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Book Review
One Night in London

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 10
Sub-Genre: 10

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for One Night in London
Author: Caroline Linden
Date of Review: 07/09/11
Reviewed by: Joyce Greenfield

Reviewer Comments:

Edward de Lacey has kept vigil with his dying father, the Duke of Durham, comforting the older man and taking care of the business affairs of their home and estate. Although the Duke has been ill for quite some time, his death still stuns his sons as they realize the strong man they loved has passed away. An earth-shattering revelation alluded to as the Duke lay gasping for his last breath is brought to light as his last will and testament is revealed, shocking Edward and his brothers to their very cores.

Meanwhile, Lady Francesca Gordon is faced with a touchy family situation of her own, one that requires legal counsel. Unfortunately, she has been unable to convince a lawyer to take on her case. Just as she thinks she has finally found the right attorney to help her resolve her concerns, Edward de Lacey enters the picture, competing for and securing the services of the same skilled lawyer.

Francesca has exhausted all possible avenues and turns to Edward for assistance, feeling that he owes her that courtesy. Edward is attracted to the strong and beautiful widow, even as he struggles to suppress his feelings and focus on the several issues that demand his immediate attention. As Francesca and Edward become more entangled, Francesca’s warmth and spontaneity help bring Edward out of his shell, but they both still have major unresolved personal problems that take immediate priority.

Edward loves order and discipline, and he likes things in his life to run smoothly and without risk or complication. Francesca is strong willed, yet easier going than Edward, and he begins to realize how much he loves her joie de vivre and her commitment to searching for a solution to a seemingly impossible situation. Edward soon recognizes that Francesca is like no other woman he has ever known, and he wants her for his own, forever. But just as Edward thinks he has things all in order for his future, his vision is shattered, leaving him alone and devastated…

One Night in London is seductive and compelling, with an air of mystery to round things out quite nicely. Edward and Francesca’s romance is played out along two subplots as the characters deal with the issues that originally brought them together, adding background and interest to a captivating love story. Although Francesca’s fears and concerns are allayed in regard to her situation, Edward’s family matter is still very much up in the air, providing a perfect lead in for the next book in the series! Be sure to pack One Night in London in your beach tote this summer – you won’t want to miss this one.

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