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Sweetest Dark, The
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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with T

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Taylor Jackson - (Book: 14)
Tess O'Mara - (Book: 2000 Kisses)
Treva Jordan - (Book: 4th of July, The)
Teri Polgar - (Book: 74 Seaside Avenue)
Talaith - (Book: About a Dragon (reprint))
Tessa Preston - (Book: Accidental Dragon, The)
Thalassa - (Book: Across a Wine-Dark Sea)
Trudy Baxter - (Book: Acting on Impulse)
Toni Gresham - (Book: Adam's Outlaw)
Tamara (T.C.) Cole - (Book: Addicted To Nick)
Tatum Brandt - (Book: Aflame (ebook))
Tessa - (Book: After)
Taylor Hendricks - (Book: After Dark)
Tessa - (Book: After Ever Happy)
Trinity Warren - (Book: After the Christmas Party...)
Tessa - (Book: After We Collided)
Tessa - (Book: After We Fell)
Tessa Kramer - (Book: Aftermath)
Tyne Jensen - (Book: Again)
Tess Bradshaw - (Book: Agent's Proposition, The)
Treasure McGlavrin - (Book: Alabama Twilight)
Tess DeLucca - (Book: All a Man Can Do)
Toni Davis - (Book: All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire)
Talia Marchand - (Book: All I Want Is Forever)
Terra Froese - (Book: All In One Place)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: All the Pretty Girls)
Taylor Smithton - (Book: Almost a Family)
Tabitha Timmons - (Book: Along Came a Duke)
Tallulah Lavender - (Book: Along Came Jones)
Trina Bledstone - (Book: Already Home (ebook novella))
Tori Matthews - (Book: Always a Knight)
Tess Cameron - (Book: Always Friday)
Temple Gordon - (Book: American Dreams (reprint))
Tracy Bodmin - (Book: American Duchess, The)
Tina Savalas - (Book: An Offer She Can't Refuse)
Tina Savalas - (Book: An Offer She Can't Refuse (large print))
Tressa Jayne Turner - (Book: Anchor's Aweigh)
Tibbie Buchanan - (Book: Angel in Marble)
Tess - (Book: Angel's Wish, An)
Marchioness of Stowe
- (Book: Angel's Wish, An)
Taj - (Book: Angels on Sunset Boulevard (Hardcover))
Taj - (Book: Angels on Sunset Boulevard (paperback))
Tallie Savas - (Book: Antonides Marriage Deal, The)
Tess Stuart - (Book: Apache Summer)
Tess Stuart - (Book: Apache Summer (reissue))
Tracy Tannin - (Book: Aphrodite's Passion)
Taylor James - (Book: Apollo's Fault )
Tess Delaney - (Book: Apple Orchard, The)
Timothia Dulverton - (Book: Ardent Friendship, An)
Teddy Edwards - (Book: Are You Lonesome Tonight?)
Tabitha March - (Book: Arousing Suspicion)
Thea Orville - (Book: Artistic License)
Tessa James - (Book: Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead)
Tess Gordon - (Book: Assignment: Baby)
Trish McAllister - (Book: At Midnight)
Tessa Winters - (Book: Atonement)
Tara Montgomery - (Book: Autumn Dove)
Theodora Meredith - (Book: Autumn Vows)
Theryssa - (Book: Avar's Prize)
Therese - (Book: Avenging Angel)
Tammi - (Book: Awake Savage Heart)
Taylor Reid - (Book: Awaken To Pleasure)
Toby Morris - (Book: Babe in Toyland)
Tess - (Book: Baby Battalion)
Tess - (Book: Baby Battalion (large print))
Trish DeVign - (Book: Baby by Design)
Tallie Shanahan - (Book: Baby Love)
Taylor Robinson - (Book: Baby's Cry, A)
Tatiana Fox - (Book: Baby, Baby)
Tabitha Talbot - (Book: Baby, Be Mine)
Thea Marshall - (Book: Baby, It's Cold Outside)
Tara - (Book: Back in His Arms)
Tessa Delacantro - (Book: Back In the Bedroom)
Tiffany Cheung - (Book: Back to the Good Fortune Cafe)
Tiffany Cheung - (Book: Back to the Good Fortune Cafe (large print))
Tara Wharton - (Book: Back Where She Belongs)
Tara Wharton - (Book: Back Where She Belongs (large print))
Tara Pickett - (Book: Backseat Mistress )
Taylor McCoy - (Book: Badlands Bad Boy)
Temperance Jones - (Book: Banking On Temperance)
Trish Monroe - (Book: Bare Knuckle (ebook))
Tessa Galloway - (Book: Barefoot by the Sea)
Tammy Cooper - (Book: Barely Behaving)
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Barely Bewitched)
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Barely Bewitched (reprint))
Tess Bartlett - (Book: Basic Training)
Tess Bartlett - (Book: Basic Training)
Tess Beaumont - (Book: Bayou Moon)
Tara LeBlanc - (Book: Bayou Paradox)
Tyler Spencer - (Book: Be My Valentine (ebook))
Teresa Hamilton - (Book: Be With Me)
Tori Bay - (Book: Bear Claw Bodyguard)
Tori Bay - (Book: Bear Claw Bodyguard (large print))
Tabitha Garwood - (Book: Bear Necessities)
Taylor McCabe - (Book: Because of the List)
Taylor McCabe - (Book: Because of the List (large print))
Thalia Lennox - (Book: Bedding Proposal, The)
Tina Deluca - (Book: Bedroom Secrets)
Tessa - (Book: Before)
Teresa Knight - (Book: Beg Me)
TJ Lipton - (Book: Begging for it (ebook))
Taiyler Richardson - (Book: Behind Those Eyes)
Terry Ryan - (Book: Beholden)
Tessa St. James - (Book: Believe)
Tessa St. James - (Book: Believe (reissue))
Tori Chambers - (Book: Believe in Me (ebook))
Tara Jacobs - (Book: Belong to Me)
Tara Jacobs - (Book: Belong to Me (reprint))
Tira Beck - (Book: Beloved)
Tira Beck - (Book: Beloved (UK))
Tessa Sheridan - (Book: Below the Surface (ebook))
Taylor Landis - (Book: Beneath the Badge)
Traci Maguire - (Book: Best Intentions)
Tori - (Book: Best Thing, The (ebook))
Tallie Jones - (Book: Betrayal (hardcover))
Tamra Winter Hawk - (Book: Betrayed Birthright)
Theodora - (Book: Betrothed to the Barbarian)
Tessa Jamison - (Book: Betting On Santa)
Titania Danforth - (Book: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea)
Thandie Shaw - (Book: Beyond the Velvet Rope)
Tanzy Harrington - (Book: Big Bad Wolf Tells All, The)
Tessa Madison - (Book: Big Sky Cowboy)
Tara Kendall - (Book: Big Sky River)
Tessa Wilson - (Book: Billionaire Boss's Bride, The)
Tabitha Reece - (Book: Billionaire's Contract Bride, The)
Tara McAllister - (Book: Binding Vows)
Tessa Daniel - (Book: Birthright)
Té Hayes - (Book: Bite Of Magick, A)
Tannis Robbins - (Book: Bittersweet Betrayal)
Teddy Riley - (Book: Bittersweet Love, A)
Tess Leighton - (Book: Black Rose, The)
Teresa Danville - (Book: Black Sheep's Daughter, The (Hardcover))
Tammy - (Book: Black Widow)
Tess Gannon - (Book: Blaze)
Tess Corday - (Book: Bleeding Out)
Tess Monterey - (Book: Blood Bytes (ebook))
Tiya - (Book: Blood of an Angel)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Blood Orange Brewing)
Tessa Gray - (Book: Blood Sins)
Toni Parthen - (Book: Bloodline War, The )
Thorn St. Croix - (Book: Bloodring)
Tyler St. Claire - (Book: Bloodstone )
TJ Barton - (Book: Blown Away)
Toinette Blue - (Book: Body and Soul)
Tess Trevor - (Book: Born for This Love)
Tyra Eteocles - (Book: Born of Fire (ebook))
Tyra Eteocles - (Book: Born of Fire (reissue))
Taryn Webster - (Book: Boss and His Secretary, The)
Taryn Webster - (Book: Boss and His Secretary, The)
Taryn Webster - (Book: Boss and His Secretary, The [Large Print])
Tegan Fielding - (Book: Boss's Christmas Baby, The)
Tory Lloyd - (Book: Boss's Secret Mistress, The)
Terrie - (Book: Bound Hearts - Seduction)
Tess - (Book: Bound Hearts - Surrender)
Tally Raines - (Book: Bound Hearts - Wicked Intent)
Timmie Leary - (Book: Brain Dead)
Teresa Loudenberry - (Book: Breaking News)
Tori Baldwin - (Book: Breathing His Air)
Tessa Montiefiori - (Book: Bride for Daddy, A)
Tally Spencer - (Book: Bride for Real)
Tally Spencer - (Book: Bride for Real (large print))
Tempest Templeton - (Book: Bride Gone Bad)
Tara Fox - (Book: Bride of the Night)
Tara Hill - (Book: Bride of the Tiger)
Tara Davidson - (Book: Bride Says Maybe, The)
Tess Morgan & Megan Danbury - (Book: Bride Too Many, One
Groom to Go, One)
Tory Bradbury - (Book: Bride Worth Waiting For, A)
Tessa Lorimer - (Book: Bride's Bodyguard, The)
Tessa Lorimer - (Book: Bride's Bodyguard, The (reissue))
Tyler Stewart - (Book: Bride's Protector, The)
Tessa - (Book: Brides of Durango: Tessa)
Tuesday Eastwood - (Book: Broken Open)
Tess Benson - (Book: Building Dreams)
Tonya Bloom - (Book: Built for Love (ebook))
Tate - (Book: Bully (ebook))
Tanya Harris - (Book: Bungalow 2)
Temple Longworth - (Book: Burning Love)
Terra August - (Book: Burning Love)
Terry and Kerry McAfee - (Book: Butcher of Beverly Hills, The)
Tessa - (Book: By Invitation Only)
Torrey Green - (Book: CaddyGirls (ebook))
Taylor Shepard - (Book: Cadence Creek Christmas, A (large print))
Tressa Jayne Turner - (Book: Calamity Jane Goes to College)
Tressa Jayne Turner - (Book: Calamity Jayne)
Tressa Jayne Turner - (Book: Calamity Jayne Heads West)
Tressa Jayne Turner - (Book: Calamity Jayne Rides Again)
Tala - (Book: Call Of The Moon)
Tara Flannigan - (Book: Call of the White Wolf)
Tinklee Pinkerton - (Book: Call Sign Karma)
Tess Brady - (Book: Callaghan's Bride)
Tess Brady - (Book: Callaghan's Bride (UK-Hardcover))
Tara Jean Sweet - (Book: Can't Buy Me Love)
Tanya Kennedy - (Book: Can't Deny Love)
Taylor Reed - (Book: Can't Resist a Cowboy)
Tandy - (Book: Candelabra)
Trinity Mason - (Book: Candleshine)
Tess Morgan - (Book: Captive)
Teela Warren - (Book: Captive)
Tory Bodeen - (Book: Carolina Moon)
