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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with H

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Heather Fitzpatrick - (Book: Abolitionist's Secret, The)
Hanako Sumaki - (Book: Always a Stranger (ebook))
Henrietta Cynster - (Book: And Then She Fell)
Henrietta Bascombe - (Book: At the Sign of the Golden Pineapple)
Hallie Wainright - (Book: Badlands Bride)
Heather Westbrook - (Book: Bandit's Brazen Kiss)
Helene de Severs - (Book: Beauty Like the Night)
Helena Knyvett - (Book: Bedding the Enemy)
Hannah Hoskins - (Book: Before the Larkspur Blooms)
Hope Ashburton - (Book: Beleaguered Earl, The)
Hope Caldwell - (Book: Beloved Intruder)
Hannah Fairbanks - (Book: Best Intentions, The)
Heather Maxwell - (Book: Blackhurst Rubies, The)
Hannah Gustavson - (Book: Borrowed Bride, The)
Hanna Malloy - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Bride)
Hannah Leeds - (Book: Bride for His Convenience, A)
Helena of Lystanwold - (Book: Bride Gift, The)
Hope Cox. - (Book: Bride of the Wind)
Hester Poitevant - (Book: Bridemaker, The)
Hannah Grossek - (Book: Buck)
Honneure Mansart - (Book: By Honor Bound)
Hortensia Peters - (Book: Cabinetmaker's Daughter, The)
Hope Bennett - (Book: California Caress)
Heloise Bergeron - (Book: Captain Fawley's Innocent Bride)
Helena of Rivenloch - (Book: Captive Heart)
Honoria Ardmore - (Book: Care & Feeding of Pirates,The)
Henrietta Silverdale - (Book: Charity Girl)
Henrietta Silverdale - (Book: Charity Girl (new edition))
Harriet Nash - (Book: Chasing A Rogue)
Harriet Treymayne - (Book: Chocolate Debutante, The)
Helen Loughlin
aka "Serenity Adams"
- (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Lady Vandover
- (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Helena Stapleton - (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Hannah Brownley - (Book: Colt)
Honor Roth - (Book: Comanche Temptation)
Hayley Douglas - (Book: Come Gentle Spring)
Horatia (Horry) Winwood - (Book: Convenient Marriage, The)
Helen Forrest - (Book: Countess By Christmas, A)
Hattie Colfax - (Book: Courting Miss Hattie)
Helen Mayberry - (Book: Courtship, The)
Harriet Ashburn - (Book: Cousin Harry)
Heather Cameron - (Book: Crimson Angel)
Helena Gray - (Book: Crossings)
Hannah Verner - (Book: Dancer of Dreams)
Heather Hume - (Book: Dangerous Dalliance)
Hannah Alexander - (Book: Dangerous Dalliance, A)
Henrietta Galbraith - (Book: Dangerous Intrigue, A)
Harriet Hamilton - (Book: Dark Earl, The)
Harriet Hamilton - (Book: Dark Earl, The (reprint mass market))
Harriet Mosley - (Book: Dark Whispers)
Hannah Chaffee - (Book: Daughter of the Fox (ebook))
Hattie Blackhouse - (Book: Daughter of the God-King)
Hannah Louise Barkley - (Book: Defiant)
Heather Devereux - (Book: Desert Eden)
Holly Winslow - (Book: Desert Rose, English Moon)
Honoria Wetherby - (Book: Devil's Bride)
Honoria Wetherby - (Book: Devil's Bride (Large Print))
Honoria Wetherby - (Book: Devil's Bride (reprint))
Harriet Yorke - (Book: Devil's Daughter, The)
Hester Stanley - (Book: Devil's Kin (UK edition))
Hedley Sinclair - (Book: Devilish Mr. Danvers, The)
Henrietta Tallant - (Book: Double Wager, The)
Helen Barrett - (Book: Draw Down the Darkness)
Hope Blackstock - (Book: Dreaming Tree, The)
Harriet, Duchess of Berrow - (Book: Duchess By Night)
