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Book Review
Cad, The

Overall: 9
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 9

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This is a romance community member review

Review for Cad, The
Author: Edith Layton
Date of Review: 09/03/04
Reviewed by: Tisa

Reviewer Comments:

No author writes European Historicals and Regencies like Edith Layton! From her early works to her current releases, Ms Layton creates a rich and compelling story from the first page.

Bridgett is a lovely girl with no fortune and a face marred by a childhood scar. She is "the poor relation" acting as chaperone, and maid, and servant, and whatever her relatives require. While attending a ball she is spotted by Ewen Sinclair, London's most reknowned rake and widower.

Her relatives are resentful she has attracted such respected attention and retalliate by making her choose: see Ewen or get out. She ends up on Ewen's doorstep, where he tells her she has to marry him if she stays in his home. So they marry in a private ceremony and retire to the country for a brief honeymoon.

Ewen is called away for a secret reason to London for an indefinate period of time, which gives all of the gossips and family trouble makers fodder to question whether the wedding was indeed real. Bridgett is stoic in her refusal to believe the worst, she knows their wedding was real. But as she is left alone for longer than planned and no announcement appears in the papers, she begins to question her husband's secret mission.

Gilly (who turns out to be a female) and her baby sister are soon a part of Bridgett's small household, though they grew up in the stews of London. Bridgett is becoming a stronger and more worthwhile woman, a woman who believes in her husband completely despite damning evidence otherwise. Her faith in Ewen is astounding. She is a memorable character that is such a vital part of this book. Bridgett is one of those wonderful characters you never forget.

Gilly is a charmer, and witty as well. She is very protective of her baby sister and her friends, she is endearing. She deserves a book of her own. Along with many other characters met along the way: Drum, Rafe, and many others.

Ewen Sinclair is a wonderful man who shows Bridgett exactly how wonderful and beautiful a person she is. He is a man's man but a tender and loving husband.

The Cad is a book that will be re-read from time to time as it is such a lovely story. It has earned a place on my "keeper" shelves.

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