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Book Review
Stardust of Yesterday

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 7
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is a romance community member review

Review for Stardust of Yesterday
Author: Lynn Kurland
Date of Review: 01/18/03
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments:

Genevieve thought her life was complete with a thriving restoration business she had built from the ground up. Then out of the blue, Genevieve inherits a castle, but she must live there. Her first thoughts were to turn it down until mysteriously, her clients started firing her from all her big accounts. She gratefully accepts the inheritance and travels to England to take possession but what she didn’t expect was that the castle came with an incredibly sexy 13th century knight. Unfortunately, he's a ghost, who is bent on getting rid of the last of her line so that he can finally be free of his 700 year old curse.

With no where else to go, Genevieve digs in her heels and refuses to be scared away. Soon she and Kendrick de Paiget are coexisting in the castle and Kendrick comes to admire the saucy wench’s ‘spunk’. There are some humorous scenes here that the reader will enjoy as they learn to coexist together. Eventually, they come to care for one another and the author gives us exquisitely beautiful imagery of a hauntingly beautiful love where Kendrick is actually grateful for her banishing the revenge that had haunted him for 700 year – she banished the darkness and showed him the light. The author then draws you in invokes feelings of sadness as you wonder if the caress of his voice would be enough to replace the hands that could never touch one another.

I was totally enjoying this book but the reason I am not giving it a better rating was the unbelievable conception that after a particularly emotional last gasp type of romantic encounter, with Kendrick regaining his mortal body, Genevieve, a 30 year old virgin in the enlightened year of 1996, is suddenly so shy and afraid of intimacy that it ruins what could have been an exquisitely beautiful moment. Other than this, I have to say that the story was quite good and it is something that I can definitely recommend. I do disagree with another reviewer that it should be tossed out after Kendrick becomes mortal again as the last half of the book is interesting in finding out who and why someone wants to kill Genevieve.

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