Rachel Yoder - (Book: Outsider, The)
Rachel Yoder - (Book: Outsider, The (reprint))
Rachel Benjamin - (Book: Pact, The)
Ronnie Harper - (Book: Paintbox Morning)
Racine Edwards - (Book: Palace City Prince)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Pale Demon (hardcover))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Pale Demon (paperback))
Renée d'Anton - (Book: Pale Moon Rider)
Rebecca Rose - (Book: Parlor House Daughter, The)
Risa Taylor - (Book: Partner, The)
Robin Pollard - (Book: Partners in Love)
Ryann - (Book: Passing His Guard)
Rose Beharie - (Book: Passion Play)
Raven McCloud - (Book: Passion's Fool)
Rebecca - (Book: Passion's Timeless Hour)
Rhiannon Russell - (Book: Passionate One, The)
Rowena fitz Giles - (Book: Passions of the Realm)
Randee Hollis - (Book: Passions Wild and Free)
Rachel James - (Book: Past Imperfect)
Roxanne Dugan - (Book: Paternal Instincts)
Reisil - (Book: Path of Blood)
Rachel Murphy - (Book: Peak Performance)
Rosemary Reid - (Book: Perfect Beast, A)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Perfect Blood, A (hardcover))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Perfect Blood, A (paperback))
Rachel Banks - (Book: Perfect Fit)
Rebecca - (Book: Perfect Guy, The (ebook))
Raine Claypoole - (Book: Perfect Husband, The)
Rowena Brown - (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Riki McCormick - (Book: Perfect Morning)
Raphaella - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Reilly Shea - (Book: Perilous Passions (ebook))
Rosalinda Ramos - (Book: Personal Protection)
Rosanna Shelton - (Book: Petals of the Rose)
Renee Black - (Book: Phoenix Inheritance )
Rosalie Hopkins - (Book: Phone Calls from the Dead (ebook))
Rachel - (Book: Pickett's Fence)
Rebecca Abbot - (Book: Pink Ghetto, The)
Red Robert - (Book: Pirate Bride)
Royale Carrington - (Book: Pirate Royale)
Rebecca - (Book: Pirate's Dark Revenge, The (ebook))
Rozalinde Cavandish - (Book: Pirate's Rose)
Rose - (Book: Pirate, A Secret, And Rose, A)
Rachel Summers - (Book: Place to Belong, A)
Roxy Rose - (Book: Playing Games)
Rita Frazer - (Book: Pleasure Trip, The)
Roxanne Diamond - (Book: Plumber's Helper, The (ebook))
Regina Rose - (Book: Politically Incorrect: Stalked)
Regina Rose - (Book: Politically Incorrect: Stalked (reissue))
Rowena Caxton - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Rebecca Michaels - (Book: Power of Love, The)
Roxie Davenport - (Book: Power of Love, The)
Reagan - (Book: Power Shift (ebook))
Rain Armstrong - (Book: Predicting Rain)
Ravyn - (Book: Prescription for Love)
Ramona Tate - (Book: Prescription for Romance)
Rosie Gardener - (Book: Pretty Woman)
Rowan Smith - (Book: Prey, The)
Rachel Wilder - (Book: Price of Honor, The)
Ruth Atkins - (Book: Price of Redemption, The)
Ruth Ann Colonna - (Book: Price of Silence)
Rachel Chandler - (Book: Priceless)
Ruby Cade - (Book: Priceless Marriage)
Rose Martin - (Book: Prim Rose)
Regan Burke - (Book: Prima Donna (ebook))
Rosalyn - (Book: Primrose)
Risa Taylor - (Book: Prince Of Frogs)
Rosemarie Barrows - (Book: Prince of Frogs, The)
Rayne - (Book: Prince of Swords)
Rosa - (Book: Prince's Forbidden Virgin, The)
Rosa - (Book: Prince's Forbidden Virgin, The (UK))
Reese Harding - (Book: Princess by Christmas, A)
Regina Beswick - (Book: Princess Ever After)
Rose - (Book: Princess in Love)
Rachel Delaney - (Book: Principal's Office, The)
Rowene Belleme, Lady Tures - (Book: Prisoner of My Desire)
Rowena Belleme - (Book: Prisoner of My Desire (ebook))
Reese Whittaker - (Book: Private Agenda)
Rayne Sampson - (Book: Private Eye Protector)
Rayne Sampson - (Book: Private Eye Protector (large print))
Ripley Logan - (Book: Private Investigations)
Roxanne Lewis - (Book: Private Lies)
Raquel Deneuve - (Book: Private Luau)
Rebecca Connor - (Book: Prize, The)
Rachel Fleming Barlow Newman McCandless - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Rachel - (Book: Promise Me Spring)
Rosa Constanza Wright - (Book: Promise of Gold)
Rebecca (Becky) Saunders - (Book: Promise of Happiness, The)
Rebecca (Becky) Saunders - (Book: Promise of Happiness, The (reissue))
Rebecca (Becky) Saunders - (Book: Promise of Happiness, The (UK))
Rebecca (Becky) Saunders - (Book: Promise of Happiness, The (UK-reissue))
Rowanne Vaudry - (Book: Promise the Moon)
Rebecca Neville - (Book: Promise, The)
Rosalys Larrimer - (Book: Promissory Note, The)
Rebecca McIntyre - (Book: Proposing to the Doctor's Children)
Ronda/Angela - (Book: Psychic Detective)
Ruby Cholewinski - (Book: Pure Serendipity)
Rosa Cagnalia - (Book: Pursuit of Justice)
Rosa Cagnalia - (Book: Pursuit of Justice (Hardcover))
Remy O'Malley - (Book: Pushed)
Rhiannan Collins - (Book: Queen of Hearts)
Rhiannan Collins - (Book: Queen of Hearts (reprint))
Raven Kirkland - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Rachel Maitland Ross - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Rachel English - (Book: Rachel)
Rachel Douglas - (Book: Rachel and the Hired Gun)
Rachel Neville - (Book: Rachel's Change of Heart)
Rachel Barlow - (Book: Rachel's Cowboy)
Rachel Kauffman - (Book: Rachel's Dream)
Rachel Brand - (Book: Rachel's Garden)
Rachel Walsh - (Book: Rachel's Holiday)
Rachel - (Book: Rachel's Rescuer)
Rachel - (Book: Rachel's Totem (ebook))
Ran Sveinsdottir - (Book: Raging Sea)
Rosalin Clifford - (Book: Raider, The)
Rain Shadow - (Book: Rain Shadow)
Russia Valentine - (Book: Rainbows and Rapture)
Roxanne Courtland - (Book: Rake of Hollowhurst Castle, The)
Ruth Hayden - (Book: Rake's Defiant Mistress, The)
Rebecca Raleigh - (Book: Rake's Mistress, The)
