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Book Review
Cheyenne Amber

Overall: 9
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 10

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Cheyenne Amber
Author: Catherine Anderson
Date of Review: 03/23/04
Reviewed by: MaryGrace Meloche

Reviewer Comments:

Catherine Anderson is a masterful storyteller and Cheyenne Amber is a polished tale. Amazingly, Anderson’s story flows with harmony and heartwarming emotion.

Deke Sheridan is a hero. I don’t know what source Catherine Anderson draws upon to sketch her heros, but that man must be a dream. For Ms. Anderson always writes the ultimate male. Consistently, Anderson’s heros are rugged, tough, protective males, but so sensitive. Her men are every woman’s fantasy.

Laura Cheney, a dignified lady from Boston, has journeyed through hell with her choice in a husband. Tristan Cheney was a cruel, vindictive, unsupportive man. Fortunately for Laura Cheney he died the same way he lived – brutal. Fortunately for Laura Cheney she met Deke Sheridan. Fortunately for the reader Anderson supervises their romance.

Laura Cheney is a penniless widow and her newborn son is missing. Courageously, she pleads for Deke Sheridan’s help. But Deke Sheridan is not interested in Laura’s “white world” dilemma. Raised by the Cheyenne, Sheridan senses trouble in her bruised eyes, trouble he wishes to avoid. In spite of his misgivings, Laura soon earns his respect and support.

This author provides an exquisite tale. Ms. Anderson uses humor and description to tell her story. This reader hung on to her every word. She gives her reader solid direction by creating real characters and delivering vivid scenes. Well done, Catherine Anderson.

  • Rating: A
    (Would I read it again? You bet.)
  • Sensuality: Warm and sensitive.

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