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Book Review
Overall: 5
Sensuality: 4
Theme Element: 3

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Young Adult Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Major Crush
Author: Jennifer Echols
Date of Review: 08/23/06
Reviewed by: Tracy

Reviewer Comments: Everybody knows one super cute guy that just won’t give him or her the time of day and in Major Crush Jennifer Echols treats us to one story of a crush that goes from bad to good. So take off your flip-flops and grab your girlfriends because this one is too wonderful to keep to yourself.

Virginia Sauter has plans for her future and being the first girl to be selected as Drum Major is at the top of her list. The big problem is that Drew Morrow, her major crush, is also up for the top spot in the marching band. In a stroke of genius the decision is made that this year the school will have both a boy and a girl Drum Major. Now Virginia and Drew have to work together and they can’t seem to say a single thing to each other.

The lack of communication between Drew and Virginia is causing a big problem and the marching band is giving the worst performance of all time. This calls for a tough teacher and Mr. Rush to give a little hard advice. BE FRIENDS OR ELSE! Drew and Virginia are not going to find out what the or else could possible be. They draw a truce and commit to being “fake friends” during school and band hours. Little do they know that fake friendship can easily turn into so much more.

Major Crush is a brilliant, rowdy romp from the High School football field to the awful school lunchroom. Virginia is a misfit heroine, a talented girl who plays the drums and has a nose pierce, but still finds her way in a guy’s world. Drew is the hunky hero that everyone has in their class, who has a new girlfriend every week but underneath that rigid exterior is a guy with emotions. Now add the super superior girls, known as “The Evil Twins” and readers have a recipe for a great read!

The best part of Major Crush is Virginia, who tries to fight against her attraction, while the sparks fly between her and the super cute Drew. Readers will find themselves crushing a little on Drew, a hottie with sweet emotions you just can’t help but love. Echols writes a savvy story with all the elements for a happy ending, so dream a little and fear not, sometimes a crush can become reality.

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