Rebecca Raleigh - (Book: Rake's Mistress, The (UK))
Regina Hawthorne - (Book: Rake's Revenge, The)
Ramona Santiago - (Book: Ramona and the Renegade)
Rana - (Book: Rana Look, The)
Robyn Morgan - (Book: Ranch for His Family, A)
Randi Howell - (Book: Rancher & the Runaway Bride, The)
Rosie Wilson - (Book: Rancher And Protector)
Rebecca Carrigan - (Book: Rancher Next Door, The)
Rachel Blair - (Book: Rancher's Bride, The)
Rose Murdock - (Book: Rancher's Bride, The)
Rachel - (Book: Rancher's Doorstep Baby, The)
Rachel - (Book: Rancher's Doorstep Baby, The (Large Print))
Rori Connell - (Book: Rancher's Promise, The)
Rhiannon Palmer - (Book: Ranger, The)
Rheada Samuels - (Book: Raven)
Raven Chadwick - (Book: Raven)
Raven - (Book: Raven)
Raven Alexander - (Book: Raven and the Cowboy)
Roseanna Castelmaine - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Roseanna Castlemaine - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The (reissue))
Raven Anderson - (Book: Raven On The Wing)
Raven Anderson - (Book: Raven on the Wing (reprint))
Raven Aristead - (Book: Raven's Heart (ebook))
Raven Wood - (Book: Raven, The)
Ravyn Verdier - (Book: Ravyn's Flight)
Roxanne Haught - (Book: Razor's Edge)
Rose Clancy - (Book: Ready for King's Seduction)
Regan Pescoli - (Book: Ready to Die)
Roan O'Hara - (Book: Real Hero, A)
Rhia - (Book: Reawakened, The)
Rebecca North - (Book: Rebecca)
Rebecca Sommer - (Book: Rebecca's Bouquet)
Rebecca Yoder - (Book: Rebecca's Christmas Gift)
Rebecca - (Book: Rebecca's Heart)
Rebecca Barlow - (Book: Rebecca's Little Secret)
Rebekah Cunningham - (Book: Rebekah in Danger)
Rhia De Hayes - (Book: Rebel King, The)
Rhia De Hayes - (Book: Rebel King, The (UK))
Rachel Jennings - (Book: Rebel's Return, The)
Rebecca Barnett - (Book: Rebel's Spirit)
Ria Montori - (Book: Rebellion)
Rachel Donovan - (Book: Recipe for Love)
Reese St James - (Book: Recipe For Temptation)
Rachel Dean - (Book: Reckless)
Rebecca Langford - (Book: Reckless Heart)
Rina Matthews - (Book: Reckless Surrender)
Rachel Hart - (Book: Red Hot)
Rosalind Dacey - (Book: Red Rose)
Red - (Book: Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar)
Rose Harley - (Book: Redemption)
Rachel Huber - (Book: Reflection)
Renata O'Neal - (Book: Reflections in Time)
Raine Montrose - (Book: Reflections Of Heart)
Rachel Johanssen - (Book: Refuge)
Regina Audwyn - (Book: Regina)
Regina Audwyn - (Book: Regina (reissue))
Regina - (Book: Regina of the Sun)
Rachel Conroy - (Book: Relative Betrayal, A)
Rebecca Massee - (Book: Reluctant Amazon, The (ebook))
Regina Alderstock - (Book: Reluctant Heroine, The)
Rachel Goodman - (Book: Reluctant Housemates)
Ryleigh Donnovan - (Book: Reluctant Prince)
Ruby Jordan - (Book: Reluctant Viking, The)
Ruby Jordan - (Book: Reluctant Viking, The (reprint))
Raine Smith - (Book: Remember Summer)
Rachel Halloran - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Rachel Gregory - (Book: Renegade Love)
Rita-Lou Randall - (Book: Renegade Man)
Renee Moore - (Book: Rescue Me)
Rory Campbell - (Book: Rescue Pilot, The)
Rose Costelloe - (Book: Rescuing Rose)
Rosalee - (Book: Restless Wind)
Rain Evans - (Book: Return of Brody McBride, The)
Regan Bishop - (Book: Return of Rafe MacKade, The)
Regina Gibson - (Book: Return to Love)
Rosalind "Lin" Townsend - (Book: Return to Sender (Hardcover))
Rosalind Townsend - (Book: Return to Sender (reprint))
Rachel McKendrick Phillips - (Book: Return to Tomorrow)
Rachel McKendrick Phillips - (Book: Return to Tomorrow (reissue))
Rosie Wright - (Book: Reunited)
Ruby - (Book: Revealing Ruby (ebook))
Rose Lloyd - (Book: Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman)
Rhiana Tassot - (Book: Rhiana)
Rhiannon - (Book: Rhiannon)
Rhiannon - (Book: Rhiannon (reissue))
Rachel - (Book: Rich Man's Touch, A)
Regina Landry - (Book: Ride for the Roses)
Robyn Sparrow - (Book: Riding the Line)
Rebecca Holley - (Book: Right By Her Side)
Rebecca Holley - (Book: Right By Her Side (reissue))
Reva Waring - (Book: Right Of Possession)
Regina Foxworth - (Book: Riley)
Rosie Gray - (Book: Ring to Secure His Heir, A)
Rosie Gray - (Book: Ring to Secure His Heir, A (large print))
Rosa - (Book: Rings that Bind, The)
Rosa - (Book: Rings that Bind, The (large print))
Riona - (Book: Riona)
Rebecca Matlock - (Book: Riptide)
Risa Vitalis - (Book: Risa's Rainbow)
Robyn St. Claire - (Book: Risk Factor)
Ruby Elliott - (Book: Riskier Business (ebook))
Rachel Garrison - (Book: Risking Her Heart)
Rina Calhoun - (Book: Risking It All)
Roxann Thorgesson - (Book: Risking Trust)
Rachel Westover - (Book: Risky Business)
Rachel Westover - (Book: Risky Business (UK))
Rachel Connery - (Book: Ritual Sins)
Rosalyn Smyth - (Book: River Bound)
Rosalind Schuyler - (Book: River Devil, The)
Rebecca Seaton - (Book: River of Fire)
Rachel Davis - (Book: Road Home, The)
Renny Latioles - (Book: Road to Bayou Bridge, The)
Renny Latioles - (Book: Road to Bayou Bridge, The (large print))
Robyn - (Book: Robyn)
Rose Finer - (Book: Rocktastic Corduroy Peach, The (ebook))
Ruby James - (Book: Rocky Mountain Wedding (ebook))
Rozlyn - (Book: Rodeo Rider)
Raeven Russell - (Book: Rogue Pirate's Bride, The)
Rennie Dennehy - (Book: Rogue's Mistress)
Rolande Henry - (Book: Rolande)
Raven Walker - (Book: Romance Backstage)
Rachel Stone - (Book: Romancing Rachel)
Riley Callahan - (Book: Romancing Riley)
Rosalie Ronaldi - (Book: Romeo, Romeo)
Romiette Cappelle - (Book: Romiette and Julio)
Rachel Livesay - (Book: Rookie, The)
Robin Farrel - (Book: Room at Heron's Inn)
Rosalind McHenry - (Book: Rosalind)
