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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Lyn Cote
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Lyn Cote is one lucky woman. She married her real-life hero over 20 years ago and was blessed with two children, a son and daughter, who now have gifted her with an empty nest!

She also has been blessed with a variety of alley cats over the years: Professor, Sheba, Waffles and Shadow. Unfortunately, cats don't live as long as people do, and each in turn has left her side. The last one, Shadow, her lovely Siamese orphan, passed away in 2002.

But recently, Lyn's daughter called to say that she has continued the family tradition and has just taken in her first stray kitten — Irving. Lyn is very happy to welcome her first grand-kitty into the Cote family and is planning to visit him soon!

Lyn loves having guests, but can't quite accomplish the perfect "House Beautiful" look. She does have her standards though. If there is a basket of laundry in the living room, it is always clean. She never allows dirty laundry in her living room! So the door is always open to company, just push the books off the couch and have a seat!

Finally, Lyn has been blessed with the career she's wanted since she was a child. She's a writer. So you see Lyn has all she ever wanted: true love, family, understanding friends, a happy home and a rewarding career. She's one lucky woman, and she knows it!

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Book List
Autumn's Shadow (01/03)

Baby Bequest, The (08/13)

Bette (09/05)

Blessed Bouquets: Wed By a Prayer / The Dream Man / Small-Town Wedding (06/05)

Building a Family (10/11)

Building a Family (large print) (10/11)

Chloe (06/05)

Daddy in the Making (04/11)

Dangerous Game (05/07)

Dangerous Season (04/07)

Dangerous Secrets (07/07)

Desires of Her Heart, The (02/09)

Echoes of Mercy (06/00)

Finally Found (01/02)

Finally Home (05/01)

Finally Home and Finally Found (09/09)

Heartland Courtship (02/14)

Her Captain's Heart (12/08)

Her Captain's Heart (reissue) (02/14)

Her Healing Ways (12/10)

Her Inheritance Forever (08/09)

Her Patchwork Family (12/09)

His Saving Grace (04/04)

Honor (09/14)

Hope's Garden (08/00)

Lost in His Love (01/00)

Loving Constance (11/04)

Never Alone (06/98)

New Man in Town (06/99)

Preacher's Daughter, The (09/03)

Shelter of Hope (09/10)

Summer's End (11/03)

Testing His Patience (06/04)

Their Frontier Family (11/12)

Whispers of Love (08/99)

Winter's Secret (03/02)


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