Tory Bodeen - (Book: Carolina Moon (hardcover))
Theresa Phillips - (Book: Caroselli's Christmas Baby)
Tess Haviland - (Book: Carriage House)
Tess Haviland - (Book: Carriage House, The (reissue))
Tracey Moran - (Book: Case for Love, A)
Tabitha Harvey - (Book: Case of the Confirmed Bachelor, The)
Tabitha Harvey - (Book: Case of the Confirmed Bachelor, The (Hardcover))
Tess Meriwether - (Book: Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The)
Tess Meriwether - (Book: Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (Hardcover))
Tess Meriwether - (Book: Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (reissue))
Tanya Black - (Book: Casting the First Stone)
Tammy Jo - (Book: Casually Cursed)
Tabby Brockman - (Book: Catch a Rising Star)
Tess Laing - (Book: Cattleman's Ready-Made Family, The (large print))
Toni Crawford - (Book: Caught)
Tracy - (Book: Caught Up In The Rapture)
Taylor McInytre - (Book: Cavanaugh Code, The)
Tiana Drummond - (Book: Cavanaugh Undercover)
Tessa Camen - (Book: Challenge, The)
Topaz Marshall - (Book: Challenging Dante)
Topaz Marshall - (Book: Challenging Dante (large print))
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Chamomile Mourning)
Tiberia - (Book: Champion, The)
Talihina Montgomery - (Book: Chance In Time, A)
Ty Stannard - (Book: Chance Meeting)
Tess - (Book: Chance Worth Taking, A)
Tyler - (Book: Charade)
Tenley Marshall - (Book: Charmer, The)
Theodosia Elston - (Book: Charming Imposter, The)
Tamsyn - (Book: Chase A Green Shadow)
Tess Sinclair - (Book: Chasing A Dream)
Theodora Gordon - (Book: Cherish the Dream)
Tracy Kent - (Book: Cherish This Moment)
Tyla Templeton - (Book: Child of the Night)
Thea Quinn - (Book: Child to Care For, A (UK))
Tammy - (Book: Children's Doctor and the Single Mom, The)
Troth Mei-Lian Montgomery - (Book: China Bride, The)
Tegan - (Book: Choose Your Shot (ebook))
Toni - (Book: Christmas Bride)
Tilly - (Book: Christmas Bride, The)
Tilly - (Book: Christmas Bride, The (UK edition))
Thea - (Book: Christmas Eve Marriage)
Teddy Spencer - (Book: Christmas Fantasy)
T.J. Amberley - (Book: Christmas Knight)
Tess Armstrong - (Book: Christmas Marriage, A)
Tilda Morrison - (Book: Christmas on Candy Cane Lane)
Theodora - (Book: Christmas Pearl, The (Hardcover))
Trudy - (Book: Christmas Spirit, The)
Tina Alexander - (Book: Cinderella Scandal, The)
Theresa Black - (Book: Claim the Night)
Trista of Earth - (Book: Claimed)
Tamara Jacoby - (Book: Clandestine Cover-Up)
Tenley Page - (Book: Clipped Wings)
Tessa Gray - (Book: Clockwork Angel (hardcover))
Tessa Gray - (Book: Clockwork Angel (paperback))
Tessa Gray - (Book: Clockwork Prince (hardcover))
Tessa Gray - (Book: Clockwork Prince (paperback))
Tessa Gray - (Book: Clockwork Princess (hardcover))
Tanya Ruston - (Book: Close Quarters)
Tanya Ruston - (Book: Close Quarters (reprint))
Trisha - (Book: Closely Held Secrets)
Tessa Woods - (Book: Colby Core)
Tawny-Lynn Boulder - (Book: Cold Case at Camden Crossing)
Tara Mackey - (Book: Cold Case Cop)
Tess Claybourne - (Book: Cold Creek Homecoming, A)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: Cold Room, The)
Tessa Carlyle - (Book: Come As You Are)
Ted Carmichael - (Book: Come Into My Parlor)
Trisha Jameson - (Book: Come What May)
Tessa Scuderi - (Book: Comeback Kiss, The)
Thea Clark - (Book: Comfort of Favorite Things, The)
Teagan O'Brien - (Book: Coming Apart at the Seams)
Tasha Sebastian, Captain - (Book: Command Performance)
Teri Stewart - (Book: Company We Keep, The)
Teresa Lennon - (Book: Compassionate Love)
Tahlia Edwards - (Book: Confession, The (ebook))
Thalia Langley - (Book: Confessions of a Little Black Gown)
Tess Romero - (Book: Conquest)
Talia Roberts - (Book: Consenting Adults)
Tressa Oliver - (Book: Contradictions)
Tess - (Book: Convenient Husband, A)
Tori LaFleur - (Book: Cop Next Door, The)
Tessa Riordan - (Book: Corset Diaries, The)
Tara - (Book: Count Maxime's Virgin)
Theo Becket - (Book: Courting Midnight)
Theodora Radlett - (Book: Cousins of a Kind (reissue))
Theodora Radlett - (Book: Cousins of a Kind (UK))
Trish Delacourt - (Book: Cowboy and the New Year's Baby, The)
Tegan McReed - (Book: Cowboy Homecoming)
Talia Ardmore - (Book: Cowboy in Her Stocking, A (ebook))
Taylor Manning - (Book: Cowboy's Lady, A)
Trish - (Book: Cowboy's Pride, The)
Tempest Thornbury - (Book: Cowboys Soldier's Sons, The)
Tess Vega - (Book: Cowgirl, Say Yes)
Tammie Gardner - (Book: Cradle of Secrets)
Taylor Stevens - (Book: Crazy For Lovin' You)
Taylor Stevens - (Book: Crazy for Lovin' You (reissue))
Tricia McCall - (Book: Creed's Honor)
Tara Peterson - (Book: Critical Condition)
Tara Peterson - (Book: Critical Condition (large print))
Teresa Rodriguez - (Book: Crossfire Christmas)
Tess Lockwood - (Book: Crossroads)
Teresa Drake - (Book: Crystal Caress)
Tenley Page - (Book: Cupcakes and Ink (ebook))
Tessa Conway - (Book: Cutting Edge, The)
Trish Dawson - (Book: Cutting Loose)
Tanya Bledso - (Book: Daddy Audition, The)
Terryn - (Book: Damaged Goods)
Toria - (Book: Damien's Destiny)
Trish Grayson Taylor - (Book: Dandelion Bride)
Tess Graver - (Book: Danger in a Small Town)
Tierney Doyle - (Book: Danger Signals)
Tori Corbett - (Book: Dangerous Deception)
Trish Franklin - (Book: Dangerous Game)
Tory - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Tea de Luca - (Book: Dante's Ultimate Gamble)
Tawny - (Book: Daring in the Dark)
Tawny - (Book: Daring in the Dark (UK))
Taite Gibson - (Book: Daring the Moon)
Tara of Gaelf - (Book: Dark Emerald)
Tara of Gaelf - (Book: Dark Emerald (reissue))
Tempest - (Book: Dark Fire)
Teagan Joanes - (Book: Dark Ghost (hardcover))
Tessa Noble-Davenant - (Book: Dark Hunger)
Tala Channing - (Book: Dark Lies)
Tatijana - (Book: Dark Lycan (hardcover))
Tatijana - (Book: Dark Lycan (paperback))
Tuala - (Book: Dark Mirror, The)
Tory Falcon - (Book: Dark Side of the Moon, The)
Tabitha Rose - (Book: Dark Victory)
Theodora Morgan - (Book: Dark Watcher)
Telmaine - (Book: Darkborn (paperback))
Tavia Fairchild - (Book: Darker After Midnight (hardcover))
Theodora Lowery - (Book: Darkness Into Night)
Teddi Whitehall - (Book: Darling Enemy)
Teddi Whitehall - (Book: Darling Enemy (reissue))
Tess Norton - (Book: Dash of Temptation, A)
Teresa Scott - (Book: Dateline Matrimony)
Temple Burney - (Book: Dates and Other Nuts)
Tabitha - (Book: Dating Can Be Deadly)
Thalia - (Book: Daughter of Egpyt)
Tamar - (Book: Daughter Of Satan)
Truth Wyman - (Book: Daylight Comes)
Tash - (Book: Dead Is The New Black)
Theodora Lestrange - (Book: Dead Travel Fast, The)
Tess Abbott - (Book: Deadline)
Tezra Campbell - (Book: Deadly Liaisons)
Tasha Solomon - (Book: Deadly Web)
Tamara Jennings - (Book: Deadman's Bluff)
Tamara Jennings - (Book: Deadman's Bluff (large print))
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Death by Darjeeling (Hardcover))
Tannis - (Book: Death Defying (ebook))
Tara Holloway - (Book: Death, Taxes and a French Manicure)
Tara Holloway - (Book: Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte)
Tara Holloway - (Book: Death, Taxes and Extra-Hold Hairspray)
Tara Holloway - (Book: Death, Taxes and Green Tea Ice Cream)
Tara Holloway - (Book: Death, Taxes and Hot Pink Leg Warmers)
Tara Holloway - (Book: Death, Taxes and Peach Sangria)
Templar - (Book: Deceit of a Pagan)
Templar - (Book: Deceit of a Pagan (UK))
Terri Powers - (Book: Deception)
The Pink Carnation - (Book: Deception of the Emerald Ring, The)
Tiffany Renaud - (Book: Deceptive Desires)
Tori - (Book: Declan and Tori)
Trixie Greenly/Hannah Reed - (Book: Deep Red)
Trinity Ewing - (Book: Deeper than Need)
Tate Justice - (Book: Defeat the Darkness)
Tessa Camry - (Book: Defender For Hire)
Tessa Camry - (Book: Defender For Hire (large print))
Tia St. Claire - (Book: Defying Desire)
Therese Hunter - (Book: Desert Dreams)
Taylor McKade - (Book: Desert Ice Daddy)
Tamara Weston - (Book: Desert King's Bejewelled Bride, The)
Tamara Weston - (Book: Desert King's Bejewelled Bride, The (UK))
Tilda - (Book: Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife, The)
Teresa - (Book: Desired)
Tess Smith - (Book: Desperado Lawman)
Tyler Hansen - (Book: Desperate Deeds)
Tessa Belanger - (Book: Desperate Game, A)
Talley Robinson - (Book: Desperate Hearts)
Tess Romero - (Book: Destination: Love)
Tess Harper - (Book: Destiny Awaits)
Tiffany Rhodes - (Book: Devil's Gambit)
Taylor Michaelson - (Book: Diamond in the Sky)
Terri - (Book: Diamond Place )
Theodora Radlett - (Book: Diamond Waterfall, The)
Teri Nordstrom - (Book: Diamond Willow)
Tara Sullivan - (Book: Difficult Woman, A)
Tabby Glover - (Book: Dimitrakos Proposition, The)
Tate Cross - (Book: Dirty Deeds)
Tamara Eliot - (Book: Dirty for Me)
Talaith - (Book: Distressing Damsel, The)
Tammy Jean Elrod - (Book: Ditchwalkers, The)
Theresa Jacobs - (Book: Do Me Right)
Talia Driscoll - (Book: Do Not Disturb (ebook))
Tina Blayne - (Book: Doctor's Forever Family, The)
Tania Pulaski - (Book: Doctor's Secret, A)