Rosalyn Eastleigh - (Book: Rosalyn and the Scoundrel)
Rosalyn Eastleigh - (Book: Rosalyn and the Scoundrel (UK))
Rosamund Bolton - (Book: Rosamund)
Rosamund - (Book: Rosamund)
Rosamund Lovelace - (Book: Rosamund's Revenge)
Rosanna - (Book: Rosanna and the Rake (UK))
Rose Ashcroft - (Book: Rose)
Rosa - (Book: Rose)
Rose Gallant - (Book: Rose)
Rose Thornton - (Book: Rose)
Rose Cranmer - (Book: Rose for Julian, A)
Rosamund - (Book: Rose and the Shield, The)
Rose - (Book: Rose and the Thorn, The)
Rose Landen - (Book: Rose in Bloom)
Rose Kelly - (Book: Rose Kelly)
Rosamund of Whitton - (Book: Rose of Ravenscrag, The)
Rosanna Harlow - (Book: Rose Perfect (ebook))
Rose Barbour - (Book: Rose Royale)
Rose Barbour - (Book: Rose Royale (UK))
Rose Wainwright - (Book: Rose, Exposed)
Rosemary Yutzy - (Book: Rosemary Opens Her Heart)
Rosie - (Book: Rosie Dunne)
Rowan Murphy - (Book: Rowan's Ascension (ebook))
Rowena Lindstrom - (Book: Rowena's Key (ebook))
Roxanne Franklin - (Book: Roxanne (UK))
Roxy Matheny - (Book: Roxy and the Rich Man)
Rosanna - (Book: Royal Captive)
Ruby Tate - (Book: Royal Heist)
Ruby Tate - (Book: Royal Heist (large print))
Rachel Rockford - (Book: Royal Marriage, A)
Rayne Williams - (Book: Royal Protocol)
Renata Pavoni - (Book: Royally Romanced)
Ruby Parker - (Book: Ruby Parker Hits the Small Time)
Ruby Parker - (Book: Ruby Parker, Film Star)
Ruby Parker - (Book: Ruby Parker, Hollywood Star)
Ruby Parker - (Book: Ruby Parker, Soap Star)
Robin - (Book: Ruin Me (ebook))
Roberta Frasier - (Book: Rules for a Proper Governess)
Raleigh Foster - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Rosalind Chase - (Book: Rules of Love, The)
Rachel Cameron - (Book: Rules of Marriage)
Rebecca Harper - (Book: Rumor of Love, A)
Rowan - (Book: Runaway)
Rebecca Tremaine - (Book: Runaway Duke, The)
Robina - (Book: Runaway Maid)
Riley Page - (Book: Runner-Up Bride)
Rhonda Burns - (Book: Running Blind)
Rita Morrone - (Book: Running from the Law)
Risa Sheridan - (Book: Running Scared)
Rachel Hamilton - (Book: Rush Me (ebook))
Raine Spenser - (Book: Rush of Darkness)
Ruth Priggish - (Book: Ruth)
Rhianna Carlow - (Book: Ruthless Awakening)
Rose Patterson - (Book: Ruthless Game)
Ryal - (Book: Ryality Bites)
Rayan - (Book: Sacrificed to Ecstasy (ebook))
Rachel Stanton - (Book: Sally Sweets' Sister (ebook))
Rachel Sutter - (Book: Salvation in the Rancher's Arms)
Rachel Woodward - (Book: Samantha's Gift)
Rachel Martin - (Book: Samaritan (ebook))
Raquel - (Book: Sanchez Tradition, The)
Rhianne Pickering - (Book: Santorini Marriage, The (reissue))
Riley Collins - (Book: Saturday Night Special (ebook))
Rowan Chase - (Book: Savage Awakening)
Rain Singing
Shanndel Lynn
- (Book: Savage Joy)
Rebecca Veach - (Book: Savage Secrets)
Rowena Dowell - (Book: Savage Sun)
Rachael Moreover - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Rowena Carstairs - (Book: Savannah Secrets)
Rhiannyn - (Book: Saxon Bride)
Regina Everetta - (Book: Say Yes)
Regina Bellini - (Book: Saying Yes To The Boss)
Rachel Haskin - (Book: Scales of Love)
Rose Barclay - (Book: Scandal and the Duchess (ebook))
Rebecca - (Book: Scandal in Kissing an Heir, The)
Rie - (Book: Scent of Sake, The)
Rachel Everett - (Book: Schooling the Viscount)
Rachel Montrose - (Book: Scion's Rebirth (ebook))
Rebecca Morgan - (Book: Scorned Justice)
Rory MacGregor - (Book: Scottish Thistle, The)
Regina Barone - (Book: Sea Fever)
Rowan Flynn - (Book: Sea of Love)
Rose Powell - (Book: SEAL's Secret Lover, The (ebook))
Rachel Sutherland - (Book: SEALed With a Kiss)
Raelynn Barrett - (Book: Season Beyond A Kiss, A)
Ronnie von Hurst - (Book: Season for Love, A)
Rhoda Byler - (Book: Season for Tending, A)
Ruby - (Book: Seasons of Her Life (Hardcover))
Rachel Buchanan Lord - (Book: Seasons of Love)
Rhoda Byler - (Book: Seasons of Tomorrow)
Rae McClellan - (Book: Seaswept Abandon)
Ramona Greer - (Book: Second Chance Hero)
Rosalind Carberry - (Book: Second Lady Southvale, The)
Roxanne Winston - (Book: Second Season)
Rosalind - (Book: Second Seduction, The)
Rosalind - (Book: Second-Chance Family)
Robyn O'Halloran - (Book: Secret Daddy)
Rose Marie Castle - (Book: Secret Lives Of Doctors' Wives, The)
Regina Harrison - (Book: Secret Yearning, A)
Rese Barret - (Book: Secrets)
Regina Shelton - (Book: Secrets)
Rosa Lee Altman - (Book: Secrets of Rosa Lee, The (reprint))
Roselyn Longworth - (Book: Secrets of Surrender)
Rachel Aincourt - (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Rosamunde Overton - (Book: Secrets Of The Night)
Rosie Bianchi - (Book: Seduced and Enchanted Ebook)
Roxanne Reynolds - (Book: Seduced by Blood)
Raeleen Randall - (Book: Seducing the Colonel's Daughter / Secret Soldier, The )
Regina Bradford - (Book: Seducing the Prince)
Roxanne Robinette - (Book: Seduction of Roxanne, The)
Rachel - (Book: Seduction Scheme, The)
Rachel Foster - (Book: Seductive Impostor, The)
Rachel Ahston - (Book: Seductive Offer, A)
Rosalind Hinton - (Book: Seductive Spy, The)
Rosalinda Renaldo - (Book: Seductive Surrender)
Ria Sterling - (Book: Seeing is Believing)
Rachel Clark - (Book: Seeking His Love)
Ronnie Honneker - (Book: Senator's Wife, The)
Rachel - (Book: Send Me No Flowers)
Rachel MacKinley - (Book: Separate Cabins)
Riona - (Book: Separating)
Ruby Dearing - (Book: Sequins and Spurs)
Raine Ashaway - (Book: Serpent In Turquoise, A)
Rose Thornton - (Book: Seven Brides; Rose (reissue))
Rose Marlowe - (Book: Seven Nights to Forever)
Risa Charez - (Book: Seventh Bride, Seventh Brother)
Roberta Jones Spivey - (Book: Sex and the Serial Killer)
Rose Pisano - (Book: Sexiest Dead Man Alive, The)
