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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
SciFi Element: 10

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Suspense Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Dating Outside Your DNA
Author: Karen Kelley
Date of Review: 08/19/09
Reviewed by: Official Reviewer for Eye On Romance

Reviewer Comments: Roan Hendrix just wanted to get back to active duty. After being sidelined by a leg injury, he was sick of paperwork and working with trainees. A Special Agent was much better used when he could do the job that he had trained for. Roan enjoyed his role in protecting the borders of the USA from aliens. When he was called into his boss’s office, Roan thought he would be given the go-ahead to head back to duty. Instead he was given someone new to train—a half human, half Nerakian who had special abilities. Roan just hoped that the job wouldn’t be too stressful or take too long.

Lyraka has wanted to do something meaningful with her life ever since she was little. Growing up in an artist’s colony didn’t feed her need for adventure and having to stay isolated due to the abilities her alien blood gave her made her feel lonely. Now she was given the chance to take part in a special group of people and to protect Earth. She just had to convince Roan that she was capable and that she could become an agent.

One of the drawbacks of having Nerakian blood was the increase in sex drive and sexual urges. The only time that Lyraka had given into her impulses had ended badly so when she feels herself becoming more attracted to Roan, she knows that she has to nip them in the bud before they jeopardize her training. Unfortunately for Lyraka, Roan has no trouble with mixing training and pleasure.

I really enjoyed this book. Ms. Kelley combines aliens with suspense and red-hot romance. She tells the story of Lyraka and Roan with humor. I often found myself laughing and the difficulties Lyraka and Roan find themselves in as they try to work together. The addition of an archenemy added a suspenseful element to the story that helped balance the humor and the levity.

Ms. Kelley really does a remarkable job making her alien characters seem human. We forget that they have abilities and bloodlines that are not our own. The humanity of the Nerakians in particular is discussed as are the prejudices that some people have about the race. Her book could be read a commentary on the commonalities amongst different peoples (or as I read it, just for fun).

Despite being a science fiction novel, the amount of science knowledge needed is minimal in this book. Ms. Kelley explains the things that the alien life forms use and it is not difficult to follow. Any jargon used is given enough context that we understand what the items are. If you don’t think you like books with a sci-fi feel to them, I urge you to give this one a read and see if you change your mind.

This book was a joy to read and should be put on your must-read list.

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