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Eye On Romance
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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Marta Perry
Pseudonym/s: Martha Johnson
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Marta can't resist the lure of a new story idea.
"Characters appear in my mind and start talking to each other. That's when I know I'm in trouble. I can't stop following them until I know their story... their joys, their secret fears, most of all the things that keep them from loving each other."

This fascination has led the author to write numerous short stories and novels. But with Steeple Hill’s Love Inspired books, she feels she'd found her perfect niche.

"I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to tell love stories that include the characters' spiritual lives. Their relationship with God is a strong thread running through the story. Without that relationship, they won't find the happiness they seek or the love God has for them."

When she's not writing, Marta and her husband enjoy traveling, spending time with friends, and keeping up with their far-flung family.

"Thank goodness for e-mail," she says. "With a son and daughter in Georgia and North Carolina, and a daughter, son-in-law, and grandson in San Francisco, we'd never keep up otherwise!"

Her new baby grandson is the current light of her life. "I don't think I realized the depth of love I'd feel at the sight of this new little person. It's absolutely amazing!"

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Photo: Marta Perry
Website Links
Book Series
Caldwell Family series
Flanagans series
Hometown Heroes series
Pleasant Valley
The Bodine Family
The Flanagans
Three Sisters Inn series
Book List
Always In Her Heart (09/03)

Anna's Return (06/10)

Buried Sins (12/07)

Christmas to Die For, A (11/07)

Danger in Amish Country (10/13)

Danger in Plain Sight (05/12)

Desperately Seeking Dad (02/00)

Doctor Next Door, The (06/00)

Doctor's Christmas, The (12/03)

Father Most Blessed (02/01)

Father Most Blessed/A Father's Place (09/06)

Father's Place, A (10/01)

Father's Promise, A (10/98)

Final Justice (06/08)

Guardian's Honor, The (07/10)

Hannah's Joy (05/12)

Heart of the Matter (02/10)

Hearts Afire (01/07)

Her Only Hero (08/05)

Her Surprise Sister (07/12)

Her Surprise Sister (large print) (07/12)

Hero Dad (04/05)

Hero In Her Heart (04/04)

Hide in Plain Sight (08/07)

Hide in Plain Sight / Buried Sins (reissue) (07/13)

Hunter's Bride (05/02)

In the Enemy's Sights (04/06)

Katie's Way (11/11)

Land's End (06/06)

Leah's Choice (11/09)

Mission: Motherhood (07/08)

Mistletoe Prayers: The Bodine Family Christmas\The Gingerbread Season (10/10)

Mother's Wish, A (09/02)

Murder in Plain Sight (11/10)

Naomi's Christmas (10/12)

Promise Forever (05/03)

Rachel's Garden (03/10)

Restless Hearts (03/07)

Sarah's Gift (03/11)

Search the Dark (09/13)

Season of Secrets (10/06)

Since You've Been Gone (09/99)

Soldier's Heart, A (05/07)

Tangled Memories (08/06)

Time to Forgive and Promise Forever, A (reissue) (06/10)

Time to Forgive, A (12/02)

True Devotion (02/04)

Twice in a Lifetime (09/09)

Twin Targets (01/10)

Unlikely Hero (02/05)

Unlikely Hero (reissue) (11/11)


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