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Book Review
Scandal in Spring

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Scandal in Spring
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Date of Review: 08/04/06
Reviewed by: MaryGrace Meloche

Reviewer Comments:

Marguerite "Daisy" Bowman could not believe her own father! He wanted her to marry that odious Matthew Swift. Mr. Swift was the most rigid and argumentative person she had ever meant - except for her father, of course! Certainly, he was just as domineering and provoking and she shuddered to think of a life with him. Their marriage would be disastrous. Yet, what was this sheer pleasure she felt whenever she watched him?

Daisy Bowman was lovely and petite and as delicate and hardy as the beautiful flower they named her after. She was stubborn and fanciful and he had always wanted her. Truly Daisy was the most beguiling woman he knew, yet he allowed himself only a few stolen glances. Somberly, he resigned himself to a future filled with pain and endless wanting, for Matthew Swift had secrets that haunted his present and endangered his future and Daisy Bowman deserved better. She deserved a husband who was honest and whole, not a husband surrounded by lies. Depressingly, Matthew realized the man Daisy chose for a husband would be blessed!

Love was supposed to be happy and giddy and as Daisy observed him, she realized Matthew Swift was the most unromantic man she had ever known. How could she successfully attract his attention? Jealously? Yes, yes indeed, that was a clever plan - surely that would flush him out! All she needed was a co-conspirator! And who better than Lord Llandrindon - the very man Mr. Swift was trying to sell her on!

Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series draws to an end - on a high note. In fact, SCANDAL IN SPRING is probably the best in the entire Wallflower series. Why? Because Lisa Kleypas honed in on two people falling in love and not on "Wallflower" interference. A good romance story should always surround the "falling in love" theme.

So why not a higher rating? When Lisa Kleypas wrote her classic WHERE DREAMS BEGIN, this reader felt she achieved perfection. Unfortunately, I have compared all of Kleypas’ subsequent books to that ultimate perfection. And although SCANDAL IN SPRING does reach page-turner status, it didn’t knock my socks off! There just wasn’t enough spark!
Grade: B+

MaryGrace Meloche.

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