Rachel Brant - (Book: Shades of a Desperado)
Rose - (Book: Shades of Rose)
Roanna Davenport - (Book: Shades of Twilight (reissue))
Reagan Wilson - (Book: Shadow Force)
Reaghan - (Book: Shadow Highlander)
Rose Hathaway - (Book: Shadow Kiss)
Rachel Taylor - (Book: Shadow Lover)
Raven Wood - (Book: Shadow, The)
Robyn Castle - (Book: Shadowed Stranger)
Rowena Fordyce - (Book: Shadows and Lace)
Rachel Neesham - (Book: Shadows Of Truth)
Rachel Chambers - (Book: Shaking Her Assets)
Rachel Bradley - (Book: Shattered Reflections)
Rachel Parker - (Book: She Can Tell)
Rose Larrabee - (Book: She Loves Me Not)
Rina Goldberg - (Book: She's on Top)
Rachel Donnelly - (Book: Sheikh Without a Heart)
Rachel Donnelly - (Book: Sheikh Without a Heart (large print))
Roxanne Gleeson - (Book: Sheikh's Redemption, The)
Rosa Santos - (Book: Shelter of Hope)
Rachel Jensen - (Book: Sheriff and the Impostor Bride, The)
Rosie - (Book: Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride, The)
Racy Dillon - (Book: Sheriff's Secret Wife, The)
Ravyn - (Book: Shield of Fire)
Rane - (Book: Shifters' Storm)
Rhiannon - (Book: Shining City, The )
Roselyn Peabody - (Book: Shocking Behavior)
Robyn Blair - (Book: Shotgun Baby)
Rory Matson - (Book: Showdown With The Sheriff)
Rory Matson - (Book: Showdown With the Sheriff [Large Print])
Robin Ingram - (Book: Sicilian's Ruthless Marriage Revenge, The)
Rose Summer - (Book: Sick of Shadows)
Raven Callahan - (Book: Sight Unseen)
Raine McAllister - (Book: Sight Unseen)
Rowan Chandler - (Book: Sign of the Blue Dragon, The)
Rachel McAdams - (Book: Silence Of Midnight , The)
Riley Spartz - (Book: Silencing Sam)
Resa Wade - (Book: Silent Guardian)
Regina Garrett - (Book: Silent Night Stakeout)
Rachel - (Book: Silver Falls)
Roslyn - (Book: Silver Veil, The)
Regeane - (Book: Silver Wolf, The)
Rachel King - (Book: Simple Hope, A)
Rina Lowell - (Book: Simple Sexy (reissue))
Remy McCallister - (Book: Simple Winter, A )
Raven - (Book: Simply Heaven)
Rina Lowell - (Book: Simply Sexy)
Rosalind March - (Book: Since the Surrender)
Rebecca Ryan - (Book: Since You've Been Gone)
Raina Sarbanes - (Book: Sinclair's Surprise Baby)
Reiko Kagawa - (Book: Sinful Art of Revenge, The)
Reiko Kagawa - (Book: Sinful Art of Revenge, The (large print))
Roxy Banfield - (Book: Sinful Magic)
Rebecca Sherringham - (Book: Sinfully Ever After)
Regan Jantz - (Book: Single Dad's Patchwork Family, The)
Rikki Johansen - (Book: Single Dad, Nurse Bride)
RaeAnne Martin - (Book: Sins of the Father)
Rachel Marks - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Roxy Tam - (Book: Sins of the Heart)
Rachel Fleming - (Book: Sirocco)
Ruth Hostettler - (Book: Sister's Test, A)
Roselie Stratton - (Book: Six Impossible Things)
Raine Tallentyre - (Book: Sizzle and Burn)
Raine Tallentyre - (Book: Sizzle and Burn)
Roca - (Book: Skyfall)
Roberta - (Book: Slave To Love)
Rachel de Luca - (Book: Sleep With the Lights On)
Rose Carlisle - (Book: Sleeping Beauty and the Demon)
Rosamund - (Book: Sleeping Beauty, The (paperback))
Robyn - (Book: Sleeping Partners)
Riley Crane - (Book: Sleeping with Fear)
Rachel York - (Book: Slightly Sinful)
Raine McCandless - (Book: Smoking Hot)
Ruth Ann Blakely - (Book: Smoky Mountain Home )
Rachel Davenport - (Book: Smoky Mountain Mist, The)
Rachel Davenport - (Book: Smoky Mountain Mist, The (large print))
Rosamund Hunter - (Book: Snow Angel)
Rachel Ellington - (Book: Snowbound Seduction)
Raine Monroe - (Book: Snowbound with a Billionaire)
Rose Westerhill - (Book: Snowbound With the Notorious Rake)
Ruby Ballard - (Book: Snowflake Bride)
Rachel - (Book: Snowflake Wishes)
Reyna Allen - (Book: Snowy Mountain Nights)
Rue - (Book: So Close and No Closer (Collector's Edition))
Rue - (Book: So Close and No Closer (UK))
Rue - (Book: So Close And No Closer (UK))
Rya - (Book: So Little Time (Hardcover))
Renee Riley - (Book: Society Bride)
Rowan - (Book: Society, The (ebook))
Rose Kaufman - (Book: Soldier and the Rose, The)
Romy Carvell - (Book: Soldier's Untamed Heart, The)
Rachel Larson - (Book: Solitary Soldier)
Riane Rutherford-Quinlan - (Book: Some Kind of Hero)
Rosie - (Book: Some Sunny Day (UK))
Ruby Night Divine - (Book: Something About Witches)
Rachel - (Book: Something Borrowed)
Rachel Martinez - (Book: Something of Heaven)
Ruth "Penny" Borum - (Book: Something Real (reissue))
Rosemary Jeffers - (Book: Something Unexpected)
Regan Cluny - (Book: Something Wicked)
Reagan Truman - (Book: Somewhere Along the Way)
Rebekah - (Book: Sooner or Later)
Regan - (Book: Soul Deep)
Roxanne Griffith - (Book: Soul Survivor)
Raine Crockett - (Book: South Texas Christmas, A)
Rachel Givens - (Book: Southern Comfort)
Roxanne Scarbrough - (Book: Southern Comforts)
Raven McCord - (Book: Southern Fire)
Roxanne Ackerman - (Book: Southern Hospitality)
Rowan Carmichael - (Book: Spaniard's Marriage Bargain, The)
Rowan Carmichael - (Book: Spaniard's Marriage Bargain, The (UK))
Rebecca Layton - (Book: Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge)
Rebecca Parker - (Book: Special Ops Exclusive)
Rory Denton - (Book: Spells and Seduction)
Rachel Katz - (Book: Spin Cycle)
Raine Marlowe - (Book: Spiral Path, The)
Rose Hathaway - (Book: Spirit Bound (Hardcover))
Rosie Fox - (Book: Spirit Willing Flesh Weak)
Riley Tyson - (Book: Spiritual Seduction)
Rowena Davis - (Book: Spring Flowers, Summer Love)
Raven - (Book: Spring Pleasures: The Transformation)
Ruby Hollister - (Book: Spring Proposal in Swallowbrook)
Reilly Peterson - (Book: Spy Games)
Rhianne - (Book: Spy's Honor)
Rayne MacDonald - (Book: Stake That!)
