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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 1
Inspirational Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Inspirational Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Christmas Singing, The
Author: Cindy Woodsmall
Date of Review: 10/21/11
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: What an incredibly uplifting holiday book! Set in a small Amish community, this book speaks volumes about the redemptive power of love and faith. Cindy Woodsmall does a wonderful job of blending the culture of the Amish people with a love story that everyone will enjoy.

Mattie Eash loves to bake. When her heart is broken by the man she thought she would marry, Mattie heads to the Amish community in Ohio to begin a new life as a cake decorator. Her life seems to improve as she begins to gain a reputation as an amazing cake artist. She has Amish and Englischer customers. Mattie has started courting again and is seeing a young man named Sol regularly. She thinks she can be happy, but then tragedy strikes and Mattie again returns to Pennsylvania.

Gideon Beiler knows that he not only broke Mattie’s heart when he broke up with her, he also broke his own. For reasons that he chose to keep to himself, Gideon let Mattie go three years ago. He still loves her, but doesn’t think she will ever take him back. Gideon has returned to the small Amish town where he met Mattie. He now works in the construction business with his brother and struggles to forget the woman he loves. Gideon is shocked when Mattie returns and he hopes that he can find a way to earn her forgiveness.

I loved this story for so many reasons. It is more than just a romance. It deals with the power of forgiveness and second chances. The sacrifices we make for love are apparent throughout this story. Gideon does what he does out of love, but ends up making both he and Mattie miserable. Love works to conquer all in this tale. It doesn’t come easily and Gideon and Mattie have to work to find love, but it happens.

I enjoyed reading about the Amish culture in this book. I think for most of us, the Amish way of life seems so foreign. We can’t imagine doing without our cell phones and computers, but for the Amish, life is full of joy and family. This book celebrates all the wonderful things about the Amish like their commitment to their community and to their skilled work. From making quilts to building houses, the Amish take pride in doing a job well.

This one should definitely be on your must-read list for the holidays even if you aren’t Amish. I think the message and timelessness of the story will touch a cord in so many people. It truly mirrors the holiday spirit.

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