Tory Duncan - (Book: Don't Forget to Smile)
Tia Martell - (Book: Double Image)
Toni Maxwell - (Book: Double the Thrill)
Taine - (Book: Dragon's Fire, The)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Dragonwell Dead)
Trisha Eaton - (Book: Drake House, The)
Tansy Appletree - (Book: Dream Daddy)
Tyler Harris - (Book: Dream Maker)
Talia Hall - (Book: Dream of Desire, A)
Theia Alderson - (Book: Dreaming Awake)
Tori Duncan - (Book: Dreaming Dunes, The)
TZ Blake - (Book: Drive Me Crazy)
Tess Menzies - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Triona - (Book: Druid in Flight)
Thea Collins - (Book: Duke's Disaster, The)
Thomasina Pringle - (Book: Dutiful Duke, The)
Tessa Branscombe - (Book: Earl's Forbidden Ward, The)
Tiana Tomlinson - (Book: Easy on the Eyes)
Taylor O'Brien - (Book: Echo in Time, An)
Tess Carson - (Book: Echoes)
Tess Carson - (Book: Echoes)
Tammy Gibson - (Book: Echoes of Yesterday)
Teresa Francis - (Book: Eden Burning)
Teresa Francis - (Book: Eden Burning (reissue))
Teresa - (Book: Edge of Dawn)
Tracey Rooks - (Book: Elect)
Tracey Rooks - (Book: Elite)
Tessa Hardy - (Book: Elusive Consultant, The)
Tamsin Greene - (Book: Enchanted Warrior)
Tracy Santiago - (Book: Ending in Marriage)
Tyler St. James - (Book: Enemy Mine)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: English Breakfast Murder)
Tamara - (Book: Escape from Desire)
Tori Avalon - (Book: Eternal Vows)
Tatiana Sinclair - (Book: Eternally Bound (ebook))
Tori Riley - (Book: Even In The Darkness)
Tess McKenzie - (Book: Even the Score (ebook))
Tia Gray - (Book: Every Road to You)
Taylor Maxell - (Book: Every Waking Moment)
Tess - (Book: Every Woman's Dream)
Taylor McIntyre - (Book: Everybody's Hero)
Tory Patton - (Book: Exclusive)
Tovah Connelly - (Book: Exit Light)
Tory Patton - (Book: Exposed)
Tori Sharp - (Book: Exposure Behind Closed Doors)
Tabitha Graham - (Book: Fabulous Beast)
Tania - (Book: Faery Queen (paperback))
Theresa Falconetti - (Book: Fair Play)
Talitha Rowen - (Book: Fairest of them All)
Theadosia Barrington - (Book: Falcon's Bride, The)
Tamara - (Book: Falcon's Lady)
Teresa Ryder - (Book: Fallen: Dominic (ebook))
Tess Kendrick - (Book: Falling For The Heiress)
Theia Alderson - (Book: Falling Under)
Theodora Thornfield - (Book: False Impressions)
Trisha Holiday - (Book: Family Affair, An (hardcover))
Terry Monteverde - (Book: Family At Last, A)
Tess Morgan - (Book: Family for Keeps)
Talia - (Book: Family Fortunes)
Tiffany Santini - (Book: Family Kind of Gal, A)
Tracey West - (Book: Family Portrait, A (ebook))
Tori Rouchard - (Book: Family Tradition)
Tamara Houston - (Book: Father in the Middle)
Tessa Hamilton - (Book: Father's Heart , A)
Taleah Taylor - (Book: Fearless Hearts)
Toni Wright - (Book: Feel The Fire)
Tabitha Fenwick - (Book: Felidae)
Taryn Warner - (Book: Feral Sins)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: Field of Graves (hardcover))
Trilby Elliot - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Tori Sandoval - (Book: Finding Her Home)
Tyra Cunningham - (Book: Finding Mr. Right)
Tess Masterson - (Book: Fire Dancer)
Teagan O'Malley - (Book: Fire Me Up)
Tessa Doherty - (Book: Fireman's Christmas, The)
Taryn Young - (Book: Firewall)
Tess Monahan - (Book: First Comes Love)
Timmie O'Neill - (Book: First Sight (hardcover))
Taylor Angel - (Book: Five's A Crowd)
Tess Corday - (Book: Flash of Hex, A)
Tess Bailey - (Book: Flashpoint)
Tamara Briggs - (Book: Flat-Out Sexy)
Tamara Briggs - (Book: Flat-out Sexy (mass market reissue))
Thea Stafford - (Book: Fleeing Heiress, The)
Tanya Reeves - (Book: Flirting With Destiny)
Tate Baxter - (Book: Flynn)
Trinity Standish - (Book: Fool Me Twice)
Toby Wyndam - (Book: For All Time (hardcover))
Terese Warwick - (Book: For Love and Family)
Terese Warwick - (Book: For Love and Family (reissue))
Tonya Kappes - (Book: For the Bear's Eyes Only)
Thalassa - (Book: For the Taking)
Taryn Oliver - (Book: Forever After)
Tess Foster - (Book: Forever Angels)
Tania Orlinov - (Book: Forever Dream, The)
Trinity McCabe - (Book: Forgiving Trinity (ebook))
Tamsin - (Book: Fortune's Folly)
Therese Bondurant - (Book: Freedom to Love (ebook))
Tabby - (Book: Frenchman's Love-Child, The)
Tessa Grant - (Book: Fresh-Start Ranch)
Tessa Grant - (Book: Fresh-Start Ranch (large print))
Tamera Stevens - (Book: From Boardroom to Wedding Bed?)
Thea Dauntry - (Book: From Dirt to Diamonds)
Thea Dauntry - (Book: From Dirt to Diamonds (large print))
Tatiana - (Book: From Russia With Love)
Talia Rostova - (Book: Frostbound)
Tana Roberts - (Book: Full Circle)
Tess - (Book: Fur For All)
Tania Solares - (Book: Fury of Seduction)
Tyler Laine - (Book: Gabriel West: Still the One)
Tara Marcus - (Book: Games Girls Play)
Tasha “Sass” Sebastian - (Book: Games of Command)
Tessa Rutledge - (Book: Games, The)
Tricia McKinnon - (Book: Gargoyle's Christmas)
Tessa Marasdottir - (Book: Garnets or Bust (ebook))
Taylor O'Quinn - (Book: Gentleman Rancher, The)
Taylor O'Quinn - (Book: Gentleman Rancher, The (reissue))
Tessa White - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Tawny Wade - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Teri Malllory - (Book: Ghost Touch)
Tressa Jayne Turner - (Book: Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun)
Traci Nettleton - (Book: Girl, a Guy and a Ghost, A)
Tally Addison - (Book: Give Me Fever)
Tabitha Sackroyd - (Book: Glass Palace, The)
Teagan Harper - (Book: Glimpse of the Dream, A)
Trudy Marino - (Book: Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue, The)
Tressie Majors - (Book: Goldspun Promises)
Tessa Donovan - (Book: Good Girls Don't)
Trixie LaRoux - (Book: Good, the Bad and the Vampire, The)
The Gossip Queens - (Book: Gossip Queens, The)
Tess Brownlow - (Book: Grand Passion, The)
Tessa Jardine - (Book: Great Catch, A)
Tanya Angelapoulos - (Book: Greek Doctor Claims His Bride, The)
Tessa Marlowe - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife, The)
Tessa Marlowe - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife, The (UK))
Tracey Sullivan - (Book: Greek Villa, The)
Tina Matheson - (Book: Greek's Bought Bride, The)
Tanya Chesterfield - (Book: Groom Under Fire)
Tasha Lancer - (Book: Guarded Moments)
Talia McKenzie - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Gunpowder Green)
Tara Lee - (Book: Guy I Left Behind, The)
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Halfway Hexed)
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Halfway Hexed (reprint))
Ty McAllister - (Book: Hand In Glove)
Tessa Novak - (Book: Hard Evidence)
Trisha Malloy - (Book: Harder They Fall, The)
Tessa Roarke - (Book: Harvest Moon)
Trinity Nichols - (Book: Haunted (hardcover))
Tula Barrons - (Book: Have Baby, Need Billioniare)
Tessa Stanridge - (Book: Healing Hearts)
Tiana - (Book: Heart Fire)
Taqla - (Book: Heart of Flame)
Tara Parnell - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Tabitha Fell - (Book: Heart of the Falcon)
Tayla Hampton - (Book: Heart of the Phoenix)
Tracy - (Book: Heartbreak Hotel)
Tracy Potter - (Book: Heartbreak Hotel (reprint))
Tellie Maddox - (Book: Heartbreaker)
Tellie Maddox - (Book: Heartbreaker (reissue))
Truvy Valentine - (Book: Hearts)
Terry Flanagan - (Book: Hearts Afire)
Teresa Bragette Proschaud - (Book: Hearts Divided)
Tracy Coleman - (Book: Heat is On, The (ebook))
Tamsin Armstrong - (Book: Heather Moon, The)
Teri Taylor - (Book: Heaven Can Wait)
Tonia Fuller - (Book: Heaving Bosoms (ebook))
Torie Sands - (Book: Heir's Proposal, The)
Torie Sands - (Book: Heir's Proposal, The (large print))
Trista Nash - (Book: Heiress of Hyde Park, The)
Tory Hoffstra - (Book: Hello, Doggy!)
Tessa Alligon - (Book: Her Commander)
Tracy Hinton - (Book: Her Hard to Resist Husband (eBook))
Tiffany Gentry - (Book: Her Heart's Desire)
Tess Kelly - (Book: Her Impossible Boss (UK))
Taryn Scott - (Book: Her Mysterious Stranger)
Tilly Floret - (Book: Her Only Desire)
Teresa Coretti - (Book: Her Return to King's Bed)
Tessa McGuiry - (Book: Her Second Chance)
Trina Molner - (Book: Her Sister's Keeper)
Tess Kinley - (Book: Here Comes the Bride)
Tessa Craig - (Book: Herself)
Tricia Campbell - (Book: Hidden)
Theodosia Kyte - (Book: Hidden Flame)
Tara Kinsale - (Book: Hiding Place, The)
Tanya Wells - (Book: High Gear)
Tamsyn Masters - (Book: High Price of Secrets, The)
Tory Carson - (Book: High-Risk Reunion)
Tempest Lambert - (Book: High-Society Mistress)
Torri Hamilton - (Book: Highland Dream)
Tess Delgado - (Book: Highland Hearts (reissue))
Triona McKee - (Book: Highland Master)
Tara Griffin - (Book: Highland Wolf)
Thalia Marsh - (Book: Highly Irregular Footman, A (UK))
Tamara Kincaid - (Book: His Black Sheep Bride)
Taylor Waters - (Book: His Callahan Bride's Baby)
Thomasena Bates - (Book: His Christmas Proposal (UK))
Tacy Jones - (Book: His Cowgirl Bride)
Tess Ullo - (Book: His Forever Girl)
Tarini Schaskylavitch - (Book: His Kind of Trouble)
Tara York - (Book: His Majesty, M. D.)
