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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
Time Travel Element: 10

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This is a romance community member review

Review for Spenceworth Bride
Author: Virginia Farmer
Date of Review: 07/23/05
Reviewed by: Marie

Reviewer Comments: When Nelwina desperately wishes to be anywhere but on the auction block as the unwilling participant during an 18th century wife sale she suddenly feels woozy and passes out, only to awaken in the 21st century. Passing through Ramsgil and playing the part of a tourist, Adam Warrick, the new Earl of Spenceworth finds himself the selected "buyer" of Jocelyn Tanner the "wife" up for auction. When he tosses the coin, and the "husband" catches it clumsily causing his purchased "wife" to get knocked unconscious, Adam feels obligated to take her to Spenceworth manor to make sure she doesn't suffer from a concussion.

Returning to her childhood home should have been a relief. However nothing is, as it seems for Nelwina. Wanting to stay at Spenceworth, she dives into her new life as she tries to help restore Spenceworth to its previous grandeur. Adam, dealing with a run down estate that sadly lacks finances has little time for romance, then, when his mother unexpectedly shows up and takes his patient under wing, is grateful to have Jocelyn Tanner to keep her occupied. However, every time Jocelyn insists her name really is Nelwina Honeycutt, Adam chooses to continually rack it up to her head injury. But he has a hard time explaining the fact that knows more about Spenceworth manor and gardens than any other soul. For Nelwina, living two hundred years in the future wasn't what she had expected, neither acquiring another woman's body. The only problem is, how can she adapt to this life and keep from falling in love with Adam, knowing that the real Jocelyn is trapped in the past? Yet how could she leave the love she always yearned for?

The long awaited sequel to SixPence Bride, Virginia Farmer weaves the charming tale of Nelwina Honeycutt. Some of the descriptions were humorous and I thought clever. With the changing of bodies between Jocelyn Tanner and Nelwina Honeycutt, this time travel is unique. Not only does Nelwina need to deal with learning new technologies totally foreign to her, she must come to terms with another woman's life. So join Adam and Nelwina on their bumpy little ride as they fall in love. Spenceworth Bride is a delightful tale.

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