Riley Spartz - (Book: Stalking Susan)
Rina Woodville - (Book: Stand-in Bride's Seduction)
Rachel Hart - (Book: Standoff at Christmas)
Rainie Hall - (Book: Star Bright)
Rowan Claiburn - (Book: Star Light, Star Bright)
Rachel Wellesley - (Book: Star of His Heart)
Ronnie Dalton - (Book: Star-Spangled Bride)
Reenie Davenport - (Book: Stark Naked (ebook))
Rosa Chantry - (Book: Stay Through The Night)
Rose Fowler - (Book: Stealing Rose)
Raven - (Book: Steel Caress, The)
Raven McCandless - (Book: Step Away, A)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Still Close to Heaven)
Rayne Gibson - (Book: Still in Love)
Rose Trelawney - (Book: Stolen)
Rebecca Kenny - (Book: Stolen Ecstasy)
Raven Christopher - (Book: Stolen Hearts)
Robyn Valcourt - (Book: Stoneview Estate)
Reese Montana - (Book: Storm Kissed)
Rosamund Hill - (Book: Storm of Shadows)
Rebecca Burns - (Book: Storm that is Sterling, The)
Rora - (Book: Storm, The)
Rora - (Book: Storm, The (paperback))
Ruth Jackson - (Book: Stormspell)
Rebecca Bradshaw - (Book: Straight From the Heart)
Rebecca Bradshaw - (Book: Straight from the Heart (reissue))
Rosemary - (Book: Stranger in the Glen)
Raven Blume - (Book: Stranger on Raven's Ridge)
Raven Blume - (Book: Stranger on Raven's Ridge (large print))
Rachel Shane - (Book: Stranger She Married, The)
Rosie Armstrong - (Book: Strangers When We Meet)
Rosie Armstrong - (Book: Strangers When We Meet (reissue))
Rachel Wellers - (Book: Street Where She Lives, The)
Rio Saunders - (Book: Strip)
Rowyn Jeong - (Book: Stroke of Midnight (ebook))
Rachel Phillips - (Book: Strong As The Redwood)
Rissa Oaks - (Book: Studly Service (ebook))
Regina Van Buren - (Book: Stylish Marriage, A)
Rachel Carlton - (Book: Substitute Bride)
Rachel Farris - (Book: Sugar Creek)
Riley McGuire - (Book: Suite 69)
Ruthie Sinclair - (Book: Suite Temptation)
Riana Cole - (Book: Suite Temptation)
Rachel Hollister - (Book: Summer Breeze)
Rosa Capoletti - (Book: Summer By The Sea)
Rosa Capoletti - (Book: Summer by the Sea (reprint))
Raine Chandler-Smith - (Book: Summer Games)
Raine Chandler-Smith - (Book: Summer Games)
Rosa Alban - (Book: Summer Moon)
Rachel Lantz - (Book: Summer of Secrets)
Rowan - (Book: Summer of the Raven)
Rosie O'Hanlon - (Book: Summer Rose)
Roxanne - (Book: Summer's Echo)
Roxanna Fallon - (Book: Sundancer)
Roses Jordan - (Book: Sunshine and Shadows)
Rachael Holroyd - (Book: Surgeon's Gift, The)
Risa Magee - (Book: Surrender)
Riana - (Book: Surrender (ebook))
Rae Gannon - (Book: Surrender the Dark)
Rose McGuire - (Book: Surrender the Night)
Rhowenna - (Book: Swan Road)
Ren - (Book: Sweet Addiction)
Renita - (Book: Sweet Addiction (reprint))
Regina Lovejoy - (Book: Sweet Desire)
Robyn Warren - (Book: Sweet Dreams)
Rebecca Anderson - (Book: Sweet Lullaby)
Roxie Norris - (Book: Sweet Misery)
Rae Dalcour - (Book: Sweet Mystery)
Ruby McMillan - (Book: Sweet Nothings )
Reba Von Hausen - (Book: Sweet Paradise)
Reena Braxton - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Reina Alvarez - (Book: Sweet Silken Bondage)
Riley Brown - (Book: Sweet Stuff)
Riley Brown - (Book: Sweet Stuff (reprint))
Rainey Watson - (Book: Sweet Words of Love)
Rana Michaels - (Book: Sweet, Savage Heart)
Regina Black - (Book: Sweetbriar Summit)
Rain Madison - (Book: Sweeter Than Temptation)
Rosie Hopkins - (Book: Sweetshop of Dreams)
Risa Peters - (Book: Switched)
Risa Peters - (Book: Switched (large print))
Ruth Marlowe - (Book: Sword of Maiden's Tears, The)
Riley Ramirez - (Book: Table for Three, A)
Rachel Reeves - (Book: Table For Two)
Rachael Abbott - (Book: Tailspin)
Rachael DeSalvo - (Book: Take Me Back (ebook novella))
Rhiannon - (Book: Take Me There (hardcover))
Rhiannon - (Book: Take Me There (paperback))
Reese Monroe - (Book: Take Me Under)
Ruby Runyon - (Book: Take Me, I'm Yours)
Rachael DeSalvo - (Book: Taken)
Rose - (Book: Taken By Her Greek Boss)
Robyn Jasperson - (Book: Taken to the Edge)
Renee Williams - (Book: Taking Care of Business)
Regan Blackfox - (Book: Taking Chances)
Ricki Hamliton - (Book: Taking the Lead)
Regan Henry - (Book: Taking, The)
Roxanne Treymayne - (Book: Talk of the Town)
Rebecca Covington - (Book: Talk of the Town)
Rachel Fortier - (Book: Tall, Dark and Cajun)
Rebecca Calloway - (Book: Tall, Dark and Cranky)
Rose Davenport - (Book: Tall, Dark and Difficult)
Rebecca Raeburn - (Book: Taming of Shaw McCade)
Rita Barone - (Book: Taming the Beastly MD)
Romy Winner - (Book: Taming the Last Acosta)
Romy Winner - (Book: Taming the Last Acosta (large print))
Rebecca Cardwell - (Book: Tangled)
Rachel Chandler - (Book: Tangled Lies)
Roxy - (Book: Tanner)
Rana Sterling - (Book: Taste of Passion, A)
Rayne Rose - (Book: Taste of Texas, A)
Rose Fairburn - (Book: Tastes of Love & Evil)
Rose Anderson - (Book: Teardrop Lane)
Rosalind Van Straatan - (Book: Tell Me No Lies)
Raven York - (Book: Temporarily Texan)
Rosemary Devering - (Book: Temporary Duke, The)
Riley Palmer - (Book: Temporary Rancher)
Riley Palmer - (Book: Temporary Rancher (large print))
Rose - (Book: Temptation)
Rachel - (Book: Temptation Game, The)