Hillary Astaire - (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Henrietta Tweed - (Book: Duke to Die For, A)
Heloise Edwina Marchant - (Book: Earl and the Pickpocket, The)
Hebe Carlton - (Book: Earl's Intended Wife, The)
Henrietta Beauchamp - (Book: Earl's New Bride, The )
Heloise Bergeron - (Book: Earl's Untouched Bride, The)
Helena Carstairs - (Book: Eligible Bride, An)
Helena Cabot - (Book: Enchanted Afternoon)
Heather Duval - (Book: Every Wish Fulfilled)
Helene Fitzgerald - (Book: Exquisite Marriage, The (ebook))
Holly de Chastel - (Book: Fairest of Them All)
Hannah Brownlow - (Book: Falcon Moon)
Harriet Devenish - (Book: Fancy Free)
Hero Langage - (Book: Felon's Fancy)
Hero Langage - (Book: Felon's Fancy (UK))
Hannah Barnes - (Book: Fire Across Texas)
Heather Simmons - (Book: Flame and the Flower, The (reissue))
Heather Bowen - (Book: Flame of Desire)
Hanna Carrington - (Book: Flight of Fancy)
Helen Stanwood - (Book: Flyer)
Helena Deveraux - (Book: Foreign Affair, A)
Honey Logan - (Book: Forever and a Day )
Hannah - (Book: Forever In Texas)
Hannah Clairborn - (Book: Forevermore)
Harriet Presteigne - (Book: Foundling, The (new edition))
Helen Caister - (Book: Frenchman's Harvest)
Hero "Kitten" Wantage - (Book: Friday's Child)
Hero - (Book: Friday's Child (new edition))
Hannah Forrester - (Book: Frontier Bride)
Hero Ingram - (Book: Gentleman's Quest, The)
Hannah Boyle - (Book: Girl, The)
Henrietta Roth - (Book: Golden Cup, The)
Henrietta Roth - (Book: Golden Cup, The (reissue))
Helena of the Nobility - (Book: Golden Palaces)
Hermoine Upperton - (Book: Good Earl Gone Bad)
Hadley Bacall - (Book: Grim Shadows)
Helen de Coverdale - (Book: Guardian's Dilemma, The)
Hallie Ryan - (Book: Hallie's Hero)
Helen Rotherford - (Book: Handful of Promises, A)
Hannah Dounreay - (Book: Hannah and the Highlander)
Hannah Sawyer - (Book: Hannah's Heart)
Hannah Benning - (Book: Hannah's Vow)
Harriet Mayne - (Book: Harriet's Beau)
Harriet Cordell - (Book: Hasty Betrothal, A )
Hattie Wilkinson - (Book: Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match)
Hattie Wilkinson - (Book: Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match (UK))
Henrietta Courtenay - (Book: Haunting of Henrietta, The)
Henrietta Seldon - (Book: Have You Any Rogues? (ebook novella))
Henrietta Seldon - (Book: Have You Any Rogues? (paperback novella))
Heather Ashford - (Book: Heart Breaker, The)
Haven - (Book: Heart of the Flame)
Helena of York - (Book: Heart of Vengence (ebook))
Holly Campbell - (Book: Heart's Desire)
Hallie Fredriksen - (Book: Heart's Haven, The)
Heather - (Book: Heather)
Heather Gordon - (Book: Heather and the Thistle, The)
Hannah Bunch - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Hannah McGuire - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Holly - (Book: Heaven to Touch)
Henrietta - (Book: Henrietta)
Harriet Smith - (Book: Her Dearest Enemy)
Hester Wyckham - (Book: Hester)
Hester Waring - (Book: Hester Waring's Marriage)
Hettie - (Book: Hettie Of Hope Street (UK) (Series: Pride Family Saga - Book 3))
Hannah Campbell - (Book: Highland Honor)
Hero Fraser - (Book: Highland Jewel)
Harriet Winterbourne - (Book: Highland Lord, The)
Helen Grace - (Book: Highland Vixen)
Helen Freymore - (Book: His Captive Lady)
Hester - (Book: His Cinderella Bride (UK))
