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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 1
Inspirational Element: 10

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Inspirational Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Silent Harp, The
Author: Gilbert Morris
Date of Review: 02/19/05
Reviewed by: Kristi

Reviewer Comments: "The Silent Harp" is an epic story about love and faith and how the two different concepts are truly entwined into how a life is lived.

Sarah Winslow is from "new money" and her parents are rather anxious for her to marry and to marry well. Names like Astor, Vanderbilt, and Morgen are families that are respectible and worthy of her. Sarah on the other hand finds social rules dull and pretentious. She finds love with a young man that although talented and loves her comes from more humble beginnings. Despite this Robert and Sarah plan to marry...until war breaks out in Europe and her sweetheart leaves with "I love you" on his lips. Sarah knows in her heart that she should have married Robert before he shipped out and this would be an everlasting regret. Especially when Robert is killed in action.

Sarah slips into a deep depression and her family is at the end of their tether on how to pull her back into the land of the living. One special doctor with unusual ideas works his magic and sets Sarah on a new path...but still she keeps herself isolated and protected. Again Sarah thinks she has met a man that could awaken her heart but finds out sooner rather than later that he is not what he seems. Twice bitten Sarah builds another wall around her heart. She will not allow the phantom emotion of "love" to touch her. How will she know that it's true? Will a man lover her for herself or for her bank account. She is tested one more time when Temple Smith rides into her life. Will she have the faith she needs to accept what he offers at face value or will she keep herself hidden away and silent. Like "The Silent Harp?"

This story will tug on your emotional heart strings! Sarah is a unique character that readers should be able to identify with. Her tragedies as well as her triumphs will have the reader alternatly crying and cheering. Just when you think that Robert is the best that could happen to her Mr. Morris introduces Temple. Now here is truly a wonderful hero. This was a wonderful read that explores so many different issues, that the reader will come away not only entertained by the characters but will also be given food for thought as well. This is a first rate read and one that I highly recommend.

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