Rachel - (Book: Temptation Game, The (UK))
Rosalia Armstrong - (Book: Temptation in a Kilt)
Rosanna - (Book: Temptation Trap, The)
Rachel Davidson - (Book: Temptation's Sting)
Reagan Llewellyn - (Book: Temptation's Tender Kiss)
Renee Goodchild - (Book: Tempted to Touch)
Riley Jenson - (Book: Tempting Evil)
Robin Stuart - (Book: Tempting the Devil)
Raelynd Schellden - (Book: Tempting the Highlander)
Rosaleen Fleming - (Book: Temptress)
Rebecca Kenny - (Book: Tender Ecstasy)
Roslynn Chadwick - (Book: Tender Rebel)
Roslynn Chadwick - (Book: Tender Rebel (ebook))
Rachel Steele - (Book: Tender Victory)
Rachel Fleming - (Book: Tent For Two)
Rosemarie - (Book: Texan's Choice, A)
Rachel Rivers - (Book: Texas Bride)
Rachel Kearney - (Book: Texas Passion)
Rachel Rutledge - (Book: Texas Proud)
Rainey Adams - (Book: Texas Rain)
Rose Vincent - (Book: Texas Ranger Dad)
Rose Wainwright - (Book: Texas Rose)
Rachel McKinsey - (Book: Texas Triumph)
Rebecca Geroux - (Book: Texas-Made Family, A )
Roberta Jewett - (Book: That Camden Summer)
Roberta Jewett - (Book: That Camden Summer (reprint))
Rachel Hathaway - (Book: That Hathaway Woman)
Roberta Malcolm - (Book: That Malcolm Girl)
Rachel Frye - (Book: That New York Minute)
Rachel Frye - (Book: That New York Minute (large print))
Rayne Walker - (Book: That Summer At American Beach)
Rachel Zook - (Book: Thee I Love)
Roxy O'Malley - (Book: Their Million-Dollar Night)
Reba Grant - (Book: Their Miracle Baby)
Rachel Marsden - (Book: Their New-Found Family)
Reese Newcastle - (Book: Their Very Special Gift)
Regina Bliss - (Book: Then Comes Marriage)
Rebecca Fraser - (Book: There Never Was a Time)
Roxanne Barrington - (Book: These Golden Pleasures)
Rebecca Cottrell - (Book: This Land, This Love)
Ryan Swan - (Book: This Magic Moment)
Rebecca Merideth - (Book: This Raging Flower)
Ranna - (Book: Thorn of Love)
Rose Kauffman - (Book: Thorn, The)
Rachelle Macquinet - (Book: Threads of Silk)
Rae Lindsay - (Book: Through The Fire)
Rae Lindsay - (Book: Through the Fire (reissue))
Rachel McTavish - (Book: Through the Smoke)
Reggie - (Book: Through the Veil (ebook))
River Purcell - (Book: Thrown Down)
Roxanne Carmichael - (Book: Thunder Horse Redemption)
Ria Lavender - (Book: Tidings of Great Joy)
Rachel - (Book: Tie that Binds, The)
Robin Bauer - (Book: Tigers by Night)
Robin Farrell - (Book: Till September)
Rachel Ann Warren - (Book: Till the End of Time)
Rachel Moore - (Book: Timber Baron's Virgin Bride, The)
Rachel Moore - (Book: Timber Baron's Virgin Bride, The (UK))
Rebecca Woodburn - (Book: Timberline)
Rachel Culver - (Book: Time For Us, A)
Rachel Culver - (Book: Time For Us, A (large print))
Rainey Saunders - (Book: Time Out)
Robyn Delany - (Book: Timeless)
Roslyn Loring - (Book: To Bed a Beauty)
Roseanna Cahill - (Book: To Believe (Hardcover))
Rachel Avery - (Book: To Catch a Ghost)
Ruby Deveraux - (Book: To Crave a Blood Moon)
Ruby Deveraux - (Book: To Crave a Blood Moon (reissue))
Rachel Wade - (Book: To Have & To Hold)
Rachel Wade - (Book: To Have and To Hold (reissue))
Ronni Melrose - (Book: To Love Again)
Rebecca - (Book: To Love an Eagle)
Rachel Davis - (Book: To Love You More)
Roxane Forrestor
Roxane Forrestor
- (Book: To Please a Lady)
Rachel Everly - (Book: To Wed a Rancher)
Rachel Everly - (Book: To Wed a Rancher (large print))
Rosalind Stuart
Clara Fell
- (Book: Toblethorpe Manor)
Rosalind Stuart
Clara Fell
- (Book: Toblethorpe Manor (reissue))
Rosie Jensen - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Rennie Young - (Book: Too Good to Be True)
Rita Clarkson - (Book: Too Hot to Handle)
Roberta - (Book: Too Scared to Love (UK))
Raven Pierre - (Book: Top Gun Guardian)
Raven Pierre - (Book: Top Gun Guardian (large print))
Reina Fleming - (Book: Touch if you Dare)
Raina St. James - (Book: Touch of Heaven)
Rachel Storm - (Book: Touch of Merry, A)
Rebecca Cromwell - (Book: Touch of Paradise)
Rachel Hudson - (Book: Touch of Texas)
Remy O'Malley - (Book: Touched)
Rachel Austin - (Book: Touchstone)
Rebecca Mallory - (Book: Tougher Than Diamonds (ebook))
Rain - (Book: Training Rain (ebook))
Riley Hale - (Book: Trauma Plan)
Rebecca Small - (Book: Treasured (ebook))
Rachel Lesley - (Book: Trial Marriage, A)
Rachel Lesley - (Book: Trial Marriage, A (Collector's Edition))
Robyn - (Book: Trial of Innocence)
Robyn Morley - (Book: Trial of Innocence (UK))
Renee Parcell - (Book: Trinity)
Rita O'Casey - (Book: Trouble in Paradise)
Raine Benares - (Book: Trouble with Demons, The)
Rocky Monroe - (Book: Trouble with Love, The)
Rory Macintosh - (Book: True (ebook))
Rory Macintosh - (Book: True (paperback))
Rumer Larkin - (Book: True Blue)
Rebecca Marston - (Book: Trust to Chance)
Rachel Fredrick - (Book: Truth or Dare)
Rosie - (Book: Turn Down Service (ebook))
Rochelle Marks - (Book: Turn Me Loose)
Rachel McRae - (Book: Twelve Days)
Raine Chandler - (Book: Twelve-gauge Guardian)
Rachel Quinn - (Book: Twice in a Lifetime)
Rhiannon - (Book: Twilight Memories)
Rachel Chase - (Book: Tycoon Who Healed Her Heart, The)
Rachel Chase - (Book: Tycoon Who Healed Her Heart, The (large print))
