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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
New Adult Element: 10

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a New Adult Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Saving a Legend (ebook)
Author: Sarah Robinson
Date of Review: 05/22/16
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Sarah Robinson tells the story of the members of the Kavanagh family in her books. This is the second book in that series and the first one that I have read. The Kavanagh’s are an interesting family in that they run an MMA gym and consist of 5 boys and 1 girl. The father of the family knows a lot of people in the city and is able to make things happen. This story is about Kieran Kavanagh and his struggle to put his life back together after a stupid mistake lands him in jail. Kieran is trying to make up for the mistake he made. Upon his release from prison, he works on his older brother’s construction of an animal hospital and does community service at a youth center. He hopes that he can show some of the troubled boys how a simple mistake can ruin a life. Kieran expects to struggle to prove himself. After all, he is an ex-con and if his own family has trouble believing he has turned his life around than what will strangers think. What he doesn’t expect is to find himself thinking about woman he has just met. Fiona Doherty runs Fiona’s Flowers and takes care of her sister who has autism. She struggles to make ends meet, but has vowed to do whatever she can to make a life for her sister. Fiona wants what is best for her sister which means that she must keep the secret of her past from everyone. She doesn’t know what will happen if people find out about what she has done. Now she meets a man who intrigues her and seems to understand her sister. Fiona struggles with how much to let him into her life. Kieran and Fiona both have things in their past that portray them in less than stellar light. They would prefer that no one knew about them, but that is not the way of the world. Secrets and the past will always come to light. The question is can their relationship survive the revealing. I really liked this story. The Kavanagh’s are an inspirational family who take care of each other. There is so much more to them than appears at first sight. I also really like the bond that forms between Kieran and Fiona. Ms. Robinson has taken a great deal of care with portraying a child with autism. She has researched the disorder and had numerous experts on the topic read her manuscript in order to make sure that she is accurate. She shows how difficult it can be to communicate with a child who has autism and how challenging it is for a caregiver, but she also shows how great the interactions can be and reminds us that children with autism are children.

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