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Book Review
Devil's Bargain, The

Overall: 7
Sensuality: 4
Sub-Genre: 7

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This is a romance community member review

Review for Devil's Bargain, The
Author: Edith Layton
Date of Review: 09/03/04
Reviewed by: Tisa

Reviewer Comments:

The Devil's Bargain is a "dark" story. It is a story of revenge and retribution, with an innocent woman in the middle.

Alisdair St Erth meets Katherine Corbet when she saves him from a set-up compromising situation. When he discovers she is distantly related to an arch-enemy from his past, he enlists her aid in helping him to regain his entree into society once again. Kate is more than happy to oblige, she believes he is deserving and she will be returning to the country soon anyway!

Alisdair fails to tell her the real reasons for using her- he hopes to lure her relatives out of hiding so he can have his final revenge on them for his past. He has everything in place, all he lacks is the face-to-face confrontation to inform the Scalby's of their downfall.

Kate and Alisdair appear together all over town, acting like they are falling in love with Alisdair hoping to attract the notice of the Scalby's. Kate is in ignorance, she is trying to keep from really falling for Alisdair.

There are some very unsavory characters and some very likable characters in The Devil's Bargain. The wicked Swanson sisters, the Scalbys, Lolly and his gang of thieves, Lord Leigh and Sibyl. Edith Layton knows how to design characters. Unfortunately I found this bunch a little too unsavory for my taste, Alisdair included. I didn't find enough redeeming qualities in him. Kate was an innocent but very charming, though a little too naive.

I find it hard to recommend The Devil's Bargain. Usually Edith Layton's books are on my 'keeper' shelves but I don't think this one will be.

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