Roseanne McVey - (Book: Tyler's Woman)
Rachel - (Book: Ultimate Betrayal, The)
Rahab - (Book: Unashamed)
Roderica Delamore - (Book: Uncertain Magic)
Roderica Delamore - (Book: Uncertain Magic (reissue))
Rachel Hill - (Book: Uncommon Passion)
Rachel Williams - (Book: Undeniable)
Rachel Malone - (Book: Undeniable)
Rebecca Day - (Book: Under an Adirondack Sky)
Rachel Flores - (Book: Under Fire)
Raine Montgomery - (Book: Under the Microscope)
Rachel Grunwald - (Book: Undercover Bride: A Year of Living Dangerously)
Rachel Goforth - (Book: Undercover Dad)
Rianna Sullivan - (Book: Undercover Virgin)
Regina Morrisey - (Book: Undomesticated Wife, An)
Ray Vereker - (Book: Unexpected (reprint))
Rainelle Devonwood - (Book: Unexpected Bride, The)
Reese Michael - (Book: Unexpected Wedding Guest, The)
Rachel Lansing - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Riley Stone - (Book: Unforgettable)
Rachel Summerfield - (Book: Unforgettable Love (ebook))
Rese Barrett - (Book: Unforgotten)
Rhiannon Jenkins - (Book: Unguarded)
Renny Piccione - (Book: Unkindness of Raven, An)
Rachel Dillion - (Book: Unlikely Dad (ebook))
Ronnie Carter - (Book: Unlikely Mommy, An)
Rebecca - (Book: Unspoken Desire)
Rachel Gibson - (Book: Unspoken Fear)
Rachel Parrish - (Book: Unspoken Vows)
Ruth - (Book: Unspoken Years, The)
Roseleen White - (Book: Until Forever)
Roseleen White - (Book: Until Forever (ebook))
Rachel Grey - (Book: Until He Met Rachel)
Renee Kemp - (Book: Until The End of Time)
Rickie Taylor - (Book: Until There Was You)
Rosamund Bolton - (Book: Until You)
Risa Remington - (Book: Untouched)
Rosy - (Book: Unwanted Wedding)
Rebecca Page - (Book: Up Against the Wall)
Rosanna Redhill - (Book: Up in Flames)
Rowen O'Connor - (Book: Urban Sensation)
Rhiannon Melissa Taylor - (Book: Used-To-Be It Girl)
Rosalind Thorne - (Book: Useful Woman, A)
Ronnie Clark - (Book: Valentine's Arrangement, The (ebook))
Ronnie Clark - (Book: Valentine's Arrangement, The (paperback))
Rebecca Chamberlin - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
Reedrek - (Book: Vampire's Seduction, The)
Rosa Ferrer/Jessica Croft - (Book: Vampires At Heart (Anthology))
Renata - (Book: Veil of Midnight)
Rosina Charlton - (Book: Veiled Bride, The)
Rosina Charlton - (Book: Veiled Bride, The (UK))
Raven MacCennon - (Book: Velvet Deception)
Rachel Greer - (Book: Venus Envy)
Rochelle LeClair - (Book: View of the River, A)
Reyna the Dane - (Book: Viking Warrior)
Rhiannon - (Book: Viking's Woman, The)
Rhiannon - (Book: Viking's Woman, The (reissue))
Raquel Santiago - (Book: Virgin and Her Bodyguard, The)
Romi Grayson - (Book: Virgin for His Prize, A)
Ruby Clemenger - (Book: Virgin For The Taking, A)
Rebecca Powell - (Book: Virgin Mistress, The)
Rachel - (Book: Virgin Spring, The)
Roxanne Costain - (Book: Virgin's Heart, The)
Rebecca Mercer - (Book: Virginia Bride)
Rebecca Wilde - (Book: Virginia Vixen)
Raine Covington - (Book: Virtually Perfect)
Rhia - (Book: Voice of Crow)
Reesa Hawke - (Book: Vortex)
Rosalyn Harcourt - (Book: Vow of Deception)
Rosie - (Book: Vow, a Ring, a Baby Ring, A)
Rosalind Winslow - (Book: Wagered Miss Winslow, The)
Rebecca Parrish - (Book: Wagered Widow, The)
Rachel de Luca - (Book: Wake to Darkness)
Ramsey Clark - (Book: Waking Evil)
Robbie Fisher - (Book: Waking Up (ebook))
Rachel Brodie - (Book: Walk Into the Flame)
Regan Doyle - (Book: Walker's Widow)
Rochelle Weiss - (Book: Walking Home)
Ryder - (Book: Wanted: Wild Thing)
Rhona - (Book: Warrior Bride, The)
Rini Herelius - (Book: Warrior's Bride)
Rhiannon Ruthven - (Book: Warrior's Lady)
Rikki - (Book: Water Bound )
Ree O'Connor - (Book: Waterborne)
Ruth - (Book: Waterfalls Of The Moon, The)
Rachel Hudson - (Book: Waterford Point)
Raeanne Martin - (Book: Way of the Wolf)
Riley Addison - (Book: We've Got Tonight)
Rachel Penniston - (Book: Web of Deception)
Rachel Bliss - (Book: Wedded Bliss)
Roselynne Moreley - (Book: Wedding Day Vows)
Rachel Meredith - (Book: Wedding Night Revenge)
Rachel Sinclair - (Book: Wedding Promise, The)
Rosemary Brinson - (Book: Wedding Quilt, The)
Rachel Cresswell - (Book: Wedding Wish, The)
Reagan - (Book: Welcome to Harmony)
Rachel Miller - (Book: Werewolf in Alaska)
Roz Wells - (Book: Werewolf Upstairs, The)
Rianne Kierney - (Book: Western Enchantress)
Rocki Bangli - (Book: Weston)
Rachel Winslow - (Book: What He's Been Missing)
Roxanne Hastings - (Book: What I Really Want To Do Is Direct)
Reese Chaplin - (Book: What Matters Most)
Rachel Anderson White - (Book: What the Doctor Ordered)
Rachel Robinson - (Book: What the Librarian Did)
Rebecca Morris - (Book: When Good Wishes Go Bad)
Rachel Anderson - (Book: When Hearts Collide)
Reese Ellis - (Book: When I'm Gone)
Rachel Saxon - (Book: When Lightening Strikes Twice)
Rose Danvers - (Book: When Seducing a Duke)
Rachel Curtis - (Book: When Stars Collide)
Rebecca Thornton - (Book: When the Storm Breaks: A Novel)
Reese - (Book: When You're Back)
Raven - (Book: Where Eagles Soar)
Rosalie Belleau - (Book: Where Passion Leads)
Rose Thurston - (Book: Where The River Flows)
Rose Delancey - (Book: Which Twin?)