Tiree - (Book: His Mistress's Secret)
Tallulah Duncan - (Book: His Trouble in Tallulah (ebook))
Tess Masterson - (Book: His Unexpected Bride)
Trelenny Storwoods - (Book: Holiday in Bath)
Terry Redding - (Book: Home Fires)
Tess Garrick - (Book: Home Fires Burning Bright)
Tara Hastings - (Book: Home to Texas)
Tess Dalton - (Book: Home to the Cowboy)
Tess Cameron - (Book: Home-Grown Husband)
Tessa Hargrave - (Book: Homecoming)
Theresa Thaleman - (Book: Honor Besieged)
Theda - (Book: Honor's Price)
Tressa Neill - (Book: Hopeful Heart, A)
Thorn St. Croix - (Book: Host)
Tamara - (Book: Hostage Bride, The)
Turner Hastings - (Book: Hot)
Taylor Kincaid - (Book: Hot Ice)
Taylor Kincaid - (Book: Hot Ice (reissue))
Thea Mitchell - (Book: Hot Moves)
Tess Elliot - (Book: Hot Off The Press)
Taylor O'Toole - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Tamara Contreras - (Book: Hot Tamara)
Tracie Hill - (Book: Hot, Wicked and Wild (ebook))
Tessa McKenzie - (Book: House on Main Street)
Tatum Woods - (Book: How to Kill Your Boss (ebook))
Tessa Mansfield - (Book: How to Marry a Duke)
Teresa Finch-Freeworth - (Book: How to Marry a Highlander)
Tatyana - (Book: Hunter)
Tori McAdams - (Book: Hunters: The Beginning)
Twyla McCabe - (Book: Husband For HIre)
Taylor - (Book: Husband Hunting (ebook))
Tess Tennant - (Book: I Remember You)
Taylor Halstead - (Book: I'll Be Watching You)
Tess - (Book: I'm Not Her)
Tanya Kirova - (Book: Ice King, The)
Tanya Kirova - (Book: Ice King, The (UK))
Tayra, the Princess of Glacid - (Book: Icy Hot)
Tricia Page - (Book: Ideal Choice, The)
Tess Crabtree - (Book: If I had You)
Tara Reeves - (Book: If Looks Could Chill)
Townsend Grey - (Book: If This Be Magic)
Teresa Farr - (Book: If You Ever Tell)
Troy Bennett - (Book: Illegal Possession (reprint))
Tobie - (Book: Images Of Love)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: Immortals, The)
Thea Neville - (Book: Improper Arrangement, An)
Teresa Morales - (Book: In a Doctor's Arms)
Tatyana - (Book: In Fields of Freedom)
Trudy Rousseau - (Book: In Her Soul)
Tori - (Book: In Love With the Bronc Rider)
Trudy Bell - (Book: In Sheep's Clothing)
Tess Daniels - (Book: In the Italian's Bed)
Talisa London - (Book: In The Light Of Love)
Tori Sullivan - (Book: In This Town)
Tori Sullivan - (Book: In This Town (large print))
Tally Cruise - (Book: In Too Deep)
Tia Manning - (Book: Indivisible)
Tielle - (Book: Indulge Me Tonight)
Tess Corday - (Book: Infernal Affairs)
Tess Corday - (Book: Inhuman Resources)
Terry Durant - (Book: Inlet of the Heart)
Tamara Clarkson - (Book: Innuendo)
Tamara Clarkson - (Book: Innuendo)
Trella - (Book: Inside (Inside Out / Outside In))
Trella - (Book: Inside Out)
Tia Avery - (Book: Intentional Mistake)
Tara McNiven - (Book: Interrupted Lullaby)
Trisha Redman - (Book: Intimate Prescription)
Tyana Berezovsky - (Book: Into The Mist)
Tess Robertson - (Book: Into the Night)
Therese de Bourgerre - (Book: Intriguing Desire, An)
Taylor Carmichael - (Book: Invitation to Sin, An)
Taylor Carmichael - (Book: Invitation to Sin, An (large print))
Teresa Lewis - (Book: Ironic)
Taylor Steele - (Book: Irresistible Forces)
Tory Sanderson - (Book: Island Heat)
Toni Kimball - (Book: Island Rendezvous)
Tilly Snapp - (Book: It Happened In South Beach)
Thomasina de Ballesteros - (Book: It Happened One Midnight)
Thea Bell - (Book: It Takes Three)
Tory Caswell - (Book: It's About Time)
Taylor Adamson - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Marriage Command, The)
Thawn Carlton - (Book: Jade Tide)
Tammy Anderson - (Book: Jaguar Hunt)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Jasmine Moon Murder, The)
Traci Garrett - (Book: Joshua and the Cowgirl)
Traci Garrett - (Book: Joshua and the Cowgirl (reissue))
Tessa - (Book: Joshua's Mistake (ebook))
Tessie Gallagher - (Book: Journey to Desire)
Tess Cameron - (Book: Journey to Sand Castle)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: Judas Kiss)
Tracey Woods - (Book: June in Winter)
Theadora von Hochstein - (Book: June Love)
Tabitha Everheart - (Book: Just One Look)
Treasure Barrett - (Book: Just Say Yes)
Taylor Donovan - (Book: Just the Sexiest Man Alive)
Trinity Carlson - (Book: Just What I Needed)
Tristanne Barbery - (Book: Katrakis's Sweet Prize)
Taylor Bisset - (Book: Key West Heat)
Tate Baxter - (Book: Kidnapped!)
Taylor Jones - (Book: Killer Focus)
Tara Alladyce - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Thorne Somerset - (Book: King of Swords)
Tamsin Lodge - (Book: King's Damsel, The)
Tru Hubbard - (Book: Kismet)
Theodosia Devreaux - (Book: Kiss An Angel)
Tabby Rogers - (Book: Kiss and Make Up)
Tabby Rogers - (Book: Kiss and Make Up (ebook))
Trinity Harpswell - (Book: Kiss at Your Own Risk)
Tess Culver - (Book: Kiss of Crimson)
Tawny Blair - (Book: Kiss of Fire)
Thorn Ferrel - (Book: Kiss Of The Wolf)
Tess Somerville - (Book: Kiss, The)
Trisha Stewart - (Book: Kisses and Kids)
Teena Crow - (Book: Klondike Medicine Woman)
Trish Becker - (Book: Ladies Man)
Tess Morgan - (Book: Lady and the Cop, The)
Tabitha Eckles - (Book: Lady in the Mist)
Tala ap Griffin - (Book: Lady of the Lake)
Thea Hunt - (Book: Lady Valiant)
Tayce Adlington - (Book: Lady's Deception, A)
Theresa Weller - (Book: Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior, A)
Tracy Kuger - (Book: Lair's Moon)
Thea - (Book: Land of Dreams)
Tessa Sinclair - (Book: Landon)
Tessie Miller - (Book: Last Bride, The)
Tess Bonney - (Book: Last Buccaneer, The (reissue))
Tamara Jones - (Book: Last Good Kiss, The )
Toby - (Book: Last Key, The)
Taylor Reese - (Book: Last Landry, The)
Taylor Phillips - (Book: Last of the Joeville Lovers)
Terry Evans - (Book: Last Reilly Standing, The)
Tracy - (Book: Last Ten Percent, The)
Tasha Smith - (Book: Last to Know, The)
Torrance Watson - (Book: Last Wolf Standing)
Tilly - (Book: Last-Minute Proposal)
Tate Monroe - (Book: Lawman and the Lady, The)
Trish Claybourne - (Book: Lawman's Little Surprise, The)
Tracey Von Axel - (Book: Lazaridis Marriage, The)
Terry Caputo - (Book: Le Club)
Tessa Williams - (Book: Leave Me Breathless (ebook))
Tanith Page - (Book: Leopard Tree, The)
Tate Winslow - (Book: Let Me In)
Teri Carter - (Book: Let's Meet on Platform 8)
Tina Henderson - (Book: Letting Loose!)
