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Book Review

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Morgan
Author: Lori Foster
Date of Review: 09/27/06
Reviewed by: MaryGrace Meloche

Reviewer Comments:

Misty Malone rejoiced! Finally, her sister, Honey, was getting married! Remarkably, her sister’s sexy fiancé belonged to a family of sinfully wonderful men and with much delight, Misty wholeheartedly joined in the anticipated celebration. Yet quietly, Misty wanted to hide out; get her act together; and avoid the entire male population . . . forever! Not an easy thing to do in a family that screamed testosterone! And wouldn’t you know it, Honey’s soon-to-be brother-in-law, Morgan Hudson, had the most sinfully beautiful blue eyes! The man made her nervous; he made her sweat; he made her want to reacquaint herself with the male species . . . immediately! Life was not fair!

Morgan’s family saw a kind-hearted innocent; Morgan saw a femme fatale. Misty Malone was driving him crazy. The Red Flag was definitely up! The woman was off limits! She was practically family! She deserved respect - not a quick romp! Normally, Sheriff Morgan Hudson could maintain his rigid control, but Misty Malone was causing his control to hightail it right into the next millennium! Worse! With that come-hither smile, the woman seemed to enjoy flaunting her sensual looks. And wouldn’t you know it, Buckhorn County’s male population was eating it up in spades!

Reviewer’s Comments:
With MORGAN, Lori Foster adds to her brother saga: The Buckhorn Brothers. Do not get confused! Buckhorn is not the family surname! It is the Kentuckian county the boys call home and it seems Buckhorn County grows some irresistible heartthrobs! Think vacation, think easygoing fluff, and think extreme heartthrob - Morgan Hudson!

Odd as it might seem, Morgan and Misty are a fun couple. When it comes to lust and desire, Morgan is incredibly hot and outspoken, while Misty is delightfully inexperienced and self-conscious. Moreover, Lori Foster knows how to write believable male characters, strengthen by her clean, flowing writing style. Sadly, series romances are often over-played, but sometimes a fun series like The Buckhorn Brothers comes along. The Hudson family is just plain dandy. “Heartthrob City” - if you will! Sigh, if I can find the rest of the series, I think I will demand a holiday; sit in the sun; sip on cool lemonade and again savor Foster’s sultry clan.
Grade: B+

MaryGrace Meloche.

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