Rox - (Book: Whisper Kiss)
Rosa Corretti - (Book: Whisper of Disgrace, A)
Rosa Corretti - (Book: Whisper of Disgrace, A (large print))
Rosalie - (Book: Whisper on the Wind, A)
Rachel Mattson - (Book: Whisper to Me (ebook))
Robyn Richards - (Book: Whispers of Love)
Rebecca - (Book: Whispers of Moonlight)
Renee Gray - (Book: White Christmas in Dry Creek)
Reed - (Book: White Deception)
Rachel Jessop - (Book: White Heat)
Renait O’Brien - (Book: White Vengeance)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: White Witch, Black Curse (Hardcover))
Rachel Morgan - (Book: White Witch, Black Curse (paperback))
Rette, Jen and Avery - (Book: Who You Know)
Ruby Bell - (Book: Why Resist a Rebel?)
Renae - (Book: Wicked : Sleeping With Secrets)
Rachel Linden - (Book: Wicked All Night (ebook novella))
Rebekah Blake - (Book: Wicked Beat)
Rhiannon Castle - (Book: Wicked Magic)
Regina Dodson - (Book: Wicked Pleasures)
Rachel Terhune - (Book: Widow Woman)
Ruby Denby Rumford - (Book: Widowed Bride, The)
Rebecca Hunt - (Book: Wife at Kimbara, A)
Ruby Hollingford - (Book: Wife Campaign, The)
Rebecca - (Book: Wife for Hire)
Rosie - (Book: Wife of Convenience, A)
Rowena Wright - (Book: Wild for the Sheriff)
Rowena Wright - (Book: Wild for the Sheriff (large print))
Rebecca Cavenaugh - (Book: Wild Highland Rose)
Randi Terhune - (Book: Wild Honey)
Retha - (Book: Wild Indigo)
Rachel Dempsey - (Book: Wild Innocence)
Rachael Lospostos - (Book: Wild Rain)
Rose Marie Jacguard - (Book: Wild Rose)
Rosamund St. Helm - (Book: Wild Rose, The)
Rylie Powell - (Book: Wild Sight, The)
Rachel Clairborne - (Book: Wild Surrender, A)
Rachel Clairborne - (Book: Wild Surrender, A (large print))
Rose McMurray - (Book: Wild Texas Rose)
Rose MacDonald - (Book: Wild Texas Rose)
Rebekah Tate - (Book: Wild Texas Wind)
Robin McKenna - (Book: Wild Thing (ebook))
Raven - (Book: Wild Wolf)
Renate Bachle - (Book: Wildcard)
Rowena Dangerfield - (Book: Wildest Heart (reprint))
Rowena Dangerfield - (Book: Wildest Heart, The)
Rosie Peacock - (Book: Will She Or Won't She)
Rafe Pierce - (Book: Willow (Hardcover))
Ripple - (Book: Wingin' It)
Regan MacLaren - (Book: Wings of Morning)
Rhoda Byler - (Book: Winnowing Season, The)
Rhoda Lantz - (Book: Winter of Wishes, A)
Rosalind Merrifield - (Book: Winterburn's Rose)
Rachel March - (Book: Wish Upon a Star)
Robin Price - (Book: Wishing on Willows)
Rachel Morgan - (Book: Witch with No Name, The (hardcover))
Roxanne Peters - (Book: With The M.D...At the Altar?)
Rebecca Campbell - (Book: With This Kiss)
Rayne Fegan - (Book: With This Kiss)
Rose Hart - (Book: With This Ring)
Rhine Ellery - (Book: Wither)
Robin Strand - (Book: Witness on the Run)
Rosie Mulvehey - (Book: Wives of Bowie Stone, The)
Rosalind de la Fontaine - (Book: Wizard's Daughter, The)
Rachel Fortune - (Book: Wolf and the Dove, The)
Rachel - (Book: Wolf At the Door)
Rachel Stone - (Book: Wolf Creek Homecoming)
Raven Montgomerie - (Book: Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, A)
Rebecca 'Becky' Wade - (Book: Woman's Touch, A)
Rebecca Wade - (Book: Woman's Touch, A (reissue))
Rahab - (Book: Women of the Bible: Rahab’s Story)
Ro - (Book: Wonderboy)
Rachel Hewitt - (Book: World is a Stage, The)
Raven Barrancourt - (Book: Wrap Me in Splendor)
Rachelle Dushane-Macquinet - (Book: Written On Silk)
Rachel Hamilton - (Book: Wrong for Me)
Rachel Tolliver - (Book: Wyoming Woman)
Rhia Duke - (Book: Wystan (ebook))
Rachel Fairchild - (Book: Yankee Earl)
Rachel Montgomery - (Book: Yankee's Lady)
Rosie - (Book: Yesterday's Echoes)
Rosie - (Book: Yesterday's Echoes (Collector's Edition))
Rose Golightly - (Book: Yorkshire (ebook))
Rachel - (Book: You Had Me at Hello)
Rachel Wells - (Book: You Made Me Love You)
Rachel McAllister - (Book: You're Still the One)
Rachel Long - (Book: Yuletide Defender)
Rose Dubois - (Book: Zach)
Roxie Stanley - (Book: Zero Control)


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