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Remember Love
by : Susan Plunkett

Imagine dying and being born again in a different time and place--1866 Alaska--and in a different body. Where you were once tall and unattractive, you are now petite, beautiful with a gorgeous body. There are a few negative catches: you were a scientist in your previous life, now you have a simple mind. And then,too, there is that new, handsome husband to contend with. Join Felicity Forsythe and Ransom Hamilton as they learn to deal with the impossible and fall in love.

Winifred McCanless is a brilliant research scientist, fiercely independent, and has a basketball scoring record that would put many Lakers to shame. Winifred also is as plain as a board fence, wears contact lenses thick enough to stretch her eyelids and the only abiding love she has ever known came from her dead brother. Felicity Forsythe is beautiful, tender and has the mind of a six year old. All of her life she has known nothing but the most gentle love and affection. Ransom Hamilton, handsome, powerful and lonely, dreams of a home, wife and an heir for his vast timber holdings and shipping company. He has waited to marry until he can give his new wife anything she desires. Unfortunately, he has waited too long. By proxy he has been duped into marriage with the witless Felicity while her step-sister, Cassandra, has wed another. An electrical storm of momentous proportion streaks across the 1996 Los Angeles sky, hurling Winifred back one hundred years to Sitka, Alaska and into the drowned body of Felicity who foolishly fell off of the docked boat that brought her to Ransom. When Winifred/Felicity regains consciousness she is stunned to discover she now owns the lush body of a goddess and is married to the most handsome man she has ever seen. Unfortunately, he is also an arrogant, male chauvinist whose touch drives her to the brink of heaven. True love never runs smoothly and "Remember Love" is no exception. Mistrust, fear and greed endanger the fragile bonds that begin to grow between Winifred and Ransom. The frigid winter winds that sweep across the tundra carry not only betrayal and treachery, but seem to freeze time letting the lovers see clearing what is real and what was only imagined.


Remember Love

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Berkley Jove
Publish Date:
December 1996
Time Travel: Modern Day to Past

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