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Lisa Jackson

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by : Tracie Peterson

Peterson's novels (written under the name Janelle Jamison) "A Light in the Window, Destiny's Road" and "Iditarod Dream" are collected in this one volume -- with "Christmas Dream" as a bonus.

Stories that span the range of human emotion: loneliness, anger, fear, joy, and love. Stories that demonstrate God's leading in human lives. The stories of Alaska. The bleak wilderness of Alaska challenges three women in different eras:

Book 1 - A Light in the Window.”
Original Publish Date: 1994 . . . ISBN: 1557484503 . . .
Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 56

After studying in Seattle for five years, Julie returns to the Alaska territory to begin her career as a public health nurse. She and her mother had dreamed of the day when Julie, smart Eskimo herself, would bring both health care and God's Word to the Eskimo villiages scattered around Nome.
But now Julie's mother is dead, and the long treks across the Alaskan wilderness only accentuate her loneliness. Her discomfort is compounded by Sam Curtiss who persists in proposing a marriage that Julie fears would end her career.
An outbreak of diptheria banishes such troubles from Julie's mind. The only cure lies hundreds of miles away, across the frozen frontier...the only beacon to pinpoint the blackness, the lights from rustic cabin windows.

Book 2 - Destiny's Road.”
Original Publish Date: 1994 . . . ISBN: 1557485097 . . .
Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 71

When Beth learns that her Canadian-born husband was killed in action in World War II, she returns to Alaska with her two young sons.
Soon their remote village is overrun by thousands of soliders and civilians building the Alcan highway, part of North American defenses against Japanese invasion.
Among the newcomers is August Eriksson, a man who cares about people but thinks that God failed him. Beth and her sons grow to love August, but she knows she can never marry a man who is fighting God. Destiny's road brought August into Beth's life. Will he be able to stay the course?

Book 3 - Iditarod Dream.”
Original Publish Date: 1994 . . . ISBN: 1557485801 . . .
Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 93

Confident and fiercly independent, Rita travels back to her hometown of Tok, Alaska. At the urging of her father, she enters the dogsled race of her dreams-the famed Iditarod-with a relentless pursuit.
Although Mark Williams hopes to become more than her coach for the race, the walls that Rita has built around herself are to strong for human penetration. Set against the bleak and demanding Alaskan landscape, will Rita realize her dream alone? Or will her dream demand at last that Rita examine her very soul?

Book 4 - Christmas Dream.”

Series: Collections
Alaska - Book 1
Colorado Wings - Book 2


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Barbour Publishing
Publish Date:
October 1998
Inspirational: Historical (various time periods)

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