Honoria Danforth - (Book: Honorable Thief, The)
Hope - (Book: Hope and Glory)
Horatia Pendleton - (Book: Horatia)
Harriet Ward - (Book: How to Treat a Lady)
Holly Bentworth - (Book: Husband for Holly, A)
Harriet Hathaway - (Book: If Wishes Were Earls)
Holly Weyland - (Book: If You Deceive)
Helen Fairmead - (Book: Impossible Confession, An)
Heather Wade - (Book: Improper Companion, An)
Helen Prestwick - (Book: In Bed With a Rogue)
Hester Perceval - (Book: Inescapable Match, An)
Hannah - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Helene Henderson - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An)
Helene Henderson - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An (UK edition))
Hannah Bartlett - (Book: Intimate Surrender)
Hyacinth Bridgerton - (Book: It's In His Kiss)
Hannah Winters - (Book: Jed)
Harmony Childers - (Book: Joy in the Morning)
Honoria Smythe-Smith - (Book: Just Like Heaven)
Hannah Thorne - (Book: Just Perfect)
Hannah Janes - (Book: King of Hearts)
Hope Matthews - (Book: King's Courtesan, The)
Honor Dale - (Book: King's Ransom)
Harmony Simmons - (Book: Lady Blue)
Harriet James - (Book: Lady Fortescue Steps Out)
Harriet Milborne - (Book: Lady Harriet's Harvest)
Honoria Baker-Sneed - (Book: Lady in Red)
Harriet Vernon - (Book: Lady is Mine, The)
Harriet Ashley - (Book: Lady of Fortune, A)
Helen Sanghurst - (Book: Last Gamble, The (UK))
Hester Godric - (Book: Lavender Lady)
Hannah Lazar - (Book: Legacy, The)
Honor Jennings - (Book: Legend, The)
Hilary deVere - (Book: London's Last True Scoundrel)
Hildie - (Book: Long Ago and Far Away)
Henrietta Rolland - (Book: Lord Harry)
Henrietta Rolland - (Book: Lord Harry's Folly)
Hannah Chillton - (Book: Love is in the Heir)
Helen Burke Courtney - (Book: Love Me Tonight)
Hannah - (Book: Love's Avenging Heart)
Hannah - (Book: Love's Avenging Heart (reissue))
Hilary Pembroke - (Book: Love's Redemption)
Holly - (Book: Love's Wine)
Honey Behr - (Book: Luke (reissue))
Hallie Carrick - (Book: Lyon's Gate)
Hannah Cooper - (Book: MacGregor's Lady, The)
Helen St. James - (Book: Madcap Marriage, The)
Hannah Dancer - (Book: Marriage Knot, The)
Honoria - (Book: Marriage Under Seige (UK))
Honoria - (Book: Marriage Under Siege (UK- Hardcover- Large Print))
Helena Wheatley - (Book: Marriageable Miss, A (UK))
Harriet Brown - (Book: Marrying Harriet)
Helene Follet - (Book: Marrying the Mistress (UK))
Henrietta Uppington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The)
Henrietta Uppington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The (reissue))
Hannah Foley - (Book: Matthew)
Helena Hammond - (Book: Men Were Deceivers Ever)
Harriet Redgrave - (Book: Midsummer Bride, A)
Henrietta Barrett - (Book: Minx)
Heather Blair-Burns - (Book: Mischief)
Helen Prestwick - (Book: Miss Prestwick's Crusade)
Hannah Whittier - (Book: Miss Whittier Makes a List)
Harriet Wilson - (Book: Miss Wilson's Reputation)
Hetty Wentworth - (Book: Montana Bride)
Honoria Barlow - (Book: Mood Indigo)
Hannah Marshall - (Book: Moon-Kissed Promises)
Hester Lattimer - (Book: Moonlight and Mistletoe)
Honor Meredith Draycott - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Honor Meredith Draycott - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Hannah Gray - (Book: Morning Song)
Hattie Longmore - (Book: Mountain Ecstasy)
Halys - (Book: Much Ado About Love)
