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Eye On Romance
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Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Nancy Moser
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I feel blessed and privileged to be writing for you. After all, what good does it do to have all these characters running around in my head, chattering to each other, giving me no peace whatsoever, if there's no one else to listen? That's where you come in. You listen to them, and through them, to me. And through the characters and the stories, you know the way my mind works (a scary thought), as well as my heart, my flaws, my fears, my hopes, and my faith. In general, the journeys of my characters are based on my own struggles, stubbornness, missteps, and victories. I may not have experienced exactly the same situations that plague them (ah, the benefits of imagination!) but the emotions and angst they confront are universal and common to many of life's challenges. And though we don't like to admit it, we do gain the most growth through the hard times, yes? Easy, it's not. But rewarding? There is no measure. Being a survivor, whether it be of a death in the family, lost love, career detours, or merely getting through today so we can tackle tomorrow, is the heady and harrowing substance of life. And novels. You'll find two types of novels on this site. The majority are contemporary inspirational fiction, i.e. novels set in the present day that strive to lift you up as you slog through the crises of the characters. They are novels that incorporate all aspects of life: family, faith, tragedy, and triumph with a lot of conflict stirring the soup . . . But be assured of this: in the end, you will feel good. And hopefully you will even feel better about yourself and your own life journey. You may cry along the way, but hey, such is life. The other type of novel is the type I'm hereby deeming "fictionalized biography" (I can do that, you know, because I'm the author.) In this type of book I take the life of a real live person of history (well, actually, they're dead now) and present their life story through scenes, like in a novel. So instead of learning about their lives in a third-person biography form, I let them tell their story, first-person, in a you-are-there format. My first book in this genre is called "Mozart's Sister" (did you even know he had a sister?) She was just as talented as he was but because she was a woman she didn't have many opportunities to fully utilize her talents. How tragic is that? I am very excited about the chance to give some of our forebears a voice. The second person I'm tackling is Jane Austen . . . a novelist novelizing the life of a novelist. Yikes. If I start to drown, somebody send me a lifeline. Especially since I'm also writing a contemporary novel about a jury sitting for a murder trial (it's called Solemnly Swear.) Both books will be out in 2007. Something for everyone, yes? Which leads to the common thread in all my novels: finding your purpose. No matter if the book is about Mozart's Sister, a plane crash, a Victorian boarding house, or time travel, one message prevails: we each have a unique God-given purpose. The trick is to find out what it is. I hope my books help you take a step closer to that amazing knowledge.

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Photo: Nancy Moser
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