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Book Review
Overall: 4
Sensuality: 5
Theme Element: 3

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Young Adult Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Pirate of Panther Bay, The
Author: S.R. Staley
Date of Review: 06/19/07
Reviewed by: Lettetia

Reviewer Comments: Step back into days of yore when pirates sailed the seas; cannons firing, cutlasses flashing, and adventure was everywhere you turned.

Isabella has inherited her first command from her lover; the Mar’ee Rouge, and already it is in jeopardy. Her prize, the Ana Maria has gotten away, sunk into the deep, along with its bounty. At the tender age of eighteen, Isabella is an escaped half-Creole slave woman who has seen far too much for her young years. But trouble is only beginning for Isabella; she and her trusty sidekick Jean-Michel will face many dangers and enemies before the voyage is over, and the Spanish prisoner she holds may soon turn out to be either her albatross or her savior.

A grand high-seas adventure any teen would love; many adults as well. Non-stop action and adventure highlight the story as we learn a little history as well as become close acquaintances of Isabella and her crew. The heartwarming love story is a nice touch and does not detract from the main plotline as Isabella and her crew aspires to be the “Scourge of the Spanish Main”. The brilliant descriptive powers of author, S.R. Staley allows the reader to step back into bygone days and feel the intense emotions as the sword fights and cannon fire fuel the imagination. This reader would very easily recommend The Pirate of Panther Bay to anyone who loves a grand pirate adventure. Very nice blend of history and adventure!

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