Holly Kimbel - (Book: My Dashing Earl)
Hannah O'Shea - (Book: My Immortal Promise)
Helena Nash - (Book: My Pleasure)
Helena Nash - (Book: My Pleasure (Reissue))
Harriet Fareham - (Book: My Wayward Lady)
Hollie Finch - (Book: My Wicked Earl)
Harriet Tremaine
Elizabeth Henrick
- (Book: Mysterious Governess, The)
Helen "Nell" Faraday - (Book: Nell)
Honoria Duchamp - (Book: Never Too Late)
Henrietta Gibson - (Book: Never Trust a Rake)
Harriet Rowe - (Book: Newmarket Match)
Helena - (Book: Noble Captive, A)
Helena - (Book: Norse Jewel (ebook))
Helena Laverick - (Book: Notorious Love, A)
Helena Laverick - (Book: Notorious Love, A ( reissue))
Honoria Pyne - (Book: On a Long Ago Night)
Helena Trant - (Book: On The Night Of The Seventh Moon)
Helena Martin - (Book: Once Beloved)
Hippolyta Royle - (Book: Once Upon a Moonlit Night (ebook novella))
Hester Daniels - (Book: Once Upon a Tartan)
Honaria Honeyford - (Book: Original Miss Honeyford, The)
Harriet Tycherley - (Book: Parcel of Land, A)
Hope Merridew - (Book: Perfect Waltz, The)
Helen "Nell" Belden - (Book: Phantom Lover, The (reissue))
Helen Marlowe - (Book: Practical Mistress, A)
Helen Marlowe - (Book: Practical Mistress, A (UK))
Hannah Wade - (Book: Pride of Hannah Wade, The)
Honoria Sterling - (Book: Prince of Thieves)
Helena - (Book: Promise In A Kiss, The)
Hannah Bonner - (Book: Queen of Swords)
Hannah Bonner - (Book: Queen of Swords (reissue))
Honor Larke - (Book: Queen's Lady, The)
Hannah Green - (Book: Queens Fool, The)
Henriette Purcell - (Book: Radiant)
Hyacinthe Dancy - (Book: Rake and the Redhead, The)
Henrietta Markham - (Book: Rake With a Frozen Heart)
Hester Blayne - (Book: Rake's Reform, A)
Henrietta Watson - (Book: Rakes and Radishes (ebook))
Harmony Jones - (Book: Rapture's Gold )
Harriet Pomeroy - (Book: Ravished)
Honora - (Book: Ravished by a Viking)
Harriet Ashbourne - (Book: Rebel Lover, The)
Honor - (Book: Rebel Temptress)
Henrietta - (Book: Reckless Angel)
Hannah Kinkaid - (Book: Reckless Heart)
Hannah - (Book: Reckless Heart (reprint))
Hannah Kinkaid - (Book: Reckless Love)
Hannah Kinkaid - (Book: Reckless Love (reprint))
Holly Sutherland - (Book: Recklessly Yours)
Hayley Albright - (Book: Red Roses Mean Love)
Harriet Cole - (Book: Reformed Rake, A)
Hayden Lane / Lady de Grey - (Book: Remembrance)
Honora Tannach - (Book: Return of the Rogue)
Haley Moreland - (Book: Revenge Wears Rubies)
Hedie Rails - (Book: River Wife, The)
Harriet Godwyne - (Book: Rogue's Wager, A)
Helen Wainwright - (Book: Rose Adagio (ebook))
Lady Egerton
- (Book: Roses for Harriet)
Hannah Setterington - (Book: Rules of Attraction)
Harriet Winthrop-Baines - (Book: Runaways, The)
Helen - (Book: Saint, The)
Helen Shaw - (Book: Satan's Mountain)
Hannah Kody - (Book: Savage Rage (aka Wild Thunder))
Hannah - (Book: Scandalous Courtship, A)
Holly Dancer - (Book: Seasons of Gold)
Hannah Reid,
Duchess of Dunbarton
- (Book: Secret Affair, A (Hardcover))
Harmony Roan - (Book: Seductive Smuggler, The)
Her Serene Highness Olympia of Oriens - (Book: Seize the Fire (reissue))
Hawise - (Book: Shadows and Srongholds)
Heloise Ballaster - (Book: Silver Bride, The)
Helena Pryce - (Book: Silver Lion, The)
Hannah Darling - (Book: Silvery Moon, The)
Hannah Bradley - (Book: Skylark)
Honoria Carlow - (Book: Smuggler and the Society Bride, The)
