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Book Review
Talking Dirty

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 9

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Talking Dirty
Author: Jennifer Seasons
Date of Review: 01/22/17
Reviewed by: Official Reviewer for Eye On Romance

Reviewer Comments:

I really enjoyed this book by Jennifer Seasons. It is full of romance, angst and misunderstandings. Ms. Seasons has the mystic and romance of the gold rush provide the perfect backdrop to the town of Fortune, Colorado. Having three hot bachelors strike it rich in this contemporary story only adds to the folklore of history. Maybe we can all find gold nuggets—or at least a golden nugget of a romance. Apple Woodman works as the town librarian. All her life she has found projects only to lose interest in them. Her current project is a book about the founding of Fortune and the history of its settlers. To finish her book, she needs a sit down with Jake Stone, the descendant of the original settlers. She knows that he can tell some amazing stories about the first days of this town and her book just won’t be complete without his information. Unfortunately, he seems to take great joy in thwarting her at every opportunity. Jake Stone runs a brewery in town. He and two of his friends were lucky enough to find some gold nuggets that helped them all realize their dreams. Jake wants to help the town despite their rejection of his father. Jake’s father is known as the town drunk, but there is more to him than just his drinking. Jake has to stick around to keep an eye on his father. He also promised his father not to reveal all of their family secrets so he avoids Apple whenever she starts nagging him. Jake has his own reasons for liking to see Apple hot and bothered. When Apple and Jake finally reach an unorthodox agreement about his family history, sparks begin to fly. Neither of them can deny the heat that they feel or their past. The question is whether or not they are ready to be honest with each other and risk their hearts. There is a lot of information in this book not only about the history of Fortune which is based on legends of gold miners, but also about a disease called familial glioma. Ms. Seasons introduces her readers to this rare genetic disorder and the consequences of that disorder. She does it in a way that shows compassion and understanding. I haven’t read the first book in the series. Talking Dirty is the second book. I had no trouble following the backstory and didn’t feel like I was missing information that I needed. I am interested in seeing what happened in the first book and am looking forward to the second book.

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