Trisha O'Malley - (Book: Light Up the Night)
Tempest Whitney-King - (Book: Lightning Strikes Twice)
Thomasina Purnell - (Book: Like No One Else)
Tibby Mack - (Book: Linked By Love)
Thea - (Book: Lion's Bride)
Tori Morgan - (Book: Little Light Magic, A)
Thea Lockhart - (Book: Littlest Witness, The)
Tiffany Ennis - (Book: Live For Me)
Tehya Talamosi - (Book: Live Wire)
Tamara - (Book: Llewellyn's Song)
Trixie Dunaway - (Book: Logan's Child)
Tilly Quentin - (Book: London Lodgings)
Tess Marsh - (Book: Lone Rider)
Tara Winslow - (Book: Lone Star Surrender)
Tess Holbrook - (Book: Long Awaited Child, The)
Tessa Whitfield - (Book: Long Time Coming)
Tessa Whitfield - (Book: Long Time Coming (Hardcover- Large Print))
Taryn Burnham - (Book: Lord Kingsford's Quest)
Taryn - (Book: Lord of the Hunt)
Taryn Quinn - (Book: Losing Control)
Tara Jean Dobbs - (Book: Lost (ebook))
Tricia Wright - (Book: Lost In Sensation)
Tess Whistle - (Book: Lost It)
Thena Cooke - (Book: Lotus Blooming)
Talia Sagourin - (Book: Love and Lies)
Toby Thomas - (Book: Love and Other Surprises)
True - (Book: Love Follows the Heart)
Tallulah Quincy Pettifore - (Book: Love in High Gear)
Tully Sullivan - (Book: Love in the Time of Dragons)
Tai - (Book: Love Like Hallelujah)
Tess Hamilton - (Book: Love Me Before Dawn)
Trina Trimble - (Book: Love on the Boardwalk (ebook))
Tangela Howard - (Book: Love on the Rocks)
Tina Braddock - (Book: Love One Another)
Trinity Kingston - (Book: Love so Splendid, A)
Tracey Hamilton - (Book: Love To Cherish, A)
Taryn Mitchell - (Book: Love Unrehearsed)
Taryn Mitchell - (Book: Love Unscripted)
Tessa Garrett - (Book: Love Worth Keeping)
True - (Book: Love's Enduring Hope)
Taysie and Rho Lassiter - (Book: Love's Promenade)
Thorgunna - (Book: Love's Second Sight (ebook))
Tara - (Book: Loved By A Warrior)
Topaz - (Book: Lover's Bite)
Tykira Lowery - (Book: Lover's Pretense, A)
Tess Warfield - (Book: Lovers Forever)
Tess Madeville - (Book: Lovers Forever (reprint))
Theresa - (Book: Loving Deceiver)
Tasha Flynn - (Book: Loving You)
Trinity MacKenna - (Book: Luke: Armed and Dangerous)
Tess Meyers - (Book: Luke: The Cowboy Heir )
Tessa McGuire - (Book: Lullaby for Two)
Thea Martin - (Book: Lyon's Bride)
Tessa MacFindlaech - (Book: Macbeth's Niece)
Tracy Hall - (Book: Macnamara and Hall)
Tamara Allistair - (Book: MacNamara's Woman)
Teddi Gallo - (Book: Mafia Chic)
Tessa Gabriel - (Book: Maggie's Guardian)
Tempest - (Book: Magical Memories)
Tamara Kendle - (Book: Magnate's Marriage Demand, The)
Tara - (Book: Magnate's Mistress, The)
Tillie Reese - (Book: Maid to Match (Hardcover))
Tillie Reese - (Book: Maid to Match (Trade))
Tassie - (Book: Major and the Pickpocket, The)
Taylor Daniels - (Book: Make Believe Engagement)
Tate Ellison - (Book: Make It Last)
Tori Lyons - (Book: Make Me Over)
Taylor Travini - (Book: Make No Promises)
Thea Danelle - (Book: Makeover Mistake, The (ebook))
Tate Murphy - (Book: Making Chase)
Tessa Dalton - (Book: Making Waves)
Taylor Gayle - (Book: Male Wanted (ebook))
Tori Carr - (Book: Man Called Jesse, A)
Tory Kent - (Book: Man from Forever, The)
Taylor Matthews - (Book: Man from High Mountain, The)
Taylor Dundee - (Book: Man From Texas, The)
Taylor Dundee - (Book: Man From Texas, The (Large Print))
Tanya Rattling Blanket - (Book: Man of Distinction, A)
Tamara Wolcott - (Book: Man of Fortune)
Tessa Lang - (Book: Man Of His Word)
Therese Matheson - (Book: Man to Hold On To, A)
Tara Richards - (Book: Man Undercover)
Tessa Darwin - (Book: Man's Best Friend)
Tiffy Yorke - (Book: Marquess and Miss Yorke, The)
Tory - (Book: Marriage Agreement, The (reissue))
Tally Spencer - (Book: Marriage Betrayal, The)
Tally Spencer - (Book: Marriage Betrayal, The (large print))
Tamara Fontaine - (Book: Marriage of Convenience, A)
Talia Gibson - (Book: Marriage of Revenge)
Tess Lucas - (Book: Marriage Solution, The)
Tara Montgomery - (Book: Marriage Solution, The)
Tess Montoya - (Book: Marriage-Minded Man, A)
Taylor McGuire - (Book: Married for a Month )
Tess Hamlin - (Book: Married in Haste)
Thea Howard - (Book: Marry in Haste)
Thea Sinclair - (Book: Marrying Max (ebook))
Toria Tryon - (Book: Marrying Nicky)
Tang Qi - (Book: Mask, The)
Tessia - (Book: Master of Desire)
Tamar - (Book: Master Of Falcon's Head)
Tarian of Trent - (Book: Master of Torment)
Taylor Anne Larsen - (Book: Match Made in Wyoming)
Tabitha Bell - (Book: Matchless Romance, A (ebook))
Taylor Bowen, Doctor - (Book: Matter Of Trust , A)
Tori Jones - (Book: McFarlane's Perfect Bride)
Tatum McGillus - (Book: McGillus V. Wright)
T. J. Coventry - (Book: McIntyre And Coventry (ebook))
Tamara King - (Book: McQueen's Heat)
Teal Anderson - (Book: Melancholy Baby)
Tess Bishop - (Book: Memory's Embrace)
Tess Bishop - (Book: Memory's Embrace (reissue))
Tess Bishop - (Book: Memory's Embrace (reissue))
Trinity Yeager - (Book: Mercenaries)
Trinity Yeager - (Book: Mercenaries (reissue))
Tansy Gerard - (Book: Mercy)
Tess Patterson - (Book: Mermaid Collector, The)
Tess Patterson - (Book: Mermaid Collector, The)
Theresa Osborne - (Book: Message in the Bottle)
Taylor Wellington - (Book: Messing with Mac)
Terri Weldon - (Book: Michael's Angel)
Tasia - (Book: Midnight Angel)
Tatiana Madison-Forster - (Book: Midnight Shadows)
Tara - (Book: Midnight's Warrior)
Tru Bennett - (Book: Mighty Storm, The)
Trish James - (Book: Millionaire Meets His Match, The)
Tess MacDonald - (Book: Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Taylor Chase - (Book: Mind Games)
Talin McKade - (Book: Mine to Possess)
Tessa Rose - (Book: Mine Until Morning)
Tessa Darby - (Book: Miss Darby's Debut)
Teresa Seton - (Book: Miss Seton's Sonata)
Truelove Becket - (Book: Miss Truelove Beckons)
Taige Branch - (Book: Missing, The)
Taige Branch - (Book: Missing, The (mass market reissue))
Tori Amhearst - (Book: Mistake She Made, The)
Tracy Hall - (Book: Mom In Waiting)
Tessa Abbot - (Book: Mommy Undercover)
Tab Willows - (Book: Montana Midwife)
Tab Willows - (Book: Montana Midwife (large print))
Tara O'Malley - (Book: Moonlight in Paris)
Tess Smiley - (Book: More than a Marriage (ebook))
Tasmin MacGreggor - (Book: Morgan's Woman)
Temple Banning - (Book: Morning After, The)
Tatiana - (Book: Most Reckless Lady, A)
Theodora Langston - (Book: Most Unusual Match, A)
Tess Hardington - (Book: Mostly Mayhem)
Tyra Masters - (Book: Motorcycle Man)
Theodora Waverton - (Book: Mr. Ravensworth's Ward)
Tinnie MacAieth - (Book: Mrs. Claus and the Viking (ebook))
Tess Fonteneau - (Book: Much Ado About Rogues)
Tess Essex - (Book: Much Ado About You)
Teddy - (Book: Murder, Mayhem, Mistletoe (ebook))
Theresa Nichols - (Book: Must Love Dragons)
Tess Maguire - (Book: My Baby, Your Child)
Tash Sinclair - (Book: My Boyfriend and Other Enemies)
Taylor Caldwell - (Book: My Favorite Mistake)
Trulie Sinclair - (Book: My Highland Lover (ebook))
Tanis - (Book: My Only Love, My Only Hate)
Theresa Jean - (Book: My Phony Valentine)
Tory Evans - (Book: My Sister, Myself)
Tess Mays - (Book: My Sister, Myself)
Tess Mays - (Book: My Sister, Myself (UK))
Tashi Pendleton - (Book: My So-Called Boyfriend)
Theodosia Burr - (Book: My Theodosia)
Tess Renfrew - (Book: My Timeswept Heart)
Trish Devlin - (Book: Mystique)
Tony Rumalati - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - Feels So Right)
Tessa McAllen - (Book: Need You Tonight)
Tracy McBride - (Book: Never Enough)
Torie Bradshaw - (Book: Never Say Never)
Talia Stevens - (Book: Never Until Tomorrow (ebook))
Taffeta Brown - (Book: New Leaf)
Tricia Williams - (Book: New Life, A)
Thea Glenheim - (Book: New Man in Town)
Tillie Brennan - (Book: Next Year's Blonde)
Tess Corday - (Book: Night Child)
Tara Duvall - (Book: Night Driving)
Teddie - (Book: Night Moves)
Tafaline - (Book: Night Visitor)
Tess - (Book: Night's Honor)
Trinity Ward - (Book: Nightmaster)
Takala Rainwater - (Book: Nightwalker)
Tori Adams - (Book: Nine Months' Notice)
Tranquilla Caden - (Book: No Greater Pleasure)
Trina Woods - (Book: No Ordinary Love)
Tamara Ledford - (Book: No Red Roses)
Tamara Ledford - (Book: No Red Roses)
Tasha Riordan - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Tiffany Desjardins - (Book: Nobody's Princess)
Tammie - (Book: North Atlantic Nights)
Tessa Bellingham - (Book: Northern Encounter)
Tansy Wellington - (Book: Northern Renegade)
the Lady Marguerite - (Book: Norwyck's Lady)
Traci Evans - (Book: Not Even If You Begged)
Tess Hamilton - (Book: Not So Snow White)
Tempest McClaren - (Book: Not So Wild a Dream)
Tessa Marsden - (Book: Not Without My Child)
Tallie Bishop - (Book: Nothing But Trouble)
Tatiana - (Book: Now and Forever)
Tara - (Book: Nuworld)
Taylor Summers - (Book: Obsession Falls (hardcover))
Tessa Vandergriff - (Book: Off Kilter)
Tessa Wright - (Book: Off the Map)
Tea Caruso - (Book: Offer He Can't Refuse, An)
Traci Temple - (Book: Old-Fashioned Love, An)
Theresa Ramsey - (Book: On My Terms)
Talia Sizemore - (Book: On The Prowl)
Tracy Walker - (Book: Once a Father)
Tessa Howard - (Book: Once a Lawman)
Tatiana - (Book: Once A Princess)
Tatiana - (Book: Once a Princess (ebook))
Tracy Roper - (Book: Once and Future Wife, The)
Tracy Roper - (Book: Once and Future Wife, The (reissue))
Tess Gregory/Amarylis Rafferty - (Book: Once In Every Life)
Tish Gallagher - (Book: Once Smitten, Twice Shy)
Tess Casari - (Book: Once Tempted)
Tommi Fairchild - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas Eve)
Tracy Ryan - (Book: Once Upon a Matchmaker)
Tucker - (Book: One Bright Star)
Tess Donovan - (Book: One Fiancee to Go Please)
Tessa - (Book: One Golden Hour)
Tiffany Warren - (Book: One Heart to Win (hardcover))
Tiffany Warren - (Book: One Heart to Win (paperback))
Tess Alexander - (Book: One Magic Moment)
Tess Stafford - (Book: One Major Distraction)
Tess Ramsey - (Book: One Man's War)
Taryn Batiste - (Book: One Moment in Time)
Tippy Moore - (Book: One Night in New York (UK))
Tallie - (Book: One Night with His Virgin Mistress)
Tess Tremaine - (Book: One Night, So Pregnant!)
