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Watch Keepers
by : Candace Sams

World War II

Sean Reilly was mortally wounded during World War II. He had one chance to survive and that was to become a vampire. Not knowing how many months or years the war might continue, he elected to keep fighting on the Allied side along with his best friend, Skord. But seeing the woman he loved die while fighting for freedom, and watching thousands of men lose their lives fighting Hitler, left his heart decimated. He made the decision to keep his personal life far removed from his duties as an agent of the secretive Night Watch organization.

Contemporary Los Angeles

Morgan Grady was a good cop until a drug bust went wrong. Dying from her wounds, her uncle decided to break a primary rule of the Night Watch organization and have a vampire agent change her without her permission. When Morgan wakes up on board a private jet headed to Ireland with a stranger hovering over her, she isn't sure she survived her wounds at all. But the revelation that she's now a vampire, and has been made so against her will, has left her only two choices. She can either learn to accept who and what she is and work for Night Watch as its newest agent, or take a short walk into the sun and end it all.

Their Assignment

Sean has been ordered to train Morgan to be an agent of Night Watch. He'd rather be anywhere else on the planet than stuck at one of the agency's safe houses with a woman who didn't want to become a vampire. Including her belligerent behavior, he has to deal with a very old enigma from the vampire world. Vastos is back...

With his old World War II comrade, Sean must now confront Vastos and fight whatever feelings he's having for Morgan. There's no room for romance in a world where even a vampire agent could die a thousand different ways.

Chasing the elusive Vastos, fighting off cannibalistic rogue vampires, and keeping even the independent vampires of the world from learning of the existence of a secret organization is all in a day's work for any agent of Night Watch.

Night Watch. It's an organization of vampires teamed with humans to fight evil most of the world doesn't even know exists. If they aren't there in the night, who will protect us?

Series: Nightwatch Vampires
Watch Keepers - Book 2

Watch Keepers

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ImaJinn Books
Publish Date:
October 2004
Paranormal: Vampire

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