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Sweetest Dark, The
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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 1
Inspirational Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Inspirational Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Bride Next Door, The
Author: Winnie Griggs
Date of Review: 07/28/13
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: Will it be possible for a woman who is used to moving around the countryside be happy in the town of Turnabout?

Everett Fulton is a newspaperman. He has found himself in Turnabout, Texas as he was asked to leave his job as a journalist as he didn’t check his sources as well as he should have. The story resulted in two accidental deaths which he feels responsible for because of his lack of checking the detail. He then distances himself from others. He has bought the local newspaper and prints his edition each Tuesday and Friday. He is the illegitimate son of a second son in England who was sent to America with his mother when his father became the earl. He finds it disturbs his piece of mind when Daisy moves in next door. Everett only goes through the motion when it comes to going to church and prayer and is surprised that someone like daisy might believe.

Daisy Johnson is the daughter of a peddler. Her father is also a gambler who wins the house and gives it to her. Daisy wants to lay down roots in the town and wants to eventually open a restaurant, get married and have children. Daisy doesn’t have much in terms of possessions but she does have an optimistic view on life and that God will provide. Daisy has a strong believe in God and carries her Bible with her.

As Daisy is cleaning her new home she meets her neighbor Everett. He feels sorry for her and offers her a job as his cook. A job she takes on to earn money. Everett doesn’t understand why Daisy needs to work so hard but does admire the way she tackles any job. He even helps her from time to time. When his sister Abigail arrives, he tries to make her return to school in Boston as he believes that he knows his sister and what she needs. Abigail is not really the boarding school type and she tries to create a new life for herself with her brother.

We also meet some secondary characters. One in particular is the dog, Kip. He found Daisy but is also very obedient and her protector. Daisy doesn’t understand why Everett doesn’t like dogs but when she finds out she is happy to ensure that Kip and Everett become friends.

I enjoyed reading this inspirational story by Ms Griggs. The characters are strong but those strengths do not make them look stubborn or defiant. They understand that compromise is needed when things go wrong, the gossip starts and they have to marry.

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