Tabitha Martin - (Book: One Touch More)
Taylor Hanson - (Book: One Who Got Away, The)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Oolong Dead (Hardcover))
Tara Charming - (Book: Other Woman, The)
Tyler Sheridan - (Book: Otherwise Engaged )
Trudy Lynn Brown - (Book: Out Of The Depths)
Toni Cameron - (Book: Out of This World)
Tess Hennessy - (Book: Outlaw's Lady, The)
Theodora Wooton-Devereux - (Book: Outrageous Debutante, The)
Theodora Wooten-Devereux - (Book: Outrageous Debutante, The (UK))
Theodora Wooten-Devereux - (Book: Outrageous Debutante, The (UK- Hardcover- Large Print))
Teri Howe, Lieutenant - (Book: Over the Edge)
Tabitha Allen - (Book: Own the Wind)
Trish Taylor - (Book: Paradise Bay)
Thea Haven - (Book: Parallel Heat)
Tyler Gillette - (Book: Pass Interference)
Teryl Weaver - (Book: Passion)
Tamara Wendell - (Book: Passionate Game)
Theadosia Newell - (Book: Paths of Desire (ebook))
Tilly Quentin - (Book: Paying Guests)
Tania - (Book: Payment Due)
Tania Carter - (Book: Payment Due (UK))
Tomasine Brooks - (Book: Peeping Tom)
Tamsin - (Book: Penrose Treasure, The)
Taylor Hudson - (Book: Perfect Betrayal)
Taryn - (Book: Perfect Formation)
Toni Carlton - (Book: Perfect Frame, A)
Tess - (Book: Perfect Husband, The)
Tullah - (Book: Perfect Marriage Material)
Tara Lincoln - (Book: Perfect Play, The (ebook))
Tara Lincoln - (Book: Perfect Play, The (paperback))
Tess Phillips - (Book: Personal Best)
Terri Mitchell - (Book: Phantom in the Night)
Tara - (Book: Phantom Marriage)
Thea Wyndham - (Book: Place Called Home, A)
Tessa - (Book: Places in the Heart)
Tori Williams - (Book: Player Next Door, The)
Tori Elliot - (Book: Playful Prince, The (ebook))
Tess Johansson - (Book: Playing at Love (ebook))
Tennessee Montgomery - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Tansy Richardson - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Taryn Williams - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Tess Lanier - (Book: Please Remember This)
Temple Grahame - (Book: Pleasure After Hours)
Tanya Taylor - (Book: Pleasure Chest, The)
Tayla Mancuso - (Book: Pleasure Unbound)
Taylor Fielding - (Book: Power Games)
Taylor Fielding & Fate - (Book: Power Games (UK))
Talia Haywood - (Book: Power Play)
Tori - (Book: Power Struggle (ebook))
Tally Fitzsimmons - (Book: Practical Dreamer)
Tess DeMarley - (Book: Practically Married)
Tess DeMarley - (Book: Practically Married (reissue))
Tasha - (Book: Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Toni Fraser - (Book: Presence, The)
Toni MacNally - (Book: Presence, The)
Tarn Desmond - (Book: Price of Retribution, The)
Taylor Stapleton - (Book: Prince Charming)
Tessa Banks - (Book: Prince of Midtown)
Tyra - (Book: Prince of Power)
Tempest - (Book: Prince of Twilight)
Tyler Wood - (Book: Prince's Pleasure (UK))
Crown Princess
- (Book: Princess and Her Pirate, The)
Tess - (Book: Princess at Sea)
Tiffany Blair - (Book: Princess Bride, The)
Tiffany Blair - (Book: Princess Bride, The (Hardcover))
Tatiana Romanovin - (Book: Princess Wore Plaid, The (ebook novella))
Trisha Bains - (Book: Private Confessions)
Terri - (Book: Private Dancer)
Tricia Oxford - (Book: Private Wing, The (Hardcover))
Tizzy Sands - (Book: Probabilities)
Tori - (Book: Prodigal Husband, The)
Teagan Delaney - (Book: Project: Parenthood)
Tierra Braddy - (Book: Promises To a Stallion)
Tamsin Connors - (Book: Protected by the Prince)
Tabitha Beaumont - (Book: Protector's Honor)
Temple Gordon - (Book: Proud and the Free, The)
Tahlia Reynolds - (Book: Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge)
Tahlia Reynolds - (Book: Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge (UK))
Tess Lonigan - (Book: Provocative Proposal, The)
Tama - (Book: Pure Silk)
Tama - (Book: Pure Silk)
Tamsen Littlejohn - (Book: Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn, The)
Taryn McKenna - (Book: Quilted by Christmas)
T.J. Harris - (Book: Rafe's Island)
Theresa Hampstead - (Book: Rag-Mannered Rogue, A)
Tate Whitelaw - (Book: Rancher and the Runaway Bride, The)
Tamara Brown - (Book: Rancher's Redemption)
Thalia Thorne - (Book: Real Cowboy, A)
Tyler Jones - (Book: Real Men Don't Quit (ebook))
Trinity Matthews - (Book: Real Thing, The)
Tara Mason - (Book: Realm of Shadows)
Tara Mason - (Book: Realm of Shadows (reissue))
Tess Montgomery - (Book: Rebel's Treasure)
Toni del Rio - (Book: Reckless Angel)
Tamara Chen - (Book: Reckoning)
Tess Little - (Book: Red)
Tory McKidd - (Book: Red Wolf)
Tess Machado - (Book: Redstone Ever After)
Tate Beaumont - (Book: Reef, The)
Tate Beaumont - (Book: Reef, The (paperback--reprint))
Talan D'urvey - (Book: Rees)
Thea Benedict - (Book: Reigning In The Rancher)
Tanzy Gallant - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Toni Collins - (Book: Remember the Dreams)
Tina Peychaud - (Book: Remembering Jake)
Taryn - (Book: Remembering Red Thunder)
Tippy Moore - (Book: Renegade (Hardcover))
Tippy Moore - (Book: Renegade (Hardcover))
Tippy Moore - (Book: Renegade (reissue))
Tippy Moore - (Book: Renegade (reissue))
Tamara Bennington - (Book: Renegade Texan)
Tamara Bennington - (Book: Renegade Texan (reissue--ebook))
Tracy Lynn Randolph - (Book: Rescued By A Rancher)
Trixie Marsh - (Book: Rescued by the Millionaire)
Tess Clarke - (Book: Rescuing the Heiress)
Tilly Milek - (Book: Reservations for Two)
Tilly Milek - (Book: Reservations for Two (large print))
Tamlyn MacShane - (Book: Restless Knight, A)
Taylor Brannigan - (Book: Restless Wind)
Tasha Simmons - (Book: Return To Emmett's Mill)
Tasha Simmons - (Book: Return to Emmett's Mill (Large Print))
Teri Johnson - (Book: Return to Stony Ridge)
Taylor - (Book: Reunion)
Tabica - (Book: Revealing Skills)
Tara Cole - (Book: Revenge Gifts)
Tanisha Butler, Adrienne Sheppard - (Book: Rich Man's Baby, A)
Tess York - (Book: Rich Man's Vengeful Seduction)
Taylor Hunt - (Book: Ride a Painted Pony)
Tracy Gibbons - (Book: Riding Hard)
Teresa - (Book: Riding the Night)
Taylor Milton - (Book: Right Stuff, The)
Traci Campbell - (Book: Ringing In The Season)
Turquoise Sanchez - (Book: Rio)
Tess Bergen - (Book: Ripple Effect, The)
Tina Henderson - (Book: River to Cross, A)
Tess LaSalle - (Book: Rodeo Man's Daughter, The)
Tanzey Nicole Hunter - (Book: Rolling Thunder)
Trisha Lassiter - (Book: Romancing Cody)
Tempest Daily - (Book: Rooms of the Heart)
Tacita Grantham - (Book: Rosamunda's Revenge)
Thalia - (Book: Roses After Rain)
Taylor Welles - (Book: Royal Pursuit)
Teagan Collins - (Book: Ruby Tuesday (ebook))
Tess Spencer - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Tilly Cole - (Book: Rumor Has It)
Taylor Reed - (Book: Rumor Has It)
Tori Ford - (Book: Run For Covers)
Tori Prescott Ford - (Book: Run for Covers (UK))
Talia Vega - (Book: Run From Fear)
Tasya Flynn - (Book: Run No More)
Tulsa May Bruder - (Book: Runabout)
Tara Brent - (Book: Runaway)
Tara Thompson - (Book: Running for Her Life)
Tara Thompson - (Book: Running for Her Life (large print))
Tasha Gregory - (Book: Running Hot (novella))
Tanya Martin - (Book: Running Interference)
Taylor - (Book: Ruthless Marriage Bid, The)
Tess Court - (Book: Sacred Sins)
Tess Court - (Book: Sacred Sins (hardcover))
Tala Newsome - (Book: Safe at Home)
Tina Harrington - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Tess Marlowe - (Book: Safe Haven)
Trish Eastman - (Book: Safety of His Arms)
Trish Eastman - (Book: Safety of His Arms (reissue))
Tara - (Book: Saga Begins, The)
Tanwen - (Book: Saint Sanguinus)
Trista Emerson - (Book: Same Place, Same Time)
Trista Emerson - (Book: Same Time, Same Place (reissue))
Trisha - (Book: Sandwich Play (ebook))
Tasha Elliot - (Book: Santa's Lap)
Tess Meredith - (Book: Savage Heart, The)
Tess Meredith - (Book: Savage Heart, The)
Tess Meredith - (Book: Savage Heart, The (reissue))
Tiffany Smith - (Book: Saved by the Sheikh!)