Helena - (Book: Spanish Lady, The)
Helena - (Book: Spy Wore Blue, The (ebook novella))
Harriet - (Book: Stages of Desire)
Harriet Stanton - (Book: Stormy Montana Sky)
Hannah Rose Brewster - (Book: Sweet Hannah Rose)
Honora St. Leger - (Book: Taming Her Irish Warrior)
Helen Hamilton - (Book: Taste of Temptation)
Heather - (Book: Templar's Treasure, The)
Helen Denville - (Book: Temporary Bride, The)
Harmony Russell - (Book: Tempt Me With Kisses)
Harriet Mercer - (Book: Tempting a Devil (ebook))
Helena Fitzhugh - (Book: Tempting the Bride)
Hetta Gwynne - (Book: Texas Bride)
Honor Gannon - (Book: Texas Glory)
Helena Conwell - (Book: Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife, The)
Hannah Steers - (Book: That Despicable Rogue)
Helen Fitzwilliam - (Book: To Beguile a Beast)
Harriet Clifton - (Book: To Dream of Love)
Harriet Sainthill - (Book: To Tempt a Rogue)
Hermione Merryhew - (Book: Too Dangerous For a Lady)
Henrietta Ashby - (Book: Too Scandalous to Wed)
Helen Mansfield - (Book: Too Wicked to Wed)
Hester Martingale - (Book: Touch of Blackmail, A)
Hanna Quinn - (Book: Touch of Fire, A )
Hannah - (Book: Touched By Fire)
Hero Fanshawe - (Book: Trapped by Scandal)
Harriet Kingsley - (Book: Trouble With Harriet, The)
Honor Cabot - (Book: Trouble with Honor, The)
Harriet Devere - (Book: Twelfth Night Secrets)
Houston Chandler - (Book: Twin of Ice)
Houston Chandler & Blair Chandler - (Book: Twin of Ice
Twin of Fire)
Harriet Stanton - (Book: Unexpected American, The)
Hero Fenster - (Book: Unintended Bride, The)
Hester Shelton - (Book: Unknown Heir, The)
Helen Frasier - (Book: Unlacing the Lady in Waiting (ebook))
Honesty McGuire - (Book: Unlikely Lady, An)
Hester Perceval - (Book: Unreasonable Match, An)
Harriet Benson - (Book: Unsuitable Secretary, The (ebook))
Helena Lambarth - (Book: Untamed Heiress, The)
Helena McGregor - (Book: Untouched Mistress)
Hattie Leggit - (Book: Useful Affair, A)
Harriet Treene - (Book: Very Comely Countess, The)
Heather Cynster - (Book: Viscount Breckinridge to the Rescue)
Hannah Whitmore - (Book: Viscount's Bride)
Hannah - (Book: Wallflower Christmas, A (Hardcover))
Haith - (Book: Warrior, The)
Helaine Mortimer - (Book: Wedded in Scandal)
Hannah Preston - (Book: What a Gentleman Wants)
Hannah - (Book: What a Gentleman Wants (reissue))
Henrietta Upperton - (Book: What a Lady Craves (ebook))
Hallie Wyatt - (Book: When Love Remains)
Harriet Gardner - (Book: Wicked Duke Takes A Wife, The)
Harriet Metcalf - (Book: Wicked Godmother, The)
Heather Martin - (Book: Wild Heather)
Heather Monaghan - (Book: Wild Irish Heather)
Hannah Kody - (Book: Wild Thunder (aka Savage Rage))
Hannah Kody - (Book: Wild Thunder (reissue))
Haley Winthrop - (Book: Wild West Wife)
Hannah Yost - (Book: Wilderness Flame)
Henrietta Harte - (Book: Willful Widow, The)
Helen Wayland - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK hardcover))
Helen Wayland - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK paperback))
Holly Wintizer - (Book: Winter Raven)
Henry Ann - (Book: With Hope)
Helen Wade - (Book: Wood Nymph, The)
Holly Cavendish - (Book: World Is Mine, The)
Hannah Wentworth McMurtry - (Book: Wyoming Bride)
Hallie Gardiner - (Book: Yesterday's Roses)
Countess of Godwin
- (Book: Your Wicked Ways)


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