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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with A

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Alessandro di Montefiore - (Book: Across Time)
Ashton Johnson - (Book: Ashton's Bride)
Aidan - (Book: Dark Embrace)
Alec Hawthorne - (Book: Distant Dreams)
Alex Bramwell - (Book: Door Ajar, The)
Alastair MacKay - (Book: Dragon Knight's Axe)
Angus MacKay - (Book: Dragon Knight's Shield)
Adrian - (Book: Embers of Time)
Aaron Kenneman - (Book: Forever, Ashley)
Aidan Ramsay - (Book: Forevermore)
Adrian de Vargas - (Book: Free Falling)
Avery Russell - (Book: Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes)
Andrew MacAlister - (Book: Healing the Highlander)
Adam Black - (Book: Immortal Highlander, The)
Aedean MacKinnon - (Book: Into the Dreaming)
Aedan MacKinnon - (Book: Into the Dreaming (hardcover reprint))
Aidan Delacroix - (Book: Last Bride, The)
Alasdair MacAuley - (Book: Last Highlander, The)
Alex MacKendimen - (Book: Love Through Time, A)
Alrick of Rune - (Book: Missing Magic)
Alek - (Book: Night Orchid, The)
Adam Hawkins - (Book: Not Quite an Angel )
Antonio Rafael de Zamora - (Book: On a Wicked Wind)
Adam Craig - (Book: On the Edge of Darkness)
Andrew Spencer - (Book: Once A Pirate)
Alexander - (Book: Passion's Timeless Hour)
Adam Hawke - (Book: Pirate's Woman, The)
Adam Tavistock / Talis - (Book: Remembrance)
Alysandir Mackinnon - (Book: Return of Black Douglas)
Alec Aarronson - (Book: Rhapsody In Time)
Archer McCall - (Book: Rose Perfect (ebook))
Alex Beaumont - (Book: Shadows in the Fire)
Alain Devereaux - (Book: Silver Rain)
Adam Warrick - (Book: Spenceworth Bride)
Andre Devereux - (Book: Tears of Fire)
Alex Devon (Devane) - (Book: Time and Tide)
Adam Johnson - (Book: Time Storm)
Alex BlackKnife - (Book: Time Weaver)
Alexander Knightly
Viscount Hawkbeck
- (Book: Timeless Love, A)
Andrew McVie - (Book: Tomorrow and Always)
Alessio - (Book: Twice Upon Time )
Andrew of Laycock - (Book: Twist in Time, A)
Alex - (Book: Two Into Time)
Alejandro Valverde - (Book: Unforgettable)
Alexander Smith - (Book: Very Thought of You, The)
Andre Goddard - (Book: Waltz in Time)
Alasdair MacColla - (Book: Warrior of the Highlands)
Achilles - (Book: Warrior Rising)
Anthony Morgan - (Book: When Night Falls)
Adam Coleridge - (Book: Yesterday and Forever)


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