Tess Collier - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Tina Bender - (Book: Scandal Sheet)
Tess Buchanan - (Book: Scandalous Return of Jake Walker, The)
Tara Dalton - (Book: Scandals and Secrets)
Teresa Trim - (Book: Scarlet Lady)
Teresa Amelia Loudenberry - (Book: Scoop, The (reprint))
Therese - (Book: Scorsolini Marriage Bargain, The)
Tessa Strahan - (Book: Scottish Rebel, The)
Taylor Kinkaid - (Book: Scottish Rose, The)
Tess - (Book: Scraps of Evidence)
Tolly Lee - (Book: Scrimmage Gone South)
Tara Elliott - (Book: Sealed With A Kiss)
Tucker Houston - (Book: Searching Hearts, The)
Toni Shaw - (Book: Second Chance At Love, A)
Tamara Romero - (Book: Second Chance Fiance'e)
Tess Wheaton - (Book: Second Family, The)
Tatiana Doucet - (Book: Secret Baby Scandal)
Tessa Harlow - (Book: Secret of Everything, The)
Tori Joseph - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
Tory - (Book: Secret Virgin, The)
Tess - (Book: Secrets)
Tina Sharma - (Book: Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage)
Teresa Foscari - (Book: Secrets of a Soprano)
Tess Spencer - (Book: Secrets of Bell River, The)
Thea Cooper - (Book: Secured Mail)
Taylor MacKenzie - (Book: Sedgwick Curse, The)
Terri Wainwright - (Book: Seduced by Innocence)
Toni Langston - (Book: Seducing Simon)
Tara Lyndon - (Book: Seduction Game, The)
Tabitha - (Book: Seize the Night)
Tala - (Book: Selven Refuge)
Toni Starr - (Book: Sensual Strangers)
Thorn St. Croix - (Book: Seraphs)
Tori Rodriquez - (Book: Sex and the South Beach Chicas)
Theresa Fallon - (Book: Sex Drive)
Tyler Welles - (Book: Shades and Shadows)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Shades of Earl Grey)
Talia O'Brien - (Book: Shadow Bound)
Tara Rushing - (Book: Shadow Fall)
Tessa of Delos - (Book: Shadow of Colossus)
Tiana - (Book: Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Fire)
Teal Benaly - (Book: Shadow Surrender)
Telmaine Hearne - (Book: Shadowborn)
Tori Reichourd - (Book: Shadows in Time)
Tess Birdsong - (Book: Shadows of Destiny)
Tess Birdsong - (Book: Shadows of Myth)
Tess Birdsong - (Book: Shadows of Prophecy)
Tessa Hart - (Book: Shaken and Stirred)
Tansy Hampton - (Book: Shattered (ebook))
Tess Lockwood - (Book: Shattered Secrets)
Toni Garette - (Book: Shattered Vows)
Tamika - (Book: She Said, She Said)
Topaz Hathor - (Book: Sheer Madness)
Tally - (Book: Sheikh's Disobedient Bride, The (UK))
Tava Ell Var - (Book: Shifting Plains)
Tav Ell Var - (Book: Shifting Plains (paperback))
Theodosia Winslow - (Book: Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding, The)
Tyler O'Connelli - (Book: Should've Been a Cowboy)
Trinity Green - (Book: Show and Tell)
Tanya - (Book: Show Me)
Terrie Hayden - (Book: Sicilian Husband, A)
Taylor Sommer - (Book: Sicilian's Christmas Bride, The)
Tirsah - (Book: Sighting, The (ebook))
Tracy Harris - (Book: Silence in the Heart, A)
Tempest Boucher - (Book: Silk Confessions)
Tanya Martin - (Book: Silken Savage)
Tess - (Book: Silver Jasmine)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Silver Needle Murder, The (Hardcover))
Tracy Collins - (Book: Silverbridge)
Tori Scott - (Book: Silverhill Christmas, A)
Tessa McGuiry - (Book: Simple Gifts)
Trinity Layton - (Book: Sin City Temptation)
Talia Adams - (Book: Sinful Temptation)
Tricia McBride - (Book: Single Dad's Virgin Wife, The)
Titania Stanhope - (Book: Singular Lady, A)
Tara Crayton - (Book: Sins and Secrets)
Tessa Lonike - (Book: Siren's Call)
Terise O'Neill - (Book: Sister of the Bride)
Treena McCall - (Book: Skintight)
Treena McCall - (Book: Skintight (Large Print))
Treena McCall - (Book: Skintight (reissue-mass market))
Tali - (Book: Slayer, The)
Tessa Marconi - (Book: Slayer, The)
Tracey - (Book: Slightly Engaged)
Tracey Spadolini - (Book: Slightly Married)
Tracey Spadolini - (Book: Slightly Single)
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Slightly Spellbound)
Taylor DeWitt - (Book: Slippery When Wet)
Thea Celik - (Book: Slow Dancing on Price's Pier)
Tuesday Jones - (Book: Slow Ride)
Tess McPhail - (Book: Small Town Girl)
Tess Roussel - (Book: Small-Town Homecoming, A)
Therese Marie - (Book: Smuggler's Heart)
Trista Barrineau - (Book: Snapshots)
Trista Barrineau - (Book: Snapshots)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: So Close the Hand of Death)
Tessa Duvall - (Book: Solo)
Timona Calverson - (Book: Somebody Wonderful)
Theresa Granville - (Book: Someone Like You)
Tanika Davis - (Book: Something Naughty)
Trudy McClung - (Book: Something Special)
Tara Martin - (Book: Something Wild)
Tresa - (Book: Soul So Wicked, A)
Tinsley Cole - (Book: Southern Reason, Western Rhyme)
Tamsin Winter - (Book: Spaniard's Defiant Virgin, The)
Thea - (Book: Spellbinder)
Tierra - (Book: Spellbound)
Tasia - (Book: Spoils Of War)
TJ Maguire - (Book: Spurs & Mistletoe 2: The Harder They Fall )
Treflee Miller - (Book: Spy Who Left Me, The)
Tracey Cotter - (Book: Stand by Your Man)
Tracey Cotter - (Book: Stand By Your Man (reissue))
Tiel McCoy - (Book: Standoff)
Tiel McCoy - (Book: Standoff (reissue))
Temperence Smith - (Book: Star Crossed Seduction)
Terri Blake-Addison - (Book: Steal Away)
Taylor Cabot - (Book: Step by Step)
Tiffany Anderson - (Book: Still Waters)
Tempest Sky - (Book: Stockings (ebook))
Theresa Philips - (Book: Stolen Jewels)
Tania - (Book: Stone Angel)
Tee - (Book: Stop Dragon My Heart Around (ebook))
Toni - (Book: Storm Over Mandargi)
Tabitha Daniel - (Book: Storm Rider)
Thistle Periwinkle - (Book: Storm's Heart)
Taylor Bellman - (Book: Stormy Surrender)
Tessa McBride - (Book: Straight to the Heart)
Tess Nelson - (Book: Stranded in Paradise)
Tessa Randall - (Book: Stranded with the Boss)
Tess Newhart - (Book: Strange Bedpersons)
Tess Newhart - (Book: Strange Bedpersons (reissue))
Tess Newhart - (Book: Strange Bedpersons (reissue))
Tessa Jones - (Book: Stranger and Tessa Jones, The)
Tracy Walker - (Book: Stranger Called Adam, A)
Tempest - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Trinity Matthews - (Book: Strictly Temporary)
Taylor Hannah - (Book: Strike Zone)
Tasha North - (Book: Striking Distance)
Tasha North - (Book: Striking Distance (reissue))
Trudeau Morrison - (Book: Strings Attached (ebook))
Teri Cavanaugh - (Book: Strong Silent Type, The)
Taryn Wilde - (Book: Strong, Silent Type, The)
Tess Taylor - (Book: Stronger Than the Rest (ebook))
T.J. Walker - (Book: Suddenly Family)
Tari Shields - (Book: Sugar Vs. Spice)
Tina Mills - (Book: Sugartown )
Tracy Deloche - (Book: Sunset Bridge)
Tate Dennison - (Book: Surrender to a Donovan)
Trina Martin - (Book: Suspect Groom, The)
Thea Garrett - (Book: Swear by the Moon)
Tory Lancaster - (Book: Sweet Baby)
Theresa Brubaker - (Book: Sweet Memories)
Theresa Brubaker - (Book: Sweet Memories (reissue))
Toni Morley - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Tess Ryan - (Book: Sweet Revenge?)
True Maybank - (Book: Sweet Talk Me)
Tempest Swift - (Book: Sweet Tempest)
Tibby Mack - (Book: Sweet Tibby Mack)
Tilly Anderson - (Book: Sweet Tilly (Hardcover))
Tranquility Hartford - (Book: Sweet Tranquility)
Tiffani Chase-Lake - (Book: Sweetest Kiss, The)
Tara Daniels - (Book: Sweetest Thing, The)
Taryn Hall - (Book: Sweetheart Racket, The)
Tallulah Trent - (Book: T is For Temptation)
Tabitha Crawley - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight)
Tabitha - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (reissue))
Tabitha Crawley - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (reissue))
Tabitha Crawley - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (UK))
Tabitha Crawley - (Book: Tabitha in Moonlight (UK-reissue))
Tabitha Herbert - (Book: Tabitha's Tangle)
Taylor Redd - (Book: Tailored for Trouble)
Terri Whalen - (Book: Tailspin)
Tuesday - (Book: Tainted Hearts (ebook))
Troy Smith - (Book: Take Her Man)
Talia - (Book: Take Me)
Tracy Marx - (Book: Take Me Again)
Tamra Day - (Book: Take Me All the Way)
Tamara - (Book: Take Me Home)
Talia Levine - (Book: Taking Fire)
Tabby - (Book: Talking For Two)
Tessa O'Neal - (Book: Tall, Dark and Daring)
Terri Simpson - (Book: Tall, Dark and Hungry)
Tallas Somerset - (Book: Tallie's Hero)
Tallie Robinson - (Book: Tallie's Knight)
Tallulah West - (Book: Tallulahland)
Tara - (Book: Taming Tara (ebook))
Tessa Seaton - (Book: Taming Tessa)
Tess Morgan-Hayworth - (Book: Taming the Texan)
Tammy Byrd - (Book: Tammy and the Doctor)
Taneika - (Book: Taneika: Daughter of the Wolf)
Tory Martin - (Book: Tangled Lives)
Tori Patterson - (Book: Tanled in Texas)
Tracy Williams - (Book: Tao of Sex, The)
Tara - (Book: Tara The Great)
Tara Larson - (Book: Tara's Child)
Tarah - (Book: Tarah's Lesson)
Toya Reinhart - (Book: Taste of Honey, A)
Tori Sheridan - (Book: Taste Of Paradise, A)
Tatya Kalinskaya - (Book: Tatya's Story)
Tina Milano - (Book: Tea for Two)
Theodosia Browning - (Book: Teaberry Strangler, The (Hardcover))
Tegan - (Book: Tear You Apart)
Tears Like Rain - (Book: Tears Like Rain)
Tess Wakefield - (Book: Tease)
Tessa Logan - (Book: Tell Me No Lies)
Tyanna Montgomery - (Book: Tell Me You Love Me)
Tempest Maguire - (Book: Tempest Rising (hardcover))
Trish Henderson - (Book: Tempt Me Tonight)
Temperance O'Neil - (Book: Temptation)
Tess - (Book: Tempted, The)
Tina Coretti Reilly - (Book: Tempting Mrs Reilly, The)
Tara McBride - (Book: Tempting Tara)
Taylor Barwick - (Book: Tempting Taylor)
Tess Fontana - (Book: Tempting Tess)
Tansy Tamerlane - (Book: Tenacious Miss Tamerlane, The)
Toni Kendall - (Book: Tender Is the Night)
Tess Lindsay - (Book: Tess and the Highlander)
Tessa - (Book: Tessa Ever After)
Tessa Wyndham - (Book: Tessa's Child)
Toni Casale - (Book: Texan Returns, A)
Thomasina Tyler - (Book: Texan's Reluctant Bride, The)
Tabitha Tyler - (Book: Texan's Suite Romance, The )
Teresa Tyler - (Book: Texan's Tiny Dilemma, The)
Talleha - (Book: Texas Captive)
Tanya Kimbrough - (Book: Texas Cinderella)
Tessa Reeves - (Book: Texas Embrace)
Tess Partridge - (Book: Texas Lucky)
Tess Hawkins - (Book: Texas Passions)
Trista Sinclair - (Book: Texas Splendor)
Tori Tyler - (Book: Texas Tall (hardcover))
Tara Carmichael - (Book: Thanksgiving Target, The)
Tina White - (Book: Thanksgiving to Remember, A)
Thea Campion - (Book: Thea)
Thea Cooper - (Book: Thea's Goal)
Thea Kilmore - (Book: Thea's Marquis)
Tori Phillips - (Book: Their Baby Bond)
Theresa Mathews - (Book: Their Only Child)
Theodora Havelock - (Book: Theodora)
Theresa - (Book: Third (and Fourth) Party, A)
Theresa - (Book: Third Party, A)
Tracy Hill - (Book: This Time for Keeps)
Tara Matthews - (Book: Thorn's Challenge)
Tracey Chappelle - (Book: Three Little Miracles)
Tess Bucek - (Book: Three Little Words)
Tara Jenkins - (Book: Three Weeks with a Bull Rider)
Tish Holmsworth - (Book: Through Eyes of Love)
Tia - (Book: Tia's Story)
Tanya Bolton - (Book: Tidings of Joy)
Tiffany - (Book: Tiffany's True Love)
Tory Marlowe - (Book: Time to Forgive, A)
T. J. McAllister - (Book: Timeswept Love)
Tina 'Tinsel' Christmas - (Book: Tinsel Time (ebook))
TJ Thomas - (Book: Tip Of The Iceberg)
Tatiana - (Book: To Catch a Princess (ebook))
Tess Blanchard - (Book: To Desire a Wicked Duke)
Thalia Chase - (Book: To Kiss a Count)
Tamara Knight - (Book: To Love a Knight)
Tiffany - (Book: To Love and To Cherish)
Tara O'Connell - (Book: To Marry and Irish Rogue)
True McCormick - (Book: To Tame A Texan's Heart)
Tally Bernard - (Book: To Tame a Wolf)
Talia Burke - (Book: To Tempt a Sheikh)
Tempest Holderin - (Book: To Tempt an Heiress)
Tessa Anderson - (Book: To Tempt the Wolf)
Tabitha Cole, Marian Cole - (Book: Toil & Trouble)
Tory Wells - (Book: Too Hot To Handle)
Tora Wolff - (Book: Topping Tora (Ebook))
Trinity Mason - (Book: Torch for Trinity, A)
Taffy Darling - (Book: Torch Job)
Torey Mitchell - (Book: Torey's Prayer)
Theodora - (Book: Touch Me in The Morning)
Tasya Hunnicutt - (Book: Touch of Darkness)
Tabitha Lennox - (Book: Touch of Enchantment)
Tyriel - (Book: Touch of Gypsy Fire)
Tessa Lockhard
aka Tessa Knollwood
- (Book: Townhouse for Tessa, A)
Tamara Greystone - (Book: Trace Evidence)
Traci Richardson - (Book: Traci on the Spot)
Tess - (Book: Training Tess (ebook))
Teresa West - (Book: Trance)
Theresa - (Book: Treasuring Theresa)
Tracy Warden - (Book: Tri Mates)
Tricia Jamison - (Book: Trial By Fire)
Tiffany Trott - (Book: Trials of Tiffany Trott, The)
Tirash - (Book: Trick, The (ebook))
Trilby Lang - (Book: Trilby)
Trilby Lang - (Book: Trilby (reissue))
Trilby Lang - (Book: Trilby (reissue))
Trilby Lang - (Book: Trilby (reissue))
Tamara Rayne - (Book: Trip With the Tycoon, A)
Tia MacKenzie - (Book: Triumph)
Treble James - (Book: Trouble In Tennessee)
Tracie Crandall - (Book: Troubled Waters)
Toni Rivers - (Book: True Blue)
Trixie Lynn Parks / Emma - (Book: True Love Quilting Club, The)
Tru Morrow - (Book: True to the Law)
Toni Carlton - (Book: Truly Daddy)
Tori Anderson - (Book: Trust No One)
Tara Greer - (Book: Truth About Tara, The)
Tara Greer - (Book: Truth About Tara, The (large print))
Tanna Barker - (Book: Turn and Burn)
Tayor Ribinson - (Book: Turn Two)
Tanya Darrow - (Book: Turquoise Sun, The)
Tamara O’Leary - (Book: Twice the Night (ebook))
Tamara Dey - (Book: Twilight Phantasies)
Tianna Stuart - (Book: Twist of Fate)
Trae Andrelini - (Book: Tycoon Meets His Match, The)
Terri Jeppson - (Book: Tycoon's Proposition, The)
Tempest - (Book: Tying Tempest)
Theodora Saxby - (Book: Ugly Duchess, The)
Tate Collins - (Book: Ugly Love)
Tamara - (Book: Ultimate Weapon)
Tamara - (Book: Ultimate Weapon (paperback))
Tatiana Winters - (Book: Unclaimed)
Tess Hardaway - (Book: Under His Skin)
Tamar Ridgeway - (Book: Under His Wings)
Trinity Franklin - (Book: Under the Summer Sky)
Tyne Saunders - (Book: Undercover)
Trish McCallister - (Book: Undercover Angel)
Tina Jamison - (Book: Undercover Captor)
Tori Lowell - (Book: Undercover Lovers)
Trina Roberts - (Book: Underfoot)
Teal Williams - (Book: Undertow)
Tess MacKenzie - (Book: Unearthed)
Tracy Middleton - (Book: Unexpected Circumstance)
Tess Graham - (Book: Unfinished Dreams (ebook))
Tilly Silverberg - (Book: Unfinished Garden, The)
Tory Conway - (Book: Unlawfully Wedded)
Torrie Masters - (Book: Unmasked)
Tru Van Dye - (Book: Unraveled)
Tilda Arnold - (Book: Unruly Chaperon, The)
Tilda Arnold - (Book: Unruly Chaperon, The (UK))
Tara Delaney - (Book: Untamed)
Tamara Jackson - (Book: Until Now)
Tate - (Book: Until You (ebook))
Tamar - (Book: Unveiled)
Theresa Noble - (Book: Unwanted Wife, The)
Trinity Henderson - (Book: Up Close and Personal)
Tessa Astley - (Book: Upon a Wicked Time)
Tiara Bynum - (Book: Using What You Got)
Temperance Challinor - (Book: Vagabond Duchess, The)
Temperance Challinor - (Book: Vagabond Duchess, The (UK))
Theodora Belmont - (Book: Valentine)
Tisha - (Book: Valley of the Vapours)
Tiffany Johnson - (Book: Velvet Rope)
Tricia Parker - (Book: Very Private Duty)
Tamar - (Book: Very Private Revenge, A)
Tirash - (Book: Victor, The (ebook))
Tirash - (Book: Victory, The (ebook))
Tyra - (Book: Viking's Captive, The )
Tamsyn - (Book: Violet)
Tennae - (Book: Virgin Queen)
Teresa Santiago - (Book: Vision of Skyfire)
Tori Rawlings - (Book: Vixen in Velvet)
Trina Powers - (Book: Vote For Love)
Tawny Blake - (Book: Vow of Obligation, A)
Tawny Blake - (Book: Vow of Obligation, A (large print))
Taylor Moore - (Book: Waiting For It)
Trista Windham - (Book: Wanton, The)
Tessa - (Book: Warped)
Tisana - (Book: Warrior)
Thalia Burgess - (Book: Warrior)
Tessa Montana - (Book: Warrior of Fate)
Tessa D'Angelo - (Book: Warrior Without a Cause)
Tarrys - (Book: Warrior's Desire, A)
Tedra De Ara - (Book: Warrior's Woman)
Taylor Ashe - (Book: Way Home, The)
Tessa Neville - (Book: Way to a Duke's Heart, The)
Tish Buckner - (Book: Way We Wed, The)
Theodora - (Book: Wayward Angel)
Tara Browning - (Book: Weaver Wedding, A)
Thea Sarazin - (Book: Wedding Captives)
Tris Donlin - (Book: Wedding Party)
Tessa Wilson - (Book: Wedding Pearls, The)
Tessa MacCrae - (Book: Wedding Ring)
Tara Peters - (Book: Wedding Vow of Revenge)
Tru Bennett - (Book: Wethering the Storm)
Tia Amberson - (Book: What a Fool Believes)
Tessa - (Book: What a Goddess Wants)
Tally Smith - (Book: What a Woman Should Know)
Teddi Bayer Gallo - (Book: What Goes With Blood Red, Anyway?)
Tiffany Matthews - (Book: What Love Tastes Like)
Tory Jeffries - (Book: What She Craves (ebook))
Tory Jeffries - (Book: What She Needs (ebook))
Teresa - (Book: What She Wants for Christmas)
Tess Wakefield - (Book: When Love Comes My Way)
Tessa Barrington - (Book: When Opposites Attract)
Taryn Crawford - (Book: When We Met)
Taylor Jackson - (Book: Where All the Dead Lie)
Taylor Scott - (Book: Where Danger Hides (ebook))
Tessa - (Book: Whipped Cream and Handcuffs)
Tessa Sheridan - (Book: Whisper Falls)
Tracy Warner - (Book: Whisper of Eternity, A)
Tanayia - (Book: Whisper upon the Water)
Teri Moreno - (Book: Whispers)
Trina Elder - (Book: White Bikini Panties)
Tallie Edwards - (Book: White Lace)
Taylor Winchester - (Book: Who I Am With You (ebook))
Teddi Gallo - (Book: Who Makes Up These Rules, Anyway?)
Tess Linden - (Book: Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?)
Tallie Blankenship - (Book: Whole Lotta Trouble)
Tara Douglas - (Book: Whose Bride Is She Anyway? (ebook))
Teddi Bayer - (Book: Whose Number is up Anyway)
Teddi Bayer - (Book: Why Is Murder on the Menu, Anyway?)
Tish Everett - (Book: Wicked As They Come)
Temperance Dews - (Book: Wicked Intentions)
Trey Logan - (Book: Wicked Secrets)
Theresa Barlow - (Book: Widower's Folly, The)
Teri - (Book: Wife By Contract)
Tess Marchant - (Book: Wife Errant)
Tiggy Williams - (Book: Wife He Never Forgot, The)
Teleri of the Woods - (Book: Wild)
Tamara Tremayne - (Book: Wild)
Triona O'Toole - (Book: Wild Angel)
Tawny - (Book: Wild Fire)
Tabby Lamont - (Book: Wild Hearts)
Tabby Lamont - (Book: Wild Hearts (Hardcover))
Tabby Lamont - (Book: Wild Hearts (reissue))
Tessa O'Hara - (Book: Wild Man)
Teresa July - (Book: Wild Sweet Love)
Toni Russo - (Book: Wild Thing)
Terry Russell - (Book: Wild Tiger Wind)
Trace MacLeod - (Book: Wildcard)
Tess - (Book: Wilderness (ebook))
Tessa McAllister - (Book: Wildfire)
Tara McConnell - (Book: Wind Raven)
Teddi Ansel - (Book: Winter Magic)
Thea Bainbridge - (Book: Winter Scandal, A)
Tannis Winter - (Book: Winter's Daughter)
Tia Capriotti - (Book: Wishing and Hoping)
Triss Allardyce - (Book: With HIs Kiss)
Trace O'Hurley - (Book: Without A Trace)
Teressa Bryant, Winter Rain - (Book: Wolf Shadow)
Tia Mason - (Book: Wolf Tales II)
Tegan Warden - (Book: Wolf Unbound)
Toni Jean-Louis Parker - (Book: Wolf With Benefits)
Tara Kinney - (Book: Wolf-Bound: Beasts in the Labyrinth (ebook))
Tina Kranas - (Book: Wolfe Watching)
Tessa Westbrook - (Book: Worth Dying For)
Tessa Westbrook - (Book: Worth Dying For (reissue))
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Would-be Witch)
Tammy Jo Trask - (Book: Would-Be Witch (reprint))
Tracy Baretta - (Book: Wyoming Cowboy, The)
Tory - (Book: Yesterday's Lies)
Taylor Taggert - (Book: Yesterday's Outlaw)
Tempest - (Book: You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want)
Tess Ciccotelli - (Book: You Can't Hide)
Tia Edwards - (Book: You're All I Need)
Taylor Scott - (Book: Your Ranch...or MIne?)
Tiffany Walker - (Book: Yours For the Night)
Tamryn West - (Book: Yours Forever)
Teddy Tyler - (Book: Zach's Law)
Teddy Tyler - (Book: